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u/SeanS83 · 16 pointsr/MaliciousCompliance

And if anyone is wondering, it is a Sterilite 3 Drawer Wide Weave Tower:

u/[deleted] · 10 pointsr/AskWomen

I have a few things that I basically never use, so in that sense I have "too much". But in general, no. My makeup doesn't take up a ton of space, and I like the stuff I do have.

I will say that these things have been lifesavers for keeping everything organized.

u/frotorious · 8 pointsr/AdviceAnimals

Here is a site/plugin that tracks Amazon prices over time, looking at that specific item:

The price has always been between $8 and $10. I like using stuff like this to determine if the price is actually marked down, rather than fake crossed-out markups.

u/GingerStitches · 8 pointsr/knitting

I actually don’t like to have a stash for knitting since I like to buy yarn for specific projects (with a few exceptions). I have been gifted some yarn and have some left over for projects but once my Christmas knitting is done, the stash will
mostly be gone! It currently all fits into two drawers of these plastic carts right now with all my needles as well.

u/nebulize · 7 pointsr/sewing

I have a tackle box for all my notions, I use a Sterilite container for all my fabric, this thing for my thread, and a Sterilite drawer cart for all my other crafting supplies. I'm getting into crocheting so I got this cart for all that stuff. I keep everything in my closet for easy access.

u/Zesparia · 6 pointsr/Embroidery

I don't have nearly as nice a setup as others do with trays like this where they card all their floss and organize it by color or number. I keep my uncarded floss in little drawers roughly sorted by color and then card it as I actually use the color - mine has more drawers than this and stays on top of a cabinet, no pictures since I am at work. Once they are carded they get to live free-range in my sewing basket (not my actual basket print but same type and alas i am not at home to show off the pretty teal), where rules are made up and organization doesn't matter. But they don't snag against each other so I'm perfectly happy. Metallic threads stay on their spools in an extra large index card box (I only use the kind on spools so recarding isn't an issue). Finally, variegated threads all live in.... a candy tin. Kinda like your current setup but pretty and oval. I only have a couple carded atm so those live at the bottom and I know where they are.

I have really bad ADHD and a couple other comorbidities so having to maintain a filed system would no joke make me go fucking insane. Digging around to find and compare shades of colors is fun to me and as long as everything is stored in the one box then I know where they are to pull everything out and gaze upon it.

u/wolfkeeper80 · 5 pointsr/Gunpla

Any time I think I've found the holy grail, two months later there's something better.

I stopped worrying about storage and use some old gunpla boxes in one of those plastic cabinets with drawers on wheels. Similar to this: (mine has five or six drawers)

u/AlmondCoffeeCreamer · 5 pointsr/Teachers

Eighth Grade Social Studies (previously 6th Grade SS and Sci)

u/TeleVue · 4 pointsr/UCI

A shower caddy helped alot. Didn't think I'd ever use mine but i ended up using it every day.

Besides basic school supplies, bring your vitamins as they'll help keeping you awake.

Plastic Drawers such as these where you can shove it into your closet to get yourself a few more feet of surface area helped in organization.

3M stick-on-hooks or whatever they're called to hang your stuff and keep them off the ground.

Tupperware or any container to keep your toothbrush and toothpaste neatly together.

I can't remember everything I brought over but basically anything that will keep your stuff together neatly and in a small package. Cups to hold your pens and pencils, tupperware to hold your stuff, ziplock bags. You don't want to be that roommate who drops everything on the floor as soon as they get back from class and have everything messy.

EDIT: The one thing I absolutely loved myself for bringing was a pair of ear plugs and an eye mask yo help me sleep during the day and help me sleep when it's late at night and my roommate continued to study at night. Those two things saved my life.

u/privateprblms · 4 pointsr/childfree

I'll probably just get this from Amazon. I have some of the boxes, and they are adorable.

u/sillybun99 · 4 pointsr/konmari

I'm also not a fan of bending down for clothes, and I find it aids my workflow to have more bins. So my closet has two of these, one for myself, one for my toddler:

Hanging Closet Organizers.

Everything else current hangs, while out of season things/hand-me-downs waiting for the infants to grow up are stored in a 3 drawer Sterilite, also in the closet and serves
as a surface to fold things.

$46 for the set of three, easily transportable, and keeps things well organized.

u/LizzyLemonade · 4 pointsr/Atlanta

2 things I would buy again and again are wire shelving like this and a bunch of little plastic drawers like this.

u/Maga_mama · 3 pointsr/BabyBumps

I like it!

I am also using a desk as a changing table, but I put some white "fancy" sterilite drawers underneath it.

u/Hyperslurpie · 3 pointsr/Sneakers

is this the one you got? if not, mind linking me to the right one? haha

u/Daheep · 3 pointsr/muacjdiscussion

No pictures because I'm not home, but I have 3 of these little, stackable sterlite containers, 3 large z-palettes, one of these acrylic organizers that fits nicely onto of the sterilite drawers, & a brush bag to hold my brushes that I rarely use but can't seem to part with. Any pressed powder that I could de-pot & place in the z-palette, I did, which really help towards space saving. I also have done multiple de-clutters over the past year, in order to get rid of colors that were too similar or products that I didn't really like/use. I managed to get my collection down to fit everything in these storage containers, including my brushes/tools that I use daily. Everything except my brush bag fits on 1 shelf in my bathroom cabinet (I have built in set up just like this), & I place the bag in a drawer that has a bunch of necessary, but rarely used things, so it's accessible, but out of the way. I share a house with my cousin, so I have a 1 shelf/2 drawer limit with no counter space to speak of. If I can't fit my stuff neatly into my designated space, I have to get rid of things. Unfortunately, I don't have a proper vanity; I have 7 dogs & their beds/crates take up all the spare space (& then some) in my bedroom. It's a sacrifice I'm more than happy to make.

u/Lifeguard_Maura · 3 pointsr/Makeup

I dont have anything too cute but they its simple, clean, and organized.

I am lacking in Palette holders but for my small eyeshadow trios/singles, lipsticks, eyeliners, primers, and concealers I am using two of these:

and then for my everyday basics i use this container from elf. Mine is in white but they have it in black.

Then for my brushes i use another elf container:

and i also use a small mason like jar i got from target for my brushes as well.

u/kyriya · 3 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Why, I have no idea what you ladies are talking about. It's perfectly normal to have six of these along with one of these and countless amounts of these to hold all my craft/shopping stuffs. Plus, as I was telling /u/gingysnap , I have a craft closet as well as our garage is just one big storage closet. I don't think I have a shopping problem or anything. ;)

u/VarsitySlutTeamCapt · 3 pointsr/BurningMan

my tricks:
Gel manacure before hand is such a wonderful thing! My nails stayed nice and the polish didn't chip at all.

Keeping makeup in a Tupperware in the cooler will keep it from melting or getting weird.

I seem like the minority but I love wearing my long hair down as often as I can, and I found braids are too damaging for my hair so I just stay away from them. Using leave in conditioner after showering kept my hair from getting staticy and crazy.

I have a very large chest and found that putting deoderent under and inbetween them really helps with the boob sweat issue! I also got a tube of this stuff to use in between my thighs to avoid chafing. I tried it out while I was at disneyland for 2 days in 100F weather and It worked like a charm!

This applies to anyone, but I brought one of these organizers last year and it felt like a lifesaver on staying tidy in my tent. I put underwear and socks in one drawer, tights and hats in the next, and other various accessories and costumes in the bottom drawer. It made it so much easier when I would be drunk and stumbling back to camp for a quick change. I also found that trying on and planning each outfit before I arrived to really help too. I don't like to fuss around with what i'm wearing too much when i'm out there so having everything ready to go was so nice.

u/MacPho13 · 2 pointsr/konmari

Your closet sounds similar to mine.

We bought these and they work great and fit on the shelves quite well. Perfect for jeans! I can fit 6 pairs of my jeans and my husband can fit 4 of his. He’s a bit taller than me.

They’re also good for sweaters and long sleeve shirts. I purchased a smaller size for tees and tanks.

There is room to hang clothes under the bottom shelf in our closet. Instead of hanging clothes I put a shoe rack there and a low and kinda wide plastic set of drawers.

We already had our shoe rack, but it’s similar to this.

My plastic drawer set is one piece, but the size of like two of these put together. (I found mine at TJ Maxx and haven’t seen another one in store or online.)

Something like this may work well for you too.

u/hnoto · 2 pointsr/organization

Bins or plastic drawer things for the makeup and toiletry items, baskets for washcloths,basket for cleaning supplies on the bottom, stack of towels on the top.

plastic drawer things---depending on the measurements of your closet:

u/almostelm · 2 pointsr/minimalism

This might be too big for your needs, but when I was in college I used it for underwear, socks, belts, my hygiene supplies.

This is similar, but open.

u/LevyWife · 2 pointsr/college

create a separate space to put your not clean but not dirty clothes, maybe a dedicated drawer in your dresser, a storage container, or they even sell things like these at Walmart and department stores that work really well for clothing. if you have a bank account you can go to the bank and ask for a roll of quarters and they'll deduct that money from your account, or they may be able to literally exchange $10 in cash for a roll of quarters, not positive.

u/dahuii22 · 2 pointsr/flytying

Before I got my tying desk, I used something like this for quite a while.

I was able to organize (and quickly see) materials by type in different drawers. Threads/tinsels/wire etc in a skinny drawer. Hooks/beads/tools in another. Then say, feathers and hackle in one. Furs and dubbing in another. Etc etc. Can double as a surface to tie on as well (depending on the height that you buy) where my vise would sit right on top and I'd work right there.

u/rrredditor · 2 pointsr/Guitar

I use a Sterilite organizer drawers-on-wheels things.

Cables and Bulky stuff in the bottom drawer, things in boxes in the upper large drawer, fiddly electronics and hardware in the second drawer in smaller organizers, and tools in the top drawer.

Then I have a large Rubbermaid storage bin for longer-term storage.

That leave a lot of crap lying around but if I put it all away it would all fit. A lot gets left out on the work bench but I use it enough to warrant that.

u/knon24 · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I found these super helpful when I moved in with my boyfriend and we needed more space for all my stuff in our small one bedroom.

Also, we use these for like everything. I have smaller ones in the bathroom with all my bathroom girly stuff. We have a couple larger ones in the laundry closet and multiple in the closet and on shelves for storage. So helpful! Makes our place not look like a total cluttered mess all the time.

u/jwinter1987 · 2 pointsr/minipainting

They're from a company called really useful boxes - currently use them for either spare heads, arms, weapons etc for conversions or storing miniatures. I get a "lootbox" every month from a company which contains some paints, miniatures and normally some basing stuff so I try to organise the minis by genres.

u/Cerebr05murF · 2 pointsr/LegoStorage

The company is Iris USA in the states.

Ah, this is the same one on Amazon UK. These drawers are much sturdier than the typical translucent plastic drawers.

Edit: found them on Amazon US under the "Iris Ohyama 135699". Thanks.

u/mks93 · 2 pointsr/malelivingspace

I'm not sure if this is what you mean, but you can get Sterilite drawers that are cheap and look good. We have a few of these in the apartment and they look nice. This might be too close to a dresser.

You could also use stackable milk crates. The open part can face out when you stack them. See here

u/Mind-Over-Minis · 2 pointsr/Warhammer40k

I buy plastic drawers from those companies like Sterilite and whatnot, just plastic bins with pull out clear plastic drawers. You see them everywhere like Walmart/Target or whatever your alternative is if not in the US.


About $8-$10 can store a couple mid size armies including vehicles in, large creatures go on display here in a cabinet but the main forces go in the plastic bins. Then I stack the bins up on cheap garage shelving and pull out the drawer when I need to grab the figures so that's pretty convenient.

Been doing this for over a decade, all good no problems, dust free cheap storage you can expand as needed.

These kinds of things here:


You can buy cheap foam inserts from Amazon as well, just pick and pluck foam and line the bottom of the bins if you wish to keep everything stationary.

u/SK_Durham · 2 pointsr/servicedogs

We also have a two-pronged approach. A tower of drawers in a closet similar to THIS, but taller/more drawers, and a go-bag that sits near the door similar to THIS.

u/icallthebigspoon · 2 pointsr/organization

You can find things like these at Walmart for pretty cheap. When organizing, I like to have a large open space to work with (ideally) and just start picking things up from the main mess and putting them into category piles. Once you have this complete then you'll have a pretty good idea of what sizes of containers you'll need to buy. I would also suggest buying something like this if you have a lot of something or big things. I prefer clear totes/drawers as it is easier to tell what is in them, but I also like to print out labels too.

Just remember that when it comes to organizing, the mess always appears to be worse before it gets better! Good luck!

u/Sieberella · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Make sure you have a trashcan, ice, cups and a roll of TP ready to go into the new place on moving day. They come in so handy and it's nice to be able to offer the people helping you move a bathroom and cold water.

As for storage, I'm a stacker. I think if you buy yourself a few of these you'll be amazed what you can fit in them and how little space they take up. Also this could help for storage as well :) Thanks for the contest and good luck on your move! We're movin' on up!

u/Platinum_guy · 2 pointsr/airsoft

buy/build a gun rack to sit at the bottom for your long guns, I'd put it where the mortar is sitting just now. They're pretty simple if you can do even basic DIY.
get a pistol rack to go above that, again pretty easy to DIY, you could raise it up or put a drawer underneath to keep all your mags.
next to the pistols have a space to charge batteries and maybe a desktop drawer sized thing to hold parts, not sure how many there are.
get some drawers/shelves/really useful boxes to store your gear next to your long guns.

gust get some lumber from home depot to DIY most of this stuff super cheap or look around, here some examples...
Gun rack
Pistol rack
desk drawer
gear drawers
really useful boxes

how I'd set it up

u/Mandylicious · 2 pointsr/chinchilla

I have a set of those plastic drawers like this [] That I keep by the cage and keep food and accessories in. I put the hay in Rubbermaid totes that fit on the shelf underneath the cage. As for fleece fabric? You know I have a ton for the stuff I make, that's usually in an extra drawer in the dresser or an organized box in the closet lol.

u/IVIuggle · 2 pointsr/lego

If you've only got two tubs, I'd suggest maybe sorting them by color in these drawers. They're a bit expensive on amazon, you might be able to find them cheaper at your local Walmart. These types are good for organizing into individual parts, but might be a bit overkill for a smaller collection.

u/rushock · 2 pointsr/DnD

I needed something which was easily accessible, large, and cheap. These ended up being ideal. I also put basic shelf liners in them to keep the minis from sliding around when you open and shut the drawers. If I can't see all my minis at a glance, I tend to forget which ones I have and some may not get used because of that.

u/helloyesthisisgirl · 2 pointsr/MakeupAddiction

>If you maybe need, say, 6 of them...

OP posted above :)

edit: ooh you may not have been talking about the white drawers, sorry!

u/cassk2393 · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

It's the weekend! These are drawers I want to use in my first apartment for clothes, shoes, magazines, etc :) I haven't even moved in and I know my room is bare lol

u/ypsm · 2 pointsr/LegoStorage

Hey, I know I'm late to this thread, but I only just now discovered this subreddit. I'm an American having the same problem, about to buy some stuff to organize and store several thousand loose LEGO pieces of various types. I too read the sorting and storage guide and, while it was great in general, its suggestions for divided drawers weren't useful (because they were all exclusive to the UK).

Anyway, I did some searching around, and I settled on some modular clear drawer organizers, to be inserted into some plastic drawers. It's more expensive than divided drawers, but I think it's more practical too, because you can take out each organizer cup, dump out its contents, put it back, etc., without disturbing the rest of the drawer's contents.

First the drawers, then the organizers.

I narrowed down my drawer choices to two options:

  1. IRIS Medium 10-Drawer Cart with Organizer Top, Black, and
  2. Sterilite 20938003 Wide 3 Drawer Unit, White Frame with Clear Drawers, 3-Pack

    The IRIS drawers have a useable interior space of about 2.5" high x 9.5" wide x 12.5" long.

    The Sterilite wide drawers have a useable interior space of about 2.5" high x 12.5" wide x 12.5" long.

    I like that the IRIS has casters, in case you want to store in one place but then wheel them around to somewhere else to build.

    I like that the Sterilite is more modular, in that you can stack as many or as few of the three-drawer units on top of each other as you want.

    In the end, I decided to go all in with Sterilite, first because the drawers are wider and a little shallower (deeper and narrower drawers are worse than shallower wider drawers, because pieces get buried underneath others, and it's hard to find them), and second because the modularity makes them more flexible. I can put them on shelves, for example. And if I ever need to roll them around (store in one room, build in another), I can always get a dolly, like this one, for example, which will fit two Sterilite units side by side. Also, the IRIS drawers came cracked from amazon, because there wasn't enough padding in the box.

    Now for the drawer organizers. I decided to go with STORi, which makes makeup organizers. They have a great modular system of clear acrylic cups, all 2" high, with width and length measurements that increase in increments of 3". So:

  • 3" x 3"
  • 6" x 3"
  • 9" x 3"
  • 12" x 3"
  • 6" x 6"

    They stack inside each other as well. And they fit perfectly into both the IRIS and Sterilite drawers, in each case leaving about half an inch along both dimensions, which makes it really easy to lift one out without having to fuss. (I tried to upload a photo to imgur, but it's being fussy. If you're really curious let me know and I can try again.)

    Hope this helps!
u/myintellectisbored · 2 pointsr/LegoStorage

This is what I use:

Mini drawers

Small drawers

Medium drawers

Large drawers

I also have clear shoe storage boxes on shelves which I found I like the best for the bulk of my Lego. They generally cost 94 cents to $1 in stores like WalMart and Target. These are great for sorting the Lego too. I have no idea how much my Lego weighs, but I have over 55,000 pieces (not including a few of the larger sets).

u/QuaereVerumm · 2 pointsr/femalefashionadvice

I use little Sterilite drawers like these and pretty pencil cups/organizers for brushes (currently this and this.) I separate products by type. There's a drawer for face products, eyeshadow, eyeliner/mascara/brows, lips. I keep brushes of the same type together too.

u/dnd1980 · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon


Thanks for the contest! And making me all nervous :x lol

u/KinkyMcDreamy · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

these seem like they would be perfect.

I would love a gift card if I win please.

u/ShricOorenm · 1 pointr/LifeProTips

I forgot to consider you might be out of the U.S, but my tips should still apply.

This might sound obvious but don't overpack clothes. Some of my roommates and myself included brought so many clothes that we don't use and it's just taking up space.

For kitchen use, take your own utensils but just one of each you're not going to need more than that trust me. For kitchen equipment like pans and pots, if your buddys do get in coordinate who takes what so you don't have multiples.

In the beginning it's all about taking what's absolutely essential, if you're able to go home during breaks that's when you bring some more stuff if you have the space.

I'm gonna link some stuff in a moment that you should absolutely consider buying. They're going to be amazon links but big chain stores in your area should carry similar products.

These three products fold so they're easy to pack in any suitcase.

A little bigger so you'd have to buy these once you've settled in but they help if you're low on space.

Plastic is your best friend if you're low on funds and can't buy dressers. I have one in my closet for T-Shirts/socks/boxers and one under my T.V desk for electronics/school stuff

I ship to Mexico sometimes so maybe you can ship to Chile as well.

u/MrrrrSparrrrkle · 1 pointr/myog

I use these drawers for all my myog stuff, electronics, and other nick nacks.

u/midgetcricket · 1 pointr/internetparents

We used to live out of suitcases (due to Mom's employment, not this, this sucks and I'm so sorry they're going through this)! Small portable game systems are a must for kids, I don't know if that's something that they made it out with, but they sure made our lives better. I would have killed for a Kindle, but even old systems from a second hand shop or a yard sale (sometimes you have to leave them behind anyway, it's hurts less if they weren't expensive) would probably be welcome. Phone cards, even just one a piece for emergencies, are incredibly helpful. We sometimes used blow up furniture, they don't often last long, but it's fun, it's portable, and it's yours. Decorative throws serve multiple purposes: as blankets, you can hang them for decor that helps the heating bill, and then you can wrap your stuff in them when you leave again. A camera, so that you can focus on new happy memories (not trying to encourage repression, but it really makes forgetting the bad parts easier later when you have concrete proof of the good ones). Stuff for a luxurious bath every now and then would be 'frivolous' enough for a gift, and it helps with the mental health, as well as technically being practical (everyone needs to be clean!).

> She also has no car

Is there any form of public transportation where they are? You could spring for a month's bus/tram/equivalent pass.

As for the organizing, there are the closets that hang, or the collapsible stand alone wardrobe. There's pop up storage bins, or this hoarder enabling abomination that I may be buying myself now. These things are like suitcases you never have to unpack.

I actually have this vacuum, it works awesome on hard floors and gets the job done on carpets if you keep at it, it's fairly quiet for a vacuum, and comes apart for getting hard to reach areas/fixing when you sucked up something it shouldn't have eaten. You could toss in a few small office/kitchen sized trashcans and liners to match, a lot of people can stay clean if they have arms reach access to a bin, but never think about buying extra bins.

You said that she has some cookware, but I'm going to add this here anyway. We always left behind the measuring spoons and cups, then wouldn't buy more until we absolutely had to. We often lived in hotels and lived off of whatever could be microwaved or grilled on the hibatchi (note, that was an example, don't spend more than $20 on one), and a good set of microwavable dishes makes a world of difference as to what you can make. Spices to dress up canned veggies are also indispensable and often out of budget, even if it's just some Mrs. Dash mixes, seasoning salt, garlic powder.

Lastly though, I want to commend you. You're an awesome friend. The world would be a better place with more of you. Knowing that someone out there has your back can mean everything when you have nothing. Good luck to your friend and her son, I hope your care package makes their day.

u/moxiousmissy · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

This would be handy

You could even keep your games organized and what not!

u/evrydayzawrkday · 1 pointr/electronic_cigarette

Same situation, I got something like this from Home Depot, and slid it under my home office desk (where she never looks).

u/hackedhead_ · 1 pointr/lego

Interesting. for reference, I have 15-20 thousand pieces, and I'm only now considering sorting to be worthwhile. I'm sorting my most common pieces by type (all colors of 1x2 plates in one compartment) and other types in mixed categories (all 1xN slopes in one compartment (1x2, 1x3, 1x4 all together). I'm using these (several of each):

But with under 5K parts, I'd recommend just sorting by size, as I mentioned before, maybe into something like this, with one drawer for each size:

Hope that helps!

u/bleedingman · 1 pointr/Hemophilia

Same idea here, factor in fridge and supplies in a rolling cart that is kept in a closet. Similar to this with an organizer tray in the top for butterflies (27g x .5”) alcohol wipes, gauze, coban etc.

u/icontorni · 1 pointr/BabyBumps

Our baby is also going without a nursery for the first couple of months. We bought a storage bin for clothes for the future and another one for our room for newborn and 0-3 stuff that looks like this

We will store the bin on the back porch and the bin with the newborn clothes next to the bassinet in our room.

We cleared half the dresser for the changing pad. underneath her bassinet are all the changing supplies.

In terms of toys and swings etc, that's all in storage in the basement and will come up on an as-needed basis, and will probably get stored in a closet or in her room right after we get it painted and the floor cleaned.

u/VenocStorm · 1 pointr/boardgames

I can't take pictures as they're currently across the country, but I use something very similar to these for storage. They fit the normal human-size figures well, and everything taller went into a couple separate storage bins.

u/didgeboy · 1 pointr/LegoStorage

The Akro mills come in several styles, all small, small and big mix and all big. There are also these: A combination of styles and sizes might be what you need.

u/FunkoBE · 1 pointr/shrooms

That too! I like the clean look of it, not big but like tiny cups could work aswell I reckon. Flippin cheap aswell, seems like a nice addition to my hobby room
Hope i dont break any rule for spam orso, just tryin to help community out hehe

u/Yokuo · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Well, I used to have a blue one of these, and it held up really well, so I have to recommend it. You can get them cheaper at places like Target, though.

This sort of container is the same concept, more stackable, but less convenient. It's also cheaper in some stores.

If you want to go more fancy, this is a spiffy stackable container. The top is a lid that comes off. My parents have one, and it's pretty nice.

Thanks for the contest!

u/Danthegoon · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I like these things, and you can usually get them in lots of sizes You could always grab a few, too. :) i

Edit: Saw that you linked them already I'll look around some more.

You could probably try something like a book shelf. I'm not sure how else you could store them without stacking besides that or a wall rack.

u/OfMonstersAndSuicide · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
u/Minatox · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

So after a quick search I saw these which are really neat, and if you wanna display I saw these nice shelves, also I think the ones you liked are good too even if its plastic here are some slightly cheaper ones in case you decide on those.

I hope you find something you like :)

u/glitterbrain · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I need something to store my food in when I get to college in August, so this, or something along the lines of it, would be great. I'm not going until the middle of August, so waiting is no problem.

Enjoy training!!

u/nowhereian · 1 pointr/GoRVing

Honestly, we don't really use the back door much. On our last few trips, we actually put a set of plastic drawers (like this one) in front of the door for a little more storage. It's nice to be able to open both doors for a breeze though.

The front door is far enough away from the bunks that we don't wake the kids up. It also helps to really tire them out. Run around all day, go swimming if you can, etc. Also, we have one of these night light switches down by the floor right next to the front door. It's enough light that we can come in and grab something or see our way to the bathroom without turning on a light.

u/PPOKEZ · 1 pointr/HomeImprovement

This is good. I'd considered an up-and-over design but thought even the slight movement might knock items down as I'm putting two of these on it.

However, with the combination of the magnet suggestion to hold it back and this design, it should work well! Thanks.

u/7x13 · 1 pointr/Gunpla


Each shelf is as high as a 1/3oz jar of Tamiya Paint. Its perfect for paint and tools.

u/GummyTumor · 1 pointr/learnart

I keep most of my pens, pencils, airbrush equipment, markers, inks, and smaller items inside these, I like the black ones, and the larger/oddly shaped items like spray paint, gesso, palettes, and acrylics get tossed into these folding canvas boxes you can find pretty much anywhere now. I can fit one of each side by side on my shelves and they keep everything neat and organized. I have 4 of the canvas containers and 3 of the Sterilite drawers along side all my art books and video games on these dinky waist high shelves I got at Target. You'd be surprised how much stuff you can cram into them.

My drawing desk is just a smallish dinner table I bought for $10 bucks, best deal ever! On it, I keep a rotating pencil holder from Office Depot that holds my brushes, rulers, and nib holders. I also have a few jars of water for water coloring, two lamps, and some of those wooden hands/mannequins for still lifes on there. I nailed some nails to the side of the table to hang a pencil case filled with the essentials for when I'm traveling or want to paint/sketch outside, I also have some nails for artist's tape, my heat gun, and a dust brush.

I generally don't work on paper larger than 9x12, so most of my pads of paper and sketch books go right in my shelf standing up.

I can't stand working in a messy studio or losing any of my supplies, so having multiple drawers and boxes where I can just throw things into and sort them out later is perfect for me. I really recommend the Sterilite drawers. They have them at Target and Walmart and come in different colors.

u/HappyDonut · 1 pointr/knives

What LockoutTagout said.

I used to display my collection by buying those cheap little desk drawers, I'd line them with that rubber carpet pads .

Now I use spyderco's spyderpacs. I hang them up on nails using the few loops that the pacs have. Then I just place the knives inside. Nice little wall decoration. :)

u/thresholden · 1 pointr/PrimeDay

I spent way too much time waffling on a 20 dollar order since its mostly snacks and household goods. I went with this drawer instead:

Add some chips or drink in there to make the minimum.

u/theskytheclouds · 1 pointr/DeskCableManagement

Is there an update on this? Would love to see something! I would love to tackle this LOL

I would first unplug everything and figure out what wires are connecting to what and where. I would also recommend a new spot for your power outlet. Buy USB extension cables for more flexibility. Purchase Cable Raceway and 3m Double sided tape to go under your desk. Buy Velcro cable ties Connect your Mouse to your keyboard if you have the option to. Run all wires through the raceway. Buy a Cable Management Box for your power outlet. Buy a three or four tier drawer where you can keep accessories like our Vive, GoPro and controllers. Buy a cable/electronic organizer to organize your cables that you are not using and anything else you don't use, place them in the drawer.

u/reptile_enthusiast_ · 1 pointr/Knife_Swap

I don't remember if this is the exact one I got but some thing similar to this: Bamboo Drawer

Here's how I have my knives set up in it and so far it works well: Knife Drawer

u/The_Gr8_Catsby · 1 pointr/Teachers

Have you thought of using the Sterlite paper drawers? Like this? These are usually cheaper in stores.

u/woo545 · 1 pointr/InteriorDesign

It can be a plastic drawer type thing you stick in that's not permanently mounted.

You can hang pot lids on doors with 3M hooks

u/LevelReward · 1 pointr/HelpMeFind

How about those Sterilite drawer carts, like these ? They vary by height, width, depth. You can easity cut holes in the back for cables. Stick the units in each drawer with controllers and accessories. Pull them out when you play. Close them up and wheel them back when you're done.

u/n_nick · 1 pointr/cablefail

These velcro straps used to be $5 and some days are cheaper and will help organize them no matter what you throw them in. They have the little loop so one end always stays attached to the cable. The first link would be the nicest solution although the most expensive. Clear bins that could stack also work well as you can get different sizes. I currently use a mix of the bins and a cheap drawer shelf like this along with some larger boxes for bulky/outdated cables. I would suggest going with thinner versions of that instead of your last link. Your mileage may vary but normally they will be cheaper in store.

u/unamedgamer1 · 1 pointr/turning

what if I have started doing for pen parts is I bought some small plastic drawers like these:

and hotglued in dividers made from some 1/4" plywood.

Each pen type gets its own drawer, and every part from that pen gets its own section in the drawer. So when I get a shipment of pen parts, I divide them up between the drawers and dividers, so when I am working on a specific pen I just pull out 1 of each part and assemble.

My blanks are still just in a pile with there species written on the side though.

u/Dzunner · 1 pointr/AutoDetailing
  1. Iron X is a completely different product than Sonax. Iron X is for decontamination and is more for your paint where as Sonax is an actual cleaner that is designed to work on your wheels.

  2. The very best spray bottles you can get for the money are the HDX Widemouth Sprayers.

  3. Check Harbor Frieght for M105 /M205 and use the digital 20% off coupon. You will have to make 2 seperate trips inside but you can use the same digital coupon from your phone.

  4. Foaming guns are a good thing to have. If it is for a pressure washer, make sure you get the short handle with the largest capacity bottle you can get. When you try and put those things on the end of the PW wand, it will spin in the collet and not go where you are wanting it to. This is the one that I have.
    And this is the handle for the unit

  5. Not sure what pads you are referring to but if you are talking about buffer pads, then the best deal flying on what I think are the best pads out there are the Buff N Shine multiple pad pack

  6. I keep the majority of my equipment in a couple of Husky Job Boxes

  7. I keep my pads and MF towels in a couple of these Sterilite Drawer Carts

  8. To keep mold and mildew out of all of my totes and carts, I also throw in some Silica packs

  9. For all of my chemicals and supplies I keep everything on a simple set of Metal Shelving

    Best of luck.