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u/somniumx · 62 pointsr/watchpeoplesurvive

I present: The Bed Mobile


And here is the version for grown ups.

u/marrakesh · 25 pointsr/Mommit

We rotate toys. The toys that don't get much love go into storage. Three months later pull them out and rotate with the others that are not interesting. For the loved and most played with toys we use an upright toy bin rack like this

u/WeAreNeverMeetingIRL · 22 pointsr/Parenting

What if your child "helped" with food prep? Stirring, pouring liquid and dry ingredients (with your muscles), mix salad ingredients, etc. I know it would be more work for you.

Something like this could help them watch food prep and be more involved. An engaged child is going to be more motivated to eat the meal they helped with. Also they can hear you say to others, enjoy/try this ---- that "child's name" made and then maybe they will try it too.

u/GeekDad12 · 7 pointsr/TrueOffMyChest

I was 25 when my roommate was dating somebody with a kid. Exact same thing with the kid getting up hungry and the parent still sleeping. Also the house was four college kids who came home drunk to a 10 year old sleeping in the living room. Sad. I didn't know anything about kids then (I have two of my own now) and just kind of avoided the situation.

An idea:
Folding Step Stool - 11" Wide - The Lightweight Step Stool is Sturdy Enough to Support Adults and Safe Enough for Kids. Opens Easy with One Flip. Great for Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedroom, Kids or Adults.

u/zcam · 6 pointsr/ikeahacks

I built nearly the same (using that ikea item) and it's not needed imho, it's quite stable already (2yo using it daily). You might want to debur/soften the edges tho.

My daughter has been using it from 1yo; early on she struggled a bit to climb in it but it's fine after a few tries. After 2 she's started trying to sit on the bar (stopped now), so it becomes a bit short relatively quickly.

If I was to make another one I would go for something with an adjustable base like that one:

u/Tsarena · 6 pointsr/moderatelygranolamoms

We bought this tower off amazon and have been pretty happy with it. It comes flat pack. We had talked about making our own, but this was going to be cheaper than buying the wood and tools required to make it. I second the Etsy recommendation. Search for Pikler triangle and you will get a bunch of options.

u/_annalin_ · 6 pointsr/toddlers

Also have a daughter of 20 months so I feel your pain!! Especially now she is getting so heavy. I recently purchased a kitchen helper thing like this, and it has been so helpful at home.

u/r_hcaz · 5 pointsr/jakeandamir

I found this that looks pretty close (In fact I think its the exact same) -

Also found it on amazon - US

u/chrisbrl88 · 4 pointsr/HomeImprovement

As others have said, don't do this. It's impractical, unreasonable, and a huge liability. Relationships are about compromise. Your financée will just have to use a step stool. Buy a few folding step stools. They even come in purple!

u/hTACO · 4 pointsr/aclfestival I've seen people clip these onto their backpacks and use them in the crowd.

u/hajisaurus · 4 pointsr/Mommit

I have one of these on my wish list right now:

Have this one and it is nice for display but doesn't even come close to holding all the kiddos' books.

u/ttcatexan · 3 pointsr/TFABGrads

I think this is the rocker/recliner I had on my registry, but I think this is the one we were given. I wanted one that didn't have an ottoman to be in the way (or that I could cat nap in if needed), but still rocked (and also the other reasons you described). I'm glad we were given something, though, even if it wasn't what we requested! We get a lot of use out of the glider. FWIW, we currently have it in the living room, since Audrey's bedroom is upstairs but she's currently rooming with us downstairs. I don't think it looks hideous in the living room, but we also look like college kids with our hodgepodge furniture.

u/teacherdogmom · 3 pointsr/BabyBumps

This is the one I got I love it.

u/acciocorinne · 3 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

:D :D :D :D :D <-----my feelings when I realized this was a Disney contest. I loooooooove Disney!!!!

The lamest thing on my wishlist is probably this stepstool. I just hate stepping on chairs all the time >.<

u/genreand · 3 pointsr/blogsnark

You are not a bad anything and I don’t mean screaming! Orchestrate the environment so that she can safely open any drawer that she can reach and let her do so. Cleaning up after the fact is a bit of a pain, but think of it as an investment in her ability to interact with her environment (which is really what solo independent play is). As she learns to do it close to you she will eventually be able to go play with her toys nearby. (Pro tip: move the aluminum foil out of her reach, the sheer waste, my god!) You don’t have to do anything but give her the opportunity—and clean up in the short term. My walker is now 18 mo and will do some of the cleaning up herself.

With that said, and this is advice you didn’t ask for, so ignore it if it’s unwanted, we bought this foldable learning tower that I often slide over to the counter so my toddler can bang a spoon on a cutting board while I prep for dinner. If you want her to feel included while you’re cooking that might be a good answer? It doesn’t work for independent play but if it makes you more comfortable with juggling what you need to juggle it might be worth it.

u/SpunkieBrewster · 3 pointsr/BabyBumps

Drawer organizers are from IKEA, you get two large squares, two rectangles, and two small squares in a pack for like $7.99 or something. (Found them online: ) Dresser is the HEMNES from IKEA.

The chair is this one: Baby Relax Mikayla Swivel Gliding Recliner, Gray Microfiber

u/michealcell · 3 pointsr/AnimeFigures

Here is a run down that should be helpful:

  • My Figure Collection is the main site for keeping track of your collection and also looking up figures

  • Nyaa Figurines and Neko Magic are good for checking on new releases

  • The most popular case is the Ikea Detolf. As for bookcases/shelves, I would recommend these: Simpli Home Ladder Shelf, Winsome Wood Wide Shelf, Winsome Wood Narrow Shelf, and Furinno Corner Shelf

  • The Ikea Dioder LED lights are popular for lighting the cases, but I prefer these LED lights as they are stronger and cool white (even the multi-color Ikea Dioder doesn't do a true cool white)

  • The most popular scale figure companies are Good Smile Company (GSC), Alter, Max Factory, FREEing, and Kotobukiya; STAY AWARY FROM GRIFFON FIGURES!

  • I would recommend pre-ordering from AmiAmi, HLJ, or Hobby Search

  • For ordering already released figures, you can check the above sites and also Mandrake, Plamoya, and NY

  • If you can't find a figure on an English site, you can either use a proxy service or forwarding service to order from Japanese sites. Proxy services buy the item and then ship it to you. Forwarding services is where you buy the item and have it shipped to them and then they will forward it on; useful for sites that won't ship outside Japan. Big in Japan is good for these services.

  • As for wall scrolls, I would recommend staying away from eBay and Amazon, these are usually not official wall scrolls and the quality is a lot lower. I've actually been making my own wall scrolls and using this Custom Wall Scroll site to have them made. The print and material quality is really good and this way you can get the exact wall scroll you want.
u/Dermonster · 2 pointsr/woodworking

Here where I stole the design from. I just don't have the tools or skill necessary to make the fancy shapes.

u/m1cro83hunt3r · 2 pointsr/trashy

They have collapsible stools that work well for pooping but can be folded up and stored out of the way.

u/elonepb · 2 pointsr/bourbon

I have four of these setup side by side filled with bourbon bottles and LED strip lighting behind them.

u/itsprofessork · 2 pointsr/BabyBumps

We got this one from Amazon and 4 months in are really happy with it: Baby Relax Mikayla Swivel Gliding Recliner, Gray Linen Gray Linen

It’s not as fancy as the PB one, but we like it!

u/My_Little_PET_Scan · 2 pointsr/beyondthebump

We have a glider that my sister got us for my baby shower. I admit I did zero research on them, and just went "well I need a glider and this one looks good". Turns out my husband and I are too tall to sit comfortably in it for extended periods. We moved the glider into our bedroom and bought this rocking recliner for the living room. It's super comfortable and is big enough to curl up or splay out on without it taking up a huge chunk of living room. We basically only use the glider now for nights when baby is over stimulated and won't go to sleep (just sit in a dark room and rock haha)

u/pyates0302 · 2 pointsr/BabyBumps
u/Green_Bike · 2 pointsr/Parenting

There's a big difference between preschool toilets and regular toilets. A regular toilet won't really help her like the preschool toilets except for getting used to the flush. Don't push your home toilet for several weeks. In fact, the more you push, the more she is likely to resist. She is little. A little potty makes sense for her.

We had a seat like your link and didn't use it too much. I carried it to the park for a while, but now I just hold her while she perches on the edge of any toilet without a child seat.

We have two step stools and I wouldn't want to be without either. This one has two steps so she can easily ascend and descend even when she's really gotta go, and this one folds up small and is a little higher so she can reach the sink.

Good luck!

u/Pamzella · 2 pointsr/breakingmom

You have to move a little screw to fold it, but we keep the tool on the fridge. We havethis one Desperate, we could slide it under a bed even.

u/sproaty88 · 2 pointsr/Legodimensions
u/amalagg · 2 pointsr/HomeImprovement

Wife is 5'0". She bought this for herself for the kitchen: and she is happy. Folds away next to the refrigerator and out of the way when not in use

u/minisnoo · 2 pointsr/toddlers

So, it's a bit expensive but we got a stool like this and it was so worth it for us. My 20 month old loves it. Loves being able to help at the counter, play at the sink, watch me make something, look out the window, etc. We use it daily!

u/Lizzy_boredom · 2 pointsr/breakingmom

drawer spice rack 1
drawer spice rack 2

Both of these are good options with very little extra work.


toy organizer my son loves this. He can be asked to pick up all his cars, trains, toy animals, etc and scoot along the corresponding box. He is 2.5 so I drew content pictures on the front of the box to help him
undersink shelving this is way easier than building shelves to go around the pipes.mi still use bins though.
drawer doubler for going in drawers to hold meds, first aid supplies or makeup

u/ahiggs · 2 pointsr/vandwellers

Probably would work, but I've heard from friends that constantly using them as a bed lowers their impact reducing ability when used as a crash pad. Might just consider a folding memory foam mattress. Similar price, similar size, here's what we bought.

u/hiyosilver64 · 2 pointsr/dogpictures

That's adorable!

I found the comments on Amazon for a different one ($3200 lol) to be hilarious though:

u/chunkyindahead · 1 pointr/BabyBumps

Lumbar support is everything. We havethis one and I’m obsessed.

u/ckberry · 1 pointr/beyondthebump

I love the rocker/recliner I got on Amazon! The recliner feature is so useful when you've just rocked a baby to sleep and you want to get more comfortable.

u/tiiiiii_85 · 1 pointr/camping

For my teardrop I have one of those foldable step stool, which I think would be pretty comfy in this set up too:

u/Route66_LANparty · 1 pointr/hotas

This is what I use for seated VR.

Though I don't use foot pedals.

u/qqpugla · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

This bookshelf for my daughter's room. . . I want to get something that isn't dangerous and as this is made mainly of fabric, it is perfect. My daughter LOOOOVES books and here is where they are for now :-)

u/Feelsliketeenspirit · 1 pointr/InfertilityBabies

I was surfing Slickdeals today and saw that glider at babies r us and came here to post about it. Looks like you already got the memo.

I went ahead and ordered one for pick up. Hopefully we can pick it up tomorrow on our way back from my 40w Dr appt, as husband is coming to this one. We already got one from Amazon of our registry that was about $300, but for $100 I can use one downstairs too. I may actually switch them as I think the recliner is a nice looking piece of furniture and would look great in the living room.

This is the one I got from Amazon:

u/Max_Roc · 1 pointr/AutoDetailing

I'm 6'2" but bad shoulders make reaching difficult washing roof of my crv . Just ordered this yesterday. Should do the trick

u/WaffleFoxes · 1 pointr/Mommit

We went with bigger ticket items that we knew she would need. For Christmas my 10 month old got car seats for both our cars because her infant seat wasn't a kind that transitioned. For first birthday not long after she got a kitchen helper used from craigslist. I recommend the kitchen helper so highly, she is 2.5 now and we still use it every day and will likely use it for several years to come.

u/DScorpX · 1 pointr/Showerthoughts

Closest thing I've found

My ex had one. Almost bought it for one of my shorter friends at work.

u/AmazonWTFBot · 1 pointr/AmazonWTF

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I looked around and soon I found

your item -- that was quick!

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Product Title: Little Cottage Company Victorian Cozy Kennel Panelized Playhouse Kit, 8' x 10'

Rating: 2/5 stars


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u/RugerRedhawk · 1 pointr/Parenting

Or more generically, bins on shelves. We end up using these far more than our large toy boxes. The toy boxes end up getting used strictly for thigns that don't fit in the bins.

u/dvddesign · 1 pointr/OddityMall

Considering the cost of making space in your kitchen for a dedicated step stool, it's all but only for people with disabilities or for short people who need the reach and are willing to build into their home.

As someone with a toddler, there is no way in hell I would ever buy this for my kid when I can get by with an $11 folding step stool from Amazon.

u/throwhooawayyfoe · 1 pointr/FireWallZeroHour

I use a wobble type stool for pretty much all VR games involving player movement - it’s the perfect balance between standing and sitting if you lean it slightly forward so it forms a sort of tripod with your legs but bears most of the weight.

I can still easily swivel and lean side to side as if I’m standing, but am anchored to the center of the field of view and comfortable. It’s also great for games like firewall and farpoint because you can adjust the height so your knees are bent a bit in a slight crouch. It makes movement feel more tactical and immersive than standing upright, but also takes the load off my knees that would happen if I actually crouched.

Similar to this one:

u/TheBuzzerBeater · 1 pointr/governorsball

I've got some tiny friends, if you're short here's what you do...

Go a little early and find a spot with something behind you like the soundbooth/PA/etc. Then you won't get moved around when the crowd rushes forward and you've got a secure spot. Find/bring some stuff to stand on. It's easy to grab a couple couple cardboard boxes from the vendor and layer them on top of each other and its stable. You only need a 5" platform to make you 6'. I've also seen people bust out folding stools like this...


Basically: Find a protected area and stand on some shit (by the sound booth is your best bet and its a good view, great sound)

u/gummybear83 · 1 pointr/BabyBumps

So I know you were asking about the POANG in particular...but since you mentioned price...this is the recliner we got for our's in a similar price range:

I mean, it's not going to be as nice as a Lazy Boy, but it's pretty comfortable! And I'm 5'4" but it's got a tall back, and it would definitely work for your 5'6". I will say, if I sit with my ass all the way back in the chair, I can't reach the ground, but that's cause it's a pretty deep cushion. It reclines, rocks, and swivels, which is nice.

(on a related note: I think it's really comfortable...but I don't actually nurse in it, lol. I have a hard time getting my kid in a good position to feed without a nursing pillow, and it's not easy to get in a recliner, put the nursing pillow in my lap, and then a baby on top of the nursing pillow. So I did a lot of nursing on the main couch or in my bed, where I could lay the baby down next to me, set up my pillows, and then pick up baby and put her on the pillow. It's obviously easier now because she's 8 months old, but I still think it's easier just to sit on the ground and nurse her)

u/mbrochh · 1 pointr/bodyweightfitness

Make sure that the screen is at eye-level and the keyboard can be reached when your arms are at a roughly 90 degrees angle.

Also: Standing all day long in front of a computer will probably be result in all kinds of other problems from bad posture and your feet will hurt like hell. So any good standing desk solution should also come with a good stool to support you, something like this:

u/Social_Obligation512 · 1 pointr/BabyBumps

I second this! Baby isn't quite here yet, but we have it setup and LOVE it.

For reference

I had a less expensive two piece on my registry at first, but my mom convinced me that if I was going to splurge on something in the nursery, this would be the furniture to do it on... I have a feeling that she's right.

u/MoonlightGroove · 1 pointr/OrganizationPorn

I am in the short camp and definitely do this. However, this stool often saves me. I love it. Had it for over ten years probably and it’s paid for itself 1,000 times over. Still as sturdy as ever, easy to clean, and folds perfectly into that little space between the fridge and the cabinet next to it.

I believe I got mine at Bed Bath & Beyond but I don’t think they carry it anymore. Posting in case any other shorties out there need a something like this.

u/MossyRaven · 1 pointr/vandwellers

I'm using this mattress, it's very comfortable and the folding ability makes it perfect for this build. I had to cut a few inches off the sides of the 2 pieces that fold over the platform extension so the drivers seat could remain in place but luckily the foam comes out of the fabric really easily. Makes washing it a breeze too!

u/beqqua · 1 pointr/BabyBumps

Thanks! It's from Amazon, here's the link:
Baby Relax Mikayla Swivel Gliding Recliner, Gray Microfiber

u/ShadowL42 · 1 pointr/bdsm

I have issues kneeling also but for me it is nerve related and not being able to bend my joints that far anymore. I cant do futomomo ties either.

My bf and i found that i can kneel straddling and sitting on a small toddler potty stool. It lifts me up off the floor a tad and means that my knees dont support my full (considerable) weight.
Like this (hope this works, i dont comment on my phone much)

Ikea 602.484.18 Forsiktig Children's Stool, Green/White

We tried a folded pillow first but that was too soft, i need the stability and structure of the stool

u/Rob_mc_1 · 1 pointr/Legodimensions

I Vote for my egg carton solution of storing my minifigs. It was very cheap and it even came with a dozen eggs.

The doesn't even come with breakfast options.

u/stormer14789 · 0 pointsr/pcmasterrace
u/DeyCallMeTater · 0 pointsr/AskWomen put yours away? Silly rabbit. :X LOL. I have a couple of those thin fold up ones hidden around the house. Like in my kitchen, you know that dead space between the fridge and the cabinets? :D

u/Cfrish · -2 pointsr/baltimore