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u/TrueGrey · 217 pointsr/BeAmazed

Anybody have a purchase link to these seeds?

Edit: UGHHH, fine, I’ll do it...

u/brisketbrunch · 155 pointsr/NatureIsFuckingLit

Any reason to avoid growing it in the cold if you're indoors?

The imgur post links to these on Amazon. Less than $5 and with Prime I might pick up a bag. Any tips?

edit: Bought one and some cute lil pots cause /u/kusp123 had a kit that came with some and it worked well.

Lets see how quick I can kill them

u/lordandlady · 21 pointsr/ExpectationVsReality

Maybe you have to be Japanese or actually live in Japan for these to grow?? ;)

I bought one of those seed mats for my daughter to practice gardening and it was a total dud. Absolutely nothing grew and the mat was a complete eyesore. At least you got something to grow out of it!

u/GPSdigglet · 15 pointsr/NatureIsFuckingLit

Someone else linked to these in another comment. "Mimosa Pudica" they're called. Not a bad gift idea, much better than any crap from the dollar store.

Would be a really cool gift to teach kids, there aren't many plant related phenomenon you can watch happen besides maybe Venus Fly Traps closing, but unlike those, these plants can open and close as many times as you want without dying.

u/BaZing3 · 10 pointsr/interestingasfuck

Mimosa pudica. You can get seeds from Amazon. They're really easy to grow and produce some cool flower.

The leaves can sense when they're touched and they dump a bunch of water out into the stem, causing them to fold up like in the gif. I think the theory is that it's an evolutionary thing to scare off possibly-harmful bugs and other creatures (they also have thorny stems, which backs up the antisocial idea).

u/buddha-ya-ass · 5 pointsr/houseplants

try amazon! they have decent plants that aren’t too bad. the only thing is that shipping can be risky...but i’ve had a pretty good experience!


u/honeyp · 5 pointsr/gardening

The amazon reviews are great.
My fav from Ryann:
I "planted" my seeds, and then after about 3 hours, their beauty in the "garden" left me feeling euphoric and with many questions. The flowers that "bloomed" left me contemplating every decision I've made in life, and I am forever changed. Highly recommend seller..

u/deotheophilus · 4 pointsr/botany

Buy him sensative plants (Package of 100 Seeds, Sensitive Plant "Compact Growth" (Mimosa Pudica) Non-GMO Seeds by Seed Needs they are an awesome plant that moves when you touch it

u/koimatsu · 3 pointsr/LSA

or Amazon, there's a bunch of reliable companies and sources that provide untreated. Ex 1 Ex 2

u/MCubb · 3 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Whew! So I worked to try and get as close to 20 dollars as possible with as many things as possible! LOL. A lot of fun just to do that! So here's the list!

u/ThZebr · 3 pointsr/IndoorGarden

amazon has a few for 11$/i got 4 leafy stems. it did super well, but this is such an established plant.. i couldn't help myself.

edit: i bought this! super well packaged, no damage.

u/orange12089 · 3 pointsr/news

really? because you can buy them on amazon, and it even says "Ships from and sold by Seed Needs U.S.A."

u/Mistress_Ella_Black · 3 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

So sorry for how long this is... ☹️
4.) I want to gift to u/cera_cyanide cuz they’re super cute & made me giggle when I saw them
5.) because it was my favorite book growing up & the story is so amazingly awesome & captivating!
7.) Super cute!!
8.) I had a stuffed animal Gizmo as a child & this is just adorable!
9.) It is just an adorable older movie (I wanted to link “Unacknowledged” but it wouldn’t let me.
10.) useful for digging yet also sharp to stab zombies in the face with.
11.) My son learned French in school & I would love to surprise him by being able to speak to him in French 🤓
17.) I ALWAYS wanted a remote control car/truck growing up but I never got one ☹️
19.) I love Loki sooooo much 😍 & I need a new purse 😂

u/Gr8doiin · 3 pointsr/Psychedelics

Heavenly blue morning glory seeds.
Morning Glory Seeds Heavenly Blue - Bulk 1/4 Pound Bag - Over 4,000 Fresh Flower Seeds

I thought tek was just short for technique.

u/186394 · 3 pointsr/Wishlist

The reviews for this.

u/serpentcroissant · 3 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

$.68 free shipping! :)

u/all4game · 2 pointsr/randomactsofamazon

This PR class is nuts.

My favorite class was my college public speaking class. It wasn't like a normal public speaking class where you just gave speeches though. Everyone sat in a circle, and it was like a discussion. But there was rules:

We couldn't talk about anything outside of the class.

We could only speak for ourselves.

We had to give examples of specific interactions for everything.

No theories, no hypotheticals. No closed questions.

And we had to address a specific person in class every time we talked.

It was awesome. The first few classes were awkward... but then people started understanding why the rules existed. It's really hard to explain but people got to know each other in a new way, instead of asking the same old questions. It was interesting and unique, and I wish more classes were like it, my professor was awesome.

u/crowdsourced · 2 pointsr/HomeImprovement

It is always something! If you want to get the grass seed established before the 8a sun/heat hits, you gotta start now. We're on the TN/GA border, so 8b/9. I do a mix of tall fescue and clover (and throw in some grass food too). Clover fixes nitrogen into the soil, and nitrogen is what the grass wants.

> You may want to consider leaving the clover alone. It wasn’t until recently, when herbicides became popular, that clover was considered a weed. In fact, lawn seed mixes used to deliberately include clover (such as white Dutch clover) – something that some seed providers are now starting to do again.
> Because clover takes nitrogen out of the air and soil and makes it available to your lawn, it helps the lawn grow healthier and more pest-resistant, and reduces the amount of fertilizer required. It also requires less frequent mowing, attracts honeybees and other pollinators (although that may not be a positive if you’re allergic to bee stings), and breaks up compacted soil. The one drawback is that it doesn’t stand up to heavy foot traffic quite as well as lawn grass.

I use this clover:

There are lots of videos on YouTube. The This Old House ones are good. But if starting from scratch, I spread fresh top soil with some compost, then spread my seed mix, then rake it in, tamp it down (super important), cover with straw, and water. And keep the dogs off of it!!!

u/OriginalEmpress · 2 pointsr/aerogarden

Those are regular sized eggplant plants, a very tasty variety however! But the plants won’t be miniature at all. Let me try to find you a miniature type that could grow in an Aerogarden on Amazon. I’ll edit once found.

Here you go! Eggplants do pretty darn well with Aeroponics and hydroponics, the size of the plants and fruit really is all I would worry about using an Aerogarden. These should do just fine for you!

u/casual__t · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon


Rose seeds

u/neonontherun · 2 pointsr/mildlyinteresting

Best bet is going to be Amazon or specialty nurseries.

u/O_thats_clever · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
u/atpcjm · 2 pointsr/microgrowery

I will assume it's a crap light only because they don't offer any information as to output and what not. These blurple lights usually have high blue spectrum and crap red spectrum.

It seems like budget is something that is important to you, did you look at either of these lights? <-- the lights are 3000k Lumen, which is exemplary for flowering and great for vegging. However, it too does not give us any info on efficiency and output. But right off the bat the 3000k will outperform the UFO blurple.

There is also


Light 2 and 3 proved decent results for a few growers in this sub.

u/86rpt · 2 pointsr/microgrowery

MEIZHI 300W Led Grow Light Full Spectrum for Hydropnic indoor/Greenhouse Growing Veg and Flower

u/YourHumanStory · 2 pointsr/Psychedelics

You must read the Amazon reviews of morning glory seed packets:


Half of them are trip reports.

u/RiverSongTheDM · 2 pointsr/mildlyinteresting

theres another kind thats colored in a way too like a night sky I wanted them at my wedding but it was off season

u/Pickledsoul · 2 pointsr/funny
u/Miss-Omnibus · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Thanks for hosting!

1/ [Blue Gems] (

2/ [Summer Glau lifesize cut out] (

3/ [Edible Black Scorpion] ( You get to decide if you're going to eat the nippy end or the stabby end :(

4/ [The Crochet Bible] ( to /u/AngryBirdWife because she is the nicest of left handed hookers!

5/ [Skull Session by Daniel Hect] (,204,203,200_QL40_&dpSrc=srch) Because it is the most awesome of thrillers and intrigue!

6/ [Japanese Lilac Seeds] (

7/ [Doggy Nail clippers] (

8/ [Life size Nicolas Cage cut out] (

9/ [The Original Blade Runner] ( First version is alwys best version!

10/ [Survival shovel] ( it digs! it defends! it fishes! its sturdy and light weight!

11/ [A new mattress] ( The bed I sleep in is terrible and I'm pretty sure it doesn't help with the insomnia I have. If I could correct my sleep I'd actually probably start living a bit more instead of feeling so tired all the time and sleeping but not really resting.

12/ [Add on comb] (

13/ [Seattle Seahawks pillow pet] ( - I'm an Australian native but have been told by my PNW friends that I am now an adopted fan.

14/ [$132,561.00 Chandelier] ( - Totally going to put this in the bathroom above the toilet.

15/ [Why not BOTH] (

17/ [Nickelodeon Blast Radio] (

18/ [Music for writers] (

19/ [I'll always be obsessed with green coloured things!] (

20/ [ChamBONG] ( Serriously wtf bahaha!

u/ananda_yogi · 1 pointr/mildlyinteresting

They aren't cheap but here you go!

AmazonSmile Link: 5 Black Star Calla Lily Bulbs

u/effeduphealer · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

my cheapest item


u/AmazingSuperPupils · 1 pointr/LSA

GEEZ. Last time I bought HBWR they were really cheap and they were shipped from Germany but I cannot find that vendor on Amazon anymore. Might be stuck with buying from these "shaman shop" type places that needlessly inflate the price of seeds due to LSA popularity (I'm assuming).

I get my morning glorys from here if that helps.

u/Englandboy12 · 1 pointr/HotPeppers

What brand 300W is it? I have heard of some being worse than others, like the 3W LED is only 2W in reality or something. Currently leaning toward MEIZI, but I don't know if it is really good or not...

u/TK1138 · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Cheapest thing I have is this. Reason I want it??? My wife's favorite color, of course!
Sodial Rose Seeds!

u/MT-6-55-3 · 1 pointr/landscaping

Front yard is sod that we overseeded with clover. Back yard is pure clover that I'm tempted to add some grass overseed to. Very nice synergy between the two.

You do want mini or micro clover. Micro is more expensive but is supposed to be shorter. I've had very good luck with

Outsidepride White Miniclover Seeds - 2 LBS

Not cheap, but a little goes a long way.

u/carissakayb · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

If I get these quickly I may actually be able to make some flowers this spring :)

u/smile-bot · 1 pointr/BestGiftsUnder25USD

Use the link below to donate .5% of your purchase to charity.
Amazon Smile URL:

This bot is still in test phase. Please PM me for suggestions, complaints or questions.

u/Ethan_1001 · 1 pointr/Psychedelics

Maybe I ordered bad seeds? I got them from Amazon..

Hmm. Oh well. Awful experience, worse diarrhea then when I had the Norovirus (which is saying a lot)

u/raoaonly · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

fish food


[Item] (

Thanks for the contest. :)

u/Frolic639 · 1 pointr/Eugene
u/PandasRLove · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
u/LEDWhoreticulture · 1 pointr/microgrowery

Here it is on amazon with some reviews if you care MEIZHI ON AMAZON

u/Brunhilda100 · 1 pointr/gardening

I'm going to go with these plant trays for seed germination. And continue in the garage.

u/n8thefake · 1 pointr/SavageGarden

The link below is where I got my nepenthes ventrata (he delivered 2 days earlier than expected and came in good condition)
Asian Pitcher Plant - Nepenthes - Carnivorous - Exotic - 6" Hanging Basket

Predatory plants is also a good site to search on

If you're worried about not being able to ID a plant just send a picture to this Reddit and it will probably be figured out fairy quick!

u/windkitsune · 1 pointr/microgrowery
u/survive_to_die · 1 pointr/succulents

It’s just some sort of random assortment I found on Wish. I don’t have super high expectations for them but we’ll see! I’ve been propagating succulent leaves so the macro could come in handy for those as well! I’ll have to check out Home Depot the next time I go. I’m thinking of getting some of those plastic seedling greenhouses on amazon: seedling trays

u/KingFelixishere · 1 pointr/microgrowery

Those look pretty good with multi fans, I have 2 of these in 2x4

So I have been wondering this myself lately, I currently have 2 of these in 2x4

5w LEDs, compared to 3, and they are cheaper than when I bought them at 69 bucks. I think they draw actual 130watts, I just added 2 CFLs to pick up any missing overlap, but so far they are looking good! I think I want to switch to COB though from what I have been reading, boost out a few more watts, not really into the DIY though,