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u/867-53OhNein · 126 pointsr/Whatcouldgowrong

Hammocks are the shiiiiiiiit. I swing in mine at night while I smoke and drink, and check out the sky, it makes life much more enjoyable.

If you can carve out a spot, you can get a set-up like that for 69 bucks on Amazon and those frames can hold a 6'3" 250+ frame + a couple of dogs with ease.

u/Runed0S · 52 pointsr/Showerthoughts

Try a hammock

Edit: something like this: Https://

Also, always get double-wide hammocks unless you're 5'5" or less. I made that mistake, I'm 6'.

Try to get a cotton hammock for the inside of your house, and hook it so the edges almost droop. There are different ways of hammocking, but laying at around a 30° angle is flat for me.

If you can touch the ground with your butt (in your hammock), put the hook 2 links/holes up until you don't, then adjust for droop.

EDIT 2: I forgot to mention the whole bar thing. You know those wooden/metal bars at either end of the hammock? Yeah don't get those, they make it easy to fall off. You have to actually put effort into rolling out of a regular double-wide, it's your fault if you do.

Speaking of rolling out... You won't roll over in a hammock. Rolling over in your sleep is because you aren't comfortable enough or there's too much pressure on your back somewhere. Hammocks literally are the first memory foam mattresses. I like my hammock better than the store's billion dollar mattresses. You can use a sleep apnea machine in a hammock, too!

u/0neir0naut · 10 pointsr/Hammocks

I bought this hammock from amazon and used it as my bed for a few months. At first, it was pretty cool having a hammock as a bed. After a few days I realized the stand wasn't suitable for sleeping in every night; I couldn't find a comfortable enough position to be able to have restful sleep.

I eventually bought a new hammock to see if it was the original hammock that was the issue. Well, this new hammock was even more uncomfortable when I mounted it on the stand I had. In fact, the stand that came with the first hammock wasn't compatible with the new hammock; I had to buy some tree straps so that the new hammock would sit right on the new stand.

It was really hard sleeping on my hammock setup; I was sad as I really wanted it to work for me. I'm sure if I created my own stand that actually worked for my height I would have had no problem sleeping. Eventually I bought a Tri Fold Mattress and a memory foam pad and just slept on that instead of the hammock; the Tri Fold + Memory foam combo is perfect! Best sleep of my life on that thing.

If you're going to buy a hammock to use as a bed, I would highly recommend making, or even buying, a hand-made stand that fits your height and weight.

I'm 6'0", ~154lbs

Also, If you're going to buy a hammock to sleep on I would highly recommend having a secondary sleeping station (possibly a pad of some sort) for those days where you just don't want to sleep on the hammock. Trust me, those days will come. I didn't think it would happen to me, but it did. If you have any other questions I'll gladly answer them! Unfortunately I can't give you information about wall hooks/mounting as I never went that route.

u/Phant0mX · 9 pointsr/Hammocks

I use this one for festival camping and anywhere else without trees with my double nest. 450 lb weight limit, 9 feet long, steel construction. Disassembles and comes with a bag for travel, definitely not lightweight.

u/wankerschnitzel · 8 pointsr/Hammocks

The Atlas are the replacement for the Slap-Straps. The Slaps were nylon (stretch) and the people spoke. Eno offered these Atlas as a Polyester alternative that do not suffer from the stretch problem. My opinion is that they are damn skippy, but ENO straps in general reputation took a bit of hit due to the Slaps. Atlas Straps and Python straps are both great and no-stretch. Steer clear of Eno Slap Straps unless you want to wake up on your butt, but the Atlas are all good and what they should offered in the beginning. Reveiws here . More reading here

tldr: Slap Strap stretch too much. Atlas and Python Don't. ATLAS are worth the money over Slap. Python are good too. Don't get Slap Straps

u/cfc1016 · 7 pointsr/Hammocks

THIS ONE - $44

There's another unit that has the same overlap hanging system (which I VASTLY prefer to the standard "this is your one and only harness point" style) and is 10' instead of 9'. THIS is it - $60.

In researching a compact indoor unit, those were the two at the top of my list. The pole ends and adjustable harness point are really the winning feature.

Read the comments in THIS POST for all the details you could possibly want.

u/rm-minus-r · 7 pointsr/Hammocks

Can you? Totally! Will they stretch? Possibly.

I have this one - - it came with a chain on each end to attach to the hooks, works like a charm.

Chain doesn't stretch either, so if it's a semi-permanent setup, it doesn't hurt to get two short lengths of chain from your local Home Depot or Lowes or the like.

u/Ichthyologist · 7 pointsr/AppalachianTrail

I used a Hennessey hammock and immediately replaced the little diamond tarp with a 10x12 hex tarp. Seriously, the bigger the better. I would get into camp in a driving rain, set up my tarp assemble everything underneath it (including my friend's tents), and stay dry the whole time.

I could do the reverse in the morning, get all my stuff packed and my rain gear on before pulling the tarp down.

I made a 12'x8" tube out of cheap Wal-Mart taffeta material and just threaded the whole tarp into it and folded it up to hang on the outside of my pack to drip dry. Quick setup , quick take down. Maybe 1 minute each. Mostly because of stakes.

The hammock is not your living space, the TARP is your living space. Don't skimp, its not the place to compromise for weight.

Though I never had to, you can also rig it on the ground with your trekking poles in the absence of trees.

u/ccchans · 7 pointsr/Hammocks

I temporarily moved into my friend's place and was tired of sleeping on my sleeping pad. I couldn't hang my Yukon Outfitters, so I bought the Vivere Double from Amazon.

The stand so far shows no sign of bending, but I definitely would not swing in it. I saw the end poles sway when I tried swinging a bit, leading me to believe it was going to bend.

The suspension is anchored down by these J-hooks screwed into the outside of the end poles. There are 6 holes placed throughout the length of the pole, but there is a downside. I would have loved to screwin at the highest hole for a deeper sag, but the tightener scrapes against the rope. Placing the J-hooks any lower than the second makes the hammock too flat.

For those who wish to hang other hammocks off of this stand, the J-hooks can be placed lower to accommodate longer suspension lines. For this hammock in particular, those bottom 4 holes are unnecessary. Except maybe to make it lighter ;)

u/ypsigypsi · 6 pointsr/bonnaroo

the one I have

Works great and easy set up and take down! Slept like a fuckin baby at Roo last year

u/ToasterP · 6 pointsr/ElectricForest

This is the one we bought.

It perfectly fits a regular eno double nest, but not a double nest deluxe as well just for reference.

u/whitefang573431 · 6 pointsr/Hammocks

The plans were from a website that sells pvc pipe >.< I just feel cheated at this point.

Defeated, I caved and bought the $44 stand recommended to me earlier by u/cfc1016.

u/webrebates · 5 pointsr/Hammocks

Buy this bad boy, or hit up craigslist for a free one.

u/0311 · 5 pointsr/bonnaroo

I have this one with my Eno. Used it at Okeechobee and it was perfect.

u/m4rsandv3nus · 5 pointsr/ElectricForest

I purchased one of those net hammocks to have at home, and it came with a steel stand. The stand itself collapses down for storage, and I think it might be coming with to forest this year.

Something similar to this:

u/Roomslinger · 5 pointsr/hammockcamping

I made a stand like that with 2x6's, and just bolted them together (it was just to see how it worked). I imagine pipe would work as long as it's pretty heavy duty.

The big issue I found with the design (two legs and rope on each end) was that the ropes that anchor into the ground on each take on a lot of tension. I ended up having to use long spiral stakes (used for dog chains) to keep them down. Regular stakes pulled out of the ground easily. When this happens the legs swing down towards the center. Where you are laying. Quickly. Generally in the direction of your head or knees.

The Turtledog design requires the long pole overhead, which I am not a huge fan of, but eliminates the potential for head trauma or knee surgery.

For $100 bucks you can pick something like this up

Folds up and comes with a case. You don't need to anchor anything and it gives you a clear view of the stars at night. They are a bit heavy, but very portable/packable.

u/beansarenotfruit · 5 pointsr/Hammocks

So I’ve been sleeping in my hammock for a few weeks now, and have really liked it. The hammock I bought is here:

Hammock Sky Brazilian Double...

And the stand is here:

Sunnydaze 550-Pound Capacity...

The stand is quite large, but kind of needs to be. I didn’t need to buy anything else, everything I needed to hand was included in the two kits. The frame is a little heavy, but moveable by one person. You can put it together alone, but two people makes assembly much easier.

u/710cap · 4 pointsr/Hammocks

The Hammock is some Amazon brand, cost me $35, and you could find a longer, nicer one for the same price I'm sure. Otherwise, [Nature's Hangout tree straps]
( I picked up for $25ish, very happy with them. Well made, 1" thick, easy to use. The tarp is a Yukon Outfitters Walkabout that I got from a Woot sale for $20, and the bug net is a Yukon Outfitters No Fly Zone I picked up from the same sale for $25, both of which are well reviewed and I have no complaints with either of them with my very limited experience.

u/remeard · 4 pointsr/bonnaroo

It's a lot like those double wall cups by Yeti. The offbrands are essentially the same quality but you'll expect to pay 2-3x more for Eno. Look for Nylon/Parachute material.

I would suggest a double hammock rather than single, it's just more cozy, you can fit two, or sit up in it with no problem. Straps are another big thing, Eno's brand is "atlas straps", but again, there's options that are half price.

I've used Bear Butt, Wise Owl, and Fox Outfitters - all of them have just been amazing quality with different colors and specifics to choose from. I was shocked out how light the Wise Owl trail hammock was if you're into that sort of thing.

u/RoboNinjaPirate · 4 pointsr/CampingGear
u/amateurishatbest · 4 pointsr/Hammocks

When in doubt, don't. I can recommend a stand that's only ~$50.

u/eliporter877 · 4 pointsr/bonnaroo

FYI I just bought this hammock stand and it came in the mail a couple days ago. I haven't used it yet but it looks exactly like the one you are planning on buying but half the price.

u/MossBoss · 4 pointsr/camping

I have this and really enjoy it

Not sure if the amazon link shows price but it is typically ~$60

u/whatthebyrd · 4 pointsr/hammockcamping

I use this at home. It's fairly lightweight for being a bunch of metal tubes and fits into a travel bag about 3 feet long. Not made specifically for camping, but it's cheaper and doesn't require you to run over it...

u/Piklikl · 3 pointsr/Hammocks

I got this for Christmas and I've been using it for the past week staying at a friends house. I'm using an ENO double nest, and so far it's just a touch more cramped than the hooks I use embedded in my bedroom wall.

Best ChoiceProducts Space Saving Steel Hammock Stand 9' Outdoor Patio Portable with Carrying Case

u/billythekid1470 · 3 pointsr/Hammocks

Currently I'm using right this now I got it around $49. It folds up pretty quick too.

It comes with a really nice bag to store it in as well. I use it with my 11ft and 9ft hammocks both indoor and out.

Took only Five days to get it but was in the warehouse for 3 days just waiting.

u/totaldrk62 · 3 pointsr/Hammocks

I've been using mine in the BWCA for about 4 years now. Things I've learned:

  • We go in August and it can get chilly at night. A sleeping mat is essential if you don't want a cold backside.

  • If you don't have a hex cover for your gear or a smaller rainfly for your hammock your gear may get wet. I've been caught out in storms and the original rainfly for my Hennessy wasn't quite enough ground coverage and ended up with some damp gear. I upgraded to the hex fly and have been golden. A separate tarp for gear will also work.

  • You might have to think out of the box on some sites with smaller trees. I had to hang basically over a 5 or 6 foot drop at one site with poor tree coverage. It was either hang there or basically hang way back in the forest.

  • I use Atlas Straps, climbing rings and caribeaners for my hang. I typically have my hammock set up in about 2 minutes. The Atlas straps give me a TON of length to hang, so I can hang just about everywhere up there.

    I can't really think of much else. If you don't have a bug net life is going to suck, but I think anyone using a hammock in the BWCA knows that. I'll never go back to a tent in the BWCA. Using a hammock up there is amazing.
u/xxirish83x · 3 pointsr/ElectricForest

excellent post.... i already have an eno or else i would get this.

i would highly recommend these straps to go with that hammock

u/[deleted] · 3 pointsr/Hammocks

There's two routes you can go. The all together route, or you could do what I did. I got a 15% discount on gotyourgear on an ENO junglenest which got it down to about $73, and either buy, This which is just a tad short, but with enough sag 10ft should get all your hammock within it. I opted to sew my own tarp because I wanted a much larger one for sheltering two hammocks and keep my gear protected. Pretty good prices on silnylon. And Here are some simple [guides] ( to make one on your own. For straps people opt for a shorter polyester webbing, coupled with whoopie slings. Atlas Straps are the easy way out if you don't want to modify your hammock, personally i'm happy with using all stock on my system, tried whoopies not a fan. I'm 6'2", singlenest will fit you perfectly, make sure to have plenty of sag when hanging your hammock, it may look wrong, but that how you achieve a flat lay. So either route you go, it basically boils down to if you want more customization with your equipment, or want something premade.

u/cantwealljusgetalong · 3 pointsr/bonnaroo

Not sure on your financial situation but I purchased this hammock stand and received it in the mail yesterday. I set it up at home and laid in my hammock and it worked well. Easy set up and seems sturdy, however I'm a pretty thing guy. Should do the trick. See ya on the farm!

u/Vaping_Casual · 3 pointsr/vaporents

Yup! :)

u/moneygarden · 3 pointsr/Hammocks

This. Have one. Love it. Mine is a finer weave : See here

u/NewtonGimmick · 3 pointsr/ehlersdanlos

I originally bought this hammock and stand combo. I still use the stand but I tend to rotate between 4-5 different hammocks (including the original).

Right now I'm hanging out in this hammock but I've had various sizes/brands of the nylon ones, rope/woven ones, and cloth ones over the last several years. I like them all.

If you try it out just keep in mind that you may have to play around with it for a while to figure out the best sleeping position as well as the proper sag. As mine start to stretch out over time I notice that I can end up with a bit of pain if I don't make proper adjustments. You don't want it to hang too low or too high but play around with it to see how you like it. I keep mine a bit higher than usual because I also use it just as a regular piece of furniture so I sit in it while I'm at my desk but I don't have any pain/discomfort in its current position when I sleep in it, either, so it works out perfectly.

Edit: My legs and feet also swell up regularly even with compression stockings/garments and so sometimes I'll scoot way down until my legs are propped up pretty high to relieve the swelling and pressure. It works a lot better and faster than propping them up on pillows because there's less pressure from the pillows pressing against the underside of the legs.

I just really love my hammock and how much better I feel overall since incorporating it into my life. I'd suggest EDSers consider trying them out just as an occasional relaxation tool, too, since sleeping in them full time is probably not for everyone.

u/SpartansATTACK · 3 pointsr/ElectricForest

I bought this one. Easy to set up, it's designed for bar hammocks, but it fits an ENO DoubleNest perfectly fine. Comes with a cupholder too which is always nice.

u/Sparky2697 · 3 pointsr/Hammocks

Best ChoiceProducts Space Saving Steel Hammock Stand 9' Outdoor Patio Portable with Carrying Case

u/idiggplants · 3 pointsr/Hammocks

google/youtube setting up hammocks with trekking poles... or hammocking above the treeline... its a pretty common challenge and their are a few different solutions... id warn against trying to tie off to the rv anywhere. not much on them that can withstand the horizontal force that your hammock will put on it.

edit: another option that might work for you is a hammock stand. it will definitely be the easiest, but youll have to spend a few bucks. the bonus is you can use it at home in the back yard.. but youll probably have plenty of room in the rv.

u/RaeChill · 3 pointsr/FireflyFestival

Mine were from eBay for about $60. Here's an amazon link with virtually the same thing!

u/madmatttt · 3 pointsr/minimalism

Thanks for the info guys, I got some private messages and that combined with your comments helped me pick out this to go with my Eagle's Nest Outfitter's Doublenest Hammock. I'll be putting... well, something! underneath the metal support bars to protect my hardwood floors.

Thanks everybody!

u/kowalski10 · 3 pointsr/Frugal

I bought one of these recently. It is setup in my living room. It lets me sleep at an incline without the discomfort of sleeping in a chair. I find myself sleeping in it well. The one you posted looks like a fancy cot, not very comfortable IMO.

u/ismellsogood · 3 pointsr/bonnaroo

Do you care to link me to the ones you have? I've been looking at a lot of them on Amazon but there's so many options and it's hard to tell about the quality.

For anyone interested, this is the hammock stand I ordered. It has almost perfect reviews, assembles and disassembles in less than 3 minutes, is perfectly made for ENO hammocks, and is the exact right size to fit under a 10x10 EZ-Up. It's also way cheaper than the other options.

u/fireguy0306 · 3 pointsr/DIY

While I really like the wood look of yours. What made you go with the wood vs something like this? I'd assume more longevity out of the metal for cheaper?

u/leumasgee · 3 pointsr/CampingGear

One thing to consider would be a hammock. My dad is 65, bad legs and a bad back. 300+ pounds. He was 6'4" in his prime. I bought him this hammock
He slept in it for a week in the boundary waters and said that he slept better than he has ever slept on the ground, even with a thermarest. They guys over at r/hammockcamping could help you with gear suggestions and setup tips.

u/lukehardy · 2 pointsr/hammockcamping

The double layer hammocks, are a good call if you are looking for bug protection, mosquitoes can bite through a single layer. I use a Warbonnet Blackbird XLC. It is a wonderful hammock that lets me lay flat or even on my side.

As tarps go, I use a Hennessy hex fly on a continuous Ridgeline, attached via prusik knots. I attach the ridge line to the trees using figure 9s. I also suggest using snake skins with the tarp.

I can get my entire setup hung in about 4 minutes. Which comes in handy when it's getting dark or about to rain.

Hennessy Hammock - Hex Rainfly - Rain Tarp (Coyote Brown)

Nite Ize F9L-02-01 Large Figure 9, Black

u/myredditaccountv · 2 pointsr/Hammocks

Yeah u/maswasnos that guy has a lot of good questions to help you out.

My Amazon cheap recommendation setup right now is this

Camping Hammock, Lightweight Portable Garden Double Hammocks - Premium Nylon Parachute Hammock with Tree Straps for Backpacking Travel Beach Yard

u/brewyet · 2 pointsr/Hammocks

I have this one with an eno doublenest, but its a bit flexy (i'm 270) and just isn't long enough once I get in it:

I ended up going with this for about $120 in parts. but be forewarned you'll need atleast 12 foot room.

u/aidanpryde18 · 2 pointsr/Hammocks

Nah, those Stansports are much too short. You'll have a hard time hanging your hammock because you will be forced into a narrow range of tree widths and sizes that will allow you a comfortable hang.

If you want something that you can get on Amazon, I would look at the Atlas Straps

Honestly though, if you want a good suspension that is easy to hang and gives you a lot of hanging options, I would go with a Cinch Bucle suspension. The Cinch buckles with 8" loops and tree straps are $22 plus shipping. You simply thread the loops through the end of the hammock. This is what I use after having a couple of different suspensions.

As for bug nets, none of them are really cheap. Most will be at least $50. They are worth it though. My first hammock was a Grand Trunk skeeter beater and while the top netting was nice, I was still getting bitten through the hammock underneath me. I ended up going with a Full mosquito net with a bottom opening that cinched with shock cord. It cost $65 though.

u/ASOT550 · 2 pointsr/ElectricForest

So as someone who has never owned a hammock, and isn't really sure if he needs one, should I get this? Seems like a good deal, and with these straps it only comes out to like $50. Should I make the impulse buy? I'm also going to a few other camping festivals, (Counterpoint and Tomorrowland, possibly Tomorrowworld) does it make the festival experience much better?

u/Tudwell · 2 pointsr/hammockcamping

I agree, but no worries. I was borrowing my buddies "Ultimate Hammocks" straps. They taper from 1" huggers to .5" webbing loops to save weight.

Ultimate Hammocks Straps with Nano Weave Technology Tree Straps Ultralight 800 Tensile

u/ho_merjpimpson · 2 pointsr/Hammocks

i mean, this dude is looking for a temporary solution for a few months, and you're trying to direct him towards expensive lightweight stuff for camping, when a $15 amazon hammock and straps would work fine. /u/LimitedWard ... if you arent looking for a permanant setup, look at one of these

i have one and its held up to some stupid levels of abuse from drunk friends, sugar high children, and some heavyweights.

as for your anchors etc, i havent got a clue. personally id probably go for a stand since you are in an apartment and probably cant make major modifications required for hanging a hammock.

the stand is going to be the pricey part tho... i got mine on sale for like $50, but i had the option to wait... im sure you are trying to do this asap.

and id personally get the 15' to give the straps some room to absorb the vibrations.

and i get it, i started with saying go cheap and now im saying go expensive... but if you go the wall anchor route, be very careful. hammocks exert a LOT of lateral force. walls werent meant to hold laterally, and if you have plaster walls, with crappy old studs... well... use caution for sure.

you can also make a stand quite cheaply if price is a concern.

u/Orgizm · 2 pointsr/bonnaroo

Here's what I've brought to multiple festivals. Couldn't recommend more. You can adjust the hooks to make it more or less taut which can help keep your back from getting sore if you're not trying to sleep in a U shape.

u/discoafroman · 2 pointsr/bonnaroo

Somebody recommended this stand alone hammock. These will comfortably fit under an EZ Up. I've seen two of these under one, they work well!

u/geezer_ · 2 pointsr/minimalism

Hammock and Hammock Stand

Bed Frame and Mattress

Table and I stole a folding chair from my Uni to go along with the table.

u/Oreganoian · 2 pointsr/Hammocks

It's 9 feet but with the hooks all the way down my camping hammocks don't have any issues. They're 10.5 to 12 feet long.

I sleep in the cloth hammock it comes with. It will stretch a good amount the first few hangs.

u/Mostcrucial · 2 pointsr/homegym
u/publicfrog · 2 pointsr/ChronicPain

I bought a hammock so I could have a place besides my bed where I could lounge in pain. They actually support my back much better than I expected, I've accidentally fallen asleep in it because of how comfortable it is. The hammocks without spreader bars aren't the unbalanced tippy things that most people are used to.

What are your health problems? The only thing you mention needing to worry about is your bed. Food/snacking is an issue I always have, it's hard to keep and prepare the diet I require with my issues.

This is the hammock I bought because it comes with a stand.

u/sanseriph74 · 2 pointsr/Hammocks

Amazon has one for $46 that can collapse into a small portable tote, but Ive never used it, so I can't be sure it isn't crap.

I've seen a number of people hang using two crossed poles and a tie down, always looks like its about to fall, but it seems to work. This is a commercial version of that if you can get a stake in the ground where you are fishing.

u/cassaundraloren · 2 pointsr/bonnaroo

This Boy!! I have used it for all of my Roo's with my double eno! Super cheap ($56) and works great. Fits under easy-up

u/markiacino · 2 pointsr/FireflyFestival
u/RyanMcDanDan · 2 pointsr/GearTrade

Yeah, it seems steep but I am just going off of the receipts I have from my purchases.



Hammock - 135

Hammock Rainfly - 140

Snake skin - 20

2QZQ - Mod 4 - 92

Atlas straps - 30

Carabiners - 14 (you need 2)

Omega Ring - 20 (you need 4 of them)

Dry compression - 45


None of this includes shipping or taxes. That being said, it's a great setup and I am not disappointed with how it performs. If you pick up an under quilt then this setup is unstoppable.


EDIT 2: The hammock includes the price for the original rainfly, I still have that and don't want it.

u/Sphingomyelinase · 2 pointsr/DIY

I use this while hiking and combined with a sleeping bag, it's pretty comfortable.

Newdora Camping Hammocks Garden Hammock Ultralight Portable Nylon Parachute Multifunctional Lightweight Hammocks with 2 x Hanging Straps for Backpacking, Travel, Beach, Yard

u/jmess301 · 2 pointsr/Hammocks

I've been sleeping full time in a Yukon Outfitters Double Parachute Hammock since February 2014. It worked out alright. Though sometimes I'd wake up in the middle of the night and want to stretch out, so I'd move to the floor.

A couple weeks ago I decided to look into getting a more comfortable hammock. I did some googling and opted to go with this hand-made cotton Yukatan hammock. I am very glad I did. It's a little larger and much more comfortable. The cotton conforms to my body. I can get flat enough to sleep on my side, which is amazing btw. Highly recommend a cotton hammock for a permanent indoor setup. The difference in comfort is significant.

I also like to zip myself up in a sleeping bag to keep warm. I use a small neck roll pillow for my head, and a regular size pillow under my knees. It's quite comfy. I fall asleep very quickly and stay asleep all night.

u/noeatnosleep · 2 pointsr/Hammocks
u/kinetogen · 2 pointsr/Hammocks

Yes. (You will end up wet from Dew-fall, and they protect you from bird shit.) Bare minimum, I'd take something like this with. They can sometimes be found for $20 on WOOT, just gotta keep an eye out. I own one. Decent tarp for $20, probably wouldn't pay $40 though, because you can buy a Hennessy Hammock - Hex Rainfly for $62 and it's a great tarp. A bit on the heavier side, but if you're not doing the whole hiking thing and just car camping, it's sturdy and very big.

u/OldPete · 2 pointsr/Hammocks

Hi, future hammock owner. This subreddit is traditionally more geared toward hammock camping, but the nylon hammocks that we're using to camp are definitely not the most comfortable ones available. For your backyard, you're going to want a south american style cotton hammock. I just recently got this:
and it's ridiculously comfortable.

One thing the campers might have to offer for you is the rigging setup. A lot of us are moving away from nylon rope/ straps toward things like this:
...which doesn't stretch.

Of course, you're not sleeping in it, so you could always just tighten your suspension system when you start to sag. Happy hanging.

u/fogdogS1 · 2 pointsr/ElectricForest

VERY minimal trees in GA, but if you’ve got your heart set on hammocking at your camp, check this out! I’m in maplewoods so I don’t need it for forest but I’m considering getting it anyway for my yard.

u/Schrod1ngers_Cat · 2 pointsr/tulsa

Keep an eye out for hammock gear on Woot, they run some incredible bundle deals. I got a Yukon Outfitters hammock, bug net and rain fly for $30.

Get these hammock straps. I've been using them for several years; they are lightweight yet extremely durable. Totally worth $20.

I recommend these carabiners (comes in many different colors).

u/i1i1i1i1i1i11i1i1i1 · 2 pointsr/Hammocks

I just got this stand in today, and it's incredible. I don't have any trees either but this works great for indoor/outdoor use

I would definitely recommend it.

u/tward1220 · 2 pointsr/Hammocks

I have been using this one for the last 2 years. It is a little on the short side but it works fine with the hammock I sleep in every night.

u/bmoredrew · 2 pointsr/homegym

Looking close these are near identical... at that price its worth the try. Just ordered these ones

u/godofallcows · 2 pointsr/powerwashingporn

It's $50 now but the order I looked up said it was a little under 40 when we bought it, might have been a random sale or coupon code but this is the exact model we purchased in 2015.

The straps we bought

The carabiners we got aren't on amazon but it was "Black Diamond Positron Screwgate Carabiner." Just make sure it's enough to hold the weight you plan on putting and it'll be good.

I also bought a wall mount kit and we would randomly hang it in the office for a cozy reading or nap spot. A couple of lag screws and hooks and it was ready.

u/98785258 · 2 pointsr/ElectricForest
u/theycallmeVamp · 2 pointsr/hammockcamping

I use this stand. A little tricky to get your angle right with but once it's dialed in it works great. For bottom insulation I just have a giant quilt that I wrap underneath me when I crawl into bed.

u/_infal · 2 pointsr/WildernessBackpacking

I really like the Hang Tight Straps or Atlas Straps for hanging my hammock. If you're a hiker there are lighter options but I find the straps with loops are very quick and easy.

If you're going to hammock camp often, check out Dutchware for little pieces of hardware that can make set up and take down easier. eg I have some 1.75mm dyneema for a tarp ridgeline, soft shackles to attach the tarp to the ridgeline, hookworms for the tarp pegs etc. Just small QOL things to look at once you get a feel for how you want to hammock camp.

u/DoctorGorbatrov · 2 pointsr/Hammocks

Can you put holes in your walls?
Do you have wooden studs?

If it is for a bed inside I would suggest a cotton hammock, without stretcher bars, I have found machine washing them to be very effective as log as your washing machine doesn't have the vertical agitator in it.

This is what I sleep in and I love it for inside:

Next all you need is to mount something to hang from on your walls (probably cheapest way to use a hammock indoors) and some strapping rated for at least 400 lbs to make up whatever length your hammock hammock needs to run from wall to wall.

I'll be here to respond to any further questions you may have :)

u/zynthalay · 2 pointsr/Hammocks

I sleep on this stand and have for three months, it works great. My off-brand hammock stretched a bit, I moved the hooks to the next set of holes, no problem.

u/dubsdcarson · 2 pointsr/CFBOffTopic

I've got these:

They're pretty long so, I haven't had much trouble setting up anywhere.

I also always carry most of my backpacking gear in my car with me so, I usually have some paracord if I want to do things the old fashioned way

u/ZapZip · 2 pointsr/BurningMan

My husband and I have taken two of these the last couple of years. They are fantastic and super comfortable.

u/JBSclater · 2 pointsr/FireflyFestival

I've done this for the last two years. I bought this stand and it works great with my Eno.

u/moxiousmissy · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

This will enable to me to commit the sin of Sloth during the spring - fall months in my backyard. I have a hammock, just nowhere to hang it (my trees are too far apart).

Thanks for the fun contest!

u/ididdrugsonce · 1 pointr/Hammocks

Sunnydaze Universal Multi-Use Heavy-Duty Steel Hammock Stand, 2 Person, Fits Hammocks 9 to 14 Feet Long, 440 Pound Capacity

u/Dreamliss · 1 pointr/Hammocks

I'll probably go with the Eno doublenest, I've heard good things around.

As one of the least handy people around, I'm not really considering DIY stands, but I'm confused about what features I need to look for in one I'm buying. I saw some with what looked like just a plain pole for the end, and others with a U / horseshoe shape at the end. And if a hammock says it's '9 feet'and a stand says it has a 'footprint of 10 feet' are they compatible? (Does that mean it's actually 10 feet or does it extend more in the air?)

Space isn't a huge issue, although it would be nice if it was smaller. Hopefully not more than a hundred...

Anyway, thanks for your help so far!

Edit: I was looking at this stand, would it work with the Eno double nest, and what additional things would I need to actually hang the hammock? (Just the suspension kit you suggested?)

Vivere UHS9 Universal Space-Saving Steel Hammock Stand, 9-Feet, Charcoal

u/dagmar31 · 1 pointr/Hammocks

I'm going to pick a couple of these up soon

They come with a carrying case but I can't seem to find how much they weigh. They have a space saving design that moves your attachment point down the outside of the stand, you can look for their kit with included hammock for a picture of the setup

u/behemebash · 1 pointr/Hammocks

I would just look into purchasing a hammock stand if you don't want to drill into your walls. I have this one, myself:

If you just search "Hammock Stand" on Amazon, you should be able to find one the right size to fit yours.

u/CedarWolf · 1 pointr/pics
u/Hibidi-Shibidi · 1 pointr/Hammocks

This is when frugality is still tough to beat with economies of scale. I bought these not too long ago for like $22.

With carabiners being with them, already sewn, and not wasting material after buying the material, it's kind of hard to beat the price.

u/Jharrigan07 · 1 pointr/houston

The tree comes with a huge root ball/dirt but I don't know if I would trust it with a hammock for a long time. I think you'd be better off with a steel hammock stand under the tree. I had one like this years ago:

Better than risking $1000 in crooked trees.

u/deotheophilus · 1 pointr/hammockcamping

I used this for 6 months as my bed, I've built stands before and they work well enough but this one is nice and sturdy (Zupapa 550LBS Capacity Universal Multi-Use Steel Hammock Stand, 2 Person, Fits Hammocks 9 to 14 Feet Long, Adjustable Heavy Duty Hammock Frame , there is a stand that Walmart sells that is $50 and folds out, it works pretty well but if you're over 200 lb it may not last, mine lasted around 2 months of daily use and then just bent in half when I got in it one day. The Amazon one is great, heavy duty enough for two people and packs down into a small bag.

u/vinogradov · 1 pointr/FulfillmentByAmazon

I caught a flight from Pensacola Florida to Hong Kong for $700 on United about 1-2 months before the Canton Fair (April is the busy one). My airport is small so prices were even lower at ATL or bigger ones. The thing your going to figure out is that suppliers have amazing capabilities and that you can get really creative! Amazon sellers are seriously not creative, you see the same items across 50 listings "branded" their own. This is what I did with my first order of a light fixture:

  • Multiple sellers have "same product"

  • I ordered a UL listed version (costs $3 extra from supplier)

  • I ordered 47 inch (120cm) length vs the 39 inch that everybody else sells ($3-4 extra from supplier + bigger shipping box)

  • I customized the middle of this said item to be a white color vs silver that everybody else has.

  • I went with a factory that offers 3 year warranty vs 1 year

  • My listing states a "3 year MYBRANDNAME Only Warranty"

  • I sell the product for $40 more than the competition all for $10-12 more spent per item.

    Guess how many people will be able to list on amazon listing without making a completely customized order? Not many. Returns for having an inferior order alone will kill their account.

    Watch out for thirsty suppliers, there is some "yes men/women" out there. Like "do you have one of these 100 designs?" "yep all of them" . GTFO, I'm not going to risk you eyeballing it from my photos. Tons of mistakes on quotations also sets off a bad vibe too.

    Lets take a shitty hammock , it sells for $13-15 on amazon and , they just give enough away to keep reviews high and use a different image. Same with a ton of products. It costs $5-7 to make, you could change coloring, get different packaging and offer a variation with a hammock stand as an "upsell" all as part of your customization.

    Anyways, as for canton fair, it's a great place to get ideas, meet people from other countries , and see products that are hitting the market. Instant hot water tap is a trend in Europe that I haven't seen really hit the USA, something to research. After talking with some suppliers, I know that I can get my own unique lighting design for an order as low as 500pcs - thats not bad to be the only one on the market. Small customizations can be done with much smaller orders.
u/shaggyhair · 1 pointr/bonnaroo

We have this at our house. We brought it a couple years ago. Breaks down pretty well and fit into the trunk of a Mazda3 easily. My advice would be to not buy a "compact" hammock stand just because it seems easier. We originally bought one that folds up into one piece. Sort of like one of those shitty camping chairs but a hammock. That thing was terrible and the fabric didn't breathe at all. Top 5 worst Bonnaroo purchases.

u/thezoou · 1 pointr/bonnaroo

Everyone in my group invested in one of these this year. They work perfectly for camping hammocks up to 10' long.

u/Imanogre · 1 pointr/camping

How about a frame that easily comes apart?

You can use it at tailgates, camping, or the living room.

u/Suspendedskinnykid · 1 pointr/camping

hammocks are actually amazing for your back! if you want to learn more I highly suggest going to /r/hammocks. Very friendly and active subreddit. If I were to suggest a cheap, easy, foolproof set up. i'd do this. Hammock, Straps, people may say go with the kammok roo python straps, but some parks are super choosy on what can be hung on their trees. And heres a tarp that regularly gets down to $20 on

u/formido · 1 pointr/bodyweightfitness

These straps have loops every few inches:

You can find them at REI, also--probably other places too.

By hanging this strap over a pull-up bar (secured by a carabiner perhaps), you can thread a rod or bar through different loops to adjust the pull-up difficulty. Kneel beneath the bar, with a short bar (PVC, old ab wheel insert, etc) threaded through the loop at head level or so. Take a chin-up grip on the bar and pull up until your chin touches the bar. The range of motion is only like 6 inches.

The restricted ROM, the chin-up grip, and your toes on the ground beneath you all contribute to assisting the pull.

If you can do this level, move the bar up to the next higher loop. Or switch to regular overhand pull-up grip. You can progress and adjust difficulty by raising the bar and switching grips.

Using this method you can precisely work your way up to doing full pull-ups

u/MortalWombat42 · 1 pointr/Hammocks

I've got the one by "Best Choice" that is a few bucks cheaper but looks to be identical (they even offer the same hammock I got with mine), aside from not having square feet on the bottom of the legs.

I've only used it outdoors a couple of times, but I sleep in it indoors most nights for almost 2 years now and it's never let me down. For outdoors though, I think /u/RecreationalAsshole is on the money with the turtledog stand.

u/UrsaPrime · 1 pointr/books

You definitely should. I highly recommend this one along with the space saving stand. It literally takes about one minute to assemble it and it comes with a carrying case, so I just take it with me and set it up anywhere. After I posted my response to this thread I wondered why I'd never combined hammock and lakeside reading, so right now I'm laying in my hammock on a beach on the shore of Lake Michigan reading Moby Dick, and it's the best feeling ever. Next I'll have to try hammock on a boat.

u/Krieger_FPV · 1 pointr/hammockcamping

I'm using the Hennessy Hex rain fly and I'm really enjoying it so far. The tie leads tuck into the corners for easy setup and takedown.

Hennessy Hammock - Hex Rainfly - Rain Tarp (Bark)

u/Posaquatl · 1 pointr/Hammocks

Saw this hammock on sale today. Any opinion on comparison to the Paradiso. Significant savings if the quality is good. I am leaning to the Byer Ceara stand right now. I can pick that up locally at Academy with a coupon. If there is any issues with it I can return it easily.

u/jleviathon · 1 pointr/ElectricForest
u/kvltsincebirth · 1 pointr/drunk
u/erinn1986 · 1 pointr/Hammocks

I want to get the Eno nomad system

But I'm currently lugging around a 40 pound generic Amazon frame

And I carry a small tent if I need to get out of the rain with that hammock frame. It's not ideal, but it's what I can afford.

u/mexisterman1 · 1 pointr/hammockcamping

I really like these straps, they're my personal favorite- a little more expensive that the ones on woot, but they are so tough and durable for the price

u/itsmyboyfriendsfault · 1 pointr/mysteryland

Just buy a hammock stand, my friend brought one with him to ML and TW the past few years and it's awesome. Here's a link!

u/crick2000 · 1 pointr/Hammocks

Check the Dimensions of Best Choice Stand on Amazon. It is listed as perfect fit for ENO Double nest:

u/dancing-lobsters · 1 pointr/Hammocks

I bought a Best Choice Products 10' Hammock Stand (link is here). It fits my Eno Single hammock (except I really just stick the carabiners on the top of the U-hook instead of getting my hammock straps out and configured. I don't lay low to the ground - Can bring it outside and configure a rain tarp over it if I want to.

u/ShadowBlossom · 1 pointr/Hammocks

I have a pair of these tree straps. I liked my Atlas straps for the simplicity, and these are essentially an improvement on them but lighter. Really like them

u/EvergreenBipolar · 1 pointr/trees

There's a really nice one on Amazon with metal stand. We have two of these in our living room. Only about $60 and a shit load easier than trying to mount into wall studs.

Best Choice Products Double Hammock With Space Saving Steel Stand Includes Portable Carrying Case, Desert Stripe

u/safety3rd · 1 pointr/Hammocks

cutequeen on amazon. best deal ive seen anywhere

u/kablammm · 1 pointr/Hammocks

Best ChoiceProducts Space Saving Steel Hammock Stand 9' Outdoor Patio Portable with Carrying Case

u/AsifDelawalla · 1 pointr/bonnaroo

First year going to any music festival and incredibly excited to be going to roo. My buddy and I got an EZ Up canopy/tent from dicks for like $50 and I bought a [hammock stand](Best ChoiceProducts Space Saving Steel Hammock Stand 9' Outdoor Patio Portable with Carrying Case to use with my ENO for $55. I got an extra one for my buddy from my boss at work.

We're planning on putting up bedsheets/tapestries all around to avoid sweating at sunrise and getting sunburnt af.

EDIT: Also, from the research I've done, if you have a hammock, it should allow air to run above you and underneath you. Most people say it actually gets kinda chilly for them at night in a hammock.

u/paintedsaint · 1 pointr/Hammocks

The only reason I sleep on my stomach is because of my back issues. The hammocks I used in Thailand were so comfy that I almost instantly fell asleep on my back, which I could NEVER do on a mattress.

Definitely leaning more towards the Brazilians. I have a $100 Amazon gift card and the ones I'm liking and have great reviews are from NOVICA - namely this one and this one. This LA SIESTA hammock has great reviews also.

This one has great ratings too, but is a Mayan.

Not sure which to go with. I had $300 set aside for a loft bed (but now I'm leaning towards the hammock), plus that gift card.

u/BigfootTheGood · 1 pointr/GearTrade

Hennessy Hammock - Hex Rainfly - Rain Tarp (Coyote Brown)

Actually, seeing that link I posted, I'm asking $50 for the fly and snake skins.

u/Slyvr89 · 1 pointr/TinyHouses

What kind of hammock do you prefer? Something like this? or this?

u/kellymchale22 · 1 pointr/bonnaroo

This is the same one in a different color, but only 89$ with free prime shipping. Going to buy myself one soon!

u/alwayswithyou · 1 pointr/CampingandHiking

arches will be hard....zion has trees in the campsites....lots of hammocks get hung...gc will too in some areas....get something like this unless you are backpacking...if you are backpacking then note you need advance permits for sites or wilderness areas....but zion east and west rim have trees as will gc..what hikes are you looking at in gc (and north or south rim?)

Portable 10' Hammock Stand W/ Cup Holder Accessory Tray And Carrying Case

u/brokendollparts · 1 pointr/ElectricForest

I recently bought an Eno 2 with stand.

Definitely bring a stand cause tree spots get filled fast.

u/treerabbit · 1 pointr/ElectricForest

I have this one and it's pretty nice-- sturdy but "portable" (not like quick pop-up or lightweight, but it means you can put it in your car to/from EF a lot more easily than some of the other ones)

also the cupholder is pretty clutch

u/J3diJ0nes · 1 pointr/Hammocks

I've been sleeping in my mine full time for almost 2 years now. I love it. Here is the stand I use, I rent too, but even going a little further at this moment I'm staying with friends. My place got flooded and destroyed, luckily I didn't have a soaking wet mattress to toss out post exodus haha

Sunnydaze Universal Multi-Use...

It fit some pretty big hammocks

u/adatema · 1 pointr/vandwellers

I'm in college and renting an apartment, so I use this hammock, stand and all. At my house I used this, but on r/hammocks they have a lot of advice on how to do indoor hangs with basic stuff from the hardware store.

For camping I use this hammock, but only because I got it on sale for like $40 and live in a particularly buggy area. Especially for starting out, I would have gone with a Yukon Outfitters double hammock, which Woot! periodically has on sale for $20-$25, depending whether you want a bug net or a rainfly or neither of those.

edit: links

u/srgrussing · 1 pointr/bonnaroo
u/TheCookiez · 1 pointr/Shambhala

That i'm not sure, I've never camped up towards the trees.. But I assume ( and am 99.5% sure ) that its just field camping and there is a gap between the field and the tree line.


Your best bet is going to be either a) getting a hammock stand ( ) OR setup a hammock in Metta, and just hang out there when you have downtime


There are also hammocks hiding behind the Grove.

u/wherearemydrugs · 1 pointr/aww

I got mine pretty cheap I guess compared to the other guys here:

u/dumbvestor · 1 pointr/Hammocks


Stand(stand can be bought without hammock, probably a link on the page somewhere):


Tools needed:

Stand comes with wingnuts which are ridiculously easy to install by hand (really, no skill is needed), hammock has hooks on the end, use the supports (one on either side) and simply attach one hook to the other and tighten/loosen as needed.

Stand can support up to 450 lb, the supports can support 500 lb each, hammock can support 400 lb.

Please note, I personally cannot sleep all night in a hammock. Possibly the setup is bad or perhaps I just am incapable of sleeping more than 4 hours in one of these... If you test this setup feel free to tell me that the setup is good and I just suck at sleeping in non-bed things.

u/preprandial_joint · 1 pointr/hammockcamping

I think it's hanging on a this.

u/merithynos · 1 pointr/bonnaroo

Being up off the ground helps a lot with the heat, as does not being in an enclosed space. This hammock stand:

was fantastic, setup/takedown in five minutes, and I was able to fit it (via the pass-thru) in my two seat convertible.

I might go with a lighter (less warm) hammock next time.

u/dsblue · 1 pointr/Hammocks

That's good to know. What about something like this: ?

u/billclark · 1 pointr/Hammocks

Just buy that. To bolt it to a wall, you'd spend nearly as much on proper hardware. The stand is still less than the cost to repair your walls in a month.

u/Astramancer_ · 1 pointr/hammockcamping

I have straps for my hammock and loop aliens for my tarp ridge line with prusik knots and carabiners (or just small twigs) for tension on the tarp.

It works pretty well, easy to set up. But some of my carabiners were still pretty sharp where they were formed and caught on my straps until I knocked the edges and points off with some sandpaper.

The straps I linked aren't the ones I have, but they're basically the same things. There's lots of different kinds of "metal bit you can use in place of a knot" like a figure 9 rope tensioner. I'm not saying loop aliens are the best, they're just what I have and they work (and are easy to remember how to use)

u/crmcmas · 1 pointr/hammockcamping

I would go with this. $13.99 with prime, comes with 2 great straps and caribiners, also it's huge and is fun to double nest in it. Bought 2 for lake days.

u/Fuckwastaken · 1 pointr/Hammocks

I recently went full time. Switch from a eno double to this

I love it. I have always been a stomach sleeper with bad back problems and I find that now getting a nice diagonal lay I sleep fantastic on a hammock and no more back pain. I would recommend practicing different sag levels to see what helps get you as flat as possible diagonal lay.

u/dwaynetheguacjohnson · 1 pointr/bonnaroo

We bought this one recently, and even found a way to make it work for bunk bed hammocks, WITH a bug net. Highly reccomend!

u/tossedawayssdfdsfjkl · 1 pointr/washingtondc

I recently bought THIS one from Amazon, so far it's been great. I will admit that at 275 lbs I'm always a bit nervous when I first get in, but it's help up great after about 30 uses.

u/Korberos · 1 pointr/BurningMan

This will be my first time out on the playa and I'm looking for anyone in this thread to tell me if this is a terrible idea before I commit to it:

Instead of a tent, I'll be using a hammock on a fold-out hammock stand and I'll be draping fabric from my car to some stakes in the ground around me to avoid the sun and hopefully the majority of the dust. It'll all be facing west so that in the morning the sun will be on the other side of my car, which will have a windshield reflector on it so as to not allow the sun to shine through the windshield, out the back, and directly into my sleeping area.

u/wayfarer650 · 1 pointr/Hammocks

I have this stand from Amazon and it's been great for $45. It's made up of 5 tube pieces that break down for storage - mine stays under the bed much of the time. I think it's 9 feet tip-to-tip, so you can still get a pretty good hanging angle.

u/Pterodictyl · 1 pointr/bonnaroo

Sadly can't use an Eno style hammock with this stand. That's a nice affordable option, but if you can manage the extra funds this style will be nicer, more sturdy, and more versatile. My oldest one is making it to its 4th Bonnaroo this year, and I recently bought two more to keep in camp for friends to nap in.