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u/blablahblah · 45 pointsr/mildlyinteresting

It's a smartphone in the shape of a flip phone. The screen is the same size as the original iPhone, it's not like this is an old hacked Razr or something. Looks like one of these.

u/416Kritis · 24 pointsr/gaming
u/dmazzoni · 23 pointsr/legaladvice

You can get a brand-new Android phone for only $20. Just never activate it and connect via WiFi only. Make sure that their app works on the somewhat-older version of Android this phone runs. There are quite a few more choices if you want to spend up to $50.

u/Tungsten_Toenail · 16 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

Here is an Amazon link to a $20 Android Trackphone. You don't even need to put minutes on the thing, you just need the OS to run whatever app Nintendo puts out.

That being said, I'm sorry you need to jump through this additional hoop and pay for this additional expense. It is silly and stupid that Nintendo has decided to do things this way.

u/juiceyuh · 16 pointsr/Android

yeah deal must be dead not working for me either :(

This page i got $535

this page i got $446

but not $350

u/MysticSong · 15 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

I know this is a Blizzard joke, but seriously for anyone with financial issues:
I recommend the very cheap Nokia 1.
Jerry even made a durability test today and honestly I recommend it to anyone not able to afford much.

u/DHThrowawayy · 15 pointsr/NoStupidQuestions

You can get a basic android phone for as little as $20 or so. It's a basic communications device that's pretty much necessary at this point.

Not to mention, we have libraries with free PC access if you have a library card, McDonald's hotspots to connect to internet, etc.

Chances are, OP doesn't have an iPhone 7, but that doesn't mean he/she can't connect to the internet.

u/currypotnoodle · 14 pointsr/RandomActsOfChristmas

I'd be happy to send you one of these

or another affordable replacement android phone if you like. Please let me know. Prime can get it there quickly. I would hate to see you banned because of this unfortunate accident.

u/delecti · 13 pointsr/Games

A $20 piece of junk android phone can run android apps too, or a ~$150 iPod Touch for iPhone apps.

^And ^fuck ^Jake, ^ruining ^his ^mom's ^phone, ^grubby ^fingered ^brat. ^^^^Shit, ^^^^i ^^^^may ^^^^be ^^^^getting ^^^^old

So lets not go too crazy. This is a dumb decision, a really dumb decision. I feel bad for anyone looking forward to online play on their Switch. But this isn't anywhere near a $1000 extra cost for customers, and it's deceptive to try and argue that.

u/natintosh · 9 pointsr/PuzzleAndDragons

If you can stretch your budget by $20, theres the Moto G, which is arguably one of the best phones under $200

If that is out of your budget, some carriers offer the phone for $100, but you would have to use their prepaid plans


Boost Mobile (they share towers with Sprint)

if 8GB isn't enough, 16 is another $20. For a phone of your pricing, unless you can find a spectacular phone deal (I found an iPhone 4 for $100 on Craigslist) There aren't many options for a "good" phone (i.e s3, apple quality)

HTC also has the Desire 200 (White is more expensive, so i linked the black one)

Both these phones have exceptional build quality for their pricing compared to others in this range, but if I had to pick one, I would choose the Moto G. There might be other phones around the same price and quality, but I find these two to be the "leaders of the pack"

Hope this helps you find a new phone!

Edit: The Moto G unlocked and the Desire 200 are both GSM and can fit your needs (T-Mobile)

u/SeaberryPIe · 8 pointsr/pcmasterrace

My idea for the cheapest ghetto shield.

LG Optimus Exceed 2 (you gotta bypass activation)


MOGA controller

In all it comes out to $22.7 not counting tax or shipping. Plus both are prime for shipping.

u/annelions · 7 pointsr/perktv

Not terribly cheap, but I found the Moto E on Amazon for $20: Motos tend to run well, so it may actually be worth the extra money.

u/Contronyms · 7 pointsr/perktv

Like someone else said in this thread, the absolute cheapest phones will give you a hard time and will earn you less money. If you have $100, invest wisely and purchase a phone with good solid performance:

  1. The Moto G for Verizon ($69.99) is a popular phone around here and has solid reviews from Perk users.

  2. The ZTE Z740/A&T Radiant ($70.16) is another solid phone that, in my personal experience with it, works really well with Perk; I've had no issues with it at all.

    Another decent phone on Amazon is the Samsung Galaxy Rush ($47.99). It's a bit better than the cheapest phones and a bit worse than the first 2 phones I mentioned.

    Now, if you want the cheapest phones on Amazon that can run Perk TV, the Kyocera Hydro ($33.79) and the Samsung Galaxy Centura ($40.36) are options.

    OP, I really recommend the ZTE Concord II by Metro PCS. This phone has the most value for the money (yes, you'll have to buy it with a credit/debit card) at only $29! This works just like the Moto G or the Radiant; it's fantastic for Perk TV and you will be impressed with your earnings.

    Hope this helps
u/Babalugat · 7 pointsr/PickAnAndroidForMe

The Moto One, the Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro and the Redmi 9T are all often on sale on
The Redmi Note 8 Pro 6GB/64GB was €229 last week and may drop again. Currently €249 -

Eglobalcentral have EU Direct shipping.

The 6GB/128GB version is €220.99 from eglobal using code CHKOUT5 -
and the much better deal (currently sold out) if you want to wait for another is The 9T 6GB/128GB was down to €268 with code CHKOUT6 -

u/siggysiggy · 7 pointsr/beermoney

If you find a particular phone on Amazon, you can track said-phone on the following site:

It is a great site! You set a price for what you are willing to pay and once the price drops to that threshold, it will alert you via email.


-Forgot to add a phone for you to track that is a great phone (I have 10 of them -- and all have held up great). It is the "LG Optimus Exceed 2" ( ... Over Christmas, the phone dropped to a great deal of $11.99. More than likely, however, wont see that price for awhile... Track it with camelcamelcamel and you can let it tell you once it gets below $15.00; at that price, it is a good value.

u/JustPlainTed · 6 pointsr/NoContract

Moto G with Verizon prepaid $45/no + tax. Unlimited minutes, text, 1GB data with auto pay. I suggest Verizon, because they have the best network for coverage. If you know T-Mobile works, there are a lot of options.

You could also look into paying more for a Moto X used that would be a bit more than your $200 budget.

u/Phawks · 6 pointsr/SwagBucks

The best for your money is gonna be the Optimus Exceed 2 IMO. I have 4 and love them. You can get them from amazon for $15 right now:

u/mlazzarotto · 5 pointsr/italy

Lo Xiaomi Mi A3 è passato da €161,69 a €155. Lo prendo o aspetto il Cyber Monday?

u/halflife_3 · 5 pointsr/Android

link to pixel 3 xpost /r/discountedproducts

u/TelaTheSpy · 4 pointsr/GolfGTI

Later, not older. Later indicates a higher version number.

I run it from an android phone that's at least 4-5 years old that is running 4.2. My buddy had it laying around in a drawer. Just buy whatever android phone is cheapest. Even something like this would work:

u/macswell · 4 pointsr/beermoney

You can find all this info if you dig, but it's pretty confusing at first.

If you only have 3 hours a day you want to start by maximizing your passive earners.

  1. The PerkTV app running on 5 cheap android phones, $15 LG Exceed 2's are my personal favorite currently.
  2. Root them using towelroot
  3. Install perktv and beermoney assist
  4. Make an account on perk and use beer money assist to keep the screen always on.
  5. Start perk and play app videos. I recommend placing the phones next to your bathroom or computer. Some place you visit regularly so that your time/brain investment is minimal.
  6. Profit - This setup earns me $60-80 a month (US). Earning is better right now due to holidays throwing more money at advertisers.

    That's a little more than a month to break even and start making a profit, you can start with your existing phone/tablet etc as well.

    From there you can look into growing your farm, supposedly you can have up to 5 devices running each perk app. But you run the risk of getting flagged/banned if earn too quickly, which will then require you to contact perk support etc etc.

    You can look into other passive paid ad-viewing apps. Checkpoints and Charger pay are the noteworthy ones. But they're not worth it if you're not already maxing out perk.

    I only do passive earning so you'll need to chat with others about active earners. Swagbucks is pretty popular and reliable for surveys and similar activities.
u/TheDogstarLP · 4 pointsr/Monstercat

Buy a cheap Android phone to do it! If you really just want an mp3 player and sd support, this could work :

Edit: Note it says that it supports up to 32gb, it supports above once you reformat the SD card in your computer. It may even give the option on your phone if you plug it in.

u/AbcentMineDead · 4 pointsr/TheSilphRoad
u/zzisrafelzz · 3 pointsr/Chromecast

Honestly, check out the Moto E or Moto G for this (depending on where you live). Newest OS, Really good specs for the cost, and the Moto G is as low as $70 on Amazon.

A cheap tablet is a good idea too. But I find cheap tablets are often slow and not really worth it in the long run. And this would be a nice small controller, like a nice little remote to put next to all the others that may be littering his coffee table.

u/stormbreaker178 · 3 pointsr/PickAnAndroidForMe

There is definitely better available. I believe the Htc rezound is a CDMA phone, yes? If that's the case you could get the Moto G for around $70 on Amazon, however it's limited to Verizon's prepaid plans only. You could also get a used phone from Swappa or ebay for around the same price with better specs, like the Droid Maxx HD, which pretty much blows the rezound out of the water.

Herp derp, I missed the part where you said STWireless. Whoops. Well, in that case, we're looking at GSM phones. Swappa has some used phones at a reasonable price, like the Nexus 4 at $170, which runs stock android, so it performs WAY better than your rezound. There's also the Moto G at $150. If you look at ebay, there are some Moto X's available at around $170 as well.

u/Slinkwyde · 3 pointsr/windowsphone

I'd say that some of the best Android phones out right now are (in no particular order), the Nexus 5, Moto X, LG G3, HTC One M8, and the Samsung Galaxy S5.

For seriously in-depth reviews, check out Erica Griffin's YouTube channel. Android Central is a good source for Android news.

If you'd like to try out modern stock Android without spending a lot of money or committing to any kind of contract, you could buy a $75 8 GB Moto G for Verizon prepaid and use it unactivated as a WiFi-only device (as if it were an iPod touch). In other words, you'd pay $75 once and nothing else (except maybe apps). The Moto G is the best low-end Android phone and a great value for the money. It would be a good way to test drive modern stock Android while you're still using the Nokia 920 as your main phone. The biggest downsides would be the camera and the storage.

The phones that are best for getting Android updates and getting them promptly are Nexus phones, Google Play editions, and Motorola phones. Something called Android Silver is rumored, and it may replace the Google Play edition lineup but we don't really know the details yet. As for other Android phones, unless you buy a popular flagship, you'll get OS updates quite late or might not get them at all. That's where custom ROMs come in.

For really customizing Android, check out XDA, but before posting any questions there, you need to read rules and stickies (FAQs, guides, etc), follow how-to instructions carefully, and use search (forum search and in-thread search). Their XDA for newbies video is rude (not welcoming at all), but there is very useful stuff on that site when it comes to tinkering. /r/Android /r/AndroidQuestions

Glad to help! I think I've said my piece. :)

u/mjmedstarved · 3 pointsr/Android
u/cmlaney · 3 pointsr/homeassistant

Or even a fire tablet, if you can get one on sale.

Edit: Here's a tracfone for $20

u/profnutbutter · 3 pointsr/shittykickstarters

Not a bad idea, but a slightly different use case since the Moto E is definitely larger and doesn't have the hardware media buttons on it. That being said, you can pick up one for like $50 and it makes a great little Wifi smart device, like an Android iPod.

Edit: Also, very very recently, I believe the LG Optimus 2 was on sale for $20 off-contract on Amazon.

u/undisputedn00b · 3 pointsr/windowsphone

That Amazon you linked to is a Lumia 928.
Amazon has the Icon listed new from $149

u/skygz · 3 pointsr/mintmobile

Moto G7 Power

There's also the G6 Play which has worse battery life (still really good though), worse performance, and probably wont get any more Android updates, but is almost $100 less

u/slolift · 3 pointsr/Ultralight

this phone is definitely heavier at 100 grams. but it is actually a full featured smart phone(although buggy and a shitty camera) and is dirt cheap.

u/bingana · 3 pointsr/beermoney

Started 2 days ago with two phones (an old iPhone 4S and a $15USD LG Optimus Exceed 2). I'm currently at about 920 videos.

Planning to buy this phone for $10 soon, and my earnings should definitely go up.

u/quadrplax · 3 pointsr/SwagBucks

I don't know if that phone could run the Swagbucks apps or not. I would recommend the LG Optimus Exceed 2. It has a newer version of Android, runs the apps fine from my experience, and is rootable. It's been as cheap as $12 in the past.

u/ebola_flakes_II · 3 pointsr/audiobooks

Motorola Moto E Tracphone. I bought this a few weeks ago on Amazon for $19.99. Microsd and Smart Audiobook Player and you're good to go. Looks like the device is now $36 on Amazon.

u/2aj019 · 2 pointsr/Visible

Can't beat your deal on Pixel 3a/XL. But Prime Day Pixel 3/XL for $539/$639 difference of $253/$273 from visible price plus $100 master card.

u/skunkdonkey · 2 pointsr/PickAnAndroidForMe

If you can stretch to $400 (may be able to get it cheaper from other retailers, just based on Amazon) then the Pixel 3a would probably be your best bet as it is stock android, and you should be able to disable Assistant via settings. Sadly, it does not have a Micro-SD slot but comes with 64GB of space which should be enough to store a load of music. Also has a really nice camera which is a plus.

Or, if you can't stretch to that, for $215, you can get the Xiaomi Mi A3 which comes with stock android (so no bloat), 64GB and a micro-sd slot. A decent overall phone, the specs won't blow your socks off but for playing music, calling, texting and navigating should be very fast on this phone (and the pixel)

u/Bowsa2511 · 2 pointsr/Chromecast

I personally used my old Motorola Atrix HD, Flashed the latest Cyanogenmod on it, and placed it on Airplane mode to use it as my Chromecast remote. It works relatively well, is pretty smooth, the battery last me literally 3+ days, and I use it with Launcher 8 for a nice, quick, and minimalistic UI for my main "Media/Remote" apps and a quick swipe to the left for widgets, and a swipe to the right for the other apps. This is what it looks like.

But I'd personally opt against getting a shitty old Nexus 7 tablet and such for it will not only be oudated, but clunky.

If you want to have smooth sailing, and a great Remote, that's 720p, has great battery life and is buttery smooth without the need to flash it, get a Prepaid Moto G and then bypass the activation screen by doing the following:

>Bypassing the activation screen is easy, simply hit 1 next time, pull down the notification center, click on the multitasking button and swipe away the activation screen quickly.

This way you'll be paying $99 for a new Phone/Remote that will perform beautifully, and If you want to go the extra mile, you can flash a Nexus-Like ROM.

u/kingcolex · 2 pointsr/pokemongo

Probably not, a cheap solution would be to buy a prepaid Android phone or a Blu phone. The moto E is 20$ and should be able to play it, bypass activation by removing the prepaid sim.

Motorola Moto E Android Prepaid Phone with Triple Minutes (Tracfone)

u/mrpickem1 · 2 pointsr/NoContract

Moto G Play for Verizon prepaid: $49 at Amazon

u/PrimmSIim · 2 pointsr/PickAnAndroidForMe
u/dalvikcachemoney · 2 pointsr/AndroidQuestions

If you're in the US, you can get a cheap prepaid Android phone and use it unactivated on wifi. I have several Android phones I've purchased this way. If you pull out the SIM card before you boot it up, they will let you bypass activation and then you can just put it in airplane mode and use it on wifi.

Something like this Tracfone TCL LX would be a good choice, at only $30. It has 2GB of RAM and Android 8.1 so it should last a few years. If you're only planning to use this for Amazon music you should be able to disable a bunch of the preloaded apps including Google's and that will make it run a bit faster.

u/futurebb · 2 pointsr/PickAnAndroidForMe

If your looking at the Nokia 7.1 here is the where you can buy it with a US warranty. There may be other options that could suit you well like the Sony xperia xa2 ultra for $339 while it may have a weaker processor SD636 on the 7.1 vs SD630 on the xa2 ultra, it does have a bigger battery and a huge screen, if you want to save the money the moto x4, nokia 6.1, and sony xperia xa2 (not xa2 ultra) are good phones for less than $300.

If you don't mind buying without a warranty the xiaomi mi mix 2 should support tmobile and at&t without an issue, while it doesn't come with a headphone jack it does have a more powerful processor.

Also the oneplus 6 (not 6T) is currently $430 on their website

u/lirakis · 2 pointsr/VOIP

honestly .. i went and got a cheap android "trac phone" on sale at my local grocery store for $9. It just uses wifi - no cellular data. I put Grandstream Wave on it and gave it to my 2 year old so she can "make phone calls".

It's crazy to me how much you can get for $9 lol.

Any "wifi sip phone" is gonna cost you a lot more, and probably not function any better (if not worse) IMO.

u/worldspawn00 · 2 pointsr/mildlyinteresting

Hell, I can get a cheap pay as you go android 4.4 device for $19 that is probably sufficient for an authenticator...

u/statoshi · 2 pointsr/GrapheneOS

I read through a ton of customer reviews before buying a Pixel 3 and saw a fair amount of conflicting info. Take, for example, a review on this listing for an "unlocked" Pixel 3:

> The phone is Verizon unlocked and does NOT support eSIM!
> Customers who want to use eSIM such as Google Fi please purchase directly from Google Store!

> eSIM functionality is factory disabled and you can't re-enable it. It's not likely going to change in the future.
> You can't root it because you can't enable OEM unlock because the phone is from Verizon.

u/Eduguy1 · 2 pointsr/perktv

LG exceed from amazon always top of people's list. $15 from amazon new (sold out right now

never used it personally though because amazon won't ship to canada

u/senorchip · 2 pointsr/perktv
u/4567890 · 2 pointsr/Android

Just go to Amazon. They even have 2 day shipping in the US.

u/IAmNotWhoever · 2 pointsr/verizon

He said below he bought the phone off of amazon, it is a prepaid device.

u/kyerkes98 · 2 pointsr/SwagBucks

Wait for this phone to drop around the $20 range again, and buy it. It will pay itself off and its a nice way to help alleviate the hassle of reaching that first daily goal.

u/sbonds · 2 pointsr/diabetes


Give mySugar support an E-mail. They set me up so that my kid's info shows up on my account seconds after he enters it from school-- complete with photos of his glucometer and his lunch!

We got him a cheap Verizon Prepaid Motorola Moto G and skipped the activation to use it as WiFi-only. I set it up on the school WiFi so the data gets sent to me immediately. The supplies on this specific phone seem to be drying up, but this one looks very similar and is about the same price ($30-50):

Supply Costs

The best way to save money is to get your insurance formulary (also known as a prescription drug list) and be sure that you're using the lowest-cost insulins available (both the once-daily "basal" and with-meal "bolus" types.) I aggressively worked my way into a one month buffer of insulin, then switched to a mail order pharmacy so I get 90 days at once versus 30 days.

Work with your doctor to get an appropriately high number for maximum units per day so you can build up that buffer quickly. This might help:


To help get your mind wrapped around all this new stuff, the book "A First Book for Understanding Diabetes" is the best place to start. You can read the prior version for free online:

The prior version is fine for starting out. The next version added some good info on pumps and continuous glucose monitors-- but you won't need to worry about those for a while.

I was exactly where you were maybe 5 months ago. Take things as you go. It's OK to make lots of mistakes; don't beat yourself up for being human. Call the doctor for advice specific to your situation any time there's a question. The mySugr data will be great for spotting trends.

u/alex_lgr · 2 pointsr/AndroidQuestions

You can get a prepaid Moto G for Verizon on Amazon for only $70 new. See link below. The Moto G is a cost-down version of the Moto X, but still a solid phone. More importantly, it runs near vanilla Android. Not sure if the prepaid thing will work for you though.

u/Wryw · 2 pointsr/grandorder

Will this run FGO you think? And not be affected by the Intel thing, since it apparently runs on Mediatek? I don't actually need to be able to play that well on the phone, just need to be able to open the app, transfer, and buy saint quartz.

u/Weavingknitter · 2 pointsr/kindlefire

I use an old LG Optimus somethingorother as my pocket ereader. Several years ago, Amazon offered this little bitty thing for something like $15, and I jumped on that sale. It has been a complete joy. I disabled everything except the kindle app, and the google books app, and it is the best little ereader! If I keep wifi turned off, the battery will easily last two days of vacation reading - meaning - several hours on the plane or bus or car or whatever. Like you, I don't want to drain my phone. Best $15 I've ever spent!

edited to add - just out of curiosity, I looked it up. Optimus Exceed 2. My order indicates that I spent $14.99, yet Amazon will sell you one, today, for $90. What a riot!

u/robotmaker · 2 pointsr/homeautomation

Thanks! The phones are one of my favorite things I've done. They're super cheap and give a ton of functionality. I usually keep an eye out for cheap carrier-locked cell phones ( that sell for <$20. That Moto E I linked is pretty fantastic. For $18 you can boot it up and link it to a google account, but just not activate cell service. The ones I have wall mounted are plugged in and are screen-always-on with a screen saver. I have a few acting as "remotes" where they're set to unlock on motion, so when you pick up the phone the screen turns right to my HADashboard controller for whichever room its in. That Moto E will give me about 5 days battery life with that config.

u/Iredditfromwork · 2 pointsr/perktv

zingers are there for between $30-$35. i just picked up 3 for $97. so, more than you want to spend, but will end up paying for themselves rather quickly.

u/IsabellaQY · 1 pointr/verizon

Found this on sale from Amazon. Would this work?

u/seirann4 · 1 pointr/grandorder

NA FGO Player here - looking to move to a new phone since my Nexus 6P's battery is turning to be a joke.

Soooo the Xiaomi Mi Max 2 ( caught my eye but have seen threads here expressing issues with Chinese smartphones and FGO in general. This phone appears to be running MIUI 9 on top of Android N. My question is there anyone can confirm that NA FGO will work with it or just with MIUI 9 in general?

If not, I'll have to look for something else more mainstream because FGO compatibility is of utmost importance!

u/jedimindtricksonyou · 1 pointr/lgg7

I think you will have a hard time finding a new G7 for cheaper than $350. I would grab that s9, $350 is great for that phone. I paid $400 for my g7 6 weeks ago when the s9 was $500. I feel sick about not waiting until prime day. They also have pixel 3 for $539 officially sold by Amazon which they didn't used to carry the pixel 3, it was only sold by 3rd parties, which everyone should avoid like the plague.

Google - Pixel 3 with 64GB Memory Cell Phone (Unlocked) - Just Black

u/LCP1 · 1 pointr/beermoney

hey! someone else also recommended the moto go... was just wondering the verizon prepaid one is sufficient for wifi?

u/benmarvin · 1 pointr/PickAnAndroidForMe

Nokia 1, Palm, Sony XZ2 Compact, a bunch of BLU phones (C4 and Advance L4) all fall into the size category and are fairly recent. Probably the only one I would actually recommend would be the Sony. Maybe the Palm, it's super tiny.

u/nisenty · 1 pointr/amazon

Hey, I have a question - i just ordered a phone off, by just clicking on add to basket and then proceeding to checkout. On the page it said the phone is sold and dispatched by amazon, but on the receipt it says its a store in italy that has "just started up", with no reviews and at a really shady location (i looked up their address and its just some residential area). Should i need to be concerned?


(btw, this is the product in question;

and the sellers name is "ok il prezzo è giusto", this is their page and they only sell this phone?? )

u/ahmedhhw · 1 pointr/PickAnAndroidForMe

If you're okay with losing the modularity of the Z4, the Mi 9t is a better (and almost $200 cheaper) option imo:

u/Crasbowl · 1 pointr/Nexus6P

Yea, but wait until black friday or later to get a sweet deal and not be a sucker for paying full price.

Source: I was one of those suckers.

In all seriousness, if history repeats itself and google slashes prices on their phones weeks after their release, you'll get a better deal on the pixel 4.

*The pixel 3, 64 gb regular model, is priced $500 on amazon right now. The XL is $600. Check it out here

u/HG1998 · 1 pointr/Xiaomi

Amazon? They sell it in Germany

Mi 9T Pro / Mi 9T

u/geniusgfx · 1 pointr/windowsphone

well i did the math and the 330 pounds is 538.55 dollars. For that price i can almost pay off a high end android phone lol. I can get a 930 with no contract for less

I'm sure the price adjustment may be a little off, but if i am going to drop over 400 i would like the specs to be nice.

is there a way to get a 930 GSM?

u/Aedesius · 1 pointr/hardwareswap

Edit: The flip cover puts it at about your asking price brand new like you said, but I still don't see why anyone wouldn't just buy it at your price from a retailer they know.

u/eriksnyder98 · 1 pointr/Android

How safe is it to order a Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 off of Amazon?

Every phone I've bought before has been in person, so I'm not sure how comfortable I feel paying $400 for something that might be coming from over seas

Edit: here is the link I'm referring to

u/timcookytech · 1 pointr/PickAnAndroidForMe
u/ConnectedVG · 1 pointr/AndroidQuestions

Hmm I get it. It just how I feel about.

Does it NEED to be a Samsung? The Xiaomi Mi 9T is only 300 dollars(New) and high-end specs. Really the best for your buck.

u/Anglosquare · 1 pointr/AndroidQuestions

Maybe a Nokia 1 or Nokia 3.1 (on Amazon Warehouse Deals)? Xiaomi Redmi 6A or Redmi Go? Motorola has the Moto E5. You should be hitting the $90 - $120 mark and just over with those phones. They'll handle any light usage just fine, Clash of Clans will struggle, but YouTube should run fine. If you're not planning to change providers, you can get a prepaid one, it won't matter. If you are going to change telco companies, you'll need it unlocked.

If I had to narrow from that list, I'd be looking at the Nokia 3.1 for $100-$120, or the Redmi 6A with your requirements.

u/Endda · 1 pointr/Android

That's how much they cost -

Sorry for the mistake, it was 90, not 80. Still, an incredible price for a smartphone/internet connected device that performs as good as the Moto G

u/Neil_Patrick_Bateman · 1 pointr/Android

Technically it says no "visible defects" that go beyond normal wear and tear. That's not a visible defect...

I'm also considering buying a motorola e or something. But I don't know how they consider something "worth" $20. I mean, could I buy a $30 phone, in box, and send it to them unopened? Are they still going to value it "used" and say it's not "worth" $30? Like this?

Edit: also seems like the $20 clause is deleted from the site now :/

u/Jonfitzm · 1 pointr/PickAnAndroidForMe
u/ITman2000 · 1 pointr/PickAnAndroidForMe

If you are into prepaid versions then the [moto g play] ( is your best bet at this price, has the longest battery life for a phone under 100 dollars. Also there is the moto g4 play which has lockscreen ads if you don't mind you can get under 100 dollars as a prime users.

u/itsamamaluigi · 1 pointr/PickAnAndroidForMe

Nah man the phones you listed are too old. They won't run modern apps.

There is a phone called the Moto G Play on Amazon. The cheaper version is only $50. It is only compatible with Verizon prepaid but if you're not using it for phone/data service, only wifi as a personal media player, it's totally fine. It has a micro SD card slot so you can add as much stuff as you want, it runs a recent version of Android (Marshmallow; not quite the newest but it's new enough), and it has 2 GB of RAM so it won't be frustratingly slow to use.

EDIT: That model appears to be sold out for the next few weeks. If you can't wait for it, the BLU R1 HD should be fine. It's only $50-$60 if you are willing to have Amazon ads on the lock screen. I would strongly recommend spending the extra $10 to get double the RAM though - having not enough RAM will seriously impact day to day usability. Back when I had a phone with 1 GB of RAM, my music would frequently stop playing because I ran out all the time. 2 GB is the bare minimum for basic functionality in Android.

u/Bot3938282 · 1 pointr/freedommobile

Not OP but I need help with this one

u/chadashcroft22 · 1 pointr/tmobile

Good sites for bands on tmobile and make sure to get a band 71 phone if you are buying today are: and
Second link hasn't been updated in like 6 months but still good info on it especially for wifi calling.

If it where me I would go with moto g7 play or the power with way more battery life for 50 bucks more (still under ur budget)

It has monster battery (power) life and just released so it not a end of life phone like the lg v30 that other people are recommending. Both have every tmobile band and wifi calling and come under budget.

u/luckyleighton · 1 pointr/TracFone

This phone goes for $20. Has kit kat. Small screen, not much ram or on board memory. Works fine. Memory is upgradable through SD card.

u/whitacr · 1 pointr/grandorder

I'm afraid I'm not super in tune with the lower budget phones, but consider the Pixel 3a for nice Google support. Black Friday is coming up in a month and it will almost definitely go on sale during that time. Consider phones from international brands like Xiaomi (example), Honor, Huawei as well since they're very popular for their affordably-priced smartphones. Samsung seems to have released the A50 this year, which is quite cheap (~$220).

Regardless of which phone you pick wait until Black Friday. Until then if you've got a decent laptop you can run FGO on Nox if your phone is struggling that much (make sure you enable virtualization).

u/JackSpoons · 1 pointr/PickAnAndroidForMe

This is the official Amazon listing. Is there a specific price you're looking for?

u/LateralThinkerer · 1 pointr/flying

I've used a no-contract Android phone (was $20, now about $30) with the setup bypassed to run Avare with no trouble at all and it has a built in GPS.

u/Jack41096 · 1 pointr/ShadowWar

Dont know where you found the Moto e 1st gen for $20, but heres one for $16

u/attackofmilk · 1 pointr/personalfinance

Not sure if you'd be interested in using a Tracfone, but you can buy a one-year Tracfone card for $100 (which averages ~$8 a month for the year if you don't need any more minutes). Personally, I bought the Motorola Moto E as a Tracfone phone for $20 (amazon link) and got a case for an additional $10. If you can stand the limits on minutes, texting, and data, the price is a lot better than the standard $30-a-month phone plans you usually see.

(Also, a word about minutes. The 400-minute one-year card, after tripling actually gives you 1200 minutes in three separate buckets. So you get 1200 minutes to call people, 1200 text messages to send or receive, and 1200 MB of data. So the limited minutes on Tracfone might go a bit farther than you'd expect. You can also buy a card that gives you 1000 texts for $5 if you need to refill on your texting specifically.)

The initial cost of the $100 card sucks to pay up front, but the monthly average of it is worth it.

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>07 grand prix.

Ok. Look it up on Amazon. Do you also know what trim model and engine size your car is? Information like that is usually on the inside of the driver or passenger door.

There are cheap parts you can learn to install yourself, or just pay someone to install for you, instead of the full cost of a mechanic.

>Him and his gf are going to move into her dorm I think so no room anyways.

Well, crap. You're going to have to live together, because the second her college finds out she's got an unauthorized person living in her dorm he'll be kicked out/arrested and she might be too. Take some time and cool it off if possible.

>Also I can't afford to buy a laptop or a phone

The link I showed you was to Cowboom, run by Best Buy, which sells secondhand, refurbished computers.

You're not getting a gaming rig to play Fallout 4; you're getting a tool that will help you stay in your career as a System Admin and pay your rent until you're in a better financial position to upgrade your tools.

Get the cheapest, most basic laptop/tablet/whatever you can that will serve your purpose.

If you absolutely can't, buy this:

The LG Fuel Android-OS smartphone, prepaid through Tracfone. Sold at Amazon for $30 USD.

This is what I have. It's not the greatest, but I can do internet, watch videos, download various apps and do a bunch of work on it until I can get to another computer. It is effectively a substitute computer. Something, anything like that. Buy a Windows phone, buy an iPhone, whatever, but your survival means you need to stay around the internet at all times. Ok?

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The german version of amazon got the note8 pro sale for 199£.

Not sure if you get free shipping

Ive ordered from the german version a few times and they are quite cheap when sending inside euro area if its from amazon prime in my experience id guess its free shipping

Dont know if its a big upgrade but seems like a upgrade, the G7 does have that insane battery time though

u/phi7 · 1 pointr/Xiaomi

140£ in the UK?! that's not cheap. You should buy it from somewhere else:

u/elzilio · 1 pointr/SwagBucks
u/Chrono803 · 1 pointr/windowsphone

Just from a seller off of Amazon. The white one looks to be even cheaper.

u/dmilin · 1 pointr/perktv

I may do that. Just to be clear, this is the phone you're talking about?

Also, do you know if it is rootable?

u/Bazukah187 · 1 pointr/Xiaomi
This is the one I saw on Amazon but I'm going with ebay for the 128 gb version AND ALSO has the better deal. Not sure if this amazon link will ship to the UK but it's worth a shot, I guess. (If you don't trust ebay, aliexpress, etc. That is)

u/dustinlai · 1 pointr/MotoX

Just did this last week except i bought mine on amazon.
i got it for 209$
There is sale going on for $187 which lasts until 6 hrs.

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I like your goal then reward system. I will try it!

I play on separate devices. I originally played my alt account on my old smartphone, but then it broke so I bought a cheap replacement for $15. The price dropped down to $10 so I bought another one and started a second alt account. All you have to do is skip the registration and set it on WiFi mode and you have another device for almost nothing!

Edit: The price on it is not quite as good as when I bought it, but I'm sure you can find an adequate device for $10-20. Usually it is the prepaid devices that are cheap to buy. Just make sure there is a way to bypass registering the device and use WiFi only :)

u/throwaway56useless · 0 pointsr/emulation

i may have found a good cheap android cell phone for emulation?

this one right here don't let its specs fool you. It will run gameboy color/gameboy advance games at 8x speed fast forward with no lag. one con though is the phone can't not go in landscape mode for some odd reason ): nes and genesis emulators should work excellent as well (haven't gotten around to testing them out yet)

u/hellomyfren · 0 pointsr/Android

Is it just me, or is the Moto G Play next? I cant believe this phone is $50 and I think its better than the N5 (although I didnt have it long as the battery sucked)

u/president_josh · 0 pointsr/GalaxyS7

If I was you I'd pay $25 for a phone, get that expensive laptop and a Windows Mixed Reality headset for about $300. That's assuming all you want to use the phone for is calling, surfing the Web, watching videos, listening to music and running a few small apps.

I paid $20 for my ZTE Zinger and it does all that. Sometimes I use it instead of my Note 5 or S6. I only spent hundreds of dollars on those two phones just to experience VR in a Gear VR. That's a waste of money if all I want is a way to experience VR.

An expensive laptop should run a new Windows Mixed Reality headset and give you a much better VR experience than a Gear VR. You can preorder a headset now and they should ship August 1st. Review the hardware requirements to ensure that the laptop you get meets those requirements -- which are low.

You said "phone" and that's what the $20 Zinger is. If you want to run a lot of apps and store a lot of data, the Zinger's not for you. However, if you store data in the cloud, you don't need much space on your phone. And you can also find a lot of Web apps that don't require you to install anything on the phone. The keyboard may be small, but Google Voice Dictation (via the Gboard app), makes it easy to work without having to type.

I love my Galaxy phones because they do have some apps I use sometimes. But my main goals are to

  1. experiencing VR
  2. having an Android phone. The ZTE is surprisingly adequate and does a lot of what the Galaxy phones do at an absurdly low price. See the Amazon reviews from people who bout the Zinger.

    Here's a new one for $25

    Get the Zinger and you can use your savings to get a great laptop that can run better VR on a $299 Windows Mixed Reality headset that has positional tracking.

u/tomkatt · 0 pointsr/truegaming

> og psp. gets you emulation access to all consoles through n64 with homebrew

Except no special chip SNES games, somewhat janky SNES for many games, and N64 very hacky, sometimes without sound or with tons of frameskip when it works at all. The PSP is a really poor choice for emulation today. You can literally do better in most regards with a budget $40 smartphone and controller. There's actually a $16 smartphone that's technically better for emulation in all regards excepting native PSP games.

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Thats the closest you will get, not sure how to unlock it and use it on carriers other than tracfone. I love the idea of weird stuff as well!