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u/dmazzoni · 23 pointsr/legaladvice

You can get a brand-new Android phone for only $20. Just never activate it and connect via WiFi only. Make sure that their app works on the somewhat-older version of Android this phone runs. There are quite a few more choices if you want to spend up to $50.

u/Tungsten_Toenail · 16 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

Here is an Amazon link to a $20 Android Trackphone. You don't even need to put minutes on the thing, you just need the OS to run whatever app Nintendo puts out.

That being said, I'm sorry you need to jump through this additional hoop and pay for this additional expense. It is silly and stupid that Nintendo has decided to do things this way.

u/DHThrowawayy · 15 pointsr/NoStupidQuestions

You can get a basic android phone for as little as $20 or so. It's a basic communications device that's pretty much necessary at this point.

Not to mention, we have libraries with free PC access if you have a library card, McDonald's hotspots to connect to internet, etc.

Chances are, OP doesn't have an iPhone 7, but that doesn't mean he/she can't connect to the internet.

u/currypotnoodle · 14 pointsr/RandomActsOfChristmas

I'd be happy to send you one of these

or another affordable replacement android phone if you like. Please let me know. Prime can get it there quickly. I would hate to see you banned because of this unfortunate accident.

u/delecti · 13 pointsr/Games

A $20 piece of junk android phone can run android apps too, or a ~$150 iPod Touch for iPhone apps.

^And ^fuck ^Jake, ^ruining ^his ^mom's ^phone, ^grubby ^fingered ^brat. ^^^^Shit, ^^^^i ^^^^may ^^^^be ^^^^getting ^^^^old

So lets not go too crazy. This is a dumb decision, a really dumb decision. I feel bad for anyone looking forward to online play on their Switch. But this isn't anywhere near a $1000 extra cost for customers, and it's deceptive to try and argue that.

u/CaptNemo131 · 13 pointsr/Android

Amazon too.

I'm debating pulling the trigger on one. I've had the 6 for about a year and never really got used to its size.

u/zakats · 12 pointsr/tmobile

How cheap do you want to go?

The Obsidian is on sale at walmart for $40. It's a very impressive device for $40 or $60 though my key complaint about it is that my particular device's screen is fairly dim when it comes to its auto-brightness feature. At least it does auto-adjust its brightness, unlike the LG Leon. Its speaker also punches way above its weight.

Carrier aggregation is a flagship-level feature for the most part. I don't think it's enabled on the snapdragon 210 devices though I know the modem supports 2x10 carrier aggregation- not that it'd be all that useful for most markets. IMO carrier aggregation isn't a very useful feature for most people/locations on tmo... I wouldn't call this a must-have at all, especially if you want to go cheap.


My recommendations:

  1. Simple choice, best bang/buck with true midrange performance at $179: LG Stylo

  2. Best flagship value: Nexus 5x @ $350.

  3. Good value with a few tradeoffs while mostly retaining good performance: Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime, $150 @ Walmart.

  4. Nice phone, good value, good look, front-facing speaker, far better screen + 'nicer experience' than the Samsung, lesser price, but less CPU performance: $130 HTC Desire 626s @ Walmart. This could possibly be a better buy than the Samsung but I wrote it first... oh well.

    Diminishing returns due to having less than 1.5 GB of RAM

  5. Water resistant, good UI, decent performance, good quality, overall impressive... but 1 GB of RAM: $80 Kyocera Hydro Wave

  6. The absolute cheapest band 12, T-Mobile phone available right now with VoLTE (Edit: no VoLTE and band 12 has to be manually enabled if so desired) and WiFi calling: $40 ZTE Obsidian. It might not be available much longer since ZTE is launching a very similar phone soon that occupies basically the same part of the market with similar specs.

    Honorable mention: the $150 Blu Life One X and similar 5.5" Blu Vivo XL (releasing in the next month-ish) perform better than all mentioned except the Nexus. The only real caveat is that these don't have VoLTE, otherwise I'd have purchased >4 already.


  • I don't recommend any of the devices in the top link between the ZTE and the Kyocera.

  • The ZTE is very low end but it is surprisingly decent. It performs somewhere around higher-end Snapdragon 210 devices like the HTC 626s.

  • The ZTE Avid Plus is due to release next month week, Walmart retail options (same phone, discounted price) generally follow in a few weeks. Some features will be better but you'll still only have 1 GB of RAM :(

  • One of the Blu links provided above shows both the Vivo 5 and Vivo XL. According to the specs list, only the XL is acceptable-ish since it has band 12- the 5 doesn't. Oddly, the 5 is supposed to have VoLTE but I'm skeptical. I'm cautious about what features these phones will actually launch with. The spec list is very appealing and the 5 is a sharp-looking phone... we'll have to see about that one later.

  • Not having VoLTE for the Blu phones could lead to not having call service in some rare areas or areas within buildings that only band 12 penetrates. In one case, this led to a /r/tmobile subscriber to be unable to reach 911 with their Moto E... choose cautiously.

  • The Nexus 6 is still an excellent phone and might still be available for $250. It's certainly worth consideration around the top of my list... just depends on your ability to find them at that price, the viability of purchasing them online in such a manner that's kosher with company expense reporting/etc, the manner in which warranty details would be handled, and it's a MASSIVE phone. The LG Stylo is big, but the N6 is huge.
u/Heaney555 · 12 pointsr/GooglePixel

\>buying a 2 year old refurbished phone from a 3rd party seller

\>being surprised it had a hardware failure


You should either have gotten a Pixel 2 for them, of if they can't afford that, a brand new Android One phone.

(Android One phones run Pure Android and recieve a minimum of 2 years of OS and 3 years of security updates)

For example, a Nokia 6.1:

Used/second-hand is great for cars and houses. Not for phones.

u/PM_ME_A_NEW_USERNAME · 11 pointsr/Android
u/TIFUbyResponding · 11 pointsr/tmobile


Band 5 is used in one city in South Carolina, so let's ignore that one. Not having band 12 is basically making the phone worthless these days, and not having 66 or 71 is getting worse and worse by the day as the deployment rolls out.

So yeah, that Nexus 5 is going to give major issues on the network now. If you want something cheap and without bloat, look for a Nokia with Android One. Nexus experience, pretty much.

Another option would be the Essential Phone, which is a bit older, but was a flagship 2 years ago and have a stock Android feel.

Also, Let's Go Islanders!

u/natintosh · 9 pointsr/PuzzleAndDragons

If you can stretch your budget by $20, theres the Moto G, which is arguably one of the best phones under $200

If that is out of your budget, some carriers offer the phone for $100, but you would have to use their prepaid plans


Boost Mobile (they share towers with Sprint)

if 8GB isn't enough, 16 is another $20. For a phone of your pricing, unless you can find a spectacular phone deal (I found an iPhone 4 for $100 on Craigslist) There aren't many options for a "good" phone (i.e s3, apple quality)

HTC also has the Desire 200 (White is more expensive, so i linked the black one)

Both these phones have exceptional build quality for their pricing compared to others in this range, but if I had to pick one, I would choose the Moto G. There might be other phones around the same price and quality, but I find these two to be the "leaders of the pack"

Hope this helps you find a new phone!

Edit: The Moto G unlocked and the Desire 200 are both GSM and can fit your needs (T-Mobile)

u/twig123 · 8 pointsr/perktv

Nobody in this sub is going to pay you $125 for 4 used Kyocera Hydros. You can get 4 brand new Kyocera Hydros for $92 on Amazon:

u/SeaberryPIe · 8 pointsr/pcmasterrace

My idea for the cheapest ghetto shield.

LG Optimus Exceed 2 (you gotta bypass activation)


MOGA controller

In all it comes out to $22.7 not counting tax or shipping. Plus both are prime for shipping.

u/Jaytho · 8 pointsr/Android

Also, it's pretty cheap at the moment. (US link) The mint colour really isn't for me, and I'm happy with my own phone, but for us EU folk, here it is again. (.de Link) Pretty cheap as well!

u/Telemain · 8 pointsr/Android

Essential phone is $290 for new too

u/cyberloop3000 · 8 pointsr/de

Da ist dann aber Xiaomi der wirklich weitaus bessere Anbieter. ;)

u/Contronyms · 7 pointsr/perktv

Like someone else said in this thread, the absolute cheapest phones will give you a hard time and will earn you less money. If you have $100, invest wisely and purchase a phone with good solid performance:

  1. The Moto G for Verizon ($69.99) is a popular phone around here and has solid reviews from Perk users.

  2. The ZTE Z740/A&T Radiant ($70.16) is another solid phone that, in my personal experience with it, works really well with Perk; I've had no issues with it at all.

    Another decent phone on Amazon is the Samsung Galaxy Rush ($47.99). It's a bit better than the cheapest phones and a bit worse than the first 2 phones I mentioned.

    Now, if you want the cheapest phones on Amazon that can run Perk TV, the Kyocera Hydro ($33.79) and the Samsung Galaxy Centura ($40.36) are options.

    OP, I really recommend the ZTE Concord II by Metro PCS. This phone has the most value for the money (yes, you'll have to buy it with a credit/debit card) at only $29! This works just like the Moto G or the Radiant; it's fantastic for Perk TV and you will be impressed with your earnings.

    Hope this helps
u/siggysiggy · 7 pointsr/beermoney

If you find a particular phone on Amazon, you can track said-phone on the following site:

It is a great site! You set a price for what you are willing to pay and once the price drops to that threshold, it will alert you via email.


-Forgot to add a phone for you to track that is a great phone (I have 10 of them -- and all have held up great). It is the "LG Optimus Exceed 2" ( ... Over Christmas, the phone dropped to a great deal of $11.99. More than likely, however, wont see that price for awhile... Track it with camelcamelcamel and you can let it tell you once it gets below $15.00; at that price, it is a good value.

u/Evexium · 7 pointsr/gaming

Setup Specs:

u/Ennuii · 7 pointsr/PickAnAndroidForMe

If you want a phone that's similar to the Nexus 5X but cheaper you could try the Nextbit Robin ($170 on Amazon). It has almost the same specs but with 1 extra GB of RAM. The 5X's 2GB RAM was a problem for some people so the extra gig should help. The camera on the Robin is not as good though, and the battery life is about the same (average but not fantastic for either phone). UI is mostly stock except for some tweaks, and it has an unlockable bootloader and dev community if you are into that.

If you want a bigger upgrade, I would probably go with the OnePlus 3T. It's a little out of your budget at $440, but it has high end specs and will be more future proof.

u/JustPlainTed · 6 pointsr/NoContract

Moto G with Verizon prepaid $45/no + tax. Unlimited minutes, text, 1GB data with auto pay. I suggest Verizon, because they have the best network for coverage. If you know T-Mobile works, there are a lot of options.

You could also look into paying more for a Moto X used that would be a bit more than your $200 budget.

u/Phawks · 6 pointsr/SwagBucks

The best for your money is gonna be the Optimus Exceed 2 IMO. I have 4 and love them. You can get them from amazon for $15 right now:

u/ReX-24 · 6 pointsr/NoStupidQuestions

Of course, even with a slight update to a color screen!

u/battleshorts · 6 pointsr/solarpunk

I recently had to get a new phone too. Trying to get one that aligns with my morality was incredibly difficult. You could get a basic phone that really only does voice and text. I ended up going with a mid level samsung because it wasn't made in China. I don't feel great about it, I dream of living a life where I don't need a cell phone.

Maybe /r/simpleliving would be a better sub to ask.

u/heelhook79 · 6 pointsr/PickAnAndroidForMe

Motorola x4?

Moto X (4th Generation) - with Amazon Alexa hands-free – 32 GB - Unlocked – Super Black - Prime Exclusive

u/costan1 · 6 pointsr/italy

Assolutamente la serie Android One. OS da Google, 2-3 anni di aggiornamenti e 2 major release.


Io ho il MI A1, perfetto tranne qualche cosa di minima entità, comparabile al Nexus 5 e ENORMEMENTE più veloce. Il Nexus 5, miglior telefono mai avuto, l'ho preso quando era a pochi mesi dall'End of Sale, e quindi mi è durato relativamente poco (2.5 anni), e alla fine soffriva gli OS nuovi pensati per i vari Nexus nuovi..


Sto puntando l'A2 per mio padre, che ha un cinesone che ha funzionato bene per 1 anno e mezzo ma aveva poco spazio disco e adesso con l'SD arranca.


Il prezzo oscilla fra 145 (64GB nero: e 180 (128GB bianco: Probabilmente gli prenderò il primo ma se dovessi cambiare il mio oggi andrei dritto sparato sul secondo..

u/uybo · 6 pointsr/uruguay

$176+shipping: Xiaomi Mi A2 64GB + 4GB RAM, Dual Camera, LTE AndroidOne Smartphone - International Global Version (Black)

u/webdevlets · 6 pointsr/Android

I just need general-purpose smartphone that will work with a Chinese SIM card when I move to China. Is this Moto G7 that is already unlocked a good choice?

$214 or $196.99, depending on the color


I would prefer above-average battery life. I don't really care about a stellar camera. Being waterproof would be a cool bonus. But really, as long as it isn't terrible, and it works cheaply in China, then basically any Android smartphone will do.

u/gliz5714 · 5 pointsr/nexus5x

In case anyone wants a 16gb Used (like new) for $270 from the warehouse...

Also made it a smile link cause might as well give something to a charity!

u/IKilroywashere · 5 pointsr/Android
u/macswell · 4 pointsr/beermoney

You can find all this info if you dig, but it's pretty confusing at first.

If you only have 3 hours a day you want to start by maximizing your passive earners.

  1. The PerkTV app running on 5 cheap android phones, $15 LG Exceed 2's are my personal favorite currently.
  2. Root them using towelroot
  3. Install perktv and beermoney assist
  4. Make an account on perk and use beer money assist to keep the screen always on.
  5. Start perk and play app videos. I recommend placing the phones next to your bathroom or computer. Some place you visit regularly so that your time/brain investment is minimal.
  6. Profit - This setup earns me $60-80 a month (US). Earning is better right now due to holidays throwing more money at advertisers.

    That's a little more than a month to break even and start making a profit, you can start with your existing phone/tablet etc as well.

    From there you can look into growing your farm, supposedly you can have up to 5 devices running each perk app. But you run the risk of getting flagged/banned if earn too quickly, which will then require you to contact perk support etc etc.

    You can look into other passive paid ad-viewing apps. Checkpoints and Charger pay are the noteworthy ones. But they're not worth it if you're not already maxing out perk.

    I only do passive earning so you'll need to chat with others about active earners. Swagbucks is pretty popular and reliable for surveys and similar activities.
u/Fsteak · 4 pointsr/Android

All I see is that you can only get it in black for $99, white is $150, but it looks like that because the white one is out of stock. Nothing about storage/RAM here.

u/iFonePhag · 4 pointsr/PickAnAndroidForMe

If it were for my grandfather I'd keep him with Motorola because he already knew it. I'd try to come up with another $20-30 for him to get a Moto X4.

Moto X (4th Generation) - with Amazon Alexa hands-free – 32 GB - Unlocked – Super Black - Prime Exclusive

u/Redkulaid · 4 pointsr/essential

also to note, there is a Halo Gray phone for pre order with Feb 21st release date, for 449$.

Edit- Looks like its a new color, with amazon only. Bit different then the new gray ver coming out, but cheaper non the less

u/leper99 · 4 pointsr/essential

Not only that, but $98.74 (USD) to send it to Canada (southern Ontario).

Try this.... Change the ".com" in your link to ".ca" and see what Canadians routinely see. The exchange rate (and even any shipping) doesn't explain the difference either. It should be listed at $901 (CAD) + shipping

u/scrubling · 4 pointsr/Android

Planning on ordering the 2018Nokia 6.1 US variant on launch this Sunday but I came across this listing on Amazon. Is this the correct version?

Nokia 6.1 (2018) - 32 GB - Unlocked Smartphone (AT&T/T-Mobile) - 5.5" Screen - Black

u/mcxa1mcan · 4 pointsr/PickAnAndroidForMe

I'm actually looking to upgrade from the same phone and I've been really looking at the Nokia 6.1 (2018). You can get it on Amazon for less than $300 ($269).

It should have a decent camera and battery life and it has the network bands to work on AT&T and T-Mobile. The Xiaomi A1 that you were considering does not have all of the network bands required to work well on AT&T. Because it also comes with Android One, which is pretty much stock Android, she will also have the same software experience from the Nexus 5X with timely updates. The fingerprint sensor is located on the back which should be familiar to her as well.

The only con that I can think of is that it's slightly bigger than the 5X. I believe the Nexus has a 5" screen wheareas the Nokia has a 5.5" screen on it. With that said the body itself is not that much different in terms of size. They just fit a larger screen in roughly the same body size.

Let me know if she goes ahead and gets it how she likes it. I'm torn between getting this now and waiting for the OPO 6 so I probably won't buy this immediately and would like to hear from someone who has the Nokia.

Edit: I should also say that the Moto X4 from Google's Project Fi is also another good option. Timely updates, decent camera and battery life. You can get it directly from the Project Fi website for $250 if you activate it on their service. You can immediately cancel that service after activation and then bring it over to AT&T with your own sim card and a prepaid/off-contract service. If you do go for the Moto X4 make sure you get it from Google so that it's the Android One version which will be directly updated by them.

The screen on this one is smaller at 5.2" which may be a better fit depending on how much that matters to her.

u/forever_zen · 4 pointsr/Nokia

The 6.1 can currently be pre-ordered from Amazon or B&H Photo. I suspect that there will be more retailers when it does officially launch, and that the price for the 3/32GB version will go down after the 4/64GB version is available.

u/zzisrafelzz · 3 pointsr/Chromecast

Honestly, check out the Moto E or Moto G for this (depending on where you live). Newest OS, Really good specs for the cost, and the Moto G is as low as $70 on Amazon.

A cheap tablet is a good idea too. But I find cheap tablets are often slow and not really worth it in the long run. And this would be a nice small controller, like a nice little remote to put next to all the others that may be littering his coffee table.

u/stormbreaker178 · 3 pointsr/PickAnAndroidForMe

There is definitely better available. I believe the Htc rezound is a CDMA phone, yes? If that's the case you could get the Moto G for around $70 on Amazon, however it's limited to Verizon's prepaid plans only. You could also get a used phone from Swappa or ebay for around the same price with better specs, like the Droid Maxx HD, which pretty much blows the rezound out of the water.

Herp derp, I missed the part where you said STWireless. Whoops. Well, in that case, we're looking at GSM phones. Swappa has some used phones at a reasonable price, like the Nexus 4 at $170, which runs stock android, so it performs WAY better than your rezound. There's also the Moto G at $150. If you look at ebay, there are some Moto X's available at around $170 as well.

u/Slinkwyde · 3 pointsr/windowsphone

I'd say that some of the best Android phones out right now are (in no particular order), the Nexus 5, Moto X, LG G3, HTC One M8, and the Samsung Galaxy S5.

For seriously in-depth reviews, check out Erica Griffin's YouTube channel. Android Central is a good source for Android news.

If you'd like to try out modern stock Android without spending a lot of money or committing to any kind of contract, you could buy a $75 8 GB Moto G for Verizon prepaid and use it unactivated as a WiFi-only device (as if it were an iPod touch). In other words, you'd pay $75 once and nothing else (except maybe apps). The Moto G is the best low-end Android phone and a great value for the money. It would be a good way to test drive modern stock Android while you're still using the Nokia 920 as your main phone. The biggest downsides would be the camera and the storage.

The phones that are best for getting Android updates and getting them promptly are Nexus phones, Google Play editions, and Motorola phones. Something called Android Silver is rumored, and it may replace the Google Play edition lineup but we don't really know the details yet. As for other Android phones, unless you buy a popular flagship, you'll get OS updates quite late or might not get them at all. That's where custom ROMs come in.

For really customizing Android, check out XDA, but before posting any questions there, you need to read rules and stickies (FAQs, guides, etc), follow how-to instructions carefully, and use search (forum search and in-thread search). Their XDA for newbies video is rude (not welcoming at all), but there is very useful stuff on that site when it comes to tinkering. /r/Android /r/AndroidQuestions

Glad to help! I think I've said my piece. :)

u/bingana · 3 pointsr/beermoney

Started 2 days ago with two phones (an old iPhone 4S and a $15USD LG Optimus Exceed 2). I'm currently at about 920 videos.

Planning to buy this phone for $10 soon, and my earnings should definitely go up.

u/quadrplax · 3 pointsr/SwagBucks

I don't know if that phone could run the Swagbucks apps or not. I would recommend the LG Optimus Exceed 2. It has a newer version of Android, runs the apps fine from my experience, and is rootable. It's been as cheap as $12 in the past.

u/profnutbutter · 3 pointsr/shittykickstarters

Not a bad idea, but a slightly different use case since the Moto E is definitely larger and doesn't have the hardware media buttons on it. That being said, you can pick up one for like $50 and it makes a great little Wifi smart device, like an Android iPod.

Edit: Also, very very recently, I believe the LG Optimus 2 was on sale for $20 off-contract on Amazon.

u/ebola_flakes_II · 3 pointsr/audiobooks

Motorola Moto E Tracphone. I bought this a few weeks ago on Amazon for $19.99. Microsd and Smart Audiobook Player and you're good to go. Looks like the device is now $36 on Amazon.

u/kball005 · 3 pointsr/NoContract

Ok. Lets run a hypothetical I'm not going to dig deep on the best deal, so you can probably beat my numbers.

Cricket : 2 lines, 10GB for you, 2.5GB for Dad. Cost $60+40-$10 = $90/month. (you can join a group and save more) Savings $80/month

Buy an iPhone 6S from Swappa and a Nexus 5X from Amazon you can find better deals for the 5X.

Total for phones $895.

And just over 11 months in you break even on the new phones and save from there on out. If Cricket doesn't work for coverage reasons, both phones will move to any network you go to.

Cricket is AT&T. Like literally the same towers you just don't get pocket roaming agreements. My day to day usage since switching from Verizon has been equal or even better.

Check coverage maps. Better yet get a sim and a basic account on whatever network looks good to you and pop it into your 5S and test drive it for a week. (You'll have to pay for the service, but might be worth it.)

u/helix-helix · 3 pointsr/nexus5x

It appears Amazon and B&H have the same deal:

Amazon link

B&H link

u/cmlaney · 3 pointsr/homeassistant

Or even a fire tablet, if you can get one on sale.

Edit: Here's a tracfone for $20

u/slolift · 3 pointsr/Ultralight

this phone is definitely heavier at 100 grams. but it is actually a full featured smart phone(although buggy and a shitty camera) and is dirt cheap.

u/GuyFromPittsburgh · 3 pointsr/hardwareswap

Hey OP, hope I can help you out. Here are some terrific options from Blu:

I'm also a Moto Maker with Motorola and so I would be happy to give you a 10% discount on any Moto device if ordered through If you designed and built a 3rd Gen Moto G (w/ 1 gb Ram, 8gb Storage), it will be receiving Marshmallow very soon and so buying a 32gb Micro SD card and formatting it as Internal Storage when Marshmallow drops on the G 3rd Gen will effectively boost the Memory to 40gbs.

Edit: That^ custom designed Moto G (with 10% discount) comes to $162+tax. I'm looking at the checkout screen right now to confirm.

Edit 2: The Moto G 3rd Gen is also Waterproof... :)

Let me know and hope I helped in any way! PM or comment if you have any concerns or questions!

u/Charming_geek · 3 pointsr/PickAnAndroidForMe

I will 100% agree with this. While the Nexus 4 was a great phone in it's time (I had one myself), it's a 5 year old phone and even a new really low budget phone (i.e. the Blu R1 HD that you can get from amazon for $60 w/amazon ads) will outperform it.

I personally have the Nextbit Robin. It has almost the EXACT specs of a nexus 5x, a google nexus phone two generations newer than the Nexus 4 and one that costs just shy of $300 new from ebay, and is better in every single way, while being $15 more expensive than the nexus 4 you're looking at, new. (i.e. $130 from amazon)

It has more RAM (3GB vs 2GB), a MUCH better processor, more storage (32GB vs 16GB), bigger and better screen (5.2" 1080p vs 4.7" 720p), not to mention a tonne of newer features which the nexus 4 doesn't have - fingerprint sensor, NFC, USB-C, fast charging. It is near stock android (updated to the latest version, Nougat, last month) and if you don't like it you can download the Nougat launcher to make it look exactly like stock android

While I am obviously biased towards my own phone, I'm basically trying to say that most, if not all, new phones in the $100-150 range will outperform an nexus 4. The new moto e4 can be bought for $100 (with amazon ads) or $130 without, has stock android, and I believe would be a much better overall experience - it has fast charging and a fingerprint sensor. Stretch your budget to $200 and you have a whole host of really good phones that will not only outperform the nexus 4, but blow it out of the water (see the moto G5plus)

u/TheAladeenies · 3 pointsr/hardwareswap

I'd recommend you take a look at the Moto G 4 and the Moto G 4 Plus.

They are great phones for the price.

u/GiveMeNews · 3 pointsr/PickAnAndroidForMe

Your best option for the best camera under $200 is the Moto G4 Plus.

If you can swing it, and are serious about battery life, then get the Moto G5 Plus for $229. Better low light camera performance, longer battery life, and faster processor.

u/PopDownBlocker · 3 pointsr/lgv30

And I completely understand your perspective as well.

I just don't know why you would go from the S8+ to the V30 when LG phones tend to go down in value/cost after several months.

For example, the LG V20 is $370 almost a year later. It released last Sept. 29th for $830.

Why rush to get the V30?

u/DasStorzer · 3 pointsr/privacy
u/QwertyBuffalo · 3 pointsr/Android

The specific bands you need will depend on your carrier, but the G7 is almost certainly going to be fine with bands 40 and 41.

The regular G7 however, does not have very good battery life. I would recommend the Moto G7 Power instead, which is a phone on the same line but with a much bigger battery. It costs very similar on Amazon at $208, or even cheaper on non-prime options. Alternatively, the Moto X4 is one of the cheapest phones that is rated for proper IP68 water resistance at only $120 (for the prime exclusive version, $135 otherwise), although its battery life isn't as good as the G7 Power.

u/meaniereddit · 3 pointsr/SeattleWA

I went motorola a while back, cause I am all about unlocked offerings, and man they have some value. the "budget" G6+ you cna get at Costco right now is a great all arounder for 200 bucks

I had one, for a while and then gave it to mom when she was jealous.

I replaced it with a moto X4, which was 250!! delivered same day from amazon.

Check the specs and make sure you need more phone. I have never lived a more carefree phone life than rocking a phone with decent specs all day battery that was 1/3 the price of most flagships.

u/alex-mayorga · 3 pointsr/Android

I'm considering this one to replace a Z3c but then I saw that's half the price. Decisions, decisions... What I truly want is a but that's just too much money for a phone IMHO. What's your opinion if I might ask?

u/RubenGM · 3 pointsr/videos

Is not 50, but you've got the Xiaomi Redmi 7 for $130 on Amazon and the Xiaomi Mi A2 for $152. Those are dirt cheap.

u/Paradise_Brunch · 3 pointsr/PickAnAndroidForMe

Nokia 7.1 might be right up your alley.

It is part of android one program meaning it is basically Stock android. It also has hybrid SIM slot. Listed 222 Euros on Amazon Italy Though it is more expensive than A2 by quite a bit


Processor wise 7.1 is slightly inferior to Mi A2 (636 vs 660). Since you like to listen to music, you might want to reconsider A2 since it doesn't have headphone jack unless you have BT headphones.


Hope this helps.

u/FirstLight3368 · 3 pointsr/grandorder

I'm looking for some insight into buying a new phone. Specifically, the one I'm leaning towards right now is the Nokia 7.1. Preemptively, I want to say that I've done a bit of research already and know that generally iPhones handle FGO better than Android but this is what I can afford so please don't simply suggest getting one instead.

Will this phone be sufficient to run FGO for at least a few years (basically up until NA reaches where JP is now)? If not, what kind of specs should I look for in a device to achieve that level of future-proofing?

I'd also love to know if anyone has any personal experience with the 7.1 or a similarly spec'd phone and can give details on how FGO performs such as any lag, loading times, etc. Thanks in advance!

u/quarrelfree · 2 pointsr/perktv

Is it any better than the Hydro? It seems to be about the same price on Amazon

u/DeserveToEarn · 2 pointsr/beermoney

I have 2 Hydros from Amazon, and they are just fine, they are almost the go-to for Perk. I recommend, and Wow! GJ on Swag!!! If you like, I can pm for some other beermoney tips & suggestions you might like.
{Plus, some Swag tips.}
: )
The Kyocera Hydro --
this link might help:

u/Bowsa2511 · 2 pointsr/Chromecast

I personally used my old Motorola Atrix HD, Flashed the latest Cyanogenmod on it, and placed it on Airplane mode to use it as my Chromecast remote. It works relatively well, is pretty smooth, the battery last me literally 3+ days, and I use it with Launcher 8 for a nice, quick, and minimalistic UI for my main "Media/Remote" apps and a quick swipe to the left for widgets, and a swipe to the right for the other apps. This is what it looks like.

But I'd personally opt against getting a shitty old Nexus 7 tablet and such for it will not only be oudated, but clunky.

If you want to have smooth sailing, and a great Remote, that's 720p, has great battery life and is buttery smooth without the need to flash it, get a Prepaid Moto G and then bypass the activation screen by doing the following:

>Bypassing the activation screen is easy, simply hit 1 next time, pull down the notification center, click on the multitasking button and swipe away the activation screen quickly.

This way you'll be paying $99 for a new Phone/Remote that will perform beautifully, and If you want to go the extra mile, you can flash a Nexus-Like ROM.

u/alex_lgr · 2 pointsr/AndroidQuestions

You can get a prepaid Moto G for Verizon on Amazon for only $70 new. See link below. The Moto G is a cost-down version of the Moto X, but still a solid phone. More importantly, it runs near vanilla Android. Not sure if the prepaid thing will work for you though.

u/Eduguy1 · 2 pointsr/perktv

LG exceed from amazon always top of people's list. $15 from amazon new (sold out right now

never used it personally though because amazon won't ship to canada

u/kyerkes98 · 2 pointsr/SwagBucks

Wait for this phone to drop around the $20 range again, and buy it. It will pay itself off and its a nice way to help alleviate the hassle of reaching that first daily goal.

u/sbonds · 2 pointsr/diabetes


Give mySugar support an E-mail. They set me up so that my kid's info shows up on my account seconds after he enters it from school-- complete with photos of his glucometer and his lunch!

We got him a cheap Verizon Prepaid Motorola Moto G and skipped the activation to use it as WiFi-only. I set it up on the school WiFi so the data gets sent to me immediately. The supplies on this specific phone seem to be drying up, but this one looks very similar and is about the same price ($30-50):

Supply Costs

The best way to save money is to get your insurance formulary (also known as a prescription drug list) and be sure that you're using the lowest-cost insulins available (both the once-daily "basal" and with-meal "bolus" types.) I aggressively worked my way into a one month buffer of insulin, then switched to a mail order pharmacy so I get 90 days at once versus 30 days.

Work with your doctor to get an appropriately high number for maximum units per day so you can build up that buffer quickly. This might help:


To help get your mind wrapped around all this new stuff, the book "A First Book for Understanding Diabetes" is the best place to start. You can read the prior version for free online:

The prior version is fine for starting out. The next version added some good info on pumps and continuous glucose monitors-- but you won't need to worry about those for a while.

I was exactly where you were maybe 5 months ago. Take things as you go. It's OK to make lots of mistakes; don't beat yourself up for being human. Call the doctor for advice specific to your situation any time there's a question. The mySugr data will be great for spotting trends.

u/Weavingknitter · 2 pointsr/kindlefire

I use an old LG Optimus somethingorother as my pocket ereader. Several years ago, Amazon offered this little bitty thing for something like $15, and I jumped on that sale. It has been a complete joy. I disabled everything except the kindle app, and the google books app, and it is the best little ereader! If I keep wifi turned off, the battery will easily last two days of vacation reading - meaning - several hours on the plane or bus or car or whatever. Like you, I don't want to drain my phone. Best $15 I've ever spent!

edited to add - just out of curiosity, I looked it up. Optimus Exceed 2. My order indicates that I spent $14.99, yet Amazon will sell you one, today, for $90. What a riot!

u/kingcolex · 2 pointsr/pokemongo

Probably not, a cheap solution would be to buy a prepaid Android phone or a Blu phone. The moto E is 20$ and should be able to play it, bypass activation by removing the prepaid sim.

Motorola Moto E Android Prepaid Phone with Triple Minutes (Tracfone)

u/robotmaker · 2 pointsr/homeautomation

Thanks! The phones are one of my favorite things I've done. They're super cheap and give a ton of functionality. I usually keep an eye out for cheap carrier-locked cell phones ( that sell for <$20. That Moto E I linked is pretty fantastic. For $18 you can boot it up and link it to a google account, but just not activate cell service. The ones I have wall mounted are plugged in and are screen-always-on with a screen saver. I have a few acting as "remotes" where they're set to unlock on motion, so when you pick up the phone the screen turns right to my HADashboard controller for whichever room its in. That Moto E will give me about 5 days battery life with that config.

u/fortinwithwill · 2 pointsr/blackberry

I literally bought 2 Privs from Amazon for 600 dollars like 3 weeks ago. Its actually cheaper now. And its the best phone I have ever owned.

And I don't know why people say the phone overheats or the keyboard is useless. The phone never gets hot since Android 6 and the keyboard is the best feature on any phone. I fucking hate typing on a touchscreen so the Priv is a perfect blend of a regular phone and a Blackberry.

u/Tito1337 · 2 pointsr/PickAnAndroidForMe

I think it's 30 days no questions asked, then you may have to justify it a bit.

Here it is sold by (see "Ships from and sold by" on the page. Also "Product is eligible for Amazon's 30-day returns policy" ;-))

u/Lugeum · 2 pointsr/Android

I would say the Nexus 5X - 32 GB for $420, or the Nexus 5x - 16 GB for $350. They are both solid Nexus phones, I would've normally recommended the 6P, but it cost about $500, so IMO the best for around $400 would be the 5X.

u/drboyfriend · 2 pointsr/nexus5x

> will be shooting a decent number of photos and videos

For this part alone I would say 5x. As a bonus, you get vanilla Android and OTA updates (incl. security).

They're currently $299/$349 on the Google Play Store and Amazon. It's a great deal, just budget in an extra $13 for a USB C to USB Standard-A cable.

u/lirakis · 2 pointsr/VOIP

honestly .. i went and got a cheap android "trac phone" on sale at my local grocery store for $9. It just uses wifi - no cellular data. I put Grandstream Wave on it and gave it to my 2 year old so she can "make phone calls".

It's crazy to me how much you can get for $9 lol.

Any "wifi sip phone" is gonna cost you a lot more, and probably not function any better (if not worse) IMO.

u/worldspawn00 · 2 pointsr/mildlyinteresting

Hell, I can get a cheap pay as you go android 4.4 device for $19 that is probably sufficient for an authenticator...

u/HeyListenHere · 2 pointsr/tmobile

First of all, do not buy a T-mobile phone or an ATT phone company phone.

Tand A go out of their way to limit the phones by hiding bands and other crap.

Save yourself lots of headaches and get an UnLocked phone with both ATT and Tmobile
Unlocked phones just optimize your options for the future. Swithch between various Tmo and Att Options.

At this point, I'd say the $150 Blue Life One X is the best bang for the money.

the $150 Blue Life One X easily looks and performs like a $300 + phone.

Looks good, 5.2 beautiful screen, very slim, Full HD Screen, etc.
the $150 Blue Life One X is not perfect, but an overall good buy.

u/gp_aaron · 2 pointsr/ThunderBay

Contact prices definitely are cheaper right now with their new promotions. Some phones are really priced low for their commitment prices and the monthly plans are lower than they previously were ($70 vs $75).

However if you look outside of the phone offerings that Tbaytel has, you can definitely turn the table on those figures. OnePlus X for $329 CAD, Sony M4 Aqua $270 CAD, Moto G (2015) $245 CAD, BLU Life One X $206 CAD

Bringing the total cost over 2 years somewhere between $1406 and $1529 vs $1680 if one was to take a 'free' phone on a new contract at $70/month.

EDIT: There are some 'free' phones Tbaytel is currently offering that are way better than the above listed ones. HTC One M9 for example; $560 cheapest price online for new + $1200 ($50 24) = $1760 vs $1680 ($70 24). Other free phones, not so much. Moto X Play at $420 outright is cheaper to buy outright, Moto E at $200 outright is a rip off in the first place considering it's $160 from Motorola directly but even at $200 is still cheaper than on contract.

u/Rucka4prez · 2 pointsr/AndroidQuestions

I'm sorry I meant the Blu Life "One" X. I was confused because it is the same price as the Moto G 2nd Gen. The only reason I would pick the Moto G is because of the unlockable bootloader. If you want to do VR I highly suggest picking the Blu because of the higher resolution.

u/Sapharodon · 2 pointsr/zenfone2

First one that comes to mind (that IIRC just got released) is the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3. Though I'm not a fan of MIUI (rather, it's slow and dubious update history), it'll be similarly sized and well priced in typical Xiaomi fashion.

Though it's not a "future" release, Blu just released their Life One X (2016) for a staggering $150. Despite the price, it has a 1080p 5.2" screen, 13mp camera, is on 5.1.1 and is confirmed to get Marshmallow in early 2016. It'll probably have significantly better band support in the US than Xiaomi's offerings - hell, it even has Band 12 support. That said, I don't know if it has NFC support or not.

Edit: Apparently Alcatel was planning a One Touch Idol 3X (with an AMOLED display and a more "premium" feel than the Idol 3), but it was cancelled. What a shame, I bet it would have been a marvelous phone for the price.

u/qualverse · 2 pointsr/PickAnAndroidForMe

> AMAZING at taking photos

yeah, not going to find that in anything ~$200
> one plus 2

looks like you're not shooting that high. this should do the trick, and only $150.

u/angrygamer1023 · 2 pointsr/Android

With some searching around, I was able to find a good phone.

  1. Blue Life One X


    16 GB of memory

    2 GB of RAM
    13 MP camera

    Runs 5.1 lolipop

    1.3 GHZ Octacore processor

    Has Corning Gorilla Glass 2

    Has dual sims


    Cost 138 Euros, 38 over your budget - but you would have to be a fool to not get it

    *Has no modding community, although it runs Lolipop and has great specs, so I don't see how it would be an issue

u/Vliger2002 · 2 pointsr/tmobile

While this one won't meet all your desired specifications, at a mere $149, consider the Blu Life One X (2016). It's compatible with T-Mobile and has Band 12. So unless they work with T-Mobile, HD Voice and VolTE and Wifi Calling won't make it in. Supposedly Marshmallow will come to the device around March 2016. It does have a MediaTek Octacore (roughly around the performance of the Snapdragon 801 often used last year), dual-sim slot, MicroSD card support, 2GB of RAM, 13MP and 5MP cameras, an aluminum frame, and 5.2" 1080P display. But reading some reviews, it lacks in some areas that some may find crucial

It's not an amazing device that'll blow your socks off. But at the price point (especially if you got it for $99 when it first launched 2 weeks ago), it's a great device–definitely better than a Galaxy S3.

I did manage to pick up a couple of ZTE ZMax's for $45 at Walmart (under Family Mobile) before they first stopped selling them. That's also a great low-mid end device (great battery life).

I also have used the Moto X Pure. Currently, no Wifi-calling (not sure about HD Voice and VoLTE, either. Does have Band 12 support on Marshmallow now.

The best device that meets your requirements is the Nexus 5X. For the price of $329, you get timely updates directly from Google, you get HD Voice, VoLTE, Band 12 and Wifi-Calling, fast charging, USB Type C, a great display, and more.

Realistically, it all depends on how much you want to spend and what features you want.

u/snumbers · 2 pointsr/Charlotte

New in box unlocked cell phone, Nextbit Robin in Midnight (grey): $95

GSM unlocked (T-Mobile or AT&T, or their MVNOs), 5.2" screen, 32GB, 3GB ram, Snapdragon 808, fingerprint reader, NFC. Comparable to Nexus 5x. No warranty as of August 1 because they were acquired by Razer. Updates to Android N.

u/codenamejack · 2 pointsr/hardwareswap

if you can extend your budget , this is a good one for 145 + 1 year warranty and brand new.

u/mxwp · 2 pointsr/PickAnAndroidForMe

The Nexbit Robin is $145 on Amazon!!! Don't know about international shipping but at that price it may be worth it anyway. Even though I don't need a phone I am thinking about just buying one anyway.

u/rtechie1 · 2 pointsr/PickAnAndroidForMe

> Blu Life One X2

Blu is currently going through a major scandal where their phones are infected with spyware and other problems.

And yes, they never update phones and have terrible service.

> ZTE ZMax Pro

Also no OS updates, kind of slow too. I would go for the Moto G4 Plus

u/noob1170 · 2 pointsr/Smartphones

im not terribly experienced with touchwiz so the samsung I cant really judge, but my moto g from 2014 is still going strong in my sister's use. My only point is that typically, the more you spend on smartphones, the longer they will last and will save you more money in the long run so i would spend a little more for the g4, maybe the g4 plus if you're into fingerprint sensors. motorola is also know for pretty quick updates, but not so much anymore since they were bought by lenovo. The g4 is also on sale right now

u/miss-ann-thr0pe · 2 pointsr/AndroidQuestions

Get an unlocked Moto G4 Plus for like $200! It has an FP sensor, and near stock software. Here's a link to one on Amazon

u/jatan1986 · 2 pointsr/NoContract

Amazon finally giving $50 instant discount on no-ads version during checkout

$150 16gb G4 ($180 for 32gb):

$200 16gb G4 Plus ($250 for 64gb & 4gb RAM):

u/pyrocompulsive · 2 pointsr/lgv20

here ya go bud. on sale for $799. silver isn't coming untilt he end of the month..i wanted silver initially, but i'm impatient lol besides if i ever wanted silver, i'd just but the top and bottom parts and a bakc plate and change it to silver myself! haha

u/aboyhasn0name · 2 pointsr/mintmobile
u/ihatethishit · 2 pointsr/minimalism
u/SuperSonicLama · 2 pointsr/Accounting

Nokia 3310.

Long battery life, will easily last you 5+ years and no annoying whatsapp, Skype, wechat, line etc for your managers to annoy you on your day off.

You got a iPad so you can do most of your "modern computing" on that.

u/riotinprogress · 2 pointsr/tmobile

If you want brand new, look into a Honor 7x, Mate SE, Xiaomi Mi A1 or Moto G5+. Otherwise, check into Swappa. Out of the ones I listed, I'd probably get the Huawei Honor 7x.

u/TerminusBest · 2 pointsr/AndroidGaming

I've never seen or used the brands you link to, but I noticed Amazon is selling the moto X4 for $139.99 brand new and I'd trust that over what you linked. It's in the same price range.

I have not used an X4 myself, but I have a friend who bought one on sale around 229 last year and is very happy with it, so this seems like a steal for name brand mid/budget range phone (was 349 dollars when it launched.) plus Amazon return policy is great so you could easily return and grab one of the others since their standard price is in the 130-150 range anyway.

u/itsamamaluigi · 2 pointsr/PickAnAndroidForMe

You can get a new Moto G6 from Google Fi for $99 if you sign up for service. You will have to activate it temporarily, then cancel service and swap in your existing Cricket sim card. The most it'll cost is $20 for that.


Edit: nevermind, they're out of stock. However, the Moto X4 is on Amazon for $120, you might consider that. Link.

u/CraeBaeBae · 2 pointsr/PuzzleAndDragons
  1. I recommend Moto X4, which you can get for $120 (Amazon Prime bloat, unlocked)-$150 (unlocked).

  2. Another option is Moto G6. You get a bigger screen with some spec sacrifice over Moto X4. $150-$200.

    I have had the Moto G6 since November. The deals on Moto X4 have been ongoing about a month. I would definitely have bought it had I not had the Moto G6. Either way, both phones are better than Moto E4. Note I had the Moto E4 as my Alt about a year ago.
u/lonestar_12 · 2 pointsr/Android


The future is up in the air but they did provide day 1 android P (same as Pixels), so I'm thinking as long as they are in existence, the update situation should be fine.

u/Mikuro · 2 pointsr/Nexus5

$310, not a great deal. Direct link:

Looks like a spam account, too.

u/zen696 · 2 pointsr/PickAnAndroidForMe

Thanks! I'll have to take a look at Nokia too. I wasn't even looking at them since I don't want Windows, but now that they have switched to android, I should take a look.
Nokia 6.1 seems to be around $220 on Amazon.

Out of Moto G6 and Nokia 6.1, which one do you think is better?

u/LiterallyUnlimited · 2 pointsr/ting

Since I wrote that response, they launched US-centric versions that work great on GSM.

u/JackSpoons · 2 pointsr/mintmobile

Nokia 6.1 is another option, slightly more expensive. Users reported that it does have wifi calling on Mint, even though not officially listed as having it.

u/Lyuokdea · 2 pointsr/Android

Is there any way to buy the 4GB/64GB version with a US warranty?

Is the only difference between:


The US warranty and the 3GB/32 GB vs. 4GB/64 GB)? Or is there any difference in band coverage or something similar to that.

u/StoreyedArrow17 · 2 pointsr/askTO
u/Fraganade · 2 pointsr/PickAnAndroidForMe

I have been thinking about this one as well, though it does not mention band 12 or 17 for LTE and AT&T seems to mainly use this. Would it matter?

Is this the one you got?

Edit: Thanks!

u/futurebb · 2 pointsr/PickAnAndroidForMe

If your looking at the Nokia 7.1 here is the where you can buy it with a US warranty. There may be other options that could suit you well like the Sony xperia xa2 ultra for $339 while it may have a weaker processor SD636 on the 7.1 vs SD630 on the xa2 ultra, it does have a bigger battery and a huge screen, if you want to save the money the moto x4, nokia 6.1, and sony xperia xa2 (not xa2 ultra) are good phones for less than $300.

If you don't mind buying without a warranty the xiaomi mi mix 2 should support tmobile and at&t without an issue, while it doesn't come with a headphone jack it does have a more powerful processor.

Also the oneplus 6 (not 6T) is currently $430 on their website

u/OudBruin · 2 pointsr/Nokia

I pre-ordered the 7.1 in the US on Amazon. I don't have it yet, but it's advertised as having Pie right out of the box. So I'm expecting to have it.

u/britishdami · 2 pointsr/tmobile

can conform that XT1955-2 works very well with tmobile network. Fast download speeds but no wifi calling

u/questionaboutm30s · 2 pointsr/TheSilphRoad

It has a 1520x720p screen resolution, but you wouldn't notice it unless you start looking for it, somehow the screen is better than you would think.

When it comes to battery it's a monster and that's it's niche.

Make sure you get the 64GB storage and 4GB RAM version, not the 32/3 version. Basically this one:

I have one right now.

u/timcookytech · 2 pointsr/Smartphones

this phone looks right for you, its the phone with the best battery life btw

u/dopef123 · 2 pointsr/oneplus

OnePlus 7 GM1900 256GB, 6.41 inches, Dual SIM, 8GB, Dual Main Camera 48MP+5MP, GSM Unlocked International Model, No Warranty (Mirror Gray)

u/Threeedaaawwwg · 2 pointsr/oneplus
u/mike_ack · 2 pointsr/Android
u/applesdg · 1 pointr/perktv

I have 5 Hydro's, and purchased three of them brand new for 30$ each
They were a little frustrating the first day or two because of crashes, but I haven't had a single problem since. I would suggest app cache cleaner and set it to clear the cache every 6 minutes. Runs smoothly :)

u/literallyrich · 1 pointr/pebble

It's actually been almost a year since I bought the phone. I had just thrown it in a drawer because I didn't originally have a great use for it. If you're looking for a similar crazy deal, I recommend You can either search for deals on cheap Android phones or set deal alerts to notify you when a great deal is available.

I have seen a handful of similar deals on the Kyocera Hydro in the last year, but I believe this is the post where I originally spotted the deal (it's dead now):

The wiki section of that thread outlines how to do the rooting, remove bloatware, disable the cell radio, etc. The community there is great about compiling those resources for you. If you don't get the exact same phone, note that the rooting process varies for different devices. However, you can find a guide for almost device on these developer forums:

You really don't need to root it at all if you just plan to use it as a GPS/music player, but it's a great way to boost the performance on lower-end phones.

Here's the phone at its fairly low normal price on Amazon if you just wanted to snag the exact same one with a gift card or something and not wait:

If you end up doing something similar and have any questions setting it up feel free to message me!

u/demusdesign · 1 pointr/PickAnAndroidForMe

Oh man, I didn't even think about bad ESN. Before I got your comment, I ordered the Kyocera Hydro on sale for $40. It will do the trick, though with a bad ESN, I'm sure I would have gotten a better phone for the money.

In all the research I've done, it seems the GPS should work without cell service, it'll just have to update once I connect to Wifi. Does that sound right to you?

u/Mikazah · 1 pointr/perktv

Amazon sales have tags on them showing timers. There is no timer on this. The prices actually went up because they have a history of being at $19.99 since early March. And I highly doubt there were multiple ebay sellers suddenly offering cheaper hydros. They've likely been up there for a while as well. The listing for $26 has 78 sold. I can guarantee you that wasn't all in the last few hours.

As for the used ones, they start at $7 used as "buy now". There's a few dozen under $10. Feel free to double check my link. I was never looking at the auctions.

Don't be pulling shit out of your ass. Things didn't magically just get more expensive in the last few hours.

u/LCP1 · 1 pointr/beermoney

hey! someone else also recommended the moto go... was just wondering the verizon prepaid one is sufficient for wifi?

u/Aedesius · 1 pointr/hardwareswap

Edit: The flip cover puts it at about your asking price brand new like you said, but I still don't see why anyone wouldn't just buy it at your price from a retailer they know.

u/LateralThinkerer · 1 pointr/flying

I've used a no-contract Android phone (was $20, now about $30) with the setup bypassed to run Avare with no trouble at all and it has a built in GPS.

u/Daisatsu · 1 pointr/perktv
u/Ornery_Ra · 1 pointr/PuzzleAndDragons

I like your goal then reward system. I will try it!

I play on separate devices. I originally played my alt account on my old smartphone, but then it broke so I bought a cheap replacement for $15. The price dropped down to $10 so I bought another one and started a second alt account. All you have to do is skip the registration and set it on WiFi mode and you have another device for almost nothing!

Edit: The price on it is not quite as good as when I bought it, but I'm sure you can find an adequate device for $10-20. Usually it is the prepaid devices that are cheap to buy. Just make sure there is a way to bypass registering the device and use WiFi only :)

u/Neil_Patrick_Bateman · 1 pointr/Android

Technically it says no "visible defects" that go beyond normal wear and tear. That's not a visible defect...

I'm also considering buying a motorola e or something. But I don't know how they consider something "worth" $20. I mean, could I buy a $30 phone, in box, and send it to them unopened? Are they still going to value it "used" and say it's not "worth" $30? Like this?

Edit: also seems like the $20 clause is deleted from the site now :/

u/luckyleighton · 1 pointr/TracFone

This phone goes for $20. Has kit kat. Small screen, not much ram or on board memory. Works fine. Memory is upgradable through SD card.

u/attackofmilk · 1 pointr/personalfinance

Not sure if you'd be interested in using a Tracfone, but you can buy a one-year Tracfone card for $100 (which averages ~$8 a month for the year if you don't need any more minutes). Personally, I bought the Motorola Moto E as a Tracfone phone for $20 (amazon link) and got a case for an additional $10. If you can stand the limits on minutes, texting, and data, the price is a lot better than the standard $30-a-month phone plans you usually see.

(Also, a word about minutes. The 400-minute one-year card, after tripling actually gives you 1200 minutes in three separate buckets. So you get 1200 minutes to call people, 1200 text messages to send or receive, and 1200 MB of data. So the limited minutes on Tracfone might go a bit farther than you'd expect. You can also buy a card that gives you 1000 texts for $5 if you need to refill on your texting specifically.)

The initial cost of the $100 card sucks to pay up front, but the monthly average of it is worth it.

u/Cayotic_Prophet · 1 pointr/Unexpected

Mel sounds nothing like me... Was Mel ever addicted to crackberry, while hypocritically criticizing people for their addiction to an inferior single button device?

After that, I spent a few years rehabbing with Samsung Galaxy Notes, until a crackberry version of Android was released. The BlackBerry Priv is easily the best device I've ever used. It's truly the best of both worlds.

It has a touch sensitive 35 button physical keyboard. 26(x2) of them can be used for various shortcuts using long or short press of each alphanumeric key. 256gb SD card is all you need...

Shameless plug I know but seriously Reddit, I wish you all knew the experience you were missing.

 Sent from my BlackBerry - the most secure mobile device.

u/LuxMedia · 1 pointr/mildlyinfuriating

Don't let the name scare you, this would be an upgrade from your GS5.

u/smittyline · 1 pointr/funny

This is why I still have a Blackberry. The Q10 and Classic models are a dream to type on, and their operating system feels much more streamlined and solid than Android today (I had an Android phone). They however switched to Android in their new keyboard phone (Priv), in an attempt to regain popularity.

I sound like a shill.. but I would have no issues with switching back to Samsung/iPhone in a snap if they made a better keyboard and a hub messaging system.

I'm undecided on the Priv - it's getting great reviews but it seems like a big and heavy phone. The Q10 is ridiculously comfortable and light.

u/thomphoolery · 1 pointr/bapcsalescanada

$399 on Amazon with free shipping

u/aDDnTN · 1 pointr/ting

is it a sprint phone or at&t/tmobile phone? pretty much the only phones that won't work are SUPER OLD phones with the old style IMEIs and Verizon phones.

I have a tmobile burner that will work with ting service with a Ting GSM sim card, so it should work as long as the bands line up. It's not like it will have 4G anyway, right?

if this is the same device,, then it looks iffy. AT&T fully compatible, but not Tmobile? that's kinda weird.

Have you tried asking Ting Chat for help? they are super helpful and have probably answered this question before. way faster than calling too. you can share the link to the phone you want to order and they will check it out.

Good luck!

u/NightFuryToni · 1 pointr/blackberry

Amazon is your last hope. $279 + FSSS for US, $452 + FSSS for CA.

u/chewychewychua · 1 pointr/blackberry

Amazon warehouse Deal, Used like new $612.76

u/fuzzy_otters · 1 pointr/ProjectFi

I looked at the coverage map and my area is pretty well covered with 4G but I was just wondering if anyone experienced dropped calls, poor phone quality, weird network slowdown,etc. Overall, Project Fi looks like a pretty good package. What would be the best method of getting a phone? I want to spend as close to $300 for a phone as possible so the 5x looks like the one to go with but do these phones go on sale sometimes or would it be best just to buy it through Google?

Edit: I'm thinking of getting this phone which should be a huge upgrade since I am going to be coming from a Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Any feedback from the 5x? Is this a decent price?

u/avipars · 1 pointr/PickAnAndroidForMe

Nexus 5X. Software = Straight from google, so no bloatware and faster software updates.

u/Jack41096 · 1 pointr/ShadowWar

Dont know where you found the Moto e 1st gen for $20, but heres one for $16

u/pugna99 · 1 pointr/perktv
u/Cyberhwk · 1 pointr/Android

Replacing a Galaxy S5 on AT&T that is plenty fast for everything I do. It just won't charge. Considering the following...

u/tinster9 · 1 pointr/CasualConversation

I got fed up with paying for a $500+ dollar phone. I need a good screen size. Surf the web. Play music. Good camera. I ended up buying a BLU Life One X for $150. Android. Some complaints but very happy considering price.

u/mrtheman28 · 1 pointr/Edmonton

Just got one of these BLU life one x

Been pretty good so far

Staples had probably the biggest selection locally

u/XelaSiM · 1 pointr/AndroidQuestions

Could you help me out with some links? I can't seem to find anything that is for the most recent Blu Life One X. Here's a link to the phone I'm talking about: Amazon Link

I guess there has been a Life One X Quad Core model and a Studio X that I can find cases for.


u/Mitkebes · 1 pointr/Nexus5

I'm really curious if this continues to work for you, I'm going through the same thing.

I put tape on the back of the daughterboard connector and that seemed to fix it for a few days, but it's gradually get worse again now. I'll probably try your fix soon, but I'm not very hopeful.

As a side note, I ordered a Blu Life One X to replace it since I doubt any fix I do is going to be permanent. It's $100 if you get it today (goes up to $150 tomorrow) and is pretty similar to the N5 in specs/etc. It's not a nexus device of course, but since the N5 isn't getting any more major updates this won't be much different in that department either.

u/jimbob_9245 · 1 pointr/PickAnAndroidForMe

You might be interested in the Blu Life One X. This website will help you make sure that the phone you choose will fully work with a given carrier (so your not having to check what bands they support).

u/vampirepomeranian · 1 pointr/NoContract

If 5.2" is acceptable it's easy, Blue Life One X 2016.

u/gee_I_am_a_tree · 1 pointr/MotoG

I'm not sure if it's available were you are, but as I said in another comment on this thread, the BLU Life One X kinda stomps the Moto G.

I'm probably going to buy it soon to replace my first gen Moto G. It's better than the current Moto G in almost every way and it's cheaper, too.

u/jackarooh · 1 pointr/PickAnAndroidForMe

I can see that you don't like expensive phones, otherwise I would've recommended the Galaxy S7. I also uncommonly recommend to others any phone that is not made by a large manufacturer because I feel as they are the best. But, a brand named BLU has caught my eye recmently and I really like what I've seen of their phones.

Two that I'd recommend for you is the Life One X($150) or the Advance 5.0($60). I am unaware if a Advance 6.0 is coming soon, because I'm not as much of a phone geek as I used to be.

u/Druid_Fluid · 1 pointr/tmobile

I'd check out the BLU One Life X, only $150 so it's below your budget, it comes with a flipcase and a screen protector. It has 2GB ram unlike some other lower end phones, and 1080p 5.2" screen for great one handed use, also band 12 support and Ive been getting great battery life, but no removable battery.

Other wise I'd keep an eye open for used LG G4 if you want to spend more but get something more powerful, hopefully the price will drop now that the LG G5 is coming out.

u/EntropismAtWork · 1 pointr/tmobile

It's $150, but it's one hell of a budget phone. If you search for reviews, it's being very well received.

At $200, you can't beat the Honor X from Huawei.

u/jjcollins2015 · 1 pointr/idol3

Honestly, I would wait if you can. I bet at CES (early JAN) there will be some newer stuff announced by these two companies. Also, if you do need a phone the BLU Life ONE X is a great deal at 149 at amazon (

u/prolixLegend · 1 pointr/AndroidQuestions

You would absolutely notice a huge speed difference. I would also recommend looking at the Nextbit robin. Its $159 on amazon now . It is a super smooth phone with great battery life and a fingerprint sensor. It has the same internals as the Nexus 5x and has phenomenal front facing speakers. And the squared design is so easy to hold.

u/Frigatedate · 1 pointr/Philippines

Nextbit Robin. Roughly 8k not counting shipping. It's probably the cheapest price/power phone I can find, not counting local brands (and Asus. Still not touching them...)

Here's what confuses me. I can ship through Amazon directly, but then have to meddle with customs. Or I can forward it via My Shopping Box (what GCash uses, apparently), but then I'd have to pay extra for their service. Is that right?

u/kotoshin · 1 pointr/PickAnAndroidForMe has a flash sale right now for U$117.99 if you have redirect service (it's shipping within USA only).

u/ateam55 · 1 pointr/AskUK

Going out on a limb here and saying the Nextbit Robin might be worth a look. The company has admittedly been purchased by Razer in the past few days, but there is no denying that the Robin (for the price) is an incredibly good and well-supported phone.

u/moronmonday526 · 1 pointr/amazonecho

I picked up a Nextbit Robin when my Nexus 6 was starting to get on my nerves. Pair that up with Tasker as others have said. It gets a little hot and the 100GB of free cloud storage is going away in February, but I don't care.

u/yetimind · 1 pointr/mintsim

> htc m9, $218

> xperia, $220.

>nextbit robin, $129 (but no internal storage).

for the "good" part of your question, you need to understand a thing or two about the bands your phone can receive. here's a list of phones which can use band 12 (a newer band expanding coverage) and are VOLTE capable.

u/ContractFree · 1 pointr/ProjectFi
u/ignition386 · 1 pointr/cellphones

Moto G4

Moto G4 Plus

The G and the X are different Moto device lines. The G line is mid-rangers, the X line is high-end.

The Moto X Pure and the Moto G4 both include microSD card slots. The older Moto X phones do not.

u/HORIZONx720 · 1 pointr/PickAnAndroidForMe

Moto G plus or Moto g The new 4th gen G phones are really solid for the price. They are 5.5 inch but they are very comfortable in the hand.

u/y_r_u_mad_bro · 1 pointr/verizon

I really like the Motorola line of phones. I have used the Moto E, Moto G3, and now have the Moto G4 Plus on verizon. My favorite features are the battery life and clean android os. I usually get 2+ days of battery life (light user) and the OS doesn't have any of the crappy built in carrier apps, but I can still add the ones I want.

I just got the Moto G4 Plus and it's amazing. It's less than half the price of a new Galaxy/iPhone and doesn't compromise on much depending on how you use your phone. It's only 16GB but it has an SD card slot to add up to 128GB of storage.

They also have a really cheap ($150) Moto G4 that amazon subsidizes with adds on the lock screen.

So far the G4 Plus has worked really well and is comparable to my SO's Galaxy s6. It even supports the advanced calling features on verizon's postpaid network. It also has a turbo charger that gets me from 10% to 45% in less than 15 minutes.

I usually watch and ebay for deals on used phones as well. I got my SO a Galaxy S6 64BG (new open box) for $250 on ebay.

Edit: I also save money by not carrying insurance. The phones are cheap enough that I could buy a second one for less than what the insurance policy would cost.

u/vandennar · 1 pointr/budget

For my money, if you have or can get a phone that supports it, Verizon's prepaid PagePlus $55 plan isn't bad - 10G of data at LTE speeds and unlimited calling and texting. Doesn't roam in Puerto Rico or US Virgin Islands like postpaid will, but if you're in the continental US, you shouldn't have much trouble.

Otherwise, MetroPCS is a T-Mobile MVNO, so coverage is ehhhh but an unlimited plan is $50 and cheap phones might be easier to come by ( Moto G4 Plus would be my recommendation: )

StraightTalk is not a bad option either, they've got $44/$54 per month plans for 8/12GB data and unlimited calling+texting, and run on AT&T's backbone mostly.

Lastly, if you want to get real weird, TMobile used to/still maybe does, offer an unlimited texting, 5GB data, and 100 minutes/mo, for $30. You have to go to WalMart and then call in, and it can be a pain to get working, but once it's up most people report success (subject to the limitations of TMobile's coverage, of course).

u/lchizz · 1 pointr/NoContract

This is the one I got. Has all the proper bands:
LG Electronics V20 - Factory Unlocked Phone - Titan Grey (U.S. Warranty)

u/caeruleusblu · 1 pointr/lgv20

LG Electronics V20 - Factory Unlocked GSM Phone - Titan Grey (U.S. Warranty)

That should be it :)

u/potholes_and_euchre · 1 pointr/lgv20
u/ART-DUDE · 1 pointr/ProjectFi

The unlocked one like this will work just fine.

u/Marvel-DC · 1 pointr/Nokia

You can get the Nokia 3310 from Amazon since this one isn't available yet. It would only work with AT&T and T-Mobile, or any carrier that uses GSM. Buy it here:

u/Mookyhands · 1 pointr/gadgets
u/grindsmygears117 · 1 pointr/Android

Really? Is this and this wrong then?
The and listings I've been looking at say that it includes LTEB4. I don't want to be wrong and I appreciate your replies.
Edit: amazon listing

u/Chronuscat · 1 pointr/JapanTravel

Have you looked at the Xiaomi MI A1?

It's pretty cheap and seems decent as a replacement phone. It's also an Android One phone so you should be able to install any language you want.

u/AutumnStrings · 1 pointr/vzla

Si no estaba rooteado o con el USB debugging habilitado te toca probar con una pantalla que funcione, podrían comprar este S5 mini y quitarle la pantalla, está en $50-ish:!95126!US!-1

De otra forma, que revise en otro teléfono si sus contactos y demás estaban respaldados en su cuenta de Google, que es lo usual, y así se ahorra la travesía.

Con respecto al teléfono, $290 es buen presupuesto, el Samsung s7 active está en $240 refurbished.

Personalmente, yo prefiero el LG v20 porque tiene certificación contra caídas sin ser tan tipo bloque, está refurbished en $200: y hay múltiples videos de pruebas de caídas y cosas por el estilo. También tiene batería reemplazable y así tienes un poco más de presupuesto para un cargador Quick Charge 3.0, el cable usb-c y los demás accesorios que te pidió.

Edit: En caso de que quieras buscar algo nuevo, puedes esperar a ver si vuelve a aparecer stock del LeEco Le Pro 3 o el Xiaomi Mi A1, que está en $200 :

Also, sape gato lo caras que son las pantallas AMOLED para reemplazos.

Si te quieres aventurar con otros precios, lo más sano cuando buscas teléfonos usados es revisar los que tienen fotos, porque así sabes exactamente qué esperar, de otra forma tienes que leer la descripción o buscar teléfonos que estén o condición como nuevo "Like New" o en muy buenas condiciones "Very Good".

Sin importar qué escojas, asegúrate de que el modelo específico del teléfono que elijas sirva en Venezuela y en latinoamérica en general, porque una vez que esté acá no hay derecho a patalear (sobre todo si eres de Digitel).

Suerte y éxito!

u/jgillich · 1 pointr/digitalnomad

For best value, look into Xiaomi phones, like the Mi A1. Dual SIM (useful for international usage), great specs, great camera (dual even) and Android One (Android provided and updated directly by Google). The only caveat is limited to no warranty outside of China.

u/Aeo-lus · 1 pointr/Xiaomi

I know amazon has the 30 day return policy, but the items sold on amazon by another company explicitly said "No warranty" in the title.

u/tvisforme · 1 pointr/Android

It depends on the carrier. Is this comparable to your device? It is listed as having LTE bands 4 and 7, but not 12, 13 or 17. Rogers uses band 17 for LTE (in addition to others) so a Rogers user would not be able to access all of the available spectrum. The Mi Mix 2 seems to support most bands (4G: TD-LTE 34/38/39/40/41; FDD-LTE 1/2/3/4/5/7/8/12/13/17/18/19/20/25/26/27/28/29/30) but it's considerably more expensive.

I'd guess, however, that if Xiaomi is planning to sell in North America they'd have to revise their devices to reflect the spectrum in use.

u/theg0dfather · 1 pointr/NoContract
u/Earthy_Eagle · 1 pointr/PickAnAndroidForMe

Just checked Amazon's mi a1 description and it says it IS compatible with at&t which is what cricket rides off of

So if I can use it then that's the phone I may get

Edit: saw a Reddit thread on this very thing and it only supports one band. I best just stick to the honor/mate se to be safe.

u/jrshaul · 1 pointr/AndroidQuestions

> Moto X4.

It's another $20 for the G6, which I understand is a newer device?

EDIT: It appears to be pretty similar, and it's $130. I've had mixed luck with Moto products in the past, but it's $130...

u/saul_tee · 1 pointr/PickAnAndroidForMe

I was thinking of just getting this:

This isn't the Android 1 edition right? Is it just an update that comes with the phone or a separate type of Moto X4?

u/Dopeuser88 · 1 pointr/mkbhd

The new color halo gray is selling for the same price on Amazon as others and i have not read about extra price on the web.

u/KomputerIdiat · 1 pointr/PickAnAndroidForMe

Thank you for the suggestion.

I'm not seeing it on Amazon. The lowest I found is 512. In addition, the shows that the reviews are horrid.

The black friday sales are just around the corner, so I guess I'll have to tough it out until then.

Not a lot of information on this phone on gsmarena. How long have you had it? How does the camera compare? Is there anything improved over 6P other than the battery and bricking? Is there anything worse than the 6p?

u/vagdesign · 1 pointr/essential

The deal was 20 days ago when I bought it for $224.

The clear link to the phone is this

You play dirty, I'm not blind nor troll, you seem like a referral vampire...

u/AllHailPicard · 1 pointr/essential

I bought one from Amazon for $356. Look for amazon warehouse deals, and only get one with 'cosmetic damage to accessories'. Mine seems absolutely perfect, and no issues with the accessories either.

Edit: link to see warehouse deals:

u/Lightsout565 · 1 pointr/Android

Amazon is sold out as well unfortunately. If you're looking online to buy one, the USA model is the Nokia 6.1 TA-1045

u/and_youf · 1 pointr/Sprint

Ah I see like Samsung Experience UI. Very interesting so there is a native Android interface without a wrapper. I was about to look up main reasons for the One Edition price difference and I'm sure that is it. So the version I got will have Motorola's skin I guess. Yes Pie is exciting. I know Microsoft launcher is doing the gestures but I'm not interested in aftermarket launcher.

One button looks like it will be good to use and from the photos it looks like X4 still has the navigation buttons on screen taking up space? Can they be turned on and off? This user did a good job comparing and showing the two. I know that is more the normal size now but just too big to me and many sources no say the build quality does not compare. Only thing I'd like is wireless charging. This is Android One if it worked with Sprint I'd get it in a second.

Looking forward to that "sterling blue" color which I guess the One all came in. Getting hopes up which means I'm guaranteeing myself activation problems.

u/PeriKardium · 1 pointr/PickAnAndroidForMe

I am sort of phasing out the LeEco for that reason - I think if something does go wrong well poop for me.

Are you sure about the Nokia? I looked on amazon and both the unlocked 6 and 6.1 were listed as AT/T and T mobile (Ultra uses T Mobile)

Even still, the Honor 7x is something I am considering. It doesn't have Android One, but that doesn't mean I am stuck on a previous android right? As a previous commenter said, its just up to the Honor team to release an update for the phone that has Android 8. If I consider the Nokia 6.1, is Honor 7x still gonna win the ring in your opinion?

Thanks for your help btw :)

u/o0Milky0o · 1 pointr/PickMeAPhone

Nokia 6.1(2018) [Amazon Link :](Nokia 6.1 (2018) - 32 GB - Unlocked Smartphone (AT&T/T-Mobile) - 5.5" Screen - Black

Just recently released on Amazon, it's a little too pricey with $270 but just might be worth it because it's a Android One Phone, pretty sure it'll work on Cricket. Imo it's beautiful, the build quality is awesome too ,but mainly I just want Nokia to make a comeback.

u/mrpickem1 · 1 pointr/NoContract

Nokia 6.1 (2018) - Android One (Oreo) - 32 GB - Dual SIM Unlocked Smartphone (AT&T/T-Mobile/MetroPCS/Cricket/H2O) - 5.5" Screen - Black - U.S. Warranty


u/manuelmor87 · 1 pointr/italy

Io ho da quasi un anno lo Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite, monta Android One quindi ogni due per tre riceve aggiornamenti, batteria da 4000mAh con cui arrivi tranquillamente a fine giornata utilizzandolo molto, 4 giga di RAM, 64 di memoria interna, dual SIM e memoria espandibile con microSD.
Ha un processore leggermente meno performante rispetto alla versione non Lite che ti hanno consigliato altri, ma personalmente lo trovo fluido e difficilmente l'ho visto in difficoltà. Altra nota che potrebbe fare storcere il naso è lo schermo con il notch, ma lì si va a gusto personale.

Attualmente su Amazon è poco sopra i 150€.

u/I_see_dead_people__ · 1 pointr/hardwareswap

I mean for just $50 more you can buy it brand new...

u/brendanskywalker · 1 pointr/AndroidGaming

Super helpful, thank you!

What about this unit as it's about half the price: Xiaomi Mi A2 64GB + 4GB RAM. 2Gb less ram, but do you think that the Snapdragon 660 would significant downgrade from the 845?

u/esau1 · 1 pointr/freedommobile

The Global version which is available on (here) only says GSM / HSPA / LTE ( - under the Mi A2 tab) Wish I could make sense of it (or get hold of an IMEI I could test on the Freedom website).

u/forfal · 1 pointr/bapcsalescanada

u/roflmao567 Both my sister and my brother in law bought the Xiaomi Mi A2 (A1 for my sister because the A2 was not there yet).

They are really happy with their phone and when you compare it on gsmarena it's a great product for 300$. Better than a lot of phone avaible in mobile phone store.

Edit : here my link of gsmanera since the () inside the URL break reddit formating and my post was remove for using google URL shortener :

u/ljog42 · 1 pointr/france

Xiaomi vendent eux même depuis leur page Amazon France le téléphone à 155e pour la version 64gb spécifiée comme débloquée en France : J'ai commandé chez eux le Note 6 pro je l'ai reçu en quelque jours sans aucun problème. Aucun risques quels qu'il soient à mon avis. N'achète pas chez CDiscount ce sont des relous de première et le service est nul à chier.


La FNAC à l'habitude d'être hors de prix j'ai l'impression.

u/jimberkas · 1 pointr/chinaphones

strangely, the Mi A2 has dropped to a cheaper price than the A2 Lite on amazon. I've been watching it for awhile. just an fyi, its $165 for the 4/64 version

u/shadowNET2243 · 1 pointr/nes

As the other user stated Lineage is the new Cyanogen mod. The TL;DR is people tried to commercialize Cyanogen mod and Cyanogen OS was the result. Many of the original people who worked on Cyanogen were straight up kicked off the project after this and many others left. Cyanogen crumbled. Lineage rose from the ashes and will likely never follow the same route.

As far as a solid unlocked android phone (this will depend on your carrier of course), I have two recommenations for you, and this is as an extremely active Pokemon Go player so we're not talking terrible budget phones that can't run anything. I have a cheap option and a more expensive one (only slightly) both are unlocked and support Lineage!

1 - Xiaomi Mi A2. This one is a semi cop-out as I only have the now discontinued Mi A1, but a friend does have one and it largely is the same short of some minor updates. It will run on most carriers in the us and is a solid pre-unlocked phone at only $200. Personally I do still recommend the Mi A1 as it has a 3.5mm audio jack and SD card capability but those are key things for me. It's still a pretty stellar phone at the low price. The last perk of this phone? no custom OS needed, it comes on Android One, which is a program Google started for more budget phones. Phones running Android One are very, very near a perfect stock image on Android, this one containing only 1-2 additional apps that you can barley notice, so you don't even really need to flash a new OS on it if you don't want to.

The more expensive option:

2 - The Pocophone F1 - Also works on most carriers in the US is only a cool $300 and really knocks it out of the park, having the internal hardware of most flagship phones from other providers it kicks ass. Complete with the option for dual-sim or a single sim with an SD card, and having a 3.5mm audio jack this is probably the single best bang for your buck. It has MIUI and Lineage won't be officially supported for it until later this year (but it has been confirmed that it will be). Sporting almost every feature except NFC and not containing an OLED screen (among a couple others) are pretty much the only faults of this phone (aside from MIUI, but thats why Lineage exists ;)

It even has a phenomenal and better front camera than the Galaxy Note 9, and a back camera that is just as good. I would keep your eyes on this phone in the future. I've just ordered one myself last week!

See a full comparison of detailed specs of the 3 phones I've mentioned in this in-depth informational/review post here!

u/witheredjimmy · 1 pointr/Android

Is this the best phone I can get for this price range? (No higher at maximum budget)

u/TwilightDelight · 1 pointr/PickAnAndroidForMe

Hmmm good point I thought I did but I am getting a bit confused. The GSM arena site you sent has different LTE bands to this site here

This is phone that I ordered from Amazon

I am specifically looking for B3 (1800 +) and B28 (700 APT) which are listed on the amazon site.

is there a way to verify which version they will ship? like how would I know the phone they sent me does really support these bands?



read some of the questions and answers on Amazon, the model number for the device is M1804D2SG which is the same as the one in the link above so it should have the same frequency support and should work fine in Australia.

u/txhippiechick · 1 pointr/PickAnAndroidForMe

I'm still researching, but I think I've decided on the Nokia 7.1.

It's $359 and comes out on the 26th.


u/bozoconnors · 1 pointr/Android

Making it! (to the US) (edit: sadly, not the 7.1 Plus)

Pre-order up & shipping on the 26th! If I wasn't so happy with my Pixel 2, that'd be my girl.

u/Minecrafter125 · 1 pointr/suggestasmartphone

Taking a first glance at it, it looks pretty solid. Runs the newest android OS 9.0, has plenty of RAM if you want to do gaming on it. Like you wanted, there are also versions with enough storage that you can download apps without having to worry about deleting others. I don't know if you saw this post on amazon, but that looks like a good deal. A couple others I could reccomend to you are the Huawei Honor 8X, which looks like it should suit your needs. If you are willing to stretch further from your budget for a phone that may last longer for about $250 at the time of posting this, I would reccomend to you the Nokia 7.1. A couple reasons you might want to go for this is that it suits your needs, but it is a more well known and trusted company. I used to have one of these and it was a great phone, although my model was older and the speakers broke once after a couple years. Nevertheless, Nokia has great customer service (which is very important), and they fixed the phone right away. They had me send it to them and even paid for my shipping label and got it back to me within the week. If you want the better customer service and are willing to pay a bit more, then go for the Nokia. If not, the Honor 8X, Galaxy A50, and the P Smart are all great choices. One thing to note is that all three of those are quite similar (in fact, by just looking at the front, you can't even tell which is which!) Under the hood, things are similar. So if you find any of those 3 on a deal, I would just recommend to go for the cheaper one. But in my opinion, if you can afford it, go for the Nokia.

u/assman37 · 1 pointr/freedommobile

>Moto g7 power

Interestingly it has a poor rating on (which is why I refuse to buy the Samsung) but its got a great rating on Well battery life does seem to be extremely good and its not too expensive. Where are you buying this from? Have you got a link? I see this:

u/Zokatz · 1 pointr/cellphones

Samsung A10, Samsung A20, Samsung A30, Motorola G6 Play, Motorola G7 Play, Motorola G7 Power, Apple iPhone 6S, and Apple iPhone 7. All are under $200 unlocked on Amazon with the exception of the iPhone 7 which is about $220 or $230 depending on the color.

Samsung A10 ($140) - Samsung Galaxy A10 A105M 32GB Duos GSM Unlocked Phone w/ 13MP Camera - Blue

Samsung A20 ($170) - Samsung Galaxy A20 32GB A205G/DS 6.4" HD+ 4,000mAh Battery LTE Factory Unlocked GSM Smartphone (International Version) (Black)

Samsung A30 ($199) - Samsung Galaxy A30 SM-A305G/DS Dual SIM 3GB RAM 32GB GSM Unlocked No Warranty - Black

Motorola G6 Play ($170) - Motorola Moto G6 Play Factory Unlocked Phone - 5.7" Screen - 32GB - Deep Indigo (U.S. Warranty)

Motorola G7 Play ($180) - Moto G7 Play - Unlocked - 32 GB - Deep Indigo (US Warranty) - Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Boost, Cricket, & Metro

Motorola G7 Power ($199) - Motorola Moto G7 Power (64GB, 4GB RAM) Dual SIM 6.2" 4G LTE (GSM Only) Factory Unlocked Smartphone International Model XT1955-2 (Marine Blue)

Apple iPhone 6S (Renewed) ($180) - Apple iPhone 6s, 32GB, Space Gray UnlockedGSM 4G LTE Dual-Core Phone (Renewed)

Apple iPhone 7 (Renewed) ($220) - Apple iPhone 7, Fully Unlocked, 32GB - Black (Renewed)

u/O1O1O1O · 1 pointr/ProjectFi

That's too bad considering it is essentially the same phone with more battery (which I love). There's an international version with 64GB of storage and 4GB of memory and a good price. If it was Fi compatible I'd get it... I'm assuming the lack of CDMA which means no Sprint is what kills it for Fi:

u/darcwolf · 1 pointr/mintmobile

Thanks for the reply, I honestly don't know much about bands, what exactly would I be looking for in phones when looking for bands? Right now the 2 phones that affordable to me and have volte (from what I can tell) are the nokia 7.1 and this one I'm actually leaning towards the motorola just because I love having a good battery on my phone.

u/markusko · 1 pointr/androiddeals
u/ArctikMARC · 1 pointr/oneplus
u/the_onionspeaks · 1 pointr/oneplus

Should I get the oneplus 7 international version for someone who lives in america? Its 100 dollars cheaper than the 7pro,

need to know

u/Friweika · 1 pointr/oneplus

Are you in USA? If so will it run on cricket? They're selling the OnePlus 7 gm1900 on Amazon for $472 and was thinking about getting it.

It's that or the Zenfone 6 but leaning more towards the OnePlus. I currently have a OnePlus 3T that's been and still is great.

u/throwaway56useless · 0 pointsr/emulation

i may have found a good cheap android cell phone for emulation?

this one right here don't let its specs fool you. It will run gameboy color/gameboy advance games at 8x speed fast forward with no lag. one con though is the phone can't not go in landscape mode for some odd reason ): nes and genesis emulators should work excellent as well (haven't gotten around to testing them out yet)

u/tomkatt · 0 pointsr/truegaming

> og psp. gets you emulation access to all consoles through n64 with homebrew

Except no special chip SNES games, somewhat janky SNES for many games, and N64 very hacky, sometimes without sound or with tons of frameskip when it works at all. The PSP is a really poor choice for emulation today. You can literally do better in most regards with a budget $40 smartphone and controller. There's actually a $16 smartphone that's technically better for emulation in all regards excepting native PSP games.

u/spinoza844 · 0 pointsr/tmobile Have you thought about this one (10 bucks less than what you asked but still)? This phone is pretty insane for the price. 1080p screen, 13 mp camera, great processor, LTE support. Otherwise I might recommend the Moto G.

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Bampf. Its small, flat, fits comfortably in a pocket... and is damn near indestructible.

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I have the same phone and Metro- I was thinking of getting an upgrade too! I wanted to get the Xiaomi note but it doesnt work well with Metro. I posted a similar thread and was referred this phone.

Nokia 7.1

Also, called Metro and they told me about the Stylo 4

But once I get my money right im gonna get the

Huawei Honor 8:

happy hunting

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Would this work on t-mobile? I've been riding my oneplus 3 but she's starting to slow down so I'm thinking to upgrade this year.

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