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u/samfreez · 101 pointsr/nextfuckinglevel

That's the Ultimate Bed!

For only $3k! For that price, you should all buy two!

u/FriendlyCows · 55 pointsr/youseeingthisshit

Only three thousand dollars

Edit: Plus 14.99 shipping.

u/ThatNewNewNew33 · 38 pointsr/sex

Zinus Upholstered Square Stitched Platform Bed with Wooden Slats, Queen

This one has been awesome. Put a memory foam on top of it and it wont make a single noise. Ultimate stealth fucking..

u/Jcorb · 30 pointsr/datingoverthirty

Actually, a pretty nice frame and headboard, I think! Nothing super showy or anything, it's this guy:

u/Capt_Cadence · 17 pointsr/INEEEEDIT
u/raineykatz · 12 pointsr/whatisthisthing

Looks a little like the bracket off an old bed that would hold the button type head of a metal bed rail. I have some old metal beds with similar looking brackets.

eta- here's a similar looking double claw hook for a wooden bed frame

u/fuhhhyouuu · 11 pointsr/malelivingspace

Sure!! Hopefully no sarcasm, because it's mostly all here.

Bed Frame -- Amazon link here

Bedding -- Bed Bath and Beyond link here

Throw Blanket -- Got this at target like 5 years ago!

End Tables -- Sauder link here

Painting -- Banksy from iCanvas link here

Drapes -- Generic from Target

Carpet -- Big Lots link here

Flooring -- Solid Bamboo from Lowes.

That should do it!! Let me know if you need any help finding other things!!

u/Stickeris · 9 pointsr/BeAmazed
u/Luph · 8 pointsr/malelivingspace

I bought this bed a few months ago and I love it. Doesn't have a fancy headboard or anything but it was very easy to put together and looks very chic/minimalist.

u/TheOldGuy54 · 7 pointsr/sex

Your becoming an adult ... Time to straight up just sit down with your roomy and say, I need to rub the muffin and we need to figure this out. as for the boys on the other side of the wall, they are probably jerking off. I did find this interesting thing on amazon ask for it for Christmas.

Privacy Pop Bed Tent (Twin) - BLACK


u/cast40 · 6 pointsr/Military

Where are you going? Been to Afgan recently.
Dont bring all your gear from cif and rfi I brought all mine it sucks carrying. Try and just bring a bunch of thermals and then like your fleece and maybe your Wet weather gear. Also bring a nice fucking collapsing chair. All of the ones we had broke so we had some people buy some for tons of money or buy like 3 $25 chairs from bazar because they kept breaking. Also some carabiners or life savers so you can just hook gear and your m4 to shit and body armor. Also a plastic bed cover if you're like me and done wanna sleep in old ass beds without a layer between. Civ shorts and shirts for to and from toilet. Nice headlamp preferably rechargeable and a lightbulb for tents or rechargeable light for your personal area in the tent or bay. Personal mug cakes really helped something sweet from home if your in like Dalke. A soft gator neck mil spec on sucks. Strong allergy meds, a couple portable batterys 20000, a solid state external battery my traditional one broke from a small drop the SSD ones wont break easy. Paracord and duck tape, the rfi winter boots are good since the show soaks through your summer boots easy and you ur feet will be cold af. One of those big ass roller duffles helps and a tough box. Good set of eye pro its required some fobs.

Privacy Pop Bed Tent (Twin) - Black

20000mAh Quick Charge Power Bank, meiyi QC 3.0 Portable Battery Charger with 3 USB Output Ports, LED Display QC 2.0 Input External Battery Pack for iPhone iPad Samsung Android Phones - Black

u/grandpa_milk · 5 pointsr/AmateurRoomPorn

I got this bed frame from Amazon. Wanted something low profile and minimal since I don't like the look of tall beds.

u/d_stilgar · 4 pointsr/DIY

We got it on Amazon

It weighs what you'd expect a $200 bed frame to weigh, but looks really nice, haha.

u/wide_open_skies · 4 pointsr/ScandinavianInterior

This isn't too terribly similar, but has some similar qualities:

I got this bed for our guest room and it looks really great imo. Maybe you can look for something similar but in the light ash? Good luck!

u/AlliedMasterComp · 3 pointsr/woodworking

I have disassembled and reassembled probably well over 600 beds in my time.

I can tell you from personal experience the rockler kit does not stand up to repeated assembly and disassembly, especially after it the frame starts to develop a bit of slack. Discovery of this type of hardware also usually results in an increased usage of foul language by the re-assembler.

Beds built with these types of hooks and the metal pins that go along with them, seem to be able to be reassemble and dissasembled nearly indefinetly without issue, and tool free.

u/tenthtimesthecharm · 3 pointsr/ScandinavianInterior

Zinus Modern Studio 10 Inch Platforma Low Profile Bed Frame / Mattress Foundation / Boxspring Optional / Wood slat support, Queen

This is one I've been tempted to try.

u/ratbitefever · 3 pointsr/LosAngeles

I bought my bed+mattress on Amazon, but it can be hit or miss. I can vouch for this metal bed frame's quality. Quiet, sturdy, low key. I put it together in 30 min by myself. One issue was that they sent a wrong part so they offered exchange and I swapped out the necessary piece when the exchange arrived.

If you're willing to make the drive to Moorpark, I came across this modern furniture supplier on Craigslist. Here's a link to Edgemod's website. They have some clearance stuff in the warehouse at the $30-$300 range.

Salvation Army and Goodwill are worth a look!

I don't know if Marshall's/TJ Maxx/HomeGoods has sales but they have quirky furniture at a discount. Target has sales, and they also carry outdoor furniture.

u/Vasalgelnowplease · 3 pointsr/malelivingspace

Alright my man. Since you have such a low budget ($700) but don't want your apartment to look like crap, your best bet is going to be minimalism. You're in a great sub for minimalist inspiration. Take this recent post, for example. Not everyone was super impressed, but I'd say he did pretty good for a budget of $195. At the very least we can say with 100% certainty that it looks better than the average undergrad apartment.

I took the liberty of checking out the Halifax craigslist offerings and they are far and few between. However, I did find a potentially decent desk: see here. You might be able to haggle down the price a little with some luck. Otherwise, you might want to look at Amazon for desks (example 1 and example 2). For a desk chair, you could look at Amazon, but you might be better off going somewhere local (even if you go to Walmart) because you want to make sure a desk chair is going to be comfortable.

For a mattress, I'd again suggest Amazon. I'm just not sure you're going to find any better deals than what they have to offer. Mattress buying also involves a lot of personal preference, but "big box" mattress stores are incredibly overpriced. It seems that memory foam mattresses (such as this) are the most inexpensive, so I would look around Amazon to see what you think you'll like. I think I saw a mattress for as little as $99.^(though personally, I'm not sure I'd trust it...) Keep in mind that you will either need (a) a box spring and bed frame or (b) a platform bed in addition to the mattress. With your budget, a platform bed will probably be your best bet. You can even get one with a "headboard" for pretty cheap (the headboard will definitely up your apartment's style a little bit and keep it further away from "garbage apartment of undergrad" level): see here and here.

Alright, I'll break down what we've done so far. I'm in the US and don't know that much about Canadian dollars, so I'm doing this in USD - hopefully it's close:

  • $150 for desk
  • $50 for desk chair
  • $180 for mattress
  • $170 for bed frame

    That leaves you around $150 for other items. I assume you have basic human needs covered (bed sheets-do not sleep on a bare mattress!- and towels), so you could use this money for more furniture or for decor. I would probably try get some attractive and functional bedding (please do not get anything polyester!) in a minimalist pattern. Ikea is really unbeatable for this - see here and here. For a couch, I would either consider Amazon or start scouring Craigslist every day. I would probably forego a coffee table until you have other things that will improve your quality of life (dining chair/table, television, etc.); you really don't need one.

    Anyway, these are just a couple of suggestions. Hope this helps!

u/Rushlite · 3 pointsr/minimalism

I've been sleeping on a mattress on the floor for the past year for the same reason you're considering.

I just finally ordered a bed frame and put it together, I have to admit it feels nice being higher up, and it's easier to make my bed now as well.

The frame I got was pretty easy to assemble, and it still looks nice too. :)

P.S. I've never slept with anyone, so that dynamic wasn't even considered.

u/slipperywine · 3 pointsr/malelivingspace

Zinus Suzanne Metal and Wood...

I got it on amazon actually! There are a bunch of cool options online- I just search “modern male bed frame” lol

Edit- Lull is the mattress brand

u/gingerjuice · 2 pointsr/Advice

The full size is much less. I looked on Amazon, and for the approximate one I got, its $239 ( for the mattress and $169 for the stand ( That's really not bad- especially if you have Prime. I don't think they rent beds in my state because a friend of mine tried to rent one for her mother-in-law recently.

u/juleswinnfield420 · 2 pointsr/malelivingspace

I bought this a year and a half ago. Easy to set up and very sturdy. It’s not 100% wood but has a wooden headboard. $150

u/Goddamn_Batman · 2 pointsr/nfl

combined with this bedframe that's made for memory foam (slats every 2") it's the most stable bed i've had, doesn't rock or make any noise.

u/ladyllana · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

If you weren't in a single I would recommend this because privacy is awesome. But since you are, definitely have stuff to cook with in your dorm room. Find out what is legal to have in your dorm, but you would be amazed at the stuff you can make with a coffee maker.

u/yayhooraywoo · 2 pointsr/AskWomen

Well, the quality of CL items will heavily depend on the area you live in. I live in a pretty safe and populated location so I've never felt nervous approaching random doors and stepping into strangers' homes. I've gotten sets of sofas and coffee tables for free from people who happened to live in the same apartment building as myself :D!

But to your point of IKEA, I'm currently furnishing a new bedroom and finding that IKEA is still more expensive than things I can find on Amazon (for reference, this full-sized bed frame on Amazon is only $10 more than this full-size bed frame on IKEA, and to me, one is way nicer looking than the other). Plus, on Amazon I can also read thousands of reviews, filter by ratings, and get free shipping to my door. So for reasonably priced, Amazon > IKEA.

u/strictly_prawn · 2 pointsr/malelivingspace
  • A rug would be a good choice for the living room area, it would make it cosier in the room, and help separate the two areas
  • The couches are a neutral color, so focusing on color pairing for the wall are the bigger priority
  • As far as the prints go, that's 100% your taste. I like etsy for finding unique prints, as well as old advertising material. If you're a bourbon guy: I like this print but's that my personal taste. Any prints or art you get, unless it's a canvas should definitely be framed. Check out thrift stores for cheaper frames, as poster frames and the like for large frames will cost 10x as much as the print itself
  • Additional tiers of lighting will do a lot. One or two floor lamps, and some end tables with lamps will definitely help create a better mood
  • A headboard is definitely a good idea, I got mine off amazon and it has held up well. Sturdy and doesn't creak, but I've only had it about a week. Not sure if the natural pine color would be the best option considering how dark the stain is on the hardwoods, but it was a good budget offer.
u/ufamizm · 2 pointsr/malelivingspace

Zinus Suzanne Metal and Wood Platform Bed with Headboard / Box Spring Optional / Wood Slat Support, Queen

u/dugmartsch · 2 pointsr/AskNYC

Buy a memory foam mattress on amazon and the bed frame too. Assembling furniture is a good idea too. You can take it up in pieces. The mattress before its unpacked is very manageable. Make lots of trips, the first 3 floors are easy, it's 4 and five that will break you.

These guys are great for a temp solutionbed frame

These guys are great it's an all in one kit and you can carry it up the stairs yourself. bed frame

Also wicker furniture is both light and comfortable.

u/DeludedOldMan · 2 pointsr/steroids

No box spring. I got a platform to put it on

There are some less expensive ones if cost is an issue

u/la_renegade · 2 pointsr/HomeDecorating

Amazon! We've put together a lot of IKEA furniture in our years together, and this bed was a freaking breeze. It's super sturdy and has been such a great steal! *fwiw-- our mattress is from the same company and it's awesome too!

u/Isaac-Wheaties · 2 pointsr/malelivingspace

Something along these lines? Or this?

u/majikmonkie · 2 pointsr/NoStupidQuestions

I got this one:

Got a pretty substantial internal wooden frame, and mine had about 5 large planks instead of all the slats. Very solid.

u/SeattleHikeBike · 2 pointsr/AirBnB

I got this in April. All steel, easy assembly. Blends in better than the catalog photo.

Zinus Modern Studio 14 Inch Platform 1500H Metal Bed Frame, Mattress Foundation, Wooden Slat Support, with Headboard, Full

u/LevelReward · 2 pointsr/HelpMeFind
u/bagelchips · 2 pointsr/malelivingspace

Zinus sells beds on Amazon that are exactly the same structural shape but made of black metal. They are usually around $120 depending on size and are well reviewed.

u/blackfuckingcat · 2 pointsr/AmateurRoomPorn

The bed frame is from Amazon. Not sure which one off the top of my head but was less than $200.

Edit: found it, even cheaper than I remembered

u/Kendallsan · 2 pointsr/lakeview

actually, i'd try amazon. we got a really amazing mattress, topper, and headboard/bed frame for about $1000 and they delivered right to our door.

if you are looking for something cheaper, this mattress is shockingly comfortable - we have it in our guest room and my VERY picky best friend loved it. you can get a great bed frame for cheap, too, there are a bunch on amazon.

i'm all for shopping local, but easy is also important.

u/LiftingNurse · 2 pointsr/malelivingspace

Hey there so this is my room! My main goal currently is not for any frames/things to hang on the wall but focusing on the bed that is to be coming!

Currently have ordered this Zinus Bedframe Zinus Suzanne Metal and Wood Platform Bed with Headboard / Box Spring Optional / Wood Slat Support, Queen ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_mf3pDb7AB4RSK
and Zinus boxspring for some height Zinus Armita 5 Inch Low Profile Smart Box Spring / Mattress Foundation / Strong Steel Structure / Easy Assembly Required, Queen

Still searching for mattresses, currently like a beauty rest from Macy’s and yes I know about tufts&needle and all those other brands. I have to lay on them myself, prefer spring over memory foam... I sleep firm and will continue to.

What I would like help is on bedding, I’m looking for good comfortable sheets and a thin/quilt for the top. I saw linen but due to paying out of pocket for school I can’t pay $300+ for sheets

I live in Southern California where’s it’s 100+ and gonna be hot for quite some time.

Thanks for the read and appreciate the help!

u/sah0605 · 1 pointr/malelivingspace

If you like memory foam, then this is your best bet:

This is a little bit steeper, but I think it looks great and is still cheap compared to a lot of bed frames:

u/lizzieisrad · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Girlsplaywow is a jerk but lizzieisrad should be lizzieisajerk for asking for something as expensive as this RADICALLY AWESOME BED TENT YO

Thank you for your contribution to RAoA and your amazing generosity!

u/baconelk · 1 pointr/DIY

I can buy hooks pretty easily, e.g. or so I'm not too worried about that.

I'm not sure that I'll be able to re-use the existing bed rails as I need to add both width and length.

So essentially you bolted a block into the headboard (into the existing holes), drilled holes farther down the block (to add width), and then attached your new side rails to the block? Do you have a picture? How stable is it?

u/H720 · 1 pointr/INEEEEDIT

Name: "Privacy Pop Bed Tent"


Purchase Link:

u/korissaleigh · 1 pointr/SmallHome

I agree, it does look somewhat bulky. Back when I had it, as a 23 y/o woman, I built it alone with a lil elbow grease.

I now have the Zinus Sonoma double bed with the same storage capacity, though it does require drawers or bins underneath.

A more minimal, inspired aesthetic. VERY easy to put together and really inexpensive.

u/Bearowolf · 1 pointr/internetparents

Where did you buy them? I've been looking at the Zinus Ironline/Suzanne and the green tea mattress, and together they're about $600.

u/skittleswho · 1 pointr/LifeProTips

ATM, metal joints that seem to be soldered together. I'm looking at this option. - but still seeing complaints about squeaking.

u/AustynCunningham · 1 pointr/AirBnB

I avoid anything cloth that cannot be machine washed, I just got this bed frame for $300, very solid and does not squeak, stylish and can be wiped down easily with a rag. Zinus also has many other products in different styles/colors and I have had no issues with them (Forgot some screws on the last one and overnighted them directly to me).

u/Chickenfat67 · 1 pointr/HelpMeFind

I bought this for my son a year ago, he loves it. He easily stores laundry baskets full of extra clothing underneath to be accessed from the sides. The wooden front panel might make front access impossible, but the Zinus brand has more models without the front panel. Assembly was quick and easy.

u/chiefjoefixit · 1 pointr/Whatisthis
u/jmurphy42 · 1 pointr/Parenting

Amazon sells some very low-to-the-ground platform bed frames that serve a similar purpose. We have this one, and it puts our mattress at about the same height as my son’s toddler bed:

u/I_Have_Bumbleflex · 1 pointr/malelivingspace

Headboard is built by me, Frame is just a cheap Amazon one

u/malmooser · 1 pointr/interiordecorating

I recommend Zinus through amazon. Very affordable and great quality. I have this one with a 14” mattress, you still get ~13” of headboard:

Zinus Shalini Upholstered Diamond Stitched Platform Bed / Mattress Foundation / Easy Assembly / Strong Wood Slat Support / Dark Grey, King

u/AGirlHas-NoUsername · 1 pointr/intj

Check out these privacy pop tents on amazon, troops on deployment and kids at summer camp use them to get some privacy

I'm dealing with a similar situation atm and I fall back on meditation and self hypnosis, because for some reason people understand that a person doing those things is to be left in peace, and it doesn't seem to make anyone insecure. It gives me the sort of battery charge a far longer amount of time alone doing nothing in particular would. I'm not sure how you could live like that long term though, tbh.

u/GillTheGreat · 1 pointr/malelivingspace

Zinus Shalini Upholstered Diamond Stitched Platform Bed / Mattress Foundation / Easy Assembly / Strong Wood Slat Support / Dark Grey, Queen

u/dgamr · 1 pointr/Mattress

You absolutely do not need the Casper foundation specifically for the Casper mattress, the foundations are all pretty similar. These look marked up a lot, even compared to traditional retail.

I don't recommend the Zinus mattresses, but their foundations / frames / storage frames are pretty good & inexpensive, and I've heard good nothing but things about them:

Check Casper's latest terms to see what restrictions (if any) they have on the mattress return policy (visible damage and not using a foundation typically invalidates the warranty / return policy of a few bed in a box offerings). They might specify slats or something like that.

The foundation you choose will affect the feel of the mattress to some extent, but not a lot. The main thing you can do with the foundation to make the whole experience a bit firmer (if you end up wanting that) is to build or buy a bunkie board (which is basically just a sheet of plywood between the mattress and the foundation).

And if it's not obvious, huge gaps in the slats are going to cause some wear and tear on the mattress. For example, a 4"-6" gap is fine (12" is not).

u/pri227 · 1 pointr/AmateurRoomPorn

Zinus Upholstered Square Stitched Platform Bed with Wooden Slats, King

u/VicBossZero · 1 pointr/malelivingspace

Things I'm planning on next:

New sheets/bedset. What I would like to do is a burnt orange fitted sheet, gray topsheet, and gret/white duvet cover.

Bedframe: Link

Still havent picked up my desk chair just yet, picked up this desk last night, but my office chair is a nock off Herman Miller from amazon basics

Grey curtains

Orange accented floor rug near entrance to room

Of course, something for the walls. I have a grey/white clock I need to put up and would like to get some artwork sometime soon

u/imissedthebutton · 1 pointr/CozyPlaces

Not quite as elaborate as some of the others one here, but I figured some people like the simple style as well. I have a second nightstand coming for the other side, but need to figure out better lamps, if anyone has a suggestion for a good one that keeps in this style.

Everything here was purchased through Amazon, in case you want to mimic and of this:


Knitted Blanket:

Duvay Cover:

Canvas Skyline:


u/Corrin95 · -1 pointsr/midcenturymodern

Zinus Lottie Upholstered Square Stitched Platform Bed / Mattress Foundation / Easy Assembly / Strong Wood Slat Support, Queen

Not exactly the same but we got this one last year and it looks and feels great. We’ve a hybrid firm mattress on top. Combined weight between us two about 350. Honestly cannot recommend it enough.