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u/Super_Badger · 7 pointsr/whatisthisthing

If you do not want to pay $120 + shipping. There is a similar idea on amazon with laser cut blackout curtains. You can get 6 52" x 63" curtains with prime and still have some money left over for the price of the original ones. Maybe someone will sell custom laser cut curtains.

>source for price

>As the images were designed for narrow windows, they can be combined and cropped as you wish to cover a wide window (for example images New York 1 and New York 2 can be grouped and part of the image New York 2 can be cropped etc.). Our designer services are free.

>“HoleRoll” roller blinds can be 2 types: Open (reeled on the tube fabric is visible). Closed (reeled on the tube fabric is hidden under the plastic stuff).

>Each “HollerRoll” roller blind is made-to-measure. Maximum height is 1750 mm. Width of roller blind’s fabric is equal to the width of the glazing bead, as pictured. Please use the form below to calculate the price (product width should be rounded upwards to the nearest value).

u/verylovelylife · 6 pointsr/BabyBumps

Thank you!! I got them off Amazon! They are also blackout.

H.VERSAILTEX Classical Style Stone Blue/Red/Beige/Black Triangle Pattern Room Darkening Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtain Drapes with Antique Grommet, 1 Panel - 52 x 63-Inch

u/guinp3ndragon · 3 pointsr/BabyBumps

More pictures:

  1. ⁠The rocker glider we got off of craigslist for $100. Super comfortable and clean! Way better than the old Windsor one I had that broke within a month. I’m not sure the brand but it’s very good quality and the folks we bought it from said it was from a friend’s furniture store.
  2. ⁠The crib and dresser set were $150 for the pair, also bought off of craigslist. Amazing score! They’re both Delta products. The changer topper was bought off amazon to hold the pad in place:

    Delta Children Changing Kit, Black Cherry Espresso

  3. The mobile is off of Amazon and we bought it last, it’s got a space ship and airplanes/clouds — we thought it was perfect! Mini Tudou Musical Baby Crib...

  4. I couldn’t find the link to the storage cubes for some reason, but it was a SONGMICS 6-cube storage rack, also bought off amazon. The cubes were separate: IKEBANA Set of 6 Multi-Colored Handle and Label Holder Foldable Fabric Drawers Storage Cubes, Convenient for Clothes Storage Or Kids Toy Organize

    I absolutely love this piece with the art we also bought off amazon above it. The frames were from dollar tree! We use the cubes to store his blankets, extra changing pads, pump materials, toys, extra bottles and pacifiers, etc.

  5. Here’s the link to the curtains: BGment Blackout Boy Curtains -...

    And the stickers: DECOWALL DAT-1406B1506B Animal... (balloons/planes)

    RoomMates RMK2619GM Wall Decal,... (rocket ship)

    ElecMotive Wall Stickers of Tree Owls Wall Decals for Kids Rooms Nursery Baby Boys & Girls Bedroom (owls)

    We originally wanted to do a space and elephant themed room, then changed it to animals and space, then changed it to a general sky theme. These pictures are from yesterday when we finally finished, a day before our c section we were just surprised with! Due to complications this ended up being our best option, I’m sitting in the waiting room right now trying not to think about how thirsty I am, haha. Pictures and birth story are soon to come of our baby boy Isaac! 😊

    Edit: ignore the plain gray sheet on the twin bed, that will have a comforter set on it soon for my seven year old daughter who will be joining us part time in a couple months. It’s hard to see in the photos but we put some glow stars over her bed, and my mother will be making her a sheer canopy to hang over as well.
u/JurassicPark-fan-190 · 1 pointr/DesignMyRoom

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RYB HOME Blackout Curtains for Kids Room Decor Foil Printed Dreamy Star Curtains for Children's Bedroom, Insulated Drapes Light Block for Bedroom/Living Room, Wide 52 Inch x Long 84 Inch, 1 Pair