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u/acetrainerelise · 45 pointsr/femalefashionadvice

College student here, used to shitty dorm closets: If you don't mind having to iron things at the change of seasons, I like to keep off-season clothes and things I don't wear much in my suitcase. The suitcase is just sitting there taking up space anyway, and by packing it well (rolling!! roll as much as you can!!! I only fold heavy knits and sweaters) you can fit a lot into a simple carry-on. Multi-pants hangers and multi-skirt hangers are really useful for maximizing closet space, but I personally don't like multi-shirt hangers and find them incredibly inconvenient. I keep all of my jackets on an over-the-door hanger like this and use the basket (mine only has one) to hold my clutch, spare wallet, dry umbrellas, and sunglasses. On the other side of the door I have a shoe organizer that can also hold scarves and gloves and such. Honestly, seeing what college students are doing could be really good inspo for you since we live in tiny spaces with almost no closet and find a way to make it work.

u/Wood-angel · 26 pointsr/funny

My cousin fixed her problem of lack of space by hanging a pocket shoe rack on the back of her closet door. Everything makeup/ hair related she owns fits in there with space to spare.

u/MableXeno · 17 pointsr/Parenting

Cull the toys, heavily. They are young and do not play with more than 1 or 2 things at a time anyway. This also gives you a chance to decide what you really WANT for them to play with. What do they need right now for development? I tend to avoid stuffed animals. They take up too much space - like one or two "favorites" like their bedtime bear and a friend for the bear. The loud plastic shit that is just a hulking piece of noise? Let it go.

For the 3-year-old, based on developmental milestones for this age I would choose:

  • A handful of small [hand size] toys (like the Little People size/style...not the big playsets just a few people/cars/animals so they can start to make up their own stories).
  • Something that encourages color and shape recognition, like shape shorters, puzzles, or just a few different colored balls or bean bags for throwing (b/c throwing is a thing for this age).
  • Something that encourages number counting and the little pieces that connect or have numbers on them and you sort them...even alphabet and number blocks or magnets.
  • Lots of identifying stuff (like picture and board books that explain "the cow goes moo" "the duck is yellow").

    That's really it. Get it all to fit in one box/bin. I'm pretty liberal with books, though...there should always be plenty.

    For a 10-month-old:

  • Things too big to swallow, but small enough to hold in the hand.
  • Things that are safe to put into the mouth (can be washed).
  • Things that make noise (beans in a water bottle could work, it doesn't have to be fancy).
  • Things that encourage trying to move (maybe something small with wheels she can crawl after if it gets pushed

    My kids' toys before they were about 5 could all fit in one small box.

    For other storage and organization:

  • Over the door shoe rack - Put one of these on every door. The lowest row - put little things to occupy the baby so she can get in there without causing trouble. Store a few of her toys down there. The upper few rows are for mom and dad. Supplies that need to be available but out of the reach of kids. Things that need to be in that room - but you don't really want "out". Put a row for the older kid, too, so they can better clean up. This also helps you get things up off the floor when you need to do a quick clean. "Everything in its place" is really just about making sure you can clear the floor and surfaces quickly. Then maybe at night, you can go through the organizer and put things into the rooms where they belong or whatever. But at least it is off the floor, off the table, whatever the case is - and the pockets are clear so you can check them real quick if you're missing something.
  • More over the door stuff: towel rack and towel hooks - I hang up clothes all the time (and towels, but in the bathroom). The shirt they wore for 20 minutes before school but changed last minute, their pajamas, the smock they're SUPPOSED to wear when they paint but you can never find it, jackets, etc, whatever. For the hooks (I also install individual hooks in various places around the house - like down low near the front door so kids can put up their own crap) you can leave backpacks, hats, or put a bag to collect things like stray socks & mittens.

    I also use a spare laundry basket to collect things so I can put them away later. The goal is just to get things off the floor and surfaces...and worry about putting it away later.

    I vacuum my hard floors - it's just easier than sweeping. I intentionally bought a vacuum that can do carpets and hardwood. I have also taken the hose and sucked up crumbs from the table.
u/[deleted] · 14 pointsr/declutter

Maybe a shoe hanger, hung on the back of the door so that your drawers aren't on display at all times?

u/gettingzen · 12 pointsr/declutter

Not to be a jerk, but honestly, in going through the photos, I feel like you could probably fill a couple garbage bags just in trash. I suggest going through and quickly gathering garbage, sweeping the floor and then assessing.

Go through your make-up and toss anything old. It's not hygienic to keep old mascara/eye products, etc and I really doubt you need that entire white drawer thing for make-up unless you're a make-up artist or something. Go through the kitchen and toss anything expired. Buy a small collapsible step stool so you can access the cabinets. Really think through how you use your kitchen and buy items that are multipurpose. Can you pare down your pots and pans? You could use the wall the garbage is against to hang pots if needed. How often to you use your microwave? Can you justify having one? The pantry sucks, no getting around it. I suggest buying square containers for dry goods, like your rice, beans, etc so they are upright instead of flopping over on everything else. The pantry looks deep, but stuff will get buried in the back if you can't see it, so maybe use some shoeboxes or something in the back to elevate things that go in the back. Or get those wire shelfthings. You could also store your plates vertically in there and free up cupboard space for pantry items.

Your closets are totally being underutilized....where are the clothes? Wash all the laundry, sort through it, and start hanging stuff up. You may be able to free up a drawer in your dresser that could be used for something else. Looks like there's room for a shelf above the current closet shelf - again, get a trusty collapsible step stool. The wall in the closet would be a prime place to hang a vertical shoe rack. This over the door style could easily just be hung on a wall instead of over a door. Shelf dividers can help get the closet shelves under control.

I'd work on those things, and then do a major purge, and then look into other storage - you may find out you don't need as much extra storage as you think.

u/JCMCX · 11 pointsr/maritime

Pack light. Also learn to make a skivvy roll it saves a lot of space and makes packing so much easier. You can stuff your stuff like a toothbrush, razor deodorant etc in them. My usual rule of thumb for skivvies/undershirts & underwear is 7-10 days on the longer voyages. For you, I'd pack 4 to 5. Including the pair that you're wearing that's enough to cover ~50% of the voyage and you'll most likely have the ability to wash clothes onboard. If not wearing a pair for another day probably won't kill you. I also usually bring medicine in labeled plastic bags. Stuff like cold and flu medicine, painkillers and headache medicine (non-narcotic), anti diaherria medicine, seasickness pills, allergy medication, and multivitamins. I write the name of the medicine, its purpose, and the dosage on a plastic bag. When I'm done I toss them in a skivvy roll and roll them up. Bring 2 pairs of "street clothes" make the pants different (ie one jeans, the other khaki or shorts etc) you'll be wearing these around the ship when you're not working or when you're off the ship, I usually also pack some gym shorts to lounge around the ship in or workout. Bring a towel, earplugs, and a sleeping mask. Cigarettes if you smoke.

I'd bring a flashlight (one with a clip that you can put on a hat), knife, multitool, utilikey, one to two pairs of decent workboots, spare batteries, and maybe a magnetic worklight as far as work stuff goes. Coveralls if your ship doesn't provide them. Oh and a small notebook that can fit in your pocket and 2 decent pens. A watch with a barometer is a huge plus. Bandanas/Handkerchiefs are really useful as well.

As for entertainment stuff I always bring my kindle loaded with books. You can checkout /r/FreeEbooks for free books or you can always acquire some #Bookz on the undernet. If you had a switch I'd bring it. I usually bring a laptop that has all my movies and games on it. You can buy a little strip of slip resistant matting that you can place under your laptop. I've only had seas that rough once where I'd ever really need it, but better safe than sorry. A harddrive is good too, at least 1 TB.

On miscellaneous things I bring, I bring a closet shoe organizer on board like the one linked. I use that to organize a lot of my clothes and save space. I used a sharpie to mark out spots for stuff like socks, underwear, etc. But you can always fit a skivvy roll in there. I usually use the upper row for stuff like my EDC, and my medicine storage so the door doesn't hit the top. I also might bring a USB fan, paracord, and a plugin USB hub. I'll use the paracord to suspend the fan next to my face to blow on me. I'll also use it to adjust the pocket organizer.

Some packing tips are to wear your boots to the ship, sneakers are much easier to pack.

Since this is an internship I'll assume you want to be hired on later. Ask tons of questions, work hard, be sociable and likeable, and never be late. I know plenty of hardworking guys everybody hates because they're dickbags. When I first started I was a little lazy and incompetent but everybody liked me because I was sociable and not a dick and at least tried. You can be lazy, or a dick, not both.

Edit: QoL stuff is pretty nice, stuff such as a blanket, hydro flask, or seasoning is pretty nice to have sometimes. During a particularly cold voyage I had a thick heavy fuzzy blanket which was awesome. Having ice cold water when you're in a 160 degree engine room can be pretty nice. Some lawry's seasoning salt when your cook sucks is always welcomed.

Edit 2: SUNGLASSES. PACK A PAIR OF POLARIZED SUNGLASSES. The reflection off the water can be pretty intense sometimes.

u/Lil_MsPerfect · 10 pointsr/breakingmom

I realize we shouldn't have to pander to this kind of laziness, but maybe if you label the outside of the drawer with what is in it, that might help. I use shoe organizers that hang over the door instead of dressers for little kids, and the socks/underwear/pajamas are all super visible. I roll up the outfits together. No one can fuck up the clothing choices that way, and it's easy for me to have all the clothes ready for the week easily as soon as I'm done with laundry.

u/hermitsociety · 9 pointsr/declutter

I use a shoe bag with clear plastic pockets, over the back of the office door. It's genius.

Edit: AOTUNO Over The Door Shoe Organizer - 24 Reinforced Pockets,64'' x 19''(Gray).

u/pixelprism · 9 pointsr/LifeProTips

We use an over-the-door shoe storage thing. It has 24 pockets that we can store different types of cables in. It's really easy to access and keeps things more or less organized -- and it's really cheap! Here's the model we have.

u/Chimerain · 8 pointsr/BurningMan

Absolute game changer- hanging shoe organizer with CLEAR windows. best way to keep all your small items like headlamps easily accessible. I will never burn without it again... too much time wasted tearing my tent apart looking for things!

u/rotorworx · 8 pointsr/lifehacks

I use a shoe organizer, similar to this from target to organize the cleaning supplies. I hang it on the back of my pantry door. It's an easy space saver.

u/RazzleThemAll · 7 pointsr/DesignMyRoom

Maybe something like this would help. Utilizing the back of the door for makeup storage is helpful as well. Maybe something like this . Can you put a small ledge by the outlet to put your toothbrush on? That would save a lot of space. something like this. I have one of these for my hair dryer and it helps save a ton of counter space. It's small, but doable especially if you're the only one using it. I hope some of my ideas help.

u/eckliptic · 6 pointsr/InteriorDesign

Do you have room on the back of the door to hang something like this?

It doesnt give you more counter space but at least it provides storage.

Another potential option would be really tall shower tension caddy that you can place in the corner:

u/SmileFirstThenSpeak · 6 pointsr/declutter

She has to be on board with the decluttering, and it’s best if you help her do it rather than doing it for her. If she just has too much stuff, some of it does have to go. Things worth keeping might be best stored in another room if it doesn’t fit in her room, but it’s likely that at least some of it should be thrown out.

In looking for more room to store things, look up and look down. Tall bookcases or shelves. Shelves above the door, window, closet. Under the bed.

Also consider space on the inside of the door. Get a hanging shoe organizer to hang on the door. Lots of small things can be put in the pockets (get mesh or clear plastic so it’s easy to see contents). I’m imagining lots of makeup stored that way would work.

u/Shovelbum26 · 6 pointsr/Teachers

I actually think having them out in the open but inaccessible is the best solution. I have a hanging shoe organizer that I call "cell phone jail". When I have to take a phone, I actually have the student put it in there (so they're in control of placing it). The thing is transparent so they can see the phone the whole time and know where it is. I think that makes them feel a little more comfortable with it.

I work in a Title I school and a student's phone is without a doubt the most expensive thing they own, and may be the most expensive thing in their home, so I understand their stress around it and try to accommodate that, but they definitely can't have it out in class.

u/KatsKlaw · 5 pointsr/organization

One of those plastic over the door shoe storage things. Then glue gun or velcro a line in the middle of each compartment to make extra compartments. You can store multiple earings together. Organize each section by metal type, color, beading, material, etc.

Over the Door Hanging Shoe Organizer, Gray (64'' x 19'')

u/ashalalynn · 5 pointsr/Cruise

Thank you. Do you think one of these will come in handy?


We are going to be on Carnival and wine is allowed. You're right about snacks, haha. We are going to Disney for a week after the cruise and that's when we need the snacks! No makeup for me as I don't wear it but thanks for the suggestion!

u/SizeableRansom · 5 pointsr/Buyingforbaby

I purchased a door organizer similar to this to keep many baby items organized. i.e. things like diaper creams, thermometers and snappis.

u/JasterMereel42 · 4 pointsr/organization
  1. Over the door shoe rack is awesome for organizing cleaning supplies. Only thing to be cautious about is that it does make the door heavier and the shoe rack will swing out a bit when opening and closing the door due to inertia. I would recommend attaching the bottom of the shoe rack to the door somehow to prevent this.

  2. If you buy something, something else must be thrown away. This just helps to keep down clutter and filling up space with stuff.

  3. Not necessarily a true 3rd tip, but I moved from a house I owned into a house that I rented. My pegboard tool organization went away and now everything is in 2 or 3 tool bags where I have to search for stuff. I CANNOT stand this. I can't wait to be in a house I own again so I can have all of my tools organized and with easy access.
u/tlorey823 · 3 pointsr/ems

Yeah right on the netting, one of these bad boys or something similar

My service uses them for bls and airway stuff on some of our rigs. not for everything just one or two of each. If you label all the compartments it’s really easy to restock since you can see what’s missing. No way to securely lock narcs up though so I don’t think it would help you with your als drugs, but maybe you could get a med bag and just strap it to the netting with a caribeaner or something when you need to

u/Penguinbaby1991 · 3 pointsr/BabyBumps

I bought something like this

To hang on the back of our small nursery door to store things like vests, sleepsuits, hats, socks etc. Saved loads of space!

u/mimw · 3 pointsr/wicked_edge

Behind the door shoe organizer is the cheapest way.

Another way is the old Library Card organizers. You can find them at antique shops, and maybe some thrift stores for about $20-50

u/lilbunbutt · 3 pointsr/penpals

i like to store my letters in a plastic shoe/spice holder that hangs on the wall. something like this!

its good because i have multiple penpals and it saves space :)

u/Nels-Looser · 3 pointsr/Cruise

The best recommendation I ever got (and have used for over 15 cruises) is to bring an over the door shoe hanger. It can be hung over the bathroom door, facing the stateroom. We use it for storing all of our small stuff...playing cards, chargers, batteries, cameras, toiletries, sunglasses, etc.

u/obscurityknocks · 3 pointsr/Cruise

Couple more to add to this list. If you bring a few powerful magnets, you can use them to stick all of the papers like the funtimes, ship mail, and menus to the wall to keep all surfaces free for your stuff. I use hooks like these so we can also hang hats or whatever on them.

I use an over the door shoe rack like this on the bathroom door. It also helps keep things organized and clutter-free.

For the sail and sign card, we use a simple velcro cable tie. String the sail/sign card to a keyring, put the keyring on the cable tie, and wear on the wrist. Card usually comes with a small hole punched in a corner.

If you have motion sickness, but don't have the patch, try getting some green apples from the lido deck to keep in your room. They sometimes help. Also, room service will deliver a dramamine and the charge is minimal. Talk to your steward if you feel motion sickness, they are great.

Don't forget you can carry on with you one unopened bottle of wine per person! You can purchase bottled water for a reasonable price.

Have a great time!

u/WonkyOne · 3 pointsr/breakingmom

Consider something like this, that you can hang within your own reach. (NOT his reach, or it will be emptied in the first minute of the trip!)

Fill each pocket with a different activity/toys/snacks. Go to the dollar store and stock up on things like sticker books, crayons/pad of paper, mini cars, bouncy balls, anything that might keep his interest for awhile that doesn't require your supervision.

I recently did a 12 hour flight with my 2.5 year old (and 4 month old daughter). The very best thing I brought with me (other than the iPad) in terms of entertaining him was a ziplock bag full of miniature cars each individually wrapped in painters tape. Yes it was a bitch to clean up after (lots of little scraps of painters tape stuck to everything in arms reach) but every one of them brought happy "oooooh" "wow" "woah" comments, and bought about ~10 minutes of unwrapping time, plus at least 20 minutes of happily rolling them around on things. So yeah, painters tape!

Also, get external battery chargers for the tablet and the 3ds. (Like this one for example. Http://

Good luck. It won't be easy but you can do it!

u/Informationator · 3 pointsr/gamecollecting

Hanging shoe holders are a popular way of storing controllers for easy access. You could even go for a clear one

Being the sophisticated man that I am, I store mine in... ...a wire jungle box...

u/Amator · 3 pointsr/dragoncon

Not specifically a shower tip, but we find it's handy that when you're sharing a room with several people to bring one of those over-the-door shoe holders pic at Amazon which makes it easy to keep everyone's shampoos, brushes, etc out of the way.

u/asterisk20xx · 2 pointsr/petplay

Try an over the door organizer. Something like this:

u/triferatu · 2 pointsr/livesound

Some form of clear shoe organizers. You can cut them up and assemble them horizontally. You also have a place for phones and IEM cases.

If you want them locked up, a tool chest has the perfect drawer height for wireless mics.

u/jasmith-tech · 2 pointsr/livesound
u/petielvrrr · 2 pointsr/MakeupAddiction

Over the door shoe racks are literally the best for organizing everything.

Or, you can get one of those sterilite drawer things and label the drawers accordingly.

u/igodutchoven · 2 pointsr/makeuporganization

Here's this one From Amazon:

or this one.

u/rickmickman · 2 pointsr/Sneakers

Here's a cheap one:

Doesn't seem like it'd be great for hightops tho

u/rdh2121 · 2 pointsr/crtgaming

I've seen a few collection pics using shoe holders that hang on the backs of doors to organize controllers, and always wanted to give it a try, but never had the right door for it. Now that I do, I bought this and stuffed it full of as many retro controllers as I could.

Row 1: 5 NES controllers, Zapper, 3 Genesis controllers, 2 Saturn controllers

Row 2: 3 SNES controllers and 2 extenders, 3 more SNES controllers, 2 PS2 controllers with extender, Wii wheel

Row 3: 4 N64 controllers

Row 4: 3 PS1 controllers and an extender, 2 GCN controllers, 2 more GCN controllers and the Mayflash multitap for Wii U/Switch, 1 GCN controller and 1 Wavebird

Row 5: 2 wave birds followed by 3 Dreamcast controllers

Row 6: 2 Xbox S controllers, 1 more S, the Duke, and a bunch of Wiimotes and nunchucks.

u/sageDieu · 2 pointsr/BuyItForLife

I use a hanging shoe rack that just hangs on the back of my office door.

Not sure I'd say BIFL as it's pretty flimsy but it's worked great for a couple years and is an awesome way to organize all my random cables/dongles/adapters/chargers/etc.

u/ZadocPaet · 2 pointsr/retrogaming

Well, not only is it expensive, but depending on how much stuff you own, particularly when you're a collector, it would be over whelming. Further, I can imagine how poorly that would look with wires dangling off the wall everywhere.

What I do is keep my controllers in clear ziplock bags to prevent tangles and dust. Dealing with zip-ties, rubber bands, and/or velcros is just not reliable and is a pain.

Then I have one of these I hang in my closet where I store my most commonly used controllers. I have about 45 controllers in that thing along with some commonly used cables.

You could probably easily mount one to a wall if you really wanna have it out and on display. Or mount it on a door. There are also nicer ones than this. I got this for like $10 at Fry's Electronics. It does work really well. Here's what it looks like. It's not exactly beautiful, but it is very functional. I am also doubling and tripling up like controllers in some instances, so if you wanted to, you could make it look a lot cleaner with just one controller per spot. Mine has 30 slots in it.

Edit: Also, those disc dots. lol

u/whatthepoop · 2 pointsr/SmallHome

I used this door-hanging shoe rack to store my shoes, along with a few other small things like gloves, wool hats, scarfs, etc.

It's hanging on the inside of the door for the only closet I have, and despite having the closet pretty filled up with stuff it doesn't really get in the way.

u/theudoon · 2 pointsr/SexToys

Like this:


Separate slots for everything and I don't have to dig around in a bag or a box, very handy.

u/Sieberella · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Make sure you have a trashcan, ice, cups and a roll of TP ready to go into the new place on moving day. They come in so handy and it's nice to be able to offer the people helping you move a bathroom and cold water.

As for storage, I'm a stacker. I think if you buy yourself a few of these you'll be amazed what you can fit in them and how little space they take up. Also this could help for storage as well :) Thanks for the contest and good luck on your move! We're movin' on up!

u/Weareallkatlovers · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Congrats on your apartment!

I would recommend a shoe organizer like this one. You can store shoes in it, cleaning supplies, food, the possibilities are endless! I love organizing and in a small space you need good organization.

u/amphetamine709 · 2 pointsr/MakeupAddiction
u/loktow · 2 pointsr/GeekSquad

A closet shoe hanger thingy, I bought one for my precinct and it makes life so easy. We labeled each pouch with a brand name to keep them organized.Like this

u/VladeDivac · 2 pointsr/retrogaming

Whitmor 6044-13-CTF White Crystal Collection Over-The-Door Shoe Organizer, Clear

There you go

u/SubtlyTacky · 2 pointsr/IKEA

Another option would be not using shelves in part of the space and attaching shoe pockets to the inside(you may have to cut it to fit).

Another thing to consider is ventilation. The only opening in the unit are two small holes at the top to secure it to the wall. You're gonna want some air freshener/deodorizer or let the shoes you wear day to day air out for a bit before getting stored.

u/Dsblhkr · 2 pointsr/organization

What about a behind door organizer? Like this... 24 Pockets - SimpleHouseware Crystal Clear Over the Door Hanging Shoe Organizer, Gray (64'' x 19'')

u/jennile · 2 pointsr/DIY

I know that this is /r/diy, but a store bought solution would be one of these hanging shoe organizers. Personally, I prefer the stuff-the-shoes in the pocket type of organization over hanging them

u/EmergencyShit · 2 pointsr/konmari

Vertical storage! Go up as much as you can, even stacking storage pieces. Wall-mounted storage pieces or shelves. I got a magnetic knife bar for the kitchen and it has opened up a lot of drawer space (of which we are lacking).

Weirdly spaced shelves in cabinets or closets can double their usefulness with a plate/shoe rack!

I also use an over-the-door hanging shoe organizer in my kitchen to hold cleaners and other assorted small utilitarian items. Mesh pockets hold up better than plastic.

u/saint_gutfree · 2 pointsr/RandomActsofMakeup

Okay, I know this might sound weird, but hide-away shoe organizers could be helpful for this dilemma. If you got one or two of these ones, you could hang it on the back of your bedroom door or the outside of your closet door and organize the lipsticks in the pockets in rows, with all similar colors in each four-pocket row. And if you got this 4-pack right here, you could organize all of your lipsticks, shadows, etc. into pockets by color and hide it all away under your bed/dresser/wherever it will fit, and just pull it out when you need it! I know these two ideas aren't adorable or decorative, but I thought they might tidy things up a bit.

For things other than lipstick, you might also benefit from making one of these boards :) I've always wanted to make one, they look so cute.

b-a-n-a-n-a-s! Thanks for hosting :)

u/EllaCOfficial · 1 pointr/MakeupAddiction

I saw a post (can't remember if it was here or twitter or instagram) of a college student that used a shoe oraganizer to organizer her makeup.

u/silvernutter · 1 pointr/retrogaming

You can probably find one there, I got mine from amazon.

u/Heresie · 1 pointr/minimalism

I have three shoe organizers with 24 pockets like this:

You could hang it on the back of your door--in the closet if you have one--to give almost everything you mentioned a place and still have room for more.

u/YYZed99 · 1 pointr/Cruise

>Thank you. Do you think one of these will come in handy?

Yes!! Great to hang over the door to store sunglasses, sunscreen, etc. Keeps everything organized and off the limited tabletop space

u/groberts1980 · 1 pointr/running

Funny thing is my wife hung it on the bedroom door to store all my baseball hats. I just reorganized it to open up about 6 of the slots to hold running gear. Totally handy.

This is very similar to what I have, except the compartments are mesh instead of plastic.

u/kmccoy · 1 pointr/livesound

It's normally used to hang up a shoe collection. Available on and in pretty much any department/home goods store, once you know what you're looking for. :)

u/CourtingEvil · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I can think of a few things that were useful for me (I'm trying not to duplicate):

  • Shoe Organizer - I hung mine on the back of my closet door and stored things in there other than shoes (such as my hairbrush)

  • Bed Risers - With these I was able to put full boxes of things under my bed

  • Mattress Protector - I don't know how many people slept on the mattress in the dorms before me, so this gave me a lot of comfort. Mine was padded, too, so it made my bed super comfy!

    Would you like a falafel with that?
u/nutellatime · 1 pointr/TheGirlSurvivalGuide

Amazon is a good place to start

u/mrs_redhedgehog · 1 pointr/infertility

Maybe it depends on which meds you're taking. I have less stuff that needs to go in the fridge, so I use this shoe organizer on the back of a closet door. My house is tiny, so otherwise it would be on a table where I'd constantly have to look at it. I didn't get Pinterest-y with it though, just bought it and hung it up, lol.

u/Rainbowfrapp · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

one of these shoe racks for your door. I think it's good for shoes or random stationary/whatever you need

u/apostrophie · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Get one of these!

u/pegged50 · 1 pointr/AskRedditAfterDark

we have a massive toy collection. For our inexpensive toys, we have a door mount shoe holder that we have hanging on the door to the master bath. Our expensive toys, we keep them in their original cases, stored in a cabinet in the master bath.

u/Derpahontas · 1 pointr/breakingmom

:( I'm sorry. I know how frustrating that can be! I recently got some new household organization things, and there are a few more on my "to-get" list. Maybe you could benefit from some of them, too? Especially with having so little storage space!

  • 5-tier closet organizer to put a bunch of shit on so you'll have more room for a bunch of other shit, and not lose half your shit all the time! (or the bonus version: garment racks WITH built in 5-tier shelf!
  • Over the door organizer! You can use these for shoes, cleaning supplies, bathroom/hair/makeup stuff, art/craft supplies, tiny things in the kids' rooms, anything!
  • Stackable letter trays - I got 6 of these and use 3 of them for my school papers and 3 of them for papers/mail at home and have them labeled with my name on one, Keagan's name on another, and "Kids" on the last one. That way I have a place to put all of the papers as they come in and don't end up leaving them all over the tables/counters/everywhere else!
  • Stacking drawers for small things like notebooks, pens, other small stuff you're always losing. I'm using mine for my school badge and clinical notepad/pen right now, as well as bobby pins/hair ties and little alcohol prep pads.
  • When all else fails, BASKETS! :D

    Hopefully some of that will help! :)
u/purebredginger · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Hang this on the back of a door to hold odd items or cleaning supplies. It's great in a bathroom if you don't have a lot of cabinet space. You can put hair products, straighteners, blow dryer, whatever in the pockets. It saves a ton of space and makes finding things a hell of a lot easier.

u/Kaleidoquin · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Congrats on the new flat, even if it is tiny. :)

One of these can double as small item storage as well as a window covering.

You can also use one of these to store more than just shoes!

u/edwards12691 · 1 pointr/boardgames
u/JOCKrecords · 1 pointr/uofm

I really recommend getting more storage in general. Command door hooks, over the door hooks, ottomans are great for this (ottoman also works as seating).
For more unconventional ideas, I think a shoe organizer thing ( is a great idea, especially if you loft your bed. You can use it for shoes or honestly anything else instead (I keep first aid stuff, cosmetics, lotion, umbrella, food, chargers, power banks, and a bunch of random stuff). Lawn chairs are a good alternative to a futon since it's much much easier to transport and store.

u/Angieelaaa · 1 pointr/organizing

Ok I see. Yes, I would definitely hang them up. A pegboard would work fine but it's also a huge pain to hang an entire pegboard. If you are allowed, I have two ideas for you. My favorite is this over the door shoe holder. We keep a lot of our cords and electronics like video game controllers in one of these. It works wonderfully. I would label each one with labels alphabetically by manufacturer.

If you don't have a door you can hang it over, I believe you can buy this same type of thing and hang it on a wall.

The second idea I have is to just buy a box of hooks with screws on the one end and put lots of hooks up. It would leave little holes in your wall but so would putting up a pegboard, and it would be easier and cheaper. Labels should again be added above each hook alphabetically by manufacturer.

The last resort would be buying a large container with cubby holes and labeling each one, but the container would likely be large, clunky and take up more room than wall hooks.

If this is a business you own, having it look nice might also be a factor if it's view of the public.


u/knightjohannes · 1 pointr/wicked_edge

Check amazon for "corner shelves"

Else, Bathroom corner shelf

If you have little counter space, your only option is up. A corner shelf might just work wonderfully.

If your bathroom has a closet, expand on it's storage with a shoe storage unit. You don't have to use those for shoes! Good luck.

u/JulMit · 1 pointr/InteriorDesign

I really like your suggestions and omg you people are so creative :) I was going to suggest painting the shelves and the dresser as well. I love teal and lime green. They should definitely go for lighter colors. They can check Walmart for a duvet. There were very beautiful designs for back to school.

They should go for lighter color curtains and match them with the furniture and shelves or the bedspread. They can even buy some sheer curtains. They give a more fresh and light sense to any room.

I would also suggest putting away your shoes. You can put them under your bed in a box or inside your closet using a door hanging organizer

And yes, please post the results :)

u/no_substitutions · 1 pointr/BabyBumps

Misslo Over The Door Shoe Organizer 24 Large Mesh Pockets, White

u/ShricOorenm · 1 pointr/LifeProTips

I forgot to consider you might be out of the U.S, but my tips should still apply.

This might sound obvious but don't overpack clothes. Some of my roommates and myself included brought so many clothes that we don't use and it's just taking up space.

For kitchen use, take your own utensils but just one of each you're not going to need more than that trust me. For kitchen equipment like pans and pots, if your buddys do get in coordinate who takes what so you don't have multiples.

In the beginning it's all about taking what's absolutely essential, if you're able to go home during breaks that's when you bring some more stuff if you have the space.

I'm gonna link some stuff in a moment that you should absolutely consider buying. They're going to be amazon links but big chain stores in your area should carry similar products.

These three products fold so they're easy to pack in any suitcase.

A little bigger so you'd have to buy these once you've settled in but they help if you're low on space.

Plastic is your best friend if you're low on funds and can't buy dressers. I have one in my closet for T-Shirts/socks/boxers and one under my T.V desk for electronics/school stuff

I ship to Mexico sometimes so maybe you can ship to Chile as well.

u/cozypants101 · 0 pointsr/konmari

I saw a comment that says you have a pantry--are you using the door? My spice area was a huge mess until we hung a shoe organizer on the inside of the pantry door. Clear, large pockets mean we can see everything easily. Like this one:

u/bigfinnrider · 0 pointsr/MTB

I use an over-the-door shoe organizer (kinds like this for most of my gear. The helmet hangs on the bike, tools are always packed in the hydration bag. There's another set of tools in the bag on my commuter bike.

u/SmarmySmurf · 0 pointsr/retrogaming

Its just a shoe organizer, you can get them lots of places but there is one for $8