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u/scotty8911 · 10 pointsr/trollfitness

Not sure what "troll fitness" is.. Stumbled across this post. But I've tried quite a few combinations, and these two together do the best job of anything I've found so far.

Everlast Professional Hand Wraps, 180-Inch, Black

Everlast Mixed Martial Arts Heavy Bag Gloves (L/XL)

u/ChicagoDogEater · 9 pointsr/amateur_boxing

You need to wrap your hands and wrists before you hit the bag. Try something like THIS

u/GeckoBite · 8 pointsr/hockeyplayers

Jills: just go get on and wear it even if you're not ready for the sock set up yet. The jill part does feel a little weird but I wear one less because of a puck to the groin but for "cup checks" or "sawing the nuts". Not all players are "awesome" and will put their stick in your crotch and some players think a board battle is the right time to punch you in the cup. It's not a common issue but it's one you mise well protect against.

I'll link the jill I use as the Bauer one that came with my pants wasn't up to par IMO. If I'm going to wear one I want one that I actually think will protect from pucks, sticks, and punching. Just take off the harness part and put it in the cup part your pants/shorts come with. The silicon that goes around it makes it pretty comfy. It can get out of order just like anyone's cup can but once I'm on the ice I don't notice it.

u/Platfizzle · 7 pointsr/amateur_boxing

Bag Stand $105
Heavy Bag $60
Speed Bag $27
Proper Swivel $20
Proper Bag Gloves $30
Medicine Ball $25
Jump Rope $7
Hand Wraps $12

Always a few extra things you could throw in, but this is a pretty solid starter setup.

u/SampleOfNone · 5 pointsr/bodymods

Besides jewelry material being a common cause for problems (I would advice implant grade materials and definitely not acrylic) and poor placement. Sleeping on piercings can definitely cause havoc. Even more so if you don’t downsize jewelry in a timely matter. One of the problems it can cause is tilting the angle it was originally pierced at to the point of it becoming impossible to heal.
For our teen, a travel pillow didn’t work either. We ended up doing some DIY, to make something like this There’s wrestling head gear that would work as well. It looks ridiculous, but it works great. Because not sleeping on piercings will have a major positive impact on the healing process.

u/Verb_Rogue · 4 pointsr/MuayThai

16oz is fine for pad/bagwork! Some people like lighter gloves for that, but I like being used to that weight/size.

For handwraps, just get like some ringside or another brand of fabric wraps you can wash. I like mexican style wraps for their elastic stretch. Ringside Mexican-Style Boxing Handwraps - 180" 180 Inch

u/YoungLeonidas · 4 pointsr/MuayThai
u/kissin_titties · 4 pointsr/snowboarding

You can look into football padded compression shirts. They won't have total back protection, but the plus side is that they won't weigh you down or hinder mobility. Here are a few examples I found on amazon: one, two, and three.

u/beomec · 3 pointsr/amateur_boxing

Oof... Gloves. Yeah - lots of options. Make sure to go velcro. Traditional lace-ups are pretty as hell, but a pain in the ass if you need to take them on/off to do partnered mitt work, mix in some jump-rope etc.

Most of the named brand stuff at the 40+ price range will get the job done for what you are looking for.

More than the gloves themselves, if you start experiencing knuckle pain that lasts for more than a few hours after the session, I would recommend ordering these:

They are super easy to put on underneath your wraps, and make a world of difference regardless of which gloves you are wearing. Think of them like gel-soles for your shoes.

Or spend the half hour it takes to do the multi-layered cloth wrap while glaring at your hands, deep in thought, mentally preparing yourself for the beatdown you are going to give your arch-nemesis... the punching bag (make sure to slightly scowl).

u/SenorStigo · 3 pointsr/Kickboxing

I am surprised that your trainers let you train 6 months without wearing hand wraps as these are to avoid injuries in your hands or wrist. I don't know about cleaning gloves, but about the hand wraps I could recommend using some hand wraps as these ones. I have hyperhidrosis (my hands sweat as if there was no tomorrow) so I bought two pairs of hand wraps and clean them every weekend. I bought a small laundry bag from Walmart just for the hand wraps and just put them with the clothes in the laundry.

u/FromNASAtoNSA · 3 pointsr/amateur_boxing

This makes it impossible to break your nose with even decent little sparring

Reduces visibility a bit but it's dirt cheap to try and can be modded by cutting out a bit of the plastic to increase visibility much more, plus you can always remove the face grill altogether.

u/khariel · 3 pointsr/bjj

I've had one identical to the one /u/scpDZA suggested, but didn't work too well for me.

Bought a Cliff Keen and even though it's more expensive, it was worth every penny. Never had a problem with cauli anymore.

u/hiddensn · 3 pointsr/Fitness

I'm not a boxer, but I did end up buying a heavy bag with some gloves and wrist wraps a few months ago, just to get a different form of cardio. It get's the job done really well.

when looking for gloves, I ended up buying these, and they been pretty good so far. Everlast boxing gloves

from my experience, protecting your wrists/knuckles is the most important part, so make sure you get yourself some wraps. I got some pretty small hands, and yet 120" is barely enough to wrap both my wrist and knuckles, so I suggest you get the 180" wraps. wrist wraps

u/snipes81 · 3 pointsr/bjj

I tested out several and settled on the Cliff Keen fusion headgear They are a nice balance between good ear protection and a soft outer layer which is helpful for your teammates.

I also tried, and still have, the Cliff Keen Tornado, . Excellent protection, but the hard outer shell sticks out far and is somewhat like a cheese grater on your partner. Wrestling great, bjj not so much.

I also bought and immediately returned the matman, . The attached chin strap was a deal breaker. Not only did it not fit my big melon the attached chin strap means if it breaks it's tough to replace.

I have no problems hearing instruction or my partner when wearing them, but they are a PIA to wear and this is coming from someone who wrestled for many years. I put them on after warm ups or sometimes not until sparring depending on what we are working on. They have kept my cauliflower ear from coming back over the past year.

Best of luck.

u/ModestCamel · 3 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
u/ShitFuckBiffington · 2 pointsr/MMA

I haven't used wrist wraps in awhile since I lost my old ones and haven't replaced them since. I've been looking at some alternatives lately however and have seen the glove versions etc.

Wouldn't perhaps know how good these are in replacement of wraps?

u/HighestHand · 2 pointsr/martialarts

I own about 3 pairs of these "cloth shin guards" and they really don't offer much protection. These shin guards are for light contact sparring like taekwondo or karate where they tell you to not go hard. If you throw it hard and hit someone's bones, you'll feel it. If you want to throw hard kicks, just get the full shin guards like TKB, Twins, Fairtex, etc.

As for the sizing for the cloth ones, S, M, L all are the same length and the difference is how much wider they are. I'm 6'0" 150 lbs, and I can wear a small all the way to a large. If you want to be safe, get a large since it should be quite snug once you wash and dry them.

Additional advice:
They usually aren't branded,and even if they are, don't get it branded because it's such a crap shinguard that you shouldn't spend 20 more dollars just because it has the words VENUM or something on them.

Generic (Pro Force):


u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I vote for the boxing wraps...cuz they're cool.

u/lightningofpuppets · 2 pointsr/MuayThai

I can sincerely attest to the quality and value of these boxing gloves .

I’ve used these shin guards a couple of times and they’re fine.

As for hand wraps, I bought them at my gym, as the ones I’d bought were not long enough (140). Make sure your hand wraps are long enough and you’ll be fine.

u/sparkycircuit01 · 2 pointsr/hockeyplayers

I wear this pelvic protector and have found it really comfortable. I wear compression shorts, and then just slip that over them under my hockey pants. I don't have the shorts with the velcro and to be honest have yet to have problems with my socks falling down (knock on wood). I just tape them over my shin pads.

u/Darth_Tard · 2 pointsr/MuayThai

Make sure that you purchase wraps that are 180 inches in length. Don't trust anything that doesn't list a length. Also, 100% cotton wraps are not what you want. You will want elastic cotton wraps (they will stretch a bit, giving a tighter fit and allowing more flexibility while maintaining good support), also called mexican style wraps. These are the wraps I use, and I wouldn't get anything else.

u/infernalspacemonkey · 2 pointsr/capoeira

I can't see the video (I'm at work) but ankle supports are very popular:

I've also known people do wear Dance Pads or "Dance Paws"

u/sleepy_hodor · 2 pointsr/xxfitness

I definitely recommend using hand wraps like [here] ( I got mine at my boxing gym for $5, so you can definitely find it cheaper than the price listed on Amazon.

If your knuckles are really sensitive, add more wraps on that area! The videos I've seen suggest wrapping 4 times on the knuckles. I usually do like 6, and it's been helping a lot.

As for gloves, I'm still looking for a good pair. At the moment, I have [these] ( in 12 oz. For reference, I'm 5'2" and 110 lbs. I got them for ~$30 at my gym. I've read some reviews, and the general consensus seems to be that Century and Everest gloves aren't the best quality.

Best of luck!

u/rypatten · 2 pointsr/BDSMAdvice

I'm a trans guy who is also dealing with this issue. It's not DIY, but I just purchased the "Lobloo" on Amazon. It's an athletic cup for martial arts and such. They have a Female LoBloo version that lays flatter than the typical athletic cup. It's only $40 as well! I'm excited to get mine tomorrow! :D

u/Sin2K · 2 pointsr/MuayThai

6'0 140lbs here, If Jiu Jitsu has taught me one thing it's that my bones are a lot less fragile than I thought they were. Unless you have an actual bone problem or you have broken a lot of bones in the past I wouldn't worry about that too much.

Just relax, pay attention, have fun and show up as much as you can.

A single row, boil and bite mouthguard will do. I use this. You can find them at almost any sporting goods store.

As for gloves, you're probably fine starting out with a pair of everlast or title $30 specials from your local sporting goods store. I would make sure they are at least 12oz and that they have velcro closures (don't get anything that slips on).

For wraps, you pretty much have to order them online, you want 180" or "mexican" style wraps. They're usually pretty cheap, like $5 a pair if you shop around, and the extra length is amazing.

u/Girfex · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

My wish!

And my art!

u/nairbmik · 2 pointsr/amateur_boxing

I'm a beginner as well. I have both Everlast handwraps and off brand handwraps. Both do the job fine. Remember to wrap your hands and wrist well to prevent wrist injury.

I have Ringside IMF Techs and they're great, but pricey. Plenty of good options out there, check out /r/boxing and search for glove recommendations.

My bag is an Everlast C3 Foam bag, which is supposedly one of Everlast's higher end bags. It's been about a month and it's holding up fine. Ringside and Title make decent bags, too. I also have the Everlast bag stand, which is noisy and creaky, but it does the job.

u/ElRitmoKotite · 2 pointsr/amateur_boxing

Meister handwraps. I have them. Best bang for your buck. High quality. Much preferred than Title or Ringside.

u/bbatwork · 1 pointr/Amtgard

I had never heard of this etiquette practice. Although I don't wear lacrosse gloves. I prefer these...

They have gel padding on top, but otherwise are thin on the inside giving a good grip. Can't say that I have ever had a problem feeling wrist shots through the part that wraps around your wrists.

u/lel4rel · 1 pointr/powerlifting

had my first really rough session in wraps last night. i have been primarily self-wrapping but an experienced equipped guy offered to wrap me and i took him up on it. very tight wrap and tbh it wrecked my shit and i failed a 95% weight twice in a row (like the third and fourth training squat i've failed in the last 3 years). I then went back to a self-wrap and hit 90% for a triple to salvage the day. it was much easier to get my knees and hips out - the previous sets just felt like my knees were hitting an immovable object.

i'm ~7 weeks out so i'm thinking about just doing a self-wrap on meet day unless i figure out a consistent wrap guy i can train with over the next couple weeks. I know on meet day I can at least get my handler to help pre-roll the wraps which should save some time and energy but i'm thinking about investing in a wrap roller. All the powerlifting-specific ones seem silly expensive. This is the cheapest i've found (the Titan version is $300 lol). On the other hand though its obviously a dead simple design and there are boxing/MMA wrap rollers that are dirt cheap like this one and this one. Anyone have experience with wrap rollers? At $20 its "might as well" territory for me but for $120 i'd question it.

u/mattXvsgodzilla · 1 pointr/snowboarding

Try boxing wraps. It's like an ace bandage but they're thicker and provide more support. They have a loop to stick your thumb through on one end which makes it way easier to start the wrap, and Velcro on the other end to keep it secure. It won't be as solid as an actual wrist guard, but it still provides a good amount of support. They're also pretty durable so you can just throw them in the wash with other gear without any real issues. TITLE Boxing Hand Wraps (Single Pair), Black

u/jopasny · 1 pointr/amateur_boxing

I have a question about hand wraps - are there any out there that provide a little more convenience to put on that anyone recommends? Or should I just suck it up and take the time to wrap properly?

Protecting my hands is obviously the priority, but I'm just looking to save a little time. I've been looking at these and these (for my wife) - but not sure if there's enough wrist support.

u/Weemz · 1 pointr/bjj

In the same boat. Started getting repeat puff ups after about a year of training. I get caught and push through a lot of triangles and big-man pass a lot. But there are more experienced people in my gym who have a similar style and not a scratch. Some people are just more prone to it.

Due to my career, and also my wife's opinion on the matter, I picked up these and they have been great. Comfy, easy to clean, zero ear issues. The only downside is hearing is a bit compromised but, meh.

u/DrDOS · 1 pointr/bjj

After trying and buying a number of them, I'd strongly recommend these

Cliff Keen Fusion Headgear in Black

They breathe as well as any others (not great but better than any others I tried). They don't hurt you or your partner but are still stiff enough and large enough to protect your ears. They don't come off and are adjustable to a big (or smaller ) head (my head is very big).

After getting a bad cauliflower ear forming, going to the doc for a draining and a couple of stitches to hold some cotton rolls for pressure in place, I had to be off the mats for 2-3w. Then I wore the protection linked above. Now I don't always wear them any more or after months of being better. I wear them if I feel any discomfort in my ears or redness, and I wear them for tournaments.

Hope this helps.

u/zunahme · 1 pointr/amateur_boxing

I went ahead and bought these because they seemed to be the best bet for the price. Although, I have absolutely no idea what type of glove to get. I box mostly for fitness and "just in case" but I've taken a deep liking to it. It's almost like my secret that no one knows about. I wear medium in latex medical gloves, if that helps and I'm not opposed to something heavy for a good workout.

u/informareWORK · 1 pointr/judo

Do you mean like the kind people wear for Muay Thai? When I did MT, I wore this:

u/buckeyebasshead · 1 pointr/Kickboxing

just buy a little more :)

when i know i wont run laundry before next training ill also just put them in my hand wrap wash bag the night before and soak them for an hour, let them dry and they are g2g by morning. "clean enough"

u/Bumpy8732 · 1 pointr/amateur_boxing

Honestly these things are great and worth every cent.

I used to get sore knuckles but these stopped that. They also extended the life of my gloves due to knuckles not hurting. I would buy a new pair once they were compacted enough to start hurting.

I also have a single layer of strapping tape around both hands which helps to support my hand and keep it flat. Not sure how much it helps but it seems to be working.

u/jazi00 · 1 pointr/martialarts

i was thinking of something like this

like a hybrid sock/bulkier shin guard. Hayabusa looks good, but damn its expensive.

u/tailend_ · 1 pointr/amateur_boxing

Anyone had any experience with head guards with grill protection? Purchased this the other day - RDX Maya Hide Leather Boxing MMA Protector Headgear UFC Fighting Head Guard Sparring Helmet

Fairly new to this and wanted a cheap one to start with. Any advice would be great.

u/plasticslug · 1 pointr/asktrp

Get a bag:

Make sure its not of those super hard ones, no need to hurt your wrists or be injured. Your not going to the Olympics just need to get your hits in.

Wrap your wrists with these

and use 3-4 cotton balls to protect your knuckles (as your wrapping).

Find a timer on the IOS or android marketplace. Do 2:30 on the bag with 1 min rests for 8 rounds.

Hell of a workout and may help with your issues.

u/TheSliceman · 1 pointr/TheRedPill

Okay, well first order of business is getting the bag up. Do that asap.

Gloves and wraps I would buy off amazon.



And wrap your hands Thai style, inbetween fingers.

u/wakeytom · 1 pointr/MuayThai

Late on this but to be honest I wouldn't go with the sports direct ones. Hopefully your budget stretches to these which I like: also I am sure some will disagree but for cheap shins I think as a beginner cotton work well and I used these for my first year and still do now at times

u/BoopserStrikesBack · 1 pointr/MuayThai

Welcome to muay thai! I'm 26, female, 5'4", and have been training for approx. 3 years. I'm not an expert by any means but I've seen some things and met some great fighters! This is an amazing sport and it will teach you so much about yourself and what you can handle, both physically and mentally. So happy to see more women embracing it ! Just wanted to send a quick applause to you!

Regarding glove size, I'd advise you talk to your gym about the size they want their fighters to train with. Are you hitting heavy bags? Thai pads? Each other? A combination of all the above?
16 oz. is pretty commonly mandatory and I've found many gyms prefer this in the event you spar a lot since it involves the most amount of padding. I train with 14oz. My 2 girlfriends (both the same size and height as me) train with 12oz. We primarily do dutch style kickboxing, hit thai pads, and spar. If your gym is fine with any weight, then it's your preference as to how much bulk you feel you need. Don't worry, your hands will be pretty protected anywhere from 16-10oz. Slimmer weights then that and now you're getting into professional fight training level.

As far as glove brand...many muay thai people love Fairtex and Twins, which I'm sure you've seen. You can't go wrong with that brand - they're very solid options for you especially as a beginner. I happen to think their price point is pretty good as well! I have Raja (linked above), which I like, but I have really small hands and sometimes I feel that they float a little too much in my gloves. I would buy Raja again but I'd figure out some way to try them on first. Both of my friends have Superare (linked above) and they love their gloves. They are snug on your hands (again, we're all small like you), really well made, and a good price point. If I needed new gloves I'd absolutely consider these.

Venum is a nice brand - I have Venum shinguards - but I'm not sure how their gloves are. From my perspective Venum is definitely flashy and pushing their advertising, and maybe more focused on promoting their overall MMA gear versus boxing/muay thai. I've met people with Venum gloves and they seem happy enough with them. They also don't go out of their way to sing their praises. I'm not sure what brand of glove your gym is promoting. They could be a great option for you since they shouldn't want to promote poor gear to their fighters - is there a reason why you don't like them?

I find that I cannot train without hand wraps, so I'd advise that you get several wraps. They're not expensive. Ringside 180" wraps are my tried and true, and I've used several brands. There are many different ways to wrap your hands - my advice is to find a tutorial on youtube that focuses more on padding your knuckles than your wrists. You might find that with all the training your knuckles aren't used to that level of impact. It's normal, your hands won't break....sometimes adding a little extra gauze can help with the impact.

Drink water, listen to your instructor, and go kick some ass! Hopefully this helps you out. Happy to answer any other questions if they come up!

u/Jonny-2-Shoes · 1 pointr/martialarts

Something like these will do:

You don't need heavy gloves for a bag. It's just to give some cushion for your knuckles so that you don't hurt them when you hit full force.

u/barkev · 1 pointr/MuayThai

Hello, fellow thicc boi here.

I have pretty big calves from years of swimming and water polo.



I ordered these a year ago and they are awesome. They have a sleeve so they never twist if someone kicks them and theres plenty of straps. I don't really use the top strap sometimes.


They're super affordable and hold up well. Also I've thrown them in my washing machine and nothings happened to them

u/TheDividualist · 1 pointr/Fitness

There are various "instant" wraps available, would not fight in one but good enough for medium strong bag work.

u/GrandmasterM · 1 pointr/kravmaga

I think they're great shin guards and very comfortable. They don't have the slipping issue because they go over your leg almost like a sock, but because of this there's no way to wear shoes at the same time. They aren't very similar to what I've seen others use in class, which have more of a hard shell. These are moreso pads.

u/unnamedstripper45 · 1 pointr/amateur_boxing

Been adding Heavy Bag into HIIT workouts and after a couple weeks decided I'd like to break the bank for some proper wraps and bag gloves. Haven't been able to find a good store nearby, but online selection is pretty good: they have about 3-4 different sets each from TITLE, Ringside, Hayabusa, Venum and Cleto Reyes. Was wondering if I could get some recommendations for those brands.

-8.7'' wrist, looking for 16oz gloves

-Flexible for price, $150/1100rmb max

-6in1ft, weigh about 210 pounds (hence the workout!)

-Training/bag only going 2-3 times a week.

Based on some research/recommendations been looking at this set in particular:

Hayabusa Tokushu

Also choosing between these wraps, not really sure what to look for other than 180 inch.





Thanks in advance!

u/1hqpstol · 1 pointr/amateur_boxing

Get a pair of 16oz training gloves or 16oz bag gloves. A pair from either of these should be fine. The Everlast Protex 2 do well for the price as well. Any 180" wraps should be fine. Ringside makes a mexican style that are pretty highly favored -