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u/kepler2 · 41 pointsr/kindle

By the looks of it, this is the 2016 model - Kindle 8th Gen (basic, with no led lights).

I currently own one and it is a nice device.


u/Kichigai · 29 pointsr/gadgets

Note: all prices assume USD, and don't include shipping

You could get a Roku ($49-100) for streaming video services. Low power, easy to use.

If you want something a little more flexible you could try for an Android-on-a-Stick machine. People seem to like them, and they're usually under $100, depending on the model. There's also the Ouya game console for $99.

But let's say you're going all Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor on me and decide you need some More Power (augh augh augh!)™. Then check out the Raspberry Pi ($35 for the Model B board, you'll need to provide a USB-friendly power supply, keyboard/mouse, SD card, and case, but still reasonably done under $100), an ARM-based computer with a fair number of Linux distros and a good sized community. Or the BeagleBone, which runs Android (more expensive than the Pi, but potentially more capable). If you want to go more esoteric, you could get yourself a PowerPC-based computer for about $99.

If you fee like leaving the house, though, you could get yourself some Bluetooth headphones. While "wireless headphones" sound pretty silly, I find them great for bicycling and working out, since the cord can't snag on anything and I can use the physical controls on the headset to control music playback instead of fumbling around with the touch screen.

If you're looking to improve your health, you could pick yourself up a Fitbit to track your activity (any model will work, $59.99-$99.99). If you've got one of those already, you could throw in a Wifi scale. Or you could get a phone mount for your bicycle, so you can better track your rides with RunKeeper, Endomodo, or whatever fitness app you prefer. My favorite "gadget" for fitness these days is a subscription to a bikesharing system. Here in Minnesota we have Nice Ride MN for $65/yr, and is a Bixi bike system, which powers many bike systems, including New York's new Citi Bike system.

If you've already got plenty of stuff to go, though, maybe you'd just want a bag. Believe it or not, Timbuk2 has a sale section with many bags under $100, and I absolutely love my Timbuk2 Commute 2.0 bag.

However you might just want to relax, so you could hold out for a RetroN5, or if you're impatient just get a RetroN3 and settle for just NES, SNES and Genesis gameplay. If clever nerdy fashion is your thing, check out Cadence Watches. Be patient, sign up for the email news letters, and snag some huge discounts on them.

Now, you could also go for an online service! Bitcasa promises unlimited online storage for $99/year, but you could also just go for an honest-to-goodness backup servie like Carbonite, Mozy, Backblaze, Crashplan, or any of the several other dozen services out there.

On the other hand, maybe you just want to chill out and watch TV. Assuming you already have a computer (or an old one) you could add on a TV tuner and turn it into a DVR, even with just free over-the-air TV. There are good USB TV tuners to be had for ~$100, but I'd recommend trying to snag the network-enabled HD HomeRun 3 Dual ($99), which you can set up anywhere you can run a CAT5 cable (instead of needing it to be near your computer) and can simultaneously tune two separate channels. However, if you want to go a bit bigger and more celestial, for just a hair over $100 ($115) you can get a Free-to-Air Satellite TV kit. It's more popular in Europe, but there's some stuff available in North America. LyngSat has a thorough listing of FTA broadcasts, so you can look up which birds you can see from your home.

An alternative for enlightening entertainment could be an eBook reader. I have a Nook Simple Touch ($79, runs Android under the hood and is hackable) but you could also get a bog-standard Kindle ($69 with ads, $89 without, highly connected but less flexible if you don't want to use Amazon's services). You could also get a used Sony Reader for $100 or less (supports the widest range of formats, but has a relatively small store and very few services), a new Kobo ($79-99), or perhaps one of a myriad of other possible devices too. If the eReader taps out your budget, you can score some free books on Project Gutenberg and read some classics.

Or you could just buy $100 worth of LEGOS®. LEGOS® are always cool. And Super Soakers are still around. Whether you go big or go many is up to you. I'm not one to say whether you should get three hundred $1 hookerbots or one $300 hookerbot. You could also go bumming around your local thrift shops and see what surprises they have. I've found TI-99A/4s, Commodore 64s, Odyssey^(2)s, satellite radios, bluetooth keyboards, and all sorts of other surprises at them.

Edit: Bonus Under-100^(euros) item You could also try and snag a Geeksphone Keon, a development phone for the forthcoming Firefox OS. The hardware isn't all that exciting, but the OS is interesting and you can pick it up for €91, if you can actually find it in stock at the Geeksphone website. Its bigger brother, Peak, is €121 if you feel like splurging.

u/killyouwithkindness · 20 pointsr/Suomi

Amazonista Paperwhite, maksaa satkun. Versio, jossa on 3G maksaa tuplaten. Suosittelen tuota jälkimmäistä jos tapaat matkustaa ympäri maailmaa.

Saat amazon.comista ison määrän hyvähintaista kirjaa, lisäksi Calibre-ohjelmalla saat ladattua laitteelle muistakin kaupoista e-kirjoja. E-ink -näyttöä on yllättävän mukava lukea, ja taustavalo ei minusta häiritse nukahtamista illalla ollenkaan. Petikaverikaan ei häiriinny kun voi lukea ilman että pitää valoa päällä.

u/aspienonomous · 15 pointsr/JUSTNOMIL

Omg I love this! I did text my dad and he shirked it off and said I need to talk to her about it. That’s more like the dad I’m used to.

I took another commenter’s advice and sent this text to her. I figure if I just keep repeating myself, maybe it’ll eventually get through.

> Me: I understand that you can find one for less than at an authorized retailer, but I have no recourse if something goes wrong. In this specific circumstance a used device that may or may not be in working order... or may or may not be stolen I do not consider to be ok. Here are several reasons I would like it purchased from Amazon:

>> It could be

u/Majaru97 · 14 pointsr/onebag

A little background, I'm a 20 year old guy from New Zealand whose going to be travelling around the UK and Europe for the indefinite future. After that I might be coming home or moving on to North and South America. This is all the gear I plan on taking. Any advice or criticism is appreciated! I tried to link everything I have for you guys, unless it's something that's really obvious as to where you can purchase it.


Icebreaker Boxers x3

Icebreaker Socks x3

Icebreaker Cool-Lite 7inch Shorts Black x1

Icebreaker Short Sleeve Tee x2 Heather Grey and Stealth

Icebreaker Long Sleeve Tee Black and Admiral x2

Icebreaker Apex Leggings x1

Wool&Prince Olive Workshirt

Wool&Prince Navy Checkered Button-Down

Patagonia Torrentshell Jacket Black

Patagonia Nano-Puff Black

Icebreaker Long Sleeve Zipper Hoodie Black x1

Outlier Slim Dungarees Black

Outlier New-Way Shorts Navy


Nike Free Runs 5.0 Black

Adidas GTX Hiking Boots

Warehouse/Walmart/Kmart Brand Sandals


Local Supply Polarised Sunglasses Black

Icebreaker Skyline Beanie Heather Grey x1

Icebreaker Chute Black x1

Icebreaker Quantum Gloves x1


iPhone 7

PowerCore 20100mAh Portable Charger

Kindle Paperwhite 3 4gb

Universal Ears Boom Speaker

NZ to UK Plug Adaptors x2

Bag and Packing Accessories

Tom Bihn Synapse 25

Osprey Ultralight Stuff Pack

Tom Bihn Halcyon Packing Cubes Small x2

Tom Bihn Halcyon Packing Cubes Medium x1

Tom Bihn Travel Stuff Sack Size 1 x2

Tom Bihn Travel Stuff Sack Size 2 x1

Tom Bihn Snake Charmer x1

Tom Bihn 3D Organizer Cube Clear x1


Diesel Cologne 50ml




3x Gotoobs

Dr Bronners

Rexona Stick Deodarant

Linen Waffle Towel

Nalgene Water Bottle 1L

Total weight is 8.9kg(this includes things that I will be able to wear when flying)

u/jsleathe12295 · 12 pointsr/suggestmeabook

I would highly recommend the kindle paper white 2 I have the 6th generation one which is just as good as the newer one just has a few small upgrades that arent worth it in my mind. I've had my paper white for 4 years and its been amazing. Battery life lasts like month or more, it has e-ink with a back lit display so it's easy to read and fall asleep. Doesn't have that bright invasive LCD feel an Ipad has or tablet. It has wifi capabilities to download books right when they are released. I can pre-order an e-book and go to sleep and on the morning it's released it's already downloaded to my Kindle. I read a lot and don't like carrying several books with me when I fly or travel gets to clunky for me. So as a book worm I would highly recommended this!

Edit: I'd also like to add that the e-ink makes it look like a real physical book page which makes it easy on the eyes and dont fully lose the physical book feel. Try and head to a bestbuy and play around with one.

u/o0oo0o_ · 12 pointsr/kindle

FWIW, the page for the current Paperwhite has had the same "now even better" text for quite a while. and

But it still may get the "8th Generation" treatment soon.

u/LanceFromPokemon · 12 pointsr/kindle

I'm sure most of us will tell you that any backlit LCD/LED style tablet is not going to be great for reading books. I'd recommend something with an e-ink screen. You can get an Amazon Kindle for as low as $80 .

u/yanoosh · 11 pointsr/kindle

It depends. Do you read a lot? Do you plan on reading a lot? Is the weight and size of physical books an issue with you? Do you not want to carry around books all the time? Those are pretty basic questions you should consider before considering any e-reader.

After that, what format of books do you read? Normal books, or comics? Maybe a cheap tablet would suit you better.

After that, do you really need the comfort of reading in darker places? If not, go with the basic Kindle for $69, which is lighter and has a more reliable page turning mechanism, but lacks a touch screen and has lower contrast/resolution.

If you want the advantage of ebooks over physical books, get a Nook or regular Kindle.

If you want the advantage of ebooks, higher contrast, and the ability to read in any lighting situation, get the Paperwhite. How much of a price discrepancy is there between the old and new Paperwhite?

u/trinhno · 10 pointsr/kindle

Just get a refurbished kindle from Amazon. Same warranty as the usual Kindle.

You can wait for a price drop as well, another $20 off. (or maybe $10, but that's still considerable from a brand new one.)

u/kaepora-copernicus · 9 pointsr/EDC

I guess Imgur isn't so friendly on links so I'll put them here as well:

  1. GoRuck Echo, Black ::
  2. Morale Patch, "Regular Guy" ::
  3. MOLLE Grimloc caribiner, Black ::
  4. Jogalite Reflective Band, White ::


  5. Batman button ::
  6. GoRuck Sternum Strap, Black ::
  7. Sharpie, Fine, Black ::
  8. MOLLE Web Dominator, Black ::


  9. Dell Inspiron 13" 7000 ::


  10. GoRuck Padded Field Pocket, Echo, Black ::
  11. SanDisk Ultra Fit 3.0 flashdrive, 32G (x2) ::
  12. Sea to Summit Dry Sack, Small (4L), Green ::
  13. Rowkin Bit wireless earbuds, Space Gray ::
  14. Kindle Paperwhite, Black :: MOLLE Grimloc caribiner, Black ::
  15. Dell AC Adapter, 45W, 19.5V (came with laptop) ::
  16. Building/server card keys, varied
  17. Building/server room keys, varied
  18. REV battery, 4,000mAh :: who knows
  19. Anker PowerCore battery, 10,000mAh ::
  20. Tzumi PocketJuice Endurace battery, 6,000mAh ::
  21. USB to Lightning cable, 4" ::
  22. USB to Micro-B cable, 4" ::
  23. StarTech USB Ethernet adapter ::
  24. VanQuest FATPACK Gen2, 4x6, Black ::


  25. Uni-Ball Signo 207, Fine, Black ::
  26. BIC Roundstic, Medium, Blue ::
  27. Sharpie, Fine, Black ::
  28. Toothpaste, travel :: Grocery stores
  29. Toothbrush, travel :: Grocery stores
  30. Contact lense case :: Grocery stores
  31. SKYN condom, Original ::
  32. Renu soft lense solution ::
  33. Planters NUTrition, Wholesome Mix ::
  34. Nail clippers, large :: Grocery stores
  35. LARABAR, Cashew Cookie ::
  36. Visine for contacts ::
  37. Advil, 200mg ::


  38. North American Rescue Compressed Gauze, 4.5" x 4.1 yard ::
  39. North American Rescue Pressure Bandage, 6" ::
  40. North American Rescue Bear Claw gloves, Nitrile, Large ::
  41. Nasopharyngeal Airway (NPA) Tube, 28Fr ::
  42. Sharpie, Fine, Black ::
  43. Benchmade 7 ::
  44. Mylar blanket ::
  45. North American Rescue Compact HyFin Vent (x2) ::
  46. Alcohol prep pad ::
  47. North American Rescue CAT (tourniquet), 7th Generation ::


  48. Stealth Gear USA Ventcore, Appendix ::
  49. Kershaw Shuffle II ::
  50. Cardstack Slim Wallet ::
  51. LAMY Al-Star, Graphite, Fine, Blue ::
  52. Field Notes, Graph ::
  53. Timex Weekender, original Blue/Gray stripe replaced with standard 20mm leather NATO strap ::,
  54. Springfield Armory XD Mod.2 Sub-Compact, 3", 9mm, FDE ::
  55. Verizon iPhone 7 Plus, 128G, Black ::
    8+. Otterbox SYMMETRY, Black ::
  56. Xikar Allume Single, Black ::
  57. Lightning to 3.5mm adapter ::
  58. Chapstick Classic, Medicated ::
  59. Transcend JetFlash, 128G ::
  60. Car, House keys
  61. SanDisk Cruzer, 32G :: Who knows
u/braximon · 9 pointsr/answers

It says you can on the page where you buy the thing.

>Carry and read personal documents
>Email documents—including Word, PDF, and more—directly to your Kindle and read them in Kindle format. You can also send documents to Kindle using Send to Kindle.

For someone who wants to buy a device that's designed for reading, you didn't do much reading.

u/apmauj · 9 pointsr/uruguay

Ofertas previas al viernes afro:

u/chock-a-block · 9 pointsr/ADHD

Breaking up with your phone is a real thing!

I read library books with one of these and leave my phone in the other room:


Definitely use a timer and set your bed time to be the same every single night. When in bed, read a boring library book. What happens is, your body gets used to the routine.

Unfortunately for us, flexibility around your bed time doesn't work very well. You cannot vary the routine.

u/StarfighterProx · 7 pointsr/kindle

Not often. The Paperwhite has not seen any temporary reduction in price:

The regular Kindle has seen a couple of brief drops:

If you're dead-set on holding out for a sale, you can set price alerts through the pages linked above. There are other similar Amazon price trackers out there if you would prefer not to go with camelcamelcamel.

u/Rostin · 7 pointsr/funny

Amazon still sells e-ink readers with the Kindle name. Many people (me included) prefer them over tablets for reading.

u/puddingbear · 7 pointsr/kindle

A new basic touchscreen Kindle is up and taking pre-orders as well!

u/nermal543 · 7 pointsr/kindle

No problem! I don't know exactly what you're looking for or what your price cap is, but there's also the option of a refurbished Voyage for $140. It's a premium device with pagepress buttons and the flush glass screen (but no Audible or waterproofing, if that matters to you). I still have my 4 year old Voyage and it still works great.

u/crdlb · 7 pointsr/kindle

If you're not in a hurry, you could at least wait for the current model Paperwhite to go on sale for $100, which it does fairly regularly.

u/nosut · 7 pointsr/kindle

Just as a reference you can see it here This is actually the lowest sale price they will do for the device. Normally the sale is still $10 more then it is currently. So I repeat. IT WILL NOT GET LOWER BUY NOW!

u/Etunimi · 7 pointsr/amazon

The international version of Kindle Paperwhite Wifi is simply out of stock at the moment and they expect to get more in that timeframe.

You can either order it now and wait, select a different model (others are in stock), or try find it with faster shipping elsewhere.

u/teh_Architects · 7 pointsr/Suomi

Onko ne siis tekstiä? Jos niin kindle paperwhite on hyvä vehje hinta-laatusuhteeltaan, oman sain tosin satasella. Nyt 140, mainosversiota eivät ainakaan oman hankinnan aikaan myyneet tänne. Kobojakin kannattaa varmaan katella mutta itsellä ei kokemusta.

u/DingleBerryCam · 7 pointsr/technology

They still sell paperwhites but they make a new one every couple years

I just bought this one last week actually

u/JimRJapan · 6 pointsr/japan

Ummm... there it is, $109, shippable to Japan. But as for Japanese books, manuals...wouldn't you be better off with a Japanese ebook reader, like from Sony? Not of many Japanese books on the kindle store yet, I think. It being an American bookstore and all.

u/bobthegoat2001 · 6 pointsr/HitDeals

Referral link, warning!

Here's a link without the referral:

u/gameld · 6 pointsr/talesfromtechsupport

I think troublesome naming is the real culprit here:

  1. You have the Kindle which has a paperwhite display and is basically just an ereader.

  2. You have the Kindle Fire often simply called "Kindle" by its users which is an Android tablet focused on the Kindle store with its own UI.
u/pheonixORchrist · 6 pointsr/EDC

[Image One]

This is an overall picture of what I carry in my backpack every day (non-work days as well)

The only item I don't get a close up on in this picture is my ranger-roll of an extra shirt, boxers, and pair of socks.

[Image two]

  1. Deodorant - there are too many times where I forget to apply in my morning daze and realize once I'm in my car.
  2. Deck of playing cards. In case the power goes out and I need some entertainment.
  3. Uni Pipe-Shift Mechanical Pencil .07
  4. Pilot Metropolitan Mechanical Pencil .05 I like to have both for sketching, the thicker lead helps with shading.
  5. Pilot Metropolitan Fountain Pen, Fine Nib
  6. Lucky Turtle, Also my Inception Totem :)
  7. 128 GB Flash Drive - yes, it's real
  8. Eraser - cuz art
  9. Secret Santa Gift - Pen Twirling Pen I like to have things to fiddle with at my desk
  10. Pocket Sized Moleskin Notebook that I write poetry in
  11. Refillable Ink in case my fountain pen runs out and I don't have my ink bottle near

    [Image Three]

  12. Razer Naga Epic
  13. Old PSP case I use to store my mouse in
  14. Travel Toothbrush
  15. Kindle Paperwhite in a Faux Leather Case
  16. Precision Screwdriver Set I bought at Radioshack
  17. Laptop charger
  18. USB Wall Charger
  19. Mini USB Cables

    [Image Four]

  20. Generic Sketchbook I bought at CVS - When work is slow and I get an idea, I draw it. Usually I tend to just free-hand copy images from the internet

    [Image Five]

  21. My Personal Laptop Lenovo T440p that I got last year, this thing is a damn beast
  22. Can of RedBull - I don't always need wings but sometimes when work is slow I start to fall asleep and this is needed
  23. Filtered Water Bottle - Even IT Desk Monkeys need to drink sometimes

    [Image Six]

    This is my in pocket EDC, these things never leave my side

    Not Shown is my CellPhone which I used to take the pictured. It's a Droid DNA.

  24. Razer Nabu SmartBand - Talks with my phone via bluetooth and will give me all my notifications on the mini screen as well as do the kind of generic fitness tracking that most fit bands do
  25. Leather Wallet - Cash Money Yo
  26. Pilot Metropolitan Gel Roller Pen - By now you've seen that I have three different Pilot Metropolitans. I love the feel of this pen and each version (fountain, gel roller, mechanical) I have in a different color to easily tell which one I am grabbing
  27. Kershaw Cryo II - Best EDC Knife I've ever owned. I love the feel, look, and weight.
  28. Car Key
  29. 32 GB Flash Drive, This has my emergency geek tools on there as well as a few emulators, roms and minecraft (it stores all data on the drive)
  30. House Keys.

    [Image Seven]

    This is my backpack with everything inside, it's a Northface Surge. They don't produce or sell these anymore. I got it about 6 years ago and it shows very little wear.
u/Zippyvinman · 6 pointsr/kindle

If you look at any Kindle, Amazon offers two models, one “with special offers” and one “without special offers”. The “with special offers” is $20 cheaper than without them. Having “special offers” is just advertisements on the lockscreen of your kindle, typically pictures of books, maybe some information, and you can purchase them right from the homescreen. You can pay $20 to have them removed and have a generic background that changes, or, you can simply ask amazon support and if you’re a prime member, they’ll usually do it for free (worked for me!)

P.S.: this is what you’ll want

Kindle Paperwhite E-reader - Black, 6" High-Resolution Display (300 ppi) with Built-in Light, Wi-Fi - Includes Special Offers

u/wagatoto · 6 pointsr/kindle

In Canada it is C$40 off, for a total of C$99

u/ShotFromGuns · 6 pointsr/kindle

I've owned a second-gen original-flavor Kindle (2009), a Kindle Keyboard 3G (2012), a 6th-Gen Paperwhite (2013), and a 7th-Gen Paperwhite (2017, my current Kindle).

The Kindle Keyboard was definitely a big improvement over the earlier design, but the only thing I miss is its pageturn buttons, and I wouldn't sacrifice the Paperwhite's built-in frontlight to get them back—especially not when paired with a touchscreen that makes navigation and highlighting infinitely easier than a D-pad. (I literally didn't even use the highlight feature until I got my first Paperwhite; now I use it pretty frequently.) The old lighted cover was nice, but it really doesn't hold a candle to the build-in light. While 3G connectivity was a feature I aggressively sought out in earlier models, since switching to WiFi-only, I found I haven't once missed it. And the speakers I used exactly once, when I tried using the auto-narration feature while doing some cleaning, and it was so jarring I stopped after maybe 5 minutes.

u/OddTheViking · 6 pointsr/preppers

Assuming it survives EMP, a kindle and/or an Android device can hold tens of thousands of books. If you have something that can read SD cards you could store a boat-load of movies, music, books etc, plus games. Add a USB solar charger and you should be good for a very long time. Even a regular e-ink Kindle can go for WEEKS of use without having to recharge. Have a USB charging battery bank and a pile of charged rechargeable batteries and you can get through a good long time before you need to get the solar panel out.

HAM and SW radio (again assuming you can protect it from EMP).

Cards, dice, board games, pen-and-paper RPGs. Notebooks & journals to write in. Paper and art supplies like colored pencils, pens, etc. You can cram a whole lot of fun activities into a box the size of a toaster.

Football, soccer ball, frisbees.

Archery, slingshots, blowguns (blowguns are a blast, something you can do in a pretty small area, and are dirt cheap)

Carving and whittling.

Knitting, crochet, sewing, needlework, macrame, paracord stuff

u/Shyam09 · 6 pointsr/kindle

Nicest one is the Oasis hands down, but it's also the most expensive.

Then Voyage.

Then Paperwhite.

Then regular Kindle with no backlighting.

If you're looking to save some money, go Paperwhite; if you want to go all out, get the Oasis. Buy the Voyage is you want to spend some extra money. The resolution is all the same (except the base Kindle) - 300 PPI - but different devices have different features.
Amazon provides a small comparison table, so check it out (you'll need to scroll down -- You know your wife the best, so will she prefer to touch the screen, press the bezels, or need actual buttons. Touch is available on all devices, but the more premium ones have the other options (pagepress for Voyage and actual buttons on the Oasis).

It's a bit hard to point you in a direction without knowing what your budget is / how much you can afford.

u/Fr0gm4n · 6 pointsr/kindle

They tell you what the conditions are that they advertise it under. More use == more power use. It's simple: If you read more than they tested, or turn on the wifi, or use brighter lighting, your battery life will drop. If you double the amount of time reading per day you can probably halve the battery life. What's even close to false about their advertising?

> A single charge lasts up to six (6) weeks, based on a half hour of reading per day with wireless off and the light setting at 13. Battery life will vary based on light settings, wireless usage. Audible audiobook streaming over Bluetooth will reduce battery life.

u/wub_wub · 5 pointsr/learnpython

That item is currently unavailable and therefore price and currency data also isn't available.

u/docfelt · 5 pointsr/kindle


You're correct. Notice that it's not being sold by amazon anymore, but by other outlets.

u/knighttim · 5 pointsr/kindle

You should buy it today, as it is on sale for $85 refurbished from amazon.

u/rotll · 5 pointsr/kindle

When my Kindle 3g keyboard broke, I replaced it with the just introduced entry level model, touch screen, no light, $79.

No regrets, didn't need the other features. I have a Nexus tablet, so I've never been in the market for a Fire, and the other kindle models (paperwhite, Voyage) didn't have features that interested me for the extra money it would have cost.

u/asdjfweaiv · 5 pointsr/kindle

This is the DOTD at Amazon, no need to click through Kinja to get it:

u/serenityunlimited · 5 pointsr/kindle

I found this on the Kindle Paperwhite 2 page. It did not appear on the PW1 or the Voyage.

Haven't seen this mentioned before, only their Kindle Unlimited offer. I noticed it while browsing the Kindle pages, I didn't receive an email solicitation.

Pretty great offer. I ordered the PW2 from the refurbished discount the other day, but this is an awesome alternative. I wish it was available for the Voyage, though, so I could compare with that...

u/WyzeThawt · 5 pointsr/pcmasterrace
u/rharmelink · 5 pointsr/kindle

Doubtful. The service that gave me the alert shows a price history. They regularly reduce the price by $20:

u/KindleAus · 5 pointsr/kindle

Aud don't forget, and the 4g version. But still yeah, for comparison and this.

u/graduallywinning · 5 pointsr/BitcoinMarkets

You forgot the $79.99 for the Kindle

(After this recent runup I prefer to buy a new Kindle for each of my ebooks, makes it a bit easier to find the book I want to read)

u/rmmdjmdam · 4 pointsr/kindle

The regular Kindle that Amazon sells today is not a touchscreen either.

u/Kocrachon · 4 pointsr/standupshots

A kindle is as cheap as 60 bucks right now...

I own books that cost roughly half that. Not to mention its tiny, lasts weeks on a single charge, its tiny and light, and easy to read.

Not to mention, if someone DOES steal your kindle, you can buy a new one, and since its linked to your Amazon account, you can download all your books back onto it instantly. So your risk of loss is actually just the 60 bucks into the device since the books are stored online.

I admit I still keep a lot of physical copies of some books I already owned, buy rarely, if ever, buy a physical copy anymore.

u/TeaRex- · 4 pointsr/declutter

Spend a weekend and scan all your finished notebooks into a text searchable pdf.

There some amazing websites where you can get digital copies of your books for free. I recommend getting them in .epub format because it's supported by the most different devices (and works really well with Apple's iBooks). However if your getting a kindle then .mobi is a better supported format.

Grab a cheap e-paper reader and load all your books onto there. If you have comics or some extra pocket money than I suggested getting a color tablet or wait for the new color e-paper technology to hit he market.

I'm suggesting e-paper because it's easy on the eyes, kinda looks like paper, and it doesn't require battery to keep the display on only to change the display (the technology is pretty cool).

I did this, donated 90% of my books and only kept one or two series.

u/blurarara · 4 pointsr/argentina

No se puede ser tan hijo de puta 280p en amazon cuesta la go pro y 15k en compumundo.
go pro amazon
go pro compumundo

120p en amazon y 3.5k en compumundo.
kindle paperwhite amazon
kindle paperwhite compumundo
Ojala que se fundan por ladrones hijos de mil puta, no se puede ser tan mala leche loco.

u/dtstl · 4 pointsr/buildapcsales

It does go on sale for $99 pretty often. The current price is an all time low for this model.

u/Stoicismus · 4 pointsr/italy

Mi serve questo per questioni di università

ma è region locked e non spedibile in italia. La versione da 10 pollici è spedibile ma troppo piccolo per leggerci 2 pag di PDF affiancate considerando che non ha la funzione crop (...). È stato bloccato da sony stessa anche dagli altri retailers ufficiali. I privati che lo spediscono in europa chiedono 900USD+spese. In pratica da 600 euro (tanto, ma li recupero con le centinaia di PDF scansionati) il prezzo arriverebbe a 900 (col cazzo).

Qualcuno pratico di shopping internazionale conosce qualche workaround? Ci sarebbero i siti di post forwarding ma oltre alla commissione (60 dollari minimo) lieviterebbe anche la dogana applicandosi sul totale (699+60USD sarebbero quasi 200 euro di dogana, totale sempre vicino ai 900 stiamo e se c'è qualche difetto lo prendo in culo).

Purtroppo non ci sono alternative :( In Europa c'è l'onyx boox max2 che pur avendo lo stesso schermo non offre la funzione di split view che serve a me e chissà se mai la implementeranno. In pratica l'onyx ad ogni pagina di PDF associa una pagina bianca unica. Ma così è inutile: se cambio pagina al libro non posso più leggere la pagina annotata prima...

u/roarmalf · 4 pointsr/Boardgamedeals

Honestly I just like posting smile links and I always pull out any extra info without thinking about it too much.

Either the info in the referral code was incorrect (e.g. someone copy and pasted the link from their browser and already got referred from an ad, etc.) or someone is trying to monitor traffic from this specific link. Even if nobody is making money off of it, I prefer the privacy of anonymity if nothing else. It's much more that I just shorten links out of habit.

I just visited this site in an incognito browser:

but if I were going to share it, I would send:

I haven't bothered to look at how the links to specific searches/departments/etc. urls are generated so they get trimmed less. My original link likely has extraneous info, but my product links are nice and tidy.

EDIT: Also, I personally look at the url before visiting, so I figure if I'm going to shorten it for myself I might as well share it while I'm at it.

u/scre4m · 4 pointsr/dubai

If you can shell out an extra 100 the new 10th-gen Amazon Kindle is better suited if you'll be using it for reading:

u/blorgon · 3 pointsr/kindle

Holy crap! I got a new Paperwhite for my birthday a few months ago but this is soooooo tempting!

Edit: Nevermind, the German Amazon refuses to ship this outside of Germany, just like last year during Black Friday sales :(

Edit: Well, I've just found this, so back to the dilemma!

u/viper_in_the_grass · 3 pointsr/kindle

Yeah, from what I'm seeing in the aussie store, with that budget OP will have to get a used one. The cheapest Kindle is the All-new Kindle, now with a built-in front light, at $139.00. Ouch! I don't see any options for Special Offers either.

Can't find anything on ebay after a quick look. There's a used Paperwhite 10th gen and a refurbished 6th gen for $120.

u/kash_if · 3 pointsr/india

I would really suggest that you buy from Amazon directly. It would cost around Rs.7,000 after import duty/taxes/shipping.

u/Melorix · 3 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I would take off to Playa de Blanca, Spain. The weather is slightly warmer than here already, but I just want a week of laying on white sand beaches, drinking cocktails, and reading from my Kindle. Reading takes me out of the real world for awhile, which lately is something I've been needing. Can I take my dog to Spain? Because I'd totally do that. We'd stay at the Dream Gran Castillo Hotel. I mean, look at that shit. Five stars, yo.

u/pwnerwpistol · 3 pointsr/tablets

Well, if this tablet is strictly for reading books, I would recommend you get an actual e-Reader, specifically the Kindle by Amazon. It has an e-ink screen, which is neat because it is easy to use in bright light, and it only uses battery when the screen actually changes, meaning these things can go for at least a week without charging. In terms of digital book selection, it is hard to beat Amazon, and even if they don't have something you want, you can easily side load additional content without much hassle.

Here is a link to the device:

As you can see, there are many different models to choose from, so you are bound to find something. The other really nice thing about the Kindle, is that it is MUCH cheaper than an iPad or android tablet. I hope this helped.

u/IgnatiousReilly · 3 pointsr/gadgets

The plain ol' Kindle is the lightest they make at 5.98 ounces. The Paperwhite is a bit heavier at 7.5 ounces.

If weight is of the utmost importance I'd go with the original Kindle. It's the one my 63 year old mother with arthritic hands and a bad wrist has used for years. She loves it. In fact, she's about to have major surgery in a few weeks and she's asked me to find digital copies of some of her favorite books so she can read them on the Kindle instead of having to hold heavy books. I'd recommend it.

u/key2 · 3 pointsr/Fantasy

I had the original Kindle and then it got stolen. I decided to upgrade to the Paperwhite and I highly recommend it, it's definitely worth it and makes night-time reading so much better than the original (no more need for a lamp or reading light). You can adjust the level of the light depending on the time of day and the current light conditions and the levels of light are very gradual so you can really fine-tune your light preference in the moment.

Protip - you can buy a 'refurbished' one straight from Amazon and they're slightly cheaper but still come with a warranty. It's essentially good-as-new, there are no marks or anything on mine.

Definitely go Paperwhite.

If you don't want to spend the money on it though, both options are better for reading than a tablet - these devices are optimized specifically for reading and they are better for your eyes. There is never a glare.

Edit: Link to refurbished option

Again this is straight from Amazon so you still get the warranty and everything, it's essentially brand new.

u/MagicMoon · 3 pointsr/kindle

Well Amazon does sell a certified refurbished voyage with a warranty for $152. Should be basically the exact same as a new one, this is the version that includes special offers too.

u/FlightyTwilighty · 3 pointsr/GrandmaTechHelp

If you think of the internet as an imaginary kingdom where you can explore dozens of different countries and meet the residents there, you won't be too far off. :) Welcome to Reddit-land.

My mum (she's 70) uses the internet for a couple of things. 1) games 2) shopping 3) library books 4) facebook.

I don't know if you like games, but I'd start with Big Fish Games if you do. See how that text is a different color? You can click on it and go there. When you're there, check out "Online Games." They are free and easy to get started with.

For books, you'll want an e-Reader. I recommend the Kindle Paperwhite, because it is very easy to use and very easy to read. That will also bring us to shopping. Take a look at this. Amazon - Kindle Paperwhite

Anyway! that's probably enough to get you started! You can probably get free electronic books from your local library. I would call your library and ask them if they offer that before you purchase an e-Reader.

Can't wait to hear more about your adventures!

u/DiDgr8 · 3 pointsr/ereader

The eye strain improvements of e-ink are due to the fact that the screen isn't "flickering" or "refreshing" itself 60 times per second like LCD screens. You're right to believe they are "easier on the eyes" (whether you need glasses or not).

Your requirements pretty much embrace every ereader out there (as opposed to LCD tablets). All the e-ink screens are pretty much dedicated readers.

  • Kindles,

  • Kobos,

  • Nooks, or

  • Onyx Booxes.

    All fit your bill. 6" is the most common size (there are bigger, but you pay disproportionately more).

    The only thing that narrows your field even somewhat is the ePub library. Kindles can read ePubs if you're willing to jump through some hoops (either by "jaibreaking" the unit or by converting files on your PC and then sending them to your unit) but they don't support them "out of the box".

    The "special features" aren't all fluff. Waterproof is nice if you use it by the pool (e-ink is especially suited for viewing outdoors), and some of the Kobos have native Overdrive support for checking books out of your local library for free.

    Finally, there are older "Pearl" screens and newer "Carta" displays when it comes to e-ink. The Carta and Carta2 screens are usually denoted as "HD" or list a dot pitch of more than 200 ppi.

    Screen resolution improvements in the Carta displays are a little "fluffy", but the newer models don't "ghost" after a page turn and "refresh" a little faster. But if you "settle" for a (cheaper) Pearl display, it's not the end of the world.

    Personally, I'd suggest the Onyx Boox C67ML Carta2, but you could get the cheapest Kindle if you can live without a frontlight and can put up with ads on the lockscreen. Both would "fill the bill".
u/computenow · 3 pointsr/booksuggestions

This one - ? Does it go down in price any? How is it to read in sunlight?

u/himynameis_ · 3 pointsr/kindle

> I'm considering the paperweight, but I live in Canada and would have to order it online or pick it up the next time I travel to the States.

You can get a Paperwhite in the store as well.

I bought my Paperwhite a few years ago (from the Canada store as well) and felt unsure about it too. But once I got it, am can not do without it. I read a lot more now than I would have before.

It's the light feature that makes it so much better. I felt like I had to always find a really good light source always when reading with a book, but not with the Paperwhite. So, it was an awesome buy for me. No regrets.

u/DoiX · 3 pointsr/Romania

> This item can be delivered to your selected dispatch location in Romania. Details

> Tot tara bananiera suntem in ochii lor.

E un market place, nu pot forta sa livreze peste tot. Daca vanzatorul vrea sa livreze in Ro o sa o faca, nu tine de amazon.

u/utack · 3 pointsr/tea

Your comment has been removed.

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For example, this link to an Amazon e-reader device:

The item number is B00ZV9PXP2 and everything after that in the URL can be deleted.

(This is an automated message. To avoid further delay, instead of editing your comment it would be best to make your comment again while applying the above information. If you prefer to edit your comment, reply to this message and await for the original comment to be restored by a moderator.)

u/capslock · 3 pointsr/TheGirlSurvivalGuide

If they don't have one then a kindle! They are only $50 right now:

u/xDarKraDx · 3 pointsr/LightNovels

Reading novels on the phone/tablet is really an eye-straining task, especially at night so of course you cannot binge it like manga. However, you could buy an e-reader that helps to reduce that like a Kindle or Kobo. And I don't think there is any trick or habit to read LNs, just read what you find interesting. You could start with some that have anime this season like Eromanga or Sword Oratoria.

And, just like /u/AshLucas said, you should always look for official translations as they usually are in much higher quality, so that you don't have to struggle to understand a paragraph.

u/RememberMe_theBitch · 3 pointsr/india

Here you go. I was looking for one too. It's insanely expensive. If you can let go of e-ink, I would suggest 6th gen iPad with apple pencil.

u/_wannabe_ · 3 pointsr/blogsnark

The Paperwhite, but not sure which generation .... I just know it was the newest model in November 2017 because it was an Xmas gift. If storage space is an issue for you, I just saw that they've released a new one with 8gb and 32gb options. I currently have nearly 1000 books loaded on there and still have only used like 0.5gb.

u/cyberdecks-and-neon · 2 pointsr/cyberpunk_fiction
u/HiG33k · 2 pointsr/books

I'm not savvy on all the e-reader technologies, nor am I made of money. I like my nookbook because it was the cheapest at about $70. I like it better than the kindle because it reads .epub and .pdf. I do not like how kindle uses its own file type.

However, some downsides to my model include:

  1. laggy response time when touching the screen
  2. hard to push flip page buttons on the side

    That said, I would not trade my nook for a "better" model because you get used to those downsides. Although if I would change anything, I would want a slightly larger screen. I do really like how the idle screen shows pictures of different authors. :D

    If/when you get an e-reader, download Calibre as a computer ebook organizer application, as well as a file converter. That way, after you download your book you can look at the inside and make sure it looks right before your put it on your nook.
u/Epsilon748 · 2 pointsr/manga

I still say Mahou Sensei Negima is my all time favorite, but you aren't going to get the whole series for just £50 either.

Alternatively: Buy one of these for a little bit more money, use a site like this, and a tool like this to create a huge digital library of all the series you want. I like to buy all the manga I can that's translated into English, but for the rest I just make them available on my Kindle instead.

u/kiamsiap · 2 pointsr/Android

Ok, after a quick check on Amazon..

See here.
It's actually still country limited, just not as limited as Google. Croatia and France already has Kindle available (which, I assume, is some EU wide licensing deal perhaps?), but my country (Malaysia) is still a black hole with no Kindle support.

My bad for not checking properly, but point still stands, the licensing to sell digital media is expanding slowly, and not all countries are covered yet.

u/LeftMySoulAtHome · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Sundry list: Kindle.

It's for my dad. His birthday and father's day are the same day. It's a combo gift. He's been through a lot, health-wise, and he's finally at a place he can relax. We both love reading and bond over books better than anything else. I'm one of 4 kids and reading was the thing we had together while I was growing up, that nobody else shared. It was really special.

Books list: Mr. Mercedes

Stephen King and I have a long relationship. I've got Dark Tower tattoos, even. I have read everything he's written that I could get my hands on. This comes out in June. I own all of his books in hardcover. My den is basically a shrine to Uncle Steve.

Home Improvement list: Recessed Light Can Converters

I bought a house last year. It's got sunken eyeball lighting in the kitchen. They really, really creep me out. I know it's irrational. But I plan to put mini pendent lights in instead. o_O

Kitchen and Noms list: Instant Read Pocket Thermometer

I recently bought a bread machine. It's great and I use it every day, almost. Some of the breads require water at an exact temperature. I need a thermometer that starts at zero for this.

Pets and Wildlife list: Feliway

I have a ten-year-old neurotic cat who takes his pants off when he's anxious. This helps keep him decent. ;)

My son's birthday list: Wooden Pantry Products

The boy turns 2 in May. He has a play kitchen, but no play food yet. (He did have some cardboard boxes that came with the set, but he ate them in true baby form.) This set of wood pantry items will hold up and also be fun for stacking.

Add-ons list: iRobot Scooba Hard Floor Cleaner

Because a bot's got to eat, too.

Thanks for the contest!^ifitisacontest^probably

u/pa-guy · 2 pointsr/kindle

Based on your requirements, get the Kindle DX:

  • just plain, no LED - yes
  • big screen (over 6 in) - yes
  • accepts .mobi files from computer - yes (get Calibre, e-mail them, or drop them via Amazon Cloud)

    If you're open to a smaller device, I highly recommend the Paperwhite 2. It's cheaper, but I think it has nicer features. The always on light isn't an eye strain but instead serves to make the background just look white as if you're reading off of good paper. The DX doesn't have a backlight, so you would need an external light source if you want to read as it gets dark out.
u/I_Cant_Math · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Wait, whaaat? A real Kindle? I'm totally in! Stop dicking around!

I don't have one favorite book, there are way too many to pick just one. My favorite kids book is The Little Prince, that was the first book I fell in love with when I was young. Now as an adult, some of my favorites are American Gods and Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman, Ready Player One by Ernest Cline, The Stand by Stephen King, and The Road by Cormac McCarthy. I have been hoarding Kindle books for a good while and reading the really good ones on my computer, but I think the one I'd read right away is one I just got called Encouraging Words For Kids.

Edit: I had that Kindle on my list a few moths ago but someone bought it off of my list for themselves, which removed it from my list. I also had the Fire on the list, but I never got around to re-adding this one. I just re-added it. :P

u/imalittlepiggy · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
  1. The most expensive item on my wishlist is a Kindle.

  2. I want this item so I can read e-books! Of course.

  3. If I never got this item in my life, I would totally be okay! I put it on my list because it's not something I can afford or will be able to justify buying for myself for a long while.

    Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds! Thanks for a fun contest! I love seeing everyones items :)
u/FuzzyMcLumkins · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

A Kindle cuz that's all I ever wanted. It would enable me to carry all of my books near me and have everything near me. This Kindle

I grew up reading books, I have a post in the fire contest, but I know I'm not going to get it. Just gotta pick myself up and push on! Like I said in the Fire contest, I grew up reading books so I would constantly immerse myself in the fantasy world, and create myself in that world like I was helping them or I was following along with them as they were my friends. I've always loved books, and lately.. I've been losing touch with books, and I hope that the kindle can help me get back in touch with reading because I can't pick up a regular book anymore and read because I just lose interest, but I'm always hogging my mom's Kindle. It'll be wonderful if I could have my own so my mother could have her sanity. Hah :)

Edit: Formatting and adding stuff cuz I woke up.

Thanks for the contest.

u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

A Kindle!

I really want one because I don't really have room to store books, but I love to read. I'm trying to save for one, but it seems like everytime I do something else comes along that requires money. So the process is slow going. :-\

Thanks for the contest! :)

edit: a word

u/ghaskamin · 2 pointsr/secretsanta

Oh, and here are the links for quick access.


Kindle Paperwhite

u/unfused · 2 pointsr/AskTechnology

If you want something to just read ebooks, I would suggest anything with e-ink. They look a lot like a book and are very easy on the eyes.
Here is a kindle e-ink comparison

Here is a bunch of different brands that are e-ink e-readers

u/Mo_Tzu · 2 pointsr/kindle

This isn't the basic kindle?

I have no idea which version it is, but it's not the paperwhite.

u/mattze · 2 pointsr/kindle

Haha. While I always wanted to visited that part of Europe, I have a feeling travel costs might eat up some of the savings ;)

I thought Lithuania was already a EURO-member, but that will probably take until next year (at the earliest). That complicates matters further.

I just check the Amazon Global site and it costs $69 there, which is just 2€ more than the price in Germany. Am I missing something?

u/EdenSB · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

/u/MeishkaD said that my entry disappeared, so here it is again. I've deleted my previous entry now (after you said it disappeared), just to make sure it doesn't show up twice.


1.) Something that is grey. [Not on wishlist]

2.) Something reminiscent of rain. [Not on wishlist]

3.) Something food related that is unusual.

4.) Something on your list that is for someone other than yourself. Tell me who it's for and why. (Yes, pets count!)

This is for my classroom mostly. One of the projects the student's like to do is making board games. They like using various types of die, but when we made cardboard ones, they fall apart.

5.) A book I should read! I am an avid reader, so take your best shot and tell me why I need to read it!

I can't give too great a reference. This book is on my wishlist, as I've not read it, after all. It's supposed to be really funny though, with an interesting story. The downside is that getting the whole series is too expensive.

6.) An item that is less than a dollar, including shipping... that is not jewelry, nail polish, and or hair related! [Not on wishlist]

7.) Something related to cats. I love cats! (keep this SFW, you know who you are...)

These are pretty awesome.

8.) Something that is not useful, but so beautiful you must have it. [Not on wishlist]

I've wanted one of these for ages, but they're not useful enough to justify.

9.) A movie everyone should watch at least once in their life. Why? [Not on wishlist - I own it]

It's incredibly funny and almost everyone has seen the film it's based on. A lot of people have never even seen a parody movie, so it's a new genre to a lot of people and thus a new experience.

10.) Something that would be useful when the zombies attack. Explain.

A bit of a different item than normal. When the zombies attack, we're going to need to be well rested. Baseball bats and the like are common enough, but a good pillow is hard to find.

11.) Something that would have a profound impact on your life and help you to achieve your current goals. [Not on wishlist, as item]

A book about learning to become a Primary School teacher. After my current teaching job, I want to go back and train as one in my home country.

12.) One of those pesky Add-On items. [Not on wishlist - the base game is on wishlist].

13.) The most expensive thing on your list. Your dream item. Why?

Playstation 4. It's not on my wishlist as I think anyone would ever buy it, but more to remind myself that it's region-free and only $400 in the US if I can get enough giftcards someday. In my home country it's about $550. The why is mostly Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy XV - both series which I've gained a lot of enjoyment from. There's also that some of my favorite series such as Disgaea are Playstation-exclusive.

14.) Something bigger than a bread box.

15.) Something smaller than a golf ball.

16.) Something that smells wonderful.

17.) A (SFW) toy.

18.) Something that would be helpful for going back to school.

(For reading digital textbooks on)

19.) Something related to your current obsession, whatever that may be.

Disgaea D2. My current obsession has been trying to convert my old Disgaea 3 save, which has 120 hours and my Disgaea 4 save which has 95 hours, so that I can use it on another PS3.

20.) Something that is just so amazing and awe-inspiring that I simply must see it. Explain why it is so grand. [Not on wishlist.. but it should be]

The toilet throne. It's amazing that someone has thought of it, if nothing else. Now you can feel like a Queen or King, while going to the restroom.


Bonus: Made in Oregon

Raffle: fear cuts deeper than swords

u/Nynes · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I am a former teacher.

I no longer teach in the public school system, but I use my credentials to teach/tutor at private facilities like Sylvan to help kids who are behind or to get credits for homeschooled kids. So, I guess I am a teacher by those standards still. I intend to go back into public education as soon as I can successfully transfer all my credentials across state lines, which might require I go back to school a little bit. Probably back into the special ed department, like I was before.

Im thinking about getting into a Kindle but whatever from whichever list(s) is cool. :)

u/orika07 · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I'd gift my friend the Kindle, shes an avid reader and loves it :)

u/akpak · 2 pointsr/books

There's a $69 Kindle, if you want to get in to ebooks.

I only mention it because there are a lot of free (and decent) reads on the Kindle store, and your library may also support ebooks. It may save you some of the walking, and will certainly save a lot of space in your house :)

u/LadyBanks · 2 pointsr/ebooks

I have the Kindle keyboard. It seems it is no longer in production. The price is now pretty high because they are not making them any more. I just bought my mother a replacement ("Used Like New") and it was $120. It comes with free 3G, which is handy as you may download books anywhere.

This Kindle is $89 with liquid paper

I am dubious about the Kindle Paperwhite as far as glare goes, but I admit I have not seen it IRL

u/grt · 2 pointsr/kindle

I got a refurbished 2nd-gen Paperwhite earlier this month for $85; it's back up to $109 now. Based on the price history, I wouldn't expect that to happen very often...

Certified Refurbished Kindle Paperwhite on Amazon
Price history on Camelcamelcamel

u/Sam301 · 2 pointsr/kindle

There is a sale on the Wifi-only refurbished Paperwhite (with ads) today for $79 ($30 off).

u/darkx1731 · 2 pointsr/tablets
u/audreyality · 2 pointsr/BuyItForLife

Stuff Gifts

  • A signed art piece from one of her favorite artists. If you cannot get one, frame a reprint or poster nicely.

  • Pendleton Wool Blanket - beautiful, artful, well made, warm. An expensive but beautiful present.

  • Kindle E-Ink Reader (if she doesn't have one) - seems less BIFL than some items, but e-ink is somewhat of a staple now. It's less influenced by changing technology than other items.

    Experience Gifts

    Take her somewhere or arrange a special activity that will create a lasting memory.

  • Find out if any of her favorite authors are on book signing tours. Order a copy of the book and let her know your plan to go to the signing with her.

  • Take her to a museum or art gallery. Research the collection before you go. Being knowledgable of the history or development of the items and collection will make the experience better for you. Showing that you care about and understand her interests is the best gift. Spend a lot of time on this; use it as a way to connect on something she loves.

  • Go to a wine, beer, cheese, vodka, chocolate, [whatever] tasting. Have her pick out a bottle/package to take home at the end, but let her know that is the intention going in. So she can consider in a very real way what she may like most during the event.
u/bobbleheadRob · 2 pointsr/BuyItForLife

Why do you want a tablet? If you can't quantify the reason for wanting a tablet, it is just going into a junk drawer. You mentioned reading. For optimal reading, I would recommend a Kindle. It's got an E-ink display which is much easier on the eyes as staring at a lit display like on computers and smartphones can be tiring after a while. It is made specifically for reading. You can buy books on amazon that fit the format.

Tablet sales have stagnated this year. You have lots of companies churning out cheap poorly made tablets (the sub-$100 tablets on sale on black friday came completely unsecure and dangerous!). Personally, I go to my smartphone for convenience, but my laptop for longer casual browsing. The tablet just doesn't get much use.

u/timn8r · 2 pointsr/Mistborn

E-paper is a type of display where rather than using a lcd monitor (light emitting), it electronically moves and displays ink to emulate the look of ink on paper (light reflecting). I find e-paper to be pretty indistinguishable from paper as far as glare/eyestrain is concerned. Most e-readers, such as nook or kindle use it. Things like the kindle fire or the nook color/hd are the exceptions. Personally I use the nook.

This is the one I have and it continues to serve me well. It seems to have been replaced by this newer model however. If you want the kindle equivalent, this is what you want with and without backlight.

Wow... I honestly didn't mean for this to become a sales pitch, but those are examples of e-paper based devices. Personally, as a poor college student, I prefer digital just to save space but, it doesn't have to come at the cost of eyestrain. I hope you enjoy the book, however you read it :).

u/lainzee · 2 pointsr/relationship_advice

Just going with stuff I would like.

Cool chocolates. Like these guys that were mentioned on the front page yesterday. Or these chocolate covered fruits - the chocolatier that makes these was down the street from one of my old jobs and we loved it when somebody would get some delivered.

Live plants. I hate cut flowers because I think it's sad that they're dead. But I love live plants. Orchids are gorgeous and always seem kind of luxe to me. A bonsai tree would be cool, too, though!

You could use Taskrabbit or a similar service to bring her a meal from her favorite restaurant for lunch, or a nice dessert, or something.

A gourmet tea or coffee gift basket.

A cool surprise gift - getting a box and not knowing what was inside and opening it to find a Kindle would be neat. Or jewelry. And any office I've been in, people were nosy enough that everyone would know that I had gotten a gift and what I had gotten no matter what it was.

u/gyrferret · 2 pointsr/hardwareswap

Kindle Touch for $60. It's basically the old paperwhite, sans the backlight.

I love my paperwhite.... sorry to hear your kindle bit the dust.

u/akashik · 2 pointsr/kindle

Bearing in mind this one's probably the lower screen resolution model without a back-light. If you're okay with that going in and have a Fry's nearby, that's a good deal.

Bestbuy shows it as out of stock, and Amazon is selling it used for almost $40.

u/javsbaldrich · 2 pointsr/argentina

No lo conozco pero este es el que yo uso:

Kindle Paperwhite cuesta u$d 119. Es una masa, es de Amazon. Funciona barbaro, te da 3 semanas de batería (ikr) y no tenés problemas en leer libros bajados por torrent, aunque es muy fácil comprarlos en la Kindle Store (donde tenés absolutamente todo) si querés.

Also, la pantalla es perfecta para leer. El brillo lo podés regular hasta lo mínimo imaginable lo que lo hacer perfecto para leer a la noche cuando estás en la cama con todas las luces apagadas.

Te digo porque a un cambio de 13, el precio en pesos sería $1547

u/Ticket2ride21 · 2 pointsr/preppers


Kindle Paperwhite E-reader, 6" High-Resolution Display (300 ppi) with Built-in Light, Wi-Fi - Includes Special Offers

20 bucks for a kindle paperwhite. You have any idea how much survival shit is on this magical device that I can read for hours and hours and barely ever have to recharge? And I'm not spending the normal $100 but only $20?

Shut up and take my money.

u/lifeon_hardmode · 2 pointsr/gadgets

Amazon has kindles with light that were designed to reduce blue light, assuming you mean that you read on your phone or tablet.

They've had front-lit, non-led kindles since 2012 and their most popular kindle model (Paperwhite) isn't much more expensive than the one in the article (79.99 vs. 119.99).

u/Endemoniada · 2 pointsr/kindle

From your own fucking link:

>Kindle Paperwhite guides light toward the surface of the display with its built-in front light—unlike back-lit tablets that shine in your eyes—so you can read comfortably for hours without eyestrain. Adjust your screen's brightness for great reading in any light.

Should I make that even bigger for you?

Now go away, you miserable fucking troll.

u/LelouchViBritanni · 2 pointsr/Animemes
u/pasaroanth · 2 pointsr/mildlyinfuriating

The Amazon Basics Lightning cable has 43,000 reviews compared to their best selling house branded product, the Kindle Paperwhite which has 46,000 reviews. So basically one of their highest selling products is barely more popular than their replacement for Apple cables.

I have a new MacBook Pro and an iPhone 7 within arms reach and both are charging with Amazon branded cables. The iPhone is plugged into an Amazon branded brick. The MBP uses USB-C, which is a very NON-Apple-proprietary port. If/when it wears out, I'll buy an Amazon Basics replacement.

u/4a4a · 2 pointsr/kindle

Yes, you can see here that $99.99 is the lowest it has ever been.

u/jarvis400 · 2 pointsr/Suomi

Kindle Paperwhite on nyt muuten tyrkyssä

u/dupebulja · 2 pointsr/serbia

Nemaš dve čiste, a ni ponašanje ti nije ni za dupe.

Naravno da šalju, možeš čak videti i ukupne cene sa troškovima uvoza.

Kindle Paperwhite Order stranica|Link

Običan Kindle Order stranica|Link

u/LUH-3417 · 2 pointsr/kindle

The .de one? I've been following it via this site and it doesn't seem to have been on sale for about six weeks.

u/juicyfizz · 2 pointsr/kindle

I love my Paperwhite. Don't see myself switching anytime soon. Also, looks like the Paperwhite without the ads is available and in stock.

u/jensen404 · 2 pointsr/kindle

Even better, you can get the "Without Special Offers" version of the Paperwhite 3 for the same price. ($79.99)

u/MidnightPlatinum · 2 pointsr/CasualConversation

They all have a different feel to them. The only one I have ever liked is the Kindle Paperwhite, current generation HERE. I've enjoyed using my mom's B & N "Nook" device before, but found it distracting. I also don't like full color and have read the studies that show plain black and white eReaders increase how much people read, but the cheap tablet color type don't.

With the paperwhite I have that nice screen, crisp custom font, high contrast, fast processor, and that perfectly adjustable backlight which has 20 very fine-tunable settings. Mine is one of the models with the page turning glitch, so on some days it will turn two pages at once, but even then I love it so much. So much.

I lay awake reading it.

Best purchase ever.

u/SwampDrainer · 2 pointsr/kindle

A certified refurbished one is only £90 so it seems pretty reasonable. I guess you'll find out if you're actually able to register it with Amazon.

u/blackesthearted · 2 pointsr/kindle

They still have refurbished 7th gens (3rd gen PW) listed:

I bought my PW3 refurbished (from Amazon) and aside from getting it in a plain brown box, it was indistinguishable from new, and has the same 1-year warranty.

u/Danger-Moose · 2 pointsr/rva

If you don't mind the special offers that display when you're not using it, you can get one for ~$80.

You could grow out your facial hair and read it on a wall outside.

u/seanprefect · 2 pointsr/kindle

Lower is better isn't a budget, let me give you some advice that i wish that had been given to me at your age. ALWAYS set a budget for any task. You need hard figures, otherwise you can fall into some dangerous traps. Also cheapest isn't the least expensive you have to consider the ramifications of ownership.

this is a good quality relatively cheep SSD.

a solid phone for pretty cheep.

the certified refurbished kindles are great and trustworthy.

you can do all those for under 400.

u/elphio · 2 pointsr/italy


Anzi, ora c'è questo.

E come puoi vedere non è mai sceso sotto quella cifra.

Basta, non voglio traviarti :)


u/Microshrimp · 2 pointsr/tea

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For example, this link to an Amazon e-reader device:

The item number is B00ZV9PXP2 and everything after that in the URL can be deleted.

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u/bigbodylx · 2 pointsr/audible

No I am not. Kindle does indeed support audible.

Source: I have one

u/KnockMeYourLobes · 2 pointsr/AskWomen

I've had two NOOKS from Barnes and Noble, which I wouldn't recommend strictly because Barnes and Noble's customer service SUCKS. Also, if you purchase an E-book from Barnes and Noble, it isn't yours..they can and will snatch them right out of your library if they feel it's warranted. Also, their file type is proprietary and you can't download the file directly to your computer (or other device) to put onto another non-NOOK device like a tablet, etc. If you want to read your NOOK files on another device, you're forced to install their app, which I didn't really care for.

Right now I have a very basic Kindle E-reader that I really really like. I don't like that they display ads on the screen when it's in sleep mode, but other than that I think it's a great little e-reader and would highly recommend it.

u/xxmatentv123xx12 · 2 pointsr/kindle

the most basic kindle should work

this kindle isn't lit, no front lighting, but imo it makes the battery last longer and it just looks nicer. personally the least expensive one like the one I linked is just fine.

u/Tejasvi88 · 2 pointsr/kindle

It may make difference if you read PDFs frequently. Else, for reflowable text with Bookerly, pixels are hardly noticeable. If you have not to read in low light often then there is little value for double the price.

Also check Reviews and search for terms like resolution, pixels, etc.

PS: I own one. Text rendering is better than half of the books in my College library.

u/fucha1981 · 2 pointsr/Android

This is the top end. 13" screen, more ram, higher spec CPU.

They start between £100-200 for a basic type spec.

When you look at what Sony are offering for £700
( and how limited it is (also ReMarkable, the bigger price tag for the larger ones make more sense.

u/ElevatedJS · 2 pointsr/kindle

Are we talking can you share a link, i don't see it

u/highorderdetonation · 2 pointsr/ereader

If you're willing to jump through a hoop or two to move ebooks around on your own, then it's more a question of what you're looking for in an e-reader...and a backlight doesn't reduce your possibilities as much as you'd think. That still covers the Kindle Paperwhite (and/or Oasis, albeit with ads on the lock screen AIUI), or the Nook Glowlight 3, or the Kobo Aura 2...and those are indeed the major players. There are also models like the Boyue Likebook Mars and Onyx Boox Note out there if you're wanting something more platform-agnostic (sort of, since they're openly Android-based).

That said, with my admittedly limited experience with e-readers, it probably comes down to three questions:

  1. How much do you want to spend on an e-reader? (For all intents, the low end starts at about $100 USD unless you catch a sale.)
  2. How large an e-reader do you want? (The vast majority are 6"; you then jump to 7.8", then to around 10").
  3. What bells and whistles do you want? (As in how much internal storage space it has, backlighting and/or the ability to tweak same, whether it has an SD card slot, audiobook capability--which you already said was not a factor--and so on.)
u/mckbade42 · 2 pointsr/ereader

I have a likebook mars. It's really nice, also has access to the play store so I'm not locked into Amazon's stuff.

u/MizunoZui · 2 pointsr/UsbCHardware

Onyx Books 2018 flagship lineups (7.8'' Nova & Nova Pro, 10.3'' Note Plus) and the 2019 Note Pro all have USB-C. Running custom Android 6.0.


Own a Nova and it's great. A little bit overpriced tho.

u/Second_Aid · 1 pointr/medicalschoolanki

I use an oversized kindle that supports an A2 dithering mode for fast flipping of cards, it makes doing anki like Reading a book.
Basically, with this,you can do anki every waking second if your professors don't mind

u/hesiii · 1 pointr/emacs

The Onyx Boox line of tablets/ereaders are essentially Android machines. They run any Android apps, including their ebook apps, and have been around for a long time, many models with different screen sizes, etc., it can be a little confusing to sort through the different models, some are older, lower resolution.

Termux and associated packages should run okay, but do a little checking to confirm, e.g.,:

Nova Pro model seems now like the 'goldilocks' boox model, good screen, recent android, not too expensive:

u/Scooby359 · 1 pointr/kindle

Kindle Oasis | Now with adjustable warm light | Waterproof, 8 GB, Wi-Fi | Graphite

Was £229, now £179

u/6beesknees · 1 pointr/kindle

UK, I haven't checked the US site.

Oasis is £179:99

Paperwhite is £84:99

Basic is £54:99

u/garylapointe · 1 pointr/kindle

I've looked at something like but $239 is a little steep.

I keep hoping for a discounted older version of something to try out for $99 :)

I'd mostly use it as an ereader, but I wouldn't mind being able to check my mail or news outside on a sunny day (throw a bluetooth keyboard in there and I could be being productive without the distractions of a laptop or full-color tablet). I'm also wondering if it might do PDFs a bit better (faster).

u/fduniho · 1 pointr/ereader

The Likebook Mars, which is an earlier model without note-taking features, is cheaper than the Muses.

u/Jacky_1233 · 1 pointr/ereader

Why not get an e-ink reader? It will be friendly to your eyes and you will not need to install a blue-light filter by yourself. If you want a portable one and you may read PDFs sometime, I'd like recommend a 7.8 inch ereader for you. Not too big to carry or too small to read. Boox Nova Pro or Likebook Mars could be fine.

u/flipzone · 1 pointr/dapsCA
u/jeyreymii · 1 pointr/france

J'ai paumé ma kindle je sais plus trop où, et c'est peut être l'occasion de lui trouver une remplaçante. Vous avez quoi comme tablette (pour avoir un avis sur l'utilisation, la bonne marche avec calibre, etc...)

Je lorgne un peu sur la nouvelle kindle retroeclairée, mais 90€ c'est moyen quoi

u/goretsky · 1 pointr/sysadmin


A bit more developer than sysadmin oriented, but Headcrash by Bruce Bethke comes to mind.


Aryeh Goretsky

u/brokengoose · 1 pointr/books

If you enjoy sci-fi at all, Headcrash by Bruce Bethke is fantastic. It's a send-up of Gibson, Sterling, Dick, Rucker, Tom Clancy, Ernest Hemmingway, and nearly every bad "Cyberpunk" movie of the last 30 years. Strangely enough, the actual plot's decent, too. That's rare for parody books.

Plus, you can find it in paperback for less than $4 at Amazon. I have to re-order regularly because my loaner copies regularly disappear.

u/Spongi · 1 pointr/Survival

Ahem. I'm sure there's a more rugged model available for outdoor usage though.

Incase you're not super familiar with battery terminology - AA batteries have between 2000 and 3000 mAH's. Depends on what type of battery and what application it's used in. Your typical Alkaline or Lithium batteries run about 3 am hours (1000 milliamps = 1 amp), however Alkalines have a high internal resistance so if you try to use any high power uses, like a digital camera, the resistance converts a lot of the potential energy into heat, effectively wasting it. Using alkalines in a digital camera you can expect to get maybe 200 mah's out of it, if you're lucky.

Rechargeable nicad's will run about 2 amp hours. So 4, AA's will net you about 8000 mah's. My smart phone will last a good 12 hours of e-reading on a single charge and it's battery holds about 1.5 amp hours.

If I were to use that charger, I would want a USB AA charger to go with it to power my headlamp too and/or any other devices I might want.

The charger I linked has an internal battery pack that holds 7.2 amp hours, so that alone would run my smart phone for about 60 straight hours on a single charge.

The current generation of rechargeable batteries (eneloops), can be reused around 2000 times as well, with a low self discharge. Guaranteed to hold 70% of their charge after a year, 50-60% after 3 years iirc.

A dedicated e-reader will be a lot more efficient at battery usage though. This one can last up to 2 months on a single charge. It's just a simple black and white reader though.

u/wadcann · 1 pointr/

Two points:

  • Almost all of the things that you've described are features that work on a laptop, but can also be done on a tablet. Sure, I'm not saying that there aren't areas where a tablet can't be used almost as well or as well as a laptop. It's just that there are areas where they are much weaker.

  • You make a good point -- there are some tablets that use e-Ink. While I don't know of any reason that they couldn't do so, I don't know of any laptops that have an e-Ink display. e-Ink displays can't do a lot of things that LCDs can, but they're really good at one thing that LCDs aren't -- displaying static grayscale images that look good even in sunlight and use low battery power. I've usually heard these devices referred to as "e-book readers" or the like, and for them, I certainly agree that there are tasks that they are much preferable to laptops (and LCD-based tablets) for. If I want to go read something outdoors, an e-book reader with an e-Ink display is a no-brainer.

  • The price is a good point. I just purchased a $280 laptop (eee PC 1215P). Your e-ink reader, based on Amazon runs ~$149.

    I should really amend my statement above. I can understand e-book readers -- those are indeed specialized devices that can beat out laptops in specific roles, on price, reflective display, and battery life (if showing mostly-static images). What I don't understand is the device class that includes things like the iPad ($499+, based on or the color (LCD) "version" of your reader (Nook Color, $249).

u/DubAich · 1 pointr/flying
u/name_with_a_y · 1 pointr/VictorianLiving

It's an ereader. I have this one.

u/Anttu · 1 pointr/programming

Expensive indeed -hence I've recently bought Kindle for £89.00. It's gotten quite cheap these days. After 9 hours at work spent in front of two screens I find it very hard to read a book online..
I've been reading the above book for a while now and it's really helpful! Highly recommended.

u/mcroft · 1 pointr/pics

With a comma. Here is the German page for the kindle priced at €99,00

u/Chuckytah · 1 pointr/learnpython

I am about to test this it is a Hybrid Web scraper / API client... it has a lookup by url.

>>> p = amzn.lookup(URL='')
>>> p.title
Kindle, Wi-Fi, 6" E Ink Display - for international shipment
>>> p.asin

u/im-ironman · 1 pointr/kindle

I see the regular version is going for $69 here And yes as he said if you're really short on cash, can opt for this one. Even this one was on sale for ~$49 a month or so ago, which was sweet.

But at current price, I would say the extra 40 dollars spent on PW2 is worth it.

Or maybe wait for few days more to see if PW2 goes on discount sale again? There are a lot of rumors flying around about a new Kindle, and September is the season for Kindle launches. But don't really think there can be any "must have" features if something new does get launched. And PW2 is quite matured already, unlike Paperwhite1 which was phased out in 2012/13.

u/Dagheloot · 1 pointr/hockey

Amazon is having a sale...cheapest one right now is $49. If you read a lot, it is a great investment. I just borrow all the books from my local library.

u/IguanaGrrl · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

1 - A Kindle!

2 - Because I'm 36, I just got glasses for the first time in my life, and my eyes aren't getting any better, so it would be better for me to read off of a slightly larger screen than my iPhone. :)

Saving Private Ryan

u/cojafoji · 1 pointr/trees

Do it for your kids bro, you got it. Also, buy a kindle if you're really into the book thing. That way you're not lugging around a fucking thick ass book LOL.

Also: Are you a science fiction fan, who enjoys detail, a large volume (20+) of books, and a dedicated wikia page with almost all of the information from the books? If so, let me know. I have the perfect series for you.

u/Mawu3n4 · 1 pointr/funny

Price of a Kindle : $69

Price of books I read : $183

u/donimo · 1 pointr/books

Thats the new version of the one I have. The side buttons are very durable, I've read like 200+ books on mine and it still works perfectly.

u/jakethebiley · 1 pointr/EDC

This is my first EDC post, hope you all enjoy

  1. Samsung Galaxy S5, Black 16GB
  2. Samsung earbuds
  3. My Knives that I rotate every now and then.
    Kershaw 1830 OSO Sweet Pocket Knife
    Kershaw 1304BW blackwash: this came in the kershaw walmart gift set (2015)
  4. My flashlights that I rotate as well
    Streamlight 66318 MicroStream C4 LED Pen Flashlight
    ThorFire PF01 Tactical LED Flashlight Pen Light
  5. My Watches
    Pebble Smartwatch Black I wear this one the most, as I love being able to control my music with it
    Invicta Signature model 7376 This is my Fancy watch. I bought it on a cruise a couple years ago, I only wear it for special occasions.
  6. Kindle PaperWhite 5th gen I’ve been reading lots of programing books lately
  7. Victorinox Swiss Army Huntsman with Free Pouch
  8. Quick Info Cards with wake turbulence separation, and mandatory advisories, handed out by my Air traffic Control Professor. I’m a ATC Major.
  9. Kershaw keychain tool, Also included in in the kershaw walmart gift set (2015)
  10. 8gb Key flash drive
  11. Sony VAIO® E Series Laptop Model # SVE14A27CXH, great laptop I grabbed before college. Has a I7 and 8gb of Ram. Good for games and school work.
  12. Mophie Juice Pack Charger I love this thing, I waste so much battery browsing Reddit on my phone when I have free time in-between classes or when I have down time at work.
  13. Handmade wallet from Dollywood, theme park, TN. Not shown in the Picture
    That’s it.
u/Kyoti · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

My weekend plans are....working. But I love what I do, so that's ok!

I'm saving up for a Kindle so a gift card to put toward that would be wonderful!

1.21 Gigawatts, WOO!

u/eferoth · 1 pointr/Fantasy

I have this one:

I tried this one and the Paperwhite, and hated flipping pages by touch. This model has physical forward/ backward buttons on each side. The downside is that if you want to write something you have to navigate an on-screen keyboard with that 4-sided button in the lower middle. With one center-press per character. It's really the most inconvenient way to type this side of not having any fingers.

Like this:

Now the newest flagship has both, so maybe I'll eventually get that one, if mine breaks, but for now it's far to expensive for my taste.

u/Dragoniel · 1 pointr/gadgets

There are no touchpads on e-readers, unless for some random reason you buy a touch-screen e-reader. I'm currently using this, for example.

Two buttons - "page forward" and "page back" is all that you really need, and they are mirrored on both sides of the device.

u/moominpappas_hat · 1 pointr/books

I have the Kindle 4 and it's available for $69 with free shipping! A little over half the price of the newest version. The 4's main drawback is that you need to use a lamp if you read in the dark - but it's very functional, light, and so easy to use. Lovelovelove.

But if you have access to a library and it's not a huge inconvenience for you to go there, you don't really need a Kindle. It's more of a thing for remote locations, constant travel type life.

u/tomkatt · 1 pointr/kindle

Probably can't do better than this.. Though if you absolutely want new, the cheapest Kindle version right now is $70.

I'm still rocking a Kindle 3 from 2011, these things are built like tanks it seems.

Saw you were in Canada in another comment. You may actually be better off looking into Kobo, they're much more popular and more readily available in that region.

u/VikingCoder · 1 pointr/google

First of all, a $100 tablet is a pretty challenging target. You want a rich, responsive display, not a Kindle-like epaper. Even Amazon doesn't sell a Kindle with a nice display for that cheap:

Kindles compared.

And yes, people have been complaining that Chrome OS and Android could be merged, for a long time...

u/arlanTLDR · 1 pointr/books

If there is an orange banner saying $60 off, then you are eligible. Otherwise no. I have no idea what makes you eligible.

u/sep780 · 1 pointr/books

I have a Nook & with it you can import pdfs & books bought through GooglePlay anyway. The Kindle doesn't allow that to the best of my knowledge. Reason I went Nook.

You wouldn't have to go with the version that has internet & that. I have the simplest Nook that only allows you to buy books & read books with the device. My nook although I bought mine at Target. The Kindle I'm guessing is comparable

EDIT: The Nook seems to have 1 free book every Friday also. No clue if there's a similar offer for Kindle users.

u/Color_blinded · 1 pointr/mylittlepony

I did a lot of research before settling on what e-reader to get.
There are three good brands of e-readers out there; the Kindle (Amazon), The Nook (Barnes and Nobles), and the Kobo.

I personally believe that the Kindle is the best because it has a slightly larger display and are also cheaper than their competitors counterparts if you get the ad supported ones, which really aren't intrusive or annoying at all (well, except for the brief time it kept displaying ads for Twilight when the last movie was released), and even helped me find good deal on a leather case for my kindle. Plus they have excellent customer service from my experience.
The only downsides that I've encountered is that the kindle only supports a very limited number of book formats. However, with the Calibre program (see Facedeers post in this thread) that becomes a non-issue. And their 3g internet kindles no longer allow you to actually browse the internet, which kind of irked me a bit (so don't bother getting the 3g versions of kindle).
Also the one with a keyboard just isn't worth it because of the extra size and weight.

That essentially narrows it down to two options: the standard Kindle, or the Kindle Paperwhite. If you are on a budget, get the normal kindle. However the Paperwhite is definitely worth the extra $50, as it not only has a better display, is a touchscreen, has a backlight (very useful), the battery lasts twice as long, and the display has less glare than the normal kindle (they all say they have no glare, but that's false).

u/xStang05x · 1 pointr/kindle

Thanks! I think i'll just buy it at the current price then. What are your thoughts on a refurb? Also, is REFURB the one with or without the ads?

u/LarryBraveBird · 1 pointr/kindle
u/Azuretower · 1 pointr/kindle

this page lists the UPC which is what you're looking for

u/ScottIPease · 1 pointr/kindle

It is a Kindle 6" Basic from 2014 or 15.
It is most likely this one; or the previous one to this.

If you are jsut going to use this for bedtime reading, then there is little to no reason to spend money on a special case unless it has functionality you want. If you are going to carry it about, then you may want the neoprene case /u/smokeyjoey8 linked or similar.

u/OSUTechie · 1 pointr/comicbooks

A kindle is $50 (with ads as a screensaver) or $70 (without ads). It isn't that expensive.

On top of that, a lot of ebooks are cheaper than print books.

u/IpumplikeaMachine · 1 pointr/redpillbooks

suggestion: i am the same, i can't read pdfs, but honestly if you want to read more, and better this is what you do, you get a kindle, honestly you wont regret ever buying one, mainly because you can read technically anything from pdfs, to txt, files to pretty much anything out there, also download a sofware called caliber for your computer man, this sofware allows you to convert book file to readable files on kindle, like, pdfs, epubs, and other formats into a azw or mobi files, aka the best versions book files to read on a kindle.

I recommend buying a kindle right now because of the black friday special man, FUCK!! even make a sticked post to that offers, because is so much better to buy really right at this second, i personally have the 'shittiest version' of a kindle which is a paper white with no backlight built in, which helps my eyes and not fuck up my sleep later, which is bomb because with a kindle you can put any pdfs in there and read them like they were books, instead of that uncomfortable reading on a screen, i undertand m8 been there done that. anything is technically a tablet, aka the fucking fire hd, or whatever and really open the possibility for me to be a chump and instead of actually reading books, aka the primary purpose of the kindle device, they make me prone to spend my time in facebook and watch porn which entirely defeats the purpose, MAKE IT HAPPEN DUDE

the special offer is probably like fucking 50 bucks, or 70 bucks if you don't want those fucking annoying ads,(for the cheapest kindle aka what i got and recommend),and is 50 bucks even with a 2 year guarantee, which is bomb!!, i know i am being a fucking fanatic of a kindle right now and giving amazon a fallatio but really you can't go wrong buying one of those fuckers, fuck even a 30 dollar kindle, old version aka a kindle touch, will do, lets make this happen dude. I promise you wont regret the purchase of a kindle, because although its technically 50 bucks right now, or a black friday special/cyber monday,

JUST checked it, and the offer is over SORRY BUD, but DON't DREAD!!! even at its regular price 79 plus tax about, 100 buck with guarantee and everything, which is by the way the price i paid when i didn't know they were going to have a black friday special and buying it pre-black friday, so even if you buy it at regular price of about 100 bucks, with ads, which can be made more clearly but not entirely get rid of those fucking ads if you follow, this video and get semi rid of those shit ads, anyaway i know you missed the deal BUT even then is still a good deal because say you buy the cheapest version of the kindle, the paper white, by downloading, aka stealing i mean permanently borrowing a pdf, the content itself worth about ranging from 10-17 dollars, in about 5-10 pdfs you permanently keep, and read you technically keep your money in in reading pdfs, which you permanently borrowed from the internet, in about ten to five, pdfs or ^^orbooksyoudidn'tpaidfor the kindle would of paid with itself no problem, in other words is an investment on you, because you want knowledge to make yourself better person, and that in itself is fucking priceless man, trust me, Okay if you don't believe me that a kindle is a good purchase, i will give you permission to bitchslap me and ban me or whatever you want man, i don't speak right out of my ass specially on recommending shit, and i have provided enough evidence for that if i say so myself, and even if you feel guilt from toreenting or stealing books, even just from the free legal kindle books from /r/FreeEBOOKS itself you get pretty good books that in it of itself you are very well set off, and the kindle pays for itself, in around ten books read flat, make it happen SE17!! i swear of god.

u/ballen11 · 1 pointr/RandomActsOfChristmas

That is the one that needs to be added lol, you added a cover!
sorry for inconvience but i cant get it to you if its not on your list lol

u/Guepardita · 1 pointr/GiftIdeas

I think your niece might enjoy a Kindle. For your nephew, I think a toy drone would be an epic gift!

u/annaleiia · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

The first thing on my wishlist that I'd really like is this aromatherapy inhaler! I've recently come across a lot of stress in my life, and I've heard these are amazing at helping minimize that.

I also have a kindle on my lists, because I spend so much money on books and I'm running out of places to put them, so it'd be nice to be able to carry this around. I bought one for my mom for Christmas last year, and she loves it.

The final thing on my lists that I really want, is this book safe! I have over 300 books, so having a book safe makes a lot of sense for me. It'll be able to hide in plain site, and as an added bonus, this particular one is one of my favorite books that I collect separately!

u/narutouz · 1 pointr/kindle

Third Generation Kindle
Touch is $35.

u/zvengenz · 1 pointr/kindle

Here it is. I was looking for this model because of the price, the Paperwhite is quite expensive.

u/pezdeath · 1 pointr/hardwareswap

It is this kindle:

I got 3 for fairly cheap through an Amazon promo. They were bought directly from amazon and are set to be delivered to me tomorrow.

u/leanstotheleftabit · 1 pointr/minimalism
u/NicoC72 · 1 pointr/kindle

Here is a price tracker on the current Paperwhite. It drops every so often. The current $90 price isn't shown because it's not a price change, but a one time use discount. The current base model Kindle doesn't really have a price history as it just came out, so here is the previous one just for reference.

As far as Paperwhite vs base model goes, you have to think of your use case. Like I read more at night and want to have some manga style stuff on it, so the built in light and higher resolution are big pluses. If the added features of the Paperwhite are things that you want and believe are worth the step up in price, I would save up until the next sale. You might also be able to borrow an ereader from somewhere in the mean time. I think colleges library rents them out in two week intervals, maybe your public library offers something similar? Most lend out ebooks now too.

u/legonate416 · 1 pointr/hardwareswap

Actually, I've been watching Kindle Voyages on Ebay for a bit now. The auction ones I watched (ended like two days ago) go anywhere from $90-$105.

Source 1

Source 2

Source 3

Even on the low end of the price spectrum it was in very good condition.

EDIT: Also, I forgot, Amazon sells a refurbished Kindle Voyage for $120.

u/bglaszcz · 1 pointr/hardwareswap

Refurbished Kindle Voyage for $95 right now. Not sure your budget, that that's very good for a Voyage.

u/m-p-3 · 1 pointr/kobo
u/tobiasvl · 1 pointr/kindle

Yes, the US version has a green banner that links to the international version

u/MAGllKARP · 1 pointr/LearnJapanese

This one?

Also would I have to do anything special to read Japanese stuff on it or can it do both English and Japanese stuff just fine?

u/Traveledfarwestward · 1 pointr/AskTechnology

You'll have to convert EPUB files to MOBI or PDF to read them iirc. Simple, easy to use and fairly cheap and I just ignore the ads that only display when I'm not reading (you won't be interrupted while reading). Easy to email files to [username] also.

u/misogichan · 1 pointr/books

Wow, I had thought the paperwhite was over $100, but I just checked and the newest version is going for $99.

u/sleight_of_man · 1 pointr/getdisciplined

Extended period of time? A Kindle is perfect! Maybe there's a disconnect here, I'm not talking about a Kindle Fire (Another tablet) I'm talking about a Paperwhite . The screen responds wayyyy too slowly to browse the internet or distract yourself with anything. It really limits you to just reading a book. Except you can read several books.

u/Robert_Zero · 1 pointr/Steam

You don't "need" them. Like I said, there's a dozen ways to implement reviews, none of them is wrong. But for example. (here comes the special pleading I feel like) manufacturer responses in their reviews as well. reviews are full on discussion threads, so other users and devs can respond to them. (So I'm not sure what you're on about claiming otherwise)

You have to understand from my point of view you're trying to argue that dev's should not be able to utilize reviews to communicate with customers. I'll agree that it isn't strictly necessary, that it doesn't have to be implemented on every site's review scheme. I'm not arguing for that anyway. But I am saying that sites that choose to allow communication through reviews aren't wrong for doing so. It's a perfectly valid implementation. I am saying your arguments that sites that do allow for communication through reviews should not are bogus. It's not wrong to implement reviews how you are suggesting. It's also not wrong to do them completely differently if that best suits your users and your community. I am suggesting that your feelings and opinions aren't universal. And plenty of very large and wildly successful companies do things very differently than you suggest and it's not an impediment to their success.

u/gett13 · 1 pointr/PickAnAndroidForMe

Well it depends of you, personally, I prefer paperwhite

u/SpacePistachio · 1 pointr/hardwareswap

Lol I literally just bought one, brand new, on amazon for $80. Might want to lower it. You're selling it for retail price.

u/lebronkahn · 1 pointr/kindle

So do you think this is good or a little overpriced? It does look really good. I am wondering if I should buy one (reading on the laptop is hard with so much distraction). Is it easy to use (never owned a kindle before)?

You mentioned the backlight. It does seem like a very nice feature. Do you have to manually set it up?


u/pabloqc · 1 pointr/kindle

From the website:

It does not support Audible, kindle basic and the oasis, they do

u/axe_effect · 1 pointr/brasil

Em 09/03/17 o Supremo Tribunal Federal (aquele mesmo, do nosso querido Gilmar Mendes) decidiu que E-books e E-Readers deveriam ser livres de impostos.

Desde então tenho monitorado o preço dos E-Readers, e adivinha só: tirando uma eventuais promoções, o preço tem se mantido o mesmo a pelo menos 6 meses.

Posso estar enganado, pois não sei como funciona isso de STF isentando imposto e se seu efeito é imediato, porém não dúvido nada que aquilo que era imposto foi convertido para lucro.

Edit: Pesquisei o preço de um Kindle nos EUA e me surpreendi com o fato de que lá ele custa $119,99 doláres o que em uma conversão direta via Google dá R$387,00.

Quem diria que um produto eletrônico está mais barato aqui que nos EUA.

u/KDLIB2016 · 1 pointr/ereaders

I like the Kindle Paperwhite- same as the Nook Glowlight, but you can adjust the brightness of the light, which I couldn't do with my Nook. I love the interface and borrow a lot of eBooks from the library, which I find easier to do with my Kindle than my Nook. Unfortunately, it's only 6" but you can adjust text size to smaller or larger. I have not seen any eReaders that use eInk to be much larger than this...

u/DuYuNot · 1 pointr/hardwareswap
u/earlgreyteatimer · 1 pointr/kindle

yeah, I don't know, the sales come and go.

I do much of my reading at night. The light is nice. I can read in bed. It will last for years. It's worth it.

These are on sale all of the time. Like every 2 or 3 months.

u/Timeflyer2011 · 1 pointr/kindle

There is a sale on the latest Paperwhite right now.

u/Ondskapt666 · 1 pointr/DebateFascism

I was looking at this Kindle. Is this the one you have?

A few of my friends are telling me to get a tablet and/or Nook but I really like the idea of what a Kindle does and gives the user.

u/Hellmark · 1 pointr/ebooks

Ok, since you're a newbie to this stuff, I'll lay things out as best as I can.

If eye strain is a concern, go with eInk instead of LCD. You can get displays that have lighting built in (technically no backlit, but the average person has no clue about the technical differences between backlit, sidelit, and frontlit if the lighting is built into the display itself), but in any scenario where you don't need lighting for paper, you won't need it for eInk.

One reason I also recommend eInk over LCD, is that with a tablet you are too easily distracted by games, social media, and other things that take you out of reading. eReaders with eInk are typically dedicated devices that remove most distractions.

You won't get something that fully supports everything due to DRM. Amazon has their own proprietary form of DRM wrapped around the Mobi file format, and nearly everyone else uses ePub with Adobe ADEPT DRM. Apple uses ePub, but they have their own DRM that is proprietary, and just a pain in the butt (seriously, iBooks sucks). Now, Amazon has stipulations that restrict companies from supporting stuff for Kindle and any other DRM type, so you will find that things falls into the official Kindle camp, and everyone else with Adobe ADEPT. This is the one benefit to using an tablet with a LCD screen, because then you can run the Kindle app along side what ever you want for handling ePub (lots of different apps utilize the Adobe ADEPT toolkit).

Next, PDF is NOT an ebook format. It is a page layout format. You may wonder what the difference is, and that comes up where it makes it a pain to have a pleasantly viewable file if your display is smaller than what the file was designed for. This means zooming in and scrolling around a lot. Newer versions of the PDF format does support reflowable text, but it is extremely rare to see any files that actually make use of it. Seriously, avoid PDFs if you want to use a portable device. Nearly everything supports PDFs, but it is just not an enjoyable experience.

As I said before, you will have proper ebooks cater to the two different camps, with Mobi or azw files for Kindles, or ePubs for everyone else. If they are DRM free files, you can easily convert between the two formats using Calibre. PDFs also suck because they rarely can convert to another format cleanly. Seriously, use Calibre to help manage your ebook library. It is an awesome free, open source, and cross platform tool that supports nearly every eReader device out there.

Now, I am going to state this right now, because some people often cause confusion, but Calibre does not do much with DRM encumbered files on its own. It will organize them, and transfer them to your device, but you cannot convert them. There are third party plugins that remove the DRM automatically upon import, but that is something we cannot openly discuss here. It is against the rules, because publishers often monitor open forums, and will start issuing DMCA claims.

Ok, with everything said, it comes down to choice. If you want to just stay in one ecosystem and buy from one place that likely has everything, I'd suggest a Kindle Paperwhite. If DRM or third party ebook purchases are a concern, I'd recommend going with an ePub friendly reader, such as the B&N Nook Glowlight Plus, or one of the Kobo Aura readers.

If you have any questions, feel free to message me, and I can help as best as I can.

u/TAEHSAEN · 1 pointr/kindle

Here is the link to the page:

EDIT: I have PW 1st generation that I got as a gift. Should I wait for a bigger price drop or a new PW model to come out?

u/AlohaSquash · 1 pointr/kindle

I've spent a lot of time today trying to figure out the difference between the two Kindle Paperwhites that are listed on the Amazon page. I saw the $99 you mentioned, but as far as I can tell, the two listed on their website look identical. Why would one be priced higher? Is one an older edition? Neither page shows which Kindle Paperwhite edition it is which is dumbfounding.

This one is $99:

this one is $139:

u/regisphil · 1 pointr/videos

You know I gotta say other than the obviously the site is slow, fakespot's grades seems much more accurate.

Obviously fake product

Review Meta was way off looked like it was a pass

Also Fakespot links to this Trustworthy rating
with a list of better products... Looks like something new with lists...

u/neuromonkey · 1 pointr/kindle charts prices over time.

u/iMadrid11 · 1 pointr/Philippines

Where else but from

The Kindle is Amazon Global shipping eligible. You pay only for the quoted price and its delivered directly to your home.

You won't be dinged for overages for miscalculated Import Fees. You get a refund if they overestimate the Import Fee deposit.

I made a shopping cart Amazon Global Priority Shipping to the Philippines for All-New Kindle Paperwhite, 6" High-Resolution Display (300 ppi) with Built-in Light, Wi-Fi Get it on Monday, Dec. 21

Order Summary

  • Items: $119.99
  • Shipping & handling: $20.98
  • Total before tax: $140.97
  • Estimated tax to be collected: $0.00
  • Import Fees Deposit: $28.47
  • Order total: $169.44

    The total price of you pay for the Kindle Paperwhite 2015 is $169.44
u/uyth · 1 pointr/portugal

Tentaste comprar em que amazon? as amazons europeias não enviam para Portugal, tens que comprar da amazon americana e penso que nao podes comprar versões com anúncios (nem queria).

mas enviam para Portugal, e pagas logo as taxas todas. basicamente poes um carrinho e quando indicas a morada de envio redirecionam para a loja "internacional" deles

mas basicamente sim fica mais caro - é bastante rapido no entanto, e não atrasos na alfandega porque em teoria já lhes estás a pagar as taxas de importação

> Order Summary
> Items: EUR 132,55
> Shipping & handling: EUR 19,86
> Total before tax: EUR 152,41
> Estimated tax to be collected: EUR 0,00
> Import Fees Deposit EUR 35,05
> Order total: EUR 187,46

o kindle paperwhite na amazon alemã, sem promos, mas com portes gratuitos é 139.99, mas não enviam para Portugal. vão se foder.

e cada vez é mais dificil navegar o site deles de qualquer forma, ou saber quem está a vender cada coisa e se é fiável e o envio de encomendas, nem perguntem.

u/UnrealObserver · 1 pointr/kindle

Here's an idea for you... and this link may not be easy to find

A refurbished as-new Paperwhite 3 from Amazon with full 1 year (same as new) warranty for $84.99 (as of today) instead of $119.99 for a new one

This would save you $35.00, enough to buy a nice case with about $20 left over

They also sell very good used ones for about $77.00 with NO warranty but have a 30 day return policy

I have had great luck with the used ones, but if you want one with a warranty, the refurb is the way to go

Hope that helps

u/normaloatmeals · 1 pointr/booksuggestions

My understanding of market economics is too poor to answer that. But you can always get a refurbished Paperwhite for less than $100. On eBay they are even cheaper.

u/SamosasAndCoffee · 1 pointr/ABCDesis

I was about to buy a refurbished Paperwhite last night when it was $30 off.

u/Account_93 · 1 pointr/kindle

It's listed on the UK Amazon:


The White version of the paperwhite is under the same listing as the black one.

u/DrCr4nK · 1 pointr/hardwareswap

The display is very good, and the battery is great. Not as thin as an ipad. Probably wouldn't use it as an e-reader, you won't get comparable battery life to something like a kindle. You could own a kindle for about as much, and it's great. What I read on. :D Surprise Amazon Kindle Link. In case you wanna compare.

u/Rhodin265 · 1 pointr/antiMLM

A Fire is a tablet. I mean a dedicated ebook reader.

u/musicfan39 · 1 pointr/Entrepreneur

Here are some of the best deals I've found today, along with my own Cyber Monday deal!

  • Namecheap is offering new deals every hour. The best value IMO is their domains (.com/.net/.org/.co and more), which can all be found for under $1, but are usually gone within the first 15 minutes of each hour.

  • Amazon Kindle for $50

  • CardBuddy (my business!) is offering 30% off all products and free shipping to anywhere in the world with code CYBERSALE. The product is a thin wallet that sticks to the back of a phone or case. I started the business in college and I'm now running it full time after graduating last May.
u/etchedchampion · 1 pointr/santashelpers

Go with a Kindle. Not the tablet-like Fire, a traditional kindle like this one. The tablets are hard ont the eyes, but these ones aren't.

u/ZhouLe · 1 pointr/kindle

Self-promo account linking affiliate links...

Just link directly to the Amazon page

u/sgimfl · 1 pointr/EDC
  • BIC Lighter
  • Tweed
  • Benchmade Barrage link

  • Kindle link
  • Peach Tea
u/GabeLeRoy · 1 pointr/needadvice

I didn't knew amazon increased the price of the kindles so much. I personally woulnd't buy one at that price. Try to go to a local store that sells eletronic. You should be able to fine one for less than 50 .

Now for C Sharp yes it's possible.

Rule number 1 of programming. Everything is binary in the end. So has long as a compiler exist for a different OS. Any language with will.

u/161803398874989483 · 1 pointr/Mercadoreddit

hola, estarías interesado en permutar por un Kindle? tengo este saludos

u/bettorworse · 1 pointr/Physics

Don't know if this works for you, but I have the Sony Digital Paper - DPT-RP1

It's a little pricey, and it only works with PDFs and is b&w only, but the pen is nice, you can highlight stuff, add notes, etc. It's not the most solid build (a little tape fixes it up nicely), but it's really light and the size of a sheet of paper.

I've had it for 2 years now, probably saved me $1000 in paper and toner.

Boox makes a version, too. Google "Digital Paper" - there might be more now.

If you want to go really cheap, maybe something like this??

Never tried this one, but it's on my shopping list. Don't know if it meets all the requirements, tho.

u/ryanmercer · 1 pointr/kindle

129.99 USD, not bad for a paperwhite with a cellular radio.

u/Aetherdestroyer · 1 pointr/Parenting

Just get this.

u/dh42com · 1 pointr/nashville

You know they deliver the physical copies here if you sign up, its like $10 a month.

This is waterproof,

u/pxlnght · 1 pointr/hardwareswap

I have a Kindle Paperwhite, latest version w/ 8GB. Purchased 2 months ago, used like twice 'cause I like physical books more.

Looking for $100 for it. DM if you're interested.

u/jim653 · 1 pointr/ereader

When you go to buy a Kindle on Amazon's site, the "Add to cart" button is a "Customise and add to cart" button. Click on that, and it takes you to this page, where you can choose to buy a Kindle with or without special offers. There's even a "Learn more" link that summons a pop-up that explicitly explains what pop-ups are. Even if you mistakenly buy a Kindle with special offers, you can get them removed later and it won't have cost you any more than if you had bought the non-offers version to start with. It's not a hidden add-on cost – if you want to view ads, those ads will subsidise the cost of the Kindle.

u/Stillhart · 1 pointr/bestof

It's easy enough to remove the affiliate link junk from an Amazon URL.

Find the part that looks like this: ".../B07CXG6C9W?..." and remove the ? and everything after it. Done, no longer an affiliate link.

u/Ch3t · 0 pointsr/printSF

Headcrash is a humorous look at the cyberpunk genre.

u/mauszozo · 0 pointsr/scifi

Already been mentioned but:

Neuromancer - genre defining, gritty, required reading. ;)

Snow Crash - Excellent, hugely enjoyable characters, good sci fi

Also good and haven't been mentioned:

Headcrash by Bruce Bethke - bizarre, silly, fun cyberpunk (for instance, full sensoral cyberspace connection is done through a rectally inserted probe..)

The Mind's I by Douglas Hofstadter - Excellent collection of short stories about cognitive machines

Wyrm by Mark Fabi - "Interweaving mythology, virtual reality, role-playing games, chess strategy, and artificial intelligence with a theory of a Group Overmind Daemon susceptible to religious symbolism, first-timer Fabi pits a group of computer programmers and hackers against a formidable opponent who may fulfill end-of-the-world prophesies as the millennium approaches."

u/afternoonview · 0 pointsr/hearthstone

I don't know your price ranged but she probably wouldn't mind a Kindle? It isn't even that expensive.

u/Treb27 · 0 pointsr/hearthstone

Not knowing you or your gf or your price range, it will be kind of difficult to make perfect suggestions, but I'll give you a few that I have gotten mine, or she has gotten me that worked out to be really good:

Serious stuff:

Kindle - You say she is a genius, so maybe she likes to spend free time reading. I never thought I'd use a Kindle until I got one, and now I use it daily. It's portable, easy on the eyes, and gives her the chance to read anything she wants.

A Puzzle - I've always enjoyed doing puzzles in my free time but as I grew older I lost time to do them. My girlfriend got me one last Christmas, and we have been doing them together ever since. They are great when one of you want to watch a movie or TV that the other may not be as interested in. The other person can relax and do a puzzle, but you are still spending time together. We normally pick one out together that we really like, then glue it together when we finish it. Our plan is to eventually frame them and put them up in our office.

Less serious:

Body Pillow - I've had friends give this to their SO's and the reaction is always hilarious. For the girlfriend who "has to have you there" to sleep comfortably.

I'll leave it to those for now. I'm not much of a cook, outdoorsy person, or crafty so my suggestions for those would be lacking. Good luck, but just remember no matter what you get her, she'll love it. Just...make sure you actually get her something. It's not just the thought that counts.

u/wanderjahr · -4 pointsr/kindle

This looks aimed at a different kind of animal. The marketing on the Voyage page is pretty masculine compared to the all female marketing paperwhite. Don't know why I noticed that, but I did. Looks sexy, but not enough to justify replacing my Paperwhite. Kinda want to get my hands on the Voyage to check it out though.

u/eleitl · -7 pointsr/kindle

Extra slowly, just for you:

> that the Kindle Paperwhite is not a Kindle

It's the official model name.

"Kindle E-reader"

"Kindle Paperwhite E-reader"

> supports the assertion that the Kindle Paperwhite is backlit

Do you understand the difference between using reflected ambient light and an LED-lit device? Hint, it's the spectrum of the light your retina sees that matters.

Since apparently you have the memory of a goldfish, as well as a reading comprehension of an autist, look at OPs post. That's what we're discussing here.