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u/bubonis · 66 pointsr/sex
  • Start with a cool day.
  • Adjust your lighting in your room. This may mean working this out at dusk, or it may mean blocking out the light from the windows and using a color changing LED bulb and an appropriate light diffuser. You want your room to be dim with an orange or yellow tint to it.
  • Surround sound audio of ambiance noise, such as this one.
  • Cold (not heated) humidifier. Pump cold humidity into the room.
  • Ozone generator or, in a pinch, an ionizer. That heady, sort of metallic smell of ozone during a rainstorm is unmistakable.
  • A small, quiet, oscillating fan. Allow it to blow on you and on your curtains for that special effect.
  • If you've got a willing partner, explain all this to him/her, then take a nap. Have him/her set all of this up while you're asleep, then have him wake you up while all of this is going on. If you don't focus on the ambiance too much you may be able to ride the deception and actually believe it's raining.
u/_ImagineThat_ · 64 pointsr/marijuanaenthusiasts

Not a true jade, but rather portulacaria afra, aka Elephant Bush. Super cute, though. If you want it to last for a few years, it will need to be on the sill of a bright window or get supplemental lighting with a good grow light. You could buy a dedicated grow lamp (but then you’d have to put up with that awful purple light), otherwise a gooseneck desk lamp with a 100 watt equivalent CFL daylight (6500k) bulb (not LED) placed a few inches above the plant should work ok.

u/ListenBeforeSpeaking · 41 pointsr/CrazyIdeas

Here are some of the LED cover stickers they make for reducing the brightness of these lights.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with this company or amazon. :)

u/MicahBlue · 41 pointsr/Nest

We can use these as a workaround until Nest gets it’s act together. I bought these to cover the LED lights on my car’s dashcam for a more stealth look. They work well without ruining the aesthetic of your machine/device.

u/subscapularis · 41 pointsr/succulents

I use these set on a timer for 14 hours a day. I have them positioned so they are approx 4-7 inches above the plants (depending on plant height).

u/darthjuggernaut · 35 pointsr/pcmasterrace

I have it linked in the PCPP build:

u/captain_smartass · 27 pointsr/LifeProTips

Ehh.... I just bought a pack of 8 energy efficient light bulbs off Amazon for roughly $9. That's $1.10 per bulb, shipped. I was in my local store earlier, they wanted $4 per bulb or $32 for 8 bulbs before taxes. Sorry, but it just doesn't make sense to always support local. If it was about $1.50 per then ok, fine... but 363% price markup is ridiculous.

u/shadowfusion · 25 pointsr/pics

I suggest these bad boys! Amazon linky You can get full blackout or ones that block 50-80% of the light if you still want to see the indicator light. I drop them on everything and it has been quite nice :)

u/turtle613 · 19 pointsr/BabyBumps

Navy & white striped changing pad cover from Target, purchased to match the nautical/adventurer themed bedroom my older son has. The two will eventually share a room.

This tub of Aquaphor solved all diaper irritation issues with my first baby, so I bought a fresh tub for #2! Not in picture but it’s inside the storage box!

Graco Travel Pack n Play with Stages is just the right size for a bassinet and is great for travel

Color changing lightbulb with remote dims to a low level with lots of color choices nice for middle of night feedings and diaper changes

u/MGSSC · 18 pointsr/nvidia

You're welcome.

Cooler Master Accessory: Universal VGA Graphics Card Holder, Adjustable, Steel, Holds 2 VGA Card for Computer Cases

u/Darklyte · 17 pointsr/homeautomation

I personally love these things for annoyingly bright LEDs

u/Malik112099 · 15 pointsr/xboxone

I use these on several devices. Work great.

LightDims Original Strength - Light Dimming LED covers and Light Dimming Sheets for Routers, Electronics and Appliances and more. Dims 50-80% of Light, in Minimal Packaging.

u/Heliumx · 14 pointsr/homeautomation

While I'm happy for you, I'm surprised it was that pricey.

Smartthings Hub, $50

$10 Zigbee bulb

~$8 Xiaomi door sensor

Not trying to be mean but Homeautomation doesn't have to be an expensive endeavor. I'll admit, if you went with a smart switch route then it'd be $30 instead of a $10 bulb.

u/magicflight01 · 10 pointsr/trees
u/[deleted] · 10 pointsr/malelivingspace

I mostly lurk here, so the only advice I’d feel comfortable giving is basically “use open space and mirrors.” What I can talk a little bit about, though, are light bulbs.

You should know about color rendering index and how it relates to light bulbs: the sun has a CRI of 100; the higher the CRI rating of a light bulb, the more natural it looks. Also, color temperature: the color temperature of daylight (white light) is about 5500k–6000k; a color temperature lower than that would be yellower, and a color temperature higher would be bluer.

Here is a good example of natural-looking light bulbs: 5500k color temperature and CRI of 91 for a reasonable price. Keep in mind, though, that you shouldn’t just mindlessly use exclusively daylight light bulbs. Yellow light is comforting/relaxing and definitely has its place.

Here’s some more reading.

u/ek778 · 10 pointsr/xboxone

I know you said you don't want to tape dark paper over the light, but this might be a slightly more elegant solution, in the absence of actually controlling the LED:

I use these for a variety of electronics, including power buttons that light up, and they work extremely well. They claim to peel off cleanly too - thought I haven't tried it.

If you don't want total light blockage, the company also makes a version that allows for some light transmission:

edit: spacing

u/dahvzombie · 9 pointsr/Frugal


For what it does, this product is immensely overpriced. The words "unique", "gifts", and "design" in their blurb by the site name should give that away immediately. There are numerous alternatives that will do the same thing for cheaper. Here's one I found with a quick search.

u/KCosmo · 9 pointsr/succulents

I commented about this the other day on /r/houseplants but This is my winter setup, it aint pretty but it was pretty cheap.

IKEA Clamp Lamp
got mine on sale for $7

Socket Extender $2.74

Twin Socket Adapter $2.48

Phillips 6500k CFL Bulbs 4 pack for 10 bucks

Aluminum Roasting Pan Found in any supermarket, got mine for 89 cents

All told it was about $15 for each rig. I've set up 2 so far and they've worked great.

If you want to pretty it up you can swap out the roasting pan for sheet aluminum but you'd have to shape it and cut it so it would involve more tools.

u/Slayner · 9 pointsr/miamidolphins

This computer is something I've wanted to do for a long time, and I actually didn't plan on doing LED lights with this computer. I always thought they were gimmicky (which they kinda are, but dammit I'm bought in)

Anyway, if you have a computer you want lit up, with good software to control different modes, and colors, to shockingly precise detail then check out the nzxt hue+ thing is pretty cool.

When I built this computer I had bought the nzxt aer fans, not knowing that you needed the hue + to use them. So I purchased the hue+ afterwards, and it came with these LED strips, which I used to have the aqua color in the computer. The fans are the orange color.

Because this computer is using 4 LED strips and 8 fans it actually required 2 Hue + units, but as I said as gimmicky as it is, I became a little kid when I saw my computer light up, and I was sold. I bought another and immediately thought it'd be sweet to get some aqua and orange by my computer.

Fins up.

Edit: I made a gif showing one of my favorite modes called covering marquee for the lights. I'm lazy and the gif is shitty but whatever

You can set the lights to flash according to audio and even set it to change colors for the cpu and gpu Temps though. It's really cool.

u/Get_Back_To_Work_Now · 9 pointsr/pcmasterrace
u/smoshr · 9 pointsr/nvidia

This should be exactly what you're looking for.

The bottom is magnetized as well, so it will stick to the case surface.

u/poorsoi · 8 pointsr/Frugal

Our cost for energy and materials was pretty different---enough to make the results far more significant.

Energy cost is almost double that, at $0.11/kWh.

$12.53 to run the 13w CFL (24/7/365).

$8.67 to run the 9w LED (24/7/365).

LEDs are much less expensive.

40w LED bulb = $4.97 at Home Depot.

40w CFL bulb = $1.48 on Amazon

Lifetime cost

CFL operation cost ($35.70) + initial cost (2.5 x $1.48 = $3.70) = $39.40

LED operation cost ($24.72) + initial cost ($4.97) = $29.69

u/skoink · 8 pointsr/AskElectronics

It should be safe to remove, assuming you can do it without damaging anything nearby.

With that said, tape or paint is a better option IMO. If you're precise about it, you should be able to cover the LED without also covering the IR receiver. There's even special-purpose tape available out there like this:

u/benpatient · 7 pointsr/politics


Try: Amazon - 8 for $7, free shipping w/prime

See also:
Home Depot

u/flipitstickitcul8rbi · 7 pointsr/IndoorGarden

What a pretty planter! Unfortunately, I don't think this is going to be a good fit for the space you've described. No plant will survive completely without sunlight - and unfortunately herbs are some of the more light-demanding plants out there.

If you wanted to build this anyway, you could provide enough light for the plants to grow using a grow light - probably just one big one could do the whole group (something like this) It's pretty ugly to be honest, but it works to keep my plants alive in the Washington winter!

The best plant I can suggest is some kind of Pothos - either an upright or vining type, you can buy them at Home Depot/Lowes pretty much all year. Leave that door open to give the kitchen a little light and they'll grow just fine - they're almost impossible to kill.

Good luck!

u/thisismadeofwood · 7 pointsr/microgrowery

Turn those bulbs on their side so the majority of the emitted light is pointing towards the plants and not the other bulbs. All you're doing right now is illuminating your light bulbs. Literally every bulb in there, including the spiral ones, are pointing their most lumen emitting surfaces away from the plants. If someone asked me how they could waste the absolute most light in a Grow setup I would show them this. I really, really hope this is a joke. If not, I'm not trying to be mean, but you need to do some reading. Have you never seen one of these: Hydrofarm FLCDG125D Fluorowing Compact Fluorescent System

Notice the horizontal orientation with a reflector along one side. The reason there isn't a reflector on the end of the bulb is that very little light is emitted from that part.

Again, not trying to be mean here but you should have been able to figure that out by looking at the bulb.

u/Eastcoasts · 7 pointsr/trees

Take this advice. TAKE IT. Throw away all those bulbs and ghetto rig you got ( which is good, first time DIY is a right of passage) but trash it and buy this you'll need the other bulb for flowering here it is

Now you already got those little ones so use those as well, put them on the sides. You want like a box of light around your plants when usin Cfls not just from the top. Looks good so far my guy.

u/sholder89 · 7 pointsr/Hue

I wouldn't use Hue for this, there's a ton of much cheaper alternative bulbs that you can change the colors. You need a bridge in order to change the color of Hue bulbs otherwise they just act as regular bulbs.

I can't vouch for the quality of this one in particular but I've seen bulbs like these in use before

u/Mallingong · 7 pointsr/shutupandtakemymoney

Here, this is your "Shut up and take my money" of the day. LightDims Black Out Edition

u/trashlikeyourmom · 7 pointsr/BlackPeopleTwitter

Here's a link to the ones I got. I got the ones that dim, not the ones that completely block out.

u/Niyok · 7 pointsr/ProtectAndServe

If you want to dim the brightness, they make light blocking stickers.

u/komandokost · 7 pointsr/amazonecho

Just got this one and it works on it's own for cheap.

u/Bostonlbi · 6 pointsr/HomeKit

I've got a pretty fun set up in my Sunroom

Lights: some basic string lights, and a couple Ikea MAGNARP lamps plugged into some iHome Smart Plugs, along with Hue Full color bulbs in the ceiling with a Hue Dimmer Switch

The dimmer switch can not control anything but Phillips Hue bulbs but I wanted to use it to set a scene that turned on the string lights and lamps so I set the second press of the dimmer switch to turn the hue lights to a 1% brightness.
From within the Elgato Eve App I set an automation triggered by the Hue lights being set to 1% that turns the lamps and string lights on.


It can get pretty hot in the sunroom in the summer with a lot of activity from booth the people and the cat in the house. So I set up a system with Eve Room Sensor, Eve Door Sensor (used on windows) and iHome Smart Plugs to automate 2 fans set up in windows on opposite sides of the room. The Room sensor tracks the air quality and if it is low the fans will kick on, as long as the windows are open, (tracked by door sensor)
when the quality is good again, the fans turn off automatically, and they don't turn on while the string lights are on, since they are kinda loud.

Unfortunately our AC unit has a NEMA 6-15P plug so its not compatible with HomeKit.

u/FoferJ · 6 pointsr/Hue

That's pretty awesome and certainly very powerful/customizable. Nice job!

> I just couldn't justify dropping $60 for a circle with 3 buttons on it, and no dimmers.

I just wanted to clarify, the Hue Tap switch can, in fact, have one of the its buttons assigned to a dimmer mode, via Hue Labs. It cycles through three levels of (adjustable) brightness. There are a handful of Android and iOS apps too, that can make the same assignment.

Also, the Hue Dimmer switch is just $25. Or $35 bundled with a white bulb.

Lastly, many don't realize this but the old Philips "LivingColors" remotes work perfectly fine (now) with Hue bulbs and hub.

Image of a compatible model here:

I've just set up my second one, and have them both working in different rooms of my house. And for less than $15 on Amazon or eBay, they're the cheapest (and actually most versatile) physical, light switches for a Hue system. You can even select the desired color right from the remote. I love them! (Discussion here.)

Thanks for sharing your ideas and work here, and enjoy!

u/Toastyparty · 6 pointsr/pcmasterrace

this will do it...

and god fucking dammit really? I received it yesterday and it went on sale today. FAK!!!! well good for anyone here looking for one.

u/C_V_Butcher · 6 pointsr/razer

No it's not. The base Hue+ is $59.99 and comes with 4 strips. The Extension kit is $20.99 for 2 more strips. That's vs The Chroma Kit at $79.99 that comes with 2 strips and then 2 extra strips are $29.99. So that's $59.99 for a Hue+ with 4 strips or $109.98 for a Chroma+Extension to get 4 strips.

Now the upswing is Synapse is a lot more reliable than the CAM software that runs Hue+, which is a dumpster fire.

u/ValElTech · 6 pointsr/buildapc

Can you get a GPU bracket? Avoid the one you screw at the back of the case but more like that one:

If its weight related it will help

u/howImetyoursquirrel · 6 pointsr/pcmasterrace

Like everyone else said, don't store stuff in your case. If you really want to prop the GPU up to prevent sag then buy a GPU holder on Amazon, I even found you the link to one MSI makes one as well

u/HingleMcCringle_ · 6 pointsr/pcmods

LOVE it. looks awesome and I think the effort really paid off.

my only question is, where did you buy the mount for the GPU? Not the PCI Extension cable, the part where it mounts the case.

edit: found it. but where did you buy it?

edit 2: oh, fuck me, it's on Amazon, now. a few months ago, you'd be luck if you got the notification from coolermaster before they sold out. I though I'd come back and leave the link incase someone else wanted it

u/worldwidethrowaway · 6 pointsr/Indiemakeupandmore

Daylight bulbs. Everywhere. I found them on amazon (I can link you if you want) and they are in my overhead fixture, and in the lamps I use for closeups.

Now, granted I am nowhere near perfect, but I think they have improved my swatches.

Here is the link

u/orcinovein · 6 pointsr/IndoorGarden

Easy answer: Purchase a daylight 42 watt CFL bulb for bigger/more plants or a 23 watt CFL if you're growing smaller/less plants. The standard bulb you have wastes a lot of energy (money) on creating heat.

Complex answer: If you are trying to grow plants that flower, you need both red and blue light. Red for the flowers to grow and blue for the vegetation/leaves. You'll want to purchase an LED grow light bulb that emits both forms of light. These are the most energy efficient bulbs converting nearly everything into useable light for the plant. The only downside is they emit an ugly purple color and it can be unsightly in the home when it's on.

u/TheHangoverCure · 6 pointsr/LSD

I like to have these pointed at artwork as it makes the colors change quite dramatically.

There's also just the standard bulb style to change the overall color of the room.

I use both of those and just a mess of christmas lights. It's a good base to start with, then you can jump into the more fun stuff. I really want to get a mini light rig like they have for concerts. It would be fun to be "the light guy" at home.

u/DrkMith · 6 pointsr/Nest

LightDims Black Out Edition - Light Blocking LED covers/Light Dimming Sheets for Routers, Electronics and Appliances and more. Blocks 100% of Light, in Retail Packaging.

u/matt687 · 6 pointsr/mildlyinteresting
u/poerf · 6 pointsr/headphones

> I will never understand why companies insist on using these blinding blue leds

Looks over real world functionality I feel.

> Does anyone actually like them?

Can't stand it myself, luckily things like this exist

u/ClassicLiterature · 5 pointsr/LSD

Maaan you don't need a big room to get it groovin

If you get one of these

And a couple of these

And maybe even one of these

You've got some instant vibes on your hands

I'm the vibes doctor

u/ISIS_Agent-Duchess · 5 pointsr/firstworldproblems

The starter kit was $193 USD, it comes with the controller and three standard bulbs, here's the amazon link.

u/HexedPedestrian · 5 pointsr/retrogaming

I use these on various things.

LightDims Original Strength - Light Dimming LED covers and Light Dimming Sheets for Routers, Electronics and Appliances and more. Dims 50-80% of Light, in Minimal Packaging.

u/Kaiidumb · 5 pointsr/succulents

A few hours of east windowsill light won't be enough for succs who are used to full sun! I've heard people have success with this bulb, but I've never tried it myself so I can't speak from personal experience

I personally have a $12 grow light I bought from Walmart, and it's been working fantastically for me if you want to change routes

u/Ikeelu · 5 pointsr/buildapc

So I just literally got back from purchasing that case, but in Black/Red. I'm convinced to do lighting as well. Question. This is the one your using right? Does it come with all the lights you used, or did you need the extension kit too? Also can you cake pix of the install location please.

u/Yvese · 5 pointsr/nvidia

If your card is still working then I don't see a need to replace it.

Find something to hold it up. You could use lego, figures, whatever. People have gotten creative.

For me I bought this. Works well.

u/JoeyDJQ · 5 pointsr/pcmasterrace

That's what I use. Very easy to adjust and install.

I didn't like the brackets I tried.

u/warfare31 · 5 pointsr/pcmasterrace

It does have it, but it's an aditional accessory you have to get. Cooler Master, CableMod and Lian li sell them.

Lian Li

Cooler Master


u/Costeno123 · 4 pointsr/buildmeapc

Your chat spamming fingers will be glorious with a PC of this caliber. Liquid cooled? Check. Overclockable? Check. SSDs? You betcha. LEDs? Hell yeah. This is a truly sick looking build and will last you ages. ^^^this ^^^build ^^^is ^^^also ^^^in ^^^CAD ^^^prices ^^^as ^^^you ^^^requested


At a Glance:

u/unomar · 4 pointsr/googlehome

I have this TPLink bulb and it works pretty well. No hub or bridge required so it's cheap.
TP-Link Smart LED Light Bulb, Wi-Fi, Dimmable White, 50W Equivalent, Works with Amazon Alexa, 1-Pack (LB100)

u/SatSenses · 4 pointsr/buildapc

There are support brackets you can screw in to the expansion slots to reinforce the card, or standing support brackets that you can use. I'm on mobile so I'm not sure how you'll see the links as I do.

I did a ghetto fix too, using $5 fishing line but I'm not encouraging it.

u/nathancrook · 4 pointsr/NZXT

Cooler Master Accessory: Fits MasterBox, MasterCase, Maker, H500P Series Vertical Display VGA Holder Kit w/ Riser Cable

This is what you need. Y’all also have to cut the pci brackets on the back of the case of to fit the vertical gpu mount.

u/orbitpro · 4 pointsr/pcmasterrace

Coolermaster Vertical GPU mount and a ribbon cable. Amazon sells a combo. Cost about 35quid in the UK. Really easy mod =)

Here's a link Cooler Master MasterAccessory Vertical Graphics Card Holder Kit

Edit: oh dam it's gone up by 11quid =(

u/WhyGrind · 4 pointsr/watercooling

I used this Cooler master vertical graphics card mount extension. Be warned that it will require a dremel to remove some of the metal to make it fit.

u/dogwatchiscurtailed · 4 pointsr/tifu

make sure you get a big one, small ones won't do it. I bought mine on amazon, it was this one for $20. It works perfectly but the cord is very short.

u/Binary_Bomb · 4 pointsr/Entomology

It's often recommended to use a portable generator, but they can be a little expensive. I don't have any idea how to rig it to a car battery either, but that sounds bulky, and I wouldn't want to be carrying around a vessel sloshing with sulfuric acid in addition to a net and a backpack full of jars.

I purchased this blacklight for my setup, and it's decent for the money. A lot of people will recommend you get a Mercury Vapor (MV) setup, but I reckon they'll have a considerably larger power draw. Also, here is a link to the sheet that I purchased. It's a really good value, especially since it will get covered in various bug fluids.

Funnel trapping is also a good method, but I've never tried it personally. Let this post ferment a little bit, and I'm sure you'll get a little melting pot of information going!

Good luck!

u/asphodelus · 4 pointsr/succulents

I ended up going with this bulb and a clamp lamp based on your recommendation; here is a pic of my baby setup.

u/highbrowloubrew · 4 pointsr/boardgames

What a coincidence, that's my dream game room, too!

Joking aside, that looks great. If you're looking for some lighting ideas I'd suggest those Phillips Hue bulbs that can change color and can be controlled from an app.

Otherwise if you're looking for something a little more cost-efficient I really enjoy these color changing bulbs with remotes. I use these for secondary mood lighting (they aren't strong enough on their own) and the remotes that come with will work on all the bulbs and not just one. My buddies have their house filled with them and velcro'd a remote near each light switch.

u/barc0001 · 4 pointsr/videos

This is overpriced badly, and there are products on the market today that have very similar function for much less. Example. $12 and though you can't control it via wifi, you can control it with a remote control that comes with it for the $12. If you bought a case of them, one remote will control all of them. Also available for $7 from Amazon right now

These guys aren't even first to the "control your LED bulb from your smartphone space". Here's a shipping (admittedly white color only) bulb for $30. $70 is just way too high a price point for what you're getting.

u/imaBEES · 4 pointsr/battlestations

Is this it?

u/BROMAR06 · 4 pointsr/battlestations

^^That is one 16 foot reel of the lights, it comes with a 12V Power Adapter

^^The Music IR controller... This will say in the reviews that it doesn't come with a power supply, well, you can use the power supply that comes with the reel in the link above and it works, and you can hook up to three strands into the controller. I only have one hooked up, and it's really self explanatory. Plug the 12V into the wall, plug in the strand of lights into the four pin connector on the IR controller with the arrows lined up (you'll see this on the connector) and then plug the 12V into the plug on the IR controller. There are two music modes, and there are also other fade modes, and you can choose solid colors. The remote for the IR controller has less options, but it's audio it's worth it I'd say.

u/kit-08 · 4 pointsr/headphones

I suggest some LightDims to solve the issue. Apparently they are stickers that you can use to dim bright leds.

u/-Onac- · 4 pointsr/Nest

LightDims Black Out Edition - Light Blocking LED covers/Light Dimming Sheets for R...

Someone else posted these so they get credit. I have purchased similar ones a long time ago.

u/funkytaco · 4 pointsr/Chromecast

I bought these stickers made for blocking LED's. Tape would work fine, but I like the aesthetic solution.

u/Mocha_Shakea_Khan · 4 pointsr/Aquariums

buy a lamp, clip on or stand, then use a 13w or 23w 6500k cfl bulb

u/Jadis4742 · 4 pointsr/muacjdiscussion

At the moment, I have these guys in my over-mirror bathroom fixture -- two 6500K LED light bulbs, 810 lumens each (1620 total). My understanding is this is still a little bright for makeup application, but the first bulbs I tried felt really dark for the bathroom.

I have several light options picked out for my new vanity setup, but I haven't managed to receive an unbroken mirror yet so that's still a work in progress. Hopefully before Christmas.

u/MilkPudding · 4 pointsr/bettafish

For a tank that size, you can make do with a simple desk lamp with an adjustable arm and a 6500K colour temp CFL bulb with 1600 lumens, which is suitable as a growlight for plants. I've had good results in my small planted tank with this setup, just keep the light pretty close to the aquarium.

I actually just have my plants in sand so a specialty planted tank substrate isn't necessary, although of course it helps, especially with more finicky plants. If you just want to plant some easy aquatic plants like java fern, anubias, and anacharis, you probably won't need it. I've had good luck with Rotala and Alternanthera reineckii in sand too.

If you're into floaters, water spangles and amazon frogbit are relatively easy to grow, although I learned the hard way that frogbit in particular really does not like surface agitation and getting the tops of their leaves wet.

I also like duckweed, which is dead easy to grow, although most people hate it (so you've been warned) because it gets everywhere and is really hard to get rid of if you decide you don't want it.

u/_Prrr · 4 pointsr/succulents

I have one like that on some plants that aren't succulents and it's going really well. I just stuck some succulents under it too so we'll see how that goes. However, I have most of my succulents under this. It's super cheap, you just need a CFL lightbulb that has a "daylight" color (between 5000k-6500k) and is the equivalent of a 75 or higher watt bulb. Something like this (this is a four pack). You could get two of the one I use, plus light bulbs, for less than the one you linked too. And the clasp on the one I linked to is much stronger and bigger than on the LED light, so it's easier to attach in more places.

Edit to add that the clamp lamp with the reflector has a cord and an on-off switch. The picture makes it look like it's just a reflector and that you need to buy your own cord for the lightbulb.

u/guerrilla154 · 3 pointsr/flashlight

Here's a possible option. I'd go with the 48", probably.

u/inyourgenes · 3 pointsr/GetOutOfBed

I use this 40W blue CFL and a digital timer connected to a lamp by my bed. Works great!

u/JelliedBiscuit · 3 pointsr/succulents

Thank you! This is my light!

u/tldnradhd · 3 pointsr/AskBattlestations

These feel sort of low-budget, but are very flexible in terms of application. Installation is part of the fun here. Start with a Hitlights 300 RGB - $30 (this recently dropped in price from $40) or a 150 kit Get as many of these are you think he'll want, depending on the space available. A 16-foot run of 300 will light up a small room. The 150s are more for accent lighting.

For each additional run, he'll want an amplifier if he needs them all controlled by one controller. You also need a power adapter for each amplifier, but this is included in each of the $25-30 kits. You can cut and splice them, but it's much easier and neater if you have the pre-made connectors - short strip-to-strip short strip-to-terminator or long terminator-to-terminator. I did my first round of installations without the connectors and it was pretty messy, so I strongly recommend getting them to ease things along.

Last, does he listen to pounding electronic music? If yes, a music controller.

u/dansla116 · 3 pointsr/Rockband

Because I'm a fuckin' genius and no one can stop me! That's how!

But for real, I have some LED light strips and a box with a mic that syncs with the beat mounted sneakily in my ceiling.

u/pollojack · 3 pointsr/MusicBattlestations

I got a pack of these LED-dimming stickers and put one on every device in the house. It has been glorious.

u/dickcake · 3 pointsr/cars

You might try those LED-dimming stickers out:

I use them on all my electronics that have annoying blue LEDs on them. Sometimes need to use a couple of them stacked to dim down the especially-annoying ones. If you dim down the blue light on that mirror, it may look less like the po po at least.

u/TheDonJ77 · 3 pointsr/Nest

All these dark comments about Nest/Google are crazy!! I get the frustration of some but too many the subtle change will be meaningless. I for one have made a small $5.00 purchase on Amazon which rectifies this minor issue completely.

LightDims Black Out Edition - Light Blocking LED covers/Light Dimming Sheets for Routers, Electronics and Appliances and more. Blocks 100% of Light, in Retail Packaging.

u/heywhatsupthisisdan · 3 pointsr/onewheel
u/splice42 · 3 pointsr/fortinet

You're probably looking for something like this, which has been a lifesaver for me. There's also variations that don't block all the light but dims it significantly.

u/SomeNoob1306 · 3 pointsr/pcmasterrace

I use these for stuff like that. Looks a lot cleaner than electrical tape.

u/onepotatotwotomato · 3 pointsr/HomeImprovement

I've looked for something similar...Nothing seems to exist on this front as yet (Kickstarter here I come!) but you can duplicate the effect with those unfortunately expensive Philips controllable color bulbs and setting your 'dim' as a preset.

u/3141592652 · 3 pointsr/battlestations
u/mfcrunchy · 3 pointsr/Nest

Disappointed that they’re meaningfully changing the product experience after purchase. It’s one thing if they made it optional, but this seems quite heavy handed.

I just ordered my blocker stickers. Need to find white ones as well...:

u/Umlautica · 3 pointsr/audiophile

I use these on my amplifiers - LightDims. They're great.

u/ChefChopNSlice · 3 pointsr/HotPeppers

Putting them outside right away can be bad for a few reasons. They’re delicate and sensitive to intense light, changes in temperature, gusting wind, and predators. They do not have the strength or root systems in place yet to recover from any environmental stress. Unless you get very lucky with weather and the cosmos are aligned juuuust right, you might be in for a rough time. Getting leggy is definitely a possibility with them being inside and not having a grow light, but you can always bury the stems pretty deeply when you transplant them and are ready to put them out. Your window isnt ideal, but it’s probably still a better bet at this time. You can also find a pretty cheap grow light option if you have $ 15 to spare. Here’s an entry level fixture for a nice CFL grow bulb. It’s $10 on amazon prime with free shipping. You can also find these at the hardware store, or a discount store like big lots (I got em for 5-8$ there)

Simple CFL grow bulbs in the 6500K “daylight” spectrum. 4 pack of bulbs for $15. You can look around for cheaper ones, but just try to find the highest wattage equivalent you can, at 6500K spectrum.

u/AnotherAccount636 · 3 pointsr/shrooms

These are what I use for my tubs. I do the Bods unmodded tub tek, I just place these directly on the lid. Depending on the setup or what tek you're following this would work.

::Edit:: What I mean when I say "I place these directly on my lid" I've got them in a deep dome fixture that sits on top of the lid, I don't just lay the light bulb up their haha.

u/haleyb33 · 3 pointsr/succulents

I got these light bulbs:Philips 433557 23W 100-watt T2 Twister 6500K CFL Light Bulb, 4-Pack

And these clamp lights: Woods 0151 150-Watt Clamp Light with 8.5-Inch Reflector and 18/2 SPT 6-Foot-Cord

I scoured the interwebs for this info and I'm hoping they give my plants some better lighting! I've got them clamped to some heavy square pots that are laying on their sides. It's a tiered shelf but the tier right above my plants would be too close to clamp the lights to and I think they'd get burnt.

u/reParaoh · 3 pointsr/succulents

Try to get them in a south facing window if you can. If you do not have that, west, then east, then north. North is the worst, and you will want to avoid that if possible because they will never get direct sunlight in a north window.

The window will be the biggest difference because you can't beat the sun in terms of light.

Once they are in a good window, get a light above them if they are still stretching. I try to get daylight spectrum flourescent bulbs in as high of a wattage as I can find. 6500k, 100watt equivalent florescents do great for plants. You might find a T5 HO setup that uses the long skinny flourescent bulbs. I prefer the T5 setup because it is brighter and cleaner looking in my house than a bunch of metal cone reflectors for standard light bulbs.

Put the lights on a timer so that they are on for about the same amount of time that the sun is up. Adjust the timer once a month or so to match the changing daylight hours. Mid summer the light should be on ~16 hours a day, and mid winter just under 12 hours a day. You want to do this because plants are sensitive to seasonal day length, and will grow, flower, or be dormant depending on the amount of light they receive per day.

I like to put lights about 2 feet above plants so that I can still see the plants instead of the light fixture.

I avoid LED lights because I find the purple glow to be ugly.

Depending on the setup, I find ~25 watts of supplemental light per square foot to be adequate, but it's really hard to say how much light actually makes it on the plants...

I have a 330 watt fluorescent light about 2.5ft above a 12 square foot table in a shady west window. A ton of the fluorescent light spreads out to the sides, so it's hard to say how much light I actually supplement. The plants do fine, though.

u/rheasdf · 3 pointsr/succulents

I'm gonna quote what I wrote about my set-up in another thread. Small, cheap, and can clamp anywhere. Good luck!

> Very, very basic. I only got into succulents about two months ago, so keep in mind I'm very much a beginner.
> Right now, I have three clamp lamps with these bulbs, clipped onto a leaning desk. It's pretty cheap and seems to be working out for me so far, judging by the compact new growth on my light-hungry Echeverias. But I'm running out of grow-light room! I've been debating upgrading to one of these or simply just buying another clamp lamp to cover more surface area (since I know my addiction will eventually lead to me buying more babies).

u/Echeveriamazing · 3 pointsr/succulents

There are several types of grow lights!

There are Compact Fluorescent bulbs (CFL), fluorescent lights (typically T5 and T8) and then you have LED lights. T5 and T8 lights are long tubes that produce light using ballast. CFL lights are usually bulbs that can go into a lamp. LED lights take several forms: in panels, bulbs or lighting strips.

Each light has their pros and cons:

T5 and T8 Lights
Pros: strong light source and wider coverage
Cons: produce a lot of heat, expensive energy consumption

LED lights
Pros: give off less heat and use less energy
Cons: tend to be a weaker light source, most are a bright red/blue/purple in color

CFL lights
Pros: decent light source, decent energy use
Cons: limited coverage so you may need to purchase several

So this is what you want in a light:
6500k temperature,
2000-5000 lumens,
20watts at least (my personal recommendation, less than 20watts can be too weak sometimes)

I’ve had good experience with these bulbs if you’re looking for something cheap and simple to start off. These guys are still my favorites out of all my lights, my plants get the best stress colors under them!

If you buy some that are a little under these ranges that’s totally alright, they should still work great! 6500k temperature is the most important, since it is the closest to natural daylight 🙂

u/daisy1975 · 3 pointsr/succulents

They need to be relatively close to be effective as far as I've read but it's worth it. It doesn't have to be elaborate just a bulb like this (you want it to be 6500k) and a desk lamp or clamp light .

u/dekirasoft · 3 pointsr/InteriorDesign

Something really easy and cheap you could do is replace the light bulbs with CFL or another white light. That should make the vibe a little cozier.

Here's a link to the light bulbs I use

u/super_not_clever · 3 pointsr/SmartThings

Yes, SmartThings could certainly do this... personally, I have a timer set up for a heater in my bathroom. Once I turn on the heater, the timer turns it back off after 45 minutes.

However, I'm not sure you NEED SmartThings to accomplish this... I think you probably need to just purchase a smart plug or smart bulb that is compatible with Stringify. It looks like the TP-Link Smart Plug is compatible, or if you just want to buy a lamp, the TP-Link LB100 is listed on Stringify's website.

The nice thing about doing a lamp is that you get dimming, so you can have it slowly dim up in the morning when the alarm goes off, or dim it to a low level if you need to get up in the middle of the night.

Personally, I've never used stringify, but looking at some of their flow examples, I see no reason it can't do exactly what you're looking for with the purchase of compatible equipment!

u/hundreds100 · 3 pointsr/pcmasterrace

MSI Armor, have the same card. Had to purchase this guy to stop the sagging

u/mugglesby · 3 pointsr/nvidia

This is my personal favorite - -

Coolermaster's "Universal VGA Holder"

Adjustable height, neutral color and appearance for any build, magnetic on the bottom ends of each of the three legs of base so it sticks to metal cases, and there are TWO adjustable lifters, so you can use one for a mascot - -

u/smoothlol · 3 pointsr/buildapc

has anyone got the MasterAccessory Universal VGA Holder from amazon? (

How is it?

u/Ryandw2 · 3 pointsr/pcmasterrace

I presume you're American, maybe try this

u/sHockz · 3 pointsr/buildapcsales

Well it definitely helps with GPU sag, if that's what you're referring to. But some vertical GPU mount kits can still sag, just in a different way. I'm fairly certain this one will perform adequately though without sagging. Cooler Master also sells this if you're just trying to cure sag issues:

u/joeysdad · 3 pointsr/googlehome

Currently $9.99 but they were $8.99 at some point recently.

Sengled Element Classic Dimmable A19 Smart Bulb, Compatible with SmartThings Hub, Wink Hub and Echo Plus, Requires Hub for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, 3 Year Warranty

u/caffiend98 · 3 pointsr/getdisciplined

I use Alarm Clock Xtreme (on Android) for a couple of features that really help me with this:

  • Complex snooze / alarm dismissal -- You customize what it takes to do each task. I set mine to require me to shake the phone for 2 seconds to snooze it (moving this much helps wake me up), and to require me to do math problems (the difficulty level is configurable) to dismiss the alarm.
  • Custom and decreasing snooze duration -- I find the snooze irresistible, so this feature lets me limit the damage. I set the first snooze to last 5 minutes, then each subsequent snooze to be 1 minute shorter (down to a minimum of 1 minute per snooze). An alarm every 60 seconds gets annoying enough to get me out of bed.
  • Increasing alarm volume -- I hate an alarm that scares me awake, so mine increases to max volume over time.

    I've also set up a Sengled Elements smart light bulb to incrementally increase brightness over a few minutes at the same time. If you don't have a smart home hub, there are bulbs that don't require a hub, like this one.

    Hope this helps!
u/Belgain_Roffles · 3 pointsr/smarthome

You can buy connected bulbs for $10 already.

One example:

u/GD3tyrone · 3 pointsr/pcmods

Thank yea, I had a blast actually doing it. the mount is made by Coolermaster.

u/Carbonkid · 3 pointsr/NZXT

To add on to this, I got mines from Amazon for ~54 w/ tax and shipping.

The Cooler Master store, sells just the bracket for 20USD.

u/StigbickDickson · 2 pointsr/microgrowery

Go for these (same 4-pack of lights, just different retailers):


Home Depot

For any type of lighting you'll want blue spectrum (6500k) for seedlings/veg and red spectrum (2700k) for flower.

u/LittleElectric · 2 pointsr/succulents

Look at the specs of the light. You need 6500k for color temperature and at least 2000 lumens. You can use any light it doesn't have to say it's a grow light. Bulbs can works but will probably need a deflector to focus the light on the plants.

Here's some i can recommend:

Bulbs 1

bulbs 2

LED light

4 foot long lights

2 foot long lights

another 2ft-er

u/woopthrowawaytime · 2 pointsr/succulents

I've been using these! This guy is directly under one of the bulbs. I have two for my entire collection.

u/CASTorDIE · 2 pointsr/Twitch

DAYLIGHT bulbs. Either CFL (compact florescent, or LED) 85 to 100 watt equivilent (but it will use way less power), inside of a softbox or two set above eye level and wide if possible :). Kinda like this

u/TheDivergent1 · 2 pointsr/cannabiscultivation

Yeah I’m sure but I bought them in store at Walmart and I no longer have the box unfortunately. & Ok I’ll be sure to upgrade.

These are the CFLs I bought though.
Philips 433557 100-watt Equivalent, Bright White (6500K) 23 Watt Spiral CFL Light Bulb, 4-Pack

I’ll just use them for something else I guess.

u/themonthofmay · 2 pointsr/succulents

Totally doesn't have to be LED. I'm a newbie and don't want to invest too much if I end up failing hard and keeping succulents alive. Do those clamps hold well? The reviews on Amazon aren't great regarding a heavy bulb.

What are the pros of that bulb over this bulb?

u/Grem1389 · 2 pointsr/succulents

I have been working with some succulents since August. The one I began with is an echeveria (I believe) in the teal pot, and I'm not sure what the others in the red pot are (my friends gifted these to me).
The gifted plants have stretched a great deal since I received them, and I'm not sure if I should propagate the leaves and take cuttings from the top. (I took the top from the echeveria and it seems to be doing quite well! - in the gray pot). I also have leaves I am attempting to propagate. One from a different plant entirely that has grown plenty of roots, and as I just removed it from having its roots in the soil, I noticed it has begun to grow tiny little leaves. (This was not the case as of three or so days ago before I placed the roots under the soil).

The others aren't doing as well. I have sprayed the roots only, daily, of the mystery leaf, but I have stopped recently after reading about dry methods. Should I be doing something differently? (Should I continue watering it? Should I place it back on top of the soil?)

They are in ceramic pots with a drainage hole in the bottom. I typically water the established plants one to two weeks, or I can wait longer if the soil is not completely dry. The leaves are in a plastic smaller tray with soil, and a drainage hole in the bottom.

The potting medium is a prepackaged cactus mix with added perlite.

All of the plants are situated in a west facing window (I don't have a lot of ability to put them anywhere else). I purchased a bulb that was referenced on a blog, and the echeveria seems to be doing fine, but the others in the red pot are stretching a lot. Link to bulb being used

I also have some little buds growing from the stalk of the echeveria I began with. Is it time to remove and replant the largest one? It has little roots!

I'm looking for identification of mystery plant, advice in regards to the stretching/propagation issue, and any advice on the leaves that I am attempting to propagate. Thank you so much for any and all help!

Link to photos

This is the first time I've posted something like this, so if I need to clarify or fix the links, please let me know! Thanks! :)

u/Bobosmite · 2 pointsr/succulents

I've been using three of these for a few months and it's the only light they get. They've all been growing nicely without any problems.

u/succulentdan · 2 pointsr/succulents

So far I've had pretty good results with this bulb, haven't owned it too long but the 5 plants i have under the 2 bulb + reflector set up i have seem to be doing well so far

u/dropsofclover · 2 pointsr/succulents

The grow light that I use is Philips T2 Spirals in these lamps. I don't use the clamps though; I just put them directly over my plants using a metal rack about 6 inches above my plants.

u/mrwebguy · 2 pointsr/homeautomation

OP Delivers and sorry for the delay. Thanks to /u/maxwellsearcy for reminding me!

  • Dresden electronic ballast (Zigbee)
  • 50/50 4 Conductor Light Strip Connectors
  • Phillips Hue Dimmer Switch
  • Supernight 50/50 24V lights

    Now, cut the plugs off one side of the lights and off the power supply. Match the wires up on the Dresden ballast with RGB+ on the LEDs. Carefully strip away the outer shielding on the power supply cord and then strip the tiny wires on the inside of the power supply wire. Put those into the power screw points on the Dresden. Plug it in and test. It should come on a solid color.

    Now that you have it working, go into your Hue app and scan for new lights. You will see 2 lights pop up for every Dresden ballast you configure. Once it's done scanning, click them in the app and make sure they flash. One of them will NOT flash and you can safely delete that one.

    That's it!
u/gary_keith · 2 pointsr/Hue

Hue makes dimmer switches.

u/tehdrizzle · 2 pointsr/Hue

Not that I'm aware of. Your best bet would be to get a light switch plate that has an additional switch slot or something like this and a lightswitch cover. Put the double plate over the single switch, stick the switch cover over the switch in the ON position, and use the hue dimmer's sticky mount on the blank switch area.

It's a couple extra bucks, but won't leave any marks when all taken down.

Crude Mockup

u/doublekid · 2 pointsr/Hue

The dimmer switches are completely remote; have a magnet to attach them to a wall.

Philips 458158 Hue Dimmer Switch

(Sorry; on mobile)

Tapping the on button cycles through five scenes that you can customize, and the dimmer switches are obviously hardware buttons. Highly recommended!

u/chaosdude78 · 2 pointsr/homeautomation

For my apartment, I you utilize two solutions to almost solve this problem. Neither one is perfect but for controlling rooms with only hue bulbs I use the hue dimmer switch. Those work nicely because the plate they come with is about the right size to replace a regular switch, but they only control Hue bulbs. For other rooms that have other lighting solutions, I have attached some Aeon Minimotes to the wall. In those rooms, I don't have light switches that need to be in any position, but you could always rewire them to bypass the switches and build some custom mounting solutions for the,

u/MorningZ · 2 pointsr/Hue

The dimmer switch is the best thing ever for the Hue:

u/TheSecondTier · 2 pointsr/buildapc

The most popular ones I've seen are the following:

NZXT Hue+: expensive, fancy, super customizable

Cablemod Widebeam: Tons of different options based on what you want, they have different colors, lengths, and mounting types as well. The magnetic RGB one is pretty close to the Hue+ while the basic strips are much cheaper but less customizable.

Bitfenix Alchemy 2.0: Very similar to the Cablemod ones, they come in various lengths and colors. No RGB options but can be fairly inexpensive.

Some good vidyas about them here and here. Hope this helped some.

u/Soprohero · 2 pointsr/buildapc

Thanks! I love the case. Awesome design and form factor. Made building in it as a first time builder a heck of a lot easier to because I can just be lazy and just stuff all the cables in the back where no one will see.

Edit: Oh and I got the light strips from here

u/stavn · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace

is there anything comparable to the NZXT HUE+ but maybe a little less expensive? something that can do different colors and be programmed from the computer like the hue +

u/quaser99 · 2 pointsr/buildapcforme

They have adhesive and you can put it on anything. It comes with a remote to change colors or flash different ones, or anything you could really want. I was talking about this one specifically but one of the most popoular ones is the NZXT Hue+

u/Diabeticninja1 · 2 pointsr/battlestations

I'm tellin' you guys, invest in a nice NZXT Hue+, it'll change your life. Make it easier too!

u/Max_01 · 2 pointsr/buildapc

NZXT Hue+ will set you back around £50 and some cheap RGB strip will set you back around £11. I personally use the cheap kit I linked above and it works fine but it's very basic - best to use if you just want one static colour - the effets it comes with are pretty basic and not very well done imo...

u/spicedpumpkins · 2 pointsr/buildapcsales

I bought

This mobo


This case

Ram and Air Cooler and This Lighting kit and These fans x3 for back and two on top

paired with MSI Gaming X 480 8GB gpu so that everything matches.

Yes overkill for this cpu but fuck it, I love the color scheme. I'll just benchmark the system and throw in a Kaby i5 7600K for the real CPU intended for this build right after and use the G4560 for an ultra cheap build I will gift to my son's friend so they can play some games together.

u/Neox420 · 2 pointsr/buildapc

i kinda like the look of it, but do you really need that rgb? Or do you need that wi-fi adapter? The only reason why i would buy it is because of the overclocking features. But thats your choice. Oh, and if you want rgb i would recommend best kit i've seen.

u/tallmanchub · 2 pointsr/buildapc

Yeah... don't get that other build. Last gen CPU that needs to be OC'd to realise its potential, a cooler that isnt compatible with your case, a turd tier PSU and no white in sight.

So that case you have isn't really the best, and if money is no object, there are far better available that might also look better and will be a lot more functional, as well as having more room for RGB fans. Nevertheless you said she's bought it so the build below assumes that you do want to use that case. It also assumes you are using the fans it comes with - so I'm not really sure where you want to add the extra corsair RGB fans. That case only has 3 fan slots - 2 front and 1 rear, and 1 front and the rear are already occupied with the fans it comes with.

If you do decide not to use that case let me know and I'll change the build accordingly. Here are some examples of better cases:

Also you could look at smaller cases if thats something you think she'd like, here are some good ones:

All of these are a similar kind of aesthetic but others are available, have a look here where I've set the filter for case colours of white/silver/purple.,36,38,62,64,66,82,83,87,89

u/Du6e · 2 pointsr/buildapcforme

If you want to go with the C70, you'll only have to swap out the X61 Kraken to a 240mm AIO. Something like this.

As for LED's, the NZXT Hue+ is probably the best kit you can get if you want a lot of control.

u/fulton1 · 2 pointsr/battlestations

Dont be silly you arent bothering me, i like to help out where i can, the hue+ is actually the name of the controller box that the leds plug into, in the kit you get 4 led strips, the hue+ controller and all the cables/ extensions (it uses sata or molex, (i can't remember to be honest) to power it and connects to the motherboard via the usb 2.0 header

I will link the kit below, hope the information above helped!



u/MasterChiefKing · 2 pointsr/buildapcforme

PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant

CPU | Intel Core i7-6700K 4.0GHz Quad-Core Processor | $458.00 @ Shopping Express
CPU Cooler | Corsair H115i 104.7 CFM Liquid CPU Cooler | $163.50 @ Skycomp Technology
Motherboard | Asus SABERTOOTH Z170 S ATX LGA1151 Motherboard | $339.00 @ PCCaseGear
Memory | Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4-2666 Memory | $119.00 @ Centre Com
Storage | Samsung 850 EVO-Series 500GB 2.5" Solid State Drive | $209.00 @ Storm Computers
Storage | Seagate Barracuda 1TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive | $64.00 @ Shopping Express
Video Card | EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 8GB FTW Gaming ACX 3.0 Video Card | $699.00 @ Mwave Australia
Case | Cooler Master MasterBox 5 (White) ATX Mid Tower Case | $99.00 @ CPL Online
Power Supply | EVGA SuperNOVA NEX 650W 80+ Gold Certified Fully-Modular ATX Power Supply | $129.00 @ CPL Online
| Prices include shipping, taxes, rebates, and discounts |
| Total | $2279.50
| Generated by PCPartPicker 2016-11-07 17:15 AEDT+1100 |

For LED I recommend getting Nzxt Hue+ Advanced. White motherboard + white case with RGB LED will look so pretty.

u/Wigriff · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace

As others have said, and LED light kit would be awesome for anyone. I like the NZXT Hue+.

u/Its_gill · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace
u/CPJMMXIII · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace

I've read reviews that you can daisy chain up to 5 fans on Hue. I'll know for sure when they arrive in the post tomorrow!

EDIT: "Group and daisy chain up to 5 fans per channel from the HUE+ for extensive lighting modes that work in perfect harmony."

u/OneStrangeOnion · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace

The NZXT Hue+ is my personal choice as it can be controlled through NZXT's custom software, CAM

u/rootbeerfetish · 2 pointsr/buildapc

You mentioned future proofing and the Ti does that for sure, it's up to you but I'd find a way. Also I'd recommend getting the coolest all black case you can afford and buying some green lighting for it separately. Bitfenix has some LED strips in different colors you can get on Amazon pretty cheap. Or you can buy the Hue+ and change the color to literally what ever you want depending on your mood at that time. More expensive though for sure. If you ever get tired of green there's no going back when you buy a case that accents it for you lol.

u/weetsy69 · 2 pointsr/buildapcforme

PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant

CPU | Intel Core i7-7700K 4.2GHz Quad-Core Processor | £319.50 @ Aria PC
CPU Cooler | be quiet! Dark Rock 3 67.8 CFM Fluid Dynamic Bearing CPU Cooler | £47.63 @ Amazon UK
Motherboard | MSI Z270 GAMING PRO CARBON ATX LGA1151 Motherboard | £144.72 @ Amazon UK
Memory | Corsair Vengeance LED 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4-2666 Memory | £102.38 @ Aria PC
Storage | OCZ TRION 150 480GB 2.5" Solid State Drive | £114.99 @ Amazon UK
Storage | Seagate Barracuda 2TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive | £64.41 @ Ebuyer
Video Card | Zotac GeForce GTX 1080 8GB AMP! Edition Video Card | £572.79 @ BT Shop
Case | NZXT S340 Elite (Black) ATX Mid Tower Case | £81.99 @ CCL Computers
Power Supply | Corsair RMx 650W 80+ Gold Certified Fully-Modular ATX Power Supply | £88.97 @ Amazon UK
| Prices include shipping, taxes, rebates, and discounts |
| Total | £1537.38
| Generated by PCPartPicker 2017-02-22 22:24 GMT+0000 |

Pink themes are hard to find unfortunately so I went with all black but with this ( you can have as many pink leds as you want! If you can hold off buying until early march then do so and see what Ryzen has to offer. Other wise this should be it! I would also suggest buying a 1440p monitor to fully take advantage of the GTX 1080

u/dlflannery · 2 pointsr/amazonecho

No hub and Alexa Control and Cheap:
TP-Link LB100 $20 at Amazon:

Several models (LB 100,110,120.130) with varying price and features

I have not used these bulbs but have had good experiences with TP-Link smart plugs and switches. I see 14% of 636 Amazon reviews are 1 or 2 stars, which is typical of many similar smart devices. WiFi (and other RF connection types) can be problematic and subject to interference. Here is a quote from the manufacturer in response to a reviewer whose bulbs frequently lost connection:

>Due to the nature of Wi-Fi, there are several potential sources of interference that may cause the issue you've described. For example, if your smart bulb is installed in a metal dome/casing, this can potentially weaken the Wi-Fi signal. Please make sure the Wi-Fi signal is sufficiently strong for your smart bulb.

u/greggsymington · 2 pointsr/homebridge

How cheap? TP-Link LB100 is $20 on amazon right now.
You should be able to use homebridge-tplink-lightbulb plugin.

u/SeriousLloyd · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace

I had the the same issue with my 1070, I have the same case as well. I used a gpu brace from coolermaster, and it works really well.

u/Anergos · 2 pointsr/buildapc

Since your card isn't flat you can't get a brace, you'll need to get a GPU holder like this. That's if you don't feel confortable with the sag.

u/Gottaminit · 2 pointsr/24hoursupport

If that card is heavy enough to warp itself like that, you should install the bracket (hopefully came with the card) if not you can find the one I use for my dual card setup (also works with single cards)

While hooks and dental floss may work temporarily the do not have the same support evenness(?) Means you are pulling up on the end and not supporting the whole card.

Good product -I use it - It looks neat -like a little tripod

u/SirBrohan · 2 pointsr/nvidia

I hope this works, but I bought a VGA holder from Cooler Master:

My Xtreme shows up next Monday, so I can't confirm whether or not the card holder actually works (can't see why it wouldn't). Reviews are positive, so seems solid.

u/Ambrosial · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace

Have the same card. I got a GPU stand to prop it up. MasterAccessory Universal VGA Holder (MCA-0005-KUH00)

u/VTN17 · 2 pointsr/nvidia
u/mr_bumsack · 2 pointsr/bapcsalescanada

FYI I did some reading and these cards can sag quite a bit sometimes. I might be picking up one of these

u/EldeederSFW · 2 pointsr/buildapc
u/BruceCLin · 2 pointsr/buildapc

VGA Holder by cooler master.
The card seems to dip about 2mm and there are plays if I push by hand, so just in case I got this.

u/CheesyMagnum · 2 pointsr/smarthome

Sengled Single Soft White Bulb

I should note if you don’t already have a hub, you will need to buy the starter pack that comes with a hub. You can put up to 64 bulbs on one hub though.

u/avi473 · 2 pointsr/homeautomation

Since it's just the bathroom, I'd suggest the Sengled Element Classic A19

It's even cheaper when it's on sale going as low as 8-10 bucks. Works with SmartThings, Alexa, Google Assistant, and Wink.

I tried searching whether it compliant with California light efficiency regulations but couldn't find anything in the affirmative or negative, hopefully it's good for Cali.

u/vietquocnguyen · 2 pointsr/homeassistant

Quick question, does this bulb work with the stick you recommended? In the description it says "Bulbs are also compatible with the Wink smart hub. These may work with other Zigbee HA 1.2.1 compliant hubs". No idea what "HA 1.2.1 compliant" means.

Sorry if this is a stupid question, sorta new to this.

Sengled Element Classic Programmable LED Smart Home A19 2700K Smart Bulb,

u/nayan8teen · 2 pointsr/wyzecam

I use these:

Element Classic by Sengled - A19 Soft White 2700K Smart LED Bulb (Hub Required), Works with Alexa, Google Assistant, Echo Plus & SmartThings - 1 Pack

But you can really use any smart LED.

u/IKROWNI · 2 pointsr/homeassistant

they're $8/bulb right now on amazon but i often see 3 packs for like $20 on sale. I bought 8 of them about 2 months ago and so far no problem. They don't work as a zigbee repeater just FYI.

u/Kwerpi · 2 pointsr/watercooling

Cooler Master Accessory: Fits MasterBox, MasterCase, Maker, H500P Series Vertical Display VGA Holder Kit w/ Riser Cable

u/ScubaSteve7886 · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace

I'd advise not to do that as you'll choke your GPU airflow do not vertically mount your GPU unless you're liquid cooling it or have adequate airflow space with something like this

u/jeffro422 · 2 pointsr/pcmods

Something like this may also be helpful then. It hasn't been out long and hopefully they will be restocking it. You also have this one which is more specific to Cooler Master cases but you could mod it to fit differently if you cut a side panel. Brackets just might make things easier for you.

u/kodywill1 · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace

Thanks. There’s some things you need to know though.

Here’s the bracket I’m using-

You’ll have to cut all of the slots out with some side cuts or something.

Here’s a vid to show exactly what to do-

u/zaenestro · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace
u/erectusMaximus612 · 2 pointsr/watercooling

Cooler Master Accessory: Fits MasterBox, MasterCase, Maker, H500P Series Vertical Display VGA Holder Kit w/ Riser Cable

u/Computerknight54 · 2 pointsr/buildapc

Generally it's indicated in the name, for example the wireless version of that motherboard is called "Asus TUF GAMING X570-PLUS (WI-FI)" Other motherboards will have "AC" in their name, lots of higher end boards also just come with it, but you will have to check the product pages on them.

> You mean I can't do mATX + vertical GPU + PCIE WiFi card, or can't do mATX + vertical GPU at all

If there's a built in mount to the case you can do it, but with risers like this one you can't do it with mATX or ATX.

I double checked compatibility and clearance, if you like the look of the Kraken you can get the x52 which is 240mm and top mount it. It will clear the memory with that motheboard. I don't particularly like the performance of top mounted 240mm AIOs as it's no better than the large air coolers I mentioned in my previous comment, but it's an option if you like the look.

u/AttackTribble · 2 pointsr/techsupport

Black light usually refers to a light that puts out a lot of ultraviolet and not a lot of visible light. Certain substances fluoresce under UV light, and rave organizers seem to make use of it a lot. It was very popular in the 70s, and has recently made a comeback in the PC modder's scene. Here's a link. Does that help?

u/drowgirl · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
  1. This year? I have three parties I'm going to and one I'm hosting; my four costumes are: Mad Moxxi (Borderlands), Poison Ivy (Batman), Arcade Sona (League of Legends), and Winter Queen Mab (Dresden Files).

  2. This blacklight is my current most-needed. I am now officially out of blacklights to set up for my decorations, and will need others to finish out everything.
u/ReisaD · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

My craziest fetish is .. Being choked. God just having hands or something tightening around my neck as I slowly start getting closer and closer to orgasm. This blacklight is exactly 10$ and good for sexy times. or this for when I am going down on Austin. <3

u/browneyedgirl79 · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

You did say each of my wishlists, right?

Here I go:

  • One of my highest items are these light bulbs. Why? We moved into a house during Thanksgiving weekend last year. One by one each of our light fixtures have blown their bulbs. We've been getting bulbs as we can, but we still need about 40 bulbs to be able to say we have light everywhere we need it.

  • Another highest priority item is this Kindle. It's for our 13 year old daughter, who has ADHD and is bipolar. She had another one that she very accidentally dropped on her way to school (she has special permission from her principals and teachers to have it at school. It helps calm her down, and her teachers have told us since having it at school her GPA has gone from a 2.0 to a 3.5) two weeks ago. We taped it up and put more screen protectors on it so she wouldn't hurt her fingers on the glass which was shattered but still usable. Last week she put it on her bike to come in and get something, and her youngest sister sat on her bike, effectively shattering the glass the rest of the way and we had to throw it away. I did take this pic of it before we threw it away. I snapchatted the pic as well when it happened. Since she first dropped it, it hadn't been charging like it should. She had had it for a couple years. Hers was a first generation Kindle Fire. She carried it everywhere, and we can't afford a new one for some time. She is devastated, her grades are dropping, and she's getting in trouble at school now because she can't calm down when someone bullies her without it. She has breathing exercises and medication she takes, but her Kindle helped her out tremendously. When we moved here, she started a new school, and her old school never allowed her to bring her Kindle like this school does. Her grades suffered so much, and she always got in trouble. It breaks our hearts to see her heading down that same path at her new school again.

  • Then I have some headphones on another wishlist that are high priority. My girls have been taking mine and essentially breaking them from so much overuse. I can't wear the earbuds, they mess with my ears too much, so I have to have good ol' fashioned headphones.

  • This blanket because I am always super cold in our house.

  • This watch on another of my wishlists. These are so cheap that I want to get one for me and one for each of my daughters in different colors.

  • This book for my husband. We had it once, and lost it in our cross country move. He's wanted it again for years.

  • This video game for my husband because he is kicking himself in the bahooky for not buying the download when it was $15 right before and during the Super Bowl. Plus, I wouldn't have to keep watching him play COD: MW3 all the time!

  • This pan because with 7 of us in our family, we can always use another big pan to cook in.

  • This pet shampoo because once our dog and cat get bathed in it, they smell wonderful for weeks. It says "Puppy Shampoo", but we use it on our long haired cat too, and he loves it as much as the dog does.

  • Another high priority movie on my list besides the one I received from PBG. Because I <3 Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence. I also haven't seen this movie.

    Thank you for this discussion. It's helped me get a bit off my chest. I hope you don't mind.
u/suckinonmytitties · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

So… I hit a baby in the face on a plane once. I was 18 and traveling alone for the first time on the way to England. I was on a window seat and the woman next to me was Chinese and didn't speak English. She had the cutest baby on her lap. Eventually I fell asleep and I woke up to something grabbing my boob. I had one of those moments where you wake up and don't know where you are or what's going on. So my instinct was to flail my arms and I accidentally hit the baby in the face. The baby started crying and when the mother woke up I couldn't explain to her what had happened because of the language barrier and I was so mortified! So, my best baby advice is to protect your baby from getting accidentally slapped by sleepy strangers!

my item thank you for the contest!

It's a big building with patients, but that's not important right now.

u/InternetUser007 · 2 pointsr/GetPerk

I'll break it down as simply as possible. The 60-watt Cree led bulb is rated 25,000 hours. Let's assume 10.8 cents/kwhr (the cost your website assumed).

  • 25,000 hours 9.5 watts 10.8 cents/kwhr = $25.65.

    To run the CFLs (I'm using the cheapest ones I could find) for 25,000 hours, using the same 10.8 cents/kwhr, would be:

  • 25,000 hours 13 watts 10.8 cents/kwhr = $35.10

    That's a difference of $9.45 cents, in electricity alone. Now, those CFL bulbs are rated for 8000 hours, so you need 3 + 1/8 of them to run for 25k hours. The cost for that many CFL bulbs is:

  • $13.35 (8pack) / 8 = ~$1.67/bulb. $1.67 * (3+1/8) = $5.22

    A single Cree bulb costs $8.24 per bulb (8-pack).

    So where does that leave us?

    TOTAL COST TO RUN CFLS FOR 25K HOURS: $35.10+$5.22 = $40.32

    TOTAL COST TO RUN A SINGLE CREE LED FOR 25K HOURS: $25.65+$8.24 = $33.89.

    DIFFERENCE: $6.43

    Even if you get those bulbs for $1.20 a piece, the single LED is less expensive.
u/MeghanAM · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I also have a pack of lightbulbs on my list. We have a light (in the kitchen) that keeps burning out bulbs for some reason!

Also kinda boring but wanted items:

u/firechill2004 · 2 pointsr/whatisthisthing

These are full-spectrum compact fluorescent bulbs...

Amazon Link

u/f7u12_cerealguy · 2 pointsr/gardening

I recommend two or more CFLs of 23 watts or greater. Check out these bulbs (also comes in 45 watts, also just look around at department stores) *be sure to check the specs

This will be more than enough for your herbs, keep in mind that the Aerogarden (if your familiar) uses only 26 watts, so if you have two 27 watt bulbs (5500k) you will have great growth, no need for any other type of lighting budget wise (LED, MH, HPS, t5)

As for fixture you should watch this video

For the hydroponics, the aquarium pump specs are gonna work fine for your Rubbermaid. I like using Deep Water Culture technique, I recommend getting a pump with two air outputs and attach two 6" or 12" air stones to circulate and bubble nutrient water to the roots. It is simple and effective, not taking anything away from your plan.

As for nutrient water, pumping it straight from your sump will be fine and will probably improve your lawn, if you had a valve on the container I highly doubt two inches of old water will poison your plants but you should just to a fresh water change if you can, maybe keep a spare Rubbermaid on hand to store the plants during the water change. That way you can just take off the top and pour the water out (your sump pump sounds perfect though).

I hope this addressed some of your concerns, I am not too versed in the fill and drain method, but the Deep Water Culture method is very cost effective, feel free to ask any more questions and good luck.

u/johhnymayhem · 2 pointsr/depression

Hello. Doing both of those things is what led me here. :) My doctor recommended one.. and it was reading the reviews where someone mentioned that "I bought such and such product and when reading the manual (or something) it stated that it wasn't actually qualified as a SAD therapy device." So my thought was.. well, shit.. how do I verify that shit before spending the absurd amount of money this stuff costs?

..but yes, at the moment I'm just looking at getting those light bulbs

u/Novah11 · 2 pointsr/news

One of these + one of these is what I have set up. Only downside is the light turns on suddenly but you get used to that. And it's cheap! (And winter is coming... no one likes waking up in the dark).

u/riveramoore2233 · 2 pointsr/Bonsai

I've actually had really good growth with these

They also sell packs of multiple if you just Google the light name

Pic one is January 19th. pic 2 is today, February 25th

u/abjectCitizen · 2 pointsr/microgrowery

Growing next to reflective walls helps a lot. No need to get fancy. Simple white walls would do.

Also, you may not be too happy with just CFLs you got at Lowe's. You'll need more light and you'll want it at the correct color temperatures so it produces light the plants need.

Here are the bulbs for veg (you need 3 per plant):

Here are the ones you need for flower (need two of these per plant):

This is where I found the info:

I thought about doing a CFL grow. I changed my mind after I saw how much I was going to pay for light bulbs.

Good luck with your grow.

edit: removed the tinfoil hotspot myth

u/mitchellered · 2 pointsr/succulents

I use one of these attached to a clamp lamp. It stays on for about 14 hours a day and I use it on about 3 or 4 other succulents.

u/iratetwins · 2 pointsr/microgrowery

If possible pick up some CFLs like these

I have my mothers and clones under 4 of these and some lower wattage daylight CFLs and they've all been very happy. Keeps seedlings and clones from stretching

u/lizzieisrad · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Party lights! I'll drink to that !

Thanks for the contest :D

u/fibularfracture · 2 pointsr/askscience

If it is anything like this, then it has multiple LEDs inside of it. Purple is just the red and blue LEDs both active simultaneously. To fade to red, they blue LED slowly dims until turning off, effectively fading to red

u/RyanGaussling · 2 pointsr/IndoorGarden

I have a hydrofarm 125w setup for $62.05. It works very well for what it is, but keep in mind that the ballast is in the bulb and not the fixture, so you'll end up paying more in the long run with bulb replacements because you're also buying a ballast (I only needed it once).

u/ModernDayNeanderthal · 2 pointsr/microgrowery

There's a $60 125 watt CFL fixture that I use to illuminate clones and seedlings. It is just right for putting directly over a standard nursery flat humidity dome (1x2 feet).

Hydrofarm FLCDG125D Fluorowing Compact Fluorescent System

My favorite humidity dome for cloning is actually a transparent plastic storage bin about the same size as that nursery flat.

u/Dostoyevskitty · 2 pointsr/succulents

I use to have LED lights (90W LED grow light, 2 inches above my cactus) and they were pretty happy, except the pinkish blue color really hurts my eye and make my room like Christmas year round. I switched to a 125W CFL and a 4x 24w T5HO (both around 10000lm, 2-3 inches above the plant). so far I couldn't tell the difference other than a couple dollar more in power bill and a lot more pleasant light.

none of my cactus etiolated under those lights yet (4 months under LED and 2 under CFL/T5HO) so far I like the CFL better because I can upgrade it to a 200w/switch the spectrem to red easily to induce flower. but that sum up all the experience I have with lights, hopefully it helps

u/TheBodyKarate · 2 pointsr/succulents

A Fluorowing by Hydrofarm, and a timer that follows the date's standard sunrise/sunset times.

It seems to be working well, the plants appear to be enjoying it, so hopefully they handle winter well with that level of exposure.

u/kiraella · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

This Hydrofarm grow light system This would allow me to grow plants and herbs in my sun room in the winter and anyone who knows me knows that food is super important to me, both in health and taste.

u/mylastnug · 2 pointsr/microgrowery

I'd personally try something like this: Hydrofarm FLCDG125D Fluorowing Compact Fluorescent System

Cheaper option:

I've seen them used throughout veg. I'm not sure if you can purchase other colored bulbs for flowering. They don't produce much heat which is also a plus.

u/rdwtoker · 2 pointsr/CarAV

You could rig up one of these with some LEDs.

u/Heffeweizen · 2 pointsr/shutupandtakemymoney

Good question! You can solder them if you want but each strip contains 4 tiny wires which are a pain to solder. And if you accidentally let solder touch 2 wires then the color doesn't get processed correctly. So they make female to female straight connectors and angled connectors. They also make extension cords if you want to get behind a wall. If you want to save money just buy bulk wire. But if you connect more than 16ft of lights in a single circuit, then you needed an amplifier which needs to be plugged into an extra power supply otherwise the lights near the ends of the circuit will be dimmer and also off color. Color correctness comes from adequate power. Finally you can optionally buy a music sensor so all of your lights blink to the music!

u/trolltrap420 · 2 pointsr/EDM

This is the type I have. Its easy to set up and works great, you can change how sensitive it is to the music.

u/ranterbach · 2 pointsr/AskBattlestations

Yep. If the computer is on, those LEDs are on, and they're bright as shit. I could wire in a switch I suppose, or just cut power to the LEDs.

You nailed it, my next build will have LED strips with a discrete controller so I can turn them off without powering off the PC. I still like the flashy stuff, and I'd love to have lighting that reacts to my music (both in the case and behind the monitor), I just don't want it on all the time. Something like this would be perfect:

This build is my idea of lighting done right:

u/Notevenspecial · 2 pointsr/HomeImprovement

The Magic Light:

The Flux:

Tiktec (also called Lighting Ever): (NOTE: May be what you already have. Not a lot of color saturation)

None of the lights above require wifi.

u/KemWiz · 2 pointsr/opiates
Ehhh I would just get like 15 of those and have them around my whole house LOL

u/quarl0w · 2 pointsr/SmartThings

If you are going to use a SmartThings Hub you could use a Z-Wave bulb like this:

SYLVANIA SMART+ A19 Full Color + Tunable White LED Bulb, 60W Equivalent, Works with Amazon Alexa and SmartThings, 73693 (Formerly LIGHTIFY)

But it would require you have the hub, and an Ethernet connection.

Something like this would work without a hub (and avoid wifi issues mentioned above):

LE Dimmable A19 E26 LED Light Bulb 6W RGB 16 Colors Remote Controller Included

u/ArtichokeOwl · 2 pointsr/beyondthebump

Our baby isn't here yet, but we are experimenting with colored LED bulbs that are operated by remote in our regular bedside lamps. They are dimmable and can be changed to lots of colors. The orange/yellow setting isn't overly bright, but is enough to get things done. So far I love this system and I think it'll work well when baby arrives! The bulbs we have are like these:

u/ss1111989 · 2 pointsr/beyondthebump

LE Dimmable A19 E26 LED Light Bulb 6W RGB 16 Colors Remote Controller Included
This is the kind I got. I haven't tried any others so I can't say how they compare, but I've had no problems. Hope that helps!

u/2ndtryagain · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace
u/2gTheAznExp · 2 pointsr/lego
u/Paul-Kersey · 2 pointsr/headphones

I like LightDims. There's also a silver version that would probably work for Schiit gear.

u/sandesto · 2 pointsr/xboxone

Not a perfect fit on the controller light, but I put one on 4 months ago and it’s still on fine. Just don’t mash the home button.

u/streakybacon · 2 pointsr/MechanicalKeyboards

Light Dims work pretty darn well for blinding LEDs

u/auero · 2 pointsr/funny

It's odd because this never used to bother me. Now it just drives me nuts so I tape all the LED's in my room with little pieces of electrical tape. They actually make a product to cover these but I haven't tried them out yet.

u/Snailic · 2 pointsr/explainlikeimfive

These work well. But I do wish they offered a logo-less version, at the least, no logo on the lid.

u/bomberman447 · 2 pointsr/Nest

You could try something like lightdims. Kind of pricey, but it is basically tinted stickers that you can choose a level and stick it over LEDs. Pretty hard to notice on black.
I stick it on my leds so they are dim at night and the shapes provided fit a large variety of leds.

u/BluPrintIE2 · 2 pointsr/buildapc

If you want, these should block the led completely®/dp/B009WSN8PK

u/choooter · 2 pointsr/GiftIdeas

these are the ones I bought, but there might be others

u/eighties_baby · 2 pointsr/ultrawidemasterrace

This has been driving me nuts.

I bought a pack of these on Amazon and they have changed my life. There is one that fits perfectly over the button, and it can also be removed and re-stuck repeatedly (if you want to play with your settings).

u/RashestHippo · 2 pointsr/razer

I have used a similar item like these before

Aesthetics are going to be the deciding factor on what you end up using because i cant find a single post or article on someone figuring out how to turn it off. (I assume its tied into the screen)

u/aether_tech · 2 pointsr/headphones

As others have pointed out, black electrical tape - but if you wan't something a bit cleaner looking::

"LightDim" Black-Out stickers. Clean looking.

u/Phr057 · 2 pointsr/tasker

Your best bet is the starter pack that comes with the hub and three bulbs. Usually around

One bulb usually ranges between $50 and $60 and I'm not sure of the hub. I'm on mobile and only had time for a quick look. I can get back to you.

u/romcombo · 2 pointsr/galaxynote4

There are several companies (Phillips,Belkin, etc.) that sell light bulbs or light switches that can be controlled via iPhone/Android apps.


On the app side, I recommend taking the time to try out Google Music or another music app in favor of the stock Touchwiz app. Also, remember that smaller Widget sizes are available and to try live wallpapers if thats your thing (they do eat battery life though).

u/theDefine · 2 pointsr/Android

I'm using Philips Hue light bulbs. They have worked great for me so far.

u/Dwman113 · 2 pointsr/homeautomation

This is the current best item on the market.

Works with a lot of major control companies and also IFTTT support. Open api etc etc.

u/MisterWonka · 2 pointsr/minimalism

I use the Phillips Hue lighting system. Pricey, but awesome.

And they've got some other new options as well. Very cool stuff.

u/Starbase00 · 2 pointsr/xboxone

You can try a product called LightDims on Amazon. Here's a direct link:

They even have circular ones that would likely cover the Xbox button. The curve of the button may make it a bit annoying to stick the LightDim to though.

u/larowin · 2 pointsr/guitarpedals

That sucks dude - my Black Friday arp-87 from a couple years ago had the most badass gentle purple light.

u/daltesean · 2 pointsr/smarthome

The sticker on the package said dim-ems but the amazon page lists them as lightDims. These ones block 80% and do a great job of dimming LED's so you can still see them but they dont light up the entire room. A couple LED's I had to put two layers on them and now our room is PITCH black during the day.

u/yParticle · 2 pointsr/iiiiiiitttttttttttt

These overpriced translucent stickers are an easy fix for all kinds of annoying domestic LEDs. It's a silly product, but at least they'll send you a "free" sample for $1, which works out to a lifetime supply in my experience. Amazon link.

u/bquad · 2 pointsr/PlantedTank

Sure! I use this bulb in this fixture on this tank (Fluval chi). When I'm not running CO2 this light is a bit much and causes black brush algae/staghorn to grow on plants unless I have a lot of floaters partially blocking the light. It is perfect for a CO2 injected tank. This light would work if you intend to go without CO2. I used this for a while and successfully carpeted Monte carlo and Marsilea minuta. This is how the tank looked before I switched from a 13 watt to 23 watt bulb. Throughout all of this I was running DIY CO2 and I recently made the switch to pressurized CO2.

u/jynnjynn · 2 pointsr/Aquariums

You could just get a full spectrum compact fluorescent clip light to supplement lighting. If youve already got a desk lamp laying around, just get a full spectrum bulb and aim it at your tank. You can probably find them in your local hardware store. Look for anything in the 6500k-7000k range (or get a 4 pack for $12 on amazon. ) Be aware that fluorescents do need to be replaced about every 6 months. They will still put off LIGHT (so you can still use them for spare lightbulbs around the house) but they will no longer put out the correct spectrum for plant growth after that time period.

this is cheap and claims to be 6500-7000k lights, which would be the appropriate spectrum, but I couldn't tell you how bright it's going to be, or what the par is.

I would probably buy an actual planted tank light or go with a fluorescent. That way you at least know what you're getting. You can get a stingray clip light for $22 or for about $40 you could get a 12" planted + and get up to med med/high light levels, depending on your tank depth.

u/JisuanjiHou · 2 pointsr/reptiles

You're very welcome! I'm using the Zoo Med 18" Naturalistic Terrarium Hood with these Philips CFL Daylight Bulbs

u/MichaelCayne · 2 pointsr/shrooms

I use a Phillips Grow bulb and a clamp lamp, but that’s because I’m growing my mushrooms in the same room I’m growing my weed, and that room is locked down like Fort Knox against light.

But indirect sunlight should be just fine, my friends growing mushrooms in her craft room/office, and her tub’s only getting indirect sunlight and they’re doing fine. Bod even tells you that sunlight isn’t necessary, mushrooms just look weird apparently without any.

u/m0h3k4n · 2 pointsr/SpaceBuckets

Not really a lot of watts. Looks like a review showed it pulling 17w. LED lights should provide 40w/ft^2 that one would be providing about half that. For about $10 more you could get something like these CFL bulbs and these cords. This would give you 92w of cfl. You would want a bit more ideally but it dwarf the 17w off the LED.

u/FireproofCabbage · 2 pointsr/succulents

My set up is pretty basic at the moment, I have a simple desk lamp with a daylight bulb in aiming down at my plants. I can't find the bulb I'm using online, but it's very similar to this one:
I'm currently in the process of hacking two Ikea desk lamps to hang above the shelf I'd like to display my plants on. I'll post pics when it's done! :)

u/amaranth-kate · 2 pointsr/succulents

Looks like it would be okay; it meets all the requirements. I was recommended this light which has lower power but higher color temperature:
Philips 433557 23W 100-watt T2 Twister 6500K CFL Light Bulb, 4-Pack

u/fallenumbrella · 2 pointsr/succulents

Philips 23 watt 6500k CFL bulbs (you can also pick these up at your local home improvement store):

And don't forget clamp lamps:


Depending on how much space you have for a decent setup, you might want to consider T5 light bulbs and fixtures if you want more even distribution of light. I find that I have to put all my succulents together under or around the the lamp in order to get good growth and stress colors out of them. As long as the light bulbs are on or around 6500K (cool white light) then your plants will get the right amount of light that they would get if they had some sunlight.

u/748g · 2 pointsr/shrooms

Just be careful not to set a fire in the closet lol.

These don't get very hot

u/mirasypp · 2 pointsr/succulents

It would depend on your space, but I have clamp lights with bright white CFLs (I'm on mobile - sorry for no formatting) and most plants are doing great with it. There's only one Echeveria that's etiolated but that's because I have the lights very high. Investing in a cheap grow light will be good for when winter comes.

u/_Zhitan · 2 pointsr/succulents

I'm from the US so idk if it's different, but this is what I bought when I was starting out :

It's not great. It's the cheapest way to go, but this will not give your succulents stress colors. It should be enough to get them through the winter though. You'll probably have to use all 4 bulbs.

u/zydrateaddict23 · 2 pointsr/bettafish

I don’t do anything special I don’t think, it could be my lighting maybe? But that’s just these lights

u/Closetmedicinegrow · 2 pointsr/microgrowery

What's your maximum investment for now? Are you in any sort of hurry to flip to flower?

Right now I'd totally recommend grabbing some 6,400Kelvin temperature bulbs (like these), they're usually labeled as "Daylight".

Flower bulbs would be more in the 2,100K range or "soft white". I recommend as much wattage as you can afford, honestly, keeping in mind the price for sockets, etc. The ideal wattage you want to aim for is 75watts minimum per plant, the higher the better, preferably 100-150w is more ideal.

The reason I say they need some time under the 6500K is they're very lanky and tall, if you were to flip them now, you'd be very unimpressed with the results versus if you were to veg them under proper lighting for another month-few months and did some LST.

When it comes to flower, it's ideal to have more wattage than you did in veg, I.e. a lot of growers go from 250w to 400w, 400w to 600w, etc. My best advice is to get as much as you can afford, and preferably if you could build them some kind of box or use a closet, that would help tremendously allowing you to use reflective material or flat white paint to better increase your lumens per sqft and its availability to your plants to make actual use of.

If you plan to make this a hobby like I did, I bought some panda film for like $15 on ebay, layered my wardrobe opening with it, cut a hole for the exhaust at the top (first starting out I used a 200MM PC fan + an old laptop battery lol) and two holes each the size of the exhaust at the bottom as my passive intake, worked great as a cheap makeshift growery :)

u/FGLD · 1 pointr/ElectricForest

If anyone has CFL Black lights that would be superior due to the lower power consumption. Hooking up 5x60W standard black light bulbs will draw significantly more power than a 20W or 13W CFL bulb.

Something like this would be best:

u/mrclawking · 1 pointr/funkopop

so some one made this using this case and used some sort of black light like this.

u/bl0odredsandman · 1 pointr/flashlight

Go on Amazon and look for a "Blacklight". It's literally the same thing as those lights you saw. They have been called blacklights forever but they are UV lights. This one is like the one I have had for like almost 20 years. Don't use it anymore really, but it still works.

u/Announceman · 1 pointr/INEEEEDIT

The main item would be the ink, so here's the info on that:

Name: "Noodler’s Bulletproof Blue Ghost Invisible Fountain Pen Ink"

$14 for 3oz

Source Video:

Product Links:
>(these are taken from the description of the video and are affiliate links, so will help out the video creator)

Invisible Ink:
Black Light:

You would of course need a black light for this to glow, and turning it off will not show the ink at all.

The glass dip pens he linked to are sold out, so I found similar ones here that range from $20 to $90:

u/im-not-a-panda · 1 pointr/electricians

Thank you. This is the actual fan I have:

So I can switch to a 3 light bulbs like these, and still be ok safety-wise (because actual watts used 3x13 < 3x40)?

u/cryptorchidism · 1 pointr/energy

Could you state your assumptions (electricity cost, bulb lifespans, comparable bulbs used)? edit: Ahh, your calculations are off because you're using 75 watts. I hate deceptive marketing…

Here are my numbers. According to their site, the cool-white EvoLux puts out 650 lm, equivalent to a 50 W incandescent bulb. To last 50,000 hours you need 6 CFLs ($8 on Amazon) vs. $53 for the EvoLux. They're both 13 W, so power use is the same.

u/morajic · 1 pointr/AskReddit

I would suggest used 90's bands CD's. You can get many popular artists for $0.01 plus 2.98 shipping.

If music isn't your thing, perhaps some cheap CFL's?

u/shavedgerbil · 1 pointr/todayilearned

Maths time!!

Assuming a 60 watt bulb, 15 cents per kilowatt/hour and 6 hours of usage a day per bulb that works out at 131.4 kilowatts or $19.71 worth of electricity used per year. For a CFL equivilent (14 watt) that works out to be 30.66 kilowatts or $4.60 per bulb per year.

8 pack of CFLs for $9.80 works out at $1.23 per bulb that will last 8000 hours ( about $0.16 per 1000 hours)

24 pack of incandescent bulbs for $15.88 at $0.66 per bulb that will last 1000 hours (?)

Total cost for 2190 (1 year at 6 hours a day) hours for a CFL bulb at $4.94 and an incandescent bulb at $21.16

So it is certainly possible to save a fair amount of money swapping to the energy saving bulbs.

TLDR: Swapping to CFL bulbs could save you $16.22 per bulb per year.

u/ExcellentSombrero · 1 pointr/aww
u/ilikesleep · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

You should get This

This is also pretty useful and for me too ;)

You're pretty and have a voice like an angel

u/corysnyder28 · 1 pointr/Lighting

The dimmer seems to be working.

When I try using one of these bulbs—another working bulb I had on hand —it works....but it gives off an inconsistent, occasionally flickering light. If I check the dimmer while that bulb's in there, the light does respond.

u/SuckinLemonz · 1 pointr/Rabbits

It is not the best situation, but if you get them a sun-lamp (sold as "SAD lights" on amazon) or "full spectrum light bulbs", that will help a LOT. If you get the sun lamp, be sure to protect the cord so they can't chew it. Also, you can get multi-vitamins from oxbow and those will help too.

You can also get a portable play pen to set up outside for a few hours every day so they can have sunlight. Make sure to get one with a top AND bottom so that they don't escape or get attacked by animals.

u/Project-MKULTRA · 1 pointr/Flipping

For smalls all you need to do is an infinity table - white thin matte particle board at Home Depot, one side screwed to the wall, other screwed to a table next to the wall. Do some lights like these and you're good. This setup is eh/eh, I wouldn't go with a backdrop like that personally, I'd just use a white wall. Make sure you use color balanced lights, makes it so you almost need no editing at all - something like this:

Thats what I used and my pictures came out great!

u/tornadoRadar · 1 pointr/electricians

While I'm not exactly sure what you're doing may I offer a suggestion?

Order 2 of this item:

Now you're at 8 for the ring light. Each bulb pulls 85 watts so you'll be at 680 watts total.

Or you can do 12 by buying 3 sets of:

total wattage pulled: 325.

I'd really look into using CFLs for the photo ring. Keeps the wattage and heat down. unless you need the heat as part of that wet plate stuff.

u/mmoncur · 1 pointr/Aquariums
u/not_charles_grodin · 1 pointr/MakeupAddiction

>There's a guide to light in my post history.

Wow, you post a lot. That was not an easy find, but on the plus side I know now more about lip care. I assume you mean this post.

My original plan was to mount two strips of lights, or build something if I couldn't find one, along the sides of the center mirror like this, but the original post on Amazon by the person who did this didn't really give any specifications other than "Ikea $20."

These 27 watt and these 45 watt, both ALZO Full Spectrum Compact Fluorescent CFLs, 5500K Daylight with a CRI of 91 (I think), look perfect using the information from your previous post (again, I think). Except for their clunky gigantic size and potentially blinding light.

I can build a smaller version of this light bar, to fit along the sides, but I just think it would look tacky with the cheery wood and huge bulbs, plus be way too bright. Am I wrong in this? Also, you had mentioned a lot of other different suitable types in your original post. Do you know if there something that meets the criteria that comes in a strip form for the side of a mirror? I don't even know how to look for something like that and I fail to believe I'm the first one to try to do this correctly and not have it look gaudy.

Thank you so very much for taking the time to post. It really means a great deal to me.

Edit: For what it's worth, she does already have the 8" Simple Human 5x mirror for close-up stuff. I'm not sure if that matters, but since I had already written you a book with a bunch of links... :)

u/i-contain-multitudes · 1 pointr/succulents

These are the ones I have. They come in a pack of four and they are $30 USD on Amazon right now. That's the cheapest per light I have found. My light-starved plants love it.

Sorry I don't know how to do fancy links.

u/teaselroot · 1 pointr/KratomGarden

I'm using these full spectrum CFL bulbs, they put off a little heat but not much

u/InvincibleAgent · 1 pointr/IAmA

Try a full-spectrum bulb in your bedroom. I use Alzo Digital. You can get them on Amazon. Not the most pleasant to look at, but it's worth it.

Something like this

Be sure it's not behind a thick lampshade. Frosted glass is ok though.

u/pixie_chick42 · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

That's true. I found that they have light bulbs that do this. I'm going to have to get me some.

u/Tater72 · 1 pointr/microgrowery

Here’s what I use, they love em

Feit Electric High Lumen (2800)...

u/jona012b · 1 pointr/microgrowery

sweet! I have thought about getting some lights for my plants, but i thought LED lights is the only thing that works?
Anyways, I will definetly be buying a couple of those!

EDIT: For some reason I am not able to buy exactly those in my country, do you think these will do?

u/HuddaHuddaHmm · 1 pointr/IndoorGarden

I got one of these for my herbs and succulents. It's a 40 watt CFL bulb that outputs the equivalent of 200 watts! It's been about 2 weeks and my plants seem pretty happy.

u/TyDyMiler · 1 pointr/PlantedTank

Desklamp with a 6500k CFL?

u/ernbarrassing · 1 pointr/gardening

Okay I will get a bigger pot and remember potting soil, thank you.

So this would suffice for light then?

u/NuclearHubris · 1 pointr/succulents

I can answer this one! I have an awful situation where I live in the best place ever for succulents - Southern California - with tons of sun and absolutely none of it hits any of my windows. So I bought this bulb and this grow light and I have five happy babies that are growing on my desk with no natural light. The grow light on it's own wasn't enough, but the light+bulb have been working great and all of my succulents are growing again.

u/Shad0wWalker · 1 pointr/IndoorGarden

A little late to the party, but I just got these. Waiting on them to come in the mail but they seem to be very promising.

I also just heard about using High pressure sodium Lamps, a bit over the top for me, but I thought I'd pass on that as well.

Good luck!

u/jonathanrdt · 1 pointr/electricians

Just searched amazon, found a 200w equivalent 40w cfl that would probably work.

Feit Electric ESL40TN/D 40-Watt Compact Fluorescent High-Wattage Bulb, Daylight

Those limits are for heat reasons, so as long as the bulb is lower wattage than the rating, you're good.

u/djscsi · 1 pointr/electronics

For individual RGB LEDs (or small RGB clusters like these), I use the bottlecaps from Vitamin Water or similar brand drinks. They are like Gatorade bottlecaps but clear translucent plastic instead of opaque orange. Put on top of an RGB and it will provide nice diffusion without absorbing too much light. This isn't exactly what you're asking but it may be helpful to someone else :)

u/grodon909 · 1 pointr/LifeProTips

Amazon, as always.
I picked up these a while back for like $2, but they are much less now, so go wild. They are a bit weak though, so maybe picking up something a bit more powerful would be nice for actual lighting.

u/aman1211 · 1 pointr/AdviceAnimals

There is a remote controlled led light with 115 different colors. Get two there like 4 bucks each.

u/HopelessSemantic · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

It's been longer than 3 hours, but it doesn't say closed, so oh well.

These are adorable. So are these.

However, if you don't like cat ears, there's always these cute nightlights, this scarf, this lightbulb, or the first season of Felicity because why not?

I can also personally recommend this pretty hair clip, and this one, both of which I got from lovely RAOA people.

u/Hyamez88 · 1 pointr/TagProIRL

I forgot to include a source i got a cheap one instead EagleLight Color Changing LED Light Bulb and Remote

u/EuroCR7 · 1 pointr/battlestations

haha I actually placed a lamp under the table and put this bulb w/ remote on it

u/skipharrison · 1 pointr/DoesAnybodyElse

Nah, It's good to have music at a low volume. Unless it's a dance party! I went to a friends house where he had some loud techno and a few of these babies very cool. Would do again.

u/Superspaldo707 · 1 pointr/IdBuyThat

My grandma got me one of these for Christmas but it runs on usb and had a smaller LED to light it. It was kinda lame so I took apart one of these and put the innards inside my light up salt lick. So much better now

u/Cujo420 · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Congrats on getting home early! I love a glass of cheap horrible terrible wine. I have a small obsession with White Zinfandel in a box.

Here's my Under $5 thingy.

u/roxm · 1 pointr/technology

What cracks me up the most about this is that I bought one for my son's birthday. In 2010. For $10.

Ok, it doesn't speak wifi, so you can't control it with your phone, and there's probably some other awesome feature that this $50 model has that the existing $10 model doesn't - but it's instructive that the bulb and its controller are collecting dust in a drawer somewhere despite being fully operational. Because, once the novelty of orange light wears off, the product is no longer compelling.

u/MrWalkingTarget · 1 pointr/canada

Yes, it's illegal to distill alcohol for personal consumption; owning a still is not illegal. The reason I bring the Kingston court case up is because it is treated in much the same way as possession of cannabis in most areas - the courts at large don't care unless you're selling, hence it being an outdated law.

As for home grows being restricted in Colorado - of course they are, that's how the law was written; stating that it's restricted because it's not safe but that renters require permission whereas homeowners do not is arguing false cause. It's basically the same argument for having pets in a rental - some areas allow it by law, some do not (at least in the US); in addition it also give added 'protection' for landlords who are victimized by illegal grow ops. But that's the US and this is Canada.

The reason for flagging illegal grow ops is obvious; if you don't have to worry about living in a place, chances are you don't worry about spreading dirt, water and everything else around, hacking up the wiring and causing a mess. A future buyer has a right to know if there may be water damage or potential future mold issues due to this.

What you're not seeing -again- is the thousands of Canadians who already grow their own and you'd never be the wiser to it. You talk about Colorado having all the "best" equipment for growing, which is completely false. Spend 5 minutes searching the yellowpages of your city and I guarantee you that you will find a Hydroponics center if your city is larger than 50 000 people.

Even still, the Internet brings the very best equipment right to your doorstep and totally private unless a warrant is issued for your financials.

less than 5 minutes on Amazon

Combine all of the above with a GFCI outlet and a surge protected power bar and you're all set up to grow with an extremely low risk of water damage or fire. Add a basic small dehumidifier and zero mold. The argument against it due to risk of property damage is silly. You could make the same argument against house plants or home aquariums, try taking away either of those.

Finally, why should we let people grow their own?

Because, if we don't we create yet another class of criminal; Allowing 4-6 plants per adult for personal use is the best way to avoid further criminalizing people - people will do it either way, the surest way to increase risk is to force it underground. If you stomp on people's ability to do for themselves instead of regulating it, bad things happen.

u/SiLhoueT_Te · 1 pointr/microgrowery

Looking good man, I would just keep doing what you're doing because she looks healthy. where did you get the seed? and eventually you can switch to 18/6. Also later on if you decide that you want more light I have had two of these for the past 3-4 years and they're still going strong. you're in for a wild ride, here's my first grow.. I started in my closet with zero ventilation lol fun times.

u/autoflowergal · 1 pointr/Autoflowers

its like these, you can get 2700k and 5600k bulbs for switching

weve done about 6 grows now

u/onedavester · 1 pointr/microgrowery
u/BackToTheBasic · 1 pointr/succulents

60-watt incandescent equiv is a 13-15 watt bulb = 800 lumens. Those are meant to replace bulbs for home lighting use. Something like this is a true 125w CFL and is rated at 7000 lumens to give you an idea at how much more light output grow lights have.

You might also search for PLL or T5HO in this sub, especially if you plan to have a lot of plants.

u/kangrowru · 1 pointr/microgrowery

I dont see why you would need to water three times a day unless you are doing a hydro set up, but with a budget like that I would suggest you stick to soil. It will be cheaper and more forgiving if you mess up. If I were you I would go something along this route:

150 watt CFL-60$
Soil- 20$
pH test strips-13$

All you need after that is some pH up and pH down and an PPM meter and you will be good to go. Less than 200$.

u/skoomd1 · 1 pointr/microgrowery

You could go with cfls but honestly the quality (even the chinese companies like marshydro and galaxyhydro/roleadro) in the cheap LEDs is actually quite impressive.

Just do some research on em. But for your space I still think 1 or 2 mars hydro 300w would be best (they run at ~140w and give you about 4x the yield per watt as CFL)

If you wanna do cfls though, you could get some 40-60w cfls in small fixtures placed throughout (they have to be within 2-4 inches of your plants at all times) or get 1-2 of these

but for the price you are paying for cfls, you could get one of those mars fixtures on ebay for less than 70$.

That 120w cfl hood might yield you 1-1.5 ounces and the mars would yield you at least 4oz and would produce the same amount of heat and electricity usage and a muuuuch better quality end product.

hope this helps!

u/banacolate · 1 pointr/microgrowery

They are definitely T5. So in your opinion, would I be better off using 1 of the lights pictured for veg, or on or two of these CFL's for 2-3 plants in my 4x4 tent setup? I'll check into the T5 light and see if it's HO. It's designed to replace "high bay" HPS lighting in a warehouse setting with 30 ft. ceilings.

u/iamacannibal · 1 pointr/HotPeppers

That is not a good enough light for growing peppers.

That would be fine for a plant or two

Pretty much any pepper will gor indoors. Try and avoid thick walled or huge peppers like bells though. Those need a lot of energy to grow. You'll have better lick with smaller pods.

u/dave4days · 1 pointr/microgrowery

How do you think these are for a 1 or 2 plant grow? If I'm being too cheap, just tell me. I'm not ready to throw tons of money at this just yet.

u/lndianapolisJones · 1 pointr/microgrowery

Your plant's looking pretty sad. 20w isn't really adequate. 100 actual watts/square foot is recommended. You'll need a few more like that, even if you're just using them for veg. I use this 125 watt for the first few weeks before switching to MH.

u/FartBarfunkle · 1 pointr/microgrowery

got this

been using for seedlings and clones. works great!

u/yetbutno · 1 pointr/microgrowery

well right now I'm using two desk lamps that are 24w 8000 lumens cfl light bulbs. Also the leaves are clipped because those were the original stems that I cloned.

I'm upgrading to this growbox with this lighting fixture for my two plants:

what do you think?

u/Undead_Ben_Franklin · 1 pointr/microgrowery

Hijacking here because you seem knowledgeable, and this is somewhat related. I'm building in a similar sized space as OP. I have Two of these hanging from the ceiling and on either wall I have 2, 2ft strip t5 lights. Right now I have 6500k bulbs in everything for veg, but the total lumen output for the bulbs I have to switch for bloom is just about 20000 lumen.

According to the lighting guide here in the microgrowery, 2000 lumen per square foot is minimum with medium in the 5k/sqft and optimum around 7k/sqft. For my space, I'm just around 2200 lumen/sqft. Do you feel this is adequate?

I'm still in veg, but when I switch to flower, I'm concerned if I'll have enough light. In such a tight space, adequate ventilation isn't easily achievable for a HPS(400W Ideally) lamp without raising the temperature too much (I think anyway) The room fluctuates between 71 and 76 now, so I worry that the HPS will push it into the mid 80s or possibly higher and hinder the plants' health.

OH and I there's 4 plants all of equal size each in 3 gallon containers if that helps.

I was considering getting one more of those bulbs I linked and hanging it vertically(with no reflector, I'll buy one of the hanging sockets) in the center of the 4 plants. So far I topped them twice, and I have 4 main khola nodes on top! They all look great, I'm so proud and happy. Like I said though, this is veg, and come flower it'll be lacking output.

TL;DR: 9sqft grow room, 20000 lumens at 2700k(about 4000 of the lumen are admittedly at the 3500k range) or around 2200 lumen/sqft. Is this adequate for a bloom I can be proud of?

P.S. Sorry for hijacking.

u/forgottenwoden · 1 pointr/microgrowery

You'd probably want to start looking at CFLs.[This] ( along with some 23w cfls with reflectors is what I will be doing for my grow. I was told I would need 80-100 watts per square foot of the grow space so the same should apply with you. Also due to the height, ventilation shouldn't be an issue with a couple fans though I would wait for someone with more experience to give you better responses.

u/hydrottie · 1 pointr/microgrowery

A handful of cfls or a 100 watt CFL with hood. I think a flourowing? Not much needed to keep it alive. It will get lanky So keep topping it though

u/81644 · 1 pointr/electricians

This is super basic, but this looks it has everything you need. Although you may want someone with some electrical knowledge to help with the connections so its safe.

u/lasttycoon · 1 pointr/audiophile

I'd forget lights but if you need them, add it on with something like this

I'd go with Micca PB42X, Audio engine or Kanto Yumi Powered speakers.

u/MyNameIsRay · 1 pointr/CarAV

That's just how the cheap ones work. They all do that.

Going a step up, the controller will have a mic and sensitivity adjustment. It'll still suck, it still won't work right, and you'll have to constantly fiddle with the sensitivity/location to get it to work at all. Just the controller costs more than your entire kit.

Finally, there's the quality ones with a hard input. DMX style controls like a DJ would use. Not practical for a car, and way more expensive.

u/Red-Panda · 1 pointr/pcmods

I guess this plus this is what I may be looking for.

u/DMMJaco · 1 pointr/DMAcademy
u/babywhiz · 1 pointr/INEEEEDIT

Ok, so I bought one of these:

and the problem I ran into was there wasn't enough flow between beats.

I was trying to make a fountain with some crystals I found down in Mt. Ida, and this is what happened...

I guess I was just expecting a bit more smooth transitions.

Edit: to be fair, the biggest cost was in the acrylic cube. You can buy the mats cheap, but keeping those things glue together without the right equipment can be tricky, and getting someone to custom make you an acrylic cube gets expensive fast. I had to pay $75 for a 4" x 4" cube, and that was online. (to be fair, it had to be more sturdy than this structure, although this structure would need to stand up to people touching it and leaning on it... Mine just needed to withstand being inside a CNC machine with coolant blasting away at it.)

u/parthue · 1 pointr/DIY
u/TravelFoodieReviews · 1 pointr/THEPDS

The bulbs are A19 socket LED so maybe they replaced the ones that came with it with aftermarket ones that give you the option to change the colors. Like these:

u/lindymad · 1 pointr/answers

Something like this?

u/ComputerByte · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
u/Kriptex · 1 pointr/photography

I'm looking for something to take with me on photography walks that will cast cool colored light. I was looking at something like this 70$ before shipping is kinda the max i want to go. whats important is that I get a pretty good colour spectrum and decent brightness.

I had an idea of buying an LED bulb like this and maybe trying to find a battery powered single light socket thing to carry around.

any other ideas would be great!.

u/Magnezone13 · 1 pointr/AmateurRoomPorn

The lamp is actually from Walmart, then I just put this RGB bulb from Amazon inside it.

u/SwingNinja · 1 pointr/DIY

I'm not sure how big of the area for that LED cluster. You might be able to replace it with a bulb cable thingy (example) and use one of those smart bulbs (example).

u/over112 · 1 pointr/malelivingspace

I like what you're going for. Looks great so far.

-Cables of course
-Bedding blends in, some pops of color or even similar bedding but with a texture to it would enhance the room. Combo that with more pillows?
-Lastly, this you may or may not like the idea of but it's cheap, offers badass, dimmable mood lighting, and it's got a remote. Only real downside is they are not as bright as normal lights. Love mine though.

u/Twinkie4sho · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

LED Lights master race. I've got This one in my lamp right now. It could be a bit brighter, but it was a a cheaper bulb and the remote and different colors work great. Late at night I'll turn it to an orange so its less harsh on my eyes. You can also change the brightness and have it fade between colors. So far, no melted monitor.

u/nokarmawhore · 1 pointr/pics

I got this one for $10 and it's great. Not super bright but it does what I want it for. Plus I mainly want it for the ambience not to light my entire room.

u/Shike · 1 pointr/audiophile

They're called light dims - see status of gear AND not get blinded ;)

u/Tyrell97 · 1 pointr/EliteOne

Or just get some light dimming stickers or electrical tape.

u/eviljolly · 1 pointr/pics

Lightdims are pretty convenient. I got them from ThinkGeek like 4 or 5 years ago, but you can get them on Amazon too.

$5 seems like a lot for basically some stickers, but they work so well, and I've yet to run out. I really like it dark when I sleep, so these are a must.

u/BPRhythm0102 · 1 pointr/Surface

Try light dimms. I bought it years ago because one of the indicators on a charger was essentially a flashlight at night. Now I can sleep.

u/killer764 · 1 pointr/GalaxyS8

I use these stickers on top of leds:

You have 2 versions: one that stops 50% of the light so you still see it, one that blocks 100% of the light.
I have used the 50% one on my bamboo style wireless charging pad.

u/Bilbo_Fraggins · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

Lightdims. Have both the dimming and blackout versions, and use them all over the place.

u/DashJackson · 1 pointr/ave

My sleep was noticeably improved when I got these
And put them on every damn LED in my bedroom.

u/gtrlum · 1 pointr/hometheater

I would try to move the shiny thing (ir blaster?) off the center channel. I would definitely put something over that giant led on the sub. You could use something like these. They also make ones that totally block the light.

u/vir_papyrus · 1 pointr/buildapc

These are kinda cool if you still want to have just a tiny bit of light. Only 6 bucks.

u/Darius510 · 1 pointr/hardware

Something far easier, less destructive and still let's you see the LEDs.

u/Dreidhen · 1 pointr/buildapcsales

Or these, but black electrical tape is cheaper, true.

u/BornOnFeb2nd · 1 pointr/DiWHY

Meet your new best friends...

Of course, you might want to get the "White" variety...

u/givemeyournews · 1 pointr/ZReviews

LightDims can be had in different colors, shapes, and transparencies to dim or hide most any LED.

Available on Amazon

u/truxxor · 1 pointr/audiophile

I bought a pack of these, just for that purpose. Some companies can't help themselves with the blue LEDs.

Great looking system, hope you're enjoying it.

u/Laughmasterb · 1 pointr/MechanicalKeyboards

Oh. Maybe you could try using something like this?

u/Dandw12786 · 1 pointr/smoking

This thing might help dim that annoying light, they work pretty well.

u/mrmeowskers · 1 pointr/Nest

I completely agree with the general sentiment that this is a stupid change to force on users.

If I was to guess, Google's reacting to bad press from Nest owners who had their cameras watched after their accounts were compromised. A better way to handle the fear of someone watching your cameras without your knowledge:

  1. Popup notifications on any phone with the Nest camera app whenever cameras are viewed.
  2. Make the change to disable the status light be protected by some form of 2FA, like with an SMS code. Now if your account password gets compromised, the attacker still cannot change your cameras LED setting.

    Luckily, I had some LightsDim Black Out stickers ( on hand when my cameras LEDs got turned on. I recommend them, they cover the LED great and blend completely into the Nest cameras.
u/waterboysh · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

Get some of these to cover the LED with. I have all mine covered and it's great. You can still see the light if you look at it, but it wont light up your room anymore.

u/cutter89locater · 1 pointr/headphones

Thanks. They're the film sticker from here. They work great :)

u/itbrti · 1 pointr/gadgets

I use a product called LightDims to help reduce LED glare around my house, they have a blackout series (Amazon Link) which may fit the camera and look a bit cleaner than electrical tape.

u/ChetBenning · 1 pointr/answers

Seconded. OP, I bought these on Amazon (not affiliated) and they work reasonably well. They're a static cling type sticker so minimal or no sticker residue.

u/SirBedwyr7 · 1 pointr/laptops

For your lights, may I suggest Black Out Tape as a simple hack? Only if it really bothers you or adds too much to the constellations in your room.

u/tfofurn · 1 pointr/CGPGrey

I'm sure black tape is still nice to carry, but there are several lines of stickers (or static stick-ons) for the express purpose of dimming or blocking LEDs. I've used the 80% LightDims around my entertainment setup and been happy. Another company sells sheets so you can cut custom shapes. I saw both on Amazon.

u/Doomhammer458 · 1 pointr/arduino

where did you buy the lightbulb? Maybe this is the solution to my problem of wanting to buy the Hue system but being too cheap to commit.

u/homeboi808 · 1 pointr/explainlikeimfive

It seems to only be with Canadian Amazon, the U.S. Amazon has it for ~$20 cheaper than anywhere else-

Their is only one seller for it on, so that plays a big role in the cost.

u/Speed_Reader · 1 pointr/Nootropics

Right now I'm using a cheap digital timer and a daylight spectrum bulb ( It works well, but will look into these dimmable ones.

There are standard E27 screw in RGB LED bulbs that have wifi/bluetooth support and color/brightness fading for ~$35 on aliexpress. But I can't find any which give examples of timers and if they support dimming or just on/off times in the software.

Edit: they only support on/off. This kit advertises color shift on wake but its not cheap ($200)

u/piedpipernyc · 1 pointr/pics
I typically remember my phone and can turn lights off with it.
Doubles as an alarm clock.

u/ChargerEcon · 1 pointr/homeautomation

Thanks everyone! I ended up going with the hue starter kit ( for the lights. I'll add something like an August smart lock and the Nest thermostat down the road.

The suggestions that you pointed me to looked really cool, but honestly, they seem too complicated for me. I know some of them are as easy as copy and paste, but frankly, I've heard the same about flashing my android phone with OTA updates and that didn't exactly work out for me. I just don't have the time to devote to learning what would be necessary to get this done the way that I want to.

Again, thank you for all of your helpful suggestions. It's really great to see such discussion and I really appreciate all of you taking the time to help me.

u/MrBilbro · 1 pointr/ZReviews

They have little mylar circular stickers that will dim it greatly but will still be visible.

u/TSimmonsHJ · 1 pointr/mikrotik

I use these and they work pretty well, too.

I like the variety of sizes, but cutting up window tint makes a lot of sense.

u/Matt3989 · 1 pointr/BudgetAudiophile

off topic, but I swear by these for my electronics

u/plazman30 · 1 pointr/vinyl

Was thinking of trying these: Light Dims

That way I can still see the light, but it's not blinding.

u/mentalsong · 1 pointr/homelab

Nice setup. I like the use of the AC infinity for through-closet ventilation. However, might I suggest a filter for your blue orb of eyesight death?

u/anonymoose_octopus · 1 pointr/PlantedTank

Does something like this work?

EDIT: Also is there any reason you're recommending an 8.5" over the 5.5"? The lid I have for my aquarium has a lip that will barely fit a 5.5", and I don't think the 8.5" would fit. I want to lay them flat on the lid.

u/dizzydame · 1 pointr/Aquariums

These guys

Philips 823031 CFL Light Bulb 13W T2 Twister Daylight 6500K, 60 Watt Equivalent; 4-Pack

u/miniminorminer · 1 pointr/succulents

I went with a set of [these](Philips 823031 CFL Light Bulb 13W T2 Twister Daylight 6500K, 60 Watt Equivalent; 4-Pack Plants seem to be stoked in a northern winter.

u/somesillynerd · 1 pointr/succulents

You don't need a grow light.

Just a BRIGHT WHITE light. 6500k color temp.

u/HerrFreitag · 1 pointr/MushroomGrowers

I'd use a light like this

u/mixedracebaby · 1 pointr/Aquariums

i use these:
Philips 13w 6500k CFLs
And these clamp lights to house them:

u/Offer_Expires · 1 pointr/PlantedTank

I have a separate bowl that I dry start various carpet plants in, and I use a random lamp with these bulbs in it: I think these may be what /u/Gastropoid is using in the other comment


However with a tub of that size you might want to use 2 to make sure everything is covered.

u/Allardtia · 1 pointr/cactus

Yeah if you really want him to be happy I’ve heard great things from lots of people about these lights

u/photography_bot · 1 pointr/photography

Unanswered question from the previous megathread

Author /u/wilstreak - (Permalink)

Sorry if this might not be in the right sub.

But what is the simplest way to make a setup for indoor youtube vlog video.

I currently only have Sony NEX F-3. For a newbie, i think i am quite happy with the video and audio quality so far. The only thing lacking for now is probably lighting.

What do you recommend as the least minimum lighting setup?

I watch Peter Mckinnon previously and see him recommending Aperture 12D or something, but it is way over my budget (since i still need to buy lamp holder, diffuser, etc).

Some people recommend me to just use regular Philip lamp that looks like this in 45 watt. Do you think it might works?

I am not looking into professional setup or anything, this is mainly just for reviewing e-commerce product.

Thank you.

u/wilstreak · 1 pointr/photography

Sorry if this might not be in the right sub.

But what is the simplest way to make a setup for indoor youtube vlog video.

I currently only have Sony NEX F-3. For a newbie, i think i am quite happy with the video and audio quality so far. The only thing lacking for now is probably lighting.

What do you recommend as the least minimum lighting setup?

I watch Peter Mckinnon previously and see him recommending Aperture 12D or something, but it is way over my budget (since i still need to buy lamp holder, diffuser, etc).

Some people recommend me to just use regular Philip lamp that looks like this in 45 watt. Do you think it might works?

I am not looking into professional setup or anything, this is mainly just for reviewing e-commerce product.

Thank you.

u/haileyone63 · 1 pointr/IndoorGarden

There’s a whole lot of information on r/succulents These are the lights I use, and they work wonderfully. I do 12 hours on and 12 hours off.

u/Sublime-Silence · 1 pointr/Warhammer40k

I just use a simple swing lamp + a set of daylight florescent bulbs. It's a relatively cheap setup that offers great lighting. I use 2 swing lamps personally and it covers my entire area perfectly. Obviously do a little more searching those were just the first things that came up when I searched amazon. Ideally for the light bulbs you want something in the 6k temperature range.

u/cfc1016 · 1 pointr/ReefTank

I just use 23w 6500K CFL bulbs like this on my fuge. I put them in a standard metal dome reflector. I wouldn't see why you would need anything more complicated than that.

Any particular reason you're separately growing the pods and phyto instead of just keeping a fuge?

u/Terminal_MTS · 1 pointr/Aquariums

The cheap LEDs in those kits can’t grow plants. I’ve tried. I didn’t get growth until I set up a contractor light on my 5 gallon with a 23 watt cfl 6500K. Now I have 8 on 3 tanks.

And used something like this

u/MetaJess · 1 pointr/succulents

My lights are in the living room (aka dining room but it's one big room) and I'm pretty sure they'd be considered invasive (red/blue LEDs) 😂 Here's my newest set-up. I just got this rack today so since taking this ive been moving and rearranging everyone to find the perfect spots for each lol.

It really depends on how many plants you have. One arrangement/2-3 smaller plants would do ok with one of these. I'm considering getting one or two of these to supplement for my aeonium kiwi that refuses to develop the pretty stress colors like they do in direct sun. If you have more (5+) I'd suggest a light similar to the one on my lowest shelf--maybe a fixture with 2-4 6500k t5 bulbs. Make sure you get yourself a timer for the light(s) as well! Mine are kept on for 16 hours a day while they're stuck inside for the random cold nights.

u/Christmas_in_July · 1 pointr/succulents

Yeah mines definitely not there yet either lol

I’ve picked up fallen leaves at Home Depot twice and now I have a lot of them that I’m going to try to grow! I’m sure he will be impressed when/if they grow!

Someone here linked some bulbs that were 4/$10 on amazon and I think they could go into a regular lamp you might already have!

Edit: these

Philips 433557 100-watt Equivalent, Bright White (6500K) 23 Watt Spiral CFL Light Bulb, 4-Pack

u/dogowner32 · 1 pointr/Aquariums

So just want to ask a final question before I pull the trigger on lighting. Would these 23w 6500k cfl lights

with this fixture

Be ok to maintain moderate to high light plants? Assuming I place one fixture with one light on top of the tank?

u/fecklesslytrying · 1 pointr/houseplants

It will work. Fluorescent lights are good because they emit a broad part of the spectrum, vs LEDs which typically produce light much closer a specific wavelength and do not emit much outside of that. Plants like the broad spectrum light, and typically 6500K is a good color temperature for plants. I use these:

Philips 433557 100-watt Equivalent, Bright White (6500K) 23 Watt Spiral CFL Light Bulb, 4-Pack

u/Vettit · 1 pointr/Aquariums

Just a run of the mill 6500K compact fluorescent bulb. Here's a 4-pack on amazon , although if you can, maybe support a local hardware store instead.

u/kitnbiskit · 1 pointr/microgrowery

6500K (Daylight) CFL

Something like this

But you will eventually need a better light, LED or HPS.

u/0ju3wb2zvk · 1 pointr/succulents

TL;DR: Is 2000 lumen (daylight CFL and red & blue LED combined, 4" above the plants, giving 10000~15000 lux) enough for succulents like Echeveria?

The picture is from last week. Now I have about a dozen 2" succulents, in addition to a few successful propagations, including Echeveria hybrids, Lithops, Haworthia hybrids, Baby Toes, Key Lime Plant, Graptopetalum, colorful sedum-looking ones, Baby Necklace, really cute red Jade, Moonstones, ... And hopefully the Oscularia deltoides cutting grows some roots soon.

Unfortunately, my apartment gets almost no sunlight indoor or in the balcony. If the succulents are anywhere near the windows, my cat thinks they are all hers. Thankfully she doesn't play with anything on my desk, and having the chubby leaves on my desk makes me really happy, so I decided to keep the plants on my desk.

The problem is that the plants don't get any sunlight at all. I set up one 23W CFL, 100W-equivalent and one 5W LED grow light right next to each other, about 4 inches above the plants. According to a light meter app on my phone, the plants get 10000~15000lx. Both of the lights are on for 14 hours a day. These are the only light source for the plants, since they don't get any sunlight.

Have anybody tried a setup like this? Would this be enough to keep the succulents happy and healthy? Will the Echeveria hybrids get etiolated? Approximately how many lumens do I need to cover one square foot area?

u/dinosaursheep · 1 pointr/houseplants

Philips 433557 100-watt Equivalent, Bright White (6500K) 23 Watt Spiral CFL Light Bulb, 4-Pack

These have been doing well for me with some clamp lights

u/senpizzle · 1 pointr/cacti

Would any 6500k cfl work, or does it need to specify that it's for growing? For instance, would this work?

u/wicked_damnit · 1 pointr/succulents

It says it’s 100 watt, 6500 kelvin. Here’s the link if that is more helpful

u/scuppernog · 1 pointr/succulents

That light is the right color temperature (6500k), but only puts out 550 lumens. This bulb puts out 1600 lumens at 6500k. I think you're supposed to aim for 2000k lumens per square foot.

u/Trent_The_Ent · 1 pointr/microgrowery

thats a bit out of my price range, I was thinking of something more like this.

u/thelizardkin · 1 pointr/Aquariums

Get a couple of these lamps, than you get the brightest screw in compact fluorescent/LED lights you can afford. You want to look for something between 6,000-7,000 on the Kelvin scale, also known as day/cool light bulbs. These are the bulbs you want.

u/paulmike3 · 1 pointr/homeautomation

Mount one of the Aeon Labs Minimotes on the wall next to the switch and use it to control 8 different things (Hue bulbs individually, scenes, other z-wave switches, etc.). They're on sale at Newegg for $13 until tomorrow (1/28).

Alternately, you could buy the Hue dimmer switch and mount it on the wall. Looks a little nicer, but less functionality.

u/dexterryu · 1 pointr/Hue

Also came across this device and wonder if it would work for things like undercabinet lights and multi-bulb fixtures:

u/rocketspam · 1 pointr/SmartThings

Yes - just pinged our support team and the Philips Hue branded remote will work as well. Here is the Philips one that they know works:

u/fbthowaway · 1 pointr/Hue

I think it does connect to the hub - probably looks to that to see what's assigned for each button. Your internet being out wouldn't effect any physical hue switches because they connect to the bridge on the bridge's network, not your router's.

My router is never really down and I've not once had any issues with the setup as it is (as far as connecting via the app).

They also sell this wall switch which might make more sense for you than the tap depending on what you want:

u/HueLights · 1 pointr/Hue

If you purchase a Hue Dimmer Switch, you can control up to 10 Hue White bulbs without a bridge:

It is better to get a bridge though. There are a lot more options and features when a bridge controls these lights. Many people have older V1 round bridge sitting in a drawer, so you may be able to get one of these for free or for very low cost.

u/will618 · 1 pointr/homeautomation

You could try removing the old "normal" light switch and hard wiring the light. Then place a blank plate over where the light switch was. This way there is always power going to bulb. Then use (say if you had HUE) the HUE dimmer and attach that to the blank plate.

I have contiplated this, but more so that I don't have all the old switches on the wall, and then all the smart switches also and I don't want a situation where Smartthings can't turn on a light cause a light switch on the wall is off.

I just now have to decide between Hue and Lightify.

u/demonjrules · 1 pointr/Hue

Probably not the answer you are looking for as this is not automatic but you could get the dimmer remote Pressing the ON button once the lights are already on will allow you to cycle through 4 different scenes with no ugly transitioning

u/Vlad_the_Homeowner · 1 pointr/DIY

Are you saying that you want to keep the 3 different switches plus have the fourth which is a master (3-way) switch for all three? Complicated. Think you'd have to do what u/Reeeph suggests below, but that means getting three sets of wires between the master switch and each of the other 3. Likely a PIA unless you have easy attic or crawlspace access to all four points.

If you just want one switch to control them all there's a simple solution. Remove all three switches (open up, remove the switch and tie the wires together, cover up with a blank plate). Then put Hue lightbulbs in each, and get a Dimmer Switch:

u/NOTaMango · 1 pointr/homeautomation

I would recommend you go with the color hues, they're just awesome (link to floods)

I don't know of floods that are white only for hue, at least not that I've seen.

You would want the hue switch which is programmable to do different scenes, and it's rather easy to set up and is very responsive. You only need one switch to control multiple bulbs.(link to switch)

And remember you need some kind of hub to control the hue bulbs.

u/darga89 · 1 pointr/HomeImprovement

Have a nearby outlet or space for a large UPS? Philips also makes a LED strip which works with that wireless switch. Recharging the UPS would get a little annoying though so an outlet would be best.

u/Gameologist · 1 pointr/jailbreak

They sell dimmer switches and they have a bundle deal. They also work with Amazon Alexa. Right now I'm just using my phone and like you implied it's kinda bothersome but I think I'm going to invest in some of the dimmers or an Echo Dot

u/Marauder2 · 1 pointr/homeautomation

There's 2 different ways you can go, bulbs and switches.

With Hue lights you'll need to leave the switch on at all times. You can turn the switch off and the lights will go off, but then they have no power so you can't control them with your phone/voice. If you get Hue lights, I recommend leaving the switch on (I taped it so it can't be turned off, but you can get nice covers) and get a Hue dimmer It works like a regular switch and works really well, you can even program different scenes based on the button press duration or number of presses.

But if you have a room with a lot of bulbs, it can be expensive to buy individual smart bulbs. In this case, you can get a smart switch, I think most work on Z-Wave. You will need a Hub to connect with the switch, either SmartThings or something more DIY like Home Assistant, and once you have a Hub you can control the light with your voice, phone, or through the regular manual switch.

u/oa__ · 1 pointr/Hue

To make it easier for other people to find/google your request, here is the correct name for the switch:

Philips Hue Dimmer Switch
929001173601 / Philips Hue Wireless Dimming Kit 929001136905


So far I've only taken apart the Philips Hue Motion Sensor just to see how it works. I haven't posted any as they probably already exist.

I will disassemble the Dimmer Switch and post some photos of it if I happen to get one next week.

u/jgatcomb · 1 pointr/winkhub

Thanks - here is a link to the dimmer I am talking about. I am likely just going to add a Wink Hub (and possibly a Smart Things Hub) to the fold.

u/WORST_RIVEN_TH · 1 pointr/buildapcforme


PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant

CPU Cooler | NZXT Kraken X62 Liquid CPU Cooler | $159.99 @ B&H
Case | Corsair Crystal 460X RGB ATX Mid Tower Case | $139.99 @ B&H
Case Fan | Corsair HD120 RGB 3-Pack w/Controller 54.4 CFM 120mm Fans | $80.99 @ NCIX US
| Prices include shipping, taxes, rebates, and discounts |
| Total | $380.97
| Generated by PCPartPicker 2017-01-07 23:37 EST-0500 |

Slap in some NZXT Hue+ and extension kit and turn your rig into SICK, GLORIOUS RGB ILLUMINATED BEAST.

u/BaoZouJiangHu · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

You can get NZXT HUE+ and mount it outside of the case. I'm using it in my build right now. Here's a video about it:

Satechi also make LED strips. Search "satechi led" on Amazon.

u/AManNamedLear · 1 pointr/buildapc

Phanteks Enthoo Pro M has all of your requirements except for LED and is a mid sized case.

Phanteks Enthoo Luxe meets all the requirements, including LED lighting.

However, I would recommend the NZXT Hue+ ( for LED lighting inside the case.

u/Hopehellsucks · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

Nzxt hue+ does things like pulses to the music with the cam software. I've only seen it inside cases before though but you could technically use it on your desk with some creative thinking/planning.

u/kiwiandapple · 1 pointr/buildapcforme

So here is my long overdue suggestion & rationale.

PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant

CPU | Intel Core i7-6700K 4.0GHz Quad-Core Processor | $310.00 @ MicroCenter (combo)
CPU Cooler | Corsair H100i v2 70.7 CFM Liquid CPU Cooler | $96.99 @ Best Buy
Motherboard | Asus Z170-AR ATX LGA1151 Motherboard | $140.00 @ MicroCenter (combo)
Memory | Crucial Ballistix Sport LT 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4-2400 Memory | $70.00 @ MicroCenter
Storage | Samsung 850 EVO-Series 1TB 2.5" Solid State Drive | $304.65 @ Amazon
Storage | Western Digital Blue 2TB 3.5" 5400RPM Internal Hard Drive | $70.00 @ MicroCenter
Video Card | EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 8GB FTW Gaming ACX 3.0 Video Card | $679.99 @ B&H
Case | Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ATX ATX Mid Tower Case | $170.00 @ Amazon
Case Fan | 2x NoiseBlocker NB-ELoop B12-2 51.1 CFM 120mm Fan | $40.00 @ Amazon
Case Fan | 3x be quiet! BL065 59.5 CFM 140mm Fan | $62.70 @ Newegg
Case Lightning| NZXT Hue+| $60.00 @ Amazon
Power Supply | EVGA 750W 80+ Gold Certified Fully-Modular ATX Power Supply | $100.00 @ Amazon
Operating System | Microsoft Windows 10 Home OEM 64-bit | $89.99 @ Amazon
Monitor | Asus PG279Q ROG Swift 27.0" 165Hz Monitor | $799.00 @ B&H
Keyboard | Corsair STRAFE RGB Wired Gaming Keyboard | $129.99 @ Best Buy
Mouse | Mionix Castor Wired Optical Mouse | $70.00 @ Amazon
Headphones | Sennheiser HD 598 SE Headphones | $144.88 @ Amazon
Mouse Pad| Vipamz Extended XXXL| $12.00 @ Amazon
Audio| Schiit Fulla| $79.00 @ Schiit
Audio| USB 2.0 Type A to Mini-B| $7.00 @ Amazon
Optical Drive| External optical drive| $26.00 @ Amazon
Thermal Pasate| Arctic Silver 5 Thermal + ArctiClean| $11.00 @ Amazon
Thermal Paste| Microfiber Cleaning Cloths (8 Pack)| $9.00 @ Amazon
Tools| Magnetic Screwdriver | $5.00 @ Amazon
Microphone| Samson Meteor| $70.00 @ Amazon
| Prices include shipping, taxes and discounts | NO rebates!
| Total | $3557.19
| Generated by Kiwiandapple | ♥

u/Jslimmons · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

Thing looks legit! Do you know what the difference is between the $60 and $30 versions?

u/Throwaway0193750 · 1 pointr/gamingpc
u/wazero · 1 pointr/buildapcforme

PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant

CPU | AMD - Ryzen 5 1600 3.2GHz 6-Core Processor | $217.89 @ OutletPC
Motherboard | MSI - B350 PC MATE ATX AM4 Motherboard | $84.49 @ SuperBiiz
Memory | Team - Dark 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4-3000 Memory | $112.99 @ Newegg
Storage | Western Digital - Blue 250GB M.2-2280 Solid State Drive | $89.90 @ OutletPC
Storage | Western Digital - Caviar Blue 1TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive | Purchased For $0.00
Video Card | Gigabyte - GeForce GTX 1060 6GB 6GB WINDFORCE OC 6G Video Card | Purchased For $0.00
Case | Phanteks - ECLIPSE P400 ATX Mid Tower Case | $69.99 @ Newegg
Power Supply | Corsair - 1200W 80+ Platinum Certified Fully-Modular ATX Power Supply | Purchased For $0.00
| Prices include shipping, taxes, rebates, and discounts |
| Total | $575.26
| Generated by PCPartPicker 2017-05-24 16:36 EDT-0400 |

This is what I would get.

Also as some one who used to play wow I would recommend getting an ssd. It helps a lot with load times.

u/elchet · 1 pointr/NZXT

Yes - it's available as a standalone product. Amazon (UK) has it, so I'd imagine it's available at retailers wherever you are.

u/SloppyCandy · 1 pointr/buildapc

> NZXT Hue+

Are you talking about the Hue+ or the normal Hue? You can see both on this page.

The Hue+ really has no controls on the unit, but the original Hue makes more sense with what you are telling me.

u/zarkan80 · 1 pointr/buildapc

Is my current motherboard here compatible with the NZXT Hue+ ? I can provide my PSU and such if needed. Unsure if I have the correct connectors for it and such. Would I need an internal USB hub? Thanks!

u/MrAllahdin · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

I have some CableMod WideBeam Magnetic RGB LED Strips, and I'm wondering if they are capable of doing something like this and having the colors cycle through the strip (instead of the entire strip cycling together).

If I was to purchase something like the NZXT Hue+ would I be able to do that with my RGB strips?

u/d0n7w0rry4b0u717 · 1 pointr/buildapc

I have a NZXT Hue+. Right now has Outrun themed colors. I can easily change the colors when I feel like I need something fresh. Sometimes I just have them set to white, sometimes I change them to fit the holiday, sometimes I do different game themes, or sometimes I just set it to a color that fits my mood. The outrun color scheme is that main one I stick with though.

This is the new version of the Hue.

Edit: You can turn them off. I see so many anti-RGB elitists. One of the things I see come up often is that the lights can be annoying at certain times (though personally they haven't annoyed me at all). If you set the color to black, it's just like having no lights at all.

u/Grizzled--Kinda · 1 pointr/buildapc

You might look into an NZXT rgb LED controller, not sure if you need it. I would also get an Asus Mobo that has Aura, with that you can control the rgb LEDs on the RAM and if you got an Asus GPU, the LED's on that as well. So essentially you could have two rgb LED systems, they won't sync together but it would still be nice.

u/FuckingBand · 1 pointr/pcmods


I ordered it knowing that they'll send it to me when they get some in. My next build isn't going to be ready until after Christmas (and retrailers stop gouging 6700k's) so it's not an urgent matter for me.

If you can wait I'd just order it from Amazon. I'd rather order from Amazon who I know I can trust than scouring the web for a retailer I'm not sure I can trust.

u/Drageero · 1 pointr/battlestations
u/meisforeveralone · 1 pointr/hardwareswap

Non mobile:

In all fairness, I built my own. Does all the functions of a HUE+, but you just gotta program it to ;-;

Not to mention it is much brighter than a hue :)

u/TexhnolyzedLain · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace


Will probably go on sale this BF. Pretty good lighting.

u/TehTrolla · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace
u/happinessattack · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

If you have a spare 2.5" drive bay in your case's front panel, check out the NZXT Hue+. It's a comprehensive controller/management system for all your RGB needs. If you need extra strips, it can be slightly pricey (check Amazon), but the cost can be well worth it, from what I've seen.

If you want price tracking, this page on CamelCamelCamel should have you covered, for Amazon USA, anyway. Here's price tracking for the extension kit, too.

u/ZeroCorpse · 1 pointr/amazonecho

The TP-Link bulbs are the best deal. $20 USD

no hub required

u/trueorderofplayer · 1 pointr/HomeImprovement

One thought, if you already have a smart speaker you can get a no-hub smart bulb for the same price as you are pyles no for the timer.
TP-Link Smart LED Light Bulb, Wi-Fi, Dimmable White, No Hub Required, 50W Equivalent, Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant (LB100)

u/xynix_ie · 1 pointr/daddit

You can do a WiFi socket to plug it into or a WiFi light bulb and set a timer for it directly. I have a few of those kicking around, having an almost 2 year old, and they're handy. I'm trying to WiFi everything around here. A/C, pool, lights, etc. I went with TP-Link as a brand but there are others out there.

u/Sgt-JimmyRustles · 1 pointr/smarthome

Well it's using something since we have an FCC listing. But uh, I don't know what app it would use since I'm not seeing information on it.

Try this one instead:

u/FreshLobsterDaily · 1 pointr/AskMen

This could also be done with smart lights and custom alarm tones, which is the path I took.

TP-Link has smart bulbs for about $40 or less and don't require the smart home hub or anything extra. Just handled through an app and WiFi. You can set custom schedules for other things as well or control them through a smart assistant.

Amazon link:

u/cenobyte40k · 1 pointr/homeautomation

Isn't this the same bulb for sale from amazon for $19.99? I have a few of these, this seems to be their default price here.

u/sillyrants · 1 pointr/AskTechnology

You don't even need a plug, just get a $20 smart bulb:

The included app lets you program the bulb on a schedule, such as 50% brightness at 7am and then 100% brightness at 5pm or whatever.

u/i621148 · 1 pointr/googlehome

I have four of these hooked up to lamps:
Wemo Mini Smart Plug, Wi-Fi Enabled, Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

I'm going to try these on my outside porch lights:
Kasa Smart Wi-Fi LED Light Bulb by TP-Link - Soft White, Dimmable, A19, No Hub Required, Works with Alexa and Google Assistant (LB100)

It's pretty cool because I can just say "Hey Google, turn on all the lights! Or turn off all the lights! Or you can call out the name of the room each one is in individually to control it.

I use this for the control:
Google AIY Voice Kit

u/dagz855 · 1 pointr/amazonecho

Thanks all for the reply. Lifx bulbs are expensive. Like $50 on amazon. I found these tho and wonder if they are good.

u/chasemeee · 1 pointr/amazonecho


I have bought LB100, 110, 120 and 130.

MY thoughts on LB100:
the listing seems to be a lie unless they updated the bulb, lb100 and 110 are just yellow, not white....

LB 120: I absolutely LOVE this one (with tunable white - Because I really like white light, not sure why, but it's just what I'm used)

LB 130: the colors are cool, but if you are looking for WHITE light, this is NOT for you because you can never get a true white out of it unlike the LB120.

u/5150-5150 · 1 pointr/smarthome

I've never looked at TP Link's actual website, but the amazon product page does a pretty decent job of laying out your options:

u/shimmeringball · 1 pointr/buildapc

You don't need that anymore since some companies are now taking this seriously

Cooler Master MCA-0005-KUH00 Accessory- Universal VGA Holder

u/XAznBeastX · 1 pointr/buildapc

Oof that's really expensive. Do you know about this brace?

u/Witcher_Of_Cainhurst · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

Even with the much thinner heatsink on my 1080 Strix card, it was sagging after a few months. It happens little by little so you won't notice it at first, and the PCB and backplate can get a slight bend over time from the weight.

You can get a cheap GPU brace on Amazon for like $10-20. There's 2 styles, one is a more discreet bracket arm and the other is a sturdier kickstand kinda thing. I went for the discreet one personally because I didn't want it to show much. There's different brands with different looks btw, those are just an example of each style. Also some people get creative and use Lego figures and stuff as a stand.

u/PM_ME_IF_UR_BATMAN · 1 pointr/hardwareswap

If you want a cheap option and have a taller case I use this coolermaster gpu bracket. It doesn't get in the way of using other pcie lanes, has magnetic feet and blends into the black of my case well.

u/marbar8 · 1 pointr/nvidia

Look at this


If you're willing to spend ~$14, this is a pretty solid solution. I own it and am happy with it.

u/Suicide_anal_bomber · 1 pointr/nvidia

yeah it should work ,, since you got a radiator you will have to put it on the white bar, i think on mine on the bottom of the stand theres a screw if you loosen you can move it around to fit on the white bit, something like this would work better for you

this one is what i used

they are not that long, its two bars screwed togsther for 2 card support, you can use just one bar and it should be algs

EDIT: just realized you dont have a front mounted radiator in which case either one will work

u/-UserRemoved- · 1 pointr/buildapc

These already exist, and there are many

V1 Tech



Cooler Master

u/SirAxolotlTheThird · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

you're welcome :)

although i have heard that some cards with slim shrouds might not be able to use this bracket without some jerry rigging to make sure the bumps that support the gpu don't hit the fan blades, as is the case with all brackets of this type.

if this is the case then something like this might be a better fit.

u/upstreamriver · 1 pointr/nvidia

Doesn't look too bad, but if you're not feeling comfortable you can take a look at some of the GPU holders available.


edit: spelling, added alternative for those with 2.5" slot cards

u/Dr3amCast · 1 pointr/nvidia

I haven't had much experience with cards of this size. It's definitely the largest heatsink I've owned as well. I mean, it's got GIRTH. I didn't notice sag, per say, but the way I run my 8 pin connectors from the back of my case it pulls a little downward and the card was more than happy to oblige. I haven't done anything about it yet, but more than likely I will. I can link you to some options I was looking at:

I was originally looking at one of these 2:

But I read there that this brace can interfere with your fans depending on how wide the card is. This card is a wide card, and I have 2 120mm side fans that this would disrupt airflow from

So I'm most likely going to go with this:

u/Caleb_RS · 1 pointr/Amd

Yeah that's a fear of mine, I have something to hold mine up. Eventually I'll get around to buying an actual brace like this one. I know that defeats the purpose of your post by spending more money though.

u/whomad1215 · 1 pointr/buildapc

I like the vertical mounts, hold up the end of the card that isn't screwed in to the back of the case.

I have this , but there are plenty of other options.

u/yeetTL · 1 pointr/buildapc

Look up cooler master universal VGA holder, I use it in my pc to stop you sag and it works great

u/chaos_faction · 1 pointr/buildapc

You can look into getting either this or this.

u/tmitifmtaytji · 1 pointr/nvidia


These cards are very heavy and I think whether they sag depends on how sturdy the back of your case is (whether the GPU screws in).

2080 Ti vary in weight and size considerably so that is a broad category. For $10 I would use one.

EDIT: sorry it's $20

u/IndianapolisResident · 1 pointr/googlehome

Personally I use a wink hub and have quite a few GE lights. They recently went up in price and so I found a light on amazon (Sengled ) that works pretty well with my wink hub. I also have a smart plug for my 5 light lamp as I didn't want to pay for 5 bulbs.

$10 per smart bulb is a great deal:

u/Pinyaka · 1 pointr/homeautomation

Amazon. They're normally $10/ea, but currently $8/ea individually and with a very slight additional discount if you're willing to buy 4 or 8 packs.

u/letsmaketacos · 1 pointr/homeassistant

Great work! I was a little surprised that Wink isn't on there. For $35 the 1st gen hub is a great entry point for beginners as a Zigbee/Z-Wave radio. I used Wink's built in automations (Robots) to get started while getting HA up and running. It's easy to turn Wink into a "dumb" hub once you get HA all figured out, then you can look into dedicated radios for HA to take Wink out of the picture completely. Wink can be a little slow at times, but it is a great low cost entry point.

You also might want to add Sengled Element bulbs and Sylvania Smart+ color bulb, they are inexpensive and work extremely well!

u/the_umm_guy · 1 pointr/amazonecho

I bought these smart LED bulbs the other day and they have been awesome. I plan on buying more for sure.

u/erntekapitaen · 1 pointr/nvidia


Cooler Master Vertical Graphic Card Holder ( With riser card ) PC Gehäuse Zubehörteil 'FreeForm Modular System, hochwertiger Stahl, Riser Card enthalten' MCA-U000R-KFVK00

u/chinosabi · 1 pointr/nvidia

Grab it quick they sell out
Cooler Master Accessory: Fits MasterBox, MasterCase, Maker, H500P Series Vertical Display VGA Holder Kit w/ Riser Cable

u/shapeshiftsix · 1 pointr/buildapc

I put this in my more sagging. Same size card as yours too 1060 strix

Vertical Display VGA Holder Kit w/ Riser Cable

u/wicken-chings · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

this right?

u/Head_Cockswain · 1 pointr/pcmods

> The whole point was to prevent GPU sag but I guess I could run some bends to keep the card propped up.

I'd get creative with some form of pillar or even do something with suspension like in Pi.

I'd do something novel with suspension from above.....but I've got a horizontal motherboard in the HAF XB case.

I've looked into such vertical GPU mounts before for the sake of something novel(gpu laying fan-side up in my case) and I keep coming to the same issue, awkward cabling / plugs.

The only way around it that I see would be to cut into the case to allow for this from Cooler Master or something like it for full access to the back of the card and to use normal cables.

Not sure if your case would need cutting, but most have bars or slats between/under the PCIE covers.

u/ChanDanGreen99 · 1 pointr/MechanicalKeyboards

Unrelated, but im looking to vertical mount my Video card too, how did you do it? Did you get the coolermaster kit? Or did you just dremel through the grill and stick it in? Btw i have the MSI gaming x trio rtx 2080


Edit: Typo

u/FrostByte62 · 1 pointr/buildapcsales

Cooler Master Accessory: Fits MasterBox, MasterCase, Maker, H500P Series Vertical Display VGA Holder Kit w/ Riser Cable

u/knoctum · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

For the gpu sag, if: you have a bit of money to spend and dont forsee using a pci card in the future, I'd reccomend you just go vertical.

Your current case should be able to support a mounting bracket like this:

It will cover up 7 pci slots (though there is a bit of a gap, on my last build I used a pci 90 degree + pci extension for my wifi card, new build didnt require it)

And unlike cases with prebuilt vert mount, this bracket would move your gpu towards the center of the case instead of against the side panel so thermals aren't an issue.

u/donedward · 1 pointr/watercooling

Try wertycal gpu mounting bracket from coolermaster.
Cooler Master Vertical Graphic Card Holder ( With riser card ) Case Accesory 'FreeForm Modular System, High Quality Steel Build, Riser Card Included' MCA-U000R-KFVK00

u/LordWolfsack · 1 pointr/nvidia

I bought the one from cooler master: Cooler Master Accessory: Fits MasterBox, MasterCase, Maker, H500P Series Vertical Display VGA Holder Kit w/ Riser Cable

u/ireallylikechikin · 1 pointr/buildapc

it'll be ordered separately, i believe something like this or this will be what you're looking for. cablemod makes em, as well. it's a bit of an added cost so you don't have to do it of course, but to get the maximum of your GPU aesthetics i think it's a neat idea.

u/BobaTime128 · 1 pointr/buildapc

I’m using the CableMod Vertical PCI-e Bracket . I wasn’t able to get the new vertical GPU bracket by Lian Li made for the Dynamic XL. But this one works just fine, easy installation.

Although I have read that with the CableMod bracket with the original O11 Dynamic case, you won’t be able to install the 3 bottom fans because of how the bracket is situated.

Cooler Master Vertical GPU Mount this mount allows you to install a vertical GPU and also install the 3 bottom fans, from what I have read. Hope this helps!

u/Weakforpvm · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

I've found the coolermaster vertical gpu holder. I noticed that it isnt made for my S340 but I've come across someone who might have done it. Not 100% sure about this though. Do you think this might fit?

amazon link

u/jordi_id7 · 1 pointr/nvidia
u/Hegulator · 0 pointsr/HomeImprovement

I started replacing the bulbs in my house with "daylight" bulbs and I'm a huge fan of them. They really make a room feel like it's filled with sunlight and not artificial light. These are the ones I got.

u/Whomperz82 · 0 pointsr/HotPeppers

Although I haven't bought from these guys this package is kinda a nice bundle of basic starter stuff. I would probably just get the seeds from other vendors at better prices. Another one to consider is [White Hot Peppers] ( Good prices, cheep shipping, and a few mystery freebies tossed in.

You can get some good LED or compact CLF lights for around 75 bucks that will cover 2"x2" space to grow a few plants.

u/Manbient · 0 pointsr/Hue

If you don't need fancy or good quality, don't get Hue. Hue is slow to react to music, and you should look at something that has the sensor for sound built right into the controller PCB.

Something like this maybe:

Just make sure to get the right voltage strips (RGB should be good enough, unless you really want white), and an adequate power supply.

u/AdonisChrist · -1 pointsr/InteriorDesign

Google "hue lights competitor" to do your own further research.

Looks like there's these Lumen bulbs, but honestly if you want a color-changing lightbulb that you can control from your phone Philips seems to be on point with hue.

Also, why are you capitalizing hue? Everywhere on their site it's all lowercase. Same with amazon.

u/-Runis- · -12 pointsr/nvidia

When you get an expensive video card, cant you spare 20 bucks to get a gpu holder?

That Wall-E is 160$ i see.

Posts like this are getting annoying.

New karma farming: put whatever toy inside your case touching your GPU, post it.