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u/scotty8911 · 10 pointsr/trollfitness

Not sure what "troll fitness" is.. Stumbled across this post. But I've tried quite a few combinations, and these two together do the best job of anything I've found so far.

Everlast Professional Hand Wraps, 180-Inch, Black

Everlast Mixed Martial Arts Heavy Bag Gloves (L/XL)

u/D1screet · 3 pointsr/MuayThai

I've bought their 16oz. Challenger 2.0 gloves and a mouthpiece from them. I got the gloves for sub-$50 and I thought that for the price, they did the job well:

It is synthetic leather (although I believe the 3.0's should be actual leather, not 100% sure on that), but the material was able to hold its own quite well. Never had any issues with any of the stitching or velcro coming apart.

That being said, you can certainly find quality, genuine leather gloves from the more established Muay Thai brands such as Fairtex, Twins Special, and Top King (amazon links below) for fairly competitive prices (sub-$100). I would honestly go for one of those, unless you feel compelled to buy from Venum.

u/Platfizzle · 3 pointsr/amateur_boxing

Updated everything with current prices/etc, this should be all you need for a proper home setup, minus maybe a full length mirror to check form.

Bag Stand $156
Heavy Bag $34
Speed Bag $25
Proper Swivel $18
Proper Bag Gloves $40-60
Hand Wraps $12
Medicine Ball $32
Jump Rope $7

u/artchang · 3 pointsr/amateur_boxing

I'm using RDX Elite gloves:

Real leather. They feel great, and have held up. Really good for the price point in my opinion.

u/HedonisticFrog · 3 pointsr/amateur_boxing

These are what I use for bag and pad work. They absorb impacts very well and are holding up very well after three months and I hit hard at 230lb. The only sign of wear is the red rubbing off onto the white palm a little bit.

These are what I use for sparring. They were a little tight at first and hard to make a fist for the first couple of uses but they feel very comfortable now. They also show no signs of wear but they haven't been used as much. I also got them on sale for $50 so if you're patient you can wait until they go on sale again.

I'd recommend getting bag gloves and sparring gloves since the soft foam of sparring gloves will break down faster on a heavy bag and bag gloves are pretty hard for sparring.

u/d0v14 · 2 pointsr/amateur_boxing

Any thoughts on TITLE Leather Training Gloves as first gloves?

For bag work and some sparring. The reviews are great and they are recommended in some 'best budget gloves' lists, should I get them?

Also what weight should I go for? I am 80kg/180cm or 175lbs/5'11" is 16oz okay?

u/jefriboy · 2 pointsr/Boxing

I wouldn't use lightweight MMA gloves for training on a heavy bag, not even the UFC pros would do that that I've seen. Think more along these lines, at least 12oz

u/lego_monkey · 2 pointsr/MuayThai

In general you don't want to use the same gloves for heavy bag work and for sparring because you will compress the material over time and risk injuring a partner. For heavy bag gloves I would go with 14-16oz for your size and as far as brand, a bit depends on your body type and preference.

Some people like harder gloves that have less give and others prefer ones that may be softer and less responsive but easier on your hands. Also, I would recommend that no matter which gloves you get, make sure they have adequate wrist support (thicker wrist straps made of leather instead of elastic and straps that double back will be the most secure).The brands you named all have quality gloves but there are two others I would recommend:

Title Gel Bag gloves $99:
These are fantastic gloves that will hold up and can take a beating. They have great wrist support and are really easy on your hands.

RDX Bag Gloves $69: These are a bit more dense and have a more snug fit but if you prefer harder gloves these are a good option. Wrist support is good and once you break them in they really form to your hands.

u/NoImNotYourDaddy · 2 pointsr/amateur_boxing

Are these gloves serviceable for use on a 70 lb bag? They came in the kit I bought. Ill be using it on my first bag and thought 70lb would be good to practice my form on and etc before moving on up heavier. If it matters I am 210lbs.

u/artfuldodger8 · 2 pointsr/Boxing

Mctoon gave you some good suggestions, and the ringside IMF pro are a popular pair. (Though I recommend 16oz if you're only going to get one pair, as your sparring partners won't appreciate getting hit with small gloves.)

If you aren't patient enough to wait for sales, I'd recommend looking at Title boxing. They sell a very decent pair of real leather gloves for about $40, which I used for about a year before upgrading to a pair of Hayabusa Tokushus.

From my experience, title and ringside are both very solid for relatively inexpensive gloves. I prefer boxing-specific gear (as opposed to MMA gear) as pure boxing gloves tend to have more padding in the knuckle area which I generally strike with. Stay away from Everlast, at least for their cheaper gear.

Edit: here's a link:

u/gorchitza · 2 pointsr/MuayThai

Title leather boxing gloves - 12oz (only in black) - $40

Mexican style handwrap 180' - Pick your favourite colour - $7 or $8

u/Retro_sexual-fish · 2 pointsr/MMA

Link for those that are curious?

Edit: I think I found them Ringside Apex Bag Gloves

u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/xxfitness

Just a local sporting goods store, but these are them on amazon. I forgot that only my thumbs came through, but I like them a lot. Most of the negative reviews are about the gloves being too small, but I'm small so I guess that's why I like them. There is just enough cushion to absorb the shock to my fist, but little enough that I feel I'm getting a lot from hitting the bag. They aren't quite as tight as I would like around the wrist, but it's hard to find anything that fits my tiny wrist/arms. There are some that the fingers go through that are slightly more expensive, but not by much, which are the kind I would like to have. I think they are supposed to be for heavy bag work, and not necessarily for training in boxing, as boxing gloves are used in training because you use them when you box someone, but I'm not any where close to being the kind of person that should give out any facts on boxing.

u/ElDuderin-O · 2 pointsr/OculusQuest

I have Everlast bag gloves, entry model, that I usually use for mitts and when traveling. You can orient the controllers however(ring up on thumb or down under pinky), I prefer this way for a realistic block and punch deflection. Just be sure to calibrate your gloves in game and you're good to go.

These are probably closest to my old school ones that Everlast makes now. Title boxing still makes traditional leather ones if you're willing to pay a little more for the quality.

u/jpad1208 · 2 pointsr/MuayThai

Try the Sanabul brand from Amazon. They're ~$25 and provide a lot of cushion. I needed something that would protect my hands and they have been excellent. They have excellent reviews too. I think these will hold up until you decided to take this seriously.
Here's the link:

u/chailol · 2 pointsr/MuayThai

I bought the same gloves four months ago expecting it to be brown, when I got it they were more yellowish than brown.
Bought from Amazon.
Here is an album that I just took of my gloves, please compare with what you have. These are my first pair of gloves I don't have a clue if they're genuine or not.

Edit: added pictures of my gloves

u/kitchbitchstitch · 2 pointsr/trollfitness

Check out /r/amateur_boxing for lots of helpful tips. Not many of us trolls there, but I like to think I represent well.

Handwraps, specifically mexican style handwraps and gloves. I love Venum gear, but for a beginner, really anything will do. I used the $20 Everlast gloves from Dicks for the first two years. I'd recommend 14 oz or heavier.

Out of curiosity, are you a member at a boxing gym? Thinking of joining? I ask because seriously, good form above all else. I've been boxing on and off for 6 years and the only reason I've stuck with it so long (and gotten pretty good at it) is because of my coaches. I won't get way into it, since this isn't a boxing subreddit, but there is so much more to boxing than just punching things and it is a WHOLE NEW WORLD that awaits you out there.

u/expectingrain · 1 pointr/Fitness

Jeez- you're not kidding. After lifting today I went over to the bags and hit one a few times, pretty softly. I still feel it in my knuckle. Any idea on what kind of gloves to get? Would these work? Also, it's an LA Fitness, so do you think they'd have a trainer who could show me how to throw a punch?

u/bizquisite · 1 pointr/MMA

I wonder, why wouldn't something similar in design to these work? That is, some sort of mitten construction to cover finger nails and prevent any one single digit (excluding the thumb) from stabbing into somebody's eyeball.

u/justDoItAlreadyyyy · 1 pointr/amateur_boxing

I don't know if they are the same, but I have a pair of these. They are OK starter gloves IMO. Upside: Cheap, and they work for bags and mitts if you are punching properly and not too hard. Downsides: They have little in the form of wrist support and are relatively compressed in the knuckle. I replaced them with these which have a double-wrap around the wrist for extra support.

EDIT: Just to clarify, I have the Regenesis in 14oz.

u/helpmeboxinggloves · 1 pointr/amateur_boxing

Help! Looking to buy a pair of gloves and I can't tell what's best for heavy bag at this price range -

I like having my fingers out, but the pairs without fingers seem a little more professional. What's the consensus for a 60~ dollar pair?

u/keepTHISondaDL · 1 pointr/amateur_boxing

sup everybody. I start my first boxing lessons next friday.

So i need advice on two boxing gloves.

First are the Hayabusa Tokushu Regenesis Boxing Gloves:


I save a few bucks on the title gloves. I mainly will need them for mits and the heavy bag. I don't want to buy 2 pair of gloves out the gate, so i was wondering if either of these will give me that 2 for 1. Thanks guys!!

u/cbrndn90 · 1 pointr/amateur_boxing

Hey everyone -- I picked up some sweet Hayabusa Tokushu Regeneses off Amazon (on sale from their usual $130) earlier this week. Pretty stoked. I did a lot of research beforehand and read a few reviews that stated cutting the thumb strap was preferable over leaving it in place. Wanted to test the waters and see if anyone else had these, and would recommend one way or the other?

u/Anthony_Grina · 1 pointr/amateur_boxing

I'll be honest, I have had terrible experiences with everlast gloves. Over the past 10 years, I've gone through at least 8 different pairs. They fall apart very easily. I finally picked myself up some leather [Title Gloves]
( and they are much better. Check out RDX too.

u/Bobdolebusinesses2 · 1 pointr/MMA

Thanks for the info and in depth response, I appreciate the time. Really helpful!

Here are the gloves I looked at:

What size should I be getting? I'm not sure how to determine what I should be wearing size wise

u/UseOnlyLurk · 1 pointr/kravmaga

MMA gloves do not do not cover your finger tips and allow you to grab things. It's what you see UFC fighters use, example:

Boxing gloves are very large and bulky, more like mittens. It's what you see Mike Tyson and Rocky wear. You should have one pair for bag work and one for sparring. Right now you just need a pair for bag work. Women usually have different brand preferences than men when it comes to boxing gloves. Typical weight is 16oz, most gyms won't let you spar with anything less.

u/saverism · 1 pointr/amateur_boxing

Have allergy to leather and synthetic leather. Thinking about buying these but have read that muay Thai gloves offer less wrist support because they are designed to facilitate grabbing as well. Wondering if anyone has experience with any kind of Muay Thai glove for that matter.

u/AlcoholicToddler · 1 pointr/amateur_boxing

I'm buying a pair of boxing gloves strictly for heavy bag work. I'm going with 14 oz. I'm trying to look for something under $50. I know, it's probably not the best idea to buy anything under $100, but I can't really afford that right now.

Out of these which would yall choose? Also, any additional gloves that you recommend would be awesome!

Venum Challenger 2.0

Venum Contender


Thanks in advance guys!

u/unnamedstripper45 · 1 pointr/amateur_boxing

Been adding Heavy Bag into HIIT workouts and after a couple weeks decided I'd like to break the bank for some proper wraps and bag gloves. Haven't been able to find a good store nearby, but online selection is pretty good: they have about 3-4 different sets each from TITLE, Ringside, Hayabusa, Venum and Cleto Reyes. Was wondering if I could get some recommendations for those brands.

-8.7'' wrist, looking for 16oz gloves

-Flexible for price, $150/1100rmb max

-6in1ft, weigh about 210 pounds (hence the workout!)

-Training/bag only going 2-3 times a week.

Based on some research/recommendations been looking at this set in particular:

Hayabusa Tokushu

Also choosing between these wraps, not really sure what to look for other than 180 inch.





Thanks in advance!

u/jtl216 · 1 pointr/Fitness

Actually local sports store usually carry the low-end style gloves. Everlast makes good gloves, but they're not the same ones you find in the store. If you want cheap and effective, I'd go with Title. I've got these and they've been good for me for the last half year.

u/nignogpolliwog · 1 pointr/amateur_boxing

Hayabusa Tokushu gloves have that dual-color aesthetic.

u/Toxik_Ninja · 1 pointr/amateur_boxing
u/TheSliceman · 1 pointr/TheRedPill

Okay, well first order of business is getting the bag up. Do that asap.

Gloves and wraps I would buy off amazon.



And wrap your hands Thai style, inbetween fingers.

u/l00k3y · 1 pointr/MuayThai

Glove Freshener

My friends highly recommend these instead of disinfectant spray, worth a try.

u/jonnyhaldane · 1 pointr/MuayThai

I have some No Stink pads that are designed to absorb moisture from your gloves after you used them. Seems to be working so far.

u/torpedo_lagoon · 1 pointr/amateur_boxing

I am new to boxing and want to get my own gloves. I am unsure what to get. They will be used for heavy bag and pad work. I am considering Title Gel World Bag Gloves and Ring to Cage C17. Which should I get? (Other suggestions welcome)

u/WeldingHank · 1 pointr/Kickboxing

Do you have to have title gloves?

I own these for bag/mitt work and love them