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u/Ellieissokay · 33 pointsr/SkincareAddiction

Airless pump bottles. I transfer all of my jars to them reguardless.. I hate exposing the product to open air daily, and these also scrape the tube clean on the way up. I have indeed dropped them, they're durable enough. Highly reccomend.

u/imasunrae · 30 pointsr/AsianBeauty

I Love organization and love the organization posts :D I posted my ikea-made vanity set in a thread once but I wanted to share the whole setup.

Also /u/Thatsbasic suggested a 'shelfie saturday' in another comment so I thought I'd give it a try :3

u/theslitherwizard · 27 pointsr/MakeupAddiction
u/the-tsarina · 26 pointsr/AsianBeauty

This is an Ikee Acrylic storage container that I purchased to organize my messy collection of sheet masks. The dividers inside the drawers make it absolutely perfect for storing most of them. It's like this was created to house sheet masks.

u/PuffyCottonCandy · 26 pointsr/MakeupAddiction

The mirror is from lowes its 24 by 30 and the bulbs are and the light fixture is

and just in case anyone else is wondering the fake plant and stuff are from michaels, the brush holders are and the makeup organizer is

u/jcirque · 26 pointsr/SkincareAddiction

The spray bottle in the first picture is a flairosol (wow they are cool) that I filled with aloe vera juice, rosewater, and glycerine.

And no, those are not a new type of packaging for the ordinary. I do totally think they should adopt my idea, but they're just airless pumps purchased from Amazon that I filled with ordinary serums and transferred the label to.

I have generally oily skin.

Edit: Not pictured: CosRx low pH gel cleanser, LRP Toleriane hydrating cleanser, TO 30% peel, and CosRx AHA/BHA toner. They all live in my shower caddy.

Edit 2: here is a link to Amazon for the airless pumps: White Airless Vacuum Pump Travel Bottles Refillable- 1 oz (Set of 6)

Edit 3: here is my skincare routine. It is in order of product layering, lightest/water based followed by heavier/oil based products. I don't actually look at that though. I have it memorized.

u/UnicyclingBear · 24 pointsr/minipainting

I did the same thing but bought nail polish racks from Amazon. They're perfect for paints and can be nailed into the wall very easily!

u/miscakes · 22 pointsr/AsianBeauty

I was feeling gross about always putting my hands/the tiny spatula into my giant tub of AIO Snail goo, so I got this pump. Took a while to load up, but I'm excited to have a more sanitary way to dispense my beloved!

u/missvertigo · 19 pointsr/DIY

Amazon link. Several vendors have them.

u/lenduuh · 17 pointsr/MakeupAddiction

I absolute love my Neutrogena Healthy Skin in Natural Beige (60) but that no-pump situation has made my life so messy. Like, the last straw was pouring a good 10% of the foundation on my mixing plate and then I lost it. I got this airless pump on Amazon the best thing about it it's that it is reusable, so I'm totally putting my Maybelline Matte & Poreless next.

I am going to be more inclined to buy pump-less foundations in the future because now my messy ass cannot pour foundation all over my vanity.

Has anyone else done this for their pump-less foundations?

u/elsee28 · 14 pointsr/BuyItForLife

I'm a fan of GoToobs.

They are silicone and the rotating collar reveals the product type.

My ma got knock offs at Target (I think) but can't confirm their BITL status.


u/shockingmuffin · 13 pointsr/muacjdiscussion

I've broken the pump on my Fenty foundation, so I got a foundation bottle on Amazon to decant it into.

For lipstick, I've seen people melt them down into new containers and apply with a lip brush. Safiya did a video or two reforming lipstick bits into a whole new Franken-shade with a lipstick mould and new lipstick tube.

u/cardoorhatchet · 12 pointsr/MakeupAddiction

Link to album:

I thought this might be helpful for others who are tight on space. Welcome to my 46 squarefoot closet.
This is everything I used for the vanity, but feel free to ask about other stuff in the pictures.

  • IKEA Storjorm Mirror with built-in light- This mirror has been great. It does need to wired directly into an electrical box; I think there's a workaround for that but I'm not sure.

  • BESTÅ Shelf unit with glass door - two of these bolted to the wall. Super easy to put together and put on the wall. They've been sturdy even when I forget to not lean on it. I do wish I had a glass topper to protect the top shelf from spills. These work particularly well because of their 7 7/8" depth. The unit only sticks out maybe an inch from the door jamb and was the shallowest thing I could find.

  • Acrylic Organizers from Amazon:
    Tri cup organizer,
    3 Drawers,
    Multi level palette,
    Nail polish

    I find the lipstick organizer to be kind of narrow. KVD bullets don't fit in it, bummer.
u/LilKaylie · 10 pointsr/AsianBeauty

Not a product but I recommend these plastic eye droppers for liquids/serums. I have the 30ml size, which looks like it's currently out of stock. I also use airless pump bottles for my cream/gels. Note: I just realized the airless pump bottles are not currently available on Amazon.)


I transfer all my skincare into their respective containers right away just because I have a habit of dropping things like the glass bottles and some skincare items are pricey so I don't want to lose them due to being accident prone. I can also save shelf space since my medicine cabinet won't accommodate the size of things like my Hada Labo Hyaluronic Lotion Moist or Cosrx Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence. Now I can keep the larger bottles in a drawer/closet and keep the smaller items on the shelf. When it's time to travel I already have them in acceptable sized containers so I just toss them into the bag and I'm ready to go.

Edit: Added airless pump bottles not available :(

u/BuzzardB · 9 pointsr/minipainting

I just ordered 3 of these, each hold 78 or so bottles of Reaper paints and I believe they fit all the common brands.

Acrylic Display Rack

HERE is a pic from the reaper forum of them in use.

u/kinezumi89 · 9 pointsr/SkincareAddiction

Nail pens

Pure jojoba oil

I follow Simply Nailogical on youtube and she made a video on how to grow your nails long. That may or may not apply to you, but her tips are good for nail health in general. She recommends jojoba oil to put in the pens. They are refillable, though some people in the reviews can't seem to figure it out lol.

I keep one in my purse and one at my desk, and try to apply whenever I can remember. I brush the oil on my cuticles, the skin around my nails, along the sides of my nails (between the nail and the skin), and underneath my nails, because I 99% of the time have polish on lol. But when I've removed my polish, I apply to the whole nail too.

Hope this helps!

u/wifewithalife · 8 pointsr/MakeupAddiction

Amazon! Non-affiliate link here

u/dinning_room_hobo · 8 pointsr/electronic_cigarette

It is only as dangerous as the tools you are using. I advocate using oral syringes to administer nicotine. Here is a link to 1ml oral syringes on amazon

With this syringe and a good glass bottle like this I see no reason people can't take on 100mg nicotine as long as they use gloves.

u/Psychonauti · 8 pointsr/shrooms

Try making sure you have your SGFC raised off of the ground by a few inches. Have at least 4 or 5 inches of soaked perlite. Buy a spray mister for less than 9 bucks on amazon like this one:

Mist and fan a few times a day until pins form. After pins form, cut way back on misting and fanning. Maybe mist once a day or even two. Fan a couple times a day. They tend to do well with some C02 buildup.

u/honey_tar0t · 8 pointsr/Indiemakeupandmore

Thank you! I found them on amazon and you get 50 5g jars which is about the perfect size for the samples. I don’t fill them all the way with wax though so they smell very strong.

amazon link to vials

u/PM_ME_YOUR_MONITORS · 8 pointsr/AsianBeauty
u/iranintoavan · 7 pointsr/Coffee

Yes, there are. I had a Baratza Encore and had a similar problem where it would always leave some grinds all over the place. Since I upgraded to a Baratza Vario I no longer have the problem.

I do have something that will help you without buying a new grinder.

Get one of these small mist bottles.

Fill it with water.

Give your beans a couple quick sprays before you throw them in the grinder. Don't soak them or anything just a couple sprays so they have a little mist on them. It will almost completely eliminate any static or stuck grinds.

u/lacquerista · 7 pointsr/RedditLaqueristas

here ya go :D

u/Firstmatewifey · 7 pointsr/makeuporganization

This is (an older) photo of mine! Link

It's listed as a nail polish rack on amazon

u/alaskabrown · 7 pointsr/AsianBeauty

Sample containers:
The bottles with the green flip-caps are from Amazon (~0.5oz/15mL each, $21.99 for 36).
The little pots with screw-on lids are also from Amazon (3mL each, $7.99 for 50). I wound up making 2 pots for each sample because they were a little smaller than I had imagined (Starfish Lord, grant me the presence of mind to look at dimensions before ordering things), so next time I might get these slightly bigger ones (5mL each, $10.00 for 50).

Decanting supplies:
I used these plastic transfer pipettes (3mL, $4.50 for 100) to decant anything that I could suck up with them.
Anything in a pot was decanted using these wooden spatulas ($22.98 for 500); I put 2-3 in with each potted sample and kept the rest for myself. (Forgive me, my Spiny-Skinned Savior, for lacking the diligence to wash and dry my plastic spatulas after each use; pray accept my disposable compromise or guide me to a better way).

The small ones are from the Container Store (2.5” x 3”, $0.89 for package of 10).
The larger ones are from Wegmans, but similar ones are available at Target (3.5” x 5.5”, $2.24 for 64).

I tested a lot of different markers before I found some that didn’t smear/smudge/wipe-off and that could withstand the watery trials of the bathroom counter. From my own stash, these three worked:
Gold: Montana Acrylic Extra Fine Point (0.77mm) Marker in Matte Gold (Metallic) (available from Dick Blick for $5.35).
White: Sharpie Oil-Based Paint Extra-Fine Point Marker in White (available from Joann for $2.62).
Teal/peacock blue: Derwent Graphik Line Painter (acrylic, 0.5mm) in Brilliant (available from Dick Blick for $3.96).

u/Airyrelic · 7 pointsr/AsianBeauty

No problem. I decanted mine into these bottles and I use a pump on my face, neck and chest. If there's anything left over I smear it on my hands.

u/lgbtqbbq · 7 pointsr/AsianBeauty

I love these from Amazon- mine have lasted more than 6 months and I've refilled some of them multiple times with no issues or breakage. If you have a problem with defective product, Amazon Prime products are best because Amazon has such a generous replacement/refund policy if there's an issue down the line.

u/fluffykittenears · 7 pointsr/makeuporganization

Display4top 6 Pack Of Clear Acrylic Nail Polish Rack, Kids Invisible Floating Bookshelf, Wall Mounted Display Organizer

u/mnmcookie08 · 7 pointsr/calmhands

I actually made my own cuticle oil pens. A mix of jojoba and vitamin e oil. I bought the pens from Amazon

Since these are so handy I kept them everywhere - my nightstand, end table by the couch, my desk, in the kitchen, purse, any other place you can think of. The key for me was to not be caught without the cuticle oil pen within arms reach at any time.

Can’t take credit for this - I saw Simply Nailogical’s video on how to care for your nails. She is pretty knowledgeable.
Simply Nailogical - how to grow your nails

u/cats_in_tiny_shoes · 6 pointsr/AskWomen

Travel writer human person here. Feel free to ask questions!

  1. Best travel-related purchases: GoToobs; a good set of noise-cancelling headphones for planes; a Kindle; a durable spinner-wheel carry-on bag (good luggage will change your life, have many recs if needed); slip-on sneakers for airport security and general travel comfort; this converter/adapter; a cute floral baseball cap for bad hair days.

  2. All of the above are my travel necessities for int'l travel. Just good books, good music, my passport, and a fairly open mind. :D

  3. Are you from the US? Look into getting TSA Precheck or Global Entry certification so you can waltz through security and customs. Best thing I ever bought myself.
u/nowthatihavefoundyou · 6 pointsr/RandomActsofMakeup

Have you seen this post where someone repurposed a nail polish rack ($32 shipping included) to store their lippie collection? I sure you could even put your eyeshadow singles, compacts, small WnW palettes, etc. on it as well.

Dat quad- b-a-n-a-n-a-s

u/zosoleary · 6 pointsr/ResearchMarkets

holy crap this is scary as fuck! please please please be careful. it's very obvious you don't know what you are doing. remember 2 grams is 2,000 pills. don't try to eyeball doses or keybumps or anything like that. first step: get a milligram scale!!!! you said earlier you have a gemini 20, that's would work just fine. then you are going to need a graduated cylinder, and some PG. i do 2mg per 1 ml of pg. so i weigh out 100mg of etizolam, carefully measure out 50 ml of pg then mix the two in a vial. just shake it hard core then let it rest overnight then shake it some more (takes it a while to dissolve in PG). make sure to store the vial outside of sunlight because that damages the etizolam (i wrapped electrical tape around my travel vial). then get a transfer pipette or oral syringe and make your dose (half a ml for 1 pill, 1ml for 2 pills). tastes horrible, best to put it in a drink or have a chaser handy. PLEASE BE CAREFUL!!!! it's hard to measure out under half a ml accurately so 10mg a ml means you HAVE to do at least 5 at a time. it's just a good recipe to extreme and dangerous addiction and would make it even harder to taper off.

u/delapse · 6 pointsr/MakeupAddiction

Amazon has some awesome ones - look up "fine mist" spray bottles. This one is my favorite, but it is a little big. Muji has some great ones too.

u/steve9207 · 6 pointsr/DIY_eJuice

This is what I use from Amazon - they're $13 each shipped with Prime. I use two of them and ended up looking like this - that's close to 100 concentrates in the racks themselves (you could fit more if you have smaller bottles (10-15ml). I could probably use a third, since I now have one full row in front and a second starting...

u/JustHood · 6 pointsr/makeuporganization

Thank you!! I picked up this set from Amazon.

u/[deleted] · 5 pointsr/MakeupAddiction

My face and eye products are stored inside these drawer organizers in my vanity drawers. I found them for $6.99 at TJMaxx, and they snap together in whatever configuration you want.

I store my lipsticks like this, and my lip tars like this. The nail polish rack is $35, and the tiered lipstick organizer is $5.80.

u/hikerbikerCO · 5 pointsr/muacjdiscussion

Hmmm, so I don't have an actual vanity and I am a HUGE scavenger/recycler. I basically use things that I already have and make them work for me. Here are some pics so you can better see the use of boxes and lids for organization.

I also use prescription bottles to hold all brushes, mascaras, etc. because I have A TON laying around. For the extremely brief period of time that I used a beauty sponge, I kept it in a prescription bottle cap or a metal cap from a fancy juice bottle.

The 2 boxes I've repurposed to store different make up items. One was a large mascara sampler box that is sturdy and has a nice magnetic closure so I decorated it using packaging to make a collage.

If you're not looking to buy anything new for storage/organization I highly recommend thinking creatively! Perhaps lids from jars (I use the cookie tin as a trash can and the lid as a mixing palette), shoeboxes could work, or with the upcoming holidays any boxes you may receive. Do you have baskets laying around or glasses/bakeware that are unused?

Not everyone wishes to go my route when it comes to organization so there are specific organizers like this one from Amazon and many you can find at TJ Maxx/Marshall's/Home Goods that are inexpensive. Always remember at those stores, things can be turned into storage or organizers! Particularly kitchen items like spice displays/racks or fridge organizers.

And depending on how you'd like to store your nail polish, wall displays are also nice and somewhat space saving. Here is an example from Amazon, but I believe Ikea and other stores have single shelves that you can purchase for much less and just install multiples of.

I love make up storage and organization (despite my set up being pretty wonky) so I apologize for the huge essay!!

u/YngPhoenix · 5 pointsr/AsianBeauty

I recently decanted my kiku in a spray bottle and LOVE it!

Not only does it spray super finely, but I can't finally start incorporating more body care into my post-shower routine. I used to buy those spray lotions, but wanted to find an alternative that wasn't as wasteful and with better products. Not going back!

Edited to add- please make sure to sanitize your bottle before putting product into it!

u/EgregiousWeasel · 5 pointsr/SkincareAddiction

The reviews on these airless pump bottles look pretty good. I'm going to order some for Christmas travel.

u/GrimmLock420 · 5 pointsr/Warhammer
u/Hayzahh · 5 pointsr/MUAontheCheap

I really, REALLY enjoy this one I got from Amazon. It's not super cheap for what it is but it's very sturdy and clean. I use Maybelline FitMe foundation and pour it in there. I get to use every drop of my foundation. It almost cleans as it pumps out if that makes sense. There's no residue left of the sides of the container.

u/Ursin_Brennus · 5 pointsr/minipainting

Nail polish organizers like this one or two or three.

u/1D13 · 5 pointsr/minipainting

I went on Amazon and searched "fingernail polish rack".

The one I bought was a wall mounted rack I put above my desk. It holds like 100 paints and I think I spent $20 on the rack. And if I needed to I could move the rack over on the wall and mount two side by side.

But when you search for nail polish racks on Amazon you'll get desk mounted and wall mounted results.

Edit: Link the one I have.

u/knittingyogi · 4 pointsr/SkincareAddiction

These are awesome! I've been using the GoToob bottles (I got them way cheaper than this listing [] at my local pharmacy, but they're leakproof and squeezable which works good for creams) for my mineral oil and BP cream, then carrying around my full bottles of BHA/AHA, moisturizer, and sunscreen. I don't know if your set up is best for me, but I'm trying to revamp a little and this is an awesome idea. (Keep em coming, if you've got em!)

u/zenzizenzizenzike · 4 pointsr/muacjdiscussion

I am using this Ikea MICKE desk until I find a nice mid-century desk that fits my bedroom.

The drawers are full of palettes, powders, liners, and everything except lipstick. I keep my lipstick collection (400+ lipsticks) displayed on two of these nail polish racks, which I keep hung on the wall behind my door.

I recently got a new tiered display for my little perfume collection, so they're on my vanity like this.

u/Lavarie · 4 pointsr/RedditLaqueristas
u/batdalek · 4 pointsr/RandomActsOfPolish

Okay so maybe 6 months ago my aunt got a cold that would not go away. She went into the doctors and after many tests she was diagnosed with cancer and given about 6 months. We all had been hoping she'd make it past christmas, but we got word yesterday she's about to pass. Things have been getting worse and worse but now she's unconscious, non-responsive and her vitals are dropping. We thought she'd pass yesterday, but last we heard she was still just out, her vitals are still really low, but she's kind of hanging on. I didn't get to see her before because it was sudden and we've kind of been trying to give her husband and kids time with her, ya know. I know she's been in a crazy amount of pain, so I almost hope she passes sooner rather than later so she's finally at peace...

Sudden change of topic and on to something less depressing! Since husband isn't buying me a christmas gift (and lets be honest, no one else is either) I got myself this nail polish holder, and this one too. Yay for me. Super happy to move out of boxes and into pretty displays.

Hope everyone is doing well. <3

u/why_42 · 4 pointsr/Indiemakeupandmore

You could get some smaller bottles like these and split them in half so you can keep some of all four scents.

u/Houbrewdude · 4 pointsr/Homebrewing

Spray is good. Mister is better. Surface area is the key. What my barber uses

u/PootMcGroot · 4 pointsr/SkincareAddiction

They're all over Amazon or eBay, as well as any online packaging or cosmetic supplies store. You can generally find them for $2 a time, and they're robust and reusable.

Like this:

u/Lilthne · 4 pointsr/AsianBeauty

I bought a set of 6 30ml pump bottles from Amazon for $16 that work well and pump out product less forcefully than my daiso versions. Not cheap, but more luxurious than the daiso versions imo

u/mastiii · 4 pointsr/SkincareAddiction

Amazon sells airless pumps like this. I know that Skinactives sells various bottles as well. I think one of those might work, though I've never tried it.

u/Nekkosan · 4 pointsr/AsianBeauty

I prefer a pump. But you have to struggle at the last 1/4. I just refill. I am not a huge decanter. Mostly keep stuff in the orignal buttle. Not a lover of dropper bottles. Maybe you get further down the bottle without struggling with it vs a pump? Clearly not air proof, but not all pumps are. I just find them cumbersome. I would decant products out of dropper bottles, if it were easier to get the product out in one shot. The main thing I decant is my Scinic AIO, as it the jar is messy to work with. Also Holika aloe gel, as that cute aloe bottle is hard to control the amount comming out. Some of the bottles broke on me. I drop things. I decant some serums, because I think the antioxidants might last longer in a more opaque/airless bottle.

Bottles I like: These are good airless and opaque pumps. Here. Hard to tell when they are empty though or when you filled them. Looks like it might be clear, but the bottle is hard white plastic. But it keeps out air and light and keeps the ingredients fresh.

These are a bit easier to work with and small, so might be better for travel. Still dark to keep out most of the light but you can see the product. Air cleary gets in.

I am liking these misters, though clearly not for essences. They are a bit larger than I expected. They mist nicely. Again the blue keeps a fair amount of light out. Not to many toners I like to mist, but a few.

u/paninilincoln · 4 pointsr/AsianBeauty

I have these:

They're white airless pump bottles, I use them for creams, lotions, toners, oils, sunscreens, actives, and even foundation. And since it's a pump, there's less risk of contamination as with using your fingers in a jar :D

u/chemkara · 4 pointsr/SkincareAddiction

Get these refillable oil pens, fill them with Jojoba oil. It is the closest (molecule wise) to our lipids. And use them on the nail bed and around cuticles whenever you can. I keep one next to bed, one at work, one in pocket and use after hand washing. You will see a difference in about a week. No more dry cuticles or brittle nails.

u/frann3 · 3 pointsr/AsianBeauty

I've been considering moving my toners to spray bottles for easier application even at home.

And a smaller 2.5oz perhaps for travel

u/KegelFairy · 3 pointsr/curlyhair

Really love Go Toob. They're really squishy so you can actually use up most of the stuff that's in there. We haven't had an issue with leaks but I don't use them for the really liquidy stuff (because we don't have enough!).

Bonus protip, if you need to fill a tube with something that comes in a jar, baby medicine syringes work amazingly well. Husband uses this with his hair cream with great success.

u/SiameseGunKiss · 3 pointsr/RedditLaqueristas

I ordered it from Amazon!. It arrived pretty quickly and went up like a charm.

u/EdibleMalfunction · 3 pointsr/DIY_eJuice
u/wwaxwork · 3 pointsr/Warhammer40k

I have a nail polish rack I use to keep my paints on I use the larger model but there are others designs including wall mounted. If I am careful it lifts easily in & out of a cupboard onto my painting table, if I ever bother to clean up the area. I have just bought another one yet to be assembled to hold my ever expanding paint collection. I have a row for each colour, all major brands of paint fit fine.

I use a paintbrush roll (check out art supply stores) to store my brushes and an old glass jar to stand them in when I am painting and a couple of old make up cases that zip up to store the many tools. The roll & cases all live in a small plastic box that fits next to the paint racks on my shelf, you know if I were to actually put them away.

PS First time trying to do a link. Sorry if it messes up.

u/MarsHuntress · 3 pointsr/researchchemicals

He's never gonna hear the end of this!

Okay, here's my answer. I go the oral route. I make a solution using propylene glycol (aka "PG").

My recipe for 4-ACO-DMT: .5g powder --> 4ml PG, combined in a small amber dropper bottle. Shake well until totally smooth. In my experience, 8 drops is a good starter dose. I just put the drops into a beverage and down it.

Obviously, you need a scale. You can get a decent one for under $20. One that is highly recommended the Gemini-20.

u/LaTortugaConQueso · 3 pointsr/SkincareAddiction

I do 1 part tea tree to 9 parts jojoba. I bought these and I usually mix like three bottles worth at once and it lasts a while. I use a syringe but I still haven't found one that easily pulls the oil because it's so thick.

u/earworms · 3 pointsr/RandomActsofMakeup

I purchased These Jars off of amazon. Note: You get 50.

You can find different sizes, shapes, or colors by searching Amazon. These ones were highly reviewed ( plus fulfilled by Amazon) and I am pretty satisfied with them. They are pretty sturdy and the stickers from the indies fit perfectly.

u/lapaloma16 · 3 pointsr/AsianBeauty

I tried so many - from dollar store, from Amazon, never found any that delivers a nice, uniform mist!

The ones I tried on Amazon (and disappointing) were:

My search is on for a good mist dispenser.

My Hylamide Spray is near over - so I am thinking of re-using it for Kikusamune!

Would love to see if anyone has suggestions for a good spray bottle that puts out even mist (like say Mac fix plus bottle)

u/stresstwig · 3 pointsr/MakeupAddiction

I have a set of six airless pump bottles I got on Amazon -- that's what I depot my moisturizer and face wash (a squeezy tube is not the proper dispensing method for FAB's ultra repair face wash let me just say) into -- and they are a godsend. No product just falling out of the tube, no having to dip my fingers into a pot...I love these forever and always.

u/apollymipanthos · 3 pointsr/SkincareAddiction

I use these and like them a lot. They are reusable and great for products you don't want exposed to air. They also don't leak!

u/Gods_Heathen · 3 pointsr/DIYBeauty

I buy 6 pks on Amazon for about $16.00.

These are really easy to use and clean. I make serums for my face and my own liquid foundation and I haven't had a problem with leaking or with the pump.

u/Foment_life · 3 pointsr/electronic_cigarette

Some folks recommend things like nail polish organizers.

I use a foam filled hardshell case from harbor freight for mod organization (I have too many mods) and a cheap plastic toolbox to organize atties (in the tool tray up top) and building supplies below. If you drill little holes for the 510s all your atties can stand up neatly in the tool tray.

u/turn0 · 3 pointsr/tabletopgamedesign

Pretty cool. A suggestion for your next iteration, sand down the pieces you are going to cast as you can see the grain of the wood.

If you need quick iterations without casting, you can also try the link below. With a quick spray paint job and gluing the magnets or washers inside you can make lots of them really fast for pretty cheap.

u/waffles_friends_work · 3 pointsr/muacjdiscussion

I love my Muji drawers. I have the two of the large 2-drawer ones, and they stack beautifully. The drawers feel luxe -- a heavy weight acrylic -- and glide very nicely. For the sake of comparison, I also have this organizer. The acrylic is a bit thinner, the edges aren't as smooth, and the drawers don't glide as easily. But, the price point is better, it holds a boatload of stuff, and it's Prime eligible. I access my acrylic organizers daily for my makeup staples vs. for added storage, so I appreciate the quality/user experience of Muji drawers. I'd definitely repurchase them if I need more storage in the future.

u/ashrocketship · 3 pointsr/MakeupAddiction

all of the acrylic storage is from amazon :) - the drawers:

u/Dufferoo · 3 pointsr/GirlGamers

Thanks! I think I got it off Amazon awhile back. This one.

u/RaptorMan333 · 3 pointsr/fragrance

Buy some of these: Golf Set of 8 6pcs 6ml Portable Mini Refillable Perfume Scent Aftershave Atomizer Empty Spray Bottle with 2 Funnel Filler for Travel Purse

Heat will kill it especially with how hot it gets there. I use those atomizers and keep them in my gym bag, etc. Worst case at least if you ruin the frag you'll just ruin like 5ml of it and not an entire bottle.

u/ardvarkdenier · 3 pointsr/Makeup

I know this is lame but i got this organizer a while back. I'm really messy and so this helped me a lot :P my boyfriend isn't as annoyed as he used to be

u/grewish89 · 3 pointsr/MakeupAddiction

I found one on Amazon. Is this what you’re looking for? I think I might purchase it because I am so annoyed with pouring out too much makeup. Foundation Pump

u/ItsStellar · 3 pointsr/DIYBeauty

Thanks for the reply! I don't know why I didn't think you'd be here, your like my skincare godmother lol. I was thinking about using it in it's original packaging but if something like this is necessary I can switch over to that.

So I've looked into some more DIY threads and I'm assuming you mean percentages, so for that I'm unsure if I need a digital scale. So I measure out the amount of oil cleanser I have now, roughly, using the digital scale. Then using another type of container, like a beaker, I measure out the correct number of Cromollient SCE I need, for example 0.60 ounces if I had about 5.40 ounces of mineral oil, to make the total batch 6 ounces. Am I missing anything?

u/crewen · 3 pointsr/minipainting

I think it's this one:


I may need to pick one up too!

u/sketchcub · 3 pointsr/powerrangers

MMPR Toys recommended buying a "nail polish" clear acrylic shelf. Apparently it's the right depth for the keys and displays well.


u/rickearthc137 · 2 pointsr/parrots

She's a cutie!

If you're not doing it already, along with showering, you may want to mist her with 100% pure aloe vera juice and in a small cosmetic misting bottle like this one. They're nice because you can palm them and they put out a really fine mist instead of a spray stream.

u/goodnames679 · 2 pointsr/bleachshirts
u/Workdawg · 2 pointsr/lifehacks

I did this on my last flight only I used travel shampoo bottles which are bigger and I filled them myself at home for even cheaper drinking. Something like this:

I also bought a coke at the airport (past security) and just asked the flight attendant for a cup of ice and can of pop. (additional can = additional drinks!) I mixed it myself in plain sight on the plane (though the attendant wasn't around at the time) and no one said anything to me.

Edit: Also... since it was a hit last time... plane bacon

u/awesometown3000 · 2 pointsr/bicycletouring

If I'm worried about TSA and all that mess, I have Gotoobs and I fill 3 with chamois cream. Otherwise it just makes more sense to carry the big 8oz tube for unlimited creamin' up. I consider it an acceptable weight penalty. But having universal travel bottles like gotoobs/etc is just a useful travel tool regardless.

But here's the hard truth about chamois cream: You can replace it with hotel body lotion in a pinch and not notice the difference. Last time this happened I rode 60 miles with oatmeal scented hotel lotion in my shorts. I've done this plenty of times when I've left home without my Butt'rs.

u/pimmsandlemonade · 2 pointsr/femalefashionadvice

I'm planning to order a nail polish display case. They have tons on amazon in the $20-30 range and they fit sunglasses perfectly. I can't remember where I read this life hack but my husband is a sunglass hoarder (20+ pairs) so we desperately need something!

u/sharks_cant_do_that · 2 pointsr/RedditLaqueristas
u/PM_ME_UR_UFO_PICS · 2 pointsr/organization

I have a nail polish shelf like this on my wall. they come in all kinds of sizes and materials (wood, metal, plastic, etc) and can be custom built. this is good for not only displaying them like art, but also it helps you be able to see everything you have. I used to keep them in photo boxes sorted by colours and I found that I never used most of them because I couldn't see the bottles when they were stood upright.

I use a train case for all the tools/accessories. you could also try looking at arts and craft supply stuff because they often have all sorts of containers that can be useful for nail stuff (hobbies like jewelry making, sewing, scrapbooking, etc require lots of tiny pieces so the containers have little compartments for everything)

(I also recommend majorly decluttering if you haven't already. I used to have probably around 300 bottles of polish but one person obviously can't use that many, even if you did your nails every single day it would take years to get the moneys worth for every colour. just keep what you use, donate or sell the rest. so now I just keep what fits on the acrylic wall shelf)

u/rachelrad · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

This, because my shelf is already full and I have lots of pretty polish to display. Ohhh my. I have an addiction. lol.

u/ceairaraptor · 2 pointsr/RandomActsOfPolish

I have a couple of these wall racks. They're pretty durable and I've never had an issue with the racks falling, even while filled to capacity. I just like how presentable they are and how easy it is to find the polish I'm looking for.

u/dayone68 · 2 pointsr/RedditLaqueristas

Here it is:

It actually ended up holding 99 bottles for me.

u/faerielfire · 2 pointsr/RedditLaqueristas

This is what I got and it works pretty well =)

u/overthemountain · 2 pointsr/minipainting

Hmm. I use this rack meant for nail polish. I'd have to count to see how many bottles I'm actually able to fit in there. The Vallejo rack looks like it holds 52 or so, plus spaces for larger bottles in the back. I want to say this nail polish rack holds 70+. It works pretty well, too.

u/bobs_atza_my_penis · 2 pointsr/DIY_eJuice

Bought my fiance a smaller one of these for christmas and a light bulb went off in my head. So I purchased this one for all my flavor bottles

u/justahermit · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I need this

so i can mix my own ear drops and stuff to treat chronic ear infections and eczema of the ear.

u/Celladoore · 2 pointsr/PolishGauntlet

If you want to make your own cuticle oil for cheaper, pure jojoba or sweet almond oil are both excellent. I bought one ounce of jojoba and decanted some into a Amber glass bottle and use it daily, and I haven't even gone through half of it since winter started. If you want to be extra fancy you can add essential oils to make your own scents, or add in extras like vitamin E.

u/Yoyochan · 2 pointsr/SkincareAddiction

You could get some plastic pipettes to transfer small amounts of the oil. I use these for depositing scented oils in my oil diffuser so that I don't accidentally use too much.

You could also consider transfering the oil to bottles with dropper tops.

u/compto35 · 2 pointsr/beards


u/tinkafoo · 2 pointsr/keto

Same here. Just thought it was easier to post a link to EZ Sweetz rather than a recipe.

That said, what strength do you use? I've been using a 1:4 ratio (splenda to water) so 1 drop = 1 packet.

My recipe: 7.8 grams of sucralose to 30ml (1 fl.oz.) water, and I keep it in dropper bottles in the fridge since I didn't add any preservatives.

u/twisted_dick · 2 pointsr/Vaping

Hey man, I would love to help you quit smoking and didn't notice the first time I commented that you didn't have any experience with vaping. So I'm going to try to put together a list here of what you need to do to start vaping for very little money.

  1. A mod. I am suggesting this mod because it is very simple and fairly cheap.

    This is another option for you.

    I love my Icare, but you will need to use high (24-36) mg ejuice with it, whereas with the ego you would need 12-24 mg/ml.

  2. Eliquid making basics.

    OPTIONAL: flavoring. If you want flavoring just ask in a reply I'll let you know what to get based on your tastes, but it's not necessary and you're trying to go cheap.

    This is the recipe for making flavorless, 12 mg juice.

    You can make an account at that site and adapt that recipe to be higher or lower nicotine if you want.

    I know this seems a lot more expensive than the Ryo cigarettes, but trust me, this makes like a year or two worth of liquid and the mods I suggested have really cheap coils. Please believe me, this is worth every penny of the investment, you will never regret it. If you need help with mixing your first batch of eliquid, go to r/diy_ejuice and look at the new mixer thread in the sidebar. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask me, but comment it cause I don't get message notifications on my phone app.
u/Used_Taco · 2 pointsr/beards

I've also tried Burts Bees. I liked both but I think the honest Amish might've been cheaper.

As far as making your own oil, yes I just use dropper bottles like these . I just mix all the oils together in the bottle and shake, no need to let it sit. You do want to boil the bottles beforehand and let em dry to kill bacteria. Most essential oils have a spout thingy that makes it easy to count drops.

Edit: I also make my own beard shampoo.

u/book_worm526 · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I love animals too!

I like "hawkward"...saw it on some animal pic a while back and it triggered my funny bone.

purse organizer cause mine is a hot mess

u/caitykat56 · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Sorry that you are having grumpy day so I will give you a super cute picture so you can be less grumpy :D
Here is a cute organizer I would like.

u/citrusysecrets · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Its a little under five but I would love this awesome makeup bag before my trip!

Amazon pay Jerron right meow.

u/emissaryofwinds · 2 pointsr/whatisthisthing

An old version of a small bottle + eye dropper

u/Bruh-Nanaz · 2 pointsr/CBD

Hey man I do this too and I got a few tips for ya. If you're not using 90%+ ethanol you need to switch right now. Your pills will have much less chlorophyll (making it easier on the stomach) and other undesirables that may or may not hinder absorption. Make sure you freeze both the ethanol and flower for 6-8 hours before you do your rinse.

Additionally, for trim you only need to agitate the solution for a minute or two and then strain immediately, as the larger surface area of the trim means that the oil will more readily mix with the ethanol than chunks of flower would. You'll also get less crud this way. If you're using CBD for pain relief or another ailment, consider doing a shorter, partial decarboxylation, as CBDa is another very useful cannabinoid.

I use a [pill sorter I got off ebay for <$15] ( that helps tremendously, as well as a reusable glass syringe for filling. I used to make pills quite a bit up until recently, now I carry a bottle with an eyedropper in it as it's portable and I can dose fairly accurately throughout the day. I'm also getting a buchner filtration kit to purify the extract further.

One last tip, if you're worried about the psychoactive effects of high doses of your extract (I know exactly what you're talking about) try adding terpenes like Myrcene and Beta-Caryophyllene. I use those two, plus limonene and a/b-pinene. Those have drastically reduced my experience of being intoxicated and made my extracts much more tolerable.

Good luck bro

u/soonami · 2 pointsr/bourbon

Yeah bourbon and Vanilla is a great combination. Higher proof and lower rye works well IMO. I think something like Old Weller Antique would be perfect. Split open a few vanilla beans into a bottle of OWA, and then pour it into these bottles from Amazon for a great gift

u/project_twenty5oh1 · 2 pointsr/electronic_cigarette

I went on a little shopping spree for my DIY/rebuildable stuff. Picked up the following:

5 glass beakers, 50-1000ml
4 oz amber glass boston round bottles, pack of 12
2x pack of 6 2oz amber bottles w/droppers
2x 2pack 8oz amber bottles
[labels for bottles] (
100count transfer pipettes
2 10 packs of 5ml blunt tip syringes
Heated ultrasonic cleaner (for quick steeping)

100ft A1 32 AWG kanthal
100ft A1 30 AWG kanthal
100ft A1 28 AWG kanthal
12ft 2mm braided hollow Ekowool
Pair of locking hemostats
butane pencil torch (for torching ekowool)
This genius little invention - everyone should buy this, it was like six bucks

other than that, a couple anyvape mini davide glass clearos because the protank 2 group buy I organized will likely not have a replacable drip tip, and I need at least 2 mini glass tanks that can take my bds60 from captivape.

i need me a fucking workshop, not sure where I'm going to put all this stuff...

u/WILLYOUSTFU · 2 pointsr/SkincareAddiction

I bought the different oils separately and put it in an amber dropper bottle. I mixed the argan oil, jojoba oil, and lemongrass oil in a 20:20:1 ratio. The lemongrass is more of just a scent than a functional oil (it's very strong), so you might replace it with some other aromatic oil like tea tree, eucalyptus, or cinnamon oil depending on your SOs preference. I hope you and your SO like it! You might google around for other recipes, but argan and jojoba will make up the bulk of most recipes.

edit: and this is the brush I got, it works great

u/RealityStricken · 2 pointsr/MakeupAddiction

You can get jars like these off Amazon that hold samples perfectly. I use them for everything

u/ellaingreen · 2 pointsr/Indiemakeupandmore these ones. The Meow ones are the 5 gram, I think? The acrylic case came with these: which I would NOT recommend. The threads on the lids don't really match up half of the time and quite a few lids were cracked and wouldn't close at all. The case is super nice though.

u/veronicaxrowena · 2 pointsr/AsianBeauty


This bottle has the best fine mist I’ve tried. It’s continuous and even. I’ve tried a few other types of spray bottles but this one is A+.

It’s pretty large, but I think you can shop around on Amazon and find the same thing in a smaller mL amount.

u/loserfame · 2 pointsr/succulents

Pretty sure we use this bottle

u/alphageek8 · 2 pointsr/asianamerican

Suavecito here as well. I also wanted to add that I have the most success with blow drying first as opposed to putting product in with varying levels of wet hair. I then use this to put a light even misting of water then shape it.

Also as others have said the cut is extremely important. Don't know how true this is but my barber has always said that a doing a quality undercut is pretty difficult and the details will make or break it. In other words to OP, invest in a good barber. Your cut shouldn't be 100% dependent on product, it should be able to be presentable with zero product as well.

Also OP I poked around your post history and seems like you're in California (as I am) so it shouldn't be too difficult to find a good barber that has experience with Asian hair and doing an undercut since like 90% of young Asians have the same cut.

u/bunnycrush_ · 2 pointsr/AsianBeauty

I love these airless pump bottles. I already decant jar-packaged products into them for full-time use bc they're way less messy / easier to use in bed while watching Netflix (real talk...)

I take all of the following on trips, but there are inevitably days that I just cleanse + moisturize and pass out.

  • Inisfree cleansing oil (decant in airless bottle)
  • su:m37 Miracle Rose Cleansing Stick
  • Missha Time Revolution FTE (in spritz bottle)
  • Hada Labo lotion (decant in airless bottle)
  • Mizon All-in-One Snail Repair cream (decant)
  • Benton Snail Bee essence
  • CeraVe PM moisturizer
  • CeraVe eye cream (this one almost ALWAYS gets forgotten, lol)

    I usually carry a few makeup remover wipes in a little ziplock. I also bring my Biore sunscreen, but the bottles are so small it's not a problem anyway (sob).
u/Lithonielle · 2 pointsr/AsianBeauty

Here is where I found them.

u/yancepantz · 2 pointsr/MakeupAddiction

Yeah, i just poured it into the bottle. DW is 1 oz and these pumps are 1 oz so it should all fit, especially since you've probably already used some. but heres a six pack if you're concerned about that.
obviously let the bottle sit upside down but i use these starbucks splash sticks to scrape everything out of the bottle.
the pump makes all the difference! good luck <3

u/kmayling · 2 pointsr/AsianBeauty

Currently, I keep the left over essence in the original packaging of the mask and I put that into a ziploc bag. In terms of safety, I'm not too sure how badly minimal amounts of air can affect the cleanliness of the leftover essence. However, I have been looking into these airless pumps! I plan on purchasing them and some other AB essentials when I get my 5% cash back on Amazon. ;p

u/DontQuixote · 2 pointsr/AsianBeauty

I see that you are using OST 20.

Try using this

Its an airless vacuum bottle. It will save your OST20 from oxidizing quickly. really this is gold! They also sell in different quantities.

u/Pickled_Leprechauns · 2 pointsr/SkincareAddiction

Not OC, but I ordered these a few months ago and am using 3 or 4 right now.

u/murflegirl · 2 pointsr/Indiemakeupandmore

Airless pumps are great ideas for stuff you normally have to stick your fingers in! Here are the ones I've used with great success.

Hope your week goes quickly and spring break is awesome!

u/allofthespices · 2 pointsr/AsianBeauty

I toss them! But that's also because I immediately decant them into airless pump bottles (linked below) because it's such a hassle for me to use and sanitize spatulas every day. Also, the pumps are airless, so less chance of the ingredients in the product being compromised.

u/dreamsoffreedom · 2 pointsr/AsianBeauty

I bought some of these off of amazon for my creams that are in jars and they last much longer! Just one pump is enough to lightly cover my face :)

u/Keewenaw_Lines · 2 pointsr/gamecollecting

I use this nail polish organizer rack for my collection (Photo 16), it works really well.

u/marygator81 · 2 pointsr/Indiemakeupandmore

I also bought my jars from Amazon, but I know places like TKB trading also sells these jars in bulk.

u/bdicks37 · 2 pointsr/trees

50, Clear, Empty, 5 Gram Plastic Pot Jars, Cosmetic Containers.

u/Kaittydidd · 2 pointsr/makeuporganization
u/shmalloryrenee · 2 pointsr/MakeupAddiction

I have two of these and I like them quite a bit. They're not as big as the Kardashian ones but it's pretty much impossible to find those for under $100.

u/Brock_Lobstweiler · 2 pointsr/nfl

These are the ones I bought:

I haven't had any issue with them leaking or anything. They even come with a little funnel.

u/krnrice27 · 2 pointsr/fragrance
I've used these and they're great, very easy and very clean. Feels like high quality even if it's just refilling a bottle

u/Junior_Surgeon · 2 pointsr/fragrance

I haven't tried on a travolo, but I have tried cleaning out various other decant bottles with little success. Isopropyl alcohol seems to work the best, but through soaking and continuously washing I have never been able to completely remove a scent. My advice would be to buy cheaper ones from somewhere like amazon such as this(I haven't bought from this seller but I have several similar to this), or if you just need general decant bottles this website is great, I have used them many times.

Plastic is pourous and the scent is going pentrate it, and all sprayers use some kind of plastic.

u/Nylerak · 2 pointsr/femalefashionadvice

I'm lazy, so I have a lot of beauty hacks to make this kind of stuff much quicker. For instance:

  1. Use dry shampoo the night before so it absorbs overnight.
  2. Use a nail buffer when you have no time for polish. Your nails will at least look shiny.
  3. Find a bb cream you like to combine lotion+sunscreen+foundation in one step.
  4. Use a washed mascara wand with hairspray to smooth flyaways.
  5. Vaseline Rosy Lips gives you color and moisture. You can use it on cheeks and lips.
  6. Nude lipstick, easy to apply, less mistakes.
  7. (Having a makeup organizer so I don't have to look for anything)[]
  8. brow mascara is the easiest thing ever and keeps eyebrows polished all day!
u/tb3648 · 2 pointsr/CFBOffTopic

A nail polish or two. I personally like sally hansen complete manicure polishes but a lot of people like opi. Butters has some super nice ones but more expensive.

A birchbox subscription could be fun- you pay $10 a month and fill out a thing on what you're skin tone and all that is and what you prefer and they send you 5-6 pretty decent samples a month of makeup, face stuff, perfumes, etc.

At sephora they have a bunch of mini sized items too that make good stocking stuffers.

I like Elf's bronzer blush duo

Also if she doesn't have one and has room for it on her bathroom counter or somewhere around there, I found getting a acruylic (or something similar) makeup organizer helps save time versus a makeup bag. Something like this

u/geb999 · 2 pointsr/DIY_eJuice

thanks. the $11 Amazon price was still cheaper than what I saw on ebay. I'm a prime member so I get free shipping. Amazon got me with an impulse buy too. A item "suggested for me" was some sort of two piece make up organizer. I think it would be perfect to hold all my building gear and wire etc. The top piece I'll use for individual mixes - I'll look up what I need for the juices I'm going to mix that day and put them in the top rack and bring them up into the house. I have little kids in the house so I keep all my vape related stuff in the garage - it's an attached garage so I don't have to go outside for anything. I'm regulated to vaping in the garage as well. here's the item:

I know what you mean about the tough plastic bottles you can't squeeze - vape wild sells their juices in those bottles - they suck. you can break your fingers trying to squeeze out juice.

u/mochugo · 2 pointsr/AsianBeauty

Ofc:) This is the one I got - for some reason, one bottle was ~$11 while six were ~$18.

u/astrocats · 2 pointsr/Makeup

Amazon has refillable empty foundation bottles with pumps. I use this one.

u/reduxrouge · 2 pointsr/SkincareAddiction

Oh right; LIKE THIS

Do you know why they come in a dropper? I don't want to ruin the chemical composition if there's some science behind it.

According to CosRx: We wish we had a simple answer for you, but it’s actually quite complicated! There are pros and cons to both airless pumps and droppers. The “right” airless pump hasn’t been perfected yet specifically for vitamin C because airless pumps often contain metal, which is not great for vitamin C. Also, airless pumps don’t dispense the product in an ideal way and they’re just simply too expensive for not much guaranteed stabilization.

u/viciouscabaret · 2 pointsr/muacjdiscussion

The small ones shown are these from Amazon (several size/quantity options available). They have a wide opening that is easy to fill, but refilling is a giant pain in the ass. It's hard to get the top off, and if you need to top off before you're empty product is likely to go everywhere. I'm not even sure they were meant to be refillable, to be honest.

The hair cream is in one of these, also from Amazon. They have a screw top, which is much easier to remove than the others, but the opening is rather narrow. I tried using one to decant my jar of CosRX snail cream but it was not worth the effort. Best suited for products in pumps or squeeze tubes.

u/FlipACoin · 2 pointsr/drugstoreMUA

I depotted mine into a container similar to this one and it was so worth it.

u/almondface · 2 pointsr/Gameboy
u/insert_unique_userid · 2 pointsr/minipainting

I use these and have no issues:

Sagler 4345 Wall Rack 102 Bottles...

u/YoJimGo · 2 pointsr/modelmakers

Clear Acrylic Nail Polish Rack, Kids Invisible Floating Bookshelf, Wall Mounted Display Organizer

They are cheap and durable. I mounted them to a 2x4 piece of plywood. The ply was covered in vinyl tile (matching the desk surface).

The bottom shelf is larger from this:
3 Heavy Duty Clear Floating Shelf Set, Crystal Acrylic Bathroom Shelves, Shower Caddy, Nail Polish Women Makeup Organizer, Spice Rack Kids Room Wall D

u/thosemoonsongs · 2 pointsr/makeuporganization

This desk from Wayfair is actually the one I purchased, however in espresso. I'm pretty pleased with it. I have everything in easy reach and still have a ton of "work space" to get ready.

I also have these for my nail polishes. Be aware that the sides are open though, so if you have cats you probably want it out of their reach. I learned that lesson the hard way. 🙄 It is really hard to see what color polishes you have when you have them stored away, so if you have space for something like this I highly recommend it if she's into nail polish. It is so satisfying to be able to view all of your collection at once. :)

u/hedgehoggodoggo · 2 pointsr/CompulsiveSkinPicking

I just got some of these these empty brush pens things from Amazon and filled them with jojoba oil, also from Amazon, and I just leave them on every surface in my house and every bag I own. I learned this from this youtube video by simply nailogical!! I have fancy peel off base coats but the sally hansen one works just as well for our purposes lol

u/tourmaline82 · 2 pointsr/AsianBeauty

Ah, I have little experience with cold weather yet. Just moved to Colorado so we'll see how my lips do in winter! I'm thinking about getting an empty lip gloss tube, like what indie makeup sellers use, and seeing if that works for vitamin E. Let me know if you find an on the go product that works for you though!

EDIT: I was thinking a tube like these. If it holds cuticle oil, it should hold vitamin E oil, right?

u/greendaisyblackstem · 2 pointsr/PanPorn

Absolutely! I got these 3ml ones off amazon. I liked them cause they were pretty cheap but came with prime and I didn’t have to buy too many.

They come with the top off already but you can also pull out the bottom and screw the plunger back down to reuse them. I tested it twice

u/Elroxil · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon


I think the cheapest item I have would be this is the cheapest item I have. I could use some fake mist for photos :)

u/leyline · 1 pointr/gadgets

This and a handkerchief already does a better job than peltier will.

u/modernpandora · 1 pointr/AsianBeauty

I adore this product! I don't really get a lot of sake from the smell (which is a small bummer to me cause I love sake), but I do definitely notice a bubblegum/banana scent that's kind of unique, but it fades pretty much immediately.

My hack for dealing with the awful pump is this little spray bottle I got off Amazon. I ordered it so I could travel with this, but I've just continued decanting it into this container and spraying it into my palm, then spreading it on my face/neck/chest. So much less floor clean-up this way.

u/Takeabyte · 1 pointr/apple

For me, I clean everyones machine before I touch them for service. People with brown keyboards, do you even shower or what? I had one customer tell me that she had pink eye the week before... I could't even see the letters on the keyboard it was covered in so much crap... literally.

Anyway, unless you use your computer to wipe your ass, just use distilled water in a little spray bottle and microfiber cloths I get in bulk from my local auto parts store. Way cheaper than any kit and it's the same thing as most all lens cleaners.

The main thing you should't do is use anything that has alcohol in it or stuff that talks about "lifting oils away". Yeah, it will lift the oils along with the optical coatings that reduce glare.

For more info on keeping your Apple devices clean, visit the following site...

For a MacBook:

> When cleaning the outside of your MacBook, MacBook Pro, or MacBook Air, first shut down your computer and unplug the power adapter. Then use a damp, soft, lint-free cloth to clean the computer's exterior. Avoid getting moisture in any openings. Do not spray liquid directly on the computer. Don't use aerosol sprays, solvents, abrasives, or cleaners containing hydrogen peroxide that might damage the finish.

> To clean the screen on your MacBook, MacBook Pro, or MacBook Air, first shut down the computer and unplug the power adapter.Then use a damp, soft, lint-free cloth.

> Important: The bottom case of the MacBook (13-inch, Late 2009) and MacBook (13-inch, Mid 2010) uses a soft nonslip material. Use a 3M Gray Microfiber or soft dye-free, lint-free cloth to clean the bottom case.

For iPad:

> Handle your iPad with care to maintain its appearance. If you are concerned about scratching or abrasion, you can use one of the many cases sold separately. To clean iPad, unplug all cables and turn off iPad (press and hold the Sleep/Wake button, and then slide the onscreen slider). Use a soft, slightly damp, lint-free cloth. Avoid getting moisture in openings. Don't use window cleaners, household cleaners, compressed air, aerosol sprays, solvents, ammonia, abrasives, or cleaners containing hydrogen peroxide to clean iPad. iPad has an oleophobic coating on the screen; simply wipe iPad's screen with a soft, lint-free cloth to remove oil left by your hands. The ability of this coating to repel oil will diminish over time with normal usage, and rubbing the screen with an abrasive material will further diminish its effect and may scratch your screen."

u/cdnav8r · 1 pointr/canada

I’ve been traveling with these GoToob bottles all over the world, and on a regular basis in Canada. Doesn’t say what’s in the bottle, or a brand name, though does clearly state the volume. Nobody has ever said anything to me. Did you have your bottles in a clear plastic bag?

Try getting a hold of them there and see what they have to say about your event. I recently did and they responded to me with a day or two.

u/FoleyisGood · 1 pointr/Dogtraining

Hot dogs or Kielbasa - dehydrate by cooking slow at low temp in the oven.

Cheese - cut into small pieces

Squeeze tubes filled with mashed liverwurst (add little bit of water at a time until it is smooth enough to go through the hole), whipped cream cheese or peanut butter.

Happy Howies is another good brand for a meat roll. They make beef, lamb, and I think turkey. Get yourself a vidalia onion chopper and use it to cut them into small pieces about the size of a pea.

u/throwawayfortulip · 1 pointr/reactivedogs

Good for you and your pup! I'm so glad to hear that's working. We're struggling with much the same issue (with our adult dog) and we've used similar tactics with some good successes.

If you find the deli meat ever loses its charm, don't be afraid to switch it up with new, stinkier treats. We hit a plateau with our dog that seems to be scalable with some new, even smellier treats (just wrote about that here actually!).

You can also use squeeze tubes with cream cheese in them, if yours--like ours--doesn't always have the gentlest mouth when stressed. We use these and it helps us give a good steady supply of treats when passing stimuli that take a minute to go away (e.g. clanging trucks going down the street), while keeping our hands relatively clean.

u/_Lucky_Devil · 1 pointr/Dogtraining

It is doggy crack, on par with meat baby food in my experience.

Use a go-toob for anything squeezable.

u/silentwail · 1 pointr/redditpolish

This basic wall rack is good for anyone with under 100 polishes. Assuming she's okay with having them out in the open. Though I hung mine in my walk in closet so it's on display but No one ever sees it.

u/caraeeezy · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Happy Zambambo!

Thank you for the contest, and happy birthday! :]

u/_Yodai · 1 pointr/electronic_cigarette

Nail polish rack, that's what I started with when I moved my nail polish from the rack to a new case. Something like THIS

u/rakers45 · 1 pointr/minipainting

I would like to see what yours can do,especially if you are in the states. I think the hz stufg is overpriced for what you get and I'm not ashamed to pay for quality.

The one thing I think this market needs is a large wall hanging pot holder, I've resorted to the nail Polish holders like this.

96 Bottle Nail Polish Wall Rack Display

u/e_lizbit · 1 pointr/organization

An beauty influencer I follow on instagram uses something similar to this to organize and display her collection of sunnies!

u/inc0nceivable · 1 pointr/MakeupAddiction

Not OP but my stolution has been an acrylic nail poslish organizer such as this. The only problem with it is that products taller than a normal size lipstick only fit on the top rack. I have a lot of lip products that are bigger (like liquid lipsticks, etc.).

u/daisyismydog · 1 pointr/RandomActsofMakeup

Maybe something like this would help? :) Or perhaps a nail polish rack? I definitely am the same way in needing things to be visible.

u/Bwardrop · 1 pointr/DIY_eJuice

I bought this from Amazon. It works perfect for me. Here is a pic of it on my wall loaded up. Note that I just put the larger bottles on top as they won't fit in small channels. The rows hold up to 30 ml bottles. Great solution for me.

u/Pyro_fiend · 1 pointr/DIY_eJuice

damn.. i see this thinking sweet a cheap easy way to store my 50 bottles for easy display when mixing and the 30 im ordering.. nope -.-
i currently use [link 1] which i got for under $20 and use only use the top 4 levels which holds 49 15ml bottles, 2 30 ml bottles, 2 60ml bottles of vg, a box of 3/4in circle stickers [for labeling for me and coworkers so nothing fancy] and a few spare bottles for decoration with the entire bottom two levels open for pipettes, steeps etc.. im about to upgrade to the [link2] just for kicks so ik it fits more :).. only downside i have for the one im using now is it doesnt hold my 100ml of vg/pg blend which is why vg is in 60ml im a high vg guy so it doesnt bother me. just gota balence it or lay on its side for moving the rack from its storage spot.. i to like to take advantage of the empty space to store attys in the same area lol

[link 1]


u/dashboarddiva · 1 pointr/makeuporganization
u/brianpi · 1 pointr/minipainting

I used to use one of these racks.

It was fairly easy to move from one room (storage) to the other (my work desk) when I was ready to paint. Now I'm starting to build a dedicated workbench for painting, and after some consideration, am going with these racks. They probably wouldn't work the best for storage, but are great if you have the dedicated space to paint in one area.

u/Fabreze · 1 pointr/minipainting

Reaper master Series paint. Most of the base paint color range bought on eBay.
paint racks are nail polish racks I found on Amazon for like 15 bucks.

And the brushes are Winsor Newton series 7s I got from Blickart. There are a few other brushes too. Some junk brushes and a few reaper master series brushes. The reaper brushes were underwhelming.

u/Those_Good_Vibes · 1 pointr/LSD

I bought a 6 pack of amber colored, glass bottles off amazon. Only 6 bucks. These come with eye droppers, but they have no markings on them. I bought one seperately, also from amazon.

To mix them, I buy vodka from a liquor store. You can use water, but do NOT use tap water as it has chlorine that will immediately destroy LSD. I've also read that water degrades LSD more over time than alcohol, hence my choice. I use the dropper to measure out how much solution I want to use to put into the container, along with however many tabs I want to put in with it. Let it sit for a few days (swirl contents now and again) and voila.

Materials bought:

u/kohkitti · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Nice, your first contest! That must be exciting. I like the peculiar cost limit of $5.51, it's interesting :)

Coolest thing on my wishlist for under the target price is a handy dandy purse organizer, since my purse is always in a constant state of disarray!

Edit: It's late, I'm completely derping stuff here :c

u/KaNikki · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Ok, so I need this purse organizer really badly. No matter how much I try to keep myself put together, I just look like a complete mess anytime I try to find something in my bag.

To infinity and beyond!

u/NotSuzyHomemaker · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I found this for a purse/bag insert. I'd seen them before but for like $20.

u/xaffinityx · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Happy cake day!!!

1 Rubber spatulas that I would use to mix up my cake, or icing colors which I use to die icings for cakes I make!

2 This one is a stretch but portal socks because Simon Pegg did voices for video games...and Portal is a video game!

3 I don't have any books on my WL. :P but.... I'd like to read this bag while I devour it's contents!

4 Mixing bowls. My SO tends to eat his cereal out of the few I have now >.<

5 Gecko food for our gecko! It even has a picture of one on the label!

6 Purple socks or purple nail polish!

7 Portal companion cube!

8 My (not so guilty) pleasure.

9 Pocket knife!

10 The definition of my childhood!

11 Literally for organizing!

12 My favorite hobby is baking!

13 PlayStation 4 could be geeky to some.

14 Made with 100% natural almonds!

15 Green socks!

16 I can wear these adorable leggings!

17 Funny candles!!

18 NSFW beads...

19 Gardening boots!

20 The item I love is this mixer!

I think you will buy these!

u/DSiobhan7 · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I'm in! So exciting, thanks for the contest!

u/hairisthinning · 1 pointr/tressless

You can buy baicalin powder on Amazon. You can also buy olive leaf extract with at least standardized 15% oluropein (preferrably more) on Amazon as well.

You also want to turn the powders into a topical solution.

You will need:

  • a glass bottle for essential oil with an eye dropper. You can get it on Amazon or ebay
  • a graduated cylinder, and
  • a funnel

    For the solutions, here's what I recommend:

  • 50% ethanol or isopropyl alcohol
  • 30% propylene glycol
  • 20% distilled water

    For the baicalin solution, mix in 10mg per millilitre. So, if you have a container with 60ml, then you want to mix in 600mg. This creates a 1% solution of baicalin. If you want, you may increase the concentration of baicalin. Perhaps 20mg/ml for a 2% solution, or even 50mg/ml for a 5% solution.

    For oluropein, the rule of thumb is just mix in 10 capsules (unless you get pure powder).
u/brbcoding · 1 pointr/bourbon

I actually use a water dropper like this, starting with 2 drops or so and adding more as needed. You'd be surprised how much a couple of drops change the whiskey.

u/DollarStoreClassy · 1 pointr/Drugs

Next time I would highly recommend you dissolve your Alprazolam powder in Everclear, it tastes better as it doesn't linger as much, and its able to hold more mg of powder per ml of Everclear.

You can order droppers such as these and then calculate how many mg of Alprazolam you have per ml by dosing it with the cc dropper.

I prefer to put my xannies on sour patch kids for on the go. The taste is pretty fowl, but if you let it soak up for awhile (using Everclear vs Propylene glycol helps too) you can hardly taste the absorbed liquid.

u/jburrke · 1 pointr/electronic_cigarette

Well, there's Container & Packaging, which I use for bulk orders. There's also, which isn't bad but a bit more expensive.

But, honestly, when I was into DIY and just making a few bottles I just ordered from amazon. Here's a link for 1oz (30ml) amber glass bottles, and a link for 2 oz amber glass bottles.

I've ordered both of those before and they're nice and high quality. Feel free to look around on amazon for better deals, though.

u/kiwimangoes · 1 pointr/Indiemakeupandmore

I actually started buying bath & body stuff on Etsy years before I ever found this sub (or reddit!) I was just looking for natural products for my husband's sensitive skin. Eventually I got into makeup subscriptions, which then led me again to want natural cosmetics for myself...and so found my way here. :)

I don't think I'll ever bother pressing, personally. I'm comfortable using loose product and it just seems like too much hassle for me. I've purchased sample baggies and after much griping to my hubby over using them, he surprised me with a whole bunch of small jars to put them in. :)

u/ThirteenDream · 1 pointr/Indiemakeupandmore

On Amazon, the 5 gram jars are usually slightly cheaper than the 3 gram jars.
adon Prime
I also bought the bead container ones, but those jars wear really big. I don't use them for eyeshadow.

u/melancolor · 1 pointr/MakeupAddiction

As someone who has an adoration for both lipsticks and art supplies I don't know why I haven't tried this yet, as I have seen tutorials before...

Thank you for the inspiration! I have ordered these little doodads and can't wait to experiment. These would go nicely in the little holiday gift baskets I am making.

u/jadedsurrealism · 1 pointr/Indiemakeupandmore

Any insight on these? I was planning to pick some up on payday...

u/anonymys · 1 pointr/RandomActsofMakeup

I need some jars for all my new indies!
I also really want a stamper and some cuticle remover.

Happy birthday, lady! Thanks for the contest!

It's my party.

u/thetrufflesiveseen · 1 pointr/AsianBeauty

I haven't tried it, but maybe something like this?

u/poemaXX · 1 pointr/SkincareAddiction

I'm so glad I asked – that continuous bottle sounds like a dream! I just ordered one with a white top. Thank you.

u/pretzel_lover · 1 pointr/CrestedGecko

The white is just pee and it usually dries into a solid powder. I agree that your temperature is too high. You also need to be careful about too much humidity because this can lead to a respiratory infection and/or bacterial infections on the skin. Your current cage should retain a lot of humidity and if you add the Eco Earth that will also hold humidity. Because this cage has little ventilation you should uncover the top screen. The daytime humidity should be between 40-60% and 80-100% for a few hours after you mist, which should allow your cage to dry out. I use this spray bottle because it is more of a mister and my crestie doesn't seem bothered by it. It's also super easy to use. Also, I can't see if your crestie is sleeping upside down or not, but if so you might want to consider breaking the habit or be okay with the potential of floppy tail syndrome.

u/oliveoo · 1 pointr/AsianBeauty

they aren't light-proof, but I ordered these a week ago, and the one I tested works great!

u/feuilletons · 1 pointr/AsianBeauty

I bought these ones and I think they work really well. I got mine on Amazon because of prime shipping but you can also find similar or cheaper ones on ebay!

u/TheInterWebbz · 1 pointr/AsianBeauty

I got these and liked them a lot -

I took my Beauty of Joseon cream with my on a trip in one of these and it worked really well! If you don't put a lot of product in you have to pump a lot to move it to the top, but other than that they're perfect.

u/playpirates · 1 pointr/AsianBeauty

Sounds like the design or your specific bottle may be defective. I have these from Amazon that I use for a bunch of different products and I really like them and haven't had any issues with them being defective. Airless Pump Bottle Silver Matte - 1 oz (6 Pack)

u/swimpus · 1 pointr/SkincareAddiction

These look quite elegant, but I'm not sure if they're glass and they're pretty small.

A lot of Asian beauty products have really nice looking packaging.

u/seraephi · 1 pointr/AsianBeauty

I've never used the Mizon AIO, but these pumps have worked well for my Nature Republic watery cream and CosRx rice mask.

u/fooliescraper · 1 pointr/AsianBeauty

I use these.

u/windowpane · 1 pointr/SkincareAddiction

I use an airless pump bottle which keeps oxygen/contamination out and keep it in a cabinet out of the light. It lasts for 3-4 weeks no problem! Part of the lid came off of one bottle which means the cap doesn't close securely, but other than that they've served their function. I sanitize between refills with rubbing alcohol.


u/panxzz · 1 pointr/DIY_eJuice

Yeah I mix by weight, I can usually knock a few out really quickly if I already have all the flavors set aside. I just need something better than a big box to store all the flavors in. Are you talking about something like this?

u/frankiecat_ · 1 pointr/RandomActsOfPolish

I'm not sure about over there, but you can get some clear acrylic dividers from the cheap shops here. Pretty sure you can get them from Amazon. Like this but it's one single flat plate. I hope that makes sense lol.

u/Jenzyme84 · 1 pointr/makeupexchange

I have these jars for samples. They're a pretty good size for something like foundation.

u/tldnradhd · 1 pointr/ploompax

Have a stoned grinding session every few days. You can store a couple ovens worth in lip balm containers. Edit: item description has the words "high" and "pot." We know what they're for.

u/arbarnes · 1 pointr/Wet_Shavers

Yeah, I was on a box pass where somebody clearly confused the Muhle and Van der Hagen logos. (Hey, they've both got windmills!) Then again, it was interesting to see in person just how poorly the VdH badger brush is made.

What about just shipping the stuff in full-size jars and letting people take samples themselves? The main problem then is portion control. Including 5g containers would tend to limit people to that amount, but they get bulky pretty quick.

Maybe you could start with, say, 50 jars and ask people to drop a buck in the box for each 5 jars they take? Then when the jars run out the next person can take the money and order another 50 from Amazon.

u/theaxolotlgod · 1 pointr/Indiemakeupandmore

I've had a great experience with these jars!

u/whenthereisfire · 1 pointr/MakeupAddiction

I have a MALM Ikea desk that I purchased solely for school/regular desk stuff. Since then I've become more invested in makeup and have transformed it into a half vanity half regular desk hybrid. I fit a lot of makeup (like palettes, primers, and large highlighters and bronzers) in drawer organizers in the top drawer of the desk and use the large bottom drawer to store school stuff. On top of the desk I have two Ikee acrylic containers from Amazon here and here that I use for eyeshadow, eyeliner, lipstick, foundation, blush, concealer, and basically everything else. I also have a couple Sonia Kashuk brush holders on top of my desk as well, along with a lighted makeup mirror. I also hung a larger mirror on the wall in front of the desk.

It's a pretty big desk so I can fit a lot on it and it works well for multi-tasking with all of my school stuff.

u/HermioneGee · 1 pointr/makeuporganization

I actually had a big corner desk for my collection before I got my Alex drawers and those small plastic drawers from Walmart were a lifesaver! However since you are interested in going with the acrylic drawers, I would highly recommend them. They display your makeup beautifully. I got my large acrylic units from Amazon. They hold so much! I store my palettes in drawers but If you want them on display I like the idea of a wall mount or maybe a mail organizer.

u/alyssaxmoore · 1 pointr/MakeupAddiction

I actually just got this one from amazon

With tax and everything, it came to $53. It is a little smaller than I thought it'd be, but it still fits all my makeup & the drawers are pretty deep. My makeup finalllly looks nice and organized now! I really like it :)

u/pmrp · 1 pointr/fragrance

Bought this cheap glass and aluminum set on Amazon and they've worked well for me as daily carries. However, I would not recommend them for air travel; it leaked on me (luckily it was sealed in a ziplock bag). I want to try applying teflon plumbers tape to the threads next time; it supposed to help prevent leaks.

Elife Set of 8 6pcs 6ml Portable Mini Refillable Perfume Scent Aftershave Atomizer Empty Spray Bottle with 2 Funnel Filler for Travel Purse

u/mynameisdbabz · 1 pointr/fragranceswap

dude amazon has every thing its great, iv bot 4 and 6 ml and 15 , my favorite is 6ml , imo its perfect, it has a screw on bottle, 6ml is about 60-70 full sprays from a bottle so your not going to run out and it has a mettle sheath here a link


u/justkate2 · 1 pointr/makeuporganization

this should be the link and they come in a bunch of different configurations and sizes!

u/fluffyninjacat · 1 pointr/Makeup

I would recommend something like this for your foundations and liquid lipsticks:

Not quite sure about palettes but a letter organizer doesn't sounds like a bad idea!

u/twentyfun · 1 pointr/MakeupAddiction

I did take a look at the brushes you linked! I have no experience with those myself, but I would still be a little wary of buying more brushes as her gift. I highly recommend the Real Techniques brushes so many others have suggested and I also like the IT Cosmetics brushes - you can find both at Ulta. Maybe get her a gift card for Ulta/Sephora/Morphe for brushes so she can pick them out herself? It would be hard to guess exactly which brushes she would pick out for herself and since she's already gone and purchased a set for herself you won't make that purchase redundant!

As far as other makeup 'gear' goes, the beauty blender u/Balea48 recommended is a good one! They're a staple in a lot of people's makeup bags for good reason. Some things I've also looked into getting for myself recently are cleaning mats like this one from Amazon and this really cool drying rack for makeup brushes from Amazon. I don't know how she stores her makeup permanently, but I'm also a big fan of acrylic or plastic cosmetic organizers like this.

u/laiptim · 1 pointr/AsianBeauty

This is what my shelfie looks like:
Edit: I changed all the tape to pastel rainbow colors!!

The last two on the right are empty at the moment until my winter routine starts. I'm planning on putting Hl premium and tcfs sleeping pack in them. My vitamin c is also in the fridge.

For the specific bottles:

I've used this for about a year and a half and they! seem to be doing well. One caveat is that I can't put my cleansing oil in them because they'll leak through the seams. Other than that though I've used both creams and liquids in them and they work great! No spills and easy to travel with!!

u/RandomCB · 1 pointr/SkincareAddiction

I got the pump bottles and sunscreen on Amazon.

u/ravekitt · 1 pointr/AsianBeauty

Would an airless jar like this work for a gel moisturizer? Specifically I'm looking at decanting the Hada Labo plumping gel. I already have these containers as I was using them with my Cerave moisturizing cream but I wasn't sure if they would work with the Hada Labo as well since it has a much thinner consistency, or if I should go for something more like this.

u/lordxi · 1 pointr/minipainting

Lots of battlestations have the laser cut MDF paint racks that look like stadium tiers. A quick google turned up this nail polish rack on walmart's site. I've got a desk facing the wall so I use one like these but made from aluminium scraps from where I was working.

edit: Before I got the racks I used to keep all my paints in one of these drawer stacks. It worked great while I only used GW paints.

u/Xavir1 · 1 pointr/minipainting

Thanks! They work really well. If anyone is interested I got these:

u/Route66_LANparty · 1 pointr/Warhammer

My partner and I finally bit the bullet and got enough wall mount racks for our (non-air) GW paints. (

We've got them organized into:

  • Rack for 3rd party and GW Texture basing.
  • Rack for Bases and Metallics.
  • Rack for Layers and Edges.
  • Rack for Contrast, Shades, and Drys.
  • Desk rack with GW and Vallejo Air paints in another room.

    We went back and forth on mixing the bases and drys in with the layers and edges so all the colors would be next to each other. Giving a better idea of the gradients and hues between types. In the end we separated them out by type.
u/lokuscyborg · 1 pointr/minipainting

Thanks. I didn't feel like making it so I just bought it online. The shelf is normally used for nail polish bottles and can hold 102 bottles. Here is a link to the exact shelf: 102 Bottle Acrylic Shelf

u/NinjaDefenestrator · 1 pointr/RedditLaqueristas

This is the one I ordered. Looks pretty similar to this one. I figure I’ll rig a curtain or something over it to keep too much light from discoloring my polish.

u/Wncsnake · 1 pointr/minipainting
It looks like it is under review for packaging reasons, but you can find similar ones up there, and it is awesome and affordable

u/TheBulletproofBeauty · 1 pointr/makeuporganization

Here are the ones I found on Amazon from a previous poster, can't seem to find the previous post now that I am looking for it (of course). The hacks I have seen are to use really strong mounting tape if you can't or don't want to drill into your walls.

u/Zakon05 · 1 pointr/Warhammer

If you're looking for something good looking and inexpensive, I use this:

It's meant for nail polish but it holds paint just as well, and it looks nifty to boot.

Only downside is you need to nail it to the wall, so it's not optimal if you're in a situation where you can't do that.

u/jmundella · 1 pointr/simplynailogical

These are the ones I bought, and if you scroll down there’s a section called ‘related videos’ or something. Should be two of them.

Maxdot 5 Pack 3 ml Transparent Twist Pens Empty Nail Oil Pen with Brush Tip, Cosmetic Lip Gloss Container Applicators Eyelash Growth Liquid Tube

u/colombiana85 · 1 pointr/Nails

I personally use these things all from amazon. Works amazing. I rub it on my cuticles once a day. Within a week they looked so healthy and amazing. Massage it into your cuticles for just a few minutes. So worth it.

Maxdot 5 Pack 3 ml Transparent...

USDA Organic Jojoba Oil, 100%...

Vitamin E Oil by Kate Blanc....