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u/kyhule · 261 pointsr/LifeProTips

Came here to say this. Musher's secret and Pawz are the real LPT.

Here's links to both products. My dog had injuries to her pads last year and these both were lifesavers. She didn't do well with regular booties but had no issues with the Pawz.

Pawz Purple Water-Proof Dog Boots, Large, Paws 3" to 4"(12 Disposable-reusable Boots)

Mushers Secret Paw Wax 60 grams

u/thr0wfaraway · 80 pointsr/childfree

Can you possibly request a higher, solid fence? It also sounds like you need security cameras that record to the cloud and you can access on your phone from anywhere. That way you have solid proof that they trespassed and/or provoked your dog, it could save his life.

When you are walking, you can also consider wearing a gopro or other body camera and/or strap one to your dog as well so you get the full dog-eye picture of everything that happens.

There are also leashes and vests that tell people to back off, even tshirts for you you can wear that say the same thing.

It would also be a good idea to check the yard fully before letting him out in future, people who are crazy like this have been known to throw poisoned food and shit into yards to kill dogs. Make sure you know where the nearest 24hr vet hospital is.

u/wingsofcolor · 77 pointsr/dogs

Aww. Glad they were so generous about it.

Here's some unsolicited chewing dog advice. Take it or leave it.

With a dog that loves to chew, here's a few recommendations and a blog that is really great for hyper / anxious / chewy dogs. Goes without saying if you're already doing these things then keep on keeping on.

  1. change all meals to puzzle toys like the tug jug and the wobbler. Make them work and think for their food

  2. more exercise and consider adding a backpack like the outward hound or ruff wear. Use filled Nalgene bottles for weight for an excellent doggy workout.

  3. More training. A trained dog is a confident happy dog. Do a new trick a month. Join a class. Etc.

    All this is a recipe for a less chewy dog. If they're tired both mentally and physically and are confident, unwanted behaviors like chewing and barking generally decrease.

    Here's the blog - 3lostdogs (dot) com
u/LovableLycanthrope · 66 pointsr/guns

ATF begs to differ, but yeah, doggy earpro exists and if they're with you they should probably have it. Note, getting them to wear it is probably a whole nother issue.

u/Fossilwench · 33 pointsr/guns

Pretty common on any of the dogs who visit the range.

u/panthera_tigress · 32 pointsr/TrollXChromosomes

Here are some!

u/JDubStep · 27 pointsr/rarepuppers
u/MarlenaWatches · 16 pointsr/TrollXChromosomes

Service animals are trained for crowds, and with a pair of Mutt Mufflers, the noise becomes a non-issue.


u/_thane_krios_ · 15 pointsr/awfuleverything

Questions are great!
There’s a couple different temporary options, and those are the chalks and the sprays. Those are gonna come off in the rain or in the bath or rub off on your couch. I don’t ever use those personally— in my opinion not worth the time, effort, or mess.

When I dye my dog , I use OPawz dog hair dye. It’s permanent (fades in a couple of washes) and is applied like actual hair dye. I don’t apply down to the skin, I just do the furnishings. It’s hair dye, so it doesn’t rub off. Put it on a clean dog, let it sit after application, and wash it out!

Also, to those who may think it’s cruel— hair dye literally doesn’t hurt dogs. In any way. They don’t know. They don’t care. They’re dogs. It’s like getting a slightly abnormal grooming as far as they know. My girl gets lots of attention after her new ‘do and loves that, so I bet it’s worth the extra half hour on the grooming table :)

u/spaceandplace · 11 pointsr/Damnthatsinteresting
u/TechGeek1994 · 11 pointsr/formula1

On an off-topic side note, if you are concerned about protecting your dog's hearing, then you should buy them dog specific hearing protection. No doubt having a dog wear human ear muff does nearly nothing.

u/Seobooty · 11 pointsr/AnimalsBeingBros

There is dog safe color dye tho

Owpawz DOG HAIR DYE GEL Bright, Fun Shade, Semi-permanent, completely non-toxic safe (PINK)

u/tres_cervezas · 11 pointsr/phoenix

I tried the Petsmart shoes too - they were horrible. I got these on Amazon and they work really well. Even used them walking through an airport.

u/hi_from_brian · 10 pointsr/RunningWithDogs

> I scolded her gently

You scolded an animal for emptying a full bladder indoors, when they have no self determined access to the outdoors for that? This is misdirected. We can all make mistakes with food and water intake, and we can all find ourselves waking up to pee in the middle of the night.

> Is 9 miles too much for my dog?

Probably not, but you made zero mention of the ambient temperature and humidity levels. She may have just overheated a bit. I like to use a Ruffwear Swamp Cooler vest with our young Pit Bull any time the temps are 75F, or higher. She can go faster for longer, and I get to carry much less water.

> Did I let her over-hydrate?

Probably, but it was likely her natural reaction to an overheating scenario.

> Did she drink too much at night, trying to recover?

Perhaps, but this ties into everything I said above.

> What can I do differently?

Try running in the mornings, when it is cooler, or look into the cooling vest that I linked above. I would also look into installing a dog door, whether permanently, or as part of an existing sliding door.

u/shinyumbreon1992 · 10 pointsr/dogs

Lots of big dog stuff here! Here's some nice things for the little guys (~25 lbs and under). Many of these items are good for big dogs, too; will note them with a * sign and list them first in each section.


  • Himalayan Dog Cheese Chew*: Long-lasting hard cheese chews; can be microwaved to make "cheesy popcorn" for your dog when it gets small enough to pose a swallowing hazard. Comes in a variety of sizes.

  • Brushless Toothpaste*: Our dog LOVES this stuff, and it keeps his breath smelling awesome. Also helps keep his teeth clean. May want to introduce these into the dog's diet slowly, as some are sensitive to the ingredients but acclimate over time. Comes in an even smaller size for the really tiny dogs, and bigger sizes for the big dogs :)

  • Freeze-dried chicken*: Easy to break into small pieces and sprinkle over your dog's kibble or regular food.

  • Stella & Chewy Meal Mixers*: Great to sprinkle over your dog's regular food for both nutrition and novel taste.

  • Fruitables Minis: Small and low-calorie; great for clicker-training your dog. Comes in a wide variety of flavors.

  • Crazy Dog Bacon Treats*: Also small and very-low calorie; another good clicker-training tool.


  • KONG Mini Squeaky Tennis Balls*: Great for dogs who like either balls, squeaky toys, or both! My dog had zero interest in balls before these, and they're still the only ones he'll play with. Come in lots of sizes; not good for strong dogs who like to chew up their balls.

  • Dog Tornado*: Easy introductory puzzle toy that's not too big for little dogs. Good for kibble, wet food, and treats. May be too big for dogs under 7 lbs.

  • Dog Tower: Another great introductory puzzle toy suitable for small dogs. Good for kibble and small treats. Not sure how this'll hold up to big dogs, although I think it'd be fine with the gentler ones.

  • JW Treat Pod: Kind of like the Kong, but better suited for gentler, 'licking'-type dogs. Easier to clean out as well, IMO; the small Kongs are so hard to get completely clean even with a brush.

  • Outward Hound Flirt Pole: Fun and easy exercise, the Outward Hound version is more lightweight and suited for small dogs.

    Harnesses, Collars, & Safety

  • Pet Stairs*: Large collection of pet stairs. Some on this page are suitable for large dogs as well.

  • Hurtta Active Dog Harness*: High-quality dog harness for dogs that love to run around the outdoors in all kinds of weather and elements. Comes in a variety of sizes; for dogs 7+ lbs.

  • Ruffwear Swamp Cooler*: Comes in XXS, XS, and S. Great for keeping your dog cool in the summer if you don't live in a humid area.

  • Hurtta Pet Overall*: Great for rain and snow; comes in a variety of small sizes. Fit perfectly on our Pom mix and very high quality.

  • Musher's Secret*: Protect your dog's paws in cold weather.

  • Sleepypod Clickit*: Crash-tested car harness, comes in a variety of sizes.

  • Sleepypod Mobile Carrier/Car Seat/Pet Bed: Crash-tested dog bed/car seat/carrier!

  • Lil Pals Step-in Mesh Harness: For the seriously small dogs.

  • Ollydog Marin Collar: Completely waterproof, rustproof, extremely durable, easy to put on...the perfect collar!


  • The Stuff Detangler and Conditioner*: Keeps your dog's coat looking clean and glossy; easy to apply and doesn't have a strong odor.

  • Lil Pals Grooming Kit: Miniature grooming tools for your miniature dog at a very affordable price.

    Edited to add more+formatting!
u/LowItalian · 10 pointsr/Dogtraining

Here's some of the gear I bought:

hands free leash

Boots + socks

Collapseable Bowls

pack and harness

That's the only hands free leash I've ever tried but it's worked well. I'd recommend it.

Boots - my dog got used to them after a really funny 1-5 min adjustment period every time I put them on. The downside to the boots was they'd fall off and if the dog was heeling we'd have to back track to find the boots. So now I only use them on sharp rocky terrain or grated metal stairs/bridges. Definitely nice to have the piece of mind that if your pup cuts his foot you can throw them on and protect his feet.

Collapseable bowls - for short trips these are great. Using daily for months they became a little gross, leaky and some threads started coming undone. Now we just pack out cheap Tupperware bowls that I have around the house.

Pack and harness -. I have mixed feelings on this one. I actually went through 3 harnesses. Mostly because my pup would chew them while wearing them at first. Not the fault of the gear (and he no longer does it) Luckily Ruffwear was great to deal with and never made me pay full price for a replacement. Though on one harness I did get some wear and tear where the leash attaches. He also got a little raw in his front armpits where the straps went around his chest. We added some moleskin to the straps and that seemed to help.

Overall I'm happy with the pack, but if I were to do it again I'd strongly consider getting a Groundbird Custom Pack. I saw a handful on the trail and they looked great and I wonder if the custom fit might have helped with the rawness in the armpits. Also the same price as the Ruffwear pack.

>Also, how did you train the pup that pack=good trail behavior?

Reinforcement mainly. When we hiked we kept moving, no playing, no picking up sticks (Mac loves sticks so much they called him LumberMac on the trail). For breaks and at the end of day the pack comes off and he's free to be a pet instead of a trail dog. :). And nowadays he gets super excited everytime he sees the pack come out.

Also, another thing I couldn't find details on was puppy claws on inflatable sleeping pads. My dog walked on many of the most popular pads during our hike and none popped, so that's good to know.

Hiking the Appalachian Trail is about as demanding on gear as it gets, so these were pretty extreme circumstances.

If you're planning a weekend hike vs a long distance hike I'd probably give you different sets of advice, but the #1 piece of advice is to always put your pup's well being first. Remember they'll run themselves into the ground trying to keep up with you.

Feel free to ask any questions you have. I'm happy to help puppies become trail dogs. ( :

u/RandomTrashMob · 9 pointsr/BackpackingDogs

I purchased the Cotton Canvas version


u/JohnIdaZebra · 9 pointsr/guns
u/PriorInsect · 9 pointsr/dogswithjobs

there's also mutt muffs if your buddy needs ear protection

u/Sam_Vimes_AMCW · 8 pointsr/MilitaryPorn

Are those doggo earmuffs? Wonder if I can get a pair for my dog edit found a pair on amazon

u/loki93009 · 7 pointsr/Dogtraining

He might need more exercise.

My brother has two malamutes and they get antsy like this when he can't walk them as much (he injured his foot and couldn't for a few weeks luckily his neighbor heard and came and took them for runs)

Malamutes are sweet dogs but they have a LOT of energy.

You might want to see if there is a place where you (or your girlfriend) can take him to pull tires or something. OR there are these backpacks you can get that you can add weight to when you walk him that help.

something like this:

Just talked to my sister in law about her dogs and apparently her younger one (who is just over one) destroyed their xmas tree and chewed through her laptop cord sooo you aren't the only one with naughty malamutes. (My SIL & Brother has to work more than usual this week so pups are misbehaving.)

u/pixelneer · 7 pointsr/hiking

As the others mentioned.. Ruffwear

I have the one I linked for my Jack Russell.. GREAT pack!

u/Chrissygandti · 7 pointsr/dogs

How long are the walks?

I will say right now that I have a dog that gets 2x walks a day but if he doesn't wear a backpack then it's like I didn't even do anything. Your dog is a working dog. So she's gotta work. And a dog walk where she gets to stroll down the street isn't going to cut it.

I wanted to add that also. Your dog could've killed that dog and she didn't. Yeah she wounded it, but it takes a bite to grab, a bite to snap to kill an animal. She's not some monster and, on top of that she DIDN'T do anything wrong. She went after prey. It's what dogs are designed to do. You have to let go of that and not be resentful for her doing what's in her nature.

Don't feel guilty that you can't give her a backyard to play frisbee, etc. Call a rescue or a boarding place and see if you can rent their outdoor space for your dog. See if you can find a spot that you can take her to where she's protected and can be off leash for awhile.

But to answer your question. No I don't think you should give her away. She's fearful and she has a bite history and a rescue doesn't have the capacity to do something with her. If you have a child, then you'll have to do some extensive training with your dog and potentially have gates set up where the dog can't access baby while baby is out roaming. If you have a child, you're going to have to teach your child boundaries when it comes to the dog and not expect the dog to accept a baby poking it in the eyeballs.

u/Donkeyshow666 · 6 pointsr/dogswithjobs

Slap a pair of these on frightened puppers

u/1506892 · 6 pointsr/reactivedogs

I use this dog backpack :

Put two water bottles in each pouch and walk him in the morning for about a mile.

Once we get back I’ll take it off, put on his thunder shirt, give him a blanket that smells like me, and put his breakfast in his Kong toy and leave when he is distracted without saying goodbye.

When I get back from work I’ll take off the thunder shirt, walk him with the bag, and give him his dinner regularly.

Works like a charm!!

u/TheDirtyArmenian · 6 pointsr/flying

For sure MuttMuffs, and follow the instructions on them. After making sure they fit and trimming the straps, don't use them for fun or games at home. It needs to be a thing the pup learns to love having on in the plane because it makes her ears less painful.

Consider having some blankets and towels to keep the vibrations of the plane low on your pup. They'll want to lean on the sidewalls (at least mine loves to) and that can be more vibration than the seat-cushion would allow.

Definitely schedule in bathroom breaks often, maybe 2 hours or so with at least a half hour on the ground. Treats for encouragement. And if you have a passenger along with the pup, consider having them sit in the back with the dog (if you can put her the back seats and not forced to keep her in the baggage area only). Company is nice back there for her!

u/heyjoob · 5 pointsr/dogs

Ahh definitely a problem I'm familiar with (high energy dog... in an apartment). I think it's great that you're thinking of it now. One thing that will go a long way is amping up the mental stimulation. This weekend discussion has a ton of examples! Mental stimulation is great for tiring their brains out - kind of like the tired feeling you experience after studying really hard for an exam. A lot of ways to get creative with this too!

Given her hunting skills, I'm guessing she's got a decent prey drive? Will she play fetch? We like to do some pretty intense fetch sessions to tucker our dog out.Flirt poles are also fantastic exercise tools (you can make your own for a fraction of the cost - I just linked one on Amazon). If you guys like to hike or go on long walks, have her wear a backpack. It'll tire her out much more than an unweighted hike/walk.

If you want to start dabbling into dog sports, I bet she would love Barn Hunt. In it, dogs search for a live rat in a PVC pipe (it's safe, they have strict rules about it) hidden in a haystack. It's a great way to harness some of those searching/hunting skills, my dog goes absolutely bonkers for Barn Hunt. Nosework is another fun one. Similar to barn hunt, they use their search skills to find essential oil scents, like birch, hidden in boxes or other containers. Both sports are really welcoming of newcomers and encourage people to try them, so it's not as scary as it seems to get started! If that does seem like too much, you could always just do a weekly obedience class together. Training classes are a nice way to work their brains too.

u/dontcryferguson · 5 pointsr/Greyhounds

Hello to a fellow Coloradan!

Things you'll need:

-A crate, either wire or airline works. Get the largest size you can reasonably fit (42-48 inches if you can). Check craigslist for sure, as you might not need it forever, and people are always selling and reselling crates.

-Dental supplies. I use water additive for my pups (a few drops in daily drinking water), as well as tooth wipes, foam cleaner. I also give my dogs daily chew things (ears, dental treats, etc) to do ALL I can to avoid dental cleanings. My male hound is coming up on 10 years old, and never once has needed a dental!

-Boots of some kind, though my guy only tolerates pawz rubber boots. They are disposable and reuseable, but make walking in cold CO weather MUCH easier. Otherwise their paws tend to go numb quickly, usually a good 1/2 mile from your house!

-I unfortunately don't have recommendations on jackets, as I got my dog's coat secondhand from his rescue on the east coast, and also got another from a greyhounds in gettysburg back when I lived in MD. DO get something really warm though. I put a coat of some kind on my guy if it's less than 40 degrees out, and do the heavier one if it's less than 20. You can also layer up if need be. Jammies are also something to consider (mine can't deal in the house if it's less than 69 degrees inside and paces around a lot trying to stay warm): This kind is great and very inexpensive for indoor use! I think we got the large, and it's still a bit big. A smaller female might just need a medium.

-Chews. In my experience, greyhounds aren't big on nylabones and antlers...the most cost effective ones ;). They LOVE cow/lamb ears, bully sticks, natural bones, compressed rawhide, etc. The site I linked to above,, has a great, inexpensive selection of natural chews that seem to agree better with my hound than any of the artificial stuff (greenies, dentastix, busy bones, etc. that are high in fat and gluten products).

-Consider a dremel tool for their nails. I still trim manually from time to time. but the dremel takes the guess work and stress out of possibly nicking your dog's vein. I have the dog lay down for me on a bed and work on a few nails at a time at first, up to 3 seconds at a time (it gets hot!). Some dogs nails grow faster than others, but for beginnings, I find they take to this much easier. It IS very important to keep their nails nice and rounded, as they are so easily prone to scratching/injury on themselves.

-A first aid kid. Your dog will get scrapes and cuts on the regular, especially if you do anything outdoorsy in CO. Invest in some gentle antiseptic, gauze, vet wrap, neosporin, liquid bandage, etc. and always know right where your kit is. A lot of people see greyhounds and assume they were abused by the scars some have; it's difficult to explain to them that most of the scars they've incurred have actually been during their time with me! They can be very clumsy, and particularly when playing with other dogs, a paw scratch or playful nip can result in stitches -_-.

This isn't obviously a comprehensive list, but just some ideas of things others might not have mentioned. Good luck to you on your greyhound journey!

u/CombatEvolved · 5 pointsr/guns

If you can't find any I think it's okay to bring them (without hearing protection) hunting since you won't be shooting much or for long periods of time.

I would just not bring them to the range if you can't find dog hearing protection. Last time I went to the range a dog was tied to a tree 20 yards behind the firing line and I can't imagine that was pleasant for several hours. That could seriously mess up their ears.

Edit: From a quick google search

u/stylepoints99 · 5 pointsr/pics

They do lose hearing, but usually as they are pretty old for a dog (10+).

They do make hearing protection for dogs, but I've never seen anyone use them. They also won't work for dogs that go into water after birds.

u/RunawayDev · 5 pointsr/germany

There are ear protectors for dogs. If you order now you will have enough time to try them on and see if they fit your dog and whether she likes them or not. If she's comfortable with them you might be able to shield her from the noise and the flashes by keeping her inside with you until the noise has blown over. You also won't have to expose her to an unknown environment that could additionally worry her. At home, with you, with the ear protection, cuddling on the sofa or wherever, might actually be the calmest situation you can provide her, and you don't even need to drive that far :)

Just my 2 cents, I hope it can help you.

u/Rain_Walker · 4 pointsr/Septemberbumpers2017

I so, so promise your dogs can do better! I have 3 high energy dogs and I'll tell you what has worked for me.

  1. Walks at least 5 days a week. But don't skip two days in a row. I was doing an hour walk with them before pregnancy but I switched to 30 min each because I'm still working on pulling issues with one of them. Try to keep it as consistent as possible. I walk mine around 6p every night. They know when it'll happen. As they learn to expect it, they will calm down.

  2. Behavior correction spray. This will help with the jumping. First, tell your guests to totally ignore the dogs when they come in. They don't get attention until they are calm and all four feet are on the floor. If they jump anyway, tell them down sternly (but don't yell). If that doesn't work, then you spray. Never at them, but the sound and the smell catches their attention.

  3. Dog backpacks. I use these with the walks. It gives them a job to do so they're mentally focused and by adding in some cans of soup, it wears them out a little faster.

  4. Work on good walking behavior. It's easier to do one on one. They don't leave the house before you and they walk beside or behind you. As they calm down, where they walk doesn't matter as much but at the beginning, it's best they are next to you.

    Link for the spray:

    Link for backpacks:
u/capncait · 3 pointsr/pitbulls

Keep on training, keep building his confidence! It's possible that he'll have some strange boundaries forever, but you can take precautions like getting him a vest that says DO NOT PET or a similar sign that attaches to the leash to prevent him from nipping anyone. I also like this bandana.

Congrats on how far you've come!

u/I_am_Bob · 3 pointsr/CampingGear

There's a lot of backpacks/saddlebag options out there for dogs. Iuse this one for my 60lb black lab mix. I've taken her on a few overnights and one 3 day trip with it and it worked great. My only compliant is that this pack has no leash clips and I usually walk her with a harness so they kind of interfere. Also if you don't weigh out each side really equally it will start to shift to the heavier side. But that may be me not having it adjusted right...

I'm thinking of upgrading to Ruffwear which has the rear clip and looks a lot more durable for longer trips hope to take with my dog. People really seem to like the ruffwear gear. but I don't have any personal experience with it.

u/TechFocused · 3 pointsr/Kayaking

I got it at petco a few years back. You can find them on Amazon as well. Usually run around $15 - $20.

u/femalenerdish · 3 pointsr/Portland

Musher's secret is for mild protection. I'd say it would work for mildly hot pavement, but not rough surfaces.

Some dogs will tolerate boots like these. They're thin enough the dog can feel the surface below their feet, but thick enough to offer more protection than a paw wax.

They're marketed as disposable, but I hear many people on /r/dogs get 5-10 uses out of them. You can reinforce with duct tape inside and outside if you want them to last a bit longer. If they slip off your dog's paws, you can use vet wrap or athletic tape to secure them.

u/tragopanic · 3 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

This has become the highlight of my workweek. Truly. Every Wednesday. Thank you. I mean it.

If I'm lucky enough to ever win a Waldo contest, I'd love to have this for my pup.

You look stunning today, by the way.

u/MCXL · 3 pointsr/Dogtraining

Don't forget ear pro for the dogs! (Big foam plugs can work as well, depending on breed.)

For recall you can use a vibrating collar.

u/waste-of-skin · 3 pointsr/politics
u/Holly_Tyler · 3 pointsr/ferrets
u/tonterias · 3 pointsr/uruguay

Cantidad de Perros * (Dos de estos + Uno de estos) + Esto otro = Paz perpetua

De nada.

u/beepboopbadiba · 3 pointsr/mlem

I use this

He loves it! He loves having a 'job' to do and gets exited when he sees the bag once we get to the trail. I love it too! Its very sturdy and I just hose it and let it dry in the sun when it's hot. It only comes in one size though and it's the tightest it can be on him and barely fits. It's pretty hefty, but Ethan is a strong dog and can deal with it. It holds a lot of stuff, too. All in all I like it :)

u/zombieninja9000 · 2 pointsr/Showerthoughts

OneTigris Dog Pack Hound Travel Camping Hiking Backpack Saddle Bag Rucksack for Medium & Large Dog (Dog Pack - Cotton Canvas)

u/purplecowgirlnerves · 2 pointsr/RunningWithDogs

Thanks! He is indeed. It's an Outward Hound brand dog backpack. I got it from Amazon. They run pretty big, though, so if you do get one like his I'd recommend choosing a size down than what they recommend. I got the large for Linus, who is ~80ish lbs, and he probably could've taken the medium.

It's so freeing when they carry their own stuff! Plus they feel like they're serving a purpose or working when they wear them... or so says the Dog Whisperer, anyway. What kind of dogs do you have?

u/cs0290 · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

This life vest for my dog would help save me a lot of trouble for when we go kayaking!

He doesn't like being in the water but enjoys being with me and this would ease my mind if he fell in and started freaking out (as he usually does when he hits water)

u/dustincole · 2 pointsr/goldenretrievers

it's the cheapest but also the most popular pack on amazon... and it's really good actually! you have to keep the two packs balanced or it'll sag to one side. i've only gone on one hiking trip with it but toby tried to hit every rock on the mountain with the pack and it's still in good condition. so i think it'll do just fine.

u/sjratsju · 2 pointsr/dogs

You could also try these

u/jon1746 · 2 pointsr/aww

We got our dog a set of Helps a lot in loud situations

u/5ubv3rsion · 2 pointsr/AustralianCattleDog

Amazon? He wears a medium and he's a pretty average sized ACD. The bags are removable so you can take them off and leave the harness part on if you stop for a break. Both pockets have a zippered mesh compartment in them, too.

u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/funny
u/aurical · 2 pointsr/hiking


The manufacturer's website has a sizing chart. Rose is about 43 lbs, but I got a large because of her deep chest measurements. The harness fits well but the bags seem a bit large.

I don't think they'd hold up for serious backpacking but they should be fine for light daypacking I'm planning on.

u/okcmaniac2 · 2 pointsr/samoyeds

OneTigris Dog Pack Hound Travel Camping Hiking Backpack Saddle Bag Rucksack for Medium & Large Dog (Dog Pack - Cotton Canvas)

But honestly you can get better packs. This one has some issues with the stitching and tightening of the pack. It works for casual stuff but if you need something for long hikes than you might look for a different pack. If they have one that can double as a harness that's a plus. This one absolutely can not be used to attach a leash/lead. One good tug will rip the stitches

u/shmashmorshman · 2 pointsr/GearTrade
u/Ajchandler · 2 pointsr/husky
u/SheytanHS · 2 pointsr/Dogtraining

There are "do not pet" vests, and if you leave your dog unattended and think she might bite, I would strongly recommend using one. It could save your own dog's life by avoiding a bad situation where she injures somebody, who then presses charges.




If I thought my dog was somewhat likely bite somebody, I would have every possible vest, bandana, collar, etc. available on him to warn others avoid that possibility. Heck I'd consider strapping on a speaker that plays "Do not pet, I may bite" over and over.

u/CBML50 · 2 pointsr/dogs

I use mushers secret as well or the little pawz dog boots. I've been debating getting a pair of ruffwear boots, but the Pawz ones seem to be doing fine except on the coldest and snowiest of days (-10F windchill/3+ inches of snow)

u/kpeteymomo · 2 pointsr/Greyhounds

We used these for our greys when we lived in Chicago. They were easy to put on, and the dogs really didn't mind them.

The only issue was that it was a bit gross when they got peed on (which they occasionally did). If you don't feel like having to run them through the wash, you can get disposables, although we found them much more difficult to put on.

I've also heard amazing things about Musher's Secret, although I've never tried it. From what I understand, one application lasts for a few days- which is a lot less work than putting on and taking off boots every time your hound goes outside!

u/KaySeas · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Ferret sweater. It's not necessary, but my ferret would look so damn cute!

u/Teuvil · 2 pointsr/lookatmydog

I have the same one - It's an awesome pack and the leash is amazing.

u/veeev · 2 pointsr/chicagodogs

I have a sweater for my corgi, but I only put it on him when the temp drops below 10 or 15 degrees F. Mostly it's short haired and/or low rider dogs who need winterizing. If it does look like she's getting cold, you should take her to a store to try on something before you buy it. And you should probably invest in some of these to protect her paws from the salt on the sidewalk.

Puppies in the snow are so much fun :)

u/Vaalarah · 2 pointsr/service_dogs

This should be what you're looking for. You can put leash wraps over the straps or sew on some Velcro so you can attach Velcro patches to it. Probably won't be able to find one with service dog on it, so gotta get creative!

Edit: be sure to bring dog shoes too. You may have to evacuate onto the runway or navigate through shrapnel. It could also prevent the possibility of your dog's nails puncturing the life raft. I'd also see if you can find flight attendant training videos so you can figure out a plan for getting your dog down the inflatable slides without getting hurt.

u/stuckinvhs · 2 pointsr/ferrets
u/Bytchen · 2 pointsr/backpacking

She has a small pack that I bought at pet smart but after 15ish trips with it, it ripped above the zipper. I finally bought her a Ruffwear Palisades Pack
For $100 on sale. This pack is way nice and she is worth it

u/Emilolz · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

this dog life jacket would be great, so we can take our dogs swimming or on the boat! One for each would be ideal but I would be happy with one to be certain of sizing for sure.

u/Raccoonite · 2 pointsr/ferrets

Amazon for $12 bucks. The hoodie has a hole for a leash by the shoulder blades so he cant take it off.

We take our rat out on errands sometimes, but lately he's been shaking since its so bitterly cold here.

Amazon listing:

u/ebola_monkey · 2 pointsr/Bulldogs

I bought it. You can find it cheap on Amazon. Well worth it.

u/Kramgunderson · 2 pointsr/chicago

Seconding the rubber booties. They stay on FAR better than any "boots" I've tried, and they keep my dogs' feet dry and salt-free. It took a couple of days for my dogs to get used to them, but after that it was no trouble at all. One set lasted all winter.

u/mike43212 · 1 pointr/funny

really guys. Its the first shopping result when you type dog carrying pumpkin costume..................

but here you go

u/cullen9 · 1 pointr/gifs
u/allORnothingCLIMBER · 1 pointr/hiking

Looks to be the Ruffwear Approach. I have the same pack for my Golden and it's great.

u/joshlymanismygod · 1 pointr/dogs

Check with your vet before doing this since its a puppy, but you can get a backpack (like this) and slowly add weights over time to increase the amount of work your dog is doing while on walks. That can make shorter walks more effective exercise - but, you need to be taking that pup for a least 60 to 90 minute walks (in a single go).

u/silverbeat · 1 pointr/dogs

I really wanted a pallisades pack from ruffware but it was out of my price range. I went with outward hound and am very pleased. The pack detaches if you need to give your guy a break and the bags can hold a lot of bulky stuff. My only qualm is that doesn't seem as sturdy as ruffware packs. But after a year of use it's still holding up just fine and at $30 I won't mind replacing it when it does finally tear.

u/floorpoop · 1 pointr/dogs

The pockets are very large and the entire "backpack" park is connected by velcro and one single clip to the straps, so its easy to pull off and the harness part is still on in cases where you want to do it quickly.

u/KamikazeBumblebee · 1 pointr/explainlikeimfive

Except, we have invented them. They are commonly known and used. Even in combat when required.

u/Knarfed · 1 pointr/IAmA

OneTigris Cotton Canvas Dog Pack Hound Travel Camping Hiking Backpack Saddle Bag Rucksack for Medium & Large Dog (Dog Pack)

Not the one we have, but amazon has a ton of options. You obviously don't want to kill their backs, but a little weight, or lunch if you're going hiking, makes them feel useful. Or that's what I think is going on in their dog brains.

u/racc813 · 1 pointr/DogAdvice

There's a pretty good selection of products for hunting dogs. I'm sure they would work the same for your situation.

u/DothrakAndRoll · 1 pointr/Eugene

These have mixed reviews but I have had luck with them.

u/Capt_Watermelon · 1 pointr/pitbulls

Earmuffs for dogs? They're mad expensive though

u/Marvelous4 · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
  1. Blue Power Ranger Figure Billy the OG blue ranger. He is part of the rainbow of power rangers throughout the years--the 1st and best.

  2. Summer Children's Book Learning starts as young as babies. We all had to learn about the seasons and this book teaches babies/kids the season of summer.

  3. Durian Fruit Mask Not actually food but...a mask dedicated to the stinkiest fruit in the world. Why? I don't know. :)

  4. Genji Action Figure I want to gift this to my brother because he really likes Genji of Overwatch but this one is a little more than my wallet can take.

  5. All my Friends are Dead book If you enjoy dark humor this funny, laugh-out-loud, bust-a-gut little book is for you.

  6. YUGIOH Card $0.64 and a yugioh card, WHAT A DEAL! Even the king of the games would cower in fear with this card in your hand.

  7. Dog Sunglasses If you're rocking the shades, it's only fair that your furry friend is rocking them too.

  8. DBZ Vegeta Sunglasses I could wear regular sunglasses, but wearing Vegeta Sunglasses would be twice as better. Imagine wearing these at your grandma's birthday party--everyone frozen at your mighty power level.

  9. Speed The epitome action thriller movies that will keep the audience on the edge of their seats--one of the best in my opinion.

  10. Clean Water Straw If the zombies breech the ecosystem a drinkable water filter tool will help you survive the harsh climates, if needing a drink.

  11. Posture Corrector I have a really bad back and posture for someone so young, this would really help with my health and posture in everyday life.

  12. Lysol Disinfectant I always try to keep my house and workplace clean, so it's alwways important to have a clean environment.

  13. BBC Sherlock Shirt I enjoy the show and Benedict's Sherlock, every fan should have this shirt in the wardrobe.

  14. Lladro Nigara Chandelier Over $110,000 for a fancy chandelier. I thinkn I'll stick with my rusty light fixture.

  15. Cat riding a unicorn riding a shark shirt You get the best of both worlds plus a cat! Whats not to love?

  16. Orange scented stickers Love me some oranges. The scent of oranges are amazing and taste good as well--quite the deal.

  17. Football I played football a lot as a kid. You can't beat the classics.

  18. Aqua Notes You ever get great ideas in the shower but have no place to place them? Well this is for you writer friend. It helps future writers for those notes in their works.

  19. Kars Statue Basically as the fandom calls them AZTEC GODS OF FITNESS that's all you need to know about this anime and manga P.S. Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.

  20. Asia Old Man Wall decal A great masterpiece for an icebreaker when the neighbors visit. It gave me a good laugh.

    Whew, that was quite the task. Thanks for the contest!!!
u/DanEngler · 1 pointr/bodegaboys

Until they do, you can cop a boring plain hoodie on Amazon.

u/ski3 · 1 pointr/dogs

We don't live in Colorado (yet, we actually just started to apply for jobs out there and hope to move to the Denver-area later this year. We've already mapped out the drive and done some brainstorming about where we'll stay on the road since from where we live (Pittsburgh), it's about a 24 hour drive, so let me know if you need any help on the research we've done on that), but do camp (in OH, PA, and MD), hike, and road trip with our 1.5 year old Golden Retriever pretty frequently when the weather is warm. I'll discuss what we have for our dog's set ups.

Road Trips

  • Car Harness (we use the Ruffwear Loadup) to help keep him safe in the car and to keep him in the backseat
  • Car Seat Cover to protect your car
  • Cleanup Supplies just in case your dog gets sick (my policy if that if you have them, you probably won't need them. But that one time you don't have them is when you'll probably need them). We keep a bottle of Nature's Miracle and paper towels in the trunk.
  • Something to carry your dog's kibble in. We use the Ruffwear Kibble Kaddie
  • Travel Dog Bowls. We really like these Doggie Bento Bowls for travel, since they're sturdy and the top one is keeps water in without leaking.
  • Treats
  • Crate for the hotel room/wherever you'll be staying on the road if your dog is crate trained.
  • Leash and poop bags for when you take your dog out to potty at various rest stops, etc.
  • Toys for when you get to your destination/your nightly lodging
  • A bag to put everything in. We just use a folding duffle we've had lying around the house for a while.
  • Collar with vaccination tags, as well as a tag with your home address (if it's a short trip) or the address of where you will be staying (if it's a longer trip)
  • Doggie First Aid Kit (include items such as disinfectant, hydrogen peroxide (can be used to clean wounds or induce vomiting), vet wrap, gauze pads, activated charcoal, tick key, thermometer, ace wrap, scissors, tweezers, styptic powder, etc.)


  • Tie-out stake and tie-out line for the campsite. It's extremely useful not having to hold your dog's leash constantly while you're setting up camp, starting fires, collecting wood, etc.
  • Something for your dog to sleep on (optional). We use the Ruffwear Highlands Sleeping Bag and the Ruffwear Highlands Sleeping Pad (we got both for over half off at L.L. Bean). Summit usually ends up ditching the sleeping bag and trying to climb into ours and cuddle though. The sleeping pad is really nice to have since we can easily move it to near the fire so he has a nice place to lay.
  • Toys you don't mind getting dirty. We especially like light up and glow in the dark toys for at night around the campsite since we can actually find them once it starts to get dark.
  • Food and some way to store it (we generally use the Ruffwear Kibble Kaddie for this too and store it in either the car or a bear box when it's not being used).
  • Travel Bowls. For camping we tend to use the Ruffwear Quencher Cinch for food.
  • Water and bowl (we use a Nalgene Bottle with a [Pupwerks PupCup](, which when not in use, fits snugly on the bottom of the water bottle)).
  • Treats
  • Leash and poop bags
  • Doggie First Aid Kit
  • Light-up Dog Necklace to make your dog easier to see at night


  • Harness/backpack. Summit has the Ruffwear Palisades Pack for hiking, but so far has only used the removable harness from it and not the pack (we didn't want him carrying the pack last summer while he was still growing and can't wait to try this summer).

  • Leash and poop bags. We really like the Chaco Dog Leash since it has a buckle to allow us to clip him to different places, and you can adjust the leash to clip it around yourself to walk hands-free if needed.

  • Longline or Flexi-leash (controversial, we personally hate flexi-leashes EXCEPT if we're hiking in an area where there are not many people/dogs nearby. I would not recommend it unless your dog has excellent recall in addition to the flexi). This allows your dog to wander a little farther away from you and sniff and explore on his own a little bit.
  • Water and bowl (we use the Nalgene with the Pupwerks PupCup again for hiking)
  • Treats
  • Doggie First Aid Kit, especially if it's a longer or overnight hike

    Additionally, for camping, I'd strongly recommend doing some camping training in your home before taking your dog camping for real. We set our tent up in our living room and slept in it at home a couple of times with our dog just to let him get a feel for what things would be like before we went outside camping for the first time. Lots of treats were involved to show him that being calm in the tent was a good thing. Also start small. The first time we took our dog camping was at a campsite in Ohio about 20 minutes from our parents' house. We made sure it was just one night and that we had an easy-out in case Summit wasn't ready and started to freak out or disrupt the other people camping. Everything went perfectly but if Summit hadn't been having a good time, we could have quickly packed up and left and slept at either of our parents' houses where he would have felt more comfortable.

    In terms of hiking, also start small. Start with shorter, easier hikes that take maybe 30-60 minutes. Then work up to longer, steeper, more challenging hikes.

    Finally, for road tripping, especially in places that you don't know as well, I strongly recommend taking a look at and These websites will allow you to easily look up different dog-friendly establishments (such as restaurants, hotels, parks, activities, etc.) in the areas that you are traveling.
u/traslin · 1 pointr/WildernessBackpacking

I thought about doing this, but the bags I looked at seemed a little gimmicky. I also have no idea how my dog would handle having weight strapped to her during the hike. It is definitely something I'm going to consider in the future, but I don't think I have enough time before this Thursday to make sure it will be worth the hassle.

I'll likely pick one up eventually so I can do some test hikes with my dog before my next trip. Do you have a recommendation for a particular bag? I thought this one looked pretty decent.

u/shibapupper · 1 pointr/shiba

Please please please consider an alternative. Declawing is very painful to an animal and oftentimes changes their behavior for the worse after it has been done (no surprises really, as declawing is not just removing the nails, it is removing the bone as well. think of it like removing your finger up to the second knuckle). How about try something less intrusive/costly first? There are booties you could purchase:
Or you could file your doggie's nails down with a dremel, so they aren't nearly as sharp (they make pet specific ones for those too):
I use the dremel on my boy, and he doesn't mind it at all compared to the nail clipper! Just had to entice him with enough cheese when introducing it lol.

u/lordofthefeed · 1 pointr/puppy101

Agree with /u/zelyre about a non-crazy colored saddle bag set. Quickly googled to see general pricing and found this one they might like. That said, I think that reflective stripes would be an add on, so I'd pay comparable pricing for a normal-looking saddle bag but probably not more than $50.

u/Lindsay21636 · 1 pointr/GermanShepherd

I haven't used one but this might help to keep him coolRuffwear Cooling Vest

u/CoconutMacaron · 1 pointr/dogs

I live in Chicago and swear by these for the salt and ice in the winter:

They are basically like tough balloons though, so if your pup has punctured a slide I'm not sure if these will work for you.

u/Enraiha · 1 pointr/aww

His is pretty good, but I prefer Ruffwear's Palisade model. The harness and saddlebags are connected on his pack, whereas the Palisade model has detachable bags (good if you're doing some bushwhacking/backcountry adventures).

Here's my girl with it on:

Quality stuff, use the harness separate a lot for running with her, but the pack itself is well balanced. She's held 2 liters of her own water, food, and treats while in the backcountry with no problem. Most the time she likes having her own pack because she knows she'll be going out on an adventure and gets super excited.

It's a bit more expensive than the approach packs, but you can often find the Palisade model for sale for under 100 bucks. I got mine during an REI sale for 80 bucks. Here's an Amazon link for reference though:

u/helleraine · 1 pointr/dogs

I don't have any experience with that company. I prefer the canvas/tarp type material. I have this for Tesla - I like that the bags are removable.

Ruffwear has a super nice multi-day hike type backpack for dogs (I wasn't sure if you were looking for a plain vest or a pack type vest since the examples are different).

Company has a lifetime warranty. Wonder what their CS is like?

u/cabgpatch · 1 pointr/offmychest

Sorry to hear that! This definitely won't solve all your problems (especially ignorant people letting their dogs roam without a leash and run right up to other dogs), but some people will get some sort of bandana that says something along the lines of, "Please don't pet me" that seems pretty effective.

Here are some pics:


u/wolfcoladistributor · 1 pointr/Doberman

OneTigris Cotton Canvas Dog Pack Hound Travel Camping Hiking Backpack Saddle Bag Rucksack for Medium & Large Dog

u/astarael97 · 1 pointr/husky

The complaint I have about the one I bought ( is that it has to go over her head to get it on. And she's pretty terrified of it. We're working on it slowly with treats, though.

u/Vylanius · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Hoodie for my ferret. :3

I love my pet !

u/qoaa · 1 pointr/SquaredCircle

I got a hunting dog, I go quail/dove/duck hunting every season and he brings the birds back. He loves hunting but since I got ear plugs in for safety I also use ear protection for my dog. I think Cody could use something like this but have some folks in the costume department modify these to look really cool for TV. This is what I use on my dog when hunting:

u/Zoobles88 · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

hehee awww

Okay so let's do this - should my dog be this or this for Halloween xD Because yes, I'm dressing my dogs up haha

u/Boogita · 1 pointr/dogs

If you're pretty sure it's mostly the light and the sound, you could invest in some blackout blinds for your windows, and condition your dog to wear "Mutt Muffs." There are also websites that play white noise to drown out some of the noise, as well.

I would not hesitate to ask your vet for medications here. There are safe medications to help your dog through their thunderstorm fears, and it's really best to help your dog immediately instead of waiting for a bigger issue...Some dogs even start to associate drops in barometric pressure before a storm starts with intense fear and anxiety.

ETA: I've also heard of folks stuffing the inside of the Mutt Muffs with fabric or cotton for extra noise reduction.

u/RowdyInDC · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I think you should start reading the Discworld series, but I'd love to see your dog wearing this, because just looking at the pictures made me laugh out loud.

Check out my WL and feel free to get what you like if you like my suggestions.

u/fijita · 1 pointr/corgi

No recommendations but hopeful to see what comes of this. I've been looking myself and haven't really gotten anywhere. Corgis aren't often thought of when creating doggy accessories... I can't tell you how many times I've bought something on a whim and just completely failed at properly gauging the right size by eye alone.

Are you looking for just a backpack with handles? This is what I've had my eye on the last few days but haven't purchased yet.

u/Kaitzande · 1 pointr/ferrets
u/tayway2 · 1 pointr/samoyeds

The black and pink is normal :) She'll start gaining more dark pigmentation as she gets older. That's nothing to worry about!

I second the Musher's Secret. It'll protect her paws and keep them from getting too dry and cracking. Also, put it on right before a walk to protect her paws from the ice melt (salt) that is often used. Then wipe her paws off immediately when you get back.

I bought my boy some cheap boots for now, since his paws may grow. Be sure to let her get used to them slowly, as they may need to be broken in, just like human shoes. Also, if she has dewclaws, make sure they don't get caught on the boots. One way to prevent this is to buy socks or boot liners to cover the dewclaws. Vet wrap can also be used to protect the dewclaws and protect her paws while breaking in the boots.

I like this pair of boots for the price. Here are some [boot liners] (

Be patient with the boots. Most dogs hate them at first.

Good luck! :)

u/meowkiteh · 1 pointr/corgi

This is the one we have and we love it.

It's pretty good quality and the medium is the perfect size for our 8 month old and has adjustable staps for him to grow into. I also love the handles. I can pull him onto our canoe/boat very easily and it looks comfy.

u/jufar19 · 1 pointr/phoenix

I bought these for my dog. he used them all afternoon yesterday running around the pool on cement/rocks/grass and they held up well. Not sure how long they'll last but for the price i'm fine with getting a month's worth of wear out of them (the occasional walk when the pavement is still hot and hanging out by the pool). My border collie wears a size 5.

u/KestrelLowing · 1 pointr/WildernessBackpacking
u/thescipion · 1 pointr/shiba

Also you might consider a cooling jacket if you feel like you need an extra step when ypur Shiba is outside. It's cheaper than a dig groomer and a far better investment:

u/dreamsong7 · 0 pointsr/Dogtraining

I believe they make things to cancel out noises for dogs,

It might be an option, there's probably something cheaper or you can make something similar yourself.

u/Buttercupslosinit · 0 pointsr/Atlanta

Pokeball grinder; Kitty Hoody; Cat Bonnet; Cook Book; these and many other "unique" gifts can be found on This is why I'm broke.

u/LeifCarrotson · 0 pointsr/RunningWithDogs

>> I scolded her gently

>You scolded an animal for emptying a full bladder indoors, when they have no self determined access to the outdoors for that? This is misdirected.

Instead of waiting for me to wake up, yes. And it was gentle, more of an "Aww, Luna. No peeing in the house! Go potty!" than anything resembling discipline. She's correctly waited to pee for months. I think she knew she did something wrong.

>...You made zero mention of the ambient temperature and humidity levels. She may have just overheated a bit.

It was at about 8pm, when it was 70 degrees and 40% humidity. I tried to manage this by using the ponds and river, and thought I was successful based on her performance during the run and the level of panting afterwards.

> I like to use a Ruffwear Swamp Cooler vest with our young Pit Bull any time the temps are 75F, or higher. She can go faster for longer, and I get to carry much less water.

We love her Ruffwear harness, I may have to get my black, long-headed dog that Swamp Cooler vest. I think the heat is her limiting factor in the summer.

I'll also look into a door. We're planning on taking out the last of the brushy areas with burrs from from our fenced-in backyard once the vegetation dies off this fall, so we might be able to give her free access overnight.