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u/angelindisguise · 152 pointsr/JUSTNOMIL this one has sharing features. You could make her show you her results before you talk to her.

"Are you sober?"


"Prove it."

u/CrossEyed-FishFace · 45 pointsr/Android

I skimmed the article and didn't see a potential price listed. Unless it's cheap I don't see this being all that worthwhile.

These have been for sale for a long time ranging from $5-$100 (USD) and I would assume that most the people who want one probably already have one. It's not really a convenience issue either, because some are small and made to be key chain accessories.

... that's just my two cents.

u/random_reddit_accoun · 11 pointsr/relationships

It surprised me how cheap one can buy a breathalyzer.

If she is willing to use it, that could solve the question of if she is legal to drive or not.

$100 for a breathalyzer, or $10,000 for a DUI. It's up to her.

u/SickTransitMundus · 8 pointsr/bostontrees

You don't get to choose the clinic, usually. When I have taken piss tests it's either administered at the employer's site or I've been sent to a lab of their choosing like Quest Diagnostics.

Seriously, buy some THC test strips and check your whiz every couple of days. They have the same 50 ng/mL cutoffs that pre-employment tests do. Practice loading up on Gatorade - not water - and see if that can push you under the line. Your low bodyfat will help you get clear faster.

I use concentrates daily too. My personal time-to-clean is about 12-14 days from daily use. Good luck.

u/two-thirds · 7 pointsr/nursing

For future reference to whoever may need it:

You can easily test yourself using the same immunoassay method labs use for 10 dollars.

It's only when you trigger this do they test again with the more sensitive Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS) for confirmation.

The cutoff for THC should be the same <50ng everywhere (but a few labs halve the cutoff for some of the other drugs)

u/olivianewtonjohn · 6 pointsr/vaporents

A few suggestions for you:

  1. Stop consuming THC
  2. Buy a THC drug test, I got 10 of them off amazon for cheap, if in a hurry just buy it from walmart/drug store:

  1. Make sure to consume lots of fluids, I hear exercising helps as well

  2. On the day of your exam consume extra fluids to dilute your urine, you can research this point more but from what I understand you are unlikely to fail for dilute urine (unless it has very low color). Actually might want to make sure you are taking your multi vitamins to get some color in your urine

  3. Be skeptical of whacky advise from people who dont know what they are talking about, be skeptical of products that say they will clean you out
u/dragonblade629 · 6 pointsr/shittykickstarters

Forbes has reported on this straw that can detect Roofies, ketamine, or GHB that was invented by a group of high school students in Miami. It doesn't look like it's on the market just yet though. I also remember seeing it on the Today show or something and I think they said it's one use.

There also appears to be these sheets already on the market that can detect Roofies and ketamine. Looks like $7.50 for a ten pack.. I wonder what it says that this company is also based in Florida, though up north in Tallahassee.

u/ParkRap · 5 pointsr/Petioles

I'd suggest picking up a home test kit and using that as your metric, just because it is entirely objective so you can't cheat yourself. 50ng/ml is the standard for employment drug tests, but you may want to go even lower to 20ng/ml for the "get my shit together break" as the longer you stay away the more you'll experience being sober.

To get a (very rough) idea of how long this will take, try this online calculator:

20ng/ml (more sensitive) test kit, may want to buy 2 of them (4 total test strips):

50ng/ml (less sensitive) test kit. 15 pack

u/txstatekate · 5 pointsr/cripplingalcoholism

alcohawk! My personal best is 0.31 before black zoning it. I probably drank more after that.

u/iscreamtruck · 5 pointsr/gaybros
  1. nice graphing calculator (i'm an engineer and i couldn't imagine life without it).
  2. BACtrak breathalyzer (the assurance is worth the cost).
  3. Hamilton Beach 33969A Slow Cooker Made meals much easier to do during the week, and has a ton of party uses.
  4. Photive CYREN Bluetooth speakers inexpensive and work surprisingly well. i take them everywhere and people are always appreciative.
u/[deleted] · 5 pointsr/news

This is why things like this are quite amazing to have to keep yourself in check. For if you have an employer that likes to conduct drug tests every so often.

Also, if someone has not passed a drug test after two months of not smoking. Please pass that blunt around. As that truly is the finest chronic out there and should be shared among friends.

u/synt4x · 5 pointsr/Sacramento

I recommend buying a breathalyzer - you can an ok one for as cheap as $40 on Amazon. It's real benefit is that it will help you develop an intuitive association between how physically feel and what your BAC measures.

u/weiko · 5 pointsr/CHSinfo

I agree. I personally have been smoking again since my initial post here months ago. Buy at-home drug tests, the ones I used are:

My theory is to let your body completely reset itself and rid the toxic amounts of thc and other cannabinoids stored in your system and fat. During this time, I completely changed my diet to fruits, veggies, deli meats and meals that actually had to be cooked, smaller portion sizes, making sure not to eat right before bed, and WAY less snack type foods. I started going to planet fitness even just for 30 minutes at a time a few times a week. In my case it took 60 days till the tests started showing negative, and I waited a few more days after till I finally took a hit of flower a few hours before bed. I was nervous as hell smoking again because I didn't know what would happen when I woke up in the morning. I must say that I got SO high off one hit it was ridiculous, it was like I never smoked before lol. After that, I said to myself I would only take like a rip every few days, but there was never a gap in days since then. I smoke whenever I feel like now, and I only smoke flower now no dabs or carts. It has only been about 5 months but so far so good. I have not had any abdominal pains, or felt the urges for hot baths since.

My diet and exercise is pretty much back to shit again so I'm not sure if I am setting myself up for failure alongside all the thc intake. I stay pretty active at work but I also do a lot of computer work as well, so I sit a lot. only time will tell.

u/joshTheGoods · 4 pointsr/Roadcam

> Also "novelty" breathalyzers are horribly inaccurate, so you could have been significantly more drunk than it showed.

This is a key point. Drop ~130 on an s80 if you want accuracy.

u/jjj49er · 4 pointsr/alcoholism

I have a Bactrack. It's Bluetooth and works with or without your phone. It's small and easily attaches to a keychain. It has a digital readout on the side, or you can link it to your phone. It tracks your BAC and can send the results to someone if you are trying to be accountable.

u/powderline · 4 pointsr/cripplingalcoholism

This one has worked pretty well for me. Nice and compact, so I can hide it in whatever I want along with my “bottle of water”.

I’m not an affiliate in any way, shape or form.

u/talkingtunataco501 · 4 pointsr/trees

And stop drug testing for pre-employment too! My [email protected] test kit says I'm clean, but I'm not taking chances. I'm doing a detox cycle and my pee is bright neon yellow right now.

u/Honkycatt · 3 pointsr/AppHookup
u/melonhedd · 3 pointsr/cripplingalcoholism

I bought a breath alcohol meter so I can be sure

u/subtyler · 3 pointsr/trees

No one can really answer that for you, everyone is different. Try using [these] ( to get an idea if you're clean or not. Took me a month last time I was applying for jobs.

u/Year_Of_The_Horse_ · 3 pointsr/Residency

If he's a daily heavy smoker, he can remain positive on UDS for up to 2 months.

OP, you can buy your own marijuana test strips on Amazon:

Breaking the law regarding illegal substances is really really dumb if you're a doctor! Don't throw away your career because you needed to smoke wacky tobacky.

u/teemunney · 3 pointsr/cripplingalcoholism

I bought this one a little over a month ago. It has proven to be reliable as long as you rinse your mouth with water or alcohol-free mouthwash before testing. The manufacturer will even recalibrate it for you if you send a check/money order for 20 bucks along with the device.

I have an interlock on my car and got tired of violations after my second one--it's a $50 fee you must pay within 72 hours of each violation, gotta go to an installation center and all that crap too. I'd say for $30 and having no violations since, it's been worth it.

u/Cirop · 3 pointsr/AskDrugNerds

Ketamine doesn't really paralyze you but it severely impairs movement in a similar way to alcohol. It also doesn't selectively numb pain like you describe. I don't really know of any common drug that causes conscious paralysis without complete amnesia. It could've been another anesthetic like Propofol, though I don't know about its effects enough to say for certain.

There is also the possibility that you were put in to a dissociative state because of severe trauma. It can occur weather or not you have a history of psychosis or mental illness. The initial black out could've been caused be a benzodiazepine, GHB, or simmilar drug. Though, how you wrote this it seems you were in this state even before you were assaulted, so I don't know.

Id recommend getting these, they only test for benzodiazepines but there are similar products for ketamine and GHB.

u/PregnantInsect · 3 pointsr/weekendgunnit

Some brief googling says this is a top of the line model. It's kinda tempting.

u/likeomgWOW · 2 pointsr/drugtesthelp

I use these: 10 Pack - [email protected] Marijuana (THC) Single Panel Drug Tests Kit - Individually Wrapped Single Panel THC Screen Urine Drug Test Kit with 50 ng/ml Cutoff Level - EDTH-114

u/WalkingGarbage · 2 pointsr/NoStupidQuestions

As for using it with your PC, refer to this article. For the light stuff, these bulbs are compatible.

u/mybabysbacon · 2 pointsr/breakingmom

If he's open to it (which it doesn't sound like he is TBH) can you get him to do a scientific trial? Tell him it's to put your mind at ease, if that will help.

Buy one of these, hire a sitter, or send baby to grandma's for the night (if you can). Give him full permission to tie one on, but you get to test his BAC at set intervals so he can see at exactly what point he becomes incapable of caring for your baby, based on BAC levels. (Note: If he can't legally drive then that's the cutoff IMO) Make it fun for him if that's what you need to get him to cooperate.

Continue to test for an hour after he's finished his last drink. Go over the results in the morning when he's sober. Maybe he needs to visually see what his blood alcohol levels are doing to understand the weight of what you're getting at. Maybe he needs to see this not as a judgement from you, but a serious concern for the stability of your family. He needs to understand that it's not solely about being competent to physically care for an infant (though her safety is the primary concern), but if there is an emergency and he needs to drive somewhere, he needs to understand the severity of the impact to your family if he gets arrested for drunk driving, or crashes the car.

u/PCBreakdown · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Keychain Breathalyzer, which will either keep you in the responsible drinking zone, or can be a super fun party game - totally up to you.

Happy birthday!

Really, on a Monday?

u/Elisius · 2 pointsr/pics

OR buy a breathalyzer.

The fuel-cell models police/EMTs use are $140. It's a LOT cheaper then a DUI. You can help everyone at the party stay safe AND it's a cool to use to see who's really having a good time and who's faking.

u/hailtotheno · 2 pointsr/cripplingalcoholism

I got this one off Amazon and I swear by it. BACtrack S35 Breathalyzer Portable Breath Alcohol Tester

u/whaathe · 2 pointsr/cripplingalcoholism

Yah I been thinking of buying one myself. Seems like there is two distinct types: semiconductor or fuel cell. The first is your cheap and crappy, the second is not-so-cheap and good-ish. No BAC tester is completely accurate from a breath read. But the fuel-cell ones tend to be consistent and fairly accurate (maybe be over-cautious if you're thinking of driving though.. the +/- variance could fuck you up).

The particular one which I am personally thinking of buying is BACtrack S80.. on special at the moment. Recently there was a BAC breathalyzer installed at work which I've used a half a dozen times which has got me thinking about this.. Apparently my "oh cool finally got a buzz going" level is 0.21 :/

u/MurphyTheMastiff · 2 pointsr/askdrugs

I mean, my piss was a normal yellow for this test so I hope that is a good indication that I should be ok. Plus I got a [[email protected] Marijuana (THC) Single Panel Drug Tests Kit] ( coming that I'll be using to test more.

u/OpenMindedSloth · 2 pointsr/Advice
u/spooniemclovin · 2 pointsr/Marijuana

You are fine. If that is all you smoked and you are fit it is most likely you are already clean.
Test yourself: 15 Pack [email protected] Marijuana (thc) Single Panel Drug Tests Kit - #EDTH-114
If you aren't clean when the time occurs, use the 3oz Synthetic:
I've seen the synthetic work 20+ times. It's sold as an alternative in "wet sex" fetishes 🤣🤣.
Edit: word.

u/mastertwisted · 2 pointsr/funny

Good for you! As a dad, I'm proud my daughter wanted to go to shows with me, and always took her. She has (like your daughter) an eclectic musical taste, minus the rap.

If you are concerned for your daughter's safety re: drinks, check out these...

u/RHoward80 · 2 pointsr/drugtesthelp

Sounds good! Apologies for the grammatical errors. Since quitting pot I've been drinking (I got issues haa) and type like an idiot.

Def get one those tests. Lost of times they are sold out and restocked a week or two later. You can also get it from eBay but I think they simply buy them from Amazon because I bought one about 3 weeks ago and even though eBay said the delivery was supposed to be that Friday, it didnt arrive until Monday which I believe was the same ETA on Amazon. I wanted it that Friday because I got paranoid I would get tested that following Monday. Luckily I didn't have the test and now the chance of being tested is like 1%. But when ur 100k+ job is on the line, 1% is too high (pun intended haa). I usually would get clean in about 21 days smoking only flowers. But the damn carts is taking damn forever. Smh.

Here's a link:

u/1life-1chance · 2 pointsr/trees

You mentioned that you last smoked around late August... how often would you smoke before that? Like every day or just on occasions? I used to smoke everyday & decided to quit to apply for a federal job & it took me 2 1/2 months to flush out all of the THC. I bought a 10 pack of at home drug tests from amazon so that I can test myself every week or 2. If you smoked a lot, you might still test dirty. these are the tests I bought on amazon

u/superawesomeme · 2 pointsr/apple

I was given a bluetooth breathalyzer a bit ago which surprisingly, was a great gift. The app is pretty neat and I can now somewhat predict close to what my BAC is without even using it. Neat little conversation starter at the bars too.
Safety benefit is that I can now prove to my friends why they shouldn't be driving with real numbers when we're out together. We've used Uber a heck of a lot more since getting it. Wish I had one in college.

smaller $49 one bactrack vio

larger one $99 I have highly accurate. bactrack mobile

I hope those amazon links work. I just copied what's in my browser bar.

u/noveltythrowawayz · 2 pointsr/fakeid

This one works well, I have it.

u/RATFINK187 · 2 pointsr/Drugtests

urine tests cups can be obtained online or probably at a pharmacy here is a link to some home tests on amazon.

u/WhoWho22222 · 2 pointsr/CBD
u/Joey-T99 · 2 pointsr/CBD

Ignore my post. I just reread your question, and it is about hair tests, not urine tests.
From what I have read, hair tests are much more sensitive. I believe THC can be detected in hairs for up to 90 days.


As mentioned before, buy a THC Urine Test kit.

I purchased a 50ng and 20ng test kit on Amazon, out of curiosity. I am retired and don't need to pass a drug test.

Here are links to what I bought. There may be better deals/products, so look around.

I have been vaping four different vape pens with the following CBD/THC content.
1:1, 3:1, 4:1, and 10:1

These vape pens have a lot more THC than a Hemp CBD product, which I believe has no more than 0.3% THC (almost nothing).
But some folks have reported failing a drug test using the Hemp CBD. So you need to be concerned.

For about 30 days I was smoking these different vape products about every other day. On the days I would vape, I would vape about 2 to 3 times a day.

I then tried the 50ng urine test, which I failed.
I then stopped vaping for about 7 days and tried the test again.
This time I passed.
I waited a few days more, and tried the 20ng, which I also passed.

So, IMO, if you don't vape for 7 days or more, you should likely pass a 50ng test, and maybe a 20ng test.
But you need to test yourself to be sure.

u/Damuzid · 2 pointsr/drugtesthelp

I wouldn’t buy tests at CVS, let alone shop there. Their prices on EVERYTHING are jacked. Because you have time on your side, I would buy a box of 20 tests for 9 bucks on amazon at 50 ng/ml. I got these. i smoked strong flowers all summer and for many years and was passing in 23 days, and am 6’1” 185lb. Hot showers and extra blankets at night helped me sweat it out. You should be able to pass unless you dab/vape concentrates daily.

u/snakevargas · 2 pointsr/todayilearned

Personally, I smell better in ketosis than not. I have a mild, kind-of spicy body odor — unless I eat regular butter — then my pits are hella-stinky. I've been making clarified butter instead, which removes the water-soluble compounds and apparently keeps the stink at bay.

As far as breath goes, burning fat produces acetone as a byproduct (i.e. nail-polish remover). This isn't as unhealthy as it sounds, but can be noticeable on the breath. I use a cheap-o breathalyzer to monitor the strength and tell me how deep I am in ketosis. I find my own breath pretty annoying if it goes above ".06 BAC". It's gone as high as ".16 BAC" if I'm burning a lot of fat (ex: the morning after a long hike).

u/Sally_C · 2 pointsr/CBD

I would think it would depend on how much, and how often, you were taking it. Perhaps your body composition as well since it would be fat soluble, and how diluted/concentrated your urine was.

Using a drug test from Amazon is a good idea, imho, because you can find out how much you can take before you test positive. They look pretty reasonably priced too. I found this 15 pack for $10.50

u/Princess_Moon_Butt · 2 pointsr/mildlyinteresting

For anyone looking, check out one of these or anything similar. I've got one, it's barely bigger than a flash drive and it's about comparable to these bar-top ones as far as accuracy goes.

For the people who are saying "Just don't drink and drive", you're kind of missing the point. The people who would listen to you probably don't need one of these in the first place. I've used it more to help convince someone else that they need to call a cab than I've used it to prove to myself that I'm okay to drive. That's the big thing. Any drunk guy can say "Nah, I feel fine" and shrug off your insistence. But it becomes a lot easier to convince them when you can show them that they just blew a 0.12 on one of those things.

u/Godot_12 · 2 pointsr/BuyItForLife

I would say anything under $75 I wouldn't even bother with. I got a cheap one for around $60, and it works somewhat...but really if you're going to spend the money go ahead and get something decent. A couple of my friends have breathalyzers have the ones below:

Both of them seem to work well. Always keep in mind that if you test right after you have a drink, you're not going to get an accurate reading, and really you still have to use common sense. Although the legal limit is .08 here, I'd say you're really risking it if you drive on .05 or higher. I don't normally bring mine out with me because I don't drink enough to ever have to worry in the first place, but it's still a neat little toy.

Edit: by the way the more you use them, the less accurate they get over time, and you'll eventually have to have it recalibrated. I think the first one I linked to says you can use it about 1,000 times before it needs recalibration.

u/AgeOfAsparagus · 2 pointsr/LifeProTips

You can get very nice, professional quality breathalyzers from Amazon for less than a hundred bucks. Might seem like a lot to spend for something most people don't even own, but how much do you spend on alcohol? Taxis? Fighting DUI charges? Increased insurance? Ignition interlock installation and maintenance fees?

Totally worth having your own, high quality (non-trinket) breathalyzer if you enjoy drinking and also own/drive cars.

Edit: I bought one of these on a lark and discovered that sometimes you really ARE* impaired the next day, even if you only feel slightly groggy. It really made me rethink things and I'm really glad I did so before any bad consequence.

u/rj_atl · 2 pointsr/atlbeer

On the whole DUI topic, I bought a breathalyzer from amazon, its awesome - - peace of mind is totally worth it. And its peanuts compared to what I spend on beer and fedex.

u/Zouden · 2 pointsr/Hue

This is the new white bulb. It's rounder than the old Lux bulb. The Lux name seems to have disappeared.

u/XXMyNameIsPatrickXX · 2 pointsr/blackfriday

The shipping is $5 if you are not a member. Membership costs $5, so you might as well get a month membership for the same price as shipping. Membership gives you free shipping on all their items. this website has a new sale everyday, and I can say I'm addicted. Definitely a good website near the holidays.

here is the link to the breathalyzer on amazon, check out the reviews

I don't work for them in anyway btw. just a fan of the site

u/FartyPoopy · 2 pointsr/stopdrinking

Been there man, used to hide my bottles in the ceiling tiles in my basement. Get a Breathalyzer and have your wife test you. The best selling one. A tad expensive, but it's accurate and you've spent wayyyy more on booze. If you're serious about this, have her order the breathalyzer and hide it so you can't tamper with it. Make it your goal to blow a 0.00 everyday (or throughout the day). The cravings wont go away, but it helped me stop after years of alcohol abuse. Also, have her test you randomly. I wont be drinking with you today. I hope one day you will feel happiness derived from living life instead of the fake substitute alcohol gives you. Go to your doctor and get checked out. Get some blood work done as well, a complete metabolic panel. Do it for yourself and your wife.

u/chokemeoutdaddy · 2 pointsr/Drugtests
u/davethemacguy · 2 pointsr/stopdrinking
u/yash1610 · 2 pointsr/IndianGaming

Ordered a few things from Amazon Global, multiple Nvidia Shield Tablets, a few phone cases, and a few other gadgets, pretty much everything was delivered without any hitch, and they always seemed to estimate a higher amount of tax than was actually required, although the remaining would be refunded within 2 days of delivery.

There was one instance where I never got the product, obviously I was refunded in full and even amazon didn't get their product back. It was this, a BAC tester, the customs kept it stating that it wasn't allowed in the country, and that if I wanted it I would have to pay them a fine of 30K on top of the price I paid to amazon, I contacted amazon and they told me due to the nature of the laws in India, they had held it and there was nothing that could have been done and refunded me in full.

u/mythrowaway_halppp1 · 2 pointsr/drugtesthelp

Did you take those tests first thing in the morning or after a bunch of water?

I don't have experience with those $1 tests from the dollar store, but they may just not give a super bold line because they're cheap, but I'm not sure.

I only have experience with these

And I did buy one of these Equate tests from Walmart.

I did notice that the Equate brand from Walmart had a much fainter line than the Amazon ones, so If you can pass that one I would think that you will be fine.


Since you only have a day I would recommend buying one of those Walmart tests and trying it with a similiar void (pee) as the one you think you'll provide to Quest. On top of that I would buy some vitamin B-12 or a B complex (all the B vitamins), and take 1 or 2 pills atleast 3 hours before your test so you'll have some yellow color. And basically start drinking water early in the morning and pee a few times before the test, and then slow down a little before the test. Basically err on the side of dilluted so that atleast if they say it was too diluted you can just say that you accidently drank too much water and they should call you in for a retest. That should buy you a few days, or they may not have any issues with it.

I took one yesterday at quest and when I went in I was almost in pain because of how full my bladder was, I took B vitamins about 2 hours before and they didn't show up as much as I had hoped, which is why I say take it 3 hours before, but I said something like "I hope it's not too diluted" and she didn't seem to care.

Also, maybe while your out try and buy a test from walgreens or CVS, just so you can see if you pass those too.

Let us know what happens, and I hope it works out for you! I know it's stressful but you should should be fine. From what I've read a line is a line is a line, no matter how faint.

u/Altostratus · 2 pointsr/Petioles

I used these guys and they do the job. Have yet to test clean on one (after about 6 weeks) so they must be pretty sensitive.

u/ftbghs · 2 pointsr/cripplingalcoholism

Very shitty, not accurate to a degree. I got this one I've had it before, but the cops took it from me.

u/TheMacMan · 1 pointr/gadgets

The BACtrack Mobile Pro is a Bluetooth connected breathalyzer. It allows you to share your results directly to social media.

u/thegingergirl98 · 1 pointr/drugtesthelp

They make tests on Amazon that test multiple levels. I did one that tested 15 all the way to 300. I can link it to you in a minute.

Edit: link.

u/M_Shoe · 1 pointr/drugtesthelp

I did look it up and it does seem suprisingly effective lol. And oh yea duh of course you will be getting a haircut lol. If thats the case i would not worry about a hair test. I was in the army for four years and took a lot of drug tests none of which were hair follicle. And there is no point on doing a hair test on someone with a shaved head. And it's expensive. Good luck on the everything else. These are the strips ove used:

u/srubek · 1 pointr/trees

You need to get to a place where you're clean, regularly. You can get 15 strips for $10.80 with prime shipping. Then OP won't have that worry that may keep one up all night.

u/rapey_tree_salesman · 1 pointr/Dabs

You might be ok. I got thc pee strips off Amazon for pretty cheap. It's worth getting a multipack to see where you're at.

I got these 15 for $10.

u/MindfulDrugHoover · 1 pointr/cripplingalcoholism

~~ According to bactrack's web site, their three professional range items have the same sensor and 4 digit read out. The biggest difference seems to be response time and case design - as well as the one you linked, there's one with a readout facing the tube, and a mini one that isn't really much smaller then the S80. The S80 wins out on response time - 3 vs 10 secs, but the Element is twenty bucks cheaper and more compact. They both~~

OK who the fuck cares, approved (and presumably used) by the DOT sounds pretty good to me, the price is reasonable, and these guys rate it the best on the market and they're not selling them (I was pleasantly surprised to find that site exists...).

u/Gin_Intoxic · 1 pointr/cripplingalcoholism

What do you think about this breathalyzer? It's the highest rated on Amazon. And it's a fuel cell.

Edit: A few more questions, if you don't mind.

  • Did you ever "log a number"?

  • If you did, was it because you had actually been drinking within a few hours of blowing, or do you believe it was a false reading?

  • How many complications/incorrect readings did your device have?

  • What kind of "weird car problems" did you experience?

    I can't thank you enough for what you've already posted and any further help you can provide. I've learned a lot. Thanks!
u/Boxcar_Overkill · 1 pointr/army
  1. The Army sends your urine to a lab that uses the Olympus AU-800 Automated Chemistry Analyzer for analysis.

  2. A few days before drill find a local commercial lab that uses that same instrument and pay to have your own urine tested confidentially. Generally, there are a lot of labs like that around.

  3. If you don't pass your own private test don't go to drill. If you do pass, go to drill with knowledge that you are safe.

  4. Conversly, I've heard the national guard uses 50 ng/ml sensitivity test strips to detect drugs in your urine. They do it right there on base, and only send in the samples that fail. If this is the cases, then you should buy your own kit (such as this) and test yourself before you decide whether you want to go to drill.
u/user808a · 1 pointr/cripplingalcoholism

I have found the $130 BACtrack S80 to be very consistent.

u/Leinadro · 1 pointr/FeMRADebates

Here's something I've noticed. From what I've seen in the last few days I have literally seen more people (mostly feminists) complaining about how this nail polish will make things worse than I've seen people trying to treat it like the end all be all of rape prevention.

I honestly think feminists have pulled a Streisand Effect on this. If they hadn't of complained about it so loudly I think it would have fizzled without making much of a splash.

You know like these (

u/Lastdays21224 · 1 pointr/Marijuana

Don’t smoke, drink water throughout day over next few weeks. You should be fine in two weeks. I use these to test myself. I’m 5’9” 160 and smoke an ounce a month and I’m clean in 17-20 days normally.

10 Pack - [email protected] Marijuana (THC) Single Panel Drug Tests Kit - Individually Wrapped Single Panel THC Screen Urine Drug Test Kit with 50 ng/ml Cutoff Level - EDTH-114

u/anonymously55555 · 1 pointr/Drugtests

Also since this is a court ordered test, it'll probably be dropped down to the 15nml cuttoff. Buy Ü-test-o-meter 15mnl urine test.
Buy like 3 packs (6 tests)

u/SativaSammy · 1 pointr/CBD

For ultimate peace of mind, do what I did:

Buy an isolate dropper from Infinite and a 15 pack of THC drug tests from Amazon

I've been taking this CBD for over a week and tested myself twice. Both tests were negative.

u/ssup3rm4n · 1 pointr/trees

I saw some at a few dollars stores. They actually work.

I say buy these now. Tey once a day. See how they react the closer to the date OP gets.

u/Vincent_Veganja · 1 pointr/trees

Workout as hard as you can as often as you can until like a day or two before the test. If you want you can get this 15 pack of at-home tests pretty cheap if you want to test yourself as well

u/OGdunphy · 1 pointr/Marijuana

I would think you could get clean in 30 days, maybe in 3 weeks. Water will help flush your system, essentially by making you pee a lot. I bought this pack of strips,

[email protected] Marijuana (thc) Single Panel Drug Tests Kit - Individually Wrapped Single Panel THC Screen Urine Drug Test Kit - 10 Tests

I believe those are legit enough. Depending on the urinalysis they order, it could measure a lower threshold, but I doubt you would get anything other than the standard urinalysis, so those should be good enough to test.

u/wjcroft · 1 pointr/fasting

I considered the KetoHealthCare meter, but there are other alternatives:

Here is a cool blog thread summarizing testing and experience on a variety of breath meters,

Another helpful page,

The KHC meter 'appears' from the outside to be very similar to this one,

I have an email into KHC asking what is the difference, other than the white case vs black case. Amazon price is HALF the $40 for the KHC.

Reviews on Amazon of this meter are not so hot. I've also seen a review on Facebook of the KHC, which complains about erratic readings.


As far as the instructions / FAQ on the KHC meter, see:

u/BEER-FOR-LUNCH · 1 pointr/AdviceAnimals

A friend got me this keychain breathalyzer. Everyone thinks it's the coolest thing in the world when I pull it out during a night of boozing. It's probably not super accurate but it should give you an idea of where you're at as long as you wait a few minutes after your last sip to blow.

u/evillittlekiwi · 1 pointr/bostontrees

I used these strips. Good luck!
15 Pack [email protected] Marijuana (THC) Single Panel Drug Tests Kit - #EDTH-114

u/djdsf · 1 pointr/alcohol

BAC depends on a lot of factors, sex, weight, how many drinks you've had total and what size drinks you've had.

Remember that an average shot is 1.5oz, 1 beer is 12oz and a glass of wine is 5oz. All of these count as "1 drink". Your liver can process 1 drink per hour.

Provided you haven't had anything more to drink in the last 12 hours, what you would need to do is tally how many "drinks" (use provided measurements) you've had in total, and what time you started drinking.

Use this online calculator to get an average and add in all the time from your last drink all the way until you have to blow.

Also, if you're going to make it a habit of drinking the night before a test, (not shaming you) you might want to invest in a portable breathalyzer, since it'll give you a more accurate reading before you go blow somewhere else. But don't use having a breathalyzer as an excuse for drinking just because you can "test it".

u/cleggcleggers · 1 pointr/Austin

Amazon... Pretty accurate. I got a DWI when I was 21, nine years ago and promised myself I would never again.

Link to keychain: amazon

I know it's decently accurate because before that I had a $150 one that was not a keychain that I kept in my car.

u/KodachrOhOhOme · 1 pointr/news

You're 1000% correct.

I have one of these and I don't let my friends drive away from my house until I KNOW their BAC is in the legal range. This model is a little pricey and I'm sure some of the slightly less expensive models would work just as well, but you could buy 100 of these babies for just the money you save not getting a DUI. Not to mention the other horrors that can be avoided.

Anyone who is a person that drinks alcohol and also is a person who operates a vehicle should get one of these and use it properly.

u/LifeSizeBright · 1 pointr/drugtesthelp

These ones from Amazon ended up being accurate for me on a recent drug test: THC Test Marijuana Drug Test...

I was 21 days clean at time of test but had otherwise been a nightly smoker for most of the year. I exercised a lot (running) during those 21 days and started drinking lots of water the week of the test. Not sure your weight and height but otherwise I think you’re good.

u/ScoobyDont06 · 1 pointr/Portland I bought it to be on the safe side. I had been drinking at a buddy's and he pulled out his for fun, turns out I had blown over .12 and felt slightly buzzed, pretty shocking for it to be that high at the time. Had some friends get in trouble with the law and never wanted to go through that. It should be fine out of the box but they do want you to send it in yearly for calibration.

u/sinurgy · 1 pointr/stopdrinking

You could just stop driving after you drink or do what I did to make sure you don't get yourself into trouble, buy one of these:

No I don't work for the company who makes those, just offering up an option is all. Good luck to you either way.

u/DocSampson · 1 pointr/cripplingalcoholism

This one. Has the best reviews. It is expensive but if it saves you from a DUI it's money well spent. It really surprised me that I was over the legal limit after a full 8-10 hours of sleep.

BACtrack S80 Professional Breathalyzer, Portable Breath Alcohol Tester

u/Smash_4dams · 1 pointr/cars

Everyone should invest in one of these and keep it in your glovebox.

u/urnanandursis · 1 pointr/eldertrees

I just got a new job offer that will likely require me to take a drug test, so I decided to quit smoking. I passed a home urine test after only 6 days, even though I am heavy user. I'm pretty thin (6'2", 165 lbs), but I dab multiple times a day every day and don't exercise at all, so I don't understand how this is possible. I've always heard it usually takes 21-30 days to clear for everyday smokers, so I'm happy, yet confused. I'm fairly certain the test works correctly since I failed the same test 2 days after quitting. Anyone have similar stories? I will re-test tomorrow, but wanted to see what y'all think of this.

Home Test Used:

u/kailswails · 1 pointr/legaladvice

I would suggest buying a breathalyzer to be sure. DUI's are a pain in the ass.

u/BishopsGhost · 1 pointr/weed

Ok so since you’re a bigger person I doubt you’ve been running or doing something active to help metabolize the thc in your fat cells. No offense. The 30 days and it’ll be out of your system is accurate for SOME people. Usually normal body type, non habitual smokers. Weight plays a huge factor here. I suggest you start drinking at minimum a gallon of water a day. Don’t say you can’t because you can and it’s not hard if you’re serious. I had to detox for a drug test and drank a gallon a day for weeks and still do even though I don’t need to. I just feel better. You will too. I digress. You’re in the end game now and I suggest a detox. I know people are going to say they’re bullshit and most are but I’ve used this 3 times and it cleaned me out good. I recommend the 5 day cleanse but if you want to go hard check out the others they have. I’ll warn you though, the detox is HELL. You take a bunch of pills, drink a bunch of water and piss out of your ass for 5 days. (You’ll need some wet wipes to avoid irritation lol). I swear by the Test In detox though. Also get on amazon and order this home drug test UTest-O-Meter 5 Level THC Marijuana Drug Test Strips - 15 ng/mL, 50 ng/mL, 100 ng/mL, 200 ng/mL and 300 ng/mL, Si It’s a multi level test. You want your thc level to be at 50ng or lower. Oh, also you’re going to deplete yourself of electrolytes so throw a Gatorade in the mix while you’re drinking the water.

Edit: I said dude, I didn’t realize you were a sista until I went back and read it.

u/mattthebaker · 1 pointr/hwstartups

No, the cheap ones are semiconductor. According to the product line comparison from that BACtrack company, their entire consumer line of breathalyzers are semiconductor based. Ultimately, would you put a police grade sensor in a novelty phone accessory? That company's bluetooth based product is fuel cell based, so you're right the BOM might be a bit more. A product could be built on semiconductor sensors for that price and likely do well in that market. Maybe that is how the breathometer will position itself, as $150 for this kind of toy seems stiff.

u/Epshot · 1 pointr/AdviceAnimals

you can get a $30 breathalizer from

have her use it or just give it to her before she goes out and remind her that a dui sucks.. and also can cost her about $10k

u/avo_cado · 1 pointr/philadelphia

You can always test yourself

u/xtelosx · 1 pointr/Libertarian

You could always spend a little bit of money and throw one in your glove box.

I wouldn't rely on a reading from it in court but if it reads under .06 you are probably pretty safe trusting it in a .08 state. I've been looking to get a new one to trow in the glove box. The one I had in college for funzies broke.

u/-oOo-_o0O_oo-0__O-o_ · 1 pointr/NovelDissos


You get a test kit! You get a test kit! And, you! Get a test kit!!

amazon. com/Chemist-Package-Marquis-Mandelin-Reagent/dp/B079687N4X/ref=sr_1_8_a_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1519305295&sr=8-8&keywords=reagent+test+kit

can't link directly, but this is really important, especially if you are going to vape stuff!

u/armcie · 1 pointr/IAmA

Have you thought about something like these bulbs for your lighting? You (or someone who can reach the ceiling) can slot them into existing light fittings and they can then be controlled through their built in wifi by alexa.

u/HipX · 1 pointr/wine

Any recommendations on which breathalyzer to get? I was thinking this one:

The same company makes ones that are more accurate, but they're also larger and $100+.

u/jwthrowaway01 · 1 pointr/CBD

This one:

I know it's a negative it's just odd because I've never smoked weed there shouldn't be any thc in my system

u/MileHighRox · 1 pointr/keto

Accurate for me is getting 0s on that and always being able to be good on my interlock. Definitely could be better ones out there.

u/JasterMereel42 · 1 pointr/nfl

That 30 day thing doesn't apply to everyone. I can get it to clear my system in a week. I bought some home test kits to check. Lots of variables. Generally, if you want to flush your system, lots of exercise and water will clean it out pretty well. Usage also plays a role. If you are an every day user or all day every day thing and you are overweight, it can take awhile.

u/agentbarron · 1 pointr/ReagentTesting you can buy a kit of 3. It's pretty neat to test and log chemicals for scientific research.

u/Plexium · 1 pointr/CSUC

For breathalyzers I suggest:
Was a great buy

u/54EqualsUnity · 0 pointsr/pharmacy

Looks like you won't need them, but if you're in need in the future these are cost efficient and dependable. I've used them in the past. These tests detect at 50 ng/mL (which to my understanding is the detection level of most urine screens). There are also tests available for purchase that go down to 20 ng/mL.

Good luck!

u/Astronom3r · 0 pointsr/Miata

I'll just add to that that it's not a bad plan to keep a decent breathalyzer in your glove compartment. They're not as accurate as the ones law enforcement use, but they're good enough to give you a sense for your BAC.

u/RallyMech · -3 pointsr/Libertarian

This is the real point. Yelling about how the state is forcibly collecting blood is good click bait, but the key here is people are choosing to drink and not accepting the responsibility of finding a designated driver.

The best way to protect yourself is purchasing a breathalyzer of their own so they are informed. Mine has saved me several times from a possible DUI. If you know your BAC before being pulled over, you can make the choice of a breathalyzer or blood draw.