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u/breakfastonly · 20 pointsr/konmari

Look at each one at a time, feel gratitude for the holiday joy you have already received from them, wrap them in tissue paper, and put in the trash.
If you want to keep them to compare photos over the years or something, get a photo flip book like this one to keep them in and put in your box of Christmas decorations to get out and go through next year as new cards come in.
Whatever you do, honor them by not letting them sit in a box longer than a year at a time. Usually anything with a face or that is particularly meaningful, you want to "bury" with some sort of covering, like tissue paper, as a way to be respectful.

u/SpiceTrader56 · 14 pointsr/DungeonsAndDragons

I started a business last year and it really took off before the summer. Thanks to everyone around the world who purchased one, and to anyone who does so in the future.

@guileanddesign on Instagram

Red and Black Dragon edition Spellbooks available here

u/RadMarchand63 · 13 pointsr/vinyl

They seem to have gone up a bit in price since the last time I purchased them. I want to say I paid 22 each. But I’m sure if you shopped around you could do better than the 29 each Amazon is asking.

u/mariahz21 · 10 pointsr/friends_tv_show

Handmade with Love by Fatima Peephole Yellow Frame. Replica of The Frame seen in Monica's Door. It has Two Side Tape. Ready to Hang.

u/Firtich · 5 pointsr/Polaroid

Welcome to the family! These boxes are overpriced though. I use this :

Fintie Wallet Photo Album for Fujifilm Instax Wide 300, Polaroid OneStep 2-64 Pockets (Snap Fastener) Album, Compatible with Polaroid POP, Originals 600 Camera 3.5x4.5 Inch Film (Vintage Black)

u/Niko7664 · 4 pointsr/Eminem

Go on amazon Top Rated Album Frame - Made to Display Album Covers and LP Covers 12.5" x 12.5" - Hanging Hardware Installed and No Assembly Required - Easy to Use Album Frame, Album Cover Frame

u/PierresEvilTwin · 3 pointsr/KendrickLamar

Got them from here, the build quality is kinda crappy but this wasn't too expensive:

u/digital-aaron · 3 pointsr/vinyl

I have a record stand that I use to display the jacket while listening to a record. I have this one:

u/plantbasedmenace · 3 pointsr/VaporVinyl

I lucked out at Goodwill! However, these are pretty much the same thing and I love them because you can swap vinyl out super easily.

u/HumpingJack · 2 pointsr/BlackPink

If you don't care what version you'll get try this link cheapest I found on Amazon.

u/Kikister · 2 pointsr/howyoudoin

Sorry, no luck. But if you think she would be interested in some of the other great Friends replicas I can recommend a few a a fellow superfan.
Yellow Frame
French Poster
Magna Doodle
Central Perk Mug
You're My Lobster

u/Waserd · 2 pointsr/WaltDisneyWorld

Just made it back from Disney (December) and bought a coin press book at Magic Kingdom and it was not this book. Didn't shop around, but only option was similar to this book:

u/jesterxgirl · 2 pointsr/weddingplanning

That's what we did! We got this photo album and asked everyone to write us a note.

I'm never going to just open up a book of names, but it will be nice to read the messages while I'm showing off our photos!

u/vinylontubes · 2 pointsr/vinyl
This is best you are going to do at price. Believe it or not, others will sell this frame for double the price. I will tell you that these things are plastic and look cheap. You could mask off the "glass" and spray paint it for a better finish. I doubt there is any solar protection. Displaying the record and the jacket will pretty much render the framing permanent. You will need matting solutions to control the difference in thicknesses.

u/Lon3ly-Star · 2 pointsr/XXXTENTACION
u/SteveTenants · 2 pointsr/vinyl
  1. Hell yeah they are, I would kill for Brent Smith's voice! I was pretty lucky to find that auction for Sound of Madness, and still can't believe I spent that much money on a record! :-)
  2. Thanks!! I built the bar myself, the only thing that needs to change is the green carpet, it's on my list...
  3. Those are Americanflat album frames (, they're basically regular backload picture frames that happen to be the right dimensions for an album cover. They look good, but honestly they feel pretty cheap, like if you're not careful the glass will break. I didn't put the actual albums in them though, just the sleeves. I took the records out and put them in generic sleeves:
u/thehortlak · 2 pointsr/Polaroid

These look great! Do you have any resources for albums for Instax square shots? This is the only thing I've found and it's kind of tacky.

u/fadedbluepumas · 2 pointsr/brockhampton
u/jupiterkansas · 2 pointsr/Genesis

A picture frame you can put album covers in. I have The Lamb and Trick of the Tail next to each other on the wall.

u/TehMooMoo · 1 pointr/vinyl

You're probably going to want 12.5 by 12.5 (or 32cm by 32cm). If you're not looking for something elegant (e.i. you're fine with cheap plastic of metal) amazon has this and Wal-Mart has this.

Hope this helps.

u/LittleHelperRobot · 1 pointr/lorde


^That's ^why ^I'm ^here, ^I ^don't ^judge ^you. ^PM ^/u/xl0 ^if ^I'm ^causing ^any ^trouble. ^WUT?

u/adamsw216 · 1 pointr/instax

Sorry, late to this thread, but I use these photo albums for my Instax Wide film:

It works well, you just have to open the book in landscape orientation. Otherwise, the photos fit perfectly in the pockets.

u/Emoyak · 1 pointr/lorde

Amazon has them, is this what you're looking for.

u/rnawmomof3 · 1 pointr/DesignMyRoom

If it's in your budget, check these out. You can open them from the front for easy access when you want to listen to them.

u/MuppetMaster42 · 1 pointr/DnDIY

for large creatures!

The hole punches are pretty cheap on amazon ($11 for 1", and $12.50 for 2"), so even if you only deal with a few dozen large creatures over your DM life, it could still save you a decent chunk of time. But I'd totally understand if it's not a regular thing for you/your campaign(s).

For me, because I play on a whiteboard on the wall instead of on a mat on the tabletop, I instead use 2" per 5ft so that my players can more easily see everything.

I also print a lot of doubles for each token in different colours. This means that each mini has a unique colour (or different hair, weapons, etc). Which gives me flexibility to represent different setups for a fight, and it helps me keep track of each creature's hp without having numbers on every single mini.

To store and organise all of them, I bought some 3-ring binders, and clear photo sleeves. I also "borrowed" a sheet of sticky labels from work.
Originally I just used one envelope per monster type, and rubber-banded them together. But I found that got really annoying to deal with once I got to like 15 different monsters - an alphabetised folder is much faster and easier to flip through.

u/SwingNinja · 1 pointr/DIY

Use lose pages for photo albums. They make the ones that are pvc/acid free. Example

u/worldnamer · 1 pointr/bladesinthedark

(Sorry for the delay. I'm not a frequent Reddit user and just realized people had asked questions.)

  1. You can choose the Chosen and Broken in any way that makes you comfortable! But I usually talk with the table about the themes we want to see and then select an appropriate Broken and Chosen. Where there are clear preferences, I defer. Where there are not, I select what makes me interested.
  2. Cool. :)
  3. These might work!

    Lots of other questions! Let's see...

    a) I didn't really find the rules confusing, or we would've changed them. The full text should clear up some intentions around those rules, but if there's something that you see, let us know!

    b) The transition from mission to campaign is pretty structured. Do xp, do bookkeeping, do the back at camp scene. Just be clear with players about where you are in that process and you'll be fine.

    c) In my most recent game I've had a Lorekeeper, and the Back at Camp scene was really great. But in other games, I've done. I find the best result is when you can reincorporate the results of the mission into a camp scene. Build on the story so far. That sort of thing. :)


    Hope you're enjoying!
u/UnderwaterPanther · 1 pointr/PostCardExchange

I don't know if they'd fit all or even some of your cards but maybe one of those big sturdy photo albums would work? Might be easier to find in stores too.

Otherwise they sell these on amazon and you could find a 3 ring binder that you like to go with them.

I actually need to find a way to keep mine stored too, mine are all on my desk or in a shoebox with my mailing supplies.

u/KathelynW86 · 1 pointr/wtfamazon

Not proud to admit that I had to google what Flash Cubes are xD From what google showed me, they don’t look like them I think. Here is the amazon link if you want a better look (5th picture):

They seem to be transparent. Could be clear plastic cubes I suppose, but for what purpose? They are also 100% photoshopped in there, which makes it even weirder. Someone made a conscious decision to put them in to simulate a desk.

u/welcometooceania · 1 pointr/vinyl

If you're considering putting a record alone on the wall make sure it's not something you care about. I have a couple signed sleeves in these frames, I'm sure with the right tape you could mount them. Take out the records though, it's extra weight and you don't want to ruin them from being stored incorrectly.

u/mainelyn21 · 1 pointr/TaylorSwift

While I understand your frustration, having an option to purchase all four books would negate the whole purpose of having four deluxe editions in the first place which is giving people incentive to get more than one copy and boost album sales. Which isn't anything new for her or other artists who are capable of selling physical CDs.

Also she might do the same thing she did for the reputation magazines and release a hardback book with all the content included in it a year or so after the album is released.

u/wavvesofnausea · 1 pointr/Kanye

I was thinking about getting some of those $8-12 vinyl record frames for them, such as these here.

u/DaydenJavies · 1 pointr/vinyl

Here are some vinyl frames for regular sized vinyls:

Haven't found any specifically for 7" yet but shouldn't be too hard to find

u/andreana22 · 1 pointr/dragoncon

I was originally using a 3x5 photo album but once I started collecting badge ribbons, I bought a magnetic photo album. It has cardboard pages covered in light adhesive and a clear film you lay on top over the badges. Here's a link to the one I have -

u/UrLocalHippie · 1 pointr/TameImpala

Americanflat Album Frame - Made to Display Album Covers and LP Covers 12.5"x12.5" - Hanging Hardware Installed and No Assembly Required - Easy to Use Album Frame, Album Cover Frame

u/Telenerd · 1 pointr/indieheads

This guy's way is probably way easier, but I went to a craft store called Michaels that has Vinyl frames like this one on Amazon. Michaels always has crazy discount coupons so I got like 25 frames for really cheap by stacking coupons. Then I took the actual records out and put only the record jackets ( the cardboard part with artwork on it) in the frames. I took a measuring tape and measured out the length of 1 to where the spot the hanger was in and also the whole width. Then I just marked the spots the nails would go with a pencil on the wall in a big grid and put picture hanging nails in, then hung them. It didn't take very long.

u/_DarkMinion_ · 1 pointr/ImperialAssaultTMG

If you look on the back of the box it will have a small icon with the sleeve color and amount required. My work blocks the FFG site so i can't get you a great example but the listing on amazon shows it on the second picture. You can buy the sleeves right off the FFG site



As to the larger hero cards I got a set of these ultra pro sleeves, they fit nicely into the bottom 2 sleeves and jsut had to be trimmed down to length



I only play campaign and wanted the cards to last so I sleeved them to be sure drinks don't spill and ruin them


I also can't highly enough recommend this insert enough to oragnize your box, its so awesome:



there is a youtube review of it (and another insert as well)