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u/takeout777 · 167 pointsr/funny

A guy apparently won $58,000 in a civil rights lawsuit against corrupt police because of this doormat. Here's his review of the doormat on Amazon. And here's the story in the article with details about the arrest. The article has no mention of a doormat, but the guy claims it was key in the case. Seems legit.

Direct link to buy this doormat:

u/PeptoBismark · 54 pointsr/forwardsfromgrandma
  1. Desecrating the flag, especially walking on it, or sitting on it or signing it.
u/msuts · 18 pointsr/funny

You can get it right here.

u/queencuntpunt · 16 pointsr/TrollXChromosomes
u/MegaNUT721 · 11 pointsr/Rainbow6

Yah, they sell them on amazon for $6 JTLCBC Frost Welcome Entry Way...

u/DaSilence · 11 pointsr/ProtectAndServe

I don't think so.

Given where this pic was posted, I think it was assumed that everyone would recognize that door mat (we've all seen it before), and that the tac team was mugging for the camera with the mat and the warrant.

Then the BCND/AMIFREETOGO crowds showed up and started whining.

It was supposed to be a funny and lightheated photo, similar to this album. But you'll never make the perpetually offended happy. They have to have something to fill their empty lives.

u/PlausibleDeniabiliti · 6 pointsr/Bad_Cop_No_Donut
u/Trimblco · 5 pointsr/politics

Who knows, haha. That's one reason why I wanted to buy this for my home.

u/UncleSlacky · 5 pointsr/ShitAmericansSay

There's also this from a recent SAS post.

u/loratliff · 5 pointsr/AskNYC

Bathmats are gross, I get it. A few years ago, we got a teak one like this and it's great:

u/SirEconomist · 4 pointsr/india

its a US flag selling on US website in US as doormat... just for perspective...

u/arizona-lad · 3 pointsr/HomeImprovement

The synthetic field is one of those areas that you most definitely get what you pay for. A high quality grass is flippin' heavy, with a capital H. The cheaper versions are not thick, and use a lot less material per square foot:

That one is 6.5 pounds per square yard. Yea, it'll hold up for many years.

u/s0rce · 3 pointsr/bikecommuting

Not sure why you want carpet. What about a long tray, like a boot tray, maybe you can connect a few together if you cant find a long one

u/GeektasticCatLady · 2 pointsr/cats

See if you can get a plastic boot tray to put under the litter box. It works wonders.

u/Mark12547 · 2 pointsr/whatisthisthing

Something like a "drainage mat"?

Here are two examples:

  • in red

  • in black

    If either of the above look like something close, you could try googling "drainage mat" to see if something more fitting to your needs pops up.

    (Until today, I didn't know that "drainage mats" were a thing.)
u/Holy_Grail_Reference · 2 pointsr/lotr

If she gets into the books then get her something from the lore. If not, then look for something else IMHO. My top wants would be these:

u/Weinerdogwhisperer · 2 pointsr/Dachshund

That should work. I cut and added a rubber mat to them because the carpet didn't give great grip

u/wellllllisuckatthis · 2 pointsr/greatdanes

I have a shoe tray for this

Mibao Boot & Shoe Tray, 15 x 30 x 1.25 inches Multi-Purpose All Weather Water Resistant Plastic Boot Tray, Utility Shoe Mat for Indoor and Outdoor, Pack of 2

u/hipsterdufus · 2 pointsr/Libertarian

Terrific. Link for others interested


u/epik · 2 pointsr/BuyItForLife

I think teak is a pretty good wood to withstand water over time.

Seems like some people even put it in the showers.

u/slayerboy · 2 pointsr/introvert



No clue how good they are or if they're even exactly what's in the picture, but that's all I found on Amazon. (edit: actually search throughout all of amazon and not one department, there's a ton of different ones

u/PinkiePromise · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Okay, cool!

If you have pierced ears, you might like these dragon earrings

If you like puzzles, you might appreciate either this wizard riding a dragon or this Thomas Kincaid Alice in Wonderland (these are on my “Puzzles” wishlist)

If you’re interested in wax seals (you mentioned stationary, so maybe?), this one looks like a dragon

I’m not sure if you would like the books on my wishlist; my taste is a little weird haha. But! Since you like fantasy novels, maybe you would appreciate this Lord of the Rings door mat

One more! This is a complete shot in the dark; has absolutely nothing to do with any of the interests you listed. I just think this is super cool and want to show it to people! And maybe you’ll like it!

This is a clock made out of a vinyl record, with the design of a steam punk owl!

Okay, so that was admittedly more than a couple haha. I hope some of them inspired you! Thanks for the contest!

u/Lt_Shniz · 1 pointr/AskReddit
u/no_downvotes_plz · 1 pointr/funny
u/ThrowAwayEggShells · 1 pointr/JUSTNOMIL

They make “Did you call first” welcome mats...

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

This is hilarious, too. Have you found a new place yet?

u/Claydawg666 · 1 pointr/malelivingspace

Although it would not stop ALL the water, it would help a ton! Check this out.

u/hoobahans · 1 pointr/BuyItForLife

About a year ago I purchased this after going through multiple cloth bath mats that got smelly and fell apart in the washer. I was skeptical at first but have really fallen in love with it, as has my gf. To clean it I just put it in the shower and spray it down. It dries fast and looks classy.

u/HerringLaw · 1 pointr/woodworking

Had to Google "wooden bath mat." Never heard of such a thing. Here's what I found. Technically you could do that with a hand saw, but I wouldn't. Ripping wood by hand is hard labor, and you wouldn't get even results. That kind of project begs for a tablesaw, or at least a circular saw.

u/AG923 · 1 pointr/funny
u/Fatburg · 1 pointr/funny

You can get one of these on Amazon