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u/hashtagonfacebook · 14 pointsr/BicyclingCirclejerk
u/catseatpenguins · 13 pointsr/Justridingalong

Shit. Someone actually bought one of those visp bikes?

I found this "review" of the bike:

The reviews on amazon are good for a laugh:

u/_CorkTree_ · 7 pointsr/bicycling

You know, I want to hate it so much, but the hilarious Amazon reviews make its existence 100% worth it.

u/CarbonAltered · 6 pointsr/bmx

with that price range , i would look around for a used bike that is fully chromoly , any thing new in that price range will most likely be really shit and not last more then 2 months in my experience

the only bike brand new that i would even buy in that range would be

yes it says boys bike but the stats don't lie

its 21 inch top tube , its full 4130 , its double wheeled rims , and as long as your just starting out it should hold you over


i been downvoted for posting a mongoose before but this is a crazy good entry bike

here is a good youtube video


things that will wear fiirst

grips , tires , chain , pedals


everything else is really nice . its not a wethepeople or cult , but its a fucking great bike don't let tell you its nice

u/5200mAh · 6 pointsr/bicycling

This guy gets it! If you read the review section of this bad boy, you can see that weight does not apply to these beautiful aero beasts. Someone reliably reports stealing 188 KOMS on one as well as getting a speeding ticket from the local police. Try doing that on a ḈḗṛṽḝḮṏ!

u/Aun_vre · 5 pointsr/cycling

So /r/bikewrench and /r/bicycling are much more active sub-reddits that you may see more attention on, but I can try to help you out here.

Switching the bars could require a few things:

Stem Size and by extension handlebar size: the Escape has a stem made for 31.8mm diameter handlebars with pretty large bars actually. Most drop bars you find will be 25.4mm at the stem and 23.8mm everywhere else. Any discrepancy can be an easy fix with some shims (either bought or made). It is also possible (according to Sheldon Brown) that your current bars may have very similar sizing to standard drop bars. The stem may also need to be shortened or lengthened to comfortably accommodate for the new handlebars and riding positions.

Braking: As you may or may not have noticed most drop bars come with brake levers that allow you to access the levers while riding on the drops. This is important because it allows you more leverage at the moments when you are going the fastest. Check out this image stolen from 'Lovley Bike' that shows the typical 'breaking on the drops' position.

While it is not necessary to have these brakes and the 'hoods' that accompany them it is an excellent idea and gives more hand positions! Alternatively it is possible to use levers only on the flats of the drop bars (but not the ones you currently have may need the aforementioned shims).

I see the Escape has Shimano M310 trigger shifters. Those also may have to go. They, like the brakes, can be mounted on the flats of the bar but it is only very low end bikes that do this to their riders. There are an ungodly number of ways to incorporate shifting on a bike with drop bars. You can integrate them into the brakes with STI's, stick them on the end of the bars with Bar End Shifters, Get them onto the stem like many vintage bikes Stem Shifters or get them on the down-tube for a classic look Down Tube Shifters...

That aside the only real options up there that you have for a conversion are Bar-end or "Brifters" Brake/Shifters...reusing your old ones could work but it would be inelegant.

Geometry MOST IMPORTANTLY! Your bike was designed to be ridden upright, the stem, top tube, every inch of the bike assumes the rider is using flat bars. There is no telling really what the ride will 'feel' like after you start riding on the hoods/drops. Its not as bad as most hybrids with front suspension but I could not tell you anything about how it might feel once the swap is made.

For moving forward I see a few options

Option 1 Quick and Dirty Get some drop bars and some old cans. Strip your current bars of components and install the drops(don't forget shims), If sheldon is correct about the size of over-sized road bikes all your old components should slide onto the flat part of the drops and just fit. It would be a unique way to ride but mostly functional...Personally I would have concerns about how safe it would be.

Option 2 More hand positions!
If what you want is more hand positions don't overlook bar end attachments:
Bar end attachments
Orgin 8 might actually have the answer to your prayers: Bolt On Drops

Option 3 Dress her like a roadie
Trying to make your hybrid into a road bike is usually not the right way to go but...with $10-30 for bars, and $100 for Shifters and Brakes, plus $10-20 for complete re-cabling across the bike (MTB and Road bikes use different cable ends) and of course labor if you aren't that handy. Tack on $10 for bar-tape to make her pretty and comfortable and you aren't that far in the hole.
You don't get off any easier for Bar Ends once you get the appropriate brakes its about the same. All that and your former hybrid could pass any scrutinizing test of a lycra-clad cyclist, you'd have yourself a certified road-bike. No promises on comfort!

This is just a vague indication though! For a real in-depth price assessment and Q&A please visit your local bike store

For my $00.02...Don't bother trying to convert them. Ride the bike you have the way it was intended to be ridden. If after a while you still feel like its lacking, throw on some bar ends for more hand positions, Still feel like its lacking? Go test-ride some road bikes to see if riding on the drops is right for you. I'm not talking about a test ride around the parking lot either! No less then 3 miles on that sucker, get a real feel for it. Love it!? Sell the Escape and do a TON of research into inexpensive road bikes. They are out there waiting for ya.

u/steveos_space · 5 pointsr/ebikes

I picked up a halfway (I think) decent 7 speed from the thrift store, I picked up this Voilamart kit and this battery. Put it all together, got up to 30mph, scared the crap out of myself, bought this helmet and I'm loving every mile of it.

The motor may die one day. But it was $220 for the kit. As long as the battery isn't stolen, I could replace the whole thing for like $300? THat's real peace of mind when I park it.

u/RogueStudio · 4 pointsr/ebikes

All ebikes have a motor that makes noise that you'll have to get used to compared to a traditional bike, but it's not so bad. If it gets annoying, a half face helmet for mopeds/motorcycles will have flaps/plastic to block noise out.

The other tricky. That budget is very low for a new ebike (I can't comment on mopeds as where I live, you need a license to operate them, so I don't have one). There will likely be a lot of people coming along shortly saying "no good ebike is $500". That may be true to people with a comfortable income, but I do understand if you don't have a lot of money to throw around because of life circumstances.

If you have no large hills and/or are willing to help the motor by pedaling - this bike maybe, plus slap a cheap cargo rack on it, and you can buy/have it shipped to your local Walmart for pickup.

Ancheer ebikes for a bit more+shipping is similar quality if you prefer buying off Amazon.

If your commute is small, and by 'basic cargo' you mean something that fits in a bike basket - Maybe the Swagtron line of ebikes which are smaller+foldable.

Otherwise, if you're willing to up your budget a couple of hundred dollars more, I have this folding Ecotric bike and it's got a more powerful motor (250w vs 500w)- it does most of what I want to, including get up Pacific Northwest style hills so long as I pedal to help the motor along.

There's also the argument you'll get "the most bang for your buck" by converting a bike - and this can be true...but it also depends. Converted my old 26" Schwinn I had sitting around - and the conversion varies by the condition of the bike you use as the donor (some bikes need maintenance, even brand new bikes can have some questionable parts if you buy it from a box store), and buying batteries for cheap can be a bit overwhelming (I bought a bare minimum battery for $200, 48v/10.4 AH, which is okay on flats...but absolutely gets murdered on the hills I actually need it for). If one is new at bike mechanics/basic electrical concepts, it will require extra manpower hours to learn how to put the kit on the bike.


u/markrages · 4 pointsr/cycling

For an extra challenge, try riding Denali on a Denali.

u/lovebearrr · 3 pointsr/FixedGearBicycle

my buddy has this bike, i believe it's a [takara kabuto] ( if you're enjoying it, more power to you, especially with that lovely view.

u/ashinybox · 3 pointsr/FixedGearBicycle

The Takara Kabuto was the first road bike I picked up and regularly goes on sale on Amazon. It's free/fixed for any beginner thinking of picking up a FGB and comes complete with two brakes. It weighs a shit ton but is made of tough steel and with thinner tires(25-23c) really picks up speed. I had mine setup in 44-16 and it honestly made for a reliable, care-free commuter.

Price: $180 Shipped

Potential1 Potential2 Mine

u/LeKy411 · 3 pointsr/bicycling

VISP is getting much better with their Amazon bikes.

u/MicahToll · 3 pointsr/ebikes

This one.

You won't look cool, but it will get you where you need to go, requires basically zero maintenance, and is actually under your budget.

I reviewed it here.

u/Kouigna_man · 3 pointsr/france

J’ai fait la velodyssée cet été avec 3 potes et notre moyenne c’était entre 80 et 100 km/jour

On a fait deux journées à 150 et c’est long, voire très long, du genre départ à 8h30 et arrivée à 20h avec les pauses. En fait tout dépend de toi :)

Le sac à doc c’est pas très pratique en effet le mieux c’est des sacoches que tu accroches à ton porte-bagages, de ce type
Je te conseille aussi une sacoche à accrocher à ton guidon pour mettre cartes, téléphone, et tous les trucs utiles auxquels tu voudras avoir accès sans t’arrêter.
Si tu campes t’accroches la tente, le tapis de sol et le duvet avec des tendeurs c’est relativement safe.

Édit : lien

u/tonytwocans · 3 pointsr/ebikes

I currently use this battery with some unbranded 1000w rear hub, all-together it's probably $500. I had to return the first motor they sent me for a bad bearing, but since then it's been fine. The battery uses "domestic" (chinese) cells which are generally considered not to be very safe compared to name brands like lg, samsung, or sony. So keep that in mind I guess. range is around 8 miles at full speed (28 mph or thereabouts) and easily more than 12 miles pedal assisted. To get something cheaper you'd have to get lead acid batteries. I've done this and it sucks.

u/venatra · 3 pointsr/bicycling

I picked up this bike about a year ago and have had great success with it so far. I took it to a local shop, got a few tweaks done and was ready to roll. Most road bikes you see mentioned run starting about $700 for the cheapest model (new out the box), and if it is something you are just getting in to doing, that is a pretty big investment.

So I dropped $179 on the afrementioned bike, got a little CatEye comp, a water bottle, saddle bag, and off I went. Less than $200 and I've put in some serious milage in the last year and absolutely love it.

Also, I see it like this. If I can do some serious mileage on a low end bike, then when I DO upgrade to something expensive (and even still I am not breaking the $1,000 mark) then it will be all the better when I make that move. Training on a heavy ride, then upgrading to lighter bike will make those really long roadies go much easier.

u/MeccIt · 3 pointsr/bicycling

This is the VTSP "High Fashion Red" model in case anyone wants to add it to a wishlist...

u/Statuethisisme · 3 pointsr/bicycling

The recumbent trikes tend to be more expensive, if you get a standard type, they can be had for quite cheaply. I can't recommend anything in particular, but have a Google and I'm sure you will find something.

Good luck and happy hunting.

u/SavingHawaii · 3 pointsr/bicycling

Maybe they were going for the Machete look? It's got rave reviews.

u/miasmic · 2 pointsr/whichbike

Prices do seem reasonable at the shop assuming you get proper service and it's not like a big box store.

>I'm pretty sure I want a road bike (or hybrid?).

If you aren't sure on this (drop bars or flat bars) you are best off finding out which you prefer before you buy a bike, and while everyone has their preferences, there's no substitute for test riding bikes.

My advice would be to go to the shop and see if you can get a couple of demo rides to try flat bar vs drop bar - if they're a good shop they should have at least one each of flat bar and drop bar demo bike in your size that you pay a small amount to take a longer test ride on (that should be refunded if you buy a bike). A good shop should let you take a much shorter test ride on a particular bike you're considering buying too.

There aren't any bad bikes as long as you're spending enough to avoid them, and $800 is enough to avoid bad road bikes or hybrids unless you went looking at fake carbon bikes on Aliexpress or monstrosities like this (which you'd only ever see online).

For a hybrid $800 is probably overkill really unless you want disc brakes (make sure they're hydraulic if you do), otherwise the sweet spot is probably about $600. Recommend avoiding hybrids with suspension forks.

Road bikes are more expensive but $800 can still get you a decent entry level one like a Synapse or a Trek 1 series.

In other words you can't really go wrong unless you get the wrong type of bike, and the best way to avoid that is by test riding bikes.

u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/bicycling

I assume these.

u/ruphuselderbeer · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Schwinn Meridian Adult 26-Inch 3-Wheel Bike (Black Cherry)

u/notjhh · 2 pointsr/bicycling

I wouldn't think it would sell. While it's not a bad looking frame...

  • Price: it's going to be expensive if it has the Rover name on it.
  • Value: it's mass produced Asian carbon with nothing to differentiate it from all the other mass produced Asian carbon.
  • Stigma: it says "Range Rover" on it.
  • Performance: may be great, but far more likely to be mediocre.
  • Warranty: What, you're going to take a bike to a Rover dealer? And what are they going to do with it?
  • Liability: What happens when some 400 pound stockbroker impales himself with a piece of carbon? If he doesn't kill himself, he's going to sue Rover.

    Sounds like another GMC Denali bike to me.
u/Praisesong4theWeirdo · 2 pointsr/bicycling

Avoid a good deal of the Amazon bikes as well if they're not from well known companies.

I saw some poor kid at a college once who bought a Cyrusher road bike after reading all of the hype reviews. Crappy, heavy frame, garbage components (including these totally wonky stem shifters), gaudy. The bikes sell for entry level road bike prices, but you get what is essentially Walmart tier bikes.

Avoid any bike named after a car manufacturer (GMC Denali is the one most commonly seen). Same thing for bikes named after beer or drink manufacturers.

On a related note, some guy kept trying to sell a Snapple-branded MTB for what felt like years. Lousy rear suspension, no name front fork, plus he ripped the wheel cover on the back wheel. That's not really a "brand" so much as just a hopeless idiot trying to make a buck on garbage.

Murray hasn't been manufactured in at least ten years, and their stuff was always low quality.

u/Jomozy · 2 pointsr/FixedGearBicycle

Its a fixed-gear Machete

u/iynque · 2 pointsr/hammockcamping

I have a set of waterproof Ortlieb panniers for most of my gear, but my hammock is kind of large/long when folded up, so it sits on top of my rear-rack in a dry bag (similar to the Ortlieb rack top bag, but cheaper—and none of the pictures in the link show it, but the bag lays across the two panniers).

I don't think I own a backpack large enough, and I wouldn't want to wear a backpack through 50 miles of sweaty cycling anyway. Most bikepackers will use a seat bag (something like this) to keep the load slim and behind them for any narrow or overgrown paths; most bicycle touring (primarily roads instead of wilderness trails) is done with panniers on a rear cargo rack. Almost nobody wears a backpack if they can avoid it.

u/Fatha_Naycha · 2 pointsr/bikecommuting

I also live in Florida, I'm 6 foot and ride (Vilano Aluminum Road Bike Medium (54cm) Commuter Bike Shimano 21 Speed 700c, Black this bike @ 54cm. My commute is about half the distance as yours to my workplace but this bike has been taking me to and from for the last 6 months. Also here is my PR profile I've been working on so you can see the things that have been added.

u/c1j3m5 · 2 pointsr/Frugal

In my experience Craigslist is a waste of time unless you really know what you're looking for, and someone is desperate for money. I've spent months trying to find a quality road bike at a reasonable price through Craigslist and Pinkbike. The deals just didn't show up.

One day while running I developed a stress fracture in one of my metatarsals and was destined to not run for 2 months. Enough was enough.. I needed to get back on the road somehow and exercise. I said to hell with Craigslist and took to the actual internet for an answer. First stop was looking at value bikes at bikesdirect.. They had some good deals, but everything seemed out of my price range for what I was looking for (not to mention the reviews that i've heard about their bargain brands haven't been mostly positive). Then I tried Pinkbike, but living in the South not many people here even consider exercising, let alone riding anything without a motor.. The bikes were few, far between, and out of my budget range.

I wanted a road bike that could be used for both commuting and exercise that wasn't a cheap piece of steel welded in a third world country.

After some digging around I took to reading every possible customer review that I could on Amazon and stumbled upon an all aluminum 21 speed made by a company called Vilano for under $200.

I took a gamble and ordered it. I wasn't dissapointed.

This bike is quality. The welds are tight, everything is lubed up, and I didn't even need to true the wheels before riding. The way it's shipped is close to 80% assembled. The only tools required to finish it off were a flat head and an allen wrench.

The company seems to be a small brand looking to put out a good product in competition with all the inflated names. I've had it for months now, and I use it to commute and do some 10 mile timed rides now and again. (I added a $20 tri bar for when I do those, Amazon purchase as well) Hasn't let me down yet.

Here's the bike I ended up buying.

BONUS: I frequent r/beermoney as well, and participate on a few survey/ptc revenue sites. There are easy ways to get Amazon gift cards in your down time and knock some of the cost down on your purchases. You can do enough in a weeks worth of down time to cover shipping and handling.

u/jonathon8903 · 2 pointsr/bikecommuting
u/iskillzi · 2 pointsr/bikecommuting

I've been looking at amazon for some, do any of these look like good ones? Giordano, Vilano, Merax, Schwinn

u/lxkhn · 2 pointsr/bicycling

Do you think its the same frame as the Takara Kabuto?

u/LittleHelperRobot · 2 pointsr/bicycling

Non-mobile: Machete

^That's ^why ^I'm ^here, ^I ^don't ^judge ^you. ^PM ^/u/xl0 ^if ^I'm ^causing ^any ^trouble. ^WUT?

u/daishi-tech · 2 pointsr/ebikes

It is $600 and buy one get one free? That seems pretty inexpensive especially with a bike rack thrown in.

Also, I found the bike on Amazon which is out of stock now but has a bunch of reviews.

It's a 250 watt bike with an 8AH battery which is pretty low end in specs but it's also a pretty low price for an eBike. The reviews aren't awful and most of them probably paid 2x what you are paying.

One reviewer said they logged 1000 miles on theirs which is more than I would expect. It's walmart tier but sometimes walmart tier is OK.

At least if one dies you'll have a parts bike.

u/gengas · 2 pointsr/bicycling

This one ? I'ts kinda neat, nothing crazy. I picked it up to ride after work when I don't have time to get to a trail before dark.

u/Camelope · 2 pointsr/FixedGearBicycle

From my own personal experience, I've had this Vilano and it's been running excellent for me since last December. Get some foot retention and you're ok to ride. People talk shit about bikes in this price range, but not everyone has a $2k budget to drop on a whim. And while buying a used bike can be beneficial because you get a "better bike" for the same price, if you don't know what to look for when buying it, it can very quickly become a deathtrap.

u/trackpete · 2 pointsr/washingtondc

How far do you bike to work?

I just bought a cheap <$200 bike with all bolted on bits (no quick releases), so I can take it anywhere and u-lock it anywhere and not worry about it. If someone does end up wanting it badly enough to take it, I'm not out very much. Been leaving it outside every day for a year and a half, never a problem.

That's just my theory - when you're not worried about your bike, you can really enjoy biking places a lot more. Keep the fancy ones for pleasure rides.

u/QuitYoJibbaJabba · 1 pointr/ebikes

Gotcha. Usually it's recommended to have female plug from the battery and male from the controller, so yes, you could cut the cord from the controller and convert it to a C14.

As for me, I had a C14 plug with bare wires that came with my battery. My controller also had bare wires. I ended up crimping a male XT-90S to the controller end, and a female XT-90S to the C14 plug.

u/dramadeur · 1 pointr/bicycling

actually, yeah, despite the discount it seems to be garbage, but anyway, what about this one? I'm just really looking for a folding bike at around ~200$.
20-26" inch tires, 6 miles everyday, riding on an ascending road occasionally.

u/Sigiant2300 · 1 pointr/citybike

Upon reviewing some more options that are a bit more affordable to me, I've come across two bikes that strike my interest

This one:

And this one:

(sorry for the long links) What do you guys think of these? They look pretty good, but I don't know much about bikes, so again reviews and insight on how good they are is appreciated.

u/_Imma_Fuken_Shelby_ · 1 pointr/bicycling

Anyone with experience from buying bikes on Amazon?

I bought one bike in the past, GNC

Really was an awesome bike for the price, until it got stolen.

Are there any gems on Amazon? I'm looking for a bike anywhere from $100-$300

u/BQJJ · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I'd like to get a really nice, well-built bike that'll last me. But money is a factor, so I settled on this Vilano bike. It's gonna take me a bit of saving, but I'm hoping I can get it before summer's over.

u/IActuallyLikeSpiders · 1 pointr/whichbike

Have a look at this beauty! Who says Amazon doesn't sell awesome bikes!?!!

(Just kidding!)

u/huazzy · 1 pointr/geneva

I don't know much about bikes but someone highly recommended this one for the price point. How would this compare to the bikes I can get over there?

Likewise, I found a craigslist type site for Switzerland and the bikes people offered for 150 CHF+ were pretty basic/beat up.

u/UCBCarebear · 1 pointr/bikewrench

What would you recommend then for something around $300 in a similar style to this. I'm probably only buying a used one then.

u/AGreatMonk · 1 pointr/bicycling

Hi /r/bicycling! It's summer time and I was wanting to buy a roadbike, and started looking online (Amazon and such), when I came across these two models: GMC Denali and the Takara Kabuto.

I was wondering which one would be a better bike to start off with if I have never owned a road bike before. I noticed that the Takara bike is single-speed while the GMC bike isn't (does it make much of a difference ride-wise?)

Any help would be appreciated.

u/HonkeyCracker · 1 pointr/bicycling

Perfect, thanks!

As a follow up, which I maybe should do research on my own first more, is which brands do you recommend for the price point?

I can snag a Diamondback Steilacoom CCX for $630 shipped. Meanwhile I see some unknown brand CX bikes for cheaper on Amazon Vilano road bike 21 speed.

If I go with a CX do you recommend buying a second set of tires that have little to no tred on them for commuting to work purpose? Or just keep the default ones.

Price isn't a huge set back for me. I just want to end up with a quality product that I don't hate, and don't feel I grossly overpaid for said item.

u/poo-poo · 1 pointr/bicycling

This is good advice. I bought a bike from amazon Link back in april. I rode it a few times, it was clunky and heavy, and after riding 16 miles I was tired and knew I wanted more. Right away I knew I wanted a road bike and just last thursday I bought a used Trek 5.2, moving from all steel to carbon fiber was a massive change, I love my new bike.

But I also recommend spending time with your bike fixing it how you want. I put a new seat on the takara, I took off the stickers, I broke and fixed it trying to improve some things, I learned a good bit even though I hardly rode it.

u/ronthebugeater · 1 pointr/whichbike you have a 34" inseam? Also, that makes the bike insanely huge. If it fits you well, you will like it more than your small hybrid, if it's too large, you will not like it as much.

This would probably be a better option in your area:

This cheap bike is well reviewed, and about the same price point:

u/itsmetanner · 1 pointr/bicycling

So where should I start? I saw a pretty cheap bike but I know nothing about bikes.

u/Dr_Avocado · 1 pointr/bicycling

I have this exact model.

I bought it two years and 110 lbs ago. It's seen some shit in those two years hauling me around. The bottom bracket is messed up and has a moderate amount of play in it. It's also rusting because I had it outside at school all last year.

I'm assuming the frame is steel because of the rust. I plan on sanding and repainting eventually and fixing the bracket. It's pretty much out of tread on the tires too, so I have slicks :)

I'm just dealing with it for now, but I'd like a new road bike. I've ridden a 2013 trek 1.2 before and it was such a different world to me haha.

u/bradland · 1 pointr/ebikes

There's more than one Ancheer rider on the sub-reddit.

Just keep in mind that you're buying an inexpesnive Chinese product. When you get it, you'll need to do some assembly and go over all the hardware to make sure everything is tight. You do not want to find out on the road, trust me. If you're not comfortable doing this yourself, buy the bike at ~$600 and spend the extra budget on taking it to a bike mechanic, or even a friend who is mechanically inclined to help you out.

The other thing to note is that 30 mile range is on the high end for your budget. If the ground is level, you keep speeds down (under 15 MPH), and you are willing to pedal to help out, you can get 30 miles out of that Ancheer.

Final thing. No one can tell you an e-bike's range; it's all about battery capacity and the load you'll put on the bike. Going faster requires more energy. Starting from a stop requires more energy than cruising. Going up hill requires more energy. It's just like your car. How many miles can you go on 10 gallons of gas? It all depends on where and how you drive.

You'll see batteries advertised with volts (V) and amp hours (Ah). For example, that Ancheer has a 36V 8Ah battery. To compare that battery against others, you can't just use the Ah part though. You multiply V x Ah to get Wh (watt-hours). Watt hours are the best way to compare batteries. That Ancheer bike has a 288Wh battery, which is pretty small. That's what you get at this price range though. Batteries are a commodity (like gas). There's no way to get 10 gallons of gas for the price of 5 gallons, and there's no way to get 500Wh of battery for the price of 250Wh ;)

u/tuctrohs · 1 pointr/whichbike

Looks like a discover. Sold at Amazon and Walmart, which means it was assembled by an amateur, so it would be good to have a competent mechanic look it over.

Generally a low-end but OK bike, not a bad deal for $70, even factoring in the need for a mechanic check. Just one thing that I really don't like about it is the really cheap suspension fork which probably is heavy and doesn't feel very good. General advice is get a good suspension or no suspension. And for riding around campus no suspension is needed.

But still, for $70, not bad.

u/BaiIeyRS · 1 pointr/bicycling

I've looked for a beginner thread but can't find one easily. I'm sure it is asked a lot but I'm looking for a bike around $500 CAD ($389.37 US) or maybe that in total with seat upgrades and locks and whatever else I need. I think I'm looking for a road bike but I'm not entirely sure the differences as I've only done light research. I've seen this recommended in those "best under $500" videos but I'm not sure what the best website/store is in Canada. Any links/tips would be appreciated!

u/hatepics · 1 pointr/bicycling

I bought this off amazon a few months ago:

  1. You have to put most of it together yourself, and the stuff that comes pre-assembled is done poorly (so you have to google how to adjust both your derailleurs).

  2. The stickers are ugly but they're attached with the most ungodly glue ever designed by man. I wasted several hours of my life trying everything I had (Goo-gone, goof-off, etc) until it finally succumbed to elbow grease and the spray isopropyl alcohol I use for cleaning circuit boards.

  3. It's 10lbs heavier than most bikes, which means you have to work considerably harder.

    Maybe if I'm still riding in a year I'll spend money on a nice bike, but until then I really like this cheapie.
u/CumberlandGap · 1 pointr/Fitness

You can get a solid beginner roadbike on amazon for ~250. Reddit will tell you you need to spend a lot more, but I bought this one on amazon about a year back, ride it to school every day, and sometimes use it to make the 85 mile trip home on the weekends. It's a bit heavy for a road bike but I'm sure you could shop around and find something a bit lighter, I'm 190 though so it doesn't really matter to me if the bike is a few extra pounds haha

u/ReVeNgErHuNt · 1 pointr/ebikes

eBike Conversion Kit


what else would i need?

Im asking a legit question why downvote ._.

u/SirEDCaLot · 1 pointr/needadvice

Tons. Head down to your local bike shop and check some out. Here's a decent one from Amazon but you should do your own research.

u/leoberto · 1 pointr/bicycling

Road bikes are great lighter the easier it is to ride, it might be worth getting slime tyres to stop punctures, I have a triangle bag that goes inside the frame that I put a small pump and a multi tool in + my lunch on a weekday.

I would recommend two thick D locks to use when parking, I thread the 'D' through the bag buckles and keep the keys and lock in the Bag.

for weather gear you need a rain layer warm layer and sweat layer to keep out the cold. waterproof gloves, goggles or eye protection.

Fenders would be a good choice as well to stop mud flicking up.

Don't get a mountain bike, really not very easy to ride and heavy. Also lights

u/QuikAF77 · 1 pointr/bikecommuting

>(I've been looking at Viliano bikes on Amazon

Yes, I looked at what OP said, they are BSO's

u/BaconStripsBacon · 1 pointr/cycling

Right now I have a fixie and I love it. I wanted a cheap bike to ride around campus on and I have loved riding it. I am over 120 miles so far and haven't had any problems at all. My fixie was cheap about 160 bucks off of amazon and its worth every penny! I'd so go for it! btw here is the link to what I got:

u/doulabla · 1 pointr/ebikes

I think what she wanted to say is the brake touch the disc ,you have to set them because they arent but it s easy
I never did it before and it took me 5 min after watching a tutorial video to do it.
I will not recomend the folding version , why ?because the battery is just in the front bag with a lot of wire and with out any protection or very poor protection against rain and crashes
an the battery isnt remobable so a thief can easely take it and you cant let the bike in the garage or outside and charge the battery at home
this version: has a metal bottle battery and this is removable battery this is a lot better and safer
I had this bike for month and I crashed 2 time ( because I wanted to push this bike to his limit)
and everything still working
watch the youtube channel : Vegas Romaniac he has more than 20 video avout this bike covering everything on
this bike and he rided this bike for 6000 miles!: and the battery hasnt loose a lot , this bike have two problem : the tire/ air tube is bad you will probably have a flat soon , but it s not a big deal take schwalbe marathon and you will not have a flat for a long time
and the seat is very hard , same it s easy and cheap to replace

sorry for my bad english I am french , you can buy this bike for 500 euros on aliexpress in fact they have just raised the price before when I bought it it was 400 euros

u/jimmythefrenchfry · 1 pointr/ebikes

For the city I'd love a fortified single speed, with a small front hub kit. The fortified bike is supposed to be tough to steal and a front hub motor could be more easily locked up with the frame.

I'd be concerned about theft first then coppers.


example bike --

example kit --

or could get a cheap steel single speed (pure cycle or something) and add that hub kit to it.

other choice (I'm obviously about cheap/hard to steal bikes for the city): Ancheer cheap electric

however, the 1-star ancheer ebike reviews are scary...evidently the brakes suck

u/xheyhenry · 1 pointr/bicycling

I've actually been looking on amazon because the bikes there are pretty affordable. I'm not sure if these are any good, but any advice? I've found 4 that I'm considering.. based on not much information:
[first bike]
[second bike]
[third bike]
[fourth bike]

u/cuulcars · 1 pointr/bicycling

My seat is at the lowest it can go. Does that mean my bicycle is too big?

So, I recently bought a new bike, a Vilano Shimano to be specific. I used to ride my mountain bike quite a bit, but haven't ridden for a couple years because my bike kept breaking and I couldn't afford a new one. Well I got a new bike, but I am completely new to road bikes.

On the bike above, I bought a medium (54cm). The only problem is, I feel like it's too big, but I might just not be used to it. I am 5' 7" and my inseam is 30". According to adjustment guides, I put my leg nearly straight (but not quite) at 6' o clock. The very tips of my toes (and I mean very very tips) can touch the ground from my seat. I find the position very uncomfortable and hard to control, but I don't know if that's a sizing issue or if I'm just not used to road bikes. (I aligned my handlebars and seat to be level).

So my confusion is, my seat is at it's lowest. Does that mean I bought a size too big? If I did need to go down some, I am completely unable. For context I am a 22 year old female, so there is almost 0% chance that I will grow any taller.

u/retrac1324 · 1 pointr/whichbike

I go to Davis too! :D

I would highly suggest a road bike if you're comfortable with that. When I switched from a mountain bike to a road bike during freshman year, it made a huge difference. My first road bike was this cheap one for $160 that a lot of people have:

It was a great first bike and it really got me into cycling. It's only available in two sizes though so you'd probably need to be 5' 7" or taller depending on your leg size.

What price range are you looking for?

u/mralistair · 1 pointr/bicycling

it's unlikely to have moved enough to hit the frame without obvious signs of damage.

how does it compare to a photo?

u/Daltinoloco · 1 pointr/bicycling

Found a different one on Amazon here.

u/knappj · 1 pointr/SanDiegoClassifieds

I picked this up at the beginning of summer. It's done me well. Nothing to fancy. Has gotten me from OB to La Jolla for work without issue.

u/xtremebuzz1 · 1 pointr/UIUC

Thanks for the input, I think I will go with this bike:

It's a cheap hybrid by a reliable brand, with good reviews.

u/Trigger93 · 1 pointr/AskMen

Lazy, cheap mother fuckers...

u/awilhelmsigh · 1 pointr/bicycling

womp womp Been riding this fixed with only the front brake for a few months. Might as well be a toy compared to the Secteur.

u/necbromancer · 1 pointr/UCSD

Amazon. Find out what size you want, see if you can try it out at a bicycle shop beforehand, and then hit up Amazon and you can find some great deals and tons of reviews. Bike shops are criminally overpriced and terribly understocked.

u/psh_1_psh_2 · 1 pointr/Fitness

Do it! You don't need anything fancy. This is my bike, it only cost $180 when I bought it. My hipster friends get crazy expensive bikes but it's not like this one is going to fall apart (IMO welding is welding), plus the tires are thin enough for decent speed but thick enough to actually handle potholes. There's a fixed gear on one side of the back wheel and a free wheel gear on the other, so you can switch it around if you want, but again IMO there's no reason to have a single-speed bike if it's not going to be fixed gear. Plus there's front and back brakes, like I said, for emergencies. So... um yeah I love this bike, haha. It has seriously everything I could want. I'm sure there are tons out there like this, but I needed something cheap that would ship quickly for free, so Amazon it was.

u/bigtony2691 · 1 pointr/bicycling

Thanks for the tip, I will definiteley keep and eye out for used bikes in the local area. My friend just ordered himself this bike seeing he is lighter and its on sale.

u/imapittard · 1 pointr/FixedGearBicycle

I bought this one last summer. And it's basically what you'd expect for 200 bucks. The brakes are kinda shitty, seat is okay, pedals are cheap, but overall a solid bike to beat the shit out of without worrying if it would get stolen. I did have a slight issue with the rear tire leaving the rim a couple times, but that stopped after putting it back in a couple times.

u/Puttles · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

This bird-feeder caught my eye a while ago.

This bike has been my dream bike for awhile now, but it is SOOO expensive it is mainly on my list just so I can find it and buy it when I have the money, I doubt anyone on here will ever pay that much for one person :P


u/knucles668 · 1 pointr/bicycling

So at 6'3" its rather frustrating to keep seeing deals on bikes and then note that they are 55-58cm. I am trying to keep to advice that I have seen all over this subreddit that you should make sure it fits and that you don't buy the $300 bikes like the Giordano or GMC Denali. Why does the 5-8cm really matter? This past week I saw a post (I wish I could find it right now, I was the really nicely composed shot with unperceivable fill flash and ax for a kickstand) where his seat was jacked to the max, he said it does give him a aggressive riding position but that mostly he found it more comfortable. What are your words of wisedom O' Grand /r/bicycling?

u/hi_yoooo · 1 pointr/FixedGearBicycle

Just a little back story, I recently started riding fixed gear and picked up a used Takara Kabuto for $60 just to see if I could get used to riding fixed gear. After a few 20+ mile rides I am enamored with the fixed gear and there is no going back.

I am looking now for my second fixie, something that I can slowly continue to improve as the money becomes available, I found the bike I linked here on Craigslist for $275. It is the Jamis Beatnik, and the seller is guessing that it is the 2011 model. I am trying to bring the price down to at least $250. I want to know if that is a good price, and if it is a good bike to throw my money at?

u/maoiejerao · 1 pointr/bmx
u/ydpQJ2jXemF · 1 pointr/ebikes

Do you have this version? I got this one (this is the 2019 version)

u/KEN_JAMES_bitch · 1 pointr/bikecommuting

I bought these Ortileb a few days ago. I already got my rear rack but the panniers haven't come yet. I can't wait :) got em based on everyone on here posting about them.

u/lanemik · 1 pointr/CyclePDX

I was just looking at bikes on craigslist yesterday. There are a ton of great bikes to be had. Sometimes you find the "I got this bike thinking I was going to ride it but it's just been sitting in my garage so I'm selling it for $75" or "Love my bike but I have to move and it needs to be sold right now. $100 obo." Also, I saw one guy that does refurbs on classic bikes and gets all the parts in excellent working order. If you got an 80's era schwinn or something that was all tuned and ready to go, you'd be in great shape.

EDIT: Also I looked on ebay and found a ton. In addition, if you're dead set on a new bike, try and search by highest rated bikes. You could do the same at REI, but they'll be more expensive I think. EDIT AGAIN: Like this new Schwinn from Amazon:

u/Capes_for_Apes · 1 pointr/cycling

I picked up a Schwinn Tricycle about a year and a half ago and enjoy it. It ran something like $288 on amazon and I had to assemble it. The quality is OK, I was warned pretty strongly on forums (and at the bike shop) to not pop curbs with the back wheels because the axle can break. It's pretty heavy which has been great for exercise and weight loss. I'd says its a good entry level tricycle.

Although you can lean into turns a small amount on a trike, it's 90% turning the handle bars. this was very foreign to my cyclist friends. the right wheel is the driver so i do find myself leaning slightly right sometimes. on a left turn i don't lean much at all. As for the balance issues, I've definitely had a few occasions coming down winding hills where I lost control and had to resort to a "Flintstones stop" (i.e. using my feet to slow down the trike instead of letting it roll over left or right). After doing that once or twice, I know my limits. Also it's super nice to just pedal and not have to worry too much about balance. I hope this helps!

u/dunecoons · 1 pointr/UCDavis

This is the bike I got. Don't make the same mistake I did because now I'm sure it's going to get stolen

u/neuraal · 1 pointr/gaming

It's a vilano bike. Only thing custom on this is the wheels and sprocket.

u/kickendter · 1 pointr/bicycling

You can try this. $199 Aluminum road bike

u/rawr_gunter · 1 pointr/biketouring

Also, here is my bike:

I didn't want to spend too much in case I hated it, but may get a better one in a couple of years. Need a new beach cruiser first.

u/Elgand · 1 pointr/Fitness

I ride regularly and race regularly. Normally to the tune of ~100 miles a week, with more on the weekends.

I say this because I believe you are really going to have a hard time starting on a fat bike. I mean, if it is just a normal mountain bike and I am reading what you wrote wrong, then you should be fine.

But if it is a fat bike with wheels between 3.7 and 5.2 inches, you are going to have a hard time. Fat bikes typically have no suspension, and the rolling resistance can be crazy high. This means that you aren't going to be coasting very much, if at all.

On a mountain bike you should be in better shape, they typically at least have a front suspension and although not ideal for road riding, they work just fine.

I am a bit concerned that the bike you received from your father may be a bit "too much" of a bike for you as you mentioned, which could really lead to you disliking biking.

How tall are you? What size wheel does the mountain bike have (Typical sizes are 26", 27.5" or 29")?. If it is a 29" bike you may dislike it simply because it feels too long and doesn't feel nimble to you. At 6'3" I have no problem with a 29" bike. Many people in the 5'6" - 5'10" height range prefer a 27.5" wheel.

If you want a good starting point and will be mostly riding on the road, Amazon offers some pretty stellar bikes for a good price.

This bike at under $250 should be a great starting point, is intended for road riding and likely won't lead to anxiety if it does end up being stolen.

That way you can commute/road ride on one bike and do trail rides on the nice bike your father gifted you.

u/Frankpizza · 1 pointr/bicycling

I just bought this. Great for the price. Only $170 and free shipping with Amazon Prime. Prime is free for students. I bike around my school with it, also. Plus, you can spend any leftover money on parts and accessories (lock, lights, tape, etc.). Stickers are easy to remove, too.

u/gh5046 · 1 pointr/trikes

I have that trike. It's a bit of a pain to assemble, and the wheel guards are kind of flimsy, but it's a really good trike for the price.

I got it from Amazon for $250 in September, 2015, so you may want to shop around on pricing. You can use camelcamelcamel to track the pricing and have it alert you when it comes down.

When it comes to assembling it you may want to watch a video on youtube first to know what you're getting into.

If I had some cash to burn I'd probably get this tricycle:

u/B1GgP3tE · 1 pointr/bicycling

Wally meaning Wal-Mart, despite having gotten my GMC Denali from Amazon.

u/mediumpulp · 0 pointsr/Fitness

haha. I got this bike ( from walmart.

I would say it is a decent bike. Granted you can't compare it to a real road bike, but it gets the job done especially for a beginner.

u/slic_ric · 0 pointsr/bicycling

paint job look a lot like a the GMC Denali, which is that I have...

can they be sued for blatantly stealing this iconic color scheme?

u/sweintraub · 0 pointsr/ebikes

yeah I hit 25mph with 1 kw 48V fat tire bike I made out of a Mongoose Dolomite fairly easily. I used this $300 battery which roughly matches your lead acid but I'd bet puts out more amps.

Edit: I weigh in over 230lbs too. My 100lb kid gets to 30 almost immediately

u/BigVegetables · -1 pointsr/bikecommuting

I just bought the Schwinn Discover hybrid on amazon. Granted my commute is much smaller than yours, but I really like this bike so far.

u/BioGenx2b · -1 pointsr/videos

Here's an link to the bike, for anyone interested in picking one up.

u/quietly_bi_guy · -1 pointsr/bicycling

You can get this bike for $159 with free shipping. The only catch is you have to assemble it yourself. I bought one of these GMC bikes (though not this exact model) from Amazon 6 years ago and am still riding it a couple days a week. It probably took me 2 hours to put the bike together, and required tons of internet searches so that I could adjust the brakes properly. However, it isn't rocket science. If you can put together an IKEA cabinet, you can assemble a bike.