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u/DangDoood · 95 pointsr/TheGirlSurvivalGuide

I'd just like to add, the cup is NOT made for sex and is NOT recommended.

What is recommended for sex during your period is the Ziggy Cup (reusable) or the Flex Discs

u/noeinan · 65 pointsr/traaNSFW

ProTip for taking a dildo eventually, use a [lube launcher](Cleanstream XL Lubricant Launcher to squirt lube inside while smothering lube outside like normal. Sometimes when going deeper you have enough at the entrance but not inside and this helps s lot.

Have fun!

u/PM_ME_CLOWN_TITS · 58 pointsr/worldnews

It'd be easier to rig an enema tip to a volcano bag. You could even pop off the tip and pass the bag around with friends. Now everybody's butt-vaping and it's almost hygienic!

u/rainbowmoonheartache · 50 pointsr/TwoXChromosomes

Having both pads and tampons would be super. Go for the "multi-pack" on the tampons (like this one, though there're tons of other options), the "regular" on the pads, and make sure they are unscented.

Honestly, imx, the brand doesn't matter too much -- every woman will have her own favourite, which may or may not match up with what you bought, but will be grateful for whatever's there if she's in need!

u/luciferandtheslut · 32 pointsr/sex

Small risk of a UTI. It's rare, and won't kill you if it happens. Make sure she's had a poo recently, or get an enema bulb and have her do a quick rinse just before, and there's not really any significant risk of anything at all.

Honestly it's worth going bareback as long as the occasional little bit of poo won't ruin your life. Can't have a party at shit's house without expecting shit to show up eventually, I think the saying goes.

u/poopidan · 31 pointsr/sex

If you're gonna enjoy shower enemas, get yourself one of These and a Flow Regulator.

They're easy to screw on/off the shower hose, and will give you a LOT more control over the volume of water, which is super important so you don't hurt yourself!

The trick is to take it easy. Your colon is designed to contract and relax rhythmically, and it will do so no matter how much water you're pumping in there. If you're pushing a lot of water at the wrong time, you could easily burst through the wall of your colon and end up with an abdominal cavity full of bacteria-filled water - NOT A GOOD SITUATION!

Also, a little bit of vaseline on your poophole before insertion (and reapplied when it is washed off) will do wonders for preventing soreness and making things slide in easier. But don't use vaseline for other toys (or ESPECIALLY condoms) as it breaks down most rubber/silicone materials.

EDIT: I AM NOT A DOCTOR. And this is not medical advice. It's also not likely medically recommended in any way, shape or form.

u/james59808 · 19 pointsr/whatisthisthing

It's an instead brand cup... My ex wife used to send me to get them

Softcup, 14 Disposable Menstrual Discs

u/BagOfAssholes · 19 pointsr/TrollXChromosomes

Skimmies are light like underknickers, long like bike shorts. Or, anti chafing goop like this here Monistat that doesn't have anything to do with crotch itch complaints

u/TardisNoises · 17 pointsr/Survival

Menstrual cup, though you would need to be prepared enough to have one in advance. I truly love these things.

u/sidus_3 · 17 pointsr/sex

Yes! All this.

Sanitary napkins with wings

Tampon variety pack

Hair ties (get the ones with no metal joiner)

Makeup remover (get the individual packs)


Now here's what I think you should do: Take all of these things out of the original boxes and put them in a basket. No girl wants to see a pack of 20 makeup wipes with only two wipes left; we know you weren't a virgin when we met, but keep it classy.

u/DrGreenlove · 16 pointsr/humorousreviews

Source - The Diva Cup - it gets better and better. It's the third review down by the way.

u/punkbananas · 15 pointsr/AskWomen

I mostly take what you expect: a portable charger, calling cards (assuming I have to call internationally), credit card and cash, essentials (makeup/hygiene care/hair products/etc), a good pair of sneakers and my favorite heels, etc.

If you're going somewhere with the intent of swimming then a full body swimsuit is necessary in my books. Regardless of how much sunscreen I use I will end up like a tomato without one. This is the one I bought. I got my first one last summer and got six uses out of it with no complaints. I'll probably buy another one this year to be on the safe side but the quality is great (especially for the price). I think it's cute, a lot cuter than many "regular" suits, and it's definitely comfortable.

Other useful items I try to bring:

  • Soap Sheets: They dissolve with a bit of water and come in handy for laundry. No TSA worries here!

  • A bra stash: I would've never personally bought this for myself, at least not initially, but it was a brilliant gift from my mother when I went away to school. There's a slew of reasons why you may not want to carry a purse or wallet. This will be your saving grace. It's not like the majority of us haven't done this anyway....

  • Compression Socks: Long flights will typically cause your extremities to swell up but no more! This is a serious, serious lifesaver on long trips. I learned this the hard way on my flight to Japan.

  • Probiotics: I know that sounds crazy. I KNOW. However, I've never gotten sick from a flight OR experienced much jetleg while having these in rotation five days prior to flying, during, and after. Worth it.

  • Diva Cup: You should be using these anyway during menstruation, but if you aren't, then while traveling is a great way to start. You won't have to worry about pads or tampons anymore. It's also a lot healthier and easier!

u/SunbathingJackdaw · 15 pointsr/TwoXChromosomes

When I put mine in, I have to make sure I scoot it way up to the cervix (I have a short canal, so this isn't difficult for me). If you can hook your fingers over the top of it, it probably isn't up or in high enough, or sealed properly.

You might give the larger size a try. It could be that your vaginal opening is quite small, but your canal expands towards the back, where the cervix is. If this is the case, the smaller size will have trouble sealing properly.

BTW, $50 is way overpaying for a menstrual cup! You can get them for $27 on Amazon. :)

u/ErroneousFunk · 15 pointsr/TryingForABaby

My husband and I usually only have sex a couple times a month (when not TTC), so I definitely understand. Fortunately, we've both been super on board, but last month he was too "tired" (er, hungover) to try the day after my ovulation stick was a BFP, and, of course, it didn't work, so, I totally get that the lack of motivation to have sex can be frustrating.

Anyway, I'm terrible with the psychology stuff, but I do have a few practical/logistics ideas that might help...

Temping is a LOT of effort. Don't pressure her into doing that if she's not really into it. Almost as good is the pee sticks:®-Ovulation-Test-Strips-Individually-Sealed/dp/B009G497KK
The only problem is that you can actually ovulate 24-48 hours after a positive LH, but you don't know exactly when. Also, the results can be a little trickier to interpret in the first month (is that a dark positive line, or only a kind of dark negative line?), but as long as you're having sex within that window, and slightly before, you're fine. Save the ovulation sticks from the month before as a reference guide. People's pee and LH levels are different, and you really have to interpret the shade of the line based on experience here. Of course, that can be true with temping as well.

Something that sounds absolutely bonkers at first, but might actually be right for you, is ejaculating into a soft cup and having her insert it: No actual sex involved, most of the pressure is on you, and the odds of conception might actually be higher than doing it in the old fashioned way ;) They're a little on the expensive side (I mean... just over a dollar... not that expensive compared to a baby!) but (and I'm not supposed to say this, but...) they are reusable if you clean them well!

Also, it's obvious that lube can make a world of difference when a lady's not particularly in the mood. Make sure you're using a sperm safe lubricant, like Pre-Seed

I know, I sound like a shill for Amazon right now, but I buy all my stuff from them :)

Good luck!

u/elia_rampage · 13 pointsr/traaaaaaannnnnnnnnns

Omg ok babe lemme help you out. get an enema, either this one or like this and like right before you go to town on yourself, get some lube some warm water, fill it up, and then stick it in you and empty, do this a few times.

I found this little tutorial to be helpful its a different type of enema in the video but same process. I don’t do is laying down I just sit on the toilet so just take what she says as loose guidance and find what works for you. And there’s many videos if you don’t find this one helpful

Then I do it until all that comes out is just water, between 3-5 times usually, if you do this, then there should be nooo cleanup it’s great, prep is better than cleanup. Well if you consider wiping up lube then there is cleanup but I digress.

And then it makes ass play a million times easier, I personally don’t even use toys on myself since I can’t make myself cum with them on my own, but when someone else uses is they can literally make me go wild. I’d recommend playing around with friends and just seeing what works for you.

I was scared to go deep at first but now it’s like make me bleed I dunno omg it all feels so good. Ik you didn’t ask for this but anal is great and I hope you can discover a way you can enjoy it too 😄

u/thatchersnipples · 12 pointsr/TrollXChromosomes

Oh my god, I just looked up tampax on amazon. I am never shopping in a brick-and-mortar store for supplies ever again.


u/mrsquirter420 · 11 pointsr/BDSMcommunity

Ohh they don’t make mine anymore but this is similar. Cleanstream Silicone Comfort Nozzle Enema Attachment The great thing about it is it cleans you out from the top down. Much faster and more through then shallow enemas. My doc recommended trying it.

u/tovdokkas · 10 pointsr/AskWomen

I recently saw an ad for a menstrual cup that was very shallow, more like half a sphere than a regular menstrual cup-shape... I don't think it was exactly this one, but similar, maybe that could work for you?

u/cassius_longinus · 9 pointsr/gaybros

I got this thing recently (a few months ago) and so far have been satisfied with the results. I can't really tell you how durable it is since I haven't had it for very long, but I feel satisfied with the purchase.

My only caveat to this endorsement is that it has this mildly sharp plastic crease where two pieces of plastic were melded together. I just filed that down with a metal nail file and haven't had any problems since.

u/IronyAddict · 8 pointsr/sex

For anyone interested, try these.

Basically it's a cup that goes inside the vagina and it collects/traps instead of absorbing. It creates a seal so the majority of women don't experience any leakage. It specifically says it prevents smell (which male commentors seem concerned with).

I was a bit squeamish about period sex before using them but now it's just part of our sexy time routine when she's menstruating. If your girl is super horny when she's on her period (mine definitely is) then it seems a shame to miss out on all that enthusiasm. Also, sex relieves cramps and boosts her mood so it's kind of a win for all parties.

Plus: they work twice as long as tampons. Minus: they don't work with IUDs.

u/tmurph4000 · 7 pointsr/ElectricForest

I can also attest for this! I love using cups. There are silicon cups you can use for long term but there are also disposable Instead Softcups which are great if you wanna try cups but not ready for commitment. I will honestly use a disposable soft cup for an entire cycle, just rinse it with hot water once a day and throw it away at the end. But if using in the forest might want to one or two time use then toss. They can be worn longer than tampons and reduced risk of TSS.

u/nakedjedi · 7 pointsr/pics

4 out of 5 stars on Amazon.


u/ccoastmike · 7 pointsr/askgaybros

I have tummy issues as well and I'm not sure why there would be pain from the IBS. It seems more likely, to me at least, that the IBS makes you self conscious and nervous about anal sex. The nervousness means you're not going to be as relaxed down there and well...if you're not's gonna hurt.

A couple suggestions (again as someone with tummy issues), get a shower douche/enema. Here is the one I have on Amazon. If you haven't used one of these before there are two ways to go about it. You can do a quick cleaning that gets your rectum all tidy or you can do a longer deeper cleaning that empties out part of your colon. If you've got tummy issues, the last option will probably be for you. It give you a much bigger time window before things get dirty. Also helpful is to take 1-2 Imodium anti-diarrhea tablets after cleaning out. If you're unsure of how all this works, shoot me a PM. I'm happy to help.

If you can get all clean down there, you'll probably be a lot less nervous. I mean...shitting on someone's sheets is embarrassing. It's happened to me. It's happened to other people in this sub. It even happens to people without IBS and more often than you think. It's anal sex after all...there is a possibility of unexpected poop. :-p

Other options if you're still having some pain. Poppers can help loosen muscles down there. There are also some creams that have lidocaine in them (anal-eaze comes to mind) that help numb things up down there. If the pain is consistent though and not from being nervous, you should go see your doctor. If you're relaxed and the other person is being patient there shouldn't be anything more than some temporary discomfort at first. Listen to your body...if it hurts don't do it and/or tell your partner they need to slow down.

u/mariposamariposa · 6 pointsr/TwoXChromosomes

You can order them on and even get instore pickup:

They have them at CVS with free shipping.

You can get them on Amazon too.

They have the resuable ones on

u/sakurarose · 6 pointsr/birthcontrol

I have a few thoughts/suggestions:

  1. Reconsider an IUD. Not already having kids isn't a good reason to deny someone an IUD. There is a slightly bigger risk of the body rejecting the IUD, but it isn't big enough to stop you from trying. I got an IUD last November and it has been wonderful. I have never had kids. If your doctor's only reason to say no to the IUD is because you haven't had kids, go talk to another doctor. If you're in the US, I've heard good things about Planned Parenthood.

  2. If you are having problems with tampons, you might want to consider alternatives. I personally use and love the Softcup. There are also other options, like the Diva cup, the Moon cup and Sea Sponge Tampons. I have heard good things about them, although I haven't tried them personally. I suspect one of the cups might be good for you since it doesn't absorb like tampons do, so it can't cause you problems from overuse.

  3. If you're still having vaginal pain this long after the tampon problem, is it possible that you have a bad yeast infection or something?
u/jessicalbarry · 6 pointsr/TwoXChromosomes

I use the Diva smaller one because I have not had children before. I'm average sized and have had no trouble using the Diva.

Also, here they are about half off

u/gypsyblue · 6 pointsr/TrollXChromosomes

I don't notice a thing! If it's properly placed, you shouldn't feel it at all. I go jogging/hiking with it inside and wouldn't even know it was there if I hadn't put it in myself!

It might be a little weird to insert and remove at first (it was for me) and it takes some practice to do it seamlessly, but IMO it's definitely worth it. It's SO convenient and you only need to take it out to empty it every 12 hours (or more maybe if you have a very heavy flow) - for me that's once when I wake up and once a few hours before I go to bed.

I feel you on the cost. I was nervous about that too - you can do what I did and try out some disposable Softcups first. There's a locator on the website that'll tell you if a drugstore near you sells them, but they're also on Amazon. I paid $5 for a six pack at my local drugstore. Same deal, change them every 12 hours, but you can't wash and reuse these ones. I actually found them much easier to insert/remove than the Diva Cup, so if you're on the fence, I highly recommend you give these a try first! :)

u/Osa242 · 6 pointsr/Swingers
u/Isnt_Real · 6 pointsr/BellyExpansion

Depends on what you would prefer to do. So far I know there are three main ways of do it: air, water, and whipped cream. I can't give too much details about the whipped cream as its a relatively new method for me and I've never personally tried it. I think there is a regular in the inflation subs that does/posts about using whipped cream, if it interests you.

Now the I find air and water to be like night and day, they have pretty stark differences. I've tried both methods and personally I prefer water but I still enjoyed the air. In terms of safety, water is an in-compressible liquid so if you are not careful it can hurt you pretty bad. Air on the other hand is relatively safer but it still can hurt you if you do too much. The trick I use is to go slow, especially at the start. You need to find and know your limit, and slowly edge your way past it over time. Sizable distention takes time and lot of sessions to build up and even then it will never be like the drawn ones. No one wants an awkward or (much worse) critical hospital visit, take things slow and everything will be fine. Past that, water is kinda more easy to get inside you (at least it has more easy ways than air), air is lot more cleaner (water enemas almost always end on the porcelain throne while air usually is a bunch of flatulence), air is a lot more fun to dispel (just make sure you get all of it out though as I found out the hard way), water is a lot more satisfying afterwards (I always just feel clean afterwards). Which method you choose is mostly personal preference and experimenting, just always be safe when doing so.

For water, I usually use a shower head attached to a hose but remove the head. This way if things do get messy, I'm at least in the bathroom plus I have privacy. They do sell [shower attachments] ( for enemas you may want to look into, they usually are more comfortable than metal faucet connections. If you do use a shower, pay attention to the temperature and pressure. Don't use extreme temperatures, either hot or cold, and don't turn on the water full blast. Another method is to get an enema bag, which is basically a large bag that lets gravity feed the water into you. This method is a lot safer, but may require some pre-setup and planning. A third method, which I recently started using, is to buy an aquarium filter pump. This is similar to the enema bag, but require less setup but usually costs more. There are other methods but those are the main ones I use/know of.

For air, things are bit more difficult. You can manually blow the air using tubing and your mouth, but this require effort and I'm lazy. A variation to this would be to buy a bellow and use that in place of your mouth. Another method would be to use an aquarium filter pump and just let it blow air, though I feel like this isn't good for the pump but whatever. I'm not 100% familiar with air inflation so I'm sure there's more methods, but those are they kinds I used.

Again, I want to reiterate that it is crucial that you take things slow. Let your body grow accustomed to its extra cargo and you will absolutely find joy in it. I'm not sure if this is TMI, but my most memorable orgasm was when I gave myself a water enema and immediately stuck in a plug. The feeling of having that extra few pounds of water in your gut is something you will always remember.

Take it slow and enjoy!

edit: I wrote this at like 1 in the morning so my explanations may not be the best. I check Reddit regularly, so if you or anyone else has questions I'd be happy to answer them.

u/trav110 · 6 pointsr/InteriorDesign

Umm, is that a shower enema hung up on the wall?

Edit: the fuck are the downvotes for? That's exactly what one looks like

u/Mindelan · 6 pointsr/pics

That's awesome man.

For anyone who has chafing problems now (especially between your thighs), Anti-Chafe Powder-Gel is totally a thing that exists to solve this problem. I never knew about the stuff until I saw it being recommented on makeup blogs as makeup primer (same ingredients.)

The most popular brand is this one. It's Monistat, but has nothing to do with yeast infections, is fragrance free, and totally usable by both dudes and women. You can find it cheaper online or at most drugstores.

u/CarcinogenicBanana · 6 pointsr/askwomenadvice

Sure! I totally get what you mean. For me I’m not really sure what is the psychological cause and it definitely is a cause for annoyance to not be able to have sex when I want to.
Here’s the link-
It comes with some really good lube. But only a few small packets of it.

u/alittleperil · 6 pointsr/TrollXChromosomes

if you already know a lot about your vag, something like this might be helpful:

otherwise, I recommend one of the really cheap ones to start, something like: 1, 2, or 3. The first one was the first one I tried, it was shaped slightly wrong for me and made me feel like I needed to pee constantly, but after trying it I knew I preferred it to tampons and pads. Using a chart like the one above I found the (much more expensive, sadly) cup that fit me.

don't try and do a dry run, it's different and a lot easier to put in when you're on your period than when you're not.

u/twstdrose · 6 pointsr/traaaaaaannnnnnnnnns

This is the one I have, although mine had a longer tab. I cut it off because it chaffed.

Here is a cheaper one, though I can’t speak for its quality.

It does suck to have to put it in and take it out but while it’s in you can almost forget about it. There’s no mess, no smell, no string and you can wear whatever underwear you want. I have pretty low flow so I just wash it out every night in the shower.

I’m sorry you’re having a rough time, at least if you do get one you only have to buy it once, not every month 😕

u/Lesbian_Drummer · 6 pointsr/BabyBumps

Get the vag-sprayer that has the flipped nozzle.

I didn't and then I had carpal tunnel so bad I couldn't feel my fingertips. It wasn't impossible to to use the one the hospital provided but the flipped nozzle would've been easier.

u/IrishHat · 6 pointsr/ZeroWaste

I found period panties too light for anything but the last day when I think my period is over. I do wear them with reusable pads at night for an extra sense of security...and because I spent a fair amount of money on them. (edit - I have very heavy periods and when I leak, it tends to be at night and only from the back of my pad. I could have a pad that goes up the entire length of my spine and I’d still end up with a drop of blood at the top...right where the pad ends.)

I picked some reusable pads from Amazon (link below) and when I wear them it’s like fluffy angels are coming down to rest in my panties and allow me to have the closest experience to a tampon commercial I’ll likely ever have. If you haven’t tried them, you are MISSING OUT. So soft. So luxurious. I canceled my Kotex subscribe-and-save and just ordered an extra set of reusables. The local women’s shelter will be getting most of what’s left of my stash.

u/elbereth · 5 pointsr/TwoXChromosomes

Okay i am intrigued! what do i need to know? are there different sizes? do i need the special wash or can i just use soap and water? can any woman use them?

here's what i'm looking at


Someone needs to alert her about the Diva Cup.

u/TRIPLEOHSEVEN · 5 pointsr/BadDragon

Something IS in there, try this.

Buy a shower enema set if you plan on going deep, also, buy this to go along with it. I've only recently acquired one and it is a game changer, I can be in and out of the shower in less than 30min (on good days, it varies) and ready for up to 18" of fun.

u/klyncastle · 5 pointsr/PlusSize

My advice is to pick 1 or 2 features about yourself that you like (or at least tolerate) and try to highlight those while making those features that you might be uncomfortable with more subtle. For me, I try to find tops/dresses that accentuate my modest bust (like a babydoll top) and/or are nipped in at the waist (like a peplum blazer or top) that have a little extra fabric or flare out slightly so that it does not cling to my stomach/lower abdomen.

My cousin is the tall one in the family and likes to emphasize her legs, hide her arms, big bust, and lower abdomen. So she wears things like more flowy cold-shoulder tops or off the shoulder skater dresses.

There are also jumpsuits and walk-through rompers now that are roomy on the bottom, cute swimdresses, and a bunch of jeggings (often made with a good amount of spandex-like material, similar to shapewear, with a lot of stretch that can actually help smooth out some bulges and make you look skinnier).

You can also use the illusion of lace, mesh, and chiffon -type material to "obscure" while still not appearing as though you're too covered up or that you're overtly trying to hide something. Though these fabrics are not always your friend as they can be clingy and do not have much stretch to them, in certain cuts and in certain areas of the outfit they can open up a few more girly and/or sexy options for your wardrobe.

Spanx has become synonymous with shapewear, but it's just one (fairly expensive) brand of many. Shapewear is an option, but most plus size women I know don't use it as an everyday tool if they don't have to, but rather for special occasions/events. There are often different levels of "power" (which basically means how tight do you want it to suck you in?) and various cuts, but for smoothing out the lower abdomen, I would personally recommend something like the hi-waist boyshort shapewear to smooth out a little above and below the area as well. Also be mindful that in the summer that type of fabric can make you quite heated and sweaty and, if you have to go to the bathroom, it can be a struggle to get the shapewear back into place, similar to a wet bathing suit, though not impossible. Women do wear it all the time, I'm not trying to talk you out of shapewear. I definitely use it whenever I wear a dress/skirt. I would also recommend Chafing Relief Powder Gel to prevent "chub rub" if your thighs rub together or any rashy/raw areas that can develop around the groin area from time to time when wearing shapewear or life in general.

*I know I linked a lot of things, but those are just for example-sake and the fact that some of Torrid's clothes will show you what the same item looks like on different sized models 1x, 2x, 4x, which can be helpful. Torrid itself is expensive and you should never pay full price for any of their stuff if you don't have to. But they are always having a sale and things are always on clearance so there shouldn't really be a reason to.

u/ampersandator · 5 pointsr/menstrualcups


Some excellent suggestions here so far, I really hope we can help you sort this out.

The Lunette is not a soft cup at all, and isn't designed for a low cervix. The softest cup I know of that should work for a low cervix is the small Sckoon cup. 40mm long, very very soft and a comfortable shape. You'll want to cut off the stem completely, then make sure the rim of the cup is sitting around your cervix when it's inserted (that helps to keep it securely in place and also makes it sit up a bit higher.)

For the popping open problem you might need to try a different fold. The 7-fold is probably the easiest option in this situation - fold the edge down further than the video shows so it's almost touching the stem, and you'll be able to keep a grip on it until it's completely inserted.

If you're changing pads every hour the cup will still need to be emptied every ~3 hours (and seriously, that's called menorrhagia, please speak to a doctor and also have your iron levels tested) but that doesn't need to be a complicated thing. Empty it into the toilet, wipe it out, pop it back in. Wash it at least once a day, ideally when showering.

Happy to answer questions, and if you find that resources are misgendering you please do send me a message. I can send photos/videos/information as needed.

u/Lucy-Aslan5 · 5 pointsr/beyondthebump

A great book, I highly recommend this:

Some products I liked

Earth Mama Organic Perineal Balm- it’s very healing. I really liked this product.

Better than your regular perineal squirt bottle although those are good too. Don’t forget to keep one in your diaper bag in the early weeks. You can use warm water but alcohol free witch hazel is good.

You’re probably going to want Dermaplast (the blue can) and Tucks Witch Hazel pads to place along your pads. Cooling and soothing.

Preferred these to pads:

A sitz bath and something nice to soak your bits in. :) There are lots of different good soaking products out there.

A belly band of some kind. I called mine the “mommy swaddle”. :)

u/figandsage · 5 pointsr/beyondthebump

Dermaplast, Tuck’s pads, and always, always spray with water when peeing. The Fridet is worth every penny.

I had second-degree tears, too. I know it seems like the pain will stay forever right now but it does get better! It’ll take a while, though. I don’t remember when I first started feeling noticeably better. Maybe two or three weeks?

In the meantime, ask for rx strength ibuprofen if you don’t already have some or just take three OTC pills at a time for the pain.

u/Ariamay · 5 pointsr/BabyBumps

Yeah! I almost forgot to mention peri bottles my favorite one is the mom washer it's very inexpensive on amazon

u/GearedGills · 5 pointsr/steroids

It’s nothing my dude. I do an enema every day for various reasons. Your colon is no where near as disgusting as you think. It’s more like your throat but softer.

Stop wondering. For $10 you can have the cleanest ass on the block, ready for some eatin.

OTBBA Enema Bulb Clean Anal Silicone Douche for Men Women Certificate Comfortable Medical Kit

u/WerkRoom · 5 pointsr/TooAfraidToAsk

I’m gay and get fucked up the butt quite a bit so I think I can offer some advice.

First off, what you wanna do is buy this and this.

The enema bulb is pretty easy to use. You fill it
up with warm water and insert the tip into the asshole. Squeeze the water completely into the rectum, hold it in for a couple minutes (or however long is she’s comfortable), and release the water back into the toilet. This will loosen up any residual poop that might be in the rectum and bring it out when the water is expelled. Repeat the process another time or two or until whenever the water is coming out clear and free of any poop.

Now, as far as the fiber supplement goes, THAT is where the magic is. This will help clean the digestive track really well so that not no poop is left behind. I swear by it and I recommend it to anyone and everyone who is interested in anal sex.

I personally take the men’s version but this stuff works so well that I’ve actually had unexpected anal plenty of times because I felt confident that I was clean enough for penetration even without douching first. Granted, if I know I’m having sex, I do prefer to douche beforehand, just to be extra safe, but this supplement has never let me down. Worth every penny.

Just read the reviews for yourself. I think the men’s version has better reviews overall because it was originally designed and marketed for gay men since we’re the ones always engaging in anal sex. The women’s version is exactly the same thing except that the capsules are smaller.

Some other tips:

Use lube. Lots and lots of it.

If your girl is into drinking alcohol, it would help her relax quite a bit if she gets buzzed first. Marijuana would do the trick too if she’s a smoker.

And if you are into it, licking/eating her ass during foreplay would stimulate that area a whole lot. It helps relax the butthole and it would probably turn her on to the idea of anal even more. By doing that, you’re basically “making the hole hungry” as we say in the gay community.

Hope this helps and best of luck to both of you!

u/dreamskaper96 · 5 pointsr/sex

I am a huge anal queen so I got you. I’ve tried it all. Here’s a breakdown:

1)Medical grade silicone
-easy to clean
-comfortable enough to wear all day depending on the shape
-use water based lube. silicone lube will make it disintegrate

-never get string
-get more of a bumped type thing. like:
these are my favorite.

3)Start small and ribbed
-ribs/bumps prevent the plug from falling out
-smooth plugs have a tendency to pop out and hurt more

4) Don’t forget the part that sticks out
-get it flat at the back for all day wear or with a ring for easy thrusting
-synthetic horse hair butt plugs are cute while fox hair (real or synthetic) can disintegrate on you

5) metal
-stainless steel only. no coated ones or copper or aluminum. stainless steel doesnt rust and is easy to clean
-uncomfortable for sitting or long wear
-get a medium size bc large is uncomfy and small falls out
-get it short or it will be uncomfy
-it’s cold af. i reccomend silicone lube for these

6) lube
-water based is generally the best
-a good desensitizing lube is by cleanstream. can get it on amazon. good for newbies or giant plugs

7) ridges and patterns
-hard to clean. you will get shit on them even if you enema before
-feel amazing
-dont get spikes if you want to do some serious thrusting
-might cause bleeding for some spikes or bumps

-feels weird
-get a silicone bulb
-use lube on the tip
-fill with water and squirt in. repeat 3-5x while hanging your but over a toilet (unless youre ok with diarrhea like stuff in your shower)
-takes 1-2hrs
-clean the bulb multiple times after

9) cleaning toys
-use johnson and johnson baby shampoo
-rinse under scalding water after
-don’t forget handles
-clean before and after use

10)don’t let someone else use toys on you unless you’ve taught them how to. They could hurt you accidentally or get too overeager

11) anal hooks
-use with an experienced dom/me
-stainless steel only

-feels weird
-doesnt really add much for me
-always get corded with a flat end

-big no no
-can break
-just dont
-seriously no

List of great toys:

For experienced users, try the Master Series. But be warned. They do not f*ck around

Hope this helps!

u/Bluewildebeest · 4 pointsr/sexover30

If the blood is what troubles you, you could ask her to use soft tampons during sex. They soke up most (if not all) of the mess and don't hurt during penetration.

u/everydamnmonth · 4 pointsr/TrollXChromosomes

Gynotex dry.

Gynotex wet.

I have the Joy Division brand.

u/rehu4 · 4 pointsr/askwomenadvice

Try this if your period tries to mess up sexy time again.

u/theanedditor · 4 pointsr/askgaybros

I swear we should have a permanent link to this in the sub's sidebar.

Get one of these, it's a Cleanstream Shower Shot. Use it GENTLY, it's not a sex toy so don't wreck yourself with it. After you dry your ass, use a tiny amount of lotion, don't create a gooey swamp.

You'll be fine.

u/purebredginger · 4 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

When someone comes knocking at your back door, it's important to keep your pipes clean! NSFW Good for post and pre recreational activities. Meh prize!

u/IherduliekmudkipsNA · 4 pointsr/funny

I didn't really know what to search for either so I just typed in "Anal shower"


Oh god I'm just now realizing how dangerous that search query was after having typed it out, this could of ended very badly.

u/course_you_do · 4 pointsr/gaybros
u/TheIrishGoat · 4 pointsr/BadDragon

This works pretty well. It’s thin enough to fit into BadDragon cumlube bottles and holds a generous amount.

u/LatrodectusGeometric · 4 pointsr/TwoXChromosomes

Hey, check out r/vaginismus for a really helpful community! You can also buy your own dilators online (like these) and work your way through them (slowly) a few tries every day (when you get up, before you sleep, etc.) This is common, and you'll be okay!

u/Silly_Wizzy · 4 pointsr/TheGirlSurvivalGuide

I disliked the diva cup - too hard / crampy. But I love my Sckooncup, it has made my period basically forgettable ;)

Amazon Link

u/daitoshi · 4 pointsr/AskWomen

I have the small "Blossom" cup. - When talking about silicone in general, I'd rate it "Medium firmness" but in comparison to several other cups I've tried, it's quite soft.

u/gray1136 · 4 pointsr/sex

Like others’ suggestions, a butt plug is really the only thing I can think of, but I understand your concern about it shooting out. How about:

  1. Use an inflatable plug such as this. You may be able to inflate it enough to keep it from popping out.

  2. Use a plug that has a minimal taper from the bulb to the neck - they’re harder to push out. Something like this

  3. Hold the plug in with a harness. Either buy one like this or make your own with some rope.

    BTW, you don’t really need to take enemas. A shallow douching will clear out the rectum enough. Use a bulb like this.
u/FlyHoneyWearhouse · 4 pointsr/sissyhypno

Great suggestions. To add onto this list, a good chastity device and a good hair removal method are some high-priority starter purchases IMO. I'd also recommend picking up heels so you can start learning how to walk in them.

For me if I had to pick beyond "buttplug and dildo" - which it sounds like OP already has - I'd suggest the following along with included Amazon links, assuming that you already have some form of hair removal that you're happy with:

  • 1 pack of decent panties. I like thongs personally, but to each her own as long as they help you throw away your boy underwear.
  • 1 pair of heels so, as mentioned above, you can start learning how to walk in them. I bought these bad girls and I love them! They also come all the way up to size 13 if you have gigantic feet like me.
  • A couple pairs of stockings, especially in a pack or in a set with a garter belt. Some garter sets (like this one) also come with stockings and/or a g-string for added value. Stockings will inevitably wear out in time or get worn out in other ways, so don't be afraid to pick up a cheap-ish pack for now.
  • A good enema bulb to clean yourself out for playtime is worth its weight in gold. I picked up this one on the cheap
    and definitely recommend it. Just remember not to use too much water while cleaning...follow the guide at if you're unsure!
  • Finally, you have to have a chastity device as a sissy to keep your clitty nice and limp. You can go crazy with all kinds of different varieties and materials, but you probably want something cute and pink to start with. I bought a FeiGu cage to start with and it's worked pretty well for shorter play sessions, but I've found the lock on top to get extremely annoying for day-long wear. You might have more luck with the sort of lock style that the Holy Trainer uses instead.

    Hope this helps and have fun gurl ;)
u/superawkwardturtle · 4 pointsr/polyamory

Softcups work great and I've used them before in the past, but I was actually referring to Intimina. I was buying more softcups a few months back and ended up ordering an Intimina instead to try it out. Works pretty much the exact same as a Softcup but it isn't 1-time-use. Took a little more practice to get it to fit right, as well.

u/_zml_ · 4 pointsr/sex

There are menstrual cups that can be worn during penetrative sex! Not sure if it's up your alley but here's a link to how they look nevertheless.[artid|1919.g.23117116[src|[ch|

u/StaysConfused · 3 pointsr/TwoXChromosomes

Diva Cup

I am trying mine out for the first time right now. So far, so good.

u/SecularNotLiberal · 3 pointsr/AskWomen

I use a "soft cup" These are soft cups. I can wear for 12+ hours comfortable and they hold a LOT. I empty when I get home.

u/3catsandI · 3 pointsr/sugarlifestyleforum

It looks big but the sides are very flexible and I found it very easy to insert it and no pain at all. Much easier than those damn silicone period cups, actually lol.

This is the one I used:

SOFTDISC - Menstrual Discs - Non-Reusable, Disposable Softcups - Enjoy up to 12 Hours of Protection - Fewer Period Cramps, Tampon and Menstrual Cup Alternative for Active Women 14 Disc Per Box

u/givemesomesugar93 · 3 pointsr/sugarlifestyleforum

For everyone who has mentioned those flexible menstrual cups, they’re called soft cups. You can wear them during sex.

u/scarlet_tanager · 3 pointsr/AskMen

We use a softcup - unless you're super mega ultra heavy, it keeps blood off the dick and sidesteps all the problems discussed in this thread.

u/NefariousWombat · 3 pointsr/GenderCritical

Reusable cups and I didn't work together, but I love Instead Softcups--they're a ring with thin plastic so they sit inside differently and are easier (imo) to remove (no mega-suction) and are disposable (which is an ecological minus, but a public restroom plus).

u/donttouchtheringbell · 3 pointsr/TopsAndBottoms

How have you started having sex but haven’t topped or bottomed?

Planned parenthood does free std testing

Every 3 months is the usual if your extremely active.

If you plan on being that active I suggest getting on Prep, talk to a doctor about it. Also never go bareback unless you trust the person and have their recent std tests. Even then it’s a risk and based on you already needing your mind out at ease without even having sex, id suggest just not doing BB at all unless you have a monogamous partner. Purely for mental health

Bulbs can be bought at legit any store that sells health stuff. Even Walmart. Although I’d suggest a shower Enema kit eventually because it’s healthier in the long run

Shaving or waxing is the best bet for hair

u/celticherald · 3 pointsr/aww

I'll just leave this here.

u/cryptorchidism · 3 pointsr/sex

Yeah, don't throw weird scents there. When you get aroused your natural scent is going to come out anyway. Covering it with another scent would just be weird.

My SO got a shower shot, and she loves it. It's marketed as an enema, but we've always used it vaginally. Much better than a douche -- your body doesn't acidify itself with vinegar, so why should you?

Listen to the fruit people. Pineapple, bananas, peaches, et al. all improve one's flavor. When we have a friend over that we're interested in, my GF will mischievously encourage me to drink pineapple juice. ;)

u/urbear · 3 pointsr/gay

Most guys who bottom clean themselves out before sex with a gentle water enema -- sometimes called an "anal douche". Here's a cute tutorial for beginners.

Your best bet is to use a bulb similar to the one in the video; you can find a basic version at any drugstore, or more elaborate versions at sex shops. Avoid bottled enema products . They usually contain laxatives or other stuff that you don't want for your purposes.

Frequent users often purchase a "shower shot", a device that hooks up to your shower, like this one. They're made by many different manufacturers, and they're popular enough that you can find accessories like alternative nozzles, or even disposable nozzles.

u/TheDude899 · 3 pointsr/BadDragon

Depending on flexible you are back there, there are two different ways to go.

Once you got your toy and yourself lubed up, slowly insert the toy until you encounter resistance. Then withdraw the toy slight and push it in again while relaxing your sphincter. It is kind of hard to describe as you push kind of liking going to bathroom, but you don't need or want to push too hard. This is how I can easily take my med/bruiser's knot with the only warm-up being it's shaft.

Now, I can also take a large/Xar knot's with barely any warm-up as well, but the technique is different. I usually use my med/bruiser's cumtube to get myself lubed up on the inside. Next, I insert my Xar as far as it will naturally go. Then I just simply keep the pressure there and focus on relaxing my body. Eventually, my Xar will just start to slip in on its own. It is important at this point to stay relaxed and let it slide as much as possible.

Now, I also have a few toys that gradually get wider such as an XL/trent that I can use to loosen myself up and make taking the Xar's knot a lot easier, but it isn't necessary.

Also, you need to be sure you have some lube inside your body. This makes things much easier as most of the lube on the toy slips off and you insert it. Cumtubes are great for this, but do get in the way once things get going. That's why I have some toys with and without tubes. If you want to save some money, you can just get a lube launcher (

Finally, some lubes are better than others. BD's cumlube is pretty good, but I cannot recommend j-lube enough. Put some powder in a small bottle and add water until you reach your desired viscosity (I find thicker to be better.) It is the best for vaginal play as it is mostly sugar (bacteria love that stuff) and it can be a pain to wash off your skin (but that is way it stays slippery for a long time.)

Ultimately, you should be able to kage's knot, you may just need more foreplay. Maybe start with some fingers, then just the shaft, and slowly work your way down the knot.

u/forgetful-turtle · 3 pointsr/PCOS

Mehron Makeup - Celebre Pro-HD Cream Face & Body Makeup.

Thick and opaque, I use for chin concealer - just be sure to really moisturize and use primer if your face is dry. This is basically stage makeup - so be sure to wash off at the end of the day.
You will need powder to keep from rubbing off, they also have a setting powder I haven’t tried with antiperspirant, seems like a fabulous idea.

Depressing pro tip: Best makeup info for these problems I’ve always found on Transgender / drag queen message boards.

Oh and dirt cheap $5 “primer”, same ingredient as pricy stuff.
Edit - link /word

u/dodell616 · 3 pointsr/AskMtFHRT

Ive been taking 200 mg P capsules rectally for seven months, and using the P cream topically for four months.

For the first three months, I put the P cream on my right (smaller) breast only. This past month, I've been putting it on both breasts as they're pretty much equal in size now. I use one pump on each breast twice a day when I get out of the shower. I also exfoliate the skin on my breast when I shower, and apply the cream to damp skin. I do not use the P cream on the day I take my rectal P.

I've also been using the cream on other places too. I use it on my hairline, eyebrows, eyelashes, the skin around my eyes, cheeks, nose, lips, hips, and my clit, and ovaries (p & t).

I was putting it on my entire face for a while until I start noticing an increase in speed of my beard growth. Also, there is a patch of hair in the center of my chest where the hair grows very fast. And that area gets the full dose of the P cream twice a day. That's when I start using it on my hairline.

For use on my hairline, brows, eyelashes, and cheeks is one pump, mixed with the contents of a 200mg capsule mixed with argan, and rosemary oil nightly. The contents of the micoronized capsules need to be mixed with a carrier oil to penetrate the skin effectively. That mixed amount lasts a few days.

I cannot say 100% that the P cream is solely responsible for my results, but the timing seems likely. The skin that I use it on is definitely softer, there's no doubt of that. 💕E

Progesterone Cream (Bioidentical)...

u/a1577 · 3 pointsr/asktransgender

Link thats what i use, it's BI

u/ElsBelle · 3 pointsr/witchcraft

I have this one

It’s the only brand I’ve tried but I do like it!

u/Kizzychii · 3 pointsr/beautytalkph

Hello po, I've been using my cup for over a year na and I love it. Sckoon Cup yung ginagamit ko. It's FDA approved and super soft. I bought mine on Amazon. It takes some getting used to but once it's in parang wala lang. I honestly don't feel it at all.
I suggest this video for more information! Of course do as much research as makes you feel confident, cause every woman is different! But I've never been able to successfully use tampons, they hurt a lot, but this Cup has honestly changed my period life!

u/metbymoonlight · 3 pointsr/bestoflegaladvice

Sorry I'm responding so late, I completely forgot I posted.

It was this one.

Honestly, I quite like(d?) it. The material is soft and it's much easier to grab the handle to remove it rather than the stem of the other cups I've tried. (Like, the regular Diva cup would get sucked in and just be a pain to remove because it was hard to reach.) That was the first time I've ever felt it flip and I could slide my finger along the edge but it was the open but so nothing to hook onto.

Next time I'm tying some plain dental floss to the handle and giving myself an emergency removal method. 😂

u/Bellainara · 3 pointsr/Assistance

I'm on my first cycle with it so I've still got a learning curve. However it does seem to work very well and I anticipate that within a couple of months I won't even have to use a liner with it.

I was never a fan of tampons as they were uncomfortable and made me cramp really bad. I kept these around as a backup if I ran out of pads and couldn't afford more (money has been really tight for us) and in case I went swimming (not often). I don't see any reason to keep them since the cup is working pretty well.

I got the FemmyCycle. It's 39.00 for it. I picked that one over less expensive ones because I have RA and grabbing the stems on the others would be very difficult on high pain days. The ring handle has helped and I haven't had any issues with getting it out and the no-spill rim means that even if my hands are shaking it doesn't make a mess.

I'm hoping someone can use these tampons, as I've probably have a box worth hanging about not getting used.

u/Bpplay · 3 pointsr/ProstatePlay

Enema's aren't too expensive, just a bulb type from Amazon is about $13

Just fill that bulb with warm water, squeeze it into you, (after lubing the nozzle and yourself) hold it inside you for five minutes then expel it.

That position would probably be best, try reaching between the legs to do it. Also, be careful improvising any toys. Anything that's not designed to go back there can be dangerous. If you do decide to use something improvised then put a condom on it.

And lastly if you have a normal sex drive or higher waiting five weeks might be a bit long to wait to cum. About a week or two will be fine

u/RailenPanther · 3 pointsr/Pegging

A couple rinses with something like this after a bowel movement is all that's needed. I'd avoid deep cleaning with lots of water (like a high-colonic enema), especially right before playing, because it can take some time for the water to work its way back out.

u/FreeHealthCareNow · 3 pointsr/TwoXChromosomes
u/deadthylacine · 3 pointsr/BabyBumps

Deep clean the bathroom - especially the tub. They'll tell you to take lots of baths to help with postpartum healing, and that will be nicer in a sparkly clean tub.

If you think you have enough burp cloths, buy a few more. I did not anticipate just how useful they are.

Buy this thing. It looks silly, but it's so much better than the one the hospital gives you that it not even funny. Dermaplast and Tucks pads are great, but this thing brought me the most relief of all.

While you're at it, stock up on granola bars and instant oatmeal. They're faster than fast food. Our freezer space is limited, so meal prep was impossible. But granola and oatmeal are shelf stable.

Get a few novels. Infants like to hear your voice, but their comprehension isn't there yet so it doesn't matter what you say. It's nice to read while nursing. For the first weeks they don't actually look at picture books, so you can read anything you want, not just baby books.

Find out what the daycare wants you to have in advance. That way you don't have to go shopping on your way home with the baby on the first day to pick up the things you didn't know they would need.

Get a box to stash the clothes baby grows out of. It happens sooner than you may think. I was sure that mine would be in newborn clothes still when I returned to work. He grew out of them in just over three weeks. He's now working on outgrowing all his socks.

And then get more burp cloths. Not kidding.

u/veritaszak · 3 pointsr/BabyBumps

I bought the Fridet

The hospital will also give me a peri bottle, so I plan on keeping one in each bathroom so I'm not carrying it around.

u/mintbrazzer · 3 pointsr/sissyology

You should use an enema. There are enema kits you can hang on your wall and use it while laying on your side. There are also shower heads for cleaning your anus which is my favorite option because they're so convenient.

Here are some examples:

Enema bulb

Enema kit

Enema shower head

If you need an instruction, I found this one useful:

u/jbryant1984 · 3 pointsr/asktransgender

Get one of these

Make sure you clean yourself using this thoroughly. On top of that, there is no such thing as too much lube. Have you tried penetrating yourself with a toy? If not, tell him he needs to go really slow. First time will likely not be easy, but it gets better...a lot better :)

u/Kevdog1800 · 3 pointsr/askgaybros

I got you boo boo!

My favorite method is to get a shower shot. This is the one I have and I love it, but it’s VERY easy to cause a bigger problem with a shower shot than you had to begin with (explanation below.) I bought my shower shot along with this shower head which I can discreetly unscrew the handheld shower head and screw in my shower shot when I need to use it and none of my roommates have a clue that I just rinsed out my butthole. It also allows me to control the water pressure on the shower head.

The better method to start with would is to go to the pharmacy and get some Fleet Enemas. Enemas or a Bulb Douche are the preferred beginning option because it’s easier to control how much water you’re using.

So, as a few other people have mentioned douching isn’t always necessary. If you have enough insoluble fiber in your diet, your body will clean about 95% of the debris out on its own. Insoluble Fiber helps to add bulk to your stool and hold it all together so when you go to the bathroom, there aren’t any little pieces left behind up there. Do not mistake that with soluble fiber which draws more water into your colon. I still prefer to give it a quick swish just for peace of mind, confidence, and comfort.

When you douche as far as water is concerned, less is more. You ONLY want to rinse out your rectum. This is why Fleet Enemas are good because they’re designed to hold the right amount of fluid. You DO NOT want to use too much water as it can over-fill your rectum and spill into your colon. If that happens, you can douche until the water runs clear, and then 10 minutes later a brown slurry begins dropping into your once clean rectum and... it’s NOT GOOD! If possible, you want to douche, and later have sex, after you have a good solid bowel movement. So go bop bop, shower and douche multiple times with a few ounces of saline/water until the water you push out runs clear a few times. Then soap and shower as normal.

Do NOT have sex immediately after douching. Despite your best efforts, chances are there is still some leftover water/saline in your rectum which you want to give 30 minutes or so for your body to reabsorb what’s left behind or you might spring a leak!

Now, douching is great in my opinion BUT you do not want to douche all the time. Douching strips healthy mucuses out of your rectum which potentially could increase your risks of contracting STDs. Your rectum is also home to a whole biological ecosystem which is part of a healthy immune and digestive system. The general consensus from doctors that I’ve read is that if you’re JUST rinsing out a small section of your lower GI like your rectum, it’s probably not not much of a concern but why upset your gut biome at all if you don’t have to. Douching is great! But don’t over do it.

I think that about covers it! If I missed anything or you have any questions feel free to ask!!!

u/manicmedic1028 · 3 pointsr/TopsAndBottoms

A simple bulb style enema is the best if you want something reusable. I have one similar to this and have been using it for about a year.

u/sunnyalthea · 3 pointsr/ZeroWaste

This is the Amazon seller I got it from. They have panty liners up to heavy flow pads, so make sure that's right before purchasing! I still have yet to try them out, so you might want to look through the reviews. Good luck!

u/illy-chan · 2 pointsr/IAmA

I have no experience in your field but, one girl to another, might want to give one of these a try.

u/beltaine · 2 pointsr/RedditLaqueristas

Well, don't look them up is all I can say, haha. I mean no one has DIED but some of the situations I'm sure the girls wish they could have, and I mean that in the most respectably humorous way. xD

Maaaaaaaaaan, I think I'm gonna do it. I've never had kids so I get the Diva Cup 1, correct?

u/lo_dolly_lolita · 2 pointsr/xxfitness

Hey! I'm 5'1 and currently 93 lbs so I don't get my period. I have been diagnosed with PCOS in the past but either way, I've done Provera many times to induce a "withdrawal bleed." According to my gyn it is important to have a bleed every 3-4 months to prevent abnormal cell growth in the uterus.

So now, I have a year's supply of Provera and if I don't get a period in four months, I just take 10 days of pills to induce bleeding. Sometimes I randomly do get a period and I start from that date going forward to count the next 4 months.

It helps to mark your calendar with periods, spotting and when you take Provera to keep track of it all.

Don't be scared of the Provera. Be more scared of not bleeding for 8 months! I noticed I have stronger cramps and more dark colored blood when I use Provera. I definitely recommend using the Diva Cup and using a heating pad/Aleve when you get your Provera bleed.

Side note: Because of the absence of periods as a teenager (also underweight at the time) I was on the pill for years but decided it was causing bloating and low sex drive so I've both used the pill and Provera to have periods and I much prefer the Provera.

Let me know if you have any more questions, I've been dealing with this for a looooong time!

u/LadyReyla · 2 pointsr/Anticonsumption

THINX Period Underwear

DivaCup Model 1 Menstrual Cup

I'm currently using both and highly recommend them.

u/Whatamensch · 2 pointsr/AdviceAnimals

Attention, ladies: get one of these. It'll change your life!!!

u/EnvyAdams · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Either the Diva Cup or the stripper pole.

I'm a weird lady.

u/Anemoni · 2 pointsr/AskWomen

My friend posted this link to an Amazon review of a menstrual cup, and now it's all I can remember when I hear about them.

u/FairyVagina · 2 pointsr/AskTrollX

Since nobody mentioned it: try period sponges! I have used them for years, less messy and we have had a great time with them. Maybe this is an option for you? Depending on the flow, you both won't notice that you are on your period. Multiple times my partner was amazed that I was on my period, since he did not notice the sponge at all.

u/wifeofpsy · 2 pointsr/AskWomenOver30

I had given up on cups until I found the disposable ones. I tried a few types like moon cups and similar ad could never get them in comfortably. I found soft disc and like those. They are lighter/thinner and I find easier to get in place. You use one for one period then chuck it. So one box is almost a years worth. I still don't use it for the beginning heavier days but that is just me being wimpy about trying it. I discovered them through a thread where women were singing their praises and using them to have sex while on their period. Once in place it catches the blood but you have normal lubrication so cleaner period sex is a possibility.


u/spacegirl_spiff · 2 pointsr/AdviceAnimals

Or you know, use Soft Cups instead and everyone will have a much better time.

u/MellieSIU · 2 pointsr/AdviceAnimals

Just use this

You can have sex on your period without making a mess and without so much as a drop of blood on the guy or anywhere else!

u/cheerupcheerio · 2 pointsr/TwoXChromosomes

I cannot agree enough with this. And no need to be brave. I've been using Softcups with amazing results. The fact that my guy can't even feel it, plus that there's no mess at all, makes us two very happy campers.

u/pigeonsandpuppies · 2 pointsr/TwoXChromosomes

May I introduce you all to Softcups?! Disposable (I wash out and reuse sometimes) 8hr flexible cups like the mooncup, but you can totally get it on with em! I find I have way less cramping with them, and sometimes forget I have my period (and I don't have light ones either). Just trying to help some ladies out! My SO doesn't even notice them, sometimes I don't even tell him!

u/Jimmysammy · 2 pointsr/TrollXChromosomes

Yeah. I have this issue. I do some kegels and squats/lunges and then it wiggles into place so I don't feel the little tip hurting. I think it's because vaginas vary in depth as well, so we might just not be able to put ours in deep enough. Once it settles, it's not noticeable anymore and seems to shimmy up slightly. But feeling the tip makes me cringe. It would be cool if they could come up with a reusable applicator for the diva cup, like soft rubber tongs or something. If it's a huge problem, I've had awesome luck with SoftCups. I keep both the DivaCup and SoftCup on hand since I can have sex with the SoftCup in. It's not bell shaped like the DivaCup, so no pokey end. You can keep it in for up to 12 hours. It's not reusable, though.

u/nkdeck07 · 2 pointsr/TwoXChromosomes

Actually we do, soft cups. Like a menstral cup but soft, much much shallower and disposable.

Kind of like a diaphragm but meant to collect period blood.

u/tinarob93 · 2 pointsr/menstrualcups

I mentioned a LOT of cups without providing links. I usually do, but there were so many ... Anyway, rather than go back and edit my posts, here is a list in case you want to check them out:


Cups with valves

Bassrose Cup (tried)

Aiwo Cup (tried and failed)

Old Victoria's Love

New Victoria's Love

Tulip Cup

Chinese Valve Cup

Chinese Valve Cup

Chinese Valve Cup with Stopper

Chinese Valve Cup With Stopper


Cups with anti-spill rims

Femmycycle (use)

Formoonsa (examined)

Lily Cup (examined)

Imari Rose Cup (use - my goldilocks)

Jieze Cup Blue (examined)

Jieze Cup Colored


Collapsible Cups

Lily Cup Compact (use, plan to switch to Lily Cup One)

Lily Cup One (examined, plan to use)

Formoonsa Cone Shape (examined)

Chinese Collapsibel Cup

Chinese Collapsibel Cup

Chinese Collapsibel Cup

Chinese Collapsibel Cup

Chinese Collapsible Cup


Cups with applicators

Amy Cup Original

Enna Cup

New Victoria's Love


Cups designed to easily break seal

Leona Air Flow

Flex Cup (just got one) - formerly Keela Cup

Lumma Easy Cup (not 100% sure those indentations are supposed to actually break the seal)


Cups designed to monitor your health

Loon Cup


Cups with round shapes

Femmycycle (use)

Formoonsa (examined)


Tieut Cup

Chinese Round Cup


Cups with vaginal shapes

Lily Cup (examined)

Fun Cup




Softcup (tried)

Softcup Reusable



Prudence Softcup

Ziggy Cup (tried)

Lumma Unique (use)

Nixit (examined)


The one run-of-the-mill cup I mentione

Peachlife (use)


I have also used or tried at one time or another (I'm sure I'm forgetting something)

Diva Cup


OI Cup (The cup that I learned I don't like TPE.)

u/NTX_cat_rescue · 2 pointsr/badwomensanatomy

Try these. I don't have periods anymore, but when I did, I used and liked these. It might be worth it to try it before deciding if you'd like to try the cup.

u/gimmeyourbadinage · 2 pointsr/sex

Lots of good advice, so here's some links for ease:

makeup wipes

tampon variety box

Yes you can buy a pack of hair ties and bobby pins and stuff but unless you're trying to open a convenience store for these ladies (and by all means if you want, go for it) these two things are plenty.

u/LazyGrower · 2 pointsr/microgrowery - different sized for different filters? Don't know much about fish.

u/deepsandwich · 2 pointsr/IAmA

Going to agree, with an addendum:

The best system is an in-shower enema. While it does require taking a quick shower, they are overall faster (don't have to constantly refill the bulb) and more thorough than a traditional hand-held enema bulbs.

u/TheOldGuy54 · 2 pointsr/sex

My wife and I are big time anal fans.... Started way back in college when she was 19 and I was 23


I think anal beads are more of a novelty, We really never got into them.... Dildos, butt plugs and cock were much more fun :)

If you are worried about fecal matter they do sell shower attachments for a quick rinse.


Have fun you crazy kids!

u/innatelycomplex · 2 pointsr/funny

No that's a bidet. It for washing ur butt.

Usually pumps out a more direct higher pressure water flow.

Some also use them for attaching enema nozzles.

u/nightshifter · 2 pointsr/sex

Keep the shower curtain closed when you have company. Don't use too much water pressure.

u/WeaponsHot · 2 pointsr/gay

This is the absolute best.

u/mikedipi · 2 pointsr/TopsAndBottoms
  1. I drink a large glass of metamucil every morning and night. It makes cleaning out incredibly easier. Also, I never eat foods that I know will throw me off... (chili, buffalo chicken, anything remotely spicy doesn't work well for me)

  2. One trick that I've found, which I still find hard to abide by (because I'm so anal about making sure I'm spotless) is that often, less is more. I've found the best way to guarantee its going to take FOREVER to get clean is to get TOO much water up there. You definitely want to get a thorough cleansing, or atleast I do, so I can relax and enjoy getting fucked, but if you get lots of excess water up in your guts, it can be nigh impossible to get it all out before sex.

  3. Use a toy. I always use a toy the approximate size of my partner as a last check. I get warmed up and then use it on myself pretty uh, well. Enough to simulate what its going to be like getting fucked later. Do this a bit, if you come out clean its about as good of a guarantee as you can get that your ready. If it doesn't... you'll be glad you've done this in the privacy of your shower instead of in the bedroom.

  4. This one I guess is preference, but I use a shower douche, it basically is a little hose with a nice nozzle at the end that fits up your bum. It's much easier to hop in the shower and clean out then to repeatedly fill a douche, use it, expel, refill, etc... Link to example: - This is what I've had the most success with over the years.

    I'm only 23, but I've been the bottom in a relationship for the past 5 years and I've not once had an 'accident' following this advice. Of course, there have been many nights I don't have anal sex if I am not 100% sure I'm going to be clean. Practice lots and you'll get a good feel for your body (what are good/ bad things to eat, how long after cleaning will you remain clean etc.)

    I have lots more advice, but I think these are the most important pieces of advice I have to offer. I hope this helps! The struggle to be a hygienic bottom is real.

u/PBinLBC · 2 pointsr/SexToys

Cleanstream Silicone Comfort Nozzle Enema Attachment

Fits any standard shower hose (in the US anyway), like the one for a shower massage. This way, you can douche in the shower, without making a mess. You can then reattach the shower massage to the hose to finish cleaning up.

There are also complete kits that include the hose, but they're not needed if you already have a shower massage.

u/Joleen_Fahrenheit · 2 pointsr/sissyhypno

I like a deep hi colonic enema. This is a great product.
A lot of stuff on Amazon can be found cheaper on Ebay. I pay @ $1 for acceptable quality panty hose, a little more for crotchless pantyhhose. My fav panty style, Vanity Fair String Bikini Panties Illumination 18108, can be found cheaper on Ebay. Don't be afraid of Chinese vendors; they're all over Amazon as well, and generally speaking as honest as any vendor - it just takes a longer delivery time.

u/sardonux · 2 pointsr/aneros

I've found through a lot of trials and reading on this forum that tools and prep make a huge difference for the entire experience.. I moved to coconut oil. I drop the jar in very warm water for a while which makes it feel awesome going inside. Invest in a lube shooter like this. I've personally found it to better my experiences. I shoot a lot of coconut oil in there. A douche cleaning makes the movement even better. This one I've found to be high quality.

u/neverendingpet · 2 pointsr/BadDragon

Yeah being super cleaned before makes a huge difference. Happy I can help!

Best lube launcher I can recommend would be Cleanstream XL Lubricant Launcher - the smaller ones don’t really put much in there and you can never use too much lube 😝

u/Boh_1 · 2 pointsr/fleshlight

This lube injector works great :

Just fill it up, push it all the way to the back of the sleeve (or however far you normally go) and slowly pull it out while depressing the plunger. One shot is enough for most sleeves, although you may want at least half another shot in the first half of some of the more textured or tight sleeves.

Squirt a little extra on the orifice and you are ready to rock.

u/82364 · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon


/u/hamsterfarm /u/kittenboheme

Large supply of good lube [Gel] [Liquid] (I think the 34 ounces for 20 bucks is the best deal you'll find)

Getting it where it's needed

A reminder:

Safe Materials

  • 100% Silicone
  • Glass (lime-soda, borosilicate)
  • Metal
  • ABS Plastic
  • Ceramic (glazed and kiln-fired)
  • Wood (when the finish is medical grade)
  • Acrylic

    Materials to Avoid

  • Jelly/ Crystal Jelly / Gel (or any variation thereof)
  • Rubber
  • Cyberskin/ Ultraskin/ Eroskin/ Softskin/ SoftTouch/ Cyber Jel-lee/New supersoft/ Futurotic/ UR3 (also known as thermal plastics)
  • Vinyl and PVC

    Approach With Caution

  • TPE, TPR, Elastomer, TPR-Silicone, Silicone Blends – These are probably non-toxic, but more then likely will be porous enough to hide bacteria or mold. These types of toys should be examined closely every time you use it. Look for any black spots, tears, or foul odors, discard immediately if you find any of these.
  • Natural Stone – The material is likely safe, but may still be porous.
u/Grownup_Stuff2 · 2 pointsr/TopsAndBottoms

It’s an apparatus to apply lube a little deeper. Looks like a syringe.

u/Drenkn · 2 pointsr/AskWomen

MONISTAT Complete Care Chafing Relief Powder Gel 1.5 oz = game changer.

u/cookiedoughbreakfast · 2 pointsr/xxketo

this stuff is great for chub rub in the mean time. I live in NoVA and it's the only thing that saves me.

u/rosieramblings · 2 pointsr/xxfitness

Monistat Soothing Care Chafing Relief Powder-Gel, 1.5-Ounce

I see this recommended all the time by plus size girls on YouTube in the summer time. I think this might be what you're looking for!

u/ReginaGeorgeHarrison · 2 pointsr/badwomensanatomy

[Here you go!] (

I pick it up at any drugstore for $3-$5. It's unmedicated, unlike regular monistat. No color, no scent, just magic matte pore vanisher. I found this out while skiing; many of the ski instructors use it on their skin to prevent cold chafing. The texture and effect is comparable to Smashbox or NARS.

u/fishfeathers · 2 pointsr/SkincareAddiction

There's this product called Bandelettes that are kind of like garters that you wear to prevent thigh chafing. I haven't used them personally but I've heard good things about them from others. I also love love love this Monistat anti-chafing powder gel, which incidentally is also an excellent makeup primer.

u/Psiah · 2 pointsr/asktransgender

You're pretty much only going to get anecdotes, because no one's cared to study it, but everything I've heard (and tried) has shown that it is VERY important to get Bioidentical Progesterone, since non-bioidentical can make your mood much worse. I've been doing a single pump of this spread around my chest and wrists daily for a couple of months now, and I've gotten:

  1. More energy. Not as huge as starting HRT, but it definitely helped.

  2. A bit more emotional stability... though that's been contracted in recent weeks by a significant increase in stress while also upping my HRT dose.

  3. Fingernail strength restored - they're no longer so brittle that they break with a mean look.

  4. Libido increasing back to pre-HRT levels... though it took a few months to get there. Unfortunately, it also means I'm getting unwanted random erections.

  5. Rounder Breasts - went from cones to a much rounder shape. Have also grown quite a bit, but I started only 6 months into HRT, so some of that's probably just HRT itself.

    Exact doses are hard to determine... you probably don't want that much, though. Large amounts of hormones don't tend to increase the speed of anything.
u/lovelytangela · 2 pointsr/vaginismus

Here are few sets I found from amazon (might have to copy and paste it because I don’t think it’ll show up as a link)

VIBIO Active Dilators Set for Vaginismus Kegel Exerciser Top Physician Recommended with 8oz Water Based Personal Lubricant

This is the intiMD set. They’re only $29.95 they actually sell these at the physical therapy clinic I volunteer at that specializes in pelvic health

Berman Dilators for Vaginismus. Berman Intimate Dilatator kit. Intimate Accessories Dilator Set + Free lube (Sample)

These are the Berman Dilators and these cost only $26.49.

These are femmax and they’re only $26.50.

If you want silicone dilators here are a few that are under $50:

These are the ones that I use and I recommend them for beginners. They are slightly less girthy than your standard dilator set but I think that’s good for warming yourself up for something wider, if you’re intimated by dilator sets that have super girthy sizes. As I will say that you do have to insert the dilator in pretty deep to get the stretch that you need though. If your guy is larger than the largest dilator in this set then maybe get a set with bigger sizes.

I couldn’t find any other silicone sets that were less than $50. For some reason the silicone sets tend to be more expensive. Hopefully this is helpful.

Oh yes and there’s also the iconic set that’s $44.95. That is seemingly way less than what it was when I was starting out though lol. Here’s the website url

u/SwimmingThroughSpace · 2 pointsr/vaginismus

Is this within your price range? Amazon UK I was happy with my purchase

u/Aiahbantam · 2 pointsr/sex

Hi, thank you for this very informative comment, we're gonna visit a gp next week for counseling and we're buying a dilator specific for this .
For the hymen we didn't find anything on the internet that is similar to her, there is some sort of a piece of skin poking out, we're gonna need some professional advice for that.

u/weebley12 · 2 pointsr/askwomenadvice

I never tried the diva cup because I had read some bad reviews. BUT, I tried the femmycycle cup and I loved it. It was very easy to use and way comfortable.

FemmyCycle Menstrual Cup Spill-proof with Removal Ring Made in the USA, Regular Size

u/fourAMrain · 2 pointsr/menstrualcups

I bought mine on [Amazon] ( for $25. They have a low cervix and petite version too.

I wanted to try Merula bc those have loops too but they're too expensive at $50 and heard it's hard to open.

u/tumbleweedfire951 · 2 pointsr/sex

Yes. It is best to consume lots of fiber. Avoid eating things that will cause sticky stool, diarrhea, gas, and so on. Some people use enemas although doing so frequently is bad for your health. You can use a douche to clean it out, like this one:

This one's pretty big, but more comfortable to insert than a narrow & pointy one; note that I am NOT affiliated/compensated by the producer of the above product.

u/din_the_dancer · 2 pointsr/menstrualcups

Like, you said you got the Dutchess cup?

Here's Blossom, [Athena] (, and [Pixie Luxe] (

And then there's this off of Aliexpress.

Those all look like the same cup, and I would not be surprised if they were all the same cup.

I have a collection of higher quality cups too, so I want to do comparisons of the cheaper cups vs reputable ones.

u/nemracbackwards · 2 pointsr/asianfeminism

I actually switched to this one:

The stainage doesn't seem as intense because it's blue. But it's also not as stiff and because of that, it doesn't pop out inside of you like the diva cup does. But on the other hand it does feel more comfortable.

I really wish someone made a like reusable tampon inserter type thing for the cups. Like you fold the cup into a tube, then you can insert the tube easily and the use the push pop thing to get it in. Viola! no more fisting yourself in public bathrooms trying to get your cup back in. hahahaha. -sigh- that would be my dream product.

u/whenwillthewaitend · 2 pointsr/BabyBumps

These are things I wish I had invested in the first time around OR that I did invest in and was so glad I did:

  • Some Depends. I know that no one really wants to wear adult diapers but they were amazing when my water broke. I was completely soaking through the most absorbent overnight pads I owned in about 10-15 minutes and the hospital was 45 minutes from my home. I finally remembered I had some Depends "just in case" and oh man 1 of them lasted the last 20 minutes or so I was getting stuff together, the trip to the hospital and the time it took to get settled into a room in L&D. I'm pretty sure it would have lasted a good bit longer also if needed. 10/10 highly recommend.

  • At least 1 good peri bottle. Yes you'll get one from the hospital probably. But do you really want to carry it around the house or always have to go back to the same bathroom because it has your peri bottle? I have a 2 story townhome and I hated being downstairs and then having to go all the way back upstairs just to pee because that's where my peri bottle was. I know stairs sound like no big deal but that first day or two home from the hospital they really feel like a big deal. Plus the peri bottle I got from the hospital started looking like it was going to break just any time, which would of course be awful. I finally invested in a Fridet mom washer and I can highly recommend it. It was easier to use than the peri bottle I got from the hospital and it felt far more durable.

  • Tucks pads. My hospital supplied them during my stay but didn't give me any to take home when I was discharged. They were still the best thing ever for the first week or two (or longer, I'm not sure) after discharge.

  • This is one I've never seen anywhere probably because it's a very uncommon problem. I really, really wish I had seen it somewhere though because it would have saved me so much agony. If you have sensitivities to some commercial pads like Always you should 100% invest in some cloth PP pads. I get bad eczema from Always pads. Like really bad: my skin blisters, gets super hard, cracks and then peels till I have no skin left in the affected area. I thought "oh I'll just avoid Always pads and I'll be golden!" WRONG. So wrong. I didn't take any pads with me to the hospital because I thought they'd supply pads. They did but I apparently had a very similar, though not quite as bad, reaction as I do to Always pads. And then once my skin was already so incredibly irritated even pads that are normally very safe for me were too much. The only pads I could use without a lot of pain, itching and worsening of the skin problems were cloth pads. I ordered some on-line but it took a couple of days to get them and those days I spent waiting were the worst. So if you have issues with "normal" disposable pads please learn from my mistakes and get some cloth pads ahead of time. And take them to the hospital with you. Also figure out some way to do something similar to the "padcicles" everyone talks about with the cloth pads or using something else that isn't a disposable pad. Having something cold down there after delivery is so amazing.

  • Reusable breast pads. This is especially true if you fall into the category mentioned above of people who have sensitives to disposable menstrual pads. Apparently disposable nursing pads are made with something similar?

  • Get a donut pillow to sit on for those first couple of days home if you have a vaginal delivery. Alternatively, if you have a mini snoogle you can use that. This is so important. It was the only way I was able to sit without tremendous pain those first couple of days home.
u/airial · 2 pointsr/ShitCosmoSays

I literally can’t live without this thing. There are a lot of different versions out there but this is the one I’ve used for a while. It can get water everywhere if I’m not careful but that’s no big deal to me.

There are also bidets that you can get as an attachment on your toilet but I share a bathroom with roommates and I don’t think it’d be sanitary enough for my liking. So I use my fancy “peri bottle” bidet.

u/Jamberee · 2 pointsr/BabyBumps

4th degree tear here, it gets better but it feels like it won't for a while.
I was given an inflatable cushion to sit on and I absolutely had to use it while sitting.

There were days when I really didn't think I was healing, and then around 6 weeks I started feeling way better, by 8 weeks I felt almost normal. It sounds like a long time when you're in the bleeding shit hole that is post-partum, but it will blur together.

I bought the fridababy momwasher (
I liked it better than the perri bottle.

Those ice packs the hospital gives out were essential for the first couple days, then I used witch hazel pads and dermoplast on huge hospital pads. They helped cool everything down and stop itching.

Take motrin for the pain and stool softeners for longer than you think you have to. I stopped because I thought the first poo was the part I had to worry about and regretted it.

Drink a ton of water, this is not nether region related but my ankles reaaallly swelled about 4 days PP and the only cure was drinking a ton of water. Be sure you remember to eat. With learning how to breast feed and being in pain, I didn't want to eat PP either.

Good luck and enjoy the babe!

u/rololamperouge11 · 2 pointsr/askgaybros

i usually douche with something like...

right before sex and use a quality lube like Gun Oil...
when i was with my ex, i wouldn't eat the 2 meals before meeting him (so unhealthy btw), but gave him the freedom to go hard right away and it was mess free... but there's a new supplement that keeps you clean, forgot what it's called though

u/Username4418 · 2 pointsr/sex

At least an hour before. And they have the disposable ones too if you’d prefer going that route.

u/lubaluba26 · 2 pointsr/askgaybros

I use this one. Fill up your sink with warm soapy water rinse and repeat until clear water comes out and boom your ready. Never had any embarrassing accidents

u/Somemoreron · 2 pointsr/ProstatePlay

I use the enema bulb until it comes out clear. I also do this about two hours before I plan to play. I found that if I play immediately after cleanout, it results in the poo water getting all over everything. Or worse, actual poop. If I wait 2-3 hours, it seems to be no prob.

u/danger_nooble · 2 pointsr/sex

As a recent first timer... Lube lube lube lube lube lube. And go slow.

I would also personally recommend one of those glass dildos that are kind of like increasingly larger anal beads as a way to prepare her for the feeling at a good pace. This helped me get in the swing of things sooooo so so much.

Additionally, enema bulbs are under $10 on Amazon if you two are concerned with being squeaky clean. It can definitely get messy, so prepare yourself for that. I had indigestion issues a few hours prior to my first anal experience and turns out that was an awful time to do it. Condoms are also a good alternative.

u/resident_trashcan · 2 pointsr/menstrualcups

The Ziggy cup is available on the Canadian Amazon. It's a bit hard to find as searching it doesn't in my results but here's a link to it: also has the Ziggy:

u/ndoring88 · 2 pointsr/menstrualcups

Woo! Check out this one too

Ziggy Flat Cup

Its flat which i’m thinking could be good for what I think we should nickname a T-pain cervix ( because it gets low)

i just figured out how to do links ! watch out reddit world.

u/BrokenMeatRobot · 2 pointsr/clothpads
  1. Picking the right size can depend on how much you want the pads to absorb. I have a couple of different sizes, you can get a variety for overnight, heavy flow, med flow, or light flow.

  2. I got my first cloth pads from Amazon because they were cheap and great as a trial run. I'm in Canada, but these are the same ones I have on Link to variety pack and Overnight size

  3. You change them like you would disposable pads, depending on your flow. They will feel damp but they absorb really well and are superior for wicking away moisture in comparison to disposables. I'd suggest paring them with period underwear or a menstrual cup if you are worried about leaks, some people wear two pairs of underwear to keep them in place. They don't have a sticky backing so it can take some getting used to. Overall they're way more comfortable than disposable pads.

  4. A decent price to pay depends on what you're looking for. The ones on Amazon are cheap but they function well. When you want to upgrade consider if you want something made from organic materials, cotton, bamboo, hand-made off Etsy, etc. They will affect the prices.
u/memoryangel · 2 pointsr/Periods

Basically they are a layer of waterproof PUL (also used for cloth diapers) and then layers of bamboo or cotton for the absorbant pad area. You can get ones with or without snaps to secure them around your underwear. They are thicker than regular pads but softer and less irritating.

Example from Amazon: 6Pcs Set Menstrual Pads Reusable Washable Charcoal Bamboo Layer Heavy Flow 13 inch Sanitay Pads with 1 Cloth Mini Wet Bag by Simfamily

u/Throbbing-Clitoris · 1 pointr/sex

Use a Soft Cup (a disposable menstrual cup). It blocks both the blood and the odor, and having sex with one in ensures that there is absolutely nothing to be disgusted about. Truly, he wouldn't even be able to tell you were having your period.

u/jillian_marks · 1 pointr/sex

Try these. They are a cup that catches your period that you can wear up to 12 hours, and they keep you really clean. You can use them while you have sex.

u/mechitgood · 1 pointr/TryingForABaby

i knowwwwwwww. i need some serious funny friends and I feel like the majority of people I meet IRL are so serious. And thats something I could never joke about. I cant even mention Im TTC. Well thats more of a personal thing because people insist on thinking TTC means have sex once = pregnant. Plus, I had an ectopic last time and my husband told people so yeah don't want to deal with that again.

ugh now I know what you mean about the math problems. Ps- loved PEMDAS problems in school, dont ask why because I have no idea. But yeah its a friggen #s game over here. I shit you not this is what I feel like. i'm like let me check my temp, fertility score, okay its CD... Then I have to become full blown scientist and analyze my OPKs.

I havent used preseed this time around and I havent been putting my legs up either which makes me think I absolutely am forgetting something. When I got pregnant with my daughter (successful pregnancy) I used soft cups. Theyre similar to menstrual cups except theyre disposable,. People TTC use them to keep semen in and up close to the cervix for hours. Gonna be honest though I'm 99% sure I didnt use them when I got pregnant with my daughter. I was TTC 11 months (I think) last time and we had used them during that time. Im tempted to just put in my lunette though, not gonna lie. Im the same way though Im like 'its not even close to O...' -__- but then Ill start thinking about maybe O'ing earlier or sperm life and I'm like this. Btw, I was also watching a video on youtube about how to use the clearblue digital ovulation thing which I apparently did not understand before hand. Anyway, in the video its explaining that if you get no smiley it means you have a low fertility score for that day and its like JUST A REMINDER: HAVING SEX ON THESE DAYS IS JUST FOR FUN AND PROBABLY WONT GET YOU PREGNANT. Im like thanksssss dick!

I dont know if youre a fan of game of thrones but if you are then Ill just say that Im fully prepared to almost drown for my chance at the throne.

u/NatashaTTC · 1 pointr/TryingForABaby

Just to add onto this, while you don't need to lay down for an hour (and shouldn't without peeing), if it would make you feel better you can insert a softcup to keep semen close to your cervix while you go about your day.

u/duckingcluttered · 1 pointr/waiting_to_try

You should try using Softcups if you do get AF on your honeymoon and want to have sexy times. You can acutally have sex with it in place. I've done it before and my husband has had NO idea that it was in place :D I've seen them in drugstores too

u/tsukinon · 1 pointr/nosleep

I've used one for years and I would wholeheartedly recommend it for most people, with a few caveats. First, if you're not comfortable with blood, keep walking. You have to empty it regularly and you can expect at least a half an ounce. Second, if you look at the insertion instructions, you have to comfortable with your vagina. Third, different companies make slightly different cups and you may need to try a few brands to get the right one. On the plus side, I'm still using one I bought in November 2011 for $26.15, so it costs about 0.50 per period. At that price, I think it would be worth even trying a couple of brands. Instead makes disposable cups for $8 on Amazon if someone wasn't sure.

Also, people are talking about boiling them. Boiling is only needed for discoloration or if there's an odor. I just wash mine in a fragrance free soap and it's fine. There is a bit of discoloration, but who cares? As for leaking, it only leaks if it's full or if you didn't get a seal. I think it's happened to me once. Just make sure there's a good seal when to insert it and check frequently until you get an idea of how often you need to empty it.

So basically, the cups have a bit of a learning curve and aren't for the squeamish, but if you're willing to do a bit of research and get used to them, I would completely recommend them. It would definitely work well with a heavier flow.

u/LittleHelperRobot · 1 pointr/NoStupidQuestions

Non-mobile: Instead

^That's ^why ^I'm ^here, ^I ^don't ^judge ^you. ^PM ^/u/xl0 ^if ^I'm ^causing ^any ^trouble. ^WUT?

u/reasonably_mardy · 1 pointr/TryingForABaby
u/LoveSalmonDinners · 1 pointr/TheGirlSurvivalGuide

I use [ALL free & clear](all Liquid Laundry Detergent, Free Clear, 94.5 Ounce, 63 Loads careful on the dryer sheets too, I know those can irritate. ALL free & clear makes dryer sheets as well. I usually cut them in half. And for towel loads I leave out completely.
& a little coconut oil makes for a good lubricant.
Also have you tried the [diva cup](Diva Cup 1 Pre Childbirth

A few drops of tea tree oil (apply to finger tips then apply to your V area) will also help cleanse it. I've used this method my self with positive results.

Good luck!

u/hintlime9 · 1 pointr/TwoXChromosomes

Amazon seems to have the best price I've seen ($25) and free shipping here. (the link is for the smaller one, they have the same deal for both sizes though)

u/nanab10 · 1 pointr/littlespace

I use the Lunette Cup and I'm happy with it, but the Diva Cup is more popular and a lot cheaper. They're both a little pricey, but they can last 10 years, so it ends up being way cheaper than buying disposable stuff in the long run! :D

u/roy1979 · 1 pointr/india

Divacup Honest Green Model Cup 1 Pre Childbirth

This is the actual Diva Cup. My point was a US made cup from the pioneers claims 1 year replacement, how good is the quality of Made in India? Can it be used for 1 year?

u/BadKisser69420 · 1 pointr/foreskin_restoration

Manhood, a diva cup, a baby sock, saran wrap...

Just be warned that after making yourself more sensitive, you will be more sensitive. This can leave you reeaaallly uncomfortable in situations where you happen not to have any protection. Dekeratinization is pretty much the quickest, simplest part of restoration. It'll happen naturally as you get some skin and that skin will be there to keep things covered.

u/devasura · 1 pointr/TwoXChromosomes

Well said !!

I mean the world over women mostly use pads, tampons etc .. think of all the waste prevented! Spread the word out sister.

These cups are made of silicone, similar to the material of which baby nipples are made. But the cost of it is 4 times that of nipples.

baby nipples 7$

diva cup 27$

If the demand was high enough, you could get these for 7$ too. And they would last a long time. This should be taught to women world over, advertised better.

Of course the pad/tampon/etc lobby wouldn't want this to be adopted in a big way. This a cash cow for them :(

u/anniemaehem · 1 pointr/UpliftingNews

I wanted to give an update - when I bought a diva cup 3 years ago it was $45 available either online or Whole Foods. As the industry has expanded, there are many many many more brands and options than there once was - ranging between $14 and $40. I was actually amazed how much cheaper they are now than they were when I first got one.

$15 is doable for any woman spending $10 monthly on feminine hygiene products, and this makes it more accessible for more people.

$14 Luna Cup

$15 Blossom Cup

$23 Diva Cup (which i misquoted at $45- price has decreased significantly)

u/GhostOfPluto · 1 pointr/AskReddit

Look up any of the reviews for the Diva Cup.

Edit: added link

u/Afennekin · 1 pointr/AskWomen

Neither. Diva cup for life.

u/Vaughnicorn · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Here! It's rad. It's so convenient because it has a little carrying pouch so you'll always have it with you. It takes some getting used tom but it's so worth it. Plus, it saves you an absurd amount of time and money.

u/catgirl1359 · 1 pointr/menstrualcups

Amazon has many good options! If you tell us a bit more about your anatomy and needs we can make better recommendations. Here are the well known FDA approved brands under $40 on Amazon:

There are a few more but these are some of the favorite brands that you can find lots of reviews and info for.

u/BreathlessFlame · 1 pointr/TwoXChromosomes

My Diva Cup was $23 on Amazon... Where are you getting them that they're $40? o.o

EDIT: $26 free shipping, if anyone is looking for one!

u/allenizabeth · 1 pointr/TwoXChromosomes

$22 isn't terrible if you consider what you would save in a year in tampons / pads.

u/theonewiththetits · 1 pointr/TheGirlSurvivalGuide

Sorry it took so long to get back to you, I've been busy!!

I have the Diva Cup Level 2 as i'm >30. This one.

I hope this helps! There are a few things I would note tho (Incoming gross overshare!)

The way you take this thing in and out involves bearing down like you're pooping, so if you poop you will want to take this thing out first or it will slip lower. Because of this i usually wait to have a BM until I get home for the day. You're also going to have a bit of a learning curve, taking it out and putting it in, where you will get blood all over your bathroom. Not trying to gross you out, but it happens. It took me about 2-3 periods to really get it down. Even once you learn how to put it in and take it out super smooth, you will still get blood on your hands. It just happens. Make sure to keep a pin around in your bathroom to clean out the holes along the top of the cup so it can expand properly. those holes are TINY and it feels like they clog every time i take the cup in and out.

I highly recommend if you are going to use a cup to make sure you're also using a period prediction app, and to track more than just your bleeding. You're gonna learn a lot about how your bits work, and your body's idiosyncracies, but it's so much better, i promise.

If you have any questions, let me know.

u/sheilastretch · 1 pointr/sex

The eco friendly and slightly cheaper option for the modern woman on her period.

They take a bit of getting used to, and you can only wear them for up to 10 hours at a time before you have to rinse them out, but they're way more comfortable (in my experience) than pads or tampons, as well as reusable.

(I heard someone say you could have sex with one of these in there... but that just doesn't seem like a safe option to me.)

u/the-chloe-experience · 1 pointr/SexWorkersOnly

I used these for years. My local sex store used to sell them but has since stopped. They’re the only ones that have never leaked for me, and I’m pretty heavy in the first few days lol! Now, I use the today sponge.

Sea sponges are good, too. Make sure you dampen it before putting it up there. Personally, I wouldn’t use a makeup sponge. They’re covered in chemicals and stuff that’s just not meant to go up let alone near there. A lot of girls still use them tho!

u/excelzombie · 1 pointr/childfree

Dude, they seem so cool, they SAY you can go to the spa and swim AND other stuff with no strings (dont think i would do swimming but exciting). So like a sea sponge (I have my squick issues with thissss) but more like a Today sponge without spermicide (NOT A BC on its own) but synthetic and one time use.

u/HoneyPop3000 · 1 pointr/relationship_advice

Only good advice I can offer here is to try the soft-disc during menstrual periods. Works great when inserted properly. There's no mess and it adds about a week a month that sexy time can occur! (mess-free)

u/sun-moon-stars · 1 pointr/sex

If you are turned off by the blood or smell, she can use either a diaphragm or Soft Cup menstrual cups to keep everything tidy and smell-free. Then you both get what you want.

u/DesertBreeze · 1 pointr/sex

If it is just the blood he is squeamish about, you should both look into these disposable cups you can use during your period:

It seems hard to use but I had no problems from the first time I tried putting one in. You can use these during sex.

If you are going to try this, definitely try using them first before attempting sex with it. They only come in one size and I would think for some women this just won't work, but it works great for me, I love these.

Warning, removal can get messy so have a trash can nearby. I usually can't remove them without spilling.

But, in the end, he just might never be comfortable having sex during your period regardless.

u/FrontpageWatch · 1 pointr/longtail

>Hey guys! I realized today that a lot of women are not aware of sea sponge tampons. I used to pretty much "opt out" of sex during my period, because it was too messy and too much of a hassle, even when I felt really horny.
>Sea sponges rest against the cervix, so they absorb everything before it reaches the vaginal canal (which is where a cotton tampon would be inserted.)
>Because they are spongey and absorbent, you can have sex with the sponge in, and your partner will not feel any difference! I prefer these to Softcups because the cups are made of plastic, and while they do a good job of holding back the flow, they can be felt by your partner. Some women even use sea sponges for contraception, by pairing them with spermicide (your mileage may vary!)
>This is only a good option if you feel comfortable with your ladyparts, as you do need to push it in and pull it out. I use mine now instead of regular tampons, and I rinse them out every few hours as needed. I always rinse them out before sex to avoid any possible leaking. After each cycle, I soak the sponge in warm water and 5-10 drops of tea tree oil, rinse, and let dry for the next cycle! While on my period, I keep a spare cotton tampon and a plastic baggie to store the sponge in my purse, just in case I find myself in a situation where rinsing the sponge every 3-4 hours is difficult, or if my flow is very heavy.
>If you take proper care of your sponges, each one should last you about six months.
>Also, the link I provided was for a brand name of sea sponge tampons-- these are nice because they are already the right size, and they come with a carrying bag, but you can always buy a large sea sponge and cut it up yourself to save money! Just make sure it is a natural sea sponge.
>I hope this information is useful to some of you out there!
>EDIT: Here is a cheaper option for the frugal-minded! I haven't used these ones personally, but some of the reviews indicate that they work well as tampons. I liked having the Jade & Pearl set for my first time, because it comes with instructions/tips and a carry bag, but if you don't care about that, save yourself some money!

u/aformergruber · 1 pointr/ttcafterloss
u/Dvrgrl812 · 1 pointr/sex

Try these,
They are easy to use and you will have no mess!

u/whiskeyjane45 · 1 pointr/tifu

You need some of these

Changed my period sex having life

u/vzvv · 1 pointr/birthcontrol

Sure, these are softcups. I generally buy them at Wegmans or CVS, as unlike the reusable hardcups you need a new one every period. (I think the box says a new one daily, but I just clean it daily through each period.) Still far cheaper than tampons or pads though. I hope they work for you if you try them :) Feel free to PM any questions.

u/amberyoung · 1 pointr/TwoXChromosomes

Try Softcups if you are worried about intense suction. These guys are a totally different shape and shallower. They used to make ones you reuse for a whole cycle and then toss, but I am not sure if they switched over to just the single use ones. Still, it’s 12 hours.

u/Pegasister821 · 1 pointr/sex

2 words : soft. cups.
I swear by these things for normal periods use, but they're advertised to be usable during sex. I always give mine a rinse before sexy time just to make sure there's nothing that will leak.
Some positions are more prone to getting the cup ring in the way, but I've had really great results with them.

If you don't go this route, we've done the towel thing & they've stayed mostly stain free. Avoiding heavy flow days is the best for messes, but not totally necessary.

u/anotherkitty · 1 pointr/Advice

This may be a little TMI, but she can use these.

You can be intimate with those. It's not contraception, so you still need to take care of that separately. You can get them at a regular drugstore.

u/dont_knockit · 1 pointr/WTF

As an enlightened woman, I just want to say: for women who don't want to deal with this: Instead Softcups. No string. You can wear it up to 12 hours. You can wear it during sex. And best of all, it's not associated with Toxic Shock Syndrome. Pass the word.

edit: also, you could wear a dress long enough that your labia aren't sticking out. Just some womanly advice.

u/SwiggyBloodlust · 1 pointr/AskTrollX

If you want to try the idea before committing give this a go. I love them.

u/SpikeNLB · 1 pointr/TopsAndBottoms

You are better off getting a shower shot.

u/this1chick · 1 pointr/AskReddit
u/hkp2000 · 1 pointr/Whatisthis

If it screws into a water hose it very likely might have been inside someone

u/Byron33196 · 1 pointr/lgbt

Most gay guys use a shower enema system. I would recommend that if you can't control water volume with your shower faucet, add a flow regulator. This is the one I use. Cleanstream Shower Enema System

u/RobotEmilio · 1 pointr/ShittyPhrasing

This actually is a thing

u/throwawaya325 · 1 pointr/askgaybros

Do you have any recommendations for the small dildo? I can see what you mean about not being stretched out beforehand, but that means that the dildo used probably wouldn't be something that you would buy to use for fun. What do you think of this comfort attachment (just in terms of the shape)? Supposedly it's 0.77 inches in diameter. Do you think that's good or should I look for something even thinner? The thing is I figure it's not going to be useful to check if I'm clean if it's too thin.

u/daremeboy · 1 pointr/BadDragon

Don't get one. They aren't worth it. You're better off buying a $5 injector on amazon. I regret getting the one I did. The tube gets messy if you don't have the syringe on it while using it because it tends to suck stuff back into the tube if its not pressurized. The cord is a pain to dry and clean. The cord hangs free and gets in the way. It's just not worth it.

Get one of these, cheaper and cleaner and more effective.

u/boobbert · 1 pointr/GaySex

If you are going to use long toys or the top is long, I find it helpful. I purchased a lube launcher. and I am pleased. It gets it pretty deep so there seems less pain from the top hitting a dry spot. The downside is it puts a lot of lube inside. Can make things a bit messy.

u/notoneofyourfans · 1 pointr/sex

Unless you are a guy with long arms, fingers are difficult to reach it with unless you know what you are looking for. I suggest a curved hard toy like the Njoy Pure Wand or if you want to go cheaper, something made of glass. Lube the instrument well (as well as the anus). Maybe even squirt a little lube inside. Oils and silicone seems to last longer in anal play. Coconut oil is relatively cheap and works great but can be messy. Once the tipoff the instrument is in, push up while moving in and out. It should look like you are trying to push your belly button out using the wand. At some point, you should feel a hardish knot. When I brush past my prostate, it gives me a slight urge like I want to pee. Just keep brushing back and forth. You will find the right amount of pressure and depth and speed. It can be uncomfortable at first. Keep at it.

u/StackableGoats · 1 pointr/SkincareAddiction

It's definitely worse when I get sweaty, but I was hoping the bra liners would help. They keep my bras fresher for sure but aren't helping the acne. I use this right now on my inner thighs. Is that similar to what you're describing?

u/AskMrScience · 1 pointr/bigboobproblems

It can be hard to tell heat rash from fungal infection from just plain old irritated underboob skin, so you may have to try a few things before you find a good solution.

I've seen a lot of women recommend Gold Bond medicated powder for underboob sweat and irritation during the summer. It absorbs moisture and also contains zinc and menthol, which are anti-fungal/anti-itch.

You can also try Monistat's anti-chaffing gel (aka dimethicone). It goes on like a gel and dries to a powder finish. BONUS: It's also great for preventing "chub rub" in skirts (where your thighs rub together), and is an excellent make-up primer.

u/Moppiness · 1 pointr/saggyboobsproblems

I recently had the worst red rash under both, I had searched for ways to clear it up and nothing was working (anti-fungal creams, cornstarch, powders).
I was going to use Anti-Monkey Butt or MONISTAT Chafing Relief Powder Gel once the rashes healed, but since nothing was helping I started using the MONISTAT Chafing Relief Powder Gel. I apply it after showering and my skin is finally back to a normal color with no more smells or itching.

(Doubles as a cheap makeup primer

u/glamhackca · 1 pointr/DIYBeauty

Ugh. Sorry if I'm getting a little bit frustrated with this, but you're really not stating your problem clearly here. If you describe what effect you're after in more detail, and what purpose the cream serves, it would be a lot easier to point you to something.
So far I gather : you need to prevent dryness, add moisture if possible, and prevent it from feeling unpleasant when rubbing against fabric. Sounds like an occlusive / anti-chafing gel more than a moisturizer.

Here is a really good product that's specifically designed for women's parts. I have it at home and it's really great for making the skin feel smooth and comfortable, and retaining moisture :

In the UK specifically, searching for "anti-chafing gel", there seem to be a couple of options :
Lanacane : I've had this one before and it's not as smooth / silky as the Monistat one, but it's ok.

These two - I have no idea if they're good but have good reviews and the first one has suitable ingredients :

Won't recommend you DIY this because it has more complex ingredients that you'll need to source and figure out how to assemble.

u/beeboe · 1 pointr/weddingplanning

I struggle with spanx as well, even with the open crotch, after a few drinks I find myself not able to work the open crotch hole as easily as earlier in the night lol.. but i would maybe buy them and try them out on a day that is not your wedding and see how you like them! Nordstrom rack has them for pretty cheap!
For chafing I highly recommend this stuff: MONISTAT Chafing Relief Powder Gel 1.5 oz ( ) I chaf, so so so so bad and live in Texas... this stuff has saved me countless times, music festivals and all. It’ll get you thru.

u/birdiebonanza · 1 pointr/TryingForABaby

Haha. It’s cream made with yams , which does something for adding some progesterone to your system naturally. You only use it from O day onwards, since progesterone. My fertility acupuncturist recommended it so I started it last month. As well as the Chinese herbs. Any day now I’m gonna pop out a baby from all of this effort. Any. Day.

u/voltairebear · 1 pointr/menstruation

I was taking a vitex/DIM combo and it was very strong. It seemed to help normalize my period. I don’t take it anymore because it would cause me headaches sometimes. Now I take this one: DIM

The progesterone cream definitely lowers the severity of my cramps. Also, my body used to really struggle with starting the period. I would have a whole week of cramps. Now I only have one day of cramps. I take it from day 7-end of cycle. Here’s the one I take: Progesterone

u/LeNoirDarling · 1 pointr/Endo

I have used this for a few years and it seems to do its job.

I have bought a bottle of this for my next bottle to try something new- the reviews are good! .

Sorry for brevity- on mobile.

u/DalaranHobo · 1 pointr/TransDIY

This is what I've been using.

u/seaweedricecrackers · 1 pointr/TheGirlSurvivalGuide

I use SckoonCup!


It's smaller than other ones I saw on the market, and I've found it to be very comfortable! I also found frmheadtotoe's video on using the menstrual cup to be very helpful -


Probably TMI so apologies! >!but once I figured out where my cervix was, I had no more issues with leakage. sometimes it's not about getting a bigger cup but having it positioned correctly.!<

u/kota99 · 1 pointr/TheGirlSurvivalGuide

I've got the skooncup. I generally rinse in lukewarm water when I empty and before the first use that cycle and then boil to sanitize at the end of my cycle before I put it away for the month. No soap because I don't want to risk not getting the soap fully rinsed off and then winding up with soap residue causing issues in my vagina.

u/vanessss4 · 1 pointr/TheGirlSurvivalGuide

I've been using the FemmyCycle Menstrual Cup for a few months now and love it because it has a little loop at the bottom that helps me pull it out.

u/Vivian1993 · 1 pointr/BDSMAdvice

Hasn't been an issue in my experience. To each their own. Maybe go with yours first and try the strapless later? Its actually quite a pleasant activity. I'd also recommend: This
to be used two-ish hours before activity. Makes the whole thing less awkward and potentially messy for both of you.

u/kayleebttm · 1 pointr/askgaybros

I have read a guide and it has worked so far. using douche. with room temp water, I use it about 7 times holding each bottle in for 20 seconds. you want to get the water crystal clear. so keep flushing to measure. also in that 20 seconds jump up and down and hold bottle worth in. this will get your bowels shaking a bit. I haven't had trouble since doing this method. This cleans for about 4 hours ive tested and It only takes a few minutes. so maybe not what you are looking for ?_? I am not sure if a on and at the moment way to do it. always be prepared i guess if you are expecting?

u/hawthorneandsage · 1 pointr/TwoXChromosomes

This is the one I bought and I can’t say enough nice things about it. I’ve used it almost a year. I have the small and I am also under 30 and childfree. Typically I empty it first thing in the morning and then in the evening, so basically every 12 hours, and it’s never leaked. One time on my heavier days i forgot to empty it before bed and that made quite a mess for me in the morning, but other than that no issues at all. You do have to be comfortable with getting your fingers in there and making sure it’s secured around your cervix to be sure it’s going to catch all the fluid correctly. It’s important to be comfortable with your anatomy and realize it’s a little messier than tampons because you do actually have to insert your fingers in your vagina and will probably come into contact with menstrual fluid, most of which you can avoid with tampons. But honestly it’s the best menstrual decision I’ve ever made. I cramp less and literally forget I’m on my period sometimes.

Ps yes you can run it under the tap and pop it back in. Thorough cleaning (typically by boiling) every cycle. If you’re in a public restroom in a pinch you can just empty it into the toilet and reinsert without rinsing. I’ve never had to do that because you can leave it in so long.

u/pegged50 · 1 pointr/sex

I clean out for pegging regularly. A simple Bulb enema with plain water will suffice. Fill it with warm water, squirt it up there, and wait a few minutes, then let it out. Repeat the process until nothing but clear water comes out. Once you reach clean water coming out, wait for 30 minutes to an hour. Usually you haven't expelled all the water, and after 20-30 minutes or so you'll feel it needing to come out. So just go expel that last bit. If it comes out dirty, go back to the beginning and repeat. But usually that repeat isn't necessary, it just happens sometimes.

Or you can do this:

u/baldylox · 1 pointr/Conservative
u/TeariosCheerios · 1 pointr/grindr


Not gonna lie- I feel you- I'm still bi But I saw a francheska James video the other day that scarred me I always thought she was sooooo clean but she was gaping and squeezing out some slightly (brown) juice? so I think I'm good from anal for alittle I can handle my own shit but others is like real gross not gonna lie....I clean myself profusely before hand with like multiple different ways so its not a stretch for me. I trust myself being the bottom cause I'm super clean but I'm afraid to top anyone for this fear. This is why I don't understand random anal sex if you don't have a good diet with fruits and vegetables or understand how to clean yourself then or even take certain medicine then idk I'm definitely afraid to put something let alone my dick in your ass

u/Lamortykins · 1 pointr/grindr

lube the tip, add 2 tsp of salt to 1 quart of water, go nuts

u/124Cuber · 1 pointr/gay

Ik this post is old, but it is recommended.

Take one of those enema blubs instead of a water bottle. Id recommend it more. Here's a link.

u/Rhaeda · 1 pointr/Parenting

I was looking for a link to the softcups to send you, and found that apparently now there is a reusable version!



u/leafeonjack · 1 pointr/ftm

Yeah they really aren’t super comfy if they’re too big, but thankfully! there’s actually a reusable one! this is the amazon link!

Intimina Ziggy Cup - Extra-Thin Reusable Menstrual Cup with Flat-fit Design

u/ninamaxx · 1 pointr/TwoXChromosomes
u/Msk90 · 1 pointr/SexWorkersOnly

I was just browsing on Amazon out of curiosity and there is actually a reusable device similar in design to a softcup but made out of silicon (like a diva cup) without the "stick" hanging down that is advertised as safe for sex, costs about $40

(I haven't had my period for the past 2 years up until 2 months ago from being underweight i think - finally gained a couple lbs- so I've never had to worry about it while working before, hence my renewed interest in menstrual products lol. I feel like I'm 14 again; this is new to me!)

u/Agertudici · 0 pointsr/TwoXChromosomes

nonono. Wrong question. Get a softcup: Softcup, 14 Disposable Menstrual Discs

You can have sex with it in. Just insert, clean up/take a shower, then sex.

u/GamerLioness · 0 pointsr/TwoXChromosomes

I know you asked for tampon brand suggestions, but I'd also like to suggest getting a menstrual cup once you get used to tampons. They can be reused indefinitely (meaning you save thousands of dollars over a lifetime), they hold more fluid than tampons, there's no environmental waste, and they're healthier for your body. Of course, there's a learning curve, so you might need to wait until you're able to take the time to learn to use a brand like the DivaCup. However, there are also Instead Softcups, which seem similar to tampons in some ways.

I will probably get downvoted by some people for talking about cups in a post about tampons, but I just want to make sure you know all your options to help you out in the future. I'm certainly glad I found out about cups!

u/Even_the_Yuenglings · 0 pointsr/unpopularopinion

Anyone who commands another to calm down is self projecting.

Here's a link to a $4 cup which amounts to about the same as a SINGLE box of tampons. "Get a clue"

Here's a link stating soap and water will be sufficient. "Get a clue"

Here's another "Get a clue"

Here's a link to reusable pads that amount to a periods worth of tampons. "Get a clue"


The majority of homeless are clustered in urban areas where public restrooms with the necessary sanitary items are abound. "Get a clue".


The SINGLE USE aspect is what is taxed. There. I used caps so your tiny eyes can see it. I'm assuming this because your tiny eyes must match your tiny one track brain.


The three states I listed with a condom tax entirely debunks your own point about how condoms ARE NOT taxed and present the possibility for a condom tax to be present elsewhere. (Had to capitalize, tiny eyes, tiny brain.) and my points about sustainability are sound reasons, in my opinion, for the tax to continue. Additionally, you are right. Condoms aren't a necessity. Just like the single use convenience. You're also right about resources not being abundant, hence the REUSE of the materials and the subsequent SAVINGS for poor women to butter sustain themselves.

u/Chunksmommy · -2 pointsr/TwoXChromosomes

I use a shower douche attachment. It just diverts some water to a small head you can insert and use to rinse out your vagina with water. I have had mine for 10 years. I have put a link below to what I got on Amazon. It also came with an enema attachment but I threw that away since that much water pressure in my ass sounds horrifying. :-).

This method makes me feel so clean every time I shower and it is great for when my period is finished, since I use a menstrual cup.

u/bagforthebadger · -38 pointsr/Whatcouldgowrong

That sounds awful. This should help Best of luck.