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u/m11235813 · 51 pointsr/malelivingspace

The coffee table is probably from Amazon. I have the same one and love it.

Edit: as others have mentioned, here is the link.

u/cookie_400 · 25 pointsr/DIY

> l the wires from the computer to the screen etc?

Ooo, I'm so glad someone noticed that! I was worried about the same thing when I was making this since it doesn't really have much space to hide through the frame.

I got this thingy (and some velcro straps to wrap cables up):

u/CaptainRetention · 20 pointsr/minimalism

I used one if these for a year. Really comfy, and because it rolls up it’s perfect for a small room.

u/Rhythmicon · 11 pointsr/hometheater

Something like this is a god send if you don't want to wall mount - but still want to raise your TV to place your centre channel at a good height.

u/kenman345 · 8 pointsr/battlestations
u/haremon · 8 pointsr/malelivingspace

I found two during my searches!

  1. Emerald Home
  2. Best Choice
u/TaedusPrime · 7 pointsr/battlestations
u/otarono · 7 pointsr/Showerthoughts

We have a japanese futon. They're super inexpensive, comfortable, and they roll up to give you more floor space.

I've been sleeping on one for about 1 and a half years now and I never want to go back to a regular mattress, my back isnt in pain when i wake up anymore lol. We own like three of the queen size ones for different rooms.

u/DinnerMilk · 7 pointsr/3Dprinting
  • That alcohol is extremely overpriced. Just get that locally from a drug store or Target, it is like $2 a bottle.

  • The thinnest guitar string (High E) will work perfect for cleaning nozzles. I dunno how that kit is but you can just get a pack of guitar strings for less than $5 and those strings can be cut into dozens of pieces for repeat cleaning.

  • Get the stuff to do the MOSFET upgrade. As a Maker Select owner, you should do that before you do anything else.

  • I would say drop the hair spray and get a sheet of PEI. It will last you a long time, has amazing adhesion and only needs to be put on once.

  • That table is going to be really bad for a 3D Printer. I would drop that and get the $9 Ikea Lack Table, that is what a huge majority of us use. If you don't want to wait for Ikea's slow shipping, the Parsons table on Amazon is still cheaper and is basically the same thing.
u/catalinashenanigans · 7 pointsr/malelivingspace

I've got the same one. Very happy with it for the money. Solid construction.

u/BurntHotPocket · 6 pointsr/battlestations

IKEA - SIGNUM Cable management, horizontal, silver color (FBA)

I believe this is the iconic one used in most setups.

u/yam_plan · 6 pointsr/simpleliving

I used one of these for about a year:

Pretty firm if it's directly on the floor, but comfy and really easy to roll up and move.

u/TheSmallestTopo · 6 pointsr/minimalism

He probably means something like the second picture down. Unless you have a mattress specifically designed to be frameless, it's always better to have a frame. Not only will it prevent mould and morphing like he said, but it provides better support for you and lengthens the life of the mattress. If you really don't want one, it's best to instead invest in a floor mattress like a Japanese Futon, which is light enough to roll up or hang to air during the day.

u/Weniger_aber_besser · 6 pointsr/minimalism
u/homeboi808 · 6 pointsr/hometheater

Something like this could work.

You can use a stand for it if that doesn’t bother you (that way the tv doesn’t have to be higher than it is, which looks to be a good height, though a tad low it looks like).

Nice choice of speakers ;)

u/redflagdealsguy · 6 pointsr/bapcsalescanada

Agreed. But also not wrong, you folks are hooped if you don't run at this deal. RFD is swarming.

Returns are a thing, you'll be fine.

FYI: The OEM stand is garbage, consider these options.

VESA TV Stands Supporting TVs 70" or More -- $92.99 -- $80.99 -- $49.99 ($36 Used via Amazon Warehouse) -- $34.97

u/andreaelder11 · 6 pointsr/carcamping

Best Choice Products 4in Thick Folding Portable Full Mattress Topper w/ High-Density Foam, Washable Cover

This is what I bought for our car camping. It’s light and easy to transport.

u/Sometimesiski · 6 pointsr/4Runner

Best Choice Products 4" Folding Portable Mattress Full
I got the full size. I also recommend the camper van sheets from target to make your car look super fancy. It makes everything easy to keep clean.

Edit- more info

u/Jabonte · 5 pointsr/pcmasterrace

I have this one.

Not as neat but you still can't see the cables unless you're eye level with the rack. Plus I can set my xbox/laptop power bricks in it too.

u/Get_Back_To_Work_Now · 5 pointsr/pcmasterrace

Something like this may help. It won't hide the wires completely but you would have to crawl under the desk to see them.

u/Korlic · 5 pointsr/gamecollecting

Salamander A5/B Archetype

I got mine on Amazon:

Though if you are handy with some power tools, the shelf is basically just a bunch of MDF with some holes drilled in the corners and then 4 threaded rods and some bolts/washers/

u/Michlerish · 5 pointsr/BuyItForLife

If that's the case, I would suggest any of these (in Asia it's commonplace to sleep on the floor, so I would look around for asian style beds):

Tri-fold foam bed from Amazon

Japanese style floor futon mattress from Amazon

Korean "yo" floor mattress from Gmarket

u/cicicatastrophe · 5 pointsr/lifehacks

The Japanese don't even use beds, but instead a bed roll. You could create this for less with some blankets, towels, or even a foam mattress topper.

u/dan_who · 5 pointsr/SmallHome

Here are a couple things I've tried.

Japanese Futon

I spent a year in Japan and used a Japanese futon during that time. The mattress was about 2 inches thick and packed pretty solid with cotton. The futon was usually on a flat, but smooth wooden platform bed. I also sometimes used it on the carpeted floor if I wanted a softer surface. It was really comfortable, but you can't get away with a soft pillow. You need something that gives more support. I had a memory foam pillow at the time. I use a buckwheat hull pillow now and have a very firm memory foam mattress.

Don't get mixed up with American futon mattresses for folding frames, those run closer to 6 inches thick and are as difficult to move as a typical mattress.

Here are a few on Amazon to give you a sense of what to look for. This site also shows a three section foam pad that you can place under a futon mattress if you want something softer.

I saw "throw beds" at Target the other day for around $50. They were basically small, narrow futon mattresses. I can't seem to find them online or I'd include a link. These wouldn't be comfortable directly on a hardwood or tile floor, but if you've got a carpet or rug with some padding underneath, it feels pretty good.

I'd recommend trying something like that out on the cheap if you can before dropping the cash for a Japanese futon and possibly a foam pad.

Camping Sleep Pad

I also have an inflatable sleeping pad that's insulated for backpacking camping. It's really narrow, so it's not as comfortable as a typical bed, but the insulated aspect of it is really nice. It also packs up really small.

I slept on one of those guest bed air mattresses for about a year. I had to layer a lot of blankets under me in the winter or I felt really cold.

u/da_na_na_na_Cat_Man · 4 pointsr/pcmasterrace

IKEA - SIGNUM Cable management, horizontal, silver color (FBA)

I use one of these and it's worked out pretty well

u/KingHortonx · 4 pointsr/battlestations

You're welcome

u/That70sShowDude · 4 pointsr/minimalism

I'll post the link below. I got my current bed in 2014 and I think it's a little too soft. Sometimes I had some mild back pains and I randomly found myself tossing and turning a lot. Then I tried various floor sleeping set ups but they were all too hard on my pressure points. This futon feels like the perfect medium. Day #2 I naturally slept in longer than I have in months. So far I've only rolled it up and hit it for maintenance but it has maintained 100% of the shape so far.

u/Mr_804 · 4 pointsr/minimalism

Why even bother with furniture?

...but seriously, traditional japanese futons can save you space when you arent sleeping. Anything that folds up an away is pretty nice.

u/tummybox · 4 pointsr/InteriorDesign

I think this studio is kind of cute/cozy! If you can change the bed for a futon, that's a bed and couch in one.

Is there enough room to put the big table where the small table is in the pictures? You might be able to fit a couch where the big table is, and put the small table in front of that? Or get rid of the small table all together and get some shelving instead... with perhaps a love seat?

If you want to go Japanese style, you could get rid of the bed, and get a roll-up bed, that would give you more floor space.

u/archivedsofa · 4 pointsr/hometheater

Like I said, you can use a stand to solve this. This one for example.

u/bozoconnors · 4 pointsr/hometheater

Height looks perfect. Those toothpicks would make me nervous too though. As they're ridiculously popular with manufacturers at this point, already decided I'm gonna go with one of these stands upon next TV purchase (& assuming yours is a 65"). Kind of averse to mounting things on the wall myself. Probably able to raise just enough for speakers to go under. If ya don't like, meh, got a nice sturdy stand anyways.

u/Run-ning · 4 pointsr/hometheater

Something like this is probably the most common way to get that kind of additional height.

u/gl21133 · 4 pointsr/vandwellers is the exact one. We previously used something like this: . BIG upgrade with the new one.

u/red_delicious · 3 pointsr/vinyl

I very very highly recommend the walker edison stand that I currently use. It looks great, was super easy to assemble, and the thing is so fucking heavy I feel like it could handle anything I throw at it. Pretty good price too.

u/long_poop_joke · 3 pointsr/BurningMan

We are using these Japanese style roll-out futon cushions this year. I have these at home for guests. Air mattresses on playa have always been leaky for me with the big temperature fluctuations. These are very comfortable--although not bouncy if that's something you're after. In future years if I decide to go fancier I will add memory foam mattress toppers but seriously, this thing with regular bedsheets and a couple fluffy blankets and pillows is like a cozy pillow pit. Totally low maintenance if you have the space in your truck (FYI, the twin size rolls up about the size of one of those big flannel sleeping bags from summer camp, maybe 2 times the size of a deflated air mattress).

u/delta-TL · 3 pointsr/Guelph

Like this? or this?

u/Socific · 3 pointsr/onebag

Hammock is awesome. A decent one will probably run you $30.

If you have $150 to spare, grab one of these. I had this for 8 months+ and still own it, it's comfy and supportive.

If you're cheap, get a second sleeping bag from a thrift shop and stuff it with eggcrate foam. I slept on one of those for a few months and it was not bad.

u/knitrat · 3 pointsr/minimalism

Japanese/Korean ones tend to be thinner and more easily folded. North American ones are thick because people here are used to a thick mattress and so are pretty difficult to fold. Or as people have said, you can force a N Amer one into a fold but it leaves a crease.

u/WupTeDo · 3 pointsr/Buddhism

I moved to sleeping on a small Japanese futon here

I get that one reason for this is probably because high soft beds were an unnecessary luxary especially at that time in history. But additionally I am convinced that 99% of Western beds are too soft and damage the spine. Sleeping on a futon like this takes some getting used to but overall it leads to a lot less tossing and turning and a more efficient sleep because of it.

u/Hegemon_of_the_toad · 3 pointsr/malelivingspace

Thanks! It's this one from amazon:

u/ercgoodman · 3 pointsr/BudgetAudiophile

Hey guys,
So, my mom is wanting to upgrade her old equipment to something newer/better. Please forgive me if this isn’t the correct sub to post to.

Current setup:
I don’t have much specifics on the current equipment (model numbers etc)

-Sony TV, works fine. 2 HDMI ports I believe and one analog video (RCA). Doesn’t appear to be “Smart” and doesn’t have apps

-Old Phillips 5-disc CD player / radio / tape

-2 old Sony speakers from the 90s
-Apple airplay receiver (not shown, can’t remember what it’s called but it’s the old unit that looks like a large all in one A/C adaptor and plugs directly into the wall)

-BluRay player

-Comcast box

-Wii (optional, for the grandkids)

She really loves to listen to a lot of music. But 99% of it is CDs and classical music on NPR. A few years I went down the road of ripping her CDs into MP3s but she’s constantly out of space on her phone and most of her stuff is not on streaming services. She also doesn’t like the huge floor standing speakers she has anymore and wants something with good sound but affordable and not too big.

I’m thinking about mounting the TV on the wall and adding in those shelves that mount below it for the cable box and BluRay player. And just for compactness i was leaning towards some kind of sound bar. Sound quality is important but nothing really expensive. An alternative I guess could be speakers mounted next to the TV or in the corners near the ceiling (but then I’d need a sub probably). Her living room is pretty small so nothing huge is needed. To keep things simple I was trying to stay away from a separate receiver but if you think she could benefit from one then please let me know!

I’m really struggling with the CD situation. I’ve got her slightly interested in Spotify but the fact that her CDs are rare/oddball and not on major services is proving to be a challenge. For those with more experience, would uploading her stuff to Google Music be a good option? Then she could stream + cast it from her phone to a BT sound bar? Or can the BluRay player function as a “stand-alone” CD player? When I say stand alone I mean the ability to play CDs without having to turn on the TV. It has a “Coax Digital” out but I don’t have any experience with how that works or if it’s possible with a sound bar.

So I guess the biggest advice I need are how you guys recommend handling the CDs and also the speakers. Feel free to comment on anything else though, of course.

Thanks in advance!

u/dman19997 · 3 pointsr/macsetups

It is an essential oil diffuser. The shelves for the PS4 are just glass shelves from amazon. This is the link:

WALI Floating Strengthened Tempered Glass for DVD Players, Cable Boxes Games Consoles, TV Accessories (CS202), 2 Shelf, Black

u/MotherOfTears · 3 pointsr/PS4
u/timladen · 3 pointsr/battlestations

I think it'd be cleaner if you could put those consoles away in the cabinet or maybe get something like this. That's my only real critique, it's not a bad station

u/LeJoker · 3 pointsr/homelab

Thank you! I'm fairly proud of the cable management, because I'm usually terrible with it.

Shelf is from Amazon, here:

u/Warvanov · 3 pointsr/hometheater

Gotcha. That makes sense. Have you considered a stand like this?

A stand like this with a large enough base would allow you to raise the height of the TV enough to set the center channel on the base of the stand.

u/Palladeenyoo · 3 pointsr/hometheater

FITUEYES Floor tv Stand with Mount Two Shelves for 32inch to 65inch Sony/Samsung /LG/Vizio TV Swivel Mount TT207001MB

There is stuff like this all over Amazon for less than $100.

u/danbfree · 3 pointsr/4kTV

That's why I like to use a swiveling tabletop stand even for larger sets instead of relying on the TV legs, even when you do have a good flat wide surface already. Gives plenty of flexibility for sound bars and swiveling the picture directly towards you more for slightly varying seating positions.

u/Xaelias · 3 pointsr/hometheater
u/AgentOrange96 · 3 pointsr/crv

This mattress that I got for it's portability. It folds into thirds which makes it easy to transport in my CR-V with all my other stuff.

Since you mentioned folding a section of the bed, this could potentially be a good option as it's designed to fold itself. Although I'm not sure if they make a bigger version that a twin or not.

This mattress seems similar in concept though, and comes in full size. And the fold pattern actually looks like it might be better too for your needs. But of course measure first.

I can't speak for the second mattress I linked, but the first one is very comfortable despite only being 3" thick. I'd guess the second one is good too.

Best of luck, and I'd definitely love to see what you come up with!

u/its_called_life_dib · 3 pointsr/DesignMyRoom

Many of your colors are similar to the colors on my pinterest board for future decorating, so I'll go ahead drop in a couple links for you on tables!



very similar tables, but Sonmics/Amazon has matching end tables that go with the coffee table if you look around for them. I'm thinking about getting two of those and using that as my coffee table instead, as they'd be easy to relocate if I needed the living room space for something else.

as for art, I don't know what to recommend for you; just that you'll want your focal pieces to have some of the living room colors in them.

u/ElNumberoJuan · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace

Now get yourself a cable management desk attachment 😉

IKEA - SIGNUM Cable management, horizontal, silver color (FBA)

u/Crash3urn · 2 pointsr/gaming

Have this same desk.
Buy a cable organizer like this.

Screw it under the desk near the back.

Then put a couple screws into the board that is against the wall.
You're power strip should have some mounting holes on the backside.

Mount the power strip to the back and then run the cables over the organizer and to the strip.

No more cable mess!

u/Kasarii · 2 pointsr/battlestations

These can hold your surge protector off the ground as well.

If you don't want to screw anything onto the wall or desk then you could consider a cable management sleeve to gather up all the cables and make it look better with just 1 round tube.

edit: I own a sleeve but it has holes for cables to exit. like this picture.

u/CodyCus · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace

Use this

u/tacobizzell · 2 pointsr/malelivingspace

I mounted my outlet underneath my desk and used this to hide my cables.

u/MizuKumaa · 2 pointsr/battlestations

IKEA - SIGNUM Cable management, horizontal, silver color (FBA) or it you have a ikea nearby then they’re significantly cheaper.

u/asdGuaripolo · 2 pointsr/chile

hace un par de años importe 2 de estas y funcionan la raja para ordenar los cables y alargadores

Hay varias mesas y libreros que se ven bien buenos, por ahora habría que ver cuanto cobran por los ikea acá para saber si combienen o no

u/jarachnas · 2 pointsr/battlestations

Nice set up I like that desk my current one is not very deep at all so I have to mod it to make it more useful I'm looking to get a new one and I think I might get one of these. I had the same problem with cable management but I got the Ikea SIGNUM from [Amazon] ( and it cleaned up the floor.

u/freespace303 · 2 pointsr/hometheater

Quality A/V Racks can be had at decent prices

I bought it and took a ton of photos of setting it up and installing all my A/V/network/pc gear for my LAN area...

I agree with you on the reason for A/V racks though. Those huge wall entertainment center behemoths are so 1980/1990s. If it was up to me, I would just do away with it completely, and get a nice clean modern entertainment center like this one. If I needed more A/V space, I would by the A/V rack I mentioned above too.

Here it is installed in my home theater...

u/HerroDair · 2 pointsr/battlestations
u/Smitty2k1 · 2 pointsr/vinyl

I got this. It has several tiers but you don't need to use them all. Very heavy and comes in black or clear.

u/tallriktallrik · 2 pointsr/BuyItForLife

I've been sleeping on this mat from Amazon since I moved into my new place 4 months ago and haven't bothered getting a 'real' bed. I'm actually planning on getting the same one in the full size! This one's just a single padded cushion that you can fold up. It's about 4 inches thick. I have it on a hardwood floor with a yoga mat underneath so it doesn't slide around.

I believe most people add additional pads to it, but I think it's perfectly comfortable on it's own. I like firm-ish mattresses, and it's a lot more comfortable than I had expected. Even when I first got it, I didn't have any trouble falling asleep on it. It took a few nights to get used to, but after that I've never had any back pain. I've read that using futon mattresses are much better for your back, too.

Regular mattresses feel almost too cushion-y for me now... I'm in love with my futon. I especially enjoy the fact that I can fold it up and take it anywhere without needing someone with a truck to move it for me.

u/zippityflip · 2 pointsr/StartMoving

I sleep on one of these. I got used to it within the first 3-4 days. During those first 3-4 days, I did feel things popping and relaxing within my neck and shoulders, but I don't think my baseline pain level now, after a year of sleeping on the mattress, is that different from what it was a year ago. I almost think that the popping you experience at first is just your body experimenting with where it wants to hold tension as you're sleeping. I say this with the caveat, though, that your mileage may vary. I've never had a huge problem with back pain, so maybe there just wasn't enough of a difference for me to notice.

I do agree with the article writer that it makes the bare floor more inviting and comfy, which can be handy when travelling or crashing at someone else's place. I have no issue sleeping on a carpeted floor at this point.

(In my case, the real advantage of the roll-up mattress is that I live in a 220 sq ft apartment; being able to roll up my bed and store it in the closet is aces.)

u/1337turtle · 2 pointsr/BuyItForLife
u/shamansun · 2 pointsr/malelivingspace

I actually slept on this for over a year, last year, before getting married. It was great. Definitely takes some time to get used to though. After a few days your whole body starts to crave a traditional mattress, but it adapts.

I'm not sure if this is actually a traditional futon though. Anyway, it was great, and I could roll it up when I needed more space.

u/ductyl · 2 pointsr/TinyHouses

Well, Amazon has these Japanese floor futons that seem to get really good reviews, although they're more "rollable" than "foldable", they also have this folding mattress.

u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/minimalism

I recently switched to a japanese style futon (this one) and have been enjoying it so far, although I've been kind of lazy about rolling it up during the day. I've slept on futons for extended periods of time before, though, but this one is both thinner and more comfortable than my old one (which was older than me and very, very lumpy).

My main complaint and the reason I have a convertible futon couch/bed (in my living room, as the couch) is that you can't really fit two people on them. Since I'm single now, it's less of a problem, but my (now ex) girlfriend couldn't really stay over when I was dating her (so we spent a lot of time at her house) until I had a two-person sleeper.

u/MadroxKran · 2 pointsr/FortWorth

There's also a coffee table there in the other items by the picture. Great price, real sturdy.

u/theoriginalmack · 2 pointsr/3Dprinting

I used two of these tables from amazon. It's based off the Ikea lack cabinets. We didn't have an Ikea around so I went that. They work, but you will have to mount your psu enclosure below. As for the other stuff..

The monoprice comes with a scraper and a small drill bit (altough I've had better luck with .09 guitar string) And as for the sd card thing, you can go that route if you want, but I will say the octoprint set up was the best upgrade I ever made to my monprice.

u/sacredblasphemies · 2 pointsr/pagan

Amazon's got a pretty good $15 end table as well. Super easy to put together.

u/orangejuicejames · 2 pointsr/AmateurRoomPorn

I have (I believe) the same one.. from Amazon and 50$ cheaper Emerald Home T100-0 Chandler Cocktail Table, Wood

u/bettygow · 2 pointsr/minimalist
u/Armsc · 2 pointsr/hometheater

Here are some thoughts

  1. Upgrading the front three should make a noticeable difference. You should keep them to the same series so no mix and match, get a matched set.

  2. You should look at getting a TV stand $20 or a TV base $45 to get the TV up enough to put a real center channel there.

  3. I would get stands for the front to get them out and up to near ear level. Put them next to the TV vs having them on the TV console. It will sound so much better and they won't obstruct the screen.

  4. I like the Cambridge idea quite a lot. There are other options but this seems like the best for the budget you set. If you needed to save a bit for the stands and TV base you could go with Micca MB42x/Center or the Pioneer BS-22/center combo but I think the Cambridge would probably do better.

u/1throw4 · 2 pointsr/malelivingspace

You say TV has large legs which is why you need such an enormous stand

So maybe

This cheap thing to make your TV stand on small furniture

u/karazax · 2 pointsr/4kTV

The TCL 6 series for $599 would be my choice in that price range. It's in the black friday flyer, online early starting Nov 28th on page 28. If you hate the stand, buy a replacement

u/popsicle_of_meat · 2 pointsr/hometheater

I see a lot online, but they are kind of pricey. Not enough demand for them, I suppose.

This one? Take the middle shelf off and put the base under the bed?

u/Sharohachi · 2 pointsr/hometheater

The height all looks fine but I wouldn't set the TV on top of the center channel (if that is indeed what's going on here). For one it looks terribly unstable and I wouldn't want it to come crashing down. Also the CS9060 has a powered woofer that fires upward so you are blocking that with the TV sitting on it.

I guess that's a window behind it so you can't wall mount it, but I'd consider some sort of stand like this so that your TV isn't on top of the center, or you could get a whole new center console with a mount built in like this. You can still keep the center channel raised up but it won't be so precarious and the CS9060 woofer will be free to do its thing.

u/lilming · 2 pointsr/hometheater

Not a riser but bought this universal stand for my 65in curved Samsung in order to fit a center underneath.

Fitueyes Universal TV Stand with Swivel mount Height Adjustable for 50inch to 80 inch TV FTT107003GB

u/Guilty_Peanut · 2 pointsr/malelivingspace
u/vanderlustre · 2 pointsr/BurningMan

If you have the space to transport get a folding foam mattress like this one.

Best Choice Products 4in Thick Folding Portable Full Mattress Topper w/ High-Density Foam, Washable Cover

Almost as good as sleeping on a real mattress.
Then the pro move is to get a folding bed frame with tall legs. This frame will fit above most storage bins, definitely the blacks ones with yellow lids! Now you don’t have to sleep on the floor AND you have storage for your bins!

Zinus Casey 18 Inch Premium SmartBase Mattress Foundation / 4 Extra Inches high for Under-bed Storage / Platform Bed Frame / Box Spring Replacement / Strong / Sturdy / Quiet Noise-Free, Full

I got the full size mattress and frame and it’s turned our 10x14 Kodiak into an actual bedroom.

u/SDSienna · 2 pointsr/vandwellers

I have a folding mattress.

This one:

it works great! granted, I don't need anything super cush, and I almost never fold it, but I like it. i'll probably get a topper at some point for it. I wouldn't pay $200 I don't think. they aren't that cozy.

u/Notevenspecial · 2 pointsr/HomeImprovement

On such a historic building, this is absolutely the best way to go:

Quick, easy, and painless.

u/nootdude · 2 pointsr/sonos
u/Geronemo3 · 2 pointsr/options

U probably need something like this. I haven't used one, just happen to know that these things exist.

FITUEYES Universal TV Stand Base with Swivel Mount Height Adjustable for 26 to 55 Inch TV TT106001MB

u/Laveruk · 2 pointsr/hometheater

When I was home shopping, a decent room layout for my HT setup was a deal breaker. Passed on a couple that didn’t have space for a surround setup.

Now I’m back to renting and totally feel your pain.

I’d go with the suggestion from others to mount above fireplace on a drop down, seems nicer layout, otherwise mount on one side of the protrusion on an articulating arm.

Another option could be a floor-standing mount in front of the protrusion and under an entertainment center:

FITUEYES Universal TV Stand Base With Swivel Mount Height Adjustable for 26 To 55 Inch TV TT106001MB

u/kiwiandapple · 2 pointsr/DesignMyRoom

Sorry for being late, this took me lots of hours to make. Didn't get to finish it last night, so continued today.

Note: I only did this for fun, I am not an amazing expert in terms of interior design.


I used Google's SketchUp, which is a free 3D rendering . I haven't used this in a long time and also couldn't find the installation file to run this. So instead, I used the browser version. Which worked very well, but I couldn't find props, so I hand made everything.
Yes, the bloody plants were a disaster! I also went a bit crazy on my own picasso. Deal with it!

  • 3D render pictures:
  • Picture 1
  • Picture 2
  • Picture 3

  • Size reference list:
  • Couch, TV table, TV, Coffee table, Bookshelf
  • Chair, Small round table, Slim side table, Plant (lol)


    Overall, I am not too sure about the fireplace. It feels a bit too cramped, but I had it further away from the fireplace which made it a bit awkward in terms of the couch.
    I do really like the couch, but maybe instead of the coffee table, get either a smaller one or not one at all. You could consider a small TV stand and wall mount the TV instead.

    Anyway, if you have any question. Don't hesitate to ask!
u/rachelann2630 · 2 pointsr/CozyPlaces
u/wtfitsyogurt · 2 pointsr/malelivingspace

I am so sorry! Look how identical yours is to the one on Amazon! I'm in the market to buy one similar and on a budget.

Novogratz Brittany Sofa Futon, Premium Linen Upholstery and Wooden Legs, Mustard Linen

u/crooskie11 · 2 pointsr/malelivingspace
u/Combatical · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

Under the desk one of these might help you a ton.

u/Tomotronic · 1 pointr/DIY

I've been tasked with organizing the rats nest behind the [TV stand.] (|THD|DigitalDecor|google|D59+Furniture|_pkw__pmt__product_300802004&mid=ebZNWaojR|dm_mtid_8903yuu57254_pcrid__pkw__pmt__product_300802004_slid_&gclid=Cj0KCQjw4eXPBRCtARIsADvOjY2-3ltqsUUytnBTDXK-LOgWl8nodLAWkO_wj9FrNzqoxIh-RCWDGiMaAhy3EALw_wcB) I was planning on hanging an [IKEA Signum] ( vertically behind the entertainment center and running cables back and forth through there to make them disappear nicely.

My main concern is that the entertainment center is made out of MDF board. I'm afraid if I try to drill into it I'm going to mess up the entertainment center and find myself in all new trouble! Any recommendations?

u/twirstn · 1 pointr/DIY

I dunno if this is the right place to ask but I was wondering what the best in replicating something like the IKEA Signum but a little cheaper. Don't really feel like it should be $25 for something so simple but I could be wrong.

u/Hsnthethird · 1 pointr/battlestations

IKEA - SIGNUM Cable management, horizontal, silver color (FBA)

You won’t regret it

u/Bettski · 1 pointr/battlestations
u/thebeesknee11 · 1 pointr/battlestations

it doesn't come with the desk but I'll link it, almost bought two but one was plenty.

u/Subjectified_Player · 1 pointr/battlestations

I have this and it does the job

u/psychozxmbie · 1 pointr/cableporn

IKEA - SIGNUM Cable management, horizontal, silver color (FBA) if your to lazy just put this at the bottom of your desk and stuff everything under there

u/Ironmike11B · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

Aside from being a desk from the mid-to-late 1800's, that's a really small workspace. I would suggest getting a rack to screw in under the desktop.

u/bosslickspittle · 1 pointr/battlestations

I have this cable basket from Ikea. It's barely big enough to hold a surge protector with things plugged into it, but it works! Mine is just screwed to the bottom of my desk towards the back!

u/musubi4 · 1 pointr/battlestations

The IKEA SIGNUM cable tray is a miracle worker. Easy install on the underside of the tabletop!

u/ratbuddy · 1 pointr/audiophile

The black ones are really affordable for how nice they are,

I have a shorter one in walnut. It was a bit more than the black ones, but still not expensive for what you get.

u/Mundus_Vult_Decipi · 1 pointr/audiophile

Thanks! Looks like the same concept as a DIY flexy rack. Here's a post from Amazon for others interested.

u/Shintsu2 · 1 pointr/audiophile

Why not just buy a Salamander Designs stand? I have an Archetype 5.0 like this and it works great. I have my ATI amplifier on the bottom and it's much bigger than your XPA-2. Sticks out just a tad on the back, but the feet are all on the stand. I have that, my Threshold above it, Integra processor above that, and APC power conditioner above that - the top has random junk I put on it because why not.

I had enough room with that stand to leave plenty of room for cooling above each component, plus the open design is great for letting air get to them. My room is still an oven, but the stand isn't making them hotter than they should be. Finish is kinda crap on the black one, I bought it because it was cheap, matched my stuff, and I didn't care - but the nicer finishes probably hold up better. You could honestly just buy some wood and then order the rods and stuff from Salamander and make your own, I realized after I bought it - but more work involved.

It's a much better stand than my other stand (Actually it doesn't look just like this, but same general design.) It's made for shitty components that weigh nothing and aren't deep. My large Denon AVR will not fit in any shelf because it's too deep, so it sits on the very top - just like OP here. I'm just too cheap to buy two Salamander stands. It is annoying pushing buttons on stuff though, the whole stand wobbles. I use the remote mostly anyway and it's in the corner - so not like it will get knocked over.

u/Mr-_-Positivity · 1 pointr/audiophile

Bush Furniture Midnight Mist Media Stand in Black

u/socokid · 1 pointr/audiophile

> Which media stand is that?

Here you go.

u/sampson2269 · 1 pointr/audiophile

I was thinking of going with this rack instead,

In the pictures some guy has 3 xpa-2's even though I guess shelf weight is only rated at 50lbs. Any other recommendations for a rack?

u/PURPL3H3YS · 1 pointr/hometheater

This is what I just recently bought for my new house. It's not as nice as Salamander stuff, but it was a lot cheaper and it is really sturdy once together too, so I have no issues with it. I guess it just depends on your number of components.

I think you will have to spend well over $200 dollars to get any sort of rack system though.

u/SicilSlovak · 1 pointr/audiophile

For me, I came here looking for recommendations for behind my component tower, which has to deal with all the cables for my home theater:

A/V Source --> Preamp --> TV


A/V Source --> Preamp --> 7-Channel Amp --> 5.1 Speakers


Turntable --> Phono-Pre --> Preamp --> 2-Channel Amp --> 2.0 Speakers

u/milnak · 1 pointr/audiophile

From Amazon. Looks just like stands that cost 4x more.
Walker Edison 35" Glass Media Storage Tower, Black

u/Josuah · 1 pointr/vinyl

Feature list states the top shelf can hold 250# and the other shelves 75# each.

I'm unaware of any good way to rackmount a high-end turntable. How did you set yours up?

u/AHemlockslie · 1 pointr/CasualConversation

I had one of these for a while, and I like it a lot. My floor is bare concrete, though, so I have to layer it up with a few thicker blankets. Would probably also work to get two if you were in the same situation. It's a firmer, more rigid mattress. I like the rigidity of it. You don't sink into it at all, so you end up laying very flat. That was a big improvmeent over my last mattress, which was wearing out and getting a dip in the middle. I wouldn't mind it being softer, but that often comes at the expense of losing the rigidity, so there's a trade off, and I'm pretty content with it where it is. I also love to take it camping. It's not good enough on its own for concrete, but no dirt and maybe some grass? Perfect. I love it.

They do take a little bit of care, though. You have to pick it up at least a couple times a week to let the under side and the floor under it air out to prevent mold. Folding it up helps stretch and fluff the fibers back out to keep it comfrotable. Some recommend taking it out and beating it occasionally to fluff it and get dead skin cells out, but I haven't done that. You do definitely want to fold it up at least regularly. After a few days, it gets noticeably harder.

However, now that it's thoroughly tested and approved, I'm planning to upgrade to a similar one. Here's a place I can get a fairly cheap king size one that's also thicker than the one from Amazon. I'm planning to upgrade the size and build a bed frame for it. Something with slats to let it get some airflow underneath it and help stave off mold. I'd really like to design something multipurpose, especially for if the mattress is folded and stored, but I haven't been able to come up with anything I like yet, so I might go for a simple platform with storage underneath.

u/wupdup · 1 pointr/malelivingspace

Craigslist is your friend for couches. I got a $3k (new) leather couch in good condition for $200 that way. That was one of many choices at the time, for no more than $400. It's long and comfortable to sleep on and I could probably sell it for $200 when I move. Add another ~$100 for a nice Japanese futon and you've got beds for 2 guests.

u/tehzephyrsong · 1 pointr/Frugal

My boyfriend and I are moving into our first apartment soon, and we had this exact dilemma. First of all, never buy a used mattress. It is never worth it. You spend a third of your life sleeping, why would you want to spend that time marinating in someone else's dead skin, sweat, oils, and possibly sexual fluids? It is the nature of how mattresses are made, whether spring or foam, that they are more or less impossible to truly clean. So, new mattress. Buy the rest of the bed used if you want--frame, box spring, headboard, whatever the hell you want. But the mattress is something you want to spend money on.

The solution my bf and I found was a Japanese-style futon. We ordered the queen-size, which is twice the width of the one I just linked. Cheaper than any mattress of any size (our original plan was to get two twin-XL mattresses and stick them together to make a king), and you don't need the accoutrements like a frame or box spring. All you need is a (clean) floor, and you can even roll the bed up and put it away during the day to give yourself more room to do other things.

u/Countenance · 1 pointr/minimalism

I slept on one of these for a few months and loved it. I slept with it on a carpeted floor, and I made a point of rolling it up every morning and airing it out every weekend and had no problems with moisture or mold.

I've also just tossed that shikibuton on top of camping cots and found it totally comfortable. That would give you plenty of air under it.

Unfortunately, my husband is pretty insistent on a larger bed and insisted on a regular mattress as well.

u/arbivark · 1 pointr/TinyHouses

make your own? another option is a .. i was going to say tatami but that's not it. a thin rollable futon that you put away during the day. $75 + shipping

yeah these ones are expensive.

cheaper kits still $300+

u/ERASERHEAD666 · 1 pointr/personalfinance

Beans, rice, and veggies will keep you healthy for very cheap. I suggest frozen veggies for convenience.

You don't need a bed, I've slept on one of these japanese futons for about a year and a half and I love it, feels way better for my back than a normal bed. If it feels too thin, you can put a yoga mat under it for like $10-15.

If you have a traditional phone plan (t-mobile, att&t, verizon) it's probably a good idea to look into changing that (depends when your 2 year lease is up). Look into MVNO's. I pay $20/mo on Ultra Mobile with a $50 smartphone I found on SlickDeals.

Check on Craigslist for furniture and shit. There are often lots of desks for free that you just need to move. You can find someone with a van to move stuff on CL for cheap as well.

I'm glad I was broke because now that I'm earning like $50,000 a year, I can spend a lot of that feeding poor people and shit instead of buying shit that doesn't make me happy and contributes to the destruction of the planet.

u/Yarnie2015 · 1 pointr/Mattress

I recommend checking out the Japanese shikibutons. I had one for about a year and it worked out great for my small bedroom. There are models that can fold up into a couch when coupled with a special frame. There are ones you have to roll up every day to keep it from flattening too much.

I used a fake bamboo picnic mat to keep the bottom of the buton clean. It ran me about $80 US but well worth the money. I recommend, if say you buy a twin size, to buy the next size up for the fitted sheet. It will help keep the sheet from undoing itself.

I hope this helps!

u/esquqred · 1 pointr/minimalism

So this is the one I currently have

I've had back problems before and initially bought it for that reason, but now I have a hard time falling asleep on a traditional western bed. I'm a stomach and side sleeper. I think if you were a back sleeper the transition would be a lot easier. But I also learned that sleeping with another pillow for back support depending on your sleeping style was important too.

I've had no problems with my back since switching and can honestly say I'll never go back. (no pun intended) IMO, pay the shipping and invest in the shikibuton. It's the best purchase decision I've made in a long time.

u/KariChop · 1 pointr/Frugal

This is it.

There are more reviews on the smaller one here.

u/Kowzorz · 1 pointr/vandwellers

> Might need a thinner and/or lighter futon mattress. Anyone have any ideas?

I bought as my in-house sleeping surface and it's wonderful. Dunno if they make double bed sizes, but for a single person it's great.

u/Catnip323 · 1 pointr/BurningMan

I'm single, but let me tell you about my Heaven Bed. You might not find a more comfy option. I bought a shikifuton from Amazon and repurposed a 3" full size memory foam pad. The shikifuton is only wide enough for one person, so you would need to get 2 (it saves space over air mattresses). The luxurious part is taking the cheaper 3" memory foam, using a box cutter to slice it in half, double stack it... now you have a perfectly fitted 6" of memory foam.

It's more comfortable than my bed and is worth the price. The foam can be squished down to very little.

u/Fried_Catfishies · 1 pointr/bodyweightfitness

I have this bed roll that I use when I'm crashing on a friend's floor or car camping -- when it's rolled up, it works nicely as a floor cushion

u/RomeoStevens · 1 pointr/Frugal

Some people, including my SO and I, find this to be more comfortable than very expensive mattresses.

u/stuck_limo · 1 pointr/malelivingspace

Buy this. I use this one and NO ONE has complained at all. Anyone who ever sat or laid on it loves it. My parents have this for their spare bedroom, I have one in the living room and I have one in my bedroom (with some added foam). I have a buddy who crashes at my place who sleeps on the living room one. No issues from him either.

We all have the 8 inch.

u/zlipus · 1 pointr/AdviceAnimals

You can get a pretty cheap futon with a REALLY good mattress for under 300$ if thats within your price range.

I did the mattress on the floor bit for 3 years after moving out to wyoming and it fucking sucked. Killed my back, never wanted to have anyone over and even less entertained the idea of having a woman over.

Suuuuper comfy and doesn't give out easily. I've had mine for.... shit over 4 years now and its almost as good as it was day one. Not the easiest set up to have sex on lol but it'll work. And i guess the frame they recommend is also the one i bought, it can be slightly noisy but nothing terrible. And the price for both of them is about 200$ thanks to the frame being on sale!

Hopefully you can get something like this. Just something as simple as being able to put your feet down when you wake up out of bed is a game changer.

u/acrulo23 · 1 pointr/DesignMyRoom

just an fyi: the headboard/shelf sticks out about 7 in.
Link Correction:

u/bigdonvincenzo · 1 pointr/malelivingspace

I got it for $149 — the price fluctuates between $120 and $170 and goes completely out of stock often. But, I can attest to it’s quality. Good for the price.

Edit: Emerald Home Chandler Rustic Industrial Solid Wood and Steel Coffee Table with Open Shelf

u/kaboomx · 1 pointr/malelivingspace

Found similar and cheaper on Amazon Emerald Home Chandler Rustic Industrial Solid Wood and Steel Coffee Table with Open Shelf

u/IIIpl4sm4III · 1 pointr/malelivingspace

Oh sorry Im a little stupid. I forgot the suggestions were for console/coffee table.

For the coffee table maybe something like this?

Are you into the white malm style furniture from Ikea?

u/canofpotatoes · 1 pointr/malelivingspace

Thanks, here is an Amazon link for anyone that is curious. On mobile so I'm not sure if it will work.

u/OvaryPolite · 1 pointr/malelivingspace

In case anyone every finds my post... I found the coffee table here:

u/chlewopher · 1 pointr/baltimore

DVD wall mount. Opened it and realized it would work on my wall. I don't feel like going through returns. Come get it for 10 bucks.

u/affeman16 · 1 pointr/DIY

Thanks. Yes, there are two screws on each bracket for a total of four. I don't have the original stand. Any suggestions on replacements? something like this?

u/whitcwa · 1 pointr/TVRepair

Does it have holes for a VESA wall mount on the back? You can get table top stands for VESA mounts. Like this.

u/Co5000 · 1 pointr/hometheater

There are a few but this is the one we had.

Fitueyes Universal TV Stand/Base Swivel Tabletop TV Stand with Mount for 32 to 65 inch Flat Screen TV 80 Degree Swivel, 3 Level Height Adjustable,Tempered Glass Base,Holds up to 88lbs Screens

u/mishkinf · 1 pointr/sonos


Did that Sanus stand work with your 65"? I have the same issue.

u/SmittyJonz · 1 pointr/BudgetAudiophile
u/jbstfu28 · 1 pointr/4kTV

I told my self fuck it and just bought a 65” Sony 900F and Fitueyes Universal TV Stand/Base Swivel Tabletop TV Stand with Mount for 32 to 65 inch Flat Screen Tvs/Xbox One/tv Component/Vizio Tv TT107002GB

since the TV would not fit on my 32 inches dresser.. while the feet on Sony is 46 I don’t mind it being a bit high since I’d be laying down 90% off the tome while watching..

I’m sorry about yours having dse/banding its preftt common on a TCL.. Panel lottery is not on your odds aswell as the hassle and anticipation waiting for your tv is rough..

u/anapoe · 1 pointr/Televisions

I'll probably pick up the PQ65-F, looks like it's $1200 right now at Costco. I also grabbed a VESA base (link) since the Vizio's legs are wider than my cabinet.

One more question, though - the PQ65-F specs say it supports HDMI v2.0 but this article says HDMI v2.0 only supports 4k @ 60 Hz. So I guess you'd run most content @ 4k 60 Hz, then drop down to 1080p 120 Hz for games?

u/TricKTricK21 · 1 pointr/Hammocks

FITUEYES Universal tv Stand with Mount Two Shelves for 32inch to 65inch Sony/Samsung/LG/Vizio TV Swivel Mount TT207001MB

Yep pretty awesome, I put my tv on the top part, PS4 goes on that second piece.

u/cadgers · 1 pointr/audiophile

I'm in the same situation. I mounted it with one of these.

u/stagehog81 · 1 pointr/gaming

That is why I chose a free standing TV mount instead of a wall mount. I wanted something that could be easily moved without having to be remounted to another wall. Here is a link to the one that I bought.

I have been happy with it, and I left off the shelf since it was not needed.

u/fl3x0 · 1 pointr/4kTV
u/PriceKnight · 1 pointr/bapcsalescanada

Price History

u/oxidius · 1 pointr/hometheater

I changed my tv stand to this:

and put the speaker under the tv.

(make sure your cabinet can handle all that extra weight.)

u/gdgeek · 1 pointr/hometheater

Sure thing. I will note that it's a little tall for me on my current entertainment console. So if you want it to be the right hight I would get a shorter console down the line or something like that.

u/WetGash · 1 pointr/DesignMyRoom

Rest of the place is two bedrooms and a separate bathroom. I've found a convertible coffee table / dining table that might fit the space

Transforming coffee table

And as /u/novesois suggested, I've been looking at benches with backrests like this one.


u/LmaoBrad · 1 pointr/CozyPlaces

I believe we found ours at Lowe’s for under $200 but all I can find is this one from Amazon.
Corner Housewares Modern Multi-Purpose Dining Room Wheeled Transforming Adjustable Expanding X Lift Coffee and Dining Table, Walnut Wood Finish

u/EnemyOfEloquence · 1 pointr/IsuzuTrooper

It fits over the wheel wheels! And you're right, the storage "box" is slightly above the height of the folded down back seats. There's metal brackets on the leafs and it all just fits enough that it's snug and doesn't move around when set up.

I have a sketch with some measurements written on it that I'll dig up for you. Mattress I got from Amazon, wood is just 3/4th inch Furniture wood from Home Depot.

Works great, I've driven a 500 miles with it permanently in the back and haven't had any problem with movement or shifting. Also is a good way to organize the trunk.

u/microjupiter · 1 pointr/hometheater

55” and this is the actual stand it’s on. It’s just tucked behind the entertainment center.

u/drumkeys · 1 pointr/DesignMyRoom

There are plenty of standing tv mounts out there that have internal cord hiders:

u/lightinthedark · 1 pointr/AmateurRoomPorn

Could do something like this, have the foot of the stand under the chest. They make shorter table top stands (that swivel side to side) too, but that chest is already high, you'd want the TV closer to the surface so you can view comfortably.

u/ThatOBrienGuy · 1 pointr/woodworking

Looks fantastic. Love the X's and the metal. Where did you get the screens from though, and would they be weight bearing? I've been looking at this table on Amazon for a year now wondering if I should make it myself (obviously that would cost way more and I'm on a budget unfortunately), but I always stopped at where would I get the hardware from.

VASAGLE Industrial Coffee Table with Storage Shelf for Living Room, Wood Look Accent Furniture with Metal Frame, Easy Assembly, Rustic Brown ULCT61X

u/JinxChu · 1 pointr/malelivingspace


I would not recommend the tv stand though, although it's pretty nice looking it was the hardest thing I've ever had to assemble

u/tickerrtape · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Want: Weighted blanket to help with night time anxiety and stress!

Need: A small couch for my apartment that I live in with my partner. We currently only have a chair and some cushions on the floor and we would love to be able to snuggle up on a couch together and watch movies (one of our favorite quality-time activities). Things have been very hard for us recently and it would be so nice to have something like this not only for us, but for when my momma comes to visit so she doesn’t have to sleep on the floor.

u/blueberryy · 1 pointr/InteriorDesign

Thanks for the suggestions, really appreciate the help. I think I'm going to end up either with the 1st one from above (link) or this one

u/GunpowderMonkey · 1 pointr/malelivingspace

Modway Render, 59" TV Stand, Walnut

I have this one as well, although I found it on sale at Home Depot. It’s a great looking TV stand at a good price, although not solid wood if that matters at all.