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u/Demonicsmurfette · 77 pointsr/WhatsWrongWithYourDog That's my favourite slow feeder.

I've made my own version of this I found instructions online but I can't find the link

This is also a favourite and fits about 130g of kibble

And this treat ball which is big enough to hold a full meal

I've got a labrador and 3 lurchers. They rotate between the different bowls and toys so they don't get bored. I also use snuffle mats and scatter feed too. Deep chested dogs are prone to bloat and I prefer their meals to entertain them for longer than a 5 second inhale.

u/katcea · 54 pointsr/dogs

This is my advice from training lots of dogs and volunteering many years at the humane society (I am not a professional) - "don't work harder, work smarter." You are trying way too hard and you are burning yourself out. That does not bode well for you or your dog.

He is hyperactive and needs to get his energy out, but that said, no dog needs 4-5 hours of activity a day. That is just crazy. Instead of running or walking (save your knees, you need them!) with him, train him to do urban mushing. Since you says he pulls a lot, it would be dangerous for you to get a regular bike so I would recommend getting a cart.

Next, buy him a weighted pack. Throw this on him (and feel free to put your water bottles and snacks in there) while you are walking or for a couple of hours a day and it will slow him down and tire him out. It also makes him feel like he has a job to do. Since you think he may be a blue lacey, you really need to give him a job to do since he is a working dog. That also explains why he doesn't like doing tricks but likes finding stuff for you.

A couple of activities that are great for a working dog are agility and nose work. Sign up for your local agility and nose work class and the people there will give you great tips on how to tire your dog out without burning yourself out since they are actually experienced with training with working dogs. These kinds of jobs also train him to listen to your commands in a home setting.

Your dog is not a extremely dominant or submissive, he is what working dog trainers call a "soft" dog. This means they are very sensitive to loud, verbal yelling or negative energy. It is hard to see them react when you overcorrect but this also means that they are very trainable since they want to please you. Use a calm and low voice when you correct your dog.

For working from home, you have to learn to ignore him. I know it is heartbreaking to hear his whining but the truth of it is, if you give a dog an inch, they will take a mile. He knows how to push your buttons and he will so you have to harden yourself up not give in. Instead, get him a bunch of interactive toys
like this 1, [2] (, [3.] ( Fill them with his favorite treats and let him learn to amuse himself.

Lastly, this is probably the most important advice I have - get a gentle leader. It jerks their head to the side if they pull, so they stop pulling. It works amazingly for dogs who like to pull on their leash and do not respond to training. It seriously is a godsend for many of the dogs I walked in the shelter and could not control. It will save you many a more broken bones.

Feel free to message me if you need more help. I love helping people who love their dogs enough to not give up on them.

u/softcatsocks · 21 pointsr/dogs

Dog puzzle feeders.
My dog gets his dinner from toys everyday. I rotate between OurPets IQ Puzzle Ball, Kong Wobbler, Magic Mushroom, and Tug a Jug, since those are the slowest dispensing as well as easiest to fill. I also have a load of other ones but found them to be too easy for him (One minute to empty Buster Cube on "hardest" difficulty vs average 20 minutes from the toys I mentioned). I used them everyday for about 5 to 6 years and never had to replace them.( Then again, my dog is not much of a chewer of hard plastic.) My dog LOVES getting his food from toys to the point of actually almost refusing to eat while giving me a very sad disappointed face when I just put it in his bowl. He has fun and they tire him out (he is panting after every meal). Win for me.

u/carry_on_phenomenon · 13 pointsr/Dogtraining

Oh Lordy I have a ton...I'll try to categorize them...

Best for Puppies
These are all easy toys that dispense a lot of kibble with very little movement. Perfect for baby puppies or really low-confidence dogs. These can also be upgraded in difficulty later by stuffing them with wet food and freezing, or stuffing with a large, hard to extract treat (like a slice of lunchmeat).

  • PetSafe Busy Buddy Twist 'n pain in the ass to fill if you put more than half a cup of food in it, but it's a great "intro to puzzle toys" for a dog that has never had to work for food before. Also very easy to clean.
  • Soda Pup Coffee Cup...representative of a whole genre of "rubber toys with large holes" that make great easy kibble toys or challenging stuff and freeze toys. Some other toys in this genre are the Kong and the West Paw Toppl. I like the Soda Pup ones best because they have higher capacity and a flat bottom.
  • Planet Dog Orbee Tuff Snoop...pretty easy by itself with kibble, can be made more challenging by stuffing a Mazee ball in the large hole.
  • Plastic Milk Jug...or a water bottle, raid your recycling bin. You'll have to supervise to make sure your puppy doesn't shred and eat the jug, but it's a relatively easy and fun (and free) enrichment item. Another puzzle toy you may find in your recycling bin is a cardboard box filled with paper balls. Sprinkle some treats in the box, fill with the balls, and let your dog forage around in your DIY ball pit.

    Easy Rollers
    These basically just dispense kibble by rolling. Not particularly complex, but good for the dog that prefers to solve puzzles by brute force.

  • IQ Treat Ball...this toy takes the longest to empty out of all my toys, but it is way too freaking small and loud as hell on my hardwood at 6am. Really easy to fill and clean though, as it comes completely apart.
  • Omega Paw Tricky Treat Ball...a lot quieter but it empties faster and isn't as easy to fill (or clean).
  • Kruuse Buster Cube...this one is also ungodly loud, but it takes a good while to empty despite the fairly consistent payoff per roll. It's a cube (but they also make a spherical one) and the insides have a few baffles to keep kibble from just falling out.

    These require a more finessed rolling motion to empty, so they're the next step up from just batting a toy around.

  • PetSafe Busy Buddy Kibble Nibble...more of a wobbler/roller hybrid. Surprisingly time-consuming for how huge the holes are, and it gets an A+ for filling and cleaning. Unfortunately my GSD knows how to unscrew it, so it's not much of a challenge for him.
  • Starmark Bob-A-Lot...lots of ways to adjust the difficulty on this one, which is nice. I had a foster chew the yellow piece off of mine, but it still works well.
  • Kong Wobbler...pretty standard toy, I actually do not have one of these but I know a lot of people that like them. They're available at big box pet stores which is nice.
  • Nina Ottosson Pyramid...very similar to the Kong Wobbler, but the hole is in a more difficult location. Good toy but the bottom could use more counterweighting for the wobble action.
  • PetSafe Busy Buddy Magic Mushroom...really good wobble action, but for some reason it's common for dogs to try and chuck this one down the stairs and break it. I've heard of a few dogs doing this, including my GSD. I have no idea what about this toy screams "fling me down the stairs!"

    Complex Action Toys
    These need movement in more than one direction (or very specific movement) to get kibble out of, which makes them pretty challenging.

  • PetSafe Busy Buddy Tug-a-Jug...this toy is hard to learn but easy to master. Once your dog figures out the mechanism it doesn't last long. Also that rope gets SUPER GROSS.
  • Nina Ottosson Board Games...I don't personally have any of these because my dogs cannot be trusted with small parts, but I've heard people say good things about them.
  • Trixie Mad Scientist...this toy is cool because the dog has to learn to spin the tubes slowly or centripetal acceleration holds the food in. Good exercise in impulse control. I had a DIY one for awhile but my dogs decided to brute force this toy.

    Soothing, Low Energy Toys
    Along with the stuff n' freeze toys, these are good for dogs on crate rest or who need some extra help relaxing before bed.

  • Snuffle Mat...great toy for activating a dog's foraging instincts and calming their minds. This is a good DIY project, or you can get extra lazy and chuck a bunch of food into the grass for nature's puzzle toy.
  • HyperPet cats eat their wet food from the orange kind ("buddy"), and my dogs use the green kind ("soother") with some PB or cheese as a distraction during grooming. You can spread a thin layer of something tasty on them and freeze for a long-lasting treat that promotes the calming behavior of licking.

    My dogs (and cats!) eat all their food out of puzzles so I am constantly on the lookout for new challenges! I'd be happy to provide more details on any of the toys I have, or buy and review any toys people have been wondering about :)
    EDIT: btw this Jackson Galaxy Asteroid is my favorite cat puzzle toy. They really need to make one for dogs because it is kinda quirky with its bounciness and super quiet.
u/ALackOfAmbition · 11 pointsr/Dogtraining

This is not going to necessarily solve your throwing them around problem, but my puzzle toy of choice, along with the Wobbler, is this Petsafe Barnacle:

It's slightly softer and more springy rubber than a Kong
(seems just as durable), has three compartments, and little tabs that make the treats harder to remove. My dog has to chew at the compartments to make larger treats come out and that usually keeps him occupied for a very long time.

If breaking toys is a problem then you could also build him something out of your own materials, like in this video:

The treats in that toy come out with him rolling it around, so there's less of an inclination to throw it. I also should mention that whenever I see my dog start to throw his puzzle toys around I take it as a sign of possible frustration and either remove them or sit down with him to show them how to maneuver them properly without the need to make them a projectile.

u/laculbute · 9 pointsr/AustralianCattleDog

This guy:

Every time I get out the purple squirrel, my guy goes nuts.

u/jkeller4000 · 9 pointsr/aww

why not a puzzle feeder?

there are a few types. I had a ball that would twist apart then you put the food in then twist it together. and there is a small hole for the food to come out. so the dog pushes it around the floor with their nose trying to get food out.

edit: ohh maybe not suitable for some dogs

as the lowest review

>within 30 minutes of playing with it our dog took it onto his bed & figured out how to unscrew the 2 halves of the egg

edit2: i will say there are some that do not twist apart. and i had trouble putting food in any that do not twist apart.

u/Cookies_n_Chemistry · 7 pointsr/ferrets

Puppy Kong. They're the perfect size for ferrets. My girls steal it and hide it because it's their favorite thing in the world. Also, be sure to yelp when they bite you. That's how ferrets convey to each other that the play is too rough.

u/allxxe · 7 pointsr/puppy101

First, what a cutie. I hope he never grows into those ears. They’re huge and adorable.

So.. You have so many options. Everything from simple toys (like the wobble kong or the tricky treat ball) to more complex puzzles (like the mad scientist or the mini mover). If your pup is pretty smart, & the fact he’s border collie/gsd suggests he probably is, he might really enjoy the mental work out the more challenging puzzles present.

If eating too quick is your main worry and you don’t always have time for feeding toys you can also get bowls specifically designed to slow dogs down. Just search “dog slow feeder bowls” on google/amazon. (The outward hound bowls are great.)

u/D-TOX_88 · 7 pointsr/aww

Yeah it was those treat holes in the ends that were the toy's undoing. They gave my dog the right angle and leverage on the ends, and she ripped it apart in about 20 minutes.

This is the only thing she hasn't been able to get through.

u/theRacistEuphemism · 6 pointsr/Pets

Obviously as others have said, don't do it. If she really is that disruptive to your life, rehoming her to someone who can manage the behaviour is a better option for everyone involved. Declawing creates more problems than what you have now, and to a more severe degree than the immediate surgery pain.

Aside from what other people have suggested and what you've already tried, you may need to change up her routine and the spaces she's given access to. If she's scratching up living room furniture, keep her in another room when you're not there to supervise.

I've found this to work on all the cats I've met so far, but instead of something like a spray bottle or even a sudden noise, tell her in her own language what she's doing isn't cool - if I catch a cat scratching up my rug or doing anything inappropriate, I let out a loud, sharp SSSSS sound. Cats I've never met (neighbourhood cats) before have responded to this in an instant. It doesn't generate the confusion of "that was loud, what was it?" or "something got me wet, what was it?", but it mimics their own vocabulary of STOP IT.

You'll have to find a toy or set of toys that can really engage her for many short spurts. Cats will usually play, then rest, then play more, and then rest. If you can get her panting after a few play sessions, you can know you've done a good job. Obviously do this right before bed. Jackson Galaxy's Da Bird has rave reviews, but I've also had great success with Cat Dancer and shoe laces. My cat loves chasing small, bouncy things that make a noise when they bounce off of things, so when dollar store wand toys break, I take the end cap and use them as a chase toy.

Once she's tired, feed her - but you don't have to feed her straight from a bowl or saucer. Make her work for it. Feed kibble? Toss each piece of kibble and make her chase it down piece by piece.

You know those dog foraging puzzles? Get some of those. Cats figure them out quickly, but they don't always have the best dexterity, so it eats up some time as they maneuver the pieces to get their food. I think the puzzle toys for cats are way too easy. There are lots on Amazon like the Trixie or Outward Hound line, and there are also Wobbler bobbing toys, slow feeders, and treat balls (I reinforce these with duct tape on the inside so there are little blockages that prevent food from easily rolling out at once - straight out of the box, they are just way too easy), but you can also just get three pieces of wood, a dowel, and some water bottles and create your own version of this toy but customize the difficulty by putting holes in different parts of the water bottles and keeping the caps on.

Also, hide kibble all over her appropriate play areas like towers and cat-friendly furniture. I do this every night all over my room in every cat-appropriate nook and cranny I can find, and by the time she's done hunting down all the pieces she smells and wants, she should be ready to turn in for a few hours. I actually make a bedtime mini meal of kibble foraging and I love knowing that during a time she would naturally be most active, my cat is pretty mellow until she sees me get up in the morning, or even later beyond that.

Also, if you haven't yet, try all textures, directions, shapes, and heights of different types of scratchers to see if she can find a preference over pieces of furniture, or rearrange to block those parts of the furniture away from her. You can also apply stuff like Sticky Paws double sided adhesive so it's uncomfortable where/when she tries to scratch.

And yes, definitely learn to clip her nails.

u/Sovos · 6 pointsr/aww

The standard Kong toys are red colored rubber. The more durable Kong Extreme are all black. I've got a dog that chews things to shreds and the black Kong toys are the only things that stand a chance.

This is probably the one from the post

u/charb · 5 pointsr/ferrets

Room or walk in closet? Whatever works right?
Tubes and Dig Box. Hands down. You can even cheat, by putting socks in a box and calling it a day. Don't buy play sand, I don't like rice, I personally prefer biodegradable non-toxic packing peanuts. Tubes aren't too bad if you buy online, Pet stores are insanely over priced. This isn't too bad as you get free Shipping with Prime, you can also just go to your local hardware store and ask about the tubes they have available for saw dust collection. Usually Cheaper and more efficient to buy in bulk. Even the Marshall Tunnel is 15 Feet, so thats a good length to start with.

u/TurkeySub72 · 5 pointsr/aww
u/apollo87 · 5 pointsr/Dogtraining

I'm not entirely sure why the cooing at toys would work. I feel like this is just anthropomorphizing the toy and your dog's "understanding" of the situation. If it is actually working for you, it's probably the fact that you are taking away the toy from her, letting her settle, and then returning it when her energy level/fixation are more in check. The "gentle" cue is definitely nice to teach, but it is probably working due to your addition/subtraction of reinforcer. That being said, "gentle" is a tough thing to teach some high energy dogs so props to you.

Also, the exercise thing is a great point. If you exhaust your pup with a good run or hour at the park they will be far less destructive in the house. Physical stimulation and mental stimulation need to go hand in hand, and one should not replace the other.

Just a point to bring up: if your (OP's) dog is chewing things like wires, socks, etc. he probably has a lot of opportunity to do so. How are you managing his environment - supervision levels, puppy-proofing, movement throughout the house, restriction when unsupervised (crating), etc? You need to minimize or eliminate as many possibilities for your dog to "mess up" as possible and set them up for success. For example, make sure he is in "puppy proofed" rooms with all foreign objects picked up off the floor and is provided with appropriate outlets for his energy (Kongs, stuffed bones, etc). A six month old puppy probably should not have free run of the house just yet, especially since he is most likely still teething and is still learning appropriate outlets for chewing. Slowly increase his freedom once he has learned these things. Start by keeping him in one or two rooms, gated off, and slowly increase his freedom once he learns more appropriate behaviors and has matured a bit more. Am I suggesting condemning your dog to a room for life? Absolutely not. You just have to manage his environment as much as possible and eliminate possibilities for him to fail.

It would also be worth investing in some brain toys to drain more energy, such as Wobble Kongs, Busy Buddy feeders, Buster Food Cubes, etc. In fact, feeding his meals exclusively out of these toys rather than a bowl would be a great opportunity to mentally stimulate him and drain more energy. Just make sure you supervise him as some of these toys could definitely be torn up if left unattended.

Just some food for thought. Hope you found this helpful! :)

Edit: Some products I've found helpful.

Brain toys for feeding:

  • Kong Wobbler for meal times. Pretty durable and my guy can't figure out how to open it. Loves eating out of this thing, even if it was simple for him to figure out. My lab took weeks to get it though. Regardless, great brain-toy.

  • Buster food cube for dispensing. Pretty difficult to figure out.

  • Busy Buddy Kibble Nibble egg: My guys LOVE this, although the plastic just cracked on the inside after a few months. Can definitely be torn apart if left alone but super stimulating and engaging. Worth it!

  • Tug a Jug for keeping them busy when you need to do something else. Durable bottle that gets scratched up. Ours is a few months in and still kicking.

    Chew toys:

  • Kong XL for stuffing with RB, wet food, boiled chicken, etc. Strong than the regular red Kongs. Can also be frozen which increases the difficulty and time needed to get the food inside. have several I rotate out and they are basically the same shape as the day I bought them, which is impressive as my pup is a monster chewer.

  • Filled thigh bones are pretty nice. They last as a while and can be rinsed and restuffed if the bone is still in good shape. Watch out, though - some brands are more prone to cracking and splintering while others last for ever. Trial and error basis. I can't remember the brand I use that works well but it's carried at my local Farmer Supply store (I find the bones and toys at these places to generally be better quality and also cheaper than chain pet stores).

  • Meaty thigh bones are marrow filled and still have some "meat" on the exterior. They tend to last longer than the washed filled variety (above) and are "stinkier" and (I would imagine?) tastier. My guys prefer these to the plain bones since there are more goodies to get at. Downside is that they are a little stinkier at first and can possibly leave a mess, so make sure the dog is eating it on a towel.

  • Bully sticks! Make sure they are real beef tendons though. Many companies make pressed rawhide varieties to resemble the real tendons but rawhide is, IMO, less safe for dogs. Last a while and smell like bacon but made my stomach a little queasy. Dogs go nuts for them though.

  • Jolly Ball - not necessarily a chew toy but lasts a long time. Their teeth can penetrate the ball but the design is such that the ball doesn't pop. I had the variety with the rope that went through the center. The rope came off pretty quickly but the ball itself is still kicking. It is challenging to pick it up when playing fetch so he is less interested in tearing it to pieces than retrieving. It's poked through with holes but is the only ball that has lasted this long. Still going. Maybe worth checking out.
u/Kaelizilla · 5 pointsr/dogs

My Boxer is a connoisseur of puzzle toys. In Minnesota, it gets way too cold for us to go on long walks to curb his energy, so I engage his brain when it becomes a frozen wasteland outside.

I feed Keenan out of a large Kong Wobbler -- he gets at least one meal a day out of this. It takes him about 30 minutes to work out all the kibbles.

IQ Treat Ball is great for pets that work out puzzles super quickly. This is a fairly difficult toy. Be warned, if you have hard floors, this is loudest thing ever. It's also the perfect size to get stuck under sofas with legs.

Omega Paw Tricky Treat Ball is easier to roll around and get kibble sized treats out of. It's also a pain to fill and clean. We don't use this one much.

Everlasting Fun Ball is also hard to fill and difficult to clean, but it's tough. When Keenan is on my last nerve, he gets something super delicious in this and it keeps him occupied until he gets frustrated with it.

Monster Mouth is really tough to get things out of for pups. I'll stuff full sized milk bones in this and leave just a tip hanging out so he can try to pull it out. It keeps him pretty busy, but he gets frustrated by this one quickly.

Buster Food Cube is brilliant in design--you can make it easier and harder to get food out of by twisting the opening. This was Keenan's first puzzle toy and when he figured it out, he got a lot of enjoyment "hiking" it through his back legs at a hard surface to make it bounce off and spray kibbles around. It's loud on hard floors. So loud my ex SO threw it away.

I also pick up random puzzle toys at the store when I see them. I can't find accurate representations on Amazon. Most of them are soft/silicone that you can bend to open and put treats in. Keenan likes his big football one because he knows the yummy, big treats go in that one.

u/Baileylikethebooze · 5 pointsr/dogs

My lab/pit Ella can't go to dog parks either as she's leash reactive (so like, actually getting her to the dog park is the issue) but she's young so she has craaaazy energy! We feed her both of her meals in either her kong wobbler or her "magic mushroom", we switch it up on her a lot so she doesn't get bored of the same puzzle feeder over and over. She's a pretty heavy chewer and hasn't been able to destroy either one!

We also freeze kongs for her pretty much every day, we'll put cottage cheese (her favorite) or broth with some cut up apples in it. Like I said earlier, she's a power chewer! So this keeps her mouth busy. She also gets beef trachea, nylabones, Himalayan chews and bully sticks. Chewing wears her out because she stays so focused.

The other thing we do is looooots of mental stimulation. We play hide and seek in the house, we'll hide her toys for her to find them, we do lots and lots of training, and we just try our hardest to make her use her brain! Our trainer once said 15 minutes of training is equal to 45 minutes of running in terms of exhaustion, so we've taken that and rolled with it lol.

ETA: here's a link to the magic mushroom on amazon!

u/YahtzeeDii · 5 pointsr/Dogtraining

I literally just made a post last night about puzzle toys! I'll go ahead and paste it here:

>I'm just going to start listing off puzzle toys that I like since I don't know which ones you'd used before.Kong toys are excellent ways to stimulate using food. You can also try food puzzles, such as the IQ Ball or Trixie Pet products. Snuff mats can also be helpful, if your dog likes to "forage" for food.
>Licking and chewing can also relieve stress. There's a lick mat that I recently found that my pups really love. You can put something like peanut butter or yogurt on it, freeze it, and my dogs go at it for 30 minutes. For chewing, you can look at variety of different things, such a bully sticks, chew toys, Himalayan dog chews, etc. My dogs like all of the above, but the longest lasting chews for them are Benebones.
>Search high and low for these types of toys and puzzles. You can often find discounted pet toys at Marshalls or Ross, if you have these types of stores near you. I know they can be kind of expensive, but a good brand will last forever, and for my dogs, they've been great investments!
>You can also make your own games, if you'd rather not purchase toys. Hide treats under plastic cups and tell [your dog] to "go find!" You can play hide-and-go-seek around the home. For a DIY toy, put treats in a muffin tin and cover each tin with a tennis ball for him to remove. If he is comfortable with these in the house, you can take these types of games outside, too.

As for helping your dog figure them out, I think you just kind of go with the flow. Show your dog, if he's having trouble, and be patient -- if he's not accustomed to figuring out puzzles, he's going to have to learn. Use the most scrumptious treats to engage and incentivize him.

I know there's research out there that suggests that dogs don't learn well by watching, but my puppy was having trouble with one of those Trixie pet puzzles, at which point I brought in my older dog to show him. He caught on right away.

u/norberthp · 5 pointsr/dogs

Treat dispensing toys, puzzles, flirt pole (puppy can play with this some but no jumping or sharp turns), kongs, crate, training treats, blankets, enzymatic cleaner. And beanie babies for my dog that is obsessed with them :P

You can also get food/bully sticks/antlers on amazon but I usually order them from


Here are some of our favorite training treat brands.

Treat dispensing toy examples

u/sydbobyd · 4 pointsr/dogs

This comment might help you out.

I don't know that we have a favorite. I like the the Omega treat ball or Snoop if I need a quieter toy (I have neighbors below me, so that's what she gets in the morning). When some noise is acceptable, I like the Magic Mushroom or the Bob-a-lot, they're both adjustable. I also really like Tug-a-jug because it's a bit different than the others, it's not something she can just roll around to get the food out. But I know some dogs would chew the rope to pieces so it wouldn't work very well for them.

u/annakayf · 4 pointsr/dogs

they're really great. Scout KILLS antlers, I won't even buy them anymore, they're not worth the cost to chew time ratio. And she turns up her nose at the wood chew toys.... Also if you haven't tried kong wobblers, and/or mushroom dog toys, I would recommend them!

u/evandena · 4 pointsr/Frenchbulldogs

Get him a

Also had luck with sour apple spray.

edit, adding: really the biggest thing that worked for us was providing ample and attractive alternatives.

u/wintercast · 4 pointsr/corgi

we do go through a lot of soft toys. my dogs like to "seek the squeak". but I have found if I get large sized soft toys like those made by Go Dog, Tuffies, that my dog cannot easy close their jaws around, they last longer. Also balls from planet dog do well.

Then I get the petstages antler and stick. I don't like the really hard nylabones and stay away from antlers or anything really hard because my one corgi cracked some teeth and had 3 removed.

I also just tried the for my dog

They seem to like it.

u/Determined_Turtle · 4 pointsr/pitbulls

Haha I know all about rubber toys and the millions pieces you'll have to pick up afterwards. I remember seeing an online list of the best toys for Pits and bought some.

Currently, I have the Benebone Wishbone both Bacon and peanut Butter flavor. I bought this for her about 3 months ago and theyre only halfway destroyed. Definitely worth it.

I also have this Nylabone toy and just like the Benebone, it has lasted the past few months as well. This one is wearing down more, but 3 months is fine with me.

Finally, these Goughnuts toys are great. I bought both the Stick and the Donut, even though my Pit likes the stick more.

And I have a large amount of tennis balls because you can never have enough lol. Hope this list helps!

u/longshot2025 · 4 pointsr/germanshepherds

Kong, Kong, and more Kong. Current favorites are this tire and this bone.

Just don't leave them out in extreme hot/cold.

The extreme rubber ball is also absurdly durable, to the point that it's a hazard when it goes bouncing.

u/Devil_Nights · 4 pointsr/BullTerrier

For treats, a Kong Extreme It is about to fall apart, but it took it about 5 or 6 years to get to that state. Nothing else has remotely lasted that long. Presumably the Goodie Bone that is made out of the same stuff would be just as durable, but I don't know because my guy does not like bone/chew toys like that.

As for other toys, the best I have found are the Tuffy ones. They do get destroyed, but it takes about a month to get to that point. Just avoid ones like the Alien that have mouths that cut in. That is a real weak point and my guy knew this and would rip em up pretty quick. Turn the whole thing inside out through that little hole there.

Big ropes also work pretty well. They get destroyed too, but it takes a few months. My guy loves to play tug of war with them.

u/Silliwench · 3 pointsr/RATS

Marshall Super Thru-Way (We have the ball pit too because I got it on sale).

The tube is super stretchy. It says 15 feet on the box, but it can go closer to 20. If you have plastic chewers it won't last, but that isn't an issue for us.

Only negative - take it out of the box and let it air out for about 3-4 days to get rid of the smell of the plastic before using it. It stores neatly in the box it came in. :)

u/CorbinDallasMyMan · 3 pointsr/RATS

I used to have two single units strapped together side-by-side and I loved it. I loved the full 6 foot length of floor space that allowed them to run back and forth at mach speeds.

The dark gray liners that match the cage color look really slick.

Question; the clear ferret tube (Marshall Super Thru-Way?)... does it smell? I bought a similar tube from the hardware store and it smelled so terrible I just threw it away. I've read some reviews by people complaining about the smell. Have you noticed that or should I go ahead and get one?

u/orangetangerine · 3 pointsr/puppy101

I think Kongs are a good start.

I think with young puppies though, depending on their food drive and motivations, they may or may not take to puzzle toys early, so don't feel badly if it's too much for them.

We actually didn't start our dog on puzzle feeders for any "intelligence" benefit - she had super high food drive and kept eating quickly without chewing, vomiting out her meal, then eating her vomit, so we bought a slow feeder bowl which was perfect for her at 4 months old. We fed her out of frozen-solid Kongs in the morning starting when she was 5 months old to help curb her separation anxiety, and then eventually bought a Busy Buddy Kibble Nibble. Even on the easiest settings, she struggled quite a bit as a puppy so we cut down the stoppers to make the flow easier. When she got better at the game, we re-bought the toy and made it substantially more difficult.

My younger dog, a Samoyed, actually doesn't eat out of toys. He has a lesser food drive and while he'll occasionally eat out of a toy, he prefers to just eat his food and work for better snacks (i.e. training for high value treats), so figuring out what your future dog's preferences are is definitely going to be something you'll have to do as your dog grows up. This dog did not eat out of Kongs until he was about 6 months old, either. He's just as smart, just not as insanely food driven as my first dog!

u/couper · 3 pointsr/puppy101

I would try a food puzzle instead if the slow bowls were too easy. IMO, I would be worried about bloat too. Inhaling their food to the point they choke doesn't sound healthy. Others can comment, but my pup's eating behaviours haven't changed when he got older. He was a picky puppy and he's still picky. We leave his food out all day and he never eats it all.

Have you tried these? Heavy bottom wobbler, Round dispenser.

Those slowly dispense food, the holes are only so big so he'll have to slow down no matter what.

u/foghornbutthorn · 3 pointsr/dogs

I feel your pain. I just had my pup spayed in late December. Your pup sounds like she might be more energetic than mine but my lab definitely wasn't happy about being kept inside that long.

People here told me puzzle balls too but I'll try to be a little more specific. Out of all the puzzle balls I found this one to be the best one

I fed her her meals out of that when she was housebound. It typically takes her maybe 30+ minutes to get most of the kibbles out. Sometimes longer. Between 3 meals you will probably keep her entertained maybe 2 hours with no work on your part (other than having to listen to the ball roll around).

Another game my dog likes to play is hide and seek. I'll tell her to sit and stay in a room and then call out "come!" from another room and have her find me. Hope that helps.

u/magnoliafly · 3 pointsr/Dogtraining
  • Lupine collars and leashes - they have a great guarantee of free replacement if the dog chews up the collar or leash. Perfect for puppies. You can find them in most specialty pet shops.

  • Kibble Nibble - this is an interactive toy that I recommend feeding your puppy and grown up dog from. It keeps them busy and they have to work for their food.

  • Nylabones - start with the puppy ones and when your pup starts getting adult teeth move on to the regular versions. Rotate teething toys so your pup always has something interesting to chew on.

  • Sterilized Bones

    When you buy Kongs make sure you get the large or x-large size. Don't fall into the marketing scheme where you buy as they grow. Large Kongs are great because you can stuff all sorts of things in it to keep them busy.

    Kong Recipes

    If you have an Amazon Prime account I'd order a lot from them. Free shipping saves you a lot. If you don't have Amazon Prime then you should look at ordering from a bulk pet supply place like Pet Edge. You have to order $60 worth of stuff to avoid the surcharge but you can get some good deals depending on how expensive shipping is. I try to split an order with a friend to keep costs down.
u/GCPDblue · 3 pointsr/Basenji

Our basenji loves this toy...

It has this mesh material underneath that keeps it together, but the toy itself is soft and really adorable. We have a graveyard of dead toys, but Dragon lives on. :)

u/rhkleespies · 3 pointsr/dogs
  • Labs are notoriously fast eaters, so maybe a puzzle toy? Here are some good ones: 1, 2, 3. You can also never have enough Kongs, and they're sold at big box pet stores.
  • A cool fetch toy might be fun too, like a Chuckit or a Ball-on-a-Rope. You can find Chuckit products at the big box pet stores. I like the ball-on-a-rope for training...I can throw it, tug with it, dangle it like a flirt pole, and it fits in my pocket. This Frisbee is good for training too because I can fold it up and put it in my pocket. Plus it glows in the dark and floats!
u/somethingsophie · 3 pointsr/dogs

ACDs are quite the toy destroyers aren't they? Although my guy isn't quite as esteemed in the destruction field as an ACD, he is pretty bad. Here's what has survived him:

u/_malykii_ · 3 pointsr/pitbulls

I also have a pit that destroys all toys, but has yet to put a dent in this.

u/buckiguy_sucks · 3 pointsr/LawSchool

when my dog is bored because its raining outside i feed her her kibble out of a kong wobbler i suggest making your meals a little harder to eat by putting them in a puzzle of some sort

u/griffinsminion · 3 pointsr/americaneskimo


My partner built him something like this.

I also got him these two puzzles that I only give him when I'm home, just for safety reasons: this "level 2" one that he solved in 30 seconds and this "level 3" one that he hasn't quite gotten the opening drawer part down yet.

He also has this treat ball that he LOVES, but I don't recommend if you live in an apartment/condo with hard floors.

His favorite that he carries around and chucks down our stairs to open is this mushroom.

He also gets kongs with peanut butter in them.

Amazon gets a lot of my money. Lol.

u/ilikebigmuttss · 3 pointsr/AugustBumpers2017

Aww nothing worse than waking up to animal vomit! My puppy, now 2 years old, was such a chewer... chewed through many computer cords, bottom of our dresser, socks and underwear, corner of baseboards, rails under our bed. She did eventually grow out of it, we did exactly what you are planning to do scolded her as we saw it happening and tried keeping everything out of her reach. I also ordered a ton of chew toys until we figured out what she liked -- check out amazon, I found their prices way better than the pet store. My pup loves this one . She sleeps in our bedroom at night, no crate, and we close the door so she isn't out getting into trouble. Seemed like if she had gotten plenty of play time before bed she slept through the night and didn't chew on our furniture :) Only time we have issues now, which is really rare, is if she is bored and doesn't have a bone to chew on. Good luck!!!!!

u/Prettypinkscarf · 3 pointsr/puppy101

I’m not a dog expert by any means so maybe other people will have some better ideas, but the thing that stands out to me as someone with a dog who literally eats everything - tissues, toys, socks, paper, rocks, sticks, trash, you name it (it’s called Pica) - is you’re taking something that isn’t meant to be eaten (a rope toy, jeans, t-shirt material) and covering it in food, making it appealing to chew or eat. Idk if that will inadvertently train your dog that rope toy = chicken = food, but I will tell you from experience that it is a real pain keeping your dog exercised when he can’t have any toys because he eats them all and when you exercise outside, you’re constantly pulling sticks, pine cones, and trash out of his mouth. You might accidentally give your dog Pica by covering non-food items with food and encouraging her to chew on them.

Like I said, I’m no expert and I don’t know for sure if a chicken broth-soaked toy will actually train your dog to eat her toys, but it’s worth being careful because Pica is dangerous and expensive. =/

My dog loves chewing these flavored bones and they keep him busy for a while. I would recommend finding a flavored bone like that or something similar rather than soaking toys in broth, but that’s just based on my own terrifying experience with Monty almost dying. Make sure you throw away any chews once they’re small enough for your dog to choke on or swallow whole. They can also get stuck in the intestines and cause a blockage.

u/jerjerjerjerjer · 3 pointsr/dogs

This filled with something he isn't allergic to (yogurt, pumpkin baby food, sweet potato etc), suction cupped to bathtub tile. You can freeze it to make it last longer.

u/maluku · 3 pointsr/dogs

I don't really recommend a Furminator as it has a blade in it, so could damage the coat.

I use a slicker brush and conditioning spray on my Kees, I also second the undercoat rake suggestion below. I suggest a firm slicker, make sure there's no little pinheads on the bristles. It looks evil but it shouldn't hurt your dog and it works way better than anything else I've tried.

In terms of dealing with a dog that's impatient with brushing, I definitely have some experience there. One thing I found very helpful was this:

Filled with peanut butter, stuck to a wall somewhere = immobilized dog :). Depends on how food-motivated your dog is though.

u/RoxxxyCordone · 3 pointsr/shiba

This looks like a really good list. From my personal experience, Kong toys are your best bets, because Shibas are obsessive chewers sometimes, and most soft toys are just decapitated by the end of the day. Get a hard but size-appropriate chew toy for them to scratch their teeth, like this one.

u/rheally · 3 pointsr/puppy101

I received a benebone chew toy for my dogs and they love it. They are small dogs (17lbs and 14lbs) but they have had them since October and are still going strong.

They have this kind and another wishbone shaped one, haven't tried the wishbone but it has a lot of good reviews on Amazon.

u/lordofthefeed · 2 pointsr/puppy101

I'm in a similar boat (except I've got more advance notice) and have been finding the Digital Dog Training Textbook linked-to in the sidebar to be invaluable. Highly recommend. It's a little oddly laid out and it repeats itself itself but—as it says—you're really training yourself how to train the pup, so the reinforcement works (at least for me).

Their shopping list (oddly-formatted, watch out) includes:

  • At least six chewtoys to stuff with kibble and treats (The Kong Company’s Kong and Biscuit Ball, Premier’s Squirrel Dude and Football, and sterilized long bones^† are the best.)
  • Water bowl (Only buy your pup a food bowl once he is socialized, well-trained, and has impeccable household manners.)
  • Dog food (dry kibble) During his first weeks at home, make sure your puppy receives all food stuffed in chewtoys, or handfed as rewards for socialization and training.
  • Freeze-dried liver for men, strangers, and children to win your puppy's confidence and as rewards for housetraining

    (All links non-affiliate, just tryna be helpful :)

    Also, I saw this recommended somewhere. I have used a similar product for our cats and it's fucking magic, so if you're concerned your pup might be stressed, I highly recommend.

    ^† above, /u/caffeinatedlackey recommends against these until older
u/greyscaledragon · 2 pointsr/ferrets

Mine love kong puppy toys. They're rubbery enough to chew on, but they haven't been able to tear a piece off in the 4 months since I bought it. I have the extra small one.

u/carpetsharkie · 2 pointsr/ferrets

ive had a few of these, but i made some modifications since the wire just ends. i got some zipties and ziptied the ends of the wires very tightly to the rest of the wire coil (hard to explain, sorry)- i had to poke holes thru the plastic to do it but it was much safer after the modification imho.
it is literally hours of fun, lol.

even more durable is the larger tunnel for cats that we used when my boy got too tubby for the thruway tunnel, haha. it's not nearly as long but he liked hanging out in it, and it folds up really nice for travel.

u/poesii · 2 pointsr/RATS
  • Boxes

  • Brown paper

  • Toilet paper tubes

  • A big, soft blanket on the ground

  • This thing

  • Their pet carrier

    I got them a ball pit and some other fancy toys, but they honestly don't care about any of that stuff and much prefer shredding paper and cardboard.
u/amneris692 · 2 pointsr/ferrets

I bought it online

It seems pretty durable. The size is perfect - even my chubby one can easily run back and forth. The plastic has a strong smell to it at first but it goes away after airing it out. I wouldn't suggest folding it once you unpack it. Mine just lies on the floor all stretched out.

u/Sewwattsnew · 2 pointsr/dogs

I have been meaning to try GoughNuts, they're supposed to be indestructible and they promise to replace the toy if your dog does destroy it.

My dogs' three outdoor toys have lasted really well so far, but I think they don't really chew on them, just fetch and tug.

We have:

Jolly Ball Teaser

JW Invincible Chain

Mammoth Tire Biter (This is my dogs' favorite toy to fetch, they love chasing it while it's rolling.)

For indoor toys, the only things that last are antlers, big Nylabones, and ropes (they only chew the fringes off quickly). Anything soft dies really quickly. I just bought them a stuffingless toy and a Kong Wubba yesterday, the stuffingless toy is mostly dead but the Wubba is doing alright. It's only been one day but one of my dogs adopted the Wubba and has squeaked it nonstop since she got ahold of it; if she's not holding it in her mouth, she's laying so one of her paws is touching it, so I'm impressed with how long it's lasted already.

u/murklins · 2 pointsr/dogs

Reviews are mixed but this chain toy has been holding up much better than rope toys for us.

u/WorldSailorToo · 2 pointsr/BorderCollie
u/firsttimetexan · 2 pointsr/AustralianCattleDog

Feste's the same way with his toys. He had the gopher version of the piggy, and poor Malvolio died within a week :(

There are a couple toys that we've had for a long time, though.

1.) Kong makes a few good toys for "extreme chewers." They're usually black and smell like rubber, but they've held up. We have a ball and a treat dispensing Kong like this.

2.) Rope toys don't last, but one Invincible Chain from JW has lasted us several months (I even wrote a review on it).

Oh, and here's Feste (when he was a puppy) with Malvolio

u/djcowgirl82 · 2 pointsr/dogs

My border collie mix loves this! If he loves tug he should love that

u/spidermilk666 · 2 pointsr/rawpetfood

It could be possible to teach your dog to eat out of a toy like this so that he has access to food and the cat does not. I have one cat that has been overweight in the past and will eat literally anything. She will eat dog food if it is available so I can't leave anything out and my dog has to eat on a schedule.

u/FicusRobtusa · 2 pointsr/AustralianCattleDog

This treat puzzle toy was recommended to me from another post, and my ACD likes it a lot. Far cheaper and more durable than a KONG version, IMO.

u/JC511 · 2 pointsr/dogs

Here's a thread about favorite treat toys. To date, the most successful one for our ACD/Boxer has been the Busy Buddy Squirrel Dude, for its durability, gentleness on our hardwood floors, and suitability for smaller kibble and treats. For dogs that will be left alone for long periods, a lot of people like to fill the classic Kong with a mix of stuff--fruits, veggies, kibble, soft cheese or yogurt, PB, broth, etc.--then freeze it for a longer-lasting snacking project. You really do have to experiment with treat toys to see what works best for your dog; ours has a history of shattering hard plastic ones, which many of them are, and we generally only feed her small treats/kibble so aren't keen on ones with large holes, but YMMV.

If there's an off-leash area nearby...our dog's 25" herding ball is hands down the best way to get her to run herself ragged in 15 minutes; its size and motion trigger her drive to heel without us having to do much of anything except transport it and her to a nearby field. Hers is a high-quality horse ball and was pricey, but an inexpensive anti-burst exercise ball from a sporting goods store would be a good starter model; no reason to spend much if you don't know whether your dog would like it. Our dog isn't into Frisbee but lots of ACDs adore it, and that's another fairly easy way to burn lots of energy--I'd ask my vet about it first though, since that can be a very high-impact exercise.

Does Jack like/can he have squeaky toys? For indoor play, squeakies and treat toys are what hold Luna's interest the longest. Squeakies do tend to be fairly short-lived with her (and the plush squeakies are a complete forget-it), but at least she likes them enough that they can often take off that restless edge, whereas she finds chew toys a total bore.

u/alf3311 · 2 pointsr/dogs

There are plenty of indestructible toys... you’re going to have to find out for yourself whether your dog actually wants to play with them.

In no particular order, we have used:

  • nylabones
  • deer / elk antlers (these do get consumed over time but they should last a while if you get a big one)
  • other rubber toys, e.g. at random this kind of tug toy.
  • rope toys. if you get a HUGE one like this with 3 knots it will take a long time to wear through it.
  • ballistic nylon toys. for our dog these didn’t last too long (maybe a day or 2) but if your dog likes ripping up soft stuff this is probably your best bet to satiate them.
  • finally, we have been feeding our dog all her meals in Kongs (just dry food, nothing else). it takes her a while to batt all the food out and when she’s done she will just chew on the Kong because it still has food flavor. No extra treats or calories required.
u/hi_from_brian · 2 pointsr/dogs

I have read some reports of dogs breaking their teeth on Nylabones, and they have never been our dogs' favorite thing anyway, so here are some alternate ideas for ya:

  • Tie off a squeaky tennis ball loosely, in an old sock. Depending on the weave and material of the sock this toy will last from 20 minutes to 4 days.

  • Toilet paper and paper towel tubes, or plain cardboard sections (no dyes or tape, etc.; I often use the unprinted flaps of shipping boxes). Non-toxic, fibrous if they ingest it, and it lets them destroy something without costing you a penny.

  • Fill a treat ball with 10-15 small, soft, training treats, and watch them push it around with their nose for the next 10-30 minutes.

  • Build a treat puzzle yourself with layers of non-toxic boxes, take out containers (NO STYROFOAM), and newspaper. Sprinkle small treats in each layer and hold it all together with a little string or paper tape.

  • Like most breeds, both the Staffy and Terrier lines love to lay tug of war. If your dog has good teeth you can use something like this, or this one if they have any oral issues. Just remember to put away toys like this when you are not actively using them, or they will get shredded/chewed to bits.

    Have fun!
u/bostonterrierlove · 2 pointsr/Dogtraining

My mom'a husky mix likes this treat dispenser rope thing and I've had several large breed fosters like this egg treat dispenser thing

I think what works for your dog probably depends on his preferences and chew intensity. If you're not solely interested in treat/food dispensers, you might look into some of the scent training aids. You can buy animal scents in liquid form, and you basically put a few drops on a piece of scrap fabric and hide it as a game. My beagle loved it when he was younger. I put it in a kong or kong-like toy then hide the toy. Of course, I'd never leave it hidden unattended. They still have scent hound competitions so there's quite a bit of information out there about training.

u/turnpikenorth · 2 pointsr/Dogtraining

In addition to the kong, I use a food ball dispenser to feed my dog a lot of the time. It doesn't fully tire him out, but it helps burn some of that energy.

Here is the one I use:

u/lookithaslegs · 2 pointsr/Dogtraining

I'm a dog walker and it can be a fantastic service if you find the right one. It depends on what you want for your dog, so have a look around if you just want a lead walk there are plenty who do that. I do social outings (~4 dogs at a time) and we go to off leash parks/beaches. If you want a social group do some research, look online, also asking people at your local dog park. They will often pick up which walkers are engaged with the dogs and really play with them as opposed to those who just stand around talking/playing with their phone.

Puzzle toys are also a great option, if my dog isn't with me at work she generally has a raw meaty bone or chicken carcass and a puzzle toy. Our favourites include the Bob a lot, the Magic Mushroom, the Kibble Nibble and the Buster Cube. A lot of the other types became too easy after she figured out the tricks, these consistently take a while to empty.

u/BlueBG82 · 2 pointsr/puppy101

Most Labs do tend to eat with gusto. Make sure he's getting enough food. They do make some different food bowls to supposedly slow dogs down.

Interactive slow pet feeder

Skidstop slow feeder bowl

Gobble stopper bowl addition

Buster dog maze

I personally have had success with the treat type balls.

Kong wobbler

Kibble Nibbler

u/drawling · 2 pointsr/dogs

I have this post saved from u/manatee1010 and have tried several:

I keep this list of brain toy links handy to send to friends who get dogs. It's getting pretty long...

Toys that get stuffed with food and frozen:

  • Kong Classic (15-20 minutes) (it sounds like Watson is lukewarm toward this… have you tried mixing a spoonful of canned food in with some kibble and freezing it?

  • Zogoflex Toppl Interactive Treat Dispensing Dog Toy (this can be a stand-alone toy, or if you get a big one and little one they can fit together and dispense kibble) (15-20 minutes)

  • Starmark Pickle Pocket (my big dog really likes this one… we put cheese in it) (20-25 minutes)

    Kibble dispensing toys, hard material (good for carpeted areas)

  • Bob-A-Lot (~10 minutes… this one can be adjusted to make it harder)

  • Tug-A-Jug (10-30 minutes, depending on the dog)

  • Magic Mushroom (10-30 minutes, depending on the dog)

  • Kong Wobbler (~5-10 minutes)

  • IQ Treat Ball (~10-15 minutes)

  • Pet Zone IQ Ball (this is the ONLY toy my dogs can’t get all the kibble out of. They’ll usually persist for half an hour or so before they give up)

  • Buster Cube (I think this has several difficulty settings… my guys now don’t have one of these, but my dog when I was growing up had one. I’d guess this is probably a 20-30 minute toy depending on difficulty and what you load into it)

  • Treatstik – I have NO idea how long this one takes to load, but it’s on my to-purchase list because it seems like it’s one of the longer lasting toys on the market. If anyone has/gets one, I’m super interested to hear about it!

    Kibble dispensing toys, soft material (good for hardwood/tile/laminate)

  • Barnacle (this can be stuffed like a Kong as well… I lost this one when I moved but I think in terms of kibble dispensing it was shorter lasting, maybe 5-10 minutes)

  • Tricky Treater (I REALLY like this one; super easy to load and clean, lasts 10-15 minutes)

  • Tricky Treat Ball (another super easy one… <5 minutes)

  • Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Snoop Treat Dispensing Dog Toy – this one just arrived yesterday so I don’t have a solid rating of its durability yet, but so far it seems great… easy to load, takes the dogs awhile to empty, and super duper quiet.

  • JW Pet Company Treat Puzzler Dog Toy (this one is super easy for them to empty… I’d say 3-5 minutes)

  • PetSafe Busy Buddy Kibble Nibble Meal Dispensing Dog Toy (this one is okay, not my favorite… I didn’t like that I had to make a decision about cutting it immediately after opening. It takes ~5-10 minutes to unload)

  • Starmark Treat Dispensing Puzzle Ball - this one is new! I almost bought it the other day but haven't yet; I think it's most similar to a Buster Cube in terms of adjustable difficulty, it's just a softer material.

    Time-release kibble dispensing toys (good for work days)

  • the Foobler is great because it works on a timer that rotates to the next of six, ¼ cup food hoppers at set intervals of time (you pick, the options are 15-30-60-90 minutes), which makes it last way longer than most of these toys. This is hard plastic.

  • CleverPet – this has a December release date. I’m way pumped about it and have been in touch with the company… hopefully I’ll be getting one of the first models off the line!

    Lastly, there are also these two that I haven’t tried yet, so I’m not positive how to classify…

  • Starmark Crunching Barbell

  • Starmark Treat Crunching Multiball

    ETA: If you have any others you like (or don't like) that I've left off this list, please chime in!
u/gingeredbiscuit · 2 pointsr/dogs

The Kong Wobbler and Bobs-a-lot are great toys. I also use a Tricky Treat ball a lot. My dogs also really love the Snoop.

You could also try the Tug-a-Jug, Kibble Nibble, or Buster Cube.

u/socialpronk · 2 pointsr/Dogtraining

Is he paws-y in general? He may need one at first that he can see inside of like the Busy Buddy "Kibble Nibble." Some dogs need a lot more encouragement and praise and excitement to see the fun in dispensing toys, including you pushing it around to get food to fall out. A regular Kong Classic with dry kibble inside is a good one to try too as food falls out easily. The more full the toy is, the easier the food falls out so have it full the first few times you use it.

If your dog just isn't into it, you can also try puzzles. Kyjen and Nina Ottosson have good ones. You can DIY with a muffin pan or egg carton.

u/annelions · 2 pointsr/Assistance

It depends on the toy, and the dog. You do want to supervise them at first, to make sure that they won't just chew it to bits; most dogs are smart enough to figure it out after a little encouragement, but some try to chew the toy(s) open. A Kong or something frozen in a block of ice like /u/ifragbunniez suggested would be good, or here are a couple others I found: - $11.87 - $5.32

u/foxfirek · 2 pointsr/Dogtraining

We bought a puzzle feeding bowl and never looked back, they are cheap on amazon, under $10. If your dog is high energy (mine is) then it’s perfectly fine to feed all meals in devices that make your dog work for the food (this advice came from our trainer). It helps tire them out and they eat slower. It’s very common for us to feed our dog from this: . I know the reviews are not amazing but the small one works great for our dog. I do not recommend the large, it comes unscrewed to easy. A lot of people like the kong wobbler but our dog doesn’t get it. Frozen Kong’s only work for us if it’s a mix of wet food and dry. We have this one too which works well but is a bit of a pain to fill an entire meal in.

u/LaLaLeapYear · 2 pointsr/dogs

My dog (Australian Shepherd) can still surgically rip these apart, but it takes her longer (3-6 months) than for most toys (1-2 days). She always does, though. I just made peace with the idea of buying her 3-4 new toys a year. Check out Tuffy's


We've had a few of the sea creature ones (lobster, octopus, starfish, shark). They all had squeakers. For whatever reason, she found the octopus easiest to dissect and the starfish has lasted the longest. The lobster's probably my favorite (easy to play tug, more spots to grasp before my dog slobbers them all). Anyway, could be worth a try!

This dragon from Go Dog is made of tougher stuff too:

It has a squeaker in it, but it's not the traditional high-pitched sort. My dog had the pink one and the wings came off first thing, within about a day. To my surprise, it lasted a solid month or two after that (I was impressed) and then she slit its throat and started frantically de-stuffing it and it was all downhill from there. She still plays with the carcass, though, and once it was de-stuffed, she was satisfied with it.

Anyway, if your dog is slightly Wednesday Adams-ish with toys too, these are the best I've found so far.

u/jaikeane · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

First, your forever friend is adorable! Lucy is a lucky, happy dog!

For the item : GoDog Chew Toys seem to work pretty well for overly active chewers. Plus, if he destroys it they have a policy where you email them a pic of the destroyed toy and they'll send you a replacement for free (limit 1 per household). Link to the Guarantee

Anyway. Not sure if this counts.. but here's Quasar being quite the gentleman in his bowtie and DayStar being a mighty beast in hunter mode. Both pictures!

u/dandeeo · 2 pointsr/dogs

My little guy has jaws of steel, too, but I've had some success with the Tuffy ring series and the goDog plush toys. Supposedly they have this special "chew guard technology" that makes them more resistant. Going on 6 months with both brands toys and all of my purchases are still relatively intact!

u/thatfreakygirl · 2 pointsr/Dogtraining

I have a 2 year old yellow lab. We had exactly the same problem. Tried all sorts of things and got down to mouthy biting when he was super excited - playing, someone comes to the door, etc.

What finally worked was we found a plush toy that he really liked, that was fairly durable and every time he got excited, he wasn't allowed to proceed until he put a soft toy in his mouth. We started with - someone comes to the door - he's not allowed to say hello until he has a toy.

Now, doorbell rings, he grabs a toy and runs to the door. Even without the toy the biting has stopped (with age, possibly) but the toy stopped our friends from getting welcome bites as he got through the phase.

The only possilbe downside is that he looks like a goof when he's excited, with a plushie hanging out of his face. It seems to be a bit of a security blanket for him - I've seen him angry bark at a squirrel, look around, grab a periwinkle dinosaur in his face, continue to try and angry bark at the squirrel through the plushie - he will never intimidate an intruder.

These are his favourite brand of plushes. He does get through them eventually, if left to chew (and I have to leave them out so he is in control of grabbing them when excited), but I just accept it as a cost, we're currently on our 5th in 2 years.

u/unclear_outcome · 2 pointsr/dogs

My two current faverites are the Tricky Treat Ball and the Tug-A-Jug.

For the ball getting the first half of the kibble out is pretty easy but the second half is pretty tricky (aka getting the dog hooked and then upping the difficulty). The Jug is just awesome but it's loud as hell on wood floors and drives me nuts so I'll only give it to her when I'm about to leave the house.

I've also heard good things about Buster Cubes because they've got adjustable openings but I really need to stop buying stuff for my spoiled pup so I don't have one.

u/_Psychopathy_ · 2 pointsr/Dogtraining

We alternate between the Kong Wobbler, the Buster Cube, and the IQ Ball every morning for breakfast. The wobbler is definitely the easiest, the cube is definitely the hardest, and the IQ ball is Sequoia's favorite (but she loves balls of any kind, so no real surprise there).

The total surprise winner was the Pickle! I was convinced it would be torn to shreds in minutes, but it has held up well! It doesn't last super long, but it is easy enough to just stick a little more peanut butter and some more kibble in when she is done.

u/giro_ · 2 pointsr/Dogtraining

Start with clicker training and free-shaping, since he seems curious and driven. I like 101 things to do with a box.

Toy recommendations:

  • Pickle pocket
  • Snoop
  • Food cube

    Impulse control exercises:

  • Doggie zen
  • Wait & release
  • Impulse control exercises

    Essentially, you want your dog to "ask permission" before doing things. Do lots of eye contact exercises. I did a lot of the things on kikopup's youtube channel when I got my dog. If you keep at it, you'll eventually have a dog that looks at you once he recognizes a distraction.

    What kind of treats are you using? I love using Easy Cheese (aerosol can) as my highest-level reward. You can put some on a wooden spoon and give the dog a tiny lick of it as a treat. Very few dogs don't go crazy for it.
u/sadiethegreyt · 2 pointsr/Greyhounds

I would agree that settling into a routine seemed to help the most with our grey. It took about 3 months for her to settle and for the separation anxiety to fade. We also got her some puzzle toys that we give her only when we leave. She now knows that we give her a toy before we leave and we always come home. The best one I've found is this one but we also have this one and this one.

u/typicalninetieschild · 2 pointsr/puppy101

I have a mini Aussie so I feel you. I try to be as inventive as possible with my budget but I suggest most interactive/treat dispensing toys. I make large ice cubes that are half chicken/beef broth with a jerky or bone sticking out only a little. Then because it’s a mini and she’s not a huge chewer I can make these inside a talenti gelato container. So basically inside a Tupperware (which plastic isn’t ideal because they can swallow it but mine doesn’t and focuses on the bone) there is the half and half broth with a bone and an easy treat to get. She also doesn’t eat paper/cardboard so I can put a bone or treat inside a tissue box or empty pasta box or whatever and she’ll rip it apart to get to it. Once again, I can only do it because I’m watching and I know she does not ingest this.

Here are some toys I suggest that are proven safer:

Lumo Ball

Snuffle Mat I really like the snuffle mat because you can feed all your meals in this and bring it with you if you want to keep your dog busy wherever you are.

OSPet Interactive Feeder
Trixie Puzzle

Ottosson Puzzle I really like most toys Outward Hound makes.

My dog’s favorite kong I find I can put just a biscuit or fill it full of kibble and pb and she’ll spend quite a bit of time getting it out.

u/TheChudlow · 2 pointsr/dogs

I'm in need of some new and difficult puzzle toys for my girl - we have KONGs of different shapes, styles, and sizes as well as some other foraging toys, but once she figures them out, they lose some of their purpose. I freeze them, put difficult objects in, and hide them for her to find, but in 10 minutes, she's done.

Any recommendations for toys that are good for solo dog play and thinking?

u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/pitbulls

My pibble can destroy EVERY toy except these:

spunky pup fire hydrant

Kong genius mike

bento ball

Kong extreme ball

Tuffy three way tug

And then, weirdly enough, the small size tuffy stuffys she chooses not to destroy, although she certainly could.

Also filled bones, bully sticks, and Himalayan dental chews she loves.

All that said, nothing is purely indestructible so you have to monitor and occasionally replace any toy.

u/CBML50 · 2 pointsr/Dogtraining

Have you tried one of the kong genius toys? those take my dog about an hour, where a regular frozen red kong lasts 20 minutes. We're also working on a lot of tricks and stuff to keep him busy.

u/Nskali · 2 pointsr/Rabbits

I have a few for my bun that I've bought, but I saw that box at Michaels and thought the same thing! I might have to pick it up when I got next. I got this one & for my bunny and he loves them. Figured them out very quickly. There is one I can't find right now I saw that has pull tabs, and essentially the food drops down layers (it's tall) and the animal has to pull the string tabs out to get it. I want to try that one next :) Mine is spoilt as hell.

u/salty-maven · 2 pointsr/Tucson

Did you mean only outings or things you can do at home, too? We have a homemade agility course in the backyard. There are some good videos on YouTube about how to make your own inexpensive course. Alternatively you could do a rally course with just cones or similar markers. We also like interactive toys like this one.

u/creativexangst · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

My guess is Binx! Although that was a cat. My boys names are Maverick and Goose :D I'm obsessed with Lush and used to work there. I'd go back to work in a heartbeat of I could :) This is supposed to be guaranteed indestructible.

Soapy paws!

u/dogsarelifuhe · 2 pointsr/dogs

KONG works wonders for me. Half-freeze it and boom! Endless puppy satisfaction. It's really strong and you can put treats in it entice your pup. As fuckmylife112 says, rotate your toys so that your pup won't get bored. I also use those rope toys (tug-of-war toys) because they're also pretty strong. Do note that you need to reward good behavior and use a stern but warm voice when correcting your pup like yelping when he bites you.

If toys don't work, you can use an anti-biting spray. Spray it on the things you don't want get chewed on and once your pup tastes the bad flavor, they are less likely to bite again.




There's this so called indestructible chew toy (with a guarantee, never used it but many people are worshiping it lol) if your pup is a death machine

EDIT: If you can't have these things delivered, you can buy those rope toys from the pet store or a supermarket in the pet sections. They're pretty good if you buy those tight and thick ones. Squeaky toys are really good too. Wipe some peanut butter on them if your pup doesn't seem interested and reward good behavior.

I also found ice cubes or iced toys really good too. The coldness soothes the gums and helps your pup.
You can get rawhide (get the big ones) but you need to supervise your pup when does chew on it because there are certain cons this

Good luck!

u/Use_this_Username · 2 pointsr/dogs

I have a papillion chihuahua mix who just turned 2. If it were up to him I would play fetch all day long. When I need him to keep busy independently, I have a couple things I try:

Bully sticks. Sometimes he's into it, sometimes not. Depends on the day. Some days he'll chew on a bully stick for over an hour.

Puzzle toys like these:

I also rotate his toys, he loves digging through and discovering the "new" toys.

Other times I put him in his crate. This is usually when he's had exercise and play time, but is not calming down any time soon. It's funny because it takes about 5 minutes before he's fast asleep in his crate!

u/sophiesquash · 2 pointsr/puppy101

The Kong Wobbler was perfect for my pup with the same problem. The dog has to paw the dispenser to get any food out so it's great for getting energy out too! The hole is fairly large, so it's pretty easy for the food to just fall out when the dog tilts it, but I put tape on the inside to adjust the hole size, and I can keep my high energy pup eating & playing for 15-30 min! Oh and the small size can hold up to 1.5-2 cups of kibble and is plenty big, even for large dogs.

u/tacticaltaco · 2 pointsr/Dogtraining

We now feed with one of these for our JRT mix. It's loud as hell on wood floors but he gets a lot of energy out and makes him eat slower.

u/Devlik · 2 pointsr/Dogtraining

Second vote for the Tug a jug, Buster Maze also the Mushroom are also good the Bobs A lot Also works great as it has variable settings for difficulty. Puzzles like this are great but they tend to be useless once the dog figures it out.

u/Avridt · 2 pointsr/dogs

I don’t use those in particular, my current go tos are the tug a jug, Magic mushroom, and game changer.

I usually show him that kibble comes out and let him go to town. If he seems to be having trouble, I’ll usually show him every couple of minutes what to do but he usually picks it up pretty quick.

I introduced him to them pretty much as soon as I brought him home at 9 weeks. He very rarely gets a meal in a bowl. It’s pretty much training and puzzle toys when I’m feeling lazy.

u/DogOwner15 · 2 pointsr/dogs

If he's decently food motivated, there are toys where the dog has to work to get the food out. Some examples-

IQ Ball

Starmark Bob a Lot

Magic Mushroom

Nina Ottosson has a line of puzzle toys. (These are more on the expensive side though, but there's a range of difficulty)

These are just a few off the top of my head... If you do a search for puzzle toys, there should be other posts with more suggestions.

If you leave the rawhides out all the time, he might just be bored or just used to them, so they're no longer a treat. If he has access to them at any time, there's nothing really special about them anymore which maybe why he ignores them.

u/Sinkip · 2 pointsr/Dogtraining

I use this one, which has stood up to a TON of abuse and holds more food than the ball-shaped ones (though probably less than the large kong wobbler). It's great and very engaging since they have to both turn it upside down and then right side up to dispense the food.

u/badlcuk · 2 pointsr/Bulldogs

I feed out of a wobbler or a mushroom, i would highly suggest these over a slow feeder, unless maybe your dog is really senior. There are a variety of slow feeders, ranging from ones with a simple ball placed in the middle to ones that are quite tight and like puzzle map, you will only know what your dog can do by trial and error. Mine definitely can get in to small creases, but she has a very short tongue and so anything long (like a PB jar) she really can't get through. And yes, my dogs face would be flat against it.

u/_guy_ana · 2 pointsr/dogs

This is all great. I think you have a good chance at success with some tips here and some hard work. One thing you didn't mention in this update post is food toys. Freezing in a kong takes extra time but isn't tiring for their brain or body. You could invest in a couple feeder toys that will work his brain and make him move around during mealtimes, and lots of them are actually less work than freezing a kong. For example:

Kong wobbler
Mushroom toy

If you can supervise him outside, you can also just scatter his kibble and make him sniff it out to eat. Using his nose to find food will wear out his brain really, really fast!

u/stillneverwrong · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
  1. Your dogs' names are: Blinky, Princess, and Scooter
  2. My pets names are: Aubrey and Saax. My pets are my daughter and husband because our Princess died just before we moved, and we can't have animals here.
  3. Dura Chew Bacon Stick that you can hide treats in is pretty awesome.
  4. No problem!
  5. Soapy Paws
  6. Thanks for the contest!
u/Yllibb · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Super congrats on the new and better job!!! Great contest! ^^^^Not ^^^^really ^^^^I'm ^^^^being ^^^^sarcastic!!!

^^^I'm ^^^not ^^^actually ^^^kidding ^^^or ^^^being ^^^sarcastic!

I just wanted something to go with Jim Carrey's look. I swear I didn't mean the first part in tiny words!!!

I don't know if you have prime or not, but if you do there is this dog bone under ten dollars. If you don't have prime let me know and I'll find something else if the shipping is too much. That is, if I win.

u/Blizbe · 2 pointsr/puppy101

This stick bone: https://www
She's had it for months and it looks completely disgusting, but she just turned 1 and still chews on it every day. Really seemed to help.

Edit: I just realized you are looking for actual treats for your dog to eat. Sorry!

u/DefinitelyNormalYeah · 2 pointsr/dogs

I have a 2 year old American Bulldog aka Big Head lots of energy. Can relate. Below are some of the toys + tips for high energy destructive dog.

This figure 8 toy is pretty great and seriously difficult for the dog to break. Your dog may be initially less interested in it, for that reason, but if he's super into playing tug with it. It's also has some give so I'm less worried about him cracking a tooth or something. It's also neat because it changes color if torn into, and has a separate hold for your hand vs his mouth if he's still learning those two don't belong together during play.

This collection of rope toys is cheap so if he wrecks them, it's not so bad.


  1. Dogs don't always instinctively know or enjoy fetch, but you can teach it if it's something you're interested in. There's youtube videos that are p helpful. You can also get bulk dead/not bouncy tennis balls of ebay for super cheap. I think I paid like 30 bucks for 100 something including shipping?

  2. Could also try tiring him out in other ways before tug so he's not as destructive? Maybe obedience training for ridiculous tips or Frozen stuffed kongs orthis barnacle buddy
u/robis726 · 2 pointsr/dogs

Try Benebone. Not exactly cheap, but these bad boys last months and my dogs love them.

u/dieliebelle · 2 pointsr/dogs

My 9 month old puppy loves his benebone ( I just got him his third one a few days ago. There's two flavors, bacon and peanut butter (, but my dog likes his bacon flavored benebone so much that I'm worried that he won't like the peanut butter one, so I haven't purchased that one for him. These last for a pretty long time. When he was a very young puppy, it lasted 3-4 months. His second one lasted 2 months. He used to spend 30 minutes to an hour chewing on it, but this has tapered off slightly.

I've bought him lots of chew toys, like a couple of different nylabones, an elk antler, bully sticks, etc. He chews on his elk antler once in a blue moon. He likes bully sticks, but can finish a 12" one in about 20 minutes, which is way too expensive for me. He never really liked his nylabones, especially the ones that are original flavored. Benebones are a lot like nylabones (they're both made of nylon), but the wishbone shape makes it easy to hold and it smells pretty strongly of bacon, which I think is why my dog likes it so much.

u/micrographia · 2 pointsr/dogs

Awesome, just bought one. For those interested, you can't purchase from their website, get them here (Amazon prime).

u/lochnessie15 · 2 pointsr/PolishGauntlet

Haha, yep! We know whenever we give her a tennis ball that it's being sacrificed. We have a couple of Kongs, and we've also been really impressed with these bones - it's basically a nylabone, but with a bacon flavor (they have peanut butter, too). Her previous one lasted her about 6 months, and she seems to love it - it's the only toy she'll chew on regularly.

u/v3rtex · 2 pointsr/puppy101

i bought this Benebone for my puppy even though he's not losing teeth yet. He seems to like chewing on it.

u/Nissin · 2 pointsr/dogs


I got a large dog and she chews on this all day and hasn't broken it yet after 2 months of daily chewing.

u/lzsmith · 2 pointsr/Dogtraining

Specifically with respect to preventing throwing toys around, we have a new one with heavy duty suction cups attached. It works pretty well attached to our glass door--the dogs can't pull it off. It's a softer jellier rubber than our kongs, so not sure how durable it is for a heavy chewer (my dogs just go for the food and then leave it alone).

Any of the big soft rubber treat balls might work for you also. tricky treat ball releases more food when it's being rolled, so throwing it doesn't do as much good. It's also soft(ish) so won't crack if it is thrown now and then.

u/batmanismyconstant · 2 pointsr/dogs

Finn plays with most of his toys on a big area rug. He knows to pick it up and take it back to the rug when it rolls off. I taught him by picking up his toys and taking them back to the rug every time they fell off. He eventually got the picture.

Even so, our favorite toys are soft rubber ones. The Omega Paw Tricky Treat ball is great, and so is the Orbee Tuff Snoop. To make the Snoop harder, you can buy another ball to put inside it.

u/Miss_Tomato_Face · 2 pointsr/puppy101

Mine is 9 months old. I work from home and still enforce naps and have her in her crate for roughly 4 hours each day during my work day; sometimes a little more if she's being too unruly. It's just not feasible for me to keep an eye on her constantly despite being home. And quite frankly wasn't fair to me; I need a break from her too once in awhile despite how much I love her. Watching a puppy is also work, and trying to do both my work and the work of watching her at the same time was too tough. And my pup doesn't always settle on her own when she sees that I'm doing other stuff. Sometimes her nap is broken up into 2 2 hour naps, and other times it's a solid 4 hour chunk. I let her sleep until I see she's awake; I have a webcam pointed in her crate and I cast the image to the TV closest to me so I can keep an eye on her.

As far as keeping her occupied when she's awake, I use bully sticks, nylabones, kongs stuffed with string cheese, and an Orbee Tuff puzzle ball stuffed with chicken jerky which keeps her occupied for usually a couple hours at the least. Orbee Tuff: chicken jerky: definitely not how the Orbee Tuff is supposed to be used but I tear the chicken jerky pieces in half and put them inside the ball and they're super hard to get out. They're a high value treat for her though so she stays at it. I try to keep toys out for her that are mostly rubber and not soft, so I don't have to be constantly staring at her to make sure she isn't pulling out strings or stuffing from soft toys.

I also moved her crate from our family room (was in there per the advice of this sub so the dog 'wouldn't feel left out from the pack since they're so social' or something like that...worst advice ever for us) into our guest bedroom. I cover her crate with a blanket, close the door, and have a white noise machine running in there so she can't hear me when I'm on a call. Moving her crate was by far the most beneficial thing I've ever done for her I think. She sleeps more soundly and is so much better behaved overall. Her demand barking when awake and out of her crate pretty much stopped after I moved her crate. I'm chalking it up to her actually getting restful sleep for once and not feeling like she's missing out or being disturbed by what's going on around her. 🤷

u/Orchid-Flower · 2 pointsr/dogs

I would try with amazon if it’s not too late. this is a great treat ball, made of rubber and it has got also some accessories to make the game more challenging!

u/femalenerdish · 2 pointsr/dogs

My dog couldn't care less about her Kong without tasty things in it, but does really like this flavored bone thing. The medium size lasts six months ish. I think she likes it because it's flavored with real bacon.

u/dogs_and_dogs · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

A Lily by any other name is still a beautiful little puppy
I have 2 pups that I love to death and this would be a perfect gift for them :)
For a 4 month old pup, beware of the teeting and biting. the puppy will gnaw through your furniture so make sure you have something chewy to keep the dog busy :). Lastly, congratulations on your new addition to the family!

u/culatermaligator · 1 pointr/BelgianMalinois

Do you have another dog who the puppy would be sleeping near in his crate out of your bedroom? Dogs are pack animals and want to be with their people or other dogs.

I would be feeding him all his meals in the crate. You can get some of these puppy kongs and soak some of his kibble to soften it up then stick it inside the kong and freeze it. It'll take him 20-30 minutes to eat his food that way.

If you start with feeding him with the crate door open, then move to feeding him with the door closed, then go in and out of the room while he's eating, then move up to feeding him and leaving the room. You should be able to Google frozen kong and crate games for some more ideas about how this works.

Signing him up for a puppy kindergarten class is a good way to learn about these and other issues that you just haven't started having yet. Most puppies go through a lot of the same problems so teacher should be a good resource and the best thing that you can do for your puppy right now is to get him socialized (just please don't take him to the dog park).

u/Mythezza · 1 pointr/puppy101

I just got two of these

And one of these

Although like I said, sometimes we use small dabs of peanut butter. I got two so that I could switch them out - so he can have one to chew on (empty) during the day and one in the freezer. I've never had a chewer before, so this was my first experience with Kongs, and so far, they're great!

u/gotafewqs · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

This looks pretty neat! Interactive "mind" game for dogs!

and like many others have said, Kongs are great and so durable!

edit: this one is great for small dogs! I have a tiny dog at home who loves hers!

u/SickRose · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

The classic kong toy. sorry if it doesn't count because it's designed to put treats in, but even without that it's a great item for any dog. Please post puppy pictures when you can!

u/bubonis · 1 pointr/ferrets
  1. Ferret math means you'll rarely have one animal. I'm not just saying this to be cute; ferrets are extremely social animals, and if you don't (or can't) provide them with regular interaction they will not be happy, healthy creatures. Please do consider a pair of ferrets; the upkeep isn't significantly greater and it will be a better experience for both animals. That all being said, the Ferret Nation Habitat is a very popular and sturdy cage for one or two animals. They also sell a dual-level model, and these can be expanded with additional units.
  2. You'll get a great deal of discussion about this. My personal preference is SwheatScoop unscented. It is a wheat-based clumping litter with low dust and, as a bonus, can be safely flushed down the toilet. Should you go looking at other options you'll want to be sure to avoid anything with perfumes/scents, and anything clay-based.
  3. My ferrets adore and thrive on Wellness CORE original formula. Don't balk at the price; it takes my three ferrets about about 4-6 weeks to go through a 12 lb bag so you're looking at about 33¢ per ferret per day. There are other options out there; avoid anything that isn't at least 35% meat-based protein, anything that has sugar or sweeteners, and anything that has grain or grain product as the primary ingredient.
  4. Treats are tricky as you don't want to give them anything that's patently unhealthy. In the past (before I knew better) I would give my ferrets Honey Nut Cheerios, peanut butter, raisins, and a bunch of other things. They loved it but it really wasn't healthy for them at all. Most ferrets like a squirt of Ferretone every now and then. Freeze-dried meats and jerky products are good, but again avoid things with added sugars and salt (honey and molasses finds its way into many pet jerky products). Once in awhile I'll slip my ferrets a little bit of cooked hamburger or roasted turkey but that's hit or miss. Remember: Ferrets are total carnivores!

    Though you didn't ask, I'll volunteer: Be very careful when giving your ferret(s) toys to play with. Avoid anything made of foam, for example; chewed pieces can get caught in their intestinal tract and cause serious problems. For similar reasons, avoid anything that has pieces which can be chewed off (e.g., a plastic eye); anything with plastic bits (like ribbons); and all kinds of squeaky toys and things made of thin rubber. Good toys: Cardboard tubes and boxes. Ping-pong balls. Super Thru-Way. Cotton rope toys. Large towels. Small cotton unadorned stuffed animals.
u/GrooGrux · 1 pointr/ferrets

Pet store, this is the over priced Marshal stuff most pet stores have. But it works great as a clear tube. If you must have clear, any pet store will do, or you can get it here:

u/HardlyJess · 1 pointr/PeopleFuckingDying I pretty sure its one of these! But the link you sent could be a pretty awesome alternative :D THANK YOU!

u/whatjess · 1 pointr/pitbulls

I buy dog toys at places like Marshall’s, TJMaxx, Tuesday Mornings etc.

I get at least 5-7 toys for $25ish depending on what i pick out and often times find Kong, chuck it and other good brands.

Some toys Diesel will destroy within hours, some within a week or and a few lucky ones last a couple months.

They all just go into a toy bin that he’ll dig through on his own.

Grandma and Grandpa and Aunt Sarah (my parents and sister) always have fun buying him more expensive “extra fun” toys for Christmas, Birthday, random holidays etc. We call those the extra fun toys because they’re the ones I’d never buy him knowing that they’ll last 10 minutes. (Although a few have turned out to be amazing quality and have held up.) They know toys don’t last long with him but all our family’s previous dogs were small and not into toys so they have fun picking things out for him.

Also there’s a few that I keep put away unles we’re actively playing with like the big fuzzy chuck it ball. Toss it in the air and Diesel with pop it back to you volleyball style. When we’re done, i take it away or else he’d just shred it.

Also I’ve had good luck with JW Pet Company Invincible Chains LT Triple Dog Toy, Large (Colors Vary) and with their big holey balls. Diesel will tear them up after a while but he doesn’t eat the pieces, just spits them out so even if he tears it open it sticks around for a while. I think he like how the rubber feels when he chews on it.

Edit: oh and frisbee golf frisbees are great. My friend who was really into the sport and had dozens of old ones gave us some because my pit and his pit loved to chase and play with them. They last for a long time and are like $10 at a sporting goods store.

u/Kyla_R · 1 pointr/labradoodles

Have you done any training classes with him? Along with tiring the dog out physically, tiring the dog out mentally has really helped me and my dog. He gets quite excited when he gets to perform his tricks. Learning new ones really tires him out, and he's very interested. Getting that communication with him really helped with other training too- he is much more likely to listen to me. It sounds like him having too much energy and perhaps not listening is the root of the problem here.

When my dog was learning to walk on a leash, I would take him out when very few people would be around - early morning, late night and when people are at work/school. That way, we could really focus on walking before slowly introducing other distractions like people, cars and other dogs. Bring his breakfast in a treat pouch, and use it to keep him in check. When he pulls, stop walking and use the treats/food to lead him back to you. It helps to be generous with the treats - that's why taking his normal meal is good, as he won't be gaining weight from extra food. Try not to use the leash to control him- the only time you should be doing that is if he's in danger. My dog is still a bit wary of certain groups people (he really doesn't like old men)- if he's scared, I stop walking. If he has a good interaction with another person or dog, he gets treats and praise. Are there any walking trails or paths in your area? Sometimes those are a little quieter than a sidewalk. Regardless, it's going to take some time for him to learn. You've got to be patient, and consistent. Try not to avoid taking him out- the only way he will learn how to walk on a leash is to physically do it a lot.

When I just needed to tire my dog out, I brought him to a fenced in dog park and played fetch. Again, I brought him when few people will be around. Doing that when he was still learning meant we could focus on training while still being safe. The trouble with dog parks is that you don't know what kind of other dogs will be there. That's why I took him when few people were around. Fetch is a good game to teach dogs - you can tire them out without other dogs or too much walking (good for dogs with endless energy). If you have a fenced in back yard or a long hallway free of breakables, you can play it there too.

Are you using a harness or collar? The trainer I saw when my dog was a puppy said not to use a harness if your dog has a problem with pulling- his theory was that the harness enables the dog to pull, instead of bothering the dog like a pulled (normal, NOT pronged) collar would. Another question - are you using an extendable leash or a normal one? Extendable leashes were also something my trainer had us avoid. Again, it enables the pulling.

My dog chews. The only things that have helped with that is tiring him out and providing lots of safe toys for him to chew. These "indestructible" chains by JW were a lifesaver when he was teething, and he still gnaws on them today. I also get elk antlers for him - they're his favourite. Just make sure you get one that is appropriately sized and isn't overly processed. I would avoid rawhides - they made my dog very sick (they can expand in the stomach). Another thing that helped was getting food toys and putting his meals in them instead of a bowl. Just make sure you take the toy away when he's done so he doesn't chew it to pieces.

u/shinyumbreon1992 · 1 pointr/dogs

So if /u/CiElBie is right, that would explain a lot about your dog's behavior, haha.

Have you tried a front-connecting harness, like the Easywalk, Sense-ible, or Kurgo Journey harnesses? Those have proven extremely helpful in redirecting our dog on walks and teaching him not to tug.

You can also get him some puzzle toys. You put treats in them and they keep your dog occupied. Treats can be peanut butter, yogurt, wet food, and frozen fruit/veggies. These would be my recommendations: Westpaw Tux, Busy Buddy Squirrel, Planet Dog Orbee-tuff Snoop, Kong Wobbler (dry food only), Starmark Everlasting Wheeler, Orbee-tuff Produce, GoofBall.

Mental stimulation is another big thing. If you haven't already, familiarize yourself with the basics of clicker training (Kikopup is a fantastic resource). Then you can teach all kinds of fun tricks, which will engage your dog, encourage bonding, and tire him out mentally, which is very important for dogs with working dog ancestry. Examples of tricks can be paw, beg, roll over, twirl (dance), touch, jump (if his health allows it - no more than 10 minutes of jumping training at a time), weave (dog weaves between your legs), army crawl, bow, and so on. Just 15 to 20 minutes of mental stimulation can really tire out a dog, so I strongly recommend this if your dog is super hyper!

Other interactive toys. Flirt poles are great, and can be good for reinforcing drop it because the dog is rewarded immediately with more playtime. I would also encourage giving all meals either as training treats or in large puzzle toys (I highly recommend Nina Ottosson toys: Tornado, Dog Smart, Twister, Casino, Brick. Make sure to supervise your dog while using these toys, since they won't be as durable as the rubber toys I recommended above). My dog also LOVES this funny squirrel toy; it moves around and makes funny noises-- I think he believes it's a real squirrel! This is the Amazon link, and again for this I'd recommend supervision because I don't know it's that durable.

I might also recommend extending one of your walks to 1.5 to 2 hrs by combining two of the daily walks together into one long walk-- this might exhaust your dog more, as opposed to multiple shorter walks a day. This really depends on your dog, though; give it a try but I can't guarantee it'll work. Do ensure that the long walk takes place at approximately the same time each day, so he knows when his "big playtime" is and learns to relax throughout the rest of the day. For the whining at outside stimuli, perhaps invest in a white noise machine or loud box fan, which will help your dog relax at home.

Best of luck, hope this is helpful!!

u/turanaur · 1 pointr/DobermanPinscher

My Doberman as well as my parent's each have one of thease, love them, and are quite durable.

KONG Tug Toy Dog Toy, Red

u/captivatingbleu · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Hello peons. My name is [Echo] ( I am an evil genius, consumer of the Wii remotes, and Master of the Universe (particularly all things chewy). I will kill you with [cuteness] (

This is my chief minion, [Tucker] (, who is only really good for fetching me toys. I recently lost my other minion [Nanook] ( as one of the silly human minions took him back to Sweden with her... Those silly human minions are never following orders.

My new orders are as follows. I would like [this item] ( brought to me on a silver platter. I may even decide to be nice and allow Tucker to look at it longingly.

I want Hanners and Viktor to be my new minions. Wait... I mean, I want to be friends with Hanners and Viktor! I want to spend the day with both Hanners and Viktor as they shall be my minions and I shall call them minions and love them as minions.

Edit: Oh... and if I had to pick a toy for my new minions it would be [this] ( for Hanners and [this] ( for Viktor!

u/Browncoat23 · 1 pointr/Dogtraining

My rescue terrier is a nervous chewer and is super destructive with toys, but we can't give him chews like bully sticks because he's on a restricted diet and he can't have bones because he has broken teeth (he hit the jackpot of bad luck). We've found that the only toy he hasn't been able to chew through is his Chuck-It ball - When we're not using it for fetch he'll often just chew on it like a bone; he's had that thing since day 1 and 5 months later hasn't even broken the slightest piece off.

Aside from that, puzzle games will help with the anxiety. Besides Kongs, you can try something like this ball which dispenses kibble or treats as the dog rolls it around.

u/augustfrst · 1 pointr/Dogtraining

sorry - totally spaced on this!!

this is my personal favorite, but we also rotate between the following:

kibble nibble

tug a jug - but we removed the rope

buster cube - this one is pretty tricky and may frustrate pups new to feeding from a meal dispensing toy

u/leonidas0688 · 1 pointr/dogs

We use the large KONG Extreme Dog Toy, Medium, Black, trixies flipboard 2 TRIXIE Pet Products Flip Board, Level 2 treat ball OurPets IQ Treat Ball Interactive Food Dispensing Dog Toy, a treat hiding thing Dog Smart Treat Dispensing Dog Toy Brain and Exercise Game for Dogs by Nina Ottosson, a rolling nibble kibble PetSafe Busy Buddy Kibble Nibble Meal Dispensing Dog Toy, Medium/Large, a self toy KONG Rambler Ball, Large (colors vary), and a large tug a jug PetSafe Medium/Large Sportsmen Tug A Jug Pet Chew Toy

The kong I use spread treats inside because dry treats last only a few seconds.

Trixies flipboard is low to meh at getting her attention, sometimes she doesnt care for the food to bother with it.

Iq treat ball she finds a way to break, pushing into a wall, chomping on it, the moment you look away.

The hide a treat thing is easy for her.

The nibble kibble is the same as the treat ball.

The kong rambler she easily pulls the ball from its station and the toy is moot, now its just a ball.

The tug a jug becomes a weapon that she whips around until it smashes open.

The one thing I have noticed that can keep her attention is a pile of wood we have outside. Inside that pile of wood is chipmunks and squirrels that she messes with until I call her over. I'm thinking that she enjoys live toys? Or does she it as just something for her to herd.

u/snoralax · 1 pointr/dogs

Yeah, it's juuuust enough to almost go back to sleep.

I'm thinking I should set my alarm earlier and get up in time for a 45-60 minute walk, I think he could use a tad more. Right now my pup is 9 months, but when he's a bit older I'm hoping to switch to a 30 min run.

I switch between this toy and this[feeder] ( , (the green one,) but lately I have been doing half and half. On a side note, damn, it's way cheaper on Amazon than my local pet store. It's mostly to keep him occupied for a while longer and hopefully it's at least slightly mentally stimulating. It takes maybe 10 minutes for him to eat from the feeder and 15-20 minutes for the toy (which is sort of noisy.)

u/I_LOVE_ASPARTAME · 1 pointr/husky

First and foremost I definitely recommend seeking a professional or asking advice from a breeder as well.

If you have a two year old husky/mix it needs EXERCISE. What are you doing to help release her energy? A walk a day wont do it. Our (nearly two) year old goes for about 2-3 long walks a day and we try to run her 2-4 miles when we can. I tired husky is a happy and lazy one.

Also toys to help stimulate her mind and make her work for her food will keep her busy and distracted. We have several types of kings and big ass roller type toys that we put ALL her kibble in. She rarely eat out of her food bowl because of this. I will show a milk bone in a kong and she will work on that for a while, or i'll stick 1/4 cup of kibble in a roller ball that has a tiny opening and plays with that for 30 min. Usually she naps after.

The key to these dogs is to outsmart them. They will own the house if you let them. Do not be afraid to dominate them. I do not mean abuse btw, i mean just using your body and frame of mind to assert that you are the alpha. Dont greet them until they are qquiet and this may be done by putting them in a crate.

Is she crate trained? When we got our husky as a puppy it was much easier since she was small. However, it can be stressful for rescue dogs who arent used to that. You want to make the crate THEIR safe place. Anytime you stick peanut butter in a kong, put in the crate and wait for them to go in there and get it. Reward them with a simple "good girl". Put a tshirt of yours in the crate that has your scent on it also. Never use the crate as a form of punishment. they will just destroy it.

On accidents in the house. Female dogs (especially huskies) do not completely empty their bladders once they go outside. We usually for ours to relieve herself at least three times before bringing her back in. Another think that may be causing her to keep having accidents is anxiety. Are you yelling at her when she has accidents? Whenever she has one, do not yell at her, but just immediately stop her by touching her. Put on the leash, then immediately take her outside. Wait for her to relieve herself again and then reward her. This will take the anxiety out of it.

This is my schedule with Lucy. 6-7 AM wakeup call from her letting me know she needs to go out. Walk her and wait for her to completely relieve herself and poop on the neighbors lawn. Then put 1/4 cup kibble in a kong and stuff a medium milk bone in there. Get ready for work. By the time I come out it's nap time for her. I take her out again 10 am before I leave. She goes in the crate with another 1/4 kibble in a different kong (variety is important). She sleeps the whole time. I come home for an hour on lunch break and she goes for a long walk. Usually right after I leave to go back to work, my SO comes home and takes her on another walk. She will get play time, scratches and belly rubs, and cuddles. She goes out ever 2 hours after that generally and then goes to bed around 9-10 pm and she's tuckered out. She sleeps on the bed until lights out and then she just hops off and goes into her crate on her own.

So I know this is a wall of text, but you can see how having a husky takes a lot of effort and attention. It was more than we bargained for but we made it work and everyone "ooooh's" and "aaaah's" when they see her.

here are some of the types of toys to look out for:

u/somesayso · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

So, there's a couple things that helped a lot with our pup that I haven't seen here yet. Daisy loooves her food egg and food cube. These are toys that also dispense food. We sometimes exclusively feed her from one of these. The cube was definitely her favorite, but became difficult for us to open. These are great because they provide enrichment during feeding, plus, if you're puppy is a gorge-and-puke eater, it'll help with that.

For toys, I'd say grab things that are varying levels of durable. They get a lot of satisfaction from pure destruction like with a stuffed animal or skineez, but having something to work on, like a nylabone or kong, is also good.

Have fun! Getting Daisy was definitely one of the best things I've ever done in my life. So yeah, good job!

u/RomanSionis · 1 pointr/dogs

Kongs are what we use the most. A large one filled with treats and a small one filled with either yogurt or peanut butter that has been frozen. We also have one of these that we use every now and then but he has gotten too good with it.

u/lilnoobit · 1 pointr/puppy101

Hey there,
So your dog sounds like someone who would really love puzzle toys. They are toys that can keep dogs occupied for a while since the way the toy administers treats really varies so the dog will keep at it. A good one that isn't too expensive that my dog loves is this one from amazon. It has an adjustable hole so you can control how often food/treats will come out of the ball. Just keep in mind it's made out of a hard plastic so it may make noise when it gets knocked into things. If this concerns you, another toy I would suggest is this one which is also on amazon. It's a little more expensive but it does the same thing as the first one I listed and it has rubber bumpers around it so it won't make as much noise. Hope this helps!

u/born_mystery · 1 pointr/puppy101

Fetch, like others have mentioned and basically just letting him chase me or my bf around. The biggest help we've had is giving him his food in a ball (I'm on mobile, hope that worked.) We give his entire meal at night in one and it can make a HUGE difference.

Edit: We also have been doing a lot of training with him, which definitely keeps his brain engaged and focused.

u/tokisushi · 1 pointr/dogs
u/anormalgeek · 1 pointr/aww

Try one of the goDog toys next time. My bulldog destroys plush toys, but these have lasted for years.

u/KittenAnne · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I have no clue about puppies! - but maybe a few dragons would help?

u/scirun · 1 pointr/Dogtraining

I don't think I have too much to add beyond the great advice others have given you, but I just want to encourage you to hang in there. We definitely went through similar frustrations (adopted a 2y/o lab border collie mix 10 months ago), and plenty of tears over this with our pup. I'm not going to lie, the first few weeks, and even months were hard, very hard at times -- we'd solve problems, and then others would pop up, and 10 months in, we're still figuring things out, but at this point, not a day goes by that I'd wish for it any other way. A great thing to remember is your pup has lived for a year in who knows what condition with who knows what, if any rules. Dogs love routine, so give the guy a chance to build a routine with you and reward him when he's being good without you asking. It won't happen overnight, but a very precise routine helped us tremendously. Other game-changers that others have already mentioned -- fetch on a long-lead to replace one of his walks in the late afternoon (this was the BEST thing we ever did, and taught him a great drop while we were at it, and has also helped buckets with recall -- also just got a flirt pole, which is equally amazing), using brain games to feed him (if he's a chewer like mine, and can clean a frozen kong out in 5 minutes, start with this one, since it's too big to easily chew, on the flip-side, it's also pretty hard: -- totally nuts how much this tires my pup out, panting and everything, not to mention 20 minutes of peace), impulse control training, and capturing calm techniques. My pup is too anxiety prone for daycare settings, but if you can find a facility that works for your pup, this is amazing too, even for just a couple of hours a week, not to mention fantastic for socialization. Once we got my pup's leash skills a bit more under control (this took him months, ack!), running with him was also a great addition. You got this, and I can almost promise you, it will get better!!!

u/lalalindaloo · 1 pointr/dogs

I use the Bob-a-Lot (linked above), the Tug-a-Jug and the Buster Cube.

They are all fairly loud, but keep him occupied for a while. I switch them out daily so he doesn't get bored with one.

u/C41n · 1 pointr/Dogtraining

Puzzle toys: Odin, KONG Genius Mike, KONG Genius Leo, are a few simple ones.

Since you live in a condo, sounds like you are going to need to carry your dog down the stairs for now. Nothing else to be done really.

X-pens are great! 30-60 seconds sounds good. Don't want to do longer. Though I prefer removing myself from the puppy for crazy biting.

u/textrovert · 1 pointr/Dogtraining

Training tools:

  • Light long line 50' - I don't trust her off-leash yet, but this allows her to tear around at the park and practice "come."
  • Gentle Leader - I've been weaning her off of it now, but it's been hugely helpful in teaching her how to walk politely on a leash and not pull me all over and get distracted by everyone and everything. Also good for times when I really need her under full control in distracting environments.
  • Lupine Martingale Collar - Nice quality and nice looking.

    Dog bed/crate pad:

  • [Unreal Lambskin Brute Synthetic Fleece Dog Bed] ( - she destroyed three beds/pads and I thought I was going to have to give up on soft beds for her crate, but this one is tough and soft.


  • Kong and Kong Genius - entertains her for a long time if I stuff it with peanut butter, yogurt, and kibble and freeze it, especially if I'm crating her and leaving for a few hours.
  • Knight Pet pig - the only other thing thing she can amuse herself with, without my participation, that doesn't get immediately destroyed. Plus, the grunting sound is hilarious and not annoying like high-pitched squeaky toys.


  • Wisdom Panel 2.0 - So much fun to learn about my mystery mutt's genetic background.
  • All of Patricia McConnell's stuff. This book was a good basic practical training guide, but I read a lot of her stuff and enjoy her blog.
u/BeckyDaTechie · 1 pointr/pitbulls

Are any of those toys puzzles that work her brain instead of her body? They need mental exercise too, not just physical, and sometimes getting overly tired physically can make a dog act more goofy mentally.

If you don't have puzzles for her, I'd look for a black Kong to start and feed some of her dinner out of it. They're nice for bullies b/c the dog can't just bite it open and spill all the food out after 30 seconds like a lot of plastic toys that stand up to smaller dogs for years. :D Gotta love "bully strong"!

You can also make an inexpensive answer to The Mad Scientist with water or 2 liter pop bottles, a dowel rod from the craft section of a department store, and a couple pieces of wood or a ladder. Here's a video of how it works with a Belgian Malinois, which is another SUPER intensely high-energy, and thinking, breed of dog.

Dogs still have the instinct to chase and beat something up before they eat. BUT, dogs and wolves living wild also have to pull apart a carcass before they can eat it, so that kind of problem-solving, fine-motor-skill play (taking apart stuffed toys, shaking the thunder out of a sock with a tennis ball in the toe, whatever) can do wonders for a hyper pup too. :)

u/CaspianPets · 1 pointr/DogCare

I have been wondering the same thing for our dog. I have recently bought one of these;

But have been keeping an eye out for non-food toys also.

I tend to leave talk radio on when we leave the house too.

u/thesmellnextdoor · 1 pointr/dogs

Yes, gonoughts! It's the ONLY toy my friend's 80lb pit bull can't destroy. They have a lifetime warranty and interestingly the first version we got from Amazon did get chewed up in a couple weeks. After I sent it back the replacement they sent is is INDESTRUCTIBLE. That dog chews on it every day and has hardly made a dent in it after more than a year. I think the original version was some kind of cheaper rubber and they sent me the real thing when they realized I was going to use the warranty.

u/xX_Justin_Xx · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

This is bently. He is an awesome dog. This is him after a long day. He couldn't destroy a toy if he tried to so I looked for indestructible dog toys on Amazon and this came up. Says it is guaranteed.

This would be my item.

u/DarkOctober · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

These are my dogs, Bear and Lindy! Bear is a chow/golden retriever mix and Lindy is dobie/lab mix. Both are rescues and are my entire world <3

This chew toy is guaranteed indestructible

I'd love to donate this to my local humane society if I win :) I have a little box made up for them and I'm gonna drop it off once I get a nice little package set up.

Thanks for the contest! Hopefully I made it in on time

EDIT: Oh my gosh, Reggie is freaking adorable with those ears!!

u/accidentalhippie · 1 pointr/WiggleButts

I've had luck with the "Goughnut" toys (thick rubber rings) - bought mine on amazon. Pricey, but even with tagreted chewing my (3 year old) pup can't get through his.

u/aelizabeth27 · 1 pointr/aww

My Boston Terrier is the same. I wouldn't think that a 16 pound dog could be such a destructive chewer, but toys don't last around here. Stuffies last a matter of minutes (even ones designed to withstand heaving chewing). I spent $30 and bought him the hard yak cheese and a Goughnuts toy (the company will replace the toy for free if your pet destroys it)... he won't touch either. He wants to paint our home with the lifeblood of his vanquished foes.

u/TrollznLolz · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

This is Winston! He's a Chihuahua/shih-tzu mix that I adopted almost 2 years ago. His 2nd birthday is in 4 days and I'm so excited/sad.

My parents have this toy for their enormous bulldogs. It's still going strong! Kong toys are amazing though. Winston is such a crazy strong chewer for a teeny 10 pound dog that he needs the black Kongs. Hahaha

Edit: This toy says it's guaranteed to be indestructible :)

Winston lovesssss Kong animals. He would love the moose. I think this puts you right under $10 with shipping. I'm not sure exactly what the normal shipping rate is, so if I go over let me know and I'll choose something else!

Thanks for the contest! Congrats on adopting Reggie! He is so cute <3


u/nicepits · 1 pointr/Dogtraining

I feel ya! My two consider it a personal challenge, it seems, to destroy even the most highly rated chew toy! In the end, I've found investing in a few slightly more expensive ones that are more durable is a little cheaper in the long run.

Mine make short work of black kongs, so I did a little shopping around to find something more durable.

u/berkeleycoffee · 1 pointr/dogs
u/lasicius · 1 pointr/Chihuahua

My chis love the Kong Wobbler. And it's dishwasher safe.

u/Cyt6000 · 1 pointr/puppy101

First make sure she isn't sick. Second make sure her kibble is a good food.

My bulldog isn't a big eater. Putting the food in a snuffle mat or a feeder toy can help, it makes eating more fun. My go-to is using a food stand (mainly to reduce chance of bloat) and mixing her food with healthy treats. I use canned pumpkin (Libby's 100%), egg, plain nonfat yogurt, cottage cheese, honey, peanut butter, blueberries, chicken/beef broth, carrots, or apple. Of course, not all of it at once. I've noticed if she's being fed the same thing for too long she gets tired of eating it. I can't blame her, I do the same thing.

Another suggestion is leaving her food down for ten minutes and if she doesn't eat it, put the food up. I haven't personally done this method, but I've heard it works.

u/naedawn · 1 pointr/dogs
  1. Stuffed moose

  2. IQ Treat Ball (she gets kibble in it)

  3. Kong Wobbler (more kibble)

  4. Treat & Train (still more kibble)

  5. Snuffle mat (have I mentioned kibble?)

    So yeah, the only toy that has held her interest despite its inability to dispense food is the stuffed moose. I've actually put all the rest of her toys away in hopes of someday reintroducing them and having them seem novel again.
u/bobsays90 · 1 pointr/dogs

Kong wobbler

I feed my dog half in her bowl, half in the wobbler and she loves it. She’s a picky eater, but loves to play. So it was perfect for us.

u/zelyre · 1 pointr/dogs

My dog loves her Kong Wobbler.

I feed her twice daily, each time I give 3/4 of her meal on a snuff mat and 1/4 of it in the wobbler.

She's a GSP. A velcro dog that loves her people. But in the morning, when it's time for us to leave for work, she's practically pushing us out the door so she can have her wobbler.

u/CanadianSatireX · 1 pointr/WhatsWrongWithYourDog

Also take a look at "Wobbler" and "UFO" .. we have all of those, only had to replace them maybe once every 18 months or so (but they get daily use) .. rotate them so he doesn't get bored. Fill this one with Peanut Butter (smear it on the inside with the back of a spoon) you can throw it in the freezer first for an hour to stiffen the spread to make it last longer of course. And actually that is a small advantage of the ones that have the two separate parts that unscrew for cleaning (unlike RFB) .. you can add something in to them that is messy (PB) and its cool cuz you can easily clean them later. The PB makes them freaking insane for w/e is in there. So you put the snacks inside and just ONE with a little dab of PB (or cheez whizz) on it and the PB actually makes the whole process of getting them out more difficult .. so its good play for them. The only down side to those top two is that they are louder than RFB cuz hard plastic. Enjoy!

u/shihtzuhappens · 1 pointr/corgi

toys that are mentally stimulating. Corgis are smart and get bored with toys that are too boring. Get some toys or puzzles that can keep their interest and/or last a long time.

My boy Frank likes nylabones that come in different shapes and flavors, Kongs with peanut butter, and toys that you roll around for food. We give him meals in a Kong Wobbler so he doesn't eat to fast and he has fun with it. The small size works well for a corgi.

The herding/nipping instinct they have from being bred to be herding dogs can be annoying. From my experience and others I've talked to, they just grow out of it. A vet tech, who's had corgis all her life, suggested getting those cheap inflated bouncy balls that they sell at Walmart, Target, Walgreens, etc.. that are kept in those big bins. Your corgi can herd those instead of you. It seemed to work for Frank.

You should also have an enzyme based cleaner for accidents during potty training. The enzymes break up the particles and get rid of the smell better than other cleaners so they won't be tempted to use it as a permanent potty stop.

u/pissoffapexmod · 1 pointr/siberianhusky

Our husky ... and I suppose most huskies ... is very odd with her eating habits.

  • She will sometimes choose NOT to eat from a certain bowl. Put the food in a different bowl - No problem. Eats it up.

  • Sometimes she wont eat her kibble from a bowl at all but will eat it from the floor or a plate.

  • Sometimes she will only eat kibble from her food puzzle.

  • She is picky with her food and sometimes will choose not to eat at all unless we change her food.

    Etc, etc, etc.
u/Jokonaught · 1 pointr/labradoodles

This - make eating fun, engaging, and mentally stimulating!

My guy eats every single meal out of either a Kong or one of these. I do a lot of work and mental development with him, and if I could only do one thing, it would be the practice of active feeding.

I very seriously cannot recommend it enough. The mental exercise every meal seems like nothing, but the dog is not only doing it a few times a day, every day, but also getting rewarded for problem solving. If you want a smarter, more resourceful, calmer, and happier dog, practice active feeding!

u/jldavidson321 · 1 pointr/dogs

This is the one I use most often.
You can adjust the difficulty. It's hard plastic though, so if you don't have carpet it makes some noise when they toss it around.

u/lvmickeys · 1 pointr/Dogtraining

My dog would do the same thing. He is supper sound oriented with his food. The one I found he liked was this one. He could see the food and he could hear the food and I could dial up the difficulty when needed. Might be worth a shot.

u/dnd1980 · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Jericho. he's still a puppy. He's a biter still :/

My item - add on

Your item - bacon dura chew! . Any pics of your dogs?

Thanks for the contest!

u/Karmakerosene · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I have my adorable little kitty, Munchie! She's a silly kitty. We names her as we did because when she was a baby, she was mildly feral and would eat anything and also steal food.

Item for her!

Item for you!

Thanks for the contest!

u/Shercock_Holmes · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I also have an adopted destructo-dog.

We just got this toy in our Barkbox this month. She is rough on toys. So rough I had to email barkbox a few months ago and request stronger toys - she was ripping them up within a few minutes of play. She has not been able to put a dent in this one after some very spirited play. Ours is a cute little orange color - not the red.

This dog cigar toy came in a barkbox a few months ago. She loves it and it has also lasted.

I would avoid the Kong tennis balls. They're super cute and squeak but they are very easily destroyed. Someone on here sent us a pack of three and I think only one has not been gutted.

If we win she would like this toy OR this toy. I can't decide which one would be better.

u/CherryCandee · 1 pointr/Dogtraining

My dog will be a year in July and he still chews everything he can. We have to be constantly buying toys because they don't last!!

The best thing we've found is one of these. They are extremely hard and Jake's now looks like the 6th picture on the site but it's still going strong!! It's one of his favorite toys.

I'd say the positive side of chewers is that they keep their teeth super clean :)

u/Jenwith1N · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Cake Party


If you haven't seen this show yet you really really should

For my puppy

Thank you for the contest. I didn't know what price range to go with so I just linked items of varying cost, hope that's ok. :)

u/hacelepues · 1 pointr/WiggleButts

Kong squeak-air toys, frisbees, soccer balls, and puzzle toys like this one.

u/jocamero · 1 pointr/Dogtraining

No. My weim destroyed one in a single bite. Check out the reviews on Amazon, they're filled with pictures of ones that were quickly destroyed.

He used it heavily supervised 4-5 times, but would occasionally gently bite the top yellow piece of plastic to carry it around. It was covered in teeth marks after a couple uses. The one time he actually bit with force it was destroyed. I have a 15 year old black Kong still in use; the bob-a-lot is nothing like that.

I've had good luck with the Busy Buddy Barnacle Large. It will last at least 4-6 months with heavy usage.

u/CourtingEvil · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I've got three little monsters! Their names are Bandit, Bubbles & Butters. Bubbles & Butters are both rescues and Bandit was purchased from a farm.

A new fleece blanket for the musketeers would be wonderful! They absolutely love my SO's baby blanket, but I think it's probably time to retire that before it becomes completely destroyed (through love, of course)

I don't have a dog (yet), but my friend purchased this for her dog and she says it's wonderful! I'm not quite sure how it works, since it looks like a hard chew toy but it's bacon flavored, so that must be good, right?

u/samthunder · 1 pointr/Frugal

I have a boxer/plott hound and she's not obsessed with chewing but once she gets a good start on a rawhide she powers through it as fast as possible. I've tried a bunch of treats/toys and this one holds up the best and keeps her interested long term. Can't say how well this will work for a daily/constant chewer cuz luckily my dog is happy to pick it up a few times a week for an hour or so and then forget about it.

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Is it one of those standing showers with a door? I had to move from a bathtub (which my dog loves) to one of those. Luckily, we got a detachable shower-head, so I just sit on the floor and let him rest his chin on my shoulder while I rinse him and get him all sudsy, when he needs something to sit on him for a bit we just turn off the shower and sit there for that time and wait with him resting his head and then rinse. There are also things like this that you can fill up with something yummy and stick to the shower wall.

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How much physical and mental exercise is he getting daily right now (in hours)?

It sounds like he's food motivated! An easy way to introduce some mental stimulation is to get some treat dispensing puzzles and feed him his meals in those! If he's never done them before I would get a few and start him off on an easy one first. This one is a great one to get started with and this one has a piece in the middle you can take out or put in for more difficulty. Other than that, just two 5-10 minute sessions of trick or obedience training daily can make a big difference. There's lots of great guides on youtube for that. Taking a fun training or sports class together is also a great way to tire out his brain and body and a wonderful way to bond and become closer.

As far as off leash back yard play time, I always like to recommend a flirt pole. They are super easy to make yourself or you can order off Amazon. I've got a BC/Cattle Dog mix and we like to alternate flirt pole, fetch, tug/keep away/chase, and blowing bubbles!

But honestly if he's getting a lot of exercise and fairly chill, not destructive or having other behavior issues he might just be fine. Not all dogs like to snuggle or be right up in your face all the time.

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>My hands look like someone tossed me in a thorn bush.

This is a different issue. Biting is how your puppy wants to interact with you, chewing is to help with teething pain.

For the biting, This video is only 3 mins long & will teach you why they bite & how to fix it.

Ok now chewing. Teething is pretty painful, and for a dog there are 2 ways to ease the pain, Cold & pressure. The pressure to the teeth is what reliefs pain & is why puppy's become such frantic chewers.

Think of being massively in pain, opening your medicine cabinet and grabbing one of every pill that might help resolve it. That's what your puppy is doing, except instead of pills its your furniture & belongings.

So to help your puppies pain relief, give him things that are easy to fit inside of his mouth to reach the back teeth, and things that he can really sink his teeth into.

Heres what I've used personally,

Kong rubber toys :

[ Bone ] (

[ Frisbee ] (

[ Kong ] (

The above toys are great and long lasting. The nice thing about the kong & kong bone is they can be filled with food and frozen. This gives additional pain relief & more interest in the toy. We use peanut butter.

The frisbee is awesome, its softer then kongs and has a lip that they can use to get behind teeth. Its also great for fetch & tug. I've used one for tug with a full grown lab. It didnt rip at all.

Other toys :

[Rope ball] (

[Teddy bear] (

[Stick thing] (

[Busy buddy] (

[fill with water and freeze melon] (

[Duck and giraffe rope toys] (

We got the above and they can all be frozen apart from the stick & busy buddy. We've also found this selection to give variety in what shes chewing, which is important as dogs quickly get bored of a chew if its not providing enough relief or interest.

Dog Food items :

[Meat filled bone] (

[Pork roll] (

[Beef hide] (

[Pigs ear] (

The hide rolls ( pork n beef) are my best finds to date. They are hard but soften with chewing, my dog uses them for both chewing on back teeth and pulling apart with front teeth, and they last for days ( 4mo husky chewing is pretty intense so days is high praise ). Meat filled bones are ok-ish, they are a hit n miss depending on the fillings. I'm probably not going to get another one as I think buying a chicken or beef based filling for a kong would be better. They do require super vision. Pig ears are fantastic for the same reason as the rolls, although they only last an hour or two.

Pet safe household food :

Carrots : Great from the fridge, cold and crunchy gives great relief. and they are good for the pooch too. Dont freeze fresh carrots turn to messy mush when they thaw out. I'm talking from experience -.-

Sweet potatoes : peel and give. They have great vitamins for your pooch, are crunchy and tasty from the fridge. Do not use normal potatoes, they are not safe.

Frozen peas : Good pain relief, but be careful as access can cause a laxative effect. Use more as a treat then a chew.

Fresh and frozen broccoli : crunchy and super healthy

Bones : Only do this if you have trained against resource guarding. I give my pooch meat bones to pick, then take the bone away when the meats gone. Cooked bones are dangerous as they splinter, so supervision must be given the entire time. Chicken bones & other small bones are a hell no. For example I gave her a leg of lamb bone recently, she picked it for the meat then i took it away.

Homemade toys :

T-shirt rope :

When my pups front teeth where coming through, she found a lot of her toys too hard to play with. So i made a rope toy out of an old tshirt. I basically cut one side of the tshirt, then cut it into 3 strips. Then I platted it. This is great as its super soft, and strechy.

Heres a video guide to making a more elaborate one then I did :

Frozen rag :

I actually used left over t-shirt for this. Simply soak a piece of cloth or a rag, and freeze it. Makes a great fun chew.

Sock and bottle :

A 500ml empty coke bottle, with the lid on, in a sock, Tied up. The sock stops them ripping up the plastic bottle and hurting themselves, and the bottle is fun for them due to the crunchy noise it makes.

It's important to mention, never give your dog more then 2-3 toys at a time. Or they will learn its ok to chew on everything.

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Himalayan Yak chews.

Frozen carrots (may make her poop look weird/orange, so be warned lol).

Rubber kong toys are pretty durable. My puppy isn't super excited by them though. But I bought them because he destroys everything else. I bought these:


Also, this isn't a chew toy, but I've found it to be extremely durable: It's the one plushy toy my rottweiler hasn't managed to destroy.

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This toy is, by far, all of our dogs' favorite chew toy, and we spoil the fuck out of them so they have a lot to choose from: Benebone Bacon Flavored Dental Chew Toy

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We have an 8 month old hound/staffy mix and she is a power chewer. We got her a [benebone]( and [bully sticks] ( for her to chew on and they both work. I have also gotten a couple of toys from her bark box (I have her listed as a power chewer) that she seems to enjoy and she hasn't destroyed yet.

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I got my power chewer the 72in one, she LOVES it. It's a bit long for tug of war, but is great for fetch as drags on the ground a creates a bit more effort for her to bring back.

I also got her this much smaller $4 one as an indoor chew after realized how much damage she can do whipping the 6ft one around like she is trying to kill a snake.

Also, it's not a rope, but one of these has made it 4 months so far, and she chews it almost every day.