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u/ecafsub · 27 pointsr/Austin

I’m guessing you’re using this to avoid aluminum (and other nasty evil chemicals). I don’t know why, because we’re likely exposed to more naturally-occurring aluminum in the environment every day than you’d rub on your pits. And no, not from manufacturing. Aluminum makes up about 8% of the Earth’s crust and is the most abundant metal in the crust. It’s the 3rd most abundant element following oxygen and silicone.

That said, the ingredient for this thing is potassium alum, aka potassium aluminum sulfate
(which is a chemical compound despite their claims that it’s “completely free of chemicals.” Because literally everything is a chemical.) so: aluminum. Screenshot of their Amazon page.

Btw, that “chemical-free” hunk of potassium aluminum sulfate you’ve been using is also used as an organic fertilizer. I figure you probably buy only organic, so there you go.

So while you’ve pointlessly tried to avoid rubbing it on, you’ve likely been eating it.

In other words: you and everyone else who bought into the fear-mongering got played. As usual. For something that almost certainly does not work. Which they actually admit on the above product page.

Edit: note that I said “I’m guessing,” because there may be other reasons people have for rubbing a rock on their pits. But the vast majority of users are in fact scared of the eeeevul aluminumz chemikillz. Sadly, they just believe whatever garbage scam these companies push and throw money at them.

u/colenotphil · 26 pointsr/hiphopheads

This is gonna sound like some hippy shit but Kdot is part of black hippy so hang on a sec: most deodorant+antiperspirant contains metals which are bad for clothes and more importantly may or may not play a factor in various cancers, though the jury is very much still out on this.

Regardless, for 2 years I have used a combination of salt-based antiperspirant (link) and using cologne as my deodorant. I am consistently complimented on my scent, I feel clean and great, and none of my shirts have even remote staining. I don't like to wear undershirts under button-downs so it is very important to me that I not be staining them. Oh, and the antiperspirant I linked lasts 1.5 years easy, mine is going on 2 years now for like $4.

Fuck Old Spice and their marketing, you don't need that shit and it smells horrible. I don't have proof but knowing large mutinational corporations, you can make a decently educated guess that they purposefully developed a product that sorta works but only for a short time, because then how would they sell more of it? It's like planned obsolescence but more so planned rapid depletion.

u/sunset7766 · 22 pointsr/AskWomen

I got the travel size of this. You wet it and also wet your clean armpits (can't be put on without cleaning your pits wth soap first) and rub it all around each pit for 30 seconds. It neutralizes the zone, making all the smelly bacteria not smelly anymore. People say you still sweat with it, I say I sweat even less than what I was with regular deodorant, and now I smell like literally nothing in there. Also, the rock lasts forever. That is, unless you drop it in your sink and it breaks, which is why I went with a travel size. I know someone who has the kind where it's a whole rock in a dish like this and she's on year 5 and the darn thing is not done yet.

Also, it was explained to me that one of the reasons aluminum in regular deodorant is bad for you is because since it's a large metal particle, it literally clogs your sweat glands. So in doing that, your telling your body it's basically not doing a good job of sweating (because you're blocking the sweat) so your body is like "omg we need to work harder!" so it produces more and more sweat. After a few years of that, your body is like on hyperdrive of making you sweat, rendering your deodorant useless. So when I switched to the crystal and quit blocking the sweat glands from doing its natural thing, my body was like "hell yeah we're doing a kickass job we don't need to work as hard to push this crap out anymore" and now I don't even sweat almost at all anymore.

u/placate_no_one · 21 pointsr/AskWomen

I use arm and hammer. I think it's unisex. It's this one: (I don't buy it from Amazon but I think it's the same product)

u/matttopotamus · 18 pointsr/malefashionadvice

This. I started using a crystal deodorant and while I sweat, I don’t smell and do not get stains. This is what I use.


u/CARTERsauce · 16 pointsr/malefashionadvice

I am a sweaty person. I have tried all the name brand antiperspirants/deodorants. After years of crusted yellow/white stained shirts, I realized that my body seemed to compensate with more sweat, plugged up under the arms, it surfaced on my back and head. Clinical/prescription strength antiperspirants only added to the problem, and my white tees took the damage. Later I found out people, myself included, actually use too much, you only need a super thin amount applied to your underarms, don't go about it like frosting a cake.

Also thinking about the potential harm of aluminum based antiperspirants (you absorb everything through your skin), I moved on to some natural deodorants (brands like Toms) but they just didn't seem to work so well, but i did notice when I applied less deodorant, or didn't altogether, my sweat began to lessen in severity. Anytime I actually smelled (like after yardwork or a any long day in the sun), it was time for a shower anyways. After I was properly applying a thin coat, I settled on Arm & Hammers Essential Deodorant that began to alleviate my problems, notably with my clothing. No more yellow crusty shirts!

But how about some deodorant that will last you several years? Try a Thai Deodorant Stone, I've had this baby for a year now and I can attest that it works great. Nowadays I apply this to my underarms from time to time and lightly powder my feet and groin with a mix of cornstarch and talc. Life is much better now.

TLDR: Use less antiperspirant and try a deodorant stick without aluminum, like Arm & Hammer Natural Essentials, or try a Thai Deodorant Stone cause it rules. Also try applying talc/cornstarch to areas you get moist

And while we're on the topic of saving money on everyday hygienic activities, consider a safety razor (refill blades are $10 for 100 compared to $20 for 8) some nice sandalwood shave soap (I've had this bowl for a year and it doesn't really look like any is gone) and a nice aftershave (I get lots of compliments on the particular scent of this one from those who get close enough to smell it) I always use an after shave lotion with little or no alcohol, because alcohol dries your face out and makes you look older. Then moisturizer, then an anti-aging...

Before I started shaving like this, I had a bit of an acne problem and some parts of my face where I would get spots of dry skin, it's gone now. My skin is mostly clear. You're gonna get a much better shave that doesn't irritate your skin and save a ton of money when you think about the cost of Gillete Quadruple edged razors, plus how much more badass is it to shave like this? This is how your grandpa shaved. The upfront investment is a badger brush, which I called an investment because a good one will last you a lifetime.

That's my hygiene ramble.

u/stoavio · 14 pointsr/AskMen

This can be dealt with.

Here are a few options to consider. First, Zinc will help with the stink. You can take a Zinc supplement AND use a topical ointment on your feet. If you decide to take a Zinc supplement, don't take it everyday and be mindful of your copper levels. OptiZinc has copper included although you want to supplement even a little more. The ideal zinc-to-copper ratio is 10:1.

  • Boudreaux's Butt Paste Maximum Strength Diaper Cream

    This works very well because it contains 40% Zinc. One of the highest you can find. I've used this on my feet with success and I've even used it on my face before to help with complexion issues and it never dried me out. I think using daily on your feet would be fine although I wouldn't recommend putting it on your face every day. You can find this in Walmart in the baby isle (where the Pedialyte is located). Start with a small amount and rub it in. A little goes a long way with this stuff, you don't want your feet feeling greasy all day.

  • Crystal Body Deodorant Stick Deodorant

    I bought this because I was looking for safer deodorant options. I was amazed at how well it worked on my armpits (much better than traditional deodorants containing aluminum) and the upside for you is, it even specifically mentions being used on feet to treat foot odor. I haven't done that but I imagine it would working swimmingly.

  • Nature's Way Chlorofresh

    This product is along the same lines as BodyMint, but much cheaper. It is typically used to deal with bad breath that originates from odor created in the gut, but it has also been used to treat general body odor as well. I recommend starting with the top 2 recommendations first but considering this can be tried for only ~$7, it may be worth just adding it to your odor fighting stack.

  • 10-Seconds Deodorant & Disinfectant

    I was told this is the product that bowling alleys use to disinfect the bowling shoes. I bought a can sometime ago when I was running and wanted to keep my running shoes from getting rank. I can't find it right now but I seem to recall a warning about harmful/caustic chemicals coming into contact with skin so use this one carefully if you decide to try it. You should be disinfecting your shoes anyway since it sounds like your issue could be bacterial or fungal, seeing as it spreads so rapidly to new shoes.

  • Drymax Run Hyper Thin No Show Socks

    I got these for running and I love them. They are super light and are made from a breathable mesh. The thicker your socks are, the more likely your feet are to get hot and begin sweating. These are a bit expensive but you can think of them as an investment that pays dividends.

  • Mini Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag, Charcoal

    These are designed to naturally remove odor. I keep them in my shoes when they're just sitting in my closet. I assume they are working because my shoes don't stink. They are cheap and got good reviews on Amazon. Check 'em out.

    In conclusion

    I believe if you are washing your feet thoroughly, making sure your socks are clean and your feet have some Zinc ointment rubbed into them (or the crystal deodorant applied) and your shoes are properly disinfected and dry, I think you will see an appreciable reduction in foot funk if not a complete eradication.

    Good luck.

u/fozzy99999 · 11 pointsr/malefashionadvice

Anything w/o aluminum or paraben, I use Tom's but arm and hammer has a good option as well.

u/neuenono · 11 pointsr/pics

Try the hippie-style underarm crystal thing. It doesn't smell like anything and doesn't keep you from sweating, but it does prevent bacteria from growing and thus keeps you from smelling. It's the underarm pinnacle IMO.

Edit: as someone else posted, here's an example.

Edit 2: The crystals are potassium alum aka potassium aluminum sulfate. Traditional antiperspirants are aluminum chloride. The distinction is as follows: The difference between potassium alum and aluminum chlorohydrate is that potassium alum is a much larger molecule, not thought to be absorbable through human skin. The difference between these two that I experienced is night & day - traditional antiperspirants have me reeking as soon as I miss a single day. In contrast the potassium alum crystal is very forgiving and I never smell bad, even if I miss a day. Everyone's own experience is the thing that matters here, and I'm just putting this out there since it gets so little press.

u/lurkielurker · 10 pointsr/femalefashionadvice

This stuff from Arm and Hammer is my go-to; I've been using it for about 5 years! Amazon link for example, I often find it at CVS for cheaper. I bike everywhere and am a pretty sweaty lady, and it still works well for me.

u/YankeeTxn · 10 pointsr/pics


The twist: it is actually an antiperspirant

u/jaskmackey · 9 pointsr/sex

Like this. Is NOT anti-perspirant.

*edited link because the other went to the mobile site

u/barinthus0 · 8 pointsr/xxfitness

So, I've tried a ton of "natural" deodorants in my quest for a safer alternative to conventional antiperspirants, here's what I've got.

My absolute and utter favorite is the Crystal Essence roll on. It comes in a few scents and has a , it does not leave a residue and is the absolute closest thing you can find to a natural antiperspirant. As long as you apply it to clean skin, it does the job well. Basically, it's my holy grail of deodorants.

Other common natural deodorant sticks, like Tom's, Alba, Nature's Gate, etc.. the deo will go on "wet" feeling and tend to stay that way until it dries. Which can be uncomfortable/annoying for most people. I've found most of these will leave a residue behind.

Natural spray deodorants are so-so, from what I've found. The Weleda rose spray deo works pretty well but can smell alittle weird after awhile. No residue though!

u/ashwinmudigonda · 8 pointsr/LifeProTips

As skeptical as I was, I found the crystal deodorant to work just fine. It is colorless, odorless and just plain works.

u/80-20rule · 8 pointsr/onebag

These types of toiletry bags exist, I have one Osprey roll bag.

Obviously improvements can always be made. I would add Shaving gel or oil, aftershave/cologne (solid might be the smallest and lightest), deodorant (I use crystal deodorants, which are small and last forever).

u/2cheesesteaks · 8 pointsr/Outlier

Do NOT try Organic 101, which is popular on Amazon and reviewed positively elsewhere. Part of the Merino advantage imho is getting a few wears in before washing. This deodorant accumulated beeswax and retained BO in the pit crevices. Was a real pain getting the residue out. And in the meantime a slight odor remained in the shirts. FWIW Puracy stain remover worked after several applications.

I made the mistake of going all-in on some new Outlier before a summer trip last year. Was mostly successful.

After trying that one, a few from natural foods groceries and Whole Foods and Arm & Hammer natural, I've settled on Underarmed, which is available on Amazon.

No affiliation with this company.

Downside is this stuff is relatively expensive vs other products. But it's been best of any I've tried. No smell for at least 8 hrs or longer, no residue. Works great with Outlier merino (as well as Pistol Lake Eudae).

Happy to give back to this sub.

u/[deleted] · 7 pointsr/AskWomen


All natural, odorless, not sticky, doesnt stain and leaves no white residue.

u/MysteriousExpert · 7 pointsr/malefashionadvice

Thai Natural Crystal Deodorant.

It's not Thai and it's not "natural", but they do work. The crystal is alum, which is a different kind of aluminum salt than the aluminum chlorhydrate found in most antiperspirants. You apply the the deodorant, by wetting the crystal and rubbing it on your skin. It has no smell.

The benefits of it are that it does not stain clothes - no yellow stains in the armpits like regular antiperspirants. I find it to be effective at stopping odors.

From the name, it seems like a ridiculous product. I started using it a few years ago. At first, was switching from antiperspirant to a regular deodorant to stop my shirt armpits from staining yellow. But several brands of regular deodorant (arm and hammer, old spice) irritated my skin. This stuff works well and I have no irritation. I'm very happy with it.

Costs about $7/stick, but a stick will last a year, maybe more.

u/10noop20goto10 · 7 pointsr/LifeProTips

Alternative LPT: Switch to one of those salt stone deodorants.

I threw out all of my old white undershirts (I keep around 30 on hand. I'm pretty serious about white t's), and made the switch from antiperspirant at the same time. No more pit stains! Haven't looked back. It's amazing!

u/Kirasedai · 7 pointsr/answers

I use the rock after every shower and have used it for about 5 years. You need a bit of moisture so I towel off and the little bit of moisture from the shower is enough. It doesn’t smell and it doesn’t show at all. I then use a regular antiperspirant after it cause I sweat a lot (don’t we all). I think it helps a huge amount. I don’t get b.o. smell that is noticeable at all anymore. I’ve even put my shirts pit right up to my face at the end of the day and take a huge whiff and I don’t smell b.o. just the smell of my antiperspirant. I think what it does (I’m not 100% or anything in this) is neutralize the bacteria that causes the smell. So since it’s neutralized it doesn’t make the smell. I love it and highly recommended it. The one I use is just a stone in a basket I got on amazon
Crystal Body Deodorant, Rock, 5 Ounce

I have been using this one for a year or so and the one I had before I used for around 3 years and it barely shrunk. Unfortunately I dropped it one day and it shattered into a million pieces so I had to get a new one. If you have any other questions about it I will happily answer them to the best of my knowledge. Rock on dude. Ha!

u/chordsimple · 6 pointsr/yoga

Another vote for the crystal deodorant...the key is to apply a lot fresh out of the shower. It works by inhibiting the smelly bacteria from starting to grow...once it's there the deodorant can't do anything. But as long as you do that it works great! I like the chamomile one but the unscented is fine too.

u/erin_said · 6 pointsr/TheGirlSurvivalGuide

I use the crystal deodorant, and it's a little odd to get used to at first, but it works great! You have to reaaaaallllly get it all over your underarm area though, not just in the pit...I rub mine a little bit on the sides of my armpit and then a lot farther up and down (like a bit down onto my sideboob area and on my arm where it touches my side boob area). I definitely had a few days where my body was sort of getting used to not having traditional deodorant on, so I was a bit stinky, but it didn't last long. Now the only time I get stinky is if I'm doing really heavy physical activity in the heat, but that would have happened even when I wore normal deodorant. This is the kind that I buy because I hate the dispenser on the stick version, but the stick version works just the same. My favorite thing about it is that it's cheap and it lasts a super long time. The only time I've had to buy new deodorant since I've started using it wasn't because I ran out (I wasn't even close), but it was because I dropped the crystal chunk and it fell awkwardly and shattered.

u/nubbinator · 6 pointsr/AskReddit

This is what I use. It works great and lasts a long time. It isn't an antiperspirant, but it's a great deodorant. If you get smelly feet, you can also use it on them and it will kill the odor.

u/ponytailnoshushu · 6 pointsr/AsianBeauty

While antiperspirant is not really a thing in Japan (however there have been a few brands coming out with this type of product in the last few summers), I've had some success with this.

It doesn't stop wetness but prevents odor as it stops the stinky bacteria multiplying.

You can also buy things like this and this which absorb the sweat.

u/Dingle_BerryFairy · 5 pointsr/malefashionadvice

I just ordered it from J.Crew. Ill update when it arrives in 2 days.

As far as pit stains.... I actually switched over to this aluminum free deodorant.

It works pretty damn well and I have all but eliminated the pit stains.

u/Tomcat87 · 5 pointsr/bonnaroo

Have you tried salt sticks? I can't attest to their efficacy personally, but my friend uses them, is prone to sweating, and does not smell. I think you're supposed to use them for a few weeks before they reach their full "potential".

u/marzipanzebra · 5 pointsr/yoga

I use this and surprisingly it works very well. Not going back to chemical deos again.

u/oscarsdg · 5 pointsr/funny

I use Arm & Hammer - Arm & Hammer Essentials Natural Deodorant, Fresh - 2.5 oz - 2 pk

u/Hamalicious · 4 pointsr/wicked_edge

No, it's a block of mineral. The only alum I'd pay extra for is Thai Crystal deodorant sticks and only because it is specially shaped and seals for travel/protection.

u/AutumnDescent · 4 pointsr/SkincareAddiction

Have you tried Old Spice deodorant? They do have certain scents that are made without the antiperspirant/aluminum. I'm a woman, and I use the Wolfthorne scent. It smells like oranges and isn't uber manly.

I've also used the thai crystal . It's a crystal that you wet and rub onto your pits. I know it sounds hokey and like bullshit, but it helps me with the smell. Doesn't do anything for sweat, though.

u/invertedearth · 4 pointsr/LifeProTips

If you have never tried using the crystal-type deodorant, give it a go. BO comes from certain bacteria digesting the sebum secreted from certain parts of your body (the smelly ones: pits and crack to crotch). Deodorants typically only provide some fragrance to cover the stanky build-up, but the crystal works by killing those bacteria. It takes a few days (one week at most) for its effect to build up, but it does work.

Years ago, as a starving college student, I worked construction ~30 hours a week to pay for tuition, etc. Working in the hot, humid central Alabama summertime and scrambling to clean up for classes resulted in the desperate fetid stench that can only be described in relation to the swamps of Dagobah. Repeated showers didn't work. Antiperspirants didn't work. Industrial strength scents designed for pubescent boys didn't work. As someone who had always prided himself on his personal hygiene, I was really deeply traumatized; suddenly, for reasons beyond my control, I had become the stinky guy that everyone avoids. The only think that worked was that crystal.

Finally, as an added bonus, it is remarkably cheap since one stick will last for years if you ignore the directions and apply the dry stick to a wet armpit immediately after showering instead of wetting the stick under the faucet.

u/philoneous · 4 pointsr/Paleo

Not sure what a Paleo deodorant would be, but you could try mineral salts like this.

u/CharmedInBaltimore · 4 pointsr/Parenting

Where is the odor coming from? Remember because she is female she could have a yeast infection or vaginitis. I'm someone who has to wear particular deodorant or I smell. The Crystal works best for me. ( ). Keeping things shaved also helps but that may not be an option. Also remember you are her dad. Not some pedophile so don't be afraid to help if needed. Is there a female she trust that could have a heart to heart with her? Or maybe make it fun and present like a makeover/spa day. Could be a way to teach her some tricks without making her feel targeted. I also work with a lot of Young adults with autism and one thing we do is make checklist. That way steps are at forgotten and there is a routine and pattern which could be helpful for people with autism.

Finally, if the odor is coming from her clothes you can spray the hotspots like under the arms with Listerine. I do this to my gym clothes before washing them. The alcohol kills bacteria.

u/fmngblch · 4 pointsr/beautytalkph

Not OC but I use a Crystal deodorant and it works. You just have to use it on your clean and damp underarms. It really helped in lightening my armpits tbh.

u/kellyannam · 4 pointsr/CPTSD

I know you have probably tried a million things, and i hope my suggestion isn't upsetting, but have you tried Lavilin? I have/had a similar issue with odor for a long time (I am not sure if it is related to my traumas) and it is the only thing that really worked.

u/Prince_Jellyfish · 4 pointsr/EDC
u/Colonel_Oscopy · 4 pointsr/malefashionadvice

The deodorant is DEFINITELY the culprit. Aluminum causes most of the yellowing. More importantly, it is probably not good for you to wear such a strong anti-antiperspirant.

First, because it is not good to clog your pores, regardless of what you are clogging them with. Sweating is a natural body process.

Second, aluminium CAN be absorbed into the body transdermally via your armpits (source). That much is clear. Whether or not it can cause harm is still up for debate. But, IMHO, if you can avoid using it, you probably should.

So, here are steps you can take to transfer away from aluminium.

  1. Look for an all natural, aluminium free deodorant. It is important to note that this will not anything like you are used to. It will NOT stop sweating. It will just help you smell better. Tom's of Maine makes some (I don't really like those, but some people swear by them). Arm and Hammer makes a nice one. Or, you can go really natural, and use something like Weleda. That is what I use, and it is just alcohol and natural oils.

  2. Trim your pit hair. Don't shave it like a woman, but trim it down like your beard. This will help to decrease sweating and bacteria growth.

  3. Wash really well in the shower. I mean scrub the shit out of those pits.

  4. Don't wear under armour or other quick-dry type shirts. Those tend to pick up odor really quickly. Wool is the best for resisting odor, and cotton is ok, but not great. Both are better than the synthetic shit.

    Try all of that and see where it leaves you. You will still sweat, but you probably won't develop an offensive odor, and your shirts won't turn yellow.

    As for the shirts that are already stained, I don't know what to tell you.
u/WTCMolybdenum4753 · 4 pointsr/conspiracy

Interesting, simple alternative. No doubt it is safer than mitchum which eliminates stink but makes my pits scratch like a motherfucker

As usual the reviews are mixed

>So to recap:

• All natural, vegan, cruelty free.
• No harmful ingredients or chemicals: 1 ingredient which is salt.
• Supposed to prevent bacteria grows and odour.
• Suitable for people who sweat very lightly.
• Product will last a while and won’t need to be repurchased often.
• Inconvenient to apply as the product has to be damp.
• Didn’t last as fighting odour on me personally; lasted around 1 hour.
• If you sweat a lot this product probably won’t work for you either.
• It is very affordable and is easy to find in local health food stores and also online.
• Doesn’t have a scent.
• Can fit easily into any bag and is handy to travel with.
• I personally would not repurchase this item.


Amazon reviews spans the range saying it
lasts all day to not working at all.*


u/MrGreatKing · 3 pointsr/Wetshaving

My routine goes like this:

  1. Warm water to rinse off residual product
  2. Alum stick over wet face (Crystal Body Deodorant is MASSIVE and is cheaper/same price as smaller shave-marketed sticks, and it's the same ingredient)
  3. Cold rinse
  4. Towel pat dry
  5. Apply aftershave splash (I never use balms because my skin is oily - Floid "The Genuine" Amber and Figaro Ambra are my two favorites)
  6. If shaving before work, once the aftershave has dried I use a neck duster to apply a light layer of talcum around my neck
  7. Spray some cologne, but away from the area that just had steel scraping repeatedly against it because of much it stings as compared to aftershave
u/scrlk990 · 3 pointsr/mildlyinfuriating

CRYSTAL BODY DEODORANT Stick for Men - Unscented (4.25 fl oz)

Try this. It will last you a year.

u/Jlocke98 · 3 pointsr/wicked_edge

alum is a nice post shave/pre-aftershave step as it closes most small nicks without the need for styptic and it has antimicrobial properties as well so it can help prevent acne and whatnot. it also makes your skin tighter resulting in your skin feeling smoother. if you want to get some alum on the cheap, this is what I use. if you don't get that, be sure to get potassium alum, not any other kind of alum like ammonium, it'll sting more.

u/ummmily · 3 pointsr/TheGirlSurvivalGuide

I found some on Amazon.

I dunno. My rock looked like this, but less pink and more white, irregularly shaped, and scratchy-lookin'. Apparently it's salt.

As long as I put it on right after the shower, it's miraculous.

u/maisiedaise · 3 pointsr/AskWomen

I use Crystal brand natural deodorant (this stuff). No gross baby powder/flowery scent & it lasts forever.

u/EmperorSelassieEye · 3 pointsr/rawdenim

Crystal deodarant

Edit: Oh this won't prevent sweating. Lo siento.

u/GreatThingsTB · 3 pointsr/florida

There is rock deodorant. While it has a higher melting point than gel or the white stuff, it also doesn't work.

How about old school roll-on, powder, or undershirt combination?

u/hxntr · 3 pointsr/FixedGearBicycle

I can't use "normal" deodorants as they always irritate the shit out of my pits and have messed up some shirts like you mentioned. I use this stuff right now and it is really good. It keeps me smelling good until I get home from work. Another option could be essential oils as they do a really good job of keeping you smelling good (a few friends do this, i've never tried it tho.) I also used to use some Lush deodorant that worked really well but i don't remember which one.

u/bogart1 · 3 pointsr/LifeProTips

Mitchum Clinical Performance contains 20% Aluminum Zirconium Tetrachlorohydrex Gly (the most common compound used as an anti-perspirant) which is the highest you can get without a prescription. It looks like Certain-Dri is only 12%.

u/MingeMouth · 3 pointsr/DiWHY

I'm not claiming it is the best when really letting out the sweat, but when I'm at a bar or a show for 2-6 hours it holds up just enough. I still sweat through it, but it keeps me from having thst definitive BO smell and more of an earthy, natural aroma.

The best and weirdest response so far was post uh... engagement in bed, I like to spoon and bask for a while while muscles are still twitching and feel nice, and my female partner, instead of spooning up to my side and lying with her head against my chest where I beckoned her, she put her face directly against my armpit and deeply inhaled. She did this little wiggle and settled against me in this super satisfying, sexy way that made me feel so accepted and fulfilled. It was easily one of the best aftersex baskings I've ever had. It made me feel so sexy and special.

Edit: syntax mistake

u/Catgirl33 · 3 pointsr/weddingplanning

Go on amazon buy this! It's called Pit Paste. My mom and aunt swear by it. Until this my mom hasn't found a deodorant that works!

u/MrsNyx · 3 pointsr/LifeProTips

Primal pit paste is a deodorant that uses baking soda as one of the main ingredients, and it works wonders when it comes to reduce body odor. I use it everyday, it's the best deoderant I have found without aluminium. Here's a link to reviews on Amazon

u/Dreadlifts_Bruh · 2 pointsr/steroids

Check these out. Supposedly just kills the bacteria that cause BO, so you still sweat and secrete your delicious pheromones.

I know you have some wicked pheromones too, Sev. I can smell them from here.


u/ThisOpenFist · 2 pointsr/NoStupidQuestions

It is the deodorant. There's an ingredient in some deodorants that reacts with your sweat to cause yellowing.

I use a deodorant crystal and have no issues. Check it out!

It's basically a salt rock that you wet and rub on your pits. It works by making your skin less hospitable for bacteria, whose excrement is the cause of BO. It doesn't produce any visible layer of protection, but I've been using it for over a year with good results; no BO and no ruined shirts.

And there are other brands, if you want to shop around.

u/pretty-much-a-puppy · 2 pointsr/malefashionadvice

I just found out about using alum instead of deodorant:
It doesn't keep you from sweating, but it keeps your sweat from smelling bad and making your clothes smell bad.

u/IsItEnoughSpacetoSpe · 2 pointsr/AskMen

You don't have to shave your armpits, just trim them. You need to get the hair short enough for the deodorant to reach skin. I use a 2 guard on my trimmer every couple of weeks.

Then, use Crystal hippie deodorant, I prefer the liquid roll-on. It's not a traditional deodorant nor is it an anti-perspirant, it's a salt stick. The salts dehydrate and kill the bacteria that cause B.O.

You'll still sweat, but your sweat won't smell bad; instead you will smell pleasantly neutral. It also won't turn the armpits of all your shirts yellow, nor will anti-perspirant residue run off onto your shirts and get pits all crusty. The Crystal hippie deodorant still has aluminum, but it's a different compound that your body won't absorb. Super hippies still won't use it, but they stink, so that's the tradeoff.

u/Callque · 2 pointsr/femalefashionadvice

I've been able to extend the wear out of my clothes by wearing a cotton tank underneath my tops (I love the $2 ones from F21, they're 100% cotton and wash & breathe really well), switching to Himalayan crystal salt deodorant (this one is my favorite), hanging up my clothes immediately upon arriving home, and switching to natural fabrics. The tank will absorb most of the sweat and keep your clothes clean, and the salt deodorant will kill any odor-causing bacteria while also relieving you of gross smelling old deodorant mixed with sweat smells in your shirts. Hanging your clothes up when you get home lets them air out sufficiently to where you should be able to get 2-3 wears out of them. Synthetic fibers don't allow your clothes to breathe so they will trap in the smell. My linen/cotton/silk shirts can go WAY longer without being washed than my polyester ones. The only way I can get more than one wear out of a synthetic top is if it's sleeveless.

u/scott0ferd · 2 pointsr/gaybros

I use a 'crystal' deodorant ( I think it is actually mostly salt. It is super cheap for how long it lasts but it DOES prevent bad odors for me and it's unscented status allows me to put perfume on top of it. I had when deodorant conflicts with perfume.

u/airjunkieadam · 2 pointsr/organic

This works great if you put it on right after you shower.

u/ambyance · 2 pointsr/malefashionadvice
u/charcuterie_bored · 2 pointsr/breastfeeding

I am all about this deodorant stone right now. It's soooo weird but so cool, it's like legit a stone that you wet and rub on your pits. It doesn't stop you from sweating (which is unhealthy anyway) but it kills the odor in your sweat so that you aren't stinky.

u/fourfivesix · 2 pointsr/SkincareAddiction

Hey there. My dad had this same issue and I gave him a Thai Crystal Deodorant. He doesn't have the burn/rash any more after using it for many years. My boyfriend and I also both use it and have no body odor smell.
this one

u/hanzabean · 2 pointsr/TheGirlSurvivalGuide
here's the link to the product, maybe the reviews will help. I got mine from amazon a while ago because I'm obsessed with online shopping, but they also have it at kroger around here as well as more specialty stores (like whole foods or whatever).

I live in the midwest and used this from May-now, and definitely saw some really hot days. You only really get stinky if you don't shower daily/get really sweaty and re-wear the same shirts multiple times.

Deodorants simply work to reduce stinky pit smell; antiperspirants usually use aluminum salts to kind of plug up the sweat glands in your pits to decrease the amount of moisture that comes out. It's what our bodies have evolved to do, so I figure why mess with that? Obvs it's up to you to decide, and if you try the stone and don't like it, you can probably find some hippy to give it to :P

Anyway, hope that helps!

[edit: also one of the reasons I thought about the stone was that I kept staining the pits of my shirts with the traditional antiperspirants I was using, which sucked! I haven't had that issue at all with the stone]

u/unoriginalusername · 2 pointsr/AskReddit

I like that thai crystal stuff. I thought it was hokey until my mom got me a stick. One stick will last for years, and I've clocked it as lasting up to 3 days with no BO.

This one doesn't have aluminum in it, as far as I know. I'd appreciate someone letting me know if I'm mistaken.

u/Greyzer · 2 pointsr/malegrooming

Deodorant: Thai Crystal or something similar. It's not an antiperspirant but works great if you apply it right after showering and rub it on vigorously.

Soap: I love Aleppo soap, made with olive oil. I use it in the shower and for washing my hands.

Shampoo: Dr. Bronners baby mild. I dilute it with water 1:1 and have it in a foaming dispenser as it's rather runny.

Other options are Pure Nuff Stuff: they sell most of their products in an unscented version or Nanny's Silly Soap Company, she makes great unscented soap.

u/thejmurph · 2 pointsr/onebag

Just switched to Thai Crystal, stuff is amazing & compact -

u/_to · 2 pointsr/malefashionadvice

I use a salt deodorant like this one. It usually lasts the whole day but I don't sweat too much to begin with.

u/My_50_lb_Testes · 2 pointsr/pics

I used this one for about a year and it was fantastic until I got some sort of weird infection and my doc told me to stop using it. It went away shortly after but it wasn't bad and it may not have even been that. I'd give it a shot if I were you, can't beat that price.

u/2_4_16_256 · 2 pointsr/asktrolly
u/algbs3 · 2 pointsr/LifeProTips

Ah, it's not the end of the world. Tom's also makes a liquid that uses a salt crystal like this which I've heard is an alternative. Some of the reviews say that Tom's gave them a giant itchy rash though? Now I'm a bit scared.

u/shes-a-cunt · 2 pointsr/keto

I really like Dove - they have a prescription strength version. I haven't tried this particular one before. Degree has a super-strong version (or they used to) - that's what I used in high school when I was athletic and at my stinkiest, as a teen.

To be honest I use something similar to this but I do have to re-apply on really hot days. I'm more worried about chemicals than reapplying, though.

You'll get more replies in /r/xxketo.

u/Honeymaid · 2 pointsr/AmItheAsshole

No your boyfriend is being a fucking asshole baby about this; there are natural salt based deodorants that could work for him, just break up with him he's being an idiot

u/thelan · 2 pointsr/timferriss

This is the one recommended in the May 5, 2017 email.

u/LavernicaDeLuca · 2 pointsr/Frugal

This is an example. It uses mineral salts. You have to get it wet to use but I just put it on after my shower (when my armpits are already moist) and it works just fine like that. They also make a roll on version but it doesn't last nearly as long, in my experience.

u/RikuKat · 2 pointsr/homestead

This is the link I purchased from. I'm guessing we triggered some sort of pricing algorithm with our sudden interest, because the price has gone up.

u/mastiii · 2 pointsr/SkincareAddiction

I have no idea what the answer to your problem is, but I can suggest products that I use. First is Crystal deodorant - it is literally just a salt crystal rock thing, just one ingredient. You can buy a travel size at places like Whole Foods to see if it works for you. If one of the ingredients in your deodorant is causing trouble for you, maybe using a simpler product will eliminate the issue.

The other product is Certain Dri. It works a little differently than your average deodorant. It stops you from sweating and lasts a few days, even after you shower.

u/toegram · 2 pointsr/femalefashionadvice

Arm and Hammer somehow made me smell worse halfway through the day than if I hadn't applied deodorant at all so I recently started using this. It's kind of goofy and you need to apply it on clean, damp underarms but it's working pretty well. I also like that it's totally fragrance free. On my recent return to the U.S. from a trip abroad, after rifling through my shit the customs agent told me that a lot of her coworkers it too so idk it must be good??

u/laurenkk · 2 pointsr/femalefashionadvice

Do you specifically need an antiperspirant?

If not, try a natural stone deodorant. I've been happy with it for 18 years now.

CRYSTAL BODY DEODORANT Stick - Unscented (4.25 fl oz)

u/happyjoylove · 2 pointsr/NaturalBeauty

This. Also I've been using it for over 4 years and haven't had to buy more, it laaaaasssstttsss.

u/JpSpade · 2 pointsr/funny

It does not prevent sweating. Antiperspirants are designed for that and often contain aluminum chlorohydrate. This is how I differentiate if I am confused by the labeling.

As for the smell, deodorant definitely helps but if it is a long day and you sweat a lot it can mix with your BO scent and make something unpleasant for some like skylla's example of the freshener + shit nasal DP . Try stuff out and see what works best but if you sweat a lot you may want to keep in mind the mix of scents it creates.

If you wear any cologne, you will want to look for a very mild or even completely fragrance-free deodorant. I use the crystal stick and I am pretty satisfied. The stick itself lasts a super long time as long as you don't drop it, does not leave any stains on clothing, as natural as you can get in the deo aisle and doesn't conflict with any cologne. The only drawback for me is that I have to apply a LOT to make it as effective as some other more potent deodorants but that just means rolling the rock for longer as wetting it.

I get mine from the drugstore in my area but here is their site:


u/Please_Try_Again · 2 pointsr/wicked_edge

I use this one on my legs. I've heard people say the alum in this isn't the same as in the alum blocks sold for shaving, but idk. It seems to work, but may sting more than other ones. Honestly I only use it for about 25% of my shaves because I'm lazy, so maybe I'm not the best source...

u/estrelle84 · 2 pointsr/TwoXChromosomes

Sure thing! :) I didn’t find any information about it being an antiperspirant, unfortunately, but reading through the amazon reviews, it seems quite a few people find it more effective than their old regular deodorant (Dove, Secret, etc.), which is cool, especially considering that the Crystal deodorant in the stick form is primarily made of mineral salts.

u/UMich22 · 2 pointsr/vegan

Safety Razor


Deodorant - Herban Cowboy Dusk Scent.

Body Wash - tea tree oil from Trader Joe's (buy it there and not on Amazon due to price).

u/Losiris · 2 pointsr/malefashionadvice

I use this Crystal Deoderant. It's not an antiperspirant, but it works really well, and 1 stick lasts a year. You can also get the same thing in a liquid spray, but I have never personally used it.

u/theywerecones · 2 pointsr/BeautyAddiction

I loved this! For the deodorant, the only aluminum free one that worked for me was Lavilin deodorant ( It's a cream so it's kind of a hassle to put on.

For the sunscreen do you mind a whitecast?

u/chadnik · 2 pointsr/femalefashionadvice

Again, I like Bathhouse's so far. I used to use Eau de Minimes, which smells heavenly and works well, but stopped after seeing it had a medium-high rating on the EWG database (but then I read that the EWG may not be the most trustworthy, so I might try it again). Soapwalla's and Lush's Aromaco also work great, but irritated my armpits because of the baking soda over time (my bf still uses Aromaco without problem, though). Also have read amazing things about Lavilin but haven't tried it.

u/Abrasiveadvisory · 2 pointsr/LifeProTips

Ever heard of lavilin?

u/bounce-bounce-drop · 2 pointsr/SkincareAddiction

Ocean water impacts me the same way. When my acne is bad I like to put this ( on my face, leave it for ten seconds, then wash off. Was on minocycline for a while and just could NOT get off without my face erupting; this let me get off and keep clear skin :)

u/WiseKatRDH · 2 pointsr/orangetheory

I had that issue, i started using this and no issues
2Toms ButtShield (Roll-On) - Provides 24 Hour Protection from Chafing and Skin Irritation - Waterproof and Sweatproof (1.5 Ounce)

u/OU812_ohmy · 2 pointsr/malegrooming

Arm and Hammer Essentials Natural deodorant Arm & Hammer Essentials Natural Deodorant, Fresh - 2.5 oz - 2 pk

I then either put on a little bit of gold Bond body powder or generic talcum powder. Works perfectly.

I used aluminum based antiperspirant for years until I had a severe, allergic reaction. This combo took a while to find but works well for me.

u/Gingerismyusername · 2 pointsr/TheGirlSurvivalGuide


For exfoliator I get whatever is on sale and use that only on my pits.

u/chrisbenson · 2 pointsr/Ultralight

I often bring a small alum crystal, dab it with a few drops of water and rub it around my armpits and crotch (and sometimes my feet) a few times a day depending on how much I'm sweating. It coats your skin with a fine layer of double sulfate salts that are completely harmless to humans but prevent the growth of bacteria. It's what I use for deodorant at home every day and it works great if you apply it correctly. (You shouldn't use it inside your vagina- just on the outside areas of your body where bacteria like to grow.)

If I use the alum crystal to freshen up occasionally on the trail, then I'm often smelling pretty fresh when I set up camp. But sometimes when I get to camp, I'll wash with a dab of peppermint Dr. Bronner's in my pits, crotch, and feet, and then wipe away the soap with a damp pack towel. Then re-apply the alum crystal.

Sorry if this is TMI but I also bring baby wipes for my butt crack. Sometimes if I've had coffee in the morning, I'll get a little anal leakage on the trail, so baby wipes are a quick way to clean up that area.

u/cahurd23 · 2 pointsr/NaturalBeauty

I use Underarmed here and LOVE it. I tried so many others (toms, native, primal pit paste, etc) before find this one. It took ~2 weeks for me to adjust. It’s on the pricier side but one stick has lasted me almost 5 months (?!)

u/thehumungusone · 2 pointsr/thefighterandthekid

Also, just because we get in little cat fights now and then doesn’t mean we aren’t a united front. Fuck Brenda and be healthy my mans!

Got you with a link to the aluminum free deodorant I use. Don’t get turned off by the organic bit. It actually works and you’re not filling your pores with metal.

Natural Aluminum Free Deodorant Stick (That Works) Stay Fresh All Day - Underarmed for Women & Men - Organic, Healthy, Safe, Non Toxic - Phthalate, Paraben, Gluten & Cruelty Free (Lavender Scent)

u/Bister_Mungle · 2 pointsr/fragrance

not sure if you've used Underarmed before but it's worked absolute wonders for me.

u/machei · 1 pointr/BuyItForLife

I switched over to a simple salt crystal a few years back and have been happy. They don't stop you sweating if that's your main issue, but they do stop the smell, and do so without chemicals. Also, the things are dirt cheap and last forever. I think it's been over three years, and I have only gone through three or four of them. Only complaint is that they'll eventually gum up the works of any dispenser they come in, and if you drop it, you run the risk of breaking or cracking the crystal, which makes it potentially painful to use if you scratch yourself under the arms with raw salt. Owie.

u/Angry_Cardboard_Box · 1 pointr/Wetshaving

This is the one I am using. Someone can jump in, but I believe this is the same as an alum block for shaving - small cuts and whatnot. I have also tried this one from Italian Barber. It is okay, but it runs down my arm quickly.

u/ReverendDizzle · 1 pointr/AskMen

In the last year I started using one of ]those mineral salt deodorants]( I thought for the longest time that it was some sort of hippie-healthfood-store bullshit and there was no way rubbing a block of salt under your arms would do jack shit but god damn does it work.

Before I started using it I used your standard deodorant like Old Spice. In that I had three smells: right out of the shower and smelled like soap, right after putting on the old spice and I smelled like old spice, and after wearing it for awhile and exercising or what not and then I smelled like a combination of arm pits and old spice.

With the mineral salt deodorant? I never smell like anything unless I put cologne on. It's almost unsettling, really. It does such a good job killing off underarm bacteria that the difference between what my armpits smell like after a shower and what they smell like when I go to bed that night is nearly unnoticeable.

tl;dr: sometimes hippie shit works, rub salt blocks on your armpits.

u/african_violent · 1 pointr/TheGirlSurvivalGuide

I had this same problem! And I tried your same solutions, and met with the same issues - BO smell mixed with deodorant. -.-

Soooo, I posed the same question on this subreddit, and this was my answer : Crystal Body Deodorant Stick.

I get it a little wet, roll on my armpits until dry. Then apply deodorant. It has made a major difference.

u/kongholiday · 1 pointr/keto

I don't use antiperspirant. Not excited about the aluminum or chemicals. I've got this crazy salt rock deodorant thing (Or I use Tom's Natural Unscented Deodorant) that when I first started using them I thought, "there's no way this will work." No BO, and they aren't perfumed either which I consider another plus. And no more stained shirts. You sweat a little more for the first couple weeks, but then much like keto, your body learns to re-regulate itself and you actually sweat a lot less than you did using aluminum antiperspirant. It's amazing how our bodies know exactly what to do if we keep the junk out of them, yet we continue to muck them up with new and improved human crapola.

u/peacesweater · 1 pointr/asktrolly

as ladyfolk, i use crystal deodorant. my SO, male, also uses it.

its amazing and you do not have to worry about such invasive scents, if that is what you dont like. plus, it does not mask odor. the crystal controls bacteria growth which is the source of bo. it works flawlessly for my SO. i keep a stick of deodorant in my bag, just in case. read about it yourself, obviously, but yeah.

eta: if relevant, we are 25-30 years old. if your tween showers everyday, as you apply it after you have cleaned your pits, then it will work well. and no scent, which i have, means no scent. no perfume. no bo. they seem to all be fragrance free, so i do not know why one of them is marked "for men."

u/NorthJersey · 1 pointr/fragrancecirclejerk

To be useful to this subreddit.....I would suggest you buy this to add to your collection:

Crystal Body Deodorant

You gotta moisten the top of the stone before each use. It's also unscented so that it doesn't interfere with the power of my Aventus.

u/yarow12 · 1 pointr/AskMen

I was very close to purchasing an unscented Crystal Body Deodorant Stick for Men, which has Ammonium Alum as an ingredient, until I read through Stephanie Greenwood's articles Exposing More Truths About Alum and the follow-up article Dangers of Aluminum. Shame, really, it seems like it would have worked wonderfully for me.

Bellow are a few relevant extracts...


>Okay, now let's look at alum. When alum (full name, Potassium or Ammonium aluminum sulfate) is in its solid crystal form, the molecules create a crystalline structure. However, when it is wetted, the molecules break out of their crystalline structure and become ions (singular atoms with a positive or negative charge). So, when you're applying a wetted crystal to your skin, you're applying aluminum ions, the smallest possible form of aluminum, to your skin.


>So now let's look at aluminum ions, which is really what you're putting on your skin when you use the crystal stones and sprays.

>Aluminum ions are toxic to plants and animals. The crystal companies love to say that aluminum is a naturally occurring mineral from the earth, but they don't tell you that naturally-occurring aluminum in soil is problematic. Plants don't grow in aluminum-rich soils. Aluminum is abundant, but it plays no part in any biological function in plants or animals Current research points to the possibility that aluminum robs cells of magnesium (source) a vital mineral, and that's why they won't grow.


>If you're trying to avoid aluminum in your life, you've probably decided to not use aluminum pots and pans. You know that putting acidic food in aluminum causes aluminum leaching in to the food. When aluminum is leached in to food, it turns from a solid metal, in to ionic form. This is the same aluminum ion you create when you wet the crystal deodorant stones. When they create alum, it's effectively the same process. They add sulfuric acid to aluminum-rich bauxite ore. The aluminum is leached in to ionic form, and then the resulting liquid is dried out and the remaining aluminum salt crystalizes in to the stone that you use for the deodorant. When you wet the deodorant stone, you're effectively putting aluminum in the most bioavailable form possible on your body's largest organ: your skin.


>If it is your lifestyle choice to avoid aluminum, avoiding alum in the crystal deodorant stone would logically be part of that. There is no proof that it wouldn't be absorbed in through the skin. The amounts being absorbed would be rather small, but we're talking about daily repeated use. The body has a nearly impossible time getting rid of aluminum, so if it is being absorbed, it is accumulating in the tissues of your body with hardly a chance of escaping. It is up to you to decide if you want to take that risk.

^ Exposing More Truths About Alum




I've just finished reading her article that led up to the previous two--Aluminum in Crystal Deodorant Stones--and I've decided to add some extracts from that one aswell.

>The stone manufacturers claim that alum is a mineral salt, "similar to that found naturally in the earth's crust." Radioactive uranium is also found naturally in the earth's crust--but that doesn't mean you'd want to use it as a deodorant.


>While experts have not come to a consensus that aluminum causes Alzheimer's, there is some strong evidence of a link. For instance, in 1988 a truck driver accidentally dumped 20 tons of aluminum sulfate in to a town's drinking water. Now, over 20 years later, they are finding a higher incidence of Alzheimers in the people of this town that were exposed to the aluminum in the drinking water. Many people point to the fact that aluminum is found in high concentration in brain matter affected by the disease. But while there is plenty of strong circumstantial evidence, researchers are still trying to find out if and how aluminum compounds work within the brain to create the plaques and tangles associated with Alzheimer's.


>The bottom line is, that while using a deodorant stone is probably better than using a conventional anti-perspirant, it's not aluminum-free and it still poses a possible Alzheimer's risk and contributes to background toxicy in the body.

^ Aluminum in Crystal Deodorant Stones




>If the actual moisture is an issue then cornstarch or gold bond powder might be an additional option for you.

I just don't want to stain my shirts, but I'll probably still look into them as alternatives. Thanks.




>My skin can't handle something in mainstream deodorants. Towards the end of me using traditional deodorants and antiperspirants my armpits have horrible rashes

It's probably the baking soda. I've read through plenty of reviews on Amazon of customers getting rashes from natural deodorants. I suggest looking into it yourself, though.

u/ohkaymeow · 1 pointr/blogsnark

I don't know what sorts of deodorants you've tried but I use the roll-on Crystal deodorant and LOVE IT.
Tbh I don't generally sweat a ton but in the summer in the South it does a great job of countering disgusting boob sweat, which is a major accomplishment.
It doesn't have a scent and even when I do end up sweating a decent amount, it doesn't smell like anything.

u/roosterleft · 1 pointr/SkincareAddiction

The one I have is a rollerball form: CRYSTAL BODY DEODORANT Roll-On - Unscented (2.25 fl oz) - 3 Pack

u/sunscreenpuppy · 1 pointr/SkincareAddiction

I love salt deodorant. I got this at CVS for $6, it lasts forever, works really well for me in stopping odor, doesn't feel gross, doesn't develop a smell.

u/SimpleSine · 1 pointr/AskMen

Because modern deodorants are absolute crap filled with chemicals you don't need, fragrances and binding agents. Eventually these leave resides that clog pores that can lead to issues and rashes.

I use this which is what people mostly used before the advent of trying to sell you bullshit you don't need all in the guise of providing profits to investors.

This may take awhile for you to get used to this but works excellent for me - hardly any smell at all - no rashes - no bullshit shit lasts fucking forever.

Your armpits smell because modern deodorants just mask smell they don't make the environment inhospitable for growth to even take place to where it becomes an issue with smell. Once you start using this give it a week or two as your body and skin adjust.

u/mrfoofoo · 1 pointr/Frugal

I use salt rock for deodorant. last all day, and the stick last for a year believe it.

u/chris8499 · 1 pointr/malelifestyle

This may not be the most popular option, but I use one of those salt crystals:

Unscented, but doesn't stain shirts like antiperspirants do. Also lasts over a year.

u/shmookashmuk · 1 pointr/TheGirlSurvivalGuide

Hey! This might not work for you, but I also had a BO problem where my regular deodorant wasn't doing anything, so based on internet recs I started using this Thai crystal stick right after I got out of the shower, and it completely eliminated my problem. Apparently it creates an unfriendly chemical environment for bacteria.

It's important to completely clean your underarms in the shower before applying the stick, because although it prevents bacteria, it is not a smell masker and can't help you if you're already smelly. I have an anti-bacterial body-wash which I scrub under my arms in the shower, but maybe the sulfate-free soap suggested elsewhere in this thread would be good? I'm interested in trying it.... Anyway, after I get out of the shower I wet the stick briefly under the tap and then apply to my pits, which dry quickly. I also put my reg deodorant on top of it.

Thai crystal I've only found online, but I have seen other crystal deodorants (roll-on type) in drugstores, which I've tried and do the job too (I prefer the solid form though). this one

Edit: I feel a moral responsibility to mention the aluminum controversy. It's a whole box of worms which may or may not be an unfounded scare.... I am thinking of maybe trying this Milk of Magnesia as an alternative, but I'm not in any rush.

u/NonPlayerCharacter78 · 1 pointr/bigmenfashionadvice

I cut my own hair. Every 2 weeks when I cut my hair I put the "blending" guard on the clippers and run them over my armpits to trim back my arm pit hair. Its long enough that its not itchy but short enough to be more hygienic.

I use Thai Crystal Deodorant Stone under my arms. It has no scent and it doesn't stain. Its Potassium Aluminum Sulfate which is sometimes referred to as Alum block. There is a debate as to whether its safe because of the link between aluminum and Alzheimer's disease. Some people claim the Potassium Aluminum Sulfate molecule is too large to pass through your skin. Its up to you to research but from what I've read its no worse than any other under arm deodorant product sold in grocery stores.

I think the stuff works great. No gummy feeling under my arms and no stains on my shirts. A Thai Crystal Deodorant Stone lasts me 8 months to a year. I get from Whole Foods Market for about 8 bucks. It requires you to wet the stone with cold water and rub a wet hand over your armpit then vigorously rub around under your arm for 30 to 60 seconds but after the area has been covered I've gone up to 3 days with no pit odor. You apply it right after a shower. It won't do anything if you already stink, it prevents the smell from developing in the first place. When stones get too small for under my arms I use them on my face after I shave and on small cuts to stop the bleeding.

u/raijba · 1 pointr/IWantToLearn

OP, I know I'm late to the party but no one has brought this up yet.

When you talk about ruining your shirts from sweat, I had a similar experience. When I was in high school, I wore the same 5 undershirts under my uniform for like a year and I sweated so much that the material in the armpits became kind of tough and discolored, thus ruining the shirts. It happened regularly to all tees I wore for the next five years and I thought it was just unavoidable.

I've read that this grossness is actually caused by chemicals in the antipirspirant. Since having switched to crystal deodorant (which is not an antiperspirant), this doesn't happen to my shirts. I recommend the crystal stuff in that it keeps me odor free and keeps my shirts in good condition.

Some people in this thread have reported that quitting antiperspirants has led to a decrease in sweating. This hasn't happened for me, so your mileage may vary. I still sweat a lot on the crystal deodorant. But there are no chemicals (it's pretty much made of salt, I think) and my shirts last longer.

What I have started doing is wearing a moisture wicking shirt (like Under Armor) as an undershirt. While this decreases the severity of large sweat spots under my arms, they are still there. Just instead of looking soaked, they look a little damp, which is a big improvement.

u/notfancy · 1 pointr/argentina

Yo hace dos años que uso la misma piedra y todavía me queda un tercio…

u/cryptorchidism · 1 pointr/Frugal

You could try using one of these. It messes with the salinity of your skin so bacteria can't grow.

u/theprophetofmordor · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice

This one worked for me; it is expensive though, but since nothing else works for me and I really DO stink bad so had to bite the bullet.
[MenScience Androceuticals Advanced Deodorant]

u/space4lyfe · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice

I use MensScience Deodarant and honestly it is pretty amazing. No fragrance so it doesnt conflict with my cologne, and it seems to cut 90% of the smell. Not sure if it would work for heavy sweaters though. Plus no alcohol/aluminum

u/huntsvillian · 1 pointr/fragrance Is what I bought and works great, can't vouch for the others.
I also tried this at twice the cost, and it didn't do anything.

u/almightywhacko · 1 pointr/wicked_edge

Potassium alum (baber's alum) like that stick you linked to is intended for use on your face. Deodorant alum is almost always ammonium alum, which often stings when applied to your face but works better as a deodorant.

And not to get into too much detail.. but why would you ever want to rub something on your face that you have already rubbed into your armpits? Sure you may have showered first or whatever.. but even then I don't think I would want to use the same product on both areas.

u/JoeSchmoe2000 · 1 pointr/AskMen

I have been using Crystal for about a year now and will probably stick with it. It is a big salt rock. It isn't an antiperspirant but it is excellent at preventing odor.

u/BeneGezzWitch · 1 pointr/TheGirlSurvivalGuide

No antiperspirants :( This is the one we all use: Crystal Body Deodorant Stick - 4.25 oz

u/Isis13rules · 1 pointr/LifeProTips

I don't suffer from excessive sweating but I use this and it works so so well. I want people who have a sweat or odor issue to try this. It can be found at Amazon but some drug stores and Wal-Mart stores have it. It's inexpensive and lasts forever.
I would recommend using it before bedtime and also right after showering. For best results, your skin needs to be dampened or just put a little water on the top of it. You can put deodorant over it too. It will take a week or two to get full results.

u/zieen · 1 pointr/malegrooming

I switched to Dove Men Care, but found today that it also gives me a burn/rash. Crystal is the only deodorant not to do that to me so far ( I found it at CVS for around $3. It's just potassium alum, which is the same alum you might use shaving.

u/fgiveme · 1 pointr/LifeProTips

For deodorant you should keep the alum crystal one, like this:

The thing last forever and will not melt even if you put it in the trunk of your car during hot summer.

u/eluusive · 1 pointr/bicycling

Get some Crystal Deodorant. Take a shower before your ride, and put that on anywhere you expect an oder. The minerals keep you from sweating in your nether regions and kill the bacteria that produce the stank.

u/wavyformula · 1 pointr/keto

Is it this? I didn't realize Crystal was a brand, thought it was just a type.

u/bigbangtheory_ · 1 pointr/TrollXChromosomes

This. Best stuff ever. Lasts for years. No scent, just makes the environment inhabitable for the stinky bacteria.

u/sweet__leaf · 1 pointr/vegan
u/whatthebbq · 1 pointr/AskMenOver30

My wife recently had me try her hippie crystal deodorant stick. I was very skeptical because I'm a pretty stinky guy at times, but I'll be damned. It works super damn well on me.

Most days that's all I use, but some days I combine it with my regular deodorant. I still sweat obnoxiously too much, but antiperspirants irritate my skin too much.

u/contradictionchild · 1 pointr/sexover30

Wow, not even the [crystal deodorant ] (

All my sympathy!

u/thecravenone · 1 pointr/AskMen

Mineral salt deodorant (Non-affiliate Amazon link)

Basically a brick of salt that you get wet and rub under your pits. All that salt kills the bacteria that make you stink. It's unscented so it doesn't clash with your cologne.

u/intheafternoon · 1 pointr/TheGirlSurvivalGuide

I use the unscented crystal deodorant stick (amazon). If I do sweat under my arms while using this, there's no smell. I use the dry stick version so it is kind off a hassle to use, my underarm as well as the stick have to be wet in order for it to get on my skin, then it has to dry completely. But it always works. I have tried certain dri but it gave me a rash and it made my armpits sweat even more, and I feel like any deodorant/antiperspirant with a scent smells way too strong.

u/NapoleonThrownaparte · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice

Me too, I'm nosey about the change even if I can't afford it.

If I may make another suggestion, assuming you don't already: particularly if you're going to put proper money into aftershave then consider changing anything else scented so it doesn't interfere.

  1. Pure witch hazel or an alum block are unscented and are for literal after shaving, not in the "part of your outfit" sense. I prefer the former since it's liquid and I like to keep the splash-on feeling. WH can come with or without alcohol, it's down to preference.

  2. Use a mineral salt instead of deoderant. YMMV I'm sure, but I've found it better in every way, sucks that they tend to aim it at the chemical-fear market. I wouldn't even have looked at it if I hadn't given up on the rest and found such positive reviews. Here's an example.
u/stonedandlurking · 1 pointr/TheGirlSurvivalGuide

My holy grail is Crystal Deodorant. It’s about $5 and lasts me over a year with daily use. It works better for me than any regular, “clinical strength,” or natural deodorants I’ve tried. And it doesn’t stain my dark clothes with white streaks, nor does it make the pits yellow on my white shirts.

u/damnlooneyhats · 1 pointr/knitting

This suggestion can't help with the current situation - but have you ever tried Crystal Mineral deodorant? it forms a mineral layer where the bacteria that cause underarm stink can live in so you sweat, but no smell

If nothing else works, try buying a bag of activated charcole and putting it in a plastic bin with your sweater and sealing it shut for a few days

u/Happy_Airplane · 1 pointr/vegan

Try the crystal deodorant. I had a hard time with sweating and getting rashes from normal deodorant. The crystal helps neutralize your sweating. I no longer have to worry about BO.

Edit: Am male, but wife uses same deodorant too and has no problem with sweat now :)

u/YetiYogurt · 1 pointr/AskWomen

I don't care about anti-perspirant, and I use natural deodorants as much as possible. I use the Crystal (salt) rock deodorant after I shower.

u/VaginaDentata · 1 pointr/malegrooming

A solid performer among deodorants is Tabac's Deodorant Stick. "This masculine scent possesses a blend of lavender, citrus, and warm florals." I can't wear antiperspirants so among deodorants only, I've found Tabac as well as Herban Cowboy to work well.

u/callm3fusion · 1 pointr/malegrooming

Herban cowboy has one called "dusk" it's all I use. I found most deodorants gave me issues. This one is good, mild, and smells great.

Edit: link

u/movethefloor · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice

+1 to Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser.

I love Sharps Happy Me All Over bar soap. I am on a rampage against body wash. Bring back the bar.

Worst name I've ever seen, best deodorant I've used. Herban Cowboy Dusk scent.

Aveda Brilliant Universal Styling Cream for keeping my mess of hair in order.

u/StevenDavisPhoto · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice

This stuff rocks. I get it at Whole Foods. Vegan, if you care about that, works, and smells great.

u/theriseofmath · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice

Herban Cowboy is a good non-aluminum stick that smells nice and won't leave stains, but I find I have to reapply midday.

u/sevennineone · 1 pointr/AskReddit

Get a good deoderant like this and a bottle of good cologne.

After a shower, with the body still slightly wet apply deoderant and spray 1 or 2 mists of cologne in the air and walk into it. This is all you will need.

u/HungryHippo44 · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice

What's the best natural deodorant you've tried? Mine is Urban Cowboy . Just curious what you guys have tried and liked.

u/Nekhal · 1 pointr/TheGirlSurvivalGuide

Is it this one? Deodorant Stones Thai Crystal Mini Stick Deodorant 2 oz stick

u/DisaronnoPls · 1 pointr/AskReddit

I had this problem - your feet just need deodorant. I use this:

And never had a problem again. Just put it on every morning like you would your armpits and you're set.

u/paulrulez742 · 1 pointr/AskMen


We apply once every 3-5 days and it's been a pleasant experience. Doesn't stop sweat, just stops the smell; but I'm not a heavy sweater anyway.

u/Xetios · 1 pointr/trashy

Here’s 7 day natural deodorant. On the condition that you bathe daily, though. It stops the bacteria that causes an oder from being able to grow. Expand your horizons.

u/KyotoGaijin · 1 pointr/japan

I used to pack several American deodorants, until I found this stuff at the drugstore. It's concentrated active ingredient to kill bacteria that cause sweat stink, and no fragrance (good manners on packed trains). I won't say you're wrong, though, because it's a personal preference thing.

u/toinou0656 · 1 pointr/wicked_edge

I recently bought this one and I haven't tried it yet because I'm also paranoid. I guess I'll give it a go anyway then!

u/Svers · 1 pointr/Tokyo

About alum - I use this thingy. You can get it in most drug stores.

u/StickNpokeThowAway · 1 pointr/sticknpokes

Old Spice Classic Deodorant Stick, Original 3.25 oz (Pack of 6)

u/Lance_Halberd · 1 pointr/gaybros

I prefer au Naturel, but this is my favorite for when there has to be something else.

u/TheodoreRoethke · 1 pointr/LifeProTips

Buy this stuff:

I used to use mitchum anti antiperspirant and it actually made me sweat more, but this arm and hammer stuff is natural and doesn't stain your clothes. I also never sweat and don't smell either.

u/SpagetiJonsnSupaFuka · 1 pointr/TheGirlSurvivalGuide

I really like Arm and Hammer Natural Essentials deodorant. It has either fresh scent (which I love, like stand-there-and-smell-the-stick love) or unscented. Its aluminum and paraben free

u/Lilusa · 1 pointr/fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuu
u/disposition5 · 1 pointr/AskReddit

I use this stuff.

I (like others) found that using a deo w/ antiperspirant only made things worse. You can also take baking soda in the shower, rub it on a wash clothe (I usually used soap too) and wash your underarms. The baking soda will typically reduced sweating. Also, baby powder (after you are out of the bath and dry) after putting on deo.

u/flux_daemon · 1 pointr/TwoXChromosomes

There's this one I started using that basically is a crystal: Thai deodorant stone from Amazon:

Deodorant Stones of America: Thai Crystal Deodorant, 4.25 oz (Pack of 2)

I don't want all that fake flowery or fruity scent in my pits anymore. Mind you, it isn't an anti-perspirant as I'm also not trying to prevent the body's natural waste elimination processes. Hope you find something you like and works for you.

u/BrokeWhoregan · 1 pointr/savedyouaclick

this stuff alleges not to be, and it works great.

u/elpapiflaco · 1 pointr/AskWomen

I don't like scented deodorants. And I am also weary of aluminum in my pores. I use Salt Crystal stones.

u/Jardun · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice

From Texas, so even this time of year I have some problems with heat causing sweatiness. I use Mitchum Smart Solid Clinical Performance antiperspirant. It works better than any other over the counter product I have tried. Get unscented so you don't clash scents with your cologne, it is designed so it doesn't leave the white stains on clothing (although I have noticed that it does leave little white spots very occasionally), and only apply one layer over your whole pit. It doesn't need to be just coated on like some people do. I keep an old towel in my bathroom so that if I put too much on I can just dab it off a bit. Only one warning, because it has so much going on it is a bit powerful and can cause an itchy rash if you over apply. Happened to me once or twice because I over applied it, itchiness went away in 20 or so minuets.

If you don't feel like going to a doctor to seek a cure, then try this because it really is a magic deodorant. Put it on at night before bed and right after your morning shower and it will work better too, I buy mine at CVS. Good stuff.

u/eventersgetoverit · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
u/revmamacrystal · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
  1. So excited! soap

    Cream Soda Mix

    Divider Box

    Movie Room Sign

    Pill Keyholders

    Diaper Pail Stick Ups

    Those Himalaya's of the mind! Great contest!
u/ATLOTFGirl · 1 pointr/orangetheory

I've been doing OTF for over 2 years and have the same problem. I've asked a bunch of coaches to look at my form and they all say it's fine. I found the butt shield roll on to be a lifesaver. And on the days I forget it Aquafor is my saving grace.


u/meowke · 1 pointr/orangetheory

I had the same issue with chafing and bruising around the tailbone. I would recommend Butt Shield for the chafing:

u/-sosedka- · 1 pointr/crueltyfree

I’ve tried tons of them! Like went trough most of the WholeFoods shell. The only one that truly worked was primal paste, legit on par with non cruel ones:

u/peony_chalk · 1 pointr/ZeroWaste

I had a bottle of olive oil that I mistakenly bought a year or two ago because I had forgotten I had just bought another (large) bottle. It was nearing its expiration date and I wasn't even done with the first bottle, so I figured I'd make soap out of it. I got lye and a simple soap mold off amazon for about $25. I already had the oil (which would have been around $10-15), utensils, bowls, and a scale.


If you had to pay for all of that up front, it's probably $50-60, depending on what type of oil you used and whether you wanted to add scents to your soap. I got somewhere around 12 bars from that, so at the high end, you're paying $5/bar of soap, which is pretty high considering it isn't even fancy or professionally made. For your second batch though, you're really only paying for the oil (the bottle of lye will make a bunch of batches), so it goes down to around $1/bar depending on what type of oil you use. You can get Ivory soap off Amazon for around $0.75/bar, so small batch homemade is still more expensive than store-bought, and you need space to store the ingredients/equipment and the soap itself while it cures.


Of your list, deodorant might be the easiest/cheapest thing to make yourself. A lot of the homemade recipes are mostly baking soda and coconut oil, which should be relatively inexpensive. I'd caution you to make a small batch first though, because baking soda can be irritating; my experiment with homemade deodorant was very short-lived. Alternatively, you could try crystal deodorant, which is inexpensive and lasts forever, although it does still have some packaging waste (which like, you'd think they could do better considering their primary audience is eco-people...)


You didn't mention it, but a scrub or lotion bars might also be easier and relatively inexpensive to make yourself. If you want to really cut the costs, why not invite some friends over for a beauty-product-making party? If everyone pitched in a few bucks, that would help cover equipment and bulk ingredients (bulk ingredients that it would take you years to use up by yourself), it'd be fun, and maybe you could nudge some fresh minds towards zero-waste.

u/AufDerGalerie · 1 pointr/askgaybros

I don’t like the soapy/laundry detergent smell of white antiperspirant sticks.

I use a Crystal Deodorant Rock. It has no smell at all. You wet it and rub it on clean skin after you shower. You still sweat, but don’t smell bad. It doesn’t work if you already have even a little bit of body odor already when you use it.

u/bikerwalla · 0 pointsr/wicked_edge

You're going to want an alum block to rub over your wet face right after the shave. It tightens your pores, disinfects, and controls any bleeding if you have cut yourself or scraped your skin. If you want one purpose-made for shaving, you can get the one by RazoRock, but you should save a few bucks and instead use a Crystal Body Deodorant; it's chemically identical and comes in a plastic applicator that is easier to hold.

After rinsing off the alum, I would use a toner splash, like Thayers witch hazel and lavender or Ogalalla bay rum, followed by a balm, like Nivea Aftershave for Sensitive Skin.

u/Brickbattle · 0 pointsr/LifeProTips

I had the same problem! This was actually done a while ago somewhere on reddit:

Use an alum block.

It's a natural mineral that you wet before rubbing under the arm.

I got a "salt of the earth" pre-shaped one from amazon for a few quid.

It's the aluminium in deodorants which is causing it. Apparently takes a different form in the alum block. Some people also think the aluminium is toxic / alters hormones or something.

Edit: here's an amazon link:

u/faiora · -1 pointsr/onebag

It's a tub, not a tube. I was trying to post a picture but my image search doesn't give me a link on my phone, so:

It isn't nearly enough product to cause issues at airport security, and even if it was its closer to a solid than a liquid.

u/notoneofyourfans · -4 pointsr/sex

If you are an American, she may not be used to way an uncircumcised penis naturally smells. And yes, uncut guys do have a stronger natural smell. The best way to delay that smell from coming back just a couple of hours after showering and washing under the foreskin is to put a liberal dose of coconut oil on your glans. The oil keeps the bacterial growth down between washings. If you know sexy times are going to happen, you can go to the bathroom and use an unscented wipe to freshen up your glans. Another possibility? Ball sweat. It only takes a few minutes for musk to come back after shower. If you can tolerate shaving...that helps. Also you could use something like this: Just rub it all over your coin purse and that crack between ball sack, thigh and taint while they are still damp from your shower. Keep it off your penis, though because it probably tastes horrible. But it kills body odor like a champ and it is all natural.

u/ralphredimix · -16 pointsr/WTF

Guys, don't use AP's. The aluminum oxide causes Alzheimers. I am a big dude and I sweat a lot too, so I'm not preaching without practicing here. Get yourself a thai crystal stick or use purely deodorant.