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u/demontits · 124 pointsr/howto

It's not that much stuff - Here's the cheapest things on Amazon. For sure a lot better deals if you just go into Harbor Freight though.

Torch - $17

Mallet - $9

Jeweler Saw - $14

Tiny Files - $10 or A rotary tool - $15


A regular file - $8 (optional)


If you want to process the silver yourself you need a

Crucible - $15

That torch again

Tongs - $9

Welding Gloves - $9

Jewelry Rolling Mill - $169

u/doctorbooshka · 40 pointsr/BlackPeopleTwitter

The man smartly rebranded a roofers torch and even said it wasn’t a flamethrower and made a shit ton of money.

Edit: This is basically what he sold but made it look like a flamethrower.

u/Kingsmeg · 20 pointsr/ChapoTrapHouse

FFS, that's not a shower head. That's called a turbo torch, commonly used by plumbers ~20 years ago before the self-lighting ones came out. Am I the only DIY plumber around these parts?

Also, there is no way that can be mistaken for a gun at any distance you could reasonably shoot someone with a service pistol. The diameter is way too small for a gun barrel, it's about 3/8".

u/segue1007 · 10 pointsr/eldertrees

Long time smoker, recent convert to concentrates here. My thoughts over the last few months:

You don't want to season a quartz nail, just heat it with a torch to clean it before you use it.

I like to always keep my banger clean. If you heat it up enough with a good-size torch, everything will burn off and it will look new again. No need to dunk in ice water or anything crazy, just torch it until it's crystal clear. Any residue will burn off and leave nothing but a fine layer of white ash. There is no reason to leave any icky buildup like a regular pipe, it will just taste bad later.

I initially bought a little butane creme-brulee torch. It sucks. Takes way too long to heat a banger. I grabbed my propane plumbing torch from the garage, and haven't looked back.

Unless you're dabbing one of those crazy-strong concentrates like distillate, you will have liquid residue left in the banger after you hit it. That's NOT the "good stuff", it's the other stuff that doesn't vaporize at THC- and terp-temps. Wipe it out with a q-tip after you take the hit, it saves you cleaning time later.

As far as getting it to the right temp, I had some trial and error. Too low, and it melts slowly and doesn't all vaporize. Too high, and it immediately turns black when you put it in the banger and tastes like crap. With metal nails, I can see getting it "red hot" and then timing the cool down, but with quartz is NEVER gets "red hot", at least with a brand-new banger. Quartz is insane... it just takes the heat with no complaints.

You could definitely learn your rig and torch as far as heating/timing, but I got tired of imprecision and bought one of these infrared thermometers. AWESOME PURCHASE, money well-spent. It only reads a high temp of 850 degrees or so, but you can monitor the cool-down, and as soon as it drops to 600F or so, you'll get a great dab. Plus, it has a built-in laser pointer! You can take a dab, and then lay on the couch and torment your cat! For only $17! But seriously, it makes for perfect dabs.

About the cleaning, I usually clean the banger right after the hit now (with the torch), after wiping with the q-tip. It's already half-hot, torching it makes it look brand-new, and who knows, maybe you'll be inspired to do another dab while it's still hot! (wash rinse repeat)

Have fun!

u/cuzitFits · 10 pointsr/landscaping

Screw that. If you really want to have fun use one of these. Burn it up.

u/anon_na_mouse · 8 pointsr/Plumbing

I use a Turbotorch, works great and puts out a ton of heat. The swivel head is useful too.

u/TinyMetalTube · 7 pointsr/vandwellers
  • Exterior solar lights (there are many equivalents on Amazon with different shapes and options)
  • Multimeter for testing connections before hooking them up, finding actual volts and polarity, etc.
  • A bug net for my awning. Haven't tried it yet.
  • Head lamps for looking around outside at night, or for keeping visible light very low
  • A splatter guard. Bob uses this on his stove to heat his van; a stove can be set lower than a Buddy Heater, but you have to take extra precautions.
  • A propane torch for starting campfires
u/junkpile1 · 6 pointsr/landscaping

So you've selected some intense elbow grease as the trade off. That's honestly my preferred route. What I suggest in that case, is to get a weedeater or a mower and take the whole yard down as low as you can get it. Probably not all in one pass. Then I would dispose of as much material as possible via a green waste bin. Then you have a couple options. You can either keep cutting it back, and it will eventually end up kinda-sorta lawn-ish after enough consistent cuttings. Second option is to "sheet" the area with cardboard and some weights. Bricks, rocks, paint cans, whatever is handy. If you let that sit a week or two, it will mostly shade out the plants, they'll wilt, and die. Third option is to solarize the area. You get some rolls of painter's plastic, and essentially plastic wrap the entire ground like it's a casserole dish of leftovers. The idea there is that the plastic creates a greenhouse effect and cooks off all of the plants underneath.

Regardless of your choice, you'll probably still have some pretty serious grow-back from whatever roots survive, and any dormant seeds that sprout after the fact. You can then either repeat the process later, which will produce fewer and fewer survivors, or you can just cut and/or hand pull whatever manages to return.

I strongly advise against the use of any herbicides like Roundup, as the chemicals in them do a lot of damage to the ecosystem beyond your yard. It's pretty selfish and petty to broadly apply such damaging chemicals over some inconvenient-at-worst weeds in a backyard.

Edit: As an alternative to spraying, a solution for the touch up work after using one of the above methods, is to use a propane torch (example). You can get them at home improvement stores, and they do a pretty decent job of toasting weeds into submission. Just read the directions thoroughly, watch some youtube videos about how to do it, and have a hose on standby in case things get exciting.

u/ThatSuit · 5 pointsr/sousvide

The BZ4500HS is $67 on amazon I got one and like it. I'm also interested in trying one of those weed burning torches you hook up to a propane tank, for around $20-30 you can find them at places like Harbor Freight

u/lordspidey · 5 pointsr/newbrunswickcanada

pffft... flamethrower my ass;

a ten dollar supersoaker and five bucks worth of gas is closer to a flamethrower than the 500 dollar trinket musk is selling here...

Unless they're going to make propane torches illegal that "flamethrower" is going to sell like hotcakes to every idiot with 500 dollars to burn...

u/chippewaChris · 5 pointsr/landscaping

Use a propane torch. Before herbicides it was standard.

You have to wet it down first, to 'boil' the roots.

propane torch

u/kclo4 · 5 pointsr/fireworks

I do a back yard show too and I find the board method too cumbersome. I now use the duct tape/bag/stake method.

  1. Duct tape: You've googled 4 cakes that you could hypothetically stick together because they "jive well". Duct tape them together with the fuses facing outward. Fuse so they all go off at once, or fuse in series. Use different speeds to accomplish your goal. You now have the stability of four cakes all in one. Gluing to a board is too much effort for me.
  2. Bag: get a garbage bag over the whole thing once fused and you have a waterproof cake pod ready to go.
  3. Stake: (IMO optional) Wrap Duct tape around the bag and stake to the ground for added stability

    Not a fan of roman candles. Dont waste your money.

    Make sure you test your fuse and know what speed it burns. My white fuse burns super fast. My green fuse burns faster than my yellow. My yellow burns much faster than the Pink. The pink is slower than the Shiny green fuse. That wasn't always the case. My green fuse was always the slowest and yellow was the fastest.

    I also don't like the idea of reloading shells during the show. If you must, you can prep them by zip tying the fuses together in groups of 8 or so. Throw 8 in the tubes and light the bunch. Dont put your head over any part. Stick the rest of prepped shells in a ready box. A ready box is designed so it cannot be left open. You lift up the lid, grab a bunch, the box has a string so that closes itself after opening

    Invest in zip ties and metal tape. Use this to tie your fuse together.

    I cant begin to tell you how much I love these fuse cutters. This tool changed my fuse cutting life. I spit on scissors now.

    This fuse igniter will change your life. Lighters might as well be flint. Thats how next gen this is. Get some propane or MAPP

    This headlamp makes flashlights a thing of the past and changes your life. Make sure you get one that doesnt have a third strap along the top. If youre not using it you can wear your headlamp on your neck and not lose it.

    Also invest some money in some eye and ear protection. I can't tell you how many times I went to bed with a "reeee sound" in my ears, and have gotten pyro shit in my eyes.

    Build yourself some real racks if you're up for it. I just recently built myself some and it was a snap.
u/thelizardkin · 4 pointsr/politics

Flame throwers are significantly less regulated than firearms. here's one for sale from Amazon for $240

u/dlskier · 4 pointsr/sousvide

It's not a bad deal if you need the sheet and rack as well. Provided those two pieces are of a quality that would rival something for close to $100 in the stores.

If you don't need those things then it's just a prettier version of the heat shrink torch from Bernz. The BZ4500HS is a torch that throws a wider flame used to heat shrink vinyl and is available from Amazon for $50. Though it's definitely not as pretty as the all white Apple-esque version from Sansaire.

I don't think anyone that already has a Bernz soldering torch would benefit enough to warrant buying this. Though if you don't have a torch at all yet, it might be a better option.

That being said I doubt it fits the Searzall, though I don't know if it's still necessary when using the wider flame from the BZ4500HS.

u/sickly_snake · 4 pointsr/pokemon
u/pleasejustdie · 4 pointsr/shittyaskscience

I have a personal version of this, a handheld red dragon flame thrower for weeding, hook to a propane tank, light it, have way too much fun weeding until you realize weeding next to a PVC pipe is making the pipe start to melt... Also, I wouldn't use it in a grass yard as it will kill all the grass around the weed too. But in an Arizona rock yard, it works great. Can't kill rocks.

In all seriousness, it works really well. My yard is rock, anything growing in it is most likely a weed, run the flame over it for a couple seconds and the weed looks normal, but dies inside. 3-4 days later the weed completely brown and dried out to the point where the next time the wind blows it disintegrates. Or you can walk over it and it pulverizes from the impact.

It is not harmful to the soil like sprays can be, and it doesn't prevent new weeds from sprouting, so if you want to use it to control weeds you have to do it daily to catch new growth before it can germinate for a while. But its the most stupid-fun way to weed my yard I've ever had. I just don't do weeds right up against the house, cause I like my house, and don't want to risk it.

I'd imagine for farmers, this kind of thing could be very useful, you're killing all the weeds that grew while you prepped the field, before you planted, which could provide nutrients back to the soil from decomposing plant growth and your crop doesn't have to compete with the larger weeds to grow and you don't have to spend time pulling the weeds on a large field before the crop is planted.

u/daaa_interwebz · 4 pointsr/lawncare

Kill the weeds with fire! I use a propane weed burner, there's no chemicals and it works pretty well. Of course you have to keep up with it since the weeds will grow back, but that's only an excuse to use your new flame thrower! I have this one, it's somewhat propane hungry, and can be finicky about staying lit but it gets the job done without too much fuss.

u/bootynasty · 3 pointsr/MetalCasting

I’m using

Hot Max 500G Big Max 500,000 BTU...

will pair it with a well insulated metal trashcan, one or two layers of ceramic blanket with satanite, and fire bricks at the bottom. Could it get as high as 2300 F? I’d rather not buy a higher range temperature gun if I don’t need to. Thanks for the help.

u/r131313 · 3 pointsr/homeowners

Roundup or a weed torch will make quick work of them.

If you don't like Roundup (I try to avoid it, but will use it if necessary) you can try boiling water and/or vinegar. Neither is as effective or quick as Roundup, but both work.

In the end, no matter how you kill the weeds, they will come back quickly unless you fill the cracks and seal the blacktop.

u/c0ld-- · 3 pointsr/OldSchoolCool

>Her torch is actually not set up right for welding, it looks like she is about to cut something with the torch instead

Oxy-fuel welder here. That's a cutting torch.

Cutting torches have a squeeze-action handle that floods oxygen into the line. Her fuel/oxy ratio suggests that someone set this scene up for a photo shoot and nothing more. Typical oxy-fuel mixtures have a smaller flame for more precision. Large flames (like the one in the picture) have a different torch (a large cone) that is used to distribute the heat more efficiently/evenly.

u/Rav99 · 3 pointsr/LifeProTips

Actually I do have a flamethrower

so that could work. But I would most certainly die in the attempt! Horribly.

u/intlharvester · 3 pointsr/blursedimages
u/chunkystyles · 3 pointsr/sousvide

I've done cast iron on an 1800W induction top. I can get that thing in the 600 range, if my IR thermometer is to be believed.

I'm not talking about a plumber's torch like the TS8000. I'm talking about a "weed burner".

One like this

Edit: I want to say that these flamethrowers are incredibly powerful and loud. They sear a steak in 5-10 seconds per side. They're also so loud, that it's kinda awkward to use. I'm just waiting for the day for one of my neighbors to come over and ask me WTF I'm doing and why am I running a jet engine in my back yard.

u/nomadicbohunk · 3 pointsr/DiWHY

I was dinking around on her here and that made me laugh out loud. I never really thought about this before. Honest. You just blew my a 18 year old taking their first philosophy class.

I'm a fire ecologist who grew up in the true middle of nowhere on a ranch. I love welding, but I'm not that good at it. My dad is. I also LOVE glassblowing. I learned how to do it during my masters and took to it like a duck in water. I'll never get to do it again as it's too expensive (like $80 an hour). I'm too much of a tight ass. I'm in my early 30's.

I pretty much light shit on fire for work and fun. I'm a complete pyro. One of my proudest achievements is a 10,000 acre prescribed burn I planned and was in charge of. This spring, my girlfriend bought me this for my birthday. I wanted it to light cedars on fire. Plus I can melt a beer can in seconds.

My brother bought me a JATO rocket for the same birthday.

I don't think I could be more of pyro if I tried. I never realized this. No one ever pointed this out to me...

I just spent 5k getting 3 phase power into a shed my dad owns. Why? Because I bought a super nice and fancy plasma cutter at an auction. I didn't need it. My dad didn't need it. It was just cheap and awesome. Plus I wanted to be able to run a good welder in that shop.

My masters is literally about plant responses to lighting shit on fire after it got chainsawed.

There is a video of me starting a campfire with 5 gallons of white gas. It was zesty.

Random just gave me an existential crisis. My name is probably on federal watchlists. Hello government worker! I never realized I was a pyro before.....

u/ExistentialThreat · 3 pointsr/jewelrymaking

Just a quick amazon search: torch. You want the butane refillable ones. Even the cheap ones will work but don't get the tiny cigarette ones. Harbor Freight (if available in your area) has a cheap one that's around $10.

u/coheedcollapse · 3 pointsr/AskCulinary

Kind of off-topic, but if you end up needing a kitchen torch regularly, I'd suggest upgrading to something like this.

It'll run for what seems forever on a canister of propane camp fuel. Propane is a lot cheaper than butane as well.

Plus, it's a multitasker all around the house. I can go from finishing a sous vide steak to loosening the lug nuts on my car's tires. It has also replaced all the flaky lighters in my house.

u/That_Kiefer_Man · 3 pointsr/phoenix

If you don't want to use toxic chemicals, try this bad boy for cookin' them to the ground: Hot Max. Makes weeding actually fun! Then, to keep them from coming back, Sprinkle some of this around: corn gluten. Completely non-toxic, prevents any seeds from sprouting (not just weeds so be careful if seeding), and lasts for several years.

u/Maxbots-MTW · 3 pointsr/crafts

Note Not just any "Blow torch" can cut steel, even the thin stuff from a tin can. The blue propane bottle ones you get from Home Depot WILL NOT do this. Generally to cut steel, you need Oxygen in addition to the fuel gas (So Oxy-Propane, Oxy-Acetylene, or Oxy-MAPP).

She probably uses a torch similar to this one:

u/_douglas · 3 pointsr/Pottery

Propane and natural gas burners are not compatible. Make sure whatever your source of fuel matches the burner you buy.

These are good for raku temperatures and beyond.

u/kentrol79 · 3 pointsr/sousvide

I purchased the BernzOmatic 361472 BZ4500HS Heat Shrink Torch its great it disperses the flame so you don't get that unpleasant taste. For the torch you have you can purchase the tip from eBay and just screw it on your TS8000, its on eBay and called WORTHINGTON Torch Tip,Propane/MAPP,Use with 4NE84

u/comfyhead · 3 pointsr/steak

I have this torch and use MAPP fuel. I would recommend:

  • Pat all of the surface dry; as dry as you can get it,
  • Brush a thin layer of butter to cover the entire surface (for bonus points, throw some goodies into the butter (shallots, garlic, thyme, etc.) while melting it),
  • Keep the flame moving at all times,
  • Hold the flame such that the very tip is touching the surface of the food,
  • Do multiple passes, instead of trying to get it dark the first time you visit a spot.
u/mthomas1888 · 2 pointsr/sousvide

Hooks up to a propane tank and burns at 500,000 btu.

u/s0ma_ · 2 pointsr/MGTOW

i cannot express enough how easy it setup and make perfect
steaks, fish, chicken, pork, everything. digitally and consistently.
how the imbued flavors are amazing; every bite. every single bite.
i made ribeye and tri-tip steaks for 8 people this weekend.
half of them ate themselves, sick.
sauteed garlic, smokey aroma and grilled meat bring
out some base-desire in men.
for thick cut steaks, i set to 140degF for 2 hours.
i pull the bag and flame-kiss with a torch
i render the fat off with the torch and blacken the sides
and i crisp the top, in front of the eater, to their taste.
i use the rendered fat to crisp portabello mushrooms
as a garnish, also using the torch
the result? you become everyone's weekend-steak-hero
people fight each other over who gets to take home the spare bags of steak
for the price of a steakhouse dinner, i fed all my friends, with superior product.
it does require the commitment to time and prepping the steaks.
everyone i take on this steak-journey, never goes back.

u/bobotwf · 2 pointsr/AskCulinary

You're using one of those "kitchen" torches aren't you? They're garbage. Get a real torch and it'll be easy as can be.

Seriously. It's pretty much impossible to use those kitchen torches for anything beyond lighting candles.

u/kevinescence · 2 pointsr/DIY

It was pretty simple. Here's what I used:

u/Wolvenmoon · 2 pointsr/gardening

I thought the same thing re: how the heck did they find me my first year planting pumpkins/squash, ever. They're moths and they're awful! My injections of pyrethrin saved my plant, and I amputated an unlucky vine that just wasn't going to make it, but it looks like it might put on fruit...not sure if it's edible now, though.

I'm going to be planning on tilling up the ground this winter, then using about 10 gallons of propane through a 500,000 BTU torch - is what I use - to roast the soil both before and after tilling.

Next year, I'm going to put row covers on and a ground cover mulch. I'll also be using a gratuitous amount of spinosad, neem, and possibly BT in addition to topical pyrethroids and insecticidal soap. I probably will avoid Sevin in the future.

I plan to heat the soil surface up to above boiling and keep it there for a good 15-20 seconds. No survivors. Bwahahahahahahahahaha.

u/infectedketchup · 2 pointsr/KitchenConfidential

unlimited budget? challenge accepted:

backup vitaprep base, multiple backup vitaprep tops. another robot coupe, with the extended housing and specialty blades. extra robot coupe blades. extra circulator or two. whatever size the professional kitchen aid mixers are these days - one of them, with all the gadgets and gizmos. depending on the size of the gear you have, large and small immersion blenders.

more pans. a few of something like these that will stay flat for searing fish. more pots. more plates. more plastic squeeze bottles. one or two of these. if you're also in charge of glasses and silver, more of that. more china caps. more chinoises.

more cambros. more lids. more 1/9,1/6, and 1/3 pans - deep and shallow, with enough false bottoms for all sizes to cover 25% of the pans. more pan spacers for the service coolers. more sheet trays. more 1/2 sheet trays - perforated and non perforated. more hotel and 1/2 hotel pans - 2, 4, and 6 inch; perforated and non perforated. more ladles, particularly 2oz and 4oz. more cutting boards. more buss tubs. more lexans, both perforated and non perforated. lids for those lexans.

if a tilt skillet can be a thing, one (or more) of them. or a steam jacket kettle. just something you can conveniently roll stocks in. garbage disposals in the dish pit. couple of blowtorches.

butcher's twine, cheesecloth, blue (or whatever color you choose) tape, sharpies, and pens - enough that finding any one of those items shouldn't be an issue. a case of bic lighters to keep in the office. more clipboards, because they're fucking useful.

u/caulds989 · 2 pointsr/Bitcoin

I have pictures of this very test here:

The average house fire is 1,100 F / 593 C. We used this blowtorch, which reaches temps of at least 1,200 F because we used it to melt aluminum in the video on our site.

will that suffice? A video might take me a few days since we weren't filming when we did this test

u/moop44 · 2 pointsr/Skookum

This is my preferred torch when using MAPP gas

But really, This would probably work for you. I have used it for brazing with silver, but still prefer acetylene with this.

u/RockeyeMK20 · 2 pointsr/Welding

The weed burner is probably your best bet for a big flame, if you need a smaller torch then use a torch that's for soldering, not welding. Bernzomatic makes a good selection of these, look at their heat-shrink torches or their other broad-flame torches. Those sound like exactly what you want. Even their plumbing torches would probably work. You can experiment with blocking some of the air holes if you want a flame with more red in it. Also, you want to use a cooler burning gas, like propane (instead of mapp or acetylene). If you need to hold the flame on aluminum for more than 30 seconds fill the flashlight with water.

For example;

u/TheInsaneOnes · 2 pointsr/Political_Revolution

What Elon musk sold was a rebranded tool that I can buy at home depot. Its literally a Roofing torch. A Flamethrower is a completely different thing.

u/p0wersauce · 2 pointsr/sousvide
u/dbbldz123 · 2 pointsr/vandwellers

brass pencil flame torch + propane tank might be cheaper than a creme brulee torch + you can do dabs with it

u/killerguppy101 · 2 pointsr/metalworking

A torch is better for this because a soldering iron concentrates the heat in a very very small area. And since metal is so conductive and has a high thermal mass, it looses heat faster than you can apply it with a soldering iron, so it will never get hot enough to actually solder. Flux comes in a paste (or sometimes liquid) and is a weak acid that etches the metal to clean and roughen the surface so the solder wets to the metal and bonds better. It also helps keep air out of the connection to prevent oxidation while you're soldering, which would weaken the joint.

The steps would be to clean each piece, position or clamp them together, apply a good amount of flux, heat it all up with the torch, then touch the solder to the hot metal so that it melts on. If you need to apply heat directly to the solder (ie, the solder doesn't melt on its own when it touches the metal) then your metal isn't hot enough and it will make a cold solder connection that will be weak, or completely non-existent if it's too cold. It may look like it joined things, but the smallest bit of force (even from just normal handling) would break the joint and you would need to start all over by first cleaning off all the solder, then cleaning the metal, applying flux, and trying again.

Here's the torch I use:



Optional extension hose so you don't have to hold the cylinder the whole time

Solder and flux. This kit comes with some emery cloth to clean the metal a bit before soldering.

EDIT: Here's a video about soldering copper pipe. Same process for small sheet metal parts.

u/wtf-m8 · 2 pointsr/Waxpen

I got a 2-pack of propane tanks as well as a torch tip for under $20 total. Burns hotter and will last much longer. You can get a self-igniting tip if you prefer for only a couple dollars more.

u/brado_potato · 2 pointsr/CannabisExtracts

propane and butane and the mixture of the two gasses have the exact same combustion temperature with air.

the combustion of propane and butane is an oxidation reaction, thus a more complete oxidation to CO2 is actually a good thing. neither propane or butane is more susceptible to incomplete oxidation than the other.

properly functioning propane and butane torches producing ideal burns present no danger of carbon monoxide poisoning.

as long as sufficient oxygen is present (the 21% present in the atmosphere is more than sufficient) both propane and butane are safe to use.

on a side note, a propane torch like the one linked below is much better built and thus safer to use than the crème brûlée butane torches most people use.

u/gn84 · 2 pointsr/landscaping

I just got one of these for weeding between pavers. Seems to work well in gravel/paved areas. Spots with nearby plantings or areas of flammable brush are not good.

There's also a bit of a learning curve on which weeds need just a quick pass and which ones (grasses) need a longer pause. And the obvious risk of fire danger, though vinegar has its own health risks (you'll want to wear face/eye protection).

u/TiaraMisu · 2 pointsr/garden_maintenance

Here's ours. Keep an extra person with a hose nearby, esp. since it's near burnables like that fence and there is likely some dried up detritus nestled with the rocks that could burn. You don't have to actually set fire to anything--the passing of the torch over the weeds causes cellular damage and they wilt and die. It is, however, very torch-like with a scary hissing sound and flame. But still, don't burn your house down.

u/DJDomTom · 2 pointsr/trees

So you take your nail which is usually made of titanium or quartz. You torch that bitch until it is hot, then you take your concentrate material and vaporize it on the hot surface. Some nails require and extra piece of glass called a dome to reduce the airflow around the nail when you dab it. Male female is pretty self explanatory, the piece you have in the picture here is male. The joint on that is designed to go inside of something else, not unlike a penis ;) the vast majority of weed smoking bongs are female.


u/brad3378 · 1 pointr/Welding

It's a pretty damn good deal considering that those wimpy Bernzomatic torches sell for $50 on Amazon.

u/seattleque · 1 pointr/AskReddit

Same but I use this for the Smokey Joe, and this for the big fires.

u/chorizobisque · 1 pointr/golf

Here is a

u/svarogteuse · 1 pointr/gardening

Don't you think that fire would be a more effective and quicker option than the one you are using?

u/AQuietMan · 1 pointr/todayilearned

So you don't need a concealed carry permit for a flamethrower?


This one is a half million BTU per hour. Propane, not jellied gasoline. I guess I can't have everything.

Wait. One of the recommended uses is "starting charcoal". I think I'm gonna need a video camera, too.

u/brcasey3 · 1 pointr/lawncare

I did this before laying sod, it worked pretty well. First, I would recommend spraying the whole yard with roundup and waiting a week or two. This will kill off a good majority of everything you have, allow it to dry, and make it easier to burn. You could skip this step, but it's going to be much more difficult to burn everything if it's wet. Just remember that you have to wait a minimum of 3 days after applying roundup to re-seed.
Also, keep in mind that this method will not kill seeds and rhizomes that are buried in the ground. You're going to want a torch like this.

u/longlive289s · 1 pointr/Seattle

Got a propane tank?

My dad got one of these years ago since we both have fucked up backs. God damn life saver/back saver

u/AtomicFlx · 1 pointr/nocontextpics
u/Paridoth · 1 pointr/Beekeeping

Sorry just a little hand torch like this Bernzomatic TS4000 Trigger Start Torch

it will turn it to Ash then it will wipe off.

u/vigg-o-rama · 1 pointr/Metalfoundry

you are overkilling it for that little furnace. You could just use a propane tank and burner from home depot like in that imgur album. You dont need to go crazy with it if that small. you will focus the heat on the little crucible and the wool will hold in the heat. so you wont need to make a burner or use a 20lb tank to melt an oz or two of metal. you could buy a 15.00 bernzomatic setup and start on this right away.


also - maybe look into spin casting (centrifugal casting) as that's the right method for casting precious metals into smaller shapes like a ring. its kinda different and comes with its own way of doing things that means different PPE than typical metal casting.

u/Serkaugh · 1 pointr/knifemaking

I have this kit, twice, with the regulator, is it enough? Or should I follow your recommendation anyway?

But thank you very much for your advice

Edit: forgot to link the kit

Here you go

u/dallasak · 1 pointr/Tools

[TurboTorch] ( if you want to hang with the big boys. It's a great torch if sweating copper is part of your job, for a homeowner might be a bit spendy.

u/thorium007 · 1 pointr/WTF

You can buy an oxy-acetylene torch set on amazon

u/iHako_ · 1 pointr/BuyItForLife

The Lenox torch heads are now under Worthington. Look into the turbo torch STK-9, according to my coworker it's the best one on the market.

u/wcc445 · 1 pointr/CannabisExtracts

I use this with a bottle of MAPP for my table-torch. Have another TS4000 for portable.

u/New_new_account2 · 1 pointr/Cooking

I have heard it is slightly better than the standard plumbing torches.

I already have a Bernzomatic 8000 for soldering, so I don't think I would buy another torch. I don't think the extra expense of the Sansaire would be worth it to me. People suggested the Sansaire was probably just a repainted Bernzomatic Heat Shrink Torch, which is much cheaper. The branding+paint on the sansaire look like a $80 mark up.

The downside of the Heat Shrink Torch/Sansaire is that if you want to get a Searzall down the road, the thing is designed only to fit the 4000/8000 models.

u/boyrahett · 1 pointr/Plumbing

Good hardware store might have one, any pluming supply store, online .

learn how to solder pipe. lots of Utubes out there, you don't need a fancy rig for homeowner stuff, this is good enough for homeowners.

Basically clean the fitting with a fitting cleaning brush, clean the pipe with plumber sandcloth, flux the inside of the fitting, the outside of the pipe, assemble, apply heat , when the flux stops boiling apply the solder to the opposite side of the heat and let it run around.

Don't over heat the fitting if the flux turns black you got it to hot, I usually move the flame around a little when heating the fitting.

If making up adapters solder them to the pipe ( short piece ) before screwing them to the valve.

Buy some extra pipe and fittings and practice, ells are pretty inexpensive, practice on them.

u/meerkat78 · 1 pointr/jewelers

I like my orca torch very much... I upgraded from using a basic propane torch attachment ( on a regular small green propane tank.

u/thats_not_gravy · 1 pointr/knifemaking

I'm interested in building one of these. About how long does one of these cans last in one of these?

Also, would one of the basic use BernzOmatic Basic Use Pencil Flame Propane Torch Head work with one of these, or does it need to be one of the higher-intensity torches?

u/sjmuller · 1 pointr/sousvide

The instruction manual for the Sansaire Searing Kit confirms that it is simply a model BZ4500HS torch with a new paint job.

The BZ4500HS torch is available for $70 on Amazon. Couple it with a sheet pan and cooling rack that you likely already own and you're set.

u/TheMetalDetectorist · 1 pointr/smoking

Flamethrower and some good dry wood splits and you'll be cruisin.

u/Cobalt_Impurity · 1 pointr/Silvercasting
u/CloudJockey · 1 pointr/electronic_cigarette

THIS is very similar, if not identical to, the torch head I used.

u/Balerathon · 1 pointr/Plumbing

EDIT: OK, I went back and looked at the torch I bought, it says Propane only. I returned it and and got a Berzomatic TS8000

Ok, thanks for the replies!

I picked up this flux: Harris SSWF1 Stay Silv Brazing Flux, 1 lb. Jar, White

^(And this torch head: BernzOmatic Basic Use UL2317 Brass Pencil Flame Propane Torch Head) ^(

^(And did buy propane, but it was only like $6 for 2 camping cans so no big loss.)

I'll grab a can of MAPP.

I assume that because it's only 12 gauge wire and a 20 gauge "solder" it won't take long at all to heat up. As I understand it:

  • Clean everything thoroughly. I'll use sandpaper and fine stainless steel brushes.
  • Apply flux to wires Heat wire until red hot.
  • Heat "solder" a bit and dip in flux
  • Heat wires a bit more and touch solder to area.

    I've also seen people cut little bits of the soldering wire and place it on the target, then heat the wires until it flows. Is that incorrect?

    Thanks again!
u/bazooka_matt · 1 pointr/Adirondacks

I recommend a head net and bug spray also buy a red dragon finally it'll be mud season don't mess up the trails. Consider canoeing. Less bugs on the water too.

u/BillDaCatt · 1 pointr/Blacksmith

As Aureolin22 said, I doubt the flowerpot would tolerate very many heating and cooling cycles before it broke. Have you considered doing the same thing but lining a small charcoal grill or a cheap steel wok instead?

Serious question: Why is propane not an option? Stores won't sell propane to you, or your parents won't let you?

I ask because you might have good luck making a small propane forge using a spiral flame propane torch, a small coffee can or large soup can, and a 50/50 mix of sand and Plaster of Paris. (refractory cement would probably work as well or better than the sand/plaster mix)

There was a post here on it a short while back. It seemed interesting so I built one myself just to see how well it worked. Turns out, it works pretty good! It won't produce welding temperatures, but it gets plenty hot for forging. It worked even better after I partially closed off the mouth of the forge with three pieces of firebrick. The one I made also has a 9/16" hole drilled through the back so that I can heat round stock up to 1/2" inch diameter anywhere along its length. I have used it twice now for about 30 minutes each time and I still have only used about half of the fuel in the tank. (I started with a full tank just to see how long it would last in one of these.)

If you are interested I can take some pictures of the one I made.

If coal or charcoal is your only option and you want to stay really cheap just dig a little hole and build your fire in the hole with your air pipe poking in from the side. (assuming the powers that be at home won't lose their minds over you digging a hole and you have a yard to dig in.)

u/LookingForHisLittle · 1 pointr/trees

I use something like these two products. It makes it nicer to use a big tank like that.

Extension hose

Hose/Torch combo

u/dankdabber · 1 pointr/CannabisExtracts

That's what I have. I've used a Newport torch as well which was nice for how small it was but it constantly needed to be refilled and took much longer to heat up my nail

u/ClandestineIntestine · 1 pointr/Blacksmith

I have a bernzomatic ts4000 that can be used for mapp or propane. Has a decent sized swirl tip on it.

Sorry about the huge link. I'm on my phone.

I also have an extension hose I found at home depot for $17. I love that thing.

u/TheKillingVoid · 1 pointr/woodworking

I used map for my first couple but just upgraded to a weed burner -

u/jfrey_man · 1 pointr/Bladesmith

If I wanted to make a propane forge could I use this propane head ( ) and just attach it to the side of the forge or do I need something like a trigger start torch ( )?

I know this is a dumb question but I'm on a budget for my starter setup

u/fuzzwell · 0 pointsr/Beekeeping

If you get the small propane torch, make sure to get the "clicker" kind that automatically light. This is the one I use.

It is SO nice to just click the button and shove the flame into the smoker and three seconds later it's lit perfectly.

u/doomrabbit · 0 pointsr/grilling

I have both but use charcoal a lot more now that I have a weed torch. Starts charcoal in literal seconds, and you can kill weeds in your sidewalk cracks too.

u/Vanilla_Buddha · 0 pointsr/politics

It's definitely looks like you could smoke from it. You can see a carb hole on the stem.

edit: This appears to be the pipe. Anybody ever tried to smoke out of one?

u/Aedalas · 0 pointsr/RBA

While those will certainly work I'd suggest getting a better torch setup. Something like this and thise. I've went through a 1 lb tank (slightly bigger than what I linked) since I started with RBA's around 6 months ago, I can't imagine how much butane I would have went through in that time.