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u/gregularr · 15 pointsr/oddlysatisfying

I am also an individual that sometimes tapes cables to the floor almost everyday. If you work in a carpeted facility or are running cables over carpet, I would like to suggest to you this beauty: SafCord. It is wonderful.

u/TurdlePwr · 12 pointsr/sysadmin

You ever tried SafCord. It's was better that those rubber cord covers and peels up without any mess. You do need carpet for it to work though.

u/nod51 · 11 pointsr/teslamotors

If you need to go over a sidewalk or driveway I recommend a outdoor cord cover

u/topknottington · 10 pointsr/networking

D-Line Floor Cord Cover/Cable Protector - Light Duty CC-1 | Protect Cords and Prevent a Trip Hazard | 6 Foot Length | Cable Cavity 3/4" (W) x 3/8" (H) | Black

We use these at our events.
We haven't had a broken cable yet... we put cables in these UNDER the protective mats

u/brock_lee · 10 pointsr/whatisthisthing

It's a "cord taco". Just used for organizing audio or computer cords.

u/poopsandlaughs · 9 pointsr/teslamotors

This is not quite as heavy duty, but not as flimsy as the other option someone posted for under $9. I use this and it's great!
D-2 Rubber Duct Cord Cover - Length: 5FT - Color: Brown Cable Protector

If they are looking at installing, then just go ahead and ask them if you can use it with that cover.

u/AJCxZ0 · 8 pointsr/hometheater

When you pull up the carpet by the walls there should be a gap between the spike strip and the wainscot which is perfect for laying speaker cable and stabbing fingers. It's fairly simple to pull up the carpet and tuck it back into place behind you as you lay.

Two options for laying speaker wires over carpet:

  1. Put a rug over it. The wire will end up pressed into a non-permanent groove in the carpet. The rug will tend to migrate slowly in the direction of the carpet weave.
  2. Use Legrand Wiremold CDI-5 Corduct or similar. It seems larger large for just speaker wires, but it tends to stay in place and you can run over it with a vacuum cleaner without concern.
u/NashtenS · 6 pointsr/Calgary

I’d get something like this:

Put the cord across the sidewalk then this over top. Easy enough to get over for strollers and wheel chairs too.

u/jermanoid · 5 pointsr/CableManagement

This would make it look better. You might be able to find some smaller ones so you don't have to cut them. Paint it to match the wall for bonus points. Obviously not as nice as if you could run the cable through the wall, but it also doesn't involve gutting the wall.

u/C4rva · 5 pointsr/electricians

Use a cord cover and pick it up when done. My city was fine with this solution.

u/fuckyourspam73837 · 4 pointsr/teslamotors

I'd use something cheaper like this:

Or at least tie a couple neon orange ribbons to it for visibility or wrap it in highly reflective tape.

If you change your mind.

u/ace1521 · 4 pointsr/teslamotors

I’m not a fan of cords on the sidewalk. But if you must charge for what ever reason this might be an option if the city allows it. Otherwise focus on getting a full charge at work.

u/waterskier2007 · 3 pointsr/teslamotors

That's a 5 channel one.

There are cheaper options

u/frostysbox · 2 pointsr/InteriorDesign

This is pretty good, I've used it on apartments before I bought my house - you run it on the top of the baseboard, if you want to get fancy you can paint it the color of the baseboard and it just looks like it's molding on the baseboard itself. :)

u/Lemon_barr · 2 pointsr/Rabbits

Cables generally should be protected but your rabbit might not even be interested. Usually if they can’t see something they won’t care about it. Your 3D printer and larger pieces of plastic are generally safe. Rabbits like to find small threads and pull at them so big chunks of plastic and glass don’t really do it for them. In general cable management is good practice and satisfying. I hate the look of the rubber hose sleeves so I keep everything in cable runners and boxes. If I’m not using it then I tuck it away.

Simple Cord Cable Concealer On-Wall Cord Cover Raceway Kit - Cable Management System to Hide Cables, Cords, or Wires - Cord Organizer for Wall Mounted TVs and Computers at Home or in The Office

D-Line CC-1 Light Duty Floor Cord Cover/Cable Protector | Protect Cords and Prevent a Trip Hazard | 6 Foot Length | Cable Cavity 3/4" (W) x 3/8" (H) | Black

Bluelounge CableBox Cable and Cord Management System,Black

u/ClearlyInsane1 · 2 pointsr/hometheater

The cleanest install would be to saw cut the concrete and install wiring in conduit to a box mounted in the fresh concrete. When you are finished you will have an outlet flush with the floor and it's almost invisible. It's also the most expensive way to do this and will be messy during the construction phase.

You can use a flat extension:

Use a regular extension cord with a cover:

u/gheldean · 2 pointsr/teslamotors

I currently live in garden apartments (separate buildings without dedicated parking or charging setups). While I will be planning primarily charging at work with a backup of multiple superchargers within 10-20 miles, I would like to have a backup-backup for home 'emergency' charging (at least until/if I can get management to install dedicated charging stations). After reviewing several places here and elsewhere online, it seems the recommendation would be to get a 10-gauge extension cord if I'm going to be using a 'normal' 3 prong grounded outlet.

Anyone think there are any issues/recommendations with the following from Amazon? (either 50ft or 100ft, measuring the distance today when I can):

u/Ambedo_1 · 2 pointsr/setups

i feel like this picture would look a bit better when its dark and the lights have a lot to flourish with. there are a few things you could do here that i think would be cool. you could get a monitor mount to make it look nicer and adjust it the way you want but thats super nitpicky. there are also boxes that you can put the cables into

like this a random thing you could get would be a headphone holder. one above the desk or an underdesk one like



looks clean though, just random thoughts that you could look into only if you wanted

u/EFX576i · 2 pointsr/hometheater

I used this. Link

I live in a rental home so I didn't want to drill into the basement. I have dark wood floors so it blends in pretty well. With the way the room is set up you don't really focus your attention down the hallway and so it goes mostly unnoticed. Works well for me so I thought I'd throw it out there.

u/SoundDr · 2 pointsr/TeslaModel3

Absolutely! It’s been working really good too. You can get the yellow covers on amazon cheap too

Anker PowerCore+ 26800 PD...

u/_mutelight_ · 2 pointsr/hometheater

Something like this?

u/BrokenAxle · 2 pointsr/CommercialAV

Regarding the wiring, regardless of which camera or video cables I use, I will need to get them from the conference table to the wall. While it would be preferred to have them concealed completely, having our concrete floor cored will be expensive. For now, I plan to use this Floor Cord Cover. It's not elegant, but it will serve our needs for now. If it bugs me after we get the tech setup and working smoothly, I'll consider having the floor cored and have conduit run.

On the webcam, I may try first with a basic webcam for desktop use and see how it goes.

u/TheContrarian2 · 2 pointsr/RetroPie

Easy peasy.

Use a couple of these USB Extension cords. and wrap it all up in one of these wire management thingys. That's what I did. All nice and neat and the kids would yank cords out of consoles by tripping over them.

u/longhairedcountryboy · 2 pointsr/audiophile

Corduct will help with that tripping hazard. It is wife approved.

Nice setup.

u/djjoshuad · 2 pointsr/woodworking

if you can't/won't fish it, cover it

it's a pretty little shelf. it adds style to the gadget. the job just needs to be finished, imo.

u/QuitYoJibbaJabba · 2 pointsr/electricvehicles

I don't have a driveway, only street parking. My work has regular outlets in their garage so I charge there. Otherwise, I bought a 10guage 50' extension cord and run it from my backyard to the street to charge. Depends on your neighborhood of course, but mine is pretty safe.

Edit: oh sorry, didn't read the rest of your post. I'm not sure what my requirements are, pretty sure it's not legal to run the cord accros the sidewalk either. I did buy this to cover the cord on the sidewalk so that it is visible and allows wheelchairs/bikes to go over it without tripping people.

u/Chickdey · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

wire cover They have more on Amazon...

u/ShinyTile · 1 pointr/hometheater

Something like this. Paint it, put it up, donezo.

u/TathagataDM · 1 pointr/hometheater

I used some leftover cable protector, which also works great (can't even see it underneath). This stuff:

u/Willm0re · 1 pointr/CableManagement

I was looking at this one it covers about 90% of it. But you will still be able to see just a tiny bit of blue coming out which will seriously bug my OCD. Are there any 5 or 10 inch ones that I can use to cover up the last few inches?

u/agent-99 · 1 pointr/aww

move it! or get one of those cable covering things to not trip. any home improvement store has them, or get it with no tax for the next few days lol

u/RaveDigger · 1 pointr/pics
u/SinSilla · 1 pointr/audiophile

Never heard or seen something like that before. So to prevent accidents and suicide you can't open the windows at all besides this little flap? How do you get fresh air back in?

I was talking about something like this btw:

It's your place though, If you like it Like that leave it be

u/trinitesla · 1 pointr/teslamotors

Much cheaper available so im sure they can find for their location: cheaper option

u/zaise_chsa · 1 pointr/AskTechnology

Glad I can be of help. You mention a tripping hazard, a solution to that is a cable management like this one:

There's one that I can't find at the moment that also screws into the floor and allows multiple outlets to pop out.

Yeah the batteries would be a great solutions, but with my experience with schools, they're much more likely to approve surge protectors and cable management over batteries.

u/Vlad_the_Homeowner · 1 pointr/Workbenches

Personally I'd just use a bunch of wire u-clips and put some spackle in the holes when I move out. It's a garage, that shouldn't be a big deal.

But if not, those command strips above are a good call.

And if you really don't want to attach anything to the ceiling, at least get one of these.

u/YucA305 · 1 pointr/CableManagement

Something like this if it has to be on the floor?

u/TheJessicator · 1 pointr/electriccars

We absolutely love our 2019 Kia Niro PHEV (EX Premium). Most of our trips are under 26 miles, so we treat it as an EV for the most part. We live in a townhouse community with an HOA that won't let me run more than 110V to my parking spaces because there's a pedestrian path that the cord has to cross, so I have a rubberized cable ramp that I place over the cable so that bikes and strollers can safely cross the cable while we're charging the car... In case you need one, this is what I bought...

u/funderbunk · 1 pointr/retrobattlestations

Looks like a blast! One note, though, of something I noticed in both these pictures and the ones from the second event - it might be a good idea to get a cable cover for that power cable. Something like this:

It would be shame for someone to either trip over that power cord, or catch it and yank something off the table.

u/michelfrancisb · 1 pointr/battlestations

You've got a few options:

  • The "Proper" Way: install a power nap in the floor beneath the table.

  • The "Clean" Way: Use anover-floor cord cover and route a cord to the nearest piece of furniture or wall then along the baseboard to an outlet.
u/nosoupforyou · 1 pointr/DIY

Worst case, you could just run a cable protector over the cord, which would prevent him from doing that.

I saw some decent ones for about $12-$15 for 4 or 6 ft lengths ( can't remember which) at Home Depot. Amazon sells them too.

that might do the job

u/starkel91 · 1 pointr/hometheater

I totally understand, I picked up one of these raceways and it's still noticeable but hides it very well.

u/kilbus · 1 pointr/cableadvice

Looks like you are 1. Maybe in Europe, 2. Is that plumbing in the lower wall? Maybe you dont want to cut into the wall. Fastest and easiest thing is this
or something similar. Its paintable also so paint it and it'll look great. Make sure you stick it up perpendicular with the TV and parallel with the door trim or it will look like balls.

u/S2005 · 1 pointr/CommercialAV

Found this on amazon

But I'm not sure what kind of carpet we have lol

"The product only works on certain types of carpet; these types are Berber and Loop style carpets. THIS PRODUCT DOES NOT WORK ON CUT PILE CARPETS"

Sent them up to my manager anyway though :D Still trying to talk them into getting me some wireless DMX for our leikos, but they're going to have to wait till CapX