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u/LaserHorse · 397 pointsr/AskReddit

An old school Safety Razor.

I've been using one for about 4 months and already saved a ton of money. Those disposable razors and razor heads are a total scam. Multiblades clog up and offer no benefit to the shave.

Smoother and healthier skin because the blade is always clean and always sharp.

A new blade cost me $0.10 and that is for a two sided blade.

I have only one regret in life. Making it into my 30's before discovering this.

u/scarletphantom · 392 pointsr/assholedesign

Invest in a safety razor and some blades and you will be set. Those 200 blades should last you for a decade unless you shave daily.

Im not kidding. Safety razor blades are mere pennies and the razor should last longer than you.

u/nitt · 307 pointsr/

I have a solution.

Double edged safety razor: I use that one.

Blades: I use those at 17 cents a blade, but you can get much cheaper ones too.

This switch has saved me so much money and gives me a better shave. You will also want some shaving soap or cream with a brush. Enjoy

u/microseconds · 221 pointsr/everymanshouldknow

/r/wicked_edge has lots of great advice. I'll boil a lot of it down for you though..

  1. Stop using the 17-bladed nuclear-powered vibrating cartridge monsters with extra lubricating strip and kung-fu grip. Similarly, no electric shavers. They're really electric hair-ripper-outers. Not kidding. Kick it old school, like your grandfather. Look at a double-edge safety razor, or if you're really looking to go all-in, consider a straight razor.

  2. Think about your shaving cream. Does it come out of a can using aerosol? Maybe rethink that too then. Plenty of options out there that don't involve chemical-laden aerosol-propelled goo. You can even really turn the clock back with a cup/bowl/mug and brush setup to whip up a nice lather. I'm a fan of Taylor of Old Bond Street. But, I've also used DR Harris products, and they're quite nice as well. One of the side benefits of my former job was all the trips to London, so I could just stop into the ToBS shop on Jermyn Street. Sadly, those days are past, so I rely on the kindness of co-workers that still go over. :) It's easy enough to get their products in the US, it just costs a bit more.

  3. If you go the DE route, get a sample pack of different blades. Different blades work differently on different guys. For me, Derby blades are death. For others, they're amazing. For me, I work well with Astra, or can manage Feathers if I'm really careful (they're super sharp). My best blade though, has been a Personna medical prep blade.

  4. Shave in passes. Do a with-the-grain pass, followed by an across-the-grain pass. If you're really not there yet, you can add an against-the-grain pass, but that's a pretty advanced move. Remember - you're doing multiple passes. You don't need to remove every bit of hair the first pass. You don't press the razor into your face (as you're probably used to!). This razor has heft, and a blade that's really sharp. You're accustomed to a lightweight razor that has blades that are as dull as a hunk of cardboard compared to your garden variety DE blade.

  5. Use a quality aftershave. Try to avoid ones that contain alcohol, as it dries out the skin. I love the Nivea sensitive skin stuff. I can get it for way cheaper than that link shows at Walgreens, Target or Wegmans though.

    Many folks will try to sell you on the economics here, and how much money you'll save by shaving this way. While possible, it's not necessarily so. One can go bonkers and spend hundreds on the best gear if they wish. BUT, you don't have to.

    For me, I use a $30 brush from with a $5 mug from Target. My cream (ToBS Jermyn St) runs about $15 a tub, which lasts me probably 6-9 months. My daily shaver is a $30 Edwin Jagger, and my blades run about $30 for a 100-pack. I get 2-3 shaves from each blade.

    If you run the numbers, you'll likely come out ahead by going to DE, get better shaves, and have better skin as well. It sure was cheaper for me. I used to go through a cartridge a week. So, that's 4 carts a month. I was spending $30-ish every other month on 8-packs of cartridges, or about $3.75 per week. Nowadays, that's 2 blades a week, at ~$0.30/blade, that's $0.60/week in blades. That's a massive savings alone.

    You can do the ROI analysis for yourself. Take into account what you'd spend on shaving supplies, and calculate at which points the cost lines cross (ie break-even).
u/[deleted] · 145 pointsr/AskReddit

Tl;Dr OP delivers/is a faggot.

Haha, all right, I'll tell you everything I know. First, get these:

First, shampoo your groin hair with the strongest shampoo you can think off. The drier and fluffier the hair down there, the easier this is going to be.

Second, use the body hair trimmer while in the shower to get all the hair everywhere as short as you possibly can without making yourself uncomfortable. If you want to start above the dick, then start there to get accustomed to how the trimmer works then work your way to all the areas you wish to tame. I also shave my gouche etc, it's up to you. This will make the next part a lot easier.

Get some water and get it boiling hot. Then let it cool until you can touch it without seriously hurting yourself. The hotter the water the better but don't burn yourself. Now take the brush and soak it with the hot water. Then swish it around in the soap until you build up a nice foamy lather.

Lather that shit on there!

Here's the most time consuming part. You want to first go with the grain, shaving wherever you are first comfortable with. You want to use as small of an angle as you possibly can, I shave with the blade almost parallel to the skin. You do NOT push hard! It's a light grazing! LIGHT GRAZING! LIGHT! You use the weight of the head of the razor that is ALLLL the pressure you need! If it isn't enough pressure, increase the angle slightly.

EVERY time you pass by with the razor, you wash the blade in the water and apply new soap with the brush until you're satisfied. This keeps the soap and hair from clogging the blades and cutting something or ripping out a hair.

Always switch sides of the razor with each pass. This ensures near uniform wearing of the edges.

After you have passed by everything going with the grain, do the same against the grain. After you've done that, I go perpendicular to the grain for a grand total of three passes. Always cleaning the blade after every stroke, always re-soaping until you're satisfied.

After you've shaved everywhere, It's supposed to take a long time! Hurrying leads to awful bloody cuts! Then you LIGHTLY apply aftershave. It will always burn some, but not as much as it normally would! You whatever aftershave you have on hand.

For the balls, stretch out the skin as much as you possibly can and DO NOT APPLY PRESSURE! The same goes for the skin on your shaft if you have hair there.

Finally, baby powder that bitch! This will ensure you stay dry and clean and fresh all day!

At first, it will itch. There's no avoiding it. After you've shaved down there maybe 6 times, the itching will reduce until you don't notice it. ALWAYS USE A FRESH RAZOR! They're like less than 8 cents a piece, that's worth not having to worry about bleeding all over the inside of your pants!

And that's how I shave.

For those of you who don't have the time but still want to get the job done, here was an insightful post by reddit user: OftenStupid

Disclaimer: If you wish to ritualize some portion of your life, the above is wonderful and I can see how it would be very satisfying. However, If your goal is to shave your junk:

I'm with SuccumbedtoReddit, the guide reads like it was purposefully written for hipsters. What the fuck, a brush? a FUCKING BRUSH? Old-school decapitate-yourself razor?

Please, just get a decent razor like you would for say another part of your body that you do not wish to mutilate like say....ummm.. your face.

Use some warm water, you're in the fucking shower just turn the knob goddamn it.

Apply some shaving cream. No you won't make it, nor handcraft it nor pick it from the freshest cream-trees growing on the purest mountain tops. You'll go out and buy a can that reads "shaving cream" on the label. Apply cream. Fap, if the mood takes you there, as smearing warm creamy-like substances on your privates might do.

Shave. Apply some pressure. Shit, with most modern razors you can fucking hate-stab yourself with it without drawing blood. If you want to be cautious, start gently and proceed according to how much time you want to invest.

Wash it off, re-apply shaving cream, shave against the grain.

Trim the hair on the border between penis and belly, because no-one likes the "this area has been nuked from orbit" look.

Wash off, endure the itchiness for a day or two.

Play with yourself whenever and however you wish to, without the excuse that it's somehow a necessarry procedure.


You may have more nicks if you rush TOO much, but any nicks you get will be tiny and won't hurt or bleed that much. The above is more or less what I do when I'm in a rush, minus the shaving cream.

u/ultrapingu · 104 pointsr/gifs

They're a bit more expensive, but feather is another brand which I think are the sharpest you can get.

EDIT: Since there's been a ton of comments, I thought I'd just summarise: Shaper doesn't mean better - depending on your skin, different sharpness will drag or cut more here is a little guide about the sharpness of a couple of different manufacturers. For anyone just starting out, I recommend getting a sampler of a couple of different sharpness blades and seeing what works for you.

u/Leisureguy · 92 pointsr/wicked_edge

Here are the basic advantages:

CARE OF SKIN - DE shaving, using lather, a good razor and blade, and good technique, is much kinder to your skin that the 5-blade, tug-and-cut scraping action of a Fusion. More details on request, but many guys have commented on how much their skin/acne/ingrowns have improved since making the switch.

QUALITY OF SHAVE - This will probably not be new information, but advertisements often do not provide reliable information. (Note the obvious conflict of interest, for example.) Quite frequently, guys who have made the switch find that their shaves are much better, an observation reinforced by the comments from significant other, children, and/or grandchildren that their face is not so scratchy as it used to be.

COST OF SHAVE - My blades cost 9¢ each and last a week. For $4.50, I get a year's worth of shaves. How much do you spend on Fusion cartridges in a year? Shaving soap and cream are also much less expensive than canned foam, besides being better, more fragrant, and more pleasurable.

QUALITY OF LIFE - DE shaving improves one's quality of life. Specifically:

Environmental benefits - These are obvious: much less landfill fodder and many fewer noxious chemicals involved in traditional shaving.

Personal benefits - This was the clincher for me: shaving went from a tedious, boring, hateful chore to a real pleasure, something I look forward to each morning and truly enjoy. It makes a significant psychological difference to begin the day with taking care of yourself while doing something you enjoy rather than hurrying through something you hate.

FWIW, I wrote a comprehensive introduction to DE shaving that answers these and many other questions. You can get much of the same info on the Internet (but not all, I believe), but the book provides an organized and consistent introduction and discusses the many choices and tradeoffs in equipment, supplies, and techniques. Check out the reader reviews to see whether you think it would help you.

The doubled edged safety razor in general costs substantially less than a staight razor. Indeed, the Silvertone razor is less than $3 and gives quite a good shave. (Check out this sub-$50 beginner kit for some specific recommendations). Of course, with a DE razor you have to buy blades (read this post on blades---they're not wh¢at you expect), but blades are cheap. I mainly use a brand that cost 9¢ per blade, which lasts about a week: around $4.50/year for the blades.

The problems with multiblade cartridges:

a. Expensive, so guys try to stretch their life, which means a lot of time they're shaving with a dull set of blades.

b. Effort: even if the blades are sharp, it requires some force to push (say) 5 blades through the stubble: cutting 5 blades' worth of stubble at a time means you encounter a lot of resistance. When cutting with a single blade, you find MUCH less resistance. (To minimize resistance the most, one would use a slant-bar razor, but I would recommend that as a second razor, once your technique is good.)

c. Pressure: when you're putting that much effort into cutting, you tend to press the cartridge against the skin, scraping away. That's why so many guys believe that they have "sensitive skin". Most of them don't: they have damaged skin. (Of course, some guys really do have sensitive skin, sometimes to the point of requiring medical intervention. But for most, the issue is damage rather than sensitivity.)

Take a look at my guide for more information and detail, if you think the read reviews warrant it. And when you start, avoid the four most common mistakes cartridge shavers make when switching to a DE razor.

Hope this helps.

u/Aozi · 75 pointsr/LifeProTips

As someone explained, ingrown hairs happen when the hair doesn't actually break the surface of the skin, the most common cause for them is shaving with poor gear or incorrectly. Basically you shave and instead of cutting the hair, the razor pulls it slightly out from the hair follicle before actually cutting it. So when the hair grows back, if it's even slightly off from it's previous position, there's a good chance it won't break through the skin and end up as an ingrown hair.

Some people also have naturally very curly hair which then ends up causing much more ingrown hairs than most others. If they just happen even without shaving then the issue is a bit more difficult to manage and there's actually very little you can do about it. However if they happen after shaving, then solution do exist.

I'm going to detail some things you can do about your shaving routine that should help with ingrown hairs.

First of all, get yourself a double edge razor. If you want something cheap you can get one for about 3$ from Amazon, for something a bit better and more expensive the Edwin jagger DE89 is an excellent razor. There are literally hundreds of other options out there, you can often find DE razors from antique shops, flea markets or just your parents/grandparents place. And vintage razors are often extremely good if they are in decent shape.

Next you'll need some blades, I recommend buying a sampler pack again this one is about 11$. The reason you want a sample pack is because certain blades work better for certain people, so you can try them out and find the blade that fits you.

Now why on earth would you spend the whopping 15$ on technology from 70's when you have the new gilette 20 blade razor that is supersharp technology masterpiece? Mostly because it's not supersharp, well..It kinda is but it won't stay that way. The problem is that blades go dull, and when blades go dull they don't cut well, when they don't cut well they tug the hair and you end up with ingrown hairs. The easy solution is to change the cartridge often, but the cartridges are really goddamn expensive so you don't want to do that. DE blades? You can get a years supply for 20-30$, change it every 1-3 shaves and you can ensure the blade stays sharp and cuts well.

Someone also suggested exfoliating the skin, but you can kill two birds with one stone. You can get yourself a shaving brussh, something simple like the Omega 10077 it's a good, cheap starter brush it's a bit on the harder side so you can easily use it to exfoliate your skin prior to shaving. With that you can get a tube of Proraso shaving cream which is leaps and bounds better than the stuff you get from a supermarket in a can. Then to top it off get yourself some nice aftershave to calm your skin after shaving.

Now you'll also need to change your entire routine a bit. Slap a blade on your new razor, fill your sink up with some hot water and let your brush soak in the water. While your brush soaks rinse the areas you want to shave with plenty of hot water, this helps to open up the pores and soften your hair prior to shaving. If you want you can use some pre-shave to try and keep the irritation to your skin to minimum. Now you'll need to prep some lather, you can use a bowl, your hand or just do it right where you want to shave Here's a good guide on what you can do. The basic idea is to make sure your brush isn't exactly dripping wet but still wet, get about an almond size drop of the shave cream, then just mix up the cream like you'd be mixing eggs, add drops of water if needed. Once you have some lather, apply it in the places you want. You should use rather brisk circular motions, these help to prop your hair up and makes them easier to shave. Applying cream with hands usually has the bad effect of pushing your hair flat on your skin which makes shaving harder.

Now you have some lather so you'll need to shave. There are two main things to keep in mind with a DE: Blade angle and pressure.

Basically there is an ideal blade angle and finding one will take some time. However there is an entire wiki page dedicated to this. The second one is pressure, with a cartridge razor you ten dto press it against your skin, because the blades are dull and you try to shave as well as possible. With a DE, you should not put any pressure on your skin. The blade is sharp enough to cleanly cut the hair with zero pressure. Getting a hang of it is gonna take a week or so, but once you do you will consistently get better shaves. And be sure to rinse your blade often with the water you have in your sink, you don't want too much cream clogging the blade up.

The basic three pass DE shave includes one pass with the grain of the hair, another across the grain and the final pass is done very carefully against the grain and only if needed or you absolutely want to do it. Shaving against the grain gives you the best shave, but also irritates your skin more and is much more likely to end up with reddish skin or small cuts. So you fist shave everything with the grain, then rinse, apply lather, shave across the grain, rinse, and shave against the grain if needed.

Finally rinse with cool water, dry yourself up and apply aftershave. For other post-shave products you can get yourself an Alum bloc. It's a natural astringent that closes up most small razor nicks. After your final pass and after rinsing your face, grab the block and just massage it on the areas where you shaved, then rinse your face again. Another excellent product is witch hazel. It's again an all natural skin care product, it helps to cool, refresh and revitalize your skin. You can also use it daily even if you don't shave. Personally I apply witch hazel after I rinse off the alum. Then wait a few minutes and apply after shave.

Doing all that should help to decrease skin irritation and reduce ingrown hairs. And those products are just a dip in he ocean, there are hundreds of soaps, aftershaves, creams and all manner of other things you can get cheap and easy. Check out /r/wicked_edge for more.

u/Gliste · 61 pointsr/gadgets

Solution: Buy a safety razor.

Blades cost as little as 10 cents each and last for 3-4 shaves. I have some that have lasted up to 20 shaves.

Learn more at /r/wicked_edge

Edit: if you're interested, check this kit out

Thanks /u/EmperorArthur

u/xArbilx · 60 pointsr/explainlikeimfive

When you shave against the grain the razor tugs at the hair in addition to slicing through it, pulling it a bit farther out of the follicle. This makes it much easier to get ingrown hairs and irritation on the skin.

Edit to elaborate on everyone else's experiences by adding my own: Using Mach 3s and all that newer stuff I always broke out on my neck. Switching to a safety razor(a big part of this is also finding the right blade brand for you skin, Feather was way too sharp for me and caused razor burn, I ended up going with Derby), using a badger hair brush and shaving soap and making my own lather, shaving while showering and your hair is moist and skin is warm from the steam, and rinsing with ice cold water after the shave are what I found work the best. Hard to nail down exactly what helped the most cause I switched to doing all that at the same time.

Safety Razor



Fogless Shower Mirror

Mug to make lather in


After Shave

Cold Water ;P (I honestly think rinsing with cold water for at least 15 seconds before putting on after shave is the most important part in avoiding irritation and ingrown hairs.)

u/geektrix · 55 pointsr/Frugal

Best: Use shaving soap & a shaving cream whipping brush, and use a safety razor. After the initial investment the blades are much cheaper. And the body of the device will last a lifetime, unlike any modern razor.

u/kkeut · 49 pointsr/Showerthoughts

was scrolling down just to find this comment. switching to a safety razor changed my life for the better!

guys; seriously, try using a safety razor. you get a much better shave, and a much cheaper shave as well. you can get sample packs and figure out which blade works best for you too.

a good safety razor only costs $35 or so and will last a lifetime. once you figure out the brand of razor you prefer, you can get several years supply of those as well for very, very cheap.

I got these:

Merkur Long-Handled Safety Razor ($32.70)

Razor Blade Sampler Pack ($6.25)

u/logmeinbro · 43 pointsr/BuyItForLife

Most guys will be fine with a non-adjustable razor like Merkur 34C, for ~$30-40 less, especially if they're new to using safety razors.

u/mcarrode · 36 pointsr/SkincareAddiction

I have coarse hair. If I shave with cheap disposable razors the same thing happens to me. Look into a safety razor. You can replace the razor itself for like 8$ for 100 razors, it's much easier, cheaper, and more comfortable for me.

My routine- shave in the shower. I bring in a clean cloth that I heat up with hot water, wring it out, and apply to my neck. This softens up your hair a little bit and makes shaving easier. I use some over the counter shaving cream, but Tend Skin Air Shave Gel works amazing, but it is a little pricey. I recommend that you only shave along with the grain of your hair for now, you'll see less irritation that way. Once your irritation has calmed down you can shave against the grain. At the end of my shave I'll shave once against the grain to get a closer shave. Rinse with cool water when you're done shaving.

You need to moisturize after shaving, get an after shave cream to help your skin out. I've been using Marlowe post shave lotion that I got at Target.

I hope this helps. You can try with your current supplies what I recommended and see if it helps. Biggest tips think would be to change your razors frequently, put a hot damp cloth on your neck before shaving, and shaving along the grain. Oh and get an after shave.

PM me if you have any questions. :)

u/rook218 · 29 pointsr/malelifestyle

Join the sixty cent shave club

Buy one of these

Then one of these

And for 45 dollars, you will have enough razors to last for two years.

And it is 15 dollars for every two years thereafter.

u/Karamazov · 25 pointsr/Frugal

switch to double edge safety razors. After an initial investment in a handle (about $15 depending on quality) you can buy 100 blades for less than $10.

u/StevenMC19 · 24 pointsr/Frugal

Some comparison math for those wanting to see the numbers right now:

All from, and the cheapest I could find at a decent quality...

  • Gillette Fusion Pro Glide w/ Flex ball and two blade refills: $10.59
  • Gillette Fusion razor blade refills, 12 count: $40.99


  • Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor w/ guard, w/ 1 platinum-coated double-edged razor: $29.85
  • Personna Double-edged Razor Blades, 100 count: $14.54

    Already, the totals are: Fusion, $51.58 and the safety razor, $44.39.

    Now, let's shave.

    I'm not including cream or soap, since that's a preference for people, and can change prices drastically for what people use. Personally, I use absolutely nothing; water works just fine and I don't break out at all like I would if I applied some sort of substance on my face prior to scraping it off.

    We'll give Fusion the benefit of the doubt as well, by getting THREE shaves out of a single blade. The double-edged razors, we'll toss out after every shave (yup, double-edged or not, resharpened or not, one and done for this experiment). We're going to shave twice a week. That's 104 times a year (I wanted a figure close to 100, because I like that number).

    Fusion: One razor, 35 blades (three shaves per blade). That's three packs of replacement blades, totaling out to 38 blades including the two that come in the starter pack...$10.59 + ($40.99 x 3) = $133.56. You can go an additional nine shaves before having to buy another replacement pack.

    Safety razor: One razor, 104 blades (one shave per blade). That's two packs of replacement blades, totaling out to 201 blades including the one that comes in the starter pack...$29.85 + ($14.54 x 2) = $58.93. You can go an additional nine...ty-seven shaves before having to buy another replacement pack.

    The craziness is that even after giving as much home field advantage to Fusion as I could, they still cost over $70 for the first year. Realistically, you can get a lot more shaves out of the single-blade, double-edged razors which increase the longevity of a single replacement pack. If treated properly, one 100pk can last over three years. Those "moisture" strips on blades today last maybe a shave, and they're just about worthless afterwards; hairs constantly get stuck in between the blades and are difficult as fuck to remove, thus causing frustration or added swipes to get all the hairs off your face; and these added technologies like a swivel head, vibrating shaft, lubrication spitting spout, or rotating super ball does nothing differently than what you've already learned how to do with the contours of your own face and how the products treat your skin, rendering these features completely redundant.

    It's a no brainer.

    Edit: Oops, messed the links up. FIXED NOW!

    Edit edit: I just want to state that I am in now way shunning the use of the pro glide if it works for you. If you have found a way to increase the longevity of those blades, and you prefer them to any other blade, then by all means, continue to shave with what you like best. This price comparison is to show to those one the fence about trying a new method, or are searching for new methods to save a couple bucks, that there is an alternative. This formula is very basic, and doesn't contain all the variables that go with shaving (i.e. sharpening blades, the actual amount of shaves you can get from a single cartridge, a high quality durable electric pre-shave, hair growth and thickness). This is just to show that the single blade product at its most basic level is a much cheaper solution to shaving needs.
u/ServerOfJustice · 22 pointsr/AskReddit

You should consider a safety razor, you can get more info at /r/wicked_edge if you like. You can get a decent set up for less than $50 and buy razorblades for less than 10 cents each(here's 100 blades for $8.20) while getting a much better shave.

u/badaimarcher · 22 pointsr/Frugal

Dude if you like Astra blades you should check out Feather blades. They are super sharp and give a really nice shave.

u/GalaxiesCollide · 22 pointsr/IWantToLearn

Double edge razor, seriously. /r/wicked_edge will have some info, but they can also be a little pretentious.

I read info from that subreddit, then bought this

You don't need all the fancy stuff wicked edge suggests, though it would be nice. Ever since I started shaving with a DE razor, I haven't had any razor bumps or ingrown hairs.

u/psychoticguy · 21 pointsr/BuyItForLife

Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor by Merkur

I have this one, and it's great

u/organometal · 21 pointsr/AskReddit

After reading about it on reddit, this.

u/ChefSqueaky · 18 pointsr/news

Showed her an ad for replacement razor blades?

u/Spacebrother · 18 pointsr/wicked_edge

Whoa... that is a lot, you can probably put it together for a lot less.

As a suggestion:

Razor: Edwin Jagger DE89 $32

Brush: Omega boar brush (or something similar) $14 - Leisureguy can probably recommend a better one for the same price

Soap: Proraso (kinda like a creamy soap) ~ $10

Alum block: Bloc Osma $9

And as an additional:

Book: Leisureguy's Guide to Gourmet Shaving $10

The above comes to only $76, leaving you enough money for a brush stand, a sampler pack and maybe an aftershave!

EDIT: Looks like most of the money in the kit is the shaving stand (currently going for $22.99 on eBay), while you can get a perfectly functional one for $9 or make your own from a coat hangar

u/CommanderBunny · 16 pointsr/TheGirlSurvivalGuide

Awesome! All right, here we go.


The difference between men and women's razors is that women's have longer handles and a smaller aperture for the blade. Men's usually have a wavy little comb bit that lifts up their thicker beard hair to cut.

The one I personally recommend is the Weishi. It's $17 bucks, and the metal is really light, but I ended up getting used to that fairly quickly. Not a big initial investment and perfectly adequate for my needs.

I see Murker recommended fairly often. I hear they are okay, if overpriced. I personally hated it, lol. They are definitely geared towards beards and did not play nice with my pale little legs.

You could also go for the vintage Lady Gillette. I paid $30 for mine on ebay and it's got a nice long handle, good grip, and nice weighty metal. This was actually my first purchase and I'm still really happy with it. Considering I'm happy with the Weishi, though, I'd probably just repurchase that one if I ever lose mine.


Now this one might take some trial and error. Everyone has different hair and different skin and every razor brand shaves a little differently.

A lot of people start off with a multipack to get a feel for the different blades and then narrow it down to brands they like. I think it's a great idea and probably your best bet. I'll still mention my experiences though.

STAY AWAY FROM DORCO. They are bullshit. I'm not a fan of Gillette brand blades either except for the Wilkinson Sword and they're kind of expensive at $20 for 100. Derby is also just okay.

Feather: give the sharpest, closest shave ever. So sharp that you can cut yourself and you won't even notice until the trail of blood starts going down the drain. Great blades, and a ton of people like them, but I found that they dull too quickly for leg real-estate and are too scary sharp for sensitive bits.

Voskhod: Sharp, reliable, lasts through a few shavings. I quite like this one and have repurchased it. They are good, solid razors that gave a decent shave. Good for all-over.

Shark: My favorite at the moment. Comparable to Voskhod except I feel they might give a slightly closer shave and dull a little bit faster. If I had both in the bathroom I would probably choose Shark for the legs and Voskhod for everywhere else.

Astra: Worked adequately. Shave isn't bad or great, just reliable. Worked on the legs but not as good in other places. Wasn't worth a repurchase.

Lord: I think these actually lasted the most shaves out of all of them, at about 4 uses per blade. I think I had the least incidence of cuts with these but the shave wasn't as close as I wanted. My shaves usually last two or three days with the other razors but with this one I was feeling it lasted only 1-2. I think these are literally the opposite of the Feathers in terms of their qualities.


M'kay, that's all I can think of for now. I hope this helps!

u/CARTERsauce · 16 pointsr/malefashionadvice

I am a sweaty person. I have tried all the name brand antiperspirants/deodorants. After years of crusted yellow/white stained shirts, I realized that my body seemed to compensate with more sweat, plugged up under the arms, it surfaced on my back and head. Clinical/prescription strength antiperspirants only added to the problem, and my white tees took the damage. Later I found out people, myself included, actually use too much, you only need a super thin amount applied to your underarms, don't go about it like frosting a cake.

Also thinking about the potential harm of aluminum based antiperspirants (you absorb everything through your skin), I moved on to some natural deodorants (brands like Toms) but they just didn't seem to work so well, but i did notice when I applied less deodorant, or didn't altogether, my sweat began to lessen in severity. Anytime I actually smelled (like after yardwork or a any long day in the sun), it was time for a shower anyways. After I was properly applying a thin coat, I settled on Arm & Hammers Essential Deodorant that began to alleviate my problems, notably with my clothing. No more yellow crusty shirts!

But how about some deodorant that will last you several years? Try a Thai Deodorant Stone, I've had this baby for a year now and I can attest that it works great. Nowadays I apply this to my underarms from time to time and lightly powder my feet and groin with a mix of cornstarch and talc. Life is much better now.

TLDR: Use less antiperspirant and try a deodorant stick without aluminum, like Arm & Hammer Natural Essentials, or try a Thai Deodorant Stone cause it rules. Also try applying talc/cornstarch to areas you get moist

And while we're on the topic of saving money on everyday hygienic activities, consider a safety razor (refill blades are $10 for 100 compared to $20 for 8) some nice sandalwood shave soap (I've had this bowl for a year and it doesn't really look like any is gone) and a nice aftershave (I get lots of compliments on the particular scent of this one from those who get close enough to smell it) I always use an after shave lotion with little or no alcohol, because alcohol dries your face out and makes you look older. Then moisturizer, then an anti-aging...

Before I started shaving like this, I had a bit of an acne problem and some parts of my face where I would get spots of dry skin, it's gone now. My skin is mostly clear. You're gonna get a much better shave that doesn't irritate your skin and save a ton of money when you think about the cost of Gillete Quadruple edged razors, plus how much more badass is it to shave like this? This is how your grandpa shaved. The upfront investment is a badger brush, which I called an investment because a good one will last you a lifetime.

That's my hygiene ramble.

u/6chan · 16 pointsr/instant_regret

Use a safety razor.

Get one of those old school razors with a butterfly hinge (something like this:

and get safety razors (

These give you as good a shave as anything else.

You can use each razor for a dozen or more uses, and its way cheaper to replace them.

It will take some getting used to early on, but for the first few weeks get a stiptik ( too, to stop the bleeding in case you cut yourself.

u/Trump_is_the_King · 16 pointsr/The_Donald

Get a double edge razor. Worth every penny. Also cheaper

Spez: here is a great reviewed razor that I use.

Also bought a variety pack of blades for really cheap about 3 years ago.. still havn't gone through them

u/arbarnes · 16 pointsr/wicked_edge

You can do better for less money shopping on sites other than Amazon, but you can do okay there if you're careful.

For a razor I'd get an Edwin Jagger Kelvin. The Parker 24c is another viable option; I just don't like the way it looks. And if you're the clumsy type, the Merkur 34c is less likely to break if you drop it or knock it off the counter. In terms of shave quality, I'd say Merkur < Edwin Jagger < Parker, but the differences aren't huge. For build quality EJ is a big step above Merkur and Parker.

There are some great synthetic brushes on the market, but AFAIK none of them are available on Amazon. Which means, in your price range, that boar bristles are the only viable option. The Omega 10049 is a big brush that will break in quickly. I actually prefer the small Semogues such as the 1460, but they take a ton of time (or a fair amount of work) to break in.

For shave soap, I really like Pre de Provence. It's a big puck of hard soap, so it'll last you a very long time. Cella is another top performer (far better than, say, Proraso) for an affordable price. I've also heard good things about Soap Commander and Wet Shaving Products' "Rustic" line. Whatever you do, stay away from Col. Conk and Blades Grim.

For blades, just don't. Go to Try a Blade and get a double helping of their top ten sampler. Once you've found your favorite blade, go back to Amazon and see if you can't get a good price on 100 of them.

If there's anything else you need from Amazon, get it and pick up your shave gear elsewhere. For example, the Maggard Razors budget starter kit is outstanding, and is about to get better with the inclusion of their self-branded synthetic brushes. For $40 you can put together a kit that's a step up from the $60 worth of stuff I recommended on Amazon. But if it's gotta be Amazon, you at least have some viable options.

Edited to add final paragraph.

u/GREEN_BUCKSAW · 15 pointsr/Frugal

You should start shaving with an old school double edge safety razor. See /r/wicked_edge for more info.

I use a Merkur razor and Feather razor blades.

There are special shaving brushes and shaving soap but I don't use those. I use normal shaving foam.

The price is about 30 cents per razor blade. Each blade lasts me a week. However I don't shave every day.

u/frenchpressgirl · 14 pointsr/NaturalBeauty

I use a double-edged safety razor (obligatory r/wicked_edge link). It happens to be this one. I also use coconut oil, which is lovely and moisturizing, instead of shaving cream.

There's an initial investment for the razor and blades (I got a variety pack of 60 blades and have barely made a dent after 7 months, since I only shave my legs once a week), but after that, the replacement blades are incredibly cheap; you can get them for as little as 8 cents apiece (!).

It takes a bit of practice to get good with the thing, but I enjoy shaving so much more now! Bonus: no razor burn, and I rarely cut myself anymore.

u/Shaded21 · 14 pointsr/gaybros

Avid wet shaver here. So if you are considering wet shaving, allow me to indulge you for a second. There's a lot of perks when it comes to wet shaving.

  • It's relaxing
  • It's cheaper/less maintenance
  • There's lots o' smells and combinations

    Sure there's a lot of razors out there, but it's mostly about finding one that you like or find appealing. Does it feel better when the razor is heavy? When it's light? Do you want it to made from plated gold or just chrome? It's about finding one that suits you.

    I've been using this bad boy for the last 3 years and it's given me remarkable shaves. Theres a knob on the bottom that allows you to adjust how much of the blade is exposed, so on sensitive areas (like my neck) I can adjust the blade to glide smoothly without worrying about nicks or razor burn.

    Now, after you find one of your liking, it's time to look for is a brush.

    There's typically 3 types.

  • Badger
  • Boar
  • Synthetic

    Badger is the most common, as it's softer and holds a generous amount of water. Boar is a harder type hair and requires some getting used to (of which I have little experience with).

    Brushes can range from $10-$300. A lot of the price comes down to quality of the hair and material of the handle. Remember, you get what you pay for. One thing to consider is that wet shaving was designed to last forever. Brushes and razors from the 60's, as long as they were well taken care of, can be used today.

    Heck if you don't want to get too fancy, don't get a brush. A simple dallop of shaving cream on the hand and massaged on the face would suffice.

    Next are razor blades. There's a ton of different manufacturers. Gillete, Astra, Feather; to name a few. Every brand works for different people. I find Astra to be the ideal blade for my face, but Feather blades are too rough on me. When starting out, I'd suggest trying a "Blade Sampler Pack" from some online retailer. And when you find a brand that works, see if you could buy their blades in bulk. I get the 100 pack. So if I use 1 blade for 2 shaves, the cost of blades drop down to mere pennies compared to the cartridge razor blades they sell at the drug store.

    SO, now that you have the essentials, keep in mind of the three basic things you use for pre/mid/post shave.

  • Preshave oil (Optional although I highly reccomend it)
  • Shaving cream
  • Aftershave (Optional)

    Here is where the fun starts. There's just so many choices! You can buy special pre shave oil (preshave oil helps lubricate the blade as it glides over your face. Shaving cream does too) or you can use a glycerine soap bar like this one however, Whole Foods sells a store brand soap bar for $1 that I love.

    Try out different shaving soaps or creams until you find one you like. There's so many different online retailers that it aint funny. And they're pretty cheap too. I personally love the Eucalyptus Shave cream from Bath & Body Works and i'm still using the same tube that I've had since last year.

    Soak the brush in water, shake excess water out, put a pea size amount of cream on the brush, rub on face, make lather, shave! It feels really good too!

    They say to shave for three rounds per shaving session. With the grain, across the grain, and against the grain. So pay attention to which direction the hair grows all over your face and neck.

    With your razor, razor blades, pre shave, and shaving cream, you'll have amazing shaves and more money in your pocket.

    I haven't used electric shavers, but I can assure you that there's no closer shave you'll get than from a razor.

    P.S. Don't buy anything from The Art of Shaving. They are way overpriced for not that great of quality.
u/LR2 · 13 pointsr/pics

I have a very think beard and shaving with a safety razor has greatly reduced irritation and other shaving issues. I did the research a few years ago and here is the exact equipment I've been using since then:

Merkur Long Handled Heavy Classic

Feather Razor Blades

Note though that feather blades are known to be the sharpest ones available and aren't usually recommended for beginners (they are made in Japan and laser cut). The consensus is that a new user should buy a sample pack that includes a variety of blades first. Then after putting them each under a trial shave decide which one is best for you.

If you want to really get into it, I'd recommend searching for wet shaving techniques on youtube and watching some tutorials. I recommend this guy's channel.

Edit: Here is the site that I bought my blade samples from:

Also, if you don't want to go through the trouble, gillette sells these types of blades at all the major stores. Also, it's worth noting that blades are a lot cheaper if you buy them off ebay. Either way though they are substantially cheaper than buying cartridges.

u/smallpoly · 13 pointsr/todayilearned

If you use a double-edge instead of a disposable, blades are actually pretty cheap. 100 weeks worth of blades for $11.

Check out /r/wicked_edge.

edit: fixed subreddit link

u/ghostofpennwast · 12 pointsr/gaybros

Basically almost everyone uses a cartridge razor. Lots of people even use ones that have 3, 4, or even 5 blades.

Edit: here is a 6 blade razor...

u/Roygbiv856 · 12 pointsr/Frugal

100 for $30 is an awful deal. I just picked up 100 personna blues for $12

Here's 100 Derby blades for $9

u/qpid · 12 pointsr/wicked_edge


This Shaving Kit includes your bowl, brush and soap to get starter, $10

Merkur 180, $32

100 Blades, $8

That should come in right at the $50 mark and get some started for a few months.

Lord Razor, $13

The Same Shaving Kit includes your bowl, brush and soap to get starter, $10

Blade Sampler Pack, $17

A good book on the subject, $10

Which is also ~$50

u/Phenic · 12 pointsr/BuyItForLife

I think you make some fair points regarding time.

However, for less than the cost of a decent electric or one of those silly quad blade handles and a few replacements you can have a shaving setup that will last you, literally, your entire life.

Is it for everyone? No. Is it dangerous? Hell no. Hard to use? Only if you don't know how to shave. Can it be expensive? Yes, I have a $100 brush because it feels like angel wings on my face. But my $100 brush does the same thing a $5 brush does. But let's go down the price list of my initial setup.

Merkur Long Handle Safety Razor $18.99

[Proraso Shaving soap] ( $10

[Shaving Brush] ( $8.99

[Proraso Aftershave Cream for Sensitive Skin] ( $16.00

[100 Feather Razor Blades] ( $24.00

That's enough blades to last you years(and those are very nice, very sharp blades, you can get cheaper ones), the aftershave goes a long way, so does the soap. The handle will outlive me, and the brush will be good for a long, long time.

u/Stubb · 12 pointsr/BuyItForLife

Safety razor, something like this guy.

u/CoffeeFox · 12 pointsr/AdviceAnimals

Cartridge blades maybe. This kind are 71 cents a blade, and that's a premium brand.

u/AmantisAsoko · 12 pointsr/TrollYChromosome

Startup costs aren't really that high You can buy a great razor and some soap for ~$30, and then blades are $10 for 100 count, which will last you years.

Anything else like DSC compared to this is hilariously expensive. I feel like anyone who gets suckered into subscribing to a servie like Dollar Shave Club had the right idea, but got trapped in another scam along the way.

u/tommysmuffins · 11 pointsr/BuyItForLife

That's a nice razor, but you don't have to pay $73 to get BIFL quality. Old non-adjustable Gillettes can often be had from flea markets for under $10. Those things were made to last a lifetime.

Regarding blade cost - $.55 USD is really expensive. DE blades are typically around $.30 for Feather razor blades, much less for some others.

u/iandcorey · 11 pointsr/ZeroWaste

Use old curtains as cloth napkins. Use old bath or beach towels as kitchen rags to replace paper towels. We've been using the same napkins and rags for over 10 years. I can't imagine how much paper towel and paper napkin that is. But no doubt, someone has made up for our lack of consumption.

In place of those awful disposable tupperware not-quite-trash containers, a bowl with a plate on top of it will keep your leftovers from dinner to lunch. Soups go great into glass jars (don't freeze please). These wax cloth wrappers are pricey, but we have used them to good results. Thinking about making some with our beeswax. These son of a diddlys are awesome to take leftovers to work or bring leftovers home from parties or restaurants. Of course, Amazon will send it to you in 80 boxes and 15 bags.

Try doing less laundry by making less laundry. Try it.

Purchase a reusable razor where the only disposable is the blade.

Compost everything you can.

u/newtmitch · 11 pointsr/AskMenOver30

Check out a Merkur safety razor ( and a sample blade pack from amazon.

Get an inexpensive shaving brush to start with to see how you like it, but eventually drop more money on a nice brush. Spend $10-$15 to start then expect to drop $50+ on a nice pure badger hair brush in a few months. The badger brush that I bought for like $70 I still have with me 4-5 years later (although admittedly I don't shave terribly often). Once you get that pricey brush, get a cheap plastic holder for it as well - keep the bristles pointing down instead of up - after using it leaving them facing upwards allows the water to settle around the base and weaken the glue holding in the bristles, ultimately destroying your expensive brush. Not good.

Check out Proraso soaps in a bowl - more convenient than paste or anything else, I've found. They have multiple types, here's my favorite as it makes my face a little tingly:

If you prefer your own bowl, Proraso makes a paste and you can get a mug or bowl to mix it in - I found I preferred the ready-to-go stuff as it's faster and makes it more likely I'll shave regularly. :)

Then, after you've done all that and realized it's the best shave you've ever done and it's actually way more fun to shave than you ever thought it'd be, go for a straight razor. Don't do an actual blade, strop, and all that stuff right away. Instead, just go get a disposable straight razor blade holder and some blades: and learn how to use that thing. Then if you're like me and shave once every week or two (super lazy!) you can literally take weeks of beard off in a single pass with a straight razor and a fresh blade. I stopped here, personally, didn't go on to a full straight razor as they're pricey and you need to maintain it (oil, strop, etc) - likely something I'd let slide and ultimately wish I hadn't spent the money on...

Also, get a styptic pencil: - it stings a bit when you cut yourself but almost immediately stops the bleeding. Unlike cuts/nicks with a multiblade razor, cuts with a safety razor or straight razor are actual "cuts" - and they bleed like cuts. Like, "blood trickling down your face" type cuts. They look worse than they are because you have water on your face and it thins the blood and it runs more, but it bleeds. This will stop that bleeding really fast at the expense of a little more pain right up front. I keep one handy.

I've turned several friends on to at least the safety razor. It's way more fun to shave that way, less expensive, and is better for your skin to boot. If you like a really close shave, too, you can get a better shave overall with a 3-pass technique (I don't do that, personally) as you get better. All sorts of options...

edit: mentioned the brush holder
edit2: styptic pencil

u/loveCars · 11 pointsr/Watches

Watches (Seiko & Omega, net spent is only like $500)

Fountain Pens (although, so far, I've just been browsing -- saving for a Faber Castell to get started, haha). Mostly because I try (and fail) to draw a lot (also I have a douchier, even worse version of that pic here. Don't ask why.). But I need a refill on pencils first.

Photography - Nikon D5200 w/ a couple of lenses - want but can't afford a Sony A7 (I find myself shooting in the dark a lot), and might end up getting a prime lens soon.

Computers (Used to be for gaming, now it's mainly for photography.) For the heck of it, I'll detail my build - I have an EVGA GeForce GTX 780Ti Superclocked, 16GB Corsair Vengeance DDR3-1600mhz RAM, an Intel core i7-4771 (runs base 3.5GHZ, no overclocking needed), and an Asus Sabertooth Z87 mobo. All displayed on a rather mediocre Samsung S27C750P 27" 1080P monitor, but it's done well for being a 'cheap' monitor. This has been my most expensive hobby, thus far, but also probably the most beneficial. In the future, though, I'd rather put the $2k spent building towards getting a 'real' watch.

Headphones (AudioTechnica has my heart, but there are better brands / headphones out there -- I have the M50 model, but the M50x has a detachable cord, and the same audio quality, and is currently on sale for $100. They use regular 3.5mm jacks, with a gold-plated .25" that can screw on over it to use other audio systems. I don't go all out in this area, and don't use any sort of sound-card or box). Plus with soundcloud there's an abundance of free music.

Coffee (Start doing it right, and all the other hobbies will benefit! Except you'll have no more money. Buy fresh, preferably local-roasted beans. Buy a french press if you're on a budget, or a $5000 espresso-handjob machine if you aren't. Or just go support your local coffee shops.).

Someone else mentioned mechanical keyboards, down below, and I got a Das 4 (w/ cherry mx blue's) recently, so I suppose I can list that as well. I do a lot of random writing - that is, I'll have an idea, start writing something, get about 2,500 words in, and then abandon it forever. About like how I draw.

But I really suggest drawing and music. Very therapeutic, and they don't have to be expensive to be enjoyable. Also, I loveCars because of local car-meets - they're great places go and get some pretty neat photos. Look up "[your nearest city] cars and coffee]" and you should be able to find a nice monthly or weekly meet up. There was a great one in Charlotte that I went to pretty often, and the stuff where I am now isn't too bad either. The people are usually pretty cool too.

All that said, can you recommend me any pens?

Edit: Also, just because of your fondness for fountain pens, you might find DE razors to be the preferable way to shave - pick up one of these, a few of these (platinum coated is razor sharp - but that means no cuts, because you use hardly any pressure). And then, of course, a pure/best/super badger brush, depending on your budget, and some proper English shaving product (I use Taylor of Old Bond Street, because of prices, and they do perfectly fine). It's not really a 'hobby', but there's ample room to get into it and it's definitely a more enjoyable way to start your morning.

u/thecw · 11 pointsr/gadgets

These awesome popsicle makers. They come and go but should pop up for about $17.

A butter bell... never deal with hard butter again

A probe thermometer... it's changed my cooking accuracy like no one's business

A safety razor and 100 blades... shave like your grandfather and stop paying $8 for shit blades

15 bucks over budget. Maybe skip the popsicles.

u/pixelnote · 10 pointsr/gifs

I think Astras are the cheapest at $11 for 100 on Amazon. Feathers are $26 for 100. I think those are the most extreme cases for popular brands, but I could be wrong. You can always buy a sampler from TryABlade to find out what brand you like the best.

u/Fookimoose · 10 pointsr/funny
u/thedreday · 10 pointsr/LifeProTips

Yes! I started with this kit. The soap and bowl are fine, the brush is rough (I bought a better one later). I actually found it at my local supermarket. Then you need a safety razor. Maggard is a very popular vendor on the sub. They sell cheap razors. Let's say you pick one up for $20. Now you need blades. I use Dorco. Others mentioned Astra and Derby. I linked to the 100 pack of each so you see how cheap they are (around $10), you could buy a smaller pack to try the blade. At around $40 (or the price for 12 Gilette Fusion Proglide cartridges you have enough to shave for around 2 years changing blades every week (I don't change that often, because I don't shave every day).

Now, how fancy you want your brush, your bowl, your soap, your razor, your blade is up to you. From the kit I built you I would get a better brush and maybe a fancier razor. People say different blades work for different people, so I would do a bit of research and try this site: For instance, you think you need a sharper blade, people say feathers are the sharpest, you can buy a couple blades for $0.55 each.

The only issue is that you (like others) might start to like wet shaving as a hobby and end up spending more money (like the $150 you mentioned). But besides that you will get a better shave than you can from fusions and canned foam/gel for less money.

u/Psalm22 · 10 pointsr/pics

I'm not sure about straight razors, but I switched to double edged safety razors and it is so much better than Gillette crap. I bought this Merkur Safety Razor, 100 Derby Blades, Shaving Soap, And a shaving brush.

I spent a total of $60 and the only thing I've spent money on since is different soap. I bought these things over two or three years ago and I'm not even close to running out of razor blades. I get a closer more refreshing shave and I don't spend anywhere near the money I used to spend on shaving. Also, I thought it would take me longer to shave, but I spend about the same amount of time shaving.

I've never used an old school straight razor, but I'd like to at some point. However, it would be a considerable investment initially. At least $120ish for a nice blade, you gotta buy sharpening stone, probably also on a special strop for finer sharpening. So there is more time in preparation and conditioning before and after shaving. I would imagine that it could be very satisfying if you're willing to spend the time and money.

u/BraenMadder · 10 pointsr/AskWomen

Get a double-edged safety razor for shaving your lady bits. It will give you a closer shave and less irritation. Also cheaper and better for the environment than disposables. Here’s a link .

u/The_Meats · 10 pointsr/traaaaaaannnnnnnnnns

When I shave with my electric razor, it takes like 90 secs tops, and I've legit never replaced any of its parts (and I've had it for probably 2-3 years at this point). And I know I've already recommended safety razors before, but allow me to point something else out: cartridge razors (i.e. multi-blade things you typically buy in packs of 4) are A LOT more expensive than safety razor blades and they don't last that much longer. You can buy a pack of 100 blades for $16. It takes a little bit of time to learn the proper technique so you don't cut yourself, but it tends to produce better results in the end. Plus, the handles are really nice (hefty, solid metal, shiny).

u/freetoslug · 10 pointsr/minimalism

I believe the term you are seeking is "Zero Waste" living, or something close to.

Researching a bit of "zero waste" living products may help you get started with some ideas! I find a lot of material on youtube about zero waste living and am dabbling into the reality of the lifestyle myself. I am not sure if you are a man or woman, or what kinds of products you do use in your bathroom (toiletries, cosmetics, cleaning supplies, etc.) But I figured I would offer a few of my favorite alternatives to common items that you may look into.

Safety razors. Disposable razors/plastic handles with replaceable heads are convenient, yet highly wasteful and overall expensive to maintain. There are lots of stainless steel safety razors on the market with the feature of removable blades (of which you replace and recycle once your current blade has fulfilled it's purpose). Safety razors range from about $25- $50 and can last up to a lifetime. The replaceable razor blades can be found for very cheap (their lifetime lasts according to your usage). Here are amazon links to exemplary items:

Safety Razor:

Safety Razor Blade Replacements:

Homemade deodorant and/or natural sustainable deodorants: These can be tricky to get started with. Most commercial deodorants use aluminum to block your sweaty glands and completely block the process of perspiration. So, I urge you to take on natural deodorants with patience and give different methods a chance to work for themselves.

You can make your own, in a glass jar with ingredients that are less harmful to your body and this may be the best method to find something that aligns with your own body chemistry. A typical recipe for homemade deodorant would be 1 part coconut oil to 1 part bicarbonate soda (baking soda). BICARBONATE SODA MAY IRRITATE YOUR UNDERARMS. For the first couple weeks of usage, you may experience irritation of your glands purging the aluminum blockage and other toxins built up over time. Baking soda may also cause irritation to those who shave quite frequently, however I have found that applying this mixture at least 30 minutes after I shaved armpits in the shower, that I am less likely to get slight itchiness, if any at all. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY IF THIS METHOD IS NOT TOLERABLE FOR YOU.

If you are not keen on the idea of slathering on some good old homemade, Hippie salve, then Piperwai AND Schmidt's are popular brands with minimal packaging that seem to work for majority of people. These two products still contain bicarbonate soda, but will save you the convenience of not making your own. There are plenty of zero waste options that do not contain bicarbonate soda, but I have found luck with this formula and haven't looked beyond to seek anything else. Again, youtube is a good resource for finding such.

Piperwai Deodorant:

Schmidt's Deodorant:

As for soaps, there are many wonderful body, face, and hair soaps available on the market today. Investing in simple bars with paper packaging or reusable storage may be the best option for avoiding excess packaging. There are lots of options available either on Etsy, at your city Whole Foods, or there are usually natural soap options that can be found quite locally at farmers markets and such hopefully in your hometown. Personal preference will go into certain decision making with soaps but bars are usually the best way to avoid said packaging.

Hopefully this offered a small bit of help and information to help you get started in your journey towards minimalism and green-thumb consciousness! Good luck!

u/orevilo · 10 pointsr/starterpacks

I hate to be that guy but the best shave I have ever gotten is from a safety razor. When I first bought it I got a handle and a box of razors for a total of like $30. That was about 3 years ago. Try it, and you won't go back to disposables ever again.


Then pick a handle you like

u/MonsterInTheGarage · 10 pointsr/malegrooming

Buy this.

Use these with it.

Lather up with this.

Shave in the shower using this.

u/StrangeWill · 10 pointsr/

I'm a wimpy baby-man that would probably kill myself with one of these, how does the razor you linked rate in terms of nicking yourself? Pretty easy to pick up and use?

I'll even nick myself every once in awhile with Gillette's no-more-tears razors, so I'm curious... would like to look into something better if there is an option because yeah... the blades aren't cheap.

u/FauxBoDo · 10 pointsr/wicked_edge

Hey, thanks!

That would be the Feather Artist Club DX

Originally got hooked up with them because their blades are the best I've ever used.

Used those blades in a cheapy Parker SR1 (which is an awesome product too, btw, esp for beginners!)

u/releasetheshutter · 10 pointsr/oddlysatisfying

This is the one I used. Read the reviews though, it's not great. It's an easy way to figure out if you want to switch from the standard razors. I personally like it because I can get rid of a thicker beard with less irritation. Will probably spend $30 and get an Edwin Jagger handle soon.

u/eilatanz · 9 pointsr/TheGirlSurvivalGuide

It's not different than a regular razor at all, except it's a much, much better shave and saves you a ton of money. I use this Feather one - it's lighter than the fully metal Merkur ones and super durable, I've had mine (and traveled with it) for about seven years now. Linked here.

u/UncleFoster · 9 pointsr/SkincareAddiction

Honestly, ever since I started shaving with a safety razor, not only did I save ridiculous amounts of money, but I also never had ingrown hair problems again. I was back home this week and had to shave with my dad's Mach 3, and what do you know - ingrown hairs again.

I think the safety razor forces you to slow down. Also, you get less "face-to-razor" contact because you're only dragging one blade across your face as opposed to 3 or more. The perceived "ease of use" associated with multi-blade razors incentivizes you to rush through and chew up your face.

There are a lot of safety razor purists who will tell you to get a coffee mug, a boars hair brush, and fancy shaving cream. However, all I did was change the razor and kept all else the same, with conventional cream. Its been working fantastically for me.

I linked you to the safety razor I bought, which is only $15 and works perfectly. Buy a pack of these razors to go along with it and you will be set for a couple years for what you would pay for one months worth of Mach 3 razors.

u/2Cuil4School · 9 pointsr/wicked_edge

Mine involves some leg-work, but I think it's quite do-able.

$9 "Shea Moisture Shave" Brush from Target - No link to the actual thing, but most regional Targets stock it. It's Pure Badger, generally has a relatively light funk, and is quite soft. Lathers decent.

$1.50 - Plain witch hazel from Walmart. About 15% alcohol, not too much sting, and noticeably cheaper than an alum block from online

$1.50 - Styptic pencil from Walmart or a drugstore.

$5.50 - Nivea Soothing Aftershave Balm for Sensitive Skin from Walmart; cool and refreshing on the skin; moisturizes well.

$10 - C.O. Bigelow's Eucalpytus and Menthol Shave Cream from Bath & Bodyworks - Lathers well with a little work, feels cool and tingly, provides good lubrication for an entry-level product.

$13 - Lord L6 Safety Razor from Amazon - Cheap, decent Merkur-alike that's supposed to be relatively mild and a good introduction to double edged razors in general.

$8 - 18-blade sampler from Amazon - 9 different styles with two apiece, wrapped up nice and safe and sold cheap. Missing Feathers, but it's still a good 2 months' worth of daily shaves for 8 bucks, ya know?


$48.50 - Grand total, assuming you're willing to hit Target, Bath & Bodyworks and Walmart along with your online shopping. Heck, if you want to get Free Super Saver Shipping on it, skip the B&BW Bigelows cream and get Proraso on Amazon instead for $11. You'll bring your total up to $49.50, but the Amazon portion will account for $32, which is more than enough to pass the $25 barrier; still leaves about $17.50 worth of "in-town" shopping to do.

u/DoctorMcAstronaut · 9 pointsr/BuyItForLife
u/Sigmorhair666 · 9 pointsr/asktrp

Neither - do yourself a huge favor and get these

This alone will last you a year in blades and refils of more blades are dirt cheap.

u/harry_lawson · 9 pointsr/IsItBullshit

Complete bullshit. I’d just like to ask why you have to ask your mom to shave? You’re old enough to buy yourself some razors, dude. On the subject, I’d suggest a good double edge safety razor and some good shaving cream - it’s much better for sensitive, teenage skin and is just cheaper in the long run (the refill razor blades are like 10 cents each).

u/numbernumber99 · 9 pointsr/AskReddit

I got my Derby blades at $17 for 100. They've since gone down.

Fuck multi-bladed razors and their overpriced disposable cartridges.

And yes, I am a god. About time I got some recognition.

u/VaginaDentata · 9 pointsr/malegrooming

1. Aveda Botanical Kinetics™ Hydrating Lotion - Face lotion, applied to face and mustache after shower.

2. Musgo Real Glycerine Lime Soap, MR GLO - Face soap, used before each shave.

3. Proraso Shaving Soap with Eucalyptus Oil and Menthol - Shave soap, whipped up then applied to face for shaving.

4. Proraso Pre and Post Shave Cream - Pre/Post shave cream, massaged into face after washing face with MR GLO. Massaged into face again after shave.

5. Proraso Aftershave Lotion - Aftershave, applied to face either after shave or after shower. My wife likes the smell of this.

6. TABAC ORIGINAL For Men By MAURER & WIRTZ Deodorant Stick - Deodorant, masculine scent of lavender, citrus, and warm florals.

7. Colonel Conk Evernice Model 775 Chrome Safety Razor Stand - Stand, holds DE razor and brush.

8. Merkur Model 180 Long Handled Safety Razor - DE Razor, great weight and balance used to shave face.

9. Tweezerman Men's Shaving Brush - So, so brush used for applying shave soap. Would like a better brush someday.

10. Feather Hi-Stainless Platinum Double Edge Razor Blades - Razors for DE, my favorite so far.

11. Tweezerman His Moustache Scissors with Comb - Scissors and comb, after movember I decided to keep the mustache so these items help maintain its appearance.

12. Comb - Comb, used for combing hair before and after shower.

13. Aveda Men Pure-Formance™ Grooming Clay - Hair product, used after shower with hair wet or dry. Hair looks natural but styled. I'll use pomade if I want the appearance of having a more polished look.

14. Large Stainless Steel Shaving Soap Bowl from Super Safety Razors - Mug, I'd rather have a porcelain mug for class but this does the trick. I use it to soak my brush and razor before each shave. I also use it for creams when not using Proraso.

u/wawmbocawmbo · 8 pointsr/wicked_edge
u/Johnzsmith · 8 pointsr/LifeProTips

Sure. I will offer up this as a super cheap example of a decent way to start. It will provide a decent shave at a very reasonable price and you can always upgrade later if you decide that you want to.

Razor. It is cheap as hell, but works surprisingly well.

Blades. Buying a sample pack is a great way to decide on a blade that suits you. Every blade is different for everyone. A blade that works wonders for me may leave you with razorburn or stubble and vice versa. Unlike most things cost is not indicitive of how good a blade is.

Brush. Some people prefer badger hair brushes, some people prefer boar bristle. I like both and I use both. This is a decent boar bristle brush for someone starting out. The more that boar is used, the softer it gets.

Soap. Believe it or not you can easily spend hundreds a year on soaps and creams alone if you decide you want to try everything out there. Proraso soap is a great one for a beginner though, easy to lather, slick, and protective. It gives a nice tingle to your face due to the menthol so that is something to be aware of though.

For under $45 you can get started with a full kit. For under $25 if you just want the razor and some blades.

Now here is my favorite setup

Razor. The Merkur 39c has a head that holds the blade at a slant, enabling it to cut more like a guillotine. This is good for someone like me that has very tough and wiry beard hair.

Blades. Astra Superior Platinum razor blades are my favorite. Each one will last me for 3-4 days of shaving. Remember, a blade that works for me may not work for you. Blades are a trial and error thing.

Brush. I have more expensive brushes, but this brush is my favorite. Very soft, yet has enough stiffness to easily whip up a lather and it holds tons of water.

Soap. This is a shave stick. You rub the soap on your face and then use your brush to build a lather. This listing is for 15 shave sticks. A single stick can easily last 6-9 months.

For about 130 bucks you can make a big jump in quality. The majority of costs involved are in the razor itself and a more expensive brush. If I wanted I could spend upwards of 200 dollars on a stainless steel razor and over 500 dollars on high end silvertip badger hair brush. As I have mentioned before, this hobby is as cheap or as expensive as you want it to be.

I hope this helps.

u/soggit · 8 pointsr/LifeProTips

This right here. You dont need your blades to last a super long time when they cost 11 cents a piece instead of $5

edit: obligatory /r/wicked_edge

u/calnamu · 8 pointsr/de
u/DependentWoman · 8 pointsr/truelesbians

My girlfriend and I have identical body-hair rituals so, I speak for two women here:


Armpit hair - We both remove it all the time, I mean it takes 2 seconds.

Leg hair - Also consistently shave, but if we're wearing pants a lot (winter) we aren't weird about some leg stubble. We are a hairy leg democracy and vote on when we will shave so nobody werewolves alone.

Pube hair - Trim neatly. We both shave the bikini line and the top to keep a nice triangle , and use an electric razor to trim the rest of it down to a neat length, but we don't remove it all ever.



Side note: I highly recommend safety razors, specifically The Lady Gillette - you will save mountains of money. It costs $20-$30 (can be found on eBay), and then the blades cost actual pennies. Example, less than $10 for 100 blades - you could easily use less than 1 blade per week, making this last 2+ years. TEN DOLLARS EVERY TWO YEARS. You can stop buying those overpriced cartridges that were only invented to make you spend more money,

Plus, the shave is superior anyway, and it's convenient. It's so nice being able to take the razor out mid-shave (say, if I let things get a little bad) and hit the blade and the head with water and go back with a perfectly unclogged blade. I've been using mine for over a year, and made my girlfriend buy one immediately and she has never looked back either. Seriously my friends, worth it - happy to answer any questions.


u/CarpetFibers · 8 pointsr/lifehacks

200 bucks? A decent safety razor is $30-50. What brand are you using? Also you can get 100 blades for $10.

u/JohnVanDePijp · 8 pointsr/thenetherlands

I used Astra Razor Blades 100. It was very good for multiple shaves even.

u/pingas · 8 pointsr/
u/silverstrike · 8 pointsr/Frugal

Even better than a safety razor:

$18, one time

Followed by:

[$18, every TWO YEARS] (

And that's if you change the blade more often than you need to. In two years, you'll spend $144. This will cost you $36, including the initial investment.

It looks and seems scary. And yes, you'll cut yourself the first week a few times. But, really, it takes a few days to learn, and you're good to go forever. Well worth the effort and a little blood, IMHO.

You'll save hundreds.

u/ImLikeAnOuroboros · 8 pointsr/MensRights

To those switching just get off the disposables. I bought this guy years ago for $25 and all i have to do is buy disposable blades (Like $10 for 100), that’ll last me about a year and a half if not longer. And it’s a way better shave IMO than the disposable stuff. Better for the environment too

u/garglethesenuts · 7 pointsr/wicked_edge

Shavette is great for shaping up, DE didn't get it that close edge for me either, now I use both. This one is all stainless steal I've had it for 2.5 years and still in mint condition, it holds the blade a lot more sturdier than those plastic ones...

u/Dylan_Ram_Brick · 7 pointsr/IsItBullshit

As an alternative, you can buy a quality safety razor, and then blades are as low as 16 cents a piece when you buy them in a pack of 100 from Amazon. I bought this razor for $30 and I get one week's use per blade, so after the initial investment of $30 we are looking at 16 cents per week.



u/dodgeastreet · 7 pointsr/investing

I tried dollar shave club and went back to Gillette. Better razors, better shave. I just bought an 18 month supply at once and it was just as cheap but better quality.

I understand the idea of getting something in the mail saving you a trip to the store - but I don't get EVERYTHING in the mail, so picking up razors when I am at Target is not a bridge too far.

Not to mention if you google it, you will see dollar shave club is just using blades (I think Korean) that they buy wholesale and repackage. You can order the exact same blades on the internet for a fraction of what you pay dollar shave club. Nobody bought them before because who buys not that great korean blades?

Dorco Blades

u/PA2SK · 7 pointsr/BuyItForLife

If you want true buy it for life I would suggest going with a DE razor, especially if you're worried about cost. If you get a cartridge razor, like the gillette sensor, you're going to be paying about $1 per cartridge, at least. Razor blades on the other hand can be less than 10 cents a piece. I bought 100 blades for $9, that's about a two years supply. With the money you save on blades you can afford a top quality razor, which really will last a lifetime. As others suggested, a stainless steel razor is expensive but will last forever. If you don't want to spring for that though look for something like a merkur:

u/pax_mentis · 7 pointsr/TwoXChromosomes

I have super sensitive skin and used to absolutely hate shaving – which was especially unfortunate because my paleness rivals Jim Gaffigan's and my hair is very dark.

These are tips I've picked up from 2X over time that have made a major difference for me in getting a closer shave without irritation:

  • The right razor helps. I've found that men's razors are typically better, but these cheapo drug-store brand women's ones work really well for me. I recently used my boyfriend's double edged safety razor and I'm considering making the switch (blades are super cheap!), but I'm currently too afraid of butchering my legs by accident.

  • Dry brushing before showering with a body brush seems to help prevent skin irritation for me; failing that, exfoliation beforehand with a loofah in the shower. If I don't do either of those I am pretty much guaranteeing skin irritation.

  • Men's shave cream works better than women's shave cream and is cheaper, but conditioner or lotion works even better than those – with the added advantage that you can easily see the area you're shaving.

  • For the bikini area it's better to go with the grain or at an angle to it to avoid irritation (~45° from going with the grain seems to be good for getting a closer shave with less irritation).

  • On areas more prone to skin irritation (like the bikini area), using a product like PFB Vanish afterwards seems to help, but it's really expensive. Recently I've started using witch hazel as soon as I'm out of the shower instead – it's working just as well, but it's cheaper. Apparently a lot of strippers put unscented deodorant on the area to prevent irritation/ingrowns, too.

  • I dry my razors off after I use them to prevent them from rusting, but I've heard of dipping them in alcohol first or storing them in mineral or baby oil instead (I'm not sure which liquid would work best for this, but I'm curious – does anyone know?). Drying them has made them last way longer while irritating my skin much less.

    Also, you might benefit from reading this thread in r/ I imagine men's shaving tips apply equally to us.

    tl;dr: use men's razors, men's shave cream or conditioner or lotion, exfoliate beforehand, shave with or at an angle to the grain, witch hazel after, dry off your razor
u/tminus54321 · 7 pointsr/AskReddit

Yup, I used to buy disposables every week completely oblivious. I still look at my razor every day and imagine how much money I could have still been wasting. It blows my mind disposable razor companies are still making money on saps like me back then. Double edge razor companies need to step up their marketing on the 18 year old market.

u/xlaxplaya · 7 pointsr/everymanshouldknow

Here are my tips:

-Some people will tell you to "shave down" but that ignores the fact that some people have hair that goes a different direction. Shave with the direction of your hair; move the razor in the same direction that your hair lays. On my cheeks, my hair goes down, but on my neck it goes back toward my ears. Yours is probably different. If you want a closer shave, go against the grain, but only after you've gone with the grain and smoothed things out.

-It's a little counter-intuitive, but a sharper blade will cut you less. You shouldn't use a blade for more than a handful (maybe five?) of shaves.

-Shave every day. I don't know about you, but I find that I'm much more likely to cut myself if I skip shaving for a few days. If I shave every day, the process is a lot smoother, I assume because the hairs are shorter and the blade gets caught less.

-Soak your face in hot water before a shave. Most people do this by soaking a washcloth and pressing it to their face. Supposedly it relaxes your hairs or something, I'm honestly not sure, but it seems to help.

-Experiment with different razor types. I personally use a safety razor (this one is a great, cheap starter if you're interested), but others swear by straight razors, and still others prefer the mainstream Gillette Mach Turbo Super 15-blade behemoths. Some people will tell you they're worthless and overpriced, but don't let the hipsters sway you; experiment and find what works for you.

u/MightBeOnFire · 7 pointsr/Welding

Get yourself some Feather blades if you want to make it even harder. DE razor blades are much thinner than box cutter blades, and Feathers are the sharpest that I know of.

And as a side note, DE razors are the shit. If you're tired of paying twenty bucks for 6 blades, grab yourself a DE and enjoy the savings and the cleaner shave. And pick up a badger hair brush and a puck of shaving soap if you want to treat yo'self.

u/RedbullF1 · 7 pointsr/malefashionadvice

I'll tell you what's even better...

Buy one of these: Edwin Jagger DE89

and these blades

and never look back.

u/PersonalBarber · 7 pointsr/ZeroWaste

6 years and counting on this Merkur long handle.

u/SniffyClock · 7 pointsr/AskWomen

Am a dude but I know my wife would give the same answer.

She was going through razors insanely fast because she has sensitive skin and didn't like to re-use disposable razors. I bought a safety razor and got her to try it out. She was sold on it immediately and we haven't bought disposables or cartridges in years.

I bought a 100 pack of blades 2 years ago for 10 dollars and she hasn't ran out yet.

Edit* Should also say that the initial cost is high compared to cartridges. Probably around $75 to get set up. It's cheap as hell after that though.

u/2020inhindsight · 6 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Am I winning?
sounds fun!



u/salsaconqueso · 6 pointsr/wicked_edge

Straights do have a much larger initial investment for a minimal cost savings versus a double edge safety razor. If you want to save nearly as much, with hardly any initial cost, and you're just looking for the most economical shaving option possible, I think you'd be better off with an inexpensive safety razor like the Lord and a 100 pack of blades and an inexpensive brush, soap and bowl kit.

Those three should set you back about $30 including shipping, and assuming you get 3-4 shaves out of every blade, the blades, razor, bowl, and brush should last you 7 years, you'll need another $2 puck of soap 3.5 years down the line. The initial investment is paid off after just over 1 year instead of 6 years for a straight, and you're paying less than $5 a year to shave.

u/Sarstan · 6 pointsr/todayilearned

Moderately related.
Guys, do yourself a favor and get one of these straight razors. You'll be scared as shit when you first use it, but after three or so shaves, it becomes really easy and you'll appreciate that you're spending less than $.25 per razor, you get an awesome shave when you do it right, and you get that cool factor. Bonus points if you graduate to a normal, high quality razor that you strope to keep sharp. Not recommended for a first timer.

Not feeling so bold? Then try a safety razor. Personally I've never used one and they are more expensive for the razors than a straight razor (but a lot cheaper than common razors), but you don't have to be quite as careful.
Your ol' gel/foam will work all the same or you can get shaving soap with a quick search which is a nice addition to the experience of shaving.

u/bobby-joe · 6 pointsr/wicked_edge

Hey, fellow college student here.
I just picked up a Merkur 180 off Amazon for $30.

u/dogsarefun · 6 pointsr/funny

that's stropping, not honing.

I use these and don't worry about how fast I go through them because they are cheap as hell.

u/AsoBit · 6 pointsr/AskMen

If it's a money issue, I might recommend him getting a DE safety razor. I bought one for $20 (at an antique mall), and I get 100 blades for $10.

u/xtc46 · 6 pointsr/fitnesscirclejerk

Why do you hate your face?

I would shave with my old Mach 3 for like 2-3 months per blade (shaving 2-3 times a week usually) /w some cream and that worked well, but wasnt as close of a shave as I would like.

But the straight blade feels good man. I just got a cheap one to see if i would like it This one. I figure Ill run through all of the disposable blades I got and if I still like it, Ill upgrade to a regular one that needs to be sharpened and such.

u/shadow_moose · 6 pointsr/SkincareAddiction

I got this and this a couple years ago. I just bought 100 more blades last week. Only one blade for the shave, but once you figure out the angle and the speed you begin to realize you don't need more than one.

u/psywiped · 6 pointsr/wicked_edge

Forgo listed razors an get a Edwin Jagger De89lb

u/pedgaro · 6 pointsr/wicked_edge
  • Starter Kit
  • Razor: SODIAL/Ri,Mei - $2.56 to U.S., Ri,Mei - $4.50 with case Canada/Worldwide), excellent starter/travel razor, shaves like a Gillette Tech. I just bought one as a travel razor, it’s great.
  • Brush: No:6 Horse Hair - $2.45, I have two, one in my travel kit, nice brush.
  • Soap: has a large selection, Arko Stick at $1.95 or Arko Tub $4.40 are popular.
  • Blades:
  • Polsilver Super Iridium (5) - $2.30
  • Astra Superior Platinum (10) - $1.04
  • Rapira (10) - $.80
  • Bic Chrome Platinum (10) - $1.95
  • Shark (10) - $.85
  • Derby (10) - $1.00
  • Racer (10) - $.76
  • Sixty-five blades for $8.70, $.13 per blade, most blade sampler packs cost $.25 to $.60 a blade. They have other blades, these are ones I’ve tried, I don’t like some, other people do.
  • Total Cost: $15.66 U.S. ($17.55 Canada/Worldwide)

  • Reviews: Blade Reviews - Photos of Kit - YouTube Razor Review - YouTube Razor Demo - No:6 Horsehair brush review the brush quality has improved since this was written.
u/mjemec · 6 pointsr/wicked_edge

EJ / Mühle razors are considered to be on the milder side of the aggressiveness spectrum. If you feel that's harsh on your face I would not recommend the slant yet. The razors itself is not that more aggressive as some would portray it to be, but it's a new design you have to get used to.

I would recommend using the EJ and really improve your technique as it's possible yours still isn't perfect - 2 months really isn't that long. And a lot of time people think it's the razor's fault when it's indeed their technique that's lacking.

If you feel you absolutely must have a new razor you can check out eBay or your local antique markets for either Gillette Tech razors or the Gillette Super Speed Flare Tip. Or maybe even the Sodial/RIMEI/Silver tone razor from Amazon.

edit: I knew Leisureguy would beat me to the punch. :)

u/boostdd · 6 pointsr/wicked_edge

/u/turboturban was asking about the Feather blades. Here is a 100 pack for $27.20.

u/darexinfinity · 6 pointsr/trendingsubreddits

The razor blades are definitely cheaper 1 pack of these lasted me the whole time until very recently. The shave doesn't last longer as I still need to shave every other day to not look like a mess.

u/vernochan · 6 pointsr/de

Also das mit dem Rasieren kann ich ja verstehen, aber kaufen? 100 Klingen kosten nich wirklich viel (Beispiel) und man kann auch einfach 2-3 Packungen kaufen. Die reichen dann schon eine ganze Weile ;)

u/Papander · 6 pointsr/wicked_edge
  1. The razor you have selected is good.
  2. The Arko soap is good, but I have absolutely no idea what brush that is. This is reason for concern, because some boar brushes have the tips clipped which makes them really harsh for your face. I personally would not purchase that kit.
  3. Do not purchase razor blades in a bulk until you have tried a blade sampler pack. You can pretty much ignore any razor blade reviews, because you can't know for sure how they will work for you. Read this article about blades by Leisureguy, he explains it well. Blade sampler pack is a must have.
  4. Shaving stand is one of those things that somewhat divides peoples opinions. I'm personally strongly of the opinion that the shaving stand isn't necessary. Here is a very recent thread about it. I suggest you read the comments through. But if you want you can get the stand.

    HERE is what I recommend for DE kit. Mainly posting that for all the information links in that post, I suggest you check them out.

    Lastly if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask, people here will happily help you.
u/Zweisoldner · 6 pointsr/SkincareAddiction

Dude here, same problem. Let me pass down some bro knowledge that year of experimenting and hundreds of dollars has produced. I'm serious in saying I don't know why everybody shaves like me. It's damn near free in upkeep too.

Invest in a safety razor, this is the one I use and you cannot go wrong with it The blades are pennies each and last multiple shaves. The initial investment is big, but the shave is the gentlest shave you can give your skin, short only of a cut throat razor done by a professional. I won't go into detail of why this safety razors are gentler than the crappy cartridge junk the industry is peddling us these days, you can google that yourself.

Next, ditch shaving cream. I've used the butane crap to the highest end like Taylor of Old Bond Street. They all leave a residue, which clogs, which sucks. The best way is actually to shave while cleansing your face with a gentle cleanser. I use Cerave Hydrating, and the lotion texture is perfect for shaving. La Roche Posay Toleraine Cleanser will work very well too, or any other non foaming/lotion like texture cleanser. Use a very conservative shaving motion (the safety razor is intuitive to the male creature, believe me), and shave with the grain. Also, get a fogless shower mirror, you can get that off Amazon for under $20.

It's a bit to invest in initially, after 8 years of countless Gilette cartriges, handles, butane creams, shaving brushes, shaving cups, traditional shaving creams, and heck even waxing, this works for me. I wish I knew this when I was just another hapless 15 year old boy wiping space goo on my face and mowing it down with those mini cheese graters.

u/invisiblebob8616 · 6 pointsr/wicked_edge

This razor is going on special at 4:55pm ET, this Weishi at 6:55pm ET, and this Dorco starter set at 7:35pm ET, but I'd rather have a razor from Maggard's or Italian Barber which will almost definitely shave better than what I'm pretty sure are all Weishi's of some sort, and probably be as cheap if not cheaper. There's also a stainless steel shaving bowl starting at 6:55pm ET if that sort of thing is interesting to you. It will be under the "Beauty" category if you want to have a look around yourself for any beard oils or other such stuff that strikes your fancy.

u/HolyGigi · 6 pointsr/Romania

M-am tot uitat si pe la noi si pe si in momentul in care mi-am dat eu comanda acolo era cel mai ieftin.

Am luat [aparatul] (, pamatuful, piatra de alaun, sapunul si lamele

u/charliegriefer · 5 pointsr/phoenix

Ordered Feather blades. They'll be here on Monday.

The razor itself arrives today (a WEISHI), but I've read that it's probably best to not use the included blades. So I'll wait 'til Monday.

u/almightywhacko · 5 pointsr/wicked_edge

Weishi razors aren't all that great, and that isn't a particularly good price for one either.

Some razors on you might want to look into include:

  • Edwin Jagger Kelvin
  • Parker 24C
  • Merkur Classic

    If you are willing to shop from other vendors, is a Canadian vendor and they offer some good starter kits at fair prices. The "Super Ridiculous Value Starter Kit" would be my personal pick. You get a good quality razor, brush and soap. The "Eleganza" kit is also a good choice. Both are out of stock at the moment because the brush that they come with is out of stock. It should be back in stock in a couple of weeks.

    If you are willing to pay a little more money to ship up from the U.S. the "Maggard Razors Basic Traditional Shaving Starter Kit" is another amazing value. In fact, I like this kit a little more than the ItalianBarber kits because I like the Maggard soaps better (they're great!) and you can customize your razor and soap selections
u/tommygunner91 · 5 pointsr/MGTOW

A lot of people steer towards /r/wicked_edge but personally they over complicate it and make it 'a thing'. I was using £10 equipment at one point but found a low-mid range kit to be fine.

Assuming you're American go for -
Handle (holds the blade)

Blades -
One of these lasted me 4 years and I have thick hair

Optional -
Soap -

lasts 9-12 months+ works best with single blade

Brush -

To lather the soap and apply to face.
Basically the only difference between the can of shaving foam and a soap dish + brush is the latter being cheaper, less aggressive on the face (with time investment of a month tops) and quality of shave.

Any questions ping them across.

u/Youarethebigbang · 5 pointsr/Wetshaving

My first razor just broke after 3 years of nearly daily use, Edwin Jagger DE Safety Razor, Knurled, Short Handle,

Fell on tile floor and will no longer thread. It was a nearly perfect razor for a newbie like me who was very nervous to switch to a safety razor and I've been very happy with the shaves it gave me.

Since it was my first and I'm so used to it, I'm slightly reluctant to try something new, but I at least want to consider other options if you guys have any ideas for me I'd appreciate it.

I'm as nervous to try something new as I was first switching to a safety razor since I don't want to slice myself up, ha, but if it's possible to find something different but also similar to how easy this one was to use, I'm all ears.

u/yeahbuddy · 5 pointsr/AdviceAnimals

You are much better off doing this. Disposable blades are a colossal, sucky ripoff.

100 blades - Made in Russia - for $9

The best soap - Made in England - for $15

Merkur razor - Made in Germany - for $32

Badger hair brush - $13

The best aftershave - Made in Italy - $14

So, $83 with money to spare and it's all you need for at least 12 months. The Art of Shaving is neat, but it's grossly overpriced. Clearly they have latched on to the hipster instagrammy nature of society with a price tag to match. I have some of their sandlewood soap and while nice, it's no better than the soap I listed.

It's funny how classic shaving is all of a sudden a trendy thing. All I know is I love it. I came from the 3 NO 4 NO 5 NO a BILLION blade world. It's a joke. Just go old school and take your time. Enjoy the ritual. Baby bottom smooth in 7 minutes. Modern disposable cartridges are a sad scam that society has fallen for. Complete and total scam.

May as well toss this in...especially if you travel. Love mine.

Parker leather razor case - $14

Thats a full year of supplies and a lifetime worth of hardware (minus the badger brush). Think about that for a minute...

u/craiggers · 5 pointsr/Frugal

I got myself 240 razor blades for under $20, to fit my stainless steel barber's straight razor, which was also under $20.

Damn, I've never felt so much like a spammer.

u/YeahImJustThatAwesom · 5 pointsr/SkincareAddiction

First of all,
Yess! Another guy on this sub!

Okay, so im mexican and and the males in my family have a tendency to get deep pores. The sad part is that there is no way to structurally shrink your pores, but there are products you can get to kind of help minimize them.

My routine begins with a normal face wash (i forget what it's called but there are a ton to choose from if you look in the sidebar). After, i'll use the stridex maximum strength exfoliator, then i'll finish it off with some cerave cream to moisturize.

Something i want to note is that if you have been shaving with one of those machine razors or disposable ones, then you might want to try something better for your skin. I use this and it has done a lot to help cut down on the acne.

Definitely check out to get really good info to get you set on getting better skin and the cleanest shave.

u/azgabe · 5 pointsr/wicked_edge

Is neither an option? Many of these Twist to Open razors are rebranded Weishes. Your Van der Hagen from CVS certainly is. You would be buying the same razor. The Vikings looks cool, but same thing. The quality will be much better with a different razor.


I would highly recommend these two. The Edwin Jagger would be my #1 pick.



u/its_bananas · 5 pointsr/wicked_edge

Haven't tried the Weishi before but I have heard some positive comments on them as a budget option.

Alternatively you could try the Maggard MR1. My first safety was a Merkur 23c. While it's a bit more than your budget, I can say from experience that it is a very mild razor if you're worries about irritation.

As far as price goes, there are solid 'cheap' razors such as those mentioned. Generally speaking they'll be made of less expensive zinc alloys that may be more susceptible to breakage (such as from dropping) but that doesn't mean they can't give you many years of good shaves.

I usually use a blade 5 times before changing. I have thick facial hair so I'm not sure how that might translate to your situation. I know others get more than that so your mileage will definitely vary. The good news is that buying in bulk (100) is cheap. I bought 100 Gillette Silver Blues almost 2 years ago and still have some left.

u/Phranquelyhnne · 5 pointsr/AskDad

U/Trooze knows what’s up.

Go slow, and take your time. You’ll get faster as you do it more, rushing is when you hurt yourself. Shave after you shower. The hot water will soften you’re facial hair, and washing your face will get the gunk of your skin, allowing for an easier job.

Razors are hella expensive. I found an old-style safety razor like this one for ten bucks at an antique shop and bought 100 blades for it for $10 on amazon. The new ones are mostly expensive gimmicks. The old safety razor works just as well, and is easier to work in my mind, since there’s weight to it.

Invest in some quality aftershave. Back when I was clean-shaven, I found an Old Spice one I liked. It smelled nice, and made the razor burn go away.

Also, if your facial hair is thin, or patchy, it’s nothing to be ashamed of, I couldn’t grow a full beard till I was almost 30. Lots of dudes can’t ever grow a lumberjack beard. Remember though, with facial hair, it’s kind of an all or nothing thing. Half-stache’s don’t look great, so think long and hard about growing stuff out.

You’ll be fine.

u/chiseledface · 5 pointsr/wicked_edge

Basic Kit - under $50:
Razor: $10.99
Brush: $10.69
Soap - $3.59
Blade Sampler - $22.99
Nivea shave balm for sensitive skin - $5 at walmart

u/Korist · 5 pointsr/malelifestyle

Hijacking comment. Some people experience different things with different blades. Find one of the variety packs and discover which blades you prefer.

I personally really like the Sharp and Astra blades.

u/kelpants · 5 pointsr/TwoXChromosomes

I got them so I wouldn't have to buy expensive disposable blades anymore - I also heard that they might cut down on razor burn. I have mixed reviews. I still use a disposable for my armpits because it's just too lumpy in there - you can go a million times faster using a disposable.

For my legs - the razors themselves for a safety razor are INSANELY cheap and come in bulk. The problem is - you need to go very, very slowly, even on straightaways like your legs. Press very lightly - let the movement and sharp edge do the work for you without applying much pressure at all. I learned my lesson by taking a pretty sizable strip of skin off my ankle the second time I was shaving because I tried to go too fast. The shave is very close and leaves you crazy smooth, but I do get razorburn (I have keratosis pilaris though so I don't know if there's any avoiding that). Lotion works. I have trouble with my knees, especially after the cutting incident, I'm scared of cutting myself there. Usually leave some hairs and often go over it with my disposable. And I always do have a couple tiny bloody spots afterwards that I didn't feel when I was shaving, but they're very small and go away quickly.

Bottom line - would I buy it again? Maybe. I think it's better suited for someone who shaves their legs very regularly. I shave maybe once a month or even two months, because I hate it, so making it even more time consuming is bad for me. But if I did it daily I think the safety razor would be awesome because it really cuts down on waste/cost and the shave is SUPER close so you could shave less and still have crazy smooth legs. Works pretty well in the nether regions also, actually. Just go slowly :)

Here is what I bought:

The razor handle is good, but my boyfriend has one that is really easy to replace the blades - you twist the bottom and it opens up the top and you just pull out and plop in the new one. Mine you have to almost completely take it apart, which is dumb. Spend time looking for the one I describe where you can just easily replace the blades.

The blades are good and cheap, I spent some time reading reviews so I believe those are the best quality/price combo.

u/Hybernative · 5 pointsr/wicked_edge

It sounds like you are just hitting puberty, so I would suggest something inexpensive and well-made. This little thing is great.

Go with the grain, go slowly, don't press hard and lube up well. For now, shave your sideburns at your cheekbone line, this will give your face a more manly and defined edge.

Remember, as you get hairier you will never get rid of the beard shadow completely. Don't try to.

u/capriceragtop · 5 pointsr/IWantToLearn

It's been mentioned before, but I'll reiterate, as well as upvote honeyboots' comment.

Get a shave brush. Synthetic is fine to start, but eventually, you'll want to switch to badger hair. Softer, and yields better lather.

Get a double edge safety razor. I have a Merkur. It's a longer-than-standard handle, because I have large hands. It's heavy and feels great in my hand.

I use Derby Extra blades and they're great. I just switched blades, after ~3 months use, even after shaving every other day. Even if you have to replace them, they're only 15 cents a blade.

I recommend Muhle Pinsel cream. Kinda pricey, but better for your skin than can crap and you don't have to use as much, so a tube lasts longer. I'm still on the same tube I bought in December.

Let the weight of the razor do the work. It'll take you a couple of times to get the hang of it, as well as blade angle, but once you do, it's a great shave. Only better shave is a straight razor.

Also, shave in the shower, as has been said before. Your face stays more moist, which leads to a better shave. I don't use aftershave, but if you choose to, pick one that does not contain alcohol. It dried out your skin.

EDIT: If you get a double edge safety razor, don't get the butterfly hinge type. I've heard they are not as well made. Also, when finished, take the razor apart, rinse it, and dry it. Don't forget to dry it! Drying the blade makes it last much longer.

u/pussfeller · 5 pointsr/YouShouldKnow

Brush, razor, blade, cream.

Sorry, but IDK how the European Amazon works, but that should give you some ideas on where to start.

u/beard_pics_plz · 5 pointsr/AsianBeauty

Itchiness from irritation/razor burn? Or ingrown hairs?
If it's the former, that's a pretty easy fix: Use a super sharp blade and I love using hair conditioner for my legs. I never get irritation now that I use conditioner. I use a pretty green brand (Giovanni tea tree conditioner), so there's no residue/silicone-y feeling after I rinse it off.

[I use this razor $13] ( and bought a [pack of 100 single replacement blades for $10] ( Super cheap and effective. I use a fresh, sharp blade every 1-3 uses depending on what I want to shave. If you have a sharp razor each time, the blade just cuts through the hair and glides across the skin. A dull blade will tug and pull, leave micro tears.

u/AE_35_Unit · 5 pointsr/AirForce

Ok, so I am going to assume (make an ass of both you and me) that you have absolutely no idea what you are doing.
I recommend the following:

u/cant_help_myself · 5 pointsr/AdviceAnimals

A dime a blade and your shave is better than with the expensive piece of shit disposables you're currently using.

u/zagood · 5 pointsr/wicked_edge

My hair is pretty coarse, and I basically got to the point where I didn't want to deal with it tugging at the end of a 2nd day shaving, so I switch every time. My shaving habits are about the same as yours but sounds like my beard is a bit thicker.

Astras are super cheap so pick up a 100 pack and don't worry about it.

u/PAlove · 5 pointsr/FrugalMaleFashionCDN

Merkur safety razor and these blades (Feather is another good brand of blades, more expensive though).

Bought the combo about 3 years ago, haven't even used half the blades yet. Massive savings.

u/Richiepunx · 5 pointsr/ireland

Have you ever tried wet shaving with a safety razor? I had the same problem as you for years but I switched and I've had no irritation since. They take a bit of getting used to but you won't look back once you get used to it, honestly.

u/Forevernevermore · 5 pointsr/AskMen

I use a double edge safety razor like THIS. Most store bought razors can maintain their sharpness for one or two shaves, but this has cheap and changeable blades you buy by the dozens for the same price. It's easy to throw in a new blade and shave away each time. I stress that it is a skill that is learned and you will most likely cut yourself the first few times, but once you get the hang of it, it will outperform any mainstream razors (schick, gillete..etc) you can buy. I get 100 blades for about $24 US and that lasts me all year. I use THESE blades specifically.

u/chance-- · 5 pointsr/howto

I really, really recommend you consider buying an old-fashion double-edge safety razor like this one along with a blade sample pack. Once you find the right blade and adjust to the new type of razor, you'll wonder how disposable razors ever became a thing. Even my wife couldn't believe how awesome they are and it took me forever to even get her to try my razor.

  • I have sensitive skin and would constantly get razor burn, my skin would turn bright red, and I'd get bumps after each shave. It took a week or two for my skin to adjust and for me to find the right blades but once that happened, I haven't had skin issues since. The first few shaves did suck but it got a lot better.
  • The blades are absurdly cheap. You can get Feather blades which are among the most expensive for about $0.10 a blade.
  • Since the blades are so much cheaper, you're more likely to switch them out properly and get a much cleaner shave.
  • The razor itself will last for a lifetime and then some
  • All of those cartridges and packaging are no longer headed to the landfill

    If you want an even better shave while saving even more money, consider getting shaving soap + a brush. I've had one of those for like 2 years now.. it's insane how long they last.

    There are plenty of sites, forums, and even a subreddit that you can find out much more about DE shaving. Some people really, really get into it so you kind of have to wade through a lot of fanboyism but it's well worth it, I promise.
u/padlockx · 5 pointsr/todayilearned

I do the same thing and it works great. I'm a white guy with really straight hair, but I have the skin of an infant and get horrible razor bumps on my neck. This really does help. I figured it out when I had a beard and would shave my neck area then my thick brush would get that area when I shaped the beard. The brush would knock the hairs out of the skin and prevent them from being ingrown.

Another thing I've found that helps a lot is a good razor. I know I'm not in the same exact boat, but as someone prone to skin irritation a nice real safety razor with a good double edged single blade is amazing. I use this safety razor and buy the better blades for it (and they're still really cheap.) Combined with a good shaving soap I barely have any problems compared to what I used to. It's why I grew the beard in the first place.

u/WorstDEALeverrr · 5 pointsr/instant_regret

You get yourself a safety razor for ~30$.

Then you spend another 20$ on 100 Feather brand blades.

There you go. Best shaving experience of your life, for the rest of your life, for the price of a few stupid Gillette thingies.

(Get a brush and soap too, if you don't already have them.)

u/Gregoryv022 · 5 pointsr/Wetshaving

Then: January, 2014

u/Tadpole_Jackson · 5 pointsr/fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuu

I got this razor from Amazon

It was $30 when I bought it, though. I also bought a stand, brush, and shaving soap at the same time. I think the total was about $70-$80 The soap lasts forever and the stand and brush are 1 time buys.




I just buy blades from CVS. 10 pack is $5 and I've used about 5 in the last month.

Edit: Bad math.

u/Mighty_Panda · 5 pointsr/wicked_edge

Fair enough but I would price what amazon gives you against one of those sites. I would suggest getting an Edwin Jagger DE89, really good starter razor, or a parker though you will need someone else to tell you which one to get.

You will need a brush so look for omega brushes, these are boar brush that are cheap and once broken in can become as soft as a silvertip badger brush. As for shaving soap there is a vast array to choose from but I have been using proraso which is easy to get a nice lather from. Though if you are on a tight budget get arko, though be warned that some people hate the smell of it (it does die down after a few weeks).

As for aftershave you can pick up nivea aftershave balm from your local drugstore or supermarket. You will also need an alum block and styptic pencil, just get the cheapest ones you can find. Though you could use a healing cut gel instead of a styptic pencil, which would avoid the milky white marks the styptic pencil leaves behind.

edit: forgot to say about sample blades. Most sample blade packs on amazon are ridiculously priced so use try a blade to get a selection of sample blades. Start of with 5 different types of blades

The blades I would suggest are:

  • 1.Astra SP
  • 2.Gillette Silver Blue
  • 3.Derby, a lot of people dislike these blades but I think they offer a good starting point.
  • 4.Feather, I would leave this blade to try after you have developed your technique for a month or 2, as they are unforgiving to a beginner.
  • 5.BIC
u/dharasick · 5 pointsr/wicked_edge

The kits on the side are a little outdated. I'd recommend the Edwin Jagger DE89, the perfect first razor. Grab some MRGLO (Musgo Real Glycerine Lime Oil) as a preshave soap, Proraso (seems to be popular around here although I haven't tried it myself), a good blade sampler, pick up some Nivea aftershave balm from your nearest target/CVS, and you should be good to go.

Creams do lather a little easier than soaps depending on the water situation. I don't have any experience with soaps so I don't feel I should comment much longer on them.

RAD = Razor Acquisition Disorder; GAS = Gear Acquisition Syndrome.

EDIT: I guess I did forget a brush and alum block. Oh well, others here posted good recommendations too.

u/crshank · 5 pointsr/malegrooming

I browsed /r/wicked_edge for a bit before diving in. Their FAQ should be a good place to get you started.

I've improved my pre- and post-shave routines as well as using a brush and non-canned shaving cream. Anecdotally, the learning curve wasn't very steep for me (a few nicks and cuts starting out) and I'm noticing that my issues with sensitive skin and ingrown hairs are resolving.

Your start-up costs may seem a little steep, but you can find some deals or cheaper gear and upgrade later. The fact that I actually enjoy shaving and feel better after doing it more than makes up for the initial purchase.

I started with the following:

Razor Emporium Sensitive Skin Blade Sampler pack

Musgo Real Lime Glyce Soap

Parker Safety Razor SYNTHETIC Bristle Shaving Brush

Taylor of Old Bond Street Avocado Shaving Cream

Edwin Jagger DE89bl Chrome Plated Double Edge Safety Razor

Gentleman Jon 3.5 Ounce Alum Block

u/Merejo · 5 pointsr/wicked_edge
u/Tobythekitty · 5 pointsr/Wetshaving

Putting this here as well because someone recommended to post it

Hey all,  I'm pretty new to wet shaving and I'm looking to upgrade my razor. Currently, I've been shaving with an "El Grande" from WSP (wet shaving products) that my brother gave me, but I'm trying to upgrade to a better razor. I found two that might be worth their salt and I was wondering what other people thought of them.


I'm also looking into trying new blades and I already know about, but I just haven't picked any out yet. Also, if you want to suggest a completely different razor that would be fine, too. 

u/braden87 · 5 pointsr/BuyItForLife

Might I recommend:


... 100 blades for < $10. They work nicely, I'm through about 35 of them.

u/stabsthedrama · 5 pointsr/BuyItForLife

[For that same $3....minus $.045] (

I have a few of these (not the same exact brand, but they're all the same Chinese makes really and differ from one to the next even with the same brand). They're as BIFL as any Merkur, and honestly, I like them a lot...

Edit: this is the one I have. Sucks it's now a $6 add on item. I bought a few for like 2.75$ a few years back.

u/66666thats6sixes · 5 pointsr/wicked_edge

If you want to get into DE shaving and you don't want to worry about spending a decent bit of money on something that isn't too good, you could always start with the Silvertone/Sodial/Rimei razor -- for $2.81 + free shipping you can hardly say that the money was wasted, and it receives pretty high reviews from most. It's what I use and I am perfectly happy with it.

u/Greyzer · 5 pointsr/wicked_edge

Nice going.

Keep in mind that a lot of Farmers Market soaps are not really suitable for shaving (especially if they're made with olive oil), so if your lather isn't stable, it may not be your fault...

This Razor is a cheap way to get into DE shaving, don't forget to get a blade sampler as well.

u/PackerBravo · 5 pointsr/news

For anyone who would like to buy the Dollar Shave Club razors, Dollar Shave Club uses Dorco brand razors.
They can be purchased on Amazon. Inevitably, Unilever will reduce the quality of DSC's products, and probably raise the prices.

Amazon Links to Dorco 6-Blade razors used by DSC (cheaper price per blade than DSC)
Dorco Pace 6 Plus- Six Blade Razor System with Trimmer - Value Pack (10 Cartridges + 1 Handle) - $20.99
or, blades only:
Dorco Pace 6 Plus- Six Blade Razor System with Trimmer- 12 cartridges (No Handle) - $24.99

u/zbeptz · 5 pointsr/navy

Merkur razor. Here is a nice starter. ($32.34)

Feather Double Edge Blades, 50 Count ($11.77)

A year's worth of shaving for one month of Dollar Shave Club

u/Tryemall · 5 pointsr/wicked_edge

Indians, along with people of Mediterranean, African & Middle eastern descent have extraordinarily tough beards. Cartridge razors designed in countries with populations which shave daily & have lighter facial growth are not always adequate for those of heavier growth. In addition, Indians often have oily skin. Indians can therefore be very prone to pseudofolliculitis barbae, & multiblade razors can do damage to the skin of those with this condition.

It is therefore advisable for Indians to use a single blade razor & pay greater attention to pre-shave prep. Always have a shower or bath before your shave & soap up the area to be shaved. You may have noticed that barbers often use a hot wet towel on their clients to soften it before shaving.

Unfortunately, there are no decent DE starter sets available in India. Sets like that of Bombay Shave Co, & others rely on rebranded imported razors & there does seem to be greater importance placed on their looks than on their performance. These sets are best avoided. Starter sets can be imported, but the combination of our import duties, transportation costs etc can make them quite expensive. They are also not necessary, as it is possible to get decent equipment at a reasonable cost if bought separately. But if you do wish to, Shave Lounge UK & Maggards have good starter sets.

As far as individually available equipment is concerned, it can be broken down into shaving products like creams & soaps, shaving brushes, razors and their blades or cartridges, & aftershave treatments.

  • Shaving products. There is absolutely no need to import anything here. India is a shaving cream powerhouse, & makes some of the best shaving creams available as far as performance goes. There are some Indian shaving creams which could improve a little on scent, but since the scent is washed off along with the lather, I do not consider it of great concern. of the best known Indian brands for shaving products are Godrej & Dettol, but there is such a wide variety available that almost all creams perform extremely well. There are not too many Indian made soaps. Godrej soap is available in most parts of the country. It is very cheap & is made of pure potassium lye, so it is capable of performing in the hardest of water, & breaking down the oil layer on the oiliest of skin,but will not have great protection in soft water. It makes an excellent superlather soap base, though. T&H, Trigodon, & the weirdly named Pink Woolf etc also sell soaps. I personally found that T&H soap has a somewhat average performance. Their creams are said to have stellar performance & scent, & T&H now has shops in most Indian cities. Trigodon & Pink Woolf soaps have good reputations. I have tried some imported products, but have been more often disappointed than not as far as the overall performance is concerned, though their scent is great.
  • Shaving brushes. Some of the companies that sell starter sets & soaps also sell brushes. Parker, Pearl, Trigodon, Pink Woolf etc all have brushes available. I feel that they provide an average product as compared to their price , because genuine imported Omega boar brushes are available on Flipkart at a very reasonable cost. For some reason, Amazon India is overpriced for the very same brushes. Indian brush manufacturer has good brushes (Bilabrush) but their website sells their brushes at prices greater than genuine Omegas. Their Gio brush is sometimes available around ₹ 200 in Mumbai shops & is very good at that price.
  • Razors. If you do wish to import shaving equipment, import razors. There are almost no decent manufacturers of DE razors in India. The best manufacturer is Parker, who exports razors in quantity, but most DE shavers who have bought a Parker razor in India have had to replace it due to quality issues. I have read of Indians who have had to replace theirs several times due to issues like unequal blade exposure, faulty construction, misalignment etc. It has been alleged that Indian manufacturers reserve their best products for export while sloughing off their rejects to locals. On the other hand, I've chatted on B&B with one Indian who has had no issues with his Variant. In general, though, Indian made razors are rather aggressive & not suitable for beginners. If you wish to buy locally, though, it is sometimes possible to source imported razors in imported goods shops or customs notified shops. I can personally recommend the Japanese Feather Popular TTO as being great for newbie & expert alike. It's also available on Flipkart/Amazon/Shopclues for about ₹ 900 onwards. Chinese Rimei, Baili & Weishi razors are also available. It is possible to get Yaqi's double open comb Mellon head from Aliexpress & mate it to an Indian razor handle.
  • Blades. There are excellent DE blades available in the country, with considerable variety. There is absolutely no real need to import. If you use a cartridge razor, almost all cartridges are also available.
  • Aftershave treatments: - Alum is easily available in pharmacists at almost throwaway rates. Witch hazel is not easily available, but I do not feel the lack. A wide variety of local & international aftershave splashes are available, as are balms, but these are not necessarily the same brands discussed on international shaving forums.



    Here is a shaving set under 2K.


    I strongly recommend buying the brush, shaving cream, alum & aftershave first. Start using them with your current razor. Get your new safety razor & blades later, once you have learned to build a good lather on your face with brush & shaving cream, & have started using the alum & aftershave regularly .

    If you have children in the house, be sure to keep blades & razor away from them.

    A) Feather Popular razor - Amazon ₹ 920

    B) Gillette 7 o'clock Super Platinum razor blades at your Local pharmacy ₹ 55/-

    Omega 10218 or other at Flipkart ₹ 400/-

    C) Godrej/Dettol shaving cream - Local pharmacy about ₹80/-

    D) Alum block Local pharmacy ₹20/-

    E) Nivea aftershave or balm at your Local pharmacy ₹250/-

    Total -₹1725/-

    Please note that you could very easily spend much more. And, as time goes by, & you add more products, razors & other stuff, you'll wonder how that original outlay more than quadrupled...

    Technique: - the first part is the most difficult - Keep your new DE razor aside while you learn to use the rest of your equipment.

    Start by learning the hair growth pattern of your face - the direction of the grain. Print this out.


    Draw the main direction of growth in each section & stick it near your mirror.

    Once you've done that, start breaking in your new brush. Wash it a few times with liquid hand soap. Use it with your shaving cream to lather up. Continue using your current razor during this time.

    After a week or so, the lather produced will be better than that you got from your can of foam/gel. This is the time to break out your new DE.

    Watch the videos to learn how to shave.

    Initially, shave one WTG pass, & do your XTG pass with your current cartridge razor. As time goes by & your technique improves, you can increase the DE passes & reduce the M3 passes.
u/Dang_Yankee · 5 pointsr/headphones

The best budget beginner razor

Some good soap

A good brush

Total: about $25

This is what i started with and it works like a charm... would recommend feather blades over lord but that's just my opinion.

u/lgbtqbbq · 5 pointsr/abdiscussion

This Lord one is basic and great. For me I haven't noticed big differences among the razors themselves at a low price point (can't speak for the more expensive ones) but the blades themselves make a difference. Good sample pack for blades that I worked through over the course of like 2 years (mama don't shave that often..)

I have to say my favorites were the Feather, BUT I just resumed DE shaving this month and got a big pack of the Feather blades alone and they were incredibly aggressive- I think I'm not used to the angle of shave anymore, so I should've started with a sample pack again. The Derby ones were what I "learned" on and then graduated to Feather and liked those, but I think it was with the experience points I'd gathered ;)

u/tm1student · 5 pointsr/news
u/MyL1ttlePwnys · 4 pointsr/wicked_edge

I am not a crazy "MUST HAVE A $200 RAZOR AND COLLECT THEM ALL!!!!" person. This is my Feather razor

It has served me well. I admit, I am cheap. I have been fine with just about every blade in my sampler packs, but this was just...painful. You could feel the blade getting stuck on stubble and pulling.

I mainly use Astra, because you can get the cheap boxes off Amazon, but I was in a bind...out of town and I needed a new blade. Should have just gone looking rugged.

u/I_am_Prosciutto · 4 pointsr/wicked_edge

I use a [Lord safety razor] ( and it works pretty well.

u/kinganti · 4 pointsr/wicked_edge

The lowest cost option is the Lord L6 at $12.75 but I have to disclose that this is a razor that will require replacement eventually as it's known to break over time.

Then there's the Edwin Jagger DE8x series. They all have the same head, but the differences in prices reflect the difference in the handles. I bought mine at the link I provided, and it was ~$36 and took 6 days to be shipped from England to California. This razor is high enough quality, it will last a lifetime.

The next bump up in both quality and price would have to go to either the Weber ARC, or the Weber DLC. both are $70, and solid stainless steel. Razors of similar quality and materials normally sell for twice that much. Great value. and... great razors! Our resident expert Leisureguy says his ARC gives him his best shave of any of his razors.

u/Ad_Retie_i_Ouzo · 4 pointsr/Suomi

Tulihan se sieltä osa 2 sieltä, tosin vähän myöhemmin kuin lupasin. Tarkoituksena oli toimittaa tämä joululahjana mutta motivaatio oli alhaalla minkä lisäksi sairastuin jouluaattona mikä vei viimeisetkin kirjoitusfiilikset. Vuodenvaihde kuitenkin lähenee uhkaavasti joten otin itsestäni niskalenkin ja sain kuin sainkin jotain aikaiseksi. Jotkin osiot jäivät aika lyhyiksi ja ehkä hivenen vajavaisiksi. Ajotekniikassa on jotain mitä on vaikea selittää ja kuvailla yksityiskohtaisesti mutta tämä saattaa olla helpompaa kuvamateriaalin avulla Wikikirjastossa. Wikikirjastoon laittaminen ja sen tarvitsemat muotoilut ja muutokset saavat kuitenkin jäädä ensi vuoteen. ärSuomen wikiin nämä saa kuitenkin minun puolestani laittaa vaikka heti.


Kokeilin ennen joulua ensimmäisen kerran Arko-saippuatikkua ja on muuten hyvää tavaraa. Vaahtoaa todella helposti, toimii hyvin ja on erittäin halpaa. En voi kuin suositella. Ja jos tuoksu ei miellytä niin voi käyttää käsi- ja suihkusaippuana (hyvä vinkki muillekin koville saippuoille). Tuulettaminen huoneilmassa ilman paperipakkausta kuulemma auttaa tuoksun haihtumisessa mutta koska tuoksu on mielestäni ihan ok niin jätän tämän niksin kokeilematta.

Vietin joulun Turkkusessa ja kas kummaa, paikallisen Deli Market -nimisen etnokaupan hyllyltä löytyi egyptiläistä Lord-partavoidetta. Tämä on ensimmäinen kokemukseni partavoiteesta ja vaahtoavuudeltaan ja toimivuudeltaan se on kyllä ihan hyvä. Mentoolin viilennysvaikutus on tosin näin Prorason vihreään tottuneelle aika olematon eikä tuoksukaan ole mitenkään erikoinen (mitä nyt tukkoisella nenällä olen pystynyt nuuhkimaan). Hintaa tuolle 55 gramman tuubille kertyi muistaakseni yli kolme euroa (tarkkaa hintaa en muista) mikä lienee suomalaiselle kaupalle ihan ok.

Kassan vieressä roikkui myös Lord-merkkisiä partahöyliä mutta en nähnyt hintaa tai tarkempaa merkkiä. Oletan että kyseessä on Lord L6 joka on Amazon-arvostelujen perusteella hyväksi haukuttu. Joten jos täällä on Turkulaisia tai muuten siellä päin liikkuvia niin Deli Marketista voi saada sutia lukuun ottamatta ihan kohtalaisen aloituspakkauksen. Höylien vieressä oli muistaakseni myös partateriä, merkkiä en nähnyt, mutta Lord lienee hyvä veikkaus tämän suhteen.

Yllätyin iloisesti että perinteistä parranajotavaraa saa Suomessa edes jostain kivijalkaliikkeestä. Veikkaisin että Helsingistä ja muistakin isommista kaupungeista saattaisi löytyä jotain vastaavaa. Jos teette löytöjä niin ilmoittakaa niistä ihmeessä täällä.

u/elint · 4 pointsr/wicked_edge

Just commenting to add prices -- these may not be accurate for very long, since some were listed with limited quantites, but it may help some:

$29.98 - Feather:[1]
$9.77 - Astra Green:[2]
$12.77 - Astra Blue:[3]
$8.93 - Derby Extra:[4]
$12.00 - Shark:[5]
$6.99 - Dorco:[6]
$16.95 - Big Ben:[7]
$15.05 - Lord Platinum:[8]
$15.95 - Lord Classic:[9]
$29.85 - Gillette Silver Blue:[10]
$20.00 - Gillette 7 O'Clock:[11]
$17.95 - Blue Bird:[12]
$19.99 - BIC:[13]
$24.98 - Personna Super 200CT:[14]
$24.00 - Wilkinson Sword:[15]
$18.88 - Crystal (Israeli Personna) 120CT:[16]

u/StraightShaverSix · 4 pointsr/Wetshaving

Feathers - 22.38

Astra SP - 7.35

Personna Platinum - 24.49

Voshkod Teflon - 10.99

All prices USD. These were just the ones I checked. You may wish to check Italian Barber, He has decent bulk prices and ships from Canada but it looks like long international shipping times (3-4 weeks)

u/Selthor · 4 pointsr/oddlysatisfying

I use Feather. They are more expensive than that, but still cheap compared to the "regular" multi-blade razor.

u/zonules_of_zinn · 4 pointsr/oddlysatisfying

these are like $.08. just the brand that someone else mentioned in a comment.

u/e36 · 4 pointsr/AskReddit

Different people use different razors and blades. I've got a Merkur 180 and a Gillette Super Speed, and Astra blades.

u/a_fotzn_konnst_hom · 4 pointsr/Austria

Ich hab früher bei morning glory ein Abo laufen lassen. War recht zufrieden, aber bin inzwischen eigentlich ganz von den 3-5 Klingen Dingern weggekommen.

Wie aber /u/Sukrim schon geschrieben hat, ich hab jetzt so einen Rasierhobel, da kosten die Ersatzklingen für 10 Stück ca. 2,50 (weniger wennst gleich mehr kaufst).

Da fällt hald auch weniger Müll an und mit meiner sensiblen Haut funktioniert das irgendwie besser (scheinbar durch die weniger Klingen). Musst hald erstmal einüben, den Umgang damit. Und den Sack rasieren kannst damit genau vergessen. Death by a thousand cuts.

u/irokie · 4 pointsr/wicked_edge

Wilkinson Sword (this) one. By no means a bad razor, and I learned a lot about how to control the blade by using it. That said, I love my new Jagger.

u/djiivu · 4 pointsr/pics

Amazon is the way to go, imo.

u/Ianx001 · 4 pointsr/Frugal

You're over-paying for blades. But I guess it doesn't matter much with the 2-3 times a month thing.

u/frozen-landscape · 4 pointsr/minimalism

Safety razor. The blades are like 15 bucks for 400 blades (pure metal) and the handle lasts forever. You can find the handles cheaper on eBay etc. Just boil them before using. But amazon will have them new too.

Edit: blades and handle .

u/jamestporter · 4 pointsr/news

100 blades for $15: I haven't bought blades in a couple of years, still have over 50.

u/kim-jong_illest · 4 pointsr/wicked_edge

Aside from what everyone else is saying as to why, you don't need expensive or fancy equipment. This setup is effective and as cheap as you can go while getting decent stuff:





u/solsangraal · 4 pointsr/mildlyinteresting

those aren't expensive to make-- they're expensive for suckers to buy

edit: never looked back

u/bilged · 4 pointsr/sex

Shave them in the shower using these two products:

Safety Razor


Important! If you are going to use a safety razor, make sure its the 'toothed' variety like I linked. This will prevent you from cutting yourself.

Bonus: This razor is also great for shaving anything else too and is super cheap over the longer term even if you use a new razor every time you shave.

u/SpindlySpiders · 4 pointsr/WatchPeopleDieInside
u/Whisper · 4 pointsr/asktrp

Don't be a dumbass. The solution is staring you in the face.

Quit drinking, quit smoking. That's $5200 dollars a year right there.

Then you think you can't find ways to trim thirty dollars out of your weekly budget? Of course you can. Buy one of these. Cook every meal you eat. Get your clothes from the goodwill store.

If you want something, you do what's necessary to go get it.

u/noremac258 · 4 pointsr/wicked_edge

You should pick up the Edwin Jagger de89 instead. It's also amazon prime.

It's one of the most forgiving razors out there, and one of the best beginners razor.

It's also probably the best looking razor in it's price range. It's very shiny.

u/SuperDumbDumb · 4 pointsr/wicked_edge

Hi Wicked_Edge,

I am new to this whole world of shaving, and I'm looking to shy away from my cartridge Gillette.

I wish to transition away because:

  1. 16pack of cartridges cost about 50 after taxes of costco that maybe would last 6-8 months.
  2. it looks cool and its different...
  3. I find my mustache always has a "shadow" left over, I feel the stubble left over is too thick and I wish to even get a closer shave so I feel razors would be my friend here.

    So, doing some research I found three razors:

    Maggards m1,m7,m9,m11 -


    Merkurs -


    Weishi -

    I'm not looking to spend crazy amounts of money, and the only areas I shave would be my mustache and parts of my facial hair and the facial hair that's on my neck. I style the rest of beard with an electric shaver to so that way I don't look ten years old.. :D

    W/ that being said, would the Weishi be the best deal then? I've read that some people found it to be crappy or not cut close enough, and recommended the merkurs and maggards? Would the extra money be worth it? Razors are cheaper, but again, dont wanna spend like 100s on a handle...kinda want something to get the job done and last me a good while.

    Is it a requirement to buy shaving soaps, etc or can I just use canned shaving cream?

    Thanks for reading!

u/HOGCC · 4 pointsr/AirForce

In the meantime, what type of razor/shaving cream are you using? Since you have a problem, I'd bet its a multi-blade cartridge type razor, and some kind of canned gel shaving cream.

The multi-blade razors are the equivalent of making multiple (unnecessary) passes, causing irritation, and gels are full of alcohol and other shit that dries out your skin like crazy, also causing irritation.

Switch to a safety razor, and use shaving soap. It will make a world of difference. A single shaving soap puck will last close to a year (cost is only a few bucks- I like the Van Der Hagen
sold in every BX I've ever been in and a razor handle will run you $25-$35ish try the Edwin Jagger on Amazon
Pick up a sample pack of blades, to decide what you like, and shaving irritation disappears forever.

u/-BW- · 4 pointsr/Frugal

Astra Platinum. A pack of 100 costs $10.51 on Amazon.

u/iamsms · 4 pointsr/wicked_edge

Razor: Edwin Jagger DE89

Brush: Fendrihan Synthetic

Shaving Cream: Speick (currently overpriced)

Or if you want to go for a Shaving Soap:

Shaving Soap: PdP 63


B&M Latha Oceana

AfterShave: Nivea Sensitive Cooling (or get one from local drugstore, walmart etc (non cooling version))

Blades: Get this from

But if I were you:

I would get: the DE89 razor from Amazon, a 22mm synthetic brush from Maggard Razors, B&M Seville Shave soap/Speick Shave Cream from Maggard Razors, Blade Sampler from tryablade, and nivea aftershave balm sensitive from Local stores

u/Kalima · 4 pointsr/BuyItForLife

i own this one and bought the long handle version for my groomsmen. I completely recommend it. I have had mine for 4 years with no issues.

u/nealt900 · 4 pointsr/wicked_edge

The gear is this:

Edwin Jagger De89l

Van Der Hagen Men's Luxury, Shave Set

Later tonight will be my first DE experience, wish me luck!

u/twosoon22 · 4 pointsr/wicked_edge

I think the selections are great but, do have a few suggestions.
You may want to avoid an adjustable razor to start with. If you think you'll want one down the road don't want to have two DEs in your arsenal, then by all means get it now. But a lot of beginners blame their bad shaves on not being able to find the "right setting" on their adjustable. I like the EJ89 as a good starter. But if you do go with the Progress, don't play with the settings, play with your technique.

I also think you should get a blade sampler with a little more variety (read includes astras). This is a pretty good one, but I think the bigger the better.

Good Luck, and congrats on deciding to change your shave.

u/Jlocke98 · 4 pointsr/wicked_edge
u/Strideo · 4 pointsr/wicked_edge

I know that Edwin Jagger is much nicer but if anyone wants to dip their toes in the water on the cheap I found this little razor for under $7 to be quite good for beginners. It was the first DE I used and it's nice enough that it makes a good travel razor.

u/road_tripper · 4 pointsr/wicked_edge

You're getting a lot of advice in this thread from adjustable users who mean well, but have obviously never used a Futur. The Futur is quite simply one of the most aggressive razors... period.

Even on the 1 setting, the distance between the blade and guard is greater than almost any DE I can think of. Don't even consider taking it past the 2 setting unless you've been shaving for years. Also the technique for using the Futur is completely different than a normal DE. Because of the weight and heft, you need to apply almost zero pressure and let the razor do all of the work.

Honestly, you should put down the Futur and buy this for $2.50 You'll get a better, safer, more enjoyable shave while you learn technique. After awhile you can come back to Futur with real understanding of how aggressive it is and whether or not that is the kind of shaving experience you want.

u/kerbuffel · 4 pointsr/wicked_edge

>I still use disposables

> haven't been able to convince my wife to budget the initial expense for a DE kit

A pack of disposables is like, what, 8 bucks? You can get this for four and then thirty blades for $10 which is actually kind of expensive but you're just getting started.

So for the cost of two packs of disposables you have a starter kit of 30-60 shaves. You can keep using your normal cream for now, but eventually you can switch over to better stuff.

Then, once you get a hang of it you can ask for fancier razors or brushes for Christmas/Birthdays/etc.

And your wife will give you bonus points for saving money! Everybody wins.

u/JoyfulStingray · 4 pointsr/AskWomen

Razors - A lot of women actually use men's razors for legs and underarms. This is what I use! They are less expensive and do the same exact job. No need to pay the pink tax. Personally, I use these

Moisturizer - I use Aveeno lotions. I can't handle smells and Aveeno is usually scentless.

Nail care - I am currently trying to take better care of my nails so they don't CHIP ALL THE TIME. Cuticle butter at night, and cuticle oil alllll throughout the day.

Eyebrow care - I have very bushy brows. Even though a bold brow is in right now, if I let mine go natural, it is like 2 fuzzy caterpillars on my brow bone. Get a more expensive pair of tweezers, trust me. The cheap ones will struggle grasping the hairs. Eyebrow razors to get the edges and help trim everything up]

Face wash - I have really good skin - super lucky, I know. I just use a gentle face wash and that is it.

u/LegendaryStickMan · 4 pointsr/wicked_edge

Not bad at all, just overpriced. You can get a 50 pack of Feathers on Amazon for just $15. is good because you can buy razors individually or in 5 packs, or try a bunch in a sample pack. Every person's preferences are different, so see what works best for you. I found that Personna Reds are my favorite blades.

The nice thing about DE shaving is that blades are all around pretty cheap. Even if you treat yourself to the most expensive blades money can buy, you'll still only be spending like $.80 for a week's worth of shaves.

u/DTDTD · 4 pointsr/wicked_edge

Here's my suggestion.

Get a slant head razor.

Use Feather blades. They're the sharpest you can get.

Stop using canned shave cream, get a real shaving soap and a decent brush.

Also get some Mr GLO soap and use it before you shave. Lather it onto your beard and let it soak in for two and a half minutes, then rinse and apply your lather. This makes your beard as soft as it's gonna get.

Shave with the grain, re-lather, shave across the grain, re-lather, shave against the grain.

Read this book and go to this website.

Hope this helps.

u/Goyu · 4 pointsr/wicked_edge

I think that you would be better off with a double edge. It's less technically demanding to learn, you don't have to maintain the blade (you'll have to sharpen a straight edge from time to time and strop it daily) because it's disposable.

My philosophy is that shaving is less about the hair and more about the skin, caring for it and leaving it comfortable/not irritated. Even with a light beard, it's worth learning how to shave well because it's good for the skin and it's a pleasant and meditative ritual. The whole process of carefully prepping the skin, applying the soap/cream and doing a multiple pass shave is satisfying. Like a very masculine manicure, manly pampering. Mampering? No...

Anyway, if you click around this sub a bit, you'll notice that it's easy to go overboard and get too into it, and shave gear isn't cheap. But that's as much a blessing as a curse. I have three straight razors and a double edge, and I fully expect them to last me decades.

If I were you, I wouldn't jump in the pool quite that deep though. Here are the suggestions I make to most shave newbies interested in checking out the wetshaving gig:

Edwin Jagger DE 89:

This is a simple, entry level razor. It comes with a few blades, but I'd recommend buying a sampler pack (and yes, I picked this pack because it has Feather blades, they are exceptional, if slightly too sharp for me. I use Sharks.):

After that you'll need a brush. I'd just check the sidebar there, I use a wee scot and I suspect that not many would push you in that direction.

Then you'll want a nick stick, because dude... you'll cut yourself. It happens. Again, sidebar. But here's the cheap one that I use (don't cut myself much anymore so I don't invest in the good stuff these days):

And beyond that is the decision between soaps and cream and an aftershave. That one is up to personal preference in terms of scents and consistency.

I use this cream and like it fine:

I use this aftershave and love it to pieces, enough to spend 50 fucking dollars on it a few times a year:

This isn't a super cheap set up (about $200) but you could get a cheaper aftershave and brush and be all set for under $100 and make improvements down the line if you decide you want to keep doing this.

u/mct137 · 4 pointsr/AskMenOver30

I have had a Merkur safety razor for about 5 years now. It's $22 on amazon. You can buy replacement blade packs online as well. I can usually find them in packs of 10-20 blades for roughly a dollar a blade.

u/MattWilly · 4 pointsr/wicked_edge

As someone who also struggles from in-grown hairs (very curly facial hair), here is my $0.02.

  • Someone in r/skincareaddiction suggested Stridex Maximum Strength exfoliating pads. It will be an unpopular opinion here, but I have been using this product after a shave instead of an alum block and it anecdotally seems to be working quite well.

  • Growth maps are very important and will help thoroughly. That being said, I have some areas where the growth has no true grain. For these areas, I take extra caution to use less pressure. It took quite a few weeks to figure out which direction to shave in for these spots.
  • If you want to try Tend Skin, don't buy it in store. Its vastly overpriced. Instead, use this link to find a DIY recipe for cheaper. I've found that alcohol based salicylic acid products like Tend Skin and Clubman Bump Repair Gel did not work well for me.
  • Consider what razor you are using. I have found that more mild razors have been more favourable. I used the Merkur 180 for a long time, until I recently invested in the Rockwell 6S and used the number 2 plate.
  • I think with a better routine you will find that your problem will get significantly better. Physical exfoliation with a hard brush is very rough on the skin and typically it is suggested that you don't do it more than twice a week.
u/Thor_of_Richmond · 4 pointsr/malegrooming

I'm pretty young too. I started with a Gillette turbo Mach something or other. It didn't work for me, it got clogged with my facial hair and it sucked. Try checking out these two subs, wet shaving is the way to go!

I started with a merkur 180 from Amazon it was like $30 and came with 10 blades it is a kick ass razor and works super well

Good luck and feel free to ask me any more questions

u/themoofinman · 4 pointsr/gifs

I think a great starter safety razor is the Merkur. Check it out here. I also think Merkur makes some great blades.

u/chegothy · 4 pointsr/AskDad

Cartridge Razor

  • Probably the most common razor type nowadays. They'll get the job done and you'll get a decent shave too.

  • The Gillette Mach 3 (three blades), the Gillette Fusion (five blades) and the Wilkinson Sword Quattro (four blades) are probably the most common cartridge razors. They are widely available.

  • You may also see some variations on the above razors. For example, the Fusion ProGlide Power is a battery-operated Fusion that vibrates, and is supposed to help the hair stand on end for a better shave. Some like it, some don't. Your call.


  1. Technique matters less with this type of razor because most of them have a pivoting head that runs along the contours of your face. This reduces the chance of you getting the angle wrong and cutting yourself.

  2. Supplies for this type of razor are readily available pretty much anywhere.


  3. The replacement cartridges are extremely expensive for what they actually are. Gillette's (and other manufacturers') business model is to sell the handle for cheap and charge a fortune for the blades because you've already made the investment in the handle.

  4. The cartridges tend to cut and tug your hair out. This can irritate those with particularly sensitive skin and many people get razor bumps when using these. As a general rule, the more blades a cartridge has, the more likely you'll have this tugging effect. If you don't have sensitive skin, then it should be fine.

  5. These cartridge razors tend to get clogged with hair easily. The problem appears to be worse as the number of blades increases, ergo, the five blade Fusion will clog more easily than the three blade Mach 3.


  • Most people tend to use foam or gel with this type of razor.

  • A WTG pass will suffice but go ATG too if you can (see "Passes" section below).


    Double Edge (DE) Safety Razor**

  • They look like this!

  • Typically range from $20 to $60. I recommend the Merkur 38C as a good beginner's razor. Other reputable brands include Parker and Edwin Jagger. Weishi aren't bad either.

  • These handles can (and often do) last you for life. You can also find them in antique shops if you look hard enough.


  1. Blades for these razors are obscenely cheap in comparison to cartridge razors. In the UK, I can buy a 100 pack of Astra blades (my favourite brand) for about £9 on Amazon. That could easily last me a year of shaving on a near-daily basis.

  2. The closeness of a DE shave is unbeatable IMO.

  3. Your blades won't clog up with hair.

  4. There is a certain enjoyment in mastering the art of a DE shave. This cannot be explained - only experienced.


  5. A DE razor does not typically have a pivoting head like cartridge razors. That means you have to learn the proper technique or you're going to get a few nicks.

  6. There is a little bit of a learning curve. It's nothing most people can't handle. However, if you're impatient or clumsy, DE might not be for you.


  • Hold the razor so it's comfortable, but keep your hand away from the face and more towards the end of the handle. You'll have better control over your wrist and the blade angle.

  • Use minimal pressure. Let the blade do the work for you.

  • Your first pass should be WTG. Your second pass should be XTG. Your third pass should be ATG (see "Passes" section below).

  • Make sure the bathroom is nice and quiet. Listen for the blades cutting the hair so you'll know your perfect angle. It'll eventually be second nature.

  • If you use a DE razor, you could use foam or gel, but the preferred method for most of us is to buy a shaving brush and some shaving soap or a shaving stick. Then you can use this to make lather. This video is a great guide on how to make lather.

  • Since nicks are a bit more likely (especially in the early days) it's worth you buying a styptic pencil or alum block to seal up your cuts. An alum block is also good for soothing razor burn and also has antiseptic properties.


    Electric Razor**

  • No introductions necessary.


  1. Pretty quick.

  2. Can be used on dry skin. No need for shaving soap/foam/gel.

  3. Your odds of cutting yourself are pretty damn slim!


  4. Shave quality is severely reduced. You will never get as close a shave with one of these as you will with a cartridge razor or a DE razor.

  5. Can be pretty harsh on sensitive skin. Try a pre-shave oil to see if this helps.

  6. Requires either a power socket or battery power.


  • Oh, come on!

    Preparing the Face

    This differs for everyone. Make of it what you will. The general idea is just to get the face moisturised and the hair nice and soft.

    I tend to exfoliate my face with an exfoliating scrub, then rinse and apply a pre-shave oil or cream - I use this.

    Applying Shaving Lubricant

    This doesn't apply to electric razor users. You guys don't need it.

    If you're using a gel or foam, just apply it to the face.

    If you're using a shave soap and brush combination, your technique is a bit more important (but totally worth it):

  1. Grab a mug, bowl, or some other vessel.

  2. Wet your shaving brush with (preferably warm) water.

  3. Either apply some soap to the end of the wet brush or put some soap in the mug.

  4. Swirl that brush around in the soap.

  5. Results will vary depending on the soap you're using; the quality of the brush; the softness, temperature and amount of water. If it's not really "whipping" up, consider adding a little more water.

  6. Apply to face at desired consistency.

    If you're still having trouble, this is a good video on how to make lather.



    There are three directions you can shave in. Shaving in a specific direction is known as a pass:

  • With the grain (WTG) - shaving in the same direction as the hair grows. You could get away with doing just this. The shave will be socially acceptable, but it won't feel like a great shave.

  • Against the grain (ATG) - shaving in the opposite direction of hair growth. This can be a little harsh if your skin is sensitive. This is especially true if you're new or haven't done good face prep.

  • Across the grain (XTG) - Yep, you guessed it! Shaving across the direction of hair growth. This is a good compromise if you're finding ATG too rough on the skin.

    Here is a video about the different types of passes.



  • If you bought an alum block, by all means run it under water and apply to your face. It'll help to seal cuts, close pores, and also acts as an antiseptic.

  • If you don't have an alum block, splash some cold water on the face to help seal pores.

  • Got nicks or cuts? Either apply an alum block or a styptic pencil. If you don't have these (you should), then you can just rip up some tiny pieces of toilet paper and stick them to your cuts for a few minutes. You can do this as you go along or at the end of the shave. Your call.

  • Apply an aftershave lotion or balm. I wouldn't recommend any harsh aftershave sprays yet. If you've just finished shaving, you've got to treat your skin like a princess. Go for a soothing balm like this one (sorry, I love Proraso). I always use an after shave lotion with little or no alcohol, because alcohol dries your face out and makes you look older.

    Suggested Brands

    Razors - Gillette, Wilkinson Sword, Merkur, Parker, Edwin Jagger, Weishi, The Bluebeard's Revenge, Muhle.

    Blades - Merkur, Astra, Gillette, Shark, Derby, Lord, Feather, Wilkinson Sword.

    You can also buy sample packs like this one.

    Shaving Soaps/Sticks - Taylor of Old Bond St, Proraso, Erasmic, Trufitt & Hill, The Art of Shaving, Palmolive, Arko, Omega, Crabtree & Evelyn, Castle Forbes.

    Avoid Col. Conk

    Lotions/Creams/Oils/Gels - Taylor of Old Bond St, Proraso, Trufitt & Hill, Jack Black, Crabtree & Evelyn, Nivea, Gillette, The Art of Shaving, etc.

    I have intentionally left out straight razors and shavettes because you said you don't want to cut yourself. These have a much steeper learning curve than the other methods I have discussed. You probably will cut yourself if you attempt to use these.

    If you would like any further information about shaving, please feel free to message me, comment here, or visit /r/Wicked_Edge. Thank you!

u/Silverlight42 · 4 pointsr/answers

DE is short for double edged, the style of safety razor I recommended.

like this one

u/Romulan_Fale · 4 pointsr/wicked_edge

What you're ordering looks good. There's nothing wrong with your razor but I personally think this one is better. That model is being replaced with newer ones(same shaving head but different handle) that cost like $12 more so the old one at this price is a good deal. As for blades get a sampler pack. Everybody's face is different and what I like you may not and vice a versa.

u/Yarcofin · 4 pointsr/wicked_edge

Taylor of Old Bond Street and Geo F Trumper are both London-based companies with a very good reputation here. Both companies offer a sandalwood variety of shave soap. For around £10 you should be able to get a 6 oz soap of either in a plastic tub, or you can upgrade to Geo F Trumper in a wooden bowl for about £20.

Edwin Jagger is a company based out of Sheffield that offers very nice razors for around £20. Any that start with DE8_ are good, they all have the same head... it just comes down to the handle for example DE86 has a faux-ebony handle but DE89 is all chrome... the cutting head is the same on both.

A silvertip (highest quality) badger brush will run you at least £20, so as you can probably start to see, getting a soap, brush, and razor all for £30-40 will be tricky. If you downgrade to a boar brush you can get one for about £10 which will bring all 3 products to about £40. A boar brush isn't "worse", it's just different -- many people prefer it over badger. It's also more humane as the badgers need to be killed to harvest their hair. Otherwise you will need to start getting into lower-quality soaps and razors to offset the cost of the badger brush, or spend at least an extra tenner.

For example here are some links for you, there are probably other UK-based shaving websites that carry all these as well, or if you live in a major city you might even have a physical shave shop:


Shaving soap

Boar brush (personally I would look for one with a wooden handle though, I think it's classier than the plastic. If you want to stick with plastic, they come in a variety of colours)

I intentionally picked British-made products for you since you want to incorporate strong traditional and classic themes, but other companies like Merkur (German), Gillette (American), Parker (Indian) also make good razors that you might want to take a look at. I'm also assuming you want a brand new razor and not something vintage. Proraso is a nice Italian soap I use myself that will probably cost you £5 if the others are a bit too expensive.

You can add in an aftershave but that will again be another £10 or so, same with a bowl. If you want something classic and like an aftershave, I'd pick up an alum block instead. It's a naturally-occuring mineral that acts as an astringent and antiseptic -- you run it over your face after shaving to close your pores and prevent razor bumps, etc. Brand generally doesn't matter, it's all the same chunk of rock. I think a bowl is an unnecessary extra cost, any cereal bowl or latte mug can be used. If anything, just go to a charity shop and pick out the nicest mug you can get for £1-2. The bowl is used to produce your lather... you swirl the brush on the soap for 30-60 seconds to load it, and then transfer to the bowl and the lather will grow into something like a normal shaving cream when you stir it for a couple minutes. You can also lather directly onto your face or in the palm of your hand if preferred too.

If he has any questions on how to use the stuff, just direct him our way :)

u/IsThatTheJoke · 4 pointsr/wicked_edge

Looks like and Edwin Jagger de89bl

u/hugemuffin · 3 pointsr/wicked_edge

What was the blade brand? I am working my way through this sample pack and would have to say that each pack shaves differently.

u/Squirrelled · 3 pointsr/TheGirlSurvivalGuide

I also have sensitive skin and found double edge safety razors to be fantastic. I've been using them for a few years now and I will never go back. After getting lots of burning and ingrowns in my pits, I found this article and decided to give it a go.

The razor I bought is an Edwin Jagger and I buy whatever blades I find in my local grocery store. I'm sure if I used higher rated blades, I'd get an even smoother shave but I'm lazy and these work fine.

Now I can shave my pits every day if I wanted to and I rarely get any ingrown hairs, burning or irritation. That was nearly unheard of before. As per my legs, my legs are still extremely sensitive so I use an electric shaver on them. There is a bit of a learning curve (especially for legs) but the article I linked above explains it well.

Also, it might be helpful for you to use something that lathers well so you can rely on that instead of whatever barrier the razor itself has. Good luck to you!

u/livinginahologram · 3 pointsr/france

Absolument ! Je n'ai jamais retourné à l'arrière après avoir acheté ma Edwin Jagger et des lames Japonaises Feather! Quel bonheur !

Pour les curieux :

Si vous êtes intéressé, je vous recommande d'essayer d'abord un pack d'échantillons de lames comme celui-ci :

Moi j'ai une barbe forte j'aime bien les lames Feather ou Shark, il faut essayer pour trouver quelle va mieux avec votre barbe et rasoir!

u/wicked_VD · 3 pointsr/wicked_edge

Below are my suggestions to get you looking around and thinking of options.

Awesome kit - Total: $148.00

Weber DLC razor with Bulldog handle - $70.00


Weber ARC razor - $65.00

Vie-Long Zurito Horsehair Brush - $32.00

Garry's Sample Shop - $20.00 for various soaps, creams and aftershaves.

Blade Sampler - $26.00

Great kit - Total: $113.00

Edwin Jagger DE89 Razor - $35.00

Vie-Long Zurito Horsehair Brush - $32.00

Garry's Sample Shop - $20.00 for various soaps, creams and aftershaves.

Blade Sampler - $26.00

Decent kit - Total**: $89.00

Merkur 180 Razor - $32.00

Omega Pro 49 Boar Brush - $10.00


Omega Pro 48 Boar Brush - $13.00

Garry's Sample Shop - $20.00 for various soaps, creams and aftershaves.

Blade Sampler - $26.00

u/ranalicious · 3 pointsr/TwoXChromosomes

My fiance uses a double-edged safety razor (the old-fashioned style) and I have found that it is the best shave I have ever had. I had to relearn how to shave at first, because I was used to pressing down hard with my old Venus because I was lazy about buying replacement heads (and they are expensive!). Just let the weight of the razor drag across your skin and don't apply any extra pressure (it's metal and pretty solid). You can buy a safety razor for about $30 on Amazon and replacement razor blades are maybe $0.50 each, so overall the savings will add up. Plus, close shave! I haven't purchased my own yet but this one has really good reviews amazon link

edit to add: I also love using Sliquid brand shaving creme (honeydew cucumber scent is delicious!). Their lube is also awesome.

u/bambooclad · 3 pointsr/wicked_edge

That's cheap.

I believe its the Edwin Jagger DE89BL - $34.34...

u/Zakonichiban · 3 pointsr/wicked_edge

Thank you!

I ended up with this, this and this. I also got a stand, a ceramic bowl, some different soaps, some Witch Hazel, and some Nivea Sensitive Skin After Shave. I'll be looking to pick up an Alum Block here shortly.

u/goldragon · 3 pointsr/wicked_edge

Unless you want the scent of the Eton College shave cream, I would suggest getting the Avocado or Almond shave cream instead. Both were fantastic when I tried them and I think the avocado/almond oil gives the cream a bit more slip.

The majority opinion is that the Edwin Jagger DE89 razor is a better beginning razor however it is backordered on Amazon for 2-3 months so obviously if you want to get started now go with the Merkur. There is nothing wrong with the Merkur, I started with one, it is just the EJ is a more modern and refined design.

Some few people find that they have bad reactions to the MR GLO soap, probably to the lime oil. An alternate and the pre-shave soap I use is the Proraso glycerin soap (which is nothing like the menthol/eucalyptus shaving cream/balm from Proraso).

Also, look into a blade sampler rather than a 100-pack for a single brand.

u/LinearSimcon · 3 pointsr/wicked_edge

Any particular reason you want to order from amazon? Ordering from other vendors focused on wetshaving could give you a better deal...

Feedback on the items:

  • Merkur razors are good, but DE89 is generally regarded around here as a better starting razor. Cheaper at Maggardrazors or West coast shaving. Or rather, any of the DE89/86/83/8x, since they're basically the same razor and head, just small differences in the handle. But I personally started out with a Merkur 34C, same head as the 180, just a shorter handle. So the 180 would probably work fine if you fancy it for some reason.

  • Personally I understand that you want to stick to one blade while learning, but I'm not sure about the use of a sampler pack then. Generally advice is to start shaving and try each blade twice until you find one that suits you, and then stick with that brand during your "trial" period. While learning that is. Bulk blades are cheaply avaliable from ebay (trusted sellers with many sales is a recommendation) or Turkish Bestshave

  • I really dislike Pure badger brushes and will always recommend Boar brushes or a better badger brush instead. I'd recommend something along these lines: Omega boar brush, or a good value badger brush, Frank Shaving, Ian Tang on ebay, Silvertip, Frank Shaving, Ian Tang on ebay, Finest, or any Whipped Dog Silvertip

  • I personally find proraso to be a solid shaving soap/cream, but there's plenty of other good ones out there :).

  • I also really like the proraso aftershave balm, good stuff.

  • Sample pack, see the above comment.

  • Some form of styptic pencil or alum block is a good idea. Haven't tried that brand though, but /u/Leisureguy (?) recommends it, which I'd say is enough for me to believe it's a good product (I think it's Leisureguy that recommends it, if I'm wrong I apologies)

  • Glycerine soap works as a preshave, just as any other preshave oil/cream.

    You could also check out this recent comment I made about starting kit, probably applies here as well :).

    When it comes to shaving stuff /u/Leisureguy is a pretty solid guy who knows his stuff, if he says something is bad, you probably should trust him ;). Avoid that VDH stuff, there's better value alternatives out there. The sites I've linked is just examples, there's plenty of good sites out there and depending on where you're based, different retailers and deals might be better for you. If you wonder about anything in particular, just ask :).
u/fenstra · 3 pointsr/wicked_edge

I really don't know why people are shitting on Amazon. I like supporting artisans and small companies as much as anyone else, but if OP wants to go with Amazon because it's cheaper (and it is cheaper), then let them do it.

To answer your question, the Edwin Jagger DE89bl is a great razor, Proraso Green is a great soap, and the Omega 48 is a good brush. You can also pick up all sorts of blades in bulk.

If you get the Astra blades, the kit is about $60 on Amazon and about $75 on a small site that is popular in this sub.

Let me just reiterate. I like artisans and small vendors, especially for the wider variety of scents and razors. There are better options for less at small vendors, but those are on items that only those vendors sell. for mass-produced products Amazon is often the cheaper option

u/Uncanny_Nipple_Spray · 3 pointsr/wicked_edge

[TOBS Jermyn and Sandalwood creams work wonders for me, having a sensitive face.]( sakin_noss?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=TOBS+Jermyn+St+Sensitive+Skin+) You mention psoriasis. My mom actually suffers from it on her legs and knees. She finds that DE wet shaving reduces not only the irritation, but nics, cuts, and her razor burn.

I suggest getting either of those creams, some pre shave oil you can apply to try and reduce irritation, a decent DE razor: this is what I have settled on myself, and a soft shaving brush.

I'd suggest Astras as a blade but, blade can vary person to person and I'd suggest getting a sampler of them to decide upon what irritates your face less.

u/Elroxil · 3 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I am still relatively new here but have seen you guys give so much I can't help to think you are Santa Claus or something! I admire you!

Rasta, I heard you have an unhealthy obsession with Bane.. Let's just say I kind of got escorted away from my Uni for wearing my bane suit for an outdoor showing of TDKR!! :)

Gee I am making this so long! I think I could use a safety razor after some time I have spent on wicked_edge! this one particularly!

Also as a photographer I could use a reflector so badly! I just started doing fashion portraits instead of my regular street photography/landscapes and this is a must! I like this one for the price! (<$20)

And the magic words:

u/GletscherEis · 3 pointsr/wicked_edge

Something wrong when the knock off is more expensive.

u/justateburrito · 3 pointsr/Shave_Bazaar

I want to sell these items as I have another EJ razor with the same head. It'd be a nice kit for a newbie to start with or anyone who wants these items for their den. It includes the Van Der Hagen luxury kit and a Edwin Jagger DE86bl ebony, both of these items were used for about 6-8 weeks. The VDH soap was only used maybe 3 times.

Besides the VDH kit and razor (with boxes) it also includes;

  • a palmolive stick, I used it once, but the scent wasn't for me.
  • an Edwin Jagger Shave Cream and After Shave Lotion sample
  • pack of 5 Astra Platinum blades.
  • In the picture is an Osma alum block, I used for about a month, not sure if this can be cleaned, but I'll include it also if you want.

    I'm thinking $55 shipped CONUS only please. PM me if you have questions or are interested.
u/leofrick · 3 pointsr/wicked_edge

So would you suggest I get the lined handle version? That seems like the most practical, but for purely aesthetic reasons I was thinking of the imitation ebony handle, as that would match the brush/stand and soap bowl that I'm getting. I wasn't actually planning on getting a bowl, because I thought I'd stick with the Palmolive.stick, but then I saw that Mitchell's wool fat soap comes with an ebonised oak bowl for £9 and I couldn't resist.

Aaaand it's 8am and I've been up all night looking at shaving stuff.

u/EricsOzone · 3 pointsr/wicked_edge

I'm extremely self-conscious of my facial hair; if I had to label myself, it would be as trans / genderqueer.

When I was reading earlier, I only mention it because I have a huge issue with shadowing. I missed when you said
> but in cases where I don't have time or don't want to put any on

and I'm sorry. However, I'll leave this link here just in case you haven't looked deep into color correcting, cause it def helps me.

But, in my experience (YMMV), even the closest shave will still have a slight shadow and if I'm feeling weird about it I take 5-10 minutes to cover it up.

Since you're asking for shaving tips though, here's my advice:
Start with a DE. I'd personally recommend the Edwin Jagger (it's what I have, it won't break the bank. The blades are insanely cheap. I generally go with Feathers.

If you want to make buying easy on yourself, there's a kit here I've had on my pinterest wishlist forever that looks pretty nice.

As for the act of shaving itself, you can check out this video tutorial that covers the Edwin razor that's pretty good.

You can also check out this quick shaving routine. A lot of the DE shaving comes in how many passes you do, and which direction you're shaving (with / against the grain etc.) I would highly recommend checking out the FAQ section and scrolling down to "how do I shave".

You don't want to go against the grain though every time you shave, as it'll most likely start to irritate your skin. Going against the grain as the last pass of shaving always gets the closest / least noticeable shave for me. But there is still a shadow, unfortunately. This is why I recommend color correcting under your foundation, as you shouldn't have to be putting on "half a bottle" (I know it's an exaggeration) in the first place.

u/SoapBarGuy · 3 pointsr/wicked_edge

Well, I found out it's not a Vikings Blade razor but a Shaving Revolution razor.

Looks like if a Weishi TTO and a Baili TTO had a child.

I wonder who makes them...


Nice compliment by wifey btw. I heard some women like a boy toy when they get older. ;)

u/zeekaran · 3 pointsr/wicked_edge

Total noob here! Seeking advice.

I just ran out of Schick razors and I'm about to buy something else. Finally. I was going to buy this and a pack of 100. Never mind, getting this thanks to /u/praise_the_fireborn. Do I need a razor disposal case too?

Also I planned on buying some standard Dorca razors for non-facial shaving, and as a fallback in case I don't enjoy the outcome of double edge.

u/pc_help_x · 3 pointsr/wicked_edge

Here's the products I use:

u/PresentBeverage · 3 pointsr/wicked_edge

Yeah man, everything was from amazon. Relatively cheap stuff but i figure it'll hold them unless they get super into them :


Brush and Stand:


The blade disposal case and proraso I got from the drug store

u/beangraff · 3 pointsr/wicked_edge
u/tLoKMJ · 3 pointsr/Anticonsumption

There can be differences, but from my experience they're nothing too drastic. Some are a little more 'aggressive', but you'll became an expert with any razor after enough time with it.

The one I use costs <$20 USD, is very forgiving to beginners, and is still going strong a decade later.

u/Sgt_ZigZag · 3 pointsr/wicked_edge

That's a Lord L6. It's my first and only DE razor. No complaints but I'm thinking of picking up a slant or adjustable next as I'd like something a bit more aggressive. It's a light razor because the handle is Aluminum so check your pressure when you use it.

u/castillar · 3 pointsr/Shave_Bazaar

In that price range, you could pick up a Lord L6 online, if you don't already have one. It's a surprisingly good razor, especially at that price point.

u/thelonelyboner · 3 pointsr/bodybuilding

I bought a cheap kit to get started about a year and a half ago and it's still working well. I want to upgrade to a straight razor which costs more upfront but you never need to buy blades again (just sharpen before use)

I'd say this is a good starter kit though, it's what I bought:

You can spend less on the soap kit, and get one for $9 or so to start off.

u/BoremUT · 3 pointsr/wicked_edge

Yeah, I would say anything you've got there would be good except the Edwin Jagger's that you have listed. There is a ladies version of the Edwin Jagger model DE89bl on Amazon that might be a little better because of the handle length for shaving legs (3.8" mens vs. 4.1" women's - not much of a difference, but may be more comfortable to hold). And if you want to go super budget, the Lord razors are supposed to be pretty decent for the price point.

u/gnb604 · 3 pointsr/vancouver

$36 for a 100 pack from amazon, which will last you a good long while.

u/shazaam42 · 3 pointsr/TheRedPill

A buck? The highest-end double-edged blades you can buy are about 30 cents apiece. The ones I use are platinum treated and only about 10 cents.

u/tanglisha · 3 pointsr/TheGirlSurvivalGuide

I use a Mach 3 on my face and either a straight or safety razor on the rest of me. Safety razor blades are cheeeeeap.

As a side note, the safety razor blades I linked are sharp as hell. Seriously. You do not screw around with these blades, you pay attention when using or handling them. They're also platinum coated so they don't rust. See /r/wicked_edge for more info.

u/RationalArgumentMan · 3 pointsr/wicked_edge

Link for Canadians

I'm 20k from the border, yet the goddamn price is 50% more here in Canada.

u/crbowen44 · 3 pointsr/shaving

I went on amazon bought a brush for 10.00, a relatively cheap DE razor for about 27.00 a stand for 10 and a soap for 10.00, I would recommend trying a soap sampler to find one you like. You can find starter packs as well, and I would do that. I was trying to be somewhat frugal but ended up needing more than I thought. Most razors come with a free pack of blades, usually at least 5, and that should last you approximately 15 shaves, so at least two weeks. After that I recommend going with some kind of blade sampler since a lot of packs come with a hundred blades and if you buy the wrong blade you might be out the 10 or 15 that it cost.

It takes longer than a cartridge razor to shave, and requires more skill and attention, but the whole process is much more enjoyable with better results.
I recommend going the cheap route until you're sure you like it, and as you wear out the items you buy (bristles comes out of my brush almost every shave, a couple at a time) then buy the next level up. It can be extremely expensive, but like anything there's also regular people versions of all the expensive stuff too.

For your reference:

u/theadvenger · 3 pointsr/BuyItForLife

Thats actually pretty steep for blades!

You can get premium blades for less. 100 pack of Feathers for $26.50 or $0.265 or if you just want cheap blades the 100 pack of Darby's will run you less than $10

u/felixthemaster1 · 3 pointsr/videos

Sorry, I wanted to correct myself, I mean a pack of 100 blades

I suggest the derbys to start off with till you get a hang of shaving iwth a blade then you can experiment to see which blades suits your face the best. When you find the one you can order a pack of 100

u/nailll · 3 pointsr/depra

Непраны, нельзя больше скрывать этот всемирный проктор-н-гэмбловский заговор! В следующий раз когда понадобиться покупать очередные картриджи для денди для бритья, подумайте еще раз.

Вы спросите, почему собственно безопасная бритва, а не попсовый Жилет Фьюжн...

Ну во-первых это красиво! Помимо этого, безопасная бритва легко справляется с заросшим лицом и не причиняет такой ацкой боли как 5 лезвий фужн. Если вы иногда отпускаете бородищу - вы должны меня понять. Субъективно бреет чище.

А во-вторых - это просто выгоднее в долгосрочной перспективе (вы же собираетесь бриться в ближайшее 30 лет, правда?).

И так, минутка познавательной (и очень приблизительной) экономики.
Для удобства и правильности сравнения, я просто взял цены с

При условии что средне-статистический депер бреет 45 миллиметровую щетину 3-4 раза в неделю в течение следующих 10 лет, ему потребуется потратить:

Gillette Fusion:

  1. Станок Gillette Fusion - $10

  2. Сменные касеты (4штк) - $16

  3. Гель для бритья Gillette Fusion - $6

    Допустим гель для бритья в год нужно два балона, не больше - это $12.

    Сужу по себе - одной кассеты хватает +/- на 3 месяца. Итого нужно 4-6 картриджа в год. (около $16-26)

    Итого приблизительно $10 + $16 + $12 = $38 в первый год и $28 последующие 10 лет = 38 + 280 = $318

    Безопасная бритва:

  4. Станок Merkur Classic - $32
  5. Набор лезвий Derby 100 штук - $10
  6. Помазок для бритья Basic Badger - $12
  7. Крем для бритья Proraso - $7

    Из "расходников" в последующие года вам понадобятся только лезвия и крем. В.С.Е!
    Лезвия надо менять чаще чем раз в 3 месяца разумется, но их то 100 штук!

    За последние 2 месяца я едва израсходовал всего 5 лезвий. То есть в год вам потребуется 30штук. И 100 лезвий за 9 долларов вам должно хватить на 3 года! Что говорит о сумме в районе $30-35 за 10 лет.

    Крем - я израсходовал всего треть крема для бритья. таким образом вам потребуется около 2 тюбиков в год.

    Итого, за первый год 32 + 12 + 7 2 = $61, а за последующие 10 лет - 7 2 10 + 10 3 = 61 + 170 = $231


    Использование безопасной бритвы позволит вам сэкономить в последующие 10 лет около $90.

    Надо признаться, сам процесс бритья стал целой церемонией преображения.

    Всем бриться, депраны!
u/Gingor · 3 pointsr/AskMen

This is a safety razor. What you have is a cartridge razor, which are more expensive to maintain.

For example, I buy these blades, which cost me 0.09$ per blade.

u/Russtopher617 · 3 pointsr/BuyItForLife

I've had one of those for six years now. Great shave and looks like the day I bought it. Match it up with a few packs of Derby blades and it'll keep the recipient clean-shaven forever. I get about a month of shaves out of each blade.

u/stepup2stepout · 3 pointsr/LifeProTips

You can get 100 razors for 7 bucks. I don't see the advantage of using shitty disposable razors compared to safety razors.

u/Khromasoul · 3 pointsr/wicked_edge

Just finished shaving and had to come here to talk about it! I never knew shaving could be this great! Good bye crappy cartridges and goopy aerosol creams!

Here's the links to the stuff I got:

Merkur Model 180 Long Handled Safety Razor

Van Der Hagen Men's Luxury, Shave Set

Proraso Ultra Sensitive Pre and Post Shave Cream with Aloe and Green Tea


Any suggestions on other supplies I should pick up to make my shave even better?

Oh and if you're wondering, the basket in the back is something my family's always done. We have a basket of really common toiletries that we keep in the guest bathroom (I shave in the guest bathroom when no one's staying with us so I don't have to fight the missus for counter space) in case our guests forgot to bring something with them.

u/timmojo · 3 pointsr/SkincareAddiction

Bingo. I'll take this one step further by suggesting that you start shaving with a safety razor, and using a really good, mild shave soap applied with a badger hair brush. The people over at /r/wicked_edge got you covered.

I always had whiteheads and irritation on my chin the day after I shaved. I was using the gilette mach 3, grocery store-bought shaving gel, etc. Every time I shaved, my face would break out the next day where I had shaved. I tried switching to a norelco dry electric shaver, and that helped a bit, but shaving with those things sucks because they don't give you as close a shave, and they are terrible at shaving the neck.

So I read up on /r/wicked_edge, spent a few bucks on amazon on a handle, box of blades (these are RIDICULOUSLY cheap), a badger hair brush, and a mild shave soap and aftershave. Now I'm basically whitehead and irritation-free after every shave. Not to mention I love shaving now, and it's the smoothest, closest shave I've ever had. One really nice bonus is that you won't be dropping $4 per cartridge anymore. Using these old-school blades costs about $0.10 per blade, depending on what brand you get! Be sure to only use the blades once, maybe twice before throwing it out and replacing it. This is key for you specifically, since your face seems really sensitive to dirty / used razors. And at ten cents a pop, you can afford to replace them every other time you shave.

So if you have a few bucks to spend and don't mind trying it out, switch to your grandpa's safety razor-style shaving. I'll include some links (no referral codes, just straight amazon), and some youtube videos that show you how to shave.

One last note: If you do switch to safety razors, watch the youtube videos on how to do it first. You can (and at first, will) cut yourself very easily with these things. You'll learn how to use them, but if you just jump right in and try to shave the same way you did with your mach 3, you'll slice your face up like Edward scissor hands. You have to re-learn how to shave properly.

u/duck1024 · 3 pointsr/HelloInternet

> You're getting swindled buying gimmicky cartridges anyway. Double edge safety razor master race. You can buy 100 blades for under $10 and get a better shave.

This. I switched many years ago now and havent looked back.

Edit: links for noobs.

This one is surprisingly good
And these guys have lots of good stuff

u/farhaven · 3 pointsr/wicked_edge

My razor is a Wilkinson Sword Classic. I actually bought it at a grocery store for about 4 euros instead of 10 as I said earlier. My brush is a Shaving Factory XS. The soap is Proraso with Green Tea and Oat.

Edit: The blades are Astra Superior Platinum.

u/Chunder_Dragonborn · 3 pointsr/wicked_edge

This Razor and the wilkinson sword blades make up the only DE razor I have. I think it's great, although I've never compared to another DE.

u/leonhart623 · 3 pointsr/wicked_edge

Travel size CO Bigelow Shaving Cream (The same as Proraso cream) - $5

Tweezerman badger hair shaving brush - $13

Concord DE Razor - $10

100 Derby Blades - $8

I don't know if the Concord razor is good, but the price fits. The tweezerman brush is a great entry level brush.

u/Steve_Dallas · 3 pointsr/Austin

Awesome choice, love my safety razor.

Try These

and check out r/wicked_edge

u/SRSix · 3 pointsr/wicked_edge

I use a Parker SR1, with either Feather or Shark blades.

Shavettes are much less forgiving than a traditional straight razor in regards to technique, but still provide a nice shave.

u/Ignacio_ncp · 3 pointsr/chile


Leí que eran convenientes porque la verdad son tiradas de baratas y si tienes piel mas o menos sensible no te hacen cagar con 5 cuchillas al mismo tiempo.

Si te refieres a esas venden antiguas (sin uso y en su cajita) en la feria de Av Argentina y en la plaza O'Higgins.

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Switching to a safety razor literally changed my outlook on the world in the morning. Much better shave, not a lot more time, no ingrown hairs, smells a lot nicer. Here's what I would recommend for starters:

  • Merkur razor. There are many models, so pick one you like the price/look of

  • Tweezerman brush

  • Colonel Conk shaving soap. Again, many kinds but I like this one.

  • Feather blades

    You can shop around and see if anything suits you better, but I highly recommend all of these. Also, this video is a good starter if you've never used a safety razor before. I've never seriously nicked myself, but I have with a Mach 3 (which I still use to shave my head).
u/adremeaux · 3 pointsr/Breadit

Yeah, I just use a shaving razor. The Feather razors are easily the sharpest thing you can buy, in an absolute sense. It is kind of insane just how sharp they are compared to even the sharpest kitchen knives.

u/scubanarc · 3 pointsr/everymanshouldknow

It's hard for me to not mention 4 important items that every man should have in their shaving kit:

merkur 180 long handled razor

feather blades, the sharpest you can buy

For sensitive skin and a close shave, this combo is hard to beat. Bonus items if you really want to shave well:

proraso, numbs the pain

boar bristle brush, really makes the lather

Wet shaving FTW!

u/cardiovascularity · 3 pointsr/TrueReddit

I've actually bought a grip for the old-school blades (don't buy from that link, it was the first google hit for illustration, that's all). Those blades are a couple cents each.

It took me about two shaves to get accustomed to the different handle. Add decent shaving soap (also available cheaply because it lasts forever) and a brush and you're set. You can even be fancy on the handle and the brush as you don't need to replace the handle (ever), and the brush lasts at least a year of daily usage.

Shaving isn't any more difficult at all. In fact I find it easier because the single blade does not get clogged with hairs so easily.

u/girlwithruinedteeth · 3 pointsr/asktransgender

I have a shaving tip for every transfemale here.

Do not use store bought razors, they're garbage and awful for your skin.

Do yourself a favor and pick up a Safety razor and feather platinum coated blades.

It's far smoother, cleaner and closer of a shave. smoother skin=better make up application.

This is even more important if you're black or have africanized skin and hair like I do.

It takes a bit of effort and dexterity to learn, but once you do the store bought razors are just...trash.

Oh yeah and its WAY WAY WAY cheaper than store bought trash.

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I second stopping by /r/wicked_edge.

I use a double edged razor.

That was my first set and I am still using it a year later and LOVE it.

It cost me about $35 for the razor. I then get around 100 double edged blades for around $10-12.

The shaving creme I use is the C.O. Bigelow Proraso Creme you see in the first picture.

Switching to this kind of having had a little bit of a leaning curve (mostly the angle at which you shave and the much lighter pressure you must use to avoid cutting yourself to bits) but I get a better shave. I don't get as much irritation because I don't need to do as many passes. The creme I use is really nourishing.

The blade get changed often and are SO cheap. Pennies really. I always have a sharp razor. NO more of these $25 eight packs.

u/Turtle-Bear · 3 pointsr/pics

You can get a 100 on amazon for ten bucks. They're good too.

u/utopianfiat · 3 pointsr/wicked_edge

$3.50 cheaper, prime.

I bought this a while back and haven't even put a dent in it.

u/AnonymousWritings · 3 pointsr/Frugal

You'll want to look into larger packs like this.

With shipping it'll run around $20 / 100 blades; 20 cents per blade vs. 60 cents that you are paying. I'm sure you can do better than this as well if you look harder.

/i/FinnaGetDusted Double edge safety blades are definately going to be cheaper than disposable razors. Compare to something like this 6-pack of disposable razors for 5$, and it's going to be 1/5th the price.

u/rumsfeldish · 3 pointsr/wicked_edge

This is what I started with:

u/Hemmerly · 3 pointsr/wicked_edge

My go to blade. You can get 100 for $10 (US) on Amazon. Sometimes it goes on sale for even less.

u/someonecallamedic · 3 pointsr/wicked_edge

So I just had this happen. I've been shaving with feathers and wilkinson swords. Liked em both and they did a great job, however, they only lasted 3 shaves before it felt like I was dry shaving. Bought a sampler pack from Try A Blade and found two blades that glided on my face like nothing. Seriously, it felt like I was brushing on lather instead of shaving my face. These were Ladas and Astra SPs.

I just ordered a 100 pack of Astras on Amazon and I should have read the revies first. It is the correct outer packaging, but the blades are not wrapped like they were from try a blade. They are not the same quality, but they were only 10 bucks so shipping them back would be 1/3 the cost.

P.S. although all of my links are from try a blade I am not affiliated or endorse one store over any other.

TL;DR Get a sampler pack and see what works. The bad blades will let you know right away.

u/ryanknapper · 3 pointsr/news

I switched to a safety-razor and I'm much, much happier with the results.

You want blades?
Personna Double Edge Razor Blades, 100 Count: $12.08 / 12¢ per blade
Astra Platinum Double Edge Safety Razor Blades ,100 Blades: $11.09 / 11¢ per blade
Feather Hi-Stainless Platimum Double Edge Razor Blades 50 Ct: $12.70 / 25¢ per blade
Gillette Fusion Manual Men's Razor Blade Refills 12 Count: $37.99 / $3 per cartridge
Gillette Fusion Proglide Manual Men's Razor Blade Refills 6 Count: $25.58 / $4.75 per cartridge

u/LoveOfProfit · 3 pointsr/news

Yep, same here. I use these:

I paid $10 per 100, but it was a recommendation from reddit and I like them a lot.

I'm apparently a stingy fuck because I've barely dented my supply.

u/chemosabe · 3 pointsr/wicked_edge

No idea about the reputation of that site, but you can get a very similar deal on Amazon if you're concerned. The extra couple of $ might be worth the peace of mind.

u/jmoskovic · 3 pointsr/wicked_edge

I recently made a first timers kit for myself that I really like, it includes:

u/spritef · 3 pointsr/wicked_edge
u/LongUsername · 3 pointsr/milwaukee

Holy crap, I knew AOS was expensive, but that takes the cake.

I bought 100 Astra blades off Amazon for $9

Gillette Super-platinum are $5.80/15.

u/moondoggle · 3 pointsr/financialindependence

Well there's a bit of up front investment to get a handle like one of these bad boys. Prices range wildly but that's the one I have and I love it. The big savings here is the blades, here's an example of sampler packs, they're dirt cheap and they last a long time, I usually get a month out of one (shaving every 2-3 days) and I've got really coarse whiskers.

You kind of have to change your technique a bit, it's not holding the razor upright and dragging it down, you sort of hold it perpendicular to your face, towards the end of the handle and let gravity pull it down. Takes some getting used to (I butchered my face several times before I got the hang of it) but like I said, savings!

If you want to get reaaaallly into it, you can check out /r/wicked_edge but that place is pretty intense.

edit: Also don't be discouraged if the first blade you try doesn't feel right. I read that there's a big difference between blades but was skeptical (they all look the same right?) it's true though. I really like the Astra and the Feather brand blades, but I couldn't shave worth a damn with the Lords blades.

u/subtledoubt · 3 pointsr/Frugal

I came here to say make your own coffee and meals, but sounds like you already figured that out. Stunning how much people spend on take-out coffee and food a month. Next up--making your own work lunches. My husband and I cook up larger batches of food than we need, specifically to put up single servings of lunches in the freezer. If you only double a recipe, you both have the next day's lunch, but you can save more cash and time by cooking larger crock pot meals. A surprising money saver for us was getting rid of disposable blade razors and buying a safety razor like this. That paid for itself in no time.

u/lespea · 3 pointsr/DoesAnybodyElse

You should consider switching to a safety razor.

u/Viatic_Unicycle · 3 pointsr/actuallesbians

not OP but trans. I shave in multiple passes. I had laser for about 6 sessions and then lost my job so I couldn't afford more so it wasn't as effective as it could have been, I still have facial hair and shave daily. I also use a safety razor, like this one, The blades are dirt cheap and do wonders for my legs. You can do well with disposables too, like the cartridge razors. After your first pass going either with or across the grain of the hair, then rinse lather again and shave against. You can get damned smooth (for me about 12 hours worth) and for any visible shadow I just use foundation. Though I've been told that mine isn't near as visible as I think it is. Anyways enough rambling, if you have more questions about shaving, feel free to PM me

u/gifsusa · 3 pointsr/sex

Multi-blade razor lift and cut the hair under the skin level. That causes bumps, irritation and ingrows. I use a safety razor that has a single blade and it's much better. Something like this:

I don't use any shaving soap down there though.

u/Xunae · 3 pointsr/traaaaaaannnnnnnnnns

When I used an electric it just pulled all my hairs out.

and cartridge razors all around are way too expensive for replacements. I found a double edge razor (like one of these) was ultimately the best option in value and quality of shave.

The blades are only 10 cents and i never felt like i have to keep using a dull blade because i haven't gotten enough value out of it. Because of that, i could get a more consistent shave. A decent shaving soap helps too.

u/GregorDeth · 3 pointsr/everymanshouldknow

Something like this, buy whichever one you can find that's the cheapest and you like the most

u/tasty_pathogen · 3 pointsr/Frugal

I have a Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor that I like very much. It costs the same as two or three packs of Gilette Mach 3 cartridges.

I'm not sure that it matters much. There are cheap chinese copies that you can get for $3 but I would assume that these are no good.

There is a subreddit called /r/wicked_edge that deals with this stuff. They can probably answer all your questions.

u/digitalrain · 3 pointsr/BuyItForLife

Sure thing. I personally have the Merkur Model 180/23C, but please check /r/wicked_edge's Double Edge Kit Suggestions threads in their sidebar. Can't go wrong with those.

u/MT1982 · 3 pointsr/videos

I've always heard that safety razors are the best.


Spare blades

50 blades for $35, but in reality since those are double edged blades it's like getting 100 blades because you'll use one side till it dulls then switch to the other. Then once side two is dull you'll put in a new blade. I'm sure you can find cheaper blades as well.

u/DStoo · 3 pointsr/Frugal
u/tinytimthetickler · 3 pointsr/wicked_edge

My wife had her first DE shave last night with a Merkur 180 with the blade it came with, a Vie-Long Horse Hair Brush, and Kiss My Face Pomegranate Grapefruit and loved it.

Though she hasn't had anything to compare it to she definitely enjoyed it more than cartridge shaving.

u/whaevr · 3 pointsr/SkincareAddiction

Hello! I was in your place about 3 months ago, except I have always used an electric razor since I started shaving. If you are worried about skin irritation I would recommend you do not buy an electric razor.

I was trying to nail down what could have been causing irritation in my routine when I googled something like "electric shaver/razor comparison" and came across this image. After seeing that I've gone old school and am shaving with a safety razor. I get 0 irritation after shaving now and my neck is completely clear except for a bit of PIH left behind from my pre-saftey razor days. Plus I picked up a new skill and actually look forward to shaving now, Idk I guess I find the process relaxing now.

>four blade

You don't need 4! Just 1 sharp one to cut the hair, anything after that is just extra scraping and all that dragging around with all the extra blades is just causing irritation.

here is exactly what I used to shave this morning; about 65$ upfront but after that initial cost buying new blades and soap is something that will happen once every other blue moon as compared to re-upping on cartridges at ~30$ a pack.

  • Shaving soap + brush + bowl
  • Long handle Razor
  • *Blades
  • **Alum block

    *I only have to shave about once every 5 days or so, so honestly I just use a brand new blade everytime I shave. I'm sure I could probably get 2 or 3 shaves a blade but, at ~14c a blade I'm not too worried about being wasteful- I just want them to be sharp as hell and clean

    **Wet face and rub this on after you shave to disinfect and close up any nics/cuts

    ...and if you want to go deeper down the rabbit hole /r/wicked_edge can help you out with that. Videos/links on foaming lather, applying lather, shave angles etc. I just winged it though once I finally had everything- I bleed a little bit the first time but the alum block stops it straight away. I rarely cut myself now
u/Levema · 3 pointsr/Frugal

I went with the Mekur model 180 long handled razor, with Proraso shaving soap. I also got a real badger brush after reading some reviews about how they were better than the synthetic kind.

I am really impressed with the Mekur. It's all metal and really easy to take apart and clean. I would definitely recommend the long-handled version though, because it's not all that long. But I have biggish hands, so that might just be me.

With the badger brush, well... I really like mine now. But when I took that thing out of the box the stank that it produced was prodigious. I soaked it for about two weeks alternately in vinegar and conditioner (both recommendations I found through google). Now it just smells like the shaving soap.

I usually shave after I get out of the shower, because it's easier for me. I fill up the sink with hot water and use that for wetting the brush and cleaning off the razor. Dip the brush to start out, and shake out some of the water. Too much water makes a really loose foam with the shaving soap. Cover however much of your leg you want with the soap (I do by sections, rather than the whole thing at once). Shave one or two passes with the razor, then rinse it. And repeat.

Be extra careful around knees and ankles because, as some of the other ladies have attested, you can cut yourself wicked bad. I have a couple of new scars to prove it. For those areas, you just have to go a little slower and pay attention to what you're doing.

It has definitely helped with my razor burn/bumps problems, in a big way. As an added bonus, my legs are also softer from using the shaving soap.

u/MisterCylert · 3 pointsr/wicked_edge


If you are fortunate enough to have a significant other who indulges you in your enjoyment of wet shaving, you may be greeted on cake day with an upgrade or two. I was fortunate enough to be the receiver of a new Dovo Silver Steel SE razor and strop set from Straight Razor Designs. I'm only 3 shaves into the SE routine, and it's definitely taking some getting used to.

Anyhow, here's my current gear going clockwise, starting at the top left:

  • I lied. Let's start with the shelf. It's an Ikea Sävern

  • Arko Shave Stick - Smells a bit like Ivory soap with a hint of citronella. The rich lather this thing creates after you wipe it around your face is astonishing.

  • Desert Essence Jojoba Oil - A few drops as a pre-shave between washing my face and applying the lather seems to soften up the rough stubble.

  • Custom brush from Redditor AceByTerror. I can't say enough good things about this guy. I was initially interested in a brush from WhippedDog, but I couldn't find a handle to get me to make the jump. I stumbled across Ace's listing of brush handles for sale and was blown away by his craftsmanship. I contacted him and let him know I was having a hard time choosing between two of his amazing pieces, and settled on one. He had good things to say about knots from The Golden Nib, so I trusted his judgment and he glued the knot in, let it set, and shipped it shortly after. What I didn't anticipate was that he threw in the other handle I was interested in... YES, HE GAVE ME THE OTHER HANDLE, as a token of appreciation for being his first Reddit customer!!! I may as well die now because I don't expect that I'll ever have an experience with another vendor that will come close to being this unexpectedly awesome. Oh, and the brush... It's beautiful and functions as well as its form, as it whipped up a frothy lather that was a joy to shave with when I broke it in today. If you're interested in a custom brush handle, definitely check out his wares.

  • Copper shaving cup from The Best Shave - This thing seemed like a bargain at $5.60; however, it's lightweight and pretty thin, and does feel cheaper than it looks. The Best Shave is located in Turkey, so if you order from them and you happen to live in the US, expect your package to sit in customs for 3-4 weeks. I ordered a few blades, Arko, and an alum block from them along with this bowl. They shipped my order quickly, but US customs sat on it for a long time.

  • Edwin Jagger De89lbl DE ordered from Amazon. Actually, the threads on the first one I had broke, and EJ sent me a free replacement along with some samples. Amazing customer service! The razor consistently delivers a smooth, irritation-free shave. My current blades of choice are the Astra Superior Platinums in the green box. These are a steal at $.10 a blade, and I've been getting 4 shaves out of them.

  • Dovo Silver Steel from Straight Razor Designs - Beautiful. I wasn't ready to have something this nice. I've given myself a few nicks, but I'm only 3 days in, so I guess it's to be expected. I'm alternating between this and the DE as my skin adjusts.

    Bottom shelf from right to left.

  • Hair product and brush... next.

  • bareVitamins skin rev-er upper - Ok, so it's marketed to the lady types. Laugh all you want, but my skin seems to agree with this stuff. It's a lightweight moisturizer with vitamins for healthy, even skin and acids to exfoliate. I use a pump of this stuff after applying aftershave.

  • Royall Bay Rhum - An aftershave that is very heavy on the cloves. Provides a nice warm tingle like a heat lamp hovering around my face all morning. The smell starts a bit strong, but dissipates quickly.

  • Repurposed antique witch hazel bottle with the original label. I dumped out the contents that must've been several decades old, and filled it with Thayers Witch Hazel.

  • Ashtray filled with alum rocks from an Asian market. I got a whole bag of these things for a couple bucks. They seem to do the job!

  • Bonus handle from AceByTerror. I'll probably buy a badger knot from WhippedDog to use in this handle. Speaking of, Ace's generosity inspired me, so I've been mulling over ways to return the favor to /r/wicked_edge. I'll post a follow up when the time comes.
u/polypeptide147 · 3 pointsr/wicked_edge

I have both of those. I got them when I started too. It is definitely worth it, in my opinion, to get a higher quality one.

Here is the brush I use. You can get it in different colors and such.

Here is a commonly recommended Omega brush.

I've never hear a bad thing about either of those brushes. Boar brushes take a bit of time to break in (like a week or so, don't worry). You'll notice that the hairs get a lot of split ends. This is a good thing. The brush stays 'stiff' and maintains the same amount of backbone, but becomes very soft.

Here are the Stirling soaps. They are all pretty much the same but with different scents. The only difference is the 'glacier' ones, 'on the rocks' one, or 'arctic' one. They all have menthol, which, like that green proraso I talked about earlier, will feel great, especially in the summer. The executive man one is the most popular (I think you can sort it by that).

Oh also, don't get blades in a store. You'll pay too much. These are the ones I use at less than 10 cents a piece.

u/InvictusSanity · 3 pointsr/BlackPeopleTwitter

Sorry, typo, 100. Anyway, these are what I use. Tried a couple of different brands out and these are what worked best with my hair and skin.

u/NutmeggerBarber · 3 pointsr/Watches

Go new. With vintage you run the risk of having rust on it. I personally use Nicely balanced and doesn't break the bank. You're gonna wanna invest in a beaver hair brush. I use make sure your wash out the brush thoroughly and then you're gonna need a ceramic bowl for lathering. There are tons of YouTube videos on proper lathering techniques and blade strokes. For shaving cream And then you're gonna need a holder for your blade and brush for its not good for them to rest on the counter and it helps the brush naturally dry. For blades I always recommend

Hopes this points you in the right direction.

u/GFrohman · 3 pointsr/Damnthatsinteresting

If you really wanna save money, switch to a safety razor. You can get 100 blades from a name brand for $10. Each blade can be reused 4-5 times too.

I'm never switching back.

u/tkbisign · 3 pointsr/BuyItForLife

Yes. My other half owns a Gillette for that and more. I believe these are the blades we use.

u/NomadicNynja · 3 pointsr/wicked_edge

I'll be sure to! You're making me feel so special.. "your unique face"

Although I know it will go better than the week or two where I thought using this would be better than cartridge shaving

u/CamelCavalry · 3 pointsr/wicked_edge

My bad! DE is short for double edge, as in a double edged safety razor (like this). It uses a disposable blade. A straight razor is like this and has a blade that requires care and maintenance to keep it sharp. A shavette is like a straight razor, but it uses a disposable blade.

I got my straight razor from Larry Andreassen, who runs the sight, offers good deals on restored vintage straight razors. There are a few brick-and-mortar stores that will sell them, but new razors are fairly expensive and aren't necessarily better than old ones that have been properly cared for. You can get safety razors and straight razors from online stores, Amazon, or even garage sales and such (but it's best to know what to look for).

u/bosinicus · 3 pointsr/wicked_edge

Here you go!

u/ProbablyNotToday · 3 pointsr/men

I do it but I'm just starting out. I mainly started because I was tired of paying out the ass for replacement blades, but also because it gives you a better shave and you can get to a lot more areas of your face than with a regular razor.

If you just want to try it out and see how it is, you can get something like this which uses razor blades instead and it will basically do the same thing. If you want to buy a regular straight razor it's going to get a bit costly at first. Unless you buy a "shave ready" razor, you will have to sharpen it yourself.

Also be prepared for razor burn. After the first time shaving with this I had the worst razor burn since I first started shaving, but it only takes 1-2 shaves before you stop getting it. It's also not as difficult as people may think. You don't really need all that much force to shave with one so if you do cut yourself it won't be that bad.

u/OldRemington · 3 pointsr/guns

My solution:

u/Disagreed · 3 pointsr/wicked_edge

Sorry for the late response. I'm actually using a Parker Straight Razor handle with Derby blades. I'm not sure how this compares to an actual straight edge razor.

Edit: I should mention that this was my second shave with this blade. I'm not familiar with the feeling of a dull blade. Should I be using a fresh blade every shave, considering the blades are disposable?

u/AlohaChris · 3 pointsr/MensRights

Screw Gillette.

Ditch the disposable razors altogether. Buy yourself a double edge safety razor for $26, one time, and never look back.

The Blades cut so clean, you’ll never want for multi-blade again. You’ll save so much money in the long run as they cost pennies compared to disposable head razors.

If you need technique advice, head on over to r/wickededge.

u/Joey_Bellows · 3 pointsr/wicked_edge

Edwin Jagger DE89 I have it and love it. You could also go for a vintage off of Bay(super speed seems to be popular, mine is on it's way).

u/Ashtae · 3 pointsr/wicked_edge

Having recently switched from an electric to DE I don't think you'll be happy with an electric, it's faster but not as close and with more irritation. I picked up the Edwin Jagger De89lbl and have been very happy with it. Rugtoad's on the money with picking up a blade sample pack, every blade works better for certain people. You'll end up having a favorite that someone else hates. Mantic has some great video's that everyone recommends watching.

u/mpperry · 3 pointsr/wicked_edge

I bought my first DE razor 4 months ago, got a "Edwin Jagger Diffusion DE 89L - Chrome (Lined)", and have been very! pleased with it.

Yes, it's going to cost double your stated $15, but well worth the extra money in my opinion.

Currently you can get it from Amazon for $29.60 (including Free Shipping):

u/bluejayguy26 · 3 pointsr/wicked_edge

I wouldn't buy a ready-to-go kit, especially from a supermarket-type store like Target. However, you can find countless combinations of razors, brushes and soaps all over the internet. My preferred razor is the Edwin Jagger DE89lbl. It is a fantastic razor with great weight distribution, blade expoture and it looks great too. I'm not sure how much you've looked into the different types of brushes but a few good brands that I like are Simpson (pretty pricy), Omega (better price for starters), and Edwin Jagger (in-between the two). For soaps I'd recommend TOBS Sandalwood. You can't go wrong with the scent of sandalwood IMO. If you want to spend less for soap than go with Arko. It's very cheap and will last quite a while because it is hard. Speaking of which, if you have hard water than don't go with the Arko and go with a softer soap/cream that comes in a tub like TOBS. You'll have a tough time trying to create a lather with a hard soap if you have hard water. That's all I've got for you, I don't use any pre-shave oils. One last thing, some antiseptic wouldn't be a bad idea. I hope this was helpful for you and good luck!

u/Hamalicious · 3 pointsr/wicked_edge

Looks good, all of those get good reviews. You might consider one of the Edwin Jagger's de89 series razors, it's excellent and in the price range. I have no experience with the Merkur so can't give you a comparison but the EJ's are probably the most recommended razor on WE.

u/01122014 · 3 pointsr/wicked_edge

I'll try and see if I can purchase from Italian Barber but I'd like to get as much stuff from Amazon if possible, otherwise I'll look to local malls etc. for the soap.

Out of these three (Edwin Jagger De89bl, Parker 26C, Parker 24c) what would you recommend for someone that'd like a really, really close shave but with sensitive skin?

I actually saw some of the horse-hair brushes but they're a little on the pricier side for my liking, which is why I was looking at synthetic brushes. Are there any you could recommend at ~$20 CAD? I know I'm asking for a lot so bear with me.

Thanks a lot :)

u/chriskingbc · 3 pointsr/wicked_edge

If you HAVE to buy from, the Parker 24C and the Edwin Jagger DE89 are available as /u/ketchuegrast mentioned. I'll put the links at the end of this post.

Italian Barber is in Canada and has some awesome choices for brushes, razors, and soaps, but they charge in US dollars. The products are for sure shipped from Canada however.

The Badger Shaving Co is based in Vancouver and payment is in Canadian dollars. I would say if your mom is hesitant, that could be your best chance to convince her to buy from a smaller merchant with better products. They have the Sterling synthetic brushes, a wide selection of artisan soaps, and some really good starter kits that include razors.

Mens Essentials is in Canada and payment is in Canadian dollars too... and they have a store if you live in that area, but it's a big country, so I'm guessing that's not going to be an option. ;)

If she still says Amazon or nothing you can always get your razor from Amazon and then pick up some Proraso soap from a Shopper's Drug Mart. Most malls also have House of Knives, and they sell Taylor of Old Bond St shaving cream for a good price. That might be easier for you to learn to lather with hard water too.

Feel free to PM me if your mom wants to email me about Badger Shaving and I'd be happy to answer any questions. A guy named Travis owns the company and he is awesome, so he would of course answer any questions as well.

Here are links to what I would say are the 2 best starter razors on

u/nugget_pouch · 3 pointsr/wicked_edge

Nothing wrong with those choices at all. Here is my 2 cents for some harware, and my suggestion would be to just try as many blades as possible to start with.

Razor, Brush, Cream

u/SophisticatedMonkey · 3 pointsr/wicked_edge

It won't be any savings over my initial choice, however this is in stock, and it appears the only difference from what you linked is in the handle, which I could certainly live with. *Edit: That is also out of stock, with no eta

Especially given that the Mr Glo is out of stock, it looks like I will be following your recommendations with the Proraso. Please don't take that as the only reason.

I'm certainly going to take everyone's advice about the sampler pack though (the one you selected seems to hit all the brands and versions people have been raving about on here)

Thank you very much for your reply.

u/The_Weekend · 3 pointsr/wicked_edge
u/TheGrue · 3 pointsr/wicked_edge

I did pretty much the same. I got an Edwin Jagger De89lbl instead of the Merkur, a different scent of Conk's shaving soap (bay rum), the exact same brush, and a different razor sampler (but most of the same blades). Pretty much the same as Rex points out above.

I can recommend the Edwin Jagger, it seems to be friendly enough (no real damage yet), while still working very well. Rex's razor selection is also ridiculously popular. I don't think you could go wrong with either.

I will be trying a different shaving soap soon, first because there's so much variety, and also because I've heard that soaps including clays cause a smoother 'float' to the blade. That said, I've been going with Conks for a couple weeks now, and I like it.

u/SunknLiner · 3 pointsr/wicked_edge

Check out the Merkur 24C then. It's decent quality, and not overly aggressive. Perfect for learning.

u/SW6990 · 3 pointsr/wicked_edge

Hi OP! I'm a lady who uses a DE safety razor to shave so I can give you some input. The reason I actually started was because my legs are super sensitive and can't stand the regular razors commonly found in grocery stores. Someone suggested trying out a DE safety razor and I haven't looked back since.

I ordered a Merkur 23C from Amazon, along with some Astra blades. They both work fantastically for me, although I would recommend beginning with a starter pack of blades so you can see which one is best for you. I also got a badger brush from a local company and use a Crabtree & Evelyn shaving cream. I may look into other creams later on, but this one does the job for now!

u/Pele2048 · 3 pointsr/Wetshaving

So I've been on the fence about wet shaving for a while now... Posted in /r/shaving a bit back...

Finally ran out of Costco disposables and WalMart canned shaving cream at the same time. Decided to place a Wal*Mart Order...

Razor: Merkur 23c Three Piece

Blade: Feather

Soap: Vikings Blade Sandalwood-Cedar

Brush: Cheap Ass Brush from Amazon

No aftershave. No bowl. Forgot that those were necessary parts of the regimen.

Happy to report that I didn't end up in the ER or killing myself. I didn't even cut myself. (Though I was VERY nervous and shaved MUCH more carefully than when I use disposables)

I feel that the shave was MUCH closer.

I smell better.

I feel less razor burn.

I'm happy with the process as a noob and I feel like as I get more comfortable with the process, I'll enjoy it.

u/thinkasecondtime · 3 pointsr/AdviceAnimals

Yep. I bought this:

Said it would take a month to deliver but it was maybe 12 days or something much shorter. Works well for me.

u/PixelOrange · 3 pointsr/wicked_edge

An easy way to find out if it's your razor: Buy a Silver Tone. They cost $2.03 plus free shipping

I have one and I love it. I've never had a closer shave. What kind of blades are you using? Maybe try something sharper? Like Feathers?

u/faMine · 3 pointsr/wicked_edge

This guy or one of the previously linked Maggard razors

u/naturalstrike · 3 pointsr/wicked_edge

Well if you wanna just try it for pretty cheap, there is a silver tone de razor that is less than $3 shipped, you could get an arko shave stick for about $4. And there is brushes for $8 or so. Then you could get a blade sampler pack you can design yourself ( pick which blades you want) in a pack of 5,7,10,15. Depending on how many you want and how much you want to spend. There is also proraso shaving cream, both proraso and arko are easy to lather.


Arko shave stick-

Proraso red-

Proraso green-

Cheap brush-

And for a shaving bowl, you can get a bowl from the dollar store or something if you want. Or something in your house.
Sorry it took so long to respond, I'm on my phone right now.

u/Chazboski · 3 pointsr/wicked_edge

I appreciate it man, this is the double edge I grabbed and I'm liking it so far, although I'm paranoid about using it on the front of my neck. (In all fairness, I get really creeped out/bothered by anything touching the front of my throat, and something like this terrifies me a bit).

Right now it seems to be working, but I'm trying to make sure I'm going into all of it right. How often do you change the blade on yours?

u/lemtzas · 3 pointsr/BuyItForLife

I would not trust a 3 dollar anything with the safety of my face.

EDIT: I think I spent around $50 to get started with wet shaving. I used some spray shaving cream I already had.

EDIT2: The reviews for this seem favorable on Amazon. Though a lot of the lower reviews are along the lines of "I wish I got a better quality one", "too light", "you get what you pay for", and "arrived with manufacturing defect". Perhaps I would trust this with my face.

EDIT3: Relevant?

u/chipmunk7000 · 3 pointsr/BuyItForLife

Amazon has a couple for REALLY cheap and they are good quality.. If I find the one I bought I'll link it to you, because it's fantastic and was like 6 bucks or something


u/FuckOffMightBe2Kind · 3 pointsr/wicked_edge

$40 starter set

$12.50 set -

$7 razor -

$10 sampler set -

$9 alum block -

I don't know what any of you are talking about. We're talking about starter sets for noobs. And starter sets for noobs on a budget at that. Isn't it better to start with crappier stuff and then work your way up to better/more expensive things (kinda like having a clunker as your first car)? I've scoured through all the comments and I can verify that the ones linked here are all good products (or as good as anything can be for the price), nothing here is faulty or poorly made, so why hasn't anyone mentioned them?

Anyway, this is what I'm buying. It's about the same prize as the whipped dog bundle ('cept these all have free shipping so its actually cheaper) except it comes with way more blade samples and a cheaper razor. It's a trade off I'm willing to make since you can get used to a crappy razor but knowing which blades you want will save you a ton of money.

u/bnooks · 3 pointsr/AirForce

Skip out on the middle man and just buy Dorco razors from Amazon. That's the brand that they ship from Dollar Shave Club if you buy the 5 blade option. You don't have to commit to any kind of subscription that way.

u/JDhakone · 3 pointsr/wicked_edge

This razor and this shaving gel. When you say no pressure, do you mean not to push my razor too hard against my skin and do it softer? Thanks for helping.

u/NachoCupcake · 2 pointsr/TrollXChromosomes

It can be or it can't be. I started a couple of years ago (maybe 3?) and when I did, I spent about $120 for everything. Since then, I've spent a total of about $50. That includes blades and soap.

Really, to get started all you need is a razor and blades, then you can buy the soaps or creams piecemeal as you go. A lot of manufacturers will give you free (or cheap) samples of their products, so you can try before you buy.

My recommendations for starting out are:

You can get a cheaper razor, but I recommend a longer handle. You can also find nice older ones at antique shops for really cheap if you're willing to clean them up before using them. I'm not that patient, but maybe you are. The blades are a variety pack, so you can get an idea of what you like because they're all a little bit different. The last time I replaced my blades I bought these because they're really cheap (less than 10¢ per blade) and I like them a lot.

Eventually you might want to get a brush and some fancy soap, but I've seen brushes at Walmart for $5 or less.

There's a lot of fancy lingo that goes into wet shaving, but it's really not a whole lot different than using disposables. The only real differences are that you have to take better care of your skin (shucks), you don't have to press as hard with the razor, and you control the angle of the blade (a blessing and a curse.)

If you have any questions, please ask! There's also always the sidebars at /r/ladyshavers and /r/wicked_edge!

u/FuzzyMofo · 2 pointsr/Frugal

Or you can get a cheap safety razor for $6 and a pack of 100 blades for $11 on with free shipping (if you have prime or buy other things to total $35).

The razor I use- good quality, but the handle is a little short(you get used to it very quickly)

The blades:

u/jbisinla · 2 pointsr/wicked_edge

I'd look at the double edge kit/gift suggestions.

A lot of people like the Silvertone, which for <$3, including shipping, is a solid deal, although you may have to wait for it to arrive from overseas.

That would leave plenty of money for a blade sampler, a soap or two, and a styptic pencil.

If you want to go a little more expensive on Amazon, the Edwin Jagger DE89 is a pretty popular choice, and very pretty, just don't drop it.

u/illiniwarrior · 2 pointsr/preppers

along with the packs of safety razor blades you should have extra safety razors in your stores ... if nothing else they make great barter items that will build future clients for the razor blades ...

Amazon has a direct Chinese razor manufacturer shipping for free ... all metal construction ... $3.36 ea .... has hundreds of favorable reviews ... worth a gamble to give one a try ... Silvertone or Sodial Silvertone Safety Razors

u/CholulaMan · 2 pointsr/LifeProTips

This is the one I have and I have no issues placing the razors. I use each blade once and never have any issues.

Silver Tone Double Edge Blade Razor Shaver w Nonslip Metal Handle

u/time4mzl · 2 pointsr/Frugal
  1. Buy razor handle
  2. Buy pack of razors
  3. Shave
  4. ...
  5. Profit
u/bemon · 2 pointsr/wicked_edge

I bought this as my travel razor and it works surprisingly well.

u/sfitsea · 2 pointsr/wicked_edge

FWIW, I've heard that the disposable DEs are rough. If, after that, you want to spend very little, try a sodial. They're not bad for the low cost.

I' r also heard that, for <$25, Maggard's razors are the best you can get.
Or, better yet, get a Maggard starter kit (includes brush, blades, and soap). It'll be worth having to eat Ramen for a few weeks, if budget is the issue.

u/dajohn17 · 2 pointsr/wicked_edge

This would be a better option if you want to try one... I paid around 7 for the same one and I loved it, albeit I have upgraded.

u/hella-slay · 2 pointsr/Frugal

A good, cheap pair of earbuds

Or, if you're willing to spend a few dollars more, these earbuds are fantastic.

A watch

Amazon also sells tons of their own cool stuff- look around

A safety razor.

Also, Amazon sells a ton of books for super cheap. Look around.

u/Goose88 · 2 pointsr/madmen

Ok, here is what I recommend to start with. This is basically what I started with to. None of these items are the best quality, but you can get a feel for the shave technique and you'll know if you want to spend more money on better stuff quickly.


Blades note you'll want to try other brands eventually, but these are not harsh, they're inexpensive, and thus a good first purchase.

Bowl & brush note
toss this puck of soap, it's shit.

Shave soap

This will get you going for gear. You can sub out stuff for better quality if you want, but I'd keep it cheap to start. You'll also want to learn how to use all this stuff. This is what I used to learn how to shave the first time. You'll find there are many techniques and schools of thought, but this is the best basic guid to learn and develop muscle memory.

Good luck, and if you need help pm me or check us out at /r/Wicked_edge/

u/bookishboy · 2 pointsr/AskReddit

With regards to shaving: You can get a fantastic shave without relying on the overpriced multi-blade cartridge razors so popular these days. I'd recommend the following as you can acquire them:

  1. A reasonably priced stainless steel old fashioned double-edged razor handle. Here is one example on Amazon that is cheap with good reviews

  2. A brush for lather, especially badger hair. I use this one by Tweezerman, also on Amazon

  3. A decent shaving soap/cream. I use the Bigelowe brand from Bath and Body works, which is often on a Buy 2, Get 1 sale and a $10 tube of this stuff will last you a LONG time. As a matter of fact, I have an extra tube of the stuff at the moment. If you think you're going to spring for the razor and brush, PM me with your address and if you're in the US I'll send it to you. You only need a toothpaste-sided dab of this stuff to work into a lather, and it had an excellent minty feeling against your face.

  4. Double-edged razor-blades, and you can get sampler packs in order to try different ones and see what you like best. Check in at /r/wicked_edge for opinions of different brands. Most are very economical on a per-blade basis compared to the multi-blade cartridges so many people use these days.

    A few additional helpful hints:

  • Shave right after a hot shower, it wets the hair, opens up the hair follicles and removes dirt and debris from your face that otherwise might detract from your shave.

  • The red "bumps" on your face may well be shaving bumps. Quick question: do you have curly, kinky or "nappy" hair? Many seem to be of the opinion that double(or more)-bladed razors exacerbate this, because when you pull the cartridge across your face, the first blade snags many hairs, pulling them out slightly from the follicle, and the next blade cuts the hair, which then drops below the surface of the skin. This results in a seemingly very clean smooth shave.... for the first day. If your hair is tightly curled as it grows out though, some of the hairs will grow into the skin instead of smoothly out the follicle, resulting in shaving bumps during the days after your shave. Using razors with single blades, and shaving right after a hot shower should reduce this.

  • If you're using an old-fashioned shave with lather that you work up with a brush instead of from a can, you don't need a shaving bowl. If you're right handed, use your left hand as a paddle surface to work up a lather on, kind of like Bob Ross and his paint palette.

    Best of luck!
u/EpicCyndaquil · 2 pointsr/wicked_edge

I appreciate your answers!

Based on what you've said, I'll probably do the following:

  • Get a cheaper handle (probably this one), because I'm already sure it'll be sturdier than a plastic disposable.

  • Try a boar brush first, since my facial hair is quite thick. I've read that you can wet the brush before you hop in the shower, then by the time you're out, it should be ready to go. I'll have to experiment with that a bit.

  • Grab a mixed blade starter kit (which I had planned on already). I've found quite a few, and I'm not sure what to get... Is the general rule to go with whichever has the most (different) blades? How many blades did you try?

    I'll probably share my proposed purchase on this subreddit before I jump into it (which hopefully isn't against any unwritten rules).
u/carbonitewang · 2 pointsr/PacificCrestTrail

Safety razor. It's a closer shave (less time between shaves for a given length of trail,) and easily under $10 for the entire trip. It takes some knowledge to use well, but this can be done before your trip and took me maybe 2-3 shaves to really get the hang of it.

EDIT: Forgot to mention that you can twist the top part of to make this a lot less oblong. I imagine the size in kit would be comparable to a Gilette

u/corbantd · 2 pointsr/AdviceAnimals

This is a brilliant scam on the part of Gillette. Those cartridges will cost you thousands of dollars over the course of your life, but they send you the razor when you turn 18 and get you hooked.

Do yourself a HUGE favor and buy a good DE razor and a blade sample pack. You'll get a closer shave and save a bundle of money.

Basic starter kits (you might want to go for a better razor?):

u/cruzweb · 2 pointsr/BuyItForLife

You can do this on the cheap to start. Pick up This razor (I just bought a 2nd one yesterday) and These blades. That way, if you decide strait razors aren't for you, your investment is < $15 and you're still good to go. If you like it, then pick up a solid BIFL one and it will, indeed, last you for life.
Keep an eye out at estate sales, garage sales, antique stores, etc. Many times you can get an excellent quality older razor for a few clams. If you're patient, this can end well, but if you decide that you would rather have a new one of quality, there are many options available.

You can buy the shaving soap, brush, shaving cup and even if you decide to go back to cartridge razors (although after a few weeks most of us wondered how we ever did cartridge razors to begin with), you'll find that the soap and brush is much nicer than the goop and shaving "cream" that people put a big price tag on and sell. It just feels so much better on your skin.

I'll add, however, I still keep a cartridge razor around for some of the more sensitive, non-facial areas of my body.

u/DruePhoenix · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

To be honest, you don't really need an expensive one. Most of the guys over at /r/wicked_edge admit they get the fancy ones just because they're enthusiasts.

I bought this f'n thing and never had any problems with it. Often it comes down to finding the right blades for you. Then finding techniques and various cremes and salves that appeal to you.

I haven't shaved in 9 months, but before that I had the most amazing baby smooth shaves in my life with minimal irritation(pretty much a miracle.)

u/macfergusson · 2 pointsr/Shave_Bazaar

Amazon isn't terrible, you just have to price check what they have vs. the same product elsewhere.

Anyways, for a very cheap introductory razor:

You will want to upgrade from this, but for just getting started to learn on you can't really beat the price, and it can certainly tide you over until you feel able to expand your shaving budget.

Edit: Hell, PM me your address and I'll have some stuff shipped to you.

u/Regus_Patoff · 2 pointsr/wicked_edge

My wife loves hers! I haven't tried it myself. I picked it up off ebay for a pretty great score, it was rusted in the open position and damn near took vice grips to turn the thing. I slathered it up with some penetrating oil and let it sit for 20-30 minutes and then went at it with a brillo pad. After about a half hour of scrubbing it was moving wonderfully!

I then let it sit in some 91% isopropyl alcohol for another 10 minutes or so to cut the oil stank. She's been using it every other day since! She actually fully stopped using cartridges because of it! Before that she was using a cheap 3 piecer I got off Amazon for like $3 from China.

u/rnienke · 2 pointsr/howto


It is a whopping $2.37 and though they aren't all perfect, you can't really beat the cost. These are fairly highly regarded as some of the best value/$ razors available. Sure you can spend more but for the price of this and a blade sampler you can give DE a try.

u/DabobstaGVK · 2 pointsr/Shave_Bazaar This is the razor I bought, I wanted to start DE shaving and also was on a budget, its a solid razor, bought a sample pack of blades on amazon as well, and Target, Walgreens and CVS all have inexpensive wet shaving kits by Van Der Hagen that come with shave mug, soap, and a boar brush, hope this helps ya out.

u/Dubhan · 2 pointsr/wicked_edge

That razor is the same one that sells on Amazon for dirt cheap. It's a touch light for my taste, but not a bad razor at all and for the price it's amazing.

u/upatstars · 2 pointsr/AskWomen

Here you go. Comes with handle.

u/drpeppershaker · 2 pointsr/Showerthoughts

Dorco razors

They're the exact same ones in the dollar shave kit except they're less expensive on Amazon.

u/Smith2991 · 2 pointsr/shaving

Shave after warm shower. Use pre-shave oil and quality shave soap.
Use an adjustable razor set to lowest number or an exceptional mild razor like the PAA DOC original, but with a very sharp blade such as Feather.

Once lathered, use only cold water to complete shave. Shave by removing the lather (really light touch), don't try to remove facial hair. Take a look at the FAQ.

After shave ritual: cold water rinse, witch-hazel, balm, then aftershave

u/NorjackNC · 2 pointsr/battlefield_one

Best shave I've ever had in my life and there's nothing anyone could do to ever make me change back. All those grandpa's and great-grandpa's were doing it correctly; everyone else after them has been duped by advertising.

In case anyone is curious here's what I'm using ...

u/muliebritee · 2 pointsr/RedPillWomen

I use the Edwin Jagger DE89Lbl. IMO you don't need a razor specifically designed for women; they will do the job regardless. Women sometimes choose different blades, though. Since men's facial hair is usually thicker, they prefer more aggressive (read: sharper) blades like Feathers. I'm perfectly okay with the less aggressive blades like Derbys. If you go one /r/wicked_edge, they always recommend beginners get a blade "sample pack" to see what brand works for you, and then stick with that brand.

u/Real_Identity · 2 pointsr/asktransgender

There are cheaper safety razors, but since you only have to buy it once I tried to get a decent one. There are also way cheaper blades, but many reviews claimed the "feather" brand is the best, so I went with that.

Safety razor:


If you go bigger, it looks like you can get 100 feather blades for about $36.

The container the blades come in have a disposal slot on the back, so no need to worry about getting a special disposal container.

You may also want to get into shaving brushes and actual shaving cream to lather. It also goes a long way, and makes the razor glide easily to help prevent accidental cuts. I got mine at a local Body Shop.

u/TheManWhoDoneIt · 2 pointsr/wicked_edge

Since you're in Croatia, I think you can order from

Good razor would be the

[Merkur 34c] (Merkur HD 34C, Chrome Plated

[Edwin Jagger DE89] (Edwin Jagger Kelvin Double Edged Safety Razor

For a brush you can get

[The purest](Satin Tip Shave Brush the Purest Luxury Synthetic, Black it's a synthetic hair brush, very soft tips, works great.

[Fine Angel Hair](Fine 20mm "Angel Hair" Shaving Brush (Red & White) another great synthetic.

For a soap you can get Proraso, Taylor of old Bond Street, Chiseled face has soaps on amazon, Barrister & Mann, WSP (wet shaving products), schafmilch rasierseife.

you can also do Arko, la Toja, or Palmolive, I wouldn't be surprised if you can find that locally either. Hope this helps!

u/ovrdrv3 · 2 pointsr/wicked_edge

My Edwin Jagger Double Edge Safety Razor is stuck twisted close, it looks like the threading has a bit of buildup. Any tips for getting it opened? My barber has recommended I use a rust remover and let it sit in there, and I plan on doing that, but does anyone have any tips on how to get it opened in the first place?

u/Ontru · 2 pointsr/wicked_edge

Correct you are.

My Razor

u/thermal_shock · 2 pointsr/freebies

Feather Double Edge Shaving Razor

Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor

I have the second one, waiting on feather one as travel item

u/redrider65 · 2 pointsr/wicked_edge

If the 34c works well for you, you might consider a Feather Popular as a travel razor or a Dorco PL-602, both mild shavers, though the Dorco can be amped up a bit by loosening the handle.

u/smitty22 · 2 pointsr/malegrooming

Here's my routine.

What people don't tell you about wet shaving is that the real trick is in the Prep'... While I did disrespect the "Multi-Blade Cartridge Razors"; if you're just starting out they can be alright; but you can get a starter Double Edged Safety Razor for the price of a Gillette, and you'll be able to get replacement blades for .50 apeice. Disclaimer: I am a Jatai Feather fanboy.

The main thing to facilitate hair cutting is well hydrated hair, and the best thing for that is not to use anything that comes out of a pressurized can.

The chemicals used as propellants are drying agents and they use lubricants to make up for that... The problem being that the hairs themselves need to be wet to cut well. I've had both my father and a buddy of mine get better shaves just by using an oil and applying their regular canned cream over it - which is there more to keep the oil and cut hair from sticking to the blade than it is to facilitate the shave, IMHO

u/ItsAConspiracy · 2 pointsr/btc

Would you say this is worth the money, or should I just stick with this?

u/benjammin_t_g · 2 pointsr/wicked_edge

Feather popular on amazon. $12. With a personna blade, I get a mild, smooth shave.

OR Merkur 23C if you are willing to give 3 piece razors a chance!

u/Orthatworks14 · 2 pointsr/AskMenOver30

This is exactly the razor you want. I've done the research(multiple hours) and bought this one years ago:

Feather Double Edge Shaving Razor

Never looked back and give this as a gift often...

u/PetraB · 2 pointsr/TransSpace

An electric shaver is quick and easy, however it will not give you a close shave.
I used to use Gillette fusion, they worked quite well. I recently switched to a double edge razor and it shaves so easy & so close I will never go back. I'm using this handle paired up with these blades. Works amazing for me with the added bonus of being much more cost effective, that's nice because I shave so much of my body. I would recommend it to anyone. I've seen people be weary of these being more difficult/dangerous but really it is no different from cartridges.

Try wandering over to /r/WickedEdge for a little more info and/or google DE (double edge) shaving.

Body hair, especially facial hair is a huge source of dysphoria and using this is the first time I've gotten a shave close enough I really deem it acceptable.

One big suggestion, whenever I "let things go" for a little bit I find knocking down the bulk of hair with beard trimmers then shaving makes a huge huge difference in how easy things go.

u/Sir_Killington · 2 pointsr/wicked_edge

Honestly if you want a good, modern starter razor, even though it may not be a popular opinion with the "experts" these days, is the Feather Popular.
I have given about 15 or so of these to friends, and family over the years. It has swayed most, all but 2 so far, to start wet shaving. As others have stated, you should definitely get some nice soap, and a brush to really appreciate the shave quality. A cheap Omega boar brush, and some awesome, but inexpensive Palmolive for Men classic shave stick is what I usually include with my starter kit gifts.

u/SubGothius · 2 pointsr/Frugal

I did some research myself and concluded that a good boar brush was well-regarded and even recommended for lathering with hard shaving soaps, and a high-quality boar brush (e.g. by Omega) would still be about half the price of a decent badger brush, which itself would be better suited to lathering with softer shaving creams.

For a double-edge safety razor handle, you can often find perfectly good, old Gillettes for a song at antiques shops and eBay, but for new models I can recommend the recent Muhle or Edwin Jagger models, which both use the same, gentle but effective head design (if you have a really coarse, dense beard, get the open-comb design).

For a cheaper alternative to dip your toes into safety razors at lower cost and risk, the Feather Popular seems well-regarded as a gentle, quality razor handle for the price, and if you decide to upgrade to a nicer handle later, you can always keep this around as the travel razor you could stand to lose with trivial concern.

After researching blades, I splurged on a 100-ct carton of Astra Superior Platinums and couldn't be more satisfied; smooth and sharp (but not quite as dangerously sharp as the more expensive Feather brand), they seem to last about twice as long as the 10-pack for $1.50 on sale Kroger store-brand blades I'd started with.

FWIW, most of my pre-purchase research was done at the Badger & Blade forum's reviews section, just take care they don't tempt you into making this an expensive hobby!

u/motor_boating_SOB · 2 pointsr/todayilearned

Ahhhhhh, shit man, safety razors are tits city!!!!

I got a cheap one off of amazon that came with a feather blade, it's great, almost no irritation, no ingrown hairs, and the packs of razors are pretty cheap!! The razor actually looks really nice and came with it's own case too.

Here's the old girl

Thanks for the advice!!

u/juhesihcaaa · 2 pointsr/AskWomen

I use a double sided safety razor. A pack of 100 blades is like $10 on Amazon (these). The actual razor was $10 (this one). My husband and I use a pack of blades in about 10 months with each of us getting one shave out of each side of the blade. There is a learning curve to using it but I get zero razor burn, I never cut myself shaving anymore, and it's a smoother shave. I use Cremo for shaving cream and that size lasts about 6 months for me.

I spend about $15 a year for shaving stuff and I get a better shave than multi-bladed razors.

edits to include links

u/HerpDerpingVII · 2 pointsr/onebag

Solve your problem with one of these.

u/z33tec · 2 pointsr/wicked_edge

Here is a starter kit that I highly recommend and am currently enjoying:

u/lord_of_vader · 2 pointsr/wicked_edge

I would suggest, for budget's sake, a Van Der Hagen Deluxe kit and a Lord L6. I personally use these and would put them up to any other piece of equipment I own.

u/wetshaver · 2 pointsr/wicked_edge

It is not the best handle. It's aluminum, but the head is identical to a Merkur.

Here's a link: Lord L6

u/lesarahpin · 2 pointsr/AsianBeauty

So: I normally use a DE razor like this one because I'm too cheap for cartridge razors. (DE blades are about USD$10-for-100.) Cleaning's kind of a non-issue for these, since there isn't really any way to gunk them up, and if you did somehow manage it (using elf magic, possibly), you could just disassemble the head.

I used to use single-blade cartridge/disposable razors, and I never found it to be an issue with those as long as I used a light oil and rinsed well. Stuff like castor oil or olive oil, however, definitely caused problems.

But I can't really answer this for multi-blades. My guess is that you're most likely to run into a problem with the kind of head that has a lubricant strip, since those can kind of dissolve upon contact with oil?

u/OneLegAtATime · 2 pointsr/TheVeneration


I've mentioned this setup at some point here, but now with pictures! I'm sick and working from home today, so I need something to get my mind off of this grant writing.


  • Lord L6, Astra SP blades. Razor is $9 on amazon. Blades are 20 cents a pop if bought in small batches, or 10 cents a pop if bought in larger quantities. each blade lasts me 2-3 shaves.
  • Arko (less than 5 bucks for a 2-pack).
  • Razorock alum $7
  • Ecotools makeup brush - cheap, synthetic 2-pack from amazon

    Probably one of the cheapest full shave kits you can buy. The single Arko stick has lasted me 2 years so far, and I anticipate it will last another 3-4 until it becomes a mushy pile. Arko works really well with the extremely hard water we get in southern california.

    I only shave 2-3 times a week, and lathering straight onto the face reduces the amount of soap wasted. First thing I would upgrade is the brush, followed by a search for an aftershave after the alum.

    I would highly recommend the Lord. Some people seem to have longevity issues with the aluminum handle screwing into the heavier-metal head, but as long as you don't force it you won't strip the threads. Supposed to shave like a Merkur for a fraction of the cost.


  • Aeropress (inverted)
  • Porlex mini grinder
  • Burundi beans, lighter roast.

    Not my favorite roast, but probably my favorite extraction process (I also own turkish coffee, french press, moka pot, vacuum pot/siphon). Inverted, it acts like a french press with a paper filter. Of course, it also means you have a foot-tall precarious boiling-water hazard, which has been an issue some drowsy mornings.
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Looks like a Lord L6 from the photos. Not known to be a great shaver, but some guys like it. Also, his blade angle is atrocious.

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A good double-edge safety razor, blade sampler pack, shaving brush, and shaving soap can free the both of you from expensive cartridge razors and canned goo. It could take you a little bit to learn how to shave the "old fashioned" way, but as someone who recently took the plunge, it's worth it. Gives a much better shave for a fraction of the cost. (Replacement blades are usually $0.07 - $0.30 each)

If you have hard water, you may want to go with a shaving cream instead, or you could get a gallon of distilled water for $1 that will last you through about a month's worth of shaves.

Shameless plug for /r/wicked_edge. There are a lot of resources there to help you transition.

[edit] Here's a cheaper alternate razor - this is what I have. You can get them even cheaper if you want to wait a few weeks.

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OP, I have one of the lady gillette and I like it quite a bit, but it is definitely more aggressive (for me, at least) than the new Lord L6 that I got from Amazon.

If I were inclined towards shaving my manly bikini area, I would absolutely reach for the L6.

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Double edged razors are a great way to start. You could get a Lord L6 as your basic starter, or an Edwin Jagger DE 89. You can also get a Merkur.

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$9.83 per hundres, and a great shave.

But I am in love with feathers now, they are a bit more at $23.25 per hundred.

This razor is $26.26:.

But the best part of it all, the most important part, is actually wet shaving. The above will save you money with an awesome shave, but actually wet shaving is best. Check out /r/wicked_edge.

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When you do eventually run out, you should try Feather brand blades. Still cheap at 23 cents per blade, and I've been really impressed with the quality.
I can't believe how much money I wasted on cartridges either. Such a scam. Razor tech peaked in 1901, and every 'advance' since has just been marketing to move more blades.

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Je kan een 100 pack via kopen. Ze bezorgen voor $31.18 naar NL. Dus met een credit card heb je ze over een paar dagen binnen. En bedankt dat je me eraan herinnert, ik gebruik die ook, en die van mij zijn bijna op.

Hier is een link:

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So I've lurked here a long while but I can tell you that blades for a DE razor last different for different people but if you take care of the blades (like letting them air dry, once you put it in leave it unless you are going to change it) they should last about a week. Even if it is less than that, cheaper blades can go for a dime each while feather blades which are the most expensive can go for a little more than 30 cents: example 1 example 2

So its not too bad even if they only last 4 days or so.

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I just saw that in Walmart. They want $8 for 12 replacement blades. Here are the most expensive high end DE razor blades I know of on Amazon.

So the Pawn Shop wants $.67 per blade for what is probably mediocre quality at best when the top of line is, in actuality, $.25. And a serviceable blade runs $.095 per.

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Me too. I'm down with Nacet Platinum, all the way.

Online is definitely the right way. Buy a whole card of them.

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Then in that case if you want to up the ante of gift giving, (i ordered all my supplies on Amazon since i have Amazon student and 2 day free shipping) but i also ordered a stand. Like you can build your own kit really nicely and then arrange it for him as a surprise!



Badger brush


Shaving cream, my favorite

And as for a cup to mix the shaving cream? Don't bother buying one just use a short mug it's much easier

Also, think about it this way, when you are using a regular 4 bladed razor you need to go over each spot at least 2 times right? That's as if 8 individual razors went over that spot. With a single blade you usually get every hair in one pass but sometimes you need 2-3 but still, 2-3 is less that the original 4 so you're regardless way less likely to get razor burn

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Oh, I use a Merkur long handle with these to shave every day. I just ran out of blades and didn't feel like using a dull one to shave!

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I buy these, split them in half, bend them slightly, and shave those motherfuckers off. It's very zen.

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Just support with your wallet what works for you. For me, it's an Edwin Jagger DE89 with Feather double edge blades and a sandelwood Mühle silvertip badger brush, with Tabac shaving soap. I've chucked the cartridges and the electric shavers a long time ago and I'm not going back. A lot cheaper and a much much better shave.

Here you go. $25 bucks for a 100 of the sharpest blades on this planet.

u/vankorgan · 2 pointsr/BuyItForLife

These, and this and a decent brush make a great shaving kit. My safety was actually cheaper than this and it's been going for years. As soon as it wears out (which it has shown no sign of), I'll grab another. The blades are really the commodity in this scenario. I absolutely love them.

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As another person said, get a double-edged razor. They're much cheaper than Dollar Shave Club and so much more badass.

This one is a top seller, and I've used it for years. I'm a man who shaves my face 2-3 times/week and sometimes shave my torso, and it'll take me years before I go through my $9 100-pack of Derby razor blades.

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Prima di pensare alle lamette dovresti pensare a cosa fai per prepararti alla rasatura, ci sono tante piccole accortezze che risolveranno il tuo problema di pelle sensibile.

Alcuni casi di "pelle sensibile" sono peli incarniti che vengono incisi durante la rasatura, il modo migliore per evitarlo è usare uno scrub possibilmente una volta al giorno. Ti basta passare la saponetta/gel sulla faccia mentre fai la doccia e hai risolto il problema.

Poi dovresti usare una schiuma da barba senza alcol, che secca la pelle e la rende più esposta, prima di raderti lava la faccia con abbondante acqua calda per ammorbidire la pelle e sciacquala con acqua fredda dopo la rasatura. In più, la rasatura contro-pelo danneggia la pelle per cui dovresti cercare di raderti seguendo l'andamento della tua barba.

Ora per rispondere alla tua domanda, io uso un rasoio di sicurezza in acciaio con lamette usa e getta 100% riciclabili. Mi ero trovato bene con questo e come lamette queste

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Safety razor in the kind of matte finish. I haven't really used another safety razor, but I like it a lot. Nice weight to it.

I can't remember the brush but it was about $40 I think.

I like the Crabtree and Evelyn line called Moroccan Myrrh. It smells nice and I also have the same cologne. Used to be called Nomad, but they changed the name for whatever reason.

The razors are Derby:

$8 for 100 of them.

It's like most things. Large initial investment with very minimal upkeep after that.

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I pay ever so slightly more than that much for my blades, including shipping.

(Last time I bought them they were $8.00 for the pack)

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The main thing I use most of the time are just a scale (in grams is best, but it's more about ratios than anything), a dough scraper (something like this, but any flat piece to manipulate the dough will work. It's also very useful for cleaning where you were shaping the bread.). For letting the dough do it's final rise, I cover a flour sack towel (other fabric will work, but you want it smooth enough so the dough doesn't get fuzz in it, but coarse enough for the flour to 'catch' on it) in flour (a mix of wheat and fine rice flour is best, but cornmeal and rice or just lots of wheat flour will work) and line a colander with it. And razors for cutting the dough without it sticking. (putting something like these on a wooden coffee stirrer stick works well, but any razors or sharp blades should be fine.)

Other stuff is nice to have, but not necessary, IMO.

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I'd like to suggest an alternative list. I don't have a lot of experience with a ton of different safety razors, but I did have a cheapo safety razor I inherited from my grandpa (RIP), and after 3yrs I spent under $40 on an Edwin Jagger and the difference was staggering. I'm not one to suggest unloading a ton of money on anything, but I'd suggest your priorities are a bit skewed when you're spending less on your safety razor than you are on your alum block (which is hardly a necessity, comparatively. Some people don't even like them, although I do)...

Here's my alternative suggestion that adds up to roughly the same amount of upfront $$ (~$50 - 60), but sets your priorities toward getting a fantastic, albeit affordable safety razor that will last you your whole life:

Edwin Jagger ($40)

There are others in this price range that are good as well. I can't speak to those, but I doubt anyone here will argue that the Edwin Jagger is not a top contender for its price point. It's very popular.

I'd hold off on buying blades today (unless you really want to) since the above safety razor comes with 5 which should get you buy for your first 20 shaves or so if you want them to.. but when you do, buying them 100x at a time for ~$10 seems to be the right price point (and it'll last you 5yrs if you're like me), unless you like fancy feather blades or something. I've never noticed a difference between vendors, but others have. YMMV. Here's what I have:

That brush seems like a good price point. over $10 but under $20 seems to be a good price point for a decent quality brush unless you know what you're looking for. Mine has lasted me 3yrs so far and has no visible signs of wear or hairs falling out. I'd expect it to last another 3 at the very least, but probably many more.

Alum block? Skip it if you want for the time being, but I'd get it if I were you since it's just $6. It's the same one I have and it does its job of closing up nicks very well.

Styptic pencil is like $1 (maybe $2) at CVS / Walgreens, IIRC, no need to get on amazon if you don't want. Definitely get one of these, just don't lose the damn thing. Sure beats little bits of toilet paper on your face for hours and hours.

You can also get a puck of William's shave soap at CVS for $2 link which will last you a long time. If you want to spend a few bucks extra on that Palmolive stuff because you know it'll be better for your individual skin, then go for it.

In short: Spend the money on the safety razor, which should last forever. Skimp on everything else, which will not last forever. That's my advice. I spent 3yrs shaving with a razor that I had no idea was as comparatively awful as a good one. I wish I had known better at the time, but unfortunately I did not, and had pretty shitty shaves and got lots of nasty cuts for 3yrs that could have been avoided.

u/bandman614 · 2 pointsr/todayilearned

I think I'm one of the few people that switched to safety razors for the financial savings and actually got that savings, because I didn't get sucked into all of the accessories.

Honestly, I use my relatively generic safety razor ($35) and got bulk double-edged blades ($10). I did that....three years ago? And I'm maybe halfway through.

I don't shave every day, but honestly, I'm good shaving a surprisingly many number of times on the same blade. If I had been going through my old standby of Mach 3 (turbo (express (vibrating))) or whatever it is now, God only knows how much money I'd be in for.

The single biggest improvement in my shaving life was when I went to an old school barber and told him that I kept getting massive razor burn under my neck with a safety razor, and he was like, "that's because you're doing it backwards". I was shaving down, from my chin toward my chest. My hair doesn't grow that way - I need to shave from the bottom of my neck up toward my chin. (you may be different).

After I figured that out? Never going back. Also, I use conditioner instead of frothy mugs of soap. It just works better for me.

u/OneBigBug · 2 pointsr/todayilearned

Ehhhh..They are almost definitely sharper overall. To be clear, I don't agree with basically anything the poster whom you responded to said, but I think if you interpret a very reasonable amount of context, 'sharper' is a fair thing to say of razor blades.

Gillette cartridges. Not even the most expensive kind, just something that you'd buy at the store.

Double edge razor blades for a safety razor. Not the least expensive, again, just something you'd typically buy for your razor or would come with your razor.

For the sake of argument, let's say they're both identical sharpness and material when you buy them (I have no reason to believe they're not). Each time you use it, it gets a little less sharp. Shave with the same one for a few days, it's not going to cut as cleanly anymore. One costs $0.10 per blade, one costs $2.25 (at the low end, if you get them by volume), how often are you going to replace each?

Before I bought a double edge, I was using a Gillette Fusion. I would make those carts last for a couple weeks of shaving because they cost so damn much. Like $5 each. Now I could shave with a fresh blade every day of the month and only spend a small fraction of the price doing it. It depends on how cheap you are, but unless you're spending a pretty considerable amount of money to shave, just buying blades instead of carts will result in you shaving with a sharper blade over time.

u/jlking3 · 2 pointsr/todayilearned

You can get into wet shaving so cheaply! There's a double-edge razor that gets positive reviews at wicked_edge that's less than $3 from Amazon. It comes with one blade, but you can get a 5-pack of DE blades at Family Dollar for $1. Walmart sells a brushless shave cream called Cremo that's a very good value for under $4. You'd spend as much on one Fusion razor.

Also, you can get double edge blades even cheaper. $7.50 for 100 blades. (A minimum of 200 shaves.)

u/Lem0nPepper · 2 pointsr/wicked_edge

creamo! easy to use. i like the peppermint version. if he has sensative skin the normal one is pretty gentle.

dollar shave club is nice for what you pay for. to be honest, i have used creamo and a dual edge razor for the longest time no complaints. a DE razor will last him much longer than a disposable and he can do the tour de razor and find out which blades he likes. a box of blades is so much more economical than dollar shave club and if you get him a real nice razor he will treasure it. maybe he will get into brushes soaps etc but to be honest starting him off with something easy like creamo works. i have a maggard!

u/iPodAddict181 · 2 pointsr/wicked_edge

Would you have recommended something like this?

u/whiskeyisneat · 2 pointsr/wicked_edge

Nice, I have the same razor. Yours is a lot shinier though. I like it but it tends to shave with the sides of the razor leaving a bit of a hair streak through the middle.

Anyway, as others have said, any double edge blade will fit. I just bought this box which should last me until I die; but if you want variety and to find what works for you buy this box.

u/odd_affiliate_link · 2 pointsr/AskReddit

A Kindle. The one with 3G and without the bullshit ads.


A nice safety razor, lots of blades, a shaving brush and good shaving cream.


40 pounds (5x8 pound bags) of cereal marshmallows.

I vote for #3.

u/karateexplosion · 2 pointsr/AskReddit

I have an Edwin Jagger DE89L and absolutely love it. Feather blades.

EDIT: Amazon link here

u/candytripn · 2 pointsr/TumblrInAction

Stop using cartilages! I made the switch to DES razors (double edged safety razors) and will never go back.

I pay about $12 after shipping for 100 pack of Astra blades, and they last about as long as a single cartridge! Do yourself a favor and look into it. The Edwin Jagger 89bl (the one I use) is a great razor for around $27.

u/n99bJedi · 2 pointsr/wicked_edge

Cool upgraded to it. its actually cheaper than the Merker. But that's because amazon has a price cut on it, specially the non lined detail one.
M thinking the only difference in it and the lined one is the handle has lines and the other one does not right?

u/syn3rgyz · 2 pointsr/wicked_edge

i'm actually pretty happy with the edwin jagger outside of this problem im having right now. But then again its my first one so I'm not sure how more/less aggressive would feel. The one I have right now is this one

I'm looking for something in the $50 range. I can't find the weber you're talking about.

u/the_doughboy · 2 pointsr/wicked_edge

As another Canadian I find Amazon is the best source.
First I can tell you went to Shoppers where you got the brush and Proraso. 2nd don't buy the Body Shop stuff, its weird.
On Amazon Astra is the best bang for the buck on blades.
And for a Razor the Edwin Jagger De89bl is quite good.
Both of these are Prime eligible or free shipping on purchases over $25.

u/Engineered_Shave · 2 pointsr/wicked_edge

The QShave - or other no-name brands - razors are notorious for their overall cheapness, and really ought to be avoided. Sure you can get one for $12, but what happens when the parts start to wear off, or the threads strip out? You're off to buy another razor again, so you might as well get something of higher quality ASAP. I have a funny feeling the QShave won't last forever.


The DE89 is a decent beginner's razor, and it fairly affordable. The down side is the head is cast zinc and some people complain of the slick handle and the cap threads failing after a while. If you choose to get one, get a longer-handle one, as this works better when you are shaving behind your head.


The Merkur 23C would probably be equivalent to the DE89. It also gets good reviews but some folks complain about the same sort of cap failure after some time. The price is about the same.


The 34c & 37c are 2-piece razors, so these are easier to load but slightly more expensive. Again, they are cast zinc but they get good reviews. I would advise against the 34c and instead urge you to look into the 38c with the longer handle. They are the same otherwise. Both have knurling on the handle but there are some complaints that the handle is a bit slippery when wet.


The Merkur 37c is a slant razor, and it tends to be on the aggressive side. Personally I would suggest you avoid these razors for head shaving; they are meant for rapid removal of tough whiskers on the face, and the skin on the head is a bit more delicate. If you must get one of these razors, I'd suggest instead the 39C "sledgehammer" with the longer handle.


I started with the Vikings Blade Vulcan, a twist-to-open razor which gets decent reviews. (I'm selling it now on ebay along with other goodies because it has been supplanted by other shaving hardware.) But suffice it to say, the handle is well-knurled and it shaves nice. The Chieftain Jr. deserves honorable mention for being a mild razor at an affordable price.


Lastly, my current favorite for head shaves is the OneBlade: It shaves like a cartridge but you replace only the blade. Downside is price and the fact that there is only one type of blade to go in here.


You should also consider the Leaf Razor. It is like the OneBlade but it takes regular DE blades snapped in half. Here's a man shaving his head with it. Here's another gentleman doing the same. It also shaves like a cartridge but you can choose your blades to go in it. I like the product a lot but it didn't work well for me. Maybe I'll try it again later...


Okay, that should do it! Any questions?

u/nickwawe · 2 pointsr/italy

Rasoio, ti consiglio un rasoio di sicurezza ( questo lo presi a 16 anni assieme al pacco da 100 di lamette ) durano un sacco, magari costa più di un usa e getta ma nel lungo andare risparmi davvero tanto, senza contare che dura di più e taglia meglio. Io il pacco di lamette l'ho finito qualche settimana fa, e mi é durato qualche anno (c'è da dire che non mi rado ogni giorno però)

u/zenesis · 2 pointsr/TrollXChromosomes

Hm...that is a little tougher. They last about a week for me, but i don't even really think about it since they're so cheap.

I use this website to order razor blades from the usa -

I bought my razor from amazon edwin jager 89 (never have to replace) couple of years ago for about $30 -

u/hairyhank · 2 pointsr/wicked_edge

i just started a little while ago with a edwin jagger ( its been easy and great.

u/ZachSka87 · 2 pointsr/wicked_edge

The LORD is a fine super-budget razor to start and get a feel for it, but keep that in mind as you use it. Before you make the judgement to not try a DE shave if it's not going well after you buy this kit, consider getting/trying a better quality razor.

I don't know your budget for this, but the recommended razor around here for beginners is usually the Edwin Jagger DE89.

Personally, I use the Merkur 180 Long Handled Safety Razor.

They are the same price at around $33 each.

u/puddle_stomper · 2 pointsr/gifs

Razor: I started with this Merkur razor (and I'm still using it after two years). Edwin Jagger is probably equally popular, but I haven't tried them.

Brush/bowl: I was given this bowl/soap/brush/holder kit as a gift and still use it, but the brush broke after about a year (I could probably fix it with some good glue but haven't bothered yet. The holder is nice, but you might be able to find just a brush and bowl separately slightly cheaper if you're on a budget. I didn't use the soap in the kit because:

Soap: Proraso soap was suggested and I ended up liking it a lot. Some people like to buy sampler packs of soap/cream as well, but this was good enough for me, and it would take me forever to get through samples. This Proraso got me through 15 months with an average of one shave per week.

Blades: I started out with a sampler pack of blades from Maggard Razors, and Gillette Silver Blue and Gillette 7 O'Clock (both yellow and green were the same to me) ended up being the easiest on my face. I tried Feather, but they were way too harsh at first, I think because I hadn't really gotten the technique down yet. Gillette was more forgiving, but once I got better at shaving, I was able to use Feathers.

Other: Lastly, I really like using an alum stick after shaving to help close up pores/tiny nicks (weepers), but they're not necessary. I also now use Shave Secret as a first layer when I start my second pass (against the grain). Again, not necessary, but I think it helps me personally a little to have that extra layer of protection to prevent razor burn. It does gunk up your razor a little, though, so just be sure to keep it clean.


I still only shave once a week, and I have a 3 day minimum in between shaves, otherwise I'll still get razor burn. Read up on some info in /r/wicked_edge. /u/Leisureguy has a ton of great comments in that sub. Sort his comment history by top, and you'll get plenty of good advice right off the bat. He also has a blog. My best tips: Make sure you use a shallow angle (as opposed to the perpendicular/90-degree shave you're used to with cartridge razors), and don't let your lather be too dry. Also, if your area has hard water, consider using distilled water to make your lather. Maggard Razors has been really great at shipping fast and having good prices for me and carries everything I mentioned, but there several reputable online shops. I know lots of people prefer to use Amazon, so I linked everything on Amazon except the blade sampler pack.

u/ByGollie · 2 pointsr/Frugal

I shave with a top of the line Edwin Jagger 89L that cost me something like $30 (& $10 for Badger brush and soap) due to the fact i have a dense wiry beard that goes in every direction that normal cartridge/disposable/electric shavers won't shift, especially on the neck area.

200 Derby blades (each giving 4 shaves on average), used every other day for $15 - gives me 5 years worth of blades!
All purchased from Amazon

Recently i forgot my shaving kit on a vacation trip, so I bought a cheapo Gilette double edged razor for $5, a tube of Ingram shaving Lather for $2.50 and a Boarbristle shaving brush for another $3) at a local drugstore.

I had an unopened pack of Derby blades in my washbag, so i used them with the Gilette.

The results were as good, if not better than the top of the range luxury DE blade kit.

So it's down to shaving technique and blade quality - the cheapo razor, lather and brush (lather whipped up in a wide cappuccino mug)

If you're really budget conscious, and don't like the plasticky feel of the Gillette razor, try the Egyptian made Lord LP 8122 for around $5-10. This is a great metal razor, comparable to the high-end european metal EJ/Merkur models. The finish may not be as perfect as the chromed EJ/Merkur models, but that's only cosmetic and won't affect the performance

Derby or Astra are excellent budget razor blades.
I'd recommend badgerhair brushes over boar-hair, as it feels a lot nicer and doesn't get bent out of shape. Still whips up and applies the lather just as well.

For an outlay of $30, you too could be shaving with no additional costs for 2 years or more, depending on your beard growth.
($5 Lord LP 8122 + $15 Derby blades + $2.50 tube shaving soap + $5 badger-hair brush + $2 cappuccino mug)

u/commiecat · 2 pointsr/wicked_edge

Some nice kit suggestions on the sidebar -- do you have a specific budget?

I primarily use straights but I use a DE to shave my head; personally I like the Merkur 34C ($44 on Amazon). Edwin Jagger DE89 ($31 on Amazon) is another popular choice here.

Amazon and other shaving sites offer blade sampler packs. It's good to start out with one of those because all the blades are subtly different and people have various preferences for them.

Another part of your shaving routine to look at would be your lather and post-shave treatment. Most of us use a good soap or cream and build our lather with a shaving brush. After the shave you can use an astringent and follow that up with a scent if you'd like. I use plain witch hazel when I'm done shaving and then apply my aftershave.

u/RaggedClaws · 2 pointsr/shaving

I'll include links but by all means shop around...

  • Edwin Jagger DE89 - popular three piece starter razor

  • One of the many creams by Taylor of Old Bond St. - inexpensive and quality

  • An alum block like RazoRock - you can also find some of their artisan soaps

  • A synthetic shaving brush - this one looks to have the same fibres (Plisson clone) as some other very good ones. You could also get a boar brush by Omega or Semogue for eg but these will have a break-in period. Do NOT get a badger brush on your budget; it will be shite. The exception might be this mixed loft Omega 11047 "mixed midget" which is a fantastic little brush; works out of the box like a badger but gets better over time like a boar.

  • Go to your local drug store for Nivea Men Sensitive after shave balm - inexpensive, effective, and widely available.

    This is a more than decent starter kit and affordable but you'll also need skills. Check out this poster from /u/mmosh and search for tutorial vids on Youtube by Mantic59 and/or "Nick Shaves".

    EDIT: Completely left out blades. You want to sample many kinds to find what is right for you. Something like this.

u/chasethebrony · 2 pointsr/MLPLounge

True. During the week I use an Edwin Jagger DE89 razor. I use 2 blades a week, with each blade costing $.10. It gives a pretty good shave, better than a cartridge, but nothing too spectacular.

The biggest difference I found when switching from cartridge to safety was that my shaves weren't pulling on my whiskers like the would with my wold razor. Makes for a much more smooth and painless ordeal.

u/crazindndude · 2 pointsr/wicked_edge

I think you'll find you hit a point of severe diminishing returns past the $25-30 price point. That seems to be the "sweet spot" for value, as you can get the unequivocally excellent Edwin Jagger DE89 (which by the way uses the same head as Muhle). For slightly less, you can get the pretty good Maggard MR5, which packs a solid stainless steel handle for $25.

Notwithstanding a slant razor, which isn't much more expensive, I think one of the above-mentioned razors will perform admirably for 99% of the population. Honestly the difference between a $30 EJ and a $70 Standard or Weber is probably so small that I'd recommend you take your savings and spend it on a nice soap and brush.

u/lukeman3000 · 2 pointsr/wicked_edge

I ordered a well-reviewed one from Amazon, which seemed relatively cheap. I just want to try it and and see if I like it, so I didn’t particularly want to spend 30+ on my first one if this $16 razor will give me a similar experience.

I ordered this one. Should get here by Wed.

I was planning on using the Harry’s gel I already bought and implementing the tips you have me. Should that be sufficient to get a decent experience I do I really need to buy a cheap brush and some real lather as well? My primary motivation is to just shave lol, so hopefully two more days of growth won’t kill me or make it inordinately difficult. Hell, I shaved when it was a bit longer than this with the Harry’s 5 blade cartridge razor. And while it wasn’t fun, I got through it lol. It was just very time consuming. As long as I took my time and made extremely small strokes it was manageable with minimal pain. But I don’t want to do it again. I’m hoping that this will be a better experience, but also hoping that I’m not sabotaging myself by getting a cheaper blade and using canned lather...

u/hiyesthisisme · 2 pointsr/wicked_edge

This is the razor. I don't think it's a three-piece, but I don't know what that means.

u/Bamboo_Harvester · 2 pointsr/shaving

Are you trying to use these with a safety razor or what?

What you ordered will fit in a double-edge safety razor. Not a straight razor... or a Gillette razor like you can get at the grocery store.

If you’re trying to delve into wet/DE shaving you’ll need a razor to go along with those blades. There are tons of choices but here are a couple of good places to start:

Weishi Butterfly Razor

Merkur HD

EJ safety razor

u/BecomingJess · 2 pointsr/MtF

I do this too -- use a trimmer, twice over: once with the regular trimmer attachment to bring everything within 1-2mm of skin, then once with the foil shaver attachment to reduce that to barely-perceptible stubble.

Where I vary is that I swear by double-edge safety razors over a cartridge razor any day. The razor handle is fairly reasonably priced ( or this one's a few bucks less on Amazon ) and replacement blades only run about a buck apiece ( $5.39 for a 5-pack at CVS or $6.99 for a 10-pack on Amazon ). If you really need to pinch pennies, you can probably get two good full-body shaves out of a single razor (remember to use both sides!) or several facial shaves.

As SilverlightPony pointed out, rinse the blade often, use minimal pressure and short strokes, to which I'll add keep your strokes slow; you should practically feel each hair getting sliced down. If it feels like you're running the blade over sandpaper you're going too fast, which means the blade is likely skipping and bouncing over hairs; when doing this it'll probably also come down and nick the skin, not to mention you'll need to make more passes, increasing your risk for more nicks.

u/bugbits · 2 pointsr/ZeroWaste

I started with a vintage 60s Gillette razor but it eventually broke. Switched to this one about 3 years ago and still going strong. The butterfly style ones are super easy for replacing blades. At the same time I bought a pack of 100 blades for like $10-15, and am still working through that package. So have spent roughly $30 for 3+ years of shaving.

u/frosty_balls · 2 pointsr/NoStupidQuestions

You should look at getting a safety razor (they can run anywhere from $10 up to crazy amounts), and then get a pack of 100 blades (those are usually $8-$10), that should set you straight for months if not a year.

Cheap, economical, and an amazingly close shave.

u/reddyenumberfive · 2 pointsr/muacjdiscussion

I use this razor handle, which is currently going for about sixteen dollars, and I'm using Feather blades. The handle has a really good weight to it, and rarely slips. It also has a butterfly head, which makes replacing heads a lot easier. :)

u/otterland · 2 pointsr/wicked_edge

It's a popular DE everywhere but this sub. The stand? We don't speak of stands.

u/Vreedm · 2 pointsr/wicked_edge

Hello there German brother. I'm looking forward buying a DE on as well.
After browsing this thread for 2 days i decided that I will be buying an Edwin Jagger.

For blade i found this set to have a lot of variarity:

I also don't know if I should not order a brush and soap or just wait till I have more money to buy those things as well. (I'm a broke med school student here.)

I also thought of buying a cheaper Boar brush for 7€ and soap for 6€ but since I'm new to this DE shaving thing I do not know if that's what others would recommend.

Well seems like I talked around the heißen Brei enough.

I hope i could help you somehow. :)

u/Megalonyx · 2 pointsr/northernlion

In regards to razors, recently went from cartridge ones to the double edge razors and its awesome. Like $16 on a nice metal handle thing on Amazon that twists open and you drop the razor blade into it then twist it shut and shave. Got like 100 blades for $10 and I'm set for eons.

Its nice as its a lot less garbage plastic and stuff, cheaper, and for my baby skin doesn't cut the shit out of me and get clogged like the multiblade cartridges. Downside is the head doesn't swivel and tilt, but it's easy to get used to.

Edit: This handle and these blades in particular. They're alright, and apparently good shaving cream helps a lot. Just wish I had found these to begin with, rather than using DSC for years.

u/looking-for-freedom · 2 pointsr/FTMMen

I use this one. It’s not super high quality but it’s cheap and with good quality blades does very well for the price.

u/Throwawaymceveryday · 2 pointsr/asktransgender

WEISHI Nostalgic Long Handle Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor

Would you say this is a good one?

u/al_kohalik · 2 pointsr/Frugal

i got these for christmas and absolutely love them. the blades come in 20 boxes of 5 and i haven't used one box yet. best christmas present ever.

u/Tunesmith_ · 2 pointsr/wicked_edge

Also, I think you'll find there are much better deals on blades online.

Actually, you can probably find everything shaving related cheaper than in a brick and mortar shave shop.

Good luck!

u/redux42 · 2 pointsr/BuyItForLife

I used to absolutely love the Swedish Gillette blades but they stopped making them. These are my new standard:

u/designtofly · 2 pointsr/wicked_edge

No kidding! For some reason, Amazon selects the 4-pack automatically. This link should select a single 100-blade package that's fulfilled by Amazon:

However, even a 4-pack shouldn't be more than $40.

u/TheAthenaOwl · 2 pointsr/transontario

I've been ordering my blades from Amazon. They're super cheap and the quality is fine.

I buy the Astra blades here:

u/mriswithe · 2 pointsr/gifs

Just a suggestion, best blades I have ever used, and for $12 you are good for quite a long time. 100 blades is 12 cents a blade, and you use half of one in a shavette. When I shaved regularly I would go a week of shaving daily without issue on one, just changed it after a week or so usually because I could.

u/Rugiewit · 2 pointsr/explainlikeimfive

I recently bought 2 year's worth of blades for $11. Check out r/wicked_edge

u/ilikesleep · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon


Civilized men always need to Shave

u/AttilaTheHungover · 2 pointsr/malegrooming

Used to have this problem also, maybe just not as severe. I would always get itchy rash type things and ingrown hairs on my neck. The following worked for me, but it may not for anyone else considering everyone is different.

First, I only shave after I get out of a nice hot shower. Really opens up the pores and gets the hair soft. Then, instead of using typical canned commercial shaving cream, I switched to hair conditioner, and it works well, with the added bonus of adding a little moisture to your skin in the process. To actually shave, I switched to using one of these instead of one of the "five-blade-40-dollar-high-tec" razors. I know it's not technically a true straight razor but I'm in college ballin' on a budget so it's what I can afford. It will take some time to get good at, and you will cut yourself in the process, but once you get the hang of it, it is a much closer shave. Then, rinse your face, dry it off, and throw on some mild scented aftershave.

As suggested, /r/wicked_edge is an incredibly helpful community for things like this.

TL;DR stopped using commercial shaving cream, bought a "straight razor," shaved with the grain, fixed all my problems. /r/wicked_edge plug

u/vailman · 2 pointsr/wicked_edge

> a SE for £10 which includes 100 blades

The SE's that have replaceable blades are referred to as Shavettes. You can buy blades for them or buy DE blades and snap them in half. I have a shavette and I just use my DE blades. I have This One. When you see people suggest blade sampler packs for DE shavers who are starting, that same advise applies to the shavette. I dont use my shavette very much because my beard hair on my neck grows from my chin out which makes going against the grain very difficult. Any cheap "true" SE that is cheap is not going to be able to be honed properly and/or be able to hold an edge. Honing service from maggard razors is only $20 but if you buy a vintage SE it may need restoration as well which is more expensive.

> I swear they put some addictive drug in it

Thats called caffine! But I wouldn't be surprised if there was some cocaine in there as well!

u/icantbelieveitsnotme · 2 pointsr/wicked_edge

i had the same one (my barber sold one as well), but i didnt like the slide that holds the blade. eventually, it got loose and would slide when i dipped it in water. i bought the parker SR1 recently, and i love it. the parker holds the blade differently, more securely.

u/Jay_Normous · 2 pointsr/ArtisanVideos

No, there are straight razors with a disposable blades like this one called shavettes

and this one

The original video showed this at 4:22. See how clunky the blade looks when he's shaving the guys neck? It's a disposable cartridge. It doesn't look like Hawley is using one like that in the shaving video

u/ahawks · 2 pointsr/wicked_edge

I have the same thing, and also one with a plastic handle. It's the Parker SR1. I have the Parker SRW

You use disposable blades in it. I use the shark blades that come with it.

Frankly, their build quality is pretty crappy, but with a disposable blade you really can't beat the sharpness and low maintenance aspects. And they're super cheap.

Edit: on the SR1 page, there is a customer photo/comment from me detailing why I say they're built crappy.

u/thehippestcat · 2 pointsr/AskReddit

there are straight razors that use the disposable blades, you just need to bend them and break them in half. so when you buy 100 blades, you're really getting 200.

u/RavenOdette · 2 pointsr/wicked_edge

I use a Parker SR1 not sure if it counts as a DE or a straight razor since it's a little of both

u/elgringo · 2 pointsr/AskReddit

I have hated shaving for quite some time. But, a few months back, I bought this razor on a lark:

I'm in love. I really enjoy the hell out of shaving now that I'm shaving with a straight edge. Shaving has become something of a soothing ritual... take the brush and lather the soap up, hot steamy water to the face, shave face with a straight edge, repeat (closer shave when you do it twice), cleanup and replace blade for next shave.

I find myself shaving more often than I need to. Maybe it's just an excuse to play with a knife. I always have loved playing with them. Perhaps it's the challenge of getting the hand/eye/pressure coordination just right that I enjoy so much. Regardless, I like shaving now. I'm getting a very close shave, and as an added perk, it's hella cheap.

Items I use:

The razor. I would suggest getting a razor with a replacable blade unless you really enjoy sharpening your razor and stropping it every time you're going to shave.

The brush and soap. I can see myself upgrading these, but regardless, I'm really rather happy with them.

You'll inevitably nick yourself. A small dab of styptic pencil, and it stops the bleeding and cleans the wound. Stings just a bit, though.

After my first shave, I liked it so much, I straight away bought another 120 replacable blades. Nothing like a virgin blade every time you shave.

u/psyic · 2 pointsr/wicked_edge

To piggy back on other comments, consider a replaceable-blade straight razor. It has the lack of honing of a DE, the affordability of disposable blades, and the badass feeling of a straight. I just got a Parker SR1 ( and I love it so far!

u/2dP_rdg · 2 pointsr/gifs

Love it. Amazon says I bought mine in Apr 2012. So we're going on 4 years and haven't regretted it a bit. Never even thought to replace it with a different one. I shave ~3 times a week and have a shaped beard (less shaving surface) so I'm slow to go through blades. Amazon says I bought Feather Hi-Stainless Platinum Double Edge Razor Blades 30 Ct on Apr 2012 when I bought the handle. Then I switched to Astra Superior Platinum Double Edge Razor Blades - 30 Ct on August 2014. Plus a $12 Tweezerman shaving brush.. That's $77.59 (mostly upfront) but only $1.73/mo since I gave up cartridges (not including shaving soap)... The brush is just starting to get to the point where I am looking at replacing it / switching it to my travel brush. Financially, it's so worth it to give up cartridges. In regards to the blades, I may switch back to Feather.

I started with this (Nov 2011) and I have never cut/bled so much in my life haha. Holy crap did this take some practice. Eventually, I gave up.

u/jdubba · 2 pointsr/wicked_edge

> Im looking to get a razor on Amazon due to convenience, any suggestions would be appreciated.

Honestly, I understand where you're coming from. I think a lot of us coming in have the same thought, you're in unfamiliar territory trying to order from an unknown source and amazon is a safe, known place to pick things up. However, if you choose to upgrade, I strongly recommend going to somewhere like Maggard Razors. The owners run an excellent customer focused business, that out does amazon by a mile on a lot of things. There are some commercial items you can do better on through amazon if you know what you're looking for, but in general, they are just the best place to go. You can check out safely through Pay Pal, and they ship very quickly. I think if you look around you'll see and endless amount of recommendations for using them here, and for very good reason. In the world of wet shaving, it just doesn't get more convenient than Maggards.

Specifically if I were in your position, I would order an MR-1 or an MR-5 and select the V3A head. It will run you about $26 + shipping. You won't get a more efficient razor than that from amazon for that price. It is considered to be on the more aggressive side for razors, but you've been at it for six months, so it shouldn't be an issue. I find it to be very comfortable to use, and it's currently one of my favorite razors.


All that being said, if you want some options from amazon, here are a few. The one you linked above was my first DE, and I would not recommend it. It was inefficient (very mild), and I don't care for the thin hollow handle.

  • Edwin Jagger DE89 — Decent razor, will be more efficient than the one you have, but is still comfortable.
  • Mühle R89 — Same head design as the Edwin Jagger, but manufactured by Mühle. Generally has a better fit and finish than the EJ
  • Merkur Progress — Modern adjustable that will allow you to change the settings to find the balance of comfort and efficiency that works best for you. Downside is the plastic adjustment knob.

    Most of the results that come up if you search amazon for safety razors, are just overpriced weishi or baili clones, which is same thing you have right now. The rest are EJ clones that may be coming out of Pakistan and have serious QC issue. A prime example of something to avoid is that Viking Blade razor near the top of the results, which is a $9 baili razor selling for nearly $40. Be careful to avoid stuff like that, which is one more reason why places like Maggards are held in high regard. They are very transparent about all the things they sell, and you don't have to worry about getting scammed.
u/orwiad10 · 2 pointsr/army

$40 including shipping over 200 shaves or move @ 2 cent or less per shave. 2 shaves per side? That's 400 shaves or 5 days a week for 80 weeks... after you buy the razor, you will shave for 5 dollars for every year to 1.5, forever. Following years it's .025 cent per shave

Dollar shave club at the cheapest is apox 36 a year. 5 double blades per month, meaning you'd average about 3 to 4 shaves per cartridge. That 4th time is rough, doesn't matter what brand it is. I'm getting .2 per shave for 12 months on the math for this one.

So, for cost, you get more shaves, and (imo) more quality buying in bulk. But the true difference is years to come, DSC, keep paying your yearly 36, or pay 5 every 1 to 1.5 years.

u/Kusatteiru · 2 pointsr/PersonalFinanceCanada

The one I bought is the Merkur 34C, it is pricy and if you have larger hands. The Merku4 34C will feel small. Select the 38C, as it has a longer handle.

The other one I have seen people recommend it the Edwing Jagger DE89lbl. I think either one will work fine. If you can get to a House of Knives or a Tommy gun's I think they will have them on display so you can handle them.

Please note, unlike your normal cartridge razors, these razors are top heavy. It takes a bit of practice to be able to shave well, quickly and not cut yourself. Since the weight is at the top, you need less overall pressure to shave. Also I would really recommend that you sign up for one of those razor blade clubs, that way you have a large selection of blades to try. Not all razor blades are the same. I use feather because I read they are really good but aggressive blades. I had no idea what that meant. It just means you gotta be careful. My SO kept going "i see you cut yourself again" for a good 3 months. While I learned how to shave with both the razor and the blade combination. The razor itself will come with a blade, and the others you will have to try on your own. Looking back, I should have signed up for a "gift box" of blades to try a couple of brands instead of just going "I'll just use Feather because the internet said it was good."

Good Luck.

Also not using alcohol based aftershave and shaving foam has been great for my face. I use shaving soap, and some baby oil.

u/OVNEV · 2 pointsr/everymanshouldknow

Get a safety razor and a box of 100 blades for like $30 will last you a few years if you shave like twice a week. A straight razor is too expensive IMO, they are like 200 dollars and you have to strop them. Get something like this with a blade sampler pack. I think Feather is the best blade but people have many different opinions on blades. A sampler pack will help you choose what you like the best. As always, check out /r/wicked_edge as well.

u/twentyafterfour · 2 pointsr/wicked_edge

Are there any notable differences between the DE87 and DE89 besides the fact that the 89 has the solid metal handle as opposed to the faux ivory?

u/improbablyhungry · 2 pointsr/wicked_edge

just get a DE already.

cant beat that deal.

pick up a brush and some quality cream and get into it.

u/ryemanhattan · 2 pointsr/gifs

You should seriously try a double edge razor. Blades are way cheaper, and most people find that one blade gives a better shave than the current crop of multi-blade cartridge razors.

I've liked this one. Give it a try, you may never go back

u/ilovetofaceswap · 2 pointsr/Wetshaving

Yeah, they are actually all clones of this design:

u/freebeer256 · 2 pointsr/Frugal

There's a whole subreddit for wet shaving. My roomate switched to it and says it's amazing


Edit... He uses a a safety razor such as this. The blades are cheap, and he claims it gives him a much better, less irritating shave than something such as a Mach 3.

u/Durithill · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

How about this? Or is that too expensive? >_<

u/RexWM · 2 pointsr/BuyItForLife

I've had this for 4 years. Still works perfectly.

u/Kabloski · 2 pointsr/wicked_edge

I've been a lurker for a while, finally took the plunge after I saw my dorm mate's Merkur DE Razor. Items in the picture:

Luxury Beginner Wet Shaving Starter Kit from (Thanks, guys. I love you.)

An Edwin Jagger DE89Lbl

100 of the 200 Derby Extra Double Razor Blades (My friend bought the other half.)

u/counterattackk · 2 pointsr/wicked_edge

I forgot why I chose this particular one as I made this list some months ago, but looking into it again-

I'm now leaning towards a closed comb razor (as I've read that they are easier for beginners to get into, are more sensitive on the skin, and my hair isn't extremely coarse). Is there a particular one that you recommend?

I'm currently looking into this Edwin Jagger because this website says that its scalloped safety bar design provides the most support for sensitive skin.

u/treefiddylq · 2 pointsr/wicked_edge


I made sure to get a good razor since I assumed that was the most important part. It was consistently one of the highest rated on the reddit threads so I figured I couldn't go wrong.

Since the Brush/Soap was an "oh shit I need something right now", I got something cheap. The brush isn't very good, which is expected for 1 piece of a $10 3 pack.

I'm definitely using both poor blade angle and too much pressure. I need to find that right angle, because when I try to go shallow, I go too shallow and end up just scrapping the top of the DE across the soap for no cut.

I love your first suggestion for flipping the razor. It's simple, so I'll be trying that.

u/MutinyGMV · 2 pointsr/BlackHair

Using a one bladed safety razor has completely STOPPED my in grown hair issue.

I use that cheap one from Amazon. Works great and only took about a week to get used to it vs my Mach 3.

u/i_steal_your_lemons · 2 pointsr/CoolCollections

Hi. I know this is pretty late, but I’ve been using a safety razor for the last six years. While which razor is best is totally subjective, after owning several more expensive ones, I actually found I prefer the straight forward basic [Merkur Classic](Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor Great price and great shave. Oh, and don’t buy into that whole “you have to do this and this and properly do this” ritual shit some people try to feed in videos and even on the subreddits. Just shave as you normally would and you’ll find what works best for you.

u/littlespark88 · 2 pointsr/Showerthoughts

I prefer the ones with longer handles! I think this one is the one I have: Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor Makes it easier to finagle.

The blades are super cheap so pick out a few brands and try them! I normally use Astra. I also use my regular shaving cream (Eos).

Hope this helps! I think you’ll love it.

u/TheTrueLordHumungous · 2 pointsr/AskMen

Go with a good old fashioned disposable safety razor setup. for the money, its tough to find something better than the Merkur. The razor itself might be more, but at less than $0.10 a blade, you wont mind using a new one with every shave.

u/slash178 · 2 pointsr/NoStupidQuestions

Safety razor works best for me too. I've tried it all. Trimmer just makes it short and scratchy, doesn't get you shaved. I use this one with these blades. Keep one hand dry to pull the skin tight, always use a sharp blade.

u/ASAP_Cobra · 2 pointsr/AdviceAnimals

I have had this one for 6 years and it serves its purpose well each and every time I use it:

You can probably get away with something cheaper but for the blades since you're starting out, I'd suggest the Derby blades.

Check out /r/wicked_edge for more info.

u/marnie_loves_cats · 2 pointsr/sparfuechse

Ich habe den Merkur 23c der hat einen längeren Griff und eignet sich super für die Ganzkörperrasur

u/Hatless · 2 pointsr/AskMen

I bought this long-handled one from Merkur. I also picked up a sample pack of assorted blades. Can't remember which one, but there are plenty of options on Amazon.

u/VincentClebard · 2 pointsr/france


Je te fais la liste avec prix arrondis.

  • Merkur manche long. Fait pour durer des années. 28€

  • Pierre d'Alun Osma. C'est une pierre. C'est fait pour durer, aussi. 7€

  • Savon Jagger au bois de santal. Un commentateur dit qu'il reste la moitié du savon après trois mois d'utilisation. 9€

  • Blaireau Jagger, taille M. Aucune idée de la longévité. 29€

  • Une centaine de lames Derby. Entre trois mois et un an (voire plus) de rasage. 11€

    J'ai pris uniquement des produits très basiques, très communs. Le coût initial peut sembler élevé, mais finalement, seuls le Merkur (29€) et les lames (11€) changent par rapport à d'autres pratiques du rasage.
u/strolls · 2 pointsr/business

I'm in the UK, so got mine from Shave Lounge, but I was thinking about using Connaught for more blades, as their postage seems a little cheaper (also, I kinda like their archaic website). There are lots of US suppliers listed on the /r/wicked_edge wiki.

I got a Parker 91R because I believe that the handle should be knurled. It's not that fancy (although I see there are cheaper), but it's fine. You can get it for $30 in the US, it seems.

Buy a sampler or two of blades and see which ones you like. This seems to be a subjective matter - I've only tried two brands so far, as they're the ones which came with my razor; I liked the Derby Extra, which lots of people seem to dislike, whereas the Persona Platinum didn't suit me.

I kinda think the subscribers to /r/wicked_edge are taking it a bit too seriously, posting photos of their new razors and making it into a "hobby", but I can feel a noticeable difference between the two brands of blades.

The /r/wicked_edge subscribers harp on about shaving gel / foam being shitty - I bought a brush and the kind of shaving soap they recommend, but haven't used it, as Gillette gel still seems fine to me.

Hope this helps.

u/Dirk_Gently · 2 pointsr/AskReddit

I switched to a Merkur safty razor about 3 months ago (I used the same vibrating nonsense Fusion razor previously). I've been very happy with it. Shaving takes longer, but I get a better shave, and it's more enjoyable. I think I've nicked my face twice since I started. If you go slow you'll be fine.

I'd recommend checking out some of the forums like Badger and Blade and some youtube videos like mantic59's

Keep in mind, especially on the forums, there are some self righteous nuts who take themselves and their shaving method a little too seriously. It's not a big problem, but be aware so you don't get put off by it.

I got all my stuff on amazon (because I have a prime membership), But west coast shaving is a favorite of many. A usual recommendation is to get one of their blade samplers, so you can see what works for you. I like Derby extras, but blades are a personal preference thing. Most people will tell you to stay away from feather blades when you're first starting. I haven't had a problem with them, but my razor isn't super aggressive and my face isn't overly sensitive.

You have to get your technique down before you'll get good shaves, and that takes a while. The most helpful advice I got was to lock your wrist and make all the movement with your upper arm. This helps you to keep a consistent angle, and was really helpful for me.

Is it more economical? It can be, blades are much cheaper than modern cartridges. Especially once you figure out what type of blades you like, you can buy in larger quantities and get a better discount. The initial outlay is higher though, you'll need shaving soap or cream, a razor, blades, and a decent brush.

On the subject of shaving brushes, most people will recommend you get a badger hair brush. I have both a moderate quality badger brush and a cheap boar brush, and really, I like both. One of the good things about using a shave brush is that it scrubs your face, and a boar brush will do this far more aggressively. feels good man. The badger brushes are softer, and hold more water for a nicer lather. So it's something you'll have to try for yourself.

So if you have $100 to spend, I'd probably go:

cream (if you're not opposed to menthol, proraso if very nice)

So it's not super cheap to get into, but the razor will last forever unless you take an angle grinder to it, the brush will last pretty much forever if you treat it right. You get 40 blades for $16 (compare to 4 blades for the same price for a cartridge) and the proraso is a big ass tube that will last you a long time.

Hopefully that was all coherent enough to be useful.

Also, Buying shaving stuff can be addicting. Looking around at this stuff makes me want to spend at least $400,000 on razors and brushes and shaving creams. beware.

u/mental405 · 2 pointsr/woodworking

I hollowed out the entire piece of maple and epoxied it over the original handle.

Here is the original razor

u/password12345432 · 2 pointsr/ireland

If you're using modern razors that might be the problem. I used to be the same as I too have incredibly sensitive skin. Totally changed my life when I was given this razor as a present... they are so much gentler than the manufactured multi-blade razors like gillette, especially since you can control the angle yourself. I even ended up going and splurging on a cutthroat after which while still softer than modern razors I don't think is quite as good as a double-edge safety IMO.

And quite apart from being better, they're so much cheaper to use. A pack of 100 blades for about €8.

Downside is shaving will take a little longer, but IMO it's totally worth it. I'd honestly give it a try.

u/Ty6255 · 2 pointsr/TheGirlSurvivalGuide

I had awful itching after shaving as well since I have super thick hair. What helped me the most has been switching from disposable razors to a safety razor. This is the razor I have and I love it:

I bought a pack of 200 blades for like 10 bucks and I can switch out the blade every other shave. I think it was using razors for a long time that really caused the itching for me since they got dull but they were so expensive I couldn't justify using a new one so frequently. With this I can change out the blade often without feeling bad. Using it is a bit of a learning curve but I prefer it so much to disposable razors and will never go back. It'll save you a ton of money in the long run as well.

u/Dubaya · 2 pointsr/wicked_edge

Congrats on your new job. Here is a quick and easy intro kit that a lot people start with. there are tons of options so if you dont like this or are looking for something specific just say so.



Blade Sampler

should be right under $70. Get styptic pencil at grocery for $1 and keep using the after shave you have.

Edit: to say go to youtube lookup matic59 and watch his watch these first playlist. That will give you a great intro to wet shaving. then you can watch the rest of his videos for more specif advice and techniques if you want.

u/kryren · 2 pointsr/TwoXChromosomes

I use this one. It's nothing special aside from it has a long, textured handle where as my husband uses one with a standard, smoother handle. The longer handle is, for me, better for getting my legs and awkward bikini areas. Look around online and see what looks best. I've seen razors come with cool wooden handles and colored metals!

Keep an eye on it as it can rust and get dirty after a while (like, I don't hardly shave during the winter so come spring I might have some rust from it being in the shower unused). Just pop the blade out and put the razor in the dishwasher to clean it.

u/whotookmysammich · 2 pointsr/milwaukee

Invest in a safety razor.

The initial purchase for the razor itself will run you $30-$40, but after that you only need to buy the blades. I buy Gillette Platinums, which are $6 for a 5-pack at The Art of Shaving.

u/demizer · 2 pointsr/funny

Time for some gospel... Reddit, please don't use these razors. Use a safety razor, soap, and a badger brush for shaving. I shave my head and face every 3+ days. I go through a small container of soap every 4 months, and I still haven't went through the $10 pack of 100 razor blades I bought almost two years ago. I also get a much closer shave and the soap is not as harsh on my skin as the gel shit. The initial investment is about $70+, but it saves a lot of time and money in the long run and you get a mans shave, close and clean with little irritation. I spent about $15 shaving in 2011. I did cut myself really bad in the first month or two of using razors, but after that I got a styptic pencil to seal up wounds instantly.

Soap: ($10)

Brush: ($14)

Blades: ($10)

Razor: ($33)

Styptic: ($1)

Edit: Forgot to mention, I shave my head and face in about 12 minutes. When you have a fresh razor the hair comes right off. I have shaved off 1 weeks worth of growth (think thick irish beard) on one fresh razor in minutes.

u/OhSeven · 2 pointsr/AskReddit

Thanks for another option. I haven't looked too carefully yet. The one I saw was the Wilkinson Sword Classic, somebody there gave it a video review.

Would you have a suggestion for something in the $10-$20 range? To start with of course

u/ImSpicy · 2 pointsr/wicked_edge

I got all this awesome stuff being shipped to me at the moment and I can't wait to use it:

Merkur 180,
Van Der Hagen Premium Shave Set - Soap, Bowl, Brush),
100 pack Derby Blades, and Styptic Pencil

Well, maybe not the alum pencil, but everything else I'm pretty amped about. I do need a brush stand though.

I figured I'd start with a decent razor and upgrade everything else as I got more familar with wet shaving.

EDIT: Too early, need coffee.

u/ClassyKarl · 2 pointsr/wicked_edge

I'm currently using Derby Extra blades.

They're above average quality and an unbeatable value, but they don't match the Feather blades that I'm used to in quality.

u/Vernana · 2 pointsr/wicked_edge

Check it out they're $8.20 here shipping included

u/viscence · 2 pointsr/AskReddit

This will probably even save you money in the long run, so go nuts:

u/friend_in_rome · 2 pointsr/malefashionadvice

FWIW, I use:

  • Merkur razor
  • Derby blades

    and just regular old shaving cream from a can. Works fine. I get maybe 3 shaves per blade, but I'm doing my whole head as well as much of my face. (I keep a Gilette for when I travel because I don't trust TSA to not panic and confiscate my shit, and I get 3-4 shaves out of each Gilette blade as well.)

    I think I paid $15 for a box of 100 blades, so each shave costs me about a nickel. $40 for the razor pays for itself pretty damn quick.
u/cynthiadangus · 2 pointsr/wicked_edge

They're 7.91 now! Time to stock up!

u/drexhex · 2 pointsr/AskReddit

100-pack of Derby Razor Blades for $15. That's $0.15/blade, and each blade gets 8-10 shaves (at least - that's usually when I change my blade)

u/otherwiseyep · 2 pointsr/science

No sharpening. You just unscrew the top and toss the old blade. New blades cost about 15 cents apiece.

This is the razor I use:

These are the blades I usually get:

I change the blade every third shave or so. They are so cheap that there's never any reason to shave with a dull blade.

u/Ludakrit · 2 pointsr/MGTOW

Are you using REAL disposable blades? Like:

Or are you using Gilette/multi blade ones?

u/eecue · 2 pointsr/Antiques

Now you need to pick up a fat boy, pretty much the best ones they ever made and the one I use every day. Also I strongly suggest using Feather Blades, they're amazing.

u/RenaissanceGentleman · 2 pointsr/wicked_edge

I figure it's only right of me to explain where I purchased everything!

As much as I would like to say that I picked up everything in the picture at a luxury grooming shop off Jermyn Street in London, it's all actually from Amazon. The razor, stand, and bowl were purchased together as a part of this gift set, though since I had no intention of using the included brush or soap, I probably should've purchased them separately.

Speaking of brushes, the brush is a Parker in 100% silvertip badger, which can be found here. As I mentioned in another comment in this post, the brush is a great deal; it's not only cheaper than most other silvertip brushes, but it makes a great lather to boot. Matches the set, too!

As the picture shows, I'm using Proraso shaving cream and aftershave, although I recently picked up some Edwin Jagger aloe aftershave as well. Both smell fantastic, the latter being my preference.

Not show in the picture are Feather razor blades and a styptic pencil, although I intend to switch to alum soon.

And you guys said doing this would be cheaper than using cartridges... ;)

u/justduck01 · 2 pointsr/todayilearned

They work just fine, and at less than $0.50 per double-edged razor, you tell me if its worth the savings.

Me, I love not paying more than $2.00 per razor. Your call.

u/Perturabo_Lupercal · 2 pointsr/China

Not cartridges. It's not a straight razor or anything lol. Just the old double edge single razor blades like these:

u/redditiem · 2 pointsr/wicked_edge

No feathers? :(

u/hopeless698 · 2 pointsr/BuyItForLife

Ahh. I have thicker Arab hair. I use a straight razor so I don’t think the aggressiveness of the razor affects me much.

they’re also dirt cheap

u/cleeder · 2 pointsr/BuyItForLife

Now just get some decent blades. Wilkson blades a trash. Hardly even sharp from the get-go, dull quickly, and cost too much when I do see them.

I'm an Astra man myself.

u/IIllIlIl · 2 pointsr/askgaybros


If I was the other guy I wouldn't give 2 shits about razor burn on your ass. I mean if anything I'd think to myself "at least he's trying".

I'll also suggest (like the good fedora wearing /r/wicked_edge browser that I am) to check out a safety razor.

something like this:

Since I switched I don't get razor burn no matter where I shave.


>If I was the other guy I wouldn't give 2 shits about razor burn on your ass. I mean if anything I'd think to myself "at least he's trying".

>I'll also suggest (like the good fedora wearing /r/wicked_edge browser that I am) to check out a safety razor.

>something like this:


>FOR ME, Since I switched I don't get razor burn no matter where I shave.

>I'm sure there is actual science and reason behind it, but FOR ME it's just incredibly smooth compared to a high-end disposable. FOR ME, I used to get it really really bad on MY neck. Like 6 hours after I shaved FOR ME it would be red with razor burn no matter what. I tried shaving in different directions, slowing down, aftershave. Nothing worked FOR ME. So I check out the safety razor and poof, all MY razor burn problems are gone.
FOR ME, If I really rush MY shave then I will often get little nicks but if I go at a leisurely pace and don't shave like a neanderthal then it looks great and it's dirt cheap compared to nice disposables.
FOR ME, I can shave every other day for 6 months with a brand new blade every time for only ~10-15$[1]
As for shaving on MY body, I will usually hack it down with an electric razor first, like a body groomer. Then I will just run the safety razor over the area dry. It might not be the best or smartest way but it works great FOR ME. I don't get razor burn and I don't even use a shave cream or anything. I could never do that with a disposable, even with lotion/shave cream/etc.
As for why, MY uneducated opinion is that I have 1 really sharp blade, not 5 sort of sharp (eventually dull) blades. 1 blade irritates MY SKIN less than 5 :D. That's MY broscience opinion.
Check out the /r/wicked_edge[2] wiki for some info

*Edited my post just in case OP thought I was giving peer reviewed evidence like some dumb fucks around here.

u/pcadrian · 2 pointsr/wicked_edge

I got the green ones, but really, it's probably better to include them in a sampler pack first and make sure they work for you.

u/idrac1964 · 2 pointsr/AskMen

My man - get yourself a safety razor and enjoy all of the luxuries that a single-bladed disposable razor offers without any of the downsides

The blades are so dirt cheap. Like they're 10 cents a piece if you buy it online.

Something like this:

And blades like this:


The nice thing about a safety razor is when you want to clean out the hair, all you have to do is unscrew the top a few turns and it loosens up and gives you more clearance in-between the blade and the handle - the water washes the hair right out.

I go through about 1 blade a week, so my shaving bill is now literally 40-50 cents per month, and it is way better than disposables.

u/notaneggspert · 2 pointsr/Frugal

Copy paste of my story

I've spent a total of maybe $70 in shaving over 3 years

$10 antique find for the razor

$14 target sourced badger brush,

$15 stand since coathangers get rusty

$10 100 blades (you want to start with a sampler though to figure out which blades are right for your face)

$0.67/oz shaving cream

Each blade lasts me 2-3 weeks so that box of 100 should last at around 4 years, that soap foams up like crazy I think I go through a little over a tube per year. So the soap/razors are cheap the buy in cost is the razor, stand, brush and bowl if you want to go that way I just build the lather on my face.

You also probably want some after shave and lotion but you probably already have some, I just use over the counter navivia or what ever and the blue stuff but /r/wicked_edge has all kinds of suggestions

u/Chr0nicler · 2 pointsr/Wet_Shavers

First time poster here but there will be plenty more to come.

Duke Cannon Shave Cream: This is some pretty good stuff. I mainly got it because of the ingredients you get for the price. It's 6 oz for $13 which is pretty decent. I smell manly as all shit after I shave too but that's half the reason we're in this right?

It's ranked above Art of Shaving on an review which sells at lower quantaties and higher prices. ($16 for 2.5 oz)

70s Gillette Super adjustable: Butterfly open, long handle, awesome. Do they even make anything better than this?

My grandpa gave me his collection of saftey razors. I also have a 40's Gold Tech, some 1920s comb guard ones, and some SE ones I don't remember the name/brand of. They're a bit burried now but I can get pics later.

Rooney Brush + Vintage Old Spice Shaving Mug: Two more hand me downs.

The mug is a shave mug, has the slots to hold the soap in place etc.

The rooney brush is an English made badger brush. I'd been using those crappy Van Der Hagen brushes from the drug store and the hairs would come out in chunks no matter how I hung it to dry. This vintage thing hasn't lost more than 2-3 hairs and I've been using it for over a year.

Astra Superior Platinum Blades: $10 for 100x blades that cut like lasers.

Alright the elephant in the room: weird packaging. These things are made in St. Petersburg, Russia, distrubuted by proctor and gamble czech republic, have arabic all over them, and somehow hungary is involved.

Honestly I don't know what to say other than these blades are the sharpest for the price you can possibly get. I've tried vintage gillete super blues, 40s gillette thins, modern wilkinsons, and they all pulled. With these I could shave my whole beard without trimming it (I did for a speech class).

u/ThisOpenFist · 2 pointsr/NoStupidQuestions

Double-edged safety razor. The handle might run you $30-50, but the blades are super cheap if you buy in bulk. You can continue to use ordinary shaving cream.



I take my razor to the shower with me, since I already have hot water running. Makes rinsing easier.

Hello, Price Zombie.

u/hazeleyedwolff · 2 pointsr/wicked_edge

I shave every other day, but there isn't much difference in the quality of my shave if I wait an extra day or two. It sounds like you either need to work on your technique/blade angle or go with a different blade. I got the 100 Astra Super Premium pack for like $10 a while back. I figured it was cheaper than most samplers and if they didn't work I could swap them on /r/Shave_Bazaar/ . You can check that site for blade trades like this and see if you can try some new things without shelling out more cash.

u/BallisticBurrito · 2 pointsr/todayilearned

The brand is Astra and the type is 'Superior Platinum' in the green box. There's a place on amazon that sells them for $7-9 a box of 100 from time to time but they sell out FAST.
This is the kind:

u/The_Red_Maple_Leaf · 2 pointsr/shaving
u/MADmaroi · 2 pointsr/asktransgender

Ok i'm back now,

I treated myself to this for being a good girl ;)



Went a little fancy here but you can get the same results with a similar setup.
These work wonders if you need to do the face.

The thing i like about this is i can through blades and it won't cost me much, as in i bought 100 blades for $10USD off amazon* which is cheap compared to conventional cartridge razors. This means that since i will be going through them quite quickly if i do large things like legs kinda frequently, i can use a new blade each time if i like. However i try to use them a few times to truly get my moneys worth.

The shaving soap will last forever like years, well a very long time and so will the Brush as well as the DE razor itself. The soap is nice and natural but can be a little tricky to lather up into a big heap quickly so that's why there is shaving cream. E.g
I might get one like this in the future but will try out my free testpot of the stuff that i got with the rest of the items before i lash out and buy the tub.

I use a rectangular bowl to swish out the razor once i have passed it a couple of times over the area being shaved. I also have a nice 900ml baking bowl to create the lather in.

I just now did my first waxing of my underarms because shaving was not doing a very good job as in i could still see the follicles under the skin. I can tell you that waxing my underarms may have just been the most satisfying thing i have ever done and the sharp then warm pain was.... nice too ah the squealing ;) not like the horrible epilator, omg.
I just used some disposable wax strips that i got on sale like 1/3 the price of all the stuff in the grocery stores work pretty good might have to use them on some other areas that epilating is out of the question atm. I plan on stocking up on these as well. Don't use them on the face tho.

My first shaver like a year ago was one of the Schick Hydro ones and i didn't really know what i was doing and obviously didn't know that they get blunt (silly me) it was snagging on the hair and hurt like hell but i thought that this was how it was. lol

I always recommend shaving in the shower. You can even use hair conditioner as a substitute for creams or soaps or even as a pre shave to soften up the hairs just apply wait rinse then apply what ever cream or soap then shave. I would recommend using a bath glove/exfoliating glove to cleanse the skin before shaving. You may also want to look at some form of antiseptic like tea tree oil or aloe vera as well as a good moisturiser to apply right after shaving.

u/Ventusx · 2 pointsr/news

Probably these Razor and Blades

u/JohnnyDerppe · 2 pointsr/Destiny

this + these is ez shaving for pretty cheap, and you can even reuse the blades a couple times. Just make sure your shaving cream isnt poop.

u/Stok3dJ · 2 pointsr/wicked_edge

Hey man, just wanted suggest you check out the Astra blades you can grab off of amazon. I have the same razor but wasn't a fan of the Feathers. Good choice though! Its a great DE.

u/premature_eulogy · 2 pointsr/Suomi

Tälläsiä itse käyttänyt nyt kolmisen vuotta, toistaiseksi rahaa mennyt kolmen vuoden aikana n.20€.

u/Terciel1976 · 2 pointsr/wicked_edge

11.95 on Maggard's for 100

7.69 on Amazon for 100

This is relevant for me, too, as it's my early leader for favorite blade.

u/cwm9 · 2 pointsr/offbeat

This + this = less $ for P&G

u/durants · 2 pointsr/wicked_edge

Then you know what you must do...

Amazon Link

u/johntclark44 · 2 pointsr/Showerthoughts

They are German-made and available in the US, if that is what you're getting at. Couple those with some Col. Conk shave soap ( and you're good to go!

u/l30 · 2 pointsr/videos

How can anyone take shaving advice from a grown-ass man still shaving with a disposable razor? Get a fucking safety razor, you won't regret it.

u/Marsandtherealgirl · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Does he like star trek? This book is super cool.

Aside from nerdy, maybe he would enjoy something like this. Beers are best enjoyed in the appropriate glassware!

edit- I got this razor and this blade sampler kit for my ex and he said it was the best gift he had ever been given.

u/Longboard80 · 2 pointsr/shaving

It could very well be the electric razors, bud. Have you been to r/wicked_edge? I suggest going there and reading the FAQ bar on how to shave with a DE safety razor. I've been doing it for a few months and it's completely transformed my face (although I switched from disposables, not electric). My best friend has been using an electric for years though and complained about irritation. I got him to try the DE safety razor and he really loves it. His face has cleared up and he doesn't get ingrowns anymore.

If you try the safety razor, I recommend these starters:

Shave kit

Or you could try this system which got positive reviews by a user on wicked edge. Bevel

I recommend shaving after a shower, using a thick lather with a brush, and shaving with the grain only. Study your face before you shave. Notice which directions the hair grows on different parts of your face, and be careful to shave with that growth pattern. Use some alum and an after shave with alcohol in it afterwards to reduce redness and ingrown hair.

u/TomBonner1 · 2 pointsr/AskMen

[A safety razor] ( Seriously. You'll get a better shave and the blades are dirt cheap compared to the garbage sold by Gillette and Shick. And they last longer.

u/GhostOfTheNet · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Thank you for the contest!

My cheapest item is Magic card! This safety razor would be sweet.

u/Sideshowxela · 2 pointsr/wicked_edge

You can get the Merkur 180 for pretty cheap over at Amazon. This Tweezerman brush is a cheap but capable item that's good for beginners. You'll want some soap or shaving cream, Col Conk/Proraso are popular soaps and Proraso is the go-to cream. Blade preference varies from person to person; some blades irritate some people's skin, some aren't quite sharp enough, etc. You'll have to learn as you go. It's generally agreed that Feather blades are super sharp, so you may want to stay away from those until you're more used to DE shaving. You'll also need a stand because your brush has to hang bristles down while drying; I've got the Col Conk one and it works well, but I've seen ones that work just as well made from wire clothes hangers so that's the way you want to go on a budget.

u/CountVonTroll · 2 pointsr/wicked_edge

If you can't find a vintage Lady's Gillette, consider the Merkur 180 (a.k.a. Merkur 23C). The one you'd get wouldn't be vintage, but at least the short handled version has been around for some 80 years. It has a long handle, good weight and grip, and it's all metal.

On the other hand, if you're happy with your Lord, why not wait until you make a nice find? If you convince your friends to get one of their own, maybe one of them would let you try the model they've got, so you could compare.

u/gsfgf · 2 pointsr/wicked_edge

Awesome. Thanks so much. So I'd be set to if I get a kit like this?

Amazon has this brush, this razor, and this soap on package deal.

This toner

and this alum block

Does that look like a good start, and am I missing anything?

u/fansetta · 2 pointsr/AskReddit

do this, no questions asked:

  1. buy this. and this. and this. and this. buy this if you are a terrorist. buy this if you are justin bieber. buy this.

  2. hot water on your face for 15 seconds. soap up your face (not with shaving cream, you fuck)

  3. shave.

  4. spit on the mirror if it gets foggy. hit it with a few squirts of cleaner every 3 months.

  5. aftershave lotion. done. now go download more porn.
u/SeeEmTrollin · 2 pointsr/pics

Or buy a Merkur and shave like a real man!

u/tgjer · 2 pointsr/AskReddit

An old-school style safety razor, a pack of 200 blades, a good brush and some nice shaving soap.

Total cost: about $70 if you get the cheeper packs of blades. He will probably not need to buy any shaving supplies for at least a couple years, and when he does it'll probably be just another $12 pack of blades.

Plus you can get nice smelling shaving soap, and it all looks classy. Be a little cautious in how you approach your brother about the Hygiene Improval Project; kids that age can be really self-conscious.

u/lampplant · 2 pointsr/wicked_edge

Here ya go:

Get some shaving cream and replacement blades at a local supermarket and you're good to go ($35 total).

u/DoctorWhookah · 2 pointsr/wicked_edge

Parker and Merkur make good razors. They're more expensive than something like you could get from Maggard but if you have free gift cards, what the hell.

Razor - Long handled Merkur

I have this Parker brush and I love it. It is pricy and doesn't really fall under "starter" or "budget" labels but it is a nice, soft brush. If you don't want to spent that much or you want boar there are plenty of other options out there.

Tons of blade samplers out there. Pick the one that fits your budget.

I recommend a cream to start with as opposed to a soap. Creams are super simple to build lather with. TOBS is always a good choice. My favorite from them is Eaton College. but they have SEVERAL scents in their lineup.

That's all you really need and it can all be purchased from Amazon. Happy shaving.


u/pangalaticgargler · 2 pointsr/bald

My process. I shave my head in the shower but you may not want to, like to, or feel comfortable doing so.

  1. Shower with warm-hot water.

  2. Put on chosen type of shave cream, gel, substance. (I have been using this which has been wonderful)

  3. I use either a safety razor (this) when I am wide awake and alert, otherwise I use a plastic two blade bic.

  4. Short strokes with little pressure. This I cannot state enough as pushing too hard, taking too long of strokes makes you more likely to cut yourself and get ingrown hairs.

  5. Use your choice of aftershave balm. This is a personal preference. I find that if I don't I will sometimes get that annoying itchy burny feeling.

  6. When I wash my scalp I use a wash cloth and soap and scrub firmly. This has lead to my head having less ingrown hairs/pimples.

  7. Clean your blade. Get the gunk out from between the blades, and put it somewhere it can dry properly.

    Bald life protip: If you are going this way get to learn your scalp. Your skull probably has bumps and ridges that you may not know very well yet. Get to know them as most of my early cuts were from trying to rush and the blade catching a little.

    Shaving tip: Short, soft strokes with a sharp razor. I can't stress this enough.

    Last tip: When beginning to shave your head do it when you have time. Don't do it before school or work do it before bed. Take your time and you will get a better feel for what works best for you.
u/HerpDerpison · 2 pointsr/Frugal
u/flukshun · 2 pointsr/

i just did (better term would be "gone with a more cost-effective solution"):

merkur 180 safety razor: $30
10 merkur double-edged blades: $7

u/StrawberryGuillotine · 2 pointsr/wicked_edge

So I get the shaving cream all mixed up with a brush and then have at it with the shaving razor?

Is this a decent razor to invest in?

u/Bolide92 · 2 pointsr/wicked_edge

I'd recommend this Merkur DE razor for $29.28. I've had mine for 3 years, and absolutely love it.

u/emeliminator · 2 pointsr/ladyshavers

Do you have access to Amazon?

I use the Merkur 180 DE razor and I love it! It has a good weight to it and the handle is long (shaving legs with a short handle razor is tough).

Here's an Amazon link for the razor :

u/Isthisaweekday · 2 pointsr/AskWomen

I used men's razors before switching to this safety razor.

u/dsm4ck · 2 pointsr/malegrooming

May I ask why you will never go back to Dollar Shave Club? Also, I had had good luck with the Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor (MK 23C)

u/UMich22 · 2 pointsr/vegan

Safety Razor


Deodorant - Herban Cowboy Dusk Scent.

Body Wash - tea tree oil from Trader Joe's (buy it there and not on Amazon due to price).

u/engwish · 2 pointsr/videos

Look into using a safety razor. It's a little old-fashioned, but...

  • You buy a $30 razor that you never need to replace - Link
  • Blades cost about $0.17/week - Link
  • Shaving cream lasts you at least 6 months - Link
  • You need to apply using a shaving brush, but they're cheap, too - Link

    All in all, you spend most of your money up front, and then you're looking at about $3.20 or less per month for an amazing shave, depending on how little cream you use.
u/notable_bro · 2 pointsr/AskReddit

Shaving gel with menthol plus a safety razor is the best I've done.

u/Captjacklw · 2 pointsr/malegrooming

I have senestive skin so I always try to get something that helps me not to break out. The cream keeps my face smooth and teh razor best bang for the buck


Cream:Van Der Hagen Shave Butter

u/MetalCard · 2 pointsr/pics

Never been into a straight razor so I use a metal safety razor instead.

I use a Merkur Model 180, a cheap shaving brush (about $15) and simple shaving soap. (about $2.50 each) I buy 100 Razors and one blade lasts a good 2 weeks on average.

Its about $60 initially, then 2.50 every 3 months for new soap, and $16 around every 3.8 years for blades. (3.8 years is an estimation based off 2 week blade use, haven't reached it yet myself.)

Yeah, its going to be more expensive over time for sure compared to your set up, but it beats $34 for 8 razor heads every 3 months.

u/cstoner · 2 pointsr/Frugal

I've never used one of the butterfly ones, but I could never figure out the appeal. On the model I have, I could adjust blade angle by tightening the handle, but I never really bother.

This is the model I use (long handle because I have long hands):

I like the weight. It means I use the weight of the handle to do the shaving. I guarantee that any of the people giving bad reviews on this are pressing WAY too hard on their safety razor, which is a huge mistake. The shaving should be due to angle of approach and not pressure.

The reason I'm pointing all this out is that you should NEVER need to use leverage when shaving.

It also worries me slightly to see only one guide for loading the blades. There are probably some edges I'm not noticing that secure the blade better, though.

u/akitaevita · 2 pointsr/ChurchOfTim

My husband uses a safety razor and is SUPER into it. It's a "thing". We got his handle off Amazon... same one he saw at Art of Shaving but significantly cheaper. The blades are SUPER cheap.

He loves the brush and the soap in the bowl rather than the traditional shave cream because combined with the razor it gives him less ingrown hairs, but that's just preference. He uses Clinique for Men Post Shave Soother and swears by it as well. One little bottle lasts him a good 6 months. I think the combo of his products, liking his handle, and just changing the blade out way more often gives him a better shave and less ingrown hair problems. He's jewish with that super course hair that they tend to have and a LOT of it.

u/mahonster · 2 pointsr/AskReddit

Congrats on getting out of that bad foster situation man. I might have a few tips and tricks I haven't seen getting put out yet for you.

  1. I second what some people are saying, take as many showers as you want. Something I did find, however, is that if I only shampooed my hair every other day, eventually my hair wouldn't get oily. I've found that something like a Head and Shoulders shampoo/conditioner all in one cleans and keeps the white flakies off.

  2. Those razor burn bumps were the bane of my existence, 'till I discovered the old-school double bladed safety razors (like this one and learned how to use one. For the shaving cream I alternate between Shave Secret (you can find it at Wal-Mart for a couple bucks) and a Gillette sensitive skin gel. No more bumps.

  3. I am one hairy dude. I even have hair on the backs of my fingers. Mostly what I do is keep my pubes trimmed up (helps keep down body odor), and every once in a while use a trimmer with a guard to trim up my eyebrows and get rid of the uni-brow. They would look like caterpillars having sex on my face otherwise. I wouldn't recommend the eyebrow trimming unless it noticeably gets out of hand, but definitely take care of the uni-brow, if you're cursed with that. Otherwise, lots and lots of chicks dig a hairy-chested (fit) dude.

  4. T-shirts get one use from me. Button downs, one to three uses, depending on if I've sweated. Jeans... if it looks or smells dirty, wash them. Otherwise, just hang them up at the end of the day and you're good to go. If it looks dirty or smells like anything other than your deodorant/cologne, wash it. I just use liquid detergent and about 2 cups of vinegar in the wash. The vinegar actually helps get rid of odors and stains. Also, use unscented fabric softener sheets. It helps keep your clothes looking nice, and there won't be any scent to clash with whatever you're wearing.

    Also, I highly recommend sticking with something like an Old Spice deodorant and no cologne, unless you can ask a girl that you trust what cologne would smell good on you. And then only use a spray or two under your shirt for the day.

    Biotene mouthwash (from Wal-Mart again) dissolves the gunk that is left on your teeth after eating, makes brushing your teeth much more effective. It's a bit more expensive than Listerine, but I've only had a couple cavities in my entire life.

    A good, comfortable pair of shoes will make you feel and look better. If your feet hurt, then you will hurt all over. My personal favorite for everyday wear is Macbeths (you can find them at Journeys in the mall). Good foot support, they look great, and they're (relatively) inexpensive. I was without a vehicle in California for about 6 months, wore a pair out walking everywhere in them without a single problem.

    I know I'm late to the party, but I hope these help!
u/sublimesam · 2 pointsr/AskWomen

Question, since there is some discussion in here about razor use:

Have any of the women here tried using a safety razor, such as this one? I'm always trying to convert my fellow man friends, but not sure if these suit women's needs.

It's crazy inexpensive to refill these things with blades, and they provide a great shave. I can't imagine paying for commercial "Mach 3" type razors.

u/RedditUsr2 · 2 pointsr/Showerthoughts

> Some kind of universal blade system for razors?

Yes and its amaing. You can use double edge safty razors made 50 years ago and its just as compatible as ones made today.

I think this is the one I use:

Then I buy Derby 100 count blades off ebay or amazon (Make sure they are double edge)

They are literally less than $0.10 each.

u/krizo · 2 pointsr/

I believe you are correct. I use double-edge razors to shave and those go for about $0.50 a piece. I get them in packs of 10 for $5. Those are freely available at the counter. No need to get anybody to grab a pack for you.

Seriously, I don't know why people use those 5-blade razors that go for $10+ a piece when they can just get a regular razor. You get just as close of a shave.

This is what I use.

u/devtesla · 2 pointsr/just_post

Electric shavers are a scam lol, get a safety one. You can get a good safety razor for $35, and anyone who tells you that you need more than that is wrong. Replacement blades are cheap as fuck, and you don't need to use the fancy soap, unscented supermarket shaving cream works just as well.

u/malkierx · 2 pointsr/DIY

I've read from other users on Reddit a few weeks ago that the Merkur Safety Razors are supposed to be extraordinary as long as your willing to slow down and take your time. Haven't tried it myself but I've been 'man razer' curious and getting fed up with the cheap $3 dollar razors myself.

u/Blasphemy4kidz · 2 pointsr/interestingasfuck

I started with this one, it's a standard high-quality safety razor that comes with a few replacement razors. Very nice starter.

u/xyzzy409 · 2 pointsr/pics

I got this one on another redditors suggestion and I've been very happy with it. It's inexpensive at $30, and it seems to be a quality razor.

For blades, I went ahead and ordered 100 blades that the same redditor recommended. They've been fine, but I've been reading a lot about wet shaving lately I've found that most people recommend trying out a lot of different blades to see what works best for you. I kind of wish I wouldn't have bought 100 of a single brand before trying some others out. No big loss, it was just $17 for the 100 blades. I'd say look for a sampler pack of blades.

u/purebredginger · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
u/rdeckard16 · 1 pointr/wicked_edge

Invest in a better razor. The Merkur Long is a great starter and one that will stay with you forever. I actually do own the brush from this kit and don't mind it. There are better brushes out there, but this is fine for travel. Especially if you forget it in a hotel bathroom.

I learned early own that good technique, a decent razor, and the right blades make all the difference in the world. Trial and error until you find what works for you. YMMV is tossed around a lot here for that very reason. I myself use a Bakelite slant (be jealous) with Astra platinum blades.

u/UrzaJR · 1 pointr/interestingasfuck

Those are really nice looking, but you can get a really high-quality razor for MUCH less than that:

u/MasqueRaccoon · 1 pointr/MLPLounge

I actually went with wet shaving as a way to save money. It's a bit more up-front to buy the old fashioned safety razor, a brush and soap. Once you get going though, the blades are dirt cheap and soap will last a long time before needing replaced.

u/IHATEMYSKINUGH · 1 pointr/SkincareAddiction

I will look into using a different razor. When you said straight razor do you mean a safety razor like this (Amazon).

I recently joined the Air Force so I'm not sure how I setup an appointment with a dermatologist, but I'm looking into it now. I'll look into Retinoid and ask the doc about it.

I've also read that jawline acne is hormonal, my diet is pretty healthy. Mainly grilled meats, corn, potatoes, greens, and fruit. I don't drink milk because it makes me break out.

As far as a moisturizer, I figured the sunscreen would help with that, but I guess now.

Thank you for the advice.

u/pharmaconaut · 1 pointr/news

then legitimately, just snag a safety razor, 20 dollar steel one, and a 10 dollar 100 blade pack.

bam, you've got shaving supplies for a year.

Get soap later if you care, it's just another way to save money. A thing of soap lasts years. You just lather it up with a brush.

u/bag-o-tricks · 1 pointr/news

I have this safety razor and these blades. I've had many years of great shaves with these.

u/mavajo · 1 pointr/news


Seriously. You'll save boatloads of money and you'll give yourself the best shave of your life. The initial start-up is a bit of an investment (~$50), but after that you'll only pay about $20-30 per year.

Buy a safety razor. This is a perfectly good one for $20 on Amazon. They can last your lifetime.

Next, buy these 100-count razor blades for $10 on Amazon. You can get 3-6 excellent shaves out of a blade before needing to change it. If you're not picky about a super close shave, you can get 10+. That's 300-600 excellent shaves for $10. Or 1,000+ okay shaves for $10.

Now of course, if you go the safety razor route, you'll also want to buy a brush and shaving soap. First the brush. Brushes come with either boar hair or badger hair. Badger hair is superior quality, but's naturally more expensive. Boar hair is perfectly sufficient, it's just not quite as smooth or durable. If your want to try this whole straight razor thing out for a while first before investing any more money than necessary, go with a boar hair brush. You can find them pretty easily at Wal-Mart and Target these days for $5-10, but here's one on Amazon for $11. You may be able to find one for cheaper -- I only spent a few seconds searching.

Next we have the soap. Personally, I'm a big fan of Proraso Shaving Soap for $10 on Amazon -- it comes with its own bowl, so no need to buy one. Naturally it depends on how often you shave, but these last quite a while. I shave 2-3 times per week and I probably go through maybe three a year. There are of course many options - you can also consider buying the solid soap bars that go in a little bowl. I feel like these last even longer. I think I once bought a 3-pack for $15. It lasted me almost 2 years.

Alternatively, many vendors and stores sell combo packs that will include all or most of these components. I know I've seen them at Target and Wal-Mart. I can't attest to the quality, but I'm sure they're perfectly acceptable for a newbie that wants to try it out and see if he likes it. If you decide any of the individual components aren't meeting your standards, you can easily buy an upgrade on Amazon.

Switch to a safety razor. I implore you. It's the best and closest shave you'll ever give yourself - and it costs a fraction of what the stupid Gillette, etc., razors cost.

u/monkeywork · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Safety Razor --- soo much better shave and sooo much cheaper than typical razors.

u/devbryce · 1 pointr/wicked_edge

I had no idea, thanks for the info.

I recorded a video of it opening and closing, as you just need to twist
the handle to make it open/close. Just haven't gotten it uploaded yet.

I had purchased a Merkur about a year ago, but I dislike how you to disassemble the razor to change the blade. I'm going to enjoy this new to me razor.

u/typpeo · 1 pointr/wicked_edge

Yes, I have a pretty good understand of how my hair grows and which direction.

Normal routine for the DE would be to run some warm water running and add a little bit to the brush. I have this kit. Then I lather up the brush with the soap and then my face. I have a the Mekur Model 180 and [Derby Extra Double Edge blades](

I usually shave the sides of my face first and work my way towards the middle. I end up doing my neck last. I usually always shave the grain, if I don't I feel like I'm not getting close enough of a shave. It seems like some people think you should shave with and some say against but maybe that's part of my problem right there.

Thanks for helping me out!

u/SharkToothTony · 1 pointr/explainlikeimfive

If you want to have a better shave and also save a lot of money, buy a safety razor. You can get the handle for around thirty dollars, for example this one, and the razors are dirt cheap, for example, this pack of 100 blades costs $11.

So there you go, a safety razor and 100 blades for $50. That is a whole lot of shaves right there, and if you ever need more blades, you can get 100 more for $11. It is also way easier to shave with a safety razor, because it is so heavy.

u/heisenbrau · 1 pointr/wicked_edge

My equipment is a long handled Merkur and Astra blades.

I did not use identical prep methods. I used Gillette brand shaving gel for the Mach 3. For the DE, I used Taylor of Old Bond St. Sandalwood Shaving Cream.

u/HiggityHank · 1 pointr/AskReddit

I'm going to clue you into an amazing thing: The Safety Razor.

Yes, it's $30+ dollars. but it will last you the rest of your days, and unlike cartridge or disposable razors, blades are CHEAP. Like $0.20 a piece cheap, and they last (on average I get a week out of a blade)

There's a learning curve, which basically consists of "You won't get it all in one pass, don't be scared of a second" "let the razor do the work" "no pressure on the razor" and "For the love of god stop pushing on the damned razor! That's why you bleed!"

Once you're there, you'll get a better shave, for less money, and feel better for it (disposable razors fuck up my skin something fierce, safety razors do not 1 blade doesn't irritate as much as 2/3/5/11 blades.)

u/dizzoknows · 1 pointr/pics

Ah. Interesting. It's funny that you mention that because the following two items were already on my Amazon Wish-List: This and This

I did some research awhile back and learned that I was being totally ripped off by the razor manufacturers, especially in the realm of refills.

I wouldn't need shaving cream recipes, though, as I own a little company that makes the best shaving cream I've ever used. We use an absurd amount of aloe and shea butter in ours. We also make a shaving lotion and a shaving gel, but I prefer the cream.

u/FLYBOY611 · 1 pointr/AskReddit

You can find specialty shaving shops. The Art of Shaving is a popular mini-chain but pricey. Here's the razor that I own. I would recommend buying online.

u/Albacorewing · 1 pointr/TwoXChromosomes

As user Fleaslayer punted out, shaving too close can result in a hair growing askew, causing inflammation.

Always shave with the grain, not against it. Forget those multiple bladed plastic razors that are dirt cheap but shave way too close. The best shaves are done either with straight razors (which take a lot of time and resources to sharpen and maintain) or with the old double-edge blade safety razors.

The double-edge safety razors can be found used, at flea markets, or new from some sources.

u/mariushm · 1 pointr/AskReddit

I'm serious - try the shaving foams for women, (the sensitive skin versions), such as this one:

You could be allergic to something in the regular shaving foam/paste/cream or could even have issues with the stuff that's on the blades (the green bands on Gillette razors for example)

Consider using an old style safety razor such as this one:

You may cut yourself the first two-three times but once you get some practive, that will be history and you'll actually have better results compared to these modern razor blades.

u/gliscameria · 1 pointr/AdviceAnimals

here ya go.


Now you can have the best shave you've ever had and not need blades for YEARS. Honestly, it takes a few times to get used to it, but just go slow. You're probably used to hacking at your face with multiblade garbage.

u/tremplek · 1 pointr/firstworldproblems

Which one are you talking about, exactly? This one?

u/wetpoohstain · 1 pointr/Frugal

Safety razor. Blade refils are about 10 cents each. As opposed to the $4 -$5 for cartridges.

u/rmill3r · 1 pointr/wicked_edge

I'm actually not sure, but I think it's this one. My girlfriend got it for me. And yeah, hairs have definitely been falling out of the brush a little too often, but I like it and think it's a great start.

u/riverstyxxx · 1 pointr/wicked_edge

They're losing, slowly but they're losing. Over 4,000 boxes of Astra blades sold, 1,500 boxes of Super-Max platinum, 5,000 reviews for the merkur 180, the list goes on. I tried their gillette platinum plus blades being sold at walgreens for a significant markup and found them to be ok but certainly not worth the price.

u/6745408 · 1 pointr/LifeProTips

safety razors don't tug at the hair like normal throw-away razors, mach-3s and other multi-blade set ups. is what I have. Blades are super cheap and last much longer than conventional razors.

As for shaving lady parts, you'll be a-ok. :)

u/St1ffM1st3r · 1 pointr/wicked_edge

Hey man in the grand scheme of things, I'm pretty new to wet shaving in general. I went out and bought a Merkur Long Handle on a whim because I wanted to mix it up, and try something new. Plus, I thought it would be manly. Anyway, I discovered three things:

  1. Wet shaving is a FAR BETTER SHAVE than ANYTHING I've tried before. I've tried all the various cartriage razors like Mach 3 etc etc. Not only is it far smoother (ladies love) but it's also a more comfortable shave. Less tugging and pulling

  2. Far more manly. I've gotten compliments from women and men alike on the quality of my shave. Impressive I think.

  3. It feels amazing. Like a man-spa-day for your face. The soaps and everything that go with it also smell really good.

    Ultimately you just gotta try it for yourself! It does take some technique to get it down well. However I will say I was shaving well enough to avoid bumps/cuts within a week or two!
u/martingarrix69 · 1 pointr/wicked_edge

Does this blade look good to you? It's the cheapest double edged blade I can get with Prime shipping (unfortunately the Dorco you reccomended wouldn't come in the mail for up to a week)

Alternatively I'm considering their best seller, which is a bit more expensive:

u/tretsujin · 1 pointr/wicked_edge

Thanks for the advice, do you think it is worth going a bit more on it if I use this razor and then buy an Omega brush and some soap and anum separately?

u/BirthDeath · 1 pointr/AskReddit

You should switch to something like this Merkur Safety Razor. It is only one blade, and a bit expensive, but the blades last a really long and it is a very close shave.

Also, replacement blades are very cheap (a ten pack costs like $7).

u/Phunk131 · 1 pointr/

Here's what I learned that blew my mind and basically turned me off of overpriced plastic multi-bladed razorblades for life; the point of two or more blades is for the first blade to pull the hair out, then the second blade does the cutting, so that you're basically cutting it off at the root. All that tugging is what causes the razorburn. FUCK. THAT. NOISE!!

Get a good safety razor, like this one (the one I use) and learn how to use it. You'll razorburn will drop 80% with a few weeks.

u/IAmVeryStupid · 1 pointr/frugalmalefashion

This merkur and two orders of these blades have lasted me eight and a half years.

u/shaveandahaircut · 1 pointr/wicked_edge

After some careful deliberation and lots of research here on w_e, I bit the bullet and made a $100 purchase (more than I would have liked, but I think I can justify it):

Merkur 180 razor $31 for my large sized hands. Good reviews all around and price seemed comparable to the Edwin Jagger that was recommended.

VDH Men's Luxury Shave Set $32 I went with this set basically because I wanted a shaving mug. Also, I'm not convinced I could purchase each component separately and save more than a few dollars while retaining quality. The soap has great reviews, the brush seems decent (good for a starter brush) and the stand is bonus. If I purchased each component separately I might have been able to save a few dollars, but it's easier to start out with the kit, I think.

[This blade sampler] ( $16 This was a recommended sampler on one of mpperry's links, I went with it because it's a good variety of brands I recognize from research and gives me more than one or two blades of each brand.

[This alum block] ( $8 incl shipping Again, found this through research. Alum block was said to be a non-essential, but I have sensitive skin and it sounds like alum will help me with razor burn and dryness. Plus, I figure, if I'm making the change, might as well go whole-ish hog.

Finally, This nick stick $8 because I know I'll screw up a few times, and I can't be bleeding all over the ladies all the time.

I skipped an aftershave, mostly because I didn't want to pay for shipping. I can probably find a decent one at Walgreens or something.

Although I didn't buy many of the things mpperry recommended in his awesome comment, I plan to use those things in the future when I'm no longer a beginner. Better soaps, better blades and better brushes are in my future, when I'm getting better shaves!

Shipment should arrive over spring break, I figure that's a good time to learn. Can't wait!

u/potnachos · 1 pointr/wicked_edge

I can't recommend the Merkur Long Handle MK 23C enough. It's inexpensive, it has a nice weight to it, the metal stays nice and hot while you shave, and the long handle is comfortable to hold (and a nice transition if you've been using disposable/cartridge razors).

As long as you properly dry it out when you're done and not let it get rusty (I just put mine in the windowsill to dry in the sunlight), you should definitely be able to hand it down someday.

u/Baron_Von_D · 1 pointr/pics

I have been using a safety razor for a couple years now (Merkur 180 with the Feather blades) and it is the best. I thought about getting the straight, but I am more comfortable with the safety. The blades are super cheap, so I don't mind replacing them.

u/i_no_like_u · 1 pointr/funny

Get one of these. Blades are about 20 cents and last a couple of shaves each. It paid off for me in a few months of shaving and will last you many many years.

u/jfavre · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

If you've enjoyed that well enough but prefer a longer handle I'd suggest

Pretty much anything by Merkur, Muehle or Edwin Jagger will last you decades. Personally when I'm not using a straight I go for 3-piece DEs bc I can change handles when the mood suits.

u/FatJoeAndAshanti · 1 pointr/bodybuilding
u/luuey15 · 1 pointr/funny

Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor

For anyone wondering what razor that is. Bought one last year and love it. Initial expense is high, but you come out ahead after about 6 months.

u/BombTheCity · 1 pointr/funny

I got this one for like 12 bucks, and you can get a 100pk of blades for 12-15 bucks. It is the only way I can shave, if I use a regular cartridge razor it absolutely destroys my skin and my face is covered in rash. I change my blades every ~4-5 uses, so that 100pk of blades would last you for quite a while. They also give a smoother shave than cartridge razors.

u/Mr-Nancy · 1 pointr/minimalism

A safety razor, bought one about 4 years ago and I still love using it. New blades cost about $.10 and I never cut myself with it. It's really nice not having to buy lots of cartridges for razors all the time.

u/Usul_ · 1 pointr/wicked_edge


I know the blades make the biggest difference and I'll be getting some 5 packs to sample.

In your opinion how much of a difference does a safety make all thing considered? Does a quality safety give a noticeably better shave? Or is it mostly about prepping and technique?

Since all things considered the brush, lather, etc is going to cost more, would it be better to get a $30-40 safety like this one -

u/WhiplashOne · 1 pointr/confessions

Buy a safety razor.

Replacement blades are 10 cents and will give you a better quality shave at a fraction of the cost. I'll never shave with plastic cartridge razors ever again.

And, you have the bonus of never having it clog with someone's pubic hair, plus the double-bonus of the fear factor most people have. Blade dull from someone else's use? Get a new one, spend only a dime, win at everything.

u/ak74guy · 1 pointr/AskDocs

I have sensitive skin on my face personally, I found a type of razor that actually helps to reduce the irritation. Safety razors (yeah I know kind of old school) But when using them it helps to reduce irritation significantly (at least in my experience) I personally use a Merkur safety razor. You can also get womens safety razors but for whatever reason they cost more. On top of that I use a boar hair brush, but some people prefer badger hair brushes as they are softer and are easier to use on softer soaps. Then go onto r/wicked_edge as they have tutorials on how to use the type of razors. You can also look for shaving soaps that contain aloe or things to soothe the skin during shaving. So look at the links and determine what would be best, you can also look further for other types of soaps, blades, and the razor itself. You will also need some sort of bowl to keep the shaving cream. You will and a stand to keep the soap from ruining the knot inside of the brush itself. This type of set up made it so I don't get ingrown hairs or irritation.

u/momo_knows · 1 pointr/todayilearned

I used to use a merkur safety razor like this:

It worked really well, but now that I live in a colder climate it just feels better to use my beard trimmer on the lowest setting when wearing beanies and whatnot.

u/mrcastiron · 1 pointr/wicked_edge

Best beginner DE Razor... the Merkur 23c. Feels very similar in the hand to the cartridge razor that you're used to... and not too aggressive of a shave so you shouldn't get too many nicks when you're just starting out. It's also $23, so you might actually save money over a Harry's deal.

u/thenseruame · 1 pointr/wicked_edge

I think you'll be ok, I switched my ex over to a DE and she loved the change. I'd recommend a long handled razor. Gillette used to make something known as the Lady Gillette. Merkur also makes a long handled razor called the 180C, I own one and it's a very nice razor. The longer handle should help you out and both are mild razors so they're perfect for learning.

You don't need to use soap or cream, though it certainly will help. My ex would just lather up with soap if she was in a rush. If she had more time she'd use a can of shaving cream, she had no interest in the more traditional soap and brush method.

u/bier4brkfst · 1 pointr/wicked_edge

I lurked Amazon for the longest time eyeing this Merkur Long Handle safety razor Then I saw this video review and I was sold.

u/leakytransmission · 1 pointr/wicked_edge

I'll second that recommendation of the Parker 24C or 26C. I have the 24C and it's my third razor (others being a 1954 Gillette Super Speed Flare Tip and a Merkur long handle) and I absolutely love it. They're $29 on Amazon.

u/KnodiChunks · 1 pointr/pics

Oops, I wasn't speaking precisely. Mine's merkur, not gillette; I just meant that the size, shape, cut, and fine style details are the same.

Compare the handle, head, etc.

No issues with it, it works perfectly. If I had to buy it over, I'd get one that didn't require me to put my fingers so close to the blade in order to screw on the head; although several years now and I haven't cut my fingers, so maybe it's not a real danger.

u/electricsugar · 1 pointr/Wet_Shavers

Don't know about the soaps and balms, but I can say you definitely shouldn't buy a razor from them.

For example, they're selling the Merkur 23C which you can get on Amazon for $23, and they're selling the exact same razor for $40.

u/cos_dashit · 1 pointr/hillaryclinton

It's way cheaper. I only do a few times with each blade, maybe 4-5 though you could probably get more. I get like 50 blades for $15 on Amazon.

Feather Double Edge Blades, 50 Count

Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor

u/bleedscarlet · 1 pointr/wicked_edge

I have a three piece DE...

is that not possible for most people? Merkur 180 Long is what I use. I don't wash it so to speak, I just rinse it with hot water.

u/frontpagewhiteness · 1 pointr/AskMen
u/that_dope_shit · 1 pointr/wicked_edge

The Merkur Long Handle is a relative deal at $20 from amazon with free shipping.

Maggard Razors has a great starter kit with a razor, a few different packs of blades, an excellent brush, and one of their bestselling soaps for $30.

Also look into the Edwin Jagger DE8x series, Parker 24/26c, or Muhle R89.

Click some of the links on the right sidebar for more recommendations.

My preference would be for the Maggard kit. The 3 piece razors (Maggard, Edwin Jagger, Muhle, and many more) have mostly interchangeable heads and handles.

I would also stay clear of Amazon unless it's a seriously good deal (like the Merkur above). There are a bunch of excellent mom & pop vendors with much better customer service, and they really appreciate the business.

u/DannyFilming · 1 pointr/beards

Awesome! You seem to know your stuff, could you please recommend me some products? It would mean the world to me since I know nothing about this and I'm looking to order it as soon as possible. I have a lot of questions about this stuff and I have no one to ask.

I think I've already found a great safety razor on amazon though I'd love to get your advice on a good one. Also what type of blade is the best? Gilette, something else?

What shaving soap should I get? I use shaving cream in a can right now.

An aftershave that use alcohol as a base and add other moisturizers sound great. Any recommendations there?

What's the difference between boar and badger?

What type of shampoo should I get

And what type of oil? And why oil over conditioner?

As for my budget, sky's the limit, I want the best right now since I've been dealing with cheap stuff for a while.

u/ErroneousBosch · 1 pointr/CrappyDesign

Seriously, buy a safety razor, blades are ~$.12 a piece

u/Pappy091 · 1 pointr/gifs

Try a safety razor a good shaving brush and a quality shaving soap. Use it one time and you will never use anything else. Unless you wanted to go a step further and use a straight razor. Also, shave after a hot shower (or in one) whenever possible. Using a shaving brush and safety razor has been my favorite part of getting ready for my day for years. It is almost therapeutic for me.

I'm not recommending any of those specific items. They were just the first ones that popped up. Do some research and there are tons of options and accessories out there.

u/gregermeister · 1 pointr/Frugal

As someone who just switched from cartridge razors about a month ago:

>The first is it takes a lot more skill and effort to use the safety razor.

I couldn't disagree more. I was terrified at first, and was almost shocked at how easy it was to pick up. I nicked myself once, the very first time - and haven't seriously since. And really, that's why god invented styptic pencils.

>With the safety I might be able to shave the time down to 15 but it's still with much greater effort.

...I don't know how you're shaving that it takes you 15 minutes. I mean, if you're using a brush and everything - yeah, probably - but I don't currently have the money to invest in one, so I've been using regular old shaving cream from a can (I know, blasphemy. I'm sure I'll switch eventually - but seriously, it works just fine.)
You have to make shorter strokes than you would with a cartridge razor, but that's it. It takes maybe a minute longer - but not significantly so, or I wouldn't do it. ~5-7 minutes, max.

>Third thing is cutting yourself is more common but it's not just easier to do, you can also actually leave a scar if you haphazardly use it on your face or rush.

Again, I was terrified of this, and find this to be incredibly misleading. You can nick yourself, but you honestly would have to try pretty damn hard to cut yourself any worse than you could with a cartridge razor. Maybe if you, like, sliced it horizontally across your cheek or something, but why would you do that?

In addition, while it does have a higher intro price - from that point on, your blades are dirt cheap. I mean, seriously cheap. Like, 100 blades for ~$15 cheap, though when first starting, you should spend a little more and get a variety pack to see what blades work best for you. Even still, it pays for itself inside a month or two.

For anyone looking to switch - this is the one /r/wicked_edge recommended me, and I've loved it so far. I'd never switch back, because I honestly haven't found a single downside. Blades are cheap, shaving is quick and close, and most importantly to me - my face doesn't constantly hurt anymore. If you're prone to razor burn, a safety razor will change your life.

u/shahadien · 1 pointr/knives

Came here to say exactly this.

Here are some links to the exact handle and blades I use myself:

Mercur Model 180

Derby double edge blades

u/fosterwallacejr · 1 pointr/pics

Merker Razor

100 blades

Spend $50, lasts like more than a year, also once you get used to it, a more enjoyable and better shave, same amount of time w/ skill

u/wagnerjr · 1 pointr/AskReddit

As far as the razors thing: go get yourself a double edge safety razor like this. It'll run you about 30 for the razor, 30 for the brush, but the blades are about 10 for $5. It'll save you a lot of money in the long run and give you a much better shave.

u/2fucktard2remember · 1 pointr/BigBrother

Smoothest and best shave I've ever had. I've lost 3 of these fucking things to ex girlfriends who started using mine and never stopped.

u/SkitTrick · 1 pointr/instant_regret

dollar shave club? or go with the original safety razors

u/Volomon · 1 pointr/explainlikeimfive

Razor is expensive but this is what they use in the old days and it's what I use. It's pretty good after using this you will wonder what in the heck was the point in all the extra blades on those other razors.

When you need more razors you just buy them for like 3.50 for 10 blades. You can easily change them monthly and keep the razor, well razor sharp.

u/skorm305 · 1 pointr/BuyItForLife

I can only speak from what I've heard from others online, but I'd say yes. It'll take longer to shave with, and there's a transition of learning to use it, but once you have it figured out you'll be glad you made the switch. If you're gonna use a DE, you'll definitely want to do the whole package and get a shaving brush and a real soap or cream. It takes a little longer to use, but it gives a much better shave and is also much healthier for your skin than stuff in a can. Here's a razor I'd personally recommend. If you really do want to try it, you'll have to do a bit of research to figure out what you need. As I said before /r/wicked_edge is a good starting place.

u/jtortiz86 · 1 pointr/explainlikeimfive

as others have stated, not every razor refill is expensive, mostly just the Gillette/P&G ones. they just put a lot of money into marketing and capture enough market share that they can get away with their rampant price increases.

here's what you need to do.
buy one of these: Merkur Long Handled Chrome Safety Razor

and a package of these: Derby Extra Double Edge Razor Blades - 200 Ct

even if you use a new blade every time you shave, that's less than $0.07 a shave