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u/rafaelloaa · 12 pointsr/TrollXChromosomes

I'm a guy who's not had to deal with the same difficulties you're facing, but I have had my share of meds/pain, and I've picked up a few tricks along the way, some of which might be of use.

With regards to daily medications, I have a routine where I put my daily morning/night little case (this one, or similar) on my table directly next to my bed, so I am literally staring at it when I wake up. I also have a bottle of water there. So I wake up, sit up, and take my morning meds. There's nothing on that table except for my glasses case, my daily meds case, and the bottle of water.

In the evening, same deal. As I'm getting to bed, I take my evening meds, and swap out the empty container for the next morning's one.

For the first few years I was on daily medications, I would have a daily timer set on my phone at a fixed, and as soon as it went off I would go and take my meds. If I wasn't able to take them right then (out of the house or w/e), I would re-set the timer for an arbitrary length of time, where I thought I'd be back home. That way I wouldn't forget. Over time, I've stopped needing to set a timer, but do what works.

Point is, you can do it! Take the step that lets you be able to utilize the wonders of modern medicine (tm).

As for remembering to take pain meds when you're in pain, I feel your pain (hah). I've been through that situation a lot of times. The best strategies I've figured out are to keep just one or two of a lighter pain med in a case in my bag (I used this one, but anything that tightly seals is fine), as well as one on my desk (as opposed to the rest of the bottle, which is up in the box with the rest of my meds, etc). That way when I'm hurting I can just grab the pill there and take it, and I know ahead of time that I've just put what's safe to take in a single dose out.

I've also on occasion put a sticky note on my computer monitor that just said "if you're hurting, take pain meds"... Surprisingly effective.

Sorry for the essay, I'm just hopeful I can help share some stuff that worked for me, stuff I wish someone had told me years ago.

u/carlskg · 12 pointsr/Music

If you get a metal pill holder for your keychain and keep your earplugs in there, you'll always have them when you need them. I can't recommend this enough.

u/Safetyman007 · 11 pointsr/bugout

I just transferred all my BoB pills to a small hard case for the reason cited above. I used this one
Magnetic Foldable Pill Box Case...

u/Tiger3Tiger · 11 pointsr/trans

One of these? keychain pill box I don't know how many you can fit in at once but you can keep that on your keys / on a lanyard and in your pocket / etc. I would suggest keeping the prescription label in a wallet

u/dual_dabs · 10 pointsr/Petioles

If you need to lock out completely, get a K Safe and set timers to make yourself wait.

If you want to keep yourself under control, portion out a zip in 4 Pill Organizers

Edit: Grammar Nazi

u/classicicedtea · 10 pointsr/Fibromyalgia
u/kwxt2 · 9 pointsr/cfs

Any little present that shows that someone loves me, CFS and all, is honestly the best thing I could get. I think that many of us (definitely me) get in our heads about whether we and our illness are too much of a burden for an SO. Even when we're single we can get in our heads about whether we'd be able to date an imaginary future person. For me this can get really amplified around holidays. A little card, a little toy, anything. It's the meaning behind it for me, doesn't have to be much.

In that vein, a lot of friends have given me stuffed animals since I got sick. While I feel a little silly to be a grown woman with a bunch of stuffed animals in the house it also serves as a nice reminder that I still have friends and they still care about me, even if we aren't always in close touch.

As for CFS specific things, some folks on here showed me this badass medbox with tons of room. I LOVE it.

A good comfy pillow to their liking.

Nice looking compression stockings if they have POTS.

Cozy socks/slippers

I got this almost adult looking sippy cup so that I can keep hydrated when I can't sit up.

A good bedside tray or table.

A SAD light for those who have trouble in the winter.

A nice poster for the walls, unless it's going to visually overstimulate them. When you're looking at walls all day it can be nice to change scenery.

edit: goddamn brain fog words are hard.

u/Dimingo · 8 pointsr/starfinder_rpg

Yes, you do the same thing that they do.

If you're running a "small fleet" chances are that you've got a number of single seat craft which lack the crew to do more than move and attack (which should help speed things up).

If you're controlling more than 2 or 3 ships may help to get rolling aids to speed up that process. Personally I'd recommend using [Roll 20] ( as that makes rolling, tracking the rolls, tracking stats, etc. much easier; on top of having an easily adjustable battlemap.

If that's not an option, picking up a [large pill organizer] ( and dropping a d20 into each one of them would allow you to roll 7 times at once (also useful for easily making hidden rolls).

Here's some other things that might help as well.

Starship Combat Resources

[Starship Role Cards] (

Created by kuzcoburra, these use the new DCs from [Paizo's FAQ] ( and allow to to see all the checks you can make at a glance, really good for players to have.

[One Page Starship Roles] (

This seems (to me) more geared to a GM or players who routinely fill multiple roles.

[Shipbuilding Tool] (

Solid website that helps you build ships. Simple enough to share designs (exports as JSON data) between people as well.

u/Nyxalith · 7 pointsr/cfs

In addition to the other great suggestions here I also like these things:

  1. This Travel Pill case it is large enough to hold 4 large pills per section, and has 4 sections per day.

  2. The Flip and Tumble Grocery bag . This bag holds a surprising amount, and because it fits on the shoulder, not carried in the hands, it makes it easier to carry.

  3. Table Mate tray table this is the cheaper version of what others suggested, and is a bit less sturdy, but if you are on a limited budget, it works great.

  4. OXO Good Grips Products I love the can opener, but any of their Good Grips products work great. They are specificly designed for people with arthritis.

  5. I feel the most important one of all, though, is a fuzzy comfort blanket . People underestimate how much better you can feel just from wrapping yourself in something soft and warm for a bit. Even if you still hurt, it can make you feel like you can cope with it better.

    EDIT: I just thought of another thing. The whole homemade coupon book is cheesy, but the truth is that offering to help them with housework, do some laundry, or even just spend time with them is an awesome gift in most cases.
u/kiduntilidie · 7 pointsr/BipolarReddit

honestly I think it's hilarious but I have a humorous view on my meds. My pill case pretty much sums it up:

u/illest219 · 4 pointsr/EDC
u/awesomeideas · 4 pointsr/slatestarcodex

I suggest you physically go to a pharmacy or Walmart or the like and buy earplugs in bulk. If you're black, you probably won't be able to find flesh-colored plugs, but for everyone else they'll have something that'll blend in.

I keep two plugs on my keychain in a little aluminum pill case. Remove the o-ring because it'll eventually make the bottom fall off and it's not actually necessary. It feels great being the only one without ringing ears after going to a bar or hearing some live music.

EDIT: This week (in the US) Walgreens has 30% off online orders and I bought a bunch of their "Mack's Ultra Soft Foam Earplugs."

u/MantisTobogan-MD · 4 pointsr/PipeTobacco

It also has the benefit of keeping the tobacco tamped down so nothing spills all over when you open it.

amazon link to keychain

u/capgras_delusion · 4 pointsr/answers

Moisture can break down pills, and it gets worse if you cut them in half because you're getting rid of the outer coating and exposing the center to ambient moisture.

If you're just cutting them in half, leaving them on the nightstand, and taking them the next day, it shouldn't do anything. If you're leaving them cut in half in the bathroom, exposed to the air, they're going to break down more quickly. Sometimes you can see the physical degradation of the pill, but that shouldn't happen unless you completely forget about it or you're trying to wear it down.

If you're taking them with you, use a metal pill holder that attaches to a keychain. If you're just putting them in your pocket, already cut, the inner bit is vulnerable to rubbing against the foil or the fabric as well as ambient moisture, including your sweat.

u/emilylake · 3 pointsr/LifeProTips

You could try the Mango app, which not only sets reminders but lets you earn points for taking your pills on time, etc. You can also get really small waterproof pill container keychains so that you can carry around your medication and not have to worry about your flexible schedule.

u/NatioLuporem · 3 pointsr/ADHD

Yeah, I got one of these

Each day pops out so I can carry it with me if I have to.

u/slashgw2 · 3 pointsr/EDC
u/Zilm321 · 3 pointsr/Aquariums

I use a pill organizer to place fish food in for the person watching the house. Usually, I put about half the normal amount and fast 1-2 days. Also, I do a water change the day we leave and get back.

Pill Organizer:

u/AskMrScience · 3 pointsr/LifeProTips

I do the same thing. An addition that changed my life? A modular pill organizer.

I take several daily meds. It used to be a big pain to count out pills before trips, since I didn't want to haul along a bunch of full-sized bottles.

Now I can just load my pills into the organizer like I do every week, then pop out the days I'm going to need on the trip and toss those into my toiletries bag.

u/dsstrainer · 3 pointsr/raspberry_pi

I used to do the same thing. Then I had an epiphany at my mom's house :

7 Day Pill Organizer, Large Push Button Weekly Pill Box for Pills

u/OrangutanClyde · 3 pointsr/Nootropics

Anabox Weekly Pill Organiser - Rainbow

I've got this one, pretty sturdy and hasn't broken on me yet in 2 years.

u/cyclefreaksix · 3 pointsr/EDC

Something like this?

Pillbox Keychain by Profile Gifts® - Carry Your Daily Medicine in This Compact Metal Pill Box Case

I'm on mobile so excuse the monster link. You would probably want to put some tape around the batteries to prevent shorting out or making contact and draining...

u/freshmutz · 3 pointsr/ploompax

2 great accessories:

4pc Large Size / MEDICAL ALERT-FIRST AID container PILL CASE - Key Chain - Water Resis...

The Pax and the jar will both fit in to the Pelican 1010 case for convenient, air tight transport.

u/BongosforPongos · 3 pointsr/lupus

Ezy Dose Weekly AM/PM Travel Pill Organizer and Planner │ Removable AM/PM Compartments │ Great for Travel (Large)

I use this one and have had for over 3 years and it’s great! Only fill once a week.

u/Zogonzo · 3 pointsr/ADHD

I have this pill organizer. It's great, as long as I remember to fill it.

u/Bac0n01 · 3 pointsr/ADHD

Can't help with your current situation, but I'd suggest buying a pill organizer like this, I bought one a couple weeks ago, and it has helped me avoid a fair few close calls.

u/dark_roast · 3 pointsr/Music

...and put your high-quality earplugs in one of these or something similar. I'm never without my keys, so I'm never without my earplugs.

u/kamraym · 3 pointsr/Accutane

I break down all my packages and dose them out into an old lady pill box that consists of 4 'weeks' and I carry a keychain pill container with one dose in it. Makes my life so much easier - and I can take all my other vitamins at the same time and never miss a dose :)

u/mymainismythrowaway1 · 2 pointsr/bipolar

I use a daily pill compartment thing and reminders on my phone. My daily pill box is am/pm and each day can pop out to take to breakfast/dinner so I can take meds with food. I bought it at CVS but here's the Amazon link. The main box is too hefty for cats to use as a toy and whenever I have the little daily box out, it's in my pocket/bag.

u/the_corruption · 2 pointsr/trees

I keep my ground bud in these

It doesn't really help me ration as your method does, but those little pill cases are air tight. Stuff stays pretty damn fresh in there for a while after being ground and it is pretty inconspicuous if I carry it around (plus no smell).

u/createitinc · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
  1. This is going to be long >.>

    Apple Cinnamon Raisin Cake

    3 cups flower

    1 1/2 cups sugar

    1 teaspoon baking soda

    1 teaspoon nut meg (I usually go about 2 or 3)

    2 teaspoons cinnamon (I usually go 2-3 table spoons but I like it with a lot)

    1 cup raisins (I always add more and never measure. Just when it looks like there is enough)

    3 cups peeled cubed apples (Try to get tart apples if you can)

    1 cup oil

    1 teaspoon vanilla

    3 eggs

    Okay here's what you do. Add everything up to up the apples and give a little stir. Stir in the apples. Stir in the oil and vanilla (not all the way just so the stuff get wet). Add your eggs (Try to make a little valley where you can break the yolks and beat them a little bit). Mix everything well. Put in greased bunt pan. Shove it into your oven at 350 for 60 mins. Sit back and eat the whole damn thing. Perfect for breakfast, snacks and desserts!

    This is literally the best way to put it all together, even from what the book says because this gives it the best texture and best strength I added the flower last once and it was a crumbly mass of crumbs. Good with a tiny bit of milk but no bueno for your hands.

    I can't make this cake that often either because I'm addicted and I will sit there and eat the whole cake myself, and it's a big cake. I made two one time and I ate both with my dog. And there's really not too much sugar in it. I also forgot to add that there are no photos of this cake because above reason: I ate the photos of the cake too.

    Second thing: Art keeps me going because I know no matter what it doesn't matter what anyone says. My Art. My Way.

    Third thing: Third thing: It's a bear. It's Rambo. NO! It's rambopandabear! They're hear to to take names and ask if you've met their little friend. (I don't even know)

    Fourth Thing:

    Because everyone needs duck tape for those hard to shut up people and the ones you don't want getting away. Now in the new colour of green, you can use this to fix just about anything in your home or office and keep quiet those pesky coworkers two cubicles down that talk the whole day away. Also available in every colour and pattern under the sun to help keep you entertained.

    Okay I hope I kept you entertained and not going OMG why wont she shut up haha. It'll be interesting to see what other people come up with. I'd like this to be my winning item: Mad Hatter Pill Box but if you decide to go under ten or whatever I've got items I can switch it for. Really a fun contest and I hope you have a wonderful and fantastic birthday with friends, family, hopefully drinking if you've got the family I've got, and just good times all around.
u/lulzcat773 · 2 pointsr/audioengineering


No matter what type of earplugs you use buy yourself a Rite-Aid Keychain Pill container like this.

They are perfect for earplugs, built out of metal so they never break, and save you hundreds of dollars of lost earplugs. I have had the same pair of earplugs for over a year now and I always keep them on my person.

</end psa>

u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/Nootropics

> I carry about 10 bottles of supplements with me to work everyday in addition to bulk bags of aniracetam and sulbatiamine.

You can't be serious ... are you?

Just load up a pill organizer like this with your pills or for powders throw it all in a small tupperware container.

u/Heratiki · 2 pointsr/IdiotsInCars

These work great at keep revenge easily accessible at all times.

u/lomlslomls · 2 pointsr/preppers

I also am on several meds for BP and thyroid issues. I usually store away the few remaining pills when my Rx renews. So, for example, I have a 90 day Rx for my thyroid meds and the prescription renews and I have like 6 pill left. I put them in one of these and tuck it away in my safe.

I do the same with my other meds, and over time I stockpile 30+ days of backup supply for all of them. I then rotate them out as I get renewed prescriptions.

u/endergrrl · 2 pointsr/ChronicPain

7 Day 4 Compartment Pill Organizer DEEP One Inch

I swear by this. Since I started using it I haven't run out of pills once. And, I like that I can take just one day's pills with me, especially when I go to work.

Another idea: does your pharmacy have auto-refill?

Sorry you are having a crappy time without your meds. Hang in there and internet hugs!

u/bltjnr · 2 pointsr/EDC

G-Shock GX-56BB Blackout Series Watches - Black / One Size

Silicone Wedding Ring For Men By ROQ Affordable Silicone Rubber Band, Black - Size 9

Ruger LCP (carried if not in hospital)

Smith & Wesson K frame 38 Special vehicle EDC (not pictured)

BangTi Titanium Quick Release Keychain Set Super Durable (45mm+32mm Ti Keyring)

Recut small truck key for 2001 GMC Yukon XL

Maratac copper AAA light

GUS Pill capsule GUS Mini Pill Fob, Made in USA, Stainless Steel Keychain Pill Holder, Emergency Aspirin Holder, Compact Design

House key

Gerber Dime Multi-Tool, Black [30-000469]
(If traveling Gerber Dime Multi-Tool Travel, Bladeless [31-002777]

DIY keychain pen

Spyderco Native Lightweight plain edge

Old monogrammed money clip


u/goldeuphoria · 2 pointsr/bipolar

If you don't feel like opening up and sharing your needs with at least your best friend, then you need to slyly take care of your needs on your own. I just went on a two-week-long trip around the world, visiting different friends in all different places. Some knew I take some meds here and there, some don't. Either way, I didn't feel comfortable bringing it up to any of my friends so I didn't.

This was my strategy. Buy a small pill carry container (if you don't have one already) that has different compartments to store your different medications. This is the one I use, it's small and discrete and you can throw it in a purse. When it's time for you to take your meds, excuse yourself to the bathroom and re-up.

For the food issue, you can either buy snacks/groceries to have in your hotel room, you can persuade your friends to go out to eat with you, you can order (uber-eats, doordash, etc) food to your hotel, or you can make a quick trip out to a fast food stop or any little restaurants around where you guys are staying. Usually, there should be lots of options around. All you have to say is guys, I'm hungry and I'm going to get some food! And I'm sure someone else will be hungry with you, if not, you still have a great excuse to sneak away and grab something.

I have the same sleeping schedule as you so I also needed an excuse to get out of late-night adventures. It might be kind of childish, but when it's time for me to sleep, I go into my room and just pass out. My medication keeps me heavily sedated for a nights sleep, so there's no way for someone to wake me up once I'm asleep. I totally used this to my advantage. I passed out whenever it was time for me to sleep, no one could wake me up, and the next morning I would laugh it off and say "oh yeah I was soooo tired last night." My friends weren't *too* happy, but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do.

Don't let your fears hold you back from an amazing trip! It sounds like you're going to have an incredible time and make memories to last a lifetime. I just got back from my trip so I'm jealous, have an absolute blast and don't ever feel like you need to sacrifice your health for anyone else's wants, needs or desires.

u/stoic_lagomorph · 2 pointsr/lgbt

I got it from a chain called Guardian here where I live (Singapore).

There's a really similar one Amazon but it has extra tab like things.

If you really, really, really want the one I have though, maybe I can arrange to have one shipped to you.

u/lolwatsyk · 2 pointsr/ADHD

I tried to read up on those laws for CA and it does say that technically they should always be in their prescription bottle but here's why that's bullshit:

My parents are both over 60 and they have every common illness in the book. They take 4-5 pills in the morning and again in the evening. When they go to dinner or on vacation they just take them with them in a weekly container or a small pill box and I bet you if they were stopped by police, they wouldn't be hassled for it.

My solution was to buy these (pack of 2 containers), and link them together. In one, I carry my meds (extra doses of 10mg IR for afternoon boosts, and gabapentin and valium for anxiety) in one AND a copy of my prescriptions rolled up in the other. I get my prescriptions filled at CVS so the paperwork that comes with it has copies of the prescription so they're legit.

I haven't been stopped and searched yet but I feel like this is valid enough. It proves I have a prescription and it has all the numbers on there in case police want to call CVS or my psychiatrist to confirm. And I have my ID to prove it's me.

But again, that we have to deal with the hassle when older people don't is bullshit, IMO.

u/skybrew · 2 pointsr/DnD

This is actually pretty cool, you could get a keychain pillbox holder and put these on your keychain and never be without dice!

u/sitbomm · 2 pointsr/benzodiazepines

This thing is awesome for carrying around pills with you.

u/ri72 · 2 pointsr/infertility

I do a spreadsheet with one row per day, and one column per daily timeslot (ie: wake up, breakfast, lunch, mid-afternoon, etc) for meds and supplements. Then I have an adorable rainbow travel pill organizer ( I get out my spreadsheet and fill the pill organizers all together once a week. I also add in little dice for non-pill events like shots or patches. The individual day organizers travel in my purse or wherever I'm going.

ETA: photo of my pill setup, including dice:

u/A_Blank_Space · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

This pill holder has been on my list since I made it back in July. I want it because I'm tired of using an old Dramamine bottle to carry around my pills, and this Alice in Wonderland one would make me smile when I saw it.

u/DoYaFeelLuckyPunk · 2 pointsr/gout

26 with Gout, started when i was 23.

I'm no fuckup, but drink heavily every weekend (and weeknights too throughout college).

To be honest, whenever I start feeling ANY discomfort, i immediately pop an anti-inflammatory. Keeps the extreme pain at bay.
I just try and carry around a couple Aleve/Naproxen pills whereever I go. For example, I now know if i feel symptoms (stiffness, discomfort, lack of mobility in my toes) and I'm at a restaurant, it always pays to excuse yourself, find the nearest drugstore and buy some medication. The sooner, the better. I've had to call in sick with some strange excuse over the past couple years when I ignored the initial symptoms to "deal with it in the morning." Now i carry a tiny little pill holder

I try and avoid stout beer, although stout is my favourite. Dude, the only thing young guys can do is preventative maintenance.

There's not a chance in hell I'm going to be vegetarian. There's a 0% chance I'm not gonna go out for drinks with friends. But for me, the sooner I take an anti-inflammatory, the better. I know that the pain will subside if i pop right away. The longer I wait to take it, the exponentially worse it gets the morning after…

Just two months ago I didn't take my own advice, and felt an imminent flare-up around 6pm when i was on my way to a dinner party. Didn't take a 'flammy until I got home around 1am. Horrible fucking mistake.
Gout lasted for a whole fucking week and couldn't walk without hopping on one foot for 4 days. I got my grandpa to FedEx me his Colchicine (he's 92 and had gout, but hasn't had a flare up in 20+ years because he swears by Colchicine).

Apple Cider vinegar, as recommended by these fine Gouty people, seems to help. Although I always drink the Apple cider vinegar in conjunction with the 'flammys. Take a couple swigs before bed and in the morning, can't hurt.

TL;DR Carry an anti-inflammatory with you, pop 'em as soon as you can. A keychain pill holder like this is an easy way to be safe

u/dotikk · 2 pointsr/computertechs

Pill Cases. Mon - Sun. (Get double sided). Then have a piece of paper with each day labeled.

u/cosmicosmo4 · 2 pointsr/preppers

I bought this bad boy:

I keep Tylenol, Ibuprofen, Benadryl, and Imodium neatly separated and protected from crushing in a few different first aid kits.

u/Skyepic07 · 2 pointsr/porterrobinson

I probably go a little overboard (but better safe than sorry), i use these:


I only bring weed/molly to festivals, but i just put them in there and then tape it to the upper inside of my leg. Only way security would ever find it while patting me down is if they're brave enough to get a handfull of my junk first. The cannisters are airtight so "drug dogs" can't smell them. Have had dogs come sniff my crotch before in festival entrance lines and they have never detected anything.

u/fib16 · 2 pointsr/iphone

I bought one of these to keep it on my keychain. Waterproof and I can store other things in there too. It's awesome.

u/MySweetUsername · 1 pointr/MDMA
u/Sifu_Fu · 1 pointr/EDC

So this is a pretty awesome idea, but I use These containers instead. I just fill the cap with One of these bad boys and everything stays compact and snug. It also takes up less space for me.

u/basisoflove · 1 pointr/vaporents

For herb? Medicine pill key chain bottles. They're at CVS and stuff, also amazon.

For the vapes and stuff?

smallest/cheapest smellproof case (Makes no sense to me that this case costs more than the next one, this one's build quality isn't as high at all.) $25

Slightly larger/nicer smellproff case $20

Large and spacious smellproof case $30
That was technically designed for the Haze but is an excellent case in any regard.

Edit: I own all these things/cases, and speak from first hand experience. I also use all 3, none are bad.

u/R3700L3R · 1 pointr/EDC

Nice idea. I would suggest whether it is Rx or not that they all be clearly labeled, so that you or someone else doesn't misidentify something and take it. I'll probably be adding something like this to my first aid kit soon. Or perhaps a set of those aluminium tube cases one for each type of pill so there is no cross contamination and to prevent a leak from ruining all the pills at once. Each individually colored and labeled.

u/TooMuchSnuSnu · 1 pointr/mflb

/u/DodgyBollocks is correct. They were given out by Camel as merchandise at a festival a few years back. They originally contained some crappy earplugs some people use for live music. It appears they used exactly this fob with their logo lasered onto it:®-Medicine/dp/B00GG13Q7Q

Every year I try to get some more but all I can get are some plastic ones which I use for storing chewing gums. I just have to show it... 6 pieces stack really neatly for when your are on the go :D

Camel fob

gum gum gum gum gum gum

u/icanthinkofanewname · 1 pointr/Epilepsy

From what I understand if you have more then one gran mal that's not triggered by a brain tumor or drugs they label it epilepsy.

Just make sure you get plenty of sleep, stay away from drugs (especially stimulants!), eat healthy, take care of your mental health and take you medication everyday. (Grab yourself a pill keychain)

u/annakay5 · 1 pointr/CysticFibrosis

This is what I use when I am out and about or have to eat a big meal at work. That way you don’t have to carry a big organizer around and you can stay on schedule. I have never had a problem or been questioned about my medications. Many people need to take meds when they eat. This container is discrete and could fit in your pocket.

AUVON iMedassist Portable Daily Pill Organizer

u/ihateyourimaginarybs · 1 pointr/Drugs

This isn't exactly it. I picked up mine as some generic at a CVS for it's intended purpose, but this style.

u/UnderpopulatedPig · 1 pointr/ADHD

I have a weekly pill organizer dispenser that I got on Amazon for like $6. Basically just put your pills in a container, depending on the day, and take it with you.Pill dispenser

u/Crotch_Snorkel · 1 pointr/GrassHopperVape

I got a cheap pill holder key chain that works well, but I keep a mini swiss army on that key chain too because weed will get stuck.

u/CantRememberMyUserID · 1 pointr/HelpMeFind

There is a thing called a Finger Toothbrush, they make them for babies and for pets. Lots of different sizes and bristle arrangements, I don't have a specific one to recommend. The tiniest one I found is actually an antique in a museum, but look around.

I also found this: Scope Outlast mini brush.
And a similar product from Colgate.

To make whatever you find keychain friendly, look for pill boxes or toothpick holders or "stash" holders (no link!!) that are keychains. You'll have to figure out what size each thing is and whether your brushy things will fit, but you should be able to find something that will work. You could put a shot of mouthwash into one of these cases.

I found all these when I was looking for a keychain container to hold a USB-C to micro-USB adapter that is 2.5x1.0x0.5cm, so if you see something that would work for that as you are searching, let me know :-)

u/twistplot · 1 pointr/Welbutrin

I had an issue with this too. I found that keeping it in my car and taking it before work helped. Having it somewhere you see in the morning will certainly serve as a reminder to take it. If youre in highschool, I recommend maybe keeping it in your bag or having a pill box on a key ring like [this] (\_1\_6\_s\_it?s=hpc&ie=UTF8&qid=1541160971&sr=1-6&keywords=pill+holder](

u/BubblesthePorcupine · 1 pointr/cfs

I use the “AUVON iMedassist Portable Daily Pill Organizer (Twice-A-Day)”

It’s helped me remember to actually take my medicine in the morning as I am a very forgetful person. Now I just take a little pod and take them when I get to work each day.

Edited to add: I love how fashionable coin purses are for this purpose!

u/alwaysnoone · 1 pointr/Nootropics

Something like this?

or this

u/anachronic · 1 pointr/vegan

I put my vitamins on the monitor stand next to my monitor at work so I remember to take them while I'm eating lunch, or right after lunch. But as a student, not sure that would work.

Could you get a small pill carry tube thing like this and put it onto your keychain and set a daily phone reminder to take your pill? If you get sublingual, you won't even need water around or food in your stomach.

My memory has always been pretty bad, so I rely on calendar reminders and phone alarms to get me to do a LOT of stuff. LOL.

u/beyourhighest · 1 pointr/mflb


You can find these anywhere that has pharmacy-like things. Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, Grocery stores, etc.

u/seeingeye790 · 1 pointr/MtF

I have a little keychain pill holder that i clip into a pouch in my backpack i take to work every day- was like $3 on amazon, and is watertight in case i get caught in the rain

like (but not exactly) this one:

u/bloodscourge · 1 pointr/spartanrace

No prob. Here are the holders I use.

4pc Large Size / MEDICAL ALERT-FIRST AID container PILL CASE - Key Chain - Water Resistant

u/GabbyMFJohnson · 1 pointr/mflb

I use these. each color is a different kind of trees and one is for AVB.

I just grind it up and use a funnel to fill them.

Each one holds a couple few trenches, but the reason I like them is you can just tap the sides and your herb just kinda falls into the trench.

u/misanthropicusername · 1 pointr/bipolar

My best friend gave it to me. Posted about it on the other bipolar sub when that happened and [checks posting history] c_hannah found it on Amazon, and it's apparently back in stock now. I also now use this one for my naltrexone - it looks too much like my lithium to keep in in the same pillbox.

u/multiusename · 1 pointr/WaltDisneyWorld i bought that, because i had around ten pills or more per day i wanted to have on hand (including a benzo, which is controlled, i think). it didn't get pulled out of my backpack once. no one questioned it.

u/Feadern · 1 pointr/CysticFibrosis

I have this one:

It looks good and has plenty of compartments for each day which is a great help for the amount we have to take lol

u/christopher_deleo · 1 pointr/EDC

Haha i was gonna suggest gus, i have the micro and love it, they are extremely sturdy and well made.

u/chrisbluemonkey · 1 pointr/schizophrenia

Slip ups happen. It's ok. I'm glad for you that you were in your childhood community. A young man who grew up here recently had an episode on the street (not mental health related) and we all just felt sad and worried that this sweet boy we saw grow up was having a tough time. I'm sure your neighbors feel similarly. Like someone else said, keeping meds on your person and setting a phone alarm can help keep you healthy and on track. My family uses these
They have been a real lifesaver.

u/miss_j_bean · 1 pointr/answers

this has been decent to me, but others in the comments have had trouble (not many, less than 4% of people who bothered to leave a review)
i used some napkin or an earplug to keep them from banging around

u/Kshennya · 1 pointr/vaporents

I have one of these key chain pill carriers that I use for my Fury dosing capsules, but it would do just as well with ground herb. Decently thick construction, nice replaceable seal to make it waterproof, no issues with smell. I like it enough I am considering a second to make an compact emergency (waterproof matches/fishing line/etc) kit also.

u/faba2990 · 1 pointr/lupus

I have two sets of these and I really like them, they are very roomy and I like that the individual boxes are not too bulky to put in my purse:

u/avocadotastrophe · 1 pointr/Interstitialcystitis

I have an Anabox weekly pillbox. It's a rainbow! But it's also really functional and makes things much easier.

I do the weekly refill and I've also been trying out using an app on my phone called Medisafe. You can set reminders to take your meds and also track when you'll need to order refills etc.

u/Anianna · 1 pointr/FoodAllergies

There are several varieties of keychain pill fobs on Amazon, too. I prefer the rounded style ones like these: but are good, too.

u/AnonymousAndAnxious · 1 pointr/Anxiety

If you want to stop carrying them purely for the mental impact their presence has on you, go for it and I am sure there will be some good advice provided!

If however you find carrying them to be a pain in the butt, I highly recommend this pill carrier on Amazon. My problem was I just wanted to carry around a little kpin with me, I'm not looking to store a week's worth of pills in there. I looked around and even ordered a few until I found this one, it is super unobtrusive and by far the smallest I have found. As an added bonus, this won't help you but for others- I use this to keep track of my intake. I am supposed to try and keep it to two a day so I load it up with 4 halves every morning and easy peasy. EDIT: Of course I forgot the link:

u/sextonrules311 · 0 pointsr/paracord

Use a pill bottle, and weave a net around it with a draw string.

Edit: [What about this? ]( Military Grade Air-tight EDC Accessory Case, Waterproof Pill Fob Capsule/match Case Battery Holder Case, Outdoor Survival Storage Container Dry Box (pack of 3)

u/MrFuzzybagels · -1 pointsr/MealPrepSunday

The spirulina is more of a dietary supplement than a health supplement I think, so there isn’t really anything specific to “feel” in any noticeable way like with some stuff. I take it because I don’t eat enough veggies/greens and am hoping it balances it out. Whether or not it is helping I have no idea, but the stuff if cheap and can’t hurt so why not.

The pill cases are part of a weekly organizer, I just popped out the individual ones for pics.