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u/Zak · 32 pointsr/VEDC

Greetings from /r/flashlight. I maintain an arbitrary list of popular lights that may be of interest.

You'll probably want something using the 18650 battery and onboard charging like the Thrunite Neutron 2C. I'd recommend the neutral white version of it.

Do not charge Li-ion batteries in freezing temperatures. You can use them, and there are even some 18650 cells designed to have better performance in the cold, but it is dangerous to attempt charging without first warming the battery above freezing.

u/Sanstar70 · 24 pointsr/flashlight


Looks like a pretty cool light. Now I just need to get my comment karma over 100 lol

u/jonfromm · 24 pointsr/flashlight

Heres your first flashlight. Please don’t touch those zoomies with a stick. Welcome to r/flashlight.

u/Virisenox_ · 22 pointsr/flashlight

Those were before my time. I've only been here for about three years.
Here are some new points of interest:

  • Acebeam W10: Uses a laser to create a very small point of light, which is then focused by a lens to make an 250lm 1000m thrower with a diameter of 31.5mm.
  • Acebeam X70: 60,000 lumens. The king of output, as of now.
  • BLF GT: Over 2000m of throw for $260. It has a ramping UI too. The GT70 is similar, but with a much higher output LED.
  • Emisar flashlights: Compact, affordable, FET driven lights with ramping UI.
  • BLF Q8: A quality, affordable SRK style soda can light. Amazon link.
  • BLF/TLF FW3A: 1x18650 triple with an electronic tailswitch. In the works.
  • BLF Lantern: A lantern based around an SRK flashlight. In the works.
u/coherent-rambling · 21 pointsr/flashlight

This is unlikely to be possible. There are basically only two places to buy them, and neither source is likely to arrive within 4 days. Mountain Electronics is located in the US, but it usually takes him a day or two to process an order and then you're waiting for the postal service after that. The manufacturer, Intl-outdoor, is the other source, and shipping is usually a few weeks.

Consider grabbing a Sofirn SP36 with Prime shipping, instead. It's a little larger but has a lot of the same features and capabilities.

u/pulpfree51 · 19 pointsr/EDC
u/xtremepado · 16 pointsr/flashlight

Nitecore TIP CRI- <$30, small enough to comfortably have on a keychain, USB charging, very bright, high quality LED.

> Turbo: 240 Lumens / 30 min
> High: 95 Lumens / 1 hr 30 min
> Mid: 22 Lumens / 6 hr 30 min
> Low: 1 Lumens / 46 hr

Thrunite Neutron 2C v3 ~$50, much more powerful 18650 light with USB charging. The battery tube can be shortened to use 18350 batteries, which would bring the overall length to under 4". Be sure to get the Neutral White version. The following run times are for an 18650 battery, the run times for an 18350 battery will be less than half as long.

> Turbo: 1100 Lumens / 2.2 hrs
> High: 650 Lumens / 2.7 hrs
> Low: 12 Lumens / 130 hrs
> Firefly: 0.5 Lumens / 49 days.

u/haroldthehobo · 14 pointsr/Ultralight

I'm gonna try to break down most of the places you could save weight, as well as give you an idea of dollars per ounce saved for each item so you can figure out the best place to focus your available budget.

  • Your pack is pretty heavy. Something like the Osprey Exos 48 will cost around $180 and weighs ~40 oz. That'll save you ~20.8 oz at about $8.65 per oz.

  • Your bag is also heavy, as you have pointed out. As /u/schmuckmulligan pointed out, a HG Burrow Econ 20 would save you weight for added warmth. I would recommend a wide width, since HG quilts are narrower since they are aimed at hammock sleepers. A $170 wide will save you ~16.9 oz at about $10.06 per oz. You could also consider a HG Burrow Econ 30, which will save you more weight, and will be cheaper.

  • The $215 24 oz Lunar Solo from Six Moon Designs would save you ~23.3 oz at about $9.23 per oz. If you don't have a trekking pole, they also sell lightweight poles to support the shelter.

  • $15 Frogg Toggs will save you ~6 oz at about $2.50 per oz.

  • You can drop the extra shirt and the extra underwear for a free savings of ~7.8 oz. A lot of people will just wear the same shirt and underwear for the duration of their trips.

  • A 14$ ThruNite Ti3 will save you ~2.7 oz at about $5.19 per oz. The NiteCore Thumb is also a good option with similar weight savings. I discussed the differences between the two in this comment in a thread yesterday.

  • You can save ~1.1 oz for free by dropping the Iodine Tablets. The Sawyer is good enough, and won't make your water taste bad.

    All in all, everything here will save you ~78.6 oz or almost 5 lbs. Obviously, don't take anything I or anyone else says as perfect for you. If having extra clothes makes your hike a lot better, then I don't think the weight savings is worth it.

    Hope this helps!
u/Buzzy243 · 14 pointsr/flashlight

I'd really recommend that you consider dropping the AA requirement, OP. You're not going to be able to get "an entry level light that packs an ok punch at a decent price" and feed it AA batteries. The ThruNite T10 is probably as good as it gets for your price range.

But I would give the Atactical A1 some serious consideration, it's a lot more light for the money.

u/Gorillaz_Noodle · 14 pointsr/fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuu

I hope this doesn't get buried, it can really help you. I fucking love my mini flash light. You would be surprised at how much you will use one. You whip it out when you need it, and fucking bam, you can see the world. This is the one I have, I keep it on my person 24/7 and it is very durable. Don't let the small size deter you, it is fucking legit. On a dark night in my back yard, this thing can go out for maybe 60ish yards. I'm not even a delivery person, and it was one of the best investments I've every made. I just keep it on a lanyard that I always have on me. Usually in my pocket.

u/dayziro · 13 pointsr/EDC

I don't want to come off as an internet jerk, but this seems to be more of a teenage survival-fantasy kit than an EDC kit. I would like to offer a couple of friendly take-it or leave-it suggestions.

  • A small lighter (Zippo or disposable Bic) would get far more use than a firesteel in day to day life.
  • For $9 more you could get this great flashlight. Cheap Chinese tactical flashlights are fun. The first thing I carried around was a cheap 2AA chinese light like that one. That has long since broke. So have the next few lights I bought. But I've been carrying this Streamlight for 2 years now (bought back when they were only 24 lumens). The difference in size between a 2AA light and a 3AA light is huge, you don't notice you have it on you until you need it.
  • Leave the caffeine and water purification pills in your bug out bag and replace them with ibuprofen and Tylenol (Acetaminophen). I run into sore joints a lot more than contaminated water.
  • Next, and it really hurts me to say this, but I agree entirely with goretsky: drop the knife. If you have a leatherman you will already have a knife on you. You're in school, getting caught with a knife is a hassle. At least with the leatherman you could feign ignorance.
  • One more thing. You're 16, you have a wallet. Go directly to your bathroom and put about 4 band aids in your wallet. I'm completely serious. People get cuts and scrapes all the time. Offering a band aid always makes you look good.
u/aramid · 13 pointsr/BuyItForLife

Ignore everyone else in this thread saying Maglite. They're decent, but you can do much, much better. Bring your wallet.

If you're looking for unbeatable reliability, the king of the hill is Surefire. I'd suggest their G2X Pro. However, they take sort of weird lithium batteries; if you'd prefer more normal batteries Streamlight has a number of options in their ProTac and TwinTask series. Streamlight is pretty much on a par with Surefire and massively better than Maglite. In any case, make absolutely sure you choose an LED-based model, rather than one with an incandescent bulb.

If you'd like to save some money and still get a flashlight which is massively better than anything you can buy in a hardware store, come by /r/flashlight and fill out a questionnaire to better qualify your needs. There are approximately a billion different flashlights out there, and people who are genuinely passionate about such things, so it's sort of hard to narrow down your options without knowing what you need it for.

If you don't feel like going to such lengths, I'll summarize a couple of options for you.

  1. That Surefire G2X Pro I mentioned above is insanely, stupidly bright and will always work, even after it's been sitting in your shed with batteries installed for ten years. Unfortunately, you must order batteries online, or you'll pay about $15 per set locally.

  2. The Streamlight Protac 2AA is half as bright, takes normal batteries, and is otherwise of similar quality.

  3. The Streamlight Stylus Pro is a further half as bright but smaller. It's still not dim, though; this should rival pretty much any flashlight you've ever used, including massive 6v lanterns and 2-3 D cell hardware store lights. And it's inexpensive; I keep one in each of my cars.

  4. The Fenix E25 is made in China, if that matters to you, but I've generally been quite pleased with Fenix products. It's similar in size to the Streamlight Protac above, but is the first thing I've mentioned from a boutique flashlight manufacturer. It's brighter than the Streamlights and has more brightness levels to choose from. It should be just as indestructible in use as the Surefire and better than the Stylus Pro if not the ProTac. However, Fenix has a bit of a reputation among flashlight nerds for firmware issues (yes, they're microprocessor-controlled), so it's possible their lifetime reliability isn't as good as the others. It should still be about a thousand times more reliable than anything else you've used.

    Like I said, the number of options is just ridiculous. I could have made a list of about a dozen lights and made a compelling argument for each one. If you really want to buy a nice flashlight, you need to ask in /r/flashlight. Clearly explain what you're looking for, and fill out the questionnaire from the sidebar. Or just buy one of the four above; I don't recommend them lightly.
u/Handsome_Zack · 13 pointsr/flashlight

You'll get plenty far with $50! u/PnwStimm has a great suggestion with the Q8 - its about the best bang-for-your-buck light you can get. However, it won't come with the required 4 18650 li-ion cells you need, and that will bump its cost by at least $15-20.

A fairly new light to the scene is the ThruNite TC15, which blasts out an amazing 2300 lumens AND comes with a quality 18650 battery. It isn't an uber-tactical military flashlight, but it has a direct access shortcut to turbo which is something I really enjoy. The UI is very well set up.

If you think he would want to play cop and look the part, you could look into offerings from ArmyTek or Nitecore that look the part (I can help with that if you want to go this route).

So long as you don't laugh at the name, there is another option: my first "real" flashlight was a WOWTAC A1S BSS v2 and it kinda fits the bill - the (removable) strike bezel is absurd, it has a red light filter, and it has an interesting driver that can be controlled from both the e-switch on the side and the tail switch (for normal or "tactical" use). Its served me pretty well, and the 1050 lumens it puts out is absolutely no joke.

EDIT TO ADD: /u/parametrek has an insanely handy website for finding a wide variety of flashlights within specific parameters. Here is a custom search for flashlights/weaponlights under $50 with over 700 lumens (which in my head is pretty farking bright). You may want to dig through these and see if there's anything that catches your eye!

u/mpak87 · 11 pointsr/flashlight

You are basically in for the entire forum to show up and try to talk you out of the zoom lens. They really don't get much in the way of love around here. Most of the lights you'll see recommended (and the A6 in particular, which is a really incredible light) have a balanced mixture of flood and throw. There is a central hot spot that throws a significant distance, surrounded by a spill of light that neatly floods out, it basically encompasses the whole range of zoom. If you need a dedicated thrower, get one of those, or a dedicated flooder, get one of those. A zoomie basically tries to do both, and sucks at everything. Additionally, there really isn't a good way to waterproof one, so they tend to be far less robust than most of the other lights on the market, as well as being far less efficient in the amount of light that they actually put out. The BLF A6 would be a great option, as would a Wowtac A1s, which comes with a battery so it's ready to go. Spending a bit more a Thrunite Neutron 2C is another great choice.

If you absolutely, positively, no buts about it think that all of these nerds who spend an utterly absurd amount of time on the subject of flashlights couldn't possibly be right, and you, come hell or high water, are going to be ordering a zoomie no matter what we tell you, the Wowtac A3s sucks considerably less than the one you have.

u/45321200 · 11 pointsr/EDC

All this is carried comfortably in my 5.11 Apex pants.

u/ortrigger · 11 pointsr/EDC

Mostly people at work. I work IT and regularly have to climb under desks to inspect cabling between a desk and wall. I carry the Streamlight Microstream and it doesn't add much if any bulk or weight in my pocket. As a bonus, it's cheap enough that I don't mind it getting banged up.

u/Everinyourfavor · 11 pointsr/EDC

25 dollars won't get you too far, but each of these is around 25 dollars or less.

Flashlight: Stylus Pro

Pen: Lamy or 701





Shard: Schrade


u/StoneAthleticClub · 10 pointsr/flashlight

I would add to this list the new SP36 with LH351D and Anduril. 90 CRI and 5000 lumens

Sofirn SP36 BLF Anduril Powerful Flashlight, 4 LH351D LED 5000K 90 CRI, USB C Rechargeable, Battery Not Included

u/angryqueso · 9 pointsr/flashlight

For an aesthetically pleasing and small light, I'd recommend the ReyLight Pineapple.

A beautiful brass light that takes either standard AA's or rechargeable 14500's if you want higher output. High CRI out of the Nichia LED, and isn't too big. Most people will recommend that you get an 18650 light (and so would I honestly) but a lot of new people to the flashlight world don't want to have to get a light with special batteries or one that is as large as an 18650 light.

If you want a buy once/cry once option, there is the Zebralight Sc64w which is pretty much the smallest 18650 light on the market, and practically the best. But then you'll need at least 2 batteries and a charger, so factor that cost in.

I hope I could help!

u/chrs_clvngr · 9 pointsr/vandwellers

My wife and I live in a mini-bus. One of the most valuable things to us has been a little flashlight that's powered with AAA's. We both use a Streamlight MicroStream and love them. We always keep them handy--mine stays in my pocket. You could buy some batteries to go with if you'd like.

Here's a link to something very similar to what we use. (Streamlight 66318 MicroStream C4 LED Pen Flashlight

u/arizona-lad · 9 pointsr/HomeImprovement

Buy a UV flashlight:

Go around the house after dark with the lights out and look for the urine stains. If they are there (and I bet they are), you will see them fluoresce. Once you know where they are hiding, you can eliminate them with enzymes:

Note: This does not work instantly. You have to mist the affected areas two or three times a day. Will take several days to break down the odor causing compounds into their base components. But this should work for you.

u/jbates0223 · 9 pointsr/golf

Not op but I go out at night with a uv flashlight and find them. It's stupid easy.

u/Blackbird76 · 8 pointsr/EDC

Cant go wrong with a MicroStreamlight, such a great value for the price.

u/inqbus406 · 8 pointsr/flashlight

It's gonna be more like $70, but I'd go for the Sofirn SP36 Anduril with batteries (and it has USB-C charging). I personally think it's worth the slight increase; it's a really good value.

Here's the link

u/bmengineer · 8 pointsr/flashlight

If you need it that soon, you're probably best ordering off Amazon. I'd suggest the Wowtac A1S, [Wowtac A2S]( sc=1), or the Acebeam H40, unless you want something more expensive.

u/spaceminions · 8 pointsr/flashlight


"Nah, they totally meant I should just post that exactly rather than giving a brief descriptive title about what specific uses or key requirements I have. "

:P :P

Anyway, perhaps you'd like this one, the thrunite 2c then, if it's /got/ to be amazon. It's not really as good, but it does apparently have a kind of similar UI for the middle brightnesses.

u/pimp_skitters · 7 pointsr/flashlight

Never had a great flashlight before, only the dinky little 1AAA ones. This one would be a nice upgrade. Thank you guys for doing this!

u/dcabines · 7 pointsr/onebag

The suggestions here are great and OP has probably picked one, but I wanted to share an alternative for anyone else that may be looking. I really enjoy my $15 Xtar PB2 paired with two 2500mah 18650 batteries. You can get the batteries for just under $4 each. This way you get lots of capacity and you can swap out batteries and it still costs less than the typical powerbank of that capacity. Also some devices use the batteries directly like this flashlight.

u/jaber6 · 7 pointsr/CCW

I carry this now. Perfect size for me and it's bright enough for my needs.

Streamlight 66318 MicroStream C4 LED Pen Light

u/crispyscone · 7 pointsr/EDC

A few things I would probably get.

  • Flash light always comes in handy. I noticed you didn't say anything about one. I streamlight is a great brand with nice seemingly durable lights. You will probably lose it before it shits out on you or breaks. I prefer the stylus pro or the microstream (difference between the two is microstream is shorter. It's penlight size makes it easy to slip in and out of your pocket.

  • Always carry a good pen. Zebra makes decent pens. If you want to stretch your gift card further, you could get the f301 but I really prefer the f701, it's just a nicer pen. There is also the space pen if you ever feel you need to write something in zero gravity. If "tactical pens" are more your thing, you have plenty to choose from

  • saw you were looking at a cheapo fixed blade. If you were to get any "cheapo" fixed blade at all, seriously consider mora. You can read more about mora in this post, but I assure you that you will not find a better fixed blade for the price.

  • You have anything to carry your beverages in? Nalgene bottle or camelbak for water, thermos for hot beverages.

  • Get you a nice rum cake or whiskey fudge
u/PattonMagroin · 7 pointsr/EDC

If you aren't looking for something super fancy or "tacticool" I would suggest either the:

StreamLight MicroStream


StreamLight Stylus Pro

They both run on AAA batteries. I have the Stylus and it is fantastic.

u/recreational_usage · 7 pointsr/EDC
u/Subara · 7 pointsr/EDC

I recommend the Streamlight Stylus Pro. It's durable, thin, economical, and easy to carry around. It puts out really good light for its size and you can activate the light by doing just a push-press, if you prefer, rather than a full click-press.

u/huskergirl-86 · 7 pointsr/weddingplanning

Just one more thing to add:
if you are really worried about the stamp showing in pictures, you could buy an ininked stamp pad and invisible ink, plus a blacklight (if your DJ doesn't have one) for a total of $24.

u/Travels4Work · 7 pointsr/vegaslocals
  1. Regular bug spray outdoors; keep your property free of insects so there's nothing for them to eat. That's a long game and won't be effective until next year.

  2. Immediate answer: Population control. Get a black light and a boot/flyswatter/predator drone/whatever and smash the ones you find outdoors each evening until you can't find them any more. They're usually at the bases of the block walls, rocks and the house stucco after 10pm. You'll be able to easily see them 15 feet away with the black light.

    If they're coming inside, wander around with the black light after the house has been dark for an hour to see if they're on any of your baseboards/walls. They mostly come at night... Mostly.

    Spread out the DE like Gibus mentioned.

    Edit: Just to be clear, regular bug spray doesn't do anything to them since they don't absorb it, so DE and stomp & smash is pretty much it unless you go with some much nastier poisons.
u/Rvirg · 7 pointsr/flashlight

It’s $10 cheaper on amazon.

ThruNite TC15 2300 Lumens Ultra-Bright USB Rechargeable LED Flashlight, CREE XHP 35 LED, Indoor/Outdoor (Camping, Hiking, Security and Emergency Use) NW

u/Hairy_Kiwi_Sac · 7 pointsr/flashlight

Wowtac A1s in neutral white (NW) if you want something good but also portable.

u/bluethelonious · 7 pointsr/flashlight

I would look at the Wowtac A1S as a good budget option, that comes with a rechargeable battery too.

u/BurningPlaydoh · 7 pointsr/flashlight

I hope you find him, this should be all you need unless you're in a super open area. If so, let us know and we can suggest a really long range light.

u/Mrmagroin · 6 pointsr/flashlight

Somehow I’ve managed to still not buy the SP36. Maybe we can be a winner. As always thanks so much for the giveaway!

u/Kwynne4444 · 6 pointsr/flashlight

SP36 this is a great flashlight right at the price point but if you dont like the shape you could also get the Sofirn C8F for under budget which also has a great combination beam on it, and my favorite light for walking my dog

u/Tier_1_Masturbator · 6 pointsr/flashlight

Thrunite Ti-3 is a single AAA light that's 120 lumens and about $15

If you don't mind going slightly bigger, Olight has a single cr123 light that is 900 lumens and about the size of your thumb.

u/EDCandmemes · 6 pointsr/EDC

Flashlight my dude, you won't be able to go back after carrying one.

Going by the rest of the stuff you carry i'd say a small AAA light that you can either attach to your keys or clip inside a pocket.

A couple of recommendations:

To clip on to keys: The Olight i3 EOS. 1xAAA 90 lumens, 45min runtime. Simple twist on/off, one mode, plenty bright for most daily stuff. If you want something multi-mode still good for your keys, the Thrunite Ti3 and Lumintop AAA Tool are honourable mentions too.

To clip to your pocket: The Streamlight Microstream. 1xAAA 45 lumens, 2.5hr runtime. Solid pocket clip and push-button that lends itself to be a really good momentary light but can be clicked on for continuous use. Really solid light, inexpensive, Tried and trusted by a lot of the EDC community. Honourable mention goes to the Streamlight Stylus Pro. Almost the exact same light but longer. 2xAAA, 90 lumens, 6 hour runtime if you don't mind the weight of an extra AAA on you.

u/NerfEveryoneElse · 6 pointsr/flashlight

Thrunite T10 is very good light for the starter.

Thrunite TN4A (4XAA) if you want some 18650 level power.

Manker E03H if you like high CRI and a magnet you can attach to your car/or use it as headlamp while fixing your car with both hands.

And ofc Armytek for ruggedness or Zebralight light for their superb UI.

u/OWSIN · 6 pointsr/flashlight

Thrunite T10 is a pretty safe bet, single AA so decent runtime on lower modes and good size (not too big or small). Maxes out at 252 lumens though, so a little brighter than you're asking on the highest setting. Also comes with a diffuser!

This is the older model, they're promising a new one for this year, but the original ETA was January I believe, so who knows when we'll actually get it.

u/AttemptedWit · 6 pointsr/flashlight

Thrunite T10 NW

Pair it with some Eneloops and you're good to go.

u/CaptRon25 · 6 pointsr/flashlight

The Thrunite Neutron 2C V3 complete kit 50 bucks. Ramping UI

u/boomermax · 6 pointsr/flashlight

You will want a flashlight with an electronic side switch to operate. They do not require much strength to turn on and cycle through modes.

Something like the [Thrunite Neutron] ( would be my suggestion if it fits within your budget. You get the light, a battery and the ability to charge without having to purchase a separate charger.

With that said, you might not want to fumble with usb cables. If you are like my daddy was he got to a point that something like opening the charge port and plugging in the cable became challenging as well.

If that is your case I would suggest looking at this that can function with AA primaries. It can also take the higher powered 14500 that you do have to charge but if your condition progresses to the point that becomes burdensome you can still use the light with regular AA's

u/j000p · 6 pointsr/EDC

Phone: iPhone 5c + cheap Spigen case

Watch: Seiko SKX007 + Super Oyster II Bracelet

Wallet: Radix One

Keychain: Remove Before Flight tag, Sandisk Ultra Fit, Dollar Store Carabiner

Keychain Multitool: Victorinox Classic OR Leatherman Micra

Multitool: Leatherman Skeletool

Flashlight: Streamlight Microstream

Pen: Fisher Space Pen OR Modded Zebra 701

Yoyo: The Sage (for now)

First post, any questions or suggestions please feel free. Thanks guys!

u/korgothwashere · 6 pointsr/EDC
u/macbooklover91 · 6 pointsr/EDC

Sum up the light in a few words:

Name | Battery (type and quantity) | Lumens and mode | battery life (in order of lumens mode) | length | price (rounded up to full dollar)


The simple one mode guy:

u/Banzertank · 6 pointsr/EDC

I finally got my EDC down to a really slim and minimal setup. Nothing that I don't use on a daily basis. Basically a Pocket-dump.

u/Otter91GG · 5 pointsr/flashlight

The brand gets a bit of hate on this sub, but I love my Streamlight Microstream:

About as compact as a AAA can get. The tailswitch is a bit hard to press, but totally manageable. Bonus is that the pocket clip doubles back to work as a hat clip.

u/psychxman · 5 pointsr/EDC

Yes and no, phone flashlights can help find something on the floor or follow a path in a pinch but having a dedicated light last longer, is much brighter, can see farther, and can be used in many more types of situations. A phone light will kill your battery very quickly also.

But, again it’s personal preference, really. I like to be prepared for those unique moments. Friends always ask me for my flashlight and I get to be the hero every once in a while lol.

Check out the stream light microstream


Or the olight s1r or I3T EOS


Bright, tiny, and cheap. You will get hooked if you get one of these.

u/dclutter1 · 5 pointsr/EDC

Microstream The clip on mine is different but I think this is the same light. Love it.

Spyderco Tenacious Easily the highest value knife I've ever had/seen. I cut and pry the shit out of stuff with this knife on a daily basis.

u/edb_ok · 5 pointsr/EDC

I've been carrying the Streamlight 66318 microlight for a few years. It's about the size of a pen in diameter but half the length. It is bright and works well.

Edited link

u/[deleted] · 5 pointsr/pics

31 lumens is pretty bottom of the barrel light for something nearly 40 bucks (closer to 30 for some models). The streamligh pro is much more portable (think pencil) outputs 26 lumens 5 inches long and runs off 2 triple As with only a single LED. It uses aircraft grade aluminium and is ~20 bucks. If you want high end its Preons S2 its quite expensive at 50$ but its rated at 120 lumens, still manages to be smaller than the streamligh pro and have more features. My cellphone's dual LED camera flash outputs more light than your light. Just saying.

u/doomrabbit · 5 pointsr/CCW

I know this is different than OP's criteria, but I love my Streamlight Stylus. The light in your pocket is better than the one on your dresser.

It's pen sized and aways fits in a pocket, can be clipped to pocket edge. 65 lumens is just enough to not blind you from reflections, but more than enough for target ID. Only downsides are you can push the button in your pocket and kill the battery but it's uncommon, and you lose it because it's so damn handy and constantly being used.

u/everythingstakenFUCK · 5 pointsr/MechanicAdvice

Before anything else: Someone else said jack stands - get them. Don't die under a car. I almost did, it's easier to fuck up than you think.

I have the 1.5 ton HF aluminum jack, I wish I had gone for something a little bigger. It doesn't really have the lift height for bigger jobs.

Another thing I don't see mentioned: LIGHTS. I keep two of each of these in my garage:
Plus I have the Braun (HF) flexible work light:
This thing is great, but I have the typical HF complaints about quality especially around its willingness to charge all the time. I put a washer on the battery and that seems to have solved the issue for now.

I wouldn't mess with a pneumatic impact unless you find yourself in a situation where you really need one and can't afford an electric. Your compressor flow rate has a lot more to do with its ability to run air tools than anything else, and unless you really have a shop quality compressor you won't run a pneumatic impact very long.

I'd wait until you really need an impact and if you find you do, I'd suggest this one:

Now it's not the best electric impact you can get - the Milwaukee and Makita versions are both marginally better - but it's available at every big box store, and when you factor in the cost of batteries it's WAY cheaper.

For hand tools, I'd go 100% harbor freight (pittsburgh). Most things can be done with 3/8" and a lot of extensions, but having 1/2" is really helpful. If you use it enough to break it, upgrade then. I use 1/4" for lots of things but it's a luxury for the most part. Get metric deep and standard depth sockets. I also consider ratcheting box wrenches nearly a necessity. Again, the pittsburgh set is a great deal for what you get. Get all the lengths of extensions you can.

If you find you want (or need) nicer hand tools, my next step up is generally gearwrench. This set is one of the few things I might consider a splurge on out of the gate:

You need a torque wrench. Someone else suggested the tekton 1/2" drive and I 100% concur if you had to pick one to start with. Make sure you learn how to use it and how to properly store it. A deep lug socket (19mm or 21mm usually) is your friend, figure out what size your lug nuts are.

I can't live without a couple pairs of vice grips. They're by far my favorite tool for grabbing spring-loaded hose clamps.

You need at least one dead blow hammer. They're cheap as hell at harbor freight (noticing a theme?)

Magnet trays are usually free at harbor freight with a coupon and purchase. Get a nice stack of them, they're priceless.

Other Odds and ends that I use a bunch:

  • I keep a 10mm T-handle which makes my life easier disassembling little crap under the hood

  • The $20 set of t-handle hex wrenches from harbor freight gets used more than just about anything in my garage

  • telescoping magnet

  • telescoping inspection mirror

  • Oil filter socket that fits the things you will work on. Will save your hands and knuckles.

  • 9 mil (black) harbor freight rubber gloves

  • you'll probably eventually need an O2 sensor socket. Get the crowfoot kind

  • 5/16" nut driver gets an absolute workout on screw-type hose clamps.

  • With the age of things you're working on, you're probably gonna need a mapp gas torch too

  • pumice soap, like fast orange or something of the sort

  • I get a lot more use out of my punch set than I expected, but not a must have

    Finally, abuse - there is often a coupon for whatever the hell it is you're gonna buy at harbor freight. If not, use the 20%.

    I'm sure I'll think of a bunch more stuff later on

    Edit: I told you I'd forget some stuff.

    Prybars are a must have

    A pick set is nearly a must-have

    One of my favorite things I've done is get a big bulk food scoop from GFS and put it in a 5-gallon bucket of oil dry. You end up needing it a lot.
u/ChrisM0678 · 5 pointsr/drones

If its a Phantom go out at night with a flashlight AND a blacklight and it will glow in the trees when pointing the blacklight. Something like this would work:

u/John2k4 · 5 pointsr/whatsthisbug

I'm a bit late, but here are some (pretty fuzzy) pictures I got from hunting them a while back with one of those UV Flashlights. They glow a bright greenish color!

On the wall

Three in a container

I'm in north west Phoenix and I don't see them too often in the house, but look around on the walls of your residence at night with a UV light/blacklight - I'm sure you'll find at least one or two of them just hanging out. You can find good flashlights for under 15$ on Amazon

You can find some of those rubber-coated tongs (or ice cube tongs) at the dollar store if you want something to safely relocate them elsewhere.

u/MA202 · 5 pointsr/discgolf

I got this Escolite for $13 and it's insanely bright. Haven't actually taken it out for a glow round yet, but I have used it for plenty of other glow-in-the-dark applications and it really makes discs shine.

u/johnwayne2413 · 5 pointsr/GalaxyNote8

I plan to DIY my own Whitestone Dome glass protector. I'm waiting until I can find a TGSP that:

  • Doesn't have the black strips on the top and bottom
  • Does have the full sensor/camera/speaker area cut out...less likely to get glue on it
  • Doesn't have glass extending all the way to the edge of the screen
  • Doesn't have the ugly dot matrix "sensitivity pixel grid" pattern bullshit
  • I plan to simply peel off the thin strip of adhesive on the edge

    This is the glue I'm going to use, it should be enough for 5 tgsp installs:

    This is the IR curing light I'm going to use:

    I'm going to end up doing this for 4 devices, 2 x GS8 and 2x GN8. Total cost ~$40 or $10 each.
u/cd_longshanks · 5 pointsr/EDC

I know you requested AAA, but my RovyVon has been a stellar EDC.

u/burnerzero · 5 pointsr/flashlight

If $50 is a hard line, Sofirn SP33 is 2500 lumens and more than most uses require. It comes with a 26650 and charger for $41.

As others have stated, Sofirn SP36 BLF edition with Anduril is probably the best option in that range. You can get the light with stock Sofirn branded batteries for $70 or get it without for $50.

If you want slightly better than the stock Sofirn batteries, you can get 3 of the popular and budget friendly high drain 18650's like the Samsung 30q for $16.50 + shipping.

u/Ratus_ · 5 pointsr/flashlight

That's a very crunchy light.

Do not get that light.

Definitely not worth $3, let alone almost $10.


Get either one of these much better lights:

  • Wowtac a1s
  • Sofirn SP31


    >but this first purchase is out of need for finding ping pong balls

    That's one I hadn't heard before.

    I'd suggest you do another post about what you need the light for, you will get a lot of good responses.
u/7YP160214 · 5 pointsr/flashlight

Do you have any more info on what you'll be doing with it exactly? Is this a "take the dog out" kind of light?

The Wowtac A1S or A2S are both good, bright lights. The A2S is a headlamp, but you can take it out of the headband and use it normally, and a headlamp can come in handy sometimes. They both come with a removable battery that has built-in microUSB charging. The "neutral white" version of either light is recommended for more pleasant light.

u/Souichirou · 5 pointsr/flashlight

WELL THEN ! since you want something to start I always recommend either the Sofirn SP31 or the Wowtac A1S both on amazon for around $30 or less and come with an 18650 and charging solution with a turbo of 1000+ lumens. Since this is your first light you probably don't have cells or a dedicated charger unless you are a vaper.

IF you really want to drop closer to the set budget pick up an Emisar D4v2 tiny as all hell and dumps 4k+ lumens solid throw (not thrower levels BUT very impressive) and pick up some cells and a charger.

But again don't rush start small.... you will end up spending more than you want to overtime..... =D

u/byzantinedavid · 5 pointsr/flashlight

If you're looking for a good, bright, budget light, post here using our Recommendation Form. Here is the budget guide I've started compiling:

Under $30 light recommendations

Battery Type|Recommendation|Max Lumens|Price
| | |
Keychain| | |
Button Cell|Streamlight Nano|10 Lumens|$8
Rechargeable|Nitecore Tube|45 Lumens|$10
10180| | |
|Wuben G342|130 Lumens|$17
AAA| | |
|ThruNite T01|125 Lumens|$10
|Lumintop Worm|110 Lumens|$14
|Thrunite Ti3 (Pocket Clip)|130 Lumens|$17
|ThruNite Ti5|130 Lumens|$17
|ThruNite Ti5T (Titanium)|130 Lumens|$26
|BLF 348|240 Lumens (With 14500)|$11
| | |
2 x AAA| | |
| | |
AA| | |
|ThruNite T10|252 Lumens|$24
| | |
2 x AA| | |
| | |
CR123A/RCR123A| | |
| | |
18650| | |
EDC| | |
|BLF A6|1600 Lumens|$27
|Convoy S2+ (No Pocket Clip)|1000 Lumens|$16
Thrower| | |
|Convoy C8|1000 Lumens|$20
| | |
Headlamp| | |
|Petzl Tikka|100 Lumens|$26
|Petzl e+lite(ultra compact)|26 Lumens|$25

u/reptilianmaster · 5 pointsr/flashlight

I am under the impression that Li Ion doesn't enjoy getting very hot or cold so the car might night be the best place for them.

I bought a ThruNite T10 because it is small and I can use NiMH batteries which I believe can handle abuse a bit better (more suitable for a car with unregulated temperature.) Not to mention that they are considerably cheaper if I abuse them too much.

I may be wrong though. If I am, please, let me know.

u/parametrek · 5 pointsr/flashlight

Can I try to convince you to go slightly over budget? Consider the Thrunite T10 for the light. It is $20. And then for the batteries, a 4 pack of eneloops w/ charger is another $18. These batteries will last you pretty much your entire life. They won't have the environmental impact of going through hundreds of alkalines. Alkaline batteries won't be able to effectively power the light on its brightest mode either. And most importantly, consider them as an insurance policy. When an alkaline leaks inside the $20 light, then you need to get another $20 light. But the $18 batteries will never leak, so you come out ahead.

Of course if you forget to charge up the battery some day, pop in an alkaline. But get it out of the light as soon as you get home.

u/qwelm · 5 pointsr/flashlight

That ThruNite Neutron 2C looks like a contender. Thanks for the lead, and thanks for confirming I'll want a warm light.

u/guerrilla154 · 4 pointsr/flashlight

Possibly the Thrunite T10. The neutral white version is currently listed as over $30 on Amazon, but I assume that will go back down to the regular $20 after they get more in stock. It matches your AA high-CRI with a sub-lumen mode, and is fairly deep carry. Only thing is that it's a reverse-clicky... I've had it for a few weeks now, and I don't really mind that too much. It also comes with a nice lantern diffuser, and is cheap enough to buy on a whim. If it isn't a good fit, it's great to store in a vehicle with a lithium primary.

u/OneleggedPeter · 4 pointsr/flashlight

I am one that uses a flashlight a lot. I don't have a dozen different lights in my collection, I have 2. Those two are very similar, but there are a couple of differences.
The Thrunite Neutron 2C V3. I like this light a lot. It's my "use it 10+ times a day" light. It runs off of 1x 18650 cell (battery), 2xCR123, or a couple of other options. It has built in USB charging, it comes with a 18650 cell, it has adjustable brightness (ramping), and goes from .5 lm to 1040 lm. This thing is bright! Or dim, whichever you want. It just feels good.
My only 2 gigs against it: It takes a while to get used to finding the flat side switch in the dark. I no longer have any problem locating it, but when I first got it, it was a bit challenging. Second gig is that the lens is not replaceable. The lens being broken on mine has not affected the operation in the least, but I would like to replace it. Thrunite says that it's glued in and is not replaceable. ~$50 USD

My other light is a Thorfire TK18. It's pretty similar to the Neutron, but it has a tail switch. It does NOT come with a battery. It does not have On-board USB (or any other) charging, which means that you would need to buy cells and at least one charger. It feels ok in my hand, but I prefer the feel of the Neutron.
It is also adjustable brightness, but also has a Low/Med/High/Turbo mode which I prefer on this light. ~$29 + cell & charger.

Avoid those Atomic lights and their clones.

u/Darkdistroi · 4 pointsr/flashlight

Been interested in getting my Reylight Pineapple back after selling it do to some financial trouble

Thanks as always for the giveaways! They're always a lot of fun and seeing someone get an awesome new toy is fantastic

u/thingwrecker · 4 pointsr/EDC

Streamlight Microstream. I've carried one for years. Love it. The clip is nice too because you can clip it to a hat bill.

u/nakedracinginsect · 4 pointsr/EDC

In the first picture I forgot my Eleaf iCare and then in the second picture I forgot my Nixon The Chronicle.

Everything on here was purchased on Amazon except for the iCare and my actual iPhone SE... and my truck. The light and pen were just added to my loadout thanks to /r/EDC!

Phone Case: Ringke SLIM

Light: Streamlight Microstream C4

Knife: Spyderco Byrd Meadowlark2

Pen: Fisher X-Mark Space Pen

Wallet: Radix One Slim

I like neat and clean. Also, thanks to /r/minimalism I tend to be very critical of my belongings in both my pocket and my life. When I deem there is nothing left to take away it causes a nice calming effect.

u/9mm_sock_puppet · 4 pointsr/CCW

I carry this one which I love. Small enough but gets the job done.


u/400HPMustang · 4 pointsr/EDC

Discreet and light weight are also subjective. Do you carry a bag on you every day? or are you wearing cargo pants every day? or does all this have to get stuffed in the pockets of your jeans?

A lot of these things are completely personal choices and as such you might take a step back and evaluate what you have and consider what you find wrong with your current choices.

You might start with an Altoids tin FAK or Altoids tin survival kit

Knives...small, inexpensive, discreet, unassuming. A few come to mind

CRKT Squid

Keshaw Shuffle

Wallet. What's wrong with the one you have now? or do you just want a fancy new one? All my life my leather bi-fold wallets have served me well. Only had two in over 20 years.

Flashlights are good. You can go knock off or Streamlight.

Pens. People recommend Fisher Space Pens such as the one I linked. They're quality pens, durable, stylish and refillable. I personally carry grey Bic disposables because people steal them or I lose them.

Multi-tool...I suggest Leatherman. Again it's subjective based on the tools that you need. Take a look at the Leatherman website. They have a good tool selector based on size and number of tools you want/need. My Skeletool CX has always served me well.

A way to carry keys? What's wrong with how you carry them now? If you're stuffing them in your pocket traditional key rings are still fine. Carrying them of body? on a bag? Then some sort of carabiner works, like the Keybiner or some variation. Don't want something rattling around? The Key-bar is nice if you don't have giant keys.

u/jeanjacques_rousseau · 4 pointsr/medicalschool

I can endorse this one.

Very bright, and very useful for checking wounds for morning rounds on whatever surgical clerkship one might be on.

u/gedden8co · 4 pointsr/CampingGear

I am poor, so these are my budget suggestions.
You can spend less and get a great knife, the Condor knife and tool Rodan. $30.
I bought it and a Condor Kumunga because I could get both for the price of a BK2 or Izula. They are very utilitarian. Not pretty at all.

For that I have a #2 style Mora $15. There are many Mora knifes under $20 and any would be great for you. Stainless or Carbon steel, and Wood or Plastic for the handle.

Buying a compass you don't need anything fancy. Get a Brunton compass for again, less than $10. That exact compass has lived in my everyday backpack in an outside pocket, and shows no damage after 5 years or so.

As far as flashlights, that is a whole new world. I'd do some looking because you have a lot of choices these days.

I'm using a Streamlight Stylus Pro, again $20 and AAA's. And a few smaller streamights, the Nano at $8. My nano flashlight get's paired with my last hope knifes. A CRKT RSK MK5, at $16 and a Spyderco H1 $39 fully serrated ladybug3. Also I use a keychain Swiss Army Knife.

u/Stevenfree · 4 pointsr/funkopop

$10 on Amazon. Best $10 I ever spent for my Gitd pops.

Escolite UV Flashlight Black Light, 51 LED 395 nM Ultraviolet Blacklight Detector for Dog Urine, Pet Stains and Bed Bug

u/revbfc · 4 pointsr/bizarrebuildings

Home inspection brought to you by:
Escolite UV Flashlight Black Light, 51 LED 395 nM Ultraviolet Blacklight Detector for Dog Urine, Pet Stains and Bed Bug

u/CaptainBears · 4 pointsr/flashlight

I’d love a little HELP! Never can have too many hand sun sticks.

u/Carlin225 · 4 pointsr/flashlight

What battery are you using and what are you pointing it at? The materials most likely to actually burn are dark clothing or black paper. Receipt paper that has been blacked out with a marker can ignite in seconds. But that demands a high discharge battery, like a 30Q.

That said, look into the SP36. Same UI as the FW3A so it has the fun blinky modes, 5000+ lumens, high CRI, USB C charging, and affordable. It’s pretty great. Give it these batteries for good performance. You can get batteries with higher discharge, but the heat makes sustained output at those extreme levels impractical. 30Qs will get you melted plastic and scorched pants while still keeping decent capacity.

u/bmg50cal · 4 pointsr/flashlight

Wowtac A1S is great for getting started. I still use it all the time. Its bright, extremely durable and not very expensive.

u/General_Specialist · 4 pointsr/flashlight

Single mode really limits your choices, the vast majority of good lights have multiple modes. There are lights with really simple operation where you can treat it kind of like a single mode light, though.

Check out the Wowtac A1s. It has a button on the tail that switches the light off and on. It also has a silver button on the side that cycles between the five modes. If you never touch the side switch, it'll act just like a single mode light. It doesn't come with a charger, but the battery has a built in micro USB port for charging.

Another simple option is a Sofirn SP31 V2.0. It works the same way with the tail button for on/off and the side button for switching through the five modes. That one comes with a more traditional battery and charger.

u/xCentrino · 3 pointsr/flashlight

A couple days ago I got a email from Thorfire about selling the Q8 at a special for $40 on amazon.

Edit: Found it, here's the body of it.

Edit 2: Still not available yet, so much for quick. EBay may be your best bet for quick.

Dear Customer,

Great News! ! BLF Q8 flashlight will be available on amazon USA soon. If you would like to order more, we have limited quantity promo codes(49% off)and the price would be the same as Group Buy: $40.

And If it is convenient for you, could you please spare a few minutes and help to share an honest review of BLF Q8 light on amazon? Here is the product link.


If any question, please feel free to contact.

Best Regards


u/manithree · 3 pointsr/flashlight

If you're patient, there's the Q8 or some other nice Thorfire lights.

u/NotFromCalifornia · 3 pointsr/flashlight

Pocket friendly

Emisar D4 $40, 1x18650 cell

Emisar D4s $50, 1x26650 cell


Soda Can style

Cheaper: BLF Q8 4x18650 cells - $73, or $60

Higher output: Thrunite TN36 4x18650 cells- Amazon $140


Decent 18650 cells will run you $5-9 each and a 4 cell charger will be around $20, so factor that in as well.

u/atetuna · 3 pointsr/flashlight

I wouldn't go for quite the same size. There's not much point to the length, and the weight makes it unwieldy. The thickness is good though. We have what we call soda can lights because they're about the size of a soda can, and I think you'll like that size.

The BLF Q8 sells for around $50. It's a great light. It costs more on Amazon right now, but occasionally it goes on sale. I'll warn that this light was created to work very well in ways that you can't see without taking it apart, and to avoid other lights that look the same because they took a lot of shortcuts that make them perform horribly that can't be fixed without spending more than it would cost to buy a Q8. There's also a Sofirn version of the Q8 that's legit, but it has a colder tint that I recommend against if you want to see rattlers.

The next light I'd look at is the Emisar D18. It's a little skinnier, and twice as expensive, but twice as bright. The best thing about it is the LED options. I've found that rattlers are easier to see with a light that has a slightly rosy tint, so I'd get warm white 3000K LED's. That one also has great CRI, so things will look more natural. I think the D18 would be a better match for you than the Q8.

You'll need batteries and a charger, and you'll need to be careful where you buy batteries. The type of battery you get is a big deal too. The "30Q" is a solid battery. Mtn Electronics is a safe source, and he lists some other batteries that will work at the bottom of the page. Illumn is also a good source. Note that these are button tops. You can find cheaper batteries elsewhere, but they will probably be flat tops that may not make a solid electrical connection.

These two lights will blow you away. They're also side clickies like the Maglite. Honestly, if you've only used that Maglite, then you'll probably be very happy with this Wowtac A1S that only costs $26, and it comes with a battery that can be charged via usb. Make sure you buy the NW version.

I've mentioned tint a couple of times. Even if you don't buy any of these lights, you should pay attention to the tint. Avoid cold white lights. Those are about 6000K or higher. A neutral tint (4000K to 5000K) should be okay. Warm white is around 3000K or lower, and makes the colors on a rattler pop more.

u/thylacoleo_carnifex · 3 pointsr/flashlight


I like this one

RovyVon Aurora Luminous Body, 550 Lumens Outdoor Mini EDC Rechargeable High Bright Multi-Functional Flashlight, with Reading Light and Red Warning Light, Idea as a Gift

u/dotMJEG · 3 pointsr/flashlight

Get the one with the LH351D emitters, should say "BLF High CRI version"
this one

> Is it worth the extra $10 to get the Narsilm?

No. Not sure why that is the case. Anduril is an updated Narsil, so no reason to not get the Anduril.

u/-SexyGrandpa- · 3 pointsr/flashlight

Depends on what you need it for. [Wowtac A1S] ( or [Sofirn SP31 v2.0] ( for good budget edc lights, $26 and $36 respectively and both come with batteries. Looks like there's a 10% off coupon for the Sofirn on the listing so that's closer to $33. [Skilhunt H03] ( for a good right angle headlamp that you can use as an edc, about $50 for the bundle that comes with a battery. [Sofirn SP40] ( for a more wallet friendly headlamp/edc thing, $31 and comes with a battery. [Sofirn C8T] ( for a super budget friendly throwy light, $23 and comes with a battery. Others mentioned are good, the [SP36] ( would be right around your max if you have batteries laying around. $70 for the bundle that comes with batteries.

u/inzo_barber · 3 pointsr/EDC

Watch: Seiko Men's SNZG13 Seiko 5 Automatic Black Dial Stainless-Steel Bracelet Watch

Leather and Stainless Steel Key Ring Holder

LEATHERMAN - Squirt PS4 Keychain Multitool with Spring-Action Scissors and Aluminum Handles, Black

ThruNite Ti3 EDC Cree XP-G2 R5 AAA Torch Max120 Lumens LED Flashlight, Mini, Cool White

Zebra Pen 29212 Zebra F-402 Ballpoint Stainless Steel Retractable Pen, Fine Point, 0.7mm, Black Ink, 2-Count

Kershaw Cryo G-10 Pocket Knife (1555G10) 2.75" Stonewashed Stainless Steel Blade; G-10/Stainless Steel Handle, SpeedSafe Assisted Open, 4-Position Deep-Carry Pocketclip, Frame Lock, Lock Bar

u/CyberPlatypus · 3 pointsr/EDC

I edc the Thrunite Ti3 (Amazon link: It's ~$20, well made, small, and is ridiculously bright for its size.

I recommend that you ask over on /r/flashlight. They should be able to give you more recommendations.

u/benh509 · 3 pointsr/CampingGear

Great, super light, can hold in hand for better trail illumination or clip on to a hat for hands free.

Awesome headlamp. Super light, lots of levels and a red light and lockable. Get it from with the shock cord band for an even lighter option.

I have both and love both.

u/cthulhubert · 3 pointsr/EDC

I have a FourSevens M2A. 2xAA, but it's almost as slender as a pen light. It's the only two battery light that's been comfortable clipped to the back of my pocket. Heck, I don't even find 1xAA (or 1xCR123) comfortable in the bottom of my pocket. I even like the extra length, since it makes it more substantial, easier to grib and hold. It's not absolutely perfect as is. I had to put in a paper shim to prevent battery rattle, and stretch out the spring to stop the light from bouncing on and off.

As a note, I've heard that the ITP A3 EOS is suspected of being the same light as the Maratac AAA.

But if I wanted to buy a single battery light right now, I'd probably get the ThruNite I've seen others link here.

u/RoloFresh · 3 pointsr/flashlight

I would also choose the Thrunite T10

Thanks for the giveaway!

u/SeismicWhales · 3 pointsr/flashlight

ThruNite T10.

Thanks for doing this.

u/Marcato5 · 3 pointsr/flashlight

I'll go with the Thrunite T10, thanks!

u/BingoThink · 3 pointsr/flashlight

I need more AA lights in my life. Thanks!

u/fishymamba · 3 pointsr/flashlight
u/Hylian-Loach · 3 pointsr/livesound

These used to be $20. Don’t know if they discontinued or have an updated model, but I like mine and maybe you can find one for $20 still

ThruNite T10 compact flashlight series, Max 252 Lumen Single CREE LED;Uses one 1.5V AA battery;tail switch and twisting head for single-hand operation;3-mode;Powerful AA Flashlight! (T10 XP-L NW)

u/graeber715 · 3 pointsr/flashlight

Here is my submission. Thanks!

Olight S1A Mini EDC Best AA Flashlight 600 Lumens Cree XM-L2 LED PMMA TIR Lens Powered by 1x1.5V Lithium AA Battery Compact LED Flashlight for Every Day Carry,Black( Cool White)

u/Delta_V09 · 3 pointsr/flashlight

Thanks for doing this. Here's my pick:

OLight S1A

u/GetHimTheHellOut · 3 pointsr/flashlight

ThruNite Neutron 2C V3 Micro-USB Chargeable LED Flashlight CREE XP-L V6 LED Max 1100 lumens with Firefly, Turbo, Strobe and Self-define Modes Battery Included (Neutron 2C V3 Cool White)

Thanks for doing these giveaways. I have been a lurker until just recently and this is my first entry!

u/Consolol · 3 pointsr/flashlight
u/dbmeed · 3 pointsr/flashlight

I initially thought I would go for the Olight S2R Baton, but after a bit more research, I’d have to say I’m leaning towards the Thrunite Neutron 2C V3 NW. Thanks!

u/Kulumatic · 3 pointsr/flashlight

Thanks for doing this.

u/Redshift_zero · 3 pointsr/flashlight
u/EarlyForest · 3 pointsr/flashlight

ThruNite Neutron 2C V3 rechargeable LED micro-USB flashlight, 1100 lumen with CREE XP-L LED, turbo, strobe light and self-defined modes - Neutral White

After being aware of flashlight enthusiasts and owning a few for the last several years, I developed a wish list for a new light. When I asked about it, it turned out that Thrunite was now making a light that covered literally all of my wants. This is that light. There’s a ton to choose from but in my opinion a single great first light is this guy.

u/Squanchyiscoming · 3 pointsr/flashlight

You’re awesome for doing these giveaways. I’d appreciate anything brass or anything throwy.

This brass pineapple would be awesome!

ReyLight Pineapple brass mini LED Flashlight with Nichia 219C 4000K High CRI LED

u/kevinmartingreen · 3 pointsr/flashlight
u/Johnsonbrook · 3 pointsr/flashlight
u/basicwizardry · 3 pointsr/flashlight

Always wanted one of these, thanks for doing another giveaway!

u/Frenetic_Joker · 3 pointsr/flashlight

Reylight Pineapple V3 for 54$ on amazon, yeah it's a AA light and pretty heavy as it's brass but for it's size it far outperforms any AAA light that I'm aware of and a lot of AA lights too. If brightness is your main concern this would be my choice.


Edit: If you grab a 14500 cell too it doubles the already impressive output, I currently use Eneloops in mine and even then this is an excellent light in a fairly compact size.

The Folomov EDC C1 is also a great choice from what I hear and cheaper, they had some QC issues before but they've apparently resolved them, I have one coming

u/snakesoup88 · 3 pointsr/flashlight

Wow tech a15 bss please and thank you

u/gun-nut · 3 pointsr/homestead

I really like my streamlight stylus pro. I've used and carried out every day for almost two years and I've changed the batteries twice. but it looks like it would be too long for your pouch. The Streamlight MicroStream might fit. It's the same as the one use but it has one AA battery instead of two.

u/aravena · 3 pointsr/EDC

Top to Bottom, Left to Right...

u/NotNowNotNeva · 3 pointsr/flashlight

Check out this one. This might be just what you're looking for.

u/GlockR15 · 3 pointsr/EDC

From L-R, T-B


u/TheStuffle · 3 pointsr/flashlight

Streamlight Microstream

OLight i3S EOS (twisty, but it's super easy to use one handed)

u/kerrcobra · 3 pointsr/EDC
u/jdcmjb · 3 pointsr/flashlight

This is my edc light, small and convenient. $16 on Amazon.

Streamlight MicroStream Ultra-compact Aluminum body with AAA Alkaline Battery, 3.5 Inch - 1.04 oz (Black)

u/Chainmail_Danno · 3 pointsr/santashelpers

You have to help us out with some details here. What do you like to do?

When you start carrying a keychain, having a small multitool can come in handy. I've also wanted to add a little flashlight to my lanyard.

u/theraggedandthebones · 3 pointsr/EDC

I've been carrying a Streamlight Microstream and love it. Fits in my pocket, sturdy, and extremely bright considering it runs on a single AAA. It's one of the only affordable lights I've seen at this size that has a tailcap instead of a twist too:

u/Cheifjeans · 3 pointsr/EDC

That looks like an off brand of this one that I have. Streamlight 66318 MicroStream C4 LED Pen Light

u/Snoogliebear · 3 pointsr/Diesel

The leatherman squirt is my vote:
Leatherman 831195 Squirt PS4 Black Keychain Tool with Plier

Or a flashlight like this: Streamlight 66318 MicroStream C4 LED Pen Flashlight

u/vehementvelociraptor · 3 pointsr/EDC

I have both the Streamlight stylus pro and the Streamlight Protac 2xAA. Both are solid.

The protac has three modes, high -> strobe -> low. Pretty useful, but it takes some getting used to to actually select the one you want. The button on the stylus is very stiff at first, as well.

u/SofaKing_Dope · 3 pointsr/EDC

I`m sure you'll get a lot of great responses with suggestions but I was in the same position recently and I found the streamlight stylus pro fit what I was looking for. It has a metal body so it's really durable, 48 lumens (brightest I could find), and produces a really good stream of bight light. It was also about 20 bucks. It works really well for me and idk why it wouldnt for you but at least give it a look. Below is a amazon link. Im posting from my mobile so sorry for any formating errors.

u/grumpy_lump · 3 pointsr/ems

I have my own stethescope; I'm not a fan of other peoples junk in my ears. It's easy to go down the path of having all the gadgets, but honestly, most of the stuff you'll cary will be ambulance/company stock. Things like pens, penlights, trauma sheers, extra gloves.

I always have a small folding blade on me (I'm in NH so no clue whats legal there). As far as essential supplies I keep on hand all the time, a bottle of 5 hour energy for that 3AM transfer, a pack of gum and a zippo. Multitools are pretty standard fair, as well as a beefier penlight. I like mine cause It beats the giant maglights we keep on the truck and it's useful for probing into pockets (You told me there weren't any needles on you, and yet what's this in your breast pocket?)

Remember it's less of what you have and more of how it is presented. Dont be this guy

u/phobos2deimos · 3 pointsr/techtheatre

I'm a sound guy, I can help:
-Six pack of plain black tee shirts
-Pack of black hair ties for his pony tail
-Gift card to Old Navy (so he can restock on cargo shorts)
-Nice beard trimmer for his goatee
All kidding aside, a simple but often appreciated gift would be something like a nice small flashlight. You can never have too many. I like this one.

u/my_man_krishna · 3 pointsr/EDC

Your pricing figures are a bit off.

20-30 will get you one of several different models of Streamlight, Terralux, or Inova flashlights. All of these significantly outperform the Maglite and come from reputable manufacturers with lifetime warranties. Inova and particularly Streamlight flashlights are popular with service personnel due to their reputation for tolerating rough treatment.

I wouldn't pay significantly more for flashlight nowadays. In the last few years, technology has progressed to the point where even the low-end lights can reliably do the job for the vast majority of applications.

u/twoshotracer · 3 pointsr/EDC

my flashlight came with a small holster I carry on my belt in front of the second loop going clockwise (about 2:45) I keep my knife clipped to the inside of my jeans so that the holster is covering the clip, the clip sits on my jeans and the knife is pressed against my underwear (makes pulling my pants up difficult but ive gotten used to it) ive been pulled over by police twice while carrying this way (in NH and FL) and have never been told what i'm doing is wrong, that's how I carry, but rules may be different by you

u/m0nday · 3 pointsr/flashlight

I love my Streamlight Stylus Pro. It's about the size of a Sharpie. I keep mine in a pen pocket on my uniform, and it's a great "quick draw" light. It pumps out 48 lumens, which is all you need for up-close and smaller areas. Best part is it's only twenty bucks.

u/BarkWoof · 3 pointsr/EDC

Not bad. A few items from my EDC if you're interested:

My pen light.

My trauma shears.

Edit: a few more.

Hip clip. I've gradually come to prefer wearing my stethoscope this way. And for goodness sake, DON'T leave yours on the rearview mirror of your car. Ever. Repeated heating/cooling caused my Cardio III to crack at the point where it hung from the mirror.

Reflex hammer. Mine isn't as cool as this one...

u/lholladay · 3 pointsr/nursing

I grabbed this one over the holidays, and it's been great so far.

u/iowamechanic30 · 3 pointsr/MechanicAdvice

A good reliable flashlight is invaluable when you need it, get a good one cheap flashlight tend not to work when you need them most. I recommend these pen lights they're compact, very bright and durable.

u/FattyTfromPSD · 3 pointsr/HomeImprovement

Streamlight ProTac 100%. Tough, waterproof, small, great distance for seeing all the way to the back of an attic, and it’s like daylight bright. Only $35


u/350ZisBae · 3 pointsr/EDC

Girl has Sony NEX 5 and nice headphones.

+1 respect

I'm going to go ahead and suggest this Streamlight

u/Salatarr · 3 pointsr/funkopop

Buy one of these bad boys if you want that good glow you’re looking for

u/KnightofR3N · 3 pointsr/funkopop

Escolite UV Flashlight Black Light, 51 LED 395 nM Ultraviolet Blacklight

Awesome UV Flashlight

u/rocknrun18 · 3 pointsr/discgolf

I used this one over the summer and it worked perfectly

u/shwafish · 3 pointsr/bikecommuting

I actually really like the idea of wearing a florescent vest and using a black light instead. It would make you stand out even more and it would not mess up your night vision.

u/0110010001100010 · 3 pointsr/HomeImprovement

I have one of these, works great:

Just keep in mind what /u/NinjaCoder said, you cannot unsee what it reveals. :)

u/this_is_your_dad · 3 pointsr/pics

Buy one of these to find them and get something sturdy to smash them with.

This is a young Bark Scorpion (note long, thin pincers) and their sting is pretty harsh.

Source: I have killed a few dozen this year after finding them in our house and being stung.

u/ITTVx · 2 pointsr/EDCexchange

Such a great little light! These are ~$18 new with free Prime shipping on Amazon.

u/sfltech · 2 pointsr/EDC

These two always end up as giveaways whenever I use them and some of my buddies sees.

Swiss+Tech ST66676M2 Utility Key Multitools (6-in-1) for Keychain for Auto, Camping, Hardware - 2 Pack, Polished Stainless Steel

Streamlight MicroStream Ultra-compact Aluminum body with AAA Alkaline Battery, 3.5 Inch - 1.04 oz (Black)

u/GL1207 · 2 pointsr/EDC

Wallet: Big Skinny Wallet

Knife: Take your pick. You've got great selections from Spyderco, Kershaw, Ontario, and SOG. Those are reputable brands and worth looking into. Make sure you define price, size, and purpose to ensure a closer match.

Flashlight: Streamlight Microstream

Suggestions: Try putting some band-aids in your wallet. For the notebook, you could try either Moleskine Volant or get a cheap Marble notebook. Try not placing anything in back pockets as they can mess with spine alignment.

u/FormYewLa · 2 pointsr/EDC
u/DevastatorIIC · 2 pointsr/EDC

I'm looking to replace the $2.88 Rayovac flashlight with a Microstream. I just got the 530 Pardue for my birthday (today!), and I have no plans to ever get a smartphone; that little guy does everything I need, and it only costs me $8.33/mo.

I keep a dufflebag of cold weather gear in my car, along with some emergency stuff. I may do a post of that later.

u/_MedboX_ · 2 pointsr/EDC

I'm 28, in the Navy, and here's what I'm usually carrying.

Maxpedition Pocket Organizer

NM Flag patch

Old coin given to me a while ago

Sparrow's Tuxedo Pick Set It's a great set, and a cool thing to learn. The linked set has a different case, I guess they don't do the leather cases anymore. I also had them put rubber handles on mine when I ordered, makes all the difference.

USB cord that came with my phone

Tekton 4" adjustable wrench

Zebra pen. Forgot which specific probably know it though, it's one of the popular choices on this sub. My main pen I keep in my breast pocket, the Fisher Bullet. That's the best pen I've ever had, hands down.

Fine point Sharpie

Rite in the Rain notebook. It's ok. I much prefer Field Notes Expedition which I also keep in mind that breast pocket. Just wish the pages were perforated.

Streamlight Microstream. Awesome little light, and the AAA battery it takes lasts quite a while.


ThermoWorks surface thermometer. Sorry, can't find a link. My buddy gave me this last Christmas. Comes in real handy in the field, to see if my JetBoil is too hot to put away. Also, I dunno, I can tell you if stuff is hot or cold or whatever. Neat.

u/wags_01 · 2 pointsr/EDC

I carry a similarly small light on my keys:

As well as a 1AAA in my pocket:

Both have their place, but I end up using the Microstream far more often. I don't even notice it in my pocket.

u/Briggsman72 · 2 pointsr/EDC

I'm a fan of Streamlight. I have the microstream, it's great for the size.

Streamlight 66318 MicroStream C4 LED Pen Light

If you don't mind the extra bulk you could go with something with a little more power.

Streamlight 88031 ProTac 2L High Performance Lithium Flashlight with White LED, 2-Lithium Batteries and Nylon Holster, Black

u/pyroboy101 · 2 pointsr/CCW

I'd upgrade flashlights to one of these. I have one and it's been awesome.

u/salokin315 · 2 pointsr/CCW

I am a very firm believer that a flashlight is a really useful tool, even for non-defensive scenarios. Since we need light in order to take in data, I like having as bright of a light as possible. There's very few scenarios where I would see myself wishing I had LESS light, whereas there's a lot of scenarios where having a light not bright enough might not give me the kind of data I want to see.

Example: Walking through a dark parking lot late at night, I can quickly scan the areas/shadows as I'm walking and it's bright enough that it illuminates areas really easily, when I carried a smaller dimmer light (streamlight MicroStream), I would have to have the light go over every shadow in order for me to see what was there if it was really dark.

So the way I see it, the brighter the light, the better the results. A lot of people will claim that if your light is too bright that you'll lose your night vision, but with a bright light, you can aim it somewhere like your feet, the wall, or the ceiling, and use it as an area light, you don't have to look directly into the hot spot.

In a defensive scenario, having an incredibly bright light in your face in a dark environment makes it VERY difficult for them to see what I'M doing. So if someone walks up to me in the dark and i'm not sure if they're a threat or not, I can shine the light directly at them and I'm essentially "blinding" them while also illuminating them, so I can see if they have a weapon or whatnot. This also means that I can draw my firearm with my main hand while blasting a light in their face, so they won't be able to see me reach for my gun.

Sage Dynamics on Youtube goes over all of this a lot better an more in depth than I could, I would check him out. Here's one of his videos that goes over most if not all of what I mentioned here.

u/Fragninja · 2 pointsr/EDC

you could try one of those new synthetic puffy jackets (like this), they are extremely light, and very warm (check out /r/CampingGear for the top of the line ones, otherwise they can definitely be had for less). I got one last winter or the winter before, and except for the -40C days I got last year, I can wear it the entire winter.

I would recommend a flashlight like the streamlight microstream or stylus pro, to just throw in your bag and forget. They can be SUPER useful when you need them, and don't add much weight or bulk.

u/hai-san · 2 pointsr/EDC

although not a pen, the streamlight microstream has a pocket clip that can attach to ballcaps if you wear them, and are really pocketable

u/DieRunning · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I PM'ed you my answers.

I enjoy surprises.

u/petrek · 2 pointsr/flashlight

The Streamlight 66318 MicroStream C4 LED Pen Flashlight is $17.82 at Amazon fits your requirements. Also has pretty good reviews 4.6 out of 5 stars with 460 reviews. /r/TheFavoritesOfAmazon

u/edc_addict · 2 pointsr/EDC

I'd recommend the Streamlight Microstream. I've had might for about 4 years now and it's been through the washing machine 2 or 3 times now and it keeps on working. There's a AAA version and a USB rechargeable version. its your preference.

u/DigitalSlim · 2 pointsr/EDC

I can heartily recommend the Streamlight Microstream. Only $15 on Amazon and runs off of one AAA battery:

I've had mine for about a year and a half. It gets beat up in my pocket with keys, Swiss Army Knife, etc and still works incredibly well. It is very bright for it's size and only using one AAA battery.

u/Tarquinious_Rex · 2 pointsr/EDC

CRKT Minimalist $22.53

Money Clip $13.99

Parker Jotter $8.49

Timex Expedition $34.39

Micro Streamlight $17.15

Total $96.55 just enough left over for a Sierra Nevada tall boy.

u/Lurkndog · 2 pointsr/bugout

For an EDC light that uses standard consumer batteries, I suggest the Streamlight Microstream. It's a single AAA LED flashlight, and so far it has stood up to the abuse it takes riding in my pocket.

The size is good, it is bright enough, tough enough and water-resistant, and I can get it to turn off and on without cycling through three other settings I didn't want. At around $17, it's also cheap enough to replace if it gets lost.

The only real downside is that the on/off switch is really stiff, but that does prevent it from getting turned on accidentally in my pocket. And it is slowly breaking in with use.

u/greath · 2 pointsr/AskMen

OK. Here are some EDC options, knives and other things.

u/THE_CENTURION · 2 pointsr/AskReddit

Seconded, I use mine almost every day.

Streamlight Microstream

For some reason, the first image on that listing is wrong, but the rest are correct, it's a nice, small light.

Don't bother with the little gas station LED keychain lights, or anything that has more than one LED (They're all shit). It's less than $20, and will last for years and years. I've only had to change out the AAA twice in the last two-ish years, and one of those was because I left it on all night once (D'oh!)

Oh, and I know everybody raves about the Mini Maglights, and I don't know why. They're actually really dim compared to a good LED :P

u/SgtDeathAdder · 2 pointsr/flashlight

I wanted a slim flashlight too so I purchased this Streamlight 66318 to be honest I don't like it, too weak for my taste also runs on single AAA battery, that should tell you something, I'm about to buy an Olight S1R which is what I should have done in first place but I'm stupid

u/mrblackandwhite1 · 2 pointsr/flashlight

Streamlight microstream

Less than $20

Amazing and very small/thin diameter. Bright and sturdy. It says "pen light" but it's half the length of a pen. Same diameter though.

u/pyrowopr · 2 pointsr/EDC

First off, many of these things are intentionally cheap, because I do tend to break and/or lose things, so... Here goes.
All have Amazon links, because that was what was easiest.


u/mightybonk · 2 pointsr/flashlight

This has a multiple modes (low for checking pupil response, high for searching a house).

Comes in Neutral White, which you want.

Takes AAA batteries.

And is under $20... or pay an extra 10 for the shiny version

Or if you want similar, with single mode, simple on/off and 'momentary on' (this is where the light turns on when you half press the button, and turns off as soon as you release it) then the Streamlight Stylus Pro is just good at what it does.

I have a stylus pro and like it, but will replace it with the Thrunite when the time comes.

u/MyWordIsBond · 2 pointsr/nursing

If you're willing to pay $20 for a badass pen light, here's what I have.

u/LustyRazor · 2 pointsr/EDC

> What addition would compliment this EDC?

You could always add a portable battery pack to keep your devices charged in case of emergency (there are lots out there, that was the first one that popped up on Amazon). Other than that, maybe a Clif Bar or two and a hand sanitizer pen. Lastly—because I recommend them to everyone—a Streamlight Stylus Pro would be redundant, but a very sturdy and bright alternative to your two smaller lights (which I'm assuming get lots of use in your line of work). The Streamlight and MicroStream are much more ergonomic and function using only one hand (having an end-cap clicky switch).

u/viscous_continuity · 2 pointsr/flashlight

Heres to hopefully winning

My brother in law has been wanting a penlight for low profile EDC

Thanks for the giveaway! You're too good to this community lol

u/AlwayzPro · 2 pointsr/flashlight

[The stream light stylus pro runs on 2 aaa batteries and has 48 lumens all for around $21.] (

u/kamapuaa · 2 pointsr/flashlight

Hard to go wrong with a Streamlight Stylus Pro for $20.

u/cheezerman · 2 pointsr/EDC

I dress similarly, and I'm big into minimalism. I hate carrying too much stuff in my pockets.

  • I use a wallet similar to this. I keep my credit card, debit card, and ID in there, and nothing else. I carry my wallet in my front right pocket.

  • My keychain was out of control, so I removed all but the most essential keys and divided them into 2 rings. One ring has my car and home key and nothing else. There is a tiny brass quick-release that will connect my secondary ring if needed, but 90% of the time I carry my main ring only. My Keyring goes in my right pocket.

  • I purchased a tiny multitool (Leatherman Style) and found that it was useful enough to replace my EDC knife, a Spyderco Delica in SS. I still carry the Delica on occasion, but rarely.

  • I have a big android phone, and I carry it alone in my left pocket.

  • If I have cash (rare) I carry a tiny moneyclip in my right pocket.

  • I generally don't carry a flashlight, but when I do, I carry a tiny penlight, that either lives in my front shirt pocket or in my pants pocket.

    I hope this gives you some ideas! Good luck.
u/tindercd · 2 pointsr/frugalmalefashion

Not from REI but I love this.

It's part of my EDC, keep it clipped in my pocket next to my knife. I don't use it every day, but every time I've needed it is more than capable of lighting up whatever I need.

u/rsn1990 · 2 pointsr/flashlight

Streamlight Stylus Pro

It’s under budget, lightweight, takes common batteries, and has a simple push button at the end.

I carry one around all the time. It’s a great light for nighttime walks.

u/PNWoutdoors · 2 pointsr/flashlight

I just got this last week and really like it.

Streamlight 66118 Stylus Pro Black LED Pen Flashlight with Nylon Holster

u/dnphpf · 2 pointsr/nursing

I'll try not to sound like an advertisement. I've needed to use various ways to visualize patients at night for a long time, and I'll give you a couple of suggestions. This is an excellent one if you need a white light. It has a rather narrowly-focused spotlight which can help you keep it out of the patient's eyes and is also waterproof and very durable. I've had one for years. This smaller square flashlight may also be useful - it has both a white and red LED (with low and high modes for each) and recharges via USB.

Red is best for keeping night vision and not blinding the patient, but green can also work (but it tends to be brighter). If you're just checking for respiration, reflecting the light off the ceiling or wall can give you enough light in the room to visualize the patient (and the room as well if you're doing safety/security checks). I've found it useful to carry a flashlight(s) that can handle both red and white in both low/high power modes. Red usually does a good job illuminating the room, but sometimes it's necessary to see colors, and then the white beam is needed. Rarely does it wake them up, and I need to check on the patients four times an hour.

u/meatwerd · 2 pointsr/mildlyinteresting

I personally use this Mostly because it uses triple A's which are a lot easier to get.

u/nagurski03 · 2 pointsr/CCW

I've been carrying a [Streamlight Sylus pro] ( for years. I probably end up using it more than my knife.

It is nice and bright, but only about the size of a pen so it doesn't take up much space in my pocket.

u/jbrandona119 · 2 pointsr/OnTheBlock

Streamlight 66118 Stylus Pro LED Pen Light with Holster, Black

Love this light. Perfect size and it's great for doing rounds in those dark cells. And it takes AAA.

I don't use the holster.

u/enternets · 2 pointsr/TalesFromThePizzaGuy

if this is your first delivery job make sure you get a good small flashlight and buy some good pens to keep in your car at all times. I also bought a mini clipboard for a few bucks and had the credit card receipts on it. It increased my tips by a lot because when someone didn't fill in the blanks I handed it back to them and told them "You need to fill out the entire receipt" and 80% of the time would add a tip. Also, countless comments of "Fancy/Convenient!" as it is hard to sign a receipt when you have to find somewhere to do it at.

If you drive a older car MAKE SURE you have:

  • a good jack
  • 1 full sized spare in the trunk (junk yard sells these for under $20)
  • lug wrench - it makes it much easier
  • jumper cables
  • rain coat/poncho

    use the maps as much as possible and use google maps in a pinch. This gets you used to learning the lay out of neighborhoods and what not as google maps just tells you where to go.
u/cd31paws · 2 pointsr/medicalschool

i usually keep mine fashionably clipped on my scrub neckline

u/zod201 · 2 pointsr/EDC

That light seems bulky, have you considered upgrading to something like the Streamlight Stylus Pro or ThorFire PF02? both budget friendly way easier to carry

u/Sikash · 2 pointsr/medicalschool

Pen Light It's probably a little too bright but it's still awesome none-the-less The stylus might be more appropriate

I have also heard great things about the book The House of God even if you are not religious. I have not had a chance to read it yet but it's on my list.

If you are trying to spend a little more money an engraves stethoscope (I recommend the Cardiology III) is always appreciated.

u/grahampositive · 2 pointsr/flashlight

you can add this one to the list: Streamlight 66118. 24 lumens, forward clicky. 17.95

u/yasec · 2 pointsr/EDC

From left to right.

  • Inexpensive hemostat.
  • Streamlight 66118 flashlight.
  • Pen. Not sure of the brand, it was a gift.
  • Littman Cardiology III stethoscope.
  • Scissors that came with a pair of Rooke boots. I was sad to find out they don't include them anymore. Nice scissors for free.
  • Name badge.
  • K11 Bumper for iPhone 6+. Not super happy with it. It doesn't fit as well as I had hoped, making the buttons awkward to click sometimes.
  • iPhone 6+ (not pictured).

    Suggestions are welcome!
u/JimmyTheFace · 2 pointsr/msu

I didn't have the dorm experience, but I lived far enough from campus that I would hang out there all day most days.

Quality shoes - you will be walking quite a bit. Depending on your style, consider something like a waterproof hiking shoe that will last through some like snows.

Reusable water bottle that will fit in your backpack well. Sparty's will fill it up, or you can use the drinking fountains.

I'm a fan of some of the /r/edc stuff as well, a small flashlight can be very useful, and shouldn't run over $20.

A small plug splitter, would be very useful. I have a more complicated one, but if I did it again, I'd get this. A lot easier to charge your laptop/phone when you don't have to convince someone to unplug theirs.

Either a collapsible umbrella or packable raincoat.

Extra headphones. I'm lucky enough to have accumulated several pairs of iphone earbuds, so if I lose/break one, I'm still okay.

u/poundifzero · 2 pointsr/EDC

Concur, great light. Very popular on Amazon. A cursory search of the reviews suggests that some have had issues with the switch and/or the clip. No issues in my case - I'll confess that I've bought two. One for work and another for my travel bag. Used to EDC with one, but found it too large to carry on my person for my personal tastes. FWIW, for EDC, I now use a Fenix E01 on my keychain.

u/Inquisitive_Cretin · 2 pointsr/TwoXChromosomes

This is a nice quality inexpensive mess kit (no spork)

This is a really nice quality flashlight!

Here is a good quality pocket knife.

u/delfa · 2 pointsr/AskReddit

Additionally; venom is transported through the lymphatic system, not the blood. If you "open" the patient up, you'll just have a snake bite victim who is now bleeding.

Watch_wait_plot has the right procedure.

I also carry a knife, and I find a small flashlight and a Bic lighter extremely useful.

u/GTI-Mk6 · 2 pointsr/EDC

I'm not a knife expert, but as for the light, a Streamlight Stylus Pro should do you well.
Hit up a Preon if you want something a bit nicer.

u/jimmyd1911 · 2 pointsr/preppers

Streamlight 66118 Stylus Pro LED PenLight with Holster

This is my EDC flashlight love the size/weight/durability common AAA and the throw of the beam plus it's $19.00 at amazon

u/vnips · 2 pointsr/EDC

CZ 75 Compact



Nexus 5

Streamlight Flashlight


Spyderco Dragonfly2

RayBan RB 4075 Sunglasses


u/dsrtwhlr · 2 pointsr/flashlight

Not a high end flashlight - but i've been using this every day since Nov. 2012 for exactly what you want to use it for.
Streamlight Stylus Pro

u/iLoveLamp83 · 2 pointsr/EDC

I just picked up a Stylus Pro by Streamlight. You get good bang for your buck, and I like how slim it is.

It's probably not bright enough to blind an attacker, but it's great for rummaging through saddle bags, lighting up the sidewalk in front of you at night, etc.

u/DocSampson · 2 pointsr/Justrolledintotheshop

I've had a lot of flashlights. This one is the best I've used taking into account reliability, price, brightness, size, and it's use of regular AA batteries. If got a few of them.

u/Whitelighttwo · 2 pointsr/BuyItForLife

I've been using this one for years. It's a streamlight, which is comparable to surefire.

It takes two AA batteries. A lot of people write off lights that take alkaline batteries, but unless you're a super enthusiast, I just find that alkaline batteries are much easier to deal with. No dangerous explosion warnings on the box or charger.

The light itself is very durable. Mine tend to last 2-3 years before I lose them, but would probably last for life.

It puts out a ton of light (155 lumens) for its size. Also, don't be discouraged by the complicated labeling. It has 10 different modes, but you can easily set one and then it will always use that one when you turn it on. I hate when lights make me click them five times each time I turn on the light just to find the right setting.

u/MichaelApproved · 2 pointsr/Vitiligo

There are many skin issues that could cause discoloration. One indication of vitiligo would be that it glows under a black light, like the hands in this image.

I'm not an expert (AKA dermatologist) but I know vitiligo tends to start around joints and the face. It usually spreads from there to the rest of your body.

However, it could start elsewhere but the fact that these spots on your back are the first ones you're noticing makes me think it's less likely that it's vitiligo, though it's still possible.

Best thing you can do (aside from seeing a doctor) is get yourself a black light (Amazon has some small handheld ones) and a mirror.

Turn out the lights, get naked and shine the black light over your body slowly as you look for spots that glow. If it's vitiligo, you'll see it glow and look very different than the surrounding skin. You'll also likely find other areas of your skin that hasn't fully lost pigment due to vitiligo which will also glow. They may even be tiny spots that look like a bunch of freckles. I don't think vitiligo is the only skin issue that glows but if it doesn't glow at least you know it's not vitiligo.

I'm saying to get completely naked because vitiligo can effect genitalia as well. Make sure you look around there.

Of course, if you have healthcare options, it's best to see a dermatologist. Vitiligo can be treated. If you catch it early, such as now with only a few spots, treatment can be very easy and fast. Treatment for a couple of small spots may only require a few months of using a cream and a little light treatment.

If it's something else, you also want to catch it early, so that you can start any possible treatment.

Good luck!

u/SHMEBULOK · 2 pointsr/funkopop
u/asdfasdafas · 2 pointsr/arizona

Do you use a UV flashlight? Those are awesome if not. I bought a badass one on Amazon that really helps compared to the one I had before that I got at Circle K.

I've tried anything from sprays, to a screwdriver duct-taped to a stick. I find just using a regular stick can get in the rocks pretty well and handle it. Having the powerful flashlight helps too because you can see them from across the yard.

Also, having someone spray for scorpions monthly does wonders. When I moved in my house, I could easily get 5-10 per night. I've had my house sprayed ever since then, and I haven't seen one in two years.

u/BennyFackter · 2 pointsr/discgolf

Yeah, I always bring a UV flashlight with me for glow rounds. Definitely does depend on the plastic type/color how much it glows, but with the right discs it makes finding your discs at night a non-issue. You can even sometimes find some others that were lost during the day that were well hidden, but glow at night. I use this one, for $10 it works great.

u/LurchKIttyInTheCIty · 2 pointsr/funkopop

Nice. I have this one and it does nothing for my POP. Works wonders on my other GITD POPs though.

u/necrosisCS · 2 pointsr/blackmagicfuckery
u/MsLafleur82 · 2 pointsr/funkopop

I use this Blacklight UV Flashlight from Amazon! Just have to charge for minute to see the glow!

u/FHL88Work · 2 pointsr/discgolf

A UV light is handy for a little instant charge. If you're looking for a really glowy disc, try Kastaplast. It outshines the rest.

I use an LED UV flashlight like this

u/Vermonter802 · 2 pointsr/CCW

I have one of these;

I use it almost daily and its really, really bright, and the best part is the size is very small, probably half that of the one your looking at. I do realize that the one your looking at offers 100 Lumens more, but the magnet on the end of the olight really comes in handy.

u/MervGoldstein · 2 pointsr/flashlight

Wowtac A1S BSS
Thanks for the giveaway & the handy reference website!

u/GenWombat · 2 pointsr/flashlight

Thorfire sells them direct on Amazon, right now 20% off (so like $60)
EDIT: Link

u/paperwaller · 2 pointsr/TheForgottenDepths

You should take /u/Helicopterrepairman's advice and check out r/flashlight to make sure you get a few awesome lights. You would be amazed what just $25-$75 can get you. This light would probably work out pretty well for you. There's plenty of options. Doing the exploring you're doing a few proper lights would be a HUGE help for you and it would really help your videos too.

u/Newbosterone · 2 pointsr/flashlight

Here’s another crazy idea: Clip-on Tripod and embarrassingly bright pop can light. The light’s angle will change as the deck angle changes, not source how big a factor that will be with so much spill. Plus the light is mostly parallel to the road, so obstructions cast shadows.

u/Tad_LOL · 2 pointsr/flashlight

I got both of those lights for under $40. The left one is an Emisar D1 mini thrower. I just got it this week and I love it. It has a good flood but not sports worthy, I would suggest the $65 BLF Q8 (largest, 4th from right in bottom picture) or $100 Emisar D18 at for that. The light on the right is a Nitecore P30. The P stands for precision. It's a fairly long range thrower and can light stuff up at 500 yards easily. I got it on sale for $35 but it's typically around $60. There is no flood for sports either. Both the D1 and P30 are 18650 powered throw lights but pocketable. You might like the BLF Q8 because it can be belt pouch carried or back pocket or jacket pocket carried. It also has a threaded spot for camera tripod mounts and would be great for camping and sports. It will require you to buy 4 high drain 18650 button top batteries and a charger.

4x Batteries:



u/GxZombie · 2 pointsr/flashlight

$72.80 USD from Amazon

u/rabaful · 2 pointsr/flashlight

BLF Q8 is currently on lightning deal at $55.99 (Canada)

u/PartyTree · 2 pointsr/EDC
u/FuckleNut · 2 pointsr/flashlight
u/jay3011 · 2 pointsr/flashlight

Congrats on 38k and thanks para and anonymous benefactor for the giveaways! Looks like the RovyVon Aurora A5 will now qualify, so I'll go with that this time around.

u/PreparationX · 2 pointsr/flashlight

Love the giveaways! Thanks, Para! I'd love a Rovyvon!

Edit - Added Link.

Edit edit - I'm not a smart man.

u/TrueKingOfTheNerds · 2 pointsr/flashlight

RovyVon A5

I’ve been looking at this ever since the review posted to this sub.

u/greeneyedlookalikes1 · 2 pointsr/flashlight

Lightning deal on Amazon going on right now, but you have to buy in the next hour.

u/DE-173 · 2 pointsr/flashlight

Thrunite TC15NW



By the way, how's that dopeness slider coming along?

u/BabyMafuloo · 2 pointsr/flashlight

TC 15 cw

Thank you!

u/ArizonaRenegade · 2 pointsr/flashlight

Yep, link to ThruNite TC15 for $37:


FYI, it's actually a Lightning Deal for the TC15, so this price will only be available for 3-4 hours, I believe. The Lightning Deal price is $40, but a $3 Off coupon shows up on both black models (Cool White and Neutral White) on the page for me. Actually, it may also be available as a Black Friday deal, but it's currently showing it as being a Lightning Deal with a little over 3 hours left.


Would you say that $37 is a good/great/fantastic price for this TC15 flashlight?

u/archover · 2 pointsr/flashlight

Update: Evidently there is no V1 at Amazon.

Amazon and it's screwy interface. They (my link above) all say V2 to me. Yes, a $55 option exists but I have no idea how it varies from the $89 one.

$55 is more like it to this budget shopper. An even better value in my eyes is the full package, side switched, reflector A1S at $26, although for a car light I would prefer a TIR one.

u/literal-hitler · 2 pointsr/mildlyinteresting

I've got one of these, the battery has a micro-usb connector, and I'm pretty sure the thing could survive being run over by a tank. It's probably going to be my best recommendations unless you're going to get really into it, or spend over twice as much. There are plenty of better choices if you don't care how much you spend.

u/MyNameIsAdam · 2 pointsr/Ultralight

Nice man, both your kits are pretty solid. I'm at work so I can't be as thorough as I would like but here are a few ideas that stood out.

1/8" Pad: Drop it, cut two panels off your zlite to use as the frame and then just pull them out the pack to use at night to sleep. I did this all summer with my KS50 and it worked great. You'll need to cut a little bit off the width for it to fit, but it's minimal and not noticeable when sleeping.

Headlamps: There are much lighter headlamp options and many prefer flashlights for night hiking to bring the light closer to waist level and elongate the shadows. You can also clip them to a brim of a hat for hands free use around camp. A little thrunite ti3 would be a good bet if you don't plan on much night hiking, or a Nitecore Tip 2017 for night hiking.

Knife: The Victorinox Classic SD only weighs 22grams or if all you need is a knife check out Spyderco Ladybug at 16grams. Avoid amazon for the ladybug, there are counterfeits going around i hear.

FAK: You could likely pair this down, mine only weighs 1.5oz

Houdini P/O: Seems unnecessary with the versalite? But I've never worn the Nano-Air Light Hoody, is the idea that the houdini would provide a breathable wind barrier when used in combination? I know this is a common strategy with fleece.

Kahtoola Micro Spikes: If we end up needing them this year I'm going to try Snowline Chainsen Light. Quite a bit lighter than microspikes.

On a side note, when do you start? I'm heading out on May 18th. Edit: Nevermind...somehow missed this in your post...maybe I'll see you all in Oregon or Washington! I'm targeting a late August finish.

u/mightymdc · 2 pointsr/flashlight

What about the Thrunite Ti3? I carry this daily and love it.

u/Darth-Traya · 2 pointsr/EDC

Big Skinny Metro Wallet ($24.95)

Timex Weekender ($24.42)

Victorinox Cadet ($31.99)

ThruNite Ti3 ($13.95)

Pilot G2 Pens ($3.83)

Total: $99.14

I didn't consider tax here, though.

Hard mode should be using Canadian retailers and Canadian dollars. I just used American Amazon here.

u/jamin101wolf · 2 pointsr/EDC

Some of the best: Quantum D2, Something from the Sunwayman Ti series like this, maybe a Maratac 123 light if you can find one

Pretty damn good: Prometheus Beta QR, Foursevens Atom AL, ThruNite Ti3, Fenix E05

Still good, but cheaper: Streamlight Nano, Fenix E01

u/SirRipo · 2 pointsr/EDC

Definitely a Microstream, best bang for your buck and plenty of light for most of what a keychain light is needed for.

If you want a twisty switch, though, I really love my Maratac AAA. Been going on 2 years now and kicking hard as ever. HOWEVER, since they raised their prices, I don't find them to be as much of a bargain as they were. The only Maratac light I'd spring for would be one of the specialty ones (like their newly introduced brass version, or the copper one - especially now that they've finally updated them to Rev.3).

I'd probably personally go for something like the Thrunite Ti3 if my Maratac ever dies. About the same price (a little cheaper actually) as what I paid for the Maratac when I bought it, and my buddy loved his til he lost it.

u/mcfarlie6996 · 2 pointsr/flashlight

My comment might have been confusing, the "reviews" that I read for it are from other sites outside of The reviews from here are for the Ti and the Ti2. It seems that they keep the same page but "update" the item thus keeping the high rating for it. I contacted Amazon about this already and they replied with:

>I'm really sorry about the reviews for this item. Upon checking, I confirmed that the reviews are really incorrect. Don't worry, I've immediately forwarded this case to our Reviews team. Rest assured they will fix this so that customers won't be confused. They will update the reviews section soon. We really appreciate that you informed us about this. 

>Thank you for your patience and understanding. We look forward in seeing you again soon.
>Best regards,
>Karl A.

u/acentrallinestat · 2 pointsr/emergencymedicine
  • Definitely a good light! This is the one I use. Attaches to my badge and has a clip to attach to my scrub pocket. Really great light and I use it ever hour of every day.
  • A cheap(ish) digital watch. I wear a rubber Timex Ironman which is great (and easy to clean if needed). A must have...and I previously hated wearing watches.
  • phone with lots of apps: I regularly use Micromedex, EMRA apps, UpToDate, MedCalX, Journal Club, Evernote
  • a box of pens that you like
  • trauma shears, cheap ones.
  • My program bought me custom cargo scrubs. VERY helpful.
  • A small/nice notebook for tracking patient encounters and procedures.
  • your program should buy you an EMRA/AAEM membership which will provide you with the antibiotic guide (SOOO helpful) and they will/should buy you either Rosens/Tintinalli.
  • I personally bought a panoptic because we see quite a bit of patients with eye complaints and I get a great view and can actually say I did a fundoscopic exam (helped me diagnose pseudotumor once)...but definitely optional!
  • a tablet. I love reading on my tablet. I also keep my references on it (because my hospital basically blocks everything that isn't the intranet...even google!!). But optional, not necessary.
  • Also, not things to buy, but I have quick cards on the back of my badge for common hospital telephone numbers (lab, radiology reading room, etc.) and a quick card with RSI drug dosages. That's very helpful.
u/random071970 · 2 pointsr/flashlight

Sounds fun, thanks for the doing this!

I'll have to pick the ThruNite T10 as well.

u/TheGUARDIAN_TM · 2 pointsr/flashlight
u/BuzzGander · 2 pointsr/flashlight
u/PhamQu · 2 pointsr/flashlight

I'm currently carrying the [Thrunite T10], and I recommend it for your needs.

It's currently $24, tail click, tail stand, and has an option for neutral white as well as cool white. Haven't had any issues with it yet, but I hear that Thrunite has good warranty and customer service

u/RSLothMan · 2 pointsr/flashlight
u/VanillaPudding · 2 pointsr/flashlight
u/alllitupagain · 2 pointsr/flashlight

Olight S1A Mini EDC Best AA Flashlight 600 Lumens Cree XM-L2 LED PMMA TIR Lens Powered by 1x1.5V Lithium AA Battery Compact LED Flashlight for Every Day Carry,Black( Cool White)

Thank you!

u/macgooch · 2 pointsr/flashlight

Thanks for the great giveaway! I need a new small light for fancy carry.

u/Astec123 · 2 pointsr/policeuk

I had a Peli torch which was a gift on leaving my old job, it lasted less than a year before it got broken in a scrap and has languished in my box of kit I no longer use or is broken ever since.

Afterwards I replaced it with a ThruNite 3C V2 which cost me very little overall, added a clickfast torch holder to it and it offers the best of both worlds as it has a 0.1lumen mode which is great for PNB entries. Plus up to a high level of lumens for actual work when on duty conducting searches, or simply as a light to see where you are going in the pitch black without having to hold a torch. This has actually worked in my favour a few times because I can get to other kit like cuffs and see what I am doing clearly hands free.

I've linked to the new version below. Call out to /r/flashlight as a good place to review for ideas but I would suggest any 18650 or other small rechargeable option would be a good shout provided it has a quick access low power mode and some other higher power modes too as a good fit for a vest.

u/SlyHolmes · 2 pointsr/flashlight

Another giveaway already? How exciting!

Here's my pick!

u/Moose_knuckle69 · 2 pointsr/flashlight

These would be my two options if I were looking. The neutron looks to be the most simple, has the good charging option, and what I would buy someone with the same requirements. Happy hunting

u/somnambulism · 2 pointsr/flashlight

Thanks! I'd like the Neutron 2C NW.

u/fitfat23 · 2 pointsr/flashlight
u/thebesthalf · 2 pointsr/flashlight
u/pharmtor · 2 pointsr/flashlight

ThruNite Neutron 2C V3 NW!

Thank you so much for the opportunity.

u/Firecrackerr · 2 pointsr/flashlight
u/halfpizzaslicebig · 2 pointsr/flashlight

My boyfriend would be pumped for this!!

u/-mrmayhem- · 2 pointsr/flashlight

Hey, thanks for doing this! I would take the ThruNite Neutron 2c V3

u/SvenWalker · 2 pointsr/flashlight

Thrunite Neutron 2C

Thanks for the giveaway!

u/1000100010101000_ · 2 pointsr/flashlight

Thank you for the giveaway!

Always wanted one of these:
reylight pineapple

u/thedodgedude · 2 pointsr/flashlight

I wouldn't mind having one like this with the filters and all. Thanks for the giveaway!

u/IDontReadTheTitle · 2 pointsr/flashlight


This Wowtac Wowlight definitely seems like a good deal to me.

u/silverecco · 1 pointr/flashlight

These ThorFires are considered pretty good lights. Probably the best in the cheap-chinese knockoff category on Amazon. You can get better lights for cheaper from banggood and dealbest, like the BLF-348 that's been recommended multiple times, but shipping takes a few weeks. Only issue I have with the ThorFire TG06 is the PWM (visible flickering) on the low modes and the very blue tint. I've become a bit of a tint snob as neutral whites have become more common.

But for a few bucks more I'd go for a Thrunite Ti3 with the neutral white LED. I've gotten a few for a few girl friends (and my girlfriend) and they all keep them on their keys and LOVE them. Instead of using the included chain and clip I just put a small split ring on the light and slip that on their keyring. Only problem is a lost head every now and again.

A cheaper, similar option is the Olight i3E series which also come in fun colors for $11. Cool white only Comes with a Luxeon LED so the tint is probably actually quite nice.

My girlfriend is now carrying an Olight i3S-EOS Brass on her keys that I bought for myself, but she really liked the aesthetics of the brass, and I liked that it pumps out a blistering 180lm (I'd say it's a fairly accurate claim) on the first turn, so it's actually a viable self-defense light. Enough to disorient somebody, kick 'em where it hurts, and run. It's cool white, but a fairly neutral one. I lucked out.

Best to run them on eneloop rechargeable batteries, but they add a bit of weight and initial cost. Performance and runtime is best with those batteries. Lithium primaries ("Energizer Ultimate Lithium") are a good option for a rarely-used keychain light because they are very light, about half the weight of a rechargeable, and they do not leak or self-discharge. With an aluminum light and a lithium cell, the light only weighs a few more grams than a key. I never recommend alkalines (regular duracell, etc) batteries because the leakage can and will ruin a light, especially one exposed to lots of abuse, temperature extremes, and seldom use. It's basically impossible to clean lights that can't be full disassembled, so you may never recover the original performance if it even works at all after a leak.

u/ahn_anon · 1 pointr/EDC

Multitool: Leatherman Skeletool - $41.03
Knife: Spyderco Manix 2 Lightweight (S110V) - $114
Light: Thrunite Ti3 - $20

Total: ~$175

Edit - I got the Skeletool for $20 when it was on sale at Home Depot and the Manix 2 on massdrop for $98; so you could get everything for $138 or possibly less if you look for deals.
Edit2 - How about some reasoning:
> Skeletool - this is my favorite multitool because it has only the tools I would forseeably need on a day-to-day basis, and leaves out the tools I associate more with camping (saw, can opener). It rides the pocket comfortably with the secure pocket clip. The carabiner-style clip is clever, because it works double-duty as a bottle opener. The screwdriver and bit/holder gets the job done. My favorite feature, though, is that the (liner-lock) knife can be deployed and folded away with one hand, without unfolding anything else. The most common complaint I hear is that the pliers/wireclippers aren't spring loaded. (And that covers all the tools on the Skeletool!)

> Manix 2 Lightweight (S110V) - this is my most frequently recommended knife because it is:

> 100% ambidextrous
super lightweight for its size: 2.9 oz (82g) for a 8.03" knife (blade length: 3.37")
>* low maintenance: riveted construction means you can't take the knife apart even if you wanted to. S110V steel is known for its edge retention (I think... I actually don't know anything about bladesteels)

>Thrunite Ti3 - I don't know much about flashlights but I've had this for over a year on the same AAA battery cell and it's going strong. It is tiny, very bright and easy to use.

u/donvara7 · 1 pointr/functionalprint

Ha! I did think about upgrading the cells to NiMH but I wasn't sure the charger could charge them without blowing them up or something. I've actually had a DeWalt 24v NiCd hammer drill battery start spewing out smoke on me once. Didn't want that again. Three floors up had to run downstairs, outside and throw it in a puddle!

I had a little thrunite Ti3 flashlight which is just a little bigger than the AAA that powers it. Popped in a lithium 10440 and I could light up half a bloody acre of land with it! It did eventually stop working after a year of using lithium tho. I wonder if that drill would run into problems eventually. You could step down the voltage a bit but ya may loose that extra power.

Watching video now btw

u/Myogenesis · 1 pointr/Ultralight

There are similar keychain flashlights on Canada amazon that I'm looking at. One is $20 and looks identical, and says:

Output and run time: Firefly: 0.04 Lm(115h), Low: 12 Lm(6.3h), High: 120Lm(0.5h), Strobe:120Lm(1 hour)

Since it also runs on 1x AAA, does that seem like similar duration as yours considering it's the same power source?

edit: link for reference - thoughts? there seems to be 'cool white' or 'neutral white' options as well.

u/Solancea83 · 1 pointr/flashlight

First, thank you for hosting this, I never knew about this subreddit until this was xposted now I have yet another place to look at cool shiny stuff and find more things to get. Second Congratulations to whoever wins!

I'd go with 2 of this link and have you draw a second person to share with.

OR if that is not an option

u/skytomorrownow · 1 pointr/CampingGear

I use a combo of xscottx and caallum2's ideas.

Those Cabellas clip ons are heavy. A small AAA clip flash light works well. I have clipped it on my baseball hat brim, my shoulder strap, and my hip belt. They are incredibly handy and very lightweight. For night hiking, I have used two, one on brim, one on shoulder and it makes a very good 3D image.

u/TygrTygrBrningBrght · 1 pointr/Archery

Its just an EDC flashlight:

u/AtSignAtSign · 1 pointr/EDC

I just bought one from this link and it gave it to me for free... anyone else see this?

note: I don't have any Amazon credit it just said $0 so I jumped.

u/RockItGuyDC · 1 pointr/EDC

I have a ThruNite Ti3 that I EDC. It's a pretty powerful little light that runs off 1 AAA. It's small enough to fit in my jeans' fifth pocket, and cheap enough I won't be pissed if it gets lost.

u/sittingduq · 1 pointr/ProtectAndServe

I've been using a ThruNite like the one linked. It's been rock solid, super bright, been through the washer/dryer a few times now and has come out unscathed.

u/Camo5 · 1 pointr/flashlight

Perhaps the thrunite T10 xpl NW?

u/alwaysamountaineer · 1 pointr/EDC

I really like the Thrunite T10. So much so that I've bought 2. I bought CW in September and carried it everyday until the clip got caught on my car door as I was getting out. The clip came off and got run over. I've been told that I can email thru ite and they'll send me another but I've just attached it to my key ring and it's great to have on there! It's only about 3.5 inches in length half and inch wide. It's got a deep carry clip, and 3 modes. The highest gives you 252 lumens. To me it's totally worth it.

ThruNite T10 compact flashlight series, Max 252 Lumen Single CREE LED;Uses one 1.5V AA battery;tail switch and twisting head for single-hand operation;3-mode;Powerful AA Flashlight! (T10 NW XP-L)

u/VicViper83 · 1 pointr/EDC

ThruNite T10 compact flashlight series, Max 252 Lumen Single CREE LED;Uses one 1.5V AA battery;tail switch and twisting head for single-hand operation;3-mode;Powerful AA Flashlight! (T10 NW XP-L)

u/hipitywhopla · 1 pointr/flashlight
u/Fyrel · 1 pointr/AutoDetailing

You'd have to find a stand, but this style of light on Amazon tends to be really good for the price. I have a different one that's out of stock now, but I've dropped it more than a couple times onto concrete from about head height and it's still going strong.

If you want a flashlight, the Thunite T10 is pretty fantastic for the price.

u/Canyac · 1 pointr/flashlight

Sweet deal! Would prefer the TIP CRI, but it is above 40 usd from amazon :(

The thrunite ti10 may fill a nice spot as a nightstand light though! NW obviously.

Oh, otherwise I guess a neat little emisar d4, 4000k xp-g2 from intloutdoor would fulfill the price limit extremely well! It is not amazon though, so I guess it is a long stretch

u/Bored2BPsycho · 1 pointr/preppers

Olight S1A Mini EDC Best AA Flashlight 600 Lumens Cree XM-L2 LED PMMA TIR Lens Powered by 1x1.5V Lithium AA Battery Compact LED Flashlight for Every Day Carry,Black( Cool White)

u/Honestyforsale · 1 pointr/flashlight

Yep. Reversible clips. A little outside your budget but better warranty, build quality and better build. Love my olights! Started with fenix and nitecore (also own a lumintop AA) but olight got me with their sales and customer service. Heres an Amazon link, may be able to shop around a little and find it cheaper.
Olight S1A Mini EDC Best AA Flashlight 600 Lumens Cree XM-L2 LED PMMA TIR Lens Powered by 1x1.5V Lithium AA Battery Compact LED Flashlight for Every Day Carry,Black(Cool White)

u/zifzif · 1 pointr/flashlight

Sheeit I almost forgot about this... thanks for doing another giveaway!

I think I've gotta go Olight S1A, which I promise to open and swap in a 219C.

u/FatFingerHelperBot · 1 pointr/flashlight

It seems that your comment contains 1 or more links that are hard to tap for mobile users.
I will extend those so they're easier for our sausage fingers to click!

Here is link number 1 - Previous text "S1a"

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u/gumert · 1 pointr/flashlight

Interesting giveaway, thanks for doing this (and for your website too obviously). I don't have my eye on anything right now, but I wouldn't complain if an Olight S1A mini fell into my lap.

I've used your website a few times in the past to find batteries, but this under $40 challenge made me realize that tracking down all these flashlights must be a PITA. Maybe you're secretly farming work out to us? ;)

u/BillBradford · 1 pointr/flashlight

I’ll go for this.

I could use a AA light. Thanks for doing this, P!

u/pfai · 1 pointr/flashlight
u/solidcopy · 1 pointr/flashlight
u/SevenBlade · 1 pointr/flashlight
u/doxxed_too_hard · 1 pointr/flashlight

Ah the Olight S1A is my pick. Cheeky title too.

Olight S1A

u/flavorburst · 1 pointr/flashlight

Been shopping this light recently! Thanks and good luck to all!

u/1aimtomisbehave · 1 pointr/flashlight
u/Rough_Weather · 1 pointr/flashlight
u/h2o_demon · 1 pointr/flashlight

Only decent flashlight I own is a cheap knockoff of a Surefire M300A.

I'd love one of these though:

Thanks for the giveaway!!

u/kamikaziboarder · 1 pointr/flashlight

What a great group!

ThruNite Neutron 2C V3 White

Edit: Picked a flashlight from Amazon

u/zenpotato · 1 pointr/flashlight

Would love the ThruNite Neutron to begin with! Have been eyeing it since forever

u/wolfcry0 · 1 pointr/harborfreight

That's because they're cheap ebay junk lights. Good ones are just straight on/off with a click and have other modes and adjustable brightness if needed.

ThruNite Neutron 2C for example.

u/sinocarD44 · 1 pointr/flashlight

I'm was just starting my search into my first edc light and stumbled onto this sub. I hope I get lucky.

u/throwawaypiece · 1 pointr/flashlight
u/My_Name_Is_Taken · 1 pointr/flashlight

My pick, thanks!

u/CarbonAltered · 1 pointr/flashlight

cool ty for the give away! i showed up around the 48.1k mark

u/kotoandjuri · 1 pointr/flashlight
u/polypeptide147 · 1 pointr/flashlight

Thanks a bunch for doing this!

This little guy will do the trick for me!

u/bnmnike · 1 pointr/flashlight

Hello once again thanks for the kindness.

I'll enter with this

u/trevthepally · 1 pointr/flashlight
u/locochronos · 1 pointr/MTB

The NiteRider Lumina Micro 650 is pretty reasonably priced.
Says 1.5h run time on high.
USB rechargeable!

Niterider helmet mount.
Works well on my helmet.
(straps through your vent holes up top)

Fenix bar mount, rugged and really adjustable. Fenix makes great flashlights but pricey.
this appears to be the same mount but cheaper (maybe import knock-off??)

Flashlight. I've had good luck with this Light so far.
Infinitely adjustable brightness. (one click on - click and hold to DIM or brighten to desired level)
USB rechargeable!

u/Octobot01 · 1 pointr/flashlight

Thanks a lot for this! I want the ThruNite Neutron 2C V3

u/deatn1342 · 1 pointr/flashlight

My dad needs a new flashlight

Good luck everyone. And thank you.

u/ringo_24601 · 1 pointr/flashlight

My Wowtac A1S just died in me so this would cheer me up. Thanks!

u/PhaseStryfe · 1 pointr/flashlight

I lost my first one and need a replacement. Thanks for doing the giveaway.

u/kanakana2 · 1 pointr/flashlight
u/ShoarmaSnater · 1 pointr/flashlight

The ThruNite for me pls! Thanks a lot for hosting this giveaway!

u/R__Daneel_Olivaw · 1 pointr/flashlight

I'm gonna go with the tried and true method of sorting by price and pick this one (ThruNite Neutron 2C V3 Micro-USB Chargeable LED Flashlight CREE XP-L V6 LED Max 1100 lumens with Firefly, Turbo, Strobe and Self-Define Modes Battery Included (Neutron 2C V3 Neutral White)

u/dammit_i_forget · 1 pointr/flashlight

Thanks for doing these giveaways! I see we have already passed 47k subs now.
Neutron 2C V3 Neutral White

u/kaf23211 · 1 pointr/flashlight

I’ll try for the Thrunite Neutron 2C in NW! Been looking at this for a while and looking to get more neutral white lights in my collection and this would be perfect. Thank you guys so much for the giveaway!

u/Loveless1997 · 1 pointr/flashlight

Hello, if I’m selected I’d like to receive this one. Thank you for doing this giveaway for everyone, I’m sure it will mean a lot to whoever wins!

u/pRoded · 1 pointr/flashlight

The flashlight would actually be for my mom she's taken an interest in them lately. This one seems to be pretty cool. Gl everyone :)

u/jeffreywilfong · 1 pointr/flashlight
u/redisant · 1 pointr/flashlight

Stellar giveaway! I'd like the ThruNite Neutron 2C V3 please!

u/i_will_not_69 · 1 pointr/flashlight
u/ryebreaded · 1 pointr/flashlight

Thanks for the giveaway!

Thrunite Neutron NW

u/dubyrunning · 1 pointr/flashlight

Do you mean put the whole light in/on some kind of charging cradle? Those are available, but you'd be limiting your options greatly.

USB charging is more common. There are a number of great lights that'd meet your requirements that have USB or magnetic charging, so you plug a charging cable to the light. Again, your options will be more limited than if you were okay with removing the battery and charging it in a charger, but you'd have more options than if you require a cradle.

For a light with built-in charging you can buy on Amazon, and considering you can probably fit a 1x 18650 light in your shorts pretty easily, I'd recommend the Thrunite Neutron 2C Neutral White. Up to 1,100 lumens with useful lower modes and smooth brightness ramping.

EDIT: Although, the Neutron 2C is closer to 5 inches long than 4. If you want something really small (3.64" by 1") and high quality, you should take a look at the BLF FW3A (not on Amazon and not USB-rechargeable though).

u/cooperred · 1 pointr/flashlight
u/rikuvomoto · 1 pointr/flashlight

You rock for doing this. ;

ThruNite Neutron 2c v3

u/moomoo_potato · 1 pointr/flashlight

Thanks again!

Thrunite 2C NW

u/ReallyInToCheese · 1 pointr/flashlight

Thanks for doing this!!!

I think I’d go Manker U11 NW but it’s sold out at amazon. I guess my second choice would be the Thrunite neutron 2C NW.

u/chipsn_dips · 1 pointr/flashlight
u/jftuga · 1 pointr/flashlight

Thank you for doing this...

ThruNite Neutron 2C V3 Micro-USB Chargeable LED Flashlight CREE XP-L V6 LED Max 1100 lumens with Firefly, Turbo, Strobe and Self-Define Modes (Neutron 2C V3 Neutral White)

u/cujo255 · 1 pointr/flashlight

Thanks as always!

ThruNite Neutron 2C V3 NW

u/jahnkeuxo · 1 pointr/flashlight

Awesome idea! I just discovered this sub last week after seeing someone on twitter praising its top memes, and having two Streamlight Stylus Pros both very recently die on me (maybe it was the alkalines?). I'm itching to move from 2xAAA to 18650's and I think here would be a nice place to start.

u/DubsNC · 1 pointr/flashlight

I thought I was knowledgeable about Flashlights, then I found r/Flashlights!
Would be awesome. If I don’t win I’ll find some new lights on my own!

u/PM_ME_YOUR_AX · 1 pointr/flashlight
u/wyatt1209 · 1 pointr/flashlight

ThruNite Neutron 2C NW

Thanks as always

u/radioactive_muffin · 1 pointr/flashlight

The Neutron 2c V3 would be great at night out on the jobs as a portable off hand.

u/dunchblaster · 1 pointr/flashlight
u/kariboberifefifofery · 1 pointr/flashlight

Thanks for the giveaway!
It’d be awesome to win this , as my husband has been talking up his new flashlights and I’d very much like to one up him. :)

u/proxyclean · 1 pointr/flashlight
u/Roamiee · 1 pointr/flashlight

I'm a little late to the party, but thank you for this giveaway. As for my choice, I would like the ThruNite Neutron 2C V3

Very generous of you. Thank you again.

u/SolarBaron · 1 pointr/flashlight
u/FlightOfTheCondors · 1 pointr/EDC

This is what I use. It isn't rechargeable, and most flashlights have multi modes

ThruNite Archer 2A V3 Cool White 500 Lumens AA LED Flashlight

This one is rechargeable

ThruNite Neutron 2C V3 Micro-USB Chargeable LED Flashlight CREE XP-L V6 LED Max 1100 lumens with Firefly, Turbo, Strobe and Self-define Modes Battery Included (Neutron 2C V3 Neutral White)

u/Fructiiii · 1 pointr/flashlight
u/Knobodycares · 1 pointr/flashlight

Thank you for this giveaway! Btw I have a D4 on the way thanks to you all :)

u/jonsuh · 1 pointr/flashlight

Thanks for doing the giveaway!

ThruNite Neutron 2C V3 NW

u/Theylikedumbdumb · 1 pointr/flashlight Thrunite Neutron 2C V3 NW, been lookin' at this for a while.

u/AviculariaVersicolor · 1 pointr/flashlight
u/kazibole · 1 pointr/flashlight

ThruNite Neutron 2C V3!!


Thank you for the great giveaway!

u/sputnik_1 · 1 pointr/flashlight

Thanks for running the giveway... I just found this sub recently and already made a few purchases. One more chiming in with a ThruNite Neutron 2C V3 wishlist.

u/SadrageII · 1 pointr/flashlight

Thrunite Neutron 2C V3, thanks for doing this!

u/trakcon · 1 pointr/flashlight

Thanks so much! I've really been wanting one of these: ReyLight

u/SpaceDawg2018 · 1 pointr/flashlight


Thank you for the opportunity. Good luck everyone.

u/MechaTrogdor · 1 pointr/EDC

You’re set in the watch department. I think a Victorinox Cadet or Leatherman Juice s2 would be a great general edc tool. Couple it with a midrange nice quality light like the reylight pineapple or an olight s1r.

u/PM_ME_HIGH_FIVES__ · 1 pointr/flashlight

This is awesome, just started to research EDC flashlights. Would love to start with a Reylight Pineapple . Thank you!

u/niktak11 · 1 pointr/flashlight

The reylight pineapple. Sexiest 14500 light I've seen

$39 with promo code: IW3C96K8

u/MadameBattleMonkey · 1 pointr/flashlight

Zebralight Headlamp (will edit later)

u/behyot · 1 pointr/flashlight

Awesome, I'll go for this one!

u/redfiresvt03 · 1 pointr/flashlight

I’ll try for the pineapple this time

Thanks as always!

u/jzheadley · 1 pointr/flashlight

Would love a Pineapple as my first light!

u/GeospatialDaryl · 1 pointr/flashlight

Yo yeah! Thanks so much for the giveaway.

These look fantastic!

reylight pineapple

u/ZapperDubs · 1 pointr/flashlight

Thanks for doing this! Think I'll go for the Reylight Pineapple

u/tristanb90 · 1 pointr/flashlight

another reylight pineapple here. Thanks!

u/fishnj · 1 pointr/flashlight
u/WannaBMonkey · 1 pointr/flashlight

I should try some smaller lights. Like a pineapple

u/Short_poster · 1 pointr/flashlight

Wow, so fast a climb! Thank you for the chance at a giveaway as well.

My choice: Pineapple

u/sfgiants419 · 1 pointr/flashlight

Thanks for the giveaway

Maybe you should do a giveaway every 5K and cap it to $100 once it gets there. Or the monthly idea is also a good idea.

u/Liquidretro · 1 pointr/flashlight

I can also recommend the Reylight brass Pineapple. Rey recently listed it on Amazon (Version 2 with updated reflector and slightly longer size to accommodate different 14500 cells) (Affiliate link) Use code IW3C96K8 to bring the price to $39
High CRI Neutral white is really nice if you have never had one. Tritium is fun to get into too. I need to order some myself actually for a Reylight TI-LAN.

u/kickerofelves86 · 1 pointr/flashlight

Just don't get the one with the absurd bezel

u/BirdTog · 1 pointr/flashlight

>From the doorway (Turns into a shitshow if I need to go in with lights out and whatnot) I am just looking to see that they are there, and ideally they are alright.

I incorrectly assumed that you had to go in and do a closer check like acute care facilities do.

> my old flashlight that was red was really bright and I'd just shine it on the ceiling and it'd light up the whole room.

With that in mind, the Nitecore I recommended earlier probably won't work for you since the red LED in it is pretty low power. You might be better off getting a Solarforce L2M host (runs 18650, or can run stubby with 18350 with the extension tube removed) and a red LED drop in like this one from KAI Domain.

Or just get a white light that will take a screw in or slip on red filter, like Fenixes linked by u/ImALittleCrackpot. The Wowtac A1S BSS includes a screw in red filter and is complete package for $40.

I hope this helps you find the right light or at least gets you going in the right direction.

u/j8ner · 1 pointr/flashlight

Thanks for the opportunity!

u/Twerk_King · 1 pointr/flashlight

Just getting into nice flashlights and this would be amazing to help kick off my collection!

u/MysticSeaSloth · 1 pointr/flashlight

I would really like the Wowtac A1S V2.

Thanks for the giveaway!

u/nekoparty · 1 pointr/flashlight

Thanks for the giveway, best of luck for everyone entering.

u/wgwalkerii · 1 pointr/flashlight

Wowtac A1S - seems to be a winner for me...

Good luck to everyone, and thanks for your generosity. I've been looking for a light, and may just buy this one after I'm sure I haven't won it.

u/theklondikebar · 1 pointr/flashlight
u/loquacioustype · 1 pointr/flashlight
u/GustavoFrings · 1 pointr/flashlight
u/sadpony · 1 pointr/flashlight
u/2FAST4UM8 · 1 pointr/flashlight

Gotta try my luck with a Q8

u/itally_stally · 1 pointr/flashlight

Gonna go BLF Q8, thanks for the giveaway!

ThorFire Powerful Flashlight 5000 Lumen, BLF Q8 Professional Searchlight, 4 XPL Led Light, UI Configurable, Use 4 Button Top 18650 Battery (Not Included)

u/snodd · 1 pointr/flashlight

Very generous, thanks!


u/ImLagging · 1 pointr/flashlight

Thanks for the giveaway. Since Banggood canceled my order, you’re my only hope (not really, but it sounded good, right?). I’ll take the Thorfire Q8.

BTW, some of y’all need to switch to

u/longmountain · 1 pointr/flashlight
u/crappy_guitarist · 1 pointr/flashlight
u/Phillsen · 1 pointr/flashlight

Thank you very much, I'll take my chances with this one

I'm from Germany, guess we'd have to work out the shipping details in case I get lucky

u/De_La_Dank · 1 pointr/flashlight

This is very rad of you to do. I would also like to submit for:

Sorry for being such a lurker

u/jel7 · 1 pointr/flashlight

Dude, your awesome! Thanks for the opportunity. 550 Lumens Super Bright Outdoor EDC Mini Keychain Rechargeable LED Flashlight,Hard Anodizing Aluminium Alloy Built-in Li-ion Battery 45 Minutes Fast Charging,Waterproof IPX-65 Small Torch,A3(Gun Grey)

u/ChuunibyouImouto · 1 pointr/flashlight

Dude you guys are the best, but you've gone MAD with power!

I've been name dropping this sub as much as I can!

u/Pudinmonsta · 1 pointr/flashlight
u/eymantia · 1 pointr/flashlight

I’ll throw in a Rovyvon A3 in Black for my keychain. Seems like it would make a nice backup light.

u/johnsix · 1 pointr/flashlight

I'll try for the Rovyvon Aurora A3 this time.

u/TheThreeLaws · 1 pointr/flashlight

Sub is growing fast! The Royvon Aurora would be a great keychain upgrade!

u/potatopotatopotato · 1 pointr/flashlight
u/Precogvision · 1 pointr/flashlight

Thanks for the giveaway Para!

RovyVon Aurora Luminous Body, 550 Lumens Outdoor Mini EDC Rechargeable High Bright Multi-Functional Flashlight, with Reading Light and Red Warning Light, Idea as a Gift

u/analchasm · 1 pointr/flashlight

Congratulations and thank you!!
So maybe the Rovyvon would be a good choice??

u/-LieutenantObvious- · 1 pointr/flashlight

RovyVon Red

Thanks for the giveaway and congrats on 38000 subs!

u/PocketSammich · 1 pointr/flashlight

You're on fire with the giveaways, thanks man!

Rovyvon A5

u/EdinDevon · 1 pointr/flashlight
u/zuproc · 1 pointr/flashlight
u/imreallynotthatcool · 1 pointr/flashlight

Cool, thanks for the giveaway!

I would have to go with the Rovyvon Aurora UV.

u/bobo-5 · 1 pointr/flashlight

Thanks for the giveaways.

RovyVon Aurora

Good luck everyone

u/mountaintop123 · 1 pointr/flashlight
u/Vashguns · 1 pointr/flashlight

RovyVon Aurora

Been eyeing this light.
Thank you for your generosity!

u/BorecoleMyriad · 1 pointr/flashlight

Thanks here it is.

u/ih8peeple · 1 pointr/flashlight

RovyVon Aurora A5 is my choice.
Thanks for the giveaway, glad to know the community is growing.

u/groooviee · 1 pointr/flashlight

RovyVon Aurora Luminous Body,550 Lumens Outdoor Mini EDC Rechargeable High Bright Flashlight,with Reading Light and Red Warning Light

Cool adition to the edc.

u/bibamus · 1 pointr/flashlight



u/realthedeal · 1 pointr/flashlight

It's a popular choice but the Aurora a5 looks super cool! Rovyvon Aurora link

u/AlphaMack · 1 pointr/flashlight

RovyVon for me please!

u/drewlb · 1 pointr/flashlight

well it looks like this is the cool kid trend... so Aurora

u/nick7790 · 1 pointr/flashlight

A Royvon would be nice, but im game for pretty much any AA EDC style light or a FET driven C8 with a XPL-HI

u/Natanael_L · 1 pointr/flashlight

Can't decide one;

This one's a pretty neat keychain light, that can hang off clothes too:

This one's one of the unusual siblings of the Nitecore Tube:

This one says it doesn't ship to Sweden... :/

Thinking of giving one of these to my sister:

Or this, to complement my TI5T:

Or this for myself:

It's probably going to be the Tip CRI or Keymate

u/loimprevisto · 1 pointr/flashlight

I've been wating to try one of these little guys for a while.

As always, parametrek rocks!

u/JadeEyeTiger · 1 pointr/flashlight

My birthday is on the 21st, this would make my year as I want to get into the flashlight community. This Rovyvon seems like a good choice for me and my lifestyle.
Rovyvon Aurora
Thanks in advance!

u/KatipunanCowboy · 1 pointr/flashlight
u/principled_principal · 1 pointr/flashlight

Thanks in advance and regardless of the winner—you da man!

my choice in red

u/BayTrails · 1 pointr/flashlight

I like this one a lot.
Thank you!

u/Chuckler3 · 1 pointr/flashlight

Aurora Luminous would be amazing.

u/SheriffBartholomew · 1 pointr/flashlight

Thanks, that looks pretty cool. I actually just bought this one this morning:

u/DaffyDuck · 1 pointr/flashlight

Just a suggestion from personal experience but I don't need a light stored in my car because I now have a keychain light that is bright enough for most purposes.

This is what I have. It's a great little light and not at all uncomfortable in my pocket.

I also have a D4v2 but I wouldn't stick it in the glove compartment. Its too "flashy" to be relegated to that.

u/FeebleOldMan · 1 pointr/flashlight

RovyVon Aurora A5R please.

Thank you for the opportunity!

u/Snoballz · 1 pointr/flashlight

Thanks for the giveaway! I've been eyeing the RovyVon Aurora GITD for the past couple of months.

u/damn_internet · 1 pointr/flashlight
u/maefartsmell · 1 pointr/flashlight

Thanks man!

u/SinkIntoTheSky · 1 pointr/flashlight

I need a thrower and a right angle to round off my bases, so I'll go for a thrower. Thank you!

u/PatientlyPainting · 1 pointr/flashlight

Thanks for the giveaway! GT mini

u/mpfdmn · 1 pointr/flashlight

I don't have a thrower yet so maybe you could be my hero??

LUMINTOP GT Mini Long Rang Flashlight 17W 4.5A CREE XHL Max 1200 Lumen Beam Distance 750 Meter 135,000cd Outdoor Flashlight (Neutral White)

u/snakeproof · 1 pointr/flashlight

Lumentop GT Mini would be fun, thank you so much for the opportunity.

u/JusticeUmmmmm · 1 pointr/flashlight

I love this sub! I think less frequent would make them more special.

If I get so lucky I would love a GTMini I don't have a thrower yet.

u/Bearded_Fury · 1 pointr/flashlight
u/SpinySoftshell · 1 pointr/flashlight

Thanks so much for running these giveaways!! I'd love a GT Mini.

u/Paulmunkotv · 1 pointr/flashlight

Hey just in the nick of time!

I would love to put the mass of 18650's I have left over from before I quit vaping to use. This light seems super cool!

Thanks for the opportunity brotha, some good karma coming your way!

u/homiekisses · 1 pointr/flashlight
u/joebin33 · 1 pointr/flashlight

Thank You!!!

LUMINTOP GT Mini Long Rang Flashlight 17W 4.5A CREE XHL Max 1200 Lumen Beam Distance 750 Meter 135,000cd Outdoor Flashlight (Neutral White)

u/Oodin · 1 pointr/flashlight

This is awesome, I'm definitely in this time!
Lumintop GT Mini NW

u/sco0ts19 · 1 pointr/flashlight

GT Mini

Thanks for the giveaway!

u/NoContextCarl · 1 pointr/flashlight
u/Osz1984 · 1 pointr/flashlight

Trying to expand my GT family!


Thank you!

u/jericho0o · 1 pointr/flashlight

Oh yes oh yes!


You are the man!


Lumintop GT Mini - Neutral White


Thanks chief!

u/fuzzypickles0_0s · 1 pointr/flashlight
u/Yelov · 1 pointr/flashlight

Lumintop GT Mini, almost nothing ships where I live, I don't even know how Amazon works. From Lumintop themselves the shipping costs 25usd, but the link I provided says free shipping, so I hope that's fine.

Anyway, thanks!

u/MKK520 · 1 pointr/flashlight

LUMINTOP GT Mini Long Rang Flashlight 17W 4.5A CREE XHL Max 1200 Lumen Beam Distance 750 Meter 135,000cd Outdoor Flashlight (Neutral White)

Was just looking at these. Glad to be a part of such an awesome sub.

u/Metalman_333 · 1 pointr/flashlight

I've been on the lookout for a thrower. Lumintop GT Mini would be great.

Thank you for the giveaways!

u/Tikka19 · 1 pointr/flashlight

GT Mini


u/RaGeBoNoBoNeR · 1 pointr/flashlight
u/Ryowxyz · 1 pointr/flashlight

Didn't we just have one of these last week?

For me it has to be the Lumintop GT Mini, always wanted one!

u/maxbls16 · 1 pointr/flashlight

This lumintop gt mini looks really awesome!

u/sta015 · 1 pointr/flashlight

My top choice - the Lumentop GT Mini

u/Frnott · 1 pointr/flashlight

Sweet, I could totally use a new light.


What will you do when/if this sub reaches 1,000,000 subscribers?

u/itshowyousaidit · 1 pointr/flashlight

Site is looking good. Thanks for your generosity. I like Thrunite TC15 NW please!

u/TwentyPercentPlease · 1 pointr/flashlight
u/LittleGanymede · 1 pointr/realestateinvesting

LOL that's what I was thinking about based on a few suggestions. I'm thinking of buying this flashlight. What do you think?

u/irishmcsg2 · 1 pointr/flashlight

This is the only sub I know that does these giveaways, and it really solidifies /r/flashlight as one of the friendliest subreddits I visit. I would be thrilled to win a TC15!

u/owe84n · 1 pointr/flashlight

Thanks again to everyone that helps out with the giveaways!

I’d love to get the Thrunite TC15 NW. Something a bit special for the form factor :)

u/bombadil1564 · 1 pointr/flashlight

ThruNite TC15 2300 Lumens Ultra-Bright USB Rechargeable LED Flashlight, CREE XHP 35 LED, Indoor/Outdoor (Camping, Hiking, Security and Emergency Use) NW

Thank you for these giveaways!

u/wilamil · 1 pointr/flashlight

The TC15 in Neutral White is my entry. Thank you!


u/psycholicense · 1 pointr/flashlight
u/AmateurPolyglot1 · 1 pointr/flashlight

Thanks for doing this!! ThruNite TC15 NW

u/T3knik · 1 pointr/flashlight

Newbie here, this looks like an awesome thing you guys do!

u/quitepossiblylying · 1 pointr/Damnthatsinteresting

ThruNite TC15

I liked that it is usb rechargable

u/blackjeansandboots · 1 pointr/flashlight

Hey mate, thanks for doing this, it’s killer! I’d pick an Sofirn SP36 please!

u/BlindlyTyping · 1 pointr/flashlight

Thanks for the giveaway, and just because it's a bit ridiculous
Sofirn BLF SP36 Anduril Version

u/MNLegoBoy · 1 pointr/flashlight

Thank you for the GAW no bucket light for me this time, but a Sofirn SP36

u/thepaa · 1 pointr/flashlight
u/BarefootCameraSam · 1 pointr/flashlight
u/brad1242 · 1 pointr/flashlight
u/BuildStuffBreakStuff · 1 pointr/flashlight
u/crappycstrike · 1 pointr/flashlight

I’d love to get a Sofirn BLF SP36

u/el_mialda · 1 pointr/flashlight

Sweet! My choice will be BLF SP36 with batteries.

u/mitsuki08 · 1 pointr/flashlight

I'd like the SP36 Anduril Thanks for the GAW! Hope you're not sacrificing much by doing all of these GAWs.

u/Zanderpuss · 1 pointr/flashlight

That sure is a lot of people who have seen the light. Thanks for all you do here!

Sofirn SP36 BLF Anduril

u/JoeJoe54 · 1 pointr/flashlight

You guys are awesome!

Sofirn BLF Sp36

u/CoconutJohn · 1 pointr/flashlight

Woah! Can't believe we're up to 70k already. Thanks for the chance, para! SP36 for me, please.

u/justagook · 1 pointr/flashlight

Thx for the giveaway! Hoping to get this to go along with the LT1

u/TheNetRanger · 1 pointr/flashlight

Light it up! Thanks!

u/Grinder_ · 1 pointr/flashlight
u/FearofTriskets · 1 pointr/flashlight

Thanks a ton for doing these giveaways! Like several others, I'd like this Sofirn:

u/average_guy · 1 pointr/flashlight Sofirn like everyone else


u/connorkmiec93 · 1 pointr/flashlight
u/Otto-Didact · 1 pointr/flashlight
u/karmicOtter · 1 pointr/flashlight

As recommend by a fellow redditor this is my pick

Thanks OP!

u/unsane_imagination · 1 pointr/flashlight

Thanks for all the work and helping this community. If you choose me, I’d like to try out the latest favorite sodacan: the Sofirn SP36

u/_Realize_ · 1 pointr/flashlight

I'd like to see what all the hype is about. Thanks!

u/LoPan12 · 1 pointr/flashlight

Sofirn SP36 BLF Anduril Powerful Flashlight, 4 LH351D LED 5000K 90 CRI, USB C Rechargeable, Battery Not Included

u/BeagleGreenReturns · 1 pointr/flashlight

I'd love this one! Thanks for doing this!


u/253Bigfoot · 1 pointr/flashlight
u/PipPenguin · 1 pointr/flashlight

I'd love to try out This guy!

u/HoneyPotat · 1 pointr/flashlight
u/tsk1979 · 1 pointr/flashlight

50$ light with USB-C charging. Really great!

u/goopoolol · 1 pointr/flashlight

SP36 with some CRI goodness!

u/venemous · 1 pointr/flashlight

Sofirn SP36 BLF Anduril Powerful Flashlight, 4 LH351D LED 5000K 90 CRI, USB C Rechargeable, Battery Not Included

Thanks for the chance!

u/sociopathicsamaritan · 1 pointr/flashlight

Thanks for doing this.

I'll jump on the sofirn sp36 blf bandwagon.

u/alvis_time_miracle · 1 pointr/flashlight

I'll jump on the SP36 train as well, thanks for doing these!

u/chronictherapist · 1 pointr/flashlight

SP36 here too.

u/samwill27 · 1 pointr/flashlight

Wanted this light for a while now, absolutely amazing of you to do this!

u/Hubbell34 · 1 pointr/flashlight

I’ll go with the sofirn
Thanks again

u/magness · 1 pointr/flashlight
u/Zeklyn_ · 1 pointr/flashlight

I’ve been thinking about buying this one for a while!

Thanks for the giveaway!

u/dustednuggets · 1 pointr/flashlight
u/Flyerone · 1 pointr/flashlight

I'll jump on the Sofirn SP36 BLF band wagon. Although as I am in Australia, I'll cover postage should I be lucky enough to win.

Thanks parametrek