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u/wayward_Pockets · 84 pointsr/AskWomen

These leggings that I could wear every day bc they're so cute, comfy, & not see thru.

Shiny Satin Pillow Cases bc they stay cool and help prevent frizz.

Diamond Dazzle Stick cleans my diamond wedding rings as well as the sonic machine at the store.

I love these velvet tights so much that I made a close up pic of their pattern my cover photo on fb.

u/Mischieftess · 20 pointsr/TheGirlSurvivalGuide

Either the brass plating came off the underlying metal (in which case polishing will just make it worse) or the brass tarnished. You can buy a polishing cloth that should do the trick, but you'll have to be careful to not rub it on the white thread or white shirt underneath or it'll leave smudges. Personally, I'd just remove the plaque permanently, it's going to be a lot of trouble to keep it looking nice.

u/swilson215 · 12 pointsr/weddingplanning

I got this Dazzle Stick from Amazon right after we got engaged. Best purchase I've made on Amazon in 2017, and since then have ordered it for each of my friends who have recently gotten engaged. 10/10 would buy again!

u/disgruntled_pedant · 8 pointsr/funny

I got my sister one of these for a little present once. I also got one for my mom. Several days later, my sister remarked that the lip gloss I gave her made her mouth burn.

> Me: I didn't give you any lip gloss, what are you talking about?
> K: The one in the red tube.

I don't remember the last time my mom and I laughed that hard at my sister. About six months later, Amazon had those on lightning deal, and I sent her a link telling her that her favorite lip gloss was on sale.

u/gogosolar · 7 pointsr/fountainpens

Changing colour or ink brand, yes, clean it by repeatedly flushing water through it until runs clear or get crazy - But unless you are having issues with the pen, best not to take it apart and just do the flush. I flush and then use an ultrasonic cleaner my son got me for Christmas if there are issues, or 'shimmer particles' still floating.

I would keep the empty cartridge as it holds almost twice as much ink as the converter does, but you will need a blunt syringe to fill it (see Amazon or vendors such as Goulet) Check your local pharmacy for ear-bulbs or even local Dollar stores or Walmart type stores.

I will use an empty/cleaned cartridge for things like Red Inks or Inks with Shimmer, as Red and some blue inks have a nasty habit of staining your converter/pen and Shimmer inks, as wonderful as they are to play with, are just a 'pain in the converter' to clean out.

How to clean a 'new Lamy'

u/ninepaw · 6 pointsr/weddingplanning

This reminds me that I've been forgetting to clean mine for the past few weeks... I normally clean it every two weeks or so using one of these and I'm always so impressed by how nice my ring looks afterwards! I'm sure a professional cleaning does a better job; but this is a nice, easy way to do it in between!

u/ocicataco · 6 pointsr/weddingplanning

There are other ring this

They come with little stiff-bristled brushes inside.

u/QevinSpace-seed · 6 pointsr/exmormon

These come in silver or coppery/bronze. less than $15 shipped on Amazon

u/NatesYourMate · 5 pointsr/DIY_eJuice

I can add on to the ultrasonic jewelry cleaner bit. Got one (nicknamed the Turbo Steeper) about 8 months ago and use it to "Turbo Steep" my juices. Here's the deets.

This is the model I have. First, some experienced wisdom: These guys are good for about 45 minutes when the reservoir inside is full, and will get your juice plenty warm enough to shake well even after its been "shaking it" for you (using that lightly as the main shaking is going to be done by you). I recommend a rubber band and a beer bottle cap to hold the button down for that long, as it has an automatic shutoff after 3 minutes. Some people use binder clips, but this causes the lid to be open and this thing is fucking LOUD without the lid closed, depending on how much you have in there. That pretty much covers the tips and tricks part.

Does it work: Fuck yes it does. I've got some pictures of Blue Dot Vapor's Milk of the Poppy, one with 6 hours of TURBO STEEPING on and off, and another with none, shown here:

Is it worth it?: I don't know, that's up to you. Basically what you've got here is an effective way to make your newly created juice ready to be vaped at full flavor in about a day and a half if you've got some time to just hang out and binge Netflix or something. If you think that $30 is worth not having to wait a few days/a week for your juice to not taste like the salty grundle of an elephant in heat, then this thing is for you, if you're into that kind of shit, then save a few bucks for that next trip to Africa so you can get weird.

Sidenote: These are also incredibly effective at cleaning atomizers of all kinds. Make sure to pull the coil out (unless you want to try and wash it with alcohol in it, I tried that and it worked okay-ish and could post a bit more about that if needed), and pop everything in there for about 2 cycles or 6 minutes and everything will be sparkly again.

u/a_shoefly_wed · 5 pointsr/weddingplanning

I got this guy from Amazon: Connoisseurs Precious Jewelry Cleaner, 8 Fl Oz

I soak my ring for ~30 seconds and then use the small, delicate brush to go over the stone, lightly clean the pave stones, and then clean the underside of the stone. Then I dip it back in, go over it quickly and lightly again with the brush, rinse it off in cool water, and I'm good to go! Takes less than a minute and it gets it sparkly clean and I feel better about not having vibrations

u/kkinderen · 5 pointsr/fountainpens

Here's what's in my toolkit...

Polishing cloth

Fine Mesh Pads

20x Loupe

10x Loupe

! Canned Air

Cotton Tipped Applicators

Goulet Mylar Paper

Goulet Brass Sheets

Goulet Grip

Goulet Silicone Grease

! Careful with the canned air. It can be the cause of some funny and not so funny accidents.

A bright desk light with a magnifier comes in handy.

u/AsherMaximum · 5 pointsr/electronic_cigarette

For that particular one it is a deal. I found it at amazon for $60.

However, there are others on amazon with better reviews for less.

u/minniemo · 4 pointsr/weddingplanning

Hmm. I have gotten:

  • a robe, a necklace. and a straw/water tumbler with my name on it
  • a bracelet in color of our choice (worn on day of). she also paid for makeup and part of our dresses.
  • a gift bag of various items: moleskin bandages, diamond dazzle pen for the engaged/married gals and fuzzy socks for the single gals, yeti tumbler with our names on them, and heartfelt book/journal of what my friendship means to her.

    I'm getting my sisters/bridemaids a little ring with an airplane on it, because 1. we hate excess, impractical stuff 2. it's significant because I live far away, and i'll be writing something about how we're always sisters no matter the distance.
u/thatsunshinegirl · 4 pointsr/weddingplanning

How sweet! Here’s a few things my family and friends gifted us:

u/DarkChii · 4 pointsr/jewelry

I use an ultrasonic cleaner with a bit of jewelry cleaner about once a month or so. This keeps it from making me break out like you describe.

u/ad273 · 3 pointsr/askwomenadvice

Diamond dazzle stick is the best thing I’ve found for a quick clean at home. It works so well!
Diamond Dazzle Stick

u/britneymisspelled · 3 pointsr/JustEngaged

I got mine off amazon, I think you can probably get them at some jewelry places too. It’s like a little brush filled with gel cleaner that you twist up - you just brush your ring with it and then rinse it off. It makes it SO sparkly! I make sure to clean the side stones well and the bottom of the ring and rinse it really well. They’re amazing.

u/[deleted] · 3 pointsr/Moissanite

Of course! We have this one now: TrioShine 3 in 1 Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner Machine, Jewelry Steam Cleaner, UV Light Sanitizer (Kills 99.9% Bacteria) | Professional Grade for Rings, Watches, Earrings, Pacifiers, Eyeglasses, Dentures
Prior to that we had this one, which is much more basic and way cheaper: Ultrasonic Cleaner - Jewelry Cleaner Denture Cleaner Glass Cleaner with DEGASSING FUNCTION, Ultrasonic Cleaner for Jewellery Lenses Watches & Etc with SMART DIGITAL TIMER. FDA Approved 20 Oz Capacity

u/xtinalala · 3 pointsr/weddingplanning

This is what i do:

First, i soak the ring in hot water + liquid dish detergent for 30 mins. Then, i use a pen with a soft brush to scrub all the nooks. Had my ring for a couple of years with no issues so far. I don’t think you need anything really strong - a lot of those machines are unnecessary. A good professional Cleaning once a year helps as well.

Connoisseurs 1050 Diamond Dazzle Stick

u/margogogo · 3 pointsr/weddingplanning

My favorite gift I got myself is the "Diamond Dazzle Stick." I also got it as a stocking stuffer for my brother's new fiancee.


If you know she plans to get engagement photos taken, you could get her a gift certificate (or a homemade one so she can redeem it wherever she wants) to get her hair and/or makeup done for the photos? Ooh when I first got engaged I was obsessed with having my nails on point all the time so in general if she likes manicures you could get her a gift card to her local nail salon!


You could also give her cutesy homemade coupons for things like "good for 1 hour of helping you sift through vendor reviews on the Knot" or "good for 1 hour of listening to you vent about wedding stress."

u/universtounding · 2 pointsr/DIY_eJuice

So would you just do the flavoring and of together? I have a big mix with nice in it already. That's why I ask. I am looking at this ultrasonic heater link

u/sleepynate · 2 pointsr/RBA

I've got this one and it's great. Can set it up to 8 minutes which is perfect. I use 1 drop of dawn detergent and give it a little swirl before I put everything in and it just cuts all the grime out of the little nooks and crannies you'd never be able to reach. It's really neat to sit and watch little bubbles of crud get shaken off your contacts, and much nicer than taking fine-grit sandpaper to them since you don't have to worry about taking off plating.

For those looking for an ultrasonic cleaner, spend a few more bucks and get one that's a few bucks more, you'll be glad you spent the extra $10-20.

u/wdziemia · 2 pointsr/SKS

I use Blitz Gem & Jewelry Cleaner. Its a clear high concentrate liquid so you only need 1 cap per 1 liter of water or so. Never tried ultrasonic cleaner with simple green so Im not sure how it compares. Ive had great results with Blitz so far.

u/theangstfulvaper · 2 pointsr/electronic_cigarette

Last one? Awesome.

btw - here's the polishing cloth I picked up. It's huge. I've cleaned both pins a good dozen times and I think I've made about 3% of the inner cloth black. heh.

u/repete66219 · 2 pointsr/Wetshaving

This one works well.

u/imurkt · 2 pointsr/sailormoon

try a silver polishing cloth like this. It's probably just a brass coating over nickel, so be gentle at first to get a feel for how thin the coating is. It looks like it's just tarnish on the brass.

I'm not sure about storing but maybe try wrapping it in tissue paper or giving it a weekly polish if you have it on display?

u/gypsywhisperer · 2 pointsr/TrollXWeddings

I got my cat-loving friend a mug like this but maybe a ring cleaner like this, some nail polish and top coat, and the magazines?

u/mothaofdragons1 · 2 pointsr/wedding

I have moisannite and this works great! Researched if it would work before buying too

Connoisseurs 1050 Diamond Dazzle Stick

u/thesunstillrises · 2 pointsr/weddingplanning

I bought one of [these jewlery cleaning sticks] ( and love it. I also try to get it cleaned at the jeweler every 6 months.

u/colonelk0rn · 1 pointr/DIY_eJuice

If you're interested, I'm willing to sell my UC that I no longer need, since the wife bought me a magnetic stirrer for my birthday. I'd be willing to sell it for $45 + shipping. Here's the link for the unit, even though they don't sell this model any more I did the only video review on the listing. And FWIW, Kendal makes all most of the UC's that Amazon sells, companies just rebadge them like the ones listed in other comments.

Edit: rewording

u/funkypunkydrummer · 1 pointr/Silverbugs

Me either. It's essentially polyurethane based. I got one of these cases and really like it. If we wanted to be extra safe, we could wrap the silver in saran wrap or in anti tarnish bags, like this :

Intercept Corrosion Anti Tarnish Zip Lock Bags for Silver & Jewelry with Built in Saturation Indicator (Pack of 15)

u/MKittyFantastico · 1 pointr/blogsnark

My mom always puts a version of these ring cleaner sticks in our stockings!

u/clothridge · 1 pointr/wedding

I bought this diamond cleaning pen on Amazon! It's great for getting around the prongs and underneath the diamond (mine is a french basket, so there are lots of areas where the diamond is exposed but too difficult to get to with anything else).

u/NeedsSleepy · 1 pointr/metalworking

I can’t really tell, but I haven’t worked with jewelry. Someone else here might be able to. Silver? Pewter? Zinc?

You could try cleaning solution or an ultrasonic cleaner. Many jewelry stores have those machines if you’d like to have someone else do it. If you use a solution, test a spot on the back first to make sure there won’t be a reaction.

u/billgarmsarmy · 1 pointr/electronic_cigarette

ultrasonic cleaners are great for cleaning atties. okay for mixing juice. and not good at all for steeping.

i have this one and use it all the time. it's much bigger than the one you linked to (1.4L v. 16oz), but both appear to be otherwise similar.

u/darkfires · 1 pointr/electronic_cigarette

I use one of these, fill it with warm water, and put the bottles in for about 2-3 hours or however long you have time to press the 8 minute timer button.

The water progressively gets warmer as time goes on which helps. It fits three 30 mls, five 15 mls, or one 120 ml but it doesn't seem to work well with larger bottles.

Time in a dark space is still your best bet but I find this helps speed things along by a good bit.

u/StinkyLebinowitz · 1 pointr/Silverbugs

I bought this when I got into this and it did a pretty fair job of getting some shine instead of haze. And like you said, it's just bullion, delivered in a pretty package. :-)

u/Gigantorxxviii · 1 pointr/electronic_cigarette

Cheers. I have silver jewelry that I polish weekly with this (It also works nicely on my brass Nemesis), so tarnish removal is no problem. Thanks for the advice.

u/GreenBallasts · 1 pointr/optometry

Thanks for confirmation, already have but picked up a 2-pack of that cleaning solution you recommended.

Also it doesn't make a difference if I go lenses-up or lenses-down does it? I tend to have to have the lenses facing down since otherwise it's kind of hard to get them fully submerged.

u/redbic · 1 pointr/DIY_eJuice

I have this one but it only has one preset mode, 3 minutes I believe. I'd spring for this one as it has an 8 minute cycle.

I've dealt with the 3 minute cycle by setting it on my desk and just clicking the power button every time it finishes while I'm on my computer.

For steeping i just use hot water. For cleaning my mods/attys I use a water/vinegar mix.

u/Lewis312 · 1 pointr/jewelry

Good to know. To clarify, she currently uses these two products - should we stop using them? What if there's no solder joints, would your opinion change? Magnasonic Cleaner & Jewelry Concentrate cleaner

u/moxiemeg · 1 pointr/nursing

There are relatively cheap ultrasonic jewelry cleaners that work really well. My mom has this one.

u/meanie_bunnie · 1 pointr/weddingplanning

This. I had two tiny white gold spheres put in the inside of the ring and I did develop a callus. Luckily it is in the inside of the finger fold, so no one sees it and it did stop the ring from spinning.

I use this for cleaning. You have to wet the pen and rinse it out but the long but firm bristles help for the cleaning of an elevated or intricate setting.

u/eschatonik · 1 pointr/VapePorn

I think it's worth it if you have a few mods and like to keep them as clean as possible as often as possible. The thing I like best is that it cleans those really hard to reach grooves and threads that you'd otherwise need a toothbrush or something like that for.

I picked up this one, mostly becuase it has a heater, but in retrospect, I should have saved $30 and just used hot water to start with:

u/purpleandpenguins · 1 pointr/Moissanite

We got engaged the same day!

I’ve been using and enjoying these...

Connoisseurs Quick Jewelry...

Connoisseurs Diamond Dazzle Stick Jewelry Cleaner For Diamond & Precious Stones with Polishing Cloth

I didn’t buy a home-use ultrasonic because my setting has pave, which can be knocked loose.

u/Player-X · 1 pointr/fountainpens

I have a newtrent ultrasonic cleaner that I bought from Amazon for around $25, they are not terribly expensive, here's a link to a fairly decent ultrasonic cleaner, or you can probably ask a jewelry store to help you clean your fountain pen with their ultrasonic cleaner.

u/cccva67 · 1 pointr/EngagementRings
u/JKElleMNOP · 1 pointr/RepLadies

I have a black YSL Niki with black hardware and it has held up fine. No fading or noticeable color change. I am pretty gentle with my bags though. I think if I were more rough with them and had no problem bumping them around, I would coat them with a tarnish-resistant spray like this one

u/StoryDone · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
  1. I like two player xbox games. I like earings. I LOVE penguins.

    2)I would like this.

  2. Moon Knight

  3. If I win, pm me. I'll pm you it.
u/sofauxboho · 1 pointr/electronic_cigarette

They do still make the Provari, and even have the older versions. And they're still expensive! But if you're willing to invest it really is exactly what you describe wanting for the way you vape, minus the TC stuff. And they really do last. I beat on mine for a year and a half and only stopped using it when I "upgraded" to higher output but worse made devices.

The corrosion and gunk issues you've described would explain the resistance variance you've observed. Electrical connections really want to be clean. Even oxidation or corrosion you can't see will have an effect. If you can see it, it will likely have a major effect. I'd suggest a simple ultrasonic cleaner and some scrubbing. I have this $40 model and it works a treat:

If you want to get super serious about cleaning (and you might want to!) grab some of this to go with:

And you're right. I know people who keep the same Ecig for years, and I know people who post about ecigs on the internet, but not anybody who does both. Good on yah for actually getting your money's worth out of your gear! I hope you can find something that'll hold up. I will say that my authentic Kayfun didn't degrade the way you describe, and I had it for a year. You might try and figure if yours is authentic or not.

u/misscamels · 1 pointr/Moissanite

My best friend uses a dazzle stik on her moissanite engagement ring and it’s perfect even after years of use and abuse. (She’s a bank teller)

u/hopthebop · 1 pointr/Moissanite

I was using a toothbrush + dish soap, but I recently bought this cleaner pen for travel and I'm converted. I thought it would be a hokey gimmick but it really left my ring sparkling with just a cursory scrub!