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u/discosnake · 8 pointsr/Petioles

Sure. What I do is take 1 oz of herb and grind it fine (grinder or coffee grinder not used for coffee) and put the ground flowers into a mason jar, the type used for canning seal that sucker up and put it in a 300 degree oven for a half hour. Take it out and let it cool a half hour. Then put 1 cup of coconut oil in the same jar and put it in a crock pot with about 2 inches of water and put that on high for an hour or three, shaking and swirling around the mixture every half hour or so. Then after, let it cool a bit until you can pick up the jar with your hands, but don't let it solidify. Then I either strain the mixture using a mesh bag into another mason jar for some other edible or I used to try to scoop the flowers into the pills but it wasn't very effective.

The pills come in a couple of differenent sizes and I got one of these things at a "nautral" food store to help hold them in batches. Then while the coconut oil is melty it's eyedropper time and fill them up and seal them. Then I put them in the freezer unless I'm carrying them so they stay solid. Then you have a measure dose of cannabis that you can take everywhere you want to be. I find this pretty cost effective. Scale up and down the recipe as necessary.

TL:DR: bake an oz of ground weed in mason jar for 30 min @ 300 F, add 1 cup of coconut oil, place in jar in crockpot and simmer for 2-3 hours or longer, use eyedropper to put liquid coconut oil in pills put on pill lid. Keep them cold to stay solid. You win.

Hope this helps.

Edit: Thanks for the gold! My first one!

u/Frodorhaegarsoleus · 5 pointsr/bodybuilding

It sounds like you like menthol. Maybe try something like this on your bald ass head and run out the door like saitama. I bet that would feel pretty good. I have a peppermint oil shaving cream that cools the fuck out of my face after shaving.

u/R_MnTnA · 4 pointsr/microdosing

Yes, Rx meds suck! Never again!

I’ve been taking these in the 400mg dosage. I started at 200. Doctor's Best SAM-e 200 mg, Vegan, Gluten Free, Soy Free, Mood and Joint Support, 60 Enteric Coated Tablets
They prescribe SAM-E in Europe and other countries.

I like listening to Eckhart Tolle The Power Now. It has really resonated with me.

u/toastshop · 3 pointsr/Drugs
u/marsypananderson · 3 pointsr/RestlessLegs

MagniLife Relaxing Legs Pain Calming Relief and Sleep Aid Topical Cream Treatments: Tingling, Restlessness, Jittery Sensations

I've been using it for years. It used to be in the Harriet Carter catalog but like everything else, is now on Amazon...

u/heymonroe · 3 pointsr/bjj

If you are into the supplement route, I swear by Solgar 7. It's as close to a 'miracle cure' as there likely is. It won't change your world necessarily and you still need to take care of yourself actively and preventively but it's absolutely wonderful for joints.

Also fish oil is good.

u/ectrojan · 2 pointsr/weightlifting

Joint Force

helps a ton in the short term, just don't let it fool you into thinking you're "fixed". still be vigilant in tracking down the underlying cause of your pain.

u/p8ntslinger · 2 pointsr/AskMen

What is your price range? I think 5 Yeti coolers would be badass (here). But if that is too expensive, get them some decent knives, like this. Much less expensive, extremely useful, lasts forever. I have my grandfather's that he bought in the 50s. Still fantastic.

Flasks are really good, actually. Get a Stanley flask for everybody (here).

You could also do flashlights, but not everybody would be into that like I would be. Here is my recommendation anyway (here).

u/G0ATLY · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Aspirin/Tylenol/Advil or any other type of pain relief, this will help you to not have a headache in case one may occur! So many times I bring some with me because it NEVER fails. I will have at least one on any trip.

u/roadrunner8 · 1 pointr/running

product in question for the curious:

I would look for any scientific studies if these kinds of high priced pills actually do anything or just give you very expensive pee

u/BiffySkipwell · 1 pointr/politics

Jeebus, dig deep for that one Napolitano? That had to hurt! Let me get you something for that

u/laschupacabras · -2 pointsr/gaming

Jesus, relax man. The "overused-meme-alert" was "sounding off" on the meme, not you. Either you're on your period or trolling, because nothing else could explain how bitchy you sound. Here you go.