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u/snackerjacker · 21 pointsr/delusionalartists
u/GitEmSteveDave · 3 pointsr/whatisthisthing

TONS of shot glass/drinking sets come in sixes. I own a crystal vodka serving set where the elongated glasses sit in a master bowl with ice to cool the vodka.

u/b52src · 3 pointsr/wicked_edge

Like the iced pineapple(u/stirlingsoap makes a great product, hear island man is good too but have not tried it yet), great smell during the shave the smell is not very strong after the shave so you can easily finish with a different smell for the aftershave(pairs well with other fruit smells)

Summer and Jimmy Buffet comes to mind with this shave.

The bowl was an amazon find was looking for something bigger than the small soap bowl I had but ended up with this thing, easy to hold but larger than expected. Works great and looks unique so I’ll probably stick with it.

u/eimieole · 2 pointsr/whatisthisthing

It looks to me like the kind of bowl you put on a dining table, filled with fruits, flowers etc, as decoration and something for guests to talk about. I made a fast search for decorative centerpiece antique and found this, for example: [centerpiece] (

I think hot soups were seldom served in metal bowls, since the food would very soon get cold. And the metal would become rather hot to touch. Sometimes you'd serve sauce from a metal container, though. Then, of course, I'm only familiar with northern Europe traditions.

u/lykideus · 2 pointsr/reptiles

No worries at all. Not only do you have your own life, you're on the opposite side of the world from me. I've really enjoyed this discussion - not only am I able to help you out, but you're curious about a subject I love. Basically a win/win for me. :)

I honestly couldn't tell you how many teeth snakes have. I've seen maybe 6? on Puppy.

Those pictures are actually a few months old. She's going to shed tonight or tomorrow, though.


I bought this pump and filter combination, and this bowl to use as the basin. I also purchased some PVC pipe (3/4" inner diameter I think, 1" outer diameter), a couple sheets of flagstone, some flexible tubing (5/8" inner diameter, 3/4" outer diameter - so it fits inside the PVC pipe), some large diameter black pipe for spacing out the rocks, some gravel, and assorted fittings for the PVC pipe.

I built the frame out of the PVC pipe - you can see it a bit in the picture. It's the white pipe. The frame is composed of a rectangular cube, with T-fittings around the bottom edge. Each of the Ts points inward. I then have a single fitting that takes in all four of the Ts and lets you send a central pipe straight up. The gravel is in the bottom of the bowl, and the frame sits on it.

Next up, I cut the flagstone. Flagstone breaks in straight lines, so all you have to do is get a chisel you don't care about, score the line that you want to cut, and then put the chisel in the score and smack it with a hammer. It will break along that line.

Next I used this 1" diamond core drill bit to cut holes in the center of each piece of flagstone. The holes wound up being slightly too small, so I used these diamond files to make them wide enough to fit the PVC pipe.

Then I put the stones onto the frame, using the black spacer pipes between them.

Now, in order to get the water to actually flow, I drilled a hole through the center pipe in the frame, below where the lowest piece of flagstone sits and fed the flexible tubing through that hole and up to the top of the waterfall. Then I hooked up the pump to the flexible tubing.

Last but not least, I got a lamp dimmer and connected the pump's power cord to it. So, I basically have an on/off switch for it. That's necessary because the waterfall splashes a bit. If I left it on all the time, it would soak the substrate.

All told, the waterfall took months of work and a lot of mistakes. The final product turned out well, though.


If you have the freezer space and your snake cooperates, f/t is the way to go. It's the cheapest and safest option.

I feed Puppy live, but that's because she's a very picky eater. She refuses to eat anything unless it's alive. I recently switched her from a species called African Soft Furs (bigger than mice, smaller than rats) to regular old rats, which she didn't like at all. The entire process took around 3 months of hard, moderately traumatizing work.

However, that's a very specific issue that happens with carpet pythons - they get fixated on a single food source and can refuse to switch. I doubt you'll have that sort of problem.

One more thing - usually you want to let your snake digest for 1 - 3 days after you feed them. If they are full and become very bothered, sometimes they will regurgitate their meal. That is definitely bad.


Yeah, ideally the shed will be in one single piece. The shed is actually longer than your snake is however - as they are shedding, the skin stretches to let them get out.

What I'd suggest is looking at the skin initially. You should be able to see the eyecaps on the discarded skin, the tip of the tail, etc. If you do notice stuck shed, there are a few common approaches:

  1. Soak them in a tub of reasonably temperatured water for like 15 - 30 minutes, then pull it off by hand.
  2. Put them into a damp pillowcase for a while. The moisture will loosen the shed, and the pillowcase will give them enough friction to rub it off themselves.

    Shedding is hard work, so I usually feed them a large meal, let them rest for a few days, and then hang out with them. However, it's totally cool if you want to hang out with your snake immediately after a shed, as long as your snake isn't acting stressed.
u/ahapxir · 2 pointsr/satanism

I own this necklace and its very well made

this is probably the most accurate and satisfying Baphomet statue appearance, tho I have not ordered it yet as it's quite expensive

Here is a satanic pentagram ring, or alternatively, here is a Baphomet ring

here is a Baphomet Jewelry Box, and here is an incense cone holder where the smoke comes out of Baphomet's mouth

Heres some extra stuff:

mortar & pestle

satanic bedtime stories

Baphomet Wall plaque

Baphomet Poster

pentagram ritual bowl

ritual knife, do not cut anything with it

Hope this helps

u/unRatedG · 2 pointsr/turning

Cherry, maybe... It looks to be about the same color as the bowl blank I ordered on amazon.

u/lendmeyourbeard · 2 pointsr/GiftIdeas

Here's an umbrella with a message that might be fitting.

Some nifty handcrafted beer soap. It comes in different scents, and you can get a trio, too.

You mentioned she likes crafting. Does that include knitting? My knitting friends love yarn bowls.

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u/TXDan · 1 pointr/wicked_edge
  • Razor - 1930's Cooper Monobilt (Broke it out for this shave)
  • Blade - Gillette Platinum
  • Soap - Chiseled Face - Santa Paula
  • After Shave - Chiseled Face - Santa Paula
  • Brush - RazoRock Plissoft 24mm Synthetic
  • Bowl - Captains Choice - Gun Metal


    I'm showing some well deserved love for Santa Paula! Santa Paula was a hidden gem nestled in the Sample Pack from Groomatorium. If you love the orangy / citrusy scents then this is definitely for you. Its made with Petitgrain (Bitter orange stem & leaf), Siberian Fir, Bitter Orange, Clary Sage, Litsea Cubeba, Siam Wood, and Cedar. From the second you begin to lather, the Orange aroma hit you. The Orange is very bright and fragrant , then there is a light woodys, earthy, floral base note. A very well put together scent profile

    The aftershave is the icing on the cake. Same amazing Orangy / citrusy / light woodsy smell with a nice sting and then a light long lasting cool from the menthol.

    Santa Paula is absolutely worthy of a full tub & Aftershave (once my samples are out lol)

    Shout out to Ron at Groomatorium for this amazing scent!
u/Jaebear_1996 · 1 pointr/Wishlist

What about this . She can put candy or nuts in it or really anything she'd like in it for a living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, etc.

u/orange-blossom · 1 pointr/DesignMyRoom

This is a tough order for a makeover!

Couch isn't bad, but if you want to upgrade: one | two | three

Accent Chairs & Stools: one | two | three | four | five

Coffee Tables (your current one might be fine): one | two | three| four | five

Storage: one | two | three

Rugs (black and white or saturated colors seem to be the trend with this style): one | two | three | four | five

Lighting (I doubt you can install fixtures in your rental, so go for swag lights with cords): one | two

Decor ideas:

u/charmed2 · 1 pointr/Costco