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u/Alarchy · 37 pointsr/malelivingspace

Looks like Amazon has a sale on it too for about 110 bucks:

u/Jhidadeng · 9 pointsr/AnimalTextGifs

The table itself is usually about 30in by 30in. You can buy larger, but you'd be surprised how much you can fit on that space. We use it for laptops and as a dinner table, and it works fine. If we tried to add people on the other two sides, it would probably get a little cramped.

The kakeshiki (over and under blankets) are typically about 72-80in on each side, but you can find them much larger (like the under blanket in this gif being room sized). Ours is 80in on each side, and our kotatsu is oriented diagonally to the shikibuton (under-blanket) so it looks like this. That gives us a lot of room to lay down while sticking our legs under it.

There are legless chairs you can use to alleviate sitting on the floor if it causes you an issue. These are called zaisu (example). Or you can buy a shikibuton with a built in roll at the edge which is kind of a fusion between a sofa and a shikibuton. I've only ever seen it called a kotatsu sofa because it has no real precedent in Japan (this page shows what the hell I'm talking about). But that sort of kills the space-saving design and easy stowability of the kotatsu.

We do just fine with using spare blankets and pillows for padding if we feel uncomfortable sitting on the floor for extended priods. Something worth mentioning is that you can make a kick ass fort with a kotatsu and a few chairs covered in blankets.

EDIT: Just went through the arduous process of uploading a picture from my phone to Imgur. I took that immediately after setting up the kotatsu before she moved in. The room is 15.5ft x 11.5ft, so I hope that gives you a good idea of the space consumption. One bonus point is that it's easy to just move to the side if you want the space for something else like party games in front of the TV.

u/tStar512 · 7 pointsr/Makeup

Hey there! I know this isn't exactly what you were looking for but hopefully it'll help all the guys n gals looking to get their ladies the ultimate beauty station! As a professional makeup artist for MAC, Chanel and multiple other brands plus freelancing for years I have gotten many ideas over the years!
Be sure to get her plenty of storage if she has a lot of products and tools. Amazon/ Ebay also sell an electric brush cleaner now which is perfect for gals with a ton of brushes. My bro-in-law did the same project & I still have all the links. He installed lights (like these below) around my beauty-obsessed sister's makeup mirror & they're great. I also recommend a mirror that pulls out from the wall (like hotels have!) And a comfy & stylish chair is a must to make her feel like her fave beauty vlogger. Also, get crafty- you can always think of other ways to use these ideas for ex: instead of buying new, repurpose some cool vintage pieces!
Here are some useful, girl-dream links-

-Mirror for wall: DecoBros 9.8-Inch Two-Sided Swivel Wall Mount Mirror with 7x Magnification, 13.5-Inch Extension

-Cute chair, multiple colors & adjustable height for her vanity she'll feel like a princess: Round Tufted Swivel Chair Purple and Chrome

-Hair tool holder: Saloniture Tabletop Blow Dryer & Hair Iron Holder - Salon Appliance Stand w/ 3 Outlets

-Brush cleaner: Pro Makeup Brush Cleaner & Dryer Kit -

-Palette for custom mixing colors, all pros use them: Miayon Professional Artist Cosmetic Palette with Spatula Tool 6''x4'' Sliver

*If she loves rose gold this is THE paint to use, try redoing some hardware (or buying new & painting it) with a little spray paint to glam up her vanity: Design Master DM241 Premium Metallic Spray Paint, 11-Ounce, Rose Gold

u/mongreloctopus · 7 pointsr/occult

Pretty good basic instructions. Key points:

  • Get good at musculoskeletal relaxation first. With no intention of getting to trance, lie or sit in a comfortable position with back straight, and practice successive muscular relaxation. I start at my feet and move upwards, tensing and relaxing every muscle I can feel. When relaxed, there is a sort of "letting go" feeling, the muscle/limb feels almost like empty space.
  • Don't attempt to get into trance until you can relax and "let go" of all of your body. It'll just be a waste of time.
  • Don't fall asleep. Don't use caffeine. I find being at a slight upward angle helps in preventing sleep, and also makes my jaw more comfortable. It must be relaxed, and I find it uncomfortable if it hangs open. I use a chair specifically for this purpose, similar to this, which allows me to choose the angle of my recline.
  • Using visualization techniques as suggested can be quite effective, once you are in trance. The challenge is being sufficiently deep in trance that your "energy body" or whatever is "loose" enough, but still retaining enough conscious awareness that you can formulate intent. It's a tricky balance to strike!
  • I highly recommend Robert Bruce's instructions, here. If you like it, please buy the book to support the author.

    Good luck!
u/TheHiddenWalrus · 5 pointsr/malelivingspace

Actually found on Amazon but it looks like they raised the price as I only bought it a week ago for $160

u/tkms · 5 pointsr/Cyberpunk

You know, I just signed the lease on a new place with a friend, and we were looking up this exact thing. I'll try to gather up some links of neat stuff I've run across before!

Here's one guy's "Deus Ex-esque bedroom" Those hexagonal mirrors can be found in sets for quite cheaply, and since then I've seen this pattern replicated.

Infinity LED mirrors can be made super easily and very cheaply, and they look awesome.

Hackerspaces can have some crazy ideas. Most of them look like they take a lot of work. Many of them just involve lots of neat junk.

Someone had mentioned a (fairly?) simple home automation project wherein all the light switch housings were replaced with cheap Raspberry Pis with attached cheap touchscreen displays to control lighting and whatever else you connected to it. Seems neat.

Drones are consumer-ready and pretty cyberpunk... get some drones?

Those neat noir "bars" caused by high-contrast blinds with light sources behind them.

This chair in black. Kinda. Also this chair. Kinda.

Etsy can have some pretty sweet stuff sometimes!

This pendant lamp.

Basically anything using LEDs can look neat. Or tacky. But mostly neat.

Low beds can be pretty neat and fitting. I personally love having just basically a mattress bed on the floor. It's makeshift, but it's my favorite type of bed.

Anything involving weapons could be considered cyberpunk decor (going more for the dystopia vibe). Regardless of whether you own one or even can own one, this quick-access hydraulic lock box is neat, and meant to be used in a living space or bedroom. I'd put other things in it, just for the fun of it.

If you wanted to really up the dystopia/low-life aspect, you could get replica (like airsoft?) firearms and mount them on a wall or something. Obviously don't do this with real guns. That's retarded.

Articulating monitor mounts to be used with desktop monitors are pretty sweet and can add additional tech vibe, as are articulating laptop stands for the same purpose.

Wanna take apart a computer and hang it up? Impractical, but så kult!

Lights, lights, lights. This time, lights around the shower!

Mount your networking stuff to the wall. Modem/router/switches and whatnot. Don't be afraid of lights and cables.

I'm still looking around at more things and gathering more ideas. Most things you'd have to make yourself, and that's sort of what I plan on doing for almost everything. Is this helpful at all so far? I can keep going.

u/oreocannoli · 4 pointsr/makeuporganization

Thank you! Here’s the link to the chair

u/tractorstory · 4 pointsr/BabyBumps

i tried the babyletto kiwi ( in a local store and really liked it. it's tall enough to rest your head if you're taller and the recline function (button instead of lever) is really nice. the only thing i worry about is that the electrical components on the button could eventually go.

u/itmeitnotme · 3 pointsr/malelivingspace

Not the exact one, but maybe try this? similar chair

u/LvdSinSD · 3 pointsr/BabyBumps

Sorry for the poor lighting, north facing room means not a lot of natural light! Just need to get some gallery frames to put on the wall between the crib and dresser. There's also a book shelf to the right of the chair that you can't see.



Glider Recliner:




Dresser Nightlight:



Let me know if you want to know about any of the other items. And yes I know he can't have stuffed animals in his crib, they won't be there when he's in it :)


I have a 4moms pack n play/bassinet in my room for at first but hoping to get him in here ASAP! Now that the room is mostly complete I'm twiddling my thumbs sterilizing pinkies, getting supplies for padcicles, etc.

u/AllMenMustBlergh · 3 pointsr/HelpMeFind

Are you looking for that exact chair? Searching for mid-century modern or retro arm/lounge chair will get you lots of similar results. So it might be hard to find the exact one. I bet if you contact Starbucks they might be able to tell you.

I found some similar ones if you're interested:

Amazon BH&G $214

Amazon Baxton Studio $214

Amazon ModHaus Living $237

Amazon Inkivy Rocket Chair $305

Joybird $599

Houzz Irondale Brooks $655 another close match

Amazon MLF $659

Houzz Klee Wood Accent Chair $750 (closest in shape but different looking wood).

Amazon NyeKoncept

Amazon Thrive Home Furnishings

And if you look through those there are a lot of suggested ones at the bottom.

u/Hasselbuddy · 3 pointsr/malelivingspace

Replica Eames Rocker until we get the real one. And authentic Eames low table.

u/yogidragon · 3 pointsr/starcitizen

I'm seeing some strong responses to my quirky axis bindings and for what it's worth, I would like to share about it.

Firstly, however, it's a fact that this is a deeply personal process and any of us could make any HOSAS setup, no matter how bizarre it may appear to anyone else, work for us with precision and grace.

Right off the top, we have to look at flying without using pedals. I have a custom desk I built, the top of which sits only 15" off the floor with no room for pedals (I am, however, yogidragon, and sit on the floor in a Japanese style floor chair). So needless to say if I want 6 degrees of freedom I need sticks that twist.

OK so here goes...

I prefer flying fixed weapons, which requires a ton of precision when pointing the nose of my spacecraft where I am shooting. So for me pitch and yaw are my critical primary inputs, followed by roll and longitudinal strafe, then lateral and vertical strafe in that order. Now at this point anyone can pick their preference as to whether or not they would choose left or right hand for pitch/yaw. Right seems to be more common but ultimately it doesn't matter. What feeeeels the most natural is key here. So my left stick is the busiest most of the time. I add roll to dial in my movement and longitudinal strafe (forward and back strafing - essentially like throttle control) also needs a lot of precision and I find that this is easier living next to roll on the right stick.

With my most important analog controls set, what about the rest, and what's up with the (admittedly) weird vertical and lateral strafing? It's logical, actually if you consider the following...

I find that vertical and lateral strafe are used most often in just getting around in the 'verse, and much more dynamically in dogfighting. But it is landing and launching where they are so important. Should I place these controls on the excellent analog thumbsticks? I tried it and it felt ridiculous to me, out of context with the larger range of control of the main axes. Virpil's twist axis is super smooth and very accurate, and I feel much more comfortable and in control of the ship this way versus using the thumbsticks (which I prefer to use for external camera control on the right and setting throttle limits on the left, like a mini HOTAS).

In the end, when all 6 DOF come together in my hands it seriously is a kung-fu ballet and a dance of subtle and precise control that I love. To each his or her own, always...

u/oklahomachad · 2 pointsr/malelivingspace

I love West Elm, but it’s usually out of my price range. I got the chairs on Amazon: Baxton Studio Sorrento...

u/orange-blossom · 2 pointsr/DesignMyRoom

Aww! Wayfair Canada has a couple similar options. Or you could check Amazon or Article?

u/MikeBackAtYou · 2 pointsr/malelivingspace

It's a replica Eames rocker that I got off Amazon for $65. For comparison, the original version is on DWR for a cool $550.

u/MadtownMaven · 2 pointsr/DesignMyRoom

If you are going for a minimalist look, that guest chair has got to go. Something smaller and simpler like this or this.

Instead of the whiteboards put up some artwork to cover the hole.

For the bike, it looks a bit heavy, but if you can lift it and have permission to put some holes in the wall, adding a wall holder in the corner.

This is just approximation (10'x10', each square is a foot), but maybe a set up like this. It's make it a bit snug for putting the bike up, but then it'd be out of the way for most of the day. The guest chair is blocking some of the lower grey cabinets, but it doesn't sound like you need access to them super frequently. And if you got a lighter chair it'd be easy to move out of the way when needed.

u/3000Flurbos · 2 pointsr/AmateurRoomPorn

Thank ya! The exact chair in my photo is no longer made, but here's a similar (slightly boxier) one.

u/PGleo86 · 2 pointsr/Metal

It's this one, I'm waffling on it. I think I'm gonna wait for it to go back down to like $200 then slap my $70 of Amazon credit at it and be done with it. I'm patient...

u/kiwiandapple · 2 pointsr/DesignMyRoom

Sorry for being late, this took me lots of hours to make. Didn't get to finish it last night, so continued today.

Note: I only did this for fun, I am not an amazing expert in terms of interior design.


I used Google's SketchUp, which is a free 3D rendering . I haven't used this in a long time and also couldn't find the installation file to run this. So instead, I used the browser version. Which worked very well, but I couldn't find props, so I hand made everything.
Yes, the bloody plants were a disaster! I also went a bit crazy on my own picasso. Deal with it!

  • 3D render pictures:
  • Picture 1
  • Picture 2
  • Picture 3

  • Size reference list:
  • Couch, TV table, TV, Coffee table, Bookshelf
  • Chair, Small round table, Slim side table, Plant (lol)


    Overall, I am not too sure about the fireplace. It feels a bit too cramped, but I had it further away from the fireplace which made it a bit awkward in terms of the couch.
    I do really like the couch, but maybe instead of the coffee table, get either a smaller one or not one at all. You could consider a small TV stand and wall mount the TV instead.

    Anyway, if you have any question. Don't hesitate to ask!
u/TheDapperMob · 2 pointsr/battlestations

Here is the stand. I completely recommend it if you're in the market for one! Only $45, easy to install, looks nice, and completely stable. This is the chair. It's good for kicking back. I do have an upright office chair as well when I need to get serious.

u/Durloctus · 2 pointsr/CFB

Got them from Wayfair. Tried to find you a link, but I don't see this model as being available there anymore. I did find the same exact chair at Amazon:

u/wupdup · 1 pointr/malelivingspace

Your #1 layout looks best to me. Yes it's a little cramped, which is why if it were me I'd nix the dining table unless I got sufficient use out of it. If it's to be kept and you need more space for the couch, push the couch against the dining table when it's not in use. If you'll nix the dining table, consider going Japanese with floor chairs around the coffee table.

u/wbgraphic · 1 pointr/DIY

Can't comment on that specific chair, but similar chairs aren't hard to find.

I don't know if I'd necessarily recommend buying one online, unless there are lots of reviews. There are lots of these kinds of chairs around from various manufacturers, so the build quality can vary from "buy it for life" to "disintegrates in shipping". I had one ~18 years ago that lasted maybe three years before the frame broke. I had paid maybe $80 tops for it, though, so I wasn't expecting much. It was comfy while it lasted, though.

u/treesaremyfriends · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I really think you should buy this chair I know it is already on your wishlist, but it makes sense to buy something from your wishlist because it is obviously something you like. Also, being that you seem to read, having a comfy chair around is always a good thing to have.

I was going to suggest some art supplies for you, but they were all under $50 so that wasn't going to do.

For me, I would love this shower curtain It sort of relates to the chair being that it is black and white and gives an added design quality to my living space. =3

Dang girl, that must be some refund!

I'm also indecisive so I completely understand why you would figure out what to buy through a contest.

u/cheeseburger_humper · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Dang girl work that tax refund.

You obviously need this chair along with this chair

Surprise me. :)

u/sassyma · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

this! because there are only two left in stock and it looks amazing!

dang girl.

u/jojewels92 · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
u/bollockitis · 1 pointr/Meditation

I have never used one before but a lot of people use backjacks.

u/Esbjerg · 1 pointr/malelivingspace
u/mrskillett2014 · 1 pointr/malelivingspace

Found this on Amazon. Little bit different but under the price point and still mid century modern.

u/Fab3444 · 1 pointr/MakeupAddiction
u/CACTUS-CACTUS-CACTUS · 1 pointr/baseball
u/cheapdrinks · 1 pointr/baseball

May as well just buy one new and get the ball foot stool as well

u/toxic_kitten · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
u/flanndiggs · 1 pointr/xboxone

I have something like this. Game for 10 hours at a time in it and its comfortable all the way.

u/TitanIsBack · 1 pointr/PS4

If space if a concern, you might want to look into a floor chair.

u/OwnBlue · -3 pointsr/malelivingspace

Lime green chairs are a little sissy, desk legs remind me of grandma furniture, and not a fan of the nailheads on the ottoman remind me of big sequins.

You could put a moose head on the wall, add one or two mid-century chairs, a modern desk, and ottoman to add some leather. Maybe get all the plants in matching pots that are grey.