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u/ApatheticAbsurdist · 51 pointsr/LifeProTips

Not sure if you mean Type-A (type B is the house shaped one that plugs in the back of older scanners). Type-A is the most common USB plug that have been on computers and most wall chargers forever. Mini Type-B and Micro-Type B are the types of plugs that were on phones before type-C, if that's what you meant.

Anyway I picked up a 4-port charger with 3 Type-A and 1 Type-C (with 60W PD) so it can charge my phone, camera, and whatever else plus charge my Laptop. I keep that in my bag all the time (just need to throw in an appropriate outlet adapter if I'm going international)

u/shoangore · 23 pointsr/oneplus

Here's my OnePlus One 64gb version in its case, tempered glass screen protector, and Qi receiver.

Everything works fine. The glass catching fingerprints still, though not as easily as the screen did. Edges weren't done great so I imagine they'll collect dust.

The case fits well and even allows for my Pressy unit (which is compatible) to be inserted without any flushness issues. Honestly fits it like a glove.

I'm using a microUSB "B" style Qi receiver to charge. On my TYLT unit, I can have the phone vertical or horizontal and it'll charge still.

I included a photo of all the packaging so you know what brands I bought. If you want to know the specific vendor I bought (and not shop on your own.. I was in a hurry so I paid a premium on all of them, at least 25% over what I could have gotten them if I had the time to wait).

Wireless Receiver

Nillkin Case - Black

Tempered Glass Screen Protector

TYLT Wireless Charger

EDIT: Charging Update!

At 25% charge, I put the phone on my TYLT dock from 12AM-5:30AM; phone was fully charged by the time I woke up! So yes, the charging is at least fast enough to fully charge my phone.

EDIT 2: 2nd Day Charging

At 14% charge, I put the phone to charge at around 11:30PM. At 5:30AM the next day, the phone seemed to have overheated at 76% and had stopped charging. Battery temp showed the phone was overheating at a ghastly 49 Degrees C! I will try one more night to see if it was just a fluke. Anyone want to buy me a new battery? Ha.

EDIT 3: 3rd Day Charging

At 53% charge, went up to 100% overnight. I made sure the receiver was right in the center of the TYLT dock to avoid poor connection.

In the afternoon I hit 17% because the phone was being ridiculous. Put it in the dock vertically without giving it much attention. Went up to 38% in 90 minutes, but the phone was pretty hot. Will charge the rest. If no new edits appear, it means I've stopped having issues with charging.

EDIT 4: ?? 7/15/14 Update

For those of you who want to use the TYLT to charge, be careful. My phone repeatedly overheats using this, going as high as 43C. Some research today shows it may be due to the metal in the phone activating ALL the coils, causing the phone to roast. I will try this official post by TYLT tonight to see if that helps. I have also installed this app from Google Play to monitor my battery and make sure the temperatures don't go too high during my testing, as I don't want to completely destroy my phone's battery in the first month. More reading on the heating issues here

EDIT 5: 7/16/14 Update

I added a block that's 1/2" tall to the bottom of my TYLT unit and then set my phone on top. Additionally, I removed 'High Accuracy' mode on the GPS to Battery Saving and disabled data (because those also generate heat inside the phone). Doing this, my phone never exceeded 38C. Charging overnight, when I awoke my phone was sitting at 100% charge idling at 36.5C, perfectly acceptable!

Tonight I will try to charge using the bottom wedge but leaving Data and High Accuracy on. I have installed Battery Temperature Guard to play an alarm if temperatures exceed 40C (still acceptable as you can reach this while gaming, but I don't want to have my phone sitting at that temp for 4-5+ hours!)

Possible items to use as 'blocks':

  • Legos
  • Mechanical pencil lead holders (stack 2-3)
  • Giant pink eraser
  • Double-sided insulation foam

    EDIT 6: 7/23/14 Update

    So it seems sometimes I can charge without any issues, other times the phone will charge very slowly. I've experimented with height positioning with the block mount to lift the phone, it seems anything from 2cm-3/4" will prevent the phone from heating. While charging I do not exceed 36C.

    I've also pulled the receiver out just a little so that I can pull the microUSB out of the port in case I need to charge via cable or connect to the computer. Time will tell if that will damage the cable, but for now it looks like it's fine.

    11/17/14 Update:

    If you're visiting here still, please note I have STOPPED using a Qi charger in lieu of an actual dock with microUSB connector. The charger worked, yes, but my phone was constantly warm, resulting in shorter battery life on a regular basis. Since removing it, my phone has been cool to the touch, and keeps its charge longer throughout the day.
u/foogles · 22 pointsr/buildapcsales

I bought one of these and have been fairly impressed with it. The first one I got would just power itself down every 15 min or so, so I exchanged it. The second one has been good (one stuck pixel but I don't mind).

The all-metal case is good without much flex. The IO is pretty solid, with two USB-C ports, one USB A 2.0 port, MicroSD, and of course its own small barrel port for the power brick, but you can also optionally charge it over USB-C including with one of those breakout USB-C hubs with Power Delivery and that simultaneously gives you HDMI out, Ethernet, and such (I do this currently using this USB-C PD charger and this hub. There are cheaper USB-C hubs but I wanted one with HDMI and Ethernet output as well as Power Delivery input so I could plug everything in with the one cable).

The keyboard is decent and the layout is right to me, although it's not backlit. The touchpad is basically garbage but I don't mind since I use an external trackball. The screen is IPS and glossy glass with sharp text, but coming from a MacBook or my PowerSpec 1510 laptop, it's rather dim with low contrast. The speed of the machine is fantastic for the price, and the SSD can be easily changed out but I don't know about the RAM. There's no compartment to open just for that and I don't know how to get to it otherwise. (I may never actually need to, but I did look into it when I got it.)

The touchscreen works, but I disabled it because I wanted it to still work with the lid closed and plugged in over HDMI, and when I would close the lid it started clicking spots all over the screen. After disabling the touch screen input driver in Device Manager, no more issues with that. I don't really know what the battery life is like because I mostly will plan on keeping this plugged in. No bloatware at all. You get prompted to buy/install ESET antivirus when you boot, and if you choose no, it will uninstall even that, leaving you with a 100% clean OS with just drivers and a Winbook wallpaper.

You can probably run some form of Linux on this fine, although I've got no idea whether things like the touchscreen, sleep or the battery meter work. The wireless chipset is Intel and the sound is Realtek so I imagine those are fine but don't know for sure.

u/jooxii · 16 pointsr/iphone

$50 is more than enough for a wireless charger; it shouldn't cost that much.

I like this one. It's from Anker so it's quality, and it is wireless fast charge capable. When Apple updates the X to support fast charging, you are covered:

There is also a cheaper version without the fast charging:

u/the4ndy · 15 pointsr/nexus4

I highly recommend this one

It is the LG WCP-300, its tiny, works perfectly, and is one of the least expensive qi chargers out there. Came extra quick from Verizon Wirless online, I also hear you can buy them in store. They are sold by Verizon as the wireless charger for the LG Lucid, so this might help you help the dude at Verizon store find it (or similarly help you find it on the online store).

The link i provided is to the verizon site, but i had to enter my state and thus the link might not work properly, or you might have a different price or availability. If not here it is on amazon

u/Tagzation · 13 pointsr/iphone

I recommend this one from Anker. I ordered 3 before my 8 arrived and I've been loving it.

u/Gallo12orGallo24 · 12 pointsr/iphone

I've always liked Anker products and they have one on Amazon Anker Wireless Charger Charging Pad for iPhone 8 / 8 Plus, iPhone X, Nexus 5 / 6 / 7, and Other Devices, Provides Fast-Charging for Galaxy S8/ S8+/ S7 / S7 edge / S6 edge+, and Note 5

u/amgsmdy · 12 pointsr/civ

This!! This is the same case for my 15” MacBook Pro which come with 87 watts. If you use the 13” adapter at 65 it works, but slowly drains the battery under load as u/mixmastakooz states. Then Mac OS kicks in to keep it powered on; you get huge performance hits which are understandable.

As an aside, I always travel with just one adapter for everything and this works for my laptop on planes.

As an aside, u/mixmastakooz does civ 6 have good touch support? I’ve been looking at an XPS 15 or 13 with the 4K touchscreen option.

u/abovocipher · 11 pointsr/raspberry_pi

Obviously you can use whatever, but these are what I used for this project. I bought the 2 pin power ports off of Ebay. For the NES case, try searching "Broken NES" on ebay and you should be able to find some. Or use an entirely different shell and post it!

u/chrono13 · 11 pointsr/emulation

Assuming you are talking about R-Pi, v3b.

All 32 bit and lower works flawlessly. This includes but is not limited to Genisis, GB, GBC, GBA, NES, SNES, PSX.

N64 is the most commonly discussed as it has a large library of great games that are also often 4x multiplayer. Most games work very well (e.g. Mario Kart), while some do not (in particular 007 Goldeneye).


  • Raspberry Pi 3 - $36
  • Samsung EVO 32GB Class 10 Micro SDHC - $11
  • CanaKit 5V 2.5A Raspberry Pi 3 Power Supply - $10
  • Addicore Raspberry Pi Heatsink Set - $5
  • AmazonBasics High-Speed HDMI Cable - 3 Feet - $5
  • Official Raspberry Pi 3 Case - $8

    Total cost so far, $75. You can get a less expensive case that also comes with the heat sinks bringing your cost down to ~$65.

    Cheap right? Well, the one thing that is going to cost you the most in any of these builds is the controllers.

    I like:

  • 8BITDO NES30 Pro Wireless Bluetooth Controller - $49 (x4).

    When I first bought them, they were $36 each, and I love them. They work really well via the Pi's built in Bluetooth.

    Another great option that works really well are the XBOX-360 controllers. Wired ones run you $27 each brand new, and wireless are $34/each, plus one adapter for the set.

    In other words, four good controllers are going to run you $100-$200. Which is the bulk of most builds. In a childs-only build, I am considering either wired XBOX-360 controllers because of their awesome cord break-away feature, or going even less expensive with the $12 SNES clones, though that eliminates the ability to play N64 and PSX.
u/jamesjaie · 10 pointsr/GooglePixel

I have this 15W one and it charges my Pixel 4 between 8-9 watts.


Calculation: 4.104 × (2030 ÷ 1000) = 8.33W

u/spacewolfy · 10 pointsr/JapanTravel

Just get a pocket wifi. My wife and I had one for 11 days when we were there and even forgot to drop it in the mail before security. Had to express post it back afterwards but they didn't even charge us any fees.

We were able to use both phones, a tablet in the evenings and use the wireless to transfer photos from our camera to our phones seamlessly. If I remember correctly it only cost us 70$ CAD. We used Japan-wireless and Softbank.

Coverage and speeds were excellent. I could even stream Plex from my home server in Canada to our tablet at bedtime. TV there SUCKS.

The only viable counter is having another device to charge but keeping a pocket wifi charged is way simpler than dealing with 2-3 plans for T-Mobile and/or SIM swapping.

Get an Anker 5 port charging brick. It was invaluable for our trip.


Anker 5 port USB charger

u/robeschi · 10 pointsr/ipad

I mostly use the Apple Pencil with Notability or LiquidText. I use Goodnotes a little. Some of my professors use Google Drive, so I need to use those apps from time to time. I also like Outlook for email, iBooks and Kindle Reader for different texts. Duet Display turns my iPad into a secondary screen for my MacBook Pro. I use Scanner Pro to turn all my syllabi and other handouts into PDFs. iStudiez Pro helps keep my schedule in order, and Quizlet helps me study. I use Affinity Photo for processing my Nikon RAW files ( I let my Adobe CC subscription lapse, I just don't find myself using my dSLR that much lately.) I also use a MIDI keyboard with Garage Band and Pro Metronome for piano practice when I don't have access to a real piano/piano lab/practice room.

I keep games and other entertainment apps off the iPad since I'm trying to study and don't want to make it any easier for me to goof off.

Case, Screen Protector, Apple Pencil sleeve, tether to keep my adapter on my cable, stand, keyboard, and holder for using my iPad as a second screen for my MacBook Pro. I also use Anker cables, charger port, and portable charger.

u/HerrBadger · 10 pointsr/iphone

I’ve bought 5 of these flat Anker ones, you have to put the middle of the phone on the pad, but I find that I never mis-position it. Got 3 at home, 1 at work and 1 at my fiancé’s work:

Never had an issue, been going strong for about 5 months.

u/[deleted] · 8 pointsr/hometheater

TV: 2013 Samsung F8000. Somebody returned this to Best Buy just two days after they bought it, and I managed to get it 30% off! Absolutely stunning picture.

Fronts: Martin Logan Motion 40s. I went to audition some bookshelves at Best Buy, and after the rep had me listen to these guys, I fell in love. I managed to find the pair for $1499 on eBay, free shipping. ML says 72 hours at 90dB to break in, but they already sound incredible. Though I need some help with positioning to get the best sound.

Subwoofer: SVS SB12-NSD Recommended here as a solid entry level sub. Sounds great so far (Though I don't have much to compare it to).

A/V Receiver: Marantz SR5007. Also recommended here as a good entry level receiver that'll allow me to build up to a 5.1 from the current 2.1. Bought refurbished for $499.

Another shot with the grills off

u/super_domestique · 8 pointsr/raspberry_pi

I tend to use devices like these to bulk power a cluster of Pis. Probably much easier (and quieter/cooler/more energy efficient) than adapting a PC power supply.

I have 5 Raspberry Pi 3s doing Docker cluster work with one of these connected to a UPS. Anker also do a 5 pack of short micro USB cables super cheap you can use to keep the cabling tidy.

u/cctvcctvcctv · 7 pointsr/BudgetAudiophile

Hey nice thread!

Here is mine:

[C-note DIY kit] ( $100

Insignia STR514: $100

1X SVS SB12-NSD: $450

Just noticed price went up 50 bucks :( These may be about to go out of stock finally.

Paint, stands, clamp and misc shit: $150

Total: $800

Spend the rest on dope and beer.

u/akavana · 7 pointsr/Nexus6P

I bought one of these a month or so ago:
NXET® Type-C Dock, Omni Case Compatible Sync & Charge Dock Charger Rapid Fast Charging Cradle for USB Type C Smaprtphone OnePlus Two 2, Google Nexus 5X/6P, Microsoft Lumia 950/950XL, Nokia N1 Tablet

I like it. It's a bit cumbersome when trying to remove the phone from the dock with one hand but that's really not too big of a deal to me. It DOES NOT support rapid charge but is feasible seeing as how it's next to my bed and I don't need rapid charge over night.

u/Seclusivity · 7 pointsr/Nexus6P

This one by NXET has been reviewed by Benson and supports rapid charging when using the right wall wart. I like it so far, if my opinion means anything (not that it should). :)

u/tbone338 · 7 pointsr/applehelp

Wireless charging is just like normal charging. It’ll be a bit slower though. Make sure you get a quality charging pad that is rated for at least 10W (iPhones only support 7.5W wireless charging). It will heat up your phone a little since it’s wireless and it’s not as efficient, but there is no harm. Your phone was made to wireless charge. It’s a smart phone, it knows what it’s doing. This would be a good starter: Wireless charger. Make sure you don’t have too thick of a phone case on to where it won’t work. On my iPhone X I have the unicorn beetle and it works fine. I know otter boxes are kinda iffy. This wireless charger is also good. I have this one as well as the ravpower one. Only downside with this one is that it does not come with a wall adapter, and you will need a QC 3.0 wall adapter for full benefits. I use this one. The ravpower wireless charger comes with everything you need.

u/dvieu · 7 pointsr/GooglePixel

This wireless charger works great for me, Pixel 4XL

Anker Wireless Charger, Powerwave Pad Upgraded 10W Max, 7.5W for iPhone 11, Pro, Max, XS Max, XR, XS, X, 8, Plus, 10W Fast-Charging Galaxy S10 S9 S8, Note 10 Note 9 Note 8 (No AC Adapter)

u/skippybosco · 6 pointsr/lgv30

The LG v30 uses standard USB-C. There is no special adapter needed specific to LG.

You need to decide:

  1. do you want wired or wireless charging.

  2. do you want normal or fast charging.

    I personally went with fast wireless charging and could not be happier. If that is something you're interested in you need to make sure you're using a 15w power adapter and a charging mat/stand that support it.

    This is a popular adapter:

    This is a popular wireless stand:
u/freemasen · 6 pointsr/AdviceAnimals

I don't think it is because of the data, I think it is because of the format. To push video you need to have an MHL connection not currently supported in USB 3.0. That is why you need one of these to connect your android phone directly to your TV.

u/mr_easy_e · 6 pointsr/audiophile

This is also available on Amazon and has been for some time. Personally, I'd rather get it there than eBay.

I considered this and the SB-1000 when I purchased my SVS SB-2000. The SVS rep said that for the price point for this on Amazon, this was by far the best value, and the performance was somewhere between the 1000 and 2000 (the SB-2000 is the model that replaced this). I ended up getting an open box SB-2000 and am more than happy with it, but I'm sure this would have been just about as good.

u/Guticb · 6 pointsr/Android

I've got the LG hockey puck shaped one and it's fantastic.

u/bward76 · 6 pointsr/teslamotors

I designed this holder for an induction charging pad. This interfaces with the flip over cover in the center console. I wanted this so that I could have the convenience of not plugging it in. Here's more pictures of it in place in the car (

This is the charger unit I used (due to its short profile).

u/ninjatoothpick · 6 pointsr/AndroidQuestions

If it helps, there are wireless charging coils that can be attached to the phone and plugged in to the USB-C port so that it simulates wireless charging, like this:

u/Irishman97 · 6 pointsr/GooglePixel

I know it sounds ratchet but...

I'm curious if this would satisfy most people wanting wireless charging. Once I've moved to wireless charging I've barely plugged my phone in to charge anymore. I get these cheap Anker wireless chargers and have them around the house and work, so I never need to plug my phone in anymore.

With that any plastic, rubber, or cloth case you should be good to wirelessly charge. Hell maybe even a Dbrand skin would cover it up

As far as water proofing, otter box maybe? I got an otter box for my OG pixel XL for that reason when traveling or just for in the shower.

On top of that I bet the otter box would hide the qi receiver perfectly

u/Armsc · 5 pointsr/hometheater
  • SVS SB-12NSD $400 limited run, on sale. Get it while it's avaliable.
u/capt_rusty · 5 pointsr/nexus6

Tylt Vu 3 has worked great for me. Looks nice, can use the phone while charging, the fact that the charging point for the nexus 6 is off center doesn't matter, and full charge takes about 4 hours.

u/sobusyimbored · 5 pointsr/raspberry_pi

You are really overestimating prices for most of that.

u/Twisterado · 5 pointsr/Mi9T
u/erpvertsferervrywern · 5 pointsr/essential

The only option to go wireless will occupy your c-port always.

A qi receiver is attached (under a case) to allow charging on a qi charging mat.

This means no headphones or aux unless you have the HD Audio accessory.

If you don't care about wired sound, you can connect to other things via Bluetooth.

Here's a link to some hardware:
Feel free to mix it up to your preferences...

Qi Receiver: [Short Version] Type C Wireless Charging Receiver, Nillkin Magic Tag USB C Qi Wireless Charger Receiver Chip for Google Pixe/Nexus 6P and Other Small Size USB-C Phones

Car Mount: [10W Fast Charge] Nillkin 2-in-1 Qi Wireless Charging Pad & Magnetic Car Mount Holder for Samsung Note 9/8/S9/S8/S8 Plus, 7.5W Fast Charging for iPhone Xs Max/XS/XR/X/8/8 Plus - Model C

Bluetooth Adapter (for non-android automobiles): Bluetooth Receiver,Mpow Streambot Wireless Bluetooth Car Aux Adapter/10Hrs Hands-Free Car Kits/Portable Wireless Music Adapter for Car/Home Audio Stereo System (CSR/HFP/HSP/A2DP/AVRCP/Built-in Mic)

Charging Mat: Jadeva Tech Desk Top 10W Wireless Charger – Qi Wireless Charging for Samsung Galaxy S9/S9 Plus/NOTE 8/S8/S8 Plus/for Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge/Samsung Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge / S6 Edge Plus / Samsung NOTE 5 / Iphone 8/Iphone 8 Plus/Iphone X

u/bookmonkey786 · 5 pointsr/onebag

Yeah I should have been more clear. All the functionality besides the battery bank already exist in a single device like this 60w can charger most of the USBC laptops out there.

Then I can just slip the battery bank in my pocket and go out for the day instead of bringing the charger.

u/Derugo_GG · 5 pointsr/GalaxyNote9

Anker sells a nice wireless charger on Amazon. It's not the full charging speed that the Official Samsung wireless charger uses (15W) but it does charge at 10W. It has two coils within the stand so it can charge through the bigger cases if you have one. It's a affordable price too at $20 currently.

u/sparky2471 · 4 pointsr/iphone

I use a wireless stand at my desk and a pad at my bed. I have an Apple Watch so I use that as my nightstand clock so my phone lighting up doesn’t wake me at night. My picks are listed below

Anker Wireless Charger, 10W Wireless Charging Stand, Qi-Certified, Compatible iPhone XR/Xs Max/XS/X/8/8 Plus, Fast-Charging Galaxy S10/S9/S9+/S8/S8+/Note 9/Note 8, PowerWave Stand (No AC Adapter)

Wireless Charger, Anker 10W Max Qi-Certified Wireless Charging Pad, Compatible iPhone Xs Max/XR/XS/X/8/8 Plus, 10W Fast-Charging Galaxy S10/S9/S9+/S8/Note 9/Note 8 (No AC Adapter) - Navy Blue

u/UndeadAura · 4 pointsr/galaxys10

I got this.

u/djexit · 4 pointsr/blackfriday

whats the difference between that one and this one? its also anker but 9.99 and 7.5 watts too

u/chad2448 · 4 pointsr/techsupportmacgyver
  1. Sure. Something similar to this. But, you can look around.

  2. Leave your tablet next to your TV and use a bluetooth (assuming your tablet has bluetooth) keyboard and mouse combo.

    These are very quick searches, I'm at work. But if you've got time, do a little research and see what you come up with.

    EDIT: I don't what connector your tablet uses, but I can gurantee you, all of this will cost ~$20-25.
u/awesomedeluxe · 4 pointsr/BudgetAudiophile

Want to spread the love for the current SVS SB12-NSD deal as much as possible! It's also on Amazon, but I bought it direct from SVS because 1. SVS has a 45 day guarantee and 2. for some reason Amazon charges me sales tax and SVS does not.

If you're interested in buying a sub, look up some of the threads on this one and check out this sale!

u/BeardedAlbatross · 4 pointsr/BudgetAudiophile

I am going to recommend you pick up a set of the B-stock RBH R55Ti tower speakers and pair it with the R56Ci center channel and you will have a serious front soundstage for $850. This will really outperform the Elac debut speakers if you have the width for a center channel like that. For a subwoofer I'm going to recommend picking up a pair of SVS SB12-NSD at $900 for both. This setup is something you can pretty much not have to upgrade.

For your surrounds check out the RBH R5bi at only $180 a pair.

If you want either a single sub solution or do not have that kind of space for a center channel, I can provide some alternates.

u/kayden0000 · 4 pointsr/oneplus

OP would you mind confirming that this is the TYLT dock you purchased? Thank you for the quality pictures and post. :)

u/xenetic · 4 pointsr/nexus6


Expensive, but solidly built and stylish. Wish the angle was a little but sleeper, but it's still pretty nice to see my phones display at a decent angle.

RAVPower Qi Charger/Portable Batter

Also kind of pricey, but worth it because it's useful and practical.

u/DraftZebra · 4 pointsr/kindle

I carry an Anker 5 Port Wall Charger when I travel so I can keep the devices charged, but any USB wall charger should work.

u/Slinkwyde · 4 pointsr/WeAreTheMusicMakers

I charge my laptop using a USB-C wall charger. It's the same wall charger that also charges my phone. Being USB powered doesn't mean there has to be computer involved, so why wouldn't a hardware synth be able to charge over USB-C (provided manufacturers were to release new models with the port)?

u/schlitz100 · 3 pointsr/AskReddit
u/ctfrommn · 3 pointsr/BudgetAudiophile

From a purely sound standpoint I would avoid putting speakers inside of those shelves and go with stands next to it. A 10 foot spread isnt too bad depending on how far away the listening position is, which looks to be around 8-10 feet or so? Ideally you dont want them much further apart then you are away from them but it also heavily depends on what speakers you choose. Some image so well and so wide its irrelevant (to a point of course) how far apart they are. You can also just "toe" them in until they sound correct. I think either of these options will be better than putting them inside a bookshelf.

If this is intended a mostly a home theater setup these would be my speakers of choice

with this amp
Denon AVR-S510bt

And this is likely the best 400$ sub you can get right now...and actually it went up 50$ but I would still pull the trigger, its worth it

u/not_just_the_IT_guy · 3 pointsr/LGG3

For an alternative there is also the Itian A6 ( I ordered some a few weeks ago and will post about it once I receive it. I've heard good things and I like that it has three coil design.

I also purchsed the LG WCP-300 ( I've used it a little bit so far, it works well. Positioning the phone isn't as hard as I thought it would be. Has a nice finish that keeps the phone from sliding off.

u/TheAdministrat0r · 3 pointsr/iphone

These a-hole jacked the price way up. So don’t buy this one. The other colors are still higher priced but not fucking $60

TYLT VU Qi Wireless Phone Charging Pad: 3 Coil Stand & Fast Battery Charger Station for Compatible iPhone Galaxy Note Lumia Droid DNA LG Google & Android Cell Phones (Black)

u/Isira · 3 pointsr/droidturbo

Wireless charging with my TYLT Vu works fine with my Case-Mate Naked Tough Case. Never tried tap to pay though.

u/ratedm · 3 pointsr/gaming

Aside from the cooling fan in the back of the case, I also added some little heatsinks to the Pi to keep it cool, I think its fine to keep on, it doesn't get too hot.

u/HotelDon · 3 pointsr/WiiUHacks

As long as the charger isn't plugged directly into the wall (you do use a power strip, right?), a wall wart style USB plug will be fine, just make sure it's rated for 2.0A~. If you have multiple things that require USB power near your Wii U, it might be helpful to buy a charger like this, which is what I use.

u/HipHopHistoryGuy · 3 pointsr/PSVR

I just use a multiport USB charging station and micro-USB cables. No issues at all. USB Charger RAVPower 50W 10A...

u/mdaffin · 3 pointsr/raspberry_pi

> I was thinking that a case made to fit two RPi3 would be really awesome.

You can get simple stackable cases to house two or more Pis stacked on top of each other. However, not all of them are designed for shields.

> Maybe with some kind of circuit to split the voltage to both of them so that I can use a more powerful power source and save one precious power socket

Don't know of any case that can do this but you can always use a multiport USB charger to power multiple pis from one AC socket. Something like this will let you power 6 Pis from a single socket.


Also, if you want to reduce on clutter you can get a larger box (or small cupboard), and place multiple smaller cases or the stacked case + power supply (and maybe a ethernet hub) in it, cut some ventilation holes in it (as well as for cables), maybe attach a USB fan and basically create your own custom built case tuned for your needs.

u/Henry_Yopp · 3 pointsr/Vive

I use Anker IQ 40W/8A 5-Port USB Quick Charger with this charging dock.

Note that this is for my Anker Powerbanks for my TPCast. My banks are Anker PowerCores 20100mAh and they last about 5 hours and take about 8-8.5 hours to fully charge back from dead. I have two batteries that I keep in the charging dock at all times, to ensure I never run out of power.

u/UtahJarhead · 3 pointsr/raspberry_pi
u/smite1911 · 3 pointsr/raspberry_pi

it's not quite as simple as just pulling the +5 volts and Ground off of the 4 pin molex and connecting it to a micro USB to plug into the Pi.

You'll have to jumper a couple pins on the big 20-pin Motherboard connector in order to get the PSU to power up, etc.

Depending on how much you want to DIY and the budget, it would probably be easier to get one of the multi-USB charger / power supply deals like those from Anker that give you 30-40 Watts across 5+ USB ports on the one supply.

u/jsprada · 3 pointsr/raspberry_pi

I have one of these on my desk:

Which is quite similar to what you linked to, but a bit less powerful, 40W. (5v8A)

Yours is 60W (5v

At all times, mine is powering a Pi3 running OwnCloud (which is powering a magnetic disk drive off its USB port). I also use it to charge my phone, power several other single board computers, charge batteries, etc. It works perfectly, and would even say that everyone who tinkers should have one of these. Works great!

u/Account_93 · 3 pointsr/lgg4

I use one of these:

I've had no issues when I've used it to charge.

At the moment I've got two charging cradles (for my extra batteries), LG Urbane charger and a iPad charging dock connected to it. No issues.

I would get some good quality cables if you've not already. I got an Aukey(another good brand) 5 pack from Amazon.

u/cexshun · 3 pointsr/raspberry_pi

I don't have a pic, but there are several like mine.

3d printed Pi stack

3d printed Anker stack(compatible with above stack)

Tiny switch 5V

Anker USB power brick

Then just a handful of 1ft ethernet cables and 1ft USB cables. You can buy the USB to Barrel power cable for the switch, or if you are comfortable with a soldering iron, make one yourself.

u/Calmor · 3 pointsr/Nexus6P

I use NXET doc.
Amazon link

u/jokerswild_ · 3 pointsr/iphone

Or you could go for actual cheap wireless charging. I'm using this and have been really happy...

iPhone Qi Receiver, LANIAKEA 1A Qi Wireless Charging Receiver Lightning Port Module for iPhone 7/ 7 Plus, iPhone 6/6 Plus/6s/6s Plus- Make All iPhone Universal to Qi Wireless Charger

Add a charging pad and your good to go.

Anker Wireless Charger Charging Pad for iPhone 8 / 8 Plus, iPhone X, Nexus 5 / 6 / 7, and Other Devices, Provides Fast-Charging for Galaxy S8/ S8+/ S7 / S7 edge / S6 edge+, and Note 5

And for the car I'm using this mount:

Wireless Car Charger Mount,YSSKTC Gravity Linkage Charging for iPhone X, 8/8 Plus Samsung Galaxy S8, S7,S6/S7 Edge, Note 8 5 & Qi Enabled Devices

In my car I didn't like the mount points so I added this ball mount

IG-PSTARA x 2: i.Trek Lot of 2 Car Dash Adhesive Sticky Mount for all Garmin Nuvi GPS

u/KidFenrik · 3 pointsr/Android

Anker Fast Wireless Charger PowerPort Qi 10 Wireless Charging Pad

u/AcceptableSlide · 3 pointsr/GalaxyS7

Not sure about that specific brand but my wife bought this one for me and it works fine even though its not an official Samsung

Wireless Charger, Anker PowerPort Wireless 10, Anker Qi-Certified Wireless Charging Pad

u/theolog_ian · 3 pointsr/iPhoneX
u/djrbx · 3 pointsr/GalaxyNote8

Get the 360 Camera. You can get 3rd party fast wireless chargers for around $20 USD and the 128GB MicroSD for about $50 USD. So you can make you're own bundle for about $70+tax.

The 360 Camera on the other hand retails for $175+tax.

So in the end, you get more value with the 360 camera than the wireless charger+MicroSD combo.

u/ssrij · 3 pointsr/apple

This one looks good

u/bukithd · 3 pointsr/GooglePixel

Type C Wireless Charging Receiver, Nillkin Magic Tag USB C Qi Wireless Charger Receiver Chip[Long Version] for Google Pixel XL/LG V20/HTC 10/OnePlus 3 and other Big Size USB C Phones

You lose your use of the port. Which is completely unnecessary of a sacrifice.

u/realsqlguy · 3 pointsr/GooglePixel

With my XL, I use one of these ( tucked inside Google's silicone case. Works great with the same charging stands that I used for my N5.

u/ExternalUserError · 3 pointsr/onebag

Minus the battery, this is as close as I could find. I ultimately gave up on having it combined with the battery, and I think that was for the best, actually. To include a battery and circuitry cable of delivering 45W+ would be too heavy. There is shit like the Omni Ultimate (and they have delivered successful projects before), but it's just not worth the huge weight and space.

I go with the Nekteck and a small USB C battery pack for my phone.

u/fingers-crossed · 3 pointsr/redsox

I got this one cause it had pretty good reviews, charges kinda slow but other than that no complaints.

I got the apple silicone case for now but i just got mine recently too might switch it up later on.

u/conro · 3 pointsr/iphone

I keep one of these on my desk at work,, works great and i like the design better than the circular Samsung one.

u/sonpleasestop15 · 3 pointsr/GalaxyS8

This one. Use your fast charging plug with it.

Anker Wireless Charger, 10W Wireless Charging Stand, Qi-Certified, Compatible iPhone XR/Xs Max/XS/X/8/8 Plus, Fast-Charging Galaxy S10/S9/S9+/S8/S8+/Note 9/Note 8, PowerWave Stand (No AC Adapter)

u/Elementz_Reborn · 3 pointsr/LogitechG

Links to all products pictured:

Mouse: G502 Lightspeed

Mousepad: Powerplay

Mousemat: G840

Keyboard: G910 v2

Palm rest: (Because this wasn't included with the v2)

Speakers: G560

Headset: G533

Microphone: ModMic Wireless

Monitor: MP Zero-G 35" UWQHD

Secondary display: LG 29" UW

Tertiary display: ViewSonic 24" FHD

Charging cables: NetDot Magnetic Micro-USB

Phone dock: Wireless charging stand

Assistant vessel: Google Home Mini

u/Dude7798 · 3 pointsr/galaxys10

Anker fast wireless charging stand is like $20 on Amazon

Anker Fast Wireless Charger, 10W Wireless Charging Stand, Qi-Certified, Compatible iPhone XR/Xs Max/XS/X/8/8 Plus, Fast-Charging Galaxy S10/S9/S9+/S8/S8+ and More, PowerWave Stand (No AC Adapter)

u/g_ppetto · 3 pointsr/GalaxyS8

I didn't know they existed... I've been using a couple of braided USB-C cables from Amazon and an Anker wireless charger - We love the wireless charger!

u/Flatlander57 · 2 pointsr/Vive

This is the one I own.
It's pretty good quality.

u/davecrist · 2 pointsr/iphone

I bought two of these for both nightstands by my bed ( his and hers) and they work great. Absolutely no problems and it charges through cases ( though my gf has to unfold hers because it’s a purse style case). You have to provide the plug -> usb block but since I was replacing charging cables I just used the ones that I already had in the wall. My favorite thing about it is that a green ring lights up ( kinda like Alexa) to let you know it’s placed correctly but then it turns off after 10 seconds — perfect for the bedroom. I don’t know if that’s standard or not.

Yootech Wireless Charger Qi-Certified 7.5W Wireless Charging Compatible with iPhone Xs MAX/XR/XS/X/8/8 Plus,10W Compatible Galaxy Note 9/S9/S9 Plus/No

u/lituplikemyrgbpc · 2 pointsr/GalaxyS6

Yootech Wireless Charger...

This is what I got, but anything that is Qi compatible will work. :)

u/BigGerm1264 · 2 pointsr/WRX
u/AfterbirthSalsa · 2 pointsr/GooglePixel

OK so if I'm reading your update from 10/27 correctly, the no-adapter version of that YooTech puck will work with my Pixel 4 power brick and the USB-C to USB-C cable I already have? The last thing I need is more power bricks or cables, so the less I need to buy, the better.

u/MsRandall · 2 pointsr/iPhoneX

If it’s a wired fast charge you will get another beep after you plug your phone in

In terms of wireless you will not have an audio notification

I use the following wireless option - the Yootech wireless charger from Amazon with a Samsung fast charger - I have 3 of the same set ups - bedroom, downstairs in the family room and at work.

Wireless Charger, Yootech 7.5W Wireless Charger for iPhone X/8/8 Plus,10W Fast Wireless Charging for Samsung Galaxy S9/S9 Plus/Note 8/ S8/S8 Plus, 5W for All Qi-enabled Phones (No AC Adapter)

Setup is less than 20 bucks and works flawlessly

If you tag Yootech on Twitter - they will normally send you a free gift

u/seventhletter · 2 pointsr/iphone

My current setup, similar to what it sounds like you're looking for, all-in for under $35

Anker PowerPort Elite II

Anker PowerWave Stand

Tranesca Apple Watch Charger Stand

Edit: formatting, wording

u/6ixalways · 2 pointsr/iphone

I’m a huge Anker fan, they have really well made products at amazing prices.

I’m using 2 of these, one on my desk and one in the living room. I love how they’re vertical; I have it positioned on my desk in a way that unlocks my face without me having to grab the phone, so I can tap my phone and quickly read my notifications when it unlocks using my face, and only lift it if i need to respond

For my bedside table, I have this one, which is a lot cheaper but slower charge. It’s okay though because I put it there before bed when going to sleep and don’t need a fast charge or anything.

But one of each is really all you want and you’ll have a great set up, and its still cheaper than buying a single Samsung or Belkin wireless charger

u/CaraintheCold · 2 pointsr/galaxys10

Someone here suggested an anker one to me. I bought one that was actually the previous version, and I love it.

u/andysaurus_rex · 2 pointsr/headphones

You'll have to provide your own wall adapter and charging speeds may vary depending on which you get, but if you're like me, charging at your desk is just for top offs anyway so speed doesn't really matter as I'll be at 100% most of the day.

u/ebube_simon · 2 pointsr/GooglePixel

Apparently this charger from anker supports epp but i havent personally tested the product yet

u/Nicoderm · 2 pointsr/ofcoursethatsathing

So, I got this exact one, it's cool and all but it has a really annoying loud screechy speaker that plays a song every time it turns on and every time you put your phone on it. Either way, here is the link if you really need to have it. It is huge and I returned my just because of the noise.

u/Pyronic_Chaos · 2 pointsr/nextfuckinglevel

3 reviews coming on the same day and all 5star rated. Hmmm, smells like fake reviews.

Also the first review:

>I don't like this "wireless charger". First, it doesn't charge your phone, I got it to work once, after about 8 hours of putting my phone on it different ways.

>Second, it's hebrew. Those are not glyphs, but hebrew.

There's also a cheaper version of the one you linked: that actually looks to have real reviews

u/zb_xy · 2 pointsr/iphone

Absolutely. Anker make's a good one for $10. Your case needs to be less than 5mm thick and can't be metal. Also, no pop-socket or things like that. You can't use the normal Apple charging brick though, it needs to be one like this (offbrand, 3-pack) or this (Anker brand, single).

u/Sasquatchimo · 2 pointsr/GooglePixel

I bought this one a few days ago for my 4XL. It works well and charges fast enough to the point where I haven't bothered actually monitoring the power it's getting:

u/TrueGlich · 2 pointsr/GooglePixel

lets just say amazon is most likely a little anoyed at my level if returns for last two weeks. but i can tell you is fast charging my 4xl..

u/foesi · 2 pointsr/Android

you can get an adapter for the micro-usb charging port to an HDMI port

u/pathartl · 2 pointsr/technology

USB is pretty versatile. I mean MHL adapters can do HDMI for a really cheap price tag. HDMI's spec can do power, data, audio, video in one cable. It's usually included on phones and tablets because you're gonna get way better picture quality than a MHL adapter.

u/camn · 2 pointsr/gaming

I use an MHL adapter. You can probably find one cheaper than that, and some phones (most Samsungs, I believe) come with one. Basically, you plug it into your phone, then you plug in an HDMI cable to that. [](/c12"Better late than never!")

If you have an iPhone, I have no idea. But it wouldn't take much Googling to find out.

u/DEATHxMACHINE · 2 pointsr/ZReviews

I recommend this little guy.

Also make sure you watch this

Then make sure you tune it right. Should be loud enough that you can hear it but you shouldn't be able to locate where its coming from (aka pinpoint the sub)

u/mikeTRON250LM · 2 pointsr/hometheater
u/Skitch_n_Sketch · 2 pointsr/audiophile

Audioengine doesn't really get too much love here, and I've never seen any reviews on that subwoofer. Definitely try to fit a larger sub if possible. I'd check out Emotiva's S10, SVS SB12-NSD, or an HSU VTF-1 MK3. My only personal experience is with the SB12, though I only briefly used it under a desk before moving it into a larger room. Great sub, no idea how it compares to the others.

u/Transmaniacon89 · 2 pointsr/audiophile

SVS SB12-NSD - 12", 400-watt DSP Controlled, Sealed Box Subwoofer (Black Ash)

It has a built in 80Hz high-pass filter on the line-level connection so it will integrate very well with those speakers.

u/Arve · 2 pointsr/audiophile

> Hello there, I have a set of KRK Rokit 6s and a U-Phoria UMC22 Audio interface. I would like to get a subwoofer, but I don't know how I would attach it to my current setup.

To use a subwoofer properly, you'll need a crossover (a device that ensures that the sub sees only the bass, and that the KRKs doesn't try to play the same bass.

> Could you also recommend a Subwoofer under $300?

If that's all you have to spend, wait until you can afford a bit more. $300 isn't going to get you any decent form of sub. Here is something at $400 that should get the job done - Disclaimer: I don't have personal experience with this sub, but SVS is a well-known and well-liked brand, and this isn't their cheapest offering, it's just discounted - I believe it normally sells for $679. Here is a review.

It has a crossover built in, so no extra devices required - you'd be connecting your U-Phoria to the subwoofer using 1/4" TS to RCA cable, and RCA cable from the subwoofers High Pass output to the Rokit's RCA inputs.

u/eclectro · 2 pointsr/Android

I am not running lollipop (running stock android) So I can make it through 2/3 of a day. Lollipop is said to increase battery life 50%, which would make it last all day for me, which fits in with user's AC5L4T3R's experience. But for me it's not a big deal as I bought extra chargers and cords for me to plug in (which also helps with a bigger tablet that I have). I also have one of these beasts that I can grab on the way if I need to.

I am just not anti-wire like others. So I can manage ok. If somebody is, the thing I suggest for them is to find wireless charging stations (I may do this myself) and plant one at home, in car, and at work. Just set the phone on it (good to keep track of it anyway) and it will always be topped off.

u/DP615 · 2 pointsr/nexus4

Will it work with an LG WCP-300?

Dimensions: 2.74" (L) x 0.46" (H) x 2.74" (W)

u/swordstool · 2 pointsr/moto360

You may have received a used/returned one. There is no out-of-the-box screen protector on the Moto 360. Are you referring to the plastic shipping protector? That's meant to be removed, and there should be a tab to do so. I believe there was a piece of plastic on the back to be removed as well.

I have used this Qi charger and this Qi charger with the Moto 360 and they both worked fine.

u/ms_slyx · 2 pointsr/nexus6

Since everyone else is telling you it isn't possible, I'm just gonna recommend an actual wireless charger. TYLT VU. Looks great on my desk and any time my phone isn't in my hand, it's on the charger. Bonus that the stand is tilted and I can see notifications at a glance. Haven't plugged my N6 in once since I got it. I can confirm the black and red colors look great in person.

u/The_Texican · 2 pointsr/galaxys5

yea nexus charger wont work.

I know of 2 that work for sure that I have bought.

This one

and This one

I got both for about 45 bucks at the time when I bought them. From what I am seeing shooting for a charger wiht 3 coils is your best bet for something that works properly.

One of those in on my desk at work, and the other at home so I use them both daily. Which they also charge my nexus tablet fine as well.

This one looks promising and cheap.I would try it if i didn't already have 2

u/BeachBum022 · 2 pointsr/LumiaLovers

TYLT Vu Wireless Charger. I love this charger! It's really easy to make sure it's centered on the charging spot.

u/zoxxo · 2 pointsr/galaxys5

I have the Samsung back, this charger and this windshield mount for my car. It's convenient, but I find that my phone overheats a lot. I oscillate back and forth on whether to keep the back on the phone or not. I also find that it makes it impossible to use some of the battery packs like the mophie case.

u/blindedscience · 2 pointsr/emulation

This should do it for you. The script comes with an option for overclocking (option 7 here).
Just be aware of heat issues; an overclocked Pi will run hotter. If your Pi is in a room that never gets very hot, you should be fine. Otherwise, I'd recommend that you put a heat sink on it...they're $5 on Amazon.

u/greatblackowl · 2 pointsr/raspberry_pi

My Pi 3 is on the way, and I read a thing yesterday about the high temps, so I ordered a few aluminum heatsinks. Is the heat really anything that these heatsinks won't be able to take care of?

u/Seven-Three · 2 pointsr/raspberry_pi
u/dotpan · 2 pointsr/homelab

I'm rocking this one:

It seems all three of ours (Yours, Mine, and OPs) are all pretty similar and likely rebranding for the most part of a similar central design.

u/GoatEatingTroll · 2 pointsr/Cruise

All of the electronics we bring use USB chargers, so we bring a unit like this. 6 cruises in the past 2 years with no issues so far.

Edit - now without Google Search's referral link...

u/smithincanton · 2 pointsr/oneplus

I have a OnePlus 3t and I'm looking for a charging station (Much like this one) that is Dash Charging capable. Anyone know of any?

u/ardweebno · 2 pointsr/raspberry_pi

In my experience, RasPi3's do not draw much more than 1.2amps @ 5vdc, even at full load with video. So, unless your charger is able to supply 12amps @ 5vdc, you have a problem. I use this for my RasPi servers and it puts out 12 amps of clean 5vdc regulated power.

u/TheHiphopopotamus · 2 pointsr/solotravel

I would suggest a multi-USB charger, such as this. However, your suggestion can charge things that don't use USB.

u/Chefitutide · 2 pointsr/homeassistant

What power supply are you using for the PI's. I keep getting low voltage dropouts on mine.

u/sm4k · 2 pointsr/HomeImprovement

> USB power receptacles

I've installed a few of these, and in my opinion they just aren't worth the extra cost. Since he's building the house mostly to his own desire, I'd say just plan on having outlets in areas where devices will need to be charged and use something like an Anker in areas where multiple devices or guests will need.

u/station_nine · 2 pointsr/electronic_cigarette

Hey, kind of off-topic, but what are you planning to use for USB? If you’re going to pack a mess of chargers, consider getting this bad boy along with a cord that matches.

I used it on my last vacation. Set it up in the middle of the apartment we rented, and everybody plugged in their cell phones, vapes, etc. 2.4A per port, I highly recommend it.

u/Raider1284 · 2 pointsr/oneplus

The ipad chargers work great, just make sure to get a high quality micro-usb cable to hook up to it.

Otherwise the anker usb wall chargers have been perfect for me, and allow me to charge all of my devices at once, with a single charger:

u/aircooledcafe · 2 pointsr/pixel_phones

I've got this one from Amazon and have been very happy with it:

NXET® USB Type-C Dock

u/Hans_Brickface · 2 pointsr/GooglePixel

Last I checked, there weren't any docks that could rapid charge the Pixel, which is a real bummer. However, I originally bought this dock to charge my 5X, but it also works with the Pixel:

u/rollsie7 · 2 pointsr/iphone

Yes I’m using a Spigen Rugged Armour case and it works perfectly. Must add though to get the full 7.5w charging when 11.2 lands you’ll need to get a charging brick to match. I got the Anker one to go with it

Wireless Charger, Anker Fast Charge Qi Wireless Charging Pad PowerPort Qi 10 for Apple iPhone 8 / iPhone 8 Plus / iPhone X, Galaxy S8 / S8 Plus / S7 / S7 Edge, S6 / S6 Edge and All Qi-Enabled Devices

u/read-plz · 2 pointsr/iphone

Anker is a highly reputable brand and sells a well priced qi charger for around 20 USD. Would check it out on amazon.

I didn’t get the faster wireless charger because it also requires a more powerful charge adaptor which brings total cost to around 50 USD.

It also isn’t confirmed at this point in time whether Apple will support fast charge for 3rd party chargers, so it’s a bit of a gamble right now as to whether you’ll be able to take advantage of the faster charge rate. Even then it’s not much faster compared to the first wireless charger if you can hook it up to an iPad charge adaptor.

Yep- wireless chargers definitely charge slower than cable, even if you buy the iPhone wireless charger may.

It depends on the controller the wireless charger has. I’ve had my anker charger for the past 2 weeks and been very happy with it. They have good technology to manage battery charge once it’s full, so wouldn’t worry about it affecting battery. Can’t speak to the other chargers though.

All in all, I use the wireless charger at work, it charges slower but the lack of cable makes it easier to pick up and use when needed, and is good for a top up during the day. However, I use the cable at night to charge because it’s quicker and I’m not moving around as much as I am in the office.

u/AznDumplingMafia · 2 pointsr/iphone

This one has solid reviews. Anker 10W Wireless Charger, Qi-Certified Wireless Charging Pad, PowerPort Wireless 10 Compatible iPhone 8/8 Plus, iPhone X, 10W Fast-Charging Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+/S8/S8+/S7/S7 Edge and More

u/aliniazi · 2 pointsr/GalaxyS8

Fast charger does charge your phone faster, but over very long term you will see a very small amount more in battery degradation.

There are also great 3rd party fast wireless chargers you can buy. Here is one from Anker, they are a trusted company in charging periferals and I have this one on my sidetable next to my bed, charge my phone on it every night. Fast and extremely nice.

It's also $20, just like the one you linked

u/edman1905 · 2 pointsr/iphone

It was this one. When I ordered, it got backordered, but it looks like it's gone now.

u/jsabo · 2 pointsr/GalaxyS9

I have the one from Anker, and it works with my Caseology Skyfall without issue:

My car mount has a magnet in the mount and a plate that you're supposed to put on your phone-- I have the plate sitting in the case at the bottom of the phone, and I'm still able to wirelessly charge, although I'm on an S9+, so that might help with positioning.

u/chevyboxer · 2 pointsr/GalaxyNote8

So wanted to update you. I started having issues with the Note 8 on the Choetech charger. I sprung for the Anker wireless charger and it works great, not nearly as picky as it was on the Choetech.

This is the one that I got
Anker Wirless Charger

u/282492 · 2 pointsr/MotoX4
u/Itsdarkgreen · 2 pointsr/pixel_phones

My bad for misunderstanding, I thought you meant a case thin enough for wireless charging. I haven't seen any yet. The closest thing I've seen were these qi receivers but the reviews don't sound great. It's too bad that the v30 has all the good features. I was so close to settling for it, but I ended up getting the 2 xl for the promise of security and OS updates. Hopefully someone comes out with a decent qi case for this phone, I'd be interested in one too.

u/manbearpig77777 · 2 pointsr/OculusQuest

i wanted to do this but it seems way bulky so i just got the studio form strap and i added some padding to the back

and a wireless charger

Quest Deluxe Strap


LUNIQI Hat Size Reducer, Foam Reducer Tape for Hats, Caps Sweatband




Nillkin Type C Wireless Charging Receiver, Magic Tag USB C Qi Wireless Charger Receiver Chip for Google Pixel 2 XL/3a XL/LG V20 / OnePlus 6/6T/7/7 Pro and Other USB C Phones


u/ZaxTech · 2 pointsr/AndroidAuto

I don't use a case, but if you are one that does, there is a whole host of USB-C to Qi charging adapters you can buy. They are basically an induction charging coil sticker connected to a length of hard plastic ribbon cable with a 90 degree USB-C connector. You basically plug it in and fold the ribbon cable flat on the back of your phone with the coil sticker stuck to the back of the phone under your phone case. Not the best solution since it blocks your USB-C port, but if you really want wireless charging, there are ways. I am at work but will post a link from Amazon I have saved of one of the products when I get a chance.

EDIT: Promised Link:

u/RawSlugs · 2 pointsr/essential

Maybe, but I'm thinking something small that won't make the phone bigger.. maybe thin enough to fit behind the tudia cases
Similar to this idea but not wasting the USB port

u/incognito_15 · 2 pointsr/Android

With the 3.5mm jack, this would work even better than on the 2 without the jack:

Just hide it inside your case and it's magic.

u/audtoo · 2 pointsr/pixel2

I got a thin charger to fit under the case. It plugs into the usb port. It will wireless charge fine for me. Only problem with this is if you plug other things into usb such as headphones.



Not saying you have to use these, just these work for me.

another charger

This charger also works, but my first one only lasted 10 days. 2nd is ok

u/jbaiter · 2 pointsr/thinkpad

I am using a Coosa 72W USB-C charger with my T480s. This model ("PDS75-4UTO1") is sold under different brandings for around €30-€40, e.g. this Nekteck charger on US Amazon. It can charge at 20V and 2A, i.e. 40W.

I also bought a RAVPower 26800mAh Powerbank which can charge the laptop at 15V/2A, i.e. 30W without any problems.

u/chx_ · 2 pointsr/GooglePixel

The /r/UsbCHardware moderator team is at your service providing information on all USB C hardware, even in other subreddits. In other words, you can run but you can't hide :D

Anker, as mentioned, is a great choice, it's one of the trio we always recommend especially for cables (AmazonBasics-Monoprice-Anker), however to give you better advice, I'd need to know what wattage do you need from the PD port. If you only want to charge Pixel, may I recommend the Xiaomi Mi 60W Fast+QC+PD usb charger CDQ06ZM? Here's a test from a highly reputable test site. If you search aliexpress (or just google 32857580730) you can find it for just 25 USD which is a great price for this many ports on a quality charger. I won't link to avoid spamming.

Should you need to charge a laptop, has only three USB A ports (but you said you only needed three) and these three USB A ports are sharing 2.4A (the previous one had four sharing 4.8A plus a fifth completely standalone) however the USB C port is 60W, the charger is UL and USB IF certified and still < 30 USD.

u/CHARLES1337 · 2 pointsr/UsbCHardware

Awesome - thanks so much for your help + the follow up!
Great photo reference :)
Yeah heading to Tokyo, so on a long flight + trains throughout the trip - but trying to keep things light / somewhat minimal, thus leaning the QB820 for flexability + usb hub etc... but it is a close call! As I wont be using the power bank the full flight time - (10ish hrs) I think the 20,000 should do the job + will be able to recharge it at the hotel on arrival etc...
On the topic of recharging, I prefer black / darker stylings - do you have any black/dark wall AC usb PD chargers that would work well with the QB820 ?

Also - would this adapters USB C power outlet work to fast charge back up the QB820 ?

( Bit confused on what specs I need a wall AC / charger to have to enable fast re-charging of the power banks)

thanks again for the help / info!

EDIT: Or would this be better for travel + recharging the powerbank via usb C ?

u/kiranrajan · 2 pointsr/Dell
u/spectrography · 2 pointsr/chromeos

Why not use a multi-port charger so that you can charge your phone and tablet without having to go through the Chromebook?
Something like

u/melosebrain37 · 1 pointr/lgg2

I know it would still be wired to the tv, but you could try something like this Micro USB to HDMI

u/GazeboOfDeath · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

Could be something more serious than just a cracked screen. The only reason Air Droid worked for me is because I could actually somewhat see what was going on with the phone.

If it's a Note 3 you can look into picking up an MHL Adapter that would allow you to output video to HDMI and see what's happening.

u/Applegravy · 1 pointr/tablets

did I not say what they were? Grouper is the 2012 wi-fi Nexus 7, Tilapia is the 2012 HSPA+ Nexus 7, and Razor is the 2013 one. those are the device codenames. they are used in order to easily differentiate one from another.

you would use something called an MHL. they aren't that expensive. and there are cheaper ones than that if you look around a bit more. the MHL has a male Micro USB connector, a female Micro USB, and a female HDMI. you need a charger plugged into the MHL to power it, and then you connect the MHL to your tablet. since you want to use a monitor's DVI input, and assuming the monitor doesn't have an HDMI port, rather than a standard HDMI cable, you would use an HDMI to DVI cable in order to have the fewest conversions. if I'm not mistaken, as long as the MHL is powered before plugging it into the device, that will work with your tablet.

u/scy1192 · 1 pointr/Android

A TV with MHL capability doesn't require the little box on an MHL cable. It can simply use a microUSB (or whichever cable MHL is implemented on for your setup) cable. So, the TV can power the device directly through the one small cable. A TV without MHL but with HDMI needs the MHL adapter with the box attached like this one, and that box requires power. So, you plug the microUSB cable into it, and it takes what it needs and sends the rest to your phone/tablet to charge it.

u/schmittimillian · 1 pointr/techsupport

You could try a micro USB to HDMI adapter such as this I'm unsure of the compatibility with the Tab 2, but it should work. The only issues I found online were with the Tab 2 7.0.

u/LegitimateCrepe · 1 pointr/lgg2

Technically. This page says the G2 supports MHL adapters such as this one, which will output the device's audio and video over the microusb port to HDMI

Using such an adapter to connect your phone to an HDMI receiver will get you 100% digital audio, as well as, of course, the display.

u/ThumbtacksHurt · 1 pointr/AndroidQuestions

Although I don't know an S II very well, there are a couple of things that will work that have already been listed. Oh well. A couple of others below.

You could try installing this app while it's booted. It includes browsing and recovering data (although I am not sure about contacts) from a web browser.

What I am wondering is why their contacts disappeared. Assuming their registration account is off a Google account do they at least show up in Gmail? Were they using a 3rd party app instead? Maybe they can follow up with that and log into the app account from elsewhere. Alternately, is it possible they accidentally deselected to sync contacts when they set up the new device? Check their sync settings to be sure.

Here is an inexpensive adapter if you want to connect it to HDMI like mentioned above.

u/lasttycoon · 1 pointr/hometheater

Elac Debut Series Bundle with (4) B6 Bookshelf Speakers, (1) C5 Center Channel Speaker, and (1) S10 Subwoofer
Or if you have a smaller budget Pioneer SP-PK52FS Andrew Jones 5.1 Home Theater Speaker Package
Or Fluance AVHTB Surround Sound Home Theater 5.0 Channel Speaker System including Three-way Floorstanding Towers, Center and Rear Speakers
Paired with Denon AVR-S510BT 5.2 Channel Full 4K Ultra HD AV Receiver with Bluetooth
A better subwoofer like this can be used as well SVS SB12-NSD - 12", 400-watt DSP Controlled, Sealed Box Subwoofer (Black Ash)
Separate parts can be used as needed.
Here is an example of a wireless kit Rocketfish Universal Wireless Rear Speaker Kit RF-WHTIB-A

u/fritobugger · 1 pointr/hometheater

IF $200 is your hard fixed budget then BIC and Dayton are your best choices.

If you can scare up another $200 then this is the best you can do for the money:

u/picmandan · 1 pointr/BudgetAudiophile

You didn't really spec much, but if you want "best play" and "20hz min response", then try to get one of these SVS SB12-NSDs. Pretty much nothing except possibly DIY can touch it for less money.

If you want to spend less, there is the BIC PLII-200, the BIC F12, the Dayton Audio SUB-800, SUB-1000, and SUB-1200. But the SVS has highpassed outputs.

u/HulksInvinciblePants · 1 pointr/audiophile

Sadly its going for $50 more than I normally see it at.

u/plmbob · 1 pointr/hometheater

those Arenas should give you plenty loud, I can make my Martin Logan bookshelf speakers fill the house. this sub goes deeper (with good volume) than any in its price range and many people speak highly of it. I don't know much about the 2 subs you are looking at but most subs like these have a significant fall off in volume at lower frequencies and anything under 10" is gonna feel pretty weak out side of a limited sweet spot.

I just got this and couldn't be happier, it used to sell for around $600 but new versions have come out. The BIC I linked or any ported unit from SVS and HSU will typically give more volume than the sealed sub I chose which would be to your liking. The SVS and HSU are kind of considered entry level "enthusiast" subs and they are better than the BIC, but if you like house pounding sound The BIC will get you there.

u/Darksol503 · 1 pointr/hometheater

Well, you've got me something serious to think about! I'm not opposed to spending twice as much for a clear and definitive improvement on both music and movie bass reproduction and both seem incredibly adequate and leagues beyond the f12, SUB1500, and others I settled on choosing from their respective specs alone.

I guess now I'm in a new conundrum... between the HSU and RSL sub, which should I pick now?! Guess it's off to more reading and vetting ;) thank you for the recommends!

The RSL seems to be more plug and play, with less fuss and ready to go out the box functionality.

The HSU has an insane amount of configurations (sealed, ported, hybrid, Q-control, etc...) but could lead to more headache and less than optimal set up (by user error alone lol).

Edit: Lastly, this SVS also cropped up during my review reading. Crap now I'm back to battling it out between three subs!

u/shadyinternets · 1 pointr/hometheater

if you can spend $1,000 i would recommend going with a 2.1 to start, getting a good receiver (the onkyo you list should be more than enough to last a long time) and a good sub, then lower price speakers like the pioneers you were looking at.

$337 nr555 receiver
$260 2 pioneer towers
$399 svs 12" sub

thats $996 and would do great for music, games and even movies. the pioneers can be found for much less pretty often too, i saw them at nebraska furn mart earlier this week for $70 each. even cheaper than ive bought on amazon... and ive bought 4 pairs of them now. from $80 to their regular $129 price. they are just great, and would be perfect for a starting setup. especially with a good svs sub (i have a pb2000 and it is fantastic, though it is about twice as much. would recommend it if you can afford the extra) to pick up the low end and since the pb2000 i have for a nearly identical sized room is massive overkill, the sb12 for $399 would probably do just right. then, you can simply fill in pieces as you want to. get a center channel at some point, then maybe upgrade the fronts to something bigger/better and move those pioneers to rears and boom, 5.1 with better speakers all around than starting at 5.1 on a budget.

maybe somebody who has heard the pioneer 5.1 system can chime in though, as i have never heard that sub or the bookshelf version. those could pair up with the onkyo just fine to start too. i like bass though, so i like to spend more on a sub. and i dont care about surround for the most part. id rather more/better bass than surround.

u/snowtx · 1 pointr/BudgetAudiophile

I'd hold off for now and see (listen) how they are to you in your room. For music, they will likely provide low enough bass unless you listen to very low frequency music styles (especially electronic). For action movies you might find them lacking as a sub is needed with almost any budget speaker. Lots of people recommend the BIC F12 sub. Recommend you don't buy the Polk PSW10 sub despite the user reviews - I think it is a one note boom box. If you have $400 to spend on a sub, get this SVS (don't have one but supposed to be great and great limited time deal)

u/zim2411 · 1 pointr/audiophile

Ok. Personally I'd go with this receiver, and either these Def Tech SM45 speakers (sold individually), or Monitor Bronze 2's and an SVS SB12. You'll need a spool of speaker wire too but that's cheap, and probably some speaker stands. I've heard both the Def Tech SM45's and Monitor Bronze 2's in person and they are on my short list of good cheap speakers. (Which the ELAC B6's, a popular recommendation, are absolutely not on. Very disappointed when I heard those in person.)

u/H3l1o5 · 1 pointr/audiophile

SVS SB12-NSD - 12", 400-watt DSP Controlled, Sealed Box Subwoofer (Black Ash)

u/WaltzingAlong7 · 1 pointr/BudgetAudiophile

Is that the one you are talking about? It has a similar, but different model #. I can't seem to find the model you listed.

u/jmayniac · 1 pointr/Nexus5

It looks like the WCP-300I got a while back may work with this without modification.

u/RambleMan · 1 pointr/AndroidQuestions

There are so many different Qi chargers. My brother bought a Tylt cradle and when I saw it I'm glad I didn''s HUGE. That said, for a N6 and if you don't intent to move it (say put it at your bedside), it's probably perfect. I use two Qi chargers - the Orb next to my bed that I bought with my N4, which I think has been discontinued, and this LG model that I bought from Amazon which sits on a side table in my living room and I carry when I travel. It's a lovely little disk that takes up little space.

Short charges - I have no idea. My normal practice is for longer periods, though there are times I'll pop my N4 on the LG charger when I'm home for lunch to get a bit of a power boost.

I've never timed the difference between cable-charging and Qi but am quite impressed with the speed of the Qi chargers.

u/Matt4885 · 1 pointr/nexus6

I use this one. It came with my LG G2 a few years ago and seems to work really well.

u/wallflyers · 1 pointr/Nexus7

This LG one has a very small footprint. Charges faster than my other ones too. Only downside is the very obnoxious indicator light. It is always on whether or not something is charging or not. It will be orange if nothing is on and flashing green of something is on. Very annoying, so I put a piece of tape over it.

u/JimboLodisC · 1 pointr/GooglePixel

I added a receiver from DISDIM and it says "Charging rapidly" even though it's sitting on an LG WCP-300 puck with a 1A max output. (minus what's lost from inefficiency)

So even if you get a notification that says it's charging rapidly, your best bet is to use an app like Ampere to verify.

u/rustybarns · 1 pointr/nexus4

> LG WCP-300

Thanks for this. I've been looking for a cheaper, well reviewed Qi charger. I wanted to save on shipping ( I'm a Northerner ) and this is what I found [(]

u/Max_W_ · 1 pointr/Nexus7

They recommend the $60 one. Yikes. Someone in the comments recommended this one by LG. It looks pretty good. I'd still like to see the price come down on these though.

u/akevarsky · 1 pointr/LGG3

In addition to the above, not all wireless chargers are created equal. Cheap ones may not work with all phones or may require very precise positioning of the phone (which kills the convenience factor compared to wire). The one that is really good but expensive is TYLT. There is also a cheaper alternative which is supposedly a Chinese copy of Tylt.

I have a Tylt that I am very happy with. I heard that Itian A6 works fine, but I don't have personal experience with it.

u/WastedPenny · 1 pointr/nexus4

I got this charger back in April and it has been working wonderfully . No problems.

u/EricHerboso · 1 pointr/Nexus7

I did some research on wireless chargers for my N7 earlier today, and found that the Tylt Vu charges at an equivalent rate to a 1.0A normal (5V) charger, though it does so via 12v output at .75 amp. Based on its charge speed and other features, I decided to purchase it this morning -- despite a couple of small flaws.

Drawbacks are:

  • The plug appears to be big enough that it might take up the space of two outlets on some power cords.
  • The cost is nearly three times as much as some competing brands.
  • Some reviews claim that it can overheat N5s if you put them on the stand in portrait mode instead of landscape. (I only have an N7, so this doesn't affect me.)

    Overall, I like the design and reviews claim that it charges as fast as a wired charger. What put it over the top for me was hearing that Leo Laporte uses this as his N7 charger, and he appears to be very happy with it.

    Keep in mind that I only just ordered mine today from Amazon, so the above information is just info I gathered through research earlier this morning.
u/Jasonglawrence · 1 pointr/moto360

I have one of these and love it! I can put my phone, or watch, on it in any orientation and it still charges. The only problem is that the watch has to sit a little higher than just on the bottom in order to charge.

u/Ahoen117 · 1 pointr/Android

ahh my bad, I didn't even realize that there was a link :P Also, I guess it could depend on the charger. Mines a Tylt Vu

u/skbubba · 1 pointr/Moto_Z
u/allonsyyy · 1 pointr/AndroidQuestions

One more thing, Qi chargers are pretty picky about placement. This charger has multiple coils so you can just slap your phone anywhere on it and it should work. I haven't bought one yet because I heard the placement thing was annoying, but I just saw this one last week and was thinking of giving it a try.

u/fliptrik · 1 pointr/AndroidQuestions

This is a pretty solid charger. Some users report a little heat but I've never noticed anything I wouldn't already get from a regular plug-in charger.

u/LowHz · 1 pointr/nexus6

Here is a link for the amazon reviews. Seems like there are reports of it, but most people are not having any issues. Plenty of people on this sub recommend it.

I'm very tempted to pull the trigger on this but I might wait until the version 1.2 chargers are out.

u/CodenameJ · 1 pointr/ProjectFi

No problem. Thanks for Gold :)

Also another charger I really like is this one:

I one of those on my desk in my office and it works great as well. It's a little big since it will hold the nexus 6 but I have never had a single connection problem with it no matter what case I've had on it.

u/phr0styr · 1 pointr/raspberry_pi

Thanks you guys so much for your input! I think I will get that case. One more question, I have seen reviews that heat sinks and fans weren't able to fit with this case. Do you have experience with that? Any heat sinks you would recommend?

I found these an Amazon:
Mudder 6 Piece Black Aluminum Heatsink Cooler Cooling Kit for Raspberry Pi 3,Pi 2,Pi Model B+

Addicore Raspberry Pi Heatsink Set for B B+ 2 and 3 (Set of 3 Aluminum Heat Sinks)

u/homo-summus · 1 pointr/RetroPie

I have these ones Addicore Raspberry Pi Heatsink Set for B B+ 2 and 3 (Set of 3 Aluminum Heat Sinks) and I have a 2.4 amp power supply. Do I need the extra .1?

u/whosdr · 1 pointr/buildapc

Since there's no mounting holes, I imagine there used to be a small aluminium heatsink attached to the chip in the past.

You can buy these commonly for the Raspberry Pi, and they're rather cheap.

Be sure to clean any thermal paste on the chip off with some isopropyl alcohol or such before applying one of these heatsinks.

u/Naelavok · 1 pointr/gaming

Separately, though the power supply was from CanaKit. I didn't measure the temperature when running N64 games though. It seemed to be doing okay.

To be specific, I got this case, and this motherboard, and this power supply, and this SD card.

The heatsinks are pretty cheap though. $5 for a set of 3.

u/sammaza421 · 1 pointr/RetroArch

Also,,,You can get these heatsinks :

and a small fan to make sure you are always at 1.4Ghz...otherwise it will impact n64,psx,mame2003 will see performance decrease as you play and your cpu heats up...thats just the nature of these chips...with fan+ heatsinks you are at 1.4Ghz all day :)

u/slurmcicle · 1 pointr/raspberry_pi

I've had good luck with this usb power strip from RAVPower - a solid 2.4 Amps per port.

It looks like Leviton makes a wall outlet style USB jack too, if that form factor is important to you. Though the amazon link isn't clear if it only supplies a total of 4.2 Amps, but the comments seem to say it's a total of 4.2 Amps, max of 2.1 A per socket. Depending on what you're up to that might not cut it.

u/mon0theist · 1 pointr/lgv30

I have this multi-charger, could I just plug it into that?

u/PalOfKalEl · 1 pointr/pixel_phones
u/alaslipknot · 1 pointr/blender

a shot of it like that will never look realistic, here is an example of a very clean and polished charger (found it on Amazon), even that the model doesn't have the boolean "glitches" that your model have, and their bevels are perfect, and it has surfaces that looks a bit different, and the USB ports are perfect, and it even had an LED light and the power chord, it still looks like a 3D render because it simply is.

the lighting, the whole white background, the complete absence of anything else, the problem is with the scene itself not just your model or shading, for example take a look at this, i bet you, that if i posted that here with a title syaing "evee is soo fun!" i'll get dozens of upvotes and nobody would be able to tell that its actually a screenshot of a real video (from unbox therapy), so yeah, you want realism ? learn about composition, also, you really should use HDRI too.

u/mugsoh · 1 pointr/Cruise

Seems a bit pricey. Try this one or better yet, the best of both worlds

u/mrcaptncrunch · 1 pointr/Showerthoughts

I've been eyeing a couple of different charging stations. For example,

To put in my desk. That way I can have a central place for iPads, kindles and headphones and only have to worry about the iPhones.

u/splittybooms · 1 pointr/homeautomation

Yes, all on/off at same time.
I like Binary Warrior's item in the link they provided. I wanted somewhat of a little box, but that kind of item (strip) will give me additional smart plugs for regular items.
But...a multi charger, plugged into a single smart plug is your suggestion, yes?
A setup like this?

smart plug:

Looks like the benefit of this setup is that I have more usb ports for more pixel pals.

u/spicedpumpkins · 1 pointr/buildapcsales

Let me clarify. I even had an electrician come to both my home and office to verify there was no surge/electrical problems with my outlets.

Here is a list of the products I have purchased that either completely failed (won't charge, etc) or had partial failure such as at least one USB port go bad:

u/TheHozOpp1 · 1 pointr/AppleWhatShouldIBuy

Ok. Here we go! It’s impossible to tell you what the best of everything is, since the best for me, isn’t necessarily the best for you. So here’s my setup, and reasons why.

My iPhone XS is protected by one of two cases.

  1. Spigen Ultra Hybrid Space Crystal I like this case because it shows off the phone. I use this case as my daily driver. Reason I like it is because it doesn’t yellow over time and is nice and grippy on the sides.
  2. RhinoShield SolidSuit, Classic Black This case I use for when my phone could potentially get damaged or knocked around. I work Security, so this is the case I use at work. It’s slim but provides great drop protection. It can also accept camera lens attachments.

    I use the Spigen Full Coverage Tempered Glass screen protector . It’s the least intrusive screen protector I have used. I love it. Combined with a case, it’s virtually invisible and it covers the entire screen without negative affects on Face ID or screen clarity. They are also cheap.

    I have a Apple Watch Series 4 Nike+ and it’s protected by a RhinoShield CrashGuard NX. This is the only case I’ve found that fits, and doesn’t wear or tear like some of the other TPU cases out there. It’s saved my watch many times from hits and scuffs.

    I’ve searched long and hard for a screen protector for my Watch I like, and ill be honest, I haven’t found a single one that doesn’t peel, and if it doesn’t (like glass) it will crack or chip. Many non-glass screen protectors distort the hell out of the display. In other words, screen protectors for the watch just aren’t worth it.

    In the car, I use Anker PowerLine II USB to Lightning Cables. These cables are bulletproof. They have always maintained a great connection for me, they are braided and have been super durable when shoving them into small spaces like behind headliners, plastic trim etc in the car. The PowerLine v1 has a rubber coating instead of a braided line if you want a more subtle look.

    For charging, beside my bed I have the Bestand 3 in 1 Qi Charger.
    It charges my watch, AirPods and iPhone. It does require a multi USB port charger to power everything, so I use an Anker 40W, 5 port USB charger. This is perfect because I just have another long Anker PowerLine II cable going to the other side for my wife (she only has an iPhone).

    I also carry a genuine Apple USB-C to Lightning cable and a Anker USB C Power Delivery 30W charger in my “Go Bag” just in case I need to quick charge my iPhone on the go.

    I hope this helps!
u/LateralThinkerer · 1 pointr/backpacking

Pretty much any that fit will work - there have been some clever "universal" designs but I've not tried them since I have a (very old) assortment of old-style plug adapters.

Another strategy to think of might be to forgo all the separate wall warts etc. and get a single multiport charger + plug adapter and just carry usb cables so that you can charge multiple devices.

Anker PowerPorts are my go-to for this and you can get a non-fancy (no USB-3 etc) model for about $24. So if I'm bringing a boatload of toys I'll just bring the multiport plus USB cables so my wife and I can charge our phones/tablets etc. all at once.

The caveat is that my camera-specific (Nikon/Pentax) battery chargers have yet to go to the dark side and be usable with USB supply which is a pain (and likely a profit center for them), but they all use a standard 2-slot power cord, so I'll just bring that one power cord plus the charger heads that are needed.

u/ofMilwaukee · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice
  1. That's a lot of pants. See if you can bring it down to 1 pair of chinos, 1 pair of jeans, and 2 pairs of shorts. Pick the most versatile pairs. I'd drop a pair of CDBs and add another pair of sneakers. Remember that CDBs don't work with shorts, and you'll be able to travel with the bulkiest pair of shoes on your feet. If you're gonna do laundry, you might as well drop the number of shirts too. Bring PJs and a microfiber towel if you're staying in a hostel.

  2. I like a jacket like this for summer wear, because it is decently warm, very breathable, and can be packed tightly. If you're looking for something special to add to your stuff, I recommend waiting until you're already there. Your money might be better spent on food, gifts, etc.

  3. Shoot for carry-on luggage only. I know it's tough to pack, but it is soooo much less stressful flying without worrying about your luggage. Depending on how you want to do it, either a suitcase like this or a hiking backpack would be a good fit. I prefer the suitcase, even though you'll have to drag it on on some bumpy cobblestone roads. With the suitcase, you get to have the smaller backpack as well, meaning extra space and an everyday bag if you want to carry it everywhere. Don't keep anything you want to keep in the front pocket of your Everlane bag, it's a super easy pickpocket pocket.

  4. Make sure you've got sunglasses and a hat, you'll probably be outside a lot. Get something like this to go along with this, and keep an extra battery like this if you think you'll be using a lot of juice on your phone taking pictures, etc. A small umbrella might be useful depending on where you go, and can be stored in the water bottle pocket of your backpack. Download maps ahead of time with google maps and use Mapway Limited apps to navigate transit offline.

  5. Dress how you want, DGAF. Staying away from branded stuff can help you blend though. Killshots scream American to me, but I don't know their reputation in other countries. Targets tend to be the fannypack tourists that are obliviously standing in front of major attractions.
u/gmccauley · 1 pointr/raspberry_pi

To answer your original question...

I have 4 Pi's running on this:

Great way to power them all without tying up a bunch of outlets.

u/IanPPK · 1 pointr/homelab

This aught to be able to handle it with ease. There's a 6-port version at 12A if you feel uncertain.

u/juaquin · 1 pointr/flashlight

If you're ok with micro USB recharging, you can't beat the price on the Eagle Eye X2R. Combine with some good protected batteries and a 5-port charger and you're set.

u/pinkcrayon69 · 1 pointr/Surface

I have a 5 port Anker and none are quick charge ports. Here is a link: I've been using the Anker output charger as my main charger since I got it about a month ago and both anker and Microsoft cables charged my device. Eventually my original Microsoft cable stopped working so I relied on the anker cable with anker output. And then just recently, the anker stopped working. Since they swapped out my original Microsoft cable with theirs, that cable also works with the anker.

I read a few posts here on reddit saying that the original output charger we have puts out less than what the S3 can get so that's why I got something with a higher output. Although, I don't think they recommended this one specifically. Should I not be using this one?

I just have trouble wrapping my head around the fact that just suddenly those cables and even with the original output charger don't work on my surface (although they still charge my Samsung phone). In other words, did the anker break the cable? Which doesn't make sense because it still works to charge my Samsung. I'm at a loss!

u/zikol88 · 1 pointr/buildapc

How about the Anker 5 port charger, which has 5 ports just for charging and no data ports. Or, if you still need some for data, the Anker 10 port hub, which has 3 purely charging ports and 7 data ports.

u/DaleTheHuman · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

Sorry for being a broken record but I have a question about charging my switch. Can I plug the USB2/USB-C into this...

...And safely charge/play my switch off the dock? Anker seems to be a good brand and they claim to have "PowerIQ" that aparently "detects your device’s specific charging requirements". Anybody know if this is a safe option for charging my switch? Thanks in advance!

u/Sgt-Hugo-Stiglitz · 1 pointr/Nexus6P

The Anker PowerPort 5 has a 5ft power cable. So you could put the block on your night stand and use a stock cable from the anker to the phone? Pro: you got more usb charging ports Con: its 23$,

u/fremandn · 1 pointr/electronic_circuits

A powered USB hub is a very reasonable approach. Depending on what peripherals you want to add you may want more power per port. I actually like having these around in general: or However, I haven't tried one with the PI, just other devices. I have one coming in if you want to wait for me to try it.

u/BestSorakaBR · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

Reading all these people who use their USB ports to charge their phones/controllers makes me wonder if they ever considered buying this. I have one at my desk and another near my bed. While gaming I can charge my pro controller, phone, headset, watch, and another item if need be at the rate the device is intended to charge at. One of the best investments I've ever made.

u/GoingOffRoading · 1 pointr/raspberry_pi

Found this gem on Amazon and I'm quite happy with it: Anker 40W/8A 5-Port USB Charger

I'm sure the power isn't super clean but it seems to power on one RPi 3 running tasks as well as a few RPi Bs quite nicely.

I'd like to hunt for something with more power and more ports instead of getting more of these USB power hubs.

u/PeabodyJFranklin · 1 pointr/raspberry_pi

Funny you say that. I've got one of the current model 5-port chargera, which is supposed to output 2.4A per port. When running a Pi from it on a 6' USB cable, I was getting the brownout indicator with nothing else running from the charger.

Likely a voltage drop issue, not insufficient current, due to cable resistance. I realize it'd be better to use a power brick that compensates with a mild overvoltage.

u/Mirrormn · 1 pointr/answers

You already got a very vague answer and a very technical answer, so I'll try to split the difference and just talk about functionality:

The main difference between a cheap charger and an expensive one will be power/charging speed. Many modern cell phones have various forms of "quick charging" technology, and cheap chargers will not support that. They usually push out less current in general, due to the cheaper components. Enough to charge a phone, but only slowly, and cheap chargers can't charge things like newer USB-C powered laptops or Nintendo Switches at all. Not enough power.

Beyond that, "build quality" may differ, but that's a pretty nebulous concept. Most USB chargers are just some electrical components wrapped in a plastic shell, so there shouldn't be a lot of mechanical difference between them, to the extent that it would cause one to fall apart before another.

Design and features might be different. For $30 ($23, actually, at time of writing), you can get a charger with multiple ports and a detachable power cable (gives better access to the ports doesn't block power outlets). Those can be useful additions.

Voltage fluctuation is not something I'd worry about. Modern electronics can deal with a lot of variation on the charging input. I've never heard of a cell phone being harmed in any way by minor fluctuations in voltage from the charger.

Waste heat could be an issue. Generally, a more expensive charger, from a more reputable brand, will be more likely to be tested thoroughly and less likely to produce more heat than is safe. It's definitely not a common thing for USB chargers at any price range to overheat to a dangerous degree, but if any one were going to, it would be a too-cheap-to-be-true no-name gas station one.

Overall, I think a charger is something you can afford to be frugal with, as long as you're fine with very slow charging. Just check that your bargain basement charger doesn't get uncomfortably hot after a charging session.

On the other hand, if charging your phone as quickly as it's capable of is important to you, you're going to want to stick to the OEM charger that came in the box, or a splurge on a third party charger that is highly rated.

u/bisbyx · 1 pointr/docker

It was working having flashed raspbian straight to the cards. This was actually working for me for quite a while. Somewhere along the way it stopped working. I dont know if it was a kernel update, a docker update, or something else. While things were "just working" I stopped building images for a while, and ran into this issue when I tried to update some stuff.

So this is occuring with raspbian and hypriot being flashed directly to the card. df output seems to show that there is plenty of space, so its not the "NOOBS using up all the sd card space, use raspi-config to expand :

>$ df -h

>Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on

>/dev/root 29G 1.1G 26G 4% /

>devtmpfs 427M 0 427M 0% /dev

>tmpfs 431M 0 431M 0% /dev/shm

>tmpfs 431M 12M 420M 3% /run

>tmpfs 5.0M 0 5.0M 0% /run/lock

>tmpfs 431M 0 431M 0% /sys/fs/cgroup

>/dev/mmcblk0p1 64M 31M 34M 48% /boot

It seems to be less about disk space, and more about IO errors. Or in some cases, network errors. Trying to install a bunch of php stuff results in item 7 and 13 failing on "no space left!" but then continues on to item 43 with no issue. i dont think it would be able to continue on if there was actual disk space issues. (On some occasions it will just flat out say IO error: ERROR: IO ERROR )

But it seems highly weird to me that several raspberry pi's would go out at the same time, only having issues with docker, but it seems equally odd that I'm the only one having issues with it.

This: is the USB hub im using to power them. is there something with this that could potentially have caused permanent damage?

u/UnloadSeg · 1 pointr/hometheater

This one will charge PS4 controllers and the PS Gold Headset.

u/VA7EEX · 1 pointr/raspberry_pi

I love these Anker 5-port power supplies:

I can run multiple Pi's off a single outlet this way.

u/SirBuckeye · 1 pointr/iphone

I've been using this Anker 5-port charger. I've had it about a year and it's great. I use it with iPhones, iPads, iPods, Kindles, even a fitbit. It charges fast and reliably with no heat buildup. The cord to the wall is about 5 feet long, too, so you can plug it in behind furniture or just generally have more flexibility with placement. Can't recommend it enough.

u/PatrickPlan8 · 1 pointr/tekthingers

I always like Anker chargers. They make really good ones that have smart voltage systems in them that can up the amps depending on how much the devices draws. They also have a new Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 charger if needed.

I just hope the previously linked 5 port charger gets updated with quick charge support.

As for anything USB-C related look at the reviews of Benson Leung, he is a google employee who does some great reviews testing cables and other items to make sure they follow usb-c spec and they actually work well.

u/danvalour · 1 pointr/GooglePixel

This is the one I mentioned, I don't know where to find it though, it's not available on Amazon.

There's a dial to adjust it for cases. There's also more minimalistic docks, but it probably puts too much pressure on the USBC port.

u/broken42 · 1 pointr/GooglePixel

Benson reviewed one on Amazon, but it is on the spreadsheet.

u/Ballaz408 · 1 pointr/iphone

Been looking at this one for my X along with one from Anker. Do you know if the one from Anker also has a similar kind of indicator?

u/ryancarty · 1 pointr/iphone

I buy everything related to charging from Anker. Best portable chargers, wall chargers, cables etc. in my opinion.

Haven’t use their wireless charge pad but they make great stuff. Says it’s Amazon’s Choice. Only complaint seems to be you can’t jus throw it on but you learn where the sweet spot is.

u/Steelersnsox · 1 pointr/lgg6

Get a charging pad (like this one that I have: ) and lay the phone, screen up, on it. Just make sure you put the middle of the phone on the pad. Small piece of advice if you get one for work you may want one for home as you'll become spoiled.

u/Degru · 1 pointr/headphones

This would be the only way to do that.

Non-USBC ports do not support charging and host mode at the same time. The best you can do is power the DAC with an external power source to take load off the phone's battery.

u/phil_g · 1 pointr/GalaxyS7

I have two wireless chargers that I like:

  • The official Samsung Fast Charge Wireless Charging Stand. It's got a fan in it that cools the charger (and phone) while it's charging. I have this on my desk at work; it's convenient because I can interact with the phone easily without taking it off the charger.
  • Anker's Fast Wireless Charger. It's got a temperature sensor inside and will cut back on the power flow if it gets too warm.

    I try to charge my phone through wireless charging as much as possible during the day; my last two phones died because their USB ports failed and I'd like to avoid a repeat occurrence. On the other hand, I plug my phone in at night precisely because charging heats the battery and wireless power always charges the battery. (USB power charges the battery until it's full, then stops and just runs the phone off the USB power, leaving the battery to cool down.)
u/pzawad94 · 1 pointr/iphone

As long as you buy a Qi charger or wireless charger that has higher watt outputs yes. Most of those wireless chargers don’t go higher than 7.5W. I found this one

Which says it’s 10W but I haven’t seen any wireless chargers that are higher than that.

u/OppositeFeature · 1 pointr/GalaxyS9

I have a basic Samsung pad one, probably two or three years old now, but still works fine and Anker makes really good ones too! I've got this one from Anker. I'm also considering upgrading my work desk one to this one because it'd be easier to look at the phone. If you're in the US, Anker should easily be available on Amazon too. Other brands that are good are Belkin and Aukey :)

u/mclamb · 1 pointr/ProjectFi

They make a version of that adapter that will allow for charging, but the reviews indicate that it doesn't work for everyone.

You could also use the wireless charging on the phone, those have become very cheap.

You could also probably find a wireless bluetooth receiver that you can plug your headphones into. The one below is wired, but would work if you are stationary.

u/Patremagne · 1 pointr/GalaxyS8

I've been using this Anker one for several weeks now and it hasn't heated my battery while charging any more than the USB-C cable that came with the phone does. Very pleased with it.

u/laserdemon1 · 1 pointr/functionalprint

You and I had the same mindset this weekend. I made this one.
Pic sucks I know, here is the model.

I took this model for my FJ Cruiser

Made it a little longer and added the fast inductive charger from Anker and resized it for my Galaxy S7 Edge. Also added the honeycomb for cooling as the previous version caused my phone to overheat while quick charging.

Anker Fast wireless charger

Anker 30w Quick Charge 3.0 adapter

I printed the prototypes in PLA and this one in ABS thinking it was going to be the final version, but I tweaked some stuff today. lol.

u/Friarchuck · 1 pointr/iphone

I have an iPhone XS regular size.

To charge I have an Anker wireless charging mat that sits on my bedside table. Its connected to an Anker 39 watt brick with 2 usb slots. My watch charger is plugged into the other slot. I'm not sure if the charging mat is capable of fast charging, but it doesn't really matter because I put my phone on the mat at night and when I leave to workout (s3 cellular watch, thing is awesome) so I never really get to a point where I'm hurting for battery.

In the car I use this Kenu wireless charger. I kinda splurged a bit on the car one, but whatever. In the past I would have it sit on my leg and it would sometimes fall off and generally be a pain in the ass, so the fact that it holds it up is great. Benefit of upgrading from a touchid phone to a face id phone with this kind of setup is that you just have to tap the screen and it wakes up and a glance unlocks for any notifications.

I'm doing my best to embrace this wireless future. If I gotta spend a little extra to get there, that's cool with me.

u/rextraverse · 1 pointr/GooglePixel

The Anker 10W is probably as low profile as it gets for a reputable brand due to the lack of a fan, although I'm not sure if it will fast charge the Pixel - might only be Galaxy phones (perhaps something proprietary?).

u/tiydal · 1 pointr/GalaxyS8

Bought this anker one, looks nice and works fine though my case.

u/casey_h6 · 1 pointr/functionalprint

This is on my list of prints to make (although I'll never get the time). For anyone interested a good, small, and family priced wireless charger is the square one from anker. I'd highly recommend it. Link in case anyone wants to try it themselves:

u/dbudowski · 1 pointr/GalaxyS8

It's great if you ask me, specially if you're only using it a work. Looks pretty nice on a desk and helps to keep things minimal. I got this Anker one on a lightning deal for 15$ Looks great and has a led indicator. Definitely try this one if you're looking for something reasonable both in price and quality.

u/majikmonkie · 1 pointr/GooglePixel

Exactly what I was thinking. The bump wouldn't be worth the convenience for me, and it may even disconnect easier on me, being even more of an inconvenience. Especially with USB C, where orientation doesn't matter.

It made me actually look into something like this wireless charging add on. If there's gonna be a bump on the bottom, might as well have it add even more convenience/functionality. I'm honestly the most disappointed that the phone doesn't have native wireless charging capability.

u/Small1324 · 1 pointr/razerphone

No, it was that the port got so wide that it couldn't do USB charging anymore. I don't think the screws would come off.

A couple of janks in the wrong directions. The USB-C port wasn't quite well designed to last. I've taken apart my own Alienware laptop and the TB3 port on the back has a pretty beefy metal bar that screws in to prevent the port from moving around. Based on those inferences I think it's just cause I plugged things into it (like my headphones) often enough to the point that it just wouldn't charge.

I have a Volta magnetic disconnect cable now to prevent my mechanical keyboard, which also uses an unprotected USB-C cable, from having its port snapped off if it gets yanked, as has happened in the past (I managed to solder it back on the first time). I'm currently just using an Anker cable but at some point I'll get more magnetic USB heads and I'll be able to protect my phone port as well.

There's also a different solution to the unprotected port problem, which is to get a wireless charging adapter like that one (has a lot of reviews) which is Qi compatible, but I can't be sure of its charge speed, especially when charging up the beefy battery.

u/mad597 · 1 pointr/windowsphone

I went from a Lumia 950 to an LG V20. It is hardware wise pretty much better than the 950 in most ways.

Camera: 950 has better stabilization but PQ is pretty much a wash

Wireless charging: LG V20 does not have it but I use this and case for wireless charing,

LG V20 does not have an iris reader but does have a fingerprint reader.

Overall though the LG V20 is better, the Quad headphone DAC is utterly amazing on the LG V20

u/misterkrazykay · 1 pointr/ottawa

I've been tempted to buy something like this for when this new Pixel stand drops. It should work fine with any wireless charging pad but of course your charging speeds will be limited & it uses up the only port you have.

u/DiDgr8 · 1 pointr/GalaxyTab

You don't want to use the wireless charger you linked to because it's for iPhones, but this one should work OK. Being off center just means balancing it over the induction stand might be tricky. You can place something else under the edge that hangs over more to support the tablet.

u/Zephyrical16 · 1 pointr/GooglePixel

If there isn't can't you buy this and then put that inside a normal case?

u/MrHadiSatrio · 1 pointr/Android
u/bingr001 · 1 pointr/oneplus

I upgraded from the S8. I kind of miss wireless charging, but this thing really does charge fast and the battery life has been exponentially better than what the S8 has.

Plus if you really, really want wireless charging you can use this guy and it will work. I think it should fit in most cases. Obviously don't get a clear case with it.

And yeah this will be supported longer than the Note 9.

u/omerkraft · 1 pointr/oneplus

hmmmm... I was talking generally. But after you ask I looked around and found those:

for extra juice:

for wireless charging: (not a case)

*for multitool/swiss army knife capabilities... well... you can buy one of these:
and buy a case with 2 piece body like this one:

...and put that card tool between those two pieces.

u/michaelrulesify · 1 pointr/LineageOS

There are no IP rated devices that also have wireless charging. Your best bet is the Galaxy A7 (2017) and then getting one of these, or foregoing wireless charging.

u/-EViL-KoNCEPTz- · 1 pointr/AndroidQuestions

The Pixel and Pixel XL don't have wireless charging. You'd have to buy a 3rd party case with wireless charging capability to use the dock.

If you're looking for the receiver to connect to the phone to enable it to charge wirelessly, there's the Mophie Juice Pack, which is a case. Or there are stick on low profile receivers that stick to the back and plug into the USB-C port. This one being the best reviewed.

u/pohen · 1 pointr/MotoX4

I don't get it are you looking for something similar to this?

There is

but no included battery pack.

The conversation below and I both have the impression you wanted this exact device- if so, no, it won't work.

if you want something similar, google (or amazon) moto x4 wireless charging cause that's what I just did and found a shit load of product hits. But I don't see any with an included battery.

u/justarandomgeek · 1 pointr/CGPGrey

My Charging Solution:

USB Micro (grumble grumble, upgrade to C already!), USB-C, and Qi.

I have Qi chargers in various fixed places and just set the phone there as i enter and pick it up as I leave. I have one in my car for when i'm driving.

Pixel 2 XL has a C port, but I've replaced it for normal usage with a Qi pad on the back of the phone, which fits nicely inside the case. If I leave it off the charger entirely, I get >2 days. (Grumble Grumble Nexus line has Qi but Pixel line doesn't...)

Various devices on MicroUSB - Headset, speakers, keyboards, nearly every non-computer device that charges. Most of these devices can be pre-charged for weekend travel.

Pebble has a custom cable from USB A, but lasts ~4 days, so I can pre-charge for most weekend travel.

I have a power bank with 2 USB A ports and a USB C port, and Qi on the front face. It can also pass through power from either of it's input ports to any output.

I don't tend to do much computing when I travel, so I'm mostly down to the phone and it's cluster of peripherals. I don't currently have a laptop, but often borrow my dad's for travel, and it has a unique (Lenovo) charger.

For a day: I just take my devices.

For a weekend: I take the Qi battery pack.

For a heavy-usage weekend/longer: Qi battery back, USB C<->C cable, USB C wall charger (so far only travel within US, so that's easy...), USB A<->USB Micro. For longer than a weekend, Pebble cable.

In the future the watch will probably be Qi also, and I could see a lot of devices with sufficient surface area going Qi, and the rest going USB-C. IMHO, the solution to charging cables is to get rid of them all, in favor of ubiquitous wireless power.

Edit: Oh, and Apple is adopting Qi too, so it's going to be a standard on both sides!

u/shalviy · 1 pointr/GooglePixel

Nothing fancy. I don't use the actual port anymore so I just use this.

u/EmbarghoBackwards · 1 pointr/oneplus

Get the wireless charging adapter, I just stuff it behind my case.

[Short Version] Type C Wireless Charging Receiver, Nillkin Magic Tag USB C Qi Wireless Charger Receiver Chip for Google Pixe/2/3a/Nexus 6P and Other USB-C Phones

u/open1your1eyes0 · 1 pointr/Android

Less of an issue if it's not there as opposed to microSD slots.

You can always install one of these:

u/JackSpoons · 1 pointr/PickAnAndroidForMe

Built-in wireless charging is typically limited to higher end phones. It might make more sense to get a lower end phone like a Moto X4 and slap a Qi receiver on the back plus a case.

I have a relative on Google Fi. It works pretty well and is fairly cheap for low data users. I use Mint Mobile, it's even cheaper but customer support is, shall we say, not top notch. They have a trial offer if you want to see what reception is like in your area.

u/BlankTales · 1 pointr/GooglePixel

That could work out pretty well. With my job i usually have some heavier duty cases and the wireless charging had worked through them pretty well.

Here's the link to the one i bought.

[Short Version] Type C Wireless Charging Receiver, Nillkin Magic Tag USB C Qi Wireless Charger Receiver Chip for Google Pixe/Nexus 6P and other Small Size USB-C Phones

u/vizor004 · 1 pointr/GooglePixel

Wireless charging may be? I'm planning on one. Waiting to see Google's charging stand.

u/cdegallo · 1 pointr/GooglePixel

You can get things like this and slip them into a case:

u/jesta192 · 1 pointr/Moto_Z

That's my plan once my Incipio dies. Acquire a Turbo Mod (if I can even find one) and slap this on it. Bigger battery and still wireless charging. DISCLAIMER: not yet tested, can't promise this will work, yada yada yada...

u/rnbwmstr · 1 pointr/battlestations

Here's the USB c version but they have iPhone options and others in there as well

u/sylent_knight · 1 pointr/essential

I recently picked up one of these for wireless charging, and it's worked really well for me. I use it with this case, but you could use it with any case, so long as it was thin enough

u/_vk42 · 1 pointr/Pixel3a

you will need to use a wireless charging sticker similar to this:

u/CharlesGarfield · 1 pointr/thinkpad

I got a Nekteck charger for my T480, and it works great.

u/__helix__ · 1 pointr/macbookpro

When you shop, the primary thing you are looking to match up is the video resolution you plan to connect with for any video monitors. Just about anything works at 1080p, but things start to get hairy with 4k, 5k, etc. (Had a grand adventure trying to get a 'legacy' 30" dual link DVI monitor to connect. USB-C > mini DP, mini DP > dual link DVI dongle daisy chain)

Just about anything I picked up handled USB-A and SD cards.

For my own workflow, one of the things I did was buy something just for power. One USB-C @60W for my i9/32G macbook keeps up at home, and I mostly use the USB-A ports for charging other gadgets - not for data. ( for $35) Picked up a few uniquely colored cables so I can see data vs power. I'm a developer, and that silly power supply has been keeping up with fan spinning power draws for almost a year when I'm at home.

u/gnib · 1 pointr/macbookpro

Anker (Not Aukey) has had very well-reviewed MBP chargers for a few years now, and they are a reliable brand. Now that there's an actual certification, USB-IF, we can tell if they're safe. I've also been using with my OEM apple cable for about 2 years. Also fast charges my iPad and iPhone.

u/humanlurker · 1 pointr/MatebookXPro

I got this one as a secondary charger for my 13" MacBook Pro a while back and I also use it with my Matebook X Pro.

I like it because it's full 60w USB-C, but also offers 12w for 3 USB-A ports if you need to plug in a phone or tablet or other device. Wirecutter recommended it and it's been a fantastic travel accessory. I literally got one that I just leave in my carry-on because I travel so much.

u/trevtech15 · 1 pointr/thinkpad

Best Buy has an 87W USB C PD charger, but it has a built-in cable:


Personally I use Nektek's 72W (60W USB C PD, 12W USB A) charger, it includes a 3ft USB C PD cable:


I'll be replacing that cable with the Volta XL, it's then only USB C PD magnetic cable I'd consider using.

u/lveg · 1 pointr/spectrex360

It should, but I haven't gotten another charger yet to test it. There's a charging dock on Amazon I'm thinking of getting so I can charge the laptop and my phone.

Just make sure you look at how many watts the charger is putting out. If you're getting a little guy meant for phones it'll take forever to charge, if it manages to charge at all. This is what I'm considering, but I'm waiting until Black Friday.

u/1337baxor · 1 pointr/gpdwin

check the wiki for win 2 under “about” for this sub. it has a list of known compatible pd chargers

u/mrplt · 1 pointr/applehelp

It will, but it doesn't come with a USB-C to USB-C cable.

This is a pretty good one, with 60W USB-C PD and a couple of USB-A ports, and it comes with a USB-C to USB-C cable as well.

u/pistopito · 1 pointr/MatebookXPro

I got this one, works fine, if you get a longer USB C cable make sure it can handle 100W.

USB C Wall Charger, Nekteck 72W...

u/Mr_0pportunity · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitchDeals

I know it's not on your website, but have you had a chance to try the 60W Nekteck 4 port charger? Link It looks like the Monoprice 60W charger is out of stock for awhile and I was looking for something similar!

u/pom32456 · 1 pointr/USBC

Doesn't plug directly into the wall, it's a bit too big for that

Has been reviewed by Benson and tech journalists very well and is USB certified

u/rubin110 · 1 pointr/GooglePixel

Slightly cheaper version of the same thing, comes with a USB-C cable that's USB IF certified for up to 100W (the Pixel 2 XL tops out at 18W, but maybe you've got a laptop or Nintendo Switch). I just replaced like 6 chargers in my house with this, they're great and affordable...

If you don't care about getting a spare cable...

If you only need 1 more USB-A port, and don't mind slower charging for larger laptops...

u/blooblyblobl · 1 pointr/Lenovo

I use this one for my 720S-14IKB and it's worked great so far:

Not sure if the 15" model needs more juice, going off other comments here, but this definitely does the trick for me.

u/Rivers2run · 1 pointr/Dell

Well since I never received a response I went out and bought one. This one works well it charges the laptop with no error messages and it also charges my pixel 2 it is IF usb C certified with PD specs, which was important to me. I ordered some longer cords that have full PD specs. These cords will handle up to 100watts so everything is working smoothly these USB c specs are confusing now I am labeling my cords since I have some lower wattage cords my phone uses. The Dell one is $100 geez incredibly over priced. Their wall charger also works great.

u/sehlhorst · 1 pointr/thinkpad

Here's the link I used at Amazon to buy it. I will be buying a second one for international travel as well as this 60W charger ( for recharging the things (right now I only have 18W chargers. I'd like to be able to recharge one quickly while at the airport or whatever.

u/Doctor_Danky · 1 pointr/Vive

I picked this wall mount a while back and like it a lot, especially for the price.

u/Socrato · 1 pointr/Vive

Can anyone comment on something like this?

The hanging vive I guess isn't ideal but I don't mind and the wall mounting + controller charging looks great

u/rdees211 · 1 pointr/Vive

I bought a wand charging stand with a hook on the bottom for the headset, it works well. here's the link.
It works well overall, its great not having to worry about keeping the wands charged, when I'm done using them i just drop them in the base station and I'm good to go. decent price, only complaint is that I had to tie ribbon around the deluxe strap to get it to work with the hook.

u/Darkzed1 · 1 pointr/ElectricSkateboarding

It is the plastic piece that's in the deluxe audio strap box. I have been using it for nearly a year now with no issues.

Also the stand I use for my controllers is this, it works well enough.

u/BiteMyWaffles · 1 pointr/galaxys10

This one works great go for me, and the light shuts off after like 15 seconds so it's not obnoxious at night. It doesn't come with a charging brick so use your samsung charger.

u/Incitatus99 · 1 pointr/iphone

Thanks for letting me know! I just ordered the round pad version of this charger. Yootech Wireless Charger Qi-Certified 7.5W Wireless Charging Compatible with iPhone XS MAX/XR/XS/X/8/8 Plus,10W Compatible Galaxy S10/S10 Plus/S10E/S9,5W All Qi-Enabled Phones(No AC Adapter)](

u/jamalstevens · 1 pointr/iphone

Hey all,

Haven't been in the apple ecosystem since the iPhone 5... I recently purchased an iPad and an Apple TV, and figured it was time to make the swap to an iPhone as well. Then I was like wth, let's get an apple watch too. I plan on pre-ordering the iPhone 11 (black) and the nike+ apple watch 5 (aluminum, silver) tomorrow. I want to get ahead of things and get some extra cables/chargers for my car (carplay) and bedroom/around the house.

I understand that the iphone can quick charge if you get the right cable and wall adapter. I was hoping for some recommendations for both of those things.

Here's what I've found so far:

Aukey PD 18W:

Aukey USB C to Lightning:

Anker USB C to Lightning:

I wasn't sure if those cables would actually work, as I had read on some blogs that the only good ones were from apple, but most of those reviews were a year or more old. Is that still the case?

I Also wanted to get a 2 - 7.5 W wireless charging pads? for in the front room/kitchen. Any recommendations on those? What sort of wall adapters would I need for those?

I saw this:

yootech qi charger -

But it didn't come with a wall adapter, so I was kind of confused as to what kind to buy to achieve the 7.5w charging as opposed to the 5w charging. I've also read that there may or may not be heat issues with wireless charging? Is that a founded argument?

Any favorite brands for cheaper cases for the phone? I like slim TPU cases and then putting my own screen protector on.

How about watch accessories? Are screen protectors a good idea for it? What about bumpers? I'll be using it for swimming alot so I didn't think that one of those bumpers that covers the screen would be a good idea. I'm not really sure how fragile the watch is, but I normally like to keep my devices decently protected without ruining their aesthetic.

Anyways, I realize that's a big ask, so any recommendations (with links! preferably on amazon) would be much appreciated!

A easier breakdown list:

Wall chargers that support PD and fast charge for iphone 11 (preferably 18W, I already have 2 - 12w chargers)
Cables for said wall charger
Wireless charging pad that supports 7.5w charging
TPU case and screen protector recs.
Apple watch screen protector and bumpers and any other helpful things!

Again, I appreciate any insight you can give me! Thanks for the help!

u/wednesdayaddamms · 1 pointr/iPhoneXR

Here’s the one I ordered Yootech Wireless Charger Qi-Certified 7.5W Wireless Charging Compatible with iPhone Xs MAX/XR/XS/X/8/8 Plus,10W Compatible Galaxy Note 9/S9/S9 Plus/Note 8/S8,5W All Qi-Enabled Phones(No AC Adapter)

u/Yo_2T · 1 pointr/iphone

Look on Amazon. There's a bunch of affordable ones for under $20.

I've personally used this one the last 9 months or so.


u/befuddledmoron · 1 pointr/gadgets

I never offered $3, I'd used $13 for my example, but the price of the product I was thinking of is in fact $14, though this does not change my example.

$14 x 3 = $42.

$159 - $42 = $117

That's more than 2/3 of the purchase price, almost enough, as I said.

Edit 2: The referenced charger -

u/hab136 · 1 pointr/applehelp

If you already have the wall plug, the Qi adapter part is like $15.

The nice thing about wireless charging is that there's one standard, unlike the three for MicroUSB/USB-C/Lightning. So if your friend drops by with an Android phone, he can charge too.

(There were more wireless standards, but Qi won)

u/RedOctobyr · 1 pointr/GalaxyS9

I got this one, I like it.
For the purpose of keeping the phone (and more specifically, the battery) cooler, I don't do wireless Fast Charging, though the charger should support it.

For those using it bedside, the ring lights up for a few seconds to show it's charging, then it goes dark.

I do like it. It's easy to keep on my desk, and just sit the phone on it, to help keep it charged during the day. And I do like the reduced wear on the USB port. My last phone (LG) had the micro-USB port start acting up, so I'd like to avoid that.

u/AutoModerator · 1 pointr/gadgets

Hello, /u/BrettyG43! Thanks for contributing! However your submission has been automatically removed. Per the sidebar:

u/Gian0628 · 1 pointr/iphone

I use a vertical “dock” style wireless charger from Anker. I use it to replace my alarm clock and just have my phone stand up on my nightstand. Have more space on my nightstand to hold my EDC also, so that is a plus.

u/ImpossibleGuardian · 1 pointr/apple

Think this is the one I have as it supports Apple's slightly faster 7.5W wireless charging spec or 10W for compatible Android phones.

u/cdub005 · 1 pointr/anker

I was looking into the Anker Powerwave fast wireless 7.5W stand standalone, assume microUSB input. Requires QC2 or QC3 adapter for 7.5W fast charge. There is also the package Powerwave wireless stand with fan + QC3 block. I already have the Powerport Atom iii 2 port block which has USB C PD (45W), 2nd USB A port says IQ2 (15W) .Will this Powerport Atom iii have right power to supply the 7.5W rapid charge for the wireless stand? Would I be using the USB A to the stand? Is there such a thing as USB C to micro USB cable? The price difference only about $10 more for the package which includes the QC3 block.

USB C Charger, Anker 60W PIQ 3.0 & GaN Tech Dual Port Charger, PowerPort Atom III (2 Ports) Travel Charger with a 45W USB C Port, for USB-C Laptops, MacBook, iPad Pro, iPhone, Galaxy, Pixel and More

Anker PowerWave Fast Wireless Charger Stand, Qi-Certified, 7.5W for iPhone XR XS Max XS X 8 8Plus, 10W for Galaxy S10 S9 S8, Note 10 Note 9, and 5W for All Qi-Enabled Phones (No AC Adapter) - Black

Anker PowerWave 7.5 Fast Wireless Charging Stand with Internal Cooling Fan, Qi-Certified, 7.5W Compatible iPhone XR/XS Max/XS/X/8/8 Plus, 10W Charges Galaxy S9/S9+/S8, LG G7(with Quick Charge Adapter)

u/Anony58 · 1 pointr/GooglePixel

-Anker 5W for $19.99

-RAVPower Max 10W $14.99

-Anker 5/7.5/10W (depending on your device, so 10W for the Pixel 3/XL) $29.99


You have to look for the output. Here's an example of how to get the 5-10W or even more calculated very easily.

If it says "Output 5V / 1A", then basically do this: 5 * 1 = 5W. (multiply the Volts with Amps and you get Watts)

There you go, that's how you calculate the actual output a particular wireless charger can actually charge your device.

PS: I've used Anker in the past and it's one of the best quality for the price. It's not to say others aren't great, but their cables, fast car charger and other accessories helped me out a lot - while being on a budget and demanding high quality.

u/anneoneemouse · 1 pointr/GooglePixel

You say that so confidently :)


So what triggers the specific behavior in the Phone when on the Pixel Stand vs. when on another inductive charger like say this one?

u/joshuadwx · 1 pointr/anker

Not sure which 7.5W Stand you’re looking at, but this one was released recently:

u/bl8demast3r · 1 pointr/galaxys10

Well I had an Anker fast charger that didn't fast charge my Pixel 3 XL but fast charges my S10+, I got that here.

I also bought the official Samsung wireless charger refurbished here and it's been working flawlessly.

u/Pufflekun · 1 pointr/GalaxyNote9
  • I bought this cheap case (it was only about $8 when I got it). The clear version is crystal clear and very pretty, but I don't think I'd trust it with a serious drop. I might get one of the cases mentioned here, or a Toasted one because that one post on here made me super jealous, even if the case is probably even less protective than the cheap one that I have.

  • I got this wireless fast-charging stand. Extremely recommended, especially since that Samsung Duo one everyone recommends is well over a hundred, and you don't need a duo charger if you don't have a smartwatch.
u/cheddarvillains · 1 pointr/FocusST

Since I've had this car, I've run a Lightning cable from the center console. It definitely worked, but I hate clutter and loose cables. I had a spare wireless charging stand and thought to put it in the cupholder, but mine had too large of a base to fit. Went on Amazon, looked at charging stands' base dimensions, and thought this one would fit. Well, it didn't sit flush against the bottom, but it's wedged in at an angle and doesn't move, so not too bad!

I did buy a right-angle micro USB cable so that the base has as much room as possible to be pushed in snuggly, and with that everything seems pretty secure! Surprisingly my iPhone 8 does not slide around at all when I'm driving. I even bought some Sugru thinking I'd need to form side rails along the charger, but there hasn't been a need.

Before this I was looking at getting the Euro cup holder module just so I could route my charging cable in there and keep everything hidden, but the price and that installation definitely made me consider other options. And luckily this one works!

Here's another shot from the side

u/N0ddie_Sco · 1 pointr/galaxynote10
u/LetgoLetItGo · 1 pointr/Nexus6P

Links that I removed out of caution of triggering automod:

> Wireless Charging - Great as well. 10w charging via Qi, quickcharge 3.0 compatible chargers. I bought this one to go with it. It's not like the slow shitty Qi charging that came with the Nexus 5 (I had it and can attest it was pretty bad, even the magnetic charger you had to buy separately).

The charger I bought, but mine came with the power adapter; currently $13 with a code found on slickdeals

> Case - I'm a case guy, so as a case guy, I did case guy things. Like waiting for my case to arrive before taking my phone into the scary outside world. I decided to splurge and this is the one I bought as Spigen Tough Armor XP. This case goes on perfectly and feels like it could survive any drop. I was deciding between the slimmer cases (neohybrid, rugged armor, etc), but I'm glad I went with this tough boi. It doesn't add too much to the thickness either. It's still way more pocketable than the 6p lol. It also doesn't interefere with my wireless charging, which is fantastic.

Case I bought

u/aNecessary_Evil · 1 pointr/razerphone

The Anker Powerwave Stand does work, assuming you don't have a case on your phone. Unfortunately, I have the Tudia case on my RP2 which added just enough additional bulk to raise the phone out of range for the coil to work consistently when the phone was upright. At best, I'd have to keep the phone in landscape and center the stand behind the bottom half of the phone (which usually meant propping up the top half of the phone with someone so it sat leveled on the stand).

I decided to scrap the stand and get a few Anker Powerwave Pads at home and keep an Anker Powerwave 7.5 Pad at work (to charge rapidly). While the placement still requires centering the pad on the bottom half of the phone, the pads all work great... and I can still use my Tudia case!

u/mn3ypit · 1 pointr/GooglePixel

I have this one and it works great.

I also have these two, that work great.

u/tpx · 1 pointr/nexus6

Good to know. Since it isn't flush with the case do you know if it obstructs the use of a case? Also, have you tried any Qi wireless chargers? I'm thinking of one of these.

u/carlosliriano88 · 1 pointr/galaxys10

Here you are.

Anker Fast Wireless Charger, 10W Wireless Charging Stand, Qi-Certified, Compatible iPhone XR/Xs Max/XS/X/8/8 Plus, Fast-Charging Galaxy S9/S9+/S8/S8+/Note 9 and More, PowerWave Stand (No AC Adapter)

u/Kurookitox · 1 pointr/galaxys10

Both of the ones above are flat unfortunately, but they do make standing versions. I haven't used those ones though.

Anker charging stand

Aukey charging stand

u/Hafmanhafchild · 1 pointr/GalaxyNote9

The best wireless charger for Samsung phones i have found.

There is a more expensive version with a cooling fan but i find this one never gets hot in the first place

u/corey_b10 · 1 pointr/battlestations
u/alcatraz26 · 1 pointr/LawSchool

I recently graduated law school and built a home office setup for around $600 (my law firm has a good work from home policy). Details below:


Desk - DlandHome L-Shaped Desk - $130

The L-shaped desk contains plenty of space for my dual monitor setup and has plenty of extra space on the sides. It was very easy to assemble (unlike some IKEA desks) and ships in a manageable flat box. I keep it in the corner of my room and it is very sturdy and doesn't shake.


Chair - AmazonBasics Office Chair -$50

Cheap and comfortable.


Monitors - 2x HP 23.8 in Monitors - 2x $110

These can rotate both horizontally and vertically, which makes them perfect for work. Also VESA compatible. The quality of these are pretty good, but I only use them for word processing and web browsing. Not sure how good they are for movies or gaming.


Laptop Dock - Dell Universal Dock - $130

Compatible with any laptop with a USB-C port. It charges the laptop as well while plugged in. It works with my work laptop without installing any additional drivers. Supports 2x DP and 1x HDMI. You might need to buy additional DisplayPort to HDMI cables depending on the monitors you use.



Logitech K840 Mechanical Keyboard - $60

Anker Wireless Charger - $15


If anyone requests, I can upload a picture when I get home tonight. Also feel free to ask any questions.

u/VRegg · 1 pointr/galaxys10 works well for me. I just plug it in my computer and it charges fine. But faster charging should work using a quick charger. Phone charges in both portrait and landscape orientations which is handy.

u/Edache · 1 pointr/GooglePixel

Just FYI, I got this Anker wireless charger but just know that it only charges at 5W, not 10W. Apparently the wireless charger needs to be EPP certified to be able to charge at 10W on the Pixel 4.

u/locakay · 1 pointr/iPhoneXsMax
u/Gimme_YOURKarmaQuick · 1 pointr/galaxys10

There was a $3 coupon (atleast on my account) making this ~15 (after tax).

Works pretty well

u/veggiesama · 1 pointr/razerphone

I've got a Tudia Merge, but it does NOT work with wireless charging. Here's what I own:


Anker Wireless Charger:

Choetech Wireless Car Charger:

The Anker works fine when I remove the case. So does the Choetech, but it has to grip the phone at a weird height to start charging. That makes both of them pretty much useless to me.

I like the Tudia case. I'll take protection over wireless charging any day. But those chargers above don't work with it, at all.

u/viiibez · 1 pointr/samsung

Use this site to see price history of listed products on amazon

u/Nightcinder · 1 pointr/GooglePixel

apparently you need the usb-c ones.

There's a $42 anker

That should work.

u/meatwaddancin · 1 pointr/GooglePixel
u/LateCranberry · 1 pointr/galaxys10

According to GSMarena, S10+ is capable of receiving 15W via wireless charging. You can buy an anker 15w to test yourself, I'm curious to know if it's faster than Samsung wireless charging 2.0 @ only 12W. To use its full potential however, you need a charger capable of outputting at least 24W (12V / 1.8A or 15V / 1.5A)

u/684692 · 1 pointr/ofcoursethatsathing - I've eyed it before. I can't really justify a $35 glowing Hebrew phone charger, but I want one just the same.

u/poodrew · 1 pointr/IfIFitsISits

I think it’s a wireless charger

u/BofaDeezyEZPZ · 1 pointr/lgv30

The Anker PowerWave 10W. It says it's compatible with all Qi-enabled devices in the description.

u/gixxerinduced · 1 pointr/GooglePixel

I don't know if my understanding of this is correct, but sharing some research I did yesterday before ordering one on amazon yesterday. My understanding is that the new Pixel now supports the QI standard for the EPP (Extended Power Profile). LG, Sony and sharp are supporting this as well but Samsung and Apple I believe use their own propriety standards. Most of the wireless chargers I see on amazon (ca) that state fast charge usually have the marketing for Samsung and Apple included in the descriptions, I do not think these will Fast Charge the Pixel 4 unless the wireless charger is supporting the EPP profile. I am using the QI Wireless power consortium website to check which ones are registered for the EPP (and not just the Basic Profile) The only one that I was able to find for Anker on the amazon (ca) website was this one - you can see in the Anker description it providing 10w for Samsung but as well LG and Sony, where as other Anker wireless charger pads on Amazon only (like this one ) only mention the 10w for Samsung (7.5 for Apple). I used the website and confirmed the first one (A2501) is registered/certified for the Extended Power Profile) and the second one on amazon (A2503) is only registered for the Basic Power Profile.

u/jpblanch75 · 1 pointr/GooglePixel

You just need a wireless charger that is compatible.

Yootech 15W Fast Wireless Charger...

u/Pec0ne · 1 pointr/Pixel4

I just recently bought one from Amazon and it works great! It charges the phone at 11W.

Yootech 7.5W/10W/15W Fast Wireless Charger with Cooling Fan,7.5W Wireless Charging Stand with QC3.0 Adapter Compatible iPhone 11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max/XS/XR/X/8,10W Galaxy Note10/S10,15W LG V30/V35/G8

u/IceAcolyte · 1 pointr/GooglePixel

Ah nice, too bad it's not sold new right now. I'm also looking for an air vent one, and was going to check out the $45 anker.

People said the Yootech X2 and Yootech X3 works for stand. I ordered the X2 and will test myself tomorrow, but we got enough reports of both working. I'm also deciding which ones do I want to keep.

u/Dbernard1111 · 1 pointr/GooglePixel

Interestingly, it doesn't seem to be happening on mt ravpower 10w puck charger I have on my desk at work. I'm only having issues with my older 5w TYLT Vu charger that I have on my nightstand. Here's hoping the new 15w Yootech stand i just bought will help with the problem.

u/president2016 · 0 pointsr/gadgets

You can listen via wired either using a wireless charging mat, or a splitter.

Yootech Wireless Charger Qi-Certified 7.5W Wireless Charging Compatible with iPhone Xs MAX/XR/XS/X/8/8 Plus,10W Compatible Galaxy Note 9/S9/S9 Plus/Note 8/S8,5W All Qi-Enabled Phones(No AC Adapter)

Numerous like this. Charge and listen via wired ear buds.

Or $11, get a splitter:

2 in 1 Adapter Compatible with iPhone 7/7 Plus/XS Max/XS/XR/X 10/8/8 Plus, Compatible iPhone Headphone Adapter/Splitter, 2-Port Headphone Audio and Charger Adapter,Compatible iOS 10.3, iOS 11 or Later

u/jeslek · 0 pointsr/htcone

I picked up this one after seeing it recommended by someone on a random forum for the One... so far I'm pretty disappointed with it though. I'm not sure whether to blame the phone, the adapter or the HDMI cable (which admittedly is a cheap one, but gives perfect image quality on everything else I've tried it with.)

The image quality with Netflix and HBO Go seems like it's 480p at best on both my 720p TV and my 1080p monitor. Using Plex with blu-ray copies of Game of Thrones, it's a bit better so it may be the fault of the apps... but it's essentially useless for me since I bought it entirely to be able to use HBO Go on my TV since Comcast has thus far refused to support the Roku with it. :(

u/Wynner3 · 0 pointsr/minimalism

I just bought an LG G3 and wireless charger through Amazon and buy stuff from their Prime Pantry. Not sure what stuff I'm not buying anymore.
Edit: Wireless Tylt charger has cut down the amount of cords on my desk. Takes my tablet and LG G3 w/qi charger. I love it.

u/steph_ish · 0 pointsr/Cruise

Not sure about Princess but we brought one of these on board and had no problem, on RC.

u/dipique · 0 pointsr/GooglePixel

> My current OG Pixel XL is my 5th one. I went through 4 Rmas due to the microphone being dead and couldn't make calls or the phone started bootlooping for no reason. I was finally sent a new one and have been trouble free since.

Man. That sucks. That's a lot of RMAs.

>My wife also has an OG Pixel and she experienced the microphone issue where it died but outside of warranty. I had to use the insurance and pay the deductible for a well known hardware defect that Google wouldn't stand behind.

That's too bad, but I don't think worse of Google for not fixing issues outside of warranty. I mean... that's what a warranty is.

>The arbitration clause is not a "non issue" to me

I respect that. Whether or not it's binding, I can understand how it would leave a bad taste in your mouth.

>I experienced first had the lack of quality control and poor customer service that Google provides.

Are you in the US? I'm curious. I have had spectacular customer service from Google. Fast, responsive, helpful. Every time. It's a big part of why I've bought every Pixel. Maybe just luck of the draw?

>but there are plenty of people who have.

There are, and that shouldn't be discounted. I think a lot of issues are sensationalized and I've never felt like Google didn't take care of me when I had an issue with my hardware--but if that weren't the case, I'd have a bone to pick with Google as well.

>Also the comment about my complaints being "unthinkingly critical"? Get bent.

Yeah, that was a dick move. Sorry man, my bad.

If I hadn't been being an asshole, I would have said that I like that their phone is compatible with Qi devices, and from research I know that fast charging tends to be very device-specific. I was able to find a Samsung Qi charger for $45 bucks that hits 9W on my Pixel 3, and I'm totally happy with that. I also got 2 Google stands as well. I'll probably return one. The battery lasts a long time and I can buy a couple $20 Qi chargers for places in the house that I charge less frequently.

Bear in mind that new Qi chargers are usually USB-C, so if you really need super fast charging you can always just plug the cable in directly.

I don't have a problem with dropping the headphone jack. I know the process of dropping analog ports has always been painful, but in the long run it's a good thing. And I don't think they did it to sell their earbuds, but who knows, maybe?

u/monty77uk · 0 pointsr/GalaxyGear


..I uses this one. It overheats and I get the 'use original charger' warning on the watch.


..suggests you cannot use a Qi charger also


Do you have one that works 100%?