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u/semibreveatwork · 50 pointsr/Parenting

I have a three-week old. Here's my very fresh advice.

A swaddling sleep sack is awesome. It's a straightjacket for newborns. Makes it easier to feed (hands don't get in the way), helps calm him/her down, and sleep longer. You can swaddle with just a small blanket, but our baby breaks out in no time. The sleep sack keeps her swaddled for much longer.

Don't buy a ton of newborn clothes. If you have lots of family, you may need to buy none. Put a hint in your announcement on facebook, or the email or whatever, that some baby clothes would be greatly appreciated. You'll get quite a lot. Send a family member to the local swap or big yardsale, and get even more cheap.

For a bassinet, we have this pack and play. It can be folded up in ~3 minutes, and it transforms to a crib later, so it will last a while.

Our hospital sent us home with some extra diapers, enough for 2 days. If yours does the same, that gives you time to run to the grocery store and buy a couple of packs of the same size. Don't go overboard, they grow quickly. This changing pad is cheap, and you can use it on the floor, table, bassinet, etc.

Don't be afraid to blatantly lean on any close by relatives for support. Cleaning, food, etc. They want to spend time with the baby, and they will help you out.

If the hospital has a lactation consultant and you're going with breastfeeding, try to make sure they stop by for at least one feeding. They're very knowledgeable and helped us out alot.

You're probably pretty terrified. I had 9 months to prepare and I wasn't sure I wanted to be a dad. It's amazing how quickly you will fall in love with your little poop machine. I can't stop staring into her little chubby face, and I can't wait until we get to the interactive stages. The care is time consuming, but it's not hard, you'll do fine.

We got this car seat and are happy with it easy to get into the car, easy to remove, you can buy extra bases for multiple cars. They make strollers that the car seat snaps into, so you don't have to take the baby out to swap.

My baby wants to be bouncing when she's awake. Constantly. The swing is only sufficient sometimes. A baby carrier is just the the solution for us. We wear her around and bounce on an exercise ball, or just walk around doing chores.

Before you leave the hospital you will need the carseat. Send a relative out to toy's-r-us to get it. You'll probably want the bassinet immediately too. Everything else you can acquire in the first two days. Save receipts and don't be afraid to return if the baby doesn't like it.

u/ljanelle · 20 pointsr/rheumatoid

Not a parent, but I'm a neonatologist with RA, so I spend a lot of time with newborns and have a couple of ideas! First, register for baby clothes that don't have tons of snaps! Those cute little outfits with a million snaps are impossible when my hands are flaring. I find the onesies with zippers (like this) much easier. I'm also a big fan of sleep sacks because they make it super easy to get newborns snug and swaddled, and I've never met a newborn who doesn't like them. Also, I don't have personal experience with them, but I have friends who've used a co-sleeper as a safe way to have a newborn within reach while sleeping but still in a safe sleep environment, and I would think it would be really helpful for still being able to care for a baby when just getting out of bed is hard. Good luck!!

u/Sdinesh21 · 11 pointsr/beyondthebump

Try this swaddle - Love To Dream Swaddle UP, Gray, Small, 7-13 lbs., Dramatically better sleep, Allow baby to sleep in their preferred arms up position for self-soothing, snug fit calms startle reflex

My daughter didn’t like any swaddles except this.

u/ernieball · 10 pointsr/BabyBumps

The only sheet approved for use in the pack n play is one like this. It's made specifically for the thin pack n play mattress board. Regular crib sheets or waterproof pads are made to fit over much thicker crib mattresses so using them in the PnP will yield way too much slack.

I think I'm reading you right here - like there's excess fabric that's bunching up in the middle?

If you're using something like this on the thin board that comes with a PnP it's incorrect. This sheet is meant to be used with a thicker PnP mattress, which is an add on some people use once baby is older (like toddler age).

A newborn/infant should only sleep on the thin board that comes with the PnP and/or the thin pack n play sheet in the first link.

u/toadsuck · 9 pointsr/NewParents

One is simply not "set" on diapers, you need more. A little thing, but you need them - pacifiers. "Oh, we have a 2-pack already." No, you need about 8 of those within reach at all times (our pediatrician recommended not giving until 2 weeks old).
Also, if the female species is feeding the spawn, then invest in these. You will not be able to find them in stores and the 24 to 48 Amazon takes to deliver will make turn the female species into the devil. While you are at if you do not have a quality breast pumping if she will be breast feeding, invest in that as well.

And while you are at it a baby straight jacket for sleeping. This has helped our spawn sleep longer throughout the night.

u/workin_momma · 9 pointsr/sleeptrain

We use a pack n play with this SnoozeShade + white noise

SnoozeShade Pack N Play Crib Canopy and Tent | Breathable Netting Sleep and Cover Shade | Award-Winning & Mom-Designed

u/Wadoowadoo · 8 pointsr/beyondthebump

Love to Dream Swaddle UP Original, Gray, Medium, 13-18.5 lbs

These are LEGIT. We got the ones where the arm pods zip off and it's just a blanket. Perfect for transitioning.

u/charcuterie_bored · 6 pointsr/beyondthebump

You could do a wearable blanket so she can move her arms like she likes.

Edit: another option could be this. My son isn't a huge swaddle fan cuz he really likes to put his hands up by his face and spread his legs and he sleeps pretty well with this.

u/Eugene_C · 6 pointsr/Columbus

FYI, They do make crib covers for this purpose: Like this

u/Niflhe · 6 pointsr/giantbomb

The most useful things I remember from the first year or so were a white noise machine and this swaddle which let her sleep with her arms up but without smacking herself in the face repeatedly.

Also make sure that your car seat is installed and fitted properly before you give birth.

u/psychomama · 6 pointsr/eldercare

Purchase one or two of the washable mattresses protectors. They come in a variety of sizes and stay in place well.

u/powerby · 6 pointsr/beyondthebump

Not sure if this is big enough, but we use this for a lovie for our daughter:

They have other animals, too!

Tip for whatever ends up working for you: get a few! If baby get's attached it's good to have a back up!

u/woahhhmom8 · 4 pointsr/beyondthebump
u/UnicornToots · 4 pointsr/beyondthebump

We started by using her regular swaddle but keeping one arm out for a few days, then the second arm out for a few days. Then we switched to a Halo Sleep Sack, and the rest is history.

u/Bunnyboops · 4 pointsr/beyondthebump

So I have this pop up mesh tent for babies who crawl out of cribs and that's what I used. It's perfect because its breathable, keeps mosquitoes, insects, and kitties out! Idk if I can link it but I'll try

u/mickcube · 4 pointsr/daddit

take the easy way out

u/fletcherlaw · 4 pointsr/beyondthebump

Someone gifted us the Baby Deedee Sleep Nest before our son was born. It's been the best! It's cozy but not so warm that he overheats. We do footie pjs or long sleeves/long pants pjs underneath and he's always the right temperature in the house. We keep the thermostat at 67.

u/overflowingsewing · 4 pointsr/BabyBumps

I’m not the person you replied to, but when my baby kept breaking free of all other swaddles, we ended up using a zippered, arms-up swaddle. Like this: love to dream arms up swaddle. They’re stupid expensive but they worked well for my little one.

u/mmabpa · 3 pointsr/InfertilityBabies

Toddler tried a couple of bottles but refused them all until he tried Dr. Brown bottles (with the regular nipple, not wide mouth), but it's true that they can be a pain to clean. For some reason it didn't occur to me until toddler was around 6 months old that I could put bottles through the dishwasher? So handwashing all those Dr. Browns bottles was hell. But once I realized I can toss them in the dishwasher I bought a couple of these little dishwasher cages and that made cleaning the Dr. Browns bottles totally manageable.

Toddler was also a huge fan of swaddling. But he could easily bust out of any swaddle I attempted with a plain blanket. We bought a single Halo sleepsack at our local Target and quickly realized its magical qualities. Something about that tight velcro squeeze, Toddler couldn't escape and would happily sleep away. We purchased a few more on Amazon and even bought the next sizes up as Toddler grew. In fact, Toddler still sleeps in these toddler versions of sleep sacks.

u/sloanerose · 3 pointsr/beyondthebump

The Love to Dream swaddle was a huge help for us because there's no way it can bunch around the mouth! We also like it because it zips up from the bottom for easy diaper changing and it allows LO to suck on his hands for self soothing. If you prefer for your LOs arms to be down try the Halo Sleepsack Swaddle which also stays put pretty well, you just have to pull it tight. They have them in fleece as well if you want your LO to be a bit warmer.

u/ShuuString · 3 pointsr/beyondthebump

Safari animals baby blanket by dreamers

Not sure if that's the only seller

u/BillieHayez · 3 pointsr/Mommit

You might consider trying a HALO SleepSack. That one is cotton and allows you to swaddle their arms in, or one can leave the arms out and just wrap the "wings" around his belly. For a lighter cover, you can consider a muslin sleep sack like this one. To be clear, I'm not advocating for HALO; I really like the Aden and Anais muslin sleep sack, and there are several other brands available via Amazon, Jet, Google, etc.
As for camping, it's the same as anywhere else (unless he's under 8lbs - if I recall that weight correctly). Dress him as you'd dress yourself. If you need an extra layer to stay warm, so does baby. I'm not sure that's what you were asking, though; did I address your concerns?

u/Bah15362 · 3 pointsr/beyondthebump

My guy always busted out of a swaddle. He wanted his arms free/up but that moro reflex makes for shitty sleep.

we started using these:

you can buy them at targets for their real price of 29.99. He sleeps real well with this and looks so adorable. He was always an arms up baby. This also lets him nibble his wings and touch his face. He puts himself to sleep with this. They also make "half 'n' half" to transition to just being a sleep sack.

u/BYE_FUHLEESHA · 3 pointsr/beyondthebump

The one thing I can't live without is the Velcro swaddlers. I like these

u/CharlieChuu · 3 pointsr/TalesFromTheFrontDesk

My 3 year old has this lamb. He got it when he was 3 months old. We have gone through at least 7 of them. Finding this thing on Amazon was a god send because he somehow manages to lose them despite our diligence.

u/Sas12383 · 3 pointsr/parentsofmultiples

Seriously. Best. Investment. Ever.

Let me preface by they do nap in toddler beds at my moms 3-4x a week, so I know they are capable of staying on their cribs when we turn them into toddler beds. However, my husband and I have demanding work and travel schedules plus a 4 year old that wanders into our bed by midnight each night. The idea of all 5 of us fighting for space and sleep in our bed every night is scary, we do intend on taking down the tents and transitioning into toddler beds by the time they’re 3 (Aug) or potty trained... which ever comes first....

tent cribs

u/puppersandmeow · 3 pointsr/February2018Bumpers

Our little one will wiggle herself awake if we don't swaddle her. We have a halo and swaddle me up Velcro swaddle. But the one we end up using almost every night is the love to dream zip up swaddle. Bonus it has hands up and she can still self soothe by numbing on her hands without escaping.

u/teawmilk · 3 pointsr/OctoberBumpers2017

Lol! No it's actually made for beds but maybe I could have just used a ShamWow, hahahah.

The Original GORILLA GRIP Non-Slip Incontinence Pad for Bed Wetting

u/Calacirya33 · 3 pointsr/beyondthebump

I have a five day old and we’ve been really loving the Swaddle Me brand for her. She’s very strong and can Houdini her way out of a muslin swaddle, but these chill her right out, they’re like baby Valium most of the time. These have less Velcro than the Halo brand, so they aren’t as loud when you take them off.

Also, to echo what others have said about safety, I’m
a nurse and we swaddle babies all the time, the hospital where I used to work actually provided parents with a sleep sack for infants to take home. The nice thing about the sacks is they can’t kick them loose and potentially get the fabric up by their face, but many people use muslin/ flannel swaddles or blankets and have no problems. You can always check with your pediatrician to see what they recommend, I know the two times I’ve been to ours I asked 8 million questions and I’m a pediatric nurse! Our doctors have been very patient and reassuring :)

SwaddleMe Original Swaddle 3-PK, Busy Bees (SM)

u/TheJadedRose · 3 pointsr/beyondthebump

Definately put burp cloths under his head basically whenever you put them down. I used the smallish like 4 inch wide Gerber burp cloths that you can buy in like 4 packs. I would put one under her head and then just toss them in the laundry once they were inevitably ruined.

As for me and my clothes, we used the flannel receiving blankets. they make excellent burp cloths, super absorbent, and the cover ALOT.

Gerber burp cloths:

Flannel receiving blankets:

u/kettles · 3 pointsr/BabyBumps

These are all things that not only I love but a lot of people in my bumper month group really liked as well, and that I didn't think to ask for in my registry and wish I did:

VAVA nightlight
USB charged, this touch operated nightlight was my best friend in the hospital and at home for late night feeding

Love to Dream swaddle
Amazing swaddle that's super easy to use and lets baby self soothe with their hands

Merlins magic sleepsuit
When baby outgrows swaddling (which happens fast!) this helps muffle the startle reflex to keep baby asleep.

hushh portable sound machine
Basically the only way I get any sleep

beaming buggy
Plays music, lights up and has white noise. Somehow is total magic.

Oball toys
Because there's always someone who wants to just buy toys and these are great for small hands

u/bangtannn92 · 3 pointsr/beyondthebump

I just recently bought this baby nest/lounger from amazon, Lietto Baby Premium Original price was 129.99 but it’s on sale for 94.99, it’s not as big of brand as dockatot or snuggleme but for the price is reasonable and not that expensive as the others.

u/flancresty · 3 pointsr/daddit

Arms only baby swaddle

It took us a long time to discover this, after going through a lot of others. Just so much easier to use, can check on the diaper without removing it, and it looks hilarious.

Also the Baby Bjorn.

u/tacos4everalways · 2 pointsr/beyondthebump

We tried the halo. We hate the halo.

Is she rolling over? As far as I know, that's the only reason to stop swaddling. Our LO is 4 months and has started going from belly to back, so we're still swaddling at night using the Love to Dream Swaddle. The fabric is strong/elastic enough that even when he TRIES to pull it, it keeps his arms snuggle in place. If you can afford it, try it. Maybe read reviews first.

We use something like this for a lovey. basically a security blanket. I only let him use it when I can watch him/he's napping and has one arm out because he has pulled it over his face and then yelled at us to move it...

u/KittehMomma · 2 pointsr/beyondthebump

Omg this has been wonderful! We transitioned from the magic Merlin suit to it and it’s been fantastic! And they make several thicknesses for weather.

Baby Deedee Sleep Nest Sleeping Sack, Warm Baby Sleeping Bag fits Newborns and Infants

u/Grkgdss00 · 2 pointsr/beyondthebump

No pillows or big blankets until 1 year, but my DD sleeps with this thin little security blanket that she LOVES! It's super breathable so even if it's bunched up by her face she can still breathe. She loves to hold on to it and cuddle with it and rub against her face, etc. Can't recommend enough.

u/canadamiranda · 2 pointsr/beyondthebump

I have quite a few mom friends who are struggling with breaking the swaddle, a couple of them are using this and have been saying positive things: it's called a swaddle up and apparently it really helps with the startle reflex and it still holds them snug but gets them used to having their arms in a different position.

u/kezrin · 2 pointsr/beyondthebump

Carter's Baby 2-Pack Cotton Sleepbag, Ivory/Grey Hedgehog, Medium

Link for reference of what we are talking about.

u/SpeakeasyImprov · 2 pointsr/daddit

Hope things are going better. My wife and I found success with Swaddleme-style sleep sacks and a HALO sleep sack. My brother-in-law swears by the Snoo smart sleeper, but obviously that's an expensive option and not for everybody.

Check for any environmental concerns—my daughter was wailing one night and I noticed, thanks to an in-room thermometer, that it was a little too hot for a baby in there.

But also, yeah, babies that small sleep odd hours for short periods. If he's sleeping well in between feeds, you're probably doing okay.

u/strangetosay · 2 pointsr/waiting_to_try

I worry about that balancing act, too (we also have two cats). I have already decided I'm getting one of those safety tent things for the crib because I know my cats will be all up in it, and as cute as those internet videos are of cats sleeping with babies, I'm just not OK with it if I'm not supervising.

I worked in childcare for many years (still do as as side gig) and know that when the dog starts barking, baby starts crying, cats start meowing, and 8 million other things go wrong, my patience will wear thin. If I need a minute, the baby won't die from being laid down and crying for an extra 60 seconds, and my pets will survive that minute too.

I think kids who grow up loving animals have a very strong sense of compassion, empathy, and even responsibility. It's all worth it!

u/the_saddest_trombone · 2 pointsr/beyondthebump

We tried to skip swaddling when it became apparent that my daughter was just wiggling out of her muslin blanket swaddle at night, leaving a nest of blankets in her crib and giving me a nightly heart attack. It did not work at all for us. She really needed a swaddle to sleep more than 2 or 3 hours at a time. We finally found zipper swaddles and they were awesome.

There are a lot of baby things I would skip but a swaddle is so not on that list. I hate crap that's going to be useless in 3 months, but a swaddle really is an investment in your sanity.

If it's a money thing, try to buy used. If it's a space/minimalist thing just be merciless about passing it on when you're done. Somehow, it feels less wasteful than I thought it would when I pass things on to new moms with little ones. They're so grateful and I'm so glad for them that I have something that will help (plus my closet isn't stuffed to the gills)

u/joie16 · 2 pointsr/BabyBumps

I think it might be the Love to Dream. I've been contemplating buying either this one of the Wombie but can't decide which one would work better for a newborn.

u/mathiasDCII · 2 pointsr/cripplingalcoholism

Get a couple of these things, seriously. I sleep on 2 overlapping a few inches in case I roll around far to the other side of the bed. When piss happens, just toss in the laundry and you're done. They are much faster and easier to wash than those huge waterproof mattress pads that barely fit in the washing machine and take forever to dry.

Waterproof bed pad

u/mergk · 2 pointsr/beyondthebump

Carter's Baby 2-Pack Cotton Sleepbag, Ivory/Grey Hedgehog, Medium

halo makes them too, but pricier. you may try children’s resale places, you might get lucky.

u/morganhtx · 2 pointsr/February2018Bumpers

Yes! I do the same setup for naps as nighttime. I also love these sleep sacks. Stops him from startling but allows more movement and he can still use his hand to keep his paci in his mouth to self soothe.

u/manmachine87 · 2 pointsr/beyondthebump

We used the Carters flannel swaddles (they call them receiving blankets). The muslin ones are way too big and stretchy and ours also hated the Velcro at first. She started to outgrow the Carters ones around 3 months and we switched her to a Velcro halo sleep sack which she suddenly was ok with. Possibly because she’d been kicking her legs out by that point anyway? Who knows, but that only lasted about a month because we had to stop swaddling her at 4 months anyway.

Here’s what we used:

Simple Joys by Carter's Baby Unisex 7-Pack Flannel Receiving Blankets, Grey/White/Mint, One Size

ETA: I just wanted to add that they’re softer and thinner than the hospital ones, but they are just as tight.

u/flosflos · 2 pointsr/sleeptrain

I have this found for $12 at winners. There's also this that I considered buying. My son has only muslin blankets though and he rubs his face on those instead so I didn't get it.

u/YorkshireBelle · 2 pointsr/beyondthebump

Hang in there, mama! We definitely went through a sleep regression around 4 months too and it passed with time! I'd recommend sticking with a set bedtime routine and keeping any of her comfort items (i.e., the paci) or you won't know what's working and what isn't. As for naps, our LO didn't have a strict nap schedule at that age, we just let him sleep whenever/however long he needed to and only woke him up if his last nap was getting too close to bedtime. CIO can work to help babies go to sleep at bedtime, but is not very effective for middle-of-the-night wake-ups.

Some tips that helped us:

  • Frequent feeds in the evening (every 90 mins) to make sure he went down with a full tummy (adding formula could potentially upset her tummy),

  • Our LO has great fine motor skills, so we put extra pacifiers in his crib for him to find in the night (he uses the Soothies which are soft so it doesn't hurt if he rolls onto them),

  • White noise (just an app on my phone), seems to help put him to sleep and keep him sleeping longer,

  • A heavy-weight sleep sack (like this one), keeps him cozy warm and prevents him from waking himself up from wriggling,

  • Overnight diapers, no need for nighttime diaper changes that wake him up too much.

    Good luck! The 4-month sleep regression definitely sucks!!
u/foxsable · 2 pointsr/predaddit

Take your lady, if that's a thing, and go to a store that sells baby stuff and has it all out. That way you can look at all the things and see what you, and more importantly she, likes.

I like Graco, as a company, so we bought mostly stuff from them. And the more stuff works together the nicer it is. We got a carseat that has a base and your baby carrier "snaps" into it. Then you can carry them in that carrier and it can also "snap" into the stroller, so it all works together. so FIND A COMPANY you like and just get one. TBH, strollers, or.. did you call them prams? Have to meet safety standards, so they will all be fine. But figure out how small they fold up too, for transport and storage. Also, if you live in an area with rough terrain, like rocky roads, dirt paths, cobblestones, etc., consider one with large bike tires rather than small plastic wheels. It takes up more space, but it is so much easier to push! They call them jogging strollers. I don't jog... but after one trip to the pumpkin patch which had several hundred feet of crushed stone you had to get across... I went and bought one used.

I also found something REALLY useful called a "rock and play", which is like a rocking sling bed you can put the baby in. Ours actually had a little mechanical foot that let it rock itself. It is a safe place you can put baby down when you need to do something else, like do laundry or feed yourself.

Finally, some babies need to be swaddled to sleep, which means wrapping them up like a burrito. It's pretty easy for them to get out sometimes though which wakes them up. So, they make "sleep sacks" that represent the swaddle but they are zippered. We found one called the Woombie that worked well for us. I think it was like this.

Oh! And don't be afraid to get stuff used. You may not want to, but some of it, like, you barely use, and it's still fine. Especially clothes. Sometimes you get clothes and they don't even wear them because you forget about it, or it gets lost, or you just don't like it, or they are the wrong size for the weather. Also shoes! Baby shoes are stupid expensive, so try to find some cheap at yard sales in various sizes. Throw them in a box and by the time baby needs them, you'll have a bunch. But use common sense. Probably don't buy a used carseat, because you don't know what happened to them, but maybe a pack and play and definitely clothes.

Good luck! Ask questions, we'll help!

u/LiamNeesonsAccent · 2 pointsr/Parenting

Work out childcare backups -- people you can call if you have an emergency, need a date night, need a daycare.

Work out a pediatrician -- ask friends, your girlfriend's OB-GYN.

What I'm glad I had:

u/SabrinaFaire · 2 pointsr/Pets

Might be easier to get something like this.

u/tizz66 · 2 pointsr/SnooLife

I'm sure you already know, but if she's able to roll over then she shouldn't be swaddled any more - even in the Snoo. You should switch to the medium or large sacks and have her arms out. That can take babies a little while to get used to though. In our case he wasn't really comfortable with it for a couple of weeks. We started with one arm out, and locked the motion at the lowest level (otherwise if he cried, it got fast and his arm thrashed all over the place!)

As for transitioning to the crib... for us it happened by necessity. We were away from home for a night, so took his pack'n'play. We weren't sure how it was going to go, but had no other choice. But it went great! Our boy was clearly ready to sleep on his tummy and despite being in a new bed in a new surrounding, he slept almost as long as in the Snoo. Because of that, we decided to do his naps in the crib once we got home, and then a week or so later transition fully (we used the Wean mode on the Snoo for that week).

Like you, we were so reluctant to give up the Snoo. Sleep is so important to us, and we were worried we'd be going back to step one with him. But it wasn't like that at all - it was far easier than we anticipated.

We got him some sleep sacks (this is the one we bought but Halo/Carters/etc. all make similar things too) to give him that comfort that the Snoo sack provided too.

Good luck!

u/slickarooni · 2 pointsr/Parenting

You should try different swaddles. We switched to the Swaddle Up Love to Dream for our second (our first was also a terrible sleeper), and it was a game changer. I also heard the Merlin suit was amazing as well. Links below, good luck.

Love To Dream Swaddle UP, Gray, Small, 8-13 lbs, Dramatically Better Sleep, Allow Baby to Sleep in Their Preferred arms up Position for self-Soothing, snug fit Calms Startle Reflex

Baby Merlin's Magic Sleepsuit - Swaddle Transition Product - Microfleece - Blue - 3-6 Months

u/Uh_well_Filibuster · 2 pointsr/beyondthebump

Have you tried checking out one of these ?

Baby’s arms are up by their face and not to their sides. Also, the little arm parts zip off and you can take one off at a time and do it after they fall asleep so the transition doesn’t interfere with them falling asleep. I found that if my LO had one arm out of a regular swaddle she would just wrestle her way out of the entire thing and then cry, probably because she got cold and her reflex woke her. I eventually gave up and figured she hated being swaddled, but I liked this sack while it lasted!

u/hoovooloo22 · 2 pointsr/BabyBumps

Looooved the swaddle, I think it was a major reason why my first was such a good sleeper. I really like the SwaddleMe Pod for newborns and the SwaddleMe velcro swaddle for slightly older infants. It takes all the stress out of trying the swaddle.

u/LoveSalmonDinners · 2 pointsr/ChildrenFallingOver

Baby Crib Safety Net Pop Up Tent - Never Recalled

u/necron52 · 2 pointsr/NewParents

SwaddleMe! Hands-down the best thing we got or bought. Nurses may be expert swaddlers but my lil' guy breaks out in 5 seconds! With these things he can't get loose until I let him. :)

u/cherryrc · 2 pointsr/BabyBumps

My daughter's first winter (she was 6 months old in December that year) we got her a Baby Deedee sleep nest which is like a wearable duvet blanket. She started sleeping better immediately, it has a nice weight to it like a real blanket instead of a normal sleep sack. We loved that thing. She wore it until she was 14 months old and started getting her arms out of it. We just changed what she wore underneath it. In the summer with the A/C on it was just a onesie, in the winter it was long sleeve PJs.

u/Snywalker · 2 pointsr/AdviceAnimals

This has been a good night-swaddle-to-sleep-apparatus for our newborn. The first three weeks were a sleepless nightmare. The last three weeks have been much more restful.

u/Young_Omni_Man · 2 pointsr/predaddit

A few things I'd like to recommend that I haven't seen on here yet. An amazing swaddle alternative is the Love to Dream Swaddle Up. If your baby likes to be swaddled great, go with that! But if you're in my situation and have a baby that likes the comfort of a swaddle, but hates having their arms trapped to their sides, this thing is a lifesaver. I can't say enough how much of a difference this thing made for my baby sleeping.

A white noise machine is also key to getting a baby to sleep. You can also use an Echo or Google Home by asking it to play rain sounds or white noise. Rain white noise worked best for us.

u/throwaway212SW4th · 2 pointsr/AdultBedwetting

Something like this can be used in addition to the all over mattress pad.
Your friends could even have 2 or 3 of these in rotation. They’re easy to change out and either put directly on top of the sheet or under the sheet.

The Original GORILLA GRIP Slip-Resistant Incontinence Soft Mattress Pad Bed Wetting Cover (52” x 34”) Absorbs up to 8 Cups, Waterproof, Leak Proof Edge, Machine Washable, Toddler, Adult, Enuresis Pads

u/inscnmya · 2 pointsr/sex

The Original GORILLA GRIP Slip-Resistant Incontinence Mattress Bed Pad Cover (52” x 34”) Absorbs up to 8 Cups, Waterproof, Leak Proof Edge, Machine Washable, Super Soft, Reusable Enuresis Bed Wetting

u/KnowYourFire · 2 pointsr/sex

You can buy a waterproof mattress protector (small pad) like this.

u/LumosLightInTheDark · 2 pointsr/sex

I find that if I don't relax, I squirt less. Also, I buy reusable mattress pads, like a giant rectangle that you can lay over the bed. It's meant for children who wet the bed, but they work great. If you can explain away an Amazon box to your parents, try one of these.

u/mechitgood · 2 pointsr/BabyBumps

I'd really recommend getting a couple if not a pad for it as well. You can probably find one cheaper but I'm talking about something like this that goes under the sheet.

With our first pack n play the "mattress" part was stained and ruined from getting spit up on. You can only spot clean them which is why we ended up getting the sheets and protector

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I understand that your concerned about temperature, but I wouldn't just assume that means you're not going to swaddle. It makes an amazing difference for how well or how long some babies sleep. It could be that you end up having a LO who loves that feeling of being held tight. If you're afraid your apartment will run hot and maybe make your LO too warm, maybe try one of these swaddle bands. I haven't tried it, but I thought it looked really neat, especially if I end up having a summer baby at some point. Then they stay swaddled, but won't overheat.

u/elvispresley1313 · 1 pointr/toddlers

In case you have any interest in keeping your child in their crib for a bit longer- my friend is having her son sleep in a crib tent and it has worked wonders for her!

u/SaddleShoe · 1 pointr/Mommit

This sleep sack - We used Baby Dee Dee sleep sack on my son all last winter and it worked awesome!

Or maybe a weighted blanket?

u/VividLotus · 1 pointr/beyondthebump

First of all, congratulations! That is so exciting.

The two best things we got for our newborn, other than the obvious completely required things like a carseat, place to sleep, and diapers:

  • Sleep sacks/swaddle sacks. To be specific, this kind has worked magically well for our baby. It seems comforting and comfortable to her, not too hot, and perhaps most importantly, unlike other types or brands we tried, there's no parts that get loose on her, and she can't get out of it on her own at all. The smallest size fit her when she was born (about 6.5 lb) and fits her now at 9 weeks (about 11 lb).

  • This changing pad. Comfortable for the baby, but also extremely easy to wipe off. I can't imagine using a cloth-covered changing table.

    Stuff we bought or received that has been useless:

  • Clothes that are hard to put on the baby. We received a lot of cutesy little outfits that required a lot of wrangling to get on the baby, and after a few tries, those went straight to the donation pile. IMO, onesies are where it's at, especially for babies who are fussy about being changed.

  • A lot of "newborn sized" clothes, particularly the cheap ones, were too small for our baby even literally the day she was born-- and as described above, she was quite a small newborn, in the 11th percentile or so of both weight and length. I think that unless there's reason to expect that the baby will be extremely small, I'd skip straight to the "0 to 3 month" size.

  • A pack and play. This might be useful someday when we use it as a playpen, but our newborn just freaked out about being in the bassinet part of it. She wants to either be held, or be moving/bouncing at all times, unless she's 100% asleep. While YMMV, this doesn't seem super unusual for babies, so if you don't have one yet, I might hold off on this particular thing until you can gauge whether it will be useful yet to you or not.
u/indiequeen77 · 1 pointr/NewParents

Our baby did the same at around 11 weeks. He HATED to be swaddle, would cry and kick until he would roll. We bought the Love To Dream Swaddle UP 50/50 Transition Bag; you can buy it on amazon or Target/Walmart. It worked wonders, once he lost the startle reflex, we took the wings out. Without feeling snug, babies don't sleep as good. They were inside a very tight place for months and they miss the feeling.

u/thepriceforciv · 1 pointr/Mommit

The Halo sleep sacks work for many babies, but they are not necessarily safe. If you look at the one star Amazon reviews, you can see that many parents have seen a dangerous condition of the sack bunching up near the face when baby tries to break out:

This happened with our baby (luckily, while I was awake and I noticed right away) and we immediately discontinued use of the Halo.

u/sanfranny · 1 pointr/beyondthebump

This was a great transitional swaddle for my LO: Love To Dream Swaddle Up Original

u/k_tiara_von_lobster · 1 pointr/beyondthebump

Does he like sleeping with his arms up? The Swaddle Up was a lifesaver for us. At six weeks you're likely just starting the second wonder week, which was the worst for us. Thankfully at 9 weeks old her fussiness and colicky fits disappeared.

u/abishop711 · 1 pointr/beyondthebump

There a crib tents you can get to make sure the cat stays out! here's one on Amazon, but I'm sure there are others around.

We're a little worried that our extra-cuddly kitty who is not afraid of the vacuum, the fire alarm, or other loud noises, might try to cuddle the baby before he/she is big enough to move if they are getting smothered, so will be getting a tent to be on the safe side.

u/iforgetredditpsswrds · 1 pointr/mildlyinteresting

Congrats. Just had our first 6 weeks ago. Warning, the first month is sooooooo hard! No sleep! 6 weeks is only moderately better. Everyone says 2 - 3 months is when it starts to even out. We'll see.

Also, this book is a lifesaver.

It comes on DVD and is worth the 40 minutes.
We got it from our library, it is probably on YouTube as well. (I didnt read the book, but there is an article that sums it up, DVD helps you to see the positioning)


And steal 3 of the infant swaddle blankets from the hospital They are a little bigger than the junk you buy at the store and will come in handy. Then get these, they come in a variety of styles:

u/kariertkartoffel · 1 pointr/Parenting

I know some people have used a crib canopy (something like this) to keep the kid contained in the crib for longer

u/baby_purple · 1 pointr/BabyBumps

I have these swaddlers and they are awesome. I'm not very good at swaddling with a blanket, and it took way too long for me to do it, plus trying to do it on a screaming, wiggly baby is not fun. These swaddlers are soooo much easier, and baby slept great in them... at first... until he didn't like being swaddled but that's later on down the road. ;)

u/bismuth92 · 1 pointr/beyondthebump

How about if you got something like this or this to keep the cats out?

u/brainpicnic · 1 pointr/sleeptrain

You can always use Snoozeshade for a pack n play to darken the sleeping area and do crib hour.

u/Imjustaskingok · 1 pointr/JulyBumpers2017

There's also these if you're looking for alternatives Love to Dream Swaddle UP Original, Gray, Medium, 13-18.5 lbs

u/FairDraw · 1 pointr/smallbusiness

Hey all, I just started my Amazon fBA business about 2 months ago, If you guys don't know about Amazon FBA it's a pretty good way to promote your small business as well, especially since Amazon is a big name for shopping almost anything you need.

I just started this business of baby nest/loungers check them out if you are interested and feel free to send me a message, I will respond asap.

u/the-sassyfras · 1 pointr/beyondthebump

Our daughter would wake herself up trying to get her hands out of the swaddle and up to her face so we tried the Swaddle Up. It's tight around her torso and her hands are up by her face but her startle reflex is subdued and her legs are loose like a halo sleep sack. First night she wore it ~6 weeks old she slept for 5 hours straight! We have since bought 2 more, a backup and a backup for our backup lol.

Love to Dream Swaddle UP Original, Gray, Medium, 13-18.5 lbs

u/Poctah · 1 pointr/Parenting

We use these one
They work great for my newborn(he’s a week old and 7lbs) and I used them also when my daughter was a newborn 4 years ago and she loved them too!

u/Cashew55 · 1 pointr/beyondthebump

Have you tried to swaddle with hands up? My first hated being swaddled too, with her arms in, and this one she liked and it kept her from waking herself up (she used to rub her face/eyes in her sleep then wake up). Love To Dream Swaddle UP Original, Swaddle Blanket 1.0 TOG, Small 3kg-6kg, Grey

u/gigglesmcbug · 1 pointr/Parenting

Baby Crib Safety Pop up Tent: Premium Baby Bed Canopy Netting Cover| See Through Mesh Top Nursery Mosquito Net |Stylish and Sturdy Unisex Infant Crib Tent Net |Protect Your Baby from Falls and Bites

I'm talking about these.

u/MrsStephsasser · 1 pointr/beyondthebump

We also used the swaddle up.

Love to Dream Swaddle UP 50/50, Gray, Large, 18.5-24 lbs

She would cry with nothing, but it only took a couple days to go from swaddled, to arms out without too much sleep disruption. Plus, once you unzip the arm holes you can use it as a sleep sack. I still use it for naps and bed and she seems to sleep better than without anything at all. We started using it at naps with both arms in for a couple days till she was used to it. Then unzipped one arm. Then the other. Now she's sleeps fine with both arms out.

u/catsinbranches · 1 pointr/Parenting
u/damdemgams · 1 pointr/February2018Bumpers

Mine prefers the Halo sleepsack, but we got a Love to Dream swaddle too which works pretty well:

u/CarolineH10 · 1 pointr/BabyBumps

I thought this may help my fellow new parenters out there. If you're anything like me, you scoured the internet checking off every "must-have" baby items list before your LO was born, but I still ended up having Amazon deliver things about every other day for the first couple months.

As a disclaimer, I'm not saying these are MUST HAVE items. I just went through my Amazon purchases and I'm writing down some things that I purchased in those 3 AM wee hour Amazon shopping sprees.

Here's a compilation of everything that I felt I missed in my preparation for my baby girl:

  • An electric nail file. I was terrified to cut her nails myself. This is a safe and easy alternative.
  • A Swaddle UP. This allows her hands to be by her face, which she preferred her first month or two.
  • Friedababy MediFrida. My baby had a rough go of reflux and was diagnosed with Ranitidine pretty quickly. This helped us give her doses with no fuss!

  • Comfy shorts for me. I was unprepared for my post C-Section body and clothing options.

  • Gripe Water / Colic Drops. My reflux baby had some rouuuuugh nights. These helped? Maybe? Witching hour SUCKS.
  • A bigger swaddle that ZIPS. Screw trying to unvelcro my child out of her swaddle quietly at 2 AM.
  • A mirror to help with tummy time. She still hates tummy time. But she does like looking at herself for a while. So I count that as a win.
  • MORE. BOOKS. you don't have enough. I promise. After the 15th time of reading "The Rainbow Fish" you'll appreciate a change of pace. I personally recommend, "The Wonky Donkey."
  • Trial and error pacis. Your kid will have a preference and you'll just have to figure out which. Once you figure it out, buy extras.

  • Bibs / ABSORBENT Burp Cloths. Again... You don't have enough. And the little tiny rags that Gerber tries to sell at Target will not do the trick. Get some THICK in your burp cloth regimen.


    I hope this helps! Let me know if there's anything you would add to the list.
u/RosiePeaches23 · 1 pointr/parentsofmultiples

My BFF had an issue with cats sleeping in her daughter's crib. This solved it and will totally thwart your escape artist.

Crib Tent Link

u/orangedrink888 · 1 pointr/Parenting

My kid always broke out of the swaddle. At 2 months he was transitioned out of a swaddle to zipper swaddle that keeps his arms up and then a sleep suit at around 4 months.

Zipper Swaddle

Sleep Suit

u/vasneema · 1 pointr/beyondthebump

Haven't used one but a Zipadee-Zip might be what you're looking for. I believe it's still okay to use if they are rolling but don't quote me on that. We're using a Love to Dream Swaddle UP 50/50 over here and it's working pretty good to stifle the startle reflex and helping to transition to a sleep sack. My guy only rolls around occasionally during play though, so I'm still okay with him wearing this until he gets used to not being swaddled.

u/aurora_borealis__ · 1 pointr/BabyBumps

We're also in a one bedroom studio. Life these days is expensive! It can be hard to move! We're using a Pack N Play instead of a crib and when we need it dark, I think we're going to get this . You can also get a small dresser with a changing table on top. We're also getting a folding high chair so we can store it when we're not using it. You got this! You're not alone!

u/splendyam · 1 pointr/beyondthebump

Sounds a lot like my daughter! Once we tried one of these vs. a regular swaddler she started sleeping a lot better. She was still up a few times a night but it was a LOT less.

We started doing Ferber at 6 mos and didn't really follow through, because it is hard. Then tried it again around 8 months and she really took to it then. I feel like it's really hard to "sleep train" a baby under 6 months and I know it really sucks and seems never ending now but it does get better. We go through periods were she sleeps almost all through the night (maybe one wake up) and others where she wakes up 2-3 times but never really any more than that and it's usually due to teething or having a cold.

u/Pinacoladapopsicle · 0 pointsr/Parenting

I agree with others about giving it back and trying again later, but I also wanted to address the crib thing. You have some options here:

A) a sleep sack may prevent her from getting her leg up on the railing. If she takes it off, put it on backwards.

B) look for a thinner crib matress, OR, if your crib has slats that go to the ground, you can put the mattress on the ground. Basically try to extend the height of the sides.

C) if those both fail, get this thing:

D) if all else fails, baby proof the room and lock the door.

u/stacywalnuts · 0 pointsr/beyondthebump

I'm seconding all the Ferber suggestions, but we also gave our boy a little blankie/lovey to play with and chew on while he sleeps. I was super nervous to do so (nothing allowed in the crib!!) but I ended up finding these tiny little completely breathable muslin squares, and the baby took to them so well! I started giving him one to sleep with at about 4 months, and we've had zero issues. It gives him something to do with his hands, and something to chew on for comfort. He's old enough now to just find his paci and pop it back in his mouth, but when he was younger these blankets helped because they were so easy for him to grab. Now he just plays with them and waves them in the air until he puts himself to sleep. It's adorable!

u/mermaid812 · -1 pointsr/beyondthebump

What about a crib tent?? They’re not the cutest but it will keep the baby in! 20 mo seems young to me for a toddler bed but I know others have done it. crib tent

u/SpookyTanooki · -2 pointsr/reddeadredemption

Congrats! If you haven't already got one, get a nose frida. Yes it looks gross, but this thing (and some saline if needed) is magic. My other tips are:

Try this thing out, quick & easy with a bonus to diaper changing as you don't have to worry about baby hands being where they ought not be.

Use this or a running faucet to calm her and mask any would be startling noises (like gun fire sounds from the TV).

This here is pretty handy to have around, especially if you're taking road trips to see family. Being able to rock it with a tap of the foot is also great to free up your hands for some controller time.

Good luck and enjoy this time as much as possible, before you know it you'll be playing coop with her!