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u/user1hec · 73 pointsr/relationship_advice

Pulsar Edge GS Super 1+ 1x20 Night Vision Goggle

You're welcome.

u/SodaSnake · 23 pointsr/Archery

Sure thing.

I picked this scope up on Amazon:

Single zoom setting, but adjustable focus. The included tripod is tiny, so im using an Amazon basics tripod I bought a while back.

Using this and the zoom on my phone camera allows me to have a clear sight picture at 40 yards, (taken in pretty low light and still looks pretty good), and being able to just glance over at the screen is much more convenient than leaning over to peep down the scope after every shot.

u/SpikeStarkey · 21 pointsr/GameStop

Real night vision goggles can be around $3,399.00

The Dark Edition is $200...

u/zambezy · 6 pointsr/guns

Looking at picking up a Zeus 640, 75mm, 60hz. Did you consider this model at all? Thoughts on it?

u/orchidrocketman337 · 5 pointsr/NYYankees

No expert myself, but I imagine something like this could be used in Away Fields. Offers live stream, and sitting in the stands in center field with binoculars would go pretty unnoticed. Amplify the stream somehow back to the dugout, then you're live viewing binoculars view.

u/Troybylt · 4 pointsr/BuyItForLife

Here is a goggle made by ATN I belive they hold a contract with the US military but don't quote me. The optic it is normally priced around 3k USD it is very similar to what some Military Infantry is issued with the primary difference I see being that the case is made from fiber reinforced glass plastic vs aluminium.

No night vision is truly BIFL as the gas used to collect light degrades over a few years but you can extend the service life by keeping it out of sunlight, store it in a cool (but not cold) dark place like in a opaque bag in a box in your closet? avoid looking at bright light sorces such has hand torches and headlamps in automobiles and ovoiding extreme temperatures.

Not dropping it will also help.

What's your intended usage? A scope may be a better and cheaper alternative or even a NV monocle vs a goggle.

As others have said don't buy cheep, buy once or anything less than gen 2+ you will be happier longer and save yourself money in the lomg run.

u/alfdana · 4 pointsr/arizona

The article didn't outline how the money would be spent and used to curb drug smuggling. It basically just stated he is going to expand a border strike task force. $31.5 millions seems like a lot of money for a strike force. Wonder where the rest of the money is going...

"After those efforts helped make the border more secure, immigration shifted east — evidence of what is sometimes called the “balloon effect.” Total border control apprehensions have decreased in Arizona by about 45 percent since 2011, to 70,074 in 2015, and increased in Texas by about 44 percent to 210,468."

"Worried about the border, the Arizona Legislature in 2011 started raising money to be used to expand the state’s border fencing. That effort failed, but lawmakers last year awarded Dannels $219,000 it had collected from private donors, to be used to help the county track down illegal immigrants and smugglers. Most of the money will be spent on a $156,000 thermal binocular, which can be used to detect body heat in the distance. The rest will pay for six handheld thermal cameras, binoculars, handheld GPS and a scope."
so they raised $200K and bought one pair of thermal binocular? I would be very interested in seeing the difference one pair of this $156K binocular is against the $300 Iphone thermal imager:

this $3K thermal scope

u/Prizz419 · 3 pointsr/tacticalgear

The only night vision for a budget is the Aurora by SiOnyx. SiOnyx Aurora Sport Night Vision Camera
It’s nothing compared to actual night vision, but it has some capabilities. You can buy 2 Aurora sports for $800 and the mounting hardware is another $120ish. Lion’s gear and solutions makes mounting hardware, here is their IG page

u/schorhr · 3 pointsr/telescopes

Hello :-)

> mile away

Daytime & terrestrial observing is often limited by atmospheric seeing conditions, which limit the magnification. The air "wobbles" when magnifying higher. Same effect you see above a hot street in the summer, when warm air rises.


$100- Usually no serious telescopes in this price range. For day-time, a small refractor, but also a zoom spotting scope can work. To a degree.

  • (random example, check reviews, use with a decent tripod)



    For $200, you can get some nice entry level telescopes for astronomy. Though usually those are reflectors (largest aperture for your money) and thus not suited well for daytime observing (upside-down image). The 4" refractors in this price range are often relatively simple "shorties", which are nice for wide-field, but not suited to push magnification far beyond 100x.

    A Maksutov-type telescope is a very compact type of telescope. It usually has a long focal length, making it easy to reach high magnification with simple eyepieces. The down-side of this system are the small maximum field of view and the longer cool-down time due to it's closed tube. And they are rather expensive compared to reflectors.

  • Celestron c90 The smallest Mak I'd recommend. Very portable. Will work on almost any camera tripod as long as it has enough leeway.

  • 4" Maksutov. Still fairly compact. I use mine on an older but rigid camera tripod. On a $20 tripod it isn't that great.


    $300-$400 will usually by a large telescope for astronomy (XT6, AD8). For spotting scope purposes a 5" Maksutov. Great little bucket for planets as well.

  • Bare 5" Mak - Tripod required

  • The 127 SLT is a computerized telescope. Not ideal for terrestrial, though you can use the scope manually with the hand controller. Not push it though, it'll damage the mount. With the small price difference, the mount is nearly a "freebee".

  • Explore Scientific recently released a 5" on EQ mount relatively cheaply. Not many reviews yet. But they do have a good reputation thanks to their other equipment.

    A astronomy tripod may cost $100, better $200. Though as said, if you have a sturdy camera tripod, that'll do... At least for the 3 and 4".


    Make sure to plan in a little more for another eyepiece or two. Do not get eyepiece sets, despite their good reviews. They rarely contain good eyepieces, and the selected focal lengths don't fit every telescope well.

    For day-time spotting scope use, a $50 zoom eyepiece1 2 can be nice, even though they are not ideal for astronomy (small apparent field of view on the lower magnification setting).


    > too much light pollution

    Moon and planets can be observed even when there's a lot of light pollution.


    Clear skies!
u/RealPierceHawthorne · 2 pointsr/Hunting

I’m not sure if this is the same one but they are dramatically marked down on Amazon right now

u/Theyta · 2 pointsr/amazone

Its your money, do as you wish. Heres one random item from my amazon wish list.
Night vision monocular

u/Testiculese · 2 pointsr/IAmA

> Gen4 Starlight

At $14k? Yea, not buying that...but wait!

Lots of people have these. I'm currently evaluating which rifle scope I want.

u/cah8t6 · 2 pointsr/Gunsforsale

Would you be interested in brand new PVS7 night vision googles ? They don't have anytime on the tube.

u/Phaedryn · 1 pointr/thedivision

You don't use night vision in daylight conditions...I would have thought that was obvious.

Night time, sewers, various dark indoor missions...there are plenty of places where toggle on night vision goggles (ie these or these...)

Also, people running a Pistol Build aren't using the flashlight.

More to the point it's rather absurd our "high tech" agents are lacking such basic kit.


Yeah so I got most of the stuff off amazon, including

WOLFBUSH Tactics Vest Phantom...

2pcs Foundation Special...

TClian Skull Mask Balaclava Ghost...

ATAIRSOFT PJ Type Tactical...

LIVIQILY Helmet Accessory...
(This is just the attachment. Not the monocular)

The rest is just
White paint
Black jacket
Black pants
Black socks

Other thing that aren’t in the pic include

FREE SOLDIER Men's Tactical Boots...

Also I couldn’t find the link for the gloves

u/x5060 · 1 pointr/NightVision

Ah, that would be pretty easy to make with a mill. It looks like the sell on amazon, you sure it isn't available in australia?

u/deztroyer99 · 1 pointr/gundeals

Normally $799

I believe the Sport version is $100 off as well. I bought the sport this morning.

SiOnyx Aurora Sport Night Vision Camera

u/da_2holer_eh · 1 pointr/battlefield_one
u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/CombatFootage

I bought this on Amazon in 2017.

I can record all my night shoots.

u/audicoupe · 1 pointr/The_Donald
u/rexmons · 1 pointr/videos

For anyone curious, that scope goes for around $4,500. LINK

u/Thief39 · 1 pointr/PercyJacksonRP

This for Gareth "To light your way"

This for Janine. To protect you in your deepest moment of anguish. OOC: Actually have it do something.

u/elphieisfae · 1 pointr/PercyJacksonRP

Another delivery for Gareth, from Brandon:

this, this, and this.

Also, this from Ellie.

u/peen_was · 1 pointr/shutupandtakemymoney
u/ackakc · 1 pointr/Gifts

Do you still need ideas?

Night vision monocular for late-night wildlife watching:

Batseeker Ultrasonic Bat Detector- This could possibly be really cool or really dumb..

A few book ideas:
This Explains Everything: Deep, Beautiful, and Elegant Theories of How the World Works Paperback – January 22, 2013 by John Brockman

A History of Life in 100 Fossils Hardcover – October 14, 2014 by Paul D. Taylor and Aaron O'Dea

u/beanmosheen · 1 pointr/guns

I bought a tru-glow cheapo for my 22a1 and it does very well for $50. I wouldn't recommend dropping it, but it's dead on and doesn't walk between shots. I think it's just fine for a plinker.

Amazon Link. Dicks Sporting goods has them in stock.

u/Humon · 1 pointr/canadaguns

If you are looking for inexpensive optics, consider Tru Glo:

They consistently get strong reviews...but that being said, as others here have mentioned, for a gun like the Little Badger, iron sights remain your best opion.

u/Imperion_GoG · 1 pointr/gaming

Depends on the goggles. You can get Gen 3+ (commercial sales call it Gen 4) for $8300 on Amazon.

FLIR scopes for hunting run for about $4k. haven't been able to find combined systems for commercial use though (military, pmc, police and search & rescue only)