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u/Nateorade · 7 pointsr/golf

It's actually a net from PowerNet. Got both off of Amazon - here are the links below. Not too bad of a cost to get a couple high-quality items that I'll use quite a bit:

Golf Net

Golf Mat

u/scoggydoogan · 5 pointsr/golf

Buy yourself a country club elite real feel strip and cut out a section of your current mat for it. It will help your wrists a lot. Just need to check the height of your current mat and the strip to make sure they match.

u/Fairways_and_Greens · 5 pointsr/golf

This is what I have. It's not hard rubber. It's like bushy astroturf. It has a ton of give so if you hit fat you can tell and it's a lot easier on your joints:

u/Leeacass · 4 pointsr/golf

Get a golf strike pad. They're available everywhere and cost anywhere from around $20- several hundred depending on size and quality. Here's one on Amazon for example. Callaway FT Launch Zone Hitting Mat by Callaway

u/tadisc · 4 pointsr/discgolf

I got this last summer. I love it - definitely is a help when I can't get out to do field work. Very portable and easy to assemble/disassemble.

u/lobstah · 4 pointsr/golf

FYI: I got a 4' x 15' strip of putting turf from Pro Putt Systems ( Other sizes are available ), and it is fantastic. I use it on the floor by itself, and it will receive short chips and pitches right out of the box with no platform needed. I can roll it up and put it away if I need to, which is a bonus. I did not cut holes in it; I just use a little Maxfli cup I got at Dick's for under $20. I was afraid a permanent hole would develop a groove, but after having the turf for two years, I would say that you can cut a hole if you want, but I like the variety of moving it around. IMO, artificial breaks are not very realistic, the ball will not stay in place if there is an incline, and the breaks are Augusta + fast. Almost every floor ( especially a basement floor) will have some degree of break, and that's all you need. Big breaks are like playing Putt-Putt. / .02 cents

EDIT: I have a CCE mat that I chip from.
The only break I might try would be a 2nd tier slope, where the break is straight uphill.

u/dleonard1122 · 3 pointsr/golf

Callaway Golf Ball Hitting Mat

PowerNet Golf Practice Net 10ft x 7ft

Edit: Less than $150 and totally worth it IMO.

u/anaxcepheus33 · 3 pointsr/vandwellers

You just need a glued rubber permanent tee to make it work!

They also sell rubber mats too all over the internet if you want something removable.

u/urbjhawk21 · 3 pointsr/golf

Here's what I have and it is awesome. You will definitely know if you hit it fat.

u/zebozebo · 2 pointsr/golf

On second thought, I'm probably going to get this CCE quality twin and be done with it. Looks like just what I need.

Real Feel Golf Mats Country Club Elite Portable Twin Combo Heavy Duty Practice Mat System

u/omega2four · 2 pointsr/golf

Sorry they call it the supermat but it's the same thing from the monster site

48" X 60" XL SuperMat Tee Golf Turf - Holds A Wooden Tee

u/FakoPako · 2 pointsr/golf

I like it. It’s 5 by 5 Gorilla mat from Amazon. I can use my own tees. It’s THICK and it doesn’t leave marks on the club. So far so good.

It came with tray, couple practice balls and 3 different height mat tees.

u/Jesse_berger · 2 pointsr/golf

Like shit. Went to the local par 3 with atleast 20 balls to lose. I sure did a fine job losing them in the water.

Bought new irons then went to the driving range Saturday and Sunday. I sucked, however I can make good contact at home and into my net.

I have this mat and I hit from the mat which is a few inches above my feet. Could that be a reason? I'm too used to hitting up on the ball that when I'm level with a ball I mishit?

u/1lakzzz · 2 pointsr/golf

I have a setup in my garage and I use this one:

I'd recommend something like it - I was originally working with a little Callaway strip and couldn't stand the height difference.

u/Ez215 · 2 pointsr/golf

I was going to build a frame out of pvc. Shouldn't cost more than 60$ for 1 1/2 inch if I prices it out correctly. I got this coming Rukket Mat Attack Tri-Turf Portable Golf Hitting Mat (25in x 16in) because I was worried the carpet wouldn't match the feel of grass enough. But my original plan was to use some old carpet. Not too late to cancel that though and save myself almost 60$. Hell I even have some higher pile carpet for rough haha. I was going to put this on the pvc frame and then hang a blanket also so it'll last a while.

u/JasonDinAlt · 2 pointsr/golf

I have owned the Sklz Quickster ( ),$110 and the Rukket SPDR ( ).

I kept the SKLZ and gave away the Rukket. The SKLZ was quicker/easier to put up & take down (kinda like a "quick pole" tent), lighter, more compact.

I love it. The net has held up, it's big enough that it takes a tremendous mis-hit to miss the net, and it's weathered a few rains when I've left it out.

Down sides, it needs pretty level ground to sit still in anything over a stiff breeze. There are stake holes but I never got around to using those.

You should get a proper hitting mat. One you stand on. I tried the smaller, cheaper, "stand in front" mats, but you're always practicing hitting on a slope that way. Here's one at the MINIMUM size you should get:

u/grizzgolfer · 2 pointsr/golf
u/wutzhapnin · 2 pointsr/golf

Buy a small mat like this:

Then build a platform to stand on. Spend maybe $40 on a little wood and some carpet. Make a square with a cutout fit for the mat. I have almost zero handyman skills, and I put this together pretty easily.

u/bcmintx · 2 pointsr/golf

I use a Mesh Tarp:

Fold in half (or buy 2) because eventually you will put a hole in it, but then you can re-fold (rotate) for a new spot. You will want to weight the bottom. The tarp is cool because you can see where the ball impacted (leaves a little dent).

I owned one of the top-rated hitting nets and put holes in two of them. I don't trust manufactured hitting nets for home use any more.

Also, get a high-quality mat, even if it's just a strip (you can build a carpeted platform around it):

u/bronisboss · 1 pointr/golf

I have this one and it gets some good use. I like having the two holes so when I feel dialed in there's still a serious challenge

Indoor Golf Putting Green –...

u/csitty · 1 pointr/golf

I bought this mat.

So far very pleased with that as well. Durable and padded enough that it doesn't hurt if you come in too steep.

u/kabosh7117 · 1 pointr/golf

I was thinking about this one

That way I could practice my chipping from fairway and rough simulation. What are your thoughts on it?

u/Bo0m_King · 1 pointr/golf

It's sorta homemade. I bought a small mat from Amazon:

That'll Play - SBZ Golf...

Then I bought this:

All Turf Mats Standard...

And cut it up and made a plywood thing to put the smaller mat into so it would all be level.

u/Mavrk1 · 1 pointr/golf

I got mine on amazon and it works fine

A99 Golf True Feel Super Thick...

u/Tallpaul07 · 1 pointr/golf

I ordered the mat below last week. Have been hitting off of it in to a net for a few days, and it's pretty fantastic. It's got 'fairway', 'rough', and a thicker fairway material that allows you to actually tee up a ball with a real tee. Highly recommended. Stays in place when you hit off of it, doesn't get green shit all over the soles of your clubs.

u/_edd · 1 pointr/golf

> The mat probably cost 500

$80. Granted his does look thicker/nice.

> the screen probably cost 1k

Looks like its a few panels of some cheap building material on the front screen. The back screen isn't particularly nice either.

Whole thing probably cost a little more than $1000, but not a ton. Major factor here is how much he chose to spend on the projector and if he did the frame himself/has a guy vs if he had to find a shop to make it for him.

u/lankymagoo · 1 pointr/golf

I got this one... Been outside for almost 2 years (in florida) and looks brand new.