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u/ManGuyDudeLad · 27 pointsr/MadeOfStyrofoam

Don’t shake your own marbles, saddlebags!

Grand canyons normaly bleed shortly after it “stops” or you may have nicked a vein, as those guys will continuisly bleed anyways, to control bleeding, is the secret i shall whistleblow.

in case of a fuck up, like this one, it’s immediately bleeding in pulsating dark blood, use a cloth or clean towel to apply rpessure for 15 minutes (no peaking!) once it stops bleeding, clean your stuff with water or a saline solution, disinfect it with antiseptic solution (such as povidone-iodine or isopropyl alcohol) it’s gaping, yes? Then we must close the breach; with Steri-Strips or Butterfly Bandages, you don’t have closures? makeshift a butterfly bandage with tape.

Breach secured, now protect the gate! Use plenty of antibiotic cream/ointment (such as fusidic acid 2%) cover the gate with non-stick gauze pad sticked on with tape! Now the secret weapon, Compression Bandage! They come in elastic or cotton, use it as outer bandage to neatly apply even pressure to reduce blood flow and control bleeding, change daily and watch out for symptoms of infection!

Have a good one.

u/PM_ME_YOUR_KALE · 21 pointsr/running

Just get some 3M Transpore Tape. Several of the commercial nipple protection products out there are just bits of that tape. I've used it for years. As long as you apply it when your skin is dry it's not going anywhere and provides the needed barrier.

u/Rpgbron · 19 pointsr/SkincareAddiction

NO! dermarolling should not be used on raised scars! If you decide to attempt anyway, try it out in just a single scar or two, but all dire warnings against dermarolling on raised or "Kelloid scars"- which can make them worse!

For raised scars, use silicone scar tape, which is what it's made for! I recommend buying the tape instead of the bandages, it sticks better and is far cheaper! Also, when you remove the tape strips, lay them out on clean plastic baggies, and you can then reuse the same tape a number of times before the adhesive starts to go, and no longer sticks very well.

DO NOT use the 3M "kind" tape unless you have no other choice. It doesn't stick as well, and if you attempt to wear overnight, it will just fall off. I recommend trying this one, $16 on Amazon for about 6 feet of tape, should be more than enough to cover both arms.

Oh to explain further why you should not dermaroll raised scars. When scar tissue is raised, it means the skin there has already been thickened due to wounding. So dermarolling will only further wound, and thicken the skin even more, making the scar more prominent. I

Dermarolling is only effective on scars that are indented, because wounds the indented skin, to thicken and and raise it back to the level of the surrounding skin. This is why you should not dermaroll raised scars.

Oh, and to make the silicon tape last longer, shave your arms first. The adhesive on the tape isn't that strong, and probably wouldn't pull out much arm hair, if any, but you want to lay the tape on very clean skin with as little "stickies" as possible, to make the adhesive work better and last longer. Seriously, safest, most effective method.

u/rand486 · 18 pointsr/bjj

Here you go - have as many stripes as you like :P

Don't worry about the stripes - particularly the first one or two. Every gym has their own system, and will dole them out at their own pace. Ultimately, the stripes (or even belt colour) won't matter at all - just focus on learning.

u/cain8708 · 12 pointsr/CCW

So a lot of people have asked for a copy of a medical E bag of mine, so instead of sending to each person ill just put it on here. Now im on mobile so the format is gonna suck. First thing is first, this list is for non medical people. This Is NOT for gunshot wound, amputation kind of injuries. It is a 24 hour on the run bag. Meaning lacerations, sprains, things like that. If you have a gunshot wound, you are done running, i dont give a fuck what Hollywood says. With this in mind, first thing we want is SAM splints. I am NOT endorsing any link provided, just the first one on Google. Youll want 2. Depending on the bag you are using, you can shape them to create the frame on the interior of your bag. Id post pics of my aid bag, but i dont know how on mobile. Youtube any SAM splint video, youll see how to make arm splints, neck braces, leg, knee, hand, finger, any damn brace you want. Why 2, cause you never travel alone and someone might need one thats why. Now on to the next key item. Compact gauze. Again, i am NOT endorsing anyone. Why compressed you ask? Takes up less fucking room. Youll want at least 3. If you are in the worst shit river without a paddle and take a round to a leg, your leg can hold 3 of these puppies with no problem. Youll have a problem from the amount of pain, but as the famous medic saying goes: pain is the patient's problem. You can use them to clean up dirt, lacerations, tie up combative people until police arrive, or get kinky with your wife, i wont judge. Next, medical tape. Its amazon so dont have to worry about someone thinking im endorsing them. Medical tape is great for just about everything. Its sold in various diameters, i advise the 2 inch. But before you stick the several rolls, dont you get just one because that shit runs out quick, into your bag, open that shit up and dog ear that fucker. Wanna know what they never talk about when shit hits the fan? Your god damn motor skills telling you to go fuck yourself. You wont have 5 fingers if you need this bag right now. You have a thumb and a fucking flipper. So dog ear it, so if you do have a laceration, you can put gauze on it, hold down the pressure it needs, and not play fuck fuck games with the tape. Speaking of blood, gloves mother fuckers! God damn gloves! Oh its just you and your family? Cool, i guess you never plan on having to run with another family, like what this post could lead to. Safety in numbers, i see a man with an E bag running away from the same thing i am, bet your ass ill join his group. And bet your ass ill wear gloves if they are injured. No im not providing a link to latex free gloves, im not reaching that low for the joke. Next on this list coban. Now say it with me yall, I am NOT endorsing any link provided by the way. Now you may be wondering, i said tape already, why coban? Because coban provides an extra level of pressure, say for a deep laceration, and also only sticks to itself. Nurses and Doctors also say it gets tighter over time, but ill just call that a rumor. Now lets talk tourniquets. If you actually know how to use it, add 2. If you dont, fucking learn. If you ever pull those out, you are done running. I dont care who you are, if you put it on correctly, there is no blood flow to that limb. You would have lost significant amount of blood already, and need OR now. You can have one on for about 6-8 hours before the limb is fucked, so dont think putting it on means youre a new amputee. But dont put it on lightly either. You will have to stay in that spot until help arrives with what you have on you. So if you dont know how to put it on, leave it the fuck out. To prevent people from pulling a ND and saying i did it, im not providing a link for this one. Other things you want: 3 days worth of everyone's meds in separate bottles. Last thing you want is to give little Billy your heart meds on accident because they both look blue. Trauma sheers. Do i really need a link for that one? You never know when you need to cut seat belts, clothes, or other shit. Also good to have if doing rope play in the bedroom. Now this triangle looking guy, you want like 4 or 5 of. You have a busted arm, use the same splint to stabilize, and 2 of these to tie the arm around the body and one like a sling. That should cover most of everything that you can do without needing advanced classes. If you see bone sticking out, you are done running, same with lower body dislocations. You can still move with one broken arm, if you can carry and fire with the other. I hope yall enjoyed the jokes i put in, granted they werent that good. God damn this is a wall of text, and it took forever to do on a fucking cell phone. Enjoy. Any questions, comments, concerns, hit me up.

u/Double__tap · 12 pointsr/gundeals

I'm not sure if you're trolling or not, but I'll help you out here. I'll even use amazon since it's quicker.

Swat-t 11.49

Gauze: 11.49

Tape 3.28

Steristrips if you'd prefer (10 pack of 6 strips) 6.69

Chest seal- 17.31

Nitrile gloves (100 pack and medium for my dainty hands) 9.98


Grand total 53.55 (60.24 if you want the steristrips plus this will leave you with extra for additional FAK's). Now if you wanted to get fancy and add in the combat gauze/quickclot, that's where you'll spend some change. TBH though a good pressure dressing (properly applied) is going to do pretty damn well for most people's uses.

u/BrutalJones · 7 pointsr/bjj

The Johnson & Johnson sports tape is what I hear recommended most often.

u/amadeoamante · 7 pointsr/ftm

The gel and strips are similar. They both put a coating of silicone over the scar, which keeps moisture in. If you like the strips better you can buy them online for less. Here's the large size of the brand name (use scissors to cut into strips) A lot of people seem to be using a much cheaper tape for the same thing: But the gel will work just as well. Whichever method you use isn't going to work miracles, but it can help to improve the scar appearance to some extent.

u/cgull · 6 pointsr/running

Medial Tape -- specifically that brand. It's super strength, will never fall off. I've had bandaids and shit fall off cause of sweat, but this tape will stay on.

Also 1 roll lasts like 6 months so spend $3.50 and you're good for a year.

u/Chocomelandcookies · 5 pointsr/TalesFromYourServer

Jesus pizzacrust why do people think that an okay place to take your kid, for your finger your should get some steri strips. these can be bought at most pharmacies and stores that sell some kinda medical supplies they cost almost nothing and will very possibly save your fingers. If you need any kind of help learning to use them you can shoot me a pm! I really hope those idiots that call themselves parents get yeeted of of the earth and never come back. I hope you’ll feel better soon!

u/cwcoleman · 5 pointsr/Ultralight
u/CluelessWanderer15 · 5 pointsr/trailrunning

I use a water resistant tape for my nipples, for just about all of my runs:

Cheaper than sport-oriented nipple tape or bandages, and it can stay on for days, likely all week or longer, as long as you're careful to not peel it during showering. Just make sure you tear a piece that is just big enough to cover the nipple and not any surrounding hair you have.

u/Patrollingthemojave0 · 5 pointsr/preppers


Please don't try and do medical operations that you have no training on and might possibly kill someone.

I know your talking about a dog, but for people it's not a emergent medical procedure, but a healing and cosmetic one.

Refer to what everyone else said.

u/jlpoole · 5 pointsr/piano

Tape cotton balls using Johnson & Johnson Waterproof First Aid Tape onto the end of your fingers, one per finger and 1/2 for the littlest finger (you can't play loud with this finger anyway, right?). Double up on the thumb.

u/mule_roany_mare · 5 pointsr/LifeProTips

Try putting surgical tape over the bite (Add some hydrocortisone if you are really sensitive).

You get all the benefits of not scratching without having to exercise any of the will power.

I used to get mosquito bites that would drive me so crazy I couldn't sleep, now I just forget about them.

u/jaredzimmerman · 4 pointsr/fermentation

They puff up after a week or so depending on speed of fermentation but there’s enough headroom in the bag for some expansion. Beyond that people use a pin to put a small hole in the bag and cover it with a piece of transpore medical tape which allows it to breath a bit without much risk of contamination
3M Transpore Clear 1-Inch Wide First Aid Tape, 10-Yard Roll (2 Rolls)

u/liisrandom · 4 pointsr/balisong

I also dropped my Barebones while drunk on my foot in a similar fashion. I like to use Steri Stripsfor cuts/punctures that are too deep for traditional bandaids and too shallow for stitches (or as a temporary till I can get to proper care). It'll help with the scarring too

u/nssiberry · 4 pointsr/selfharmpics

Hi! It looks like you're using Scotch Tape to hold together your wounds.

While scotch tape/normal sticky tape may work to hold your wounds together, they are by no means medical grade or sterile, which means that using them may increase your chance of an infection and basically make your situation worse rather than better.

While pulling the edges of your cuts together may help promote faster healing and less scarring, it's best to do it with steri-strips, that are designed to be sterile and as a bonus won't leave sticky tape residue on the inside of your wound.

Your posting history says you're in Canada so I've linked you a few places you can get them.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and this is not medical advice. Please see your doctor before deciding to take any course of action relating to your health.

u/shinyobjectwarrior · 4 pointsr/ehlersdanlos

I have severe TMJ (need surgery) and use KT Tape to create a brace for my jaw every night.

I have sensitive skin that reacts to almost every kind of tape on the market. There are two kinds that I'd had good luck with. I've never seen either of these products in the store, so you have to order them online from places like Amazon or the FSA Store.

SpiderTech Gentle Therapeutic Kinesiology Tape Roll for Hyper Sensitive Skin

The SpiderTech isn't as supportive as KT or other brands, but it helps. I use it on my neck, which is some of the thinnest skin on your body. It still leaves a read mark, but I don't have a reaction to it.

KT Tape Gentle Adhesive for Sensitive Skin

I use this on my face. It causes a little itching, but I don't seem to have a reaction to the adhesive. If you use this, I would wet the tape before removing it.

Tape Relief Sport

This is a cream that you put on your skin before applying the tape. It provides a powder barrier to buffer your skin from the adhesive. It hasn't eliminated the irritation I get from putting the SpiderTech tape on my neck but it has helped.

u/evantobin · 3 pointsr/ElectricScooters

You can also get a 33 ft roll of tegaderm for around $30 on Amazon. Worked great when I fell off my scooter.

u/FormalReasoning · 3 pointsr/running

I used to get blisters under the arch on my one foot. Here are some things that really made a difference for me:

  • I started using these Engo patches and haven't had any more blisters in the arch area.
  • Waterproof moleskin tape mentioned in another comment have made my toes so much happier. Combine that with the Injini socks and I've been able to do longer, blister-free runs.

    I also used to have a pair of Newtons with a really wide toe box and noticed I was getting more blisters with them. Switched to a shoe that was a bit narrower and that seemed to make a difference too. So as others have said, make sure the shoes fit and are laced well.
u/dollarstorecoffee · 3 pointsr/ftm

Just curious how much were those? On amazon I thought they were kind of expensive. I tend to go for these because they're cheaper.

u/Jokonaught · 3 pointsr/tattoo

Very high. Your skin is literally still full of holes at that point. Worse, it's so full of holes, the ink can still exit the skin rather easily!

You probably want to get something like this, depending on the size of your tatt, if you've got to get into the water ASAP

Make sure to wash well immediately after you are out!

u/fatairae · 3 pointsr/MtF

I use transpore tape. I go running every day for hours in the middle of the day, which gets me quite soaking, and use a bit of the tape around the edge keeps the patch in place really well. Holds through 7 days, and never comes off in the shower.

u/admin_on_booty · 3 pointsr/ems

Also with what could be considered tape.

u/dark_isz_23 · 3 pointsr/running

I tried Body Glide and that didn't work. First Aid tape folded over the edge of the strap was the silver bullet for my HRM strap chafing. The tape also works great to protect nipples!

u/dlbqlp · 3 pointsr/running

3M Transpore medical tape. Amazon

If you need to improve the stickiness, buy pre-tape spray. Amazon

The transpore tape is extremely sticky. Its used in hospitals to keep IV's from falling out and etc. Its one of the only things that will stay on. I've been using it for years.

u/yeahimageek · 3 pointsr/running

This tape works great for me and will likely last you years:

u/NEET_Here · 3 pointsr/Fitness

Get surgical tape and tape it on, problem solved. I used to run long distance and had this problem because of cotton t shirts+ sweat.

You can also get it at a local pharmacy

u/aquaticfemme · 3 pointsr/asktransgender

For running I use a small piece of 3M Transpore tape over each nipple. It's what they sometimes use on bandages at the doctor's office when you have blood drawn.
This is the stuff:

If keeps my nips from poking and chafing for running and should work fine for day use without any restriction.

*Edited per /u/needshelpwithmath11

u/megor · 3 pointsr/Keratoconus

For the nighttime eye guard make sure to get 3M tape. I had used some generic from the pharmacy and after tearing it off multiple weeks on end my skin started to get raw. This is what I used

If he already wears eye glasses get new ones ordered with one lens straight through. Also get good total block sunglasses.

Get baby shampoo or TheraTears lid scrub to help him clean his eyes. All those drops can build up a lot of goop. His eyes will be dry a lot so a lot of eyedrops (Thera tears is what I use) will help. Also for allergies in the eye to help with itching Zaditor was a life saver.

u/JimiDarkMoon · 3 pointsr/MtF

For patches of any kind, Tegaderm works well. You might find it cheaper in-store.

Cut the Tegaderm strip at least 1-2 inches larger than the estrogen patch, placing it over the patch you will adhere the free Tegaderm borders to your skin. Good Luck!

u/rachaelpwns · 3 pointsr/ehlersdanlos

I have a similar problem, I use this now: I agree with asking your doctor, though.

u/souliisoul · 2 pointsr/CPTSD

Thank you, it helps me remember I'm worthy of loving care. I like those ideas for eyemask improvements!

I use a single strip each night.. in the morning I hang the used tape on the edge of a shelf above my bed, then when I have three used strips, I combine them and it works as well as a fresh strip.

BULK: $.70 per roll x12 = $8.26 White/dp/B003TXPZ64?th=1

2 pack x $1.55 per roll = $3.10

also @walmart for $3 for 2

u/archaeo_logical · 2 pointsr/Velo

You can get it on amazon - even in long rolls (which work nicely for covering big swaths of road rash).

It's like a plunger - you should buy some before you need it.

u/toncherie · 2 pointsr/ABraThatFits

I see some other ladies mentioning tape, and having tried basically all methods and types of tape, I think medical/surgical tape is my favourite. It’s quite clear, which is a bonus, plus it’s meant to maintain its hold to keep iv’sand tubes in place no matter how much the skin sweats etc so I find it holds all day no problem!

This is the type of tape I’m referring to: 3M Transpore Clear 1-Inch Wide First Aid Tape, 10-Yard Roll (2 Rolls)

My method is basically start at the bottom while supporting the breast with one hand and lay the piece of tape in a diagonal direction from close to where the gore would lay upwards towards my shoulder. I rip a bunch of pieces before starting and continue to lay them until I have good support and shape

u/InformalFlamingo · 2 pointsr/ftm

Normal KT tape gives me horrible rashes. But I found a particular KT tape for sensitive skin, called SpiderTech Gentle-Therapeutic KT tape. [Amazon link. no affiliation.]( I've had no skin problems at all using it. You may want to give it a try.

The downside is that it's less adhesive than the other kind of tape I tried. Once you peel it off, there's no chance that you can reapply it. But that's a small price to pay compared to a bad rash.

u/kalall1 · 2 pointsr/EDC

Assueming you already have to bag. I would include the following:


2-4 pairs of gloves

1-roll of transpore tape

10-4X4 gauze pads

2-Kling roll (inch prefered)

1 ace wrap

2 Cat tourniquet (advanced training required)

1 bandaid holder

2 Quick Clot (advanced traning required)

1 Sam Splint

CPR Pocket Mask (optional)


I highly suggest you attend the following classes.

Stop the Bleed

CPR and First aid

Also you should research your local good sam laws.

u/rowingnowhere · 2 pointsr/Velo

It’s a great sport for older guys with a good job, health insurance and money to spend. I’d double check my outlook calendar for the Monday following ( as well as PTO and FSA balances) before hopping into my first Cat 5 crit though.

Being able to work remotely is a boon when you are changing out tegaderm on the daily Save more and buy in bulk!

u/bracbron · 2 pointsr/shrooms

Pricy I just use 3m micropore tape you can buy a huge pack online for 8 bucks and use it to cover injection and air holes on jars or monotub holes

u/sngz · 2 pointsr/judo

ive tried several ones out there and I personally like the coach tape from johnson and johnson. They stick on pretty well, easy to tear with your fingers and are pretty tough.

u/HeloisePommefume · 2 pointsr/TheGirlSurvivalGuide

Same problem. I always used bandaids, even though they never really stayed well or provided much protection. But it was better than nothing, and I hate tennis shoes. Then one day I ran out and in desperation used medical tape like this. After you put it on you have to give it a minute to adhere before you put your shoes on, but it works wonders and I buy it in bulk now.

u/kcrox1017 · 2 pointsr/CompulsiveSkinPicking

CicaTape Soft Silicone Tape (1.57in x 59in)

I like that you can cut it to size! There’s other options out there too, they also sell patches etc.

u/josandal · 2 pointsr/running

It's kind of shocking to me that you can't find good medical tape at a CVS or a Target. You can also try your local supermarket. I've tried band-aids and the liquid band-aid stuff, and my preference has still been some waterproof med tape, which I'm always able to find. This (the 1" width) is essentially what I buy every time, though sometimes a store brand.

u/Omglookapenis · 2 pointsr/MtF

Owww KT tape on your junk would hurt so bad. KT tape is great for muscle pulls, but it's got a bit more "tug" than you need/want for tucking. IMO it also doesn't have enough stiffness / structure to it, so things tend to bulge out - it's designed more for pulling sections of skin together; not holding things in place underneath.

I stick with the regular cloth sports tape and a cloth gaff (I just use TP as a gaff if I'm not planning to get wet; that way if the tuck starts to annoy me I just throw the whole thing in the trash). Really helps if you keep everything totally shaved down below.

For clarification (these are just examples; I'm sure you can find cheaper ones):

u/VenetianGreen · 2 pointsr/IAmA

Here's what helped me a solid 50%, this waterproof tape:

You can easily tare it to shape your problem cuticles, and it stays on even through washing your hands (3-4 times). It doesn't play nice with lotion though. It's been a huge help.

u/eggsandjakey · 2 pointsr/ftm

I’ve been using cica tape cut in half horizontally. It works well for me after a few washings and would probably work longer if I wasn’t so particular about it.

CicaTape Soft Silicone Tape (1.57in x 59in)

One of the photos in the reviews appears to be from someone who got double incision.

u/Captain_Kittenface · 2 pointsr/running

They were never a problem for me until I ran my first half. The shower after was extremely painful! Now I just throw on some of this transpore tape for anything that might go over 10. You can get it at any drug store for a few bucks and at an inch or two per nipple it lasts forever. As long as I remember to throw on the tape I have no issues whatsoever.

u/MechanicalTim · 2 pointsr/running

Yes, it helps, but I would not rely on it for a marathon in the rain. The most common solutions I've seen recommended here, that I have also tried myself, are NipEaze and Transpore tape. Squirrel's Nut Butter also gets a lot of recommendations.

u/johnnyexperienced · 2 pointsr/shrooms

Not what's in your pic there. Get 3M brand Micropore tape. I use two layers on my FAE holes for grain jars. It holds up fine when pressure cooked. Make sure you cover your lids with aluminum foil before pressure cooking.

Get this tape made by 3M.

You can get it cheaper at your local chain pharmacy or Walmart. Make sure the word "Micropore" is printed (along with 3M, etc) inside the role.

u/Utishanitri · 2 pointsr/selfharm

It's a bit unfortunate that it opened back up when you bent your leg. Cuts like that are a real pain...

To be honest you'd probably be alright with just leaving it to heal on its own. You'd have to keep an eye out for infection though, and it might take a few weeks to properly heal over.

The only other non-hospital option would be if you could get some steri-strips (or butterfly closures, or medical tape (this or this sort of thing)) to pull the edges of the wound together. If you can use those then it would heal quicker and would be less likely to get infected, but you can only really use them effectively within 6-12 hours so it might not be practical to get them in time.

u/ajscherer · 2 pointsr/running

3M Nexcare Durable Cloth Tape

This stuff also does an amazing job of staying put. I've wore it through at least 9,000 miles of running (I tape up my nips for every single run; no such thing as too careful).

I've never found the need to shave anything. I can tear off a piece small enough to only cover the very tiny area that actually bleeds, which doesn't have any hair on it.

u/bobabouey · 2 pointsr/bjj

Agree on JNJ. And there is a four pack for only a dollar more:

u/TheWholeEnchelada · 2 pointsr/Fitness

So if it's really bad or you start running very long, I would use Transpore tape. This is what they sell in little packs for runners, just the packing-tape size. It's crazy tough, to the point where it can be uncomfortable to take off.

u/TMWNN · 2 pointsr/running

> I've bought those little dot bandaids

First aid tape is an inexpensive alternative.

u/illisson · 2 pointsr/ftm

If I were in your position, I'd go ahead and start wearing silicone tape in hopes that it slows down the growth, and begin researching steroid injections, microdermabrasion, medical needling, laser scar removal, and my surgeon's options for surgical removal.

Silicone tape (like CicaTape, which is what I'm using) primarily acts to prevent/minimize the development of hypertrophic scars, and perhaps keloids to some extent. If you look up info about silicone tape's effectiveness, you'll find studies like this one, which could be worth a read. It suggests wearing silicone tape for at least 12 hours a day for up to six months, but other sources, like this one, suggest up to 24 hours a day for up to three months. I've been wearing it 24/7 except to shower; I'm prone to hypertrophic scarring, and so far my DI scars have stayed super flat. (That said, I started wearing tape as soon as my scabs came off at about three weeks post-op, so my experience with the tape isn't going to be identical to yours.)

If you do pick up CicaTape, you can cut the tape in half lengthwise to make the roll last longer. I've been using the tape for about six weeks, and haven't finished my first roll yet.

u/blurnsball1158 · 2 pointsr/USPS

I sometimes wrap paper tape around my fingers when it gets bad. It's cheap, comes of easily, doesn't fall off in the rain, and works well. Something like this

Edit: exactly that, clicked on the link and it said I purchased it in September of 2015 lol

u/kleineganz · 2 pointsr/ftm

Yeah, they took my stitches out at my second post op and I'm now using Mederma on my scars daily plus wearing silicone tape over my incisions. I got several recommendations on silicone tape and opted for this one and my surgeon approved: They are having me cut it in half lengthwise because it's wider than my incisions (which will also make it last longer). It stays sticky and my surgeon told me I could keep reusing the same tape for about 1 week before changing it out.

So what I'm doing is massaging the Mederma into the scars, letting it dry, and then putting the silicone tape on top of it (post shower, you don't want to get the silicone tape wet, that'll make it lose its stickiness). Apparently, silicone is the trick to minimizing scars.

The hospital gave me an ace wrap but I went out and bought a compression vest (so much easier to take on and off). They aren't cheap but for me it was worth it. (This is the vest I got if you're interested: ).

Good luck and good healing!

u/TransLikeAG3 · 2 pointsr/asktransgender

3M Transpore Clear 1-Inch Wide First Aid Tape, 10-Yard Roll (2 Rolls) - Amazon link

This is what I use. I also tried durapore tape but it barely sticks. Transpore tape feels like it could rip a limb off if needed in comparison.

u/tabure67 · 1 pointr/AJelqForYou

You need to experiment, but you should buy to prevent blisters from vacuum.

u/nagurski03 · 1 pointr/preppers

In a mass casualty situation, I would completely ignore anyone that needed CPR and focus on the bleeders. The time you spend giving one person CPR could be used stabilizing a dozen people who are bleeding.

For extremities, the most useful thing is a tourniquet. I prefer one with a windlass like a [CAT] ( or [SOFTT] ( over a [TK4] ( or [SWAT] (

For injuries to the abdomen, armpit, crotch, or neck; you will want a homeostatic agent. [Combat Gauze] ( is the way to go here, it is much better than powdered QuickClot.

For penetrating chest trauma (also called 'sucking chest wounds'), you need a large, occlusive bandage on both the entry and exit. In clinical testing of chest seals, the [Halo] ( and [Hyfin] ( drastically outperformed the [Asherman] (

I also personally have a [decompression needle] ( to treat tension pneumothorax, but I advise you not to get it unless you have specific training on it.

For general bleeding the [Israeli bandage] ( is way better than other bandages.

You will also want an [NPA] ( to help keep an open airway.

Edit, I forgot that you are also going to want a good pair of [trauma shears] (

Some other things to consider are rubber gloves, [Kerlix] (, [cravats] (, [medical tape] (, a [SAM splint] (, and a [space blanket] (

u/choco_leibniz · 1 pointr/eczema

Sure thing:

Tegaderm roll

Duoderm hydrocolloid dressings

I think the tegaderm comes in narrower rolls that might be more appropriate for hands/fingers; I do a fair amount of yard work / gardening that results in lots of scratches on my arms/legs so I find it useful to buy the wider rolls to cover that kind of stuff as well.

u/DianeMadeMe · 1 pointr/running

I've seen a couple of suggestions for duct tape which is effective but a little harsh. You got the blister because of the friction between your sock and your foot. You have to eliminate the friction so the sock rubs something other than your toe.

Right now I'd recommend silk medical tape. It is very sticky, holds its adhesion well, and won't rip the hell out of the edges of your blister when you take it off like duct tape will.

DON'T use Neosporin under it when you run. The tape adhering to skin will cause your sock to rub the tape and not your toe. If you have a lubricant between you and the tape, it defeats the purpose. Same thing with a band-aid. The gauze part of the band-aid will just rub and make it worse. Otherwise ammoscanner's advice is great.

PS- I do the same thing with plastic tape to prevent blisters in heels.

u/returner00b · 1 pointr/running

I've said this before and I'll say it again: transpore tape

u/ebsamson · 1 pointr/running

I use 3M Micropore tape to cover my nipples as well as the occasional hot spot or blister on my feet. That stuff never comes off even when drenched in sweat.

u/chrispyb · 1 pointr/running

This is the best tape I have found. Works incredibly well. Seems to be harder to take off the longer it stays on

u/sewsewsewyourboat · 1 pointr/SkincareAddiction

have you tried silicone tape? silicones, iirc, in scar treatment gels are some of the main ingredients to help, but there are also tapes that help with keloid scars. This has been one of the items I've been looking at - had a mole removed recently0

u/ben174 · 1 pointr/Coachella

Grab some 3M Medical Tape to wrap up any blisters. Worked me wonders at Burning Man.

u/wackadoodoo · 1 pointr/carnivore

I use this stuff: 3M Micropore Paper Tape - White, 1" x 10yds (Box of 12)

It’s cheap, easy to apply/remove, and hasn’t given me any issues around my mouth.

There are products available like this: Sleep Strips by SomniFix - Advanced Gentle Mouth Tape for Better Nose Breathing, Improved Nighttime Sleeping, Less Mouth Breathing, and Instant Snoring Relief - Pack of 28

Not worth the money IMO but I have read good things.

u/EagleMav · 1 pointr/airpods

Amazon link to tape

I was ready to return my Airpods as they wouldn't fit properly. I tried putting little circle cut outs of this tape on like I saw on a post here. Still not great. But doing it this way solved my problem. I can now run without them moving around or falling out.

u/basilis120 · 1 pointr/Archery

That would work well but he was using this style of tape

u/ShesWalkinOutTheDoor · 1 pointr/AppleWatch

20 yards worth is $4.80. If you have to change a small piece once a week or something, who cares?

u/CaptainNarwhal · 1 pointr/running

I use this 3M Nexcare tape, but there are tons of options out there that work.

I take a strip that's roughly 1.5 inches (3.8 cm) and lay it across the danger zone. I started out using two strips for each nip to make an X or + pattern, but I've found that a single vertical strip works just as well for me.

u/MadelinCow · 1 pointr/Throwers

YoyoExpert sells this stuff or you can go to a drugstore or supermarket and get the same/similar thing (in the first aid or weightlifting departments). It's just soft tape comes in versions with and without adhesive. It's commonly used for weightlifting. You could use cloth tape as well.

u/Mushroom0918 · 1 pointr/shrooms

This isn't what you want.

Micropore is aka paper tape. It rips easy off the roll. This kind you need trauma scissors or similar. I'm in health care, you're looking for this...

3M Micropore Paper Tape - White, 1" x 10yds (Box of 12)

u/cattitude9999 · 1 pointr/AJelqForYou

Is the medical tape you talk about micropore tape?

u/KinvaraSarinth · 1 pointr/orangetheory

You're welcome. Hopefully it'll help.

For reference, this is the tape I use: 3M micropore paper tape. There's probably other tape that works well too, but I landed on this one early in the search and have stuck with it.

u/liraelclayr · 1 pointr/Saxophonics

I use this tape. It's amazing, I just tear a little piece off and fold it back over itself. It can last for months. I tried the ezo dental stuff, those people are nuts. It doesn't work at all.

u/joe_ringmaster · 1 pointr/DrMartens


What worked for me was "taping" my heels. With something like this:

As mentioned, worked for me, not sure if this will work for anyone.

u/btonrunner · 1 pointr/running

Check out durapore tape. 10 yards covers a lot of nipple. such sticky. much cheap. amaze.

u/zzsjourney · 1 pointr/asktransgender

So about patches falling off and whatnot, that used to happen to me. I ended up ordering a roll of Tegraderm from Amazon. It's nice because it's waterproof but really thin so I don't really feel it. I end up using this stuff to help get it off otherwise I end up pulling off a layer of skin and things being red and irritated for a while. As for changing it a day early I can't imagine that would hurt anything.

On the subject of changes that's a super ymmv kind of thing and strongly dependant on what your levels look like. Depending on your starting dosages they could be heading in the right direction but not where they need to be to see meaningful effects and even once they are out may take a bit before you see anything noticeable. Honestly subtle mental effects are what I saw first. At the time I want sure if it was just being excited at making progress or if what I was seeing was real (significant reduction in anxiety and a generally more positive mood and outlook; I was generally a happier person). In hindsight I can honestly say I think it was both because when my levels got a bit outta whack I felt worse and my anxiety levels were higher on average for no discernable reason. Upon raising my E dosage I started feeling better within a couple days. But that's my experience and yours may be totally different; I know I never experienced some of the things that seem to be otherwise fairly common.

Hope that helps!

u/Scyth3 · 1 pointr/Ultramarathon

For feet prep: I just use sweatblocker a day or two before. Rinse it off, dry your feet, then apply leuokotape where you traditionally hotspot during training. Then wear injinji's. I've done this for so many races, and never had blisters -- even with 100 milers in downpouring conditions. I never change socks as well.

As far as nips: (stays on much better than band aids, and can also be used as part of a medical kit)

u/LostInSillyParens · 1 pointr/ShrugLifeSyndicate

Post #2:


getting the supplies

Agar agar powder. [US]( [Europe](

Always start with agar! And don't throw old fully colonized plates out. Some contaminants (e.g. mycogone, AKA wet bubble disease will only show up after full colonization (white blobs oozing yellow/orange fluid). and that one (mycogone) will fck up your grow hard, been there done that...

Light malt extract. [US]( [Europe](

Containers for no pour agar (Pasty Plates). [US]( [Europe]( (maybe use Google translate on that site). Also if you are in North America there are Glad mini rounds, they are used in the original Pasty Plate tek. They also have [430ml jars]( suitable as substrate containers

A pressure cooker. Good ones are a b**ch to find in Europe. I wouldn't buy [that one]( or similar constructed ones, they are complete s**t, build up next to no pressure and need ungodly amounts of water. I have two of them, but had to do some haphazard MacGyveresqe hacking to get them to sterilize properly, I'll bring that up later.

I also have a Fagor Alu 22 (22 liters, fits eleven quart bottles), but I think that model went out of production in 2017 without a replacement. IMHO the only sane option in Europe right now, would be to order a Presto from the US, they're ~80€ + 40€ shipping, so not that bad. [Presto 23 quart PC](

Also on US websites like shroomery, you'll always read something like "sterilize 90min @ 15 psi". Pressure cookers in Europe usually have no gauges and only go to 50-70 kPa (~7-10 psi). It isn't as bad as it sounds, since sterilization time isn't linear with pressure/temperature. I've found I can get away with 120 min sterilization time for grains, 75 min for PF sub and 30 min for agar.

Scalpel handle and blades. [US]( [Europe](

(optional) inoculation loop. [US]( [Europe1]( [Europe2](

Tyvek (for filtered lids). [US]( [Europe](

(optional) oster blender attachments used for PF slurry or LI. [China](

3M Micropore tape (for filtered lids and monotub holes). [US]( [Europe](

A spray bottle for soapy water. [US]( [Europe](

Isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol), 70%. [US]( (dilute down to 70%, that percentage is best for sanitization [EU](

A rack to elevate your agar dishes while you do transfers, like these that come with microwave ovens (contaminants tend to collect on the SABs bottom).

A slightly wet towel to put the SAB on. Some people disagree on this, I use the towel to absorb the sprayed soap/water mix and not having that run off the table.

A clear box that's modified as a SAB. I use this one as a SAB, maybe they ship outside Germany. Anyway the manufacturer is (builds the monotub too), so I think they might be available elsewhere in Europe:

More clear boxes used to fruit bottles (basically a monotub, just with individual substrate containers). I use these as unmodded monos (no holes, no flipped lid, lids not latched):

Butane torch [US]( [Europe](

Bottles (can be wide mouth pint mason jars (US), quart Ziplock PP5 containers (US) or [these (which I use)](

u/idontIikecats · 1 pointr/Watches
u/dpahs · 1 pointr/bjj
u/DMTisSEX · 1 pointr/shrooms

I got my micropore tape from amazon for 3 bucks

3M Micropore Tape 1530-1 (2...

u/bitfloat · 1 pointr/orthotropics

I use medical adhesive tape (or whatever this is called in english), this one It is enough to use a small bit to tape the middle parts of your lips, it does not get loose.
As for the breathing part: I also used the swallow-way but I could always breathe when mewing (way better in fact), so I think you cannot say this in general.

u/Mako18 · 1 pointr/climbing

In addition to "see a doctor, it's been 4 months", I've had great results with H taping. I like the Johnson and Johnson waterproof 1" tape for this, because it has a little bit more structure than the normal tape I use for other finger related issues. It's also smoother on the outside, and seems to hold up well through multiple climbs.

u/arcticfox00 · 1 pointr/asktransgender

I've used duct tape before, when swimming - you'd think it would hurt like hell, but the reason it hurts to pull tape off your skin is largely due to the hair. Seriously. It held perfectly.

There's also medical tape, like this: [link] I don't trust it as much, though. You're going to want to shave that general area anyway, so tape shouldn't hurt that bad.

u/PaleGreenHouse · 1 pointr/bouldering

I really like the Johnson and Johnson coach tape. Like this:

u/AdolphEinstien · 1 pointr/mycology

I used 3m Micropore medical paper tape but I think the professional ones are made from Tyvek

u/thisisthedave · 1 pointr/running
u/thelemonademan · 1 pointr/running

I buy this stuff:

$5 and it lasts a LONG time cause you only use two little squares. It absolutely will not come off from sweat or friction, it's godly. It's also not too bad to take off, but a bit easier in a hot shower.

u/angelinwhite · 1 pointr/selfharm

Okay, well if you can't get its for free then here's another one: It's amazonUK so maybe shipping would be cheaper.

u/cheapdad · 1 pointr/running

I always keep a roll of nipple tape in my running shoes.

Buy in bulk, save $:

u/wintercast · 1 pointr/corgi

Olive oil helps get the tape off without hurting them as much. Also recommend using something other than duct tape if that is what you are using. best stuff I found was the 3m Clear Transpor tape. It still allows breathing.

u/ParanoidArndroid · 1 pointr/running

I actually just bought some this week. Found a recommendation on this site somewhere. Amazon reviews are full of runners using it for this exact purpose. I have not tried it yet. Tomorrow will be my first long run trying it out.
Amazon Link *edit for spelling

u/JortsShorts · 1 pointr/shroomers

Oh shit oh shit oh shit. I think I may have used the wrong tape. This is what I used:

I bought this one first:
But then I became concerned that it wouldn't let enough light in. I think that was my concern. Kind of dumb in retrospect. I'm taking much better notes this time.

u/specialk45 · 1 pointr/BellsPalsy

I guess it's good to try (the tape you link to) and post any helpful information. My worry with that tape is it wouldn't provide enough stick. Maybe something like this? The trick is to find something that sticks to skin, though comes off after 8-10 hours residue free.

My doc told me the goal of closing the eyelid is so that when the eye moves around it rubs on the inside of the eye thereby moistening it. I don't think the eye patch would do that necessarily.

Post any helpful tips you find out. Thanks for your comments.

u/winnieginnyjean · 1 pointr/Reduction

stock up HEAVILY on cotton gauze, paper tape, aquaphor, and steri strips. steri strips are amazing. my surgeon placed inch long pieces all along my incisions, and told me to keep them on until they fell off. as they fell off i replaced them with longer pieces because the swelling made me feel like i was going to pop open. i pulled them off in the shower every few days to replace with clean pieces and i wore them for a few weeks after i had my stitches taken out, really until i felt like my skin had come back together. i liked to put bandaid brand gauze pads over my regular thin gauze for cushioning under clothing and to keep aquaphor on the skin. aquaphor will be really helpful in keeping incisions moist so they don't scab but also will help the gauze not stick to any pus or blood within the incisions.
also a nice fan will help keep you comfy and is great for air drying your skin after showers before reapplying tape and gauze (:

i found this bra to be the absolute comfiest. the fabric is thick and soft and the back is mesh for ventilation.

u/AstroPHX · 0 pointsr/diabetes_t1

A 4”x11 yard roll of Tagaderm costs less than $30 and lasts forEVER.

(Edit link format)