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u/Kupy · 378 pointsr/mildlyinteresting

There's actually a few products on the market like this you might look into.

u/djnightlite · 82 pointsr/gaming

Dear dakay501,

Your dream is already a reality.

Live long and prosper,


u/[deleted] · 73 pointsr/pics

I love seeing shit like this. So inspiring. I'm pushing 30 and was worried about missing "my prime". I'm catching up slowly now though!

Hey btw, if you're a lazy lard like me and don't exercise because of convenience, get a desk pedaller. I'm burning an extra 300-400 calories a day just doing my regular schtick. People always say they're bad, but I think those people buy shitty ones. I splurged for one of the 160 (cad) ones, and I love it.

Even if you are pedalling SUPER slowly, it's still something. It adds up. Quick.

Also, it'll probably help prevent you from getting an infarction from sitting too long. Yay spontaneous clotting!

For those wondering:

u/antipode · 50 pointsr/wiiu

You're clearly still missing the exercise bike controller.

u/crashbandico0t · 41 pointsr/loseit

thank you!! i’m so much happier. I never realized how hard it was on me (both physically AND mentally) to be overweight.

I bought this bike here.

my quick and honest review - it was easy to assemble, the seat is super comfy, and it’s quiet. i’m a little too short for it, so I had to put some pedal extenders on (I was doing a number on my knees by hyperextending them every rotation). also, the console died after like a week. they sent me a replacement one for free within a couple days but I never installed it as I track the workouts on my apple watch. oh, also, it’s light, folds up tiny, and is really easy to move around (and hide!)

u/montanaclw · 26 pointsr/Fitness

I have an old coworker who has one of these under her desk. She seems to like it!

u/workingclassfinesser · 24 pointsr/college

Here you go. Honestly its great bike

u/IamAKetchupBot · 24 pointsr/LifeProTips

I just bought a desk cycle via Amazon for $150. Essentially it's just resistant pedals that sit on the floor. Probably one of the smarter purchases I've made in a long time and perfect for a small space, keeping it out of the way.

Edit: For those asking, this is what I picked up ...

u/ossej · 21 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Recumbent Bike + Ball winder = $185.39, leaving just shy of $15. Pretty much anything else would make me happy, but I really need these two things <3

u/Slytherinheir88 · 20 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

The most Life Changing thing on my wish list would be this [Exercise Bike] ( I would love to lose over 100 pounds (takes a lot for me to even admit this), and having this bike would really help me with exercising in my room late at night.

u/throwaway1138 · 16 pointsr/Accounting

I'm about to buy one of these baddies for my desk: desk cycle

u/Wishyouamerry · 13 pointsr/Parenting

How about a pedal exerciser just to give him a safe way to burn some energy while he watches TV. You could put up a big world map and track how far he “rides.” Then you could research the different countries as he’s “riding” through them.

u/torkysnots · 12 pointsr/homegym

Redmon Fun and Fitness Exercise Equipment for Kids - Weight Bench Set

u/Twinkaboo · 12 pointsr/loseit

I got the XTERRA Fitness FB150 Folding Exercise Bike from Amazon:

I read a bunch of reviews between several foldable bikes, and this one won out on being the quietest and sturdiest. For only $115, it has been a great investment. It was maybe 30 minutes to set up, and it fits nicely in the corner of my kitchen when I'm not using it.

u/kvossera · 11 pointsr/ADHD

DeskCycle Desk Exercise Bike Pedal Exerciser, White

u/zahrada · 10 pointsr/fitnesscirclejerk
u/cocainfancy · 10 pointsr/bodybuilding

you should get them this.
when i have kids, it will be my first purchase.

Amazon link for those who are interested

u/Samphis · 9 pointsr/wow


The whole setup cost like 60 bucks. Old raids don't take an awful lot of concentration, so that's my jam.

u/Nerdlinger · 9 pointsr/fitnesscirclejerk

Here's the reply she sent to dickwang:

> Here is what I'm on: 
I'm at max resistance, which I call 80%, for lack of anything else to call it. You may call it bullshit if it pleases you. I also use a Polar FT4 heart monitor to track my heart rate and length of workout. All the numbers I track are from machines. If those numbers upset you, take it up with the manufacturers. 
Something else you might want to know - I am not new to fitness. However, I am not obligated to disclose my employment history in order to have a Fitocracy account. So I'll let you guess what I did for a living before photography. You should also know that I'm fortunate enough to be able to work from home and my time is my own (except for class schedules, but I only take one class per semester). I work out when I can fit it in and it is a very high priority for me. Just because I'm no longer employed in the fitness industry doesn't mean I've quit working out or cut back at all. 
About the points for outdoor cycling vs stationary cycling: I don't know anything about it. Fitocracy belongs to you. You figure it out. I have never sent you an email or posted a comment about the points on Fitocracy. All I've done is track my workouts and mind my own business. There is no reason for anyone to concern themselves with me at all. I am more than a little disgusted that any of this needs to be said in the first place. 
If it will make you feel better, don't give me any points at all. Make it a new rule. I don't get any points for anything because my workouts are too intimidating. I'm serious. Do it. If it will stop grown men from crying over my workouts, then go for it. 

u/SmooveTato · 9 pointsr/xxfitness

I have this exercise bike. Running is my prefered workout, but I live in southeast, and when it's 89 degrees and 99% humidity at 9:30 PM, I just can't face it. So...this is my no-excuses tool. I put it in front of my tv and get going and it does exactly what I need it to do, which is get my heart rate up and get me sweaty enough to feel like I did something. It's nearly silent and light enough I can carry it around easily (maybe 35lbs?). It's not free, but it's about 6 months of a gym membership near me and I've had mine about 5 years.

u/ariet84 · 9 pointsr/Fitness

There are these. Not sure how quiet they are though.

Edit: review though they didn't say anything on noise. If it was interfering, it probably would have been mentioned.

u/blackesthearted · 8 pointsr/fatlogic

This is the one I ended up getting, but a friend has this one and loves it. I wish the height was adjustable, but it works fine otherwise.

It did kind of make a little squeaky noise at first, but I sprayed the bars (not sure if they have a name, where the pedals join the body) with cooking spray (and wiped off the excess with paper towels) and it's totally silent now. The resistance can be adjusted pretty far: with pliers (for I am weak, apparently) I can get it so tight I can't push the damn pedals. Took me a while to find a happy medium, but it's a pretty neat little thing. Gives me something to do while watching Westworld and the like other than the nothing I'd been doing.

u/deucedeuce24 · 7 pointsr/battlestations

ACL surgery is the reason I have the bike too! Good luck with the recovery

u/1000rabbits · 7 pointsr/TrollXChromosomes

I'm a person that loves to eat her sweets, but I also have this need to get out and exercise. So the fact that my job has be sitting down too much is wearing on me. TrollX, being the AWESOME community they are, clued me into the fact that these things exist! So now I'm totally budgeting for a desk cycle, I'm really excited about future desk excursions to nowhere. The ladies that introduced it lost quite a bit of weight using it and it didn't put undue stress on their joints!

u/three_two_bone · 7 pointsr/proED

I know they sell little ellipticals or bike pedal things that you can do under your desk! most of them are $100 or more but if you can afford it they might be a good investment.

here's a link to one so you know what i mean. x

u/Twosi · 7 pointsr/proED

I have the Aria by fitbit for my main scale.

My "double check" scale is this one here. Just to make sure.

I also use: This food scale as my in house food scale.

I have this one for my purse.

I also have these at home for use during the day: Fit Desk 2.0 wanting to get the extension desk for it at some point soon.

Elliptical/Bike Trainer in case I would prefer to "run".

Fitbit HR Charge Love this.

For hydration purposes: Electric kettle stainless steel with no plastic parts touching water ever. Love it.

Primo water pump with a two interchangeable 10 gallon jugs for easy no excuse water drinking.

My coffee maker right now is pretty... meh? I want to replace it this year with the ninja coffee bar.

u/Upward_Spiral · 6 pointsr/mildlyinteresting

It's also mildly interesting to see my affordable spinning bike from Amazon being used for such purposes:

u/tidbits_and_bytes · 6 pointsr/confessions

If you want a good way to work out indoors (if that would make you happier), maybe get something like this?
I have one and absolutely love it. There are also cheaper versions out there.

u/bob_in_the_west · 5 pointsr/loseit

The question here is: What does he do all day? Does he go to school? Is he unemployed? Does he work?

By the sound of it he's probably unemployed-ish.

That leads me to thinking that he sits in front of the computer or tv all day.

This would be the easiest option then:

He doesn't have to go out in public. Swimming for instance won't be an option for him because he is a) probably very self-concious and b) actually has to get his ass up and go there. So that falls through for me. But this under-the-table cycle could be great for him, because he can continue to watch tv and doesn't even have to get up from the couch.

And he can also use it with his hands to get some muscles in his arms.

This is great for his arms too, but it's a bit loud:

As everybody else has said, diet is of course the easiest option. Exercising is a free ticket for obese people to eat even more because "i exercised, so now it's time to reward myself".

u/lindseysometimes · 5 pointsr/xxfitness

Apparently a previous occupant of my office building left a folding desk cycle behind. I found out about it when my boss made a joke about it, so obviously I'm the dork that set it up under my desk and does a bit of cycling every hour.

u/Kakdi · 5 pointsr/india

My mother usesthis for the knee pain

u/limitlessandfree · 5 pointsr/proED

It's amazing!! It folds up for space. Tracks your time, distance, calories and heart. Also it has different levels of intensity.

u/MadgeWilkins · 5 pointsr/casualiama

I've heard good things about Desk Cycle. There's way cheaper versions of the same thing if you look around

u/yooperman7012 · 4 pointsr/loseit

" Please tell me what I need to do to stop eating in fast foods... "

- Meal prep some healthy meals so you have something ready to grab and eat that is healthy and planned. Get some cheap tupperware and a food scale. Try to keep the meals simple and make them in large batches. Get myfitnesspal app and track everything you eat. Get a weight scale to track your progress once or twice a week.

Meal 1: Baked Chicken + broccoli/any frozen veg + Brown rice/Sweet Potato is a pretty common meal. Drink unsweetened tea instead of sodas. Hummus and carrots instead of chips and fries.

Meal 2: Beans and Rice w/ salsa on top and some beef.

Meal 3: Breakfast Shake: Oatmeal + Peanut Butter + Chocolate lowcarb protein powder + Pecans. It seriously tastes like cake.

Meal 4: Rotisserie chicken + Salad. Season with Siracha or Franks Red Hot sauce (it has 0 carbs and sugar).

Snacks: Learn to make healthy protein bars or beef jerky. Id try eating 2 meals a day noonish and 5pm ish.

If u need a quick meal with nothing prepped, keep salad and cans of tuna in your fridge for a quick salad with a healthy dressing (i do apple cider vinegar + Oil + garlic).

Make small changes at first if you find this too hard, think about losing weight in the long term and make meals that you could see yourself eating for a year and still enjoy.

Also i would check with your doctor to see if there is anything in your blood work you need to be concerned about before you go all out on meal plan.


"and lastly, what exercises I could do"

-Id also recommend buying a spinner / stationary bike as they are easy on your joints. Check yard sales and craigslist if you are low on $. Make sure it has resistance you can increase. Then get a $30 amazon chest strap heart rate monitor so you can make sure you are in a fatburn/cardio heart rate zone (probably at least 140bpm for you). Then go on youtube and find a good HIIT bike workout and do it. Here is my favorite cycling workout: . Here is a $130 recumbent bike on sale on amazon: .

If you cant afford this stuff, i would just try walking around at a public track or swimming at a public pool. You could also try squatting. Once you are healthier you can do jogging, jump rope, and other cardio exercises.

u/PumpkinQueen · 4 pointsr/xxfitness

I don't have that model, but do have the Desk Cycle. I keep it under my desk at work and try to use it a few times a week. It is completely silent and except for my knees bobbing up and down, no one would realize I am using it. You can set the resistance and get a pretty good workout on it. It is on the pricier side but I enjoy using it and it helps me concentrate.

u/cybergeek11235 · 4 pointsr/Fitness

I use one of these at home (I don't have enough legroom at work to not utterly pulverize my kneecaps on my desk). It's nearly silent, and has adjustable resistances, the higher end of which are pretty freakin' solid. It's also one of the lowest-to-the-ground models out there, IIRC.

u/enough_cowbell · 4 pointsr/fasting

Check-in I'm hoping to do a long fast on this week's weekdays. I'm still working on my eating plan for eating days since zero carb leaves me low on energy. I work in front of a computer all day and don't get up much. So this week I splurged and bought an under the desk exercise bike and it is the greatest thing ever. I'm hoping it helps with kicking my metabolism into gear by bringing my activity level up a little higher than paralyzed slug.

AOTD 23/1 is generally my base plan and I like to turn that into a 48 or 72 when I can. I've done one 6 day fast and would like to try for a 10 day sometime soon. I'm here for the accountability and the motivation and the eating plan ideas.

EDIT: Don't forget to upvote the thread every day!!

u/Dr_Professor_Robot · 4 pointsr/rational

My mom's been having trouble with her knee lately. She told me it's been that way for years, and she used to work the kinks out of it on her exercise bike, but her bike broke down and she'd have trouble getting up into it right now anyway.

So I got her a tiny little mini bike that she can put under her desk or in front of her chair, and move around as she needs it! Hopefully it'll help her both with her immediate pain, and her long-term health, ensuring she's happy and healthy for many more years.

u/swancandle · 4 pointsr/loseit

I got one of these cheap exercise bikes to use at home, for the days I don't feel like going out. They take up very little space and it's easy to work up a sweat on them. Also very easy to just hop on and watch TV while you cycle. I highly recommend them and at $100, the savings of a gym membership add up fast.

u/midwest-of-eden · 4 pointsr/pelotoncycle

I have the Sunny Magnetic Resistance . Got it for $480 (watch camelcamelcamel for price drops). I got the wahoo cadence monitor ($40), I received the wahoo heart rate monitor as a gift, and both cadence and heart rate display on the app screen on my iPad. I put on my pedals/bike shoes from my road bike, as I started in the winter (and recently got new pedals for the road bike now that I know I will get use out of both).

Regarding resistance, the resistance knob turns 10 full revolutions, so I count each half turn as 5 points. If you are lighter or heavier, your “starting point” could be different. I get a great workout.

So what I’m ‘missing out’ on from the true experience is the leaderboard and metrics - specifically output. I am more interested in getting a good workout for myself and don’t need to compare to others on the leaderboard, so that’s not a loss for me. Output and metrics over time would be neat, sure, but for saving about $2k upfront and $20/month, it’s not that worth it for me. I have a friend who has a real Peloton bike, and uses it a small fraction of what I do - it’s about you, not about the bike itself.

I’m super happy with my setup, and would recommend it to you.

u/kbwoof15 · 3 pointsr/loseit

/r/fitmeals has some great and easy ideas. As far as the bike is concerned you could get one of these. I have one and if you get the RPMs up it's a good workout and easy to store.

u/therighteousbrother · 3 pointsr/LifeProTips

I have, this one. It worked well for me.

At US$150 It's definitely more expensive than a simpler model like this one at US$24, but the extra cost goes to making it quiet, which is a must if you're using it in cubicle land.

u/CaptainKatz · 3 pointsr/TwoXChromosomes

Do you have a lunch break at all? I know one way my dad would get some exercise in during the day was to take a walk during his lunch break. My parents are both older now and lead pretty busy schedules, but they either try to go for walks or use this mini-bike I found, it's pretty convenient because it's designed to fit under a desk. I can vouch for its usefulness--you can also set it to have more or less resistance. The only problem is that you need to be of average height/have the proper chair that fits you to use it (but I am a bit of an outlier--4'10 and most furniture is designed for adults, not kid-sized adults!)

Here's the link if you were interested.

u/skittles_rainbows · 3 pointsr/Teachers

Okay. Lazy person speaking. Do you have a Trader Joe's near you? Quality frozen food options. They have some awesome things available. If not, invest in a crockpot. If you're not afraid of left overs, you can eat for 2 or 3 days. Just set it up at night, put the insert in the fridge, and then in the morning put on low before going to work. Awesome. You have tasty dinner. So many options for chicken breasts, beef, pork chops, etc. Most recipes you just chuck things in there. Try and get a bag of salad (I know its not the best but hey its fresh vegetables) or a thing of frozen vegetables (despite what people say they have more nutrients because they are flash frozen right out of the field and don't lose them). Or if you make something like spaghetti throw in a couple handfuls of frozen mixed vegetables. Look into healthier snacks like baby carrots, wheat thins popped (my favorite), or string cheese. Make sure to drink plenty of water. Eat breakfast too. Even if it just a yogurt or yogurt smoothie in a bottle. Take a lunch. I was famous for Budget frozen meals or uncrustables. Just something to give you an energy midday. Keep some granola bars in your classroom. Nature Valley Soft Baked Oatmeal Squares are awesome.

Audible. I got away from reading when I started working. Then I discovered audible. Now I'll go to bed early so I can listen to a book before bed. I've started reading a lot more. I'll set a sleep timer and just go to sleep with the book on.

Want to exercise, don't want to spend a lot of money, and don't want to get off the couch? Try this. Awesome.

I have a rule. One day on the weekend is nap and snack day. I can lay around, do nothing, and have snacks. The other day, I force myself out. I go grocery shopping, walk around Wal-Mart, walk around Home Depot, etc.

Just a little more physical activity, some better food, and a hobby or two.

edited to say, if you want some awesome recipes for a slow cooker, let me know.

u/bzrunnin · 3 pointsr/artc

I have this one from Amazon. I don't remember paying that much. It's solid but my butt hates the seat. People around here were selling used spin bikes for nearly the same price so I bought it new.

u/klew3 · 3 pointsr/homegym

Also in Austin, also been regularly keeping an eye out for good deals and its not often but occasionally post do pop up for just Olympic plates, or bars, rarely bumpers but they happen; just got to keep an eye out. Facebook marketplace can be decent, and letgo in addition to offer up. There's also auction sites like or that semi regularly get workout equipment. Lastly there's always PlayItAgainSports that sell used weight for $0.6 per lb afaik (less that this post anyway).

My starting setup is a bench/benchpress/overhead pulley system + bar + 210 lbs of weight for $150 from craigslist. Sure everything was a bit rusty but some elbow grease took care of that and I plan to sell things off as I find better equipment at a reasonable cost.

Good deals come and go very quickly, it takes luck and checking probably 2x a day. Shoot, a few weeks back a got a practically new (20 minutes estimated use) stationary bike for $50, slightly different model but essentially the same.

Moral of the story is be diligent and eventually you'll find the right deal.

u/edgythrowaway69420 · 3 pointsr/EatCheapAndHealthy

this is the one I have! It’s actually 140 (oops) but I like it a lot.

u/toplessbooks · 3 pointsr/pelotoncycle

I have a Sunny belt style bike, I replaced the seat, added a cadence sensor, and bought a heart rate monitor. I am looking to replace my petals with clip in ones soon but have not done it yet. In total it all has cost me about $400 (minus the future petals and shoes). I have my bike situated facing a wall with peg board and I rest my ipad on the peg board while I ride. The only down side to my set up is I have to guess on my resistance as my bike does not have a digital resistance readout.

I did recently see that Bowflex came out with a bike it costs about twice what my set up is ($899 - so still half of what a Peloton is), and it will work out of the box with Peloton with no additions needed and a few extra bonuses my bike does not have like two water bottle holders and weight racks. Hard to justify the cost when I already have a functioning set up, but if I was starting from scratch that is what I would do.

u/rube · 3 pointsr/gaming

Gotcha. I think something like this might work better for me:

Not only would it have the controls out of my viewing area, but it also folds up.

Thanks again for all your help!

u/hydrogenbound · 3 pointsr/Fibromyalgia

Swimming is easy on my joints and I feel SO much better afterwards! I walk a lot, even though it's painful it helps loosen me up. Good lightweight shoes help. I have a recumbent stationary bike at home (it went on sale for $100) and it helps me stay active while I watch TV or read. If I want to snack I first drink a glass of water then eat a handful of almonds, makes me feel full without a lot of empty calories.

u/fnordcinco · 3 pointsr/gaming

I did a similar setup years ago, for anyone considering it a Recumbent Bike is the best way. You just sit there and play while peddling. I got in crazy good shape and up to an hour at a time at peak.

u/loseitbetty · 3 pointsr/loseit

Another treadmill is an option, or a stationary bike (I have this one and I like it, it's nothing fancy though), an elliptical, or a set of dumbbells that you can use for both strength and for added weight when doing an aerobic workout.

Of course there are others, but those are my suggestions. Look on Craigslist or something similar and see if you can get something for free or cheap, then you might be able to get more than one! Unless you're well off, then go straight for more than one from Amazon. ;)

u/reggietheporpoise · 3 pointsr/bodyweightfitness

adhd person here. motivation is especially hard for me sometimes. exercise has been super helpful. i do cardio every morning, and the r/bodyweightfitness recommended routine three nights a week.

but i started with just cardio. 30 minutes on a stationary bike. i used to listen to music while doing it, but my mood shifts pretty often, so i often don’t feel like listening to whatever music is on my phone. now i listen to audiobooks.

i pick a book that i’m really into and only listen to it when i’m on the bike. it motivates me to get going, especially when i’m invested in the story. by picking a book to only listen to when biking, my mind links the enjoyment of the story to the act of exercising, so the anticipation makes it a bit easier to get started sometimes. plus i can shut the world out for 30 minutes and be wherever the book wants to take me.

here’s a link to an inexpensive stationary bike that’s good for beginners. small footprint, foldable, and you can do cardio from the privacy of your home. mods, let me know if i’m breaking any rules by posting the link, i’ll delete it.

even if it’s not this, i hope you find some exercise that works for you! it’ll help to elevate your mood and motivation. and don’t be hard on yourself if you skip a day or two. set up a schedule and try really hard to stick to it, but also recognize that (mental and physical) rest is important. so give yourself some time if you need it. love from an internet stranger.

u/iNEVERreply2u · 3 pointsr/LifeProTips

It's probably this.

u/nnorton00 · 3 pointsr/Fitness
u/kingkev115 · 3 pointsr/fitbit

This is the one I have. I believe there's a newer version out but I'm not sure what the difference is.

u/Desaicrator · 3 pointsr/Fitness
u/MasterOfSporks · 3 pointsr/loseit

I was having the same dilemma. Just bought this pedal bike for under my desk at work. It's not the most rigorous workout, but it beats sitting still all day. I like it so far, but I'd keep the height of your desk/chair in mind.

u/SupermarketSweep · 2 pointsr/Fitness

I think it's this one that I have:

It's definitely something just to keep you moving rather than good exercise. It doesn't get my heart rate up too much, which is fine because I don't need to be sweating my ass off at work, anyway.

u/Pheobeh1 · 2 pointsr/Fibromyalgia

Before I get started, I want to let you know that I was told not to work during my pregnancy. Luckily, we can afford for me to be a stay at home mom. I’ve been pregnant a few times and have two adorable kids, one seven and one three months. I am so glad I was given this advice because there is no way I could have been on my feet during my pregnancies.

Also, you can do this! It’s hard, but if you love kids as much as me, you’ll do anything to get them! I viewed my pregnancy pain as acute pain. It was going to have a stop date... I could do this!

Also, my pain level did get worse after each pregnancy. I want to be honest about that. I combat it with exercise. I try to exercise every day now so that I have enough energy to be as active as a mom as I can. I do not regret my babies at all. They are my pride and joy and their existence is worth it. On the flip side, being with them lowers my pain level because it helps to keep my mind off of the pain.

  1. Find a PT who has had coursework in pregnancy. Specially ask for coursework. Experience was not enough for me with my first pregnancy... she was horrible. My second pregnancy I had a PT I had worked with for a few years and she specifically took PD for pregnancy for me!
  2. Your OB does not need to have experience with fibro to be a great OB for you as long as they are willing to learn! Neither OBs I worked with had had a patient with bad fibro before. Both were so amazing because they were willing to learn as things came up. The only thing I insisted is that I see them for all OB appointments and that they try their best to deliver me... and they both did! I also interviewed my OBs. This was easy to do in city 1. City 2 did not have a procedure to do this. I pushed back and explained that I was disabled and needed to find the best one to take care of me as a result. Second I said disabled, they made it happen. Only reason I had two different ones was because I moved across country.
  3. You may need to take opioids during pregnancy. Take the smallest amount possible. If you do, demand to have a consult during pregnancy to see a neonatologist at the hospital where you are delivering. They can help put your mind at ease. Talk to them about the hospitals protocol for babies born with any amount of narcotic in their system. They may have a longer stay. Find out the protocols for monitoring them for withdrawal. Find out who will be monitoring them for this...
  4. Pregnancy support bands are a must when you start to get big. They aren’t pretty, but you can barely see them when you are wearing clothes.
  5. Stay active during your pregnancy! Walk everyday. At least 20 minutes at 60-80% of the target heart rate for your age. You get endorphins this way that will help with the pain. You also will have more energy after the baby comes this way. When I got further along, this got harder. I got this to use as a sitting bike or an arm bike to make exercising easier. I continue to use it as an arm bike for the days I have trouble walking.
u/gimp439 · 2 pointsr/bicycling

It is a different work out, but it's expensive. Basic department-store-build handcycles start at about $2,000. Enthusiast setups start at $4,000 and go up from there.

Other than using a different muscle group there are no benefits to handcycling over a normal bike. It's heavier, more expensive, harder to transport, etc.

There are arm trainers that sit on a table top like this

u/paintnwood · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

exercise bike because i'm fat (but working on it.)

u/DullBoyJack · 2 pointsr/MTB

For an exercise bike, it's hard to beat a spin bike. Amazon has some surprisingly cheap options that are decent. I picked this one up and have had good luck with it so far:

Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike

u/vohk · 2 pointsr/homegym

Spin bikes, air bikes. You can get a solid enough spin bike new for ~$250 USD. Older and beat up looking ones can go for much less, and the design is simple enough that they are often easy to repair and maintain.

I wouldn't touch anything else in that price range unless someone is selling at a big loss. The cheap rowers (pneumatic style) can be well built enough but don't mimic a natural motion very well. Air-walkers are an accessory at best. Everything else is expensive for a reason.

u/SmokeyDoodles · 2 pointsr/xxfitness

We have thisthis sunny bike. We swapped out the pedals for clips and added a cadence sensor. We use it with the Peloton app, and it’s a pretty good set up at a reasonable price. Nothing like being able to take a spin class in your own home!

u/greeneyedwench · 2 pointsr/loseit

I have this. It's nothing fancy--I bought it a couple of years ago when I wanted to get in shape and the weather was crap. It didn't stick then, but it's sticking now, so all's well that ends well! LOL.

u/jojewels92 · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Ok....I have two big huge, equally important goals right now that can change my life. I can't decide what's more important so I think I will let you do it.

  1. I need to lose weight. Not just like 5-10 lbs. But I need to lose at the very least 130 lbs. My true goal is more like 150-160lbs lost. God....just seeing that number written down makes me feel sick to my stomach that I've let myself go this much. :( I can't realy afford a gym membership right now so if I had something like this exercise bike that I could put in our extra bedroom and use at my convenience it would help me tremendously. I have other cheaper things added that would also help me diet and workout.
    Rest of the wishlist

  2. I am currently in college starting my 4th year. Well, a couple weeks ago my laptop decided it would die. Three days outside of my warranty. FML. I think we all know how important technology is nowadays. This is increased two fold when 5/5 of my classes this coming semester use online labs or are online classes. Also, the library at my uni is always packed so I can't even do that and the public library computers are so dated it isn't funny. Since I am not working right now there is no way I can afford a computer. I think this laptop would work quite well for me in the meantime.

    Thank you for the amazing contest! You're seriously an awesome person.
u/PM_YOUR_BOOBS_PLS_ · 2 pointsr/LifeProTips

Buy a recumbent exercise bike and ride bike while playing games.

u/NoDepartment8 · 2 pointsr/pelotoncycle

I got a Sunny flywheel model SF-B1002 in November. I’ve taken spin classes on Schwinn flywheel bikes and the magnetic resistance bikes and strongly prefer the flywheel. I had clip shoes so I upgraded the pedals, added a handlebar mount for my iPad, and got a Wahoo heart monitor and cycling cadence sensor.

My only issue with the Sunny is that I can’t get it leveled on my flooring so it wobbles a bit when I’m out of the saddle. This is a minor annoyance and just reminds me to keep my weight back over the seat and to be firm through my core.

Excluding the app subscription I’ve spent less than $500 on a setup that allows me to take classes that fit my schedule. And since I first started considering the app Peloton have added a bunch of different types of classes so I’m pretty satisfied. I don’t value the leaderboard/shoutout/social aspect of the service (I’m always in the back or off to the side in my own little zone during live classes) so I doubt I’d upgrade to the Peloton bike. If this breaks down I’m more likely to replace it with another Sunny, try to find a Schwinn flywheel bike used from a gym, or to go to live classes instead.

u/skragen · 2 pointsr/running

It's a [Sunny Health & Fitness Belt Drive Indoor Cycling Bike, Grey]($ - so great and so quiet. Yeah, I think he didn't have a gym membership and decided to run some to get fit & spend time w me, but maybe isn't as into fitness (which is fine). I'm w you in the reading and learning nerd camp. He isn't. (For now.) I'm going to hold out secret quiet hope that maybe he and I will do a half together at some point. But, if not, it's fine- we knew each other for almost 20yrs without running together.

u/anandamides · 2 pointsr/pelotoncycle

Have you look on craigslist for a used sunny bike? I paid $150 for something similar to this sunny:

I was taking spinning classes in person, and I took a peloton class in nyc and liked the classes better. I wanted to prove to myself that I would use it, so I got the sunny off craigslist. At that point the bike was ~6 months old. I upgraded the bike with SPD clips, a wahoo cadence monitor, and phone holder. Since I was using the app nearly daily, I set up a craigslist alert for a used peloton bike an upgraded. I sold the sunny bike for the same amount I paid for, and the bike was still working great.

The main reason I wanted to upgrade was power zone training. The leaderboard isn't that motivating to me. The exact resistance numbers are helpful but my resistance estimates were pretty good (which I could tell from taking classes in the studio in nyc). My sunny bike was a good intro to peloton, and I don't have regrets. It was a solid bike.

u/chailatte_gal · 2 pointsr/pelotoncycle

I have been an app rider for 2 years. I started out with the app just to see if I liked peloton. For $15 a month I still get a great workout. I can match tempo of the instructors by watching their legs. I still push myself even without metrics. You could always do a Fitbit or Apple Watch if you wanted for heart rate. I just couldn’t justify the price tag when I get a good work out just fine with this bike.

I have this bike. It works great! if you go this route comment back and I can link the mat and iPad holder I have to.

u/Shannegans · 2 pointsr/homegym

Go for the one with the heaviest fly wheel you can afford. I bought the 49lb fly wheel one ([this] ( one) at the beginning of the year and it was a solid bike. Developed a knock noise, which is apparently a known issue, and an easy fix.. but we ended up just upgrading to a Peloton.

u/cosmicdusting · 2 pointsr/ehlersdanlos

I have it and am overweight. I have about 75 pounds to lose. My hips are an issue for me, mainly because of my weight right now. I bought myself a recumbent bike from Amazon. It's great because I'm short and has simple features and what not. Plus I can do it at home while watching Netflix and my 30 minute ride goes by quickly and I somehow end up pushing myself to do well (I guess because I'd feel awkward and such at a gym with other people around).

I used to let EDS control my life. I sat out of PE in high school because of it which only made my weight gain worse because I made more and more excuses for being lazy. The only thing stopping me is me. Yeah I'll hurt and I'll be tired but working out is my time to care for myself and losing weight will put less pressure on my joints.

Unfortunately you can't make her want to exercise but I hope (for her health) she gets the motivation to try.

I have this bike if you're curious.

u/cjkeeney · 2 pointsr/Fitness

First, you have to really want it and need willpower. Drinking is ingrained in social atmospheres. You have to really not want to drink. For work events that I don't want to drink at, I'll get just a diet coke in a cocktail glass and pretend I'm drinking.

Here's my suggestion. Get a semi recumbent bike. This is what I have. Look at the calories in your favorite drink. Hop on the bike and pedal away until you burn off those calories (It's not accurate if you're actually tracking calories, but a good benchmark). See how long it takes you to burn off that drink and you'll likely want it less. You'll need willpower to not "reward" yourself for working out.

Then start using the bike while watching TV, playing video games, reading, etc. In a couple weeks, you'll start feeling more conditioned. Then start focusing on pedaling faster and improving yourself. When you feel you're ready, get a gym membership.

Matthew McConaughey had the best quote in Men's Magazine when asked how he got in shape for one of his roles. "Tie your shoes. It's that simple. You tie your shoes, man, you know you're gonna do it."

u/Drawtaru · 2 pointsr/progresspics

Running doesn't build much muscle. Also if it's hurting you, don't do it.

I have a bad back and a bad foot, so running is out of the question for me, too, though I've tried to "power through" in the past, but that was pointless. So I got a semi-recumbent stationary bike off of Amazon for like $150 and it's fantastic. It's super quiet (I can use it when my husband is asleep on the couch 8 feet away and not wake him) and really easy to use. I use it for 30-60 minutes a day, 6 days a week. You should try one out sometime!

u/herbiesmom · 2 pointsr/xxfitness

I gave up on an adorable treadmill desk and ended up with a recumbent bike desk. I'm on my phone so forgive the mobile and ugly links. I have this bike and this as a desk

The table has a high height which is perfect for this bike. I love it. I work 40+ hours per week at it and have clocked nearly 450 miles on the bike. I love it. My legs are more toned and my back doesn't hurt. I broke my tail bone about 4 years ago and still had awful pain when sitting too long. But, shifting my weight to cycle allows me to sit comfortably. A few times I have gotten off of the bike and moved it back so I could stand for awhile. It's light weight and easy to move.

u/ddigby · 2 pointsr/diablo3

I just got this: delivered yesterday. I hadn't seen the OP's previous post but I decided that if I was going to work out it was going to be easiest to do it while working/playing on the PC.

It's not a treadmill but it's cheap and folds up if, and it's very very quiet. The hardest part so far is deciding how I am going to set up a keyboard/mouse table for it. I think I'll probably wind up making something out of PVC and shelfboard. Right now I have a small plastic folding table that I've used PVC to extend the legs on and it works OK, but it's too large for the area it's in.

u/name_was_taken · 2 pointsr/oculus

I actually own one of these. They output to a Gamecube port, which you can then convert to a USB Joystick for the PC. It has buttons on the handlebar with all of the controls, and the speed of pedaling controls the vertical axis on the analog stick as well. Oh, and the handlebar rotates for turning.

I've been wanting to make a virtual cycling game, but I'm not an artist, so I haven't got any decent visuals. The actual cycling part would be really easy in comparison.

The only thing I'm worried about is balancing on it. It doesn't wobble or anything, but the idea of having my head completely enclosed while on it is a little disconcerting.

u/burnova · 2 pointsr/funny

I don't send pictures to Canadians. Nor do I clean my room just to post my set up on reddit.

However: This is the Bike:

This is the desk

I have the Cabinet on the right hand side of the desk, in a corner, while the desk juts a but out in the room. This allows me to see the TV in the other corner, so I never needed to leave my chair to play PS3, hence my current set up, which actually just went into effect two days ago.

Because I don't find the seat all that comfortable for extended periods, I'm considering getting a wireless gameboard., a small arm rest for it and a mouse, cloning my primary monitor to my TV, and just biking in the middle of the room on occasion.

I'm so lazy I need to invent new ways to work out.

u/throwaway20131103 · 2 pointsr/homegym

For me it would be a toss up between:

u/TheHeretic · 2 pointsr/loseit

Just want to say, if you are afraid of the gym I HIGHLY recommend getting a recumbant bike, I bought this one amazon 6 weeks ago

I bought it for the same reason, I don't like being at the gym, I felt judged (even though I doubt people are). I just crossed 210 miles on it and I am 10lbs down, couldn't be happier, its a lot up front ($160 ~ 6 months gym membership) but its so much more convenient, you're more likely to work out.

u/Chefbexter · 2 pointsr/migraine

I have a recumbent bike. I like that it is low impact and I can sit up, and it has 10 resistance settings. So on some days I can work harder than others. I got it at [Here's the link ]( this out at
Exerpeutic 900XL Extended Capacity Recumbent Bike with Pulse

u/pvera · 2 pointsr/loseit


Sturdy as hell, very easy to assemble, very easy to use. The two problems I have with it: the non-standard saddle mount, and the seat post angle is fixed (it feels like a cruiser, I would like it a bit more steep). It folds to use about half as much floor space as in its working configuration, it has two casters that can be used to drag it around, they are not in contact with the floor when the bike is setup for use. It is light enough that we can fold it and carry it around the house to wherever we want to work out, so for example I'll do my workouts at my home office, my wife will do them in front of her TV and my son will do them in the living room.

Strange feature: instead of a water bottle cage it has a plastic pocket sized perfectly for a smart phone or maybe an MP3 player.

u/Bakedalaska1 · 2 pointsr/proED

I just bought this bike off Amazon and I really like it so far. Seems solid and works well!
Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike with Pulse

u/plutoniannight · 2 pointsr/xxfitness
u/Moonwomb · 2 pointsr/xxfitness

I have an elliptical that I got through my friend's amazon prime account for $100.00 not including taxes and honestly I'm very happy with it. It doesn't require a plug in or battery and you can adjust the resistance which is controlled by a belt/fan inside as you peddle. It's quiet as well, easy to move, and doesn't require much space.

Here's the ad

EDIT: Format

u/Whoa_Bundy · 2 pointsr/Brogress

I basically follow this timer.

Sometimes I mix it up and just go fast and slow on my own whim.

and I use this bike in my basement. For $130 dollars, can't go wrong.

u/Sarahisnotamused · 2 pointsr/TrollXChromosomes


It's a company called Exerpeutic. I found it on Wal-Mart's website. It has a digital timer/calorie counter included and it's magnetic so it doesn't make a sound. Given the price I was worried it would be a piece of crap, since most of the other bikes I saw with these features were considerably more expensive, but it has been great.

Edit: Oh, I found it! A bit more expensive than when I bought it, but still reasonable. This is the exact one I got.

u/AAAAAbirb · 2 pointsr/bipolar

No problem. Here is the bike I bought:
It's actually $130. It's foldable and was super easy to put together.

u/Hummus_Hole · 2 pointsr/FoodAddiction

I know how you feel. I have felt this way too many times to count.

You are living in a constant cycle of negatives thoughts and negative behaviors.

What has helped me and helped kick off me finally losing weight was "faking it until you make it"

I hated my appearance, I would cry when I would look at pictures of myself, I disgusted myself. Then one day I looked in the mirror and said "Fuck it, I am beautiful at this weight and any weight I choose to be!" I dressed better, I wore makeup cut all my hair off (you don't have to be that extreme :) I liked what I saw in the mirror. I decided to love me for me.

This is the only body I got so I should accept it for what it is and what it does for me.

Then I decided to log my food just out of curiosity (LoseIt app). Saw I was eating waaaaay more of the bad stuff than I thought. Started eating more veggies and using a foldable bike to get under my budget.

I lost some lbs. I got happy and I noticed the cute clothes I had were fitting even nicer.

Then a friend of mine who also had weight issues told me about C25K. I always thought I had bad knees (my knee has dislocated twice in my youth while doing mundane things) so I was hesitant...but I decide to just give it a shot, if I fail I fail but at least I tried. My buddy had issues with asthma so we always would make it to week 4 of the program and just stay there. I finally took it upon myself to keep going...with or without her. I complete C25K. I can not run for 6 miles!

So the point I am trying to make is that I accomplished what I never thought I would by just changing my negative attitude to a positive one. I know it is easier said than done.

But if you "fake it until you make it" pretend you are an athlete, pretend you are the most sought after fashion model in the industry! You eventually with feel this to be true and those feelings and thoughts become reality.

You work around small children. The things you say to yourself, would you ever say those things to any of the children in your care? Someone once said this to me. I would never tell a child they are hideous...why should I say that to myself?

PM me if you ever want to talk.

u/ekaceerf · 2 pointsr/LifeProTips
u/SzStarsEatArt · 2 pointsr/loseit

You're overwhelming yourself before you even start, and that's a good way to crash and burn!

Let's go one thing at a time:

Finding a physician without insurance. If you're in the US... good luck with that. You can get some basic info from a FastMed, and they might be able to make a referral from there.

Mental health help can be found at r/BingeEatingDisorder/ or any number of similar subs. R/proED is very active, but tends to cater more to people who WANT to continue their eating disorders.

I strongly recommend against surgery. For one, it's expensive. More to the point, it's not entirely effective. You could lose all the weight and gain it right back, doing all kinds of damage in the process if you don't learn healthy habits along the way.

<br />
Calories. You are going to have to eat fewer of them, and there are LOTS of ways to do that. Whether you count them or not is up to you. Some people find that it helps, but for others it is a complete waste of time. You can get a free MyFitnessPal account if you want to try. You will, however, need to also purchase a food scale, and get in the habit of measuring every single thing you eat.<br />
<br />
It sounds like you were doing great on a plant based diet. My husband and I enjoy Mediterranean food. It's plant based, and we get a satisfying amount of healthy fats to keep those junk food cravings at bay. <br />
<br />
The seated exercises you were doing are a GREAT place to start. I've always been a walker, but my husband thought he would never be able to due to problems like yours. His legs and feet hurt, and he hardly tried. We found a series of three Kim Lyons DVDs that started out with seated exercises and graduated into walking exercises. <br />
<br />
Another thing that was helpful for him was a [pedaler]( (Not that exact one, but something like it.) He would do 10 minutes a night, every night, no matter what. It hurt at first, and he couldn't get his toes all the way down on the pedals. Within a couple of weeks, he no longer had tight ankles. Now he is able to walk a mile with me every night. Soon, he will be able to join me for the full 3-5. BABY STEPS! You do what you need to do, at the pace you need. If it hurts, you're not going to keep doing it. <br />
<br />
They no longer carry it, but [this bra]( is pretty similar to the one I use. I'm also unsure of my proper size, and probably won't bother measuring until I am a lot closer to my goal weight. If you try anything high impact, you'll be slapping yourself in the face with your tits, but it's fine for walking. If you are comfortable with the idea of a stranger touching you, you could get measured in a [Lane Bryant store]( for one of their bras. Had it done once when I was much younger. I imagine they still do it now.<br />
<br />
If your boyfriend's shorts chafe you, just wear pajama pants or sweats. I walk in my regular old jeans when I go out. If I am exercising indoors, I just wear a tee shirt and panties. :-P Again - if it's causing you discomfort, you probably won't stick with it. Make the outfit as comfortable as possible, so you can focus on the exercise itself.<br />
<br />
Lots of people will say Intermittent fasting is great. I'd argue against it. It's a disordered behavior that anorexics have engaged in for centuries that has somehow become socially acceptable in the last decade or so. If you are trying to free yourself from disordered eating behaviors, this is not a habit you should pick up.<br />
<br />
Joining a gym is entirely optional. If you have the money for it, and feel like a personal trainer would help you learn how to exercise properly, then go for it. My experience as an obese person at the gym was absolutely dreadful. (Bullied daily by a trainer after declining his services until I could no longer bear to step foot in the gym.) Walking is free, and so is r/bodyweightfitness if you want to add in some strength training. <br />
<br />
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<br />
<br />
Ultimately, I would say the best thing you can do right now is to start with what worked for you before. Figure out what you struggled with the most, and tackle one problem at a time. <br />
<br />
You don't have to run a marathon tomorrow, and you certainly don't need to starve yourself. You don't have to lose 100 pounds by February. <br />
<br />
You do need to make changes that you can sustain for the rest of your life. This sub is a great way to learn more about those changes. Just remember that what works for someone else may not be what works for you, and that is perfectly okay. There's no magic bullet, and everyone is different.<br />
<br />
You're headed in the right direction! You can do this!
u/EntireInternet · 2 pointsr/Paleo

Wasn't quite what I expected when looking for meal ideas this morning, but... I've used a standing desk for four or five years now. I've used drafting chairs and the kickstand stool like you linked (tip: save hundreds and make it yourself; this is a good companion footrest).

Both of them are okay for fixed-height standing desks but I just bought the IKEA crank-based adjustable height desk. I can only use the stool (or stand) for a limited amount of time, and the drafting chairs just aren't as good as the better normal-height desk chairs. With the adjustable desk, I can invest in a good quality desk chair for sitting but still switch to standing whenever I want.

I still stand, and use my seat-on-a-stick, but I also wanted to take good care of myself when I needed to sit so I think the adjustable desk is worth it.

As an aside, if you want to terrify observers and get a little bit more exercise, I often pair my seat-on-a-stick with one of these. I've only fallen once...

u/JohnnyJaymes · 2 pointsr/NoStupidQuestions

Not only do people fidget to relieve anxiety, but they also have found that people that move around a la fidgeting/physical activity are able to focus better, learn easier, and solve problems a lot quicker.

If you're a big time fidgeter you may have had someone compliment you at least once for how smart you are for [fill in the blank]. That could be computers, interior design, art, music, etc. Of course I mean people other than your parents - everyone thinks their offspring are all special little snowflakes.

One footnote to that however is you may have some form of ADD/ADHD, but that's ok if fidgeting helps you focus which it sounds like it does.

If you get a desk job like I have (and your employer allows it) you could get a DeskCycle and peddle your way to the top of the corporate food chain...or at least not be that one person at the office that incessantly clicks their pen open and closed all the time.

u/cobrahands · 2 pointsr/fitpregnancy

I have an out of the box suggestion since cycling seems to be something that interests you. You could get an under the desk cycling apparatus since it would be smaller and easier to transport than a full blown bike. And, theoretically, you could use it while watching tv.

u/R4p354uc3 · 2 pointsr/AskEngineers

Speaking in general, if you are dealing with programming/cs, you are going to have to be sitting in front of a computer most of the time.

However, there are different areas that you can get into that might involve more moving around, or things you can do as a general developer to be more active.

If you are just a run-of-the-mill SD/SE/SDE (like myself), you can often request a different ergonomic situation, or do something yourself. I've seen people who don't like to sit, so they put their desks on "stilts" so they can stand in front of their computers. This way you can be up and about while you are programming. There are options for this if you are at a cubicle as well. Most companies have a team that has something to do with ergonomics that you can talk to about these things. Another thing that I've seen people do is get these small devices with pedals on them so that they can pedal underneath their desks while they are programming.

Some companies (not all) have areas where you can go if you feel like you've been sitting at your desk too long to play games like ping pong or foosball. You can also go out for a run or exercise on your lunchbreak.

If you're ambitious and work hard at your career, you could end up being promoted to a software development manager (managing a team of developers) or a technical project manager (working with multiple teams on a higher level project with a focus on technical knowledge). These jobs require a lot more moving up and about than a normal developer. There are also entry-level positions for project managers as well.

Aside from that, that's pretty much as active as it gets in CS. If that's not what you meant by "being active and moving around" then I'm not sure this is the right field for you. But there are definitely CS-based positions available where you have to move between groups to work on projects.

Hope this helps :)

u/rSpinxr · 2 pointsr/Fitness

They don't get a lot of love, but I got a desk cycle since a lot of times I am tied to the desk doing something and can't walk around. Frequent stretching, walks, and this have helped me. Not saying it replaces the gym or anything, but makes me more aware of my posture and keeps the blood flowing.

This one is low profile and virtually silent:

u/ohchaco · 2 pointsr/loseit

I'm in the same boat. I've bought a balance disk for my chair, which helps keep my core engaged and improves my posture. I also got a standing desk (your employer might be willing to get you one - mine did!) which I use for a few hours a day. I don't like standing all day as it's not great for my lower back, but it's nice to stand for a bit. I am planning to eventually purchase a deskcycle. There's elliptical versions of this you can purchase as well if that's more your style. Lastly, I try to walk around and do some light stretches periodically throughout the day. I wouldn't really constitute any of this as exercise (although the deskcycle could be if you were diligent about using it), but it does make my body feel a heck of a lot better than just sitting, motionless for the entire day!

u/thebucketmouse · 2 pointsr/Fitness

If you want to get something like that, get one that uses magnetic resistance rather than friction like the one you listed. Something like this

u/mysticorset · 2 pointsr/ADHD

I switched from bouncing my leg to tapping my feet (alternating between toe and heel, often in rhythm to music if I am wearing headphones or just have something stuck in my head), especially with my shoes off so it doesn't make so much noise.

Maybe something like this under your desk might help though ... actually, now I want one of these, this would be fantastic to have on the go.

u/idgaf- · 2 pointsr/PEDs

One thing I added is a DeskCycle under my desk at work. In the morning I take one dose of EC and pedal away. It comes out to an extra 100 calories an hour, plus I feel like I walked several miles by lunch. If you got a desk job it's the bomb.

I've been doing this during my slow bulk to manage the fat gain.

u/denigrare · 2 pointsr/Fitness

Hi there! I use this bike machine which is just the pedals and not the seat. This way you can use your own chair or seat. There is a problem with sliding sometimes so I typically have it against a wall with my chair against a table or something. The calorie counter broke after a few months, but I have had the bike for nearly 2 years now and it works perfectly. I use it an average of 10 hours per week while watching netflix.

u/my_akownt · 2 pointsr/90daysgoal

Ive been looking into standing desks as well and found them to be expensive for something I may not even use. I recently discovered desk pedals and am currently researching them a bit more. I just want something to mitigate the effects of long term sitting.

u/Anokoku · 2 pointsr/loseit;amp;ref=yo_pop_mb_pd

Looks like its not on sale anymore. But still worth the purchase!

u/dmcassel72 · 2 pointsr/cscareerquestions

At times, I've handled this by getting up, moving to the side of the room, and standing for a bit. It's difficult to be physically still but mentally alert for any length of time (see conference fatigue).

The key to pulling this off is to avoid being a distraction when you do it. Where you sit makes a difference. If you do get up, don't make a big deal of it, just slip off to the side of the room. Let it be apparent that you're still focused on the speaker -- you're paying attention, just changing your position.

For those who dial into long meetings while working from home, here's another one -- I have an exercise bike under my desk (I got this one). During a long meeting, I'll pedal away, which gets me more physically active, which helps me stay mentally alert.

u/DoctorOddfellow · 2 pointsr/writing

Depends on how much you expect to write daily.

I think a minimum goal should be 500 words. That's about two typed, double-spaced pages. Writing 500 words a day, five days a week, for 50 weeks a year (assuming a two-week vacation) is an output of 125,000 words a year, or one good-sized novel per year. If you could pull that off you'd be doing better than the vast majority of writers.

500 words does not take long to write. Once you get in the habit, you can crank 500 words out in less than an hour.

So how do you find the time to do that? As another poster said, you make the time. Get up an hour earlier. Stay up an hour later. Skip a TV show in the evening and write instead. Write during your lunch break at work. Get one of these and write while you exercise. Do all your meal prep for the week on Sunday and use the time you would have been cooking dinner to write. Etcetera.

With practice, almost anyone can find make the time to crank out 500 words a day.

u/abbazabba75 · 2 pointsr/Fitness

my mums got one of these. pretty fucking sweet honestly. when im on holiday i do a nice little 4 mile run and finish it off with 30 minutes on this with high intensity, shit gets you sweaty. not a waste of money.

u/CaptMerrillStubing · 2 pointsr/Fitness

This is a brutal torture device that burns calories like nothing else. It's leagues beyond a typical stationary bike.
If max cals burned in minimum time is your goal then this is your tool.

u/242throwaway242 · 2 pointsr/FOGRemoval

Sunday: After a few days of thinking about it, I purchased a wind-resistance exercise bike on Amazon. Low-impact exercise is good for depression and if I actually do have osteoarthritis, it's good for that too. I had a similar machine as a kid and I used it a fair amount. It's kind of expensive but I think it'll be worth it if I actually use it regularly. We'll see. It should arrive around Tuesday and if I need help assembling it Amazon threw in free assembly which I have scheduled on Friday.

I spoke to a person who my ex had made friends with (via text) yesterday... I had spoken to her (the friend) a little bit last year but found it too triggering. Found out more disturbing stuff about the way my ex acted when I left. The friend thinks BPD might actually fit, but she's not sure. I'm even more glad I've maintained NC.

u/BobFiggy · 2 pointsr/homegym

Schwinn AD2 for $329. I've had mine for about 3 years and have no complaints.

Schwinn AD2 Airdyne Bike

u/_A11is0n · 2 pointsr/loseit

I have this bike I bought from Amazon it's less than $200 and the weight limit is 400lbs. It is technically folding but it is pretty heavy, so I think it would be a huge pain to fold and unfold everyday.

Exerpeutic GOLD 500 XLS Foldable Upright Bike, 400 lbs

u/BrokenFang · 2 pointsr/loseit

Ok so I finally got cleared to work out after a major accident I had that left me immobile for a year and a half. I want to get [this] (;amp;linkCode=sl1&amp;amp;tag=fobianhepe-20&amp;amp;linkId=06cb2b9dbe38858a61bbcb6085b5fc08) bike and the limit is 325 lbs. I weigh 334 right now and I'm hesitant to buy it. I don't want it to break on me.
Will it be ok or no? I plan on using it a lot.

u/emmygurl09 · 2 pointsr/pelotoncycle

My husband and I have our DIY setup in our garage and absolutely love it! I was hesitant to purchase a new Peloton since I had never been the workout-at-home type and was worried this expensive piece of workout equipment would become a dust collector in our garage. We decided to try the DIY workaround before investing a lot of money into the "real" thing.

We use a Sunny B1805 with the Wahoo Cadence sensor attached to the crank arm. I really wanted a magnetic belt drive and this one was probably the most affordable we found. I wish we had spent a little more and invested in a bike that comes with SPD pedals since I know we will be upgrading those in the near future. Other than that the bike is great and I highly recommend it!

We live in CA where the weather is mild pretty much all year so we decided to put the bike in our garage. We screen cast the classes to a TV we have hung up on the wall using an AppleTV and use our phones to view cadence in the Wahoo app. I also have a FitBit Versa that I use for HR purposes, though it does not sync with the Peloton app (huge bummer).

Other odds and ends we have in our setup: WiHoo Mini Handheld Portable Fan we attach to the tablet holder, floor fan, a set of Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbells for strength classes (we don't do weights on the bike), and a basic Yoga mat.

It has surprised me just how happy I am with this setup! I thought I would feel like I was missing out by not having the leader board and not being able to track my stats. But I have yet to take a live class since the times don't work well for us west coasters with 9-5 jobs and commutes. And while I would like to be able to see output and resistance, I don't feel like my workout is suffering for not having them. I used to take spin classes regularly and most of those were about feel rather than exact numbers.

We've been using this setup since July and, honestly, I don't see myself buying a Peloton now. If anything I may upgrade to a better bike at some point. But for $20 a month I am getting an excellent workout that dips and sways with my schedule. I don't think I could justify being locked into $40 a month when I don't feel I am missing out much on the extras that come with the full price.

Here's a pic of our setup.

u/Insaniac99 · 1 pointr/KotakuInAction

I use this to exercise while playing games, you can get cheaper lower quality ones like this you can peddle constantly while gaming and then crank up the resistance when you aren't playing and burn more calories.

u/chugotit · 1 pointr/loseit

This. And I call bullshit on you not having the time to get some exercise during your "busy but sedentary day". Sure, you may not have the time to hit the gym or take a shower if you get sweaty, but you can get more exercise during the day... Walk between meetings or appointments. No time? Park further away and walk fast for a few minutes.

Stuck at a desk on the phone?

Swap your chair for one of these;amp;qid=1325090871&amp;amp;sr=8-22

Get one of these under the desk;amp;qid=1325090675&amp;amp;sr=8-2

If you can make this work in your office and have the funds, I highly recommend this;amp;qid=1325090932&amp;amp;sr=8-53

Sling some weight while on conference calls;amp;qid=1325091060&amp;amp;sr=8-5

My point is that your best chance at success is not to come up with excuses or be a victim. Instead, figure out how to get some exercise, in spite of being busy and having a sedentary job. Sure, it's not the same as freeing up an hour or two a day to 'hit the gym', but if you can get 25% of your exercise requirements addressed without adding a 25th hour to your day, your 25% closer to your end goal.

Lots of little things add up... A little more exercise, a little more water intake, a little more attention to portion control, a little more of your plate filled with veggies. Suddenly, a new you! You can do this.

u/losingme · 1 pointr/Fitness

Hmm, that's an interesting idea. I just looked that up on Amazon and they don't seem that bad. Perhaps it's the wrong kind?


u/2bbshow · 1 pointr/disability

If you take off the bells and whistles, they're all pretty much the same thing with varying methods of adding resistance. Currently I've got my eye on one on Amazon that's about $160, plus $30-40 for the handles which replace the pedals. It doesn't have much beyond a timer and a dial to increase or decrease resistance. The one you're used to looks like it tracks your workout, maybe your vitals, how much energy expended, and possibly has an option to automatically change resistances so it seems like you're going up and down hills. For my money, most of that stuff can either be figured out on my smartphone/manually or just ignored, so I'm fine with the sub $200 price for my setup (also, space being at a premium...).

I feel like your workout will be fairly cardio intensive either way, though the larger machines do have a few possible advantages. The biggest of which is that if you're larger/stronger than most, the floor machine would be much more stable than a table top unit unless the latter is bolted down. Another possible advantage is that with the space and electrical usage, the floor machine may be able to take advantage of electromagnets to push resistances far beyond that of which a table model is capable (purely conjecture, I have no idea if any floor models use electromagnets or if they can crank them well beyond a table top model and am basing this on physics alone)

u/soulareus · 1 pointr/Unity3D

My exercise bike doesn't have any special output. I agree that it would be really cool to take heart rate and be able to adapt the power of the game based on optimal performance. This is the bike I bought for 150 bucks:;amp;qid=1417821000&amp;amp;sr=8-11&amp;amp;keywords=magnetic+exercise+machine
Even without the extra info though you can do a ton with the velocity, direction information. You should get a leap and build something for you bike! Then let me play it :D

u/WheeledGnosis · 1 pointr/CerebralPalsy

So, I have spastic diplegic cerebral palsy. Although recently, on a letter of medical necessity, I have a doctor classified my cerebral palsy as quadriplegic. So apparently, that's a thing.

In any case, exercise is often a specter for me as well. I was recently placed on medication to manage blood pressure. It is a slight derivation from normal, but consistently elevated. The medication has managed it so far – but I do not want to be placed on additional medication, if I can help it.

All of this is to say that I went out and got myself an upper body ergometer. If that doesn't sound familiar to you, it's a fancy way of saying "arm bike."

The specific version I got is wheelchair accessible. It is called the [MagneTrainer.] (;amp;pd_rd_i=B000V53KD8&amp;amp;pd_rd_r=ANTN3QRQESQS3P7F0098&amp;amp;pd_rd_w=3S7zo&amp;amp;pd_rd_wg=yvlLB&amp;amp;psc=1&amp;amp;refRID=ANTN3QRQESQS3P7F0098&amp;amp;dpID=41ns1qmFnML&amp;amp;preST=_SY300_QL70_&amp;amp;dpSrc=detail)

With the wheelchair accessible stand, and the ergonomic handles – which you may or may not think about getting, as you seem to have hand involvement, more on this in a second – it comes to around $500. Which, admittedly, is not inexpensive. But, on the other hand, it is not nearly as expensive as some handicap specific exercise equipment can be.

And I can verify that it will give you an intense upper body workout. The first time I used it, I was a bit overzealous with the tension, and so afterwards, my upper body felt like so much beaten and raw meat. 😀

But, back to the issue of your hand involvement. You might stick to the base handgrips, as they may be easier to grasp. Alternatively, I had a physical therapist once who liked to use UBEs with people who had cerebral palsy. And she had no compunctions physically strapping hands onto handlebars to support their limited abilities to grasp. So, it's a thought.

Admittedly, I do not know your body. And so, your mileage may vary. However, it feels great to be able to do this kind of exercise. Of course, I would love to be able to do more. Swimming, as you say, is fantastic exercise. However, it also requires someone like me, and from the sounds of it, someone like you, to have people who can assist. Which unfortunately means being dependent on other people. Which can be frustrating, as I'm sure you'll agree.

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I like this pedaler. It's a bit tall to fit under many desks though while still allowing your knees up. You would need a raised desk like the lady in the pic has.

u/OPs_Mom_and_Dad · 1 pointr/homegym

Ya, I totally get that. Flat bench chest flies especially, that seems to be the one where they always want to hang out right beneath me. I've come to accept that unless it's nap time, I'm probably not going heavy. That said, the best solution I've found thus far is to get my kids involved. I do a lot with kettlebells, and about six months ago I got my oldest (2) a stuffed animal kettlebell, which she absolutely loves and must have with her while I'm working out. Her form is garbage, but she legitimately does the exercises with me, knows to stand back a bit (so she can have space, don't want Daddy getting in the way of her kettlebell swings) and in general it helps me get my work in.

In about a year, I plan to pick this up for her. I'm hoping for similar results.

u/fraukrusha · 1 pointr/truewomensliberation

I've seen this pedal thing for exercising at your desk that I've been thinking of buying. It's like just the pedals from a stationary bike that you can leave under your desk or chair and use while youre sitting there

This isn't the exact one but its what Im talking about

u/Soahtree · 1 pointr/team_ironman

My brother uses this one which is a folding/budget version of the same thing. He quite likes it when he remembers to use it :B

u/SymeonStar-Eyes · 1 pointr/loseit

I use an exercise bike any time I play a video game. I like to play video games a lot, so I tend to use the bike a lot throughout the day. I played a lot of Smite yesterday :)

Also, nice job with losing 45 pounds! Keep it up!

u/MCHammerCurls · 1 pointr/xxfitness

I have this one. It was on sale when I bought it. It's as sturdy as any of the spin bikes I've used at a commercial gym.

u/rdk_thethird · 1 pointr/homegym

Sunny Health &amp; Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike

u/Stinnett · 1 pointr/weightroom

Any advice on choosing an indoor exercise bike? I just want one for doing some easy cardio at home when the weather sucks. I was considering this one in particular

u/GodDamnYou_Bernice · 1 pointr/xxfitness

There's a great bike on Amazon that is at my gym, that I'm also looking to buy for home. She can always youtube a spin class :)

here's the link to the bike:;amp;ie=UTF8&amp;amp;qid=1467044598&amp;amp;sr=1-3&amp;amp;keywords=spin+bike

It's around $270.00 :)

u/R680 · 1 pointr/Metal

you could get some sort of exercise bike for home...the moment you get home, get on it for 45 minutes no matter what, you don't have to go nuts and ride hard, you just have to do it. Guarantee your mood will be better. I got this one and while it has no frills, it does the job.

u/catladywholunches · 1 pointr/loseit

I’m not sure how much room you have, but I got a Sunny spin bike (;amp;qid=1539661730&amp;amp;sr=8-5&amp;amp;pi=AC_SX236_SY340_QL65&amp;amp;keywords=stationary+bike&amp;amp;dpPl=1&amp;amp;dpID=51R7RACDZsL&amp;amp;ref=plSrch) off Craigslist for $100 and then paid something like $14? A month for the peloton app/workouts. Just put a yoga mat under it and I don’t think it made any noise to the downstairs neighbors. The peloton app also comes with good arm, core, and lower body workouts.

u/RedVelvetIsntAThing · 1 pointr/Fitness

I want to get an exercise bike so I can do HIIT in my apartment. Can anyone speak to either of these two products?

Sunny Health &amp; Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike:

Marcy Foldable Exercise Bike:

Or something else?

u/machinate · 1 pointr/bjj

Is an indoor spin bike an option for the bike sprints? Something along the lines of this bike.

I've never really done track/field or bike riding so I don't know what kind of bike you need to get a comparable workout to regular sprints, but doing the sprints on an indoor bike appeals to my cave dweller sensibilities.

u/Concillian · 1 pointr/cycling

I bought this one, which is a tad over $200:

Works well. The stock seat SUUUUCKS. Had to buy a different seat, but otherwise my wife uses it several times a week and I've used it a few times when I wanted a workout but didn't feel like taking my bike out in the rain. My workouts have included low intensity for an hour or so as well as intervals. The knob doesn't have clicks or anything, so you just have to play the resistance by ear, but it works well enough for an inexpensive spin bike.

u/qes · 1 pointr/Fitness

I have a cheap, but reliable recumbent bike:

I think I'd recommend jumping rope, jogging, or doing some HIIT over a recumbent bike, though.

For strength:
A door frame pull up bar:
Push up handles:
Set of adjustable dumbbells:

A weight vest or belt, something to add weight to body weight exercises like pull ups, dips, and push ups. These can get spendy (, but are a good way to continue progressive overload on body weight exercises.

A bench with incline/decline and leg raise/ham curl piece on the end.

u/Checkers10160 · 1 pointr/Fitness

I don't know if you are looking to get a hardcore, top of the line bike, or just something to do a little cardio with. I just ordered this today, between the price and reviews, it was perfect. I cannot stand running because I have awful endurance and nowhere to run really, so I figured this would be a good stepping stone and I can do it while watching TV or something. Maybe not the best, but it seems like a good entry level bike if that's what you're looking for

u/saroka · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

Still going through... XD

9, 10, 11

Phew, all done.

u/Lotronex · 1 pointr/LifeProTips

I got one of these exercise bikes so I can play games while exercising. It works out pretty well so far. I have a cheap USB SNES controller hooked up to my computer, so I can play without feeling guilty. Pokemon w/ L shoulder = A is great because I can do it one handed. Split controller like the Wii would be great for a lot of games as well.

u/Watchmaker-2112 · 1 pointr/PSVR

This is the one I've got. It says the limit is 300lbs, but I was using it at 335. Side note, but I also recommend checking out r/loseit for support! Best of luck!;amp;qid=1525948953&amp;amp;sr=8-1-spons&amp;amp;pi=AC_SX236_SY340_QL65&amp;amp;keywords=marcy+recumbent+exercise+bike&amp;amp;psc=1

u/72Elmig · 1 pointr/Spinning

I bought the low end Sunny Health and Fitness B1002 and I love it. I ride it pretty hard, 5-7 days a week, am 160 lbs... it's solid. It is as solid as anything I've used at a gym.

u/decentbeet · 1 pointr/homegym

I have this and it’s fine for LISS. It did develop some creaking after about 6 months but tightening up the screws and some lube fixed it right up.

u/Drawn23 · 1 pointr/Fitness

Hey guys, I'm looking to purchase a spin bike. I'm about 240 lbs and 6 feet tall. I saw a couple on Amazon but I'm having trouble choosing. Is there anyone here that would be knowledgeable that can help me find something in the 200 - 300 dollar range? I found these models:


* [Sunny H &amp;F SF-B1002](;psc=1&amp;smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER)

* [JOROTO X1S](;psc=1&amp;smid=A3QC6F2JMRRYDK)

* [ANCHEER B3008](;psc=1&amp;smid=A10ZB8MMK2UYLG)

* [PYHIGH S2](;psc=1&amp;smid=A3MMMM4RGT3K7H)

* [YOSUDA L-001A](;psc=1&amp;smid=A2XS9KO5PUQHMV)

u/farberino · 1 pointr/rva

Selling Sunny Fitness spin bike, with Wahoo cadence sensor and Shimano clipless pedals. Total cost to me was about $400, it's all only about a year old and I haven't really used it that much (I much prefer running and rowing). It's a great setup for a poor man's Peloton experience. Looking for $300 but open to offers.

u/reginaldtato · 1 pointr/Fitness

Well, I spent 30 minutes researching reviews on Amazon and settled on this

Mostly because it's the only one among the dozens to have glowing reviews when I searched the comments for "resistance". All the rest didn't have much resistance at all.

u/worldDev · 1 pointr/macsetups

Exercise bike

Desk is 2 Dewalt adjustable sawhorses and a 24 x 48 melamine board

late '14 MBP

u/KalvinAlmeda · 1 pointr/sysadmin

Replace your usual desk chair with either an excerize ball or one of these.

I lost 10 pounds in a week just cycling and working. Its pretty boss if you do a lot of desk work and have the ol' twitchy leg.

u/linguisticabstractn · 1 pointr/Guitar

Hey, I’ve been there too. Depression is something that you have to stay on top of all the time because it will sneak in and rob you of everything if you’re not careful.

After my last round of therapy, I finally followed the advice I always heard and started exercising, like a lot. I do 40 minutes of cardio, 5 times per week. I always hated that kind of thing, but after about two weeks I could feel the difference. A single workout can stave off my symptoms for at least 24 hours.

I know that seems like a big commitment and you already feel like you don’t have enough energy, but give it a shot. I use a semi recumbent indoor exercise bike (link below) so I can easy read a book or my phone or whatever so it’s not super boring.

Anyway, best of luck in this. I hope you find something that works for you and that you can find joy in the things you love again.;amp;keywords=semi+recumbent+exercise+bike&amp;amp;qid=1555031330&amp;amp;s=gateway&amp;amp;sprefix=semi+recum&amp;amp;sr=8-3

u/marxesq · 1 pointr/gaming

If the Wii just recognizes the bike as a Gamecube controller (seems like it does) this is definitely doable with an emulator.

u/konstantin_lozev · 1 pointr/oculus

I have a wii CyberBike and with a USB adapter it functions quite well as a pedalling and steering device in PC games. That's if you want to cycle in VR though...
For walking in VR I have been pondering on a cheap solution which has the camera on the ceiling for a cheap yet effective positional (and orientation) tracking...

u/Disco_Drew · 1 pointr/pics

Have you tried a ave you tried something like this?

It will let you burn some calories while not jacking up your hips and knees.

u/nahcabmA · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I don't even feel right linking this because of the price, but what I really need is this. I am extremely overweight, but the types of exercise I can do is extremely limited because of problems with my back and hip (not weight induced problems). I've always been very self conscious about my weight, but my physical limitations make it difficult to put in the necessary effort. I need to lose about half of my current weight :(

A cheaper option would be this, but I did not add it to my wishlist until today, so it probably doesn't count.

I gifted before on my previous account, if you need proof of that, let me know in a PM and I will provide anything you need.

u/mistressfalulu · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I will keep it simple.

I am a very big girl. I've been trying to lose weight for a while. I manged to lose 63lbs last year, but due to the fact that i've graduated college in December and haven't been able to find a job yet I got very depressed and stopped wanting to leave the house. I gained back 30lbs of the weight I lost and would really like to start exercising again. I would love to see myself under 200lbs. I got myself under 300lbs. I have 155lbs left before I'd be at a healthy weight. This would give me something to look forward to every day. I want this time out of work to mean something. This exercise bike would help me a lot. I hope it isn't too pricy and I would be so grateful for this.;amp;colid=OFEFK6KC1NB8&amp;amp;coliid=I1KY1CQAZXOYPS

u/warhammer_charles · 1 pointr/fitness30plus

Oddly enough I own that exact bike.

My wife uses it. We have had it for 9 months.

It works great. It is quiet and does the job just fine.;amp;psc=1

We paid $169 for it and I feel that was a great price for what it is.

No problem assembling it in an hour or less and again, it works just fine.

edit: Looks like the reviews on amazon agree. Solid bike for the price. No idea why the wife wanted one that leans back.... But she uses it very often 3-5X a week.

u/Putin4Obama · 1 pointr/Fitness
u/Luckystar812 · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

This awesome upright bike relates to /u/Sp3cia1K because I'm pretty sure it's the same one that she was gifted not too long ago. :) BUT These binoculars relate to her much better because they also relate to her adorable son, Loki! :D I bet it's something he'd love because he seems to be close in age to my God son.

Happy Birthday, /u/Sp3cia1K! Is it awesome in person too? :0

u/Klontarf · 1 pointr/Fitness

I bought this awesome and cheap upright exercise bike from amazon.

Everytime I play any video games or watch tv in my room, I bike too. It is so easy and time flies while you are biking - especially if you keep yourself occupied. After doing this for a few months, I bought a road bike, and now I am outside biking every chance I can get. I started running again too, and have been counting calories every day using myfitnesspal. This exercise bike was what helped me start on my health journey, and I am so happy I bought it.

u/JaehyoFag · 1 pointr/Asthma
u/AhemExcuseMeSir · 1 pointr/loseit

FWIW, I bought this stationary bike several years ago from Amazon, and I like it well enough. The weight limit is 300lbs.

u/elephantbuttons · 1 pointr/Teachers

I've just seen general all over weight loss and tone, and I can bound up/down stairs way easier now. I think this is the one, they must have upped the price a little since November.

u/Aggrah · 1 pointr/Fitness

So I hate biking around on the roads for my fear of getting hit and honestly a bit self-conscious and I think I've found a decent solution to my problem, but I have no idea how practical it is. I've been thinking about getting an exercise bike (Something like this) and setting it up so I can ride it and sit at my computer desk at the same time. I haven't really thought of any technical problems and I'd really like someone to point out flaws to it and tell me if its a horrible idea. I plan on using the bike handles and securing something to place my keyboard and mouse on and be able to use the exercise bike while I do my online things like gaming, netflix, and reddit.

u/IAmNotCreative101 · 1 pointr/loseit

You could get an elliptical or a bike machine for a home machine.

u/TheCrimsonGlass · 1 pointr/weightroom

I own this guy and am happy with it. Unfortunately, it isn't like an airdyne where you use your arms to help propel as well. I've mitigated this by wrapping a light band around it and just pulling on that as I cycle.

u/badleveragetst · 1 pointr/steroids

I currently use a shitty $100 stationary bike for my cardio but I'm thinking about upgrading. I don't mind second hand so I'll shop FB but does anyone have recommendations for something around the $500 range. Biggest NEED is that it has to either be compact or be compactable so I can store it in my living room out of the way when not in use. I want something that I can reasonably do 30mins of LISS on; the current bike is not the most sustainable at 130HR+ for 30min as my grundel takes a beating and it's either super easy so I have to pedal fast as shit or hard to the point my quads are locking up in just a few minutes.

Thoughts? What do you meatheads use?

u/shoalmuse · 1 pointr/ACL

I bought this one before my ACL injury but am very glad I kept it:
Cheapish and works great for biking 30+ mins a day while watching tv.

u/rabidstoat · 1 pointr/loseit

As a perhaps cheaper alternative to a treadmill, there are under-the-desk stationary bikes. Here is an example of one I was looking at from Amazon. I'm not sure if cycling will work with your physical restrictions or not, though.

u/SomeUser5000 · 1 pointr/DIY

They sell these ready made and the cheapest are less than $50 (&amp;euro;28 locally). The really nice ones are $150. I doubt you can build one for less than $50

E: then again if you have your desk setup correctly you shouldn't have enough range of motion to be able to raise your legs up that high without your knees hitting the desk. So really, all round bad plan. Just get up and do some excercises every few hours.

u/modakim · 1 pointr/Fitness

Hi all, I'm wondering about a desk cycle machine for home... cycling, but wondering if there's anywhere I could test it out or if it's worthwhile. This would be an example:;amp;qid=1510334293&amp;amp;sr=8-3&amp;amp;keywords=desk+bicycle&amp;amp;dpID=41GQ3verykL&amp;amp;preST=_SX300_QL70_&amp;amp;dpSrc=srch.

u/SvennEthir · 1 pointr/boardgames

I've always been curious to try one of these.

u/SidRunsUnshod · 1 pointr/Fitness

Amazon has a Q&amp;A section, where you can ask people who are familiar with such devices.

u/Eustace_Savage · 1 pointr/CringeAnarchy

Get one of these things and a jumping rope.

u/Helicase21 · 1 pointr/loseit

I've always wanted to get one of these and bind it to be my W and S keys, but I'm not quite sure how.

u/getstronk · 1 pointr/loseit

If you're looking for a good quality piece of equipment with a small footprint I wouldn't really consider anything other than this:;amp;qid=1539711557&amp;amp;sr=8-3&amp;amp;keywords=deskcycle

Just need to sit in a chair and pedal and if you turn up the resistance you can really work up a sweat.

u/Beef_Enchilada · 1 pointr/loseit
u/IOnceRanTheIndy_500 · 1 pointr/relationship_advice

&gt;I feel that he’s already used to his current lifestyle and sees no wrong with it.

That's exactly it. For the two of us, we'd go to work, come home but not feel like cooking (so grab fast food/delivery), be tired from the day so just veg out in front of the computer or TV, then step on the scale or check the credit card balances and *surprised pikachu face*

&gt; He finds the class boring and the gym too intimidating/ppl who show off.

There has to be something interesting he can find, but as far as the gym being intimidating, that's actually a thing and it at least (to me) shows that he's self-conscious enough to know he's not in a good place.

What really helped for me getting more exercise (and I've been a bit lax about it in recent weeks) was a pair of under desk pedals. That way, I can get some amount of cardio while still relaxing in front of my computer. Something like these:

As far as exercising, that will help, but if you/him/both of you can get his diet under control, just that alone will probably be a good start until he loses enough weight that moving is no longer quite the PITA it used to be. Just by changing and tracking our diets, as I said my wife and I are down about 60 pounds each this year; her with almost no exercise, me trying to get the doctor recommended minimum of 150 minutes a week, but sometimes failing and sometimes raiding the work snack bar like a viking. Another shameless plug: if he can take Weight Watchers seriously and stick to it, it does work, and I think it leaves you well-positioned when you're at your goal weight to have changed your habits so you don't go balloon up again.

u/slapdash_panda · 1 pointr/loseit

Do you have a desk job? If so, you could look into getting what I have at my job, which is a DeskCycle! :D It allows me to pedal while I'm working. Here's a listing to it on Amazon:;amp;qid=1502247191&amp;amp;sr=8-1&amp;amp;keywords=deskcycle

u/pesaru · 1 pointr/Lightbulb

I use this. The only downside is I had to remove the wheels off of my chair.

u/Sloloem · 1 pointr/TooAfraidToAsk

Under-desk bike pedals basically an exercise bike you can use, varying speed and resistance, while you're sitting at your desk...provided you have a desk job.

u/HiccupMaster · 1 pointr/PS4
u/beanichole · 1 pointr/loseit

It’s a machine with pedals that you can place below your desk and use while you’re sitting. It’s not a gym but since we’re talking very “square one” here, it’s a starting place.

u/thkuntze · 1 pointr/HelpMeFind

The QA section has a noise question and the responses are saying it's quiet:

Same for this one (the question is much further down the list):

Also, did you mean "recumbent cycle"?

u/moonfall · 1 pointr/loseit

If you're really strapped for time, something useful (and relatively inexpensive as far as workout equipment goes) that I've found is this [stationary peddler] (;amp;psc=1).

It's designed for office workers, but I use it while I game on my desktop. I've found it very useful, quiet and discreet. Also nice for days when it's really cold outside, or when I wake up feeling depressed or especially unmotivated to get my butt into workout gear and out the door. It could be useful to you if you spend a lot of time in an office, or have periods where you're at home and have 30m to an hour of random free time but can't get to the gym.

Apologies if this pitch comes off saleswoman-ey, haha! I'm a big fan of convenience/anything that makes making good choices easier.

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Much sympathy for you. Believe me, I know.

There are little under-desk stationary bikes you can buy and just do little circles on a bike from a sitting position on your couch.

Here's what we got:;amp;psc=1

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I bought a stationary bike which I have under my desk. Although it was definitely on the pricey side, it's extremely quiet and keeps me moving throughout the day. I highly recommend it to office workers who are looking for something to do at their desks.

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Go vote, kid. An exercise bike desk is like voting. You should do your own research to decide who or what you want to vote for, and make sure you make the right decision, hence the desk part. And when you find a candidate you are really passionate about you like to run around and campaign for them which can get you some exercise, hence the bike part.

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There are under-desk cycles as well.

You want something where you can sorta zone out, without needing you to stop and concentrate. I played through Guacamelee while running on an eliptical, but I would stop constantly if I was playing something like witcher or HZD

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If I use a bike for HIIT, I usually go with an assault bike

They're a bit pricey though.

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Day 11, every day seems to be getting worse.

Getting REALLY tired of the lingering depression. And the lingering snow / cold temps which is sustaining the lingering depression. Bought a desk bike from Amazon:

Hopefully that will help. I end up sitting at my computer all day because nothing else seems even remotely appealing. Not hungry, could get weed and watch a movie but I'm trying to quit that too. I'm sick of being "on" something but fuck if being "off" isn't 100x worse. Turns out I really hate my natural brain chemistry. And after 11 days of being off of everything I feel like I am back to baseline.

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I have this bike and love it. I can use it on the couch or put it under my desk.

I read the same about digital scales but I've had mine for over a year without a problem.

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I was just looking into a mat! So is this essentially what you have? Could you tell me what you think of it? It seems too good to be true!

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I use this and have used this since I was 400lbs. It is sturdy and will give you the best bang for your buck for cardio equipment. I'm 5'11.5" so pretty much the same height as you.

I also purchased a adjustable dumbbell set for 180 (goes up to 100lbs each hand) and a bench for 79 (800lb weight limit). You could have a very nice setup for 700 which includes weight training that you could expand upon later too.

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I have this stationary bike. I got it when it was on sale for $100, and even got the extra 3 years of warranty (since it only brought the price up to $110 after shipping!). I ride about 20-40 miles a week, depending on how much time I have. I use it in conjunction with my regular workout schedule (so HIIT MWF, bike for cardio on Tu/Th/Sun). I've done 150 miles since January 1. My legs certainly feel stronger, and I know I'm losing weight, but I don't think it's completely through the bike alone.

I didn't know there was a "right" or "wrong" way to ride a bike. I've just been steadily increasing the tension on the pedals and getting my heart rate up.

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This. It’s silent. It’s sturdy. And it’s relatively inexpensive. No need for a $2500 peloton.

Sunny Health &amp; Fitness Magnetic Belt Drive Indoor Cycling Bike with 300 lb User We...

.....and no. The hottie does not come with the bike. Thought I’d clarify. Lol.

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Depressing as fuck..... but seriously Upright bike I guess