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u/melodictroll · 10 pointsr/Guitar

Although it seems boring, if you know/or can find out what kind of strings in particular he uses (brand name/string model/string gauge), a bulk set might be in order. I change strings on my 8 electrics quite often so a 25-pack of D'addario's (example) make sense for me. But I know a lot of the factory made string brands make multipacks.

You mentioned picks not being very special. I agree, but several dozen of his favorite kind is an awesome gift. It doesn't say 'clever' but it is certainly practical. I also like basic options like this because it is viable across all budgets. (example)

If your boyfriend is a more academic guitarist, get some cool music books. Maybe hes mentioned wanting to learn some modern jazz theory, classical guitar techniques, or even just wants a transcription of the Led Zeppelin discography. A hardcopy book just does things that an online .pdf or video can't do, and vice-versa. (example)

Lastly, find a good guitar teacher in your area and pre pay for a lesson or two. I've been playing for 15 years and have had some highly talented professional musicians as teachers, but I would still get a huge kick out of a blind lesson. I would like to note that in order for this kind of gift to be effective, you're going to need to do a bit of research. In addition, if you are stuck between a few good candidates, I would go for the pricier and more experienced one. Quality over quantity!

For tangible goods, support a local mom&pop music store if you can. I use amazon and guitar center when I don't have a choice but I worry that my future children won't have the benefit of visiting local/old/music shops like I did.

Good luck!

u/samuraialien · 7 pointsr/Guitar

I like DR strings. I started out with D'Addario but have grown to hate them. They make good bass strings though. Their guitar strings are just twangy/flat sounding to me, don't feel good, and break easier than DR. I don't think I've broken a DR yet. DR strings for me, especially the coated ones, sound really warm. All 3 string sets I get sound great, have lasted me longer than D'Addario, and the non coated also don't feel terrible if they corrode. I use the Black Beauties, DDT, and Dimebag Darrel signatures.

u/Fattitude · 5 pointsr/rocksmith
u/becomearobot · 5 pointsr/Guitar

So the bad news is all that shit you did to the bridge probably fucked up the intonation pretty bad. You might want to run through setting the guitar up as if it had just come from the factory. Or take it into a shop and have them do it which will cost some money.

The good news is you probably just need a lighter gauge of string. Something like this will set you straight

u/silence-speaks · 5 pointsr/Guitar

Amazon has D'Addario EXL 10 pack for $20.

Guitar Center has the acoustic 12 pack for $25.

u/strolls · 5 pointsr/technology

I guess it depends what they're selling. If you wanted to set up as a specialist selling, say, guitar strings you'd be disadvantaged against Amazon. It gives Amazon a 7% advantage against the mall or retail in general. And there may be other online merchants who are based in SC but who were not big enough to attract such an exemption, or who were founded there so were never "headhunted" with tax breaks.

u/Rogerwilco1974 · 5 pointsr/rocksmith

I have had two sets of DR Neon 10-46 on my beloved PRS SE245 and they match the colours on the game strings. As a musically challenged nerd, I love that!

I've had 2 sets of them, because I think they look awesome! I still suck, however, but that's down to me, not the strings ;)

u/servingjuryduty · 4 pointsr/rocksmith

Here's something that'll be a great stocking stuffer that most people don't know about: Guitar strings that are the same colors as those in the game. They work great:

u/Bohnanza · 4 pointsr/Guitar

A good setup will help. You can do this yourself, and it will help you "bond" with the guitar.

Personally, I think Strats are best with 9s. I feel like Ernie Ball Super Slinkies are pretty much the perfect match. A set is like 5 bucks so it is cheap to try.

I am not sure what to say about the pickups, but really the Signature Strat Sound is from single-coils

u/bovinitysupreme · 3 pointsr/Guitar
u/DPSnacks · 3 pointsr/Guitar

Anywhere haha, Amazon / / Guitar Center

u/weetabix4 · 3 pointsr/Guitar

newbie question here...

but i just broke one of my electric guitar strings for the first time, and i think it's time that i changed the entire set over to some fresh new strings.

just wondering, does a product such as this contain just one thickness of string? or when it says "single set" refer to all 6 different string thicknesses? probably a pretty stupid question but i'd rather be safe than sorry.

Also if anyone has any recommendations for certain types of strings let me know! I really have no idea what I'm looking for in strings so any guidance helps.

u/toymachinesh · 3 pointsr/rocksmith I've heard the colour wears off pretty quickly

u/ChuckEye · 3 pointsr/Guitar

I put a set of Rev. Willy's .008's on one of my guitars recently. It's…interesting. I'd thought about buying their .007's, but didn't have the guts.

But overall I'm liking the 8's well enough. Just took a little getting used to playing with a lighter touch. (Not so much that I'll put them on all my guitars just yet, but it was an interesting and inexpensive experiment to try.)

u/BionicSammich · 2 pointsr/guitars

Lol, thanks. My advice is to try a few sets of strings over time and decide what ones you like best. D'Addario, ErnieBall, Gibson, Fender etc. All of those are great brands. I use ErnieBall Cobalt regular 10s on my Gibsons. They are a little bit expensive, but they seem to last the longest for me. Take a look at these and the strings /u/Pokegamer posted. Those are probably the two most popular sets. You can also get both in a 9 gauge too if you want something thinner.

u/Rougarou423 · 2 pointsr/rocksmith

There's always these.

I intended to purchase these for my first string change but after three weeks I don't hesitate on what color = what string. as /u/Aircommando12 said, it might be easier for me since i'm a wet-behind-the-ears newbie.

u/derb · 2 pointsr/Epiphone

They are colour coded to the string colours in Rocksmith 2014 as I'm using that to learn how to play.

u/ylph · 2 pointsr/Guitar

There are a bunch of manufacturers selling 0.007 single strings that you can use to make your own set, for example D'Addario

Dunlop even has a whole 7-38 set, quite cheap too.

u/C11H17N2O2SNa · 2 pointsr/rocksmith

If you have a guitar you don't mind having colorful strings on, these DR strings ( have the same color scheme as rocksmith.

u/MyLittleEye · 2 pointsr/rocksmith

I also invested in slightly heavier gauge, (medium) DR NEON Hi-Def MULTI-COLOR Medium · Electric Guitar Strings. They've really helped starting out, particularly since, after much umming and aahhing I decided to invert the strings in Rocksmith to better match with the tab I'm also teaching myself with. I also believe the medium gauge strings deliver a stronger signal to the pickups and hold their pitch better as I grapple and squeeze too hard at unfamiliar chords. Sure they might be slightly harder to bend but they're still featherweight compared to even the light strings I'm using to teaching myself elsewhere on my Gretsch Jim Dandy Acoustic. The Neon strings are a bit gaudy, must be said and I think, once I get around to changing them again they'll have served their purpose and I'll get some Elixirs perhaps.

u/realnicolasgyr · 2 pointsr/pinkfloyd

Here’s my recommendation:

The guitar: this it’s really an excellent guitar, for price you can’t beat that.

The strings: used for The Wall

Additionally you could replace the pick ups depending on your amplifier: with these personally i would not recommend it on the specific strat I recommend for you to buy cause it cost twice the guitar. But if you get one, try to find one second hand!

Also remember its not all in the equipment, you also they way you play the guitar! Learning the proper style of playing can get you a long way!

Now pedals and amps:

I personally think this is the most important no matter what guitar you have, if you put it threw a good amp it really does miracles!

I personally have a Fender M-80 amplifier, the distortion on that amp sound extremely good so I don’t really use disto pedals!! But I do have 2 disto pedals that sound like him,

1: Real Tube Overdrive: this

2: Big Muff: here ya go

3: Definitely get an Echo Pedal thats a must! Any one should do! like this

Just use a decent amplifier, if you already have one it’s probably fine, around 200-300 Watts is great.

Additional links:

This website called Gilmourish is excellent if you want to find the exact correct pedals and techniques! Here:

And this video:

this! and this

Hope this helps!

Edit: if you dont have an amplifier, try looking for a second hand Fender amp, either on ebay, craigslist, facebook market place! You can send me a pm if you found one and I could tell you about it!

Edit 2: really depending on your budget I can tell what to get so feel free to pm always happy to help a fellow Floydian.

u/kaiserjosef666 · 2 pointsr/Guitar

Flat wound stings like these will minimize squeak noise between the chord movements.

D'Addario ECG23 XL Chromes Flat Wound Electric Guitar Strings, Extra Light Gauge, 10-48 (1 Set) - Ribbon Wound and Polished for Ultra-Smooth Feel and Warm, Mellow Tone - Sealed Pouch Prevents Corrosion

A fret muter might help the open strings

Gruv Gear FretWraps String Muter 1-Pack , Large, Black

u/dr150 · 2 pointsr/Guitar

The 4th gen. pups on the Elite are supposed to be VERY good for noiseless. Use the dials on your amp for more chime.

I'd change the strings ASAP. You should SLAP yourself for dinging ANY guitar with old factory strings (seriously, please punch yourself in Hendrix's name). Strings are CHEAP, so DO IT NOW!

.....Try these fantastic strings.:

Other than that, learn how to mesh your amp with it. Fender amps are #1 with Fender guitars btw.

After this you could change the pups, but I'd do this as a LAST(!!) resort as that effort could be easily resolved elsewhere to get the tone you're after!

......BTW, your other error is judging a first class gigging PRO level instrument with craptastic Bias Fx. LOL. Any other guitar will also sound like crap b/c it seems you know little about dialing in sounds, and are simply going off straight craptastic presets.

.....Also, you want sustain? Throw in a Compressor(!) in your chain. This is BASIC knowledge, dude! Look at Youtube vids how to use a Compressor correctly. Here's some of MANY videos to get you started:

u/TheStonedImmaculate · 2 pointsr/rocksmith

Looks like they are on sale on amazon for about 9 dollars a pack.

u/C-creepy-o · 2 pointsr/Guitar

Yeah dude.......If one broke I would replace all, but I could see why at 7 dollars a pack you might be more than hesitant to the pull trigger.

u/gretasgotagun · 2 pointsr/Geetar

I've been playing these Gilmour Boomers for a while now and they don't sound dead at all to me. They stay pretty bright for a long time.

u/DavidMakesTunes · 2 pointsr/Guitar

The same 10-pack at Sam Ash is being sold for $40 and usually goes for $50+ at brick-and-mortar locations. Definitely shop around and make the bulk purchase work for you.

Here is what I bought today for under $30.

u/DanLer · 1 pointr/Guitar

I use these for my E-standard tuned guitar:

You can go even thinner with the Extra Slinkys if you want, but the Super Slinkys are already quite easy on the fingers.

u/unforgiven60 · 1 pointr/Guitar

Like others have said, try to find the heaviest gauge you can.

If you have other guitars, it is better to down tune that low on a guitar with a longer scale length.

These might work

u/Golbey · 1 pointr/allfourthstuning

Wanting more tone from my 1st string, I chose to tune down a whole step (DGCFBbEb) and use a D'Addario Regular Light EXL110 set which is 46-36-26-17-13-10. I'm liking the tone and bendability, while avoiding the confusing fretboard dot placement you get when tuned down just a semi-tone.

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

My daughter loves, loves, loves playing kitchen. She has a whole set up, a play kitchen, dishes, food, tea sets, my old pots and pans and spoons, but she does not have her very own pot holder, and is always stealing mine. I would bestow upon her this very awesome and colorful crocheted master piece and her collection would be complete! I might also borrow it from time to time.

Rainbow guitar strings!

u/Easy_fan · 1 pointr/Blink182

More specifically I'm pretty sure he uses skinny top heavy bottom strings

u/FrailRain · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Ithink that this is my cheapest. I love strings!

u/stabsthedrama · 1 pointr/7String

I don't think I've had a string break on me in probably 5 or 6 years with any brand, and even then it was wayyyy after they should have been changed. I play a LOT too, and strum aggressively. I don't get how people have it happen to be honest, except for the occasional fluke/bad string maybe?

Anyway, yes - D'addario's hold their tone the longest, and best. DR's have nice tone but don't last worth a shit, elixirs just have a weird fake feel to them and subsequent weird fake sounding tone, and Ernie balls are just kinda there - not too bad not too great,but a cheap option that is available anywhere.

I use exl 117's - they're an add-on item but are crazy cheap, but you can also choose music123 as the seller (or others) and they're still under $5 with free shipping. I then just add a .066 for my 7th string (drop G) that I buy like 5 of at a time from I personally don't like too much of a difference between the top 3 and bottom 3, and this set gives you a nice transition between all of them, instead of having a sharp dropoff between the bottom and top 3 like with some other sets (skinny top heavy bottom type sets)

u/ihabtom · 1 pointr/metalguitar

I use 10-52's for Drop C#, so just a half stop down the rest of the strings.

If you're tuning do D Standard, check these out. I'm ordering a few pair this week to try out for Drop B.

u/Hunterlanier03 · 1 pointr/Guitar

a lot of those bands use guitars like Les Pauls and SGs with a HH pick up configuration. i personally would point you toward the epiphone Les Paul or SG. They are made from mahogany which will give you a darker sound for heaver stuff. this is an epiphone SG that would kick ass for your first guitar or a cheaper one here that would work alright, on the les paul side here is a great one
but for a cheaper one i would recommend this one . however, the same guitar comes with a bundle with an amp and everything to get you started for 200$ here . also because your going to be getting into guitars im going to point you to some places for you to learn how to to play and reliable places to buy stuff from

for lessons

for guitar tabs

to learn how to read a tab

places to buy stuff <it works but i would not use it as my primary for guitar stuff

also try to stay away from guitar center until you have a good knowledge base or they might just rip you off. Sam ash is a good store and any localy owned shop will probably do you good. if you live in the Atlanta GA area i highly recommend Ken Stanton Music but they only have 5 stores :(

oh yeah also your going to need to replace guitar strings when you do buy one (well you don't need to but i would do it) so here is a video on how to do that . now your going to have to buy new strings at some point. The 2 brands i highly recommend is daddario and erine ball (i personally like daddario) a pack of string from them is like 5-6$. now strings come in different sizes for beginners i would recommend a set of 9s like these or these . just follow the video on how to replace strings and you will be good.

you will need a tuner also. for a beginner i would get on that clips on the head stock like this one also with that you need to learn what notes to tune a guitar to E standard tuning is EADGBE (Eddie Ate Dynamite Good Bye Eddie) but with your music taste you are going to need to learn E flat and Drop D aswell. E flat is (Eb,Ab,Db,Gb,Bb,Eb) and drop D is just E standard with the 6th string tuned down to D (DADGBE). any way that should be enough to push you in the right direction for learning guitar. hope it works out for you. if you have questions you can just PM me or something.

u/Crozzzy · 1 pointr/Guitar

Well, I'm a bit late replying, but I suppose it's better late than never.

In the video Pete is using both a micro guitar and hilariously thing strings (7-38
So realistically, unless you're gonna use both of them, I don't see it happening on a full size guitar sadly.

u/stellan124 · 1 pointr/Guitar

the guitar is ~20 years old so i dont think it has the same strings. but i just ordered these

u/jmcq · 1 pointr/Guitar

I like to use Ernie Ball Slinky Top/Heavy Bottom 10-52. Basically standard top strings (10-13-17) and Heavy (30-42-52) bottom strings. I like having standard 10s I find the slinky and super slinky there to be too loose (I pick and bend pretty aggressively) but the 11s/12s to be too much of as struggle. For the bottom strings I like the heavy tone of the 30-52s especially with SRV style riffs on those strings. They're also not that expensive <$5.

u/Soiledmahpants · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I need this so I can play/sing you a song when I get it!


u/Urquhart96 · 1 pointr/Guitar

I’m an idiot my bad...
Yes that is the right guitar. I was thinking might cause some issues, too much tension etc.
These are the strings I’m looking at.

D'Addario EXL148 XL Nickel Wound Extra Heavy (.012-.060) Electric Guitar Strings

u/AFDWub · 1 pointr/Bass

DR DDTs, buddy.
Balanced tension, and the strings aren't too thick. I swear by these.

u/thepensivepoet · 1 pointr/Guitar

You click the dropdown when ordering and change the "1" to "12".

I used their big cardboard bulk packages a long time ago but I live in a really humid area and by the time you get to the bottom of that package the strings you're pulling out aren't exactly the freshest and if you bring that big box around to gigs it gets bumped around and the thinner strings tended to get tangled up and it became more trouble than it was worth.

I go through a lot of strings.

u/tmwrnj · 1 pointr/Guitar

You might want to try half-round or flatwound strings. They sound warmer and darker than roundwound strings, they keep a consistent tone for longer and they feel silky smooth. I use Thomastik flatwounds on nearly all my guitars - they're expensive, but they sound great and last forever. Other good options include D'Addario Half Rounds, GHS Brite Flats, D'Addario Chromes and GHS Precision Flats.

u/serych · 1 pointr/Guitar

Saw that and got goosebumps of pleasure.
Found a better deal, tho.

u/sparetuna · 1 pointr/GameDeals

Just to piggy-back on this, Amazon sells strings that are color-coded to the strings in the game:

(not an affiliate link - just points to the aforementioned product)

u/rlee0001 · 1 pointr/guitarlessons

Guitar, Amp, Instrument Cable, Headphones, Auto-Tuner, Metronome, Capo, Picks, Strings, Stand, Strap, Bag, String Winder, Polish & Cloth

Don't make them spend more than ~$200 on this. Consider pitching on for some of the accessories at least (though be aware that some of them are quite necessary right off the bat, such as a tuner).

You won't be able to appreciate the difference between a $100 guitar and a $5000 guitar by sound for at least a year and just to get started you need a bunch of supplies (see list above) and the cost adds up quick.

The guitar won't break unless you abuse it. Squier instruments are decent. In fact, you could even get something like a First Act at Walmart for under $100 and still not be able to appreciate the difference for quite a while.

u/Adeno · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Oh I hope things would get better for you :O Try to relax a little bit I hope, too much stress and worrying will just make things worse X_X

A little pack of guitar strings would be useful for when I'd have to replace the old strings on my guitar :D

Here's Godzilla Junior aka Minya :D

Here's an overly joyful turtle eating a strawberry lol :D I want my own turtle now so we could munch on strawberries together :D

u/Gearward · 1 pointr/Entrepreneur

Is guitar strings an example of a product, or the one you plan on selling? Because just a quick google search, that looks like a brutal market to compete in. Made in USA strings on Amazon for less than $4.

Not to mention, assuming even a massive profit margin of $3.90 per $4 set of strings, you'd still need to sell 1,000 units a month to maintain a middle class lifestyle. And that's a lot of units for a semi-durable product with lots of competition.

u/airjordan_23 · 1 pointr/Guitar

They're electric strings. Using these

And I've tried two brands, D'addarios as well. Same result

u/Tjinsu · 1 pointr/Guitar

Best option I know of is the bulk sets:

They're usually not in stock from Amazon but if you click on the sellers carrying you can place an order and they usually ship them within a week. $135 for 25 sets.

u/browsingtheproduce · 1 pointr/guitars

It would really help to have pictures and brand/model information. This probably isn't a big deal you can almost definitely save it and you can probably do so without spending more than $60. The idea that it's bad to store a guitar without strings is really only true of older acoustic guitars. Electric guitars are built to be adjustable. As long as there weren't heavy boxes stacked on top of it, sitting in a closet won't have caused any lasting damage.

My advice would be to share a few pictures of it here so someone can verify that there's not any obvious damage and then take it to a guitar store (most non-Guitar Center shops also do repairs or can refer you to a repair shop) and let them know it's been sitting in a closet for 8 years and ask them to string and set it up. They'll clean it, string and intonate (make sure all of the fretted notes are in tune) it, and adjust the neck and string height. Basically make it as playable as possible. You'll get it back in a couple days and be good to go. Most shops charge $40-60 for a set up.


Alternately, Just buy a pack of strings, find a "how to string a guitar" tutorial on YouTube, get the Boss Tuner app on your phone, and go nuts. You can screw around with it to see if you want to play and then invest some money in getting a professional set up if it seems like something you might want to pursue.

u/McDingleberry69 · 1 pointr/Djent

I actually just tuned to drop F# on mine.

This is the string set I got, left off the high .010

27" scale. Tension is on the tighter end for me, but I play a lot of stuff tuned down to E as well, and honestly I prefer more tension for djentier stuff, can pick harder and get that snappy/sharper sound.

u/Zytran · 1 pointr/Guitar

I usually buy D'addario 25 set pack. They sell the 25 packs for a couple of their most common gauges, if you need a custom or specialized set of gauges you'd have to buy smaller packs or individual strings.

u/nijoli · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I am having a fantastic day because my foster dog (who has bad emotional problems) FINALLY let me give him a bath without thrashing around and trying to bite me. He was so brave!

At least you've got Mitch. What does it mean??

I would really like these guitar strings that have free shipping and are under $4. They are a NEED and a want, as well. Thanks for the contest!

oh, shoot. those are an add on. How about these sticks

u/Krogan911 · 1 pointr/rocksmith

Should I change the stock stings? Do these.look alright -- Ernie Ball 2221 Regular Slinky Nickel Wound Set (10 - 46)

u/amp3rsand · 1 pointr/rocksmith
u/LivesForCuddles · 1 pointr/ukulele

Oh and also I'll probably buy them off of Amazon through this link. Which size would you recommend? The Regular Light, 10-46?

u/howheels · 1 pointr/Guitar

One of my guitars has Ernie Ball Not Even Slinky strings, and is tuned BEADF#B. No problems what-so-ever.

u/PansOnFire · 0 pointsr/Guitar

I went with Ernie Ball Not Even Slinky, which is 12 - 56 here, for both tunings. I find that in Drop-C, the action on my guitar raised a bit over time, probably meaning that even in that dropped tuning, there was a bit too much tension on the neck. I've since dropped it to Drop-A, and it's improved with the lessened tension. I'm still experimenting and trying to get the right setup.

u/ejrado · 0 pointsr/rocksmith

I recently changed my strings to Ernie Ball 09 ( and that seems to make my bends better.