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u/linux_vegan · 3 pointsr/MTB

Hey I took a peek at the Tommaso . It looks a bit overpriced to me, and as far as I'm aware Tommaso isn't a recognizable brand. I would stay away, the components look okay but you're chancing it. They also don't tell you all the components on the Amazon link, just that there's a Shimano drivetrain. That's a bit of a red flag.

You're spot on with the Overdrive, Marlin, and Rockhopper. And you said you would be using the bike in "parks and such". Does this mean smooth gravel paths and asphalt? Or more traditional singletrack with roots and rocks all over the place? If it's the former you could go for something cheaper that would work better on smooth paths, like this Vitus . It has mechanical disc brakes though, which I can say from personal experience are an absolute pain in the ass to set up well. Schwinn is exceptionally bad so I wouldn't take them as your example for mechanical disc brakes. Hydraulics are absolutely better, but my god Schwinn is the worst and anything you get will be better. Rim, mechanical disc, or hydraulic.

Loads of local bike shops will have clearance sales too. You could try to go in and find a size large or XL entry level hardtail from last season, and maybe get a big discount. Most shops should have exactly what you're looking for in whatever brands they sell.

u/MilkTheFrog · 3 pointsr/bicycling

Absolutely terrible tbh. I'd really suggest against buying a bike on Amazon if you can avoid it, but if you absolutely have to it's probably best to stick with Diamondback. < similar spec to the GT I linked < kind of a "dual sport" bike, NVX fork is maybe a little better quality than some, just designed for more urban uses. 8 speed/disc brakes. < M3030 fork isn't great, but if you're aware of its limitations it'll probably do. V brakes are probably just as powerful and more easy to adjust than a lot of cheap disc brakes. 7 speed freewheel setup is a bit dated/more difficult to replace, but it'll work.

Doubt you'll find better than that if you absolutely have to buy on Amazon and if you absolutely have to stick below $350. But it's definitely worth looking into your local bike shops instead, even if just for the option to try them out first and get some guidance on sizing. Even bigger manufacturers generally have something around this price range, if you're not willing to go second hand:

u/darlyn · 2 pointsr/AskReddit

Schwinn Protocol version 1.0, red, dual-suspension. The economic solution to a sweet commuter mountain bike.

u/theofficialorange · 2 pointsr/MTB

Thanks for the suggestion. What do you think about this bike?

Merax MS008700FAA Finiss 26" Aluminum 21 Speed Mg Alloy Wheel Mountain Bike

u/kipjer · 2 pointsr/bikewrench

Trying to find out now, bikes 27.5” wheel if it helps. Specifically: Genesis Rct 27.5" Men's Bicycle

We’re swapping out a bunch of bits but he’s also getting a Diamondback tomorrow still want to get this back on the road.

Edit: is not hydraulic so I assume it has to be mechanical

u/themangeraaad · 2 pointsr/MTB

I've been looking at a few bikes in the $500-$700 price range (original budget was $500, but have stretched it a bit to get a better bike). From research so far I'm thinking I may pick up a Diamondback Overdrive. Seems to be a pretty well reviewed bike in my price range and I'm not going to be using it for anything too serious... just to help get in shape and hit some mild single tracks.

Right now my problem is that I can't find anything describing the differences between the older models (29er's) and the newer 2016 model. I see that the 2016's have the 27.5" wheels but otherwise I don't know what the differences are. Anyone know anything about these bikes and the year-over-year changes?

Nashbar has a sale running right now so I could pick up the nashbar exclusive overdrive comp for about the same price as a 2016 sport (I've read the comp has many worthwhile upgrades over the sport) but it seems to be an older model with 29" wheels.

Did the 2016 overdrive models adopt any of the earlier Comp model upgrades? If so I may opt for a 2016 sport since I could buy at REI where I have gift cards to help offset the price.

On the other hand if the 2016's only change was to go to a 27.5" wheel I may pick up the 29" Comp since the prices are about the same for a better bike.

Or I suppose are there any other recommendations for bikes? I'll be searching craigslist later for used bikes but a quick search earlier today didn't turn up much.
I've almost got it down to either:

  1. Diamondback Overdrive Comp 29er Nashbar exclusive - $679 on nashbar after the 20% off discount - looks to be an older model though with the 29" wheels?
  2. 2016 Overdrive - $500 - newer model with 27.5" wheels
  3. 2016(?) Overdrive Sport - $700 - 27.5" wheels so looks to be the newer model.

u/mexicomiguel · 2 pointsr/bicycling

I picked up the Diamondback Sorrento Hard Tail. First bike I've owned since I was a kid, just getting into riding. If anyone has experience with it I would greatly appreciate it.

u/wama1990 · 2 pointsr/ebikes
u/ben174 · 2 pointsr/BurningMan

I was thinking really fat.

u/Everbladegaming · 1 pointr/MTB

So I'm looking for a hardtail in the $500-$800 range and I found these two on amazon. The Raleigh has hydraulic disc brakes but has 100mm on the front instead of 120 mm like this Diamondback but the diamondback has mechanical disc brakes. I would love some insight on these bikes and whether or not buying on amazon is even worth it, the 600 and 700 dollar bikes seem perfect for me but I am not sure what the best for the buck is.

u/gnu_blind · 1 pointr/MTB perhaps this would be a good pick depending on your size

u/math450 · 1 pointr/mountainbiking
u/eskjcSFW · 1 pointr/whichbike

Doesn't look different from this on amazon

Maybe amazon got it labeled wrong

u/sohighyo · 1 pointr/whichbike

Thank you for a reply, with details! It is a kind of sketchy price range, but I have friends that say they've bought bikes from walmart or department stores around here and they hold up well.

I live right across the street from the most reputable bike retailer in my region. I am going to see what they have before I search more online, I mean, I still have the idea of what bike I want.

I am a beginner, however, I am taking some trails that scare me at times (at that's the point). Really steep hills (so I need disc brakes), and sometimes rocky terrain. Occasional loose dirt (I tend to clean that up), etc..

EDIT: The retailer across the street also does free maintenance on bolts, nuts, screws, gears, chain, cables, and inflates your tyre to correct air pressure.

I like the Schwinn Bike

u/constantblatherings · 1 pointr/cycling

to be honest though you're better off just counting your calories and losing about 100 lbs. Cardio just going to make you hungry. Stay away from carbs of any kind really lots of vegetables and no red meat and you'll lose weight if you count your calories meaning less end then you burn a day.

That's it That's the trick that's the secret exercising actually makes it harder because it makes you hungrier. I lost 60 pounds this way. You can burn a ton of calories at your size just walking.

u/Nose_Grindstoned · 1 pointr/Amsterdam
u/mounttod · 1 pointr/MTB

This Bike is Way Better than the Talon

I have the version 1 step up from this one (overdrive pro) and love it. I'm sure they would ride pretty similar. I'm not sure if you can get this up in Canada though but there was another question asked the other day about this and others were recommending this over Talons, etc.

Edit* Link

u/icthus13 · 1 pointr/MTB

A follow up question if you don't mind.

Would it be better to get the Overdrive Comp above or something like this or this and immediately put money into some upgrades? If it matters I'm relatively heavy, about 240 lbs. So I worry about the forks.

FWIW, I live in North Florida. There's some nice trails here but not a lot of elevation change.

u/idontknow394 · 1 pointr/MTB

Dear mtb experts, I have a nice road hybrid (Ghost Panamao X3) but friends keep inviting me to go trail riding with them in SoCa and I do not feel that riding stuff like this on my X3 is a particular bright move. So, I am in the market for a new moderately priced mountain bike (as a tall dude @ 6'4 and on a budget so I do not want to drop several thousand for a bike at the moment) for which I am considering either option 1 or option 2 (or happy to consider other options in a similar price range if I am totally missing something here). My main question; what the heck is the spring thing under the middle bar in option 1 and is that useful to have or is 2 just as good to get? Thanks for your time!

u/Monoman2345 · 1 pointr/MTB

Hi all, after a couple years of light trail riding, I've decided to get much more seriously into it. I'm not a fan of "weekly threads" because I've noticed they usually lead to potential new community members being ignored, causing them to never join in, so I hope I can get some healthy responses and help! :)

I used to have a Diamondback Sorrento Sport, and I loved it for commutes and light trail riding. Sadly, it was stolen and now with me recent, increasing love for riding, I'm in the market for something a little more advanced as I become better at the sport. I'm a broke college student, so my price cut off is about $450 dollars. I'm looking something that will last me a good amount of time, and will work good for a beginner looking to get into advanced trails. These are what I've found so far, but let me know if you guys have any better ideas!

Giant ATX 2 (2017) - $415

I read a lot of amazing reviews on this bike, saying it's one of the best beginners hardtails. Both tires have disk brakes, and they seem to be high quality for the price point. A downside is that it only has 27.5 inch tires, and as far as I know its 29er's or nothing.

Raleigh Tekoa (2016) - $429

This bike really pushes my price point, but I included it because it's a well reviewed, 'old', model that used to cost $600. I feel like this is an excellent deal for a beginner, and with disk brakes and 29-inch tires, it seems amazing.

edit Another HUGE plus(from what I understand) is that the Tekoa has hydrualic disk brakes, rather than mechancial

Scwhinn Protocol 1.0 - $340

I'm a little iffy on this one, but I simply included it for the good reviews, and full suspension. However, I'd heard any bike with full suspension that is under $1000 is probably garbage, it only has 26 inch tires and it only has a disk brake on the front tire. I'm not quite sure if this is really a good bike for an enthusiast.


Thank you all for the help, and once again I'm fully open to any help or bike suggestions for a measly beginner!

u/jay92477 · -1 pointsr/fatbike

Spend a $150 more and get a front suspension ride trust me it’s worth it

suspension fatty on Amazon

u/riski_click · -2 pointsr/boston


edit: re assembly, bikes ship partially assembled, 99% of the time all you need are a philips screwdriver and set of allen wrenches.