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u/ithrow6s · 6 pointsr/fountainpens

I agree, I've used this thicker silicone grease for all my eyedropper conversions.

u/TheDubbiestDubberz · 6 pointsr/vaporents

The glass ones do get kinda loose. I bought the wooden stems. You can also get an o-ring that will hold the loose ones tighter. This is how I fixed my Arizer Solo stems from being too loose for $10

First off, here are the O-Rings that I bought. $10 including shipping.

$3 from Home Depot

UPDATE: /u/Ericdoesntknow & /u/CrispyChipz have informed me that these O-Rings are for sale at Home Depot, and on top of that they're cheaper! If anyone has a link to them please send me the link, if I can remember to run to Home Depot I'll grab the UPC # and post that with a link .

Here are the pictures

  1. Uncrew the top cover

  2. Put your stem threw the cap and put the O-Ring on the opposite side (See picture #2)

  3. Push the stem into the heating element (?) so the O-Ring will stay in place while you screw the top back on (See picture #3)

  4. Enjoy your solo! As you can see in picture 4, you can barely even see the O-Ring inside!

    Let me know if you have any questions.
u/Erdmann701 · 4 pointsr/arizer

Heres some from planet vape.

Here is some from Amazon if you would rather go that way.

or here is some from home depot (which is carried at most stores)

u/chewychubacca · 2 pointsr/fountainpens

This is what I use. I've been using it for about two years with zero issues. It seems to be an unlimited supply but I just ordered a new tube just in case i lose my first one.

u/ResponsibleAnarchist · 2 pointsr/GasBlowBack

Aight, fair warning though, some of this stuff is currently out of stock and I don't know when they'll be restocked and it's been a while since I ordered some of these parts, but I'm pretty sure they're all sitting in my gun at the moment.


Also, if you need help installing anything or have any questions, feel free to hit me up.


Let's preface this with some general stuff that you should have on you:

A set of O-rings won't hurt to have, even if you only need the smallest ones

Superglue also doesn't hurt to have, I had to use some


Starting from the Magazine:

Extended mags are always nice to have

Nine Ball high flow valves

\^ For these, you're gonna want to replace the O-ring on the moving piston of these with smaller ones from that box, then glue it in place. I had an issue where the standard sized one would shift on me when I fired, which really hampered the amount of gas released then kept the valve from closing all the way, leading to the magazine leaking out after one anemic shot. Replacing the O-ring and gluing it in place fixes that


Going to the actual gun:

Poseidon ICE Breaker Piston Head

\^ Installation's a bit funky, you're gonna want to take the screw from your factory piston head and use that with this piston head without the factory cup looking thing that comes with it

DP Enhanced Rocket Valve

\^ This one's pretty simple, just a drop-in piece

Action 150% Enhanced Hammer Spring

\^ I Think this is what I ordered, it looks pretty similar and if memory serves you should install it with the tapered end down

A+ 6.01 Precision Inner Barrel & Rubber Set

\^ Really just a simple drop-in, don't lose your gun's hop-up bead!

RA-Tech Steel threaded outer barrel

\^ This one is kind of weird, and will need three O-rings to get working to its greatest potential. When I first dropped this part in, my gun was literally chewing up BBs and spitting plastic chunks out. To remedy this, use two more O-rings from that box and put them around the inner barrel, this fixed the problem for me. The last O-ring is a real steel part and goes into the groove on the outside of the barrel and is there mainly to improve accuracy. Plus, the barrel doesn't come with a thread protector so you'll want to pick one up separately, the barrel uses 16mm CW threading


Bonuses; stuff that you could pick up and use, but I haven't for whatever reason:

Sights: I use the standard sights because pretty early on I poked out the little white plastic dots and replaced them with glow paint, as well as custom mounting a fiber optic holder for the front sight (PM me and I'll send you the STL) but you could give the tactical sights a try

USP Tactical Front Sight

USP Tactical Adjustable Rear Sights

USP Comp-Tac Front Sight

USP Comp-Tac Rear Sights

\^ The compact tactical sights look like they'll fit on the standard slide, but I don't know. Front sights are held in by friction and should be glued down, Read sights are held in by a hex screw that goes in through the BBU


Recoil Springs; I bought these, then realized that since I live in Massachusetts, it's too cold most of the year to actually use them to their greatest potential

Enhanced Recoil Springs

\^ Only the big one on the outside actually does anything, so you only need to worry about installing that one

u/provvv · 2 pointsr/guns

Have you used an o-ring while dry firing? I have a CZ 75B omega and I do a lot of dry firing as well, since I just moved back to MD permanently and I don't have a range yet.

I have the #83 size and it works great for me. I found out about the idea from reading the CZ forums where people swear by them. They say it protects the firing pin (I think), but it definitely is supposed to add a layer of protection to the gun while dry firing.

EDIT: I just realized that /u/reshp2 gave a really good explanation on the o-rings.

I got mine from an Amazon seller. There were a bunch in the pack which is nice bc it doesn't matter if one falls loose; you have plenty of replacements. Link:

u/Constant14 · 2 pointsr/airsoft

Cal Hawk CZORS 225 O-Ring Assortment Kit SAE Pneumatic Air Rubber Hydraulic Tool Paintball Set

This is what I bought.

u/steve_steve · 2 pointsr/Plumbing

That's a old Delta faucet -- the spout seals with 2 large o-rings. It shouldn't screech when you move it.

If you were to get a rebuild kit it would probably fix the problem. Wouldn't hurt to lube the o-rings with some food-grade lubricant.

u/OGTK423 · 1 pointr/hotas

Looks like it's sold out in a lot of places.

Would this Danco 88693 Silicone Grease work?

u/aidapng · 1 pointr/Flowtoys

Silicone lubricant is the way to go! I purchased this one.

u/OwgleBerry · 1 pointr/Miata

These are the exact o-rings that you want. 2 packs.

When installed you will not be able to tell the difference from original.

Danco 80973 Spout Repair Kit for Delta Single-Handle Faucet

u/nreyes238 · 1 pointr/fountainpens

Just today I am carrying my Vista modded to an eyedropper. You would love it!

u/captintucker · 1 pointr/vaporents

[Here] (

It looks like its not available anymore, but you just need to search yourself and find this exact same O-ring.

u/arizona-lad · 1 pointr/HomeImprovement

Those are jamb screws. They actually don't tighten into anything. No wonder it broke off.

Look at this picture:

A little different than yours, but you get the idea. Unscrew the intact one until it turns easily, and see if you can get some needle nose vise grips on the broken one:

If you are lucky, you can that one to loosen as well. Then you tighten the big nut that is hidden under all that silicon sealant. You use a basin wrench for that:

NOTE: for illustration only. They have much cheaper ones....

Then tighten the jamb bolts. Just enough so the big nut cannot back off. 5 foot pounds, maybe.

u/AFD_0 · 1 pointr/flashlight

Wish I could take mine out and measure it for you, but knowing my luck (and without having a spare myself), I'm almost certain I'd either break it or lose it. Maybe just email Jason at Prometheus ([email protected]) and ask him what size he'd recommend for an aftermarket o-ring? Personally, I'd probably just buy a multi-size o-ring kit at Amazon (LINK) and hope for the best, lol (no idea if the OEM gasket is nitrile or silicon, or if it's SAE or metric.. probably under 0.8", though). Good luck!

u/AcidicNature · 1 pointr/StandingDesk

Fully extend the legs in the up position.

Apply some lubricating grease - lightly.

Use something similar to this:

Lower and raise a few times. See if that helps.

If it doesn't work, Ryan is always stalking the forum and can sell you a new frame.

P.S. Also, don't just google "lubricant". At least not from work.