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u/JoyfulStingray · 199 pointsr/AskWomen

Adorable kitchen gadgets that look like animals. I don't know what it is, but if it is animal-like, it is coming home with me even if I don't need it.

I am talking about various kitty spatulas, spoons, hot pads...a dinosaur pasta server, a manatee tea infuser (get it? Mana-tea?), many kitchen timers that look like animals....

u/dr_obfuscation · 133 pointsr/LearnUselessTalents

I'll help you out. That's a pasta maker with a fettuccini cutter attachment.

Fun Fact: It also makes pasta!

u/blueshiftlabs · 90 pointsr/recipes

I'll save you a ton of scrolling through long-winded stories and baby pictures:


  • 4 eggs
  • 1/3 cup milk
  • 2 teaspoons salt
  • 2 cups all-purpose flour
  • 4 Tablespoons unsalted butter
  • 1 Teaspoon white pepper
  • 1/4 teaspoon nutmeg


  1. In a medium bowl, whisk together the eggs, milk, and salt. Add in the flour and stir until well combined.
  2. Bring a large pot of salted water to a boil over high heat. Place your spaetzle maker over the top, then pour half of the batter into the cup of the device. Quickly slide the cup back and forth to allow the batter to drop through. Repeat with second half of batter, working quickly, until all the batter is cooking in the pot.
  3. Set the spaetzle maker aside and give the dumplings a good stir in the pot. Let them cook for 1 to 2 minutes, until floating on the surface. Remove with a slotted spoon and place in a large bowl. Toss with butter and spices. Serve warm.

u/Zolhungaj · 76 pointsr/4chan

Two words: pasta maker

u/gnrl2 · 24 pointsr/funny
u/fractaloutlook · 24 pointsr/Cooking

Love Kiwi knives... Got all mine from
So cheap, sooo sharp.

Also this guy, the pastasaurus:

Serves pasta like a champ, but I'd also honestly be comfortable defending my home with just that thing against a small army.

u/skahunter831 · 14 pointsr/Cooking

I don't have any other things to make with it, but I think this is the same machine for half the price. That's the one I have and it hasn't failed me yet.

u/legalpothead · 14 pointsr/trees

r/pizza to learn how to make it.

Get 6 unglazed quarry tiles from a home improvement store. A fraction of the cost of a pizza stone, and works the same.

Then you need is a pizza peel.

Bread flour, yeast, pizza sauce, mozz & ingredients of your choice.

u/Jahonay · 14 pointsr/Pizza

The importance of a baking stone or baking steel is that you don't want to put a pizza in a hot oven with a cold surface that it's sitting on. Say you take a baking sheet with the pizza and toss it in an oven at 450, the baking sheet is going to absorb the heat, and take awhile to get up to temperature, and the bottom of the crust will not get heated at the same speed as the rest of the pizza. This results in a soggy feeling pizza.

Now if you have a baking stone or steel, you let them preheat with the oven. So when you put the pizza on the stone or steel, the crust will get cooked just as rapidly as the rest of the pizza.

The key is getting a pizza peel so that you can transfer the prepared pizza to the pizza stone or steel.

link to the pizza peel I got

u/lolzfeminism · 10 pointsr/Cooking

This is excellent and has worked for me really well for 3 years now, but it's hand-cranked, which is alright with me. I do not know about the quality of electric pasta machines.

u/partbaddie · 8 pointsr/specializedtools

That's not a pizza knife.

This is a pizza knife

u/tihoni · 7 pointsr/kitchener

My recommendation is to get one of these for $10 next time you're on Amazon.

Spätzle recipe is very simple, and nothing in a plastic bag comes even close to fresh, homemade ones. By the time the water comes to boil, you will have whipped up a batch. Grate them into boiling water, scoop up when they surface, and that's it. Enjoy!

Oh, and for the rest of you who have no clue what we're talking about, please order Käsespätzle or Paprikash with a side of spätzle next time you're deciding where to dine out!

u/vernazza · 7 pointsr/hungary

Hey, I have a saved comment for this! Here you go:

> Famous, traditional dishes
> beef stew: what Hungarians call 'pörkölt', this is what's incorrectly known as 'goulash' abroad.
beef and potato soup, aka. what Hungarians consider real 'goulash'.
> chicken paprikash: the chicken variation of the above stew, with added sour cream.
The iconic side dish for Hungarian stews is egg noodle dumplings, called 'nokedli' or spaetzle in German-speaking areas. Specialty stores and shops throughout Central Europe sell spaetzle makers. A potato ricer with adjustable discs might work as well. Pick the one with the large holes and use a knife to cut them if they don't separate into small pieces on their own.
> If you don't have either, all you need is a teaspoon dipped in hot water, a pot and a fair amount of patience to individually spoon each noodle into the boiling salted water. They are done when they float to the top (do it in small batches).
> Somló trifle: a scrumptious walnut-chocolate sponge cake dessert, but very time consuming to make. Most Hungarians eat it at confectioneries because of this, but if you're a hardcore cook, prove they are wrong to do that!
Dobos torte: another labor intensive, but delicious and traditional cake of caramel, cocoa and walnuts.
> Lesser-known dishes
> catfish paprikash: another variety of the two recipes up top. Best served with dill-cottage cheese 'nokedli' (adjust the above recipe).
pork fillet Bakonyi-style: pork in creamy mushroom sauce
> sirloin Temesvári-style: with yellow wax or green beans (yellow is preferable)
tripe stew: tastes great if you're an adventurous eater!
> fruit soup: if you're not weirded out by tripe already, this is a sweet soup with whipping cream, fruits and cloves and it's not a dessert. Yes, we do eat and like it!
bean goulash: substituting the potatoes for pinto beans in the goulash recipes transforms it into a very different, but equally fantastic soup.
> drunkard's soup: the perfect hangover cure or something that warms you up in the winter - sauerkraut soup with root vegetables, pork and sausage.
lecsó: pepper-heavy ratatouille, feel free to make it more filling with adding rice or beaten eggs. Use spicy Hungarian sausage (sub for chorizo or other air-dried, smoked, paprika-heavy sausage). Do not use bell peppers for this or any other Hungarian recipe ever, the sweetness will ruin it.
> főzelék, vegetable stew or pottage is also very traditional and simple, though in my experience the creamy consistency of some of the recipes can be off-putting for many foreigners (maybe don't start with the green pea one). However the spinach or lentil one will not be alien to the fans of Indian cuisine.
sweet dumplings of different varieties are favorites of all children.
> Cookbooks, recipes
> For a general Hungarian cookbook, use Zsuzsa's Cookbook. Written by a Hungarian grandma living in Canada, her recipes are already adjusted for what's available in North America. Her site is antiquated, click on the names of the categories, not the images. She also cooks a fair amount of non-Hungarian food, you can spot which is traditional by the Hungarian name written after the English ones.
>'s focus is lesser-known, but commonly eaten Hungarian dishes as well as regional specialties that even Hungarians can be unfamiliar with. Updates are infrequent, but there's a solid number of recipes up already.
> Among cookbooks this and this are solid, English-language cookbooks with both classics and everyday recipes.
> This one is a super and very traditional Jewish-Hungarian cookbook by a famous family of restaurateurs who also run the best traditional restaurant of the country. Also available as an e-book if you'd like to save on shipping fees.
> Cooking tips, ingredients
> Hungarian paprika is not the same as what's sold as that in North America (ground bell pepper). Ours is a much more flavorful pepper variety grown for exclusively spice use. You can order from here, they ship from Hungary and carry the real deal! Or if you'd prefer domestic shipping, this business with shops in Wisconsin and Illinois comes recommended.
> Most of the recipes suggest using oil to fry the onions. If you do that, make sure you're not doing it with some harsh olive oil, but sunflower, canola or something equally neutral tasting. However it's lard that really brings out the best flavours from the paprika, you should go for that. Make sure to only mix in the paprika powder when the pot is off the flame, otherwise it'll burn within 10-15 seconds and becomes bitter.
> Some of these recipes suggest bell pepper, which is odd as we never use it in Hungary. Use something mildly hot instead (Hungarian wax pepper or closest equivalent), it has moderate heat, so account for that and the guests' tastes as well.
> Celery root (celeriac) and kohlrabi are somewhat important and widely used ingredients in Hungarian soups, not sure if you have them available. Their roles are similar to bay leaf, rounding the other flavors out. They are put in whole (well, a quarter or a half to be precise depending on the size, you need maybe 150-200g sized bit each) and are removed after cooking. You can omit them if you don't have them available, but it's best to include them.

Both and Zsuzsa's Cookbook have simple recipes along with averagely complicated ones, but obviously they assume typical kitchen skills. If you don't know what roux is, or how brown sauteed onions should look like, you should watch some basic tutorial videos on YouTube, there are plenty.

One commonly used thickening ingredient in Hungarian recipes (mostly for soups and 'főzelék', which is a thick vegetable stew) is roux, either in itself or with paprika mixed in it. In the latter case, only mix in the paprika once the roux is nearly done, for the last 10-20 seconds or so, otherwise the spice will burn and turn bitter. And it should be done over low flame from the beginning.

Hungarian recipes greatly prefer lard over oil for cooking, so if you have that available, use that. If you don't, do search out sunflower or rapeseed oil, don't use olive.

As far as paprika brands go, almost everything pre-packaged will be crap, and I doubt the few good ones go for exports, because they are usually from smaller companies. However do go to a gourmet/import food deli for the best chances. If you fail, unsmoked Spanish paprika (pimentón dulce) is quite close in flavor and should be easier to find.

The most basic recipe I can think of is lecsó. But since it's not much more than (ideally flavorful) veggies cooked together, you will find it almost identical to peperonata. The only difference is that we use Hungarian wax peppers instead of the too sweet bell peppers, and which you can further flavor it by adding beaten eggs and/or sausages.

The second easiest ones are any of the soups. Goulash soup is quite easy, as are others, pick any one here.

Meat stews take a while to cook, especially if you're using pork or beef instead of chicken, but the cooking process itself is simple as well. Foreigners incorrectly believe 'goulash' is a meat stew, but we actually call that 'pörkölt'.

Good luck!

u/SergeantSnickers · 7 pointsr/Cooking

I use this one. It gets nearly as hot as real restaurant grade pizza ovens. I manage to make great pizza with it!

u/Bryek · 6 pointsr/Cooking

There is no slider to push the spaetzle through the holes.... The dough would just sit on top of this thing.

u/DarkChyld · 6 pointsr/Cooking

This one was the one recommended to me when I was in the market for one.

u/butter-and-bones · 5 pointsr/Cooking

The spaghetti twirling fork!

u/ghenna · 5 pointsr/Cooking

My wife was nice enough to snag a super peel for me. You're a little limited when it comes to the size of the pizza you can make, but the thing is great for getting pizza on to my stone.

u/Mister_Loaf · 5 pointsr/food

This is the most painful thing a pizzamaker can experience. I know that feel, bro.

If you've gone and bought a stone, treat yourself and buy a peel. I like
this one -- it's got a sweet conveyor belt-like system, so you don't really even have to mess around with jiggling the pie off the peel like you would if you under-semolina'd a metal or wooden peel.

u/scrooched_moose · 5 pointsr/Cooking

Pizza Peel.

I've got this one and really like it. Wood ones are common too but I haven't had great luck with their durability.

Biggest issue with them is sticking. You can use a little bit of corn meal which helps it slide (not a fan because you always end up with some in the bottom of the oven) or you can lift a corner and blow under it to get it to release.

u/banamana27 · 5 pointsr/funny

I have a tea rex and a pastasaurus rex. Both are pretty awesome.

u/Zardotab · 4 pointsr/battlebots

It was a joke. Chomp bounces around a lot like objects in a lava lamp, but at a faster pace. (I like Chomp's bouncing, by the way.)

I wonder what other bots would make a for a good lamp or other household objects? Warhead? A Tombstone model could make for a nice air fan. I want a Nightmare pizza cutter. Other TV objects have them.

Captain Shrederator mounted on the ceiling would make a nice lamp. A Smeeeeee toothbrush.

u/mnemmas · 4 pointsr/NoStupidQuestions

I prefer this one.

u/smilingkiwi · 4 pointsr/1200isplenty

I have one of the manual ones like this and found it so annoying to use that I ended up buying one with a crank pretty soon after I got it. I was trying to save a little money, but I ended up spending almost double. So my advice would be just to get a full one initially. You can do so much more with them, and it's so much easier to use. I have this one and have no complaints about it.

u/[deleted] · 3 pointsr/slowcooking

Protip: make the water in which you boil the Spätzle briny with salt. Also you can get Spätzle from Cost Plus. As awesome and handy as having a Spätzle press might seem, only get one if you have disgusting amounts of free cupboard/ closet space in or around your kitchen. It takes up a lot of space and will spend a lot of time gathering dust.
I love mine, but I don't know if buying it was my wisest decision.

EDIT: Apparently mine is a restaurant sized press. I'd recommend one like this, or this

u/---sniff--- · 3 pointsr/Seattle

Actually a lot of pizza restaurants use a rocking style knife. From experience, the busier you are, the faster you go with it and it gets sloppy.

u/DarkwingDuc · 3 pointsr/Atlanta

What kind of pasta? If you're only looking to make basic stuff, fettuccine, tagliolini, lasagna, buy one of these, skip the class, and just watch a couple youtube how-to videos. I promise you, it's stupid easy, just takes a little practice.

For cooking classes, I recommend Korean Fusion and Chinese Southern Belles.

u/blix797 · 3 pointsr/Cooking

Not sure where yours is from, but from the title of the listing it sounds like it's made of Chinesium. Mine looks exactly the same but was made in Italy, it's held up great for 10 years. Return yours if you can and go for the $60 Marcato model.

If you have a KitchenAid stand mixer, their roller attachment is also legit good, plus it will save your arms. Downside is it's way more of an investment to get all the attachments. I personally really love the extruder.

u/widgetjam · 3 pointsr/ramen

The pasta attachments for my kitchenaid; I'd suggest something a bit larger like this for ramen.

u/Chef0053 · 3 pointsr/recipes

It's a lot faster to roll out a larger amount of pasta. you can get it thinner and more precise and cut quicker. I have one that I love when I make fresh pasta, I make a lot and freeze some for later. this is the one I have

[Pasta Machine]

u/baconfriedpork · 3 pointsr/AskCulinary
u/srloh · 3 pointsr/Pizza

I got a super peel last Christmas because I was mangling half my pizzas. It is a wood peel with a piece of linen that acts like a conveyor belt. It was recommended by America's Test Kitchen.

u/I-m-smbdy · 3 pointsr/Breadit

I really do want the baking steel, but it doesn't make sense to me to spend that much money on a piece of metal with a brand name. I just want to know if the difference in quality of the results between the baking steel and the cast iron pan I found is worth the doubling in price between the two.

I already have a metal pizza peel. It's this one. It works fine for me. But I am curious now, is there a difference to using a wooden peel vs. a metal one in terms of the results?

u/argleblather · 3 pointsr/AskWomen

The dinosaur is my pastasaurus Rex. The ninja turtles are TMNT action figures on top of my cabinets, with X-Men action figures on the other side, and Joan of Arc fighting a Nazgul on the other set of cabinets.

u/H1TMEggdZUvCZI3IHX5o · 3 pointsr/de

Das Volumen verdoppelt.

Pizzaofen ist das Ding? G3Ferrari G10006 Pizza Express Delizia Pizzamaker (1200 W)


u/alexb911 · 3 pointsr/Pizza

It was this one here. Thought could be bit gimmicky but amazed with results. Got the dough bubbling up like I've never achieved before in the oven. It gets so much hotter.

u/airlocksniffs · 3 pointsr/keto

We use one of these: Spiralizer

Different brand but it looks the same, works well

u/Draco_Dormiens · 3 pointsr/Wishlist

For Christmas, I asked my dad for a vegetti because I've been trying to eat better for a while and pasta has always been a favorite of mine. Anyways he got me one and last
night I made this. It's Zuchinni Pasta with a lemon garlic butter sauce with shrimp and it was super yummy! I probably used to much sauce, but oh well :P and I know I know I've got bread with it, but it was whole wheat udi's gluten free bread so that makes it kind of better haha.

I texted my dad a picture and he said "Dang you are a really good cook, where did you learn all that?" it was adorable.

Annnnyyyways, for the peeps that own the fancier vegetable slicer (paderno i think?) what are your favorite veggies to spiralize? Things to mix it with?

u/mr_richichi · 3 pointsr/Baking

I was posting this up last year for people come xmas time. Hopefully it helps depending on what she likes to bake.


  • A really nice lame 1
  • Bannetons 1
  • A couche 1
  • Large dutch oven
  • Pizza stone 1
  • Peel 1


  • Kopykake (Note buying it new is pricey but these can sometimes be found used for $50 and still in nearly mint condition!)
  • This awesome cookie sheet 1


  • Silicon molds 1
  • Ring molds 1
  • Acetate
  • Airbrush
  • Portion marker 1

    General kitchen stuff:

  • Whetstones
  • Glass mixing bowls
  • Really nice rolling pin
  • Chef knife
  • Bread knife
  • Kitchen scale
  • Cookbooks!! (Textbooks are great to!)
  • Deepfryer
  • Marble board
  • Ramekins

    Some of the links might be dead, havent really checked

    As far as new and fancy things go, there really isn't all that much out there for us bakers. You savory guys get all the fun toys.
u/juperson · 2 pointsr/recipes

1/4 lb beef liver

1 small onion

1/2 tsp black pepper

1 tsp allspice

1/2 tsp clove

2 eggs

3 cups flour

1 cup milk (add ONLY IF using spaetzle maker)

Grind liver and onion in a blender. Add spices and eggs to the blender and blend. Measure the flour into a mixing bowl then pour the blended mixture onto the flour and mix.

If SCRAPING DUMPLINGS: Add 1-3 tsp of water to make a stiff dough. Remove dough from the mixer and kneed until you have a stiff dough, return the dough to the bowl and push the dough to the edge of the bowl. Scrape dumplings with sharp knife into boiling water (add 1 Tbsp of oil to water to prevent sticking). When dumplings rise to the top of the water remove with a slotted spoon into strainer then spread onto a cookie sheet to cool. Spray with Pam and DO NOT LET THEM DRY OUT. Refrigerate or freeze. I freeze in gallon size ziplock bags.

About 30 minutes before serving time heat bacon grease over med. heat in a large nonstick skillet and toss kneflies in grease to reheat, salt to taste. Cover and stir often to prevent browning and sticking. Serve with turkey or beef gravy.

If using Spaetzle Maker: Do not add water but remember to add the milk.

My spaetzle maker looks like this one

u/mr_canoehead · 2 pointsr/food

It's so easy, made some a few days ago. I use a spaetzle maker.

u/d3rtus · 2 pointsr/FoodPorn

Your spaetzle is nice and long. Mine usually end up 'short'. I'm roughly using 2 cups flour, 2 eggs, 1 cup milk, salt, and using a Norpro. How do you make yours?

u/ivegotopinions · 2 pointsr/weddingplanning

It's amazing how nice having new stuff is. We usually bought everything for as little as possible and kept them way past they were worn out.

We favored registering for nicer things with less quantity than small things we could get anytime. We haven't gotten to use all of our registry things yet, but here are a few things we received that have been a big improvement for us. They are available at different stores.

  • Container Set My wife insisted we get these and while I thought they were way to expensive. Someone did get them for us when there was a sale and they have been so nice to put all our pasta and cereal in. They are really easy access for these things and saved us a lot of room.

  • Pans We love these pans. They cook perfect pretty much every time and are soo easy to clean and nothing sticks (at least so far). We make the best omelets ever now. We also got the larger Calphalon Non-Stick System Cookware set, but haven't had a chance to use them yet. I think that includes similar ones to this, but we use these everyday so it's nice to have extras.

  • Pizza Cutter This pizza cutter is pretty nice too, it cuts pizza without making a mess. Only thing is that it's a little large so you need a bigger pizza pan. Otherwise, it's great.

u/savemejebus0 · 2 pointsr/food

Well done! Isn't fresh pasta the best! Those tomatoes look luscious. What color? What kind?

Edit: When you get back get a machine! I have this one. REALLY well made and cannot beat the price" Had it forever.

u/prplx · 2 pointsr/food

I do have a hand machine, and that is what I use.

u/ProfessorPoopyPants · 2 pointsr/FoodPorn

In my experience, I've found that following this recipe to the letter yields good results, and although it can be done without it, one of these is basically a necessity. Err on the side of more egg than flour, flour the worksurface nicely, and when you're kneading the dough, knead it like you're trying to make it quantum tunnel through your table. And once you've run it through the cutter and got your first batch of pasta, drape it over a wooden chair, if you have one, or hang it until you're ready to cook all of it.

And jamie's correct about the type of flour you need - tipo 00 or gtfo.

(And since it's a lot of effort to make fresh pasta, a simple and easy sauce is this: Take four tomatoes, fry them in olive oil until they're brown on one side, and then burst them with a wooden spoon. Mix it about, add salt and pepper, and serve with the pasta.)

u/laquecuelga · 2 pointsr/AskMen

Tomato salad with goat cheese and basil. Dress that with olive oil and just a little bit of salt and freshly ground pepper.

I've found out that making food that people is not used to do anymore at home causes a great impression. For instance I like making pasta from scratch. Having a pasta maker machine and a little bit of practice it is incredibly easy. For me it takes the same amount of time to make pasta from scratch than to cook dehydrated pasta, only cleaning up is a little bit more of work. The flavor of fresh pasta is way better than store-bought noodles and when you point out that you made the noodles, your guests get really impressed.

Same with sauerkraut (or anything pickled), ginger ale, sausages. Most people have no idea how these things are made, because for a couple of generations now, these foods have been bought in a store. So it causes a big impression when somebody actually takes the time to watch a youtube video and then prepare these foods.

u/Sixtydotnine · 2 pointsr/nutrition

nah a legit pasta maker, like making the pasta from scratch yourself

Once you do it, you will consider boxed pasta filth, and you won't ever want to pay to get pasta when you go out to eat, the cost would be absurd

u/StovetopLuddite · 2 pointsr/food

Hey! I bought it on Amazon during Cyber Monday, but it's still cheaper than the original price! It works lovely: Marcato Atlas Wellness 150 Pasta Maker.

I bought it at $50, but it's currently $70 which is still a great price for such great quality

u/Itamaraju · 2 pointsr/pasta

Yes, I think it tastes better and the texture is far superior. In addition, the surface is rougher, so it "picks up" the sauce better. The basic recipe is simple:1 egg per 100g flour, plus water to make a pliant, non sticky dough. Although a true Semolina "00" flour is prefered or a Durham... Truth be told I use good ol' GD unbleached all purpose flour (or maybe half and half with whole wheat)

I failed my first few attempts to hand-cut the dough (or did not have the patience) to make uniform thickness, which is vital. I gave up until I bought a pasta maker.... Now I will never go back to store bought pasta. My machine is a Marcato Atlas 150. It comes with a tagliolini (like a square spaghetti) and fettuccine cutter. For around $79 on Amazon And you can get a bunch of different cutters.

u/candyxmuffin · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I was trying to find a picture of this thing and then I found it on Amazon.

u/rau_cous · 2 pointsr/Pizza

If you're going to make this into a hobby, and you're willing to spend more money, I highly recommend the Super Peel. It takes virtually all of the anxiety and failure out of transferring the pizza to your stone. I am not a fan of using parchment paper as I tend to cook pizza at temperatures which burn the paper and impart a foul odor on the pizza itself.

Demo Video:
Buy it here:
Or here:

u/mouthie · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Fear cuts deeper than swords.

1 something grey

2 something reminiscent of rain Well it's a rainbow necklace and without rain you don't get a rainbow ;)

3 unusual food related item um yeah talk about yummy dreams hehe

4 something for someone else a psy gangnam guy mask for Liz. She swears she's going to marry that man lol

5 a book you should read One of my favorite memoirs of all time by Frank McCourt growing up dirt poor in Ireland. I would like to read a thousand times

6 item less than a dollar an mp3 from the 80s oh yeah!!

7 something about cats, nothing on my list, will edit soon

8 something beautiful but not useful this shirt is lovely but I have no clue where I'd ever wear it.

9 a movie Grease!! Everyone should see it because it's effing amazing!

10 for hurting zombies You could attack them with this amazing pizza cutter that looks like a saw!!

11 profound impact would be this awesome stream mop, cleaning is getting difficult for me sure to health issues and this would make life easier

12 add on item eyebrow shapers

13 most expensive I have no computer at the moment. I use a kindle. I need a computer to keep me business organized amongst other reasons.

14 bigger than a bread box, well a bread box could fit inside this laundry bag

15 This pretty ring is smaller than a golf ball

16 This peppermint oil smells wonderful

17 sfw toy would be this belching hamburger keychain

18 back to school zipper pouch to keep your lunch money in

19 my current obsession is kitchen or cooking gadgets hence this adorable ice cream cone hinged container

20 awe inspiring....umm sock monkey headphones...amiright??

Bonus item made in Oregon hand warmer clay mug

Bonus item

u/wlonkly · 2 pointsr/BuyItForLife

I have this Zyliss going on 14 years now with no signs of wear. Being able to press straight down is great on crispy crusts.

u/sloge · 2 pointsr/food

If you haven't rushed out to buy a pizza cutter within the past week, this guy is great. Really can't break it. (well according to 4 negative reviews, you can, but I've had no problems at all with it)

u/wuhkay · 2 pointsr/AdviceAnimals

I feel that I should buy this for you.

Kitchen Supply 14-Inch x 16-Inch Aluminum Pizza Peel with Wood Handle

u/dskatz2 · 2 pointsr/Cooking

Nope! Pretty sure it's this one. I'll double-check tomorrow morning and let you know!

u/littlebeardontcare · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Of course!! I don't have any pictures handy at the moment and most of my stuff is currently in boxes, but here are some of the things I've bought:

u/bethanne00 · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I'm pretty sure everyone needs Fred Pastasaurus

Congrats on your new place!

u/georgiamax · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

A for freakin amusing as shit.

Adorable also works. I mean, it's a dinosaur kitchen tool. Cmon.

u/AmberxAltF4 · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Awh, I love hobbitses! :)

My favorite birthday is probably the one I just had this year. It was on a Wednesday, but the following weekend my fiance took me to the zoo. And I hadn't been to the zoo since I was in elementary school, so it was SO MUCH FUN!! We saw giraffes and zebras and elephants and lions and ostriches and ocelots and fish and bears and birds and all kinds of fun stuff! Then we went to the gift shop and he got me a little stuffed giraffe that's super adorable. It was AWESOME and I loved it :)

Pastasaurus, RAWR!

Happy Birthday! And I'm not just saying that because it's the raffle phrase. I hope you have an EXCELLENT one hundred and eleventh birthday! :) Thanks for the contest!

u/Petit_Hibou · 2 pointsr/Gifts
u/MsLT · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I love food!

The weirdest thing I like to eat is dry ramen noodles. Don't cook 'em. And apparently it's strange to put ketchup and butter into my mashed potatoes.


u/grigri · 2 pointsr/AskReddit

For serving utensils:

Nothing can beat The Pastasaurus, although the circular saw pizza cutter is pretty nifty too.

For eating utensils, as a student I ate 99% of my food with chopsticks - the washing up was much faster.

u/FaKeShAdOw · 2 pointsr/funny

Here you go then, since you want one. I hope you have Amazon Prime shipping.

Down below I see a Monkey Peeler and Piranha Cutter!

u/bloodie48391 · 2 pointsr/weddingplanning

Here is the green dinosaur pasta scoop. Enjoy!

u/appamp · 2 pointsr/de

Mit nem Pizzaofen (sowas) schmeckt selbst die Ofenfrische. Konnte es selbst kaum glauben

u/xylose · 2 pointsr/ArtisanVideos

Or get a small pizza oven. Inexpensive, much hotter than a normal oven and gives you great texture on your base/crust.

u/IamaLlamaAma · 2 pointsr/de

Ich hab mir den hier gekauft:

Hammerteil. Pizza ist in 4-5 Minuten fertig.

u/polog40 · 2 pointsr/Pizza

I have a Ferrari G3 pizza oven that I bought from Amazon Italy. I tried using a stone in my oven and the skillet method but couldn't get a decent char that way.

u/eleochariss · 2 pointsr/Cooking

I got this one:

Very happy with it. I still make pan pizzas in the regular oven, but every other pizzas and breads go in the pizza oven.

Of course if you have outdoor space you'll be happier with a fire oven. But for apartment living it's as good as it gets.

u/SodaPopin5ki · 2 pointsr/startrek

You mean, like this?

u/iVandal · 2 pointsr/startrek

Does it need to be TNG specific? If anything Trek is fair game this pizza cutter is pretty clever.

I always think custom ice cubes are pretty fun also.

Again, this is more Voyager than Next Generation, but a cooking book with Neelix on the cover would make me laugh too.

Hope these help. There are tons of stuff. I'm sure you'll do great!

u/thefabulousbomb · 2 pointsr/funny
u/giftedandcursed · 2 pointsr/funny

DOIY I Could Eat a Horse Spaghetti Noodle Pasta Measurer Tool, Measure Quantity

u/LiterallyPizzaSauce · 2 pointsr/Pizza

A buddy of mine on Facebook posted one that he had in yellow the other day.

He said he got it here:

u/Wrailyn · 2 pointsr/1200isplenty

Not the person you asked, but I love my Paderno. I got a ridiculously good deal on it ($23), so I don't know if I would've paid full price, but I have almost no complaints. It's a tad bulky but actually more compact than I thought it was going to be. It slices like a dream and is super easy to clean. I tossed around the idea of buying one of the smaller ones like this, but I used my sister's, and my hands got so tired. lol

u/tossawayfitness · 2 pointsr/food

Pick up one of these and problem solved.

I replaced mashed potatoes with butternut squash mash personally.

u/Lizabetanne · 2 pointsr/keto

I got this. It looks like its on sale right now for $12.94 .

u/Saorigameover · 2 pointsr/fitmeals

It's actually not that bad to clean...

I have this one from Amazon and it's awesome.

u/J662b486h · 2 pointsr/Cooking

I cheat. I use the Exo Super Peel Pizza Peel. It has a rolling belt of nonstick material around it, you basically just roll the pizza directly onto the stone. It sounds weird but it works.

u/MyDearMrsTumnus · 2 pointsr/Cooking

I have no knowledge about machines for restaurant use but for us home cooks, the Philips Pasta Maker is as pro as it gets.

u/Rumplesforeskin · 2 pointsr/Pizza
u/Vazerus · 2 pointsr/rickandmorty

I use dis monster. Amazon link

u/ShoddyDiscussion · 2 pointsr/Cooking

I bought this one years ago. Works great as far as I can tell, seems inexpensive?

u/hk93g3 · 2 pointsr/Cooking

This is how I first started making it and then after about the tenth time of making it, I decided to fork out the $30 for a pasta roller/cutter like this and now I crank it out in no time flat.

u/godless-life · 1 pointr/germany

You can buy them on Amazon, though rather expensive. They do have a Spätzle Maker from Amazon Basics as well, which seems to be good value for money:

The recipe is simply flour, eggs and lukewarm water. I add salt, pepper and chili flakes as well... Can post 'my' recipe if you care? It's actually super super simple to make, and done in a heartbeat.

u/AeroGold · 1 pointr/food

You can get a spaetzle maker for cheap at a lot of ethnic stores (my mom got one in Chinatown of all places). And its pretty damn easy to make: recipe I use a lot.

If you don't want to buy the spaetzle maker, you can also use a good a metal colander over a pot of water. The recipe I linked to above also has a "How to Make Spaetzle" demo video.

It's very delicious and very cheap/easy to make. The only downside is waiting about 20-30mins after mixing the ingredients before you cook. Good luck!

u/tr1ppn · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Trying again without links:

So, I decided that I don't feel like spending more time on this, and I got most of them, so let's roll with it.

Riddle 1


[Item - Spaetzle Maker]

So this is kind of a stretch, but hear me out. Over the weekend, I let the "German" in me out, and I cooked a wonderful meal consisting of schnitzel (pork shoulder blade, fried to perfection) and a side of spaetzle (German dumplings). That evening, I also bought a bottle of Roscato (a sweet red wine from Italy) to have with dinner, and it was DELICIOUS. While making the meal and drinking the wine, I mentioned to my wife how great it would be to have a spaetzle maker. She agreed, so it's on the WL.

Riddle 2

A doormat (though based on theme it should really be a broom, but that doesn't make sense in your riddle)

[Item - Subaru Floor Mats]

So on Thursday I bought myself a new-to-me 2011 Subaru Legacy. It's pretty cool minus the issues with the key, but besides the $100 I had to spend to "fix" it, it's grand. I noticed when checking out the car that it had gray Jetta floor mats. Note that my car has black leather interior, and is a Subaru, not a VW Jetta. I found these, they have good reviews, so I put them on my WL as something to get for my new car so I can get rid of those awful floor mats.
Riddle 3

A hat

[Item - Sunglasses]

There are two things every good baseball/softball/wiffleball player needs. A good hat, and a good pair of sunglasses. I always wear a hat (thanks a lot, male pattern baldness), so I've got plenty of those (need to get a new one, but Amazon doesn't have the one I want). What I don't have is a good pair of sunglasses for playing ball outside. My aviators are scratched, and, well, wearing aviators to play sports doesn't exactly work well. These are sitting on my WL for that day where I finally go "DAMMIT I NEED SUNGLASSES TO GO WITH MY HAT."
Riddle 4

A book

[Item - A+ Cert Study Book]

So this one is REALLY lame compared to my other stories. For this, it's an ACTUAL BOOK (how lame). I work in IT, and one of the most BASIC qualifications for most jobs is CompTIA A+ certification. I know that with a brief refresher I could pass the test pretty easily, but I don't want to take any risks, and would rather study up and blow it out of the water. I need this book in order to help me do that.
Riddle 5

This one I'm not sure about, but I can't take any more time to figure it out (thanks a lot, work). A trunk? that seems to make the most sense based on the theme here....

[Item - LEGO VW Camper Van]

This one is a real stretch. When I went through this the first time, I thought that you were looking for "A car" (boot//trunk//place to store stuff or even hide in), but then when I looked at the theme of everything, I decided that was wrong. I changed my mind and went with a trunk. To combine those two things, here's the LEGO version of a car, which has a trunk, and also has a little suitcase on the top of it, as it is meant for camping and camping activities - a great place to hide away from everything!

A cape!

[Item - LEGO Movie Batman figure]

What better way to exemplify the answer of "A cape" to a riddle than with a legit superhero. I actually bought this little batman for a friend of mine, and after putting it together, thought I should have one myself. He has two faces, a cape, the bat helmet, and a batarang. This character is simply awesome in the movie, and looks pretty damn awesome to boot! (Get it? Boot? From the last riddle? ^(I get it ... it's not funny...))

No WL Additions were made for this, I improvised and managed to connect everything to something already on my WL. Thanks for the contest!!!

u/sharriston · 1 pointr/EatCheapAndHealthy

Amazon has one that works pretty well. Spaetzel maker

u/Rumbottlespelunker · 1 pointr/food

check these out. They work great, but are a bit tough to clean.

u/tletnes · 1 pointr/whatisthisthing
u/Michaelpi · 1 pointr/Cooking

This is one of the best dish's in Germany, bake it with some cheese and its also very tasty.

you can totally buy a maker in the states, on amazon prime too!

u/Pepper-Fox · 1 pointr/Cooking

It's eeeeeeasy. Just need a spaetzle maker, i have this one link then some flour, salt, eggs, and water.

u/MannyCoon · 1 pointr/food

I don't like single-use kitchen tools, but I've used my mom's spaetzle grater and it's so worth it!

u/Thyrsus24 · 1 pointr/Cooking

I got a spaetzle maker on amazon and it made all the difference! Perfect delicious spaetzle every time (I think the package had a recipe on it I've been using even)

u/Alysaria · 1 pointr/AskReddit

They weren't serrated. They were just scissors.

I used to work at a Pizza Hut and I almost stole the cutting rocker blade when that particular store went out of business. THAT is the easiest, best way to cut a pizza. Rock Rock Rock Rock done (and the toppings don't get mangled as easily)

u/molotovPopsicle · 1 pointr/oddlysatisfying

Okay, there is a better tool for this. You can get really fast with one of these:

Also keeps you from cutting crooked because it cuts across the whole pie.

u/laughingrrrl · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Go Cops!
I've been upgrading my kitchen lately, so here's a few things I found while browsing yesterday:
pizza cutter

u/AchillesFoundation · 1 pointr/gadgets

We have an Imperia. It's really well made. It's a lot more heavy duty than the Norpro that seems to be really popular for not that much more money. It feels almost identical to my grandma's as far as weight and quality, and works just as well.

For reference, we've made pounds of pasta with it so far. This includes hundreds of ravioli's (I HIGHLY recommend a ravioli press). I buy my semolina flour from Amazon, since it comes out way cheaper than the grocery store. I find a 50/50 mix of semolina to regular flour makes a nice, manageable consistency.

Happy eating, and good luck!

u/LazyG · 1 pointr/Cooking

Well, while for risotto with a meat stock i advocate no creamy elements other than the parmesan at the end, for a mushroom risotto i like adding a bit of mascarpone at the end.

I rehydrate the dried porcini in boiling water, till soft, then saute together with a big bunch of chestnut mushrooms and some butter. Obviously reserve the mushroom liquor to add to the veg stock you are using. You can even get porcini stock cubes from some italian stores.

I split the mushrooms between added once the rice is getting toward cooked, and maybe 1/4 reserved to put on top of the finished dish. Then a big handful of parmesan and a couple of spoons of mascarpone once the rice is done and you have taken it off the heat.

Pasta is well worth it, but you need a roller. Also do not cheap out on the roller, cheap ones suck. Basic is Imperia Cucina pro. ALso acceptable are the roller attachments for kitchenaids.

WHen you make it yourself, just be sure to use some 00 flour and work it until it is nice and springy. You will make dodgy quality the first time ro two but after that it is incredibly satisfying. While not seasonal I love making a primavera-ish pasta. Take a big bunch of asparagus spears, and cut off the tips and reserve. Boil the stems and a big handful of peas until just done, then pure up with some butter, parmesan, salt and pepper. Then in a pan saute diced leek, carrot, onion and celery. Add the puree and the asparagus tips and a few more peas, also boiled to just done. Mix most fo it through and keep a little for the top and a few parmesan shavings. It looks like this It also works with bought fresh pasta but so much better home made.

u/MrTeDDi3 · 1 pointr/IronChef

Yep. First time posting, and I sorta missed that originality memo.

As for acid in the salad, I let the tomatoes carry that component. Now that you mention it, it probably could have gone for a spritz of lemon.

This is my pasta machine. It is a thing of beauty. If you shop around, you can find it for much cheaper than Amazon.

Thanks for the review!

u/ThatGuyInSanJose · 1 pointr/whatisthisthing

It looks like an add-on to a Marcato noodle maker

u/MaggieMae68 · 1 pointr/Cooking

I love my Kitchenaid attachment for pasta since it's easier for one person to use. But if you're more dexterous than I am (or less klutzy) and can manage a hand crank version. this is the one I used for years and still have.

u/BmoreIntelligent · 1 pointr/baltimore

Try making it yourself, it is surprisingly easy and cheap.

That is the machine I got and it works great. Fresh pasta is just eggs, flour and maybe olive oil.

Here is a video that tells you how to make it:

u/tangmeowmeow · 1 pointr/AskWomen

For pasta maker,try checking out goodwill. I found a perfect pasta maker (under $10) in goodwill and Amazon sells the exact one for almost $70. (
I would love a set of high quality Japanese kitchen knives as well.

u/southward · 1 pointr/gaybros

I don't have one yet, but I'd love one of these pasta machines, and a food processor is always handy.

u/7oby · 1 pointr/WTF

Tried finding a place to buy it, only found a mechanical version which is not as cool. for those who want mechanical.

u/the_scorpion_stings · 1 pointr/videos

You should have invested in the Hog Wild Twirling Spaghetti Fork instead!

u/nova-chan64 · 1 pointr/Pizza

you could get this style of peel
you just make the pizza on the peel and you use the cloth to slide the pizza right in the oven

u/Madmusk · 1 pointr/Breadit

I have the Lodge with the lip and this pizza peel makes using it a breeze. I just realized it's a little pricey (got it as a gift) but it really is all that and a bag of chips. Perfect placement every time with no stress induced sweating.

u/spacemonkey86 · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

1.[It's a saw](

2.I keep it right by my nightstand I call her shit kisser

4.[Welcome Bitches] (

5.My couch i managed to form the perfect groove into it for my butt

6.I really want this I'm huge fighting game fan

shrdbrd you lazy bum, heres some cool stuff

u/godisajunkie · 1 pointr/mildlyinteresting

I'm a carpenter and I got a circular saw pizza cutter for Christmas. It's actually pretty inconvenient and hard to clean but I feel super manly when I cut my pizza.

u/maeghi · 1 pointr/mildlyinteresting

Not nearly as cool as the PIZZA BOSS 3000

u/jasonellis · 1 pointr/shutupandtakemymoney

Alton approving is why I bought one. And, once I used it, I bought one for other family members.

Best. cutter. ever.

u/emmettfitz · 1 pointr/AskMen

yeah, I know. still weird. We had one of these, she actually put down the scissors for it. Then it broke, back to scissors. Don't know why I can't put in the link like normal

u/getyashinebox · 1 pointr/Cooking
u/aradiohead · 1 pointr/Pizza

It looks well cooked, except for the cheese half, yeah? Maybe tent some foil over that side next time?

As for a clean transfer in order to keep things round (if that's where you're having problems) I've had good luck with this peel and good old corn meal.

u/dementedkat · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

This is a cute pasta scooper thing. I want to take pictures of it attacking random things in the kitchen. Just thinking about it makes me happy lol.

u/KristiiRexx · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

This because spaghetti and dinosaurs.

u/bunnysoup · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

drama llama! Thanks for the contest!!

u/Bos35 · 1 pointr/AskReddit
u/chizzle91 · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Not that I've seen, but if you look at the "Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought" section of his page you'll see they have other really cute kitchen utensil things :D

u/LadyOops · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

pastasorous or anything from fred

u/dizzyvonblue · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Baby I’ll treat you like my homework — I’ll slam you on the table and do you all night long.

u/Drug_Mule92 · 1 pointr/funny

Mine is better.


u/sharkd · 1 pointr/AskReddit

Behold, the PASTASAURUS.

u/Frozen_Esper · 1 pointr/funny

Depends on the amount and type of egg I hunger for. Small egg spatulas for the two egg sandwich, a few larger ones to tame the scrambles and omelettes, and we'll not forget the Pastasaurus that lurks in wait of egg noodles. (ok, I lie. He's mostly for Fettuccine and spaghetti.).
I also have a potato masher, some whisks and whatever. They're all far less useful than the egg tools though. Mmmm...

u/mrslightbulb · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

You should have one of these

I don't need anything, so please gift someone else!

u/seemone · 1 pointr/italy

comprati un forno opportuno

u/RoaringPanda · 1 pointr/Pizza

Amazon Italy have them on Prime delivery. I got mine delivered from there to the UK nice and fast (though you will need to order a plug adaptor too!)

u/Lawnmover_Man · 1 pointr/Kochen
u/heavyuser1337 · 1 pointr/pics

Buy this: Ferrari G3 Pizza Ofen

Learn to make dough and sauce and you'll make a lot of people happy.

u/Stan_Baniszewski · 1 pointr/italy

Personalmente non l'ho mai provato, ma so che molti cultori della pizza fatta in casa usano con soddisfazione i fornetti appositi tipo il G3 Ferrari. La pietra refrattaria andrebbe fatta scaldare nel forno alla massima temperatura per un tempo prolungato, cosa non ottimale da un punto di vista dei consumi energetici. Invece i fornetti per la pizza devono scaldare solo uno spazio limitato, perciò ci mettono molto meno tempo ed energia, riuscendo anche a raggiungere temperature più elevate rispetto ad un forno tradizionale.

u/3v1n0 · 1 pointr/food

Looks fine, but you really need a proper oven for that...

You can start with something like this, or similar alternatvies... But you need it to reach at least 450 °C

u/Tazwh96 · 1 pointr/Pizza

Does anybody have one of these counter top pizza ovens? Like this?

I'm thinking about getting one as the reviews are really positive and the pictures look pretty good but I thought I'd ask here too.

u/ajihiraki · 1 pointr/BakaNewsJP

Official Federation Weaponry製らしい


u/SatinUnicorn · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

shrdbrd you lazy bum, here's some cool stuff

My favorite pizza cutter is this one although to be fair, I don't actually cut pizza with it. I just gaze lovingly at it and sigh.

Bedside home defense: The classic Maglite serves dual purposes – blind them, and/or bludgeon their brains out. The 4-cell version has a nice hefty feel to it, and with its “ultrastrong alloy casing” it’s likely to leave a good dent in the intruder’s skull.

Best app: Swagbucks! We’ve made just about $200 in a little over a month on this.

Welcome Mat What else did you expect??

My office has 2 of these Herman Miller Eames recliners with matching ottoman and I swear it is the most comfortable thing you will ever put your ass in.

My husband and I have a collection of “coffee table art books” and I’d love to add this one to it. Something cool I already have is this, which I have begun reading in preparation for Discovery.

u/China-Palace · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

1 - What about this one?

2- I used to have baseball bat but maybe you might find this useful?

3 - App Store Link

Google Play Store Link

4 - Do you know Joanne the Scammer? She was selling this one I thought it was so funny.

5 - Our couch because it's so comfy.

6 - Might not be cool but I want this so dishes can be clean and nice.

Thanks for contest. shrdbrd you lazy bum, heres some cool stuff

u/always__relevant · 1 pointr/mildlyinteresting

I have one and use it all the time. Just don't use the rough side of the sponge to clean it or it will wear off the letters on the disk.

Link for those of you who might be interested.

u/JennyJoyO · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

You need this and this

u/Arshion · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Oh man, Star Trek is such a huge part of my childhood. I can't get enough of it :3 I can't even recall how many times I've completely watched The Next Generation.

I've always wanted this

Or This!<3
Phasers on Stun!

u/selooselm · 1 pointr/funny
u/teenaamariee · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
  1. this is kind of awesome

  2. My boyfriend has a shotgun, i don't think those are sold on amazon lol.

  3. My favorite app on my phone is Sudoku- keeps my brain smart!

  4. this mat is exactly like my personality

  5. My couch is pretty damn comfortable and the middle part that comes down has 2 drink holder holes and 2 usb charging ports haha

  6. this hammock is bad ass. it's portable and has a carrying case so you can take it on the go!

    shrdbrd you lazy bum, heres some cool stuff

    thanks for the contest!
u/Mike-3D-Animator · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
  1. Because I like to 'chop' my pizza!

  2. Daze and confuse those buggers!

  3. Did someone say Chimichangas?

    "shrdbrd you lazy bum, heres some cool stuff"

    I really like all of these things as they are mega cool. I hope you do too
u/ThePrince_OfWhales · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

1 - Bicycle pizza cutter

2 - Louisville Slugger leaned agaisnt the wall by my bed. America's pasttime is also its best home defense. So are guns. Which I also use. 'Murica.

6 - Cool sock to protect said gun. Every gun needs a sock.

Shrdbrd you lazy bum, here's some cool stuff

Thanks for the contest!

u/Wondeful · 1 pointr/1200isplenty

I have this one from Amazon. Super cheap, easy to store, and works great.

u/msangeld · 1 pointr/Paleo

I'm going to give this one a try. I had been wanting to get the bigger one for $36.00 but had been putting off spending that much on one gadget. Then I came across the one I just linked too and it has decent enough reviews, plus that was a user video showing it in action. I'm excited to try it out.

u/punter16 · 1 pointr/biggreenegg

This will probably have a lot of people up in arms, but here it goes. If you’re running low on time and energy to roll and prep a pizza, and have the Papa Murphy’s take and bake chain in your location, their large thin crust pizzas turn out amazing on the egg. Bonus, at least in my area, they sell them for $5 every Friday. For anyone unfamiliar with Papa Murphy’s, they are made to order pizzas, but you pick them up uncooked.

I use this modern wonder to take them off the cardboard thing they come on and transfer them to the stone in my egg.

EXO Non-Stick Polymer Sealed Super Peel Pizza Peel

u/xenongfx · 1 pointr/Cooking

This is what you need, learned about this from America's test kitchen.

EXO Polymer Sealed Super Peel Pizza Peel

u/JoyousGamer · 1 pointr/Pizza

Its a peel with a belt on it. See the above link and personally would never use a normal peel again.

u/panthersftw · 1 pointr/Cooking

Homemade pizza. I have the pizza stone. I have the pizza peel. I have all the necessary accoutrements for making the bestest pizza.

I have NEVER ONCE successfully completed the transfer from peel to stone. I know all the secrets to how to do it, watched all the videos. It never works. Gonna try this next. I'm not hopeful.

u/reasonably_uncertain · 1 pointr/Sourdough

Also recommend the Super Peel I love mine! Great gift (for those that bake using stones etc. rather than Dutch Ovens)

u/tict0c · 1 pointr/Pizza

I just use this.. I have no troubles with pizza stickage anymore.

u/Cliodruze · 1 pointr/Cooking

[Fancy pants automatic pasta extruder.](Philips Pasta and Noodle Maker with 4 Interchangeable Pasta Shape Plates - HR2357/05

Saw one on Pinterest and thought it looked super cool, hubby splurged and got one for me a couple of years ago for Christmas. It was amazing for a while once you figure out the ingredient ratios, but one day it stopped working (after pretty light use) and we were outside the warranty and we can't find anyone to repair it. I'm still holding out hope that it'll magically work one day or we'll find someone that can figure it out. My husband wants to trash it, but I can't bear to do that yet!

u/Sielle · 1 pointr/Cooking

Here you go, the lazy way to have fresh pasta!

u/weluckyfew · 1 pointr/Cooking

Do you know what the difference is between this one, the $200 model and the $300 model?

From the descriptions they all seem to do the same thing, so not sure why one is twice as much

u/spinkman · 1 pointr/vancouver

The phillips maker is on sale right now. for the alkaline you can get away with using baking soda. since this is an extruder they aren't as chewy and don't hold up if overcooked but fresh noodles in 10 minutes... can't argue with that. another + is you get to tweak the recipe to your exact liking

u/MissBananaBeak · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

-Pizza Rocker because I feel like it gets the job done faster and has the added bonus of feeling like a legit chef using it 😂

-I keep a baseball bat tucked behind the bedroom door just in case

-current favorite app other than alien blue for Reddit


-Does a tub count as furniture 😂 I take hot baths a lot for migraines so I'd say that but if it doesn't count then I'll say the couch because the living room has really great natural lighting and it's just a happy and comfortable place to chill out

-Something I want is a new bed or at least a headboard that doesn't look like it belongs to a teenage boy. I hate the one we have so I hide it with pillows lol

Thank you for the contest shrdbrd you lazy bum, heres some cool stuff!

u/wingsta · 1 pointr/ketorecipes

If you are looking for a cheap pasta maker I came across this for $16.99 on ebay with free shipping. Not sure how long the sale would last.

The same machine is $24.99 (and even that is cheap for a pasta maker) on Amazon and have decent reviews

u/MortallyHolyRunaway · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

It's was so fun! I have a pasta maker so that made it sooo easy. What are some great is my recipe makes about 4 to 6 servings and you don't have to dry it before you cook it, you only do that if you want to use it in a few days.
This is the pasta maker I use.
And this is the pasta I made.

u/danimalle · 1 pointr/EatCheapAndHealthy

Thanks. Yeah. Pasta is hard to give up. You could cheat the white carb rule a little by making homemade handcut whole wheat pasta someday. You are both probably too busy now but it sure is fun and tastes great. I got to the point I could make fresh pasta for two in the time it took the water to get to a boil. Then it cooks in under two minutes. I have celiac now so I can only make oat pasta (which is weird) but as I recall the recipe was a scant cup of flour with two eggs or a half cup white wine or water and some salt blended into a dough you knead mercilessly. Then you roll it flat like pie dough and cut it into narrow strips with a big knife or a pizza cutting wheel. You can also flour the surface of the dough and fold or roll that and slice it like cookies off a roll of cookie dough then shake them out loose. If you have time let the strips dry a bit either drapped over an open cabinet door, flat on a cutting board or piled in a loose nest. Then when a bit dry on the surface throw into boiling water and scoop it out with a slotted spoon after it floats up in a minute and a half to two minutes depending on how thin you rolled it. If you use the yellow colored “semolina” wheat it is divine. Durum bread flour also gives an nice al dente texture. If you buy a cheap hand roller press/cutter the results will look professional. Don’t get an expensive electric extrusion pasta maker though... extrusion pasta is not as good a rolled pasta. Learn to make pasta together and you will be a very happy chubby couple ;0) This is the only machine you need:

u/taylormitchell20 · 0 pointsr/ketorecipes

>1 C Carbalose Flour
>2 Eggs
>6 T Heavy Cream
6 T Water
½ t Salt
¼ t Pepper
⅛ t Guar Gum
⅛ t Xanthan Gum
⅛ t Grated Nutmeg
2 Drops Liquid Sucralose
>Bring a pot of water to simmer.
Put flour & spices together and stir.
Beat eggs then add water, heavy cream, & Sucralose and add to flour.
Batter should be of a medium thick consistency.
Using an old fashioned large holed grater, put about ½ C batter on top, and with grater over the water, run your index finger gently over the dough and let it drop into the water. It will sink and almost immediately float. Cook about 2 minutes.
Remove with a small strainer or spider.
Repeat until finished.
>4 Servings
>171 Calories, 9.8g Protein, 12.7g Carbs, 4.8g Fiber, 7.9g Net Carbs

Somewhat higher in carbs than I'd like for a side dish, but if you plan the rest of the day, 8g of carbs is manageable. I think so at least. Plus, it's totally worth it for this pasta.

Oh yeah, if you don't mind a one use tool, I highly suggest getting a Spaetzle Grater. It will be much easier than the cheese grater method described in the original recipe.

u/camram07 · 0 pointsr/Pizza

Very good question. I hate launching raw dough onto the steel with the aluminum peel I have. Dusting with flour or cornmeal makes a mess of the counter. Even with flour or cornmeal, little parts of the pie still stick almost every time. Blowing the board is not effective. Also, my peel is only 12 inches wide, which really isn't as big as I'd like to make pizzas in this style, so even a perfect raw launch isn't the only issue.

So, I launch on a screen, remove the pie from the screen after the bottom crust sets, and let it brown. I lose a little bottom browning this way, but the aggravation it saves me is worth it.

I know some people say wooden peels work better for launching and recommend getting one of each, but that's another expense. Maybe someday if I were convinced it would work. Something like the super peel seems great, but that's even more expensive, and, with a hot steel 6 inches under the broiler I'm not sure the super peel's mechanics would work all that well.

I have heard launching with parchment paper can be effective. I may try that.

u/clkou · 0 pointsr/Pizza

That cloth spins around so that I can easily get it from the cloth onto the stone in the oven.

Check out this link:

u/pragmaticbastard · 0 pointsr/makemychoice

Fred the pastasaurus

Not sure what to do with the remaining $18...

u/rhalliwell1 · 0 pointsr/food

I use one of these and get excellent results...

The higher the temperature the better and a stone certainly helps.

u/TakeoKuroda · -1 pointsr/pics

I- I need this.

EDIT: found it

u/justlookqueen · -3 pointsr/pics

found it! on