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u/dukerustfield · 34 pointsr/AlaskanMalamute

Few tips:

  • Dogs eat everything. If you put a bunch of sodium cyanide on the ground mixed with radioactive plutonium, a dog will eat it. Don't freak out. Dog's stomach acid is about 3 times stronger than ours. Most stuff won't kill a mal. However, get some hydrogen peroxide. If your dog eats something poisonous and it WON'T HURT HIM IF HE THROWS IT UP like it's not sharp or jagged, put a shotglass of peroxide in a dish with a bit of water and a bit of kibble. If he laps it up, take him for a walk immediately. In a block or two he will throw up. Peroxide does that. You can go to the vet for $500 or you can sped 5 cents on peroxide. I've done it twice. Once my dog ate an entire package of cotton swabs. I figured it would cause a blockage. He puked up basically a washcloth. He ate an entire bag of chicken wing bones. But that's too jagged to puke. So I fed him lots of bread/rice to pad it and make it less likely to hurt his intestines. He had no issues.

  • Scat mat.

  • Dog drier for when it rains. I got one on Cyber Monday for cheap. No amount of towels will get a Mal dry.

  • Obedience classes. But learn what you can change and what you can't. If you make training a fulltime job, you can change any behavior. But pick your battles. My dog doesn't jump up. But he's going to look at other dogs when they go by even a block away. He's going to try and lick up stuff/food on the ground. I could train for months to fix that, but fuck it. Just walk around or pull him away.

  • Separation anxiety is often strong. Be consistent. Don't make a big deal about leaving. Leave often. Don't make a big deal about coming back.

  • Mals are a full time job until they are 3. You will be super tired and anxious and have a rough time until 3. But it gets much easier at 3.

  • Get a bicycle. Unless you're an Olympiad, it is hard to tire out a mal before you tire out and eventually break down. With a bike, you get to use a machine while they have to trot along. And they will trot. They aren't sprinters or huskies. There are some good products that have a pole attached to your seat for training. This makes it so that the mal has to pull your entire bike and your weight sideways if he wants to go off. That's damn near impossible. If you just hold his leash with your hand, however, your hand is on your handlebars and if he pulls, your front wheel will turns sideways and you will eat shit.

  • Rake and slicker for brushing. You'll need both. Don't use furminator or those things. If you have groomers tell them that as well. Never cut their fur.

  • Park city pets pet wipes. Every time we go out, I wipe my dog down. One side is everything from crotch to bottom of feet. Other side is his butt-butt. He was meh about it at first, now he will often smile. I tend to hum or sing as I wipe him.

  • Mals are tough. They rough house. They aren't children and they aren't pottery. Feel free to play rough with them. Make games. I tease my dog constantly and he always smiles and plays back.

  • Be the alpha. If I want my dog somewhere I move him. I will push him if he's in my way or I will say MOVE. And he will move. Mals are too big and strong for you to not be in control.

  • Socialize early and often. Hang around people. They love people and kids. Hang around dogs. Let him learn how to play. Or when he's big and scary he's going to have to learn stuff and it has more consequences then.
u/AngelOfLight · 15 pointsr/StartledCats

Over here. They are remarkably efficient. Just one zap was all it took. Now she won't even go near the mats. I'm pretty sure the batteries went dead a long time ago, but she won't approach them for anything.

It's harsh treatment, obviously, but we really had no alternative. We just could not keep her off the sofa, and we had to replace two furniture pieces before we found the mats. My wife was ready to take her for one final trip to the vet. The mat probably saved her life.

u/Kr_Treefrog2 · 15 pointsr/AnimalsBeingJerks

I’ve found that if you don’t want a cat on a surface they DGAF and will still sit there when you’re not around to shoo them away, but if they don’t want to sit there they won’t. Unpleasant things like foil, tape, and bubble wrap sometimes work, sometimes they don’t. A ScatMat can help with the more stubborn cases. It gives off a static buzz that deters pets from sitting on it.

u/500SL · 13 pointsr/trashy

No, officer. It's a scatmat to keep my pets indoors when I leave the door open for fresh air...

I made it myself to save money.

u/svenliden · 12 pointsr/AskReddit

Large pet shock pad(s) under the sheet.

u/Luckycharms867 · 8 pointsr/CatsAreAssholes

PetSafe ScatMat Indoor Pet Training Mat for Dogs and Cats, Curved Size 50 x 12 inch, Pet Proofing Mat

For $50 my tree hasn’t been touched once since installing :)

u/SikhTheShocker · 5 pointsr/pics

They have something called a scat mat, which despite its slightly off-putting name, works wonders. It's just a plastic mat with a wire going back and forth connected to a battery pack. If the animal touches two points of the wire it closes the circuit and delivers a mild shock. Worked great on my mom's cats when she got a new suede sofa.

They cost $40, but they fuckin work.

u/imonlinedammit · 4 pointsr/videos

I had the same problem but found a solution. An electric door mat. The damn thing works. My cats used to jump on my doorknob while my wife and I slept. Now they won't go anywhere near my bedroom.

u/numbski · 4 pointsr/fitnesscirclejerk

Gotta use a scat mat if you want to get proper entrainment.

u/bui1t · 3 pointsr/cats

Get a Scatmat. They work brilliantly and you can just move them around to spots you don't want them on till they get trained...which usually only takes a shock or two.

u/Troisius · 3 pointsr/ifuckinghatecats

you can get plastic garden spike mats used to keep cats from destroying plants. They aren't tough or sharp enough to be harmful, and they're a lot easier to put on counter tops and move when you want to cook etc, and look better than tinfoil. They've worked well in keeping the cat off our counter

(you can probably find them at the dollar store for a significantly lower price)

u/LakotaSilver · 3 pointsr/cats

As an aside, be sure they both have collars with ID tags on at all times - I see they already have collars, which is great! Get them both microchipped if they aren't chipped already.

I have two friends (one in Arizona and one in California) who both refused to chip, collar, or tag their "indoor only" cats since "their cats would NEVER get out", and of course both had their cats get out. One hadn't even spayed her cat, so thorough was she in her belief the cat would never get out - and of course the cat got pregnant before my friend found her. >_< Sooo, I am a firm believer that every cat should be chipped, collared, and tagged, even if they "never" get out.

As for your original problem - I am facing the exact same thing with my new 8-month-old. I currently use two SSSCats to keep her out of the kitchen and away from the front door, but I follow this Amazon review's advice in regards to the spray canister:

I also use the "sofa" size of this product:

It's not like a shock collar - I've put my own hand on it and it's more like a static shock like when you rub your feet on carpet and then touch a metal object. It's more of a surprise than anything painful. You don't have to keep it or the SSSCats there forever - they'll learn quickly.

I've also used the "scare" tactic with great success with my older cat - when your little guys try to get out the door (or even approach it), slam your hands HARD onto whatever is nearby - floor, wall, countertop, the door itself - and yell "NO" in a deep, loud voice. Basically you're trying to make as much noise as you can at once to scare the crap out of them. Cats hate being startled. Do this every time it happens, the instant it happens. You can vary up the method of making sound, but make sure it is LOUD, sudden, and startling. You can also add a very light physical punishment to the fear-punishment - tap them on the top of the head with a finger along with a loud "NO". You're not hitting, just tapping firmly - imagine that you're trying to get someone's attention with a tap on their arm. Again, most people will condemn physically punishing a pet, but animals "understand" physical gestures, not words. (I know I said use a word, "NO", when yelling - you can use any other word/sound, "NO" is just conveniently easy to bellow.) Make it super unpleasant for them to even approach the door. If you open it a crack when you get home and they stick their heads/faces out, you can slap the door itself at that point and stomp to scare them.

It's worked wonders on my older cat (18 years old, used it to train her to stay out of the kitchen and to train her out of her random aggression that developed after my dog died) and your little guys won't be emotionally traumatized or hate you forever, don't worry!

u/meowcatninja · 2 pointsr/CatAdvice

They have mats that you can put down that will give your cat a little shock when they touch it, it teaches them to not go on certain surfaces.


u/creamofwheat616 · 2 pointsr/ifuckinghatecats

If you'd like them to not be on your desk or other surfaces, may I recommend:

u/lax22 · 2 pointsr/cats

There's something out there called the Scat Mat which is a plastic mat with wires running through that sends a shock (feels like a static shock like when you rub your feet on carpet and touch something metal).

I used it to keep my cat off my kitchen island. It worked for about a week and then my cat got wise and realized that she could step between the wires. So beware if you have a smart/determined cat.

u/CalvinHobbes15 · 2 pointsr/Pets

Does your vanity have the space for a ScatMat? We had issues with one of our cats counter surfing in our kitchen so we gave that a try. After a few shocks, he’s not up on the counter nearly as much anymore. Not a 100% fix for us but it was worth the $40! It may work wonders for you!

u/PunkAssBabyKitty · 2 pointsr/PetAdvice
u/BaconFlavoredCoffee · 2 pointsr/Jeep

We use a sofa-sized Scat Mat across the front seats to keep cats off them. I suppose you could get two of them and put one on the top as well. They run off batteries, and roll-up easily, so they are very simple to use every day and put away when you need to drive the Jeep.

u/mostoriginalusername · 2 pointsr/funny

Yeah, that would be pretty annoying. We catsit my mom's two blind kitties sometimes, and one of them likes to explore the bedside table, resulting in knocking water cups off and once turning off my wife's APAP machine (for sleep apnea.) That was rather annoying. There is a very easy solution though. There's a product called a ScatMat that you can put on any area you want kitties to not get on, that gives a small shock if they step on it. It's not dangerous, just startling. For both of my mom's cats, and another cat we catsit, it took exactly once for them to never get on the areas again. Then we returned it to PetZoo or whichever one we got it from because they have 90 day return policy.

u/everhood13 · 2 pointsr/Pets

May I recommend the Scat Mat? Place it on your table or whatever. She will stop jumping up. Here is one in action.

u/kingeryck · 2 pointsr/NoStupidQuestions

Check out Scatmat and Ssscat.

u/ilikecatsabunch · 2 pointsr/Pets

I'm a terrible sleeper - wake up to the slightest sound or touch - so having the cat in the bedroom just isn't possible for me. One of the first things I bought when I adopted my cat was this shock mat. I laid it down outside my door. He stepped on it once and now avoids the door area. I set a nice bed a little ways away from the door, so he has a place to call his own for the night. Never had any problems after the first week or so.

u/1bdkty · 1 pointr/Pets

For my one cat we bought her a stool that wad about counter height so she could watch what was going on and out worked. To train her, when we caught her on the counter we would place get on the stool and praise her. Other times i would place her on the stool and give her a treat. She quickly learned the stool was hers and she was happy.

My other cat was not so easily trained. For him we had to get SSScat spray. It's motion activated and sprays an air blast. A couple of these and your cat won't be back.

If all else fails they do sell scat mats which give a mild shock when a cat walks on it. It sounds mean but the highest level is like a static shock. It did work. I had to use this for my smartest cat when everything else failed.

I find these things work better because they work whether you are there or not. All you cat has currently learned is he can't be on the counter when someone is in tha room. You didn't say anything about being on the counter when you are not in the room :)

u/BurstSuppression · 1 pointr/cats

Definitely understand the counter concerns. I’d recommend the scat mats then. Should be able to get a decent size for about $40 and up.

For example:

PetSafe ScatMat Indoor Pet Training Mat for Dogs and Cats , Large, 48 X 20 inch, Pet Proof Your Home, Electronic Training Mat

They also have these motion sensor activated compressed air cans as well.

As for the tunnels, there are a few cheap four way tunnels with crinkle material. Would highly recommend a window perch; they have ones that can fold up while still hanging on the window, so you can close the blinds or shutters.

u/ArcamFMJ · 1 pointr/audiophile

I never found something satisfying, so never bought a Maggie, although I adore them. At one time I considered this

Metal screen is radical but I'm afraid it will have a detrimental effect to the sound.

u/yoda17 · 1 pointr/weimaraner

I know someone who used something like this on their counters (non weimaraner).

I guess it worked well, but I've heard varying things (some bad) about using shocks on dogs. I guess you have to be really careful or you can permanently mess up the dog psychologically, but I don't know anything about it/them.

u/petersy · 1 pointr/CatAdvice

I'm dealing with the exact same issue, our boy has start pawing at the bedroom door and the rattling is becoming too much to handle. Glad to have your insight on the motion sensor air spray as that was the option my fiance was considering. We haven't tried this personally yet, but I was looking into a ScatMat. It seems like it would extend far enough in front of the bedroom door so our cat can't just try to lean his way against it to paw. Good luck and I would love to hear about any results!

u/Pasteque · 1 pointr/Pets

And make sure they have a few towers next to the forbidden zones so that you can easily redirect them to an allowed climbing place.

u/strawbee · 1 pointr/Pets

how about these?

u/Mazelin · 1 pointr/CatAdvice

I also had that issue with my cats when I first adopted them. I ended purchasing a little zap mat that gives a very mild shock and corrects the behavior pretty quickly. I always set it on the lowest setting. Test on yourself so you know what the cat will be experiencing. It’s very light on the lowest setting.

PetSafe ScatMat Indoor Pet Training Mat for Dogs and Cats, Medium Size, 30 X 16 inch, Pet Proof Your Home, Electronic Training Mat

u/Different-Lemon · 1 pointr/CatAdvice

I would suggest a ssscat spray can or ssscat mat. Worked like a charm for us! The mat is more of an investment up front, but you'll never need to purchase replacement cannisters:

Put the can or mat just outside your bedroom door and they'll either have the shit scared out of them by the spray can, or they'll get a mild shock from stepping on the mat (which is enough for them to learn not to go there).

u/poohspiglet · 1 pointr/dogs

The Scat Mat is an electric pad you put on the couch, counter, anyplace. I haven't used it, but I know it exists. I don't think he's getting enough exercise. He may need more rough, run, and higher energy outlets than just a simple walk.

u/aurintalik · 1 pointr/videos

Scat-mat. 9-volt battery and a little static-electricity type shock and the cat will avoid it. After a few times, turn it off and then you don't have to worry about walking on it later ;)

u/th157 · 1 pointr/cats

however after much research I think I may hve found something that just might work! This was recommended somewhere else and I may try it! Its a mat I can put in front of the door that delivers a noise or an electrostatic shock not to harm but to scare.

u/coffeeburntmytongue1 · 1 pointr/LifeProTips

My cats drove me crazy scratching at my door at night, until I got a Scat Mat:

I had tried the Ssssscat Sprays other posters have recommended, but my cats quickly learned that by moving very, very slowly they could avoid setting off the motion detector. The mat works because it shocks them every time they step on it. It works so well, I don't even bother turning it on anymore. Just roll it out when I go to bed, and the cats don't go anywhere near.

I would expect that it would work well on your counters as a training aid.

On medium, it's about the strength of a small static shock. More startling than anything.

u/sidescrollin · 1 pointr/greatdanes

How big is the windowsill? Maybe put something uncomfortable on it?

The sell these plastic pads you can put on your couch to keep cats off, they just have little plastic spikes on them, they are like the underside of the plastic office chair pads for carpet. Not like something that will harm them, just something that is totally uncomfortable to sit or stand on.

I had a rottweiler foster that would push the blinds with his head and break them to see out the window. A few firms "No's" fixed that for me, but it always depends on the dog. It had to be when he didn't know I was busting him, so he got the idea that I would always be around to bust him.

Does she have enough toys to keep her occupied so she doesn't care about the window?

Maybe something that would make noise would also work. Another thing you can do with cats is something like tin foil, that is noisy and feels unstable.

There is also stuff like this

I know that probably sounds like mostly negative stuff, but it is hard to give positive reinforcement when you aren't around...

u/pulled_from_my_ass · 1 pointr/ifuckinghatecats

Shock the fucker. Doesn't hurt it, but it'll think twice about sitting on your furniture.

u/BoredHiyoko · 1 pointr/japanlife

Daww, I would say poor kitty but this is sufficient punishment for being a BAD GIRL. Also, I have found hanging a scat mat (an electrified shock blanket after a fashion) has stopped my kitty from manipulating the screen door. I imagine it would work if you hung it/placed it where you didn't want kitty to go.

This is, of course, you have already used tape and other sticky things to gross out the cat so they don't want to touch it...

u/GGBurner5 · 1 pointr/funny

Couldn't you also just electrify the floor?

Think like a scatmat that runs around your insulated doors and windows.

u/drunken_hoebag · 1 pointr/Dogtraining

My GSD is also not allowed on furniture and tries to be sneaky sneaky about it. We just put stuff on the couch/loveseat when we're asleep or not home. I bought a flagpole online and the long box is a perfectly sized deterrent.

Otherwise, there is something you can buy but, again, it involves placing it on the furniture when you're not on it. It's a nylon pad with sensors that emit an alarm when your pup tries to get on it.

u/ilovedonuts · 1 pointr/Dogtraining
u/The_Doja · 1 pointr/explainlikeimfive

3 Cats. After a couple mornings of door claw symphonies, my GF bought this Bad Boy

u/goblinish · 1 pointr/Pets


This will be much better and safer. It also has the benefit of not being able to reset when you aren't there. With ideas like yours, cats often learn to set off traps so they can go do what they want anyway. The scatmat won't stop working after the cat jumps up the first time

u/BlueIsta22 · 0 pointsr/cats

I have a cat shopping list for myself, here are some links to a few of the things I plan to purchase and thought could help you.

I would consider getting as many of these covers as necessary, and a few scratching posts to put nearby.

You could also try placing these in front of or on top of the couch.

They also make claw covers that come in multiple colors. Regardless of what you do, please don't discard your cat, and do your best to trim his nails. I use this one, it's pretty good.

Remember that encouraging good behavior with treats and appropriate outlets for scratching is vital to the health of your pet and the sanity of your household. Do your best not to punish, simply redirect them to a better option. (Basically put the cat scratching posts near the couch or any problem areas while covering the furniture with hard plastic to redirect his energy.)

u/st1tchy · 0 pointsr/AnimalsBeingJerks

So don't let them do that.

Cat scratches door - open door immediately and quickly and spash it with water from the sink. Alternatively, get a scat mat.

Dog barks/scratches - Tell them "No bark" or whatever you use to get them to not bark.