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u/PhilSeven · 306 pointsr/holdmycosmo

to whit

drinking from tampons is a fav

u/hayzewsc · 66 pointsr/ofcoursethatsathing

Found! Not Jameson though.

u/sandgroper1968 · 61 pointsr/chicago

Glass bottle in the underwear, buy a large Pepsi as soon as I get in the gate and then head to the bathroom to mix it.
I also have these: GoPong Hidden Lotion Flask, Sneak Alcohol Anywhere, 3-Pack

u/ohnovangogh · 38 pointsr/Ultralight

A Vapur Incognito flask. I've used this thing loads of times and have never had a leak.

u/Megasteel32 · 34 pointsr/INEEEEDIT

Here is a generic one, not the Jameson brand like the one in the gif.

u/jefffffffff03 · 30 pointsr/fantasyfootball

Various methods. I wear compression underwear (especially in the cold) something like the Nike pro leggings you see NBA players wear that go all the way down to the ankle like these. Now, when you are sneaking something in you want to make sure it is under your balls in the gooch area. That is generally the only area that doesn't get patted down for obvious reasons. Works best with airplane shooters, 1/4 pints, 1/2 pints. Comfort level in line is about a 2/10 and sometimes stuff slides up your ass crack, but nonetheless, it does work.

Another option is to get something that has a pocket for a cup in the front, like baseball sliders. You slip whatever the desired beverage is in the pocket and proceed through unnoticed. Works best with pint-sized bottles. Comfort level is much higher with this method.

If you really want to go overboard with it you can order these and bring your in your alcohol in plain sight.

When it is super cold and you are all layered up in winter clothing you can easily just utilize hidden pockets on jackets. They pat you down but not that heavy and typically won't feel it. I have also literally put a flask/pint-sized bottle into my hat (like a winter hat) with all my other shit on top of it and just went walking on past them.

The glory of it all is, you are sneaking in alcohol, not drugs. If you get caught its just kind of a slap on the wrist and they take your booze, but they have yet to catch me.

u/noochking · 26 pointsr/dayz

It's no glitch, friend.

u/DStoo · 22 pointsr/BuyItForLife

If you're afraid about that go with glass.

You can replace the gasket, left outside in the elements it should start decomposing ~1M years. (The metal will probably go first).

It's $8.

Edit: This is my dad's "BIFL" glass flask. The neck strap holes have pulled through. I'm thinking of buying some leather and redoing it. (And it'll give me an excuse to see if my Singer can handle thin leather).

That's survived multiple camping, backpacking, skiing and rugby trips. If I had to guess it was from early - mid 70s. It's a glass jar with a cork and a shot glass lid. The only part that could wear out now is the cork and Home Depot carries those.

The whole thing, full (of water) weighs ~1lb/16oz/~450g.

It holds 225 ml/8 floz and the lid/shot glass is 25 ml/.9 floz.

Literally qualified as BIFL too.

u/polarbobbear · 21 pointsr/drunk
u/I_Am_Slightly_Evil · 11 pointsr/lolwat

Found his binoculars.

u/Pmburning · 10 pointsr/funny

Not the exact Jameson one but this is the top one on Amazon

u/Jenkins6736 · 10 pointsr/Coachella

Honestly, alcoholic beverages inside the polo fields are so expensive that we resorted to these clever "flasks" last year and they worked like a charm! We snuck 4 of them in each day and had a good 'ol time taking swigs from the sunscreen bottles. You run the risk of security catching it, but security is generally very relaxed and the worst I've ever witnessed, or heard of, is them just tossing it.

u/Shtruntz · 9 pointsr/CFB

Sunscreen flask

Then he just thinks it's weird you're drinking sunscreen.

Edit; better less special ed options








Kneck Tie



u/JugglerCameron · 9 pointsr/funny

On Amazon
15.99 Prime

u/redorangeblue · 9 pointsr/holdmycosmo

Literally this
GoPong Hidden Lotion Flask, Sneak Alcohol Anywhere, 3-Pack

u/mb300sd · 8 pointsr/CFB

White claws and powder pedialtye brother.

We sucked, but pulled it out. I got some girls so suck my whiksey dick (

u/rexmus1 · 8 pointsr/chicago

I use these for sneaking booze all the time:
GoPong Hidden Lotion Flask, Sneak Alcohol Anywhere, 3-Pack

Feel free to judge, but some of us can't afford $12 drinks...or even $6 drinks. I always buy 1 to be fair, but after that, it's purse booze for the win.

u/RichardShermanator · 8 pointsr/Frat

Get one of those flexible bag flasks, the ones that look like Capri Sun pouches (I'll post a link in a sec).

Put one of those in your crotch and move it around until it looks natural, even if the pattern you down it's hard for them to feel it. Bonus is they get past metal detectors. Just use two of those and they'll be good


u/ThePensAreMightier · 7 pointsr/orioles

I've used them at a bunch of different places including the Women's US Open, Oriole Park at Camden Yards, M&T Bank Stadium, Citizens Bank Park, Beaver Stadium, Heinz Field, and the Giant Center (Hershey Bears) but the Barnoculars have never let me down. Made from all plastic so metal detectors don't mess with them. Each side is an eight ounce flask with it's own cap and canister which means you can bring in two different boozes of choice if you would prefer to do that. I usually grab a soda from the concession stand and hit the bathroom and dump in one side into a soda for a nice Jack and Coke for the game.

u/Guard_Puma · 7 pointsr/formula1

Tip #1 for keeping it cheap: get GA tickets. In my experience and that of many people I've spoken with, yeah the grand stands are nice, but just not enough to be worth the jump in price. Just bring a folding chair, and spend the early weekend exploring the track and finding a good viewing area in the grass, then post up early on race day with one of these:
Looking forward to my first Montreal GP next year as well!

u/labrutued · 6 pointsr/SFGiants

These guys used to work well for me.

u/bigkahuna777 · 6 pointsr/Huskers
u/blowjazzle · 6 pointsr/whiskey

I love my Stanley flask, it's not concave which would make it more comfortable to carry in jeans and easy to conceal. But, it's got a wider mouth than others I've had which helps with pouring (and drinking!). Also Stanley thormoses are bad ass! IMHO.

u/TheOpus · 6 pointsr/secretsanta

Both of those statements amuse me! =)

Drunk me has done online shopping for people before. One of my friends randomly received The Shot Flask from me for no reason. Well, there was kind of a reason. I was gifted one for Secret Santa and was drinking out of it and thought it was the greatest thing ever and that everyone needed one!

u/Petit_Hibou · 5 pointsr/Music

Some way to smuggle booze into the concert so you're not stuck paying for $15 rum and cokes. I recommend a binocular flask which looks like a pair of binoculars but is actually full of sweet sweet booze.

u/ShivaCobra · 5 pointsr/ElectricForest

I bought these last year on a whim and they were amazing for festivals. They are sun tan lotion containers that are designed to discretely hold liquor. I did get some funny looks while taking whiskey pulls from a sunscreen bottle though.

u/TakesJonToKnowJuan · 5 pointsr/beer

You can't go wrong with a flask, then. Or maybe a few of these.

u/Bambam_go · 5 pointsr/Coachella

Here are some of the things I bought on Amazon for this year. Still plenty of time for W2 and if you move quick, can definitely have these things for week 1.

Buff for Dust.
Plastic Flasks.
Hydration Powder.
Folding Fan

u/latestvids0000 · 5 pointsr/Edmonton

Nah more like this. Seriously, I use these for every festival and every event. I just put em down my pants and they search away and it goes undetected.

u/Luke_Warmwater · 5 pointsr/wildhockey

Plastic and bladder flasks FTW

u/itskubez · 5 pointsr/ElectricForest

pro tip: get these and hit up the lemonade stand

u/urmyfavoritecustomer · 5 pointsr/sanfrancisco

I'll just leave this here

u/Sofa_King_Chubby · 4 pointsr/minnesotavikings
u/mikesxrs · 4 pointsr/caps

they don't make you walk through metal detector but they might wand you. I suggest plastic bag flask or this

u/ohnoletsgo · 4 pointsr/Atlanta

My Camelbak comfortably holds 100oz of adult beverages.

Also: Binocular Flask!

u/mettlemetal · 4 pointsr/Winnipeg

Maybe try using a pair of Barnoculars.

u/doughtyc · 4 pointsr/Lollapalooza

Security is meh for the most part. No metal detectors or drug dogs at the gates or anything like that. They do pat you down, but the severity of that depends on who's doing the patdown. They hire out a third party security to do it, not like the Chicago police, so the security is people who aren't getting paid enough to give a shit. Try to eye ahead and see which people are patting down the hardest and avoid those lines.

Keep an eye on this subreddit and people should post about security as the festival progresses.

As for a flask, that shouldn't be an issue. Last year, my friends and I bought collapsible plastic flasks, filled them up, and stuck em in the freezer the night before. Then just took some string and tied the flask around our inner thigh/gooch and walked right in. We then went to the bathroom, took it out, and put it in our camelbak packs.

Here's a link to those:

u/URnot_drunk_Im_drunk · 4 pointsr/Dodgers

Get your booze before the end of the 7th, after which they cut off all alcohol sales.

Or get a some Shark Skinz disposable flasks ( and keep drinking after the 7th.

(Just don't get the silver ones...I've heard from others that the silver ones go off in a metal detector because of the coating on the outside while the black ones don't).

u/NotAlwaysSunny · 4 pointsr/electricdaisycarnival

In my opinion, these type of flasks that masquerade as something like a camera, phone, lotion bottle, etc all suck if you get someone at security who's even remotely diligent at looking through your bag. A lot of the times these flasks feel cheap and the moment you pick it up, you can just tell it's not real.

I find just taping one or two of these to my inner thighs work well. It'll be uncomfortable until you can get to security but eh, booze.

u/wererat2000 · 4 pointsr/INEEEEDIT

The black one is $22.97, but on the other hand it's not pink.

u/AggressiveQuail · 4 pointsr/WildernessBackpacking

This might be worth looking into

or this if you are serious about your whiskey

u/Space_Cowboy2023 · 4 pointsr/Coachella

Here's everything I ordered just last night!

Bandana Headband face cover things I've bought these before, great for keeping cool and keeping the dust away.

Cheap Fanny Pack


More Tapestry

And some other things I bought a while ago.

Earasers Best earplugs I've bought so far, hella comfortable and inconspicuous.

Plastic Flasks

Extra Earplugs just in case someone needs them along the way

u/tequilajunction · 3 pointsr/bourbon

I have a couple stainless flasks that were event giveaways, but my favorite option is to use glass since it doesn't have to be emptied after a couple days.

I have a few 200 and 375 ml hip flask bottles from old whiskey and rum purchases that I wash and reuse, but they also sell them in various sizes:

u/echopapa · 3 pointsr/BuyItForLife

I don't know if you care about glass or not, but if you take care of this one it'll last you forever w/o any leaching flavors. After a while you may need to replace the rubber gasket on the lid, but those are easy to find and very inexpensive.

u/Hoehleneule · 3 pointsr/kansascity

Binoculars, you say?

u/samspopguy · 3 pointsr/CFB
u/ForteShadesOfJay · 3 pointsr/funny

Google them they're just products made for smuggling booze. I've seen a dude at a Cubs game with some of these

Edit: Obviously those aren't the exact model, don't buy those the reviews are pretty bad

u/theredinthesky · 3 pointsr/Austin

Or this...

u/luwe00 · 3 pointsr/pics
u/IWantSomeTacos · 3 pointsr/Coachella
u/willdabeast · 3 pointsr/ofcoursethatsathing
u/PhoenixxVIP · 3 pointsr/SexWorkersOnly

tell oh dude you need to go brush your hair in the loo real quick and pull out your hair brush flask for proof :P
go to the ladies loo and sip, sip, sip....

vodka isn't too strong smell compared to rum, etc. so you could prolly conceal the smell with some body spray & chewing gum

oh and listen to u/moonlightingblue... definitely try your best to not get full blown wasted to where you're not even aware of your surroundings. let your hair down & get a lil tipsy to calm yourself... but always be aware x

u/waterlilydreams · 3 pointsr/bonnaroo

I bought some sunscreen flasks this year from Amazon!

u/VexBoxx · 3 pointsr/aclfestival

I've never had an issue. I've packed my own in cig tubes and put those in an old cig box, I've also just brought a pipe or two and loose. Security never went over every.little.thing. in my bag. I bring in two giant sneak flasks of moonshine every year without issue. I brought in two dozen wownies (salad brownies) my second year. (Plastic baby wipes container, baby wipe on top.)

Be friendly with the security staff and joke with them if you can, make 'em laugh. It distracts them a bit, puts them in a good mood.

A gal in line last year had a water bottle of vodka, not realising it had to be sealed to bring in liquid. I was wearing slip shorts (like bike shorts) under my dress. I just popped her bottle into the leg of my shorts and walked in with it for her.

You'll be fine.

u/Taylola · 3 pointsr/amazonreviews

Browsing for disguisable flasks and came across this convincing review.

Old habits apparently don't have to die.

u/usleepicreep · 3 pointsr/nyc
u/JohnDalysBAC · 3 pointsr/CFB

In the cold you can sneak anything in, just wear your full outdoor gear bibs, pants, jacket, get all puffy. They won't find a thing. No metal though. If you want a surefire way order plastic bag flasks on Amazon..

u/Afghan_Kegstand · 3 pointsr/Jaguars

for your “friend”

They are usually available in liquor stores and I have seen them in winne Dixie on a shelf hanger thingie

u/davejangler · 3 pointsr/MMA
u/j3w · 2 pointsr/bourbon

Let's have a little real talk. Are you a drinker or A DRINKER? When I'm taking a flask someplace it's because I plan to DRINK, possibly with a friend. Which means it needs to hold some volume. I have a couple of these:

Glass = no rust.
8.5 ounces = enough for a couple of real drinks.
$7 = not gonna cry when you lose/break it.

u/Doneeb · 2 pointsr/bourbon

I use these for making vanilla extract but also for bringing bourbon to the park. Works well for both. There's a 17 oz one if you want to really go at it.

u/NarstyHobbitses · 2 pointsr/nba

Rookie mistake. You need these binoculars.

u/funky_bitches_brew · 2 pointsr/phish
u/noraamitt · 2 pointsr/boston

Solution. Get some glasses, smoke a bunch of cigarettes, and tell people it's a Martin Brody cosplay.

u/808dent · 2 pointsr/SquaredCircle

Pointing it out because it was pure and untainted joy. I was at the event and after the streak was broken I stood like for a while and then grabbed my binoculars and chugged whiskey until I nearly blacked out and almost don't remember the glorious main event.

u/roland19d · 2 pointsr/CFB
u/Swampfunk · 2 pointsr/bloomington

I would highly recommend a ninja drinking device, something like this:

u/Spartan094 · 2 pointsr/news

> Not using Barnoculars

u/amandamadhat · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

These are on my kitty wishlist
They last a while, they go nuts. There's no fur and they come in super cute funky colors.

I would love this for myself! Yay! Classy flasks.

u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
  1. Flight of the Conchords!

  2. Breaking Bad? I dunno, I'm bad at guessing. D:

  3. This is one of my favourite pictures ever. :D

  4. I don't really know anything about phones. This one looks good though!

  5. I'm in love with this song right now. :D

  6. Deer with human teeth... :D

  7. I don't know anything about comics. D: Um. Um. Adventure Time?!

  8. MtG art. And I'm really digging this and this!

  9. This. I'd be part of E.V.I.L.

  10. I love love looove this movie.

  11. Ordinary Batman! :D And another that I love! One more.

  12. This flask is really cool! I also fancy this one.

  13. This sums me up I think.


  15. When I first saw this I was like, "HOLY HELL" because it's so un-Manson. No makeup?! What?!?! So. That's definitely something I wasn't expecting.

    Thank you for the contest!
u/mikecrazy7 · 2 pointsr/Frugal

Obtain a flask, order a soda, then take in to the bathroom stall and make your own mixed drink. This freedom flask will get past any pat down and can hold enough booze to cover you and all your friends.

u/metalsippycup · 2 pointsr/Coachella

Freedom Flask.

Or use a soft collapsible water bottle like this if you're bringing in a backpack and just place it at the bottom of the bag and cover it with stuff on top. Just make sure you get in line with a security person that isn't too thorough. My backpack has a extra compartment for a hydration bladder so I stuff it in there.

u/theferno · 2 pointsr/CFB
u/LittleHelperRobot · 2 pointsr/shutupandtakemymoney

Non-mobile: Like this

^That's ^why ^I'm ^here, ^I ^don't ^judge ^you. ^PM ^/u/xl0 ^if ^I'm ^causing ^any ^trouble. ^WUT?

u/drfish · 2 pointsr/Coachella these plus the brief would help you avoid the hard flask aspect. I usually just put them in regular boxer briefs because they're usually tight enough to hold it in place anyways rather than spend $20 on one pair of the pocket briefs

u/knate1 · 2 pointsr/houston
u/SkidMk · 2 pointsr/Survival

I snagged a few of these a while ago for smuggling booze into concerts. They clean out pretty easily and can be reused. They're durable enough if you don't abuse them.

u/VannaVictorian · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

fear cuts deeper than swords

1.) Something that is grey. probably the best thing invented.

2.) Something reminiscent of rain. who doesn't like doggy rain jackets? :3

3.) Something food related that is unusual. BACON

4.) Something on your list that is for someone other than yourself. Tell me who it's for and why. this item is something i would like to give to my boyfriend as a gift. he finally got his dream car on the road and we both love Judas priest.

5.) A book I should read! I am an avid reader, so take your best shot and tell me why I need to read it! this book is a classic. if you have seen the movie then the book is even better. along with my grandparents being back round actors in the original movie. look the book, love the movies.

6.) An item that is less than a dollar, including shipping... that is not jewelry, nail polish, and or hair related! cause its "cheap stuff"

7.) Something related to cats. I love cats! i would never get bored with this. or tiss on my wishlist :3

8.) Something that is not useful, but so beautiful you must have it. it's useless to me because i don't drink, but it's cool as fuck. (on wishlist, for my sister)

9.) A movie everyone should watch at least once in their life. Why? I loved this movie when i first watched it. it's interesting, keeps you watching and it doesnt start out boring like most "scary movies" do. it's a movie i would suggest to all. (on wishlist)

10.) Something that would be useful when the zombies attack. it explains itself.. but you can hold a lot of stuff while out hunting zombies!

11.) Something that would have a profound impact on your life and help you to achieve your current goals. my mother is a nail tech and i want to go to school as one so i can become one as well. this would help me become better at doing nails while i 'practice' on people.

12.) One of those pesky Add-On items. do you want a stinky toilet?

13.) The most expensive thing on your list. Your dream item. Why? i've always been a huge fan of sugar skulls and i would love this in my room. it's not a dream item but it is the highest priced item on my wishlist. i think it's beautiful.

14.) Something bigger than a bread box. on my wishlist. isn't it pretty? :)

15.) Something smaller than a golf ball. on my wishlist. " a golf ball weighs no more than 1.620 oz (45.93 grams), has a diameter not less than 1.680 in (42.67 mm)" my item is 1.25 in.

16.) Something that smells wonderful. i'm native american so i enjoy burning incense and sage. don't know about you, but it's a wonderful thing to me.

17.) A (SFW) toy. who doesn't like laser pointers? dog people. thats who.

18.) Something that would be helpful for going back to school. fuck, i'm 17 and i'd buy this for myself!

19.) Something related to your current obsession, whatever that may be. i'm obsessed with Judas Priest, as well as my boyfriend. i need to knew sweatshirt and i've been trying to convince my parents to get me this one. Turbo Love by Judas Priest is my boyfriend and I's song to each other, he just got his car on the road so his license plate is dedicated to that song. (wishlist item)

20.) Something that is just so amazing and awe-inspiring that I simply must see it. Explain why it is so grand. you may not think this is so amazing, but holy shit who wouldn't want to fucking float on a donut? i mean paint yourself yellow and just call yourself mothafuckinnn homer simpson! or this you'd have the best skinny dip of your life!

this was really fun! thank you :)

u/jleviathon · 2 pointsr/ElectricForest

The alcohol will dry out the seals in the connections. Every time I've put alcohol in a pack it leaks shortly after and if you spent good money on it you'll be upset. My solution since I feel your pain is to get some of these and one of these and just fill the pouches with booze and buy a soda when inside the venue. And BAM! Your very own Jack and coke with no fuss!

u/kilgoresalmon · 2 pointsr/Ultralight
u/Gr_enius · 2 pointsr/Ultralight
u/The_Punniest · 2 pointsr/buffalobills

I get one like this and put it in my boxer briefs next to my junk and then I get a large Coke.

u/remembertosmilebot · 2 pointsr/MoonriseMusicFestival

Did you know Amazon will donate a portion of every purchase if you shop by going to instead? Over $50,000,000 has been raised for charity - all you need to do is change the URL!

Here are your smile-ified links:



Never forget to smile again | ^^i'm ^^a ^^friendly bot

u/kanizalee · 2 pointsr/TrollXChromosomes
u/Eileen32 · 2 pointsr/lifeisbeautifulLV

I bought these on Amazon they look pretty legit

GoPong Sport Bottle Sunscreen Flask 2 Pack, Includes Funnel and Liquor Bottle Pour Spout

GoPong Hidden Lotion Flask, Sneak Alcohol Anywhere, 3-Pack

u/mrcarlita · 2 pointsr/SquaredCircle

I'm bringing these. Traditional flasks are metal and will trip metal detectors

u/criminalist · 2 pointsr/Charlotte
u/jkolada · 2 pointsr/BlueJackets

These plastic bag flasks are awesome for more than just hockey games. And yeah, never had a problem.

u/Abigail_Squanch · 2 pointsr/INEEEEDIT

Only pink left on that link. Found a black one for a couple bucks more. My father in law is here this weekend and it was just his birthday. Thisis the perfect gift. Yay reddit!

u/Mrs_partyrocq · 2 pointsr/festivals

If you are a guy, pick up a pair of these and a few of these. Don't fill up the flask all the way. Walk around a little bit and see how it feels. Once you are in the fest you can take it out and put it in your pocket or your pack and refill your drinks as you go! We do it at almost every fest we go to. Its a little harder for females but you can fill up zip lock bags and put them in your bra for a little push up. You can't sneak in much but its better then nothing if you already plan on sneaking some in.

u/Peaceloveanais · 2 pointsr/EDCOrlando

My boyfriend and all our guy friends just buy plastic flasks on amazon, fill those up, and hide them in their crotch. Works every time cause the flask is soft so it doesn't feel odd if security feels you up. My friend got caught once because it was sticking up around his belly above his shorts (idiot) and they just made him throw it out.

u/Gstayton · 1 pointr/cocktails

So, I make most of my syrups (except orgeat, really), and I've found that these work really well. I also have some flasks, and I use one of those for homemade grenadine as well. And this is what I use for homemade Irish Cream, as well as an infinity bottle.

None of these things are a requirement, my first batches of simple syrup were stored in an empty red vinegar bottle after washing, and my first batch of Irish Cream was stored in an empty Absolut vodka bottle. I just figured I could lend some ideas for if you want to pick up some glass bottles. Naturally, there might be better, but I haven't had to replace these, so I figure they're good enough.

u/mylife64 · 1 pointr/pics

Here you go.

edit: Here's another that's actually in stock at the moment.

u/OfficerJerd · 1 pointr/Scotch

This is the best flask.

u/mahgeetah86 · 1 pointr/Austin

Flasks are definitely the way to go. I have a flask that looks like a pair of binoculars that I take every year. Walk right through security with it hanging around my neck, no questions have ever been asked. I also take it out to COTA.


u/kellogn2 · 1 pointr/drunk
u/fine_judge_me_reddit · 1 pointr/drunk
u/yojimbo124 · 1 pointr/orangecounty
u/MeAndThisRoad · 1 pointr/Scotch

I love my Stanley flask. It holds 8oz, which is plenty, and has a classic/retro look.

u/the_signal_tree · 1 pointr/whiskey

I have this Stanley flask in black.

I've heard people say that the Stanley products made today are pretty inferior to the older stuff. While some of that may be true, this flask has suited my needs very well. No problems at all.

The thing I love the most about it is it's shape. It's a bit taller and the body is tapered in on the one side, making it slightly triangular. It's the perfect fit for the inside pocket of a jacket or blazer.

u/kevin317 · 1 pointr/bourbon

I've had great luck with the Stanley Classic Flask. It doesn't leak or give my whiskey a weird taste. It's only 8oz, but maybe you could pack 2 of them?

u/KaNikki · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

This is a really cool flask!

u/cia1120 · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Oh man. This Map Flask is awesome and I think you need it!!!!

And I need these curtains for my bedroom....

And I think you had a breakfast burrito!


Thanks for the contest!

u/bipolaroid · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I think you should buy this hip flask! because 1) it's gorgeous 2) it's a hip flask! and 3) stress relief = whiskey :p

And Despicable Me is my stress relief - and my boyfriend hasn't seen it!

I think you had bacon for breakfast today... Or maybe I just want bacon :/

u/TheMindsEIyIe · 1 pointr/gifs

Looks like it's called a Freedom Flask ........classy

u/squishfouce · 1 pointr/gifs

Link to buy it since OP is a scumbag

u/StaticPrevails · 1 pointr/Drugs

These are seriously great. I've used them to take pipes into festivals too. Makes it kinda awkward on the walk in, but if you just keep it so that it doesn't stick out, you're good. Haven't failed me once.

I also have this for sneaking in booze in larger quantities. Used it 3 times so far. The first 2 times, no problem. The 3rd time, security felt it on the pat down and mentioned it, but they could tell it was just something squishy and let it go. (they are really only concerned about weapons, but if you are obvious about your stash, they'll jack you)

u/BoozerSooner · 1 pointr/Frat
u/Gorillafist12 · 1 pointr/governorsball

Yeah don't expect to get anything in that isn't concealed well somewhere. Alcohol is tough because it takes up so much space. My basic rule for any festival is not to bring in anything I can't hide in my crotch. You could order one of these

u/reanimatorx2 · 1 pointr/aclfestival

My wife uses a Freedom Flask each ACL. Works wonders, and we simply buy sprites or teas and pour in some Dripping Springs vodka from the flask.

u/rtbear · 1 pointr/CFB

It's definitely a flask. I thought about getting one but I can't get over the dispensing method.

u/SeeMikeRun · 1 pointr/EDC

Good stuff but you might need a bigger flask :) try this only

All kidding aside congrats

u/mybro4sale · 1 pointr/OkCupid
u/hobodemon · 1 pointr/atheism

You can be a lot more subtle with a hipflask

u/sistermc · 1 pointr/Frugal

These flasks are great for sneaking on liquor, just fold them into your pants in your suitcase. Then you can buy a soda card and mix drinks in your room. You can also order virgin drinks for half the price of alcoholic drinks and add your own alcohol. Most cruise lines let you carry on one bottle of wine per guest.

Don't book excursions through carnival, they are always overpriced. Just do a little research about your ports and you can find lots of fun things to do. A lot of times you can find similar tours for much cheaper.

They will try to sell you a bunch of stuff the first day. It's worth it to drop by the spa because they often do raffles on the first day where you can win a free spa treatment. Stay away from the gym, they will likely be trying to sell you some miracle herbal supplement.

Another extremely sneaky frugal thing I do is bring sandwich bags - I'll fill them with a sandwich or fruit or granola at breakfast to have a free snack/lunch later when you're off the ship. Eat large breakfasts so you don't have to spend too much money in port. Snag an apple or banana for later when you're at breakfast.

Remember that they are constantly trying to sell you stuff - duty free perfumes, cheesy portraits, "fine art", excursions, spa it might be best to set a budget beforehand and decide which things you want to spend money on.

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similar, but $300.

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Nalgene makes a nice plastic flask. Cap is also a 1oz shot measurer/glass. Link.

That said, you can also get collapsable/flexible ones like this.

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  1. I will need this awesome brush to tame my wild hair and maybe to do something with to the punch...

  2. As I promised, I would pick up /u/Medelle in this car I would drive her to a beautiful picnic spot where we would have an intimate yet innocent picnic where I have set up a candy land buffet. We will feast on candy before heading to the prom. Once at prom we will get our pictures taken and dance a little, but mostly just hang out and chat about geeky stuff. Not sure what will happen next as I will have too much punch to remember but surely medelle can fill you in...

  3. Image pm will be sent within the hour when I finish it.

  4. Hickory Dickory
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Ah okay that's fair! Only thing I can suggest is get one of those disguised hip flask something like this mate-

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This is the one I bought. Do you suggest I try and hide/bury it in my bag or make it somewhat visible to not draw suspicion?

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usually my go-tos at festivals are the Gyros and the Lo Mein, but last year was my first time at EF and I hit up the two classics: Peace Love Tacos and Spicy Pie. Y'all were raving about both these fellas so I had to try it (much like Saturday Night String Cheese). A+ all around.

Also, the fresh squeezed lemonades are crucial, especially when combined with this nifty little trick

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It looks like sunscreen, but really ... it's better. ;) I don't have to tell you what it'll help you do! Haha.

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Allow me:

Sunscreen Flask


For the ladies, fake tampon flasks.

We've gotten booze into the most stringent of music festivals this way - the back of the bottle does say THIS IS A FLASK if you look closely, but security usually just sees the orange tube and moves on.

(might not help for a night game in the winter, though.)

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I somehow got one of these past security last year filled to the brim with fireball. Just make sure you tape the top because they are not leak-proof.

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Was curious, and it turns out that /u/aMiracleAtJordanHare is completely correct

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here's the ticket

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Concealable And Reusable Cruise Flask Kit Sneak Alcohol Anywhere - 3 x 8 oz + 1 funnel

Happy smuggling!!!

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It truly does depend on the security guard you have. My 'never fail' way is taping / trying soft plastic flasks to my inner thighs. I can get about 10 shots in that way.

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Buy these and bring all the liquor you want

u/Jugeezy · 1 pointr/Jaguars

just tuck a couple in your waistband and enjoy

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Get some of these bag boys. Put in underwear or where ever else you think they won't check. Diversify locations and perhaps get help from your friends so if one gets found it's no biggie.

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Since a lot of venues now employ metal detectors these things are worthing their weight in gold

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Pewter=tin+lead(or copper, bismuth, etc)
It's soft, and not great for you. Stainless steel will definitely be the way to go, unless someone makes some crazy titanium one. Id get this: and spend your remaining budget on something nice to fill it with. ;)
Side note: it's got a lifetime guarantee

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Here is the one thing that will fix nearly everything in this thread that people say to “prepare for”. With this item. You are prepared for fucking everything.

I usually buy two about a month before the start of each season. They fit under jorts or khakis alike and helps make new friends everywhere. Wearing this means you dont give a fuck about the game in a hurricane, SEC humidity or that cold shit thats frozen and falls out of the sky (i think its called snow)

[Freedom Flask](Freedom Flask

This is not a paid advertisement. But it can be.... i fucking love this thing so much ive gone to sleep with it a few times.

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Honestly if I'm doing anything more rugged than car camping, I just bring a flask.

These are good for backpacking, lightweight and they collapse.

This one is great, it holds quite a bit more than your standard 8oz flask. And the blue cap pops off to act as a kind of cup. I guess it doesn't help a lot if you're trying to drink with more than one person. Bonus points it will fit in your sock and get past metal detectors ;)

Otherwise maybe just go with some of those disposable shot glasses you can get for parties? I have a pack that I've brought along if a lot of people might want to take little tasters of. Like this