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u/Fickkissen · 28 pointsr/de

>So kann es bis zu zehn Jahre dauern, bis sich ein Zigarettenfilter vollständig zersetzt hat.

Das geht ja doch recht schnell. Ich hätte erwartet, dass es schlimmer ist.

Und könnte man nicht auch nur das Rauchen in der Öffentlichkeit bzw. an Orten wo kein Aschenbecher vorhanden ist verbieten?

Oder nur die Plastikfilter verbieten. Es gibt ja auch biologisch abbaubare Alternativen.

Filterzigaretten gleich komplett zu verbieten scheint überzogen.

Edit, weil hier einige glauben, biologisch abbaubare Zigarettenfilter enthielten für Gewässer schädliche Mengen an Gift:

  1. Ja, Zigarettenfilter enthalten Gift.

  2. Die Menge entscheidet, ob das Gift seine Wirkung zeigt.

    Schauen wir uns doch mal an, wie viele Zigaretten es braucht um z.B. einen See mit Zigarettenfiltern zu vergiften.

    In einem Wikipedia-Artikel steht:

    >für Wasserflöhe schon eine Zigarette pro acht Liter Wasser (jeweils 50 % Sterberate).

    Damit 50% der Wasserflöhe des Bodensees sterben müsste man also Zigarettenkippen in den See werfen. Und das auf einmal.

    Um klar zu machen, wie viele Zigaretten das wären: Das wären alle Zigarettenstummel sämtlicher Raucher in Deutschland über 75 Jahre! Und die müsste man auf einmal rein kippen.

    Und selbst dann würden "nur" 50% der Wasserflöhe sterben.

    Die reale menge an Zigaretten, die im See landet ist Bruchteil davon.

    Damit sollte klar sein, dass das durch Zigarettenfilter praktisch kein Gift in Gewässer gelangt.
u/LiquidSunSpacelord · 5 pointsr/trees

There kind of is, actually

Active coal filters (Just an example, there are more brands)

u/Falstaffe · 4 pointsr/whatisthisthing
u/Thtpurplestuff · 2 pointsr/trees

Raw makes some amazing hemp tips, i use them in everything i roll. On mobile, sorry for the ugly link below. I tuck a few packs of these everywhere and I'm always good to go

u/randomfemale · 2 pointsr/stopsmoking

Hey. Don't quit quitting. I finally did it for good after 40 years. I gave up on quitting for long years at a time. I shouldn't have.

What finally got me to be sickened by cigarettes: This type of filter

I started using them because I felt doomed, healthwise, for still smoking at my age. You're supposed to smoke 5 cigarettes on each one of those - then toss 'em. I was tossing after 2 - 3 cigarettes, because they fill up with black sludge - and stink.

It got to where I was so grossed out by the accumulating tar and my fear of what was actually being inhaled (after smoking 40 years, here!!) that lighting a cigarette became more painful than not lighting one. And I quit.

Whatever your age, triggers, fails, falls - Don't quit quitting. It will click. Push through and make it this time. It's so much less stressful than feeling like shit about yourself.

u/kmofosho · 2 pointsr/trees
u/morginzez · 2 pointsr/trees

Oh, I was wrong. They are called "Filter Tips PERFORATED".

As always Amazon has just these XXL-size packs:

u/CubeXombi · 2 pointsr/vaporents

When i was using lots of tobacco i'd buy a baggie of OCB slim filters - they never stopped me from getting high..

u/LatrodectusGeometric · 2 pointsr/explainlikeimfive

If you're looking into safer ways to smoke, or even ways to cut down, switching to an e cig might also help.

u/Backsteinstosser · 2 pointsr/StonerEngineering

No not at all. They are Made to Take Out some of the tabbacos harmful stuff. Like that one

u/zapfastnet · 2 pointsr/ask

link for those wondering WTF a tar bar is some info there in the Amazon reviews

u/ThisUserNameIsLawng · 2 pointsr/trees

check this out. mine arrive tomorrow.

Charcoalito 50 Activated Charcoal Filter Tips

u/hbd85 · 1 pointr/PipeTobacco

You can use this:

it's super cheap, so one filter for one smoke. Don't forget to put a hole in in before smoking.

u/Smarag · 1 pointr/juul

If you want to refill more than once you need to swap the cottonpieces in the moth piece once they get soeaked. Just cut a cigarette filter to size and swap them out. You also absolutely have to press hard on the sides of the pod when closing the rubber seal again to pressurize the pod.

u/---_--___-----___--_ · 1 pointr/weed

You could try cotton filters when you roll if its really bad, but honestly id just recommend drinking a ton of water and taking deep breathes in between hits.

u/BlueCase1 · 1 pointr/RoastMe

Nice pipe that you bought for five dollars on amazon

u/BlueBottleTrees · 1 pointr/trees

They are cotton.

Zen Cigarette Filter Tips Bundle - 5 Bags - 1000 Filter Tips - Regular

u/MischaLikesky · 1 pointr/ArtOfRolling

[Never tried them but I believe these are the same thing](Rizla CARBON ultra slim 5.7 Cigarette Filter Tips - 10 Packet ( but for people in the US

u/frisch85 · 1 pointr/trees

What are you smoking? Spliffs, Js, vape etc.?

In case of Spliffs or Js you could give activated charcoal filters a try. Some people don't like them because they could reduce the THC (by an unnoticable amount) but so far it's my preferred way of smoking.

I say could reduce because some articles say it doesn't reduce the THC and some articles say it does reduce the THC.

u/yabacam · 1 pointr/trees

get one of those long cigarette holders like they used to use in the 50's .

Like this, but not this one in particular

u/BobDole101 · 1 pointr/Cigarettes

Just gonna add on since I use these constantly. I would recommend the white perforated tips
The prerolled are really small and the others can be annoying to roll. The perforated ones allow you to make them whatever size you want. The prerolled are really only good for cone Jays imo.

u/GuyThatSaidSomething · 1 pointr/TronMTG

Filter tips are like 5-10 dollars for more than you could reasonably use in like a year... This makes no sense to me :(

Here, for your brother:

u/tryingtogrowlegs · 1 pointr/trees

Just spend a couple bucks and by the perforated filters. They're worth it.

This will get you 10 books of filters for $6:

u/Accountforsexystuff_ · 1 pointr/science
u/Kathakush_ · 1 pointr/ArtOfRolling yeah it cuts a bit, but not with properly cured. When it's uncured, you can actually see the resin starting to drip out the end.

u/Titanosaurus · 1 pointr/AdviceAnimals

Pick up a targard filter or Nikostops. IT significantly lessens the harshness and arguable stops the nicotine before it even enters your lungs.

INB4 "Nice try Targard/Nikostop representative"

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/Tobacco

Sure, no problem

I looked at loose tobacco here; note that "pipe tobacco" is code for "we had to relabel it because of a 7500% tax increase on cigarette tobacco" and will work fine for smoking.

You can get everything from there; bugler papers are a little cheaper on amazon for a 24 pack case if you have free shipping. I bought Bugler because I've used their papers and tobacco before and they're good cigarette quality (would not use for joints though.)

this is the hand roller, I use a 100mm size but note that bugler papers are a little shorter. My cigarettes come out about the size of a marlboro red but 100mm length roller and 1 1/4 inch papers will get you long king-sized cigarettes.

18mm king sized Top filters - I had to shoot in the dark for filters; I ended up with these and end up with perfect short little cigarettes.

There is a slight hitch; the filter sometimes get a little loose as it comes prewrapped in its own paper. I've just kind of kept rolling and trying to figure that out; my guess is packing the roller will get the paper nice and tight around it. Also you'll have to clip the loose strands of tobacco at the end of your finished smokes and likely have to let them dry a few minutes too.

Finally, you can get organic leaves from here; I wash them, dry them, destem, and then cut them with scissors by folding them up and clipping tight little slices that unfurl to long, thin strands like cigarette tobacco.

u/lifeisamazingithink · 1 pointr/Cigarettes

Get a TarGaurd, it should help with this issue, and it reduces the after effects like smokers cough.

u/MY_HARD_BOILED_EGGS · 1 pointr/gonzo

I bought a few of these, but sadly no Dunhill. I haven't a clue where to find them in Jersey, unfortunately.

u/throwawayhastaway · -2 pointsr/eldertrees

It has a minute filtering effect... (Pull out the filter, unravel it, and examine; after finishing)

If you actually want to filter a joint, get some roll-your-own tobacco cigarette filters, like these.

EDIT: just an FYI that your lungs are self-cleansing... They naturally clean out the resin from cannabis smoke. Part of the reason tobacco cigarettes are so devastating to the lungs is because the tar from tobacco cigarettes is synthetic, and not organic, like cannabis.

Your lungs can easily clean out organic cannabis resin, VS tobacco cigarettes synthetic tar.

That's why cannabis actually slightly improves lung function and dilates the bronchi, instead of harming lung function.