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u/Goloith · 12 pointsr/guns

Then that's a shitty ass gun range. Most ranges don't give a shit about retarded laws. Personally I have a copy of the March 21, 2017 letter on me when I take my AR 9 to the range.

Anyways here's my AR 9

u/kayakyakr · 7 pointsr/BackYardChickens

If you live where it's hot, they'll breath mouth open like that. They'll also hold their wings out to let the air cool them better.

Also you need to get her a coop where she can be safely locked up at night. It can be made very simply, but it needs to be covered with 1/2" or 1/4" hardware cloth like this 4'x50' roll

Take a look through these coops and see if you don't get inspired. You will have to let her out daily, but she'll be much safer in a coop. You really just need a 3'x3' nest box with a roost and a bit of a run for when she wakes up early and you don't.

u/Crabbity · 6 pointsr/Truckers

just look for wire rope cutters, electrical supply houses usually have them.

u/arizona-lad · 4 pointsr/HomeImprovement

Get two of these kits:

Works really well, and you will end up with a pair of gates that will never sag. You will need a pair of well anchored posts to attach them to, but you can handle that.

u/robert_cortese · 3 pointsr/SanJose

>That's a gorgeous fence

My wife would digress, she says the curve isn't centered. 2 flats on one side, 3 on the other.

>I am an idiot

C'mon you run trivia nights, I've seen you post here plenty. There are true idiots on this sub, and you're not one of them (IMHO)

>don't know if I could actually do that.

Don't know until you try. I didn't know until I tried, but I had some fencebuilding experience when my family still had ranches (mostly the old men yelling at me to carry wood, sand, nail, no cutting)

This is how I did it. Maybe I can lend a hand, I dunno. You'd have to entertain my wife and kids and maybe feed us or something. Maybe you could do the same for us sometime.

Tools: (mostly cheap harbor freight)

  • Miter box saw. This let's you cut fairly precise angles.
  • Jig Saw. For finishing the curve on top.
  • Drill. For putting things together
  • Hammer Drill. For drilling in cement anchors (Mine is freestanding, not attached to the fence or house)
  • String, for making that swooshy curve.

    I started off by measuring. Once I had my measurements in, I took a long hard look at my neighbors fence (we have that picture) and copied the framing. I scaled it for my entryway.

    Once I had the basic design down, I drilled in my post cement anchors. I used 4 of these Simpson Strong Tie Fence Anchors. Even after a year, the fence is still as strong as the day I made it.

    After I had my posts up, I put the J screw hinge onto the posts and connected some cross members so the posts would shore up against each other.

    I took what would become my gate frame, and put the other half of the j screw hinge in. Then I did one final measure now that I knew how much space the hinges took up.

    Pulled the 4x4's off the hinge post, and built out the rest of my frame. I made sure to leave plenty of room at the bottom for the gate to swing freely. After the frames were complete, I re-hung them on the J hooks.

    Once the frames were up, I began skinning them. I laid a 4x4 at the bottom to give myself spacing (Didn't want the skin scraping) and put up fenceboard. Throughout this entire process, I used deck screws with the star bit. These bits don't slip, and the screws are coated to sort of self lubricate themselves through the wood.

    After all the skin was up, I tied a string to where I thought was center at the bottom of the fence. I stretched the string to the top of the fence and tied a crayon to it (just didn't have a pencil) The string acts like a giant compass, and let me make a nice even arc.

    Finally, I took a hand held jig saw and sawed along the line at the top making that nice curve.

    Only took me a day to knock it out.

u/[deleted] · 3 pointsr/DIY

Do you mean patio? :P

Easy enough. Get one of these then do the hammer drill thing. For bolts in to the concrete either use the wedge anchor or set some bolts in with epoxy. Probably wise to use stainless steel for all your bolts.

u/CoffeeNomad51 · 3 pointsr/woodworking

4x4 Post Support table Leg Bracket w/screws (actual Size 3.5"x3.5") POST NOT INCLUDED!

u/ManousBS1Each · 3 pointsr/BackYardChickens

Maybe this will help. I don't know what hardware cloth is called in AUS but here is an example of what they are talking about Hardware Cloth

u/beach_son · 3 pointsr/parrots

They sell galvanized steel screen mesh that is suppose to be pet proof but in no more than two days a persistent bird can rip through it. I would make a frame that can go over the window with mesh like This! over a wooden frame like this !

u/chemosabe · 2 pointsr/BackYardChickens

It's not available right now, but I bought this from Amazon. It was less than half the price of Home Despot, and with free shipping, it worked out well. It's super sturdy, and good for keeping out predators.

u/S_W · 2 pointsr/DIY

I've looked into this quite a bit and the best way I found (which may be overkill) is to get the following:

  • vinyl coated steel cable LINK
  • Swageless Fork Terminal LINK
  • Eye Hooks at your mounting points that the terminals will connect to
  • Optional Turnbuckles LINK

    The turnbuckles would really only be needed if you don't believe you could get the steel cable tight enough, but if you have a short span it shouldn't be an issue. If you plan to run the steel cable through each eye hook and only have the terminals at the ends, then the turnbuckle may be needed.

    They also make much cleaner looking solutions where the terminals have a built-in turnbuckle like THIS and terminals that have a lag bolt already attached which would remove the need for eye hooks like THIS
u/jrhooo · 2 pointsr/ar15

Magpul 5 slot MOE rail section

Quick 3 minute install. costs about $6

u/free_sex_advice · 2 pointsr/HomeImprovement

My gates are all wood with a correctly built Z frame. The hinges are just off the shelf strap hinges. I really like ring latches.

However, after someone on another thread suggested adjust-a-gate, I had a look and I think that's pretty good stuff!

u/bluefalcon4ever · 2 pointsr/army

Gun smiths.

Are you going to be using a laser sight or a laser pointer?

Like buy a 4 segment rail and another picatinny thingy and mate the two things with epoxy or something. At a 90 degree angle.

u/stevenfong · 2 pointsr/landscaping

We faced this exact problem. Moved into a new home with a severe gopher problem. Fumigation was ineffective. We cleared the backyard out to bare earth and put hardware cloth in under our soil amendments and new sod.

In my research (UC Davis has a great right up here), there are no effective repellents for gophers. The only effective treatments are exclusion (putting in hardware cloth), poisoning and trapping. I went the trapping method and baited with peanut butter. We've been able to clear gophers out of the backyard and I'm working on hunting down the last (I think) gopher in the front.

One more note: don't waste your time with chicken wire. Gophers can chew through the wire and it'll rust away too quickly to help for long.

u/Sykirobme · 1 pointr/RATS

Some people use chicken wire.

Carpenter cloth is another popular solution.

u/happyshlappy · 1 pointr/ar15

Yep, toss one of these on the side for the light, one in the bottom for the grip/bipod.

u/chrisbrl88 · 1 pointr/HomeImprovement

Dig a hole 2 feet deep (minimum), pour a footer using an 8" tube form, and use a post base. You can set the base and put the anchors into the concrete while it's still wet to avoid having to drill (just make sure you get it plumb using a torpedoes level). It'll run you all of fifty bucks. The EZ base is the most expensive part.

u/Jmyers6213 · 1 pointr/malelivingspace

Cable Railing Kit Deck Railing 20...

I was pleased w the quality for the price.

u/WhitefangdDS · 1 pointr/guns

Would this work?

Where can I find a rail with those dimensions?

u/BobLablawitz · 1 pointr/microgrowery

I have a whole bunch of this stuff in storage. I was thinking of cutting out every other wire to double the size of the holes and using this as a fixed net. Do you think fixed netting would be harmful? My thoughts are that it's stronger than string and re-usable.

u/Jimskalajim · 1 pointr/ploompax

Nope, get the pax caps...
Prescott Plastics 10 Pack: 3/4 Inch Round Black Vinyl End Cap, Cover Rubber Flexible Tube Pipe Marine Safety Tip 0.75"

u/person_ergo · 1 pointr/vegetablegardening

For rabbits you an use this -- in store is cheaper than amazon.
I'm still anxious to see if the rabbit in my neighborhood can jump this or dig under. I cut it in half so it's only 1 foot high all around.

Deer can also eat kale, squirrels can be a PITA I hear. Best bet is to go all around with row covers or make this

u/Bareen · 1 pointr/castboolits

.223 are going to be pretty hard to pan lube no matter what because of the small size mixed with the length. You could dip the bullets into liquid lube, but doing that is pretty slow and not really something you will want to to with bullets you will shoot mainly in bulk.

Another option would be use some small wire strung across the pan to form a grid pattern, drop the boolits in nose up to each square before pouring lube into the pan. Along the same lines as that, a baking cooing rack or some hardware cloth should work great and be easier than wire.

That said, is there a reason that you don't want to powder coat the .223 bullets?

u/gunthrowaway99 · 1 pointr/guns

I have a Mossberg 590A1 (18" barrel / bead sight) with...

u/SearingPhoenix · 1 pointr/Nerf

Copied from the album:

>Fantastic little light package. The reason I particularly like this kit is because the the flashlight houses its own charging circuit, so you just plug Micro USB in and you can charge it on the fly (off a phone charger), no need for something like a NiteCore charger.

>The overall size of this thing is tiny for how much light it puts out. It has three settings, with memory for the last one used when turned on, from 'blinding' to 'good enough' to 'decidedly dim, but bright enough to not trip over things'. I set it to the middle one. While it has a strobe mode, it's quite difficult to activate accidentally --requiring repeated rapid presses -- which is great for Nerf. I did have to pad the mount with a rubber band, as the flashlight is a smidge under the 1" diameter for the mount. That's fine, though, as it protects the finish of the flashlight from metal-on-metal contact. A polymer mount would be significantly lighter, and I might look to see if one is out there.

>The parts of this kit are as follows.:

>MagPul 5-slot MOE rail

>Off-set 1" Flashlight Picatinny Mount

>JetBeam EC-R16

u/WangCaster · 1 pointr/BackYardChickens

So what you are saying is that I's want to wrap and secure it to the coop:

Would I have to secure it top to bottom or could I get by with just wrapping the bottom of the coop? Thank you so much for the help.

u/walkswithwolfies · 1 pointr/HomeImprovement

Get a roll of hardware cloth and cut a piece off to fit the exposed area. This stuff comes in handy for rodent proofing your house, too.

You can also have a piece cut for you at any hardware store.

Roll of hardware cloth

u/Hedsteve · 1 pointr/DIY

Fill the buckets and then install brackets on top.

brackets on Amazon

u/Pastor-of-Disastor · 1 pointr/HomeImprovement

Maybe some sort of cap that goes over the contact area? This is what I found quickly.

u/lost_profit · 1 pointr/MINI
u/the5thpixel · 1 pointr/ar15

I believe both the magpul AFG and VFG can mount to that handguard WITHOUT using rails... one of the perks. I know the VFG can for sure. I mount a flashlight on my handguard (I have the same one) and I use the tiny rail section and mount it on the side. Here is the rail I got:

u/ShartEnthusiast · 1 pointr/guns

Kinda like this, assuming the hole spacing is correct...

Magpul MAG406-BLK MOE Polymer Rail Section, 5-Slot, Black