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u/8888plasma · 86 pointsr/malefashionadvice

Pants stick out the most to me.

IMO black jeans are some of the most versatile pants you can get.

I'd get a pair of those. I personally love these, but if that's too skinny/too much, I've heard great things about Levi's 511.

Next, like a lot of other people have said, a minimal white sneaker is king. For your price point, look in to Van's Sk8 Hi for a really casual/skater look, Stan Smith's in White/Blue for a more simple look (reading back over this, I realized you were in Italy - Stan Smiths are so fucking popular it's ridiculous. As are the Adidas Gazelles. Not bad options if you want to fit in, but keep in mind you'll be wearing what everyone else is wearing). Honorable mentions are the Converse Chuck Taylor II Highs and Lows. These might be hard to find on but make sure you're getting the Converse Chuck Taylor II - they updated the sole and it's one of the most comfortable sneakers you can get. Durable and iconic as well.

You said you're in Italy, so I reckon you're not -too- worried about heavy outerwear.

Honestly, I'd skimp on the watch if I were you - it's an accessory and IMO not nearly as important as the other staples. If you do get a watch, Timex watches are fairly popular among MFA users and pretty cheap on amazon.

Polo 3 isn't actually that large. Nor is 5. Orange is a hard color to pull off though, so I'd personally avoid wearing that.

Lots of Americans dislike polos but I spent this summer in Italy and polos were super popular so just keep doing that I guess.

I will say, all of your shirts are wrinkled. Like straight up all of them. After taking your clothes out of the dryer, hang them up. Maybe buy some hangers if you don't currently own any. Hanging them up cuts the wrinkles down so much.

If the product is available in Italy, these Gildan shirts are great quality for the money. They're not amazing but you get a lot of options. There are several options there for different packages, but I'd stick to toned down options. When most people start caring about how they dress, they don't really know how to incorporate/coordinate color properly. Low-saturation is easy to coordinate. Black/blue/greys/whites/earthtones. For example, there's a deal going on for people in the U.S. right now to mix and match tops. You can see it here. I think these outfits are done really well overall, but as you can see the colors are really muted.

A large part of looking good is in the hair - your hair in the last 2 pictures looks super good. If you need product to do that, I'd use part of the $500 to get that. Keep that shit up.

Also look into cologne - Amazon is a pretty decent place to get them. I personally love Bvlgari Man Extreme and I get it through Amazon. Consider stopping by a Sephora or something and testing out colognes to find one you like - you can typically find it on Amazon for about $60 for 3 Oz.

I'd also stay away from V-necks as much as possible. Might just be me, but I really hate them.

I'd also consider no-show socks. I realize you're in Milan, so if you want to go all in on the Milan look, I'd suggest the following:

Simple, well-fitting shirts.
Black skinny jeans, pinrolled.
White sneakers - Stan Smiths and Superstars are ubiquitous in Milan.
No-show socks.

Your one suit is great. Make sure you have a dress belt that matches the shoes you wear with your suit. A suit without a belt is hard to pull off.

When shopping on amazon - be sure to avoid shit like this. Cheap, chinese made, won't look anything like the product pictures. This sums it up pretty well. Buy stuff from brands you've heard of - you've heard of them for a reason. That being said, only buy shoes from shoe companies and clothes from clothes companies. Tommy Hillfiger and Calvin Klein and the like make decent clothes but terrible, terrible shoes.

I looked through jackets on and this was the best I could come up with - not cheap by any means, but it'll be good quality and bombers are super ubiquitous, esp in Milan. Unfortunately, it's still about $90 but jackets get expensive quickly. It would be smart to get a simple sweatshirt or hoodie. This can be layered under the bomber for a cold night. I'd stray away from a zip up hoodie, as your bomber already has the edit zipper***.

I also just remembered that Cheap Monday is super popular in Europe - This is a great option. Low vans are also good shoes to consider.

That's uhhh... all that comes to mind. It's super disorganized and I threw a lot at ya so have fun with that. Super jealous that you get to go to school in Milan. Have tons of fun dude.

u/Fivelon · 30 pointsr/BuyItForLife


The Flint and Tinder Ten-Year Hoodie. This was a recent purchase for me. It's as durable as they say, and I mean, come on, you're gonna want a hoodie. It gets chilly sometimes.

True Fabrications True-Tap Wine Key. I'm a bartener, and this is the best cork and cap opener out there, hands down.

My favorite hat ever. I owned one of these for ten years. It can fold up around the brim and stow in your pocket or bag very easily. Keeps the sun off your face, keeps your head warm(ish), and can be pulled down over your eyes for a nap. Only reason I don't own one of these now is it was stolen.

Xiaomi Piston earbuds. Excellent earbuds for the price. There are absolutely better ones out there, but if you're travelling you should plan on losing them at some point. Good enough to be worth having, cheap enough that you won't cry when they get lost.

The indispensible Bic Lighter. It's a Bic lighter. There's just not a better lighter. Don't say Zippo; they're garbage. There are fancier lighters out there, but there are not better lighters than a Bic.

The Fenix E25 Flashlight. Uses AAs, very bright, big enough to be comfortable to use while small enough to travel with. Fits nicely into universal bicycle handlebar clamps.

Classic Swiss Army Knife. On Swiss Army knives, you'll find the scissors to be worthless but the knife, file, and screwdrivers can be indispensible.

On that note, the Gerber Multitool. Leatherman notwithstanding, the Gerber multitool is fantastic. Potayto, potahto.

Ahh, the Fisher Space Pen. I much prefer the "bullet" model. This thing is great. Tiny when it's closed up, but when you put the cap on the back it's a full-sized pen that writes phenomenally. It's hard to break, and the cartridges have ordering information printed right on 'em for when you run it dry. If you're not into calligraphy and just need something to write with, this is a great pen.

Rotring 600 mechanical pencil You're gonna need a pencil to go with that pen. Try this one.

The best "living out of a bag" bag I've ever had. This thing will hold all your shit plus some of your buddy's. Rainproof (trust me on this), huge, comfortable, indestructible. This was my everyday carry bag for a decade before it was stolen out of my car, along with several of my other long-lasting things. I collect BIFL shit. I've switched apartments a hundred times, lived in a car, lived in friends' garages, and basically spent the years from age 16-24 lugging around this backpack from place to place with most of my belongings in it. It's an incredible bag.

Shoes are a different story. You'll want something comfy but durable--check out r/goodyearwelt. Those guys know their shoes.

Pants are good too! Levi 501s are notoriously decent, and I'm partial to Dickies 874 work pants. The Dickies work pants are a little bit lighter and more breathable, but the pockets and belt loops are a little restrictive. Very durable, though, and comfy!

u/numiru · 24 pointsr/malefashionadvice

To clarify: these are not necessarily outfits, these are quality basic pieces that you can build a wardrobe around and incorporate your own style into.

Amazon links for the items listed:

  • Carhartt K121
  • Hanes Beefy-T

  • Levis 501 Shrink to Fit

  • Dickies 874

  • Chuck 70

  • Air Force 1

    *Another user has recommended the [Comfort colors c1717 tee](Comfort Colors Pigment-Dyed Short Sleeve Shirt Small Lagoon Blue

    I own all of these items (except the 501s, I have APC new standards but I wanted to keep it budget friendly.) I can attest to the quality and the aesthetics of these clothes.


  • If slim fit is more your thing, Levis and Dickies make slim fit versions of both pants! Dickies slim-skinny and levis 511 respectively. Just make sure you don't wear chunkier shoes like the AF1 if you plan on wearing slim/skinny pants. You'll look like you're wearing bricks on your feet.

  • A few alternatives would be Carhartt work pants, Champion reverse weave hoodie, and Adidas GATs if you plan on wearing slimmer pants.
u/Spazzington · 12 pointsr/streetwear

I own a pair of these Levi 511s in blue stone and I love them. People from time to time tell me they look great

u/kingviper · 11 pointsr/malefashionadvice

I'm close to your size. 5'11" and 150lbs. New to MFA and trying to look nicer. My office is casual dress, so I'm not wearing ties or anything, but here's what I've recently done.

I used to buy large size shirts/polos from express. Unfortunately, all of them are way too big after learning the way on MFA. So I've recently started updating my dress with some of the following things.

Red Wing Heritage Beckmans
These ran me just under $300 from a red wing store (they have a $20 off coupon on their website here )
I'm still breaking these in and having a rough time of it. One of the boots fits great, the other is horribly uncomfortable. I'm going to take them in to see if something is wrong with them, but if they don't get better they have a 30 day unconditional return policy.

Allen Edmond Sedona Penny Loafer I really wanted these to work. I like the look, and figured I could wear them with jeans at work or with shorts after leaving. 12B's were too loose, 11.5B's were too tight. The salesman said these particular penny loafers just don't work well with my narrow feet. I'm now trying the Made To Fit program at Rancourt. Hopefully they fit better.

J.Crew Factory Oxford The weekend I went I must have gotten lucky because it was 50% off everything in store. I don't think that's too common, though they did just have a 40% off sale. J.Crew Factory is their outlet store. Haven't shopped at the regular one. I bought several of these shirts. The smalls fit me best, but the sleeves were uncomfortably short. I know I could just roll them but I got the mediums since they didn't look bad either and could be worn with sleeves rolled or not. I always tuck in the oxford shirts, they don't look bad un-tucked (they do have tails but not horrible long ones) but you'll look more put together if they're tucked in.

Banana Republic Dress Shirts I think mine are the tailored fit, but honestly didn't check in store. I just tried some on and got what fit. The small size here fit me very nice. Sleeves are perfect length but I am a little worried they'll shrink. I was told in store they were pre-washed. They also had a 50% off sale at the Factory outlet store, thought I think this is pretty common at BR. 30 day price match policy for future sales. Just keep the receipt.

Mossimo V-Neck Tee I wear these as undershirts at work and by themselves with shorts after work. Some people say not to wear undershirts, but I like to just because it keeps me from having to wash my buttom ups as often. These are pretty tight to the neck v-neck's, so they are visible under the button ups. Size small fit me nice and snug. They were on sale for $8 last week. Target has a 14 day price match policy if they lower the price after you purchase them. You need your receipt.

Levi 514 Slim Straight Jeans I was used to wearing express jeans, but lately the crotch area didn't fit right and they usually had pretty crazy washes. Everyone here will recommend more of a taper in the Levi 513 but I didn't feel comfortable with those yet. Maybe in 6 months or so I'll try again. I just got them from Macy's. Can't remember the sale. Got 32x32's. Tried 31x32's but they were VERY tight in the crotch. IMPO quality and consistency in sizing varies quite a bit. Try on every pair. I got a pair of 32x32's that were 1.5 inches shorter than the others. Ridiculous, though they are cheap jeans to get started with.

I try not to wear polo's anymore. After starting to pay more attention to my appearance and watching other people, I realize that almost nobody looks flattering in a polo. Just my opinion though.

This might be more casual than what you were looking for, but hopefully it helps someone!

u/polychaos · 10 pointsr/malefashionadvice

You should check out the Docker's Alpha "Athletic Fit". I just got a couple of them after trying them on at my local Macy's. I'm a pretty athletic, big-thighed, big-butted, dude. These pants fit perfectly at the waist, snug (but I can still wear tights in the winter, they're just skinny then) through the thigh, and perfect across the calf. They're basically a revelation. I also love the recent athletic fit Levi's 541.

u/[deleted] · 9 pointsr/frugalmalefashion

Mine say 511 on the waist but have the PID for 508s inside. Same deal with yours? Have you found anything comparable?

Mine are 2% elastane, according to the tags, which could be wrong. It would be nice if I could find a product listing that looked anything like them. This is the closest I've come based on the elastane (Cash, Pumped Up, Express) but I haven't ordered any.

u/AlGoreVidalSassoon · 8 pointsr/malefashionadvice

Zappos and Amazon have them and both have free shipping and returns so you can buy a few sizes and send back what ever doesn't fit.

u/chrispscott · 7 pointsr/frugalmalefashion

Orange Pants Henchman

Pullover Alt.


AO Aviators

Levi's 511 in Winetasting

Momentum Square One

St John's Bay Workboot Alt. I assume this is the current model of the boot I have.

u/AnneFrankSimulator14 · 6 pointsr/malefashionadvice

Found this the other day but (NOT sells several Levi pants that ship to Canada (or at least Ottawa for me, you can set it so Amazon lets you know right on the product page if it ships to you or not).

  • Levi 511 Jeans link

    I personally haven't bought them myself so I don't know how much the duty is but this particular one is sold and shipped by Amazon themselves. Most of the stuff is around $32-$36.
u/thehyperbolist · 6 pointsr/frugalmalefashion

Looks like there are comparable prices on Amazon, at least for 511s and there seem to be more sizes available.

u/theleftphalanges · 5 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon


[2-3 pairs of Dockers Alpha Khakis (slim/skinny fit) in a variety of colors, be sure to check back there if the color you want is out of stock.] (

2-3 pairs of Levis 511s (slim/skinny fit) also in a variety of colors; or any pair of pants of your amazon WL, as long as you have jeans cause they were very versatile and go with pretty much anything


Demin shirt from H&M; you can wear it as is or layer it and put a tshirt under it and leave it unbuttoned

Simple Long Sleeved Tshirt any color your prefer

Cotton button up also very good for layering or wearing alone; any color you prefer

Maroon Cotton Tshirt

Cotton Graphic Tshirt

I would also recommend pretty much any shirt from here: (note: sometimes cheap material though). Also their button ups: (choose darker colors cause of the fall season; great for layering over graphic tshirts if you need something) REMEMBER TO CHANGE THE REGION TO US


Raybans (only if you can afford them at the moment; they are pretty awesome)

Brown Leather Belt; also recommend you get a black one

Watch #1

Watch #2


Vans Slip Ons

Ralph Lauren Sneak (similar to vans; choose a neutral color preferably)

Canvas sneakers

Canvas Slip Ons

Nike Running Shoes; can be worn as a casual sneaker

Dress Shirt:

Van Heusen Dress Shirt

I hope I helped in any way possible :)

Dress me up

u/crj3012 · 4 pointsr/frugalmalefashion
u/limperschmit · 4 pointsr/malefashionadvice

I wear a 32W 36L as well. I bought these jeans and they fit wonderfully.

u/obamaisabuddhist · 3 pointsr/frugalmalefashion

We are almost exactly the same size -- I am 5'7" and a shade under 160. 30" inseam is also too long for me, and I prefer absolutely no break.

I really love the Dockers Alpha Khaki in Slim Tapered, and the great thing is that you can get them with a 29" inseam, which is perfect for me.

You'll see they're normally $50 on Amazon. I know that seems like a lot, but consider the fact that you're getting a well-fitting pair of pants that will be fairly durable and meet multiple needs.

You can also set up a price alert on a site like and wait for your preferred colors and sizes to go on sale. Starting with tan and grey is a great idea, as those colors will go with most anything.

For jeans, I'd start with Levis 511s, again with a 29" inseam. The Rinsed Playa is a popular and versatile color. After that you can go for black or grey.

As for shoes, I would keep an eye out for inexpensive ones in the B/S/T thread. I'm assuming you're on your feet most of the time at your retail gig, and most cheap shoes are not going to be comfortable for that. Better to find something used and higher-quality that won't kill your feet. I think best of all would be to assemble a set of shoes, three or so pairs.

Let me know if you have any other questions!

u/og-tortilla · 3 pointsr/streetwear
u/repostmen · 3 pointsr/malefashionadvice

Looks just like this gray pair of 514s I just purchased.

u/Manacit · 3 pointsr/IAmA

I would happily buy 30x34 jeans. If I could find them.
Here's Levi's 511 and 510s from Amazon.
I own a pair of 510s and three pair of 511s, both in 30x32. I haven't found them in a 30 waist with anything longer then a 32 leg. Kirkland doesn't make their jeans in a 30x34 size either. Every time I stop by a clothes store I always check, but I've never seen any 30x34s

u/sorandomlolz1 · 3 pointsr/FrugalMaleFashionCDN

Naked & Famous Men's Weird Guy Elephant 5's on for 50% off here

They're 20oz demin so not for everyone. EDIT: only in sz 31 apparently.

u/acs2210 · 3 pointsr/frugalmalefashion

When there are multiple sellers, you can go to a page that allows you to filter Sizes and Colors by "Lowest for Each" to see a list of the cheapest price for every Size/Color combo:

u/atluu · 2 pointsr/frugalmalefashion

ALL CLOTHING COMES FROM SMOKE FREE/PET FREE HOME. I am selling these because I've lost a substantial amount of weight and can no longer fit these clothings. Prices does not reflect shipping. Discounts for buying Multiple Items! Please comment or PM for additional information.
Ebay: with 100% positive feedback.I accept paypal or amazon payments.


Levi 511 Slim Fit Jeans Rinsed Playa 32x29

Condition: NWT

Price $28 $25

Levi 508 Taper Jeans Rigid Envy 32x30

Condition: NWT

Price: $30 $28


J. Ferrar Modern Fit/Slim Suit black jacket Size 38R

Condition 10/10 Worn once to a function, pristine condition in suit cover.

Price: $50 $45

J.Ferrar Modern fit/Slim black Suit Pants 34x30

Condition: 10/10 Worn once, matching suit pants with the jacket.

Price: $30 $25


[Express Military jacket w/ built in hood Size L] (

Condition 10/10 Worn once to a function,

Price: $70 $65

Jos. A. Bank Signature Sweater Vest Size M

Condition: 10/10 Never worn, Fits true to size.

Price: $30 $15 $10

Express black cardigan Size L

Condition 10/10 Worn twice, athletic fit

Price: $25 $20 (FINAL PRICE)

Express Black V-neck sweater Size L

Condition: 10/10 worn once, athletic fit
Price: $30 $25 $20 (FINAL PRICE)

Express black 1/4 zip Mock sweater Size L

Condition: 10/10 worn once, athletic fit

Price: $40 $35 $30 $25 (FINAL PRICE)

$55 for all 3 final priced items.


Bonobos Vintage Wash Tee - Crewneck Pomegranate or Lavender M/L

Condition: NWT

Price: $7


AE Neumok Tan seude size 9D New in Box

Condition: New in box, never worn

Price: $155

u/Deusis · 2 pointsr/malefashionadvice

Without getting into the raw denim world, you could try:

u/antifolkhero · 2 pointsr/malefashionadvice

My suggestions from time spent on here:

  1. Get him some Levi's 514 jeans. These are the best fitting jeans for non-super skinny people and they look awesome.

  2. Buy him some shirts at Zara. The pants are too skinny for my legs but the shirts are a nice cut and run ~$60.

  3. Finally, though they are simple, I love my Clark's Desert Boots. I bought them recently and couldn't be happier with my purchase.

    These three things all work as birthday gifts, they're all returnable, and they all look good on most guys. Check them out and let me know if you decide to go with any of them.
u/Whangdoodlist · 2 pointsr/goodyearwelt

These in light stonewash.

u/Impius · 2 pointsr/malefashionadvice

Shirt - Lucky

Pants - Levi's 501s

Boots - Red Wing Iron Ranger

u/alphamini · 2 pointsr/malefashionadvice

If you like AE, these are a really good option. I bought two pairs and they've held up with no signs of wear for about 2 years now.

I'd also check out Gap, Uniqlo, Banana Republic, any place that sells Levis (these in Rigid Dragon or Clean Dark are really popular here), etc.

u/arthas183 · 2 pointsr/frugalmalefashion
u/blhylton · 2 pointsr/malefashionadvice

Ah, alright, RES was just defaulting to showing the whole gallery. Different story when I click on the link.

Look at these in the standardize wash, see if that's what you're looking for. Looks pretty similar to my eye, but I'm not well versed in light wash jeans.

u/FireBallBryan · 2 pointsr/frugalmalefashion

When did you order your 511's from Amazon? If you look at them right now it says 54% cotton 46% polyester. :/ Is that untrue?

u/Nakedandfamousdenim · 2 pointsr/rawdenim

The Elephant 5's are harder and harder to find these days.

Amazon has a few pairs of the Weird Guy's

Tate + Yoko has some Skinny Guy's


u/kittttttens · 2 pointsr/malefashionadvice

unbranded are the standard cheap recommendation, you can find them on amazon. supposedly the 201s have a similar fit to 511s, although i don't have a pair myself.

naked & famous are nice if you care about made in canada and are willing to spend a bit more, they also have a bigger variety of fabrics/cuts.

u/MyCatsNameIsBernie · 2 pointsr/rawdenim

This is good advice. Amazon has 20% off on many [N&F] ( and Unbranded, with free shipping and free returns. Sale ends tonight at 11:59PM.

u/Chief_Berry · 2 pointsr/frugalmalefashion

This also works for Levi's 510!!

Levi's 510

u/le_classy_gentlesir · 2 pointsr/malefashionadvice

Opinions on these Levi's 511s in "Lake Merrit" wash? Looking to get some cheap light wash jeans for this spring/summer. Any other suggestions are also welcome. (preferably less than $100)

u/surprisinglyminty · 2 pointsr/frugalmalefashion

Definitely not the best price by any means but if you're in a rush to get a pair:

order a few sizes and return the ones that don't fit?

again, just a thought. I know others will chime in.

u/veritableill · 2 pointsr/malefashionadvice

Been adding some stuff lately, basically starting from scratch because life.


JC - navy and khaki
Levi 511 skinny -

AA hoodie blue -

Uniqlo black -

I'm on a tight budget so this might belong in fmfa, but any advice would be helpful. I'm really working on basics right now but I'd like to retire the uniqlo jacket soon. The ultra light down isn't super warm but it works ok with a hoodie. I'm not sure what to buy next, I'm thinking more tees from JCF in black. The mediums varied in size a bit but not too bad. I'm thinking 5 more t shirts and another AA hoodie in purple or red. Not a huge fan of the 511 skinny but they fit pretty good, want to try straight version next. Still waiting for the 484 chinos to get here, I'll snap some pics when they arrive see what you guys think.

u/dearth10101 · 2 pointsr/malefashionadvice

What I do when buying jeans is look for tapered fit. Like Levi's 508. The leg opening is still small so they look fitted in the calf but have more room in the thigh.
(read reviews)

u/intentionalthreads · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice

You don't need to spend $150. Spend $40 on a pair of Levi's and another $5-10 on getting them hemmed.

u/Ryan_Firecrotch · 1 pointr/OutOfTheLoop

Weirdly enough the Levi's US site has a directory page for 508's but has none in the actual store. They are, however, on US amazon in nearly every size for nearly every color.

u/Evictus · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice

sorry, the lighting must be poor. the pants are navy (Rigid Dragon 541) and the shoes are grey leather (these, though with different shoelaces). In any case, I'll try to contrast the top and bottom better in the first fit, thank you for the feedback!

u/LightningShark · 1 pointr/tallfashionadvice

6'6" 180lbs current college student here. I've found dockers 11" shorts to be an amazing fit for me, you can get them from kohls for pretty cheap right now.

In terms of t-shirts, I'm in the same boat with Old Navy. Great comfortable shirts at a very good price.

For pants, levi 511s come in 32x36L and they fit me great. I picked mine up off of amazon, quick and easy.

Those are my favorite tall items to date, and they're all pretty affordable buys.

u/Stormy_AnalHole · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice

Not the exact same, but these should be similar.

u/Kavusto · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice

i've been quite busy these past few weeks

  • bought some chuck II's from Nordstrom for $30
  • bought some 484 jeans in Guilford wash for $60 (only have 1 pair of jeans rn)
  • bought some UB201 during the amazon prime day sale. despite the fact that i sized up from a 31 waist to a 32 waist, it was ridiculously small for me, am going to return them
  • found some shorts on the sale rack at Jcrew for $30 total. first time i've found something in store is cheaper than online
  • can't find the exact shirt, but i bought something like this from H&M for $13, goes really well with the above JCrew shorts

    on the lookout for:

  • blue shorts to complete summer look
  • selvedge jeans that actually fit me
  • parka
  • ???
u/fuzzyfractal42 · 1 pointr/NoStupidQuestions

I'm confused. You say here that you are a size 30 waist but you said in your OP that size 30 doesn't fit you. So either you are not a size 30 or maybe you are saying that different brands of men's pants fit you different? That has never really been my experience with men's pants. The waist size is usually pretty consistent. If size 30 is too big for you (even after shrinking in the wash, I presume) I would look online because in my experience it's rare for most clothing stores to stock anything below size 30. You must be quite thin. If you don't already you should look into wearing a belt.

Looks like Amazon stocks Levis as small as size 28x32.

Barring that, look at Boys/Junior's sized clothes.

u/psm510 · 1 pointr/frugalmalefashion

38x30 Levi 511 Slim fit Jeans

Bought from Levis' website. I never wore them because im too small for them! They've also never been worn by anybody else. Im selling them for $31 shipped. They go for ~42 online. Here are [Three pics of them.] ( Below are links to the same pants online. link

Amazon link

u/stanky_tofu · 1 pointr/frugalmalefashion

Amazon has 508s around $44 dollars. If you use the 20% off coupon for subscribing to amazon's clothing newsletter, you could bring the price down somewhat close to $30.

u/InvertedTherapy · 1 pointr/swoleacceptance

This. Best fitting pair of tapered jeans I own.

u/DietSnapple135 · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice

I feel like they're a little bluer than that, but it's hard to say what the lighting is doing to them.

I was thinking these in Muse color

Hard to say though, I think those just look closest to what I've found looking around.

u/Ross5512 · 1 pointr/rawdenim

Go for Unbranded. Great place to start. On Amazon for about $82 IIRC. They have several different cuts, I personally have the 221s (you probably don't want those as they're quite thick) but I believe the 201 or whatever they call it will be what you're looking for, it's a slim relaxed fit.

EDIT: Link -

EDIT2: Plus they fade very quickly so you'll very quickly see the benefits in terms of look that having a pair of raw denim gives you.

u/SokaJunkie · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice

Gold Pan colorway looks to be what you're looking for.

u/dignatius · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice

How long does it take for bulking gainz to require replacing clothing?

Not sure if I should take advantage of this deal and get another pair of 511 or if I should start getting 508s etc. Also the recently arrived penfield gibson fits shoulders in S but body would fit perfectly in the XS, wait that out?

Fwiw I'm 5'8.5" 150lbs, this is my 5th week lifting, and I'm squatting 205 right now. I don't plan on getting huge legs, just want something somewhat proportional; I lift more for the mood/physical benefits and confidence than pride in stats.

u/jaredpls · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice

Outfit ideas/general advice for these pants? I had a whole long post written out that I parsed down because it got to be too much, so I'll keep it relatively open-ended - yall have creative minds. I will say that some pics in this album were cool, but I wouldn't wanna wear it as streetwear-y.

But if you have any questions for me if it'd help you answer, feel free. Thanks!

u/3hybrid · 1 pointr/tall

I really like the Levi 501 Timberwolf link which is their khaki color. Quality isn't extraordinary but I would say it's really good for the price. I don't know how you're built but I wear 34x36(37) and I found that the thighs on these jeans were too tight for my thighs(kind of big from working out) and the legs and bottoms were too flared out. Like I do with all my pants I took them to my tailor and had the thighs and crotch let out and the bottoms taken in and they now fit perfectly.

u/ZeWarden · 1 pointr/streetwear

The levi's website is having a decent sale (around $40 a pair)


you can get them at a ton of places, but that'ts usually where I get mine.

u/IComeBearingTheTruth · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice

Amazon's Levi 511 have a composition of 54% cotton and 46% polyester.

u/neverfallindown · 1 pointr/frugalmalefashion

Uhm this was a few months ago, but when you go on Amazon clothes and signup for their mailing list you get a pretty large discount...I want to say it was 75% or something ridiculous. I also already had Amazon Prime so shipping was free. They have crazy return policies so I wasn't worried a bit that they wouldn't fit properly.

Edit: Speaking of which they just sent me a link to a "$39.99 and up 511 sale". Link pretty sure if you get that email signup discount on top of those prices you could easily snag a few pairs for under $15.

u/FluffyLion · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice

Considering the jeans the OP posted are "Super Slim", he might be happier with these:

u/Vitate · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice

Hello, I'm a fellow tenth grader who is very good with fashion, and I would love to help you!

You haven't really stated much of what you're interested in, so I'm just going to give you some basic links to help with a more preppy, mature style.

First and foremost, though, is that mop on your head. I had it, you have it, every guy has had it. It's time to let it go and cut it off. You'll thank me later.

For your tops, I recommend dropping the whole T-shirt/sweater everyday, and trying to stay away from graphic tees completely. I find that if you wear a simple pattern/solid colour shirt, you'll look a lot more clean and grown up. Not much else to be said, just see what you like, but keep it simple.

For jeans, dark denim is in style right now. Since you're a teenager like me, you'll probably want a slim fitting jean. Pac-Sun, H&M, Dockers, and Levi's have some of the best fits that you'll find for a reasonable price. If you want chinos (AKA Khakis), I recommend Dockers brand.

For shoes, since I almost exclusively wear Vans, my knowledge is limited. A general rule of thumb is to keep the sole of the shoe more on the thin side, make sure the tip of the shoe is more tapered/to a point, and the tongue of it isn't too big. Some examples are here, here, and here.

Here are some links of some of the things I mentioned, as they are a good point of reference. Another great place to look are all the sidebar links, namely the basic wardrobe.


Old Navy Tees

Old Navy Button-Ups

H&M Tees

Forever 21 (Big selection of tops)


Dockers Chinos (AKA Khakis)

Levi's 511 Denim Jeans

Pac-Sun Slim Jeans



Sperry's Topsiders

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask via PM or here in the comments.


u/SamuelTips · 1 pointr/frugalmalefashion

I love Levi's 511 or 514, which ever is your style/fit, and I'm not the only one either.



u/Kingofthegnome · 1 pointr/frugalmalefashion

Gustin is super inconsistent with sizing also I don't think you can even get 21oz from gustin right now.


You can also get these for $150 get them within 2 days try them on and even ship them back if they don't fit.

u/RawWasher · 1 pointr/rawdenim

The 513 in the Bastion color is a virtually rigid version, since it looks like a one-wash. It is also available at other places such as Zappo's, Macy's, etc.

And there is also the 513 in the black color, Jet, which looks like it is raw (rigid).

u/never_comment · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice

Amazon Prime has them in my size 34x34 for $40:

u/SparhawkJC · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice

For the money, I've got to say Unbranded UB101s/UB201s are better. The denim is thicker and better, and the Levi's non-Cone Mills selvedge isn't anything to write home about. You might as well get get this in Clean Dark wash instead, it'll let you have basically the same jeans for a lot less.

You can also get 20% off the order by signing up for their newsletter here.

u/logane7 · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice

There aren't really any washes that seemed appealing and they're also technically discontinued so not super easy to find in stores.

u/somethingmountain · 1 pointr/femalefashionadvice

I am 5'11 and weigh 140 lbs. I love 510s for a slim skinny fit. I would try a few pairs on because the sizing and fit will vary widely depending on where they're made. I wear mens' pants a lot because they're long enough and the pockets are deep enough to carry a wallet or large phone.

I'd also try 508s--they aren't styled like this on the model dudes, but 508s are a taper and have a lot more room in the butt area and a skinnier ankle, so they'll fit you closer to a traditional skinny womens' fit if you size down from your normal levi's mens size. High-rise on me.

I've tried on 501s and never like the fit on me, but ymmv.

tl;dr try lots of pairs on.

u/willeesmalls · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice

Here are the reviews. They are vanity sized 2 inches up. I wear a 30x32 but 30 waist wears like a 32. The reviews say they fit like 514's except slimmer in the lower leg. Plenty of thigh/butt space.

u/Derko1 · 0 pointsr/malefashionadvice

Don't know if there's anyway of seeing the number to match... But I think it's these... In Rigid Dragon.