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u/Likes_Shiny_Things · 18 pointsr/quityourbullshit
u/12to4watch · 9 pointsr/cocktails

I'd recommend a Scrappys Bitters Mini Exotic set. The Chocolate, Cardamom, and Grapefruit have all been great flavors to experiment with. Grapefruit bitters in Citrus heavy cocktails. Cardamom and chocolate have worked great with coffee flavors or whiskey. Haven't used the Lavender but that's just my taste preference.

Scrappy's Bitters Exotic Bitters Mini Set, 4 ct, 0.5 oz (Lavender, Chocolate, Cardamom, and Grapefruit)

u/russia_regime · 8 pointsr/pyrocynical

| here I put together this list to become a true slav |

1.the clothes

2.the hat

3.the drink of these bad boyz


u/loliicon_senpai · 4 pointsr/BottleDigging
u/vexion · 2 pointsr/LawSchool

A nice leather messenger bag, if he would use that sort of thing. Or a fine scotch.

u/sassquatch1 · 2 pointsr/coys
u/ThatBLChap · 2 pointsr/talesfromcavesupport

Get different old berry juice and mix with lat-tey. Jup hear good things come when mix wjth Bae-lees:

Make spooky time good.

u/motodoto · 1 pointr/cocktails

Luxardo Cherries - Anybody that hasn't had this cherry yet is usually amazed when they get it.

Apple Bitters - These are my favorite apple bitters, they can make any drink have a hint of homemade apple pie added to it.

On the cheap end I like the other suggestions here for Vermouths. On the cheap end Boissiere brand is really nice. Depends on your budget. On the high end the best Vermouth I've ever had is Atsby Armadillo Cake. Good luck finding it in person, shop online if you can't but there isn't much time left.

u/pewin · 1 pointr/Scotch

I have just ordered a bottle through Amazon in Germany at 125 €.

u/knollexx · 1 pointr/cocktails

Meh, most american spirits are actually cheaper in America.

The cheapest decent Rye Whisky in Germany, ~€33/L. In the US it's ~€20/L.

The cheapest Tequila in the US costs ~€10/L, the cheapest in Germany twice as much.

Good Bourbon for ~€8.50/L, even Jim Beam costs twice as much in Germany.

u/Ihmhi · 1 pointr/AskReddit

You buy a draft beer, which isn't a waste of money like pretty much all hard liquors are.

Here, let me give you a simple example. Let's say you get a shot of Absolut Vodka. You're charged $3 for the shot. A shot is 30-90 mL in the United States. (Let's pretend that you have a generous bar that's using the 90mL shot glass). A 1.75L bottle of Absolut Vodka costs around $30. (That's pretty much the absolute largest size you can buy almost anywhere).

Now let's do the math!

1.75L = 1750 mL

1750 mL / 90 mL = 19.444~

19.444 x $3 = ~$58.34

Enjoy your nearly 300% 200% markup!

Of course, that's not factoring in the potential for smaller shot glasses or higher prices. A club I went to charged $8 for what seemed like a thimble of vodka (probably the 30 mL glasses). At that rate, that's $467.67 for the bottle, or a whopping 1500%+ markup.

u/kaysea112 · 1 pointr/AskReddit

Goldschlager schnaps, with gold flakes!

u/MouseManJerry · 1 pointr/drunk

Just thought I'd share as someone sent me a link saying 1l of Courvoisier was £19.50. So I went to go snap that up.

But when I put it in my basket I noticed that there was a £10 discount applied for some reason?! I'm not complaining!

Link for the lazy:

And no, I'm not drunk. But as per rule 3 I will take a shot once it arrives.

EDIT: I just realised that I had a £10 voucher on amazon. thats why it was £9.50... Apologies my dudes. I'll take another shot for my incompetence! But still £19.50 is still pretty good for a litre of some Courvoisier.

u/rondiggity · 1 pointr/LiverpoolFC

As far as inexpensive bourbons go, this one is my favorite:

u/UncleBaldric · 1 pointr/whiskey

If only Platte Valley were on the list...

u/WeDoTheWeirdStuff · 1 pointr/japanlife

Take a look at Buffalo Trace

u/snowylambeau · 0 pointsr/vancouver

Crown Royal Northern Harvest. It can be expensive and hard to find outside of Canada (brought a bottle to Italy for some family last summer and discovered that the only source over there was and they wanted €190 for it.

Not bad for a $45 CDN investment.