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u/youritalianjob · 10 pointsr/golf

It's really really easy.

There are other good ones out there, just don't buy the Golfworks one. The only thing that it is good for is removing the residue left after scrapping of the old grip tape.

u/newsdude477 · 3 pointsr/golf

Super easy to do at home, buy the following.

Golf Grip Kit (Deluxe Grip Kit: Hook Blade, 15 Grip Tape Strips, 4 Ounce Solvent, Rubber Vise Clamp)

Yost LV-4 Home Vise 4-1/2" (1 Pack)

u/sterlingarcher0069 · 3 pointsr/golf

Karma Velvet grips. $35 CDN for 13 and a gripping set. I don't like to spend too much on grips.

u/wildmaxx · 2 pointsr/gpdwin
u/samrej · 2 pointsr/golf

I bought a kit from Amazon that included a rubber holder for the shaft to use in a bench vise. Just used my normal bench vise on my garage workbench. Worked great. Regripped my driver.

Here's the kit I used.

u/akavana · 2 pointsr/golf

Her is how to remove a grip with a compressor:
And here is how you install a new grip with a compressor:
Most grip tape kits have the tape, the solvent, and a rubber vice clamp. Here is an Amazon link for the rubber vice clamp individually:
Rubber Vise Clamp for Golf Club Shafts, Regripping, Premium Quality by Wedge Guys

You just place the block around your club and insert that into the clamp. No damage done to your clubs, especially great for composite shafts.

u/cbloo · 2 pointsr/golf

A few things:

First, you can get a club holder from your local superstore or amazon. Its basically a piece of rubber that pops on the shaft and sits down in the vise.

Second, got a $20 Irwin clamp-on vise from Lowe's

Third, wall alignment laser from Lowe's for $20 I think.

Last, a paint tray to catch the mineral spirits run-off

u/afd33 · 2 pointsr/golf

Besides the bench vise (not counting that cost because I can use it for a lot of other things) and the grips I think it cost me about $20 to start doing.

This is all you need besides the two things I already mentioned. I started doing it for other people because you can get a roll of tape and a decent sized bottle of solvent for $20 a piece.

Takes me ~5 minutes per club which is a lot better than having to go somewhere 30 minutes away to get them done in my case.

u/Bukowskified · 2 pointsr/golf

Replacing grips is super simple.

Non-consumable Tools:

  • Something to hold your club. I use my bench vice and this, but you can make do with a C clamp and an old rag to protect the club.
  • Something to collect drippage. I use a oil pan like this, but a bucket or any plastic container will do. I like the oil pan because I use the spout to pour left over liquid back into the bottle to re-use.
  • Something to cut off the old grip. Utility knife with a hook blade is the best, like this.

  • Grip tape: I’m lazy and use the pre-cut tape, but you can get it cheaper by the roll.
  • Grip tape solvent: Paint thinner or mineral spirits also work in place of the stuff sold specifically for grip tape.

    Big keys:
  • Use plenty of solvent, using the drip pan let’s you reuse it, so don’t be stingy.
  • I use a scotch brite pad to help clean off any stubborn residue.
u/rb2016 · 2 pointsr/golf

I use this:

Same principle as the coat hanger or butter knife, but easier. Once you get the hang of doing it you can remove a grip in under a minute. Faster and cheaper than an air compressor.

u/beardandmusic · 1 pointr/Barber

HexMag HXGT Grip Tape 46 Hex Shapes for HexMags, Black
Grip stickers put em on my supras

u/bwcall · 1 pointr/golf

You can get a mess of 13 Karma Tour Velvet grips for $24 on Amazon (midsize for $21).

Edit - Here's a slightly more retro-styled version (black and white), could look really nice with those clubs

u/s9lem · 1 pointr/golf

Just looked these up

Karma Velour Midsize Black (+1/32") - 13Piece Golf Grip Kit (with Tape, Solvent, Vise Clamp)

Is there something I’m missing here because it seems too good to be true?

u/TeaEsKSU · 1 pointr/golf

Did the shaft or hosel break or did the head just fly off? If it just flew off, all you would need to do is clean off the old dry epoxy on the tip of the shaft and out of the hosel and just re-epoxy.

Epoxy is pretty cheap:

u/WereChained · 1 pointr/golf

Looks like the ferrule has just slid up. If so, it's cosmetic. Throw a little glue in the gap and tap it down. I use my vice block to do it. Put it on the shaft and use it like a slide hammer to knock the ferrule back into place.

u/i_miss_old_reddit · 1 pointr/golf

"Prudent" Maybe. But definitely more expensive. ($3 per grip for the whole set adds a bit over the years.)

$15 for tape.

$10 Odorless Mineral Sprits:

$5 Shaft grip:

(I also add 2" blue painters tape as build up wraps. Easier to clean. But not needed.)

That's enough for 10+ sets of grips, about $4 per set. For the cost of paying someone to do grips one time, I can regrip mine and my friends' clubs a few times each. I don't mind doing the labor.

It's no problem to cut off the old grips and prep for new. I'll cut the old ones off, and apply new tape while sitting in front of the TV. (usually when the wife's not home.) Then take them to the workshop for the messy part.

u/DorfYelir · 1 pointr/golf

Seriously just go buy a set of grips off of amazon. You can find good quality grips that will last you a couple of seasons for less than $50. Get some grip solvent $8 and double sided tape $10. Find a rubber clamp to put your clubs in, find a utility knife to take old grips off, and find a workbench with a vice grip. No man should just have to go playing golf without grips and it's much more satisfying to take care of your own grips yourself. I'll even link some cheap stuff to you to make it easy.
Grips I use. Incredibly cheap and feel great. $42 for a set of 8 grips which will get you 3-PW or 4-GW
Double sided grip tape. 15 strips for $5. If you think this is something you would do again in the future then buy the roll of double sided tape off golfsmith for just over $10
Grip solvent. $6.50 on golfsmith. I've heard that there's alternatives that you can use that are cheaper but why not just use the real deal?
Rubber vise clamp. More important than it looks. Protects the shafts from damage and holds it in place while on the visegrip. $6 on Amazon

All you need from there is a knife of some sort to take off the old grips and clean off old tape and a visegrip to secure your club. Finding a vise might be kind of tough, but sometimes people have them in their garages. If you have a golf friend who does his own grips also he probably wouldn't mind you borrowing it and may even be happy to help. Friend might even have some of his own materials you could borrow.

Estimated total cost of this roughly $65-70 dollars. Really isn't that expensive to purchase everything listed above and if you really shopped around I bet you could find cheaper stuff. Honestly if your playing in tournaments you want to be going in with your best game. You're on a budget and this is about as budget as it gets. If you're going to be playing more tournaments later in the year then maybe sit this one out, use the entry fee to fund your clubs, and then play better or at least more comfortably later in the year.

u/thezep · 1 pointr/Bladesmith

Fiberglass AKA polyester resin. It works, but epoxy has better performance for knifemaking purposes. Are you doing hidden tang or full tang? this is what I use.