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Ice & snow traction cleats
Accessorry & keychain carabiners

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u/ShmuGrizzle · 34 pointsr/fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuu

I use a giant carabiner. I attach all the bag handles while they're still in the cart and then lift the whole deal into my van. Do not include the bag with the bread in it though. I'm not sure of the physics, but the bread WILL end up on the bottom.

u/B_Sack · 22 pointsr/motorcycles

You need anti-monkey butt. One of the greatest things ever. I use on long hot weather rides.

u/[deleted] · 16 pointsr/politics

> most popular brands, including CamelBak

Camelback sucks anyways. Get a Platypus

Source: Drank out of a Camelbak for five years in the Army, and I use a Platypus now.

u/mattjeast · 9 pointsr/Astros

> I'm sore in places that I didn't know you could be sore

Sore gooch, eh? Been there. When I first got into cycling, I didn't have a decent pair of biker shorts and didn't comprehend sitting on the bike for 2-3 hours straight plus the associated friction. Words of advice (in addition to a decent pair of bike shorts): butt cream.

u/joeytmnd · 9 pointsr/okeechobeemusicfest

Thank you for posting, u/emilyokee This is very unfortunate as I’ve used the same bag at every festival I’ve gone too for 5 years and I really don’t want to buy another one just for Okeechobee. Here’s a link to my bag, can you please tell me if it will be allowed in the grove or not? It’s a 2L hydrationpack. Thank you!

u/singelingtracks · 8 pointsr/MTB

100 for a hitch, says it fits on the car.

132 for a bike rack. easily found used for under 100 into the 50 range.

cost a lot more to repaint the rear end when its scratched up then to do it right the first time.

u/SourCream18 · 7 pointsr/MTB


This will do the trick if you are looking to get something cheap yet functional. I have driven about 1,500 miles with 2 bikes on it and have had no issues! The only upgrade I had to get was a hitch tighter because the rack bounced around a little bit.

u/positivelyecstatic · 7 pointsr/sandiego

I wrote this up for a friend a while ago with similar questions:

Cheap small backpack for day hikes. I have a big 75L pack but it's not really worth having unless you're doing multi-day trips, and you don't want to use it for day hikes. I have the older version of this one that I use most of the time:

Water bladder:

You can just use a water bottle if you want but I found I didn't drink enough when I was using one. Bladder is better imo. I use this one:

I would do the following hikes in order:

Palomar Mountain - go to the state park side (left at the top of the mountain) and hike around all the trails there. Not a ton of elevation gain but it's pretty and the drive up is nice as well.

Iron Mountain - more elevation gain but pretty easy, also very popular. This will be crowded if you go on the weekend.

Mt Woodson - decent amount of elevation gain if you go from the lake poway side which is the only side I've done. This is the hike with the potato chip rock thing and it is crazy crowded. Do not go on the weekend.

El Cajon Mountain NOTE - THIS IS A LARGE JUMP IN DIFFICULTY FROM WOODSON - this will be a good test to make sure you're ready for the rest of the stuff. Bring lots of water (more than 3L). The summit is not the coolest part, when you get towards the top there is a split with the summit to the left and a cooler cliff if you go straight. Should probably check out both since you're up there, though.

Mt Baldy - Awesome hike, this is the first one that will feel alpine and will get you above the treeline. This is in LA but I've driven up and down same day more than once, worth the drive IMO. I recommend going up the baldy bowl ski hut trail and then down the devils backbone trail. There is a long boring part where you're walking on a dirt road at the end.

San Jacinto - Another awesome mountain hike. Best view in all of the world according to John Muir. It was cloudy when I was at the summit so I don't know. Hike up was very nice though. There will be snow all the way til May but should be clear atm. My favorite hike I've done in SoCal.

San Gorgonio - Haven't done this one yet but it's the highest point in SoCal. Doing this one this weekend. Supposed to be pretty tough to day hike - better to overnight it.

Mt Whitney - Highest point in the US. I really like the area up here as well and there are plenty places to hike around there. The permitting system is a bit of a pain for this but if you can get one it's an awesome trip.

You should research all of these and anywhere else you go by googling. Best resources I've found are:

For your other questions:

Where do I park/what sort of permits/payments are necessary to access the areas? These kind of go hand-in-hand and the answer is that you need to research on the internet. This is one of the more annoying parts of hiking/learning to hike. The websites I linked up above are helpful for this. There's also a socal hiking reddit at /r/socalhiking

What is the local hiking etiquette? People are generally friendly on trail and will say hi when passing, but that's generally about it. Nothing is expected so feel free to say hi, give them a nod, or just walk on by. Generally it's best to let others pass you if they're right behind you (they're there because they caught up with you due to walking faster, after all). Headphones are fine, but speakers are frowned upon. No one cares about your water bottle of course. Public transport will not get you to most hiking spots, so that's basically not an option.

Any other questions let me know! The west coast in general has some spectacular hiking and you won't regret spending some time getting into it.

u/rswinkler · 6 pointsr/bicycling

You would be much better off mounting these on the truck box. Just get some long bolts and lock washers and send them up through that block of wood on the underside of the lid.

u/CTSVERROR · 6 pointsr/running

Running with a pack takes a bit to get uses to but once you do you nearly forget it's there. The key is only load up with enough water for the run. When I first started running with one I would fill it up. This meant I always had extra water and weight I didn't need to carry.

I own this one and love it. It's minimal and easy to use. Just make sure to get the air out once you fill it to keep the water from sloshing around when you run.

u/londongarbageman · 5 pointsr/AskMen

Personally I recommend Anti Monkey Butt powder

u/notsurehowtosaythis · 5 pointsr/funny

Motherfucking Monkey Butt!

u/ryaninwi · 5 pointsr/bicycling

I've used Chamois Butt'r and DZ Nuts and liked them both, but the Chamois Butt'r was more cost effective (I purcahsed the DZ Nuts on clearance, so it was cost effective that one time), so that's what I've stuck with since it does the job. I'm sure others will comment on what brand they use as well, perhaps there is an even more cost effective option out there.

u/ganymede_boy · 5 pointsr/bicycling

Trim if you must, but not too short or you'll itch.

For soreness, check your bike fit and seat height/position.

For longer rides, use a butt balm such as this one.

u/ILoveYouSoVeryMuch · 5 pointsr/EDC
u/DA_MOSS · 5 pointsr/ElectricForest

Was going to tell you I've been having this one for a few years:

But I think its the exact same one that you posted! So yea, it's been through the ringer and has done me well

u/double_a_ron · 5 pointsr/motorcycles

You really should consider a hydration pack

Something like this

I love mine and wear it whenever it's going to be hot and I will be out for more than an hour.

Also...make sure you stay hydrated in general if you ride.

u/Egocentricman · 4 pointsr/trees
u/JTW158 · 4 pointsr/loseit

I use Chamois Butter It is designed for biking but it works well for hiking or other exercise too. It is a thick cream, similar but thicker to hand moisturizer.

They have a version for women but I don't know what the difference is.

u/IDontWantToArgueOK · 4 pointsr/Kayaking

These work great, however they can damage your door seals, and your paint if not strapped down carefully.

u/garblesnarky · 4 pointsr/EDC
u/Malorajan · 4 pointsr/electricdaisycarnival

Hydration pack and these bracelets I've made. Not sure if I'll bring my GoPro since I don't think I used it that much last year. Might grab one of those cooling towels or just a bandana.

u/DPDragon · 4 pointsr/UMF

Walmart has some in the camping/outdoors section, as I'm sure any sports authority or sports stores would have them as well. This is mine which has one pocket for the bladder (which I put the rest of my stuff in there in a gallon ziploc bag) and a tiny pocket useful for like keys or gum or unimportant stuff. Camelbaks are allowed and don't have to follow the one pocket rule, but they can't be backpacks like this.

u/gryhrt · 3 pointsr/bicycling

Another option is a trailer hitch mounted rack. I have a 1 1/4" inch receiver hitch on my Honda Fit and have a hitch mounted rack that I use with it. It's more secure than a trunk mounted rack, and much quicker and easier to install and remove. It's also cheaper than a roof rack.

u/positive_pangolin · 3 pointsr/vandwellers

Thanks! I can't open the doors with the bikes on the rack unfortunately. I bought it because it was the cheapest rack on Amazon with the highest ratings. Works great for the price.

u/Lizabetanne · 3 pointsr/bicycling

We have this. It's easy to load and folds down so I can still access the back hatch on our car.

u/D0rk4L · 3 pointsr/bikewrench

Bolt it to the 2x4. I know a few people who use a product like this, bolt it to a piece of wood and bolt that piece of wood to a rug or second trunk mat so that they can swap it in/out as necessary.

u/IMHO_GUY · 3 pointsr/MTB

I have an 04 Jetta so hopefully I can help. Hitch mounts are a hassle to install on the car, you need to drill holes through the trunk liner and I didn't think it was worth it.

Roof racks are pretty expensive and they scare me because I'm worried I'd forget about the bike and destroy it.

Honestly if you're gonna be transporting just one bike this cheap rack will work perfectly. Just remember to get some bungee cords to secure both wheels so they don't move around and dent/damage the car. I hit 90mph with my bike on that rack and it was solid but I wouldn't recommend it. 70mph all day though.

You can spend a bit more and find similar racks that have side straps for added stability but honestly I had no issues with the single bottom strap.

I got a great deal on craigslist on this thule trunk mounted platform rack so I picked it up but if I had to pay $300+ for it... no way its that much better than the cheap Allen rack.

u/adebium · 3 pointsr/Ultralight

Have you tried body glide or chamois butter for chaffing? I use Chamois butter for my runs and never experience chaffing issues.

u/Marsandtherealgirl · 3 pointsr/LushCosmetics

There are probably a lot more cyclists than you think. Especially in major cities like NYC where lush is huge.

I use this product and it's almost $20 a tube. Well worth it for it's purpose though. I've also been known to use it when I wear a skirt or a dress too. Honestly the cycling shop is sold out of it sometimes. It's pretty much an industry standard.

I'd gladly buy a lush version!

u/nombski · 3 pointsr/Weakpots

OOH. You ever use chamois butter? You basically use it to grease up your taint/nipples/whatever might chafe for running/biking/paddling etc. There are quite a few creams that work like this, butt this one is one of my favorites. It's a game changer!

u/vermilionweirdo · 3 pointsr/running

Since I also bike, this does double duty.

u/SkyShadow · 3 pointsr/bicycling

This stuff is the best:

Also, if touring or riding all day, use a baby wipe to clean everything out down there if it is hot or you deuce then reapply the Chamois Buttr, or as my riding buddy says: the "Butt Lube."

After that it's just conditioning the sit-bones.

Rashes will make something that can be so fun, so miserable.

u/lonelylikeyou · 3 pointsr/bicycling
u/MrrrrSparrrrkle · 3 pointsr/CampingGear

The Scout is the latest of my many shelters and I really love it for my solo travels. It's lightweight, easy setup and just enough space for you and your gear. IMy only gripe is that the bathtub floor doesn't come up quite as high as I'd like. However, we had some heavy downpours my last 2 trips and not a drop of water got in. I used Seam Grip for seam sealing.

u/heartofjasper · 3 pointsr/CampingGear

Gear Aid Seam Grip WP Waterproof Sealant and Adhesive for Tents and Outdoor Fabric, Clear, 1 oz

Good stuff

u/trevor · 3 pointsr/whatsthisbug

Kiwi Camp Dry was the most commonly recommended spray for general waterproofing of tent materials. I was able to find it for a few dollars cheaper at Walmart than Amazon, and I've also heard of it being found at Target. I haven't gotten a chance to try it before and after yet, but I've heard some very promising tales.

Seam sealer also comes highly recommended, which is to seal the stitching around the base of the tent and any windows or other places that may potentially leak due to poor craftsmanship. I sat inside my tent while it downpoured and made sure to apply this at any spot where it was dripping. The difference just from this stuff was amazing, but if the tent itself is thin you'll also want the Kiwi product.

u/gigglestick · 3 pointsr/funny
u/FatYakSD · 3 pointsr/Kayaking

This kit worked great for me

u/iaintcommenting · 3 pointsr/Kayaking

What kind of kayak are you thinking of getting?

If it can fit inside your vehicle without impeding your driving then that is probably fine, if you have to force it to make it fit then it's probably less fine.

If you have a hard-top on your jeep then there's also the option of using foam blocks (something like instead of a full set of cross bars. You should be able to find them at just about any store that sells kayak stuff. They're a little less convenient then a set of cross bars but they work well enough if you're careful and they're cheap.

u/cannonball260 · 3 pointsr/XVcrosstrek

I've had these kayak racks for about 4 years, so no, they are not manufacturer (which I think is Thule). I had them on a '14 Outback until last month.

I looked up the big-name brands at the time and was blown away by the price for a basic rack - not any of those with an elevator system or anything - $100+ was insane, I thought. The way I looked at it was a kayak rack is actually very simple construction. Bent steel with some foam and a mounting bracket system. So I looked on Amazon and found a pair for something like $25 shipped.


The shape that the camps are molded to doesn't fit the exact shape of the crossbar, but this does not hinder them from being safely tightened. When cranked tight, it has no slippage whatsoever. And I test with a few tugs every time I use them. Great price, great purchase, would recommend 100%.


This is the exact same product I purchased. Note the price was about $25 at the time, and has gone up. You might be able to find cheaper, or even a double set for around this same price. All the top Amazon products in the category all look to be the exact same thing.

u/ScottageCheese8 · 3 pointsr/EDC

I actually have the carabiner that broke on you, I hope it holds up well!

u/JoeMental · 3 pointsr/EDC

Leatherman Carabiner Lifter is my favorite. Light and has a bottle opener and hole for key fob.

u/MegaMenehune · 3 pointsr/EDC

I wear the leatherman cap lifter sidekick. It isn't "real" climbing nor is it locking but it is perfect for belt loop carry. The clip is stiff and I've never lost anything with it. It's been through the washing machine a couple times without any decrease in performance. The bottle opener comes in handy as well.

u/thedean_801 · 3 pointsr/Harley

I use this hydration pack. The mouth piece fits under my chin guard so it's doable while riding. Doesn't interfere with my seat's back rest either. I just got back from my second trip using it. Worked great.

u/Lerigot · 3 pointsr/running

Picked up the Teton Trailrunner 2 as I wanted a cheap Hydration Pack for my marathon training. I've used it once and I like having it much better than the belts I've tried.

Does anybody have any recommendations for running shorts on a student's budget?

u/bigbadbyte · 3 pointsr/firstworldproblems

Off brand camelbak

TETON Sports Trailrunner 2.0 Hydration Backpack

u/morin22 · 3 pointsr/wayhome

Amazon has them for decent prices. I picked up this one and its a great size, you can pack a poncho in there also or other items.

u/LtCthulhu · 3 pointsr/MTB

For me its probably my bladder bag. I got this one on amazon: here. Pretty cheap and allows me to carry way more water for longer rides.

u/TreyWalker · 3 pointsr/veloster

Racks are ROLA 59726, JBars are TMS J-Bars

Front is tied down to a SoCal Tow Hook. Rear tied to the tow-hook area on the rear drivers-side. Slammed it in the trunk for the pic as it was blowing in the wind.

u/TinCanFury · 3 pointsr/CampingGear

ah! gotcha, there is this, but the zipper part is rather heavy compared to this style because it's meant to be carried around in your pack full of water,

That said, I use a 3L platy hoser with an in line sawyer filter and I have no problem filling it through the small opening, I can even get about 2L in it when I have to dunk the whole thing into the water source. So while I agree it is a bit more of a pain, I don't think it's as bad.

u/Dr__Douchebag · 3 pointsr/festivals

I just bought a nice platypus bladder system and hose and then bought a cheaper hydration backpack on eBay without the bladder.

This way you're getting one just as nice as a CamelBak for way cheaper because it's the bladder and hose that are important

This is the bladder I bought and it's been amazing. Then you can just pick whatever bag you want. A 3L camebak bag is really $$$

u/Bigger_Than_Prince_ · 3 pointsr/Coachella

I have the Camelbak Mule. It works awesome for me. Has a small front pocket, a large backpack-like pocket chamber, a top pocket, and then an exposed pocket between the front two that I put my sweatshirt or t shirt in (you can tighten it so no one can nab your stuff).

It's a bit pricey (got it on sale), but it holds a lot of stuff and a lot of water (without being too bulky).

u/yahooitsdrew · 3 pointsr/ElectricForest

can anyone recommend a nice hydration pack with a zippered compartment to hold a hoodie for the cold nights? this will be my first forest and all my friends are telling me i really should get a hydration pack--looking to spend around $50 if possible.

this seems like a solid option?

yes, i've already checked out this guide:

it wasn't very helpful on specific bags

u/trufus_for_youfus · 3 pointsr/NewOrleans

You spelled bike rack wrong. Buy a used or cheap bike rack to keep in your trunk. Put it on when riding around town. Completely legal and obscures the plate enough to beat cameras and plate scanners.

This image demonstrates the effect well. $35 bucks and you can also carry bikes with it if you like.

u/rycov24 · 3 pointsr/cars

$35. I took a mini road trip to do a century ride with my road bike and a couple days worth of supplies in my Miata. Easy peasy

u/TheRealJVance · 3 pointsr/HangoutFest

This is the one I got and Hangout said I was good to use

KUYOU Hydration Pack Water Rucksack Backpack Bladder Bag Cycling Bicycle Bike/Hiking Climbing Pouch + 2L Hydration Bladder,(Black+Water Pouch)

u/Strykedead · 3 pointsr/Drugs

Personally, I would try Acid once or twice just so you can get a feel for it before you jump right into it at a festival.

Also make sure you have TONS of water. I know at one day music festivals people get dehydrated a lot, so 4 days will be even worse. I'd recommend a camelbac (something similar here) so you don't have to worry about lugging around a water bottle. The one I linked also doubles as a backpack so you can also carry around your other goodies.

u/ClangClangBoom · 3 pointsr/electricdaisycarnival

I bought this one on Amazon: Miracol Hydration Backpack with 2L Water Bladder
I have used it once right after I got it. Took a hike around a local park, and I had no problems with it. It kept my water cool, and wasn't a burden to wear since it has two supportive straps across the chest. It should fall under the appropriate bag guidelines for EDC too.
> Hydration packs with no more than two main compartments and one smaller compartment—must be empty upon entry

u/gh0stdylan · 2 pointsr/Hyundai

This is what I'm looking at. Sorry for long link, I'm on mobile

Curt Manufacturing 11402 Class 1 Trailer Hitch

Swagman XC Cross-Country 2-Bike Hitch Mount Rack (1/1/4 and 2-Inch Receiver)

u/blip01 · 2 pointsr/MTB

I got one of these recently. So far so good. I use it with two 29" full sus bikes.

You can add a small padlock through each arm, but you'd probably be better off with a thick cable around the bikes and hitch.

u/SellingCoach · 2 pointsr/hockey

Anti-Monkey Butt Powder Anti-Friction Plus Sweat Absorber

Used to use this stuff when I road my motorcycle in the summer heat. It works wonders.

u/mynameisalso · 2 pointsr/AdviceAnimals
u/4_jacks · 2 pointsr/BMWZ4

A Universal Bike Rack Should work just fine.

Just be careful with the installation not to scratch the paint or apply too much pressure to anything. Drive very carefully with the bike attached.

u/audiomuse1 · 2 pointsr/UCDavis

Might be worth investing in a bike rack... there are some pretty decent inexpensive ones out there including this one:

u/call_me_cthulhu_ · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

this song or this one or this one. If I win this

u/theMJof91 · 2 pointsr/cycling

I drive a 2013 Infiniti G37x. I use this:

Fits two bikes, works fine for me.

u/mccrolly · 2 pointsr/bicycling

I use this stuff from time to time, but I have found that A&D Ointment (it's for diaper rash) works just as good and is cheaper.

u/onandagusthewhite · 2 pointsr/bicycling
u/acatisfinetwo · 2 pointsr/Weakpots

Chamois Butt'r

I use it every time I run, and during long rows.

u/atechnicnate · 2 pointsr/AskDoctorSmeeee

Toss some baby powder down there when you run or get some buttr and try that for a bit. I am not a doctor either but it looks like a heat rash to me.

Source: I was in the desert for a long time and it was super hot so I understand heat rash...

u/crbn_kllr · 2 pointsr/running

I liberally apply chamois cream (primarily a cyclist, but I dabble in ultra running) before every run and it's made life magical.

This Assos stuff is incredible but pricey.

Chamois Butt'r is also great

u/cycleboy1964 · 2 pointsr/loseit

I'm a pretty serious cyclist every one posting about the anti chaffing product is right one
Chamois Butt'r works great for me they have smaller ones as well so you can buy a single 9ml packet like this to see if it works for you.

Check with a local bicycle shop or REI (if your in the US)

u/raki27 · 2 pointsr/femalefashionadvice

You can also get something like it at bike shops -- Chamois cream! Technically it's for your bike shorts, but it also works as a good skin lubricant.

u/trailtrash · 2 pointsr/Ultralight

Depending on the material you can use tenacious tape with a sealant. That stuff has works quite well on most materials.

u/tawnyblaze · 2 pointsr/Atlanta

I have a friend who says she uses this setup for their boat and it works well (she also doesn't have roof bars, she drives a Camry):

u/y_13 · 2 pointsr/Kayaking
u/moonsteethmarks · 2 pointsr/kayakfishing

Hey fellow mazda owner (protege here). If you want a nice option go with a good roof rack, but if you want a cheap/decent option go with this guy:

If I had the money I'd get something nicer, but this does the job

u/SecondVoyage · 2 pointsr/Kayaking

I was thinking of doing the pool noodles but went with instead.

Hoping it works well.

u/QuicheDaddy · 2 pointsr/kayakfishing

The most inexpensive method would be to buy an attwood car rack set - foam holders, cam straps, and ropes. You can wrap the cam straps around the kayak and through your car windows- essentially holding the kayak to the upper part of the car. ALWAYS tie down at least either the stern or bow of the kayak to the back/front or the car- ideally both.

u/jman7815 · 2 pointsr/subaruoutback

I have used the universal kayak racks for 30 bucks on Amazon and I have also just laid it across the bar. Both work fine. The OB has flat bars though and the bought racks have a round bracket but just tightening them down really made it secure. I have not used them since they got replaced (a tree ripped them off during the hurricanes) but even when they were used, they held up to some pretty rigorous kayak hauling.

Here's the link:

u/metarchaeon · 2 pointsr/Kayaking

If you have a $500 budget, you might want to go ahead and get a roof rack. Then you can get a couple of J racks. The bars might come in hand for other stuff (car top carrier, skis, etc) as well.

u/chancrescolex · 2 pointsr/Kayaking

There are plenty of other options out there too. Those were just a few I found with a quick google search. The downside to that last one is that those kayak racks can run around $100-$200 per set if you get a name brand. I have these though and they work just fine. You'd also need some welding experience and the right equipment.

If it were me, I think I would prefer not having the kayaks out towards the sides, just in case I got side-swiped or something. I like the variations that have the kayaks raised above the platform and then you have the whole bed for gear.

u/ultra242 · 2 pointsr/Kayaking

Thanks for the bit of kayak info, I really don't know much about them at this point. I'm hoping you notice my future thread I'll post about buying a kayak, if I need to post after doing my research.

I consider the $200 for the trailer to be paid for already, because I'll use this trailer for other things. So adding in two pair of these racks and setting them up similar to this trailer won't cost me much at all (thanks /u/chancrescolex).

u/AlexanderOfMacedonia · 2 pointsr/HondaElement

It was my first time driving with the kayaks loaded and strapped down so I took it easy. About 30 miles at 60mph. When I got off the freeway I checked how secure the straps were and everything held nicely.

I bought these kayak racks.

u/ipsomatic · 2 pointsr/GrandCherokee

Its a TMS J-Bar Rack HD Kayak Carrier...

u/TheOperatingOperator · 2 pointsr/Subaru_Outback

I found a used set of the Thule crossbars at a dealership for 240$ that were like new. Then I bought this

u/saili_calvin · 2 pointsr/XTerra

I don't use a folding J-style rack but I do use J-style racks for my kayaks (2 of them) and they barely fit on the X cross bars. They attach nice and snug.

As for securing the kayaks down, I use the quick straps that came with my racks and make sure to tie them off to prevent slippage.

The farthest I've traveled with this setup is about an hour of highway driving (75 mph).

Edit: The racks I have:

u/eymantia · 2 pointsr/EDC

I don’t carry one anymore, but Leatherman’s carabiner opener has worked well for me in the past.

u/andywu2334 · 2 pointsr/EDC
u/Saxmuffin · 2 pointsr/spartanrace

Works for me, 1 beast 2 supers and 2 sprints and no sign of tears. The bladder it came with was pretty bad, but i had other bladders.

u/madsbrain · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Good hiking boots are definitely worth the investment if you're going to be going in more wooded areas. Also, Camelbak-style water backpacks are great and keep your water cool when you get into the warmer months, but just be wary of the prices. I have one that I got from Eastern Mountain Sports out of their bargain area because someone returned it before using it, so definitely keep your eye out on camping supply stores.

u/n0ia · 2 pointsr/bonnaroo

If you're doing it right and looking after yourself, you should be going through SEVERAL bladders of water per day.

You will run out of a bottle of water in 30 minutes on the coolest of days. If you miscalculate how soon you need water, you may find yourself waiting in line to fill up that tiny little bottle for 10 - 15 minutes. I have personally seen people pass out from heat exhaustion while waiting in line for water.

You don't have to by a camel bak brand. There are plenty of other companies producing them now, such as Coleman.

They can be had for ~$20 (such as this one:

Do not underestimate the heat.

And no, it doesn't get annoying. It also allows your to bring other essential items into the main venue area (toilet paper, wipes, sunscreen, etc.)

u/pickleless · 2 pointsr/aves

I was in this position last month before Escape and ended up getting help from other redditors! In my thread, it was brought up that I should get a generic pack, but an actual bladder. In the end, I saved probably 20-30 bucks since Camelbaks are hella expensive.

I actually bought this pack:

and placed a 100 oz camelbak bladder in it. It wasn't a perfect fit, so some of the bladder was hanging over the top, but it was pretty secure that it wasn't even a big deal. Was able to jump and groove to trance all night because of the waiststrap! I would suggest the 100 oz because you would already be carrying 70 oz to begin with. Those 30 oz (around 2ish pounds) would probably be gone within the hour! Less fill ups right? Dunno if it was just me, but I didn't even really feel the water weight on my back. Ended up forgetting about it until I needed water. Only had to refill the bladder once a night, and that's so we have water for the walk and ride back home. All in all, best investment for festivals!

Funny story: The person who filled my bag was like "damn this bitch drinks!" lol.

I'm a person with average build, definitely not buff or cut. Fairly bulky/chubs. Lemme know if you need more help!

u/Pybr0 · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I like skateboarding distances, cycling, and the occasional hike, this water pack would be pretty useful for all of those.

u/mrsjksnowwis · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I would take this to help keep you hydrated. And if you don't have any trail/hiking shoes, I'd invest in those, too

u/korgothwashere · 2 pointsr/EDC

Check out a good Kelty Bag or an Osprey bag.

Are you looking for a backpack style or a messenger style, or a sling backpack? Are you carrying a lot of stuff...or a lot of stuff? Do you have a color preference?

The Kelty Redtail is a good options that I've seen for as low as $60 I think on Amazon. Currently retailing for a bit higher, but certainly under $100.

For a smaller lightweight bag, I was looking at a Teton Sports Oasis once upon a time. My SO carrys around a cheapy Outdoor Sports bag of similar size for her EDC and it seems to fit everything she needs pretty well.

u/cussingsh4d0w · 2 pointsr/Coachella

I use this one:

Got it for my first Coachella in 2014 and have used it at every festival since. Holds 2L so you don't have to constantly refill. Also has a bunch of pockets for whatever you need to get in, including a secret compartment for stuff you need to sneak in (haven't been found out yet).

u/joewheeler06 · 2 pointsr/bonnaroo

I've upgraded my water backpack this year. The one I had last year was decent but small. This year I'm buying a Teton pack. In this pack I will have probably just the basics plus a few things I couldn't fit this past year. I will have my Canon A2500 with an extra battery in a case. Ziplock bag with my phone and my wallet inside. My keys to the truck usually get attached directly to the front of the strap so I know where they are at all times. My worst fear is losing my keys. I usually bring a spare and make another responsible person carry it as well. I will also be bringing along a cloth tapestry to use as a blanket to sit on at the shows. I didn't have room for that last year. I usually have a bandana in my pack as well, along with some granola bars. I may also be bringing an external battery pack to recharge my phone if need be.

u/BootyButtPirate · 2 pointsr/Kayaking

I have a 2003 4runner so its slightly bigger than your 3rd gen. My wife and I each have 10' entry level sit in rec kayaks. I successfully mount and carry both on the factory roof rack with 2 pairs of cheap Amazon J hooks. I can lift and mount the kayaks solo but its much easy with two people. I put 2 ratcheting tie straps over the kayaks securing them to the cross bars and side rails (not the J hooks). I use a bow and stern lines attached to the front recovery loops and rear hitch. It works well. If I were doing longer distance driving (200+ miles) with the kayaks I would probably get some higher grade J Hooks.

Here is the 2 Pairs of J Hooks (thats 4 total) for about $60.

I bought an aftermarker set of cross rail for my wife's Odyessy and another set of J Hooks. I mount and carry them the same way. The van is newer and and cleaners so we only use it for the drop off vehicle. Here is the after market cross rails (that also fit my 4runner) Link

u/mozetti · 2 pointsr/camping

If you go the kayak route, you can save a bundle for your roof racks if you already have the rails on your vehicle.

These have great reviews on Amazon. I just bought them and used them twice with success. You can also throw in these loops for securing the bows and sterns to your vehicle.

u/warox · 2 pointsr/ElectricForest

They seem cool, and I would consider one at $75 to $80, $100 is unlikely, and $150 is a no, sorry. This product sells for $65, and is ubiquitous at festivals, and kind of gives you an idea of price point people would support.

Suggestions, make a few prototypes, start an etsy store, get yourself a paypal account, and take some decent modelling photos. As a matter of personal preference, I would prefer earth tone colors rather than paisley or shiny, but to each his own.

u/gunshyjohnny · 2 pointsr/socalhiking

I have the katadyn Vario and i've used the MSR Sweetwater EX. They are both good. My favorite now is the cheap ($20) Sawyer squeeze filter. I use it with a Platypus bag as a gravity filter. The Vario and MSR weigh too much and there is much more maintenance. The sawyer squeeze is very popular. You don't need the Platypus bag, you can use the sawyer squeeze by itself.

sawyer squeeze

platypus big zip

u/ZeppelinDT · 2 pointsr/geocaching

Oh. Lol, sorry, totally misread the title. I use a Camelbak M.U.L.E. It's got a few compartments with lots of room, holds up pretty well to the elements, and can fit a 3 liter hydration pack, which I sometimes fill and sometimes don't, depending on how long the hike will be and what the weather is like. I've had it for a few years and don't remember the exact model, but it's similar to this one:

u/SynyzaL · 2 pointsr/MusicMidtown

I'm curious about this too. I have a CamelBak that I brought to Shaky Knees last year and had no issue bringing it in but I see Music Midtown says no multi-pocket bags and technically this one has at least 2 zippered compartments... I'm just going to take it and hope for the best. Having that constant source of water is a life saver at these things.

u/code_monkey_001 · 2 pointsr/CaminoDeSantiago

It was a tight fit (augmented by waist bag and leg bag), but well worth it as I was flying from the US and it was small enough to qualify as an airline carry-on even with my sleeping bag attached. I can't imagine what people carry in those giant packs, or what their backs must have felt like at the end of each day.

u/opioneers86 · 2 pointsr/FocusST

This universal one. It was on sale for $25 bucks on Slickdeals last Friday and i gotta say I'm rather impressed. That is subject to change once my back windshield gets busted in. /s

u/TheHemingwayOfReddit · 2 pointsr/NewOrleans

I know a couple of people who have had ome of these on their car for years amd have never been pulled over for it. Totally prevents camera tickets

u/Lightwysh · 2 pointsr/bmx

This is what I use on my Focus ST.


Works fine on hatchbacks, holds 2 bikes and there is a 3 bike option. You should be able to get on

u/Tidus77 · 2 pointsr/askgaybros

I usually use a mini-water backpack, like this but only for longer runs. Alternatively, you could get a hydration vest, which I know a lot of runners prefer.

u/Stifler_33 · 2 pointsr/lifeisbeautifulLV

KUYOU Hydration Pack Water Rucksack Backpack Bladder Bag Cycling Bicycle Bike/Hiking Climbing Pouch + 2L Hydration Bladder,(Black+Water Pouch)

Would this hydration backpack be acceptable?

u/sokrmom · 2 pointsr/bonnaroo

I have this hydration pack. I have used the same one twice at hangout fest. My son’s has made it through two hangout festivals and slossfest. For the price we have gotten out money’s worth
KUYOU Hydration Pack Water Rucksack Backpack Bladder Bag Cycling Bicycle Bike/Hiking Climbing Pouch + 2L Hydration Bladder,(Black+Water Pouch)

u/vh1classicvapor · 2 pointsr/bonnaroo

This one. Quality seems questionable but it’s cheap enough to roll the dice on

u/xfilesarereal · 2 pointsr/HangoutFest
u/asyrin25 · 2 pointsr/EliteDangerous

Maybe I can attach a Camel Backpack to my chair and hydrate Stillsuit style.

u/2025k · 2 pointsr/HangoutFest

Amazon Hydration Backpack


This is the backpack like half of my group last year had and we were all fine! We put all of our things in a gallon ziploc inside the backpack so when they search we just whip that out and the rest of the bag is empty in case they give us any problems! Nobody got turned away last year.

u/starbewy · 1 pointr/bicycling

Bought a swagman xtc rack when I bought my hitch from etrailer a few months ago. They're around ~$215 or you can get the cheaper swagman xc for ~$100 (same thing, but xtc is the update with nicer platforms). They both had around 1000 reviews at 4.5 stars and I've had no problems with mine.

I bought curt's bike rack support strap and it made the rack solid with no worries about wobbling. Just took it on a 5hr road trip with 2 road bikes driving at ~80mph. I could do 85-90 but it would wobble a little so I stuck around 80.

To combat the scratching the frame problem I bought pipe insulation (aka pool noodles) for $5 and put them on over the top tubes so no worries about the rack scratching anything.

Just be aware that the rack can only fit tires <= 2.5inch or else you need to buy the wider platforms from amazon which are like $15 for a pair or something if you have a fat bike.

u/shark969 · 1 pointr/bicycling

Roof racks are a pain and expensive. We all know people who got them because they look cool on a Saab, and I refuse to become that guy. Hitch mount racks are better I think. Having a hitch mounted to your car and buying this is still way cheaper a Thule roof rack system. I have the Swagman and love it. Takes literally 3 seconds to get your bike on and off it. As for the Kayak, I also use this

u/krispzz · 1 pointr/MTB

I have this $100 hitch-mount two bike carrier and I like it, especially for the price. I use a short piece of accessory cord (i.e. rope) to tie down the back tire to the tray because of the steep top tube angle on my FS bike, but if you have a flat top tube that probably isn't necessary. Only complaint is that the ball bearing in the detent pins rusts a bit if you leave it on the car long term. Now that I'm not taking my bike to work due to the time change I just leave the whole assembly in my trunk because it folds up.

u/Dartht33bagger · 1 pointr/MTB

I bought a Swagman XC last season to use a bike rack and I haven't had any issues so far. All of the weight of the bike is still on the wheels. I just make sure the frame is nice and clean where the frame holder comes into contact with it.

u/200kWJ · 1 pointr/XVcrosstrek

If you do look at hitch mounts, go with a upright type like this one. Bought one of the early models and it still works great.

u/Beep_Beep_Jeep · 1 pointr/JeepRenegade

Sure thing, it's a Swagman XC I purchased off Amazon, link below.

I didn't want to spend too much on a carrier, and my coworker has had one for about 4 years with no problems.

It probably weighs about 20 pounds, but attaches and removes pretty easy. I've had it hold a mountain bike and a road bike with no issues, but I usually detach it and leave it in the house.


u/AnusFreeSince93 · 1 pointr/bikecommuting

I have a split commute (10 miles by car, 10.5 by bike each way). You NEED a hitch if you are driving every day with your bike. Bikes and cars are not friends, and use of a trunk mount rack regularly will scratch your car. Uhaul will install it for $200.

I use the Swagman Unit it takes literally 2 seconds to put your bike on and off. I keep it on my car most of the time. It gets a little rusty from the rain/snow, but nothing that some WD 40 can't take care of. It's quicker and easier to use than other styles of bike racks. Only thing to make sure of is that your cables are not located externally on top of your bike's top tube since the arm from this unit clamps down on the frame from the top, so it can wear down on the cable. Most modern bikes either have internal routing or have the cables on the bottom, rather than on top, so it wouldn't be a problem in that scenario.

Feel free to ask if you have any other questions about the split commute. I've been doing it for years, so I feel like I've been through the ringer on all potential issues.


u/cbwb · 1 pointr/askcarsales

I'm getting a hitch on my Murano for bike rack only too. It won't have wiring. I had the same question. $200 including install and parts (U-haul). For the $40 install i'll let them do it. I have a 2014 Murano and I think the exhaust has to be "dropped" to access the mounting holes. I think on the newer version you cant just use a jack and mount it without having to move anything. Still not sure it's worth the trouble to diy. I wish I could get a rack to fit my current one and switch it to my new car, but apparently I can't.

I might be getting a 2020 and wondering if I should just spring for the $400 tow package...not sure if that's factory or dealer installed.

I got a Swagman rack (for 2 bikes). We were using it on our Tahoe until we had to get rid of it. LOVE this style bike rack!

u/Zombies_Are_Dead · 1 pointr/funny

You could have avoided it if you'd used Anti-Monkey Butt powder. And while you're at it, do yourself a favor...

u/boojel · 1 pointr/bikecommuting

I usually use baby powder & it seems to help reducing the redness & itching.

I just saw this powder at a local Northern Tool store. I was wondering if it helps with cycling friction & dampness better than baby powder.

u/solidad · 1 pointr/sex

I agree with what /u/Ima_freud_not and will add a couple more things:

You didn't specify gender, but I will assume male:

  • Get a sweat-wicking undershirt. Many are designed to be cool and not add too much extra heat but allow you to wick away excess sweat and not stain your shirt.

  • Anti-friction / Sweating Powder might help as well.
u/La-Bruja · 1 pointr/sex

They have a product that a lot of guys in the military use called monkey butt ;o)

u/bemon · 1 pointr/ToyotaTacoma

I agree. I bought these a couple years ago for $15 apiece (now $25). Delta Cycle Bike Hitch Pro Locking Fork Mount I laser cut the rail inserts out of SS.

u/chairmanxiao · 1 pointr/bicycling

If your truck has tiedowns like these, you could thread a cable lock through there. Or, if all you're concerned about is locking the fork, you could get locking bike skewers and replace the stock Yakima skewers in the cheaper blockhead.

Edit: Even better, third party locking skewers specifically for fork mounts exist!

Edit2: Also, if you're looking for security, how else would you secure the mount in the bed other than bolting it on? You could get a locking hitch rack maybe, but those tend to be pretty expensive also.

u/dummey · 1 pointr/bicycling

I am a big fan on using these guys in a serpentine pattern along the way to store spare bikes. This does assume that you at least have a fork per frame though.

I then have a bunch of plastic bins on the floor below the bikes for parts and a bunch of hooks on the ceiling for wheels.

u/onizaru · 1 pointr/bicycling

Here is what it looks like with bikes on. I did go and order something like these from /u/rswinkler's suggestion. Didn't know they existed before.

u/dwm813 · 1 pointr/fordfusion

Allen Deluxe 2-Bike Trunk Mount Rack

Is what I have for my ‘17 hybrid. Check their website to confirm yours should fit tho.

u/truffleshuffler · 1 pointr/BurningMan

Oh sorry I mighta been confused about your question. So a simple bike rack is what I was referencing re: $30. Some fit 2 bikes, some 3. Buy one shaped for your general ride (e.g. Sedan vs. SUV). In addition to that, I am modifying a bike trailer to pull around friends/ladies/ice. Like this one! Gonna put some pillows or parts of an office chair on it. We'll see...

u/Ezaraku · 1 pointr/cycling

Bought the ( Not that long ago and it's been working really great so far. I've taken 2 bikes on it going 60 and hitting mild bumps in the road and railroad tracks. A little budge, but not much movement. It's pretty secure. With that said, I don't think I would take it on long road trips, because the little budge that it does make sometimes worries me.

u/mikebchicago · 1 pointr/chicago

If you have prime you can have it here by Friday afternoon. Easy to install, and it will work on most cars as far as I can tell (I have a hatchback, so not a trunk like the one pictured)

u/Shpox · 1 pointr/bicycling

I might go check one out. The only one that looks semi-reliable at my LBS is this: Allen 102D Trunk Deluxe 2 Bike Car Rack

Amazon reports mixed reviews, including some that are quite scary.

u/drsmith302003 · 1 pointr/bicycling

Bike Shorts with a Shammy and a tube of Chamious Cream. Properly adjusted seat and just getting used to it again.

Chamois Cream -

Bike Shorts -

that will be a VERY large quality of life improvement.

Speed will come but what i started out doing and do now is i'll do what are refered to as Intervals (Fast riding for a set time) Slow riding for a set time. I do intervals through the week as not a lot of time but on Saturday I do a nice long 30+ mile ride and try to average 12 to 14 mph (started as try to maintain a 10 mph average). Sunday and Wednesday are my rest days, although i've recently started riding on Wednesday nights just for a short jaunt around town.

u/lonewolfx77 · 1 pointr/Ultralight

Wow...way to ruin my day with that reality check on the Sawatch. I fixed that. The price I pay to sleep toasty warm...

Your tips are great! I remeasured my foster can and it came out to 1.6oz so I'm good there.

I'm definitely eyeing the Nitecore and litesmith knives.

I guess I'll have to make a call on my chair. Yes it's comfy and actually helps a lot to maintain a clean camp especially in dusty/muddy places.

Definitely look at this. I used it when I started bike touring but it works well for running/hiking as well. Doesn't sweat off easily. I haven't used it on a multiday trek yet but for long distance day hikes its worked well.

u/Lazy_Gremlin · 1 pointr/bigdickproblems

Thankfully I don't run into chaffing issues too often, but Paceline Butt'r is the best thing I've found. It is seriously amazing. I go out on 3+ hour rides in spandex and have no worries when I use it. You can pick up small 1 time use packs at most cycling stores.

All you really have to do is rub some on the skin and that's it. Stuff is amazing.

u/peters1023 · 1 pointr/bicycling

Even then, do it a couple of times in a month... And your butt adjusts. Also... I butter the butt when going over ~40-50. Makes a huge difference. Butt feels like it was ridden on 40 miles at 80.

u/JimmyBisMe · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice

Make sure you get some Chamois Butt'r if you do. I've got some some terrible friction burns on my junk. Terrible, terrible, terrible. Like, get in the shower and it feels like i set my stuff on fire.

The padding in the chamois does help keep your butt/gooch/taint from dying on long runs though and the breathe-ability of the Lycra keep you nice and cool and dry.

u/olorwen · 1 pointr/TheGirlSurvivalGuide

Nobody ever replied? Weird. Anyway, the deodorant tip is just that, if you put deodorant on your inner thighs where they rub together, it'll make them chafe less.

Basically you have to take one of two routes to keeping your thighs from chafing - keeping them dry, or using something that lightly lubricates the skin. For the former, baby powder and I guess deodorant work, and for the latter, there are all kinds of anti-chafe products (like BodyGlide and Chamois Butt'r), as well as Vaseline and Neosporin (particularly good if you already are chafing).

u/Outers55 · 1 pointr/fixit

Seamgrip sealer is my personal favorite for things that need to be strong and flixible. Stored in your freezer, after opening. It has a tendency to dry out around the cap even if tightly sealed.

Gear Aid Seam Grip WP Waterproof Sealant and Adhesive for Tents and Outdoor Fabric, Clear, 1 oz

u/Zanzibar_Land · 1 pointr/bikepacking
u/writner11 · 1 pointr/Ultralight

Gatewood uses silnylon, only thing that’ll work is a silicone-based adhesive. Try Seam Grip on velcro without an adhesive already on it. If that doesn’t work, sew it on as others mentioned, then use the Seam Grip to seal the stitches.

u/cwcoleman · 1 pointr/CampingGear

Do you really need a tarp for under your tent? I'd expect not. The floor should be durable and waterproof on it's own. If you do - look at something like polycryo for less than $10 and light.

u/atetuna · 1 pointr/camping

Gear Aid has some seam sealant products. Their silicone based sealant is for ultralight tents made with silnylon fabric. If your tent isn't made with silnylon, then your tent fabric has a urethane coating that should be seam sealed with their urethane based sealant.

Some people with silnylon tents prefer to make their own by mixing mineral spirits and GE Silicone II. That's partially because they want some extra to paint stripes on their tent floor so they don't slide around as much.

u/FreneticPlatypus · 1 pointr/funny

I got one of these to make this a little easier.

u/flowercup · 1 pointr/pics

Get two of these and hook all the plastic bag handles through, it would all be so much simpler.

u/dandan5275 · 1 pointr/paradisofestival

I use these giant carabiners for singles, they're easy to clip onto my hydration pack.

For cuffs, I use a military style web belt like this one

u/Calevara · 1 pointr/Kayaking

I'm going to pick this up on Sunday to transport my new boat on my little Honda fit. Should work for you as well, and a little more comforting than a pool noodle rig in my opinion.

u/OmarDClown · 1 pointr/kayakfishing

I am hoping to buy my first kayak tomorrow as I check into a used one, so don't take this as expert advice.

This [one[( at Dick's is the same kayak with two rod holders. A comparable car carrier kit from amazon costs $25. The BJ's version comes with a paddle, while you can get a cheap paddle for $30.

So, I'm thinking, for about $50, is it worth it to install a rod holder or two? You could actually do the foam car carrier yourself by going to a fabric store, where they will sell foam. I suspect a couple of pieces of foam like that would just cost a few dollars. They might even have it as scrap for nothing (if you're especially lucky or handsome).

u/Jrose152 · 1 pointr/Kayaking

I have a 2000 civic hatchback DX so we basically have the same car but my car has a bigger butt. I bought this 25$ foam kit off amazon and it works fine. I also got these hooks and installed them on the radiator bolts and carry the kayak in the center of the roof. Two straps that came with the foam kit across the kayak and through the door shutting both doors on the straps, one more like it from tail of kayak to tow hook in the back, and one of the ropes off the nose like a V attaching to these two hooks on the front of the car. If you want to go more expensive there is this 90$ inflatable roof rack. I went with the cheaper route because I usually have a truck but the few times I don't I want to be able to still go out. I've yet to have an issue with the foam blocks. They work really well.

Edit, I also have a moonroof installed on my car. Tightened down tighter then it probably needs to be, the kayak almost touches the moonroof.

u/SGallmeier · 1 pointr/Kayaking

They sell these kayak mounting kits Here

I used one of these on a 13.5' Feelfree Lure on top of a '08 Pontiac Grand Prix for two seasons without much issue. The advice I would have is if you want make sure you don't scratch anything, put a blanket down while getting everything in place.

u/mjl200 · 1 pointr/kayak

attwood 11438-7 Universal Rack-Free Car-Top Kayak Carrier Kit with Supporting Foam Blocks

This is what I used for my 2015 Nissan Altima very similar to the Accord

u/schlamboozle · 1 pointr/Kayaking

I bought a Thule and couldn't be happier with it. Buy [these] ( attachments to mount your kayak to the rack as the Thule ones are pricy. Check craigslist often for attachments. I picked up two bike attachments for about the price of one.

Edit: Yakima's are on prime day.

u/Handbasket_For_One · 1 pointr/kayakfishing

Going on five years now with no problems. Granted my kayak (Swifty 9.5 by Perception) is made out of hard plastic, I load my yak with the underside up and also I cinch it down till there's no movement. I'd reconsider if I had a fiberglass kayak. You can also get these I believe they can be attached to the bars I mentioned above. Would be great if you have two yaks to move.

u/jhulbe · 1 pointr/kayakfishing

I just bought these the other day. because my kayak is too wide to also carry my wifes on top of the car. Here's is a pelican boost? 100. It's the 10ft sit on top at dicks.

Here's a video just after I installed it on my yakima bars. I wobble the back and it moves a lot but I just had a loose ratchet strap in the video. It holds it down just fine on my 45min drive on I-80 in New Jersey going 60-75mph

Shaking it shakes the whole car quit a bit. It's solid, and they're $30.

Only Downside is they don't collapse, so I either leave them on and they point straight up, or I take my whole rack off, because the little quick release wing nut things don't get it tight enough. I actually tightened them on with a wrench. So they're not quick to take off.


u/One_Can_of_Fresca · 1 pointr/CherokeeXJ

Got these ones. Definitely nothing fancy, but they are getting the job done. Had to put some rubber spacers in to make it fit the rack, but that was really simple. Super secure front to back and came with some nice tie-downs. Wobbles a tiny bit side-to-side with the flex of the rack when you hit bumps, but no problems so far.

All in all, two thumbs up.

u/Cypher1710 · 1 pointr/GrandCherokee

Lifetime Warranty TMS J-Bar Rack HD Kayak Carrier Canoe Boat Surf Ski Roof Top Mounted on Car SUV Crossbar

u/dave_the_nerd · 1 pointr/Cartalk

My housemate went through this two years ago.

Thule and Yakima are kind of expensive. We ended up getting a cheap, "universal" generic strap-on roof rack. It's ugly and it's not something to leave on the car all the time, but it works and it fits my car as well as hers.

We also got some J-bars to hold the kayak, which are helpful.

The problem we ran into that was insurmountable was the human factor - my housemate couldn't lift a kayak up over her head to get it on the rack when she wanted to go out by herself. (She does not even lift, bro.)

So we exchanged the kayak for an inflatable, which fits in the trunk.

u/GVSUbonnie · 1 pointr/Kayaking

Thats also a little bit of my concern.These were the ones I bought because I was being a little cheap after buying the kayaks and they had decent reviews. They seem pretty sturdy on the local roads that I've been on. I may have to be less cheap and go out and buy some more "premium" ones. I think I spent like 60 bucks for the two sets that I have so they probably aren't the best quality.

u/RodneySandstorm · 1 pointr/Wrangler

The Mopar roof rack. I have a cheap kayak rack I screw onto it from my pathfinder. And then I plan on putting 2nd yak on the Mopar rack itself. If it isn't sturdy I'll buy another cheapo kayak attachment on Amazon.

Said cheapo attachments.... Lifetime Warranty TMS J-Bar Rack HD Kayak Carrier Canoe Boat Surf Ski Roof Top Mounted on Car SUV Crossbar

u/smithaa02 · 1 pointr/Kayaking

In the industry, you have what is referred to as a "naked roof". This makes installing a conventional roofrack tricky, but fear not there are alternatives.

One option is to get "towers" that strap under the door and are cinched tight. These work well and my brother has one for his Mazda Protege.

Once you have the towers on, you can get bars that well exceed the width of the vehicle, making transporting two yaks pretty easy.

Although you have short yaks which means they are fat. One way to make stacking boats easier on a roofrack is get a jbar, so the boat can be positioned vertically. I love my Yakima j-bars myself, but you can get cheaper knockoffs from Amazon.

When shopping for bars, there are three types. Flat (factor bars), square (thule), and round (Yakima/generic). I prefer round myself and they fit a number of common saddles and j-bars.

If you really want to save on money, here is dirt cheap tower and round bar set that I used to use on my Corolla:

40 dollars...much cheaper than a name-brand like Yakima and easy to install yourself...but the Yakima versions are much better quality.

For j-bars, you can get a dirt cheap set like this for $25...but honestly these don't fit fat kayaks well (doable though, but not ideal):

My vote would be for a name-brand j-bar like Yakima:

For even more room you could get folding cradles.

If you call Yakima's sales support, they can give you a ton of useful information.

u/dubbymcdub · 1 pointr/subaru

Still a little confused. How do they work? Can I buy a universal kayak mount and attach them somehow? Recently bought the oem racks and with those clamps I can attach them to this ?

Thanks for the help.

u/anthonyjohn24 · 1 pointr/CherokeeXJ

thanks! these are the cheapest J Racks on Amazon and they work pretty good!

u/Humansrhamsters · 1 pointr/EDC
u/bobtbuilder · 1 pointr/EDC

Ahh, ok. I was fooled by the "ideal self defense edc"

There's always something like this, or a variation, if you're really just looking for a multi-tasker keyring.

Might not have the "cool factor" for you, though.

u/riffdex · 1 pointr/BuyItForLife

Just bought one of these and I'm very happy with it. It feels durable and looks stylish and minimal imo. I'm sure I'll get flamed by everyone who thinks it isn't minimal but remember that everyone has their own definition of the term.

Before I was using a small Carabiner and the key rings were loose on it. (I have separate key rings for work, home, etc). More than a few times I opened the latch to unhook the Carabiner from my pants and a key ring fell off. Kind of defeated its purpose for me which was to keep track of my keys. I put my key rings through the hex slot on the Leatherman and that secures them to it where they won't fall off.

Also, every regular Carabiner I've found in store is aluminum with cheap paint that scratches off very easily and looks like shit in a matter of days of use. Not sure what material the Leatherman is made of but it seems high quality and it is not covered in a thin layer of paint that comes off and looks tacky.

u/greyblueeyedgrl · 1 pointr/disney

It's basically a backpack that holds water so you don't have to carry around water bottles. I was looking at them for when I go running but I'm sure it will definitely come in handy when visiting the parks also.

u/Krysanth · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Happy Early Birthday!

Thanks for the contest! This is the only thing I had on my wishlist related to drinking. It's a hydration backpack for hikes!

Really, on a Monday?

Have a nice dinner!

u/bmuirwmu · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Here's one

TETON Sports Trailrunner 2.0 Hydration Backpack w/ Bladder (16.5"x 10.5"x .7", Black) by Teton Sports

u/djmistral · 1 pointr/electricdaisycarnival

I use this one

Everyone just has to remember that this isn't a TSA-type search, they arent going to be out there measuring bags. As long as it doesn't appear to be over their requirements, it should be fine. That said, just remember EDC hasn't published a change in their security requirements yet, so take everything going around with a grain of salt for now.

u/PlurKitty93 · 1 pointr/electricdaisycarnival

Camelbak brand is the best but if you want to save your money and still have great quality .... here you go fam TETON Sports Trailrunner 2 Liter Hydration Backpack Perfect for Biking, Running, Hiking, Climbing, and Hunting; Black

u/amg78 · 1 pointr/runninglifestyle

We usually use some type of waist belt, arm band, of if you are a girl, tucked in the sports bra (no link needed). For bigger items, like if you are carrying a wallet or water/ snacks as well, larger belts work, there are running back packs.

u/soulefood · 1 pointr/hearthstone

Couples cooking classes. She'll appreciate it much more if you are with her to enjoy the experience together.

Paper White Kindle if she's a reader

Great backpack for hiking.

u/poipyroo · 1 pointr/flyfishing

I have a small llbean chest pack and a day pack backpack with a hydration bladder. It works rather well. The chest pack doesn't hold quite enough for me so the backpack is good for backup supplies.

Chest pack:
TETON Sports Oasis 1100 Hydration Backpack, Green

u/laextranjera · 1 pointr/argentina

Yo tengo una Teton de 18 L para todos los días. Lo más genial es que tiene una bolsa de hidratación de 2L que en verano mantiene el agua bastante fresca sin ocupar más espacio. Tiene cubre mochila por si llueve y es increíblemente cómoda. Medio forzado cabe una notebook de 13,5.

Y para nadar o si tengo que llevar algo muy grande tengo una Arena Spiky que tiene un compartimento separado para la ropa húmeda.

Pero algo menos sport, están éstas.

u/Sachz · 1 pointr/backpacks

My daily pack is Teton Oasis 1100. I removed the hydration bladder and it fits my 13" Emoji Fartbook Pro perfectly. It also has two spots externally for bottles, two pouches (one large, one small) with the larger one being able to fold down all the way to hold jackets and various larger items - difficult to explain in text.

They're around $40 on Amazon and have yet to find anything to come close for minimalist needs.

u/meow203 · 1 pointr/running

Thanks for the tip! My backpack is more of a hiking backpack, it's this one. Though I think the width is a bit large for my shoulders, which might be causing it to be less tight than I would like.

u/oppan_ganja_style · 1 pointr/electricdaisycarnival

I got a Teton Sports Oasis 1100 for very cheap from Amazon for Escape last year and it's served me well at every show I've gone to since then. It has hella extra pockets, which I love because security generally doesn't care, and it's nice to have storage space for phones, waterbottles, etc. Plus, it has an excellent hidden pocket which security never even notices.

u/nate81 · 1 pointr/Kayaking

If i bought these for my car...... could i buy these to fit?

u/CatintheHat122 · 1 pointr/SubaruForester

These are the J hooks:

Lifetime Warranty TMS® 2 Pairs...

u/coherent-rambling · 1 pointr/Kayaking

Getting a cheap rack is the hard part. I'm not sure what's available for the Accord, but you might even want to check with your dealer. My Mazda 3 offered a Mazda-branded Yakima Whispbar, which was already slightly cheaper from Mazda than it was from Yakima. But by getting the Mazda part number and searching online, I found it for about half price, I think around $250.

Once you've figured out a rack, the cradles are easy. I don't know how the big brands get away with the prices they ask. I've had this set for two years now, and they're holding up great. And yes, that's $50 for 4 J-cradles, sufficient to carry two boats. The mounting system will work with either round or aero bars and seems very sturdy.

u/fadecomic · 1 pointr/XVcrosstrek

I've got budget crossbars and budget j-racks from amazon. The crossbars are CargoLoc, and they have a decent set of reviews on Amazon. They fit nicely. I'm not sure I 100% trust the locking mechanism that clamps the bars to the rails, so I tie them off to the roof rails to be sure. The bars themselves are extruded aluminum and are fine. If you tie a loop of good rope around the rails as a backup, well, that's not that different from the plastic strap that holds expensive Timberline towers onto the rails. The kayak racks are kayak racks. They're just metal bars and some bolts and plates that hold the racks to the crossbars. The ones I got are budget, but they also have very good reviews from users. They're functionally identical to more expensive racks.

I know some will disagree, and I probably would, too, if I used them more regularly. The CargoLocs certainly are not pretty.


Lots of Crosstreks in the crossbar reviews.

u/LandlockedPirate · 1 pointr/sailing

>15kt wind drinking

Not saying I recommend it. I've done it, but.... yeah.

u/VBeauregarde · 1 pointr/santashelpers

I'm not sure what budget you're working with, but with the fitness/snowboarding interest, maybe a camelbak would be a good gift! I think it'd be fun to throw in a gift or two for their dog, too. You could get a hide-a-squirrel or a tricky treat ball.

u/aupa · 1 pointr/aves

get this one

the red and black ones are on sale right now, i have it and it works well. it has a small pocket and it fits my iphone 6 comfortably. it doesnt have a waist strap, but i never notice mine jumping up and down.

u/mistawac · 1 pointr/hiking

Day One I'll have about 35 lbs (15.45 kg) of weight. This is my first time so there are probably several items in there I'll never take with me again, but I'd like to try 'em out once; I also have a shit sleeping bag that desperately needs upgraded. If you want specs, just ask and I'll happily share my spreadsheet!

Edit: The List

The Gear

u/NATOMarksman · 1 pointr/zombies

No worries. What you would already have in the box would be plenty awesome enough, I'd think. Fallout's always appropriate if it's post-apocalyptic stuff.

I added eye protection (important thing I should've put in the first time around) and a hard case to the 1077 post, since you might be making it a separate option. That and hard cases are neat and only $5 more, so why not?

I think the last thing to tackle would be the backpack.

Choosing a backpack can be tricky, because you want to hit a perfect balance between long-term durability, functionality, bulk/weight, and appearance. By appearance, I mean that you don't want it to look too tactical, lest someone ID you as a prepared survivor and try to get your stuff (or that your sister might end up not using it, if it looks too much like it belongs next to a soldier fresh off the plane).

Luckily, there's [one that looks perfect for the occasion] ( It's durable enough for outdoor use, looks relatively inconspicuous (only someone who knows what MOLLE is would think that this is a tactical backpack of some sort), has a good shoulder/support strap setup, can be fitted with a [(totally optional) hydration bladder] (, and has attachment points for something called 'MOLLE' accessories.

MOLLE is basically a way to attach things like magazine pouches and such to cloth-based items in a modular way. However, you don't have to use the MOLLE for only MOLLE things.

For example, if you get some carabiners from your local Walmart/etc, you can use them on the grommets on the solar charger and hang the solar panels off of the backpack using the MOLLE loops.

I fully acknowledge that this ever-growing list of items I'm giving you far exceeds what might reasonably excite a zombie fan, and it probably overran your original budget several times over, but I hope it helped. For what it's worth, all of it will be fully functional and would prove useful if you went camping or otherwise needed them in an actual emergency, and the fan material should prove to be 100% awesomesauce to a zombie fan.

Whatever ends up in the crate (or whichever type of crate it ends up being), I'm sure that she'll be super stoked to see it.

u/toolbox27 · 1 pointr/electricdaisycarnival

I HIGHLY recommend this one from platypus, the zip top closure is very convenient for getting it filled at water stations, and will ensure you don't spill while trying to close it up

u/day1patch · 1 pointr/bikecommuting

I have this Camelbak Mule NV, but it is also a bit on the small side. However I can get rain jacket / pants, lunch, wallet and stuff, my sunglasses in a big case, tools and a variety of odd things inside. I believe there are bigger versions of the Mule, but I think they would become a bit uncomfortable for cycling.

u/Cojoru16 · 1 pointr/ElectricForest

My favorite festival must have is my hydration pack! Specifically the CamelBak M.U.L.E. I always stay hydrated and it gives me enough room to store my stuff without being too bulky. :)

I'll be attending weekend 2.

u/carltondanks · 1 pointr/Coachella

I bought this. It looks great and it can hold other stuff too (sweater, battery pack, etc.)

u/JohnLeivas · 1 pointr/Coachella
u/sunkim622 · 1 pointr/Coachella

This is my first Coachella but from what everyone has told me: YES. I got this: It's only barely bigger than a regular camelbak but has many more compartments. I also have bag locks to keep things safe. I wonder if it'll be too bulky (thinking about putting light jackets in case it gets too cold)

u/FunnyDonkey · 1 pointr/hiking

As other have said, your shoes will work fine. I'd recommend a day pack for water and snacks. This is what I have, its been perfect. And cheap!

u/NooBnation101 · 1 pointr/electriczoo

Seconded, once you start to factor in all the water you buy they are very economical also you have a nice place to hold things if needed. I just bought this one not too long ago

u/-D1amond- · 1 pointr/Vive

I mountain bike so it is an extra Water Bag I had around and This Laptop

I have a board carry bag that I will probably switch it out for since it is super basic.

u/rawrimadinosaur · 1 pointr/MTB

In case for some reason you haven't tried it, a lot of smaller cars have seats that fold down. I take my front wheel off and take my bike to the trails that way. Alternatively, you can get a trunk rack for pretty cheap on Amazon or something.

Just something to think about, I hope your bike works out for you.

Edit: Just realized you said you don't have a car, I thought you said you had a SMALL car, sorry about that.

u/Chef_Spaetzle · 1 pointr/ChevySonic

I currently have this one and it's fantastic

Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Bike Trunk Mount Rack

u/stormy_llewellyn · 1 pointr/MINI


I did a search on this topic in this sub just yesterday. There seem to be a couple schools of thought. One is the mini racks, which can cost a ton, and the other is a regular basic trunk rack that you would put on most any car.

I'm in that second group. Call it, "poorish, but still drives a mini" lol...this is the one I'm looking at

If you search the sub for "bike rack" you'll see tons of past posts and lots of good feedback. Enjoy the new mini!!

u/mountingblockinfo · 1 pointr/AskNOLA

dude, just order one of these. If your vin is visible through you windshield put a sticker over it.

booters arent allowed to touch your car to check your plate/vin

u/ho_ball930 · 1 pointr/JeepRenegade

Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Bike Trunk...

Is this what you mean? I got this a few years ago and I love it. Super simple to put on and take off, the hooks don’t damage the paint at all as long as it’s installed correctly and it’s very easy to put two bikes on it. I was initially worried about the “spoiler” of the Renegade getting bent awkwardly with this but it’s sturdy enough that it can take the weight.

u/meedlymee · 1 pointr/Charlotte

I am selling a Eureka Mighty Mite Canister vacuum (3670G) with vacuum bags for 25. I used it twice, but it's just not for me. The vacuum salesman who did an AMA on here said it was the best one for under 100. It's great, but like I said, not for me. I'm also selling a bike rack, its this one, and I'm selling it for 10.

u/iFlyAllTheTime · 1 pointr/cycling

Have a look at this: Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Bike Trunk Mount Rack

I drive a VW sedan and I've no issues with it.
I've been using it every weekend for the last three months. Does the job well and I didn't have to break the bank for it.

I would recommend cork or rubber bushing on the inside of metal brackets to avoid paint damage though.

u/lykqid · 1 pointr/GolfGTI

The least expensive option for bike racks is going to be a trunk mount bike rack. Even the name brand racks are less than $150.

Thule Passage - $150

Yakima Hang Out - $100

Allen Sports (Amazon Choice) - $40

I used a cheap rack, like the last option, I got off craigslist for years, never had an issue. The trick is to tighten everything when you mount the rack, then re-tighten after you mount the bikes. Whether you want options like folding arms, is up to you, but that's a good option if you are keeping the rack on 24/7.

u/Kazaji · 1 pointr/bicycling

I have the exact same car as you, Mazda3 Sedan

I have this rack

Works perfectly, no complaints. Easy to put on and take off. Super cheap too.

I've taken it on the highway and on bumpy side roads. No unnecessary swaying or bouncing

u/mxtrav · 1 pointr/MTB

I have this one by Allen Sports and it works sufficiently. I'm sure their 3-bike version is comparable.

It is easily installed/uninstalled, and easy to mount the bike on. Seems sturdy enough, I haven't had any reason to be worried about it breaking or my bike falling off. Haven't noticed any scratches on my car or anything like that either.

u/prettylittleliar12 · 1 pointr/bicycling

Thanks for your reply. hitches are pretty neat I looked into it I might get one in the future but for now the hitch was more expensive than my bike. I asked at uhaul, they're costly. I ended up getting this bike rack from amazon for $ 34. I went to a bike store and they assisted installing it on my car ( I could've done it at home but I wanted to make sure I learn how to install it right the first time). I went home and secured the tires and went on a 12 hours trip, i didnt even have to tighten the straps on the's pretty damn sturdy when it's installed the right way. I was very surprised with how good it does the job and very satisfied. it was worth it.

u/KuYouSports · 1 pointr/hiking

US-Outdoor-Hydration Water Backpack with 2L Water Bladder (From KuYou Sports)

US-Running- Running Speed Fitness Training Umbrella (From KuYou Sports)

u/oneofyourFrenchgrrls · 1 pointr/bali

anti-itch (cortisone) cream & antibiotics!

antibiotics: i was just in ubud on a yoga retreat, and 10 out of 25 in the group got sick.

anti-itch cream: i did bring mosquito repellant, and douse myself in it daily, but there is no way you won't get bit.

the best thing i brought was this bad boy right here.

safe travels!

u/lunarsoul17 · 1 pointr/FireflyFestival

This is the one I got. It didn’t show the inner pockets in the listing photos, though. Even this one doesn’t show the little zipper pocket, but it does show the elastic one. I hope they don’t give me a hard time over it, but I’m bringing a clear cinch sack as backup, just in case. 🤞

u/leadtpt74 · 1 pointr/spartanrace

I'm currently using this one.

I like having the slightly larger 2L bladder and the space for food. As for keeping the liquids cool, this one does have some insulation in the bladder compartment but if I'm worried about that I just put ice cubes into the bladder.

u/Slaglenator · 0 pointsr/VanLife

Dropper seat posts also help make the bike small when storing it on a pull out.

I am converting a van and will use something like this:


You can use these on a pull out or on the wall to secure your bike. The item you pictured is really only for your house, in a vehicle it would let your bike flop around.

u/tL1ght · 0 pointsr/bicycling

Massive cost?

Body glide is something like $9 a tube, and that shit will last you several months. I use it when I run, and its great.

As for cycling Chamois Butt'r is maybe $15 a tube on the high end, but again it will last you a few months if you use it in moderation.

u/incster · 0 pointsr/running

I use a small CamelBak for runs over 18 miles if there is no convenient way to get water along the route. Otherwise I use a SpiBelt.

u/grtwatkins · -1 pointsr/marchingband

$15 on Amazon, but still

Edit: For the lazy downvoters